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JULY 2012

Surf Expo on the Horizon SVP, GLM Shows

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Guest Editorial by Jessi Blakley

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Liquid Force Leveraging your Digital Brand +MEMBER DIRECTORY



Latest News The WSIA Board of Directors meets three times per year. The Summit in the Snow board meeting sets the pace for the

Ultimate Water Sports Handbook Another project that holds

would love to see you there.

Invasive Species The WSIA has taken the lead

year. We then follow up with a

high value for our members is the

in developing a program that all

teleconference board meeting in

Ultimate Water Sports Hand-

boat members will use to help

June and close the year with our

book. Dan Miller from Skier’s

stop invasive species from travel-

board meeting in September at

Choice and Wayne Wilson from

ing from lake to lake via water

Surf Expo. That teleconference

Malibu Boats have taken the

ballast tanks. We are working with

meeting functions as a check

reigns of this project to undertake

an organization that represents

point on all the plans that are set

a complete rewrite of this water

16 Western States. MasterCraft

forth during our Summit meeting.

sports instructional guide. This

developed a filtration system and

In other words, it’s report time, we

handbook is included with each

is willing to share the technology

are half way through the year, and

of the member boat company’s

with all of its fellow boat manu-

the board wants to know if we are

collateral with the delivery of


making progress.

each and every new boat. This

That is what makes the WSIA

project is scheduled for comple-

so valuable for its members, co-

have been up to. A new chairman

tion in time for a full board review

operation for the good of all.

has been selected to head up

in September.

So, let’s share with you what we

Survey of Sales

our warnings committee. Please welcome Aaron Kramer, President and CEO of Kwik Tek. WSIA’s warnings have become one of the cornerstones of real value to membership in the WSIA. Aaron’s company is the largest inflatable manufacturer

Each year the WSIA pro-

13 The 2013 Summit in the Snow

duces a Survey of Sales. This document is important for us to be able to report to the various agencies we work with to tell them just how big

in the world and his leadership

site has been selected. The

the water sports industry is. We

in this very important commit-

Steamboat Grand in Steamboat,

do not track market share. We

tee will be welcomed. We thank

Colorado will play host to this

only report on the total size of a

Gordy Holmes for all his years of

industry gathering of water sports

given product category.

leadership and have convinced

leaders March 5-7, 2013.

him to stay engaged in the committee’s work.


boat than Crested Butte. We

The board decided on this new

The 2012 report is finished and available to our members free of

venue due to more carriers and

charge and is availble for sale to

frequency of flights into Steam-


of water sports equipment. This will include SUP’s as well as all the

September 6th, 7th and 8th should be on everyone’s calendar if you are in the water sports

this year’s show has already

and wakesurf boards. Plan on ar-

exceeded that from last year’s

riving about noon to enjoy all the

so we are looking forward to a

activities. Be sure to check out

great show with plenty of new for additional

items, and brands to see. Return-


ing brands are reserving larger spaces. This indicates that our manufacturers are seeing an im-

manufacturer, cable park opera-

provement in the economy. Your

tor, or run a wakeboard camp or

participation in this show is what

school, Surf Expo is the place to towed water sports and if you are serious about your business, this annual event shouldn’t be missed. The WSIA has enjoyed an 18year relationship with Surf Expo and it is fair to say we have all come a long way. We are not only excited about another year with Surf Expo, but the economy is showing signs of loosening up and with that will come additional business opportunities for all of us. As you plan your trip to Orlando in September, we would encourage you to make some additional notes for some mustattend events. An exciting Demo Day has been planned for you at the Orlando Water Sports Complex on Wednesday, September 5. This is the same location as last year’s successful event. The marketing team at Surf Expo has once again put together a great day of demos with all the leading brands

Booth space reservations for

traditional boards, skis, skates,

industry. If you are a dealer,

be. This is the only trade show for

at the same time.

makes it all work. We have always Thursday night will once again

known that towed-watersports is

feature the annual Wake Awards

unique and resilient. That is now

and the WSIA Leadership

more apparent than ever.

Awards. This, too, has become

If you have yet to book your

a must-attend event! All festivi-

flight to Orlando, don’t delay! We

ties will be on-site so no need to

look forward to seeing you at Surf

get in a car to travel to an offsite

Expo. Please make sure to stop by

venue. The editors at TransWorld

our WSIA booth.

WakeBoarding magazine will produce an exciting evening of recognition to all of our outstanding athletes while the WSIA will honor those manufactures and dealers that truly lead this industry. New to this year’s Wake Awards will be an online and on-site silent auction to benefit charity. This is new for us and we have already contacted some of the industry’s legends to get some one-of-a-kind collectible items that every shop—or personal boathouse—in America would


love to have. Check out

Larry Meddock

for more details on how you can

WSIA Executive Director

bid on some of these rare treasures and benefit a great charity

Together we can do what none of us can alone



Liquid Force Talking with Tony Finn, Don Wallace & Jimmy Redmon What is Liquid Force’s global distribution?

Tony Finn: Throughout my career, we have focused heavily on international distribution. It’s fun and you get to travel all over the world and meet cool people and go wakeboarding. We currently are distributed in over 60 coun-

Another day at the office with Tony Finn.

tries. With the growth of cable and also our kiteboards, you don’t need a boat to enjoy our prod-

product category has grown and

an entirely new category called

ucts, so we are really growing

been redefined, and new ones

Hybrids that feature precision

internationally. Our biggest mar-

have been created.

wood-composite CNC cores,

kets are the US, Germany, France,

Ten years ago, LF introduced

England, and Australia. We also

controlled flex with a Grind base

sell lots of stuff in some secret

models; now we produce 58 dif-

for the ultimate ride behind the

countries that nobody else knows

ferent models of wakeboards and

boat or in the park.

about yet, so we can’t mention

wakeskates that incorporate our

them here.

Grind base technology. Over this same period, our

Ten years ago, we introduced the first concave wakeskate with Thomas Horrell and Cassette.

What category of product made

highest end pro models boards

Now we are continuing our love

by Liquid Force has seen the

have been redefined from sig-

and commitment to wakeskating

greatest change in the last 10

nature series designs to become

with the Obscura crew and 14 dif-


Jimmy Redmon: Over the last 10 years, EVERYTHING has changed at Liquid Force! Every


offering rebound, response, and

the Grind base boards with two

ferent models of wood, compos-

going to be packages, especially

ite, split-deck, and hybrid decks.

the Harley package. Harley’s

Our bindings have evolved from the first molded EVA Suc-

performing/looking board at a

tion boots to our new patented

reasonable price has really made

line of lightweight hardware-less

that setup take off! We are pretty

form fitting bindings available

much sold out of his products and

in all shapes, styles, and sizes in

it’s mid-June!

17 different models. These new Jimmy Redmon



Countries with Liquid Force products


Different models of wakeboards and wakeskates using the Grind base technology


Different models hardware-free bindings


Different models of wakeskates


Different models of wakesurfers

popularity, combined with a great

In addition to those items, the

boots fit better than ever, and are

wakesurf market continues to

the most secure and comfortable

expand rapidly. This is probably

boots we ever built.

the first year that we’ve really

Lastly, ten years ago when we

been prepared for the category’s

wakesurfed, it was on our own

growth because we have a good

surfboards on a flat day. Now, LF

amount of inventory and a very

has 13 different models of special-

diverse wakesurf product line. We

ized boards for all styles of wake

have pro level skim-style boards,

slayshing and skimming. The only

pro level surf-style boards, and

thing that hasn’t changed is our

great entry level wakesurf boards.

love of FUN!!!

Everything seems to be doing really well this season, but to

What is currently the best-selling

summarize, it’s been Hybrids at

LF product in the 2012 model

the international and cable level,


Harley’s at the core pro shop level,

Jimmy Redmon: This question

and wakesurfers everywhere!

really depends on which segment of the market we’re talking about.

The LF BROstock event recently

From our International depart-

took place. Besides throwing one

ment, it’s going to be anything re-

of the best wake-related parties

lated to cable. The Hybrid boards

all year, what is the business/

are flying off the shelves! We have

marketing strategy behind the

a really diverse lineup and all of


the boards seem to be rocking.

Tony Finn: BroStock does not

This is the case in the US cable

have a business strategy. The

retail locations, as well.

whole idea of it is to have fun and

Boat products won’t sell as well as anything with a Grind base at the cable retailers. On

have a contest where it’s not so serious. We invite all the best athletes

the flip side, you ask a pro shop

in the world, regardless of brand

that doesn’t have a cable park by

affiliation, and EVERYBODY HAS

it, and the answer is most likely



MANUFACTURER PROFILE If you haven’t been to Brostock,

people how to wakeboard and

working with.

it’s hard to explain it, but every

watch how happy they are when

Taking care of a customer can

pro athlete tells me it’s their favor-

they get up, make their first turn

mean a lot of things, too. We look

ite event of the year!

or get air for the first time!

for dealers that have a knowl-

Let’s hear it for Lake of the BROZARKS!!!

The Ride Free Deal is an exten-

edgeable, enthusiastic staff. If

sion of this idea. We teamed up

their staff is excited about the

with the best cables around the

products they sell, the end user is

Explain the thinking behind your

world and said, “ Buy a Liquid

always going to get dialed in with

various partnerships with cable

Force board and you can ride free

equipment that is best for them.

parks, like your Free-For-All

for a day.”

events and the Ride Free promotion for your 2012 boards.

This has been super success-

We also look for dealers that service their customers by put-

ful for everybody as it is getting

ting on great events to keep

more people to buy boards, and

them excited about the sports of

boat for $1,000 and I shared it

then getting them out on the

wakeboarding, wakesurfing, and

with two other people. We had a


wakeskating. We bring a lot of

Tony Finn: I bought my first

great time on that boat! One of

great events to our dealers, but

the things that always bugs us

In your opinion, what attributes

we have some dealers that have

about wakeboarding, is that it’s

make the best dealers/shops

put on great events of their own

an expensive sport to participate

stand out from the rest?

that keep their customers excited.

in. With cables, we can actually

Don Wallace: Every dealer and

There are so many other recre-

let people RIDE FOR FREE! How

every territory is different, but

ational activities that consumers

cool is that??

there are a few things that the

can choose from, so we need

standout dealers ALL do. It really

dealers that keep giving them

people out on the sport, it’s

comes down to customer service.

reasons to stick with wake.

AMAZING! We all like going to

The dealers that take care of their

Free For Alls, because it’s re-

customers the best are the ones

service equation is taking care of

ally gratifying to teach so many

that we’re most excited about

the customer after the purchase.

We are stoking so many new

Another piece of the customer

If something doesn’t fit properly or if the customer has a warranty issue, a solid dealer is the one that will take care of the customer and not just pass them along to us. The dealer is the local extension of our brand and the great dealers make our job really easy! How does LF work with your dealer network to increase sales and build your customer base?

Don Wallace: Besides always Don Wallace and Matt Gleason show off the new LF catalogs.


trying to provide the best, most

innovative product year-in and


The key rule/guideline for us to

year-out, we have a lot of ways

In addition to that, we make

remember each day, each post,

that we try to help each dealer’s

sure we have the best group of

each re-tweet is that everything

business grow. We try to market

riders/ambassadors in the world

must have a purpose. We don’t

our products, riders, and brand

riding our gear. Not only are Har-

want to chatter online just for the

as much as possible to keep the

ley Clifford, Bob Soven, Melissa

sake of talking. Every channel that

name Liquid Force in the minds

Marquardt, Aaron Reed, Tom

we create to represent the brand

of every wake consumer. If our

Fooshee, and the rest of our team

must carry a purpose, mission,

name is the first name that pops

the best at what they do on the

and corresponding value.

into their minds, we believe we’ve

water, they’re great off the water,

helped drive traffic to Liquid

as well.

Force accounts. We also focus on making du-

They spend a ton of time teach-

We want to work smart, and get the most bang for our buck. We don’t want to dilute or over

ing enthusiasts ways to have

saturate the message. Our goal

rable product that performs like

more fun on the water. Whether

is to inform, educate, and always

we say it will. If the customer buys

they are at one of our Free 4

have a purpose so that all Liquid

a Watson Hybrid from Shop X,

All cable events or at one of our

Force content is relevant to the

we want to make sure that they

on-water boat demos, they really


have a great experience on that

understand that the future of our

board, and feel satisfied with

sport depends on keeping cur-

What are your predictions for

their purchase decision. If they’re

rent customers stoked, as well as

the future? What aspect of water

satisfied with our products, they’ll

getting new participants involved.

sports do you seeing growing

have good thoughts about the

There isn’t a secret to success in

the fastest over the next 1-2

dealer that sold it to them.

this industry… you simply need to


We really put pressure on

have fun doing what you’re doing

Tony Finn: The future is really

ourselves to make sure that we

and keep giving customers and

bright for all aspects of wake-

help the dealers by providing the

potential customers a reason to

boarding and Liquid Force. Wake-

best quality product that they can

jump on the LF party train!

surfing is obviously a growing

stand behind.

and super fun sport. Wakeskating Liquid Force has an active pres-

will see a resurgence, and wake-

What is LF’s strategy for retain-

ence online and on social media.

boarding will grow because the

ing customers and building

Do you have any particular

boat guys are coming out with

customer loyalty?

“rules” or guidelines that you

some insane boats and the board

follow in those posts, comments,

and binding technology keeps


improving so everybody can have

Don Wallace: The #1 thing is providing the best product available. Luckily Jimmy, Daw-

Don Wallace: We see social

ley, Leverett and the rest of our

media and online marketing as

crew continue to come up with

an integral and solid chunk of the

full size and 100 two-tower cable

the best designs in the market. It

overall marketing plan. This piece

systems in the US in five years,

makes my job of selling/market-

of the pie continues to slowly

and 100 full size and 200 two-

ing really easy. Without good

grow day to day, as it’s a new and

towers in ten years. This will obvi-

product, we are not able to retain

often uncharted journey.

ously grow the sport.

more fun on the water. Also, there will be at least 50



Roy Turner SVP, GLM Shows, producers of Surf Expo position as show director and SVP

to everyone as the final decision

for GLM Shows in 2009.

will affect labor rates but will also improve the look and feel of

As someone that works with

the show as well as services we

lots of different people, what


are your key principles when it comes to your daily interactions

What advice would you give to

and responsibilities?

a manufacturer/exhibitor that is

There’s a quote that says, “continuous learning is continuous


Roy Turner

living.” Each day I get to talk with

How did you get your start in the

a great group of entrepreneurs,

exhibitors, new and old, would be

Event/Surf Expo business, and

enthusiasts and industry veterans

to reach out to potential retailers

how long have you been in your

alike and I can honestly say I learn

early, set aggressive appoint-

current position?

something everyday.

ment schedules and work with

I started my relationship at the

As for responsibilities at Surf

The best advice I could give to

Steven Fisher, our buyer rela-

very first Surf Expo in Florida as

Expo, I approach all contacts as

tions manager for boardsports, to

a retailer—more than 35 yeas ago

partners–not just customers, treat

help identify new or key retailers

—and I believe that I am the only

everyone fairly, and never apolo-

that could help you grow your

person on staff that has never

gize for making a dollar because

business. (You can reach Fish at

missed a Surf Expo.

it is a business.

years as a surf retailer, I was also

With the September Surf Expo in

ing starts well before you get

able to be the founder of the

Orlando around the corner, what

to the booth. Our Board Demo

Board Retailers Association,

is keeping you busiest right now?

Day, September 5 at OWC, is a

Also, trade show market-

Near the conclusion of my 25


preparing for Surf Expo in Sep-

whose premise is to help educate

We have a great team at Surf

and support small specialty retail-

Expo and run a pretty flat organi-

great opportunity for retailers to try your products before their

ers in the board sports business.

zational chart, so we have a large

appointment at the show. Plus,

Lori Kisner and the Surf Expo

group of shared responsibilities

we have a lot of new advertis-

team were strong supporters of

including Operations, Marketing

ing opportunities, starting at

the BRA, and through that con-

and Buyer Relations. If I had to

just $300, that exhibitors should

nection I was able to expand my

single out my largest task at the

take advantage of. Doog Becker,

relationship with the surf brands

moment it would be negotiating, can help

and in 2007 I accepted the posi-

our service contractor agree-

with all that.

tion of Buyer Relations Director,

ments for the next three years.

and then moved to my current

These negotiations are important

What are the most important

both exhibitors and attendees.

Something I noticed at the

things an attendee/buyer/dealer

We do all of our online work in-

recent IRCE trade show, which

should know to make the most

house and feel we provide the

is held for Internet retailers, was

out of Surf Expo in September?

tools for a successful show, as

that the exhibitors on the floor

well as service our base with news

represented the full business

and product updates throughout

cycle of online retail; from web

the year.

design, to online/social marketing,

1. Reaffirm existing relationships 2. Look for product trends 3. Identify new vendors 4. Shop beyond specific product category 5. Arrive onsite with a game plan including open to buy, appointments and a list potential new product/ exhibitors 6. Go to Board Demo Day – free shuttle, free lunch too (sorry, had to add just one more)

Our digital show magazine is a great example of how we can improve content, incorporate video

team utilize your website, social media to build or enhance your business? I am very proud of our use of online for communicating with

order fulfillment. Going forward, our partnership

and more readily distribute across

might include other elements es-

multiple platforms. Going forward,

sential in completing the business

our parent company, GLM Shows,

cycle of wake, waterski and boat-

is working to bring other digital

ing. The door opens for design,

products online this year includ-

construction products, lift & dock,

ing online catalogs, new product

oil/fuel, accessories and freight/

marketing opportunities, clear-


ance marketing opportunities and How do you and the Surf Expo

to order entry/accounting and

By replicating the tradeshow

an image-based product/vendor

floor with new technologies and

search for our growing retail base.

like products, we better replicate what retailers and exhibitors are

What advice would you give to

dealing with in the marketplace.

the Wake-related participants of Surf Expo to help grow and improve their section of the event?






Adrenaline Watersports Mike Bell, Owner/Founder How long has Adrenaline Water-

a very light crew. Two fulltime

fortunate to hook up with Inland

employees — Myself and Michele

Surfer when they started in 2002.

Partin (who started with me when

They are our top-selling Wakesurf

we opened Adrenaline) and one

Brand, followed by Hyperlite.

part-time employee, Trevin Sims.

sports been in business, and how did it get started? This June I celebrated 35 years in the waterski business. Adrenaline opened in 2000, after I quit

How do your online sales comWhat is the best selling product from each of the major categories you sell? We sell Hyperlite, Liquid Force,

Online business is stronger in off season, and in-store sales are strongest during the season.

my job at Wiley Skis after manag-

CWB and Ronix in wake. Pro

That allows us to be a year-round

ing it for 23 years.

model wakeboards have gotten

watersports store and we don’t

real soft in the last few years, but

need to switch to snow gear in

Describe the size of your busi-

package sales are still increasing.

the winter.


CWB and Hyperlite packages sell

We are a 1,900 sq. ft. store located in Bellevue, Washington. Our yearly gross is $850,000

the best. WakeSurf has the biggest growth each year, and we were

to $900,000. We operate with

Adrenaline Watersports, during the big Summer Sale.


pare to your in-store sales?

How do your international sales compare to domestic? International used to be huge

for us till a couple of years ago. The factories have put ship restrictions on current year products, so we are unable to ship outside of the country for current year product. I estimate it cost us $250,000 a year in sales. What category of product is most profitable for you? Tubes, Tubes & Tubes!!! They need to be replaced every year or two, and everyone can use them. What aspect of your business has shown the most growth in the last 12 months?

Waterskis and Wakesurfers on display

Slalom waterskis are showing a slow growth each year. Tube sales are growing every year, and Wakesurf is now an accepted sport, so sales are growing there every year. How do tradeshows like Surf Expo impact your business? Trade Shows were great when there were new companies popping up, but 80% of the factories are within 20 minutes of our store, so we just visit them directly. What do you predict for the retail side of water sports in the next 1-2 years? I predict more kids moving from wakeboard to slalom, wakesurf to still keep growing, pro model wakeboards will continue to downslide and I can’t ever buy enough TUBES.

Tubes, tubes tubes!



Leveraging Your Digital Brand to Effectively Tell Your Story By Jessi Blakley, APR

astonishing growth and power of

from corporate websites, HTML

Concensus Communications

social networks and the prolifera-

emails and blogs to Facebook

tion and effectiveness of video

and Twitter. It’s no longer accept-

marketing, companies can no

able to assume that if someone

Facebook page. But does it work?

longer ignore the changing times,

wants to learn about your com-

In this new marketplace, where

relying on old and outdated com-

pany they will request a corporate

people are more empowered

munication strategies and tactics

packet of branded materials from

to act on and use your informa-

to develop winning campaigns.

brochures to swag.

tion, companies that understand

What used to be translated

Congrats, you have a corporate

If I want to learn about you, I

they have to become the media

though expensive advertising and

“Google you”… from my smart-

instead of relying on traditional

marketing collateral, now has to

phone. Then I check out your

media will be tomorrow’s mar-

compete with the immediacy and

corporate Facebook page, and

ket leaders. In the wake of the

prevalence of new media outlets,

see if we share any common friends. In between ski sets, I’ll see if you are an authority on Twitter

Most brands have a good story to tell. You have a good story to tell, perhaps...

among certain key words, and see if your products really wow me on YouTube. I will seek the reviews,

• The triumph of the little man becoming a Fortune 500 CEO.

opinions, and blogs about you from people who are “like me” and reflect my life.

• The grassroots support that kept the lights on through the recession. • The human capital that fuels a company’s success through hard work and dedication. • The amazing technology that propels us into the future.

What people know about companies in this digital age, is what’s online, and more often than not, it’s coming from third-party sources and not your corporate office. You must take hold of these new media platforms, and tell your own story, the way it needs to be told, so that it gets told correctly. Because, if you

We all have a story, but the question is: How are we telling our story, and is our storytelling effective?


don’t tell your story, somebody else will (and already is). Brands who are succeed-

REALITY CHECK To test your company’s digital branding, follow these steps and see if what you find is what you would want your next buyer to see.


Google an obvious industry term, product category or phrase (e.g. inboard boats, life jackets, wakeboard, waterski). Does your corporate website appear on page one? Two? Ten?


What if you search that term or phrase in Twitter? YouTube?


Are the comments on your pages mostly positive?


Is your company accurately depicted among popular industry blogs? Product review sites?


What percentage of your following (likes/friends) represents your actual market share?

6 7

How do you stack up against your competitors? Are they posting more frequently? Do they have a larger following? Are your prospects talking about them? Are your key messages reflected on all these sites, or is the message confused or inaccurate?


GUEST EDITORIAL ing in this new marketplace are

They are embracing the opportu-

that enable them to reach new

leveraging these new tools to

nity to expand their reach beyond

stakeholders and develop bound-

their advantage: GE, Coca-Cola,

geographic borders and capital-

less tribes of influencers. In telling

Starbucks, GM, to name a few.

ize on the many new platforms

your story effectively, you can


• Establish social media goals and targets.

• Establish guidelines. Who are your corporate

More than 3 billion videos

What business goals do

voices/authors? How will

are viewed each day on

you wish to accomplish?

you manage responses

YouTube, reaching 120

(Sales, brand awareness,

and what are your policies

million U.S. viewers or

etc.) Which audiences are

for negative posts?

about one third of the

you targeting? (Prospects, users, media, etc.)

• Establish measureable objectives.

entire U.S. population.

• Create a plan for customer engagement.

Once cost prohibitive is now easily affordable and easy to disseminate. Its

Establish guidelines for

effectiveness has been

response times, approval

lauded as the best way

What is your benchmark

chain, and policies

to boost SEO (aka drive

for social media success?

for negative remarks,

traffic), so what are you

(Bolster online retail sales,


waiting for?

increase followers, diffuse issues, etc.)

• Outline the strategic game plan. There should be different

• Centralize your content.

outlet/platform: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube.

• Create a content calendar. Build a media timeline with fixed events.

• Promotions and marketing.

Most brands drive traffic

Traditional tools must

to their corporate website,

support integrated

where you can become

campaigns. Advertising

your own news bureau.

should include social widgets, marketing

strategic plans for each


• Create dynamic video content.

• Aggregate information. Share content that relays your key messages. Create and maintain the chain of communication.

campaigns can drive social promotions, boost followers.

become a leading voice in your

Where Facebook followers may

and you need to ensure you have

industry, you can be perceived as

drive business for your busi-

the right strategies in place to

the market leader, even if you are

ness, YouTube may be selling for

leverage these new marketing op-

not. You can build a following of



people, a tribe, that is ready to

There are some very important

Getting your company’s new

buy your products, promote your

tenets of navigating this new

media communications organized

services, advocate your position,

communications landscape, and

(or reorganized as the case may

or defend you.

I’ve listed a few on the opposite

be) and creating a plan for contin-

page. It’s not enough to simply

ued maintenance will be the key

egy before, this new digital era

own a piece of the social media

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ABOUT THE AUTHOR Jessi Blakley, APR is an accredited public relations professional with more than a decade of experience managing high-stakes communications campaigns from Fortune 500 companies to startups and entrepreneurs, including CNN, Burger King, Ruth’s Chris, Lake Nona, ZOM and WSIA. A published author and presenter, Jessi’s practice at Consensus Communications in Orlando includes business development, media relations, social media, video marketing, issues management and crisis communications. She can be reached at, 407.608.5905 or @Jessi_Blakley.




HO Sports

Rave Sports

Naples, FL 239-300-2197

Redmond, WA (425)-885-3505

St. Paul, MN 651-255-4805


Indmar Products Co.

Rixen Cableways GmGh

White Salmon, WA 509-493-4938

Millington, TN 901-353-9930

Deachau, Germany 498737-54700

Cape May, NJ (609) 780-6326

Boaters Insurance Marine

Inland Surfer

Roswell Wake-Air

Bellevue, WA 425-747-6055

Fineline Industries

Boatfun Sports, Inc

Cocoa, FL 321-890-7120

Correct Craft Orlando, FL (407) 855-4141

CWS Boats

Merced, CA (209) 384-0255

Liberty Township, OH 513-379-0506

Malibu Boats

Bonnier/Transworld Wakeboarding

Merced, CA (209) 383-7469

MasterCraft Vonore, TN (423) 884-2221

Sanger Boats Fresno, CA (559) 485-2842

Skier’s Choice Maryville, TN (865) 983-9924

Tige Boats Abilene, TX (325) 676-7777

MANUFACTURERS: EQUIPMENT Acme Propellers Big Rapids, MI 888-661-2263

AM Skis Orlando, FL 407-412-5971


Winter Park, FL 407-628-4802

Jet Pilot Vista, CA 760-734-111

Rathgar, Dublin, Ireland 353-1-4914170

New London, OH

Denver, CO 303-733-3722

Liquid Force Camaro USA Kent, WA (253) 867-5735

Encinitas, CA (760) 943-8364

Masterline USA Connelly Skis Lynnwood, WA (425)-775-5416

Oakland, FL (407) 342-5284

Nash Mfg / Nash Sports Custom Chutes, Inc. Bradenton, FL 941-753-4818

Fort Worth, TX 800-433-2901


O’Brien International

Ft. Lauderdale, FL 954-536-3660

Redmond, WA 407-852-2424

Eagle Sports Houston, TX 800-862-4424

Orlando, FL 407-353-4286

Kent Sporting Goods

Kwik Tek Breathe Boardwear


Pacific Watercraft Redmond, WA 206-257-2301

Griffin Boards


Denver, CO 303-815-5161

Little Mountain, SC

Slingshot Sports Hood River, OR 509-427-4950

Sport Dimension Carson, CA 310-320-7873

Square One Dist. Issaquah, WA 425-369-6850

Top of the Dune Mary Esther, FL 850-855-4335

Unit Parktech, AG Roesrath, Germany 4.92206E+12

WOW World of Watersports Boystown, NE (402) 516-8034

XSR Xtreme Storage Rack Twin Falls, ID 208-431-1118

ZF Marine LLC

Central Valley Marine

Dartmouth, MA 401-261-1964

Campbell, CA 408-371-6681

Zup Board Company

Conneaut Lake Navigation

Liquid Sports Marine

Conneaut Lake, PA 814-382-3255

Orlando, FL 407-281-7909

Dockside Marine

Marine Outfitters

Ilmington, IL (815) 476-7802

Charleston, TN (423) 336-1088

Driport Marine

Marine Sales Group

O’Fallon, MO (636) 978-9999

Charlotte, NC 336-918-6821

East Coast Flightcraft, Inc.

MarineMax, Inc.

Middleton, MA 978-777-1721

Clearwater, FL (727)-531-1700

Fort Fremont Marine

Mattos Marine Diesel Services

Williamsburg, VA 757-870-8900

DEALERS Action Water Sports of Fenton Fenton, MI 810-629-1342

Action Water Sports, Inc. Hudsonville, MI 810-629-1342

Adrenaline Watersports Belevue, WA 425-746-9253

American Marine & Motor Sports Shawano, WI 715-526-4300

Barefoot Central Katy, TX 281-395-9751

Bart’s Water Sports North Webster, IN (574)-834-7666

Salt Lake City, UT 801-973-4017

Nautique Central Anstead QLD, Australia 61-7-5679-2246

Elizabethtown, NC 910-247-6201

Nautiques of Orlando Orlando, FL 407-425-2678

Offshore Marine, Inc

Fremont, WI 920-446-3220

Richland, MI 267-627-4507

Fort Myers, FL 239-332-2515

MC Boats of Arkansas Conway, AR 501-513-2628

Gunnells Marine Greenwood, SC 264-223-2275

Memphis Boat Center Memphis, TN 901-744-4444

Idaho Water Sports Burley, ID 208-678-5809

Branchville, NJ (973) 948-7177

Omaha Marine Center

Gull Lake Marine

Miami Ski Nautique Miami, FL 305-438-9464

Island City Watersports

Omaha, NE 402-339-9600

Overby Marine Sales/ Service Littleton, NC (252) 586-3593

Overton’s Greenville, NC

Pacific Nautiques Pacific, WA 253-833-4140

Parker Business Planning

Cumberland, WI 715-822-8337

Midwest MasterCraft Crystal, MN 763-533-9666

Orlando, FL 407-843-8808

JC Sports

Missouri River Marine

Pellaton Enterprises

Great Falls, MI

Brentwood, CA 209-815-2013

Boulder Boats Boulder City, NV 702-293-1122

Elkhorn, WI 262-742-3898

MP Marine Products

BoardCo. Inc Springville, UT 801-747-3539

Lauderdale Lakes Marina

Seneca, SC 864-882-4212


MEMBER DIRECTORY Performance Ski & Surf

Watercraft Sales

J.D.Q. Inc.

SD Watersports

Orlando, FL 407-859-7544

Three Lakes, WI 715-546-3351

Lake George, NY 518-668-4644

Lake Buena Vista, FL 407-939-0754

Redline Watersports

Just Chute Me

Sea Isle Parasail

Madison, WI (608) 838-0838

Crystal, MN 763-533-9666

Destin, FL 850-333-3984

Linwood, NJ (606) 602-3465

Russell Marine

White Lake Marine White Lake, NC (910)-862-3688

Marco Island Water Sports

Siesta Key Watersports

Alexander City, AL (356) 212-1465

SD Watersports

Wilson Watersports

Lake Buena Vista, FL 407-939-0754

Edmond, OK 405-330-0526

Sebago Watersports


Marco Island, FL 239-777-9977

Nutin Fancy Fishin, Inc Dunedin, FL

OBX Parasail, LLC Raymond, ME (207)-655-7547

Silver Lake Marine

Aquatic Adventures

Silver Springs, NY 585-237-5185

Panama City, FL 850-236-8677

Smooth Water Sports

Atlantic Watersports

Ganesvoort, NY 518-793-5808

N. Myrtle Beach, SC 843-272-2420

The Twister Ski Shop

CWS Tours

Blair Athol Adelaide, SA 61428826400

St. Thomas, VI (340) 775-9360

The Wakeshop DHL & SKI Nashville

Daytona Beach Parasail

Old Hickory, TN 615-330-0655

Daytona Beach, FL 386-547-6067

Estero Island Parasail VS Marine Atascadero, CA 805-462-BOAT Crystal, MN 763-533-9666


Ft. Myers Beach, FL 239-440-2270

Holland America Ft. Lauderdale, FL (206) 626-8091

Manteo, NC 252-573-8909

Paradise Parasail Ft. Myers, FL 239-433-4337

Sarasota, FL (727)642-2876

Sky Pirates Watersports Destin, FL 850-837-5797

Skys The Limit Watersports, Inc. Dunedin, FL (727)389-2209

Smile High Parasail Parasailing the Harbor Dallas, TX 214-317-0845

St. Augustine, FL 904-819-0980

Top of the Line Parasail Gloversville, NY 607-272-7245

Dunedin, FL 727-403-8807

Pleasure Island Parasail

UFO Parasail

Pinky’s Parasail

Orange Beach, AL 251-609-0244

Lahaina, HI 808-661-78836

Quepos Parasail


Marco Island, FL 239-970-0618

Bayamon, Puerto Rico 787-306-7667

Radical Rides

Xtreme Parasail, Inc.

Pensacola Beach, FL (850) 934-9743

Honolulu, HI 808-737-3577

Sage Sailing

YOLO Watersports, Inc.

Surfside Beach, SC 843-232-8383

Captiva, FL 239-472-9656

CABLE PARK OPERATORS Action Sports Parks Chester Springs, PA 484-354-3096

Adrenaline Adventures Headingly, Canada 204-800-2060

Brownstone Exploration & Discovery Park Portland, CT 866-860-0208

Cable Sk8 Homestead, FL 602-663-2623

Red Rock Wake Park

FW Murphy


St. George, UT 801-867-0241

Tulsa, OK 918-633-3952

Polk City, FL

Texas Ski Ranch

Indexic, Inc

New Braunfels, TX 830-627-2843

Mt. Pleasant, SC 800-742-4781

Wake Island Watersports

Label Industries

Mission Bay Aquatic Ctr

Pleasant Grove, Canada (415) 747-4119

Sportspower Wake Nation Fairfield, OH 513-846-4063

Orlando, FL 407-353-4286

Western Oasis Wakeplace

Hexagon Wake Park

Minden, NV 775-315-2468


Jibtopia Wake Park Bartlett Lake Marina

Miami Water Sports Complex Hialeah, FL 305-476-9253

Orlando Water Sports Complex Orlando, FL 407-854-1800

Land o Lakes, FL 800-937-3716


Cave Creek, AZ 480-221-0503

Polk City, FL 863-324-2472

Belter Insurance

Dive and Marine Consultants

KC Watersports Paola, KS 913-783-4300

Edgewood, NY 631-254-2155 x145

Tearepair, Inc.

Lafayette, LA

Chapel Hill, NC 919-801-0083

Altadena, CA (626) 456-1969

Swimline Wake Park Project


Roxboro, NC 336-263-6412

Knoxville, TN 865-691-5141

Willows, CA 1-800-540-2258

Boating World 949-660-6150

Coleman Company Wichita, KS 316-832-3084

David Layne Ashland, KY

(SDSU) San Diego, CA

USA Water Ski Polk City, FL 863-324-4341

Wake School Argentina Buenos Aires, Argentina 5411-4728-0031

Wakescout San Juan Capistrano, CA 949-496-2178

WWA Lake Alfred, FL (407) 362-7841

REPS Luc Adams NRS Rep Moscow, ID

Matt McDevitt MasterCraft Maryville, TN matt.mcdevitt

Chris Owen

Boca Raton, FL

MasterCraft chris.owen

First Flight Insurance Group

Zane Schwenk

Kitty Hawk, NC 252-261-1903 x230

Zane Schwenk, Inc. Winter Haven, FL

International Tournament Skiing

Parker Stair

Groveland, FL 352-429-9027

MasterCraft Vonore, TN parker.stair


Bottoms Up

Don’t Let Boating Under the Influence Turn Your Life Upside-Down 19% of all recreational fatalities are alcohol related.

The U.S. Coast Guard asks all boaters to take a safe boating course and always Boat Responsibly!

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