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LETTER FROM HEADQUARTERS Operators, Cable Park Operators, Camps & Schools, and OEM suppliers. The strategic plan also From WSIA President, Jim Emmons Fellow WaterSports Friends, Spring is here and the season is upon us. The warmest temperatures on record are helping people everywhere get


outlines the course of action for

Equipment Manufacturers Similar to the boat funding,

the office to take the association

WSIA’s equipment manufacturers

in the next three to five years

also adopted a funding plan

including a succession plan.

in addition to normal dues for 2012. The idea was that the

Boat Manufacturers For nearly two years the Board

WSIA’s most valuable asset, its unified warning labels, should not be a free product. Equipment manufacturers have used the

their boats ready for the season a

worked to get a funding plan in

full 3-5 weeks earlier than in years

WSIA warning labels drafted by

place where boat manufacturers

past. This robust activity has

Chairman Gordy Holmes and

would support the WSIA in

also kept the WSIA busy. Since

the committee for more than

addition to their annual dues

the February Board of Directors

20 years. The Board ratified the

with a “per boat” fee of $10. The

meeting at Summit in the Snow,

concept of a flat fee with annual

proposal was adopted at the

so much has happened. First

caps for multiple/large quantity

most recent Board meeting. The

the board ratified the strategic

label users. This additional

boat manufacturers then turned

plan which included further

funding has helped the WSIA

to the WSIA for help with risk

development of the service

in its mission to be watersports’

management and the possible

“silos” or departments that WSIA

number one advocate.

development of safety standards


designed specifically for the

Dealers & Pro Shops

Thanks to new additional

water sports segment. Peter

funding created by the Board

Rietz, WSIA general counsel

from the equipment and boat

was on-hand at the Crested

manufacturers the new budget

Butte Board meeting and held

that there must be at least two

allows the office to increase

subsequent boat manufacturer

dealer board members at all

its support in information

committee meetings offering a

times. Over the years, we have

technology, website marketing,

plethora of solutions for WSIA

had the pleasure to sit amongst

membership development,

boat members. Correct Craft’s

some our industry’s finest and

executive management and

Greg Meloon serves as the

most successful dealers in this

public relations. For 2012 and

committee chairman. Initial work

rotating capacity. Having the

beyond, the WSIA will be

reviewing warning labels and

dealer’s perspective at Board

comprised of the following

owner’s manuals is in progress

meetings is crucial and we

membership categories;

and we expect a report at

have been blessed to have had

Equipment Manufacturers,

the upcoming summer Board

some great participation. If your

Boat Manufacturers, Dealers &

meeting in June.

dealership (pro shop) has not

The by-laws of the WSIA state

Pro Shops, Friends of Industry,

joined the WSIA this year, I invite

Sales Representatives, Parasail

you to consider the nominal $100

fee and become a member now.

operators should send copies of

that thrive on the existence of the

The benefits exceed the fees

current warning signs and a copy

watersports industry. From resin

tenfold or more!

a safety video (if available) to the

suppliers to paper mills, these

Rietz Law Firm. But so far, there

brands are all selling raw materials

hasn’t been a good response from

to WSIA members and if the

our Cable Park members.

health of watersports suffers their

Parasail Operators More than three years ago, the WSIA was asked to help the parasail community with better insurance, advocacy and general leadership. Since then the WSIA mobilized and held several meetings including the first official parasail trade show. The January Surf Expo show now includes a section for parasail and has included

At the time of this writing,

health will suffer too. The WSIA

the committee is reconsidering

encourages all our members to

the original plan to gather these

talk with their OEM suppliers

documents in this manner,

about becoming a member in this

and we encourage all Cable

new category.

Park members to utilize this

Recent Camps & Schools Successes! The WSIA has had some opportunity to improve safety.

The new active members in

exhibits from nearly a dozen

our Camps & Schools division are

manufacturers and suppliers

already at work producing unified

including WSIA. Most recently, the

risk management and safety

WSIA organized safety standard

practices. The committee for this

meetings conducted by ASTM

work is chaired by Travis Moye

International, the world’s leader

of The Boarding School. WSIA is

in this space. The Rietz Law Firm

conducting further meetings this

is also working with the Parasail

month to determine the scope

Committee to help develop better

of the project and is interested

risk management systems. We

in comments from all interested

expect to have an update on this

parties. WSIA expects to host an

activity for the summer Board of

official organizational meeting at

Director’s meeting in June.

Surf Expo in September.

Cable Park Operators

OEM Suppliers

At the most recent Board meeting, an organizational meeting was held for cable park operators. Peter Rietz and his team attended several committee meetings outlining the steps to a safer operation. During the meeting it was suggested that the

Have you ever heard the

recent successes to share with its members. The most recent came in the form of a letter from Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano expressing gratitude for the WSIA’s work on the U.S. Coast Guard’s strategic plan. WSIA has been proud to serve on the National Boating Safety Advisory Committee —a Congressional appointment—for

more than six years and it was through this work that Secretary

cliché, “So goes the watersports

Napolitano recognized Larry

industry, so goes we?” Nothing

Meddock and the WSIA or its

describes the newly formed OEM

work with the Coast Guard and

Supplier membership category

the Strategic Plan.

better than this statement. The WSIA is keenly aware that beyond

WSIA advocates watersports

our front line membership that

and your membership dollars are

there are countless companies

having a positive effect for us all.


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Texas Ski Ranch Manufacturer Profile

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Nick Skally Retail Spotlight

Daytona Beach Parasail Feature

The Rise of Cable Parks Directory

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INDUSTRY NEWS Texas Ski Ranch kicked off

Jounieh, Lebanon on May 26-27,

and wakeboard disciplines at the

another South Texas Summer

2012. The versatile Sport Nautique

3rd Asian Beach Games event on

with the 10th anniversary of

200 will tow the Stars of Florida

June 16-22, 2012 in Haiyang, China.


Water Ski Show and the Super

The Ski Nautique 200 and the


Air Nautique 230 is the exclusive

Super Air Nautique 210 are the


towboat for the competition. This

exclusive towboats for the third-

live music

event will include the top-ranked

annual event. This multi-sport


athletes in wakeboard from many

event will include representation

sun tans

of the countries in the Middle

from the top ranked athletes

and bikinis


among multiple countries in Asia.

gathered on the hot sandy beaches to celebrate

Nautique is proud to announce

wakeboarding and music. This

the 53rd Masters Water Ski &

Behind the new Nautique G23

year Cablestock was the first stop

Wakeboard Tournament held May

and for the first time ever in a

for the WWA World Wake Park

25-27, 2012 at Callaway Gardens

wakeboarding competition, a

Series and the Monster Triple

in Pine Mountain, Georgia, has

wake-to-wake 1080 was landed at


the 2012 Nautique Wake Games in Orlando, Florida. Harley Clifford was the first wakeboarder to land been selected by the United

it, and then was immediately

Nautique finally took the wraps

States Olympic Committee

followed by Oli Derome who went

off their new flagship boat, the

(USOC) as an Operation Gold

out and stuck the second 1080.

G23. With a dry weight of 5,400

event for Slalom, Trick and Jump.

The tricks were landed during

pounds, a 2,850-pound factory

A prominent honor for the 53rd

the special “expression session”

ballast system and room for 16,

Masters, Operation Gold is a

portion of the competition. Phil

the G23 wake is clean and really,

USOC program that rewards

Soven added another competition

really big at just stock settings.

athletes for earning medals at

victory to his list by winning the

Not only could it pull the pro

elite level events. It allows U.S.

Pro Mens category earlier that

men’s division at Wake Games

water ski athletes to earn money


or Nationals right off the factory

by placing in the top-four in their

floor, but it will also lift riders to


new levels — all without adding an

This is the first time any event

extra ounce of weight.

other than the Water Ski World Championships, Pan American

Two-time Wakesurf World

Nautique also announced they

Games or Pan American Water

Champion Rebecca Ort has joined

will exclusively tow the first

Ski Championships has been

the Centurion Pro Wake Surf

2012 IWWF Middle Eastern

selected as an Operation Gold

Team. Ort is a successful dentist

Wakeboard Championships, an


from Switzerland and is unbeaten

event also featuring the Stars

since 2009 with 17 straight

of Florida Water Ski Show.

Also, Nautique announced they

competition wins. Ort is also the

The event will be held in Bay of

will exclusively tow the waterski

first woman to complete a surf



style 720 and a full reverse in

With the launch of their new


Liquid Force has announced the

Facebook overhaul, Indmar

Centurion’s team consists

BROstock attending athlete list:

has fostered an environment

of the most decorated wake

Tom Fooshee, Adam Fields,

to connect with fans on a more

surfers in the world, holding a

Collin Harrington, Steel Lafferty,

personal level in efforts to build

combined 11 World Wake Surfing

Shawn Watson, Shane

stronger relationships and bridge

Championship titles and includes

Bonifay, Kevin

connections directly with fans.


Indmar’s interactive engine page

Bob Soven,

platform enables fans to check

Phil Soven,

out the 2012 Engine Line Up for

Raph Derome,

Axis, Malibu, Moomba and Supra

names like Bri Chmel, Keenan Flegel, and Drew Danielo. Centurion is proud to announce that junior pro Gordon Harrison

Ben Greenwood,

boats directly from the new

has joined the Centurion Pro

Aaron Rathy, Dean Smith, Danny

Facebook page. The new page

Wakeboard Team. Harrison has

Harf, Chad Sharpe, Mike Ennen,

also features a photo gallery for

had a successful string of event

Daniel Powers, Randall Harris,

each of the brand’s 2012 engines.

showings since he began his

Ricky Gonzales, Rusty Malinoski,

Fans can also request a test drive,

competitive career, including 5th

Jimmy LaRiche, Josh Twelker,

locate a dealer or even shop

Bob Sichel, Jeff Langley and

gear all directly from the new

Oli Derome are all scheduled to

Facebook page.

attend the annual floating party

In addition to the new engines

and double-up contest June 15-16

page and Share Your Rig App,

in Lake of the Ozarks, MO. The

Indmar has utilized Facebook’s

winner will go home with $15,000

new Timeline Milestone feature to

of the total $33,000 up for grabs.

give customers a unique insight

place at the WWA Nationals, 5th place at the WWA Worlds, and 2nd place at last season’s Monroe, WA King of Wake event, but his biggest highlight was taking first place and a $10,000 purse at the Lake Gaston Big Air Fair behind a Centurion Enzo. Frankie Panno joins Centurion Boats as Newest Pro Team Member. Centurion Boats welcomes the accomplished watersports athlete and his serious watersports resume as well as his established prowess in marketing and highly-visible promotions at major sporting events. Panno has a track record

Additionally, Nautic Distributors

innovation that has enabled the

has announced that Liquid

industry and sport to progress

Force will be supplying all their

and grow. They have also added

Canadian customers directly.

an Events button to detail the

Liquid Force will be using various

hottest watersports and boating

methods to best support their

events around the world.

customer base, whether it be

shipping directly from the Liquid Force warehouse in Redmond, WA or from one of two Nautic warehouses in Barrie and Delta.

of success elevating other marquis

Slingshot announces the launch

brands and outfitters over the last

of their new wakeboarding



into Indmar’s rich history of

team film Lipsmack, by Patrick

Boat of the 2012 West Coast

won the Pro Jr. Men title and will

Wieland. The film is meant to

Wakesurf Open, held the

be moving up to the Pro Tour this

be a reminder that above all,

weekend of May 17-20 at Camp

year, riding his new Parks set up.

wakeboarding is supposed to be

Far West in Wheatland, California.

creative and fun. Riders like Jeff

It will be a weekend full of boat

McKee, Oli Derome, Shredtown,

and board demos, clinics and a

Mike Ennen, Jeff House, Nate

competition for every level of

Perry, Dylan Miller, and Brian

wakesurfer with almost $12,000

Reeder all take a turn showing

in prize money up for grabs. Pros

The WWA Wake Park World

you their skills.

Dom Lagace and Chase Hazen

Series (WPWS) returns in 2012

will be on site for private wakesurf

for a 6th season of progressive


wakeboarding action. The cablepulled series will travel to six total stops within USA, France,

Tigé Boats announced Newfound

Netherlands and UAE. The USA

Boat Shoppe & Marine Supply,

will host three stops.

Inc. has joined the worldwide

Riders such as Dominik Guehrs,

network of authorized Tigé


Freddy von Osten, Tom Fooshee

dealerships. Their brand new

announced the promotion of

and Daniel Grant will use the

dealership is under construction

Shawn Perry to Editor-in-Chief

features and corners of the cable

in New Hampshire and will be

of the sport’s leading print

to make each run as flawless and

completed the beginning of June.

publication. Perry, who previously

stylish as possible. With over

Their new showroom will display

served as the publication’s

$125,000 USD up for grabs, riders

the full range of Tigé models,

senior editor, brings a wealth of

from over 20 countries will have

provide full servicing facilities to

industry knowledge and editorial

their eyes set on championships

Tigé owners and house a pro-

experience to the magazine.

ahead, but only time will tell who

shop for all their boating needs.

During Perry’s tenure, the

accumulates the most points and

magazine has reached new

takes the overall championship.

Tigé Boats is excited to

heights, including increased

announce a strong new presence

readership and the development

in Northern California! In

of content-rich social channels on

partnership, California Marine

Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.

Sports of Suisun and Fairfield & GoldKey Boathouse & Marine Service Center of El Dorado Hills have joined the Tigé network of dealerships. The first load of 2012

Ronix Wakeboards has

Tigés are scheduled to arrive at

announced that Japanese

their new dealership mid-May.

sensation Shota Tezuka has

Do you have water sports industry news to share? Email:

joined their team. Tezuka is The Tigé Z3 is the Official Tow

coming off a big year, where he



Texas Ski Ranch Better known in the wake community as “TSR,” Texas Ski Ranch has made a name for itself as one of the premier cable parks and action sport facilities in the US. Utilizing a mix of special events, social media, pro rider endorsements and good old business savvy, the now 70-acre facility will be going strong for years to come.

Cristine Bialick, “Resident Mom” and Head of Retail

fortunate to say that the locals

skatepark and cable lakes

keep us busy year round. Be-

right at 9:00. Regulars roll in

ing a very unique 70-acre venue,

early afternoon, and the pros

we also host events year round

usually ride later in the day.

including triathlons, mud runs,

Wakeboarders are not typi-

company team builds, concerts,

cally morning people! Week-

parties, project graduations and

the TSR facility open? Texas Ski

days at TSR are busy with groups

fraternity mixers to name a few.

Ranch opened in late 2000. We

from local camps and youth

started with a small Wake and

programs mixed with the con-

What has had the greatest im-

Skate Shop in a temporary office

stant stream of tourists and day

pact on growing your business?

as we began construction on the

visitors. The busiest time of the

The community of young people

lakes. Our first Skatepark opened

year for us in the past has gener-

that call TSR home is vital to our

Spring of 2001 and the main cable

ally been May through August.

stability as a facility. Add to that

lake opened in summer 2001. In

However, with the newest addition

our relationships with local univer-

2003 we added a full, private boat

of Spring Loaded, a 15,000 sq.

sities that we offer classes for (for

lake, and just three years ago we

ft. indoor trampoline park, along

credit, no less) and school dis-

added a two tower cable system.

with Wahoo’s Fish Tacos, we are

tricts that keep us busy with after

When did the various parts of

We have tried different sports or activities, have had a couple of restaurants; we even had motocross tracks for a few years. One of our biggest milestones was the opening of Wahoo’s Fish Tacos with a full bar overlooking the beaches last May! Including all your onsite activities, how many people visit TSR on a busy in-season day? How long is that season for you? There is no typical day at TSR, in or out of season. Summer days start early with campers and


younger riders hitting the

school programs and field trips

pockets and big budgets that big

sports industry, you most likely

during the school year. Plus our

amusement parks have so we lack

have no idea what a cable park is.

partnerships with key vendors,

the “finished” feel we would like to

This allows us to visually explain

high school teams and collegiate

have, but our staff has heart and

how anyone can get up and

team support,

passion. Good old

wakeboard without a boat, driver,

special events and

Texas hospitality

gas or even your own gear. We

tournaments and a

and a sincere pas-

provide it all and want to make the

steady stream of in-

sion for their sports,

sport accessible to anyone willing

formation and con-

and our facility

to learn. It is also excellent way for

tent on our website,

make them the best

those in the industry to see what

youtube and social

coaches, sales asso-

our events look like, what pro rid-

media sites helps

ciates, competitors

ers are doing out here and gives

our information

and ambassadors

our employees a platform to show-

travel quickly and

for Texas Ski Ranch.

case their hard work and talent.

easily. Also, our internal yearly evaluation of TSR, discussing

What online property or social

What is the breakdown of all the

what needs to be fixed and what

media is the most effective for

different parts of your business?

attractions can be added, what

you in driving new visitors to

- 30% Boat Sales and Service

works and what needs to go,

your park? YouTube has been

- 20% Cable

keeps us on our toes constantly

amazing for us because it al-

- 20% Board Shop

challenges us to find ways to

lows the public to really see and

- 10% Wahoo’s Fish Tacos

improve what we offer our cus-

understand all we have to offer at

- 10% Summer Camps

tomers. We don’t have the deep

TSR. If you aren’t into the water

- 10% Group Bookings/Special Events


SHOP OF THE MONTH You have multiple corporate

brought attention to the complex,

nerships within the park. Surf,

partnerships, host several annual

promoting wakeboarding in the

Winching, who knows? As the

events and competitions, and

community and bring eyes to TSR

athletes and sports evolve so will

are the home park for many ac-

as a whole. They drive traffic to

we. Change is good.

complished riders. What are your

events, bring out international

keys to success? The TSR family

competitors, help us catch the

What other aspects of the Texas

is key to success over the years.

eye of corporate sponsors and

Ski Ranch business would you

We have a number of dedicated

add credibility to what we do.

like to add? I’d like to add that

and passionate employees who

Corporate sponsors like Liquid

TSR is run very much like a larger

have devoted their lives over the

Force, SPY and MasterCraft also

business, with each “department”

past ten years to building and

play a crucial role in the growth

committed to earning each and

growing business at TSR. I could

of TSR because finances are the

every customer’s business, one

not put enough emphasis on

backbone to improving our com-

guest at a time. The business of

how important this long list of

plex every year and making sure

our business, however, is very per-

people have been to helping us

we offer the best to our custom-

sonal. If it was about the money,

not only keep doors open for ten


there are a lot easier ways to

years, but also constantly improve

make a living. A business like this

the property and come up with

What do you see as your great-

is day in, day out, 7 days a week,

new ideas and offerings for our

est business opportunity in the

365 days a year. When everyone

customers. Our extremely accom-

next 2-3 years? Music? Additional

else is on vacation, we are at our

plished team of local riders have

parks? Snow? Additional Part-

busiest. AND WE LOVE IT.

Spring Loaded, the TSR trampoline facility


Christine explains the love and passion that makes TSR a successful park: We love the kids who ride. All of them. We love the pros who compete, full out, with all they have, and then take the time to sign a little kid’s helmet and shake his hand. We love the families who call this time at the lake or the skate park their “family time.” We love the kids with absentee parents, who need the TSR family to be their family. We love searching for the latest styles, the most cutting edge gear, or the coolest accessories to fill the shop, and delight our customers. (Wispy

We have a passion for the sport, the adrenaline rush, the challenge, the sense of accomplishment. We love new technology like helmet cameras to record every move... And who doesn’t love old school longboards, bikinis and boardshorts? It’s gig kids teaching little kids, pros mentoring beginners, and so many other good things that happen here every day. It’s lots of band-aids and ice packs, yet it’s always a good day at TSR. ALWAYS.

sundresses and Toms sell amazingly well alongside skate shoes and wake skates!)



Skier’s Choice Dan Miller, Vice President of Sales Explain how the “Keep It Simple” and “No Worries” philosophy impacts your business strategy at both a manufacturer and dealer level. “Keep it Simple” is a mantra in both the Moomba Brand, and in our Skier’s Choice manufacturing philosophy. Moomba customers prefer not to have all of the electronics and bling that other brands offer. We design Moomba models so that they are easy for the customer to use, easy to

“No worries” plays a little bit on

culture here. Supra takes it a step

the Australian heritage of the

further to encompass refinement.

Moomba brand. The molds for

A Supra can’t just be functional; it

the very first Moomba Boomer-

has to be comfortable, luxurious,

ang originated in Australia. It also

innovative, stylish and, of course,

plays on the reliability theme in

safe. We want to build in some

Moomba. The Moomba customer

“wow” factor too. For Supra, it is

does not care if their boat has all

not enough to just be better in

of the latest gadgets. They want it

one area, or better just today. We

to operate as intended every time

are committed to pushing the

they use it. They want it to be

brand forward in many directions.

safe. And they want it to hold its

Product, dealer support, customer

value. Moomba does all of those

satisfaction, and training are all ar-


eas that we discuss and attempt

Supra’s tag line, “Beyond Better,” speaks to our company’s commitment to constant im-

Describe the differences in your

provement—it is a big part of our

two brands, and how you market

maintain and easy to build. In our production plant, “Keep it Simple” is part of our Lean Manufacturing model. Why do something in 10 steps, if you can do it with equal quality in only 8 steps? Take the guesswork out of the process, so there is only one correct way to drill a hole, mount a handrail, or fit a seat cushion. Standards at each step of the production process leave little question whether we are on target or not. Quality and reliability are easier to deliver if we set clear and simple standards in everything from design, to manufacturing, to function.


to improve on a regular basis.

The Moomba Mojo

and sell each differently. Supra is

lenged all of the traditional ways

designed to appeal to the perfor-

of doing things, and encouraged

mance minded aspirational cus-

team members here to contribute

tomer. Our customers appreciate

to improvement on a daily basis.

the luxury, innovation, safety and

This downturn was so swift, and

amenities of a boat that has been

so severe, that it crippled many

well thought out, well engineered,

companies. We actually feel that

and well built. On top of that, we

it made us stronger. Even though

strive to give them a great owner-

our unit sales are lower compared

ship experience with our boats,

to the market peak in 2007, we

and with the service they receive

are stronger and more profit-

from Skier’s Choice, and from our

able than when we were last at


this production level. Because of

Moomba on the other hand, is

Lean Manufacturing, and because

designed to be reliable, safe,

of downsizing, we now have an

and relatively simple. We don’t

incredible group of highly skilled

feel we have to be an innovation

boat builders throughout our

leader with Moomba. We do feel

entire production stream.


Supra Models


Moomba Models

140 Employees


we have to deliver a consistently reliable product that competes

What Skier’s Choice boat has

very well in the value inboard

been the most profitable for the

category. We call it “best bang for

company in the last 2-3 years

the buck.” Moomba CSI scores are

and why? In Supra, the Launch

some of the highest in the indus-

22V has been our best boat for

try, because these boats are not

some time. The hull design on

as complicated, and they are very

the 22V provides a great ride,

reliable for the customer.

along with great wakes. It offers

Dealers, globally

1000 Approximate units built in the 2012 model year.


versatile seating for many differWhat has changed in the way

ent activities on the water. And

Skier’s Choice does business as a

it has many of the performance,

result of the tough economy? We

and luxury amenities that Supra

are fortunate that we began our

customers have become accus-

journey in Lean Manufacturing

tomed to.

several years prior to the down-

In Moomba, it has to be the Mobi-

turn that started in 2008. We

us LSV. That has been our bread

great all around platform for any

didn’t just dip our toe in the pool,

and butter boat for a long time. It

watersport, even at an advanced

like many companies did. We

is a size (21’6”) that many families


dove in, without a life jacket. Lean

are looking for. It is big enough to

thinking really transformed our

take a bunch of friends out, yet it

The pre-1999 “Early Days” of

culture to eliminate wastes, every-

is small enough to trailer and ga-

Skier’s Choice saw a number

where in our organization. It chal-

rage easily. And the wakes are a

of management and ownership

NMMA Customer Service Index Award winner – for both Supra and Moomba



Cruising with the Supra 22V changes—How does that experi-

the company from the ground up,

time. We really learned to boot-

ence make you a better company

because there was not much of a

strap along the way, because we

today? That seems like such

product line, or a distribution net-

had to. Those lessons have served

a long time ago! ...But we feel

work when we jumped in. It was a

us well during the last few years

that one of our strengths today

little scary diving into it when we

while the market has been tight.

is that Supra

did, because we

Our team is comprised of many

was really on

did not have a

industry veterans who have

lot of resources

banded together from other in-

at our disposal

board companies. I would put the

we joined back

Geographic Breakdown:

it in 1996. The

We are very strong in our

to grow the

experience level of our team up

company had

home base in the Southeast,

brands. We had

against anybody in the inboard

been through

its knees when

but the middle of the country

knowledge and

business. One thing that experi-

three owner-

from Texas to Minnesota is

we had con-

ence has taught us is that “big-

ship changes

not far behind. Like many

nections, and

ger” is not always better. Having

in the previous

companies in the boat indus-

enthusiasm, but

the biggest production numbers,

eight years, and

try the last few years, Canada

we did not have

the biggest number of employ-

had lost its way

continues to play a huge role

much money to

ees, or the biggest advertising

in the inboard

in our distribution.

spend. However,

budget is not as important to us

we did have

as having a solid grasp on our

three years to

business, growing at a sustainable

market. Moomba was only one


small boat model and not very

build some momentum before we

pace, and delivering brands and

well known to the market. We

purchased it in 1999, changing the

products that are profitable to

had the opportunity to rebuild

name to Skier’s Choice Inc. at that

Skier’s Choice, and to our dealers.

Another advantage we feel we

breathe boats and boat manufac-

have is that Skier’s Choice is

turing. We don’t report to a board

the only company in the top 4

of directors somewhere else. We

inboard builders that has not

can make long-term decisions

been sold in the past 4-5 years.

that are good for our business,

Our ownership and management

our employees, our dealers, and

team has been stable for the past

our community. Because we only

14 years. Consequently, we don’t

report to ourselves and to our

have to price in the expectations

employees, we can make long-

Malibu, or MasterCraft boats. We

of a large return on investment for

term decisions that might not see

compete with their vendors, their

a private equity firm who bought

results for 3-5 years. We don’t

production capabilities, and their

our company at the top of the

have to force short term deci-

dealers. A weakness in any link

market. We are not leveraged

sions, because we have to meet

of that chain is a weakness in the

with any acquisition debt that

somebody else’s expectations for

entire brand. Building long-term,

needs to be repaid. We have built

unit sales this month, or this quar-

mutually beneficial relationships is

this company since 1999 through

ter. Others are looking to build

one of the pillars of our company

internal cash flow, and not by

the value of their business so they

mission statement. We also make

going out and borrowing money.

can sell it to the next ownership

a concerted effort to listen to our

While that sometimes curtailed

group. We look to build value to

dealers and adapt our products

our growth, it has kept costs in

our customers.

and programs in areas where we

Skier’s Choice: 2011 WSIA Buzz Brand of the Year

can help them succeed. Again,

check and has enabled us to compete in markets (like Moomba)

What are the strengths of your

it is a long-term relationship ap-

that others have not been able

dealer network? What are your

proach. If they do well, then we

to. It has also helped us maintain

keys to managing that relation-

will do well.

profitability so can we invest back

ship? We feel that one of our

into our business.

key strengths is that our deal-

Where are the Skier’s Choice

The owners of Skier’s Choice

ers’ sense that we are all in this

brands focusing as growth op-

work here every day. We live and

together. We do our best to make

portunities in the future? We

The Supra 22V Worlds Edition

decisions that

have the luxury of having two

are good for our

brands competing at several dif-

entire supply

ferent price-points, so our focus

chain, because if

is different with each brand. We

they do well, then

are working hard to separate our

we do well. That

thinking in order to maximize the

same thinking

value of each brand to our cus-

applies to our

tomers, and to our dealers. I can’t

vendors also. At

divulge specific market initiatives,

the end of the

but we certainly feel that we have

day, we don’t

an opportunity to grow in the

just compete

next five years.

with Nautique,



Nick Skally Director of Marketing, Malibu Boats/Axis Wake consisted of Nodica Ski, Prince

a higher disposable income than

racquet sports, Rollerblade in-line

your average consumer and the

skates, Kastle skis, Killer Loop

boat purchase is clearly a major

snow boards, skate boards and

investment. So, how you market

apparel, Ektelon racquetball and

and nurture that relationship is

Asolo technical footwear.

going to be considerably different

When I moved to the East Coast, I assumed the role of PR and E-

a lifetime relationship in both

Marketing Manager for all brands

industries, but that scenario is

under the Sportsystem Umbrella,

much more prevalent here in the

Nick Skally

which was an amazing experience

boat industry where the average

How did you get started in

that I’ll never forget. From there

purchase price is around $70,000

advertising and marketing?

I worked briefly at a Marketing

and the product’s life expectancy

I studied Public Relations and

agency in Princeton, NJ, as an

can be even more than 20 years.

Advertising at the University of

Account Executive for a variety of

(Although some of the more

Minnesota (my home state). I

clients and then returned to head

stubborn Prince consumers would

held various internships while

up Rollerblade USA’s marketing

hold on to product that long, even

in school, culminating with an

efforts and then Prince’s after the

though the integrity of the frame

internship at Rollerblade during

Sportsystem broke up and sold

had long since passed its prime.)

my Junior and Senior years.

off its brands. What are some of the key things

That internship led to my first professional position as a Public

How does your previous industry

you’ve learned in your first 90

Relations Coordinator and soon

experience compare or contrast

days in this industry, and at a

after I accepted that position, the

to your role at Malibu? I’ve spent

boat company? With the signifi-

company was purchased by the

the majority of my career in the

cance of a boat purchase the im-

Benetton Group, a clothing em-

sporting goods industry, and

portance of the relationship with

pire based near Venice, Italy. Ben-

while there are certainly some

the consumer can’t be overstated.

etton formed what was known as

parallels, there are some signifi-

I was surprised, however, to learn

the Benetton Sportsystem, one

cant differences. The principals of

how much of that relationship has

of the largest global groups in the

marketing still apply and some of

been outsourced to our dealer

sporting goods category (at the

the consumer demographic and


time), and consolidated all of its

psychographics are very similar,

companies in Bordentown, NJ,

especially from our regular con-

strong dealer base which consists

about 15 minutes south of Princ-

sumers at my most recent role at

of some of the finest people I’ve

eton, NJ.

Prince Sports, Inc.

had the pleasure of meeting, I

The Benetton Sportsystem


in this industry. Ideally, you have

This group of consumers has

While we have an incredibly

would still like to see our brand

have a closer connection to our

are carefully managed, but main-

mance, and pride-in-ownership

consumers, working in concert

tain an intense focus on quality

for 30 years and will continue

with the dealers to provide infor-

and rider-focused performance.

to be the ultimate desire for any

mation, guidance and support.

The strict adherence to simplicity

boat customer.

and rider-focused design allows

We have positioned the two

What is the marketing strategy

us to bring you a boat that looks

brands to be the perfect comple-

behind the Axis Wake brand, as

better and performs better than

ment to one another and provide

it compares to the overall Malibu

any comparable model on the

the broadest range of models

brand? Malibu and Axis share the

market. It’s the perfect balance of

for any inboard towboat cus-

same DNA in how the boats are

style, simplicity and value for your

tomer. Remaining focused on the

constructed and perform out on

hard-earned dollars.

unique identities of each brand

the water, because regardless of

The Malibu brand offers our

and ensuring that all aspects of

brand, we only build a boat one

flagship series of boats and will

our R&D and Marketing efforts

way – the right way. However,

lead the charge in terms of indus-

continually support and embrace

where the two brands differ are

try innovation and performance.

this positioning is of the utmost

in their distinct style lines and the

Our patented Power Wedge,


available options for the different

MaliView rider presets, Malibu

customer preferences.

Touch Command System, and

What are your “top five” prin-

Axis is a youthful and edgy

some upcoming new and exciting

ciples in marketing decisions?

entry-priced brand with a con-

technologies all serve as proof of

1. Embrace new trends

tinuous focus on simplicity in

our leadership in innovation. The

2. Always start with a thorough

design. This focus helps the brand

Malibu brand has been leading

to insure labor costs and materials

the industry in quality, perfor-

understanding of the consumer and their needs 3. When possible/appropriate rely on analytics to drive decision making 4. Find out what makes your brand distinctive and focus intensely on the unique point of differentiation 5. Always plan an integrated offline and online strategy





Daytona Beach Parasail Matt Dvorak, Owner/Founder

There were four licenses issued to operate parasail on Daytona

How long is that season? We are a high-volume water

Beach and by the start of our

sports business during the season

third year, we bought out one

and we employee as many as 30

How did your parasail business

of the other three licenses and

employees. We are open year

get started? Daytona Beach Para-

added a third USCG inspected

round (weather permitting). Our

sail stuck its umbrella in the sand

parasail boat. Our family and staff

busy season is June, July and

in 1999 on the beach in Daytona

worked very hard and contin-

August. We have added eco

Beach, Florida. We opened with

ued to be inventive, treating our

tours, charter fishing, boat rent-

one USCG Inspected 12 passen-

customers to an experience, not

als, kayaks, water bikes, sail boat

ger, CWS Ocean Pro parasail boat

just a ride.

rides, paddle boards, water skiing,

and we hired a parasail Captain

Customer service and safety

wakeboarding, and a water taxi to

from St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands

were the two most important fac-

our repertoire in an effort to cre-

to operate the boat. I worked as

tors in my business. We continued

ate a more consistent year-round

mate and shuttle boat Captain,

to grow eventually after our 7th

business model.

while my wife worked signing up

season we owned and operated

the guests.

all the parasail licenses on Day-

You have been a leader in the

tona Beach.

work with ASTM International to

Dedication and hard work paid off, and by the start of our second

establish national parasail safety

season, we purchased a second

How many employees do you

standards. Why is that, and how

USCG inspected parasail boat.

have when you are in-season?

will this work change the parasail industry? I take pride in the safe experience offered to our guests here at Daytona Beach Parasail. I feel as an industry we need to make strides to standardize safety practices. If we do not come together as a united front and create standards that are safe for the guests and workable for a business, we will have them given to us with no consideration for business or profitability. We need every operator to follow safe standards so that we can all still have jobs and business in the years to come.

One of Daytona Beach Parasail’s boats


What are your keys to success

laptop and the younger

in your day-to-day operations,

generations are using

especially in staff training and

them for everything. A

best practices? The key to our

large Internet presence

success lies in the reward of the

is a necessity for any

smiles received as people return

business in the years to

from their parasail experience. We


believe that we are in the business of creating meaningful memories

Looking ahead, where will you

for our guests. We strive for those

take Daytona Beach Parasail?

memories to be spectacular, as

In preparation for future growth,

people travel from great distances

we just recently purchased

to fulfill lifelong dreams, celebrate

Lighthouse Boatyard & Marina.

milestones in their lives and even

We hope to become more than

check items off of their bucket

just a parasail operation, but a

lists. We have also found innova-

destination. The expansion of the

tive ways of documenting these

boat yard and the marina will give

experiences with photo packages

us the opportunity to grow into

and the use of GoPro helmet

more activities in the future. We

cams to capture the perspective

are working together with other

of our guest.

local business in our immediate

We have a rigorous train-

area to tour the lighthouse, visit

ing program in place for all of

the Marine Science Center, play

our staff. We expect all staff to

on the sand dunes in the state

treat our guests with the utmost

park, enjoy waterfront fine din-

respect and have a good general

ing and tiki bars or rent a jet ski.

knowledge of all the inner work-

All are available within walking

ings of all the activities offered at

distance of Daytona Beach Para-

our facility.

sail. Not just a parasail company

Sailboat trips

anymore! Kayak rentals

What aspect of your marketing has worked best for finding new customers? Internet is our fastest growing area of marketing. Everyone has a smart phone and a

Two parasailers lifting off

Private charter boats



The Rise of Cable Parks The number of cable parks operating or in development continues to rapidly increase, and they are steadily changing the water sports industry. To better understand this growth and some of the impacts it will have, we surveyed several park operators with the following three questions:

1. What is fueling the growth of Cable Parks in your part of the country? 2. How do you see the growth of Cable Parks impacting the larger water sports industry? 3. What is the biggest challenge in starting/ operating a Cable Park? Sean Hollonbeck, KC Watersports

ticipate in.

more people become addicted to

The great

wakeboarding you will continue

thing is

to see expansion in the number


The growth is being fueled by

of Cable Parks. It is all fueled by

Parks fit

the participants! We have seen

what the public wants. Right now

right into that arena. It is also due

growth in the number of riders

it feels like people want a fun,

to the increased marketing efforts

that are visiting our park from all

safe, affordable activity to par-

of the existing parks. They have

KC Watersports


over the country. As more and

Construction underway at Red Rock Wake Park in St. George, Utah

all spread the word and it is just

walk into a bank and get a loan.

now starting to catch like wildfire.

But once you do have those two

The growth of Cable Parks

hurdles accomplished all you have

is greatly impacting the water

to do is put a hole in the ground

sports industry as a whole. Cable

and stand up a couple of tow-

Parks are delivering access to

ers and boom you have a cable

means in the past to try the fun

water sports to the general public

park! (Hahaha) Once the park

water sports.

at a reasonable price. With more

is up and going there is a differ-

I think it does nothing but grow,

people having access to water

ent set of challenges. I would say

grow, grow. Almost everyone

sports it allows a greater oppor-

the biggest challenge is getting

loves water sports, and to provide

tunity for new businesses to form

the people through the door. It is

a more cost affordable way for

and greater competition within

always a challenge to get people

people to get out and do those

the industry. For example if you

to step out of their comfort zone

sports, is a win-win for everyone.

look at the wakeboard manufac-

and try something new.

crease, but not only due to cable

turers they all have developed more durable bases for use at Cable Parks. There are many challenges in

I think that boat sales will de-

Travis Olsen, Red Rock Wake Park

parks. The cost of fuel is going to be the largest factor. By far the biggest challenge in starting up a park is coming

starting and operating a Cable Park. The first challenge is getting

I’m sure everyone has the same

up with the funding... if you are

it started. The two biggest hurdles

comment of fuel prices, but boat-

loaded with money, then that is

are location and funding. Loca-

ers are still going to go boating

out of question, but if you are like

tions are tough because it needs

regardless of the price of fuel. I

the majority of wakeboarders,

to be as central of a location as

think that the growth of cable

you don’t have a ton of capital

possible, but cost is a major issue.

parks as a whole is to provide

to throw into a potential multi-

Funding is also very challeng-

wakeboarding / water skiing to

million dollar investment. Aside

ing because you no longer just

those people who haven’t had the

from the initial capital investment,



Wake Nation Cincinnati dealing with the city, and state is

ing to our parks in large numbers

revenue source to the city. Large

always a hassle. I’m sure that once

looking for a fun, family-friendly

developers who build multi-use

we are up and running, we will be

activity they can do together, that

developments view cable parks as

faced with a whole new group of

won’t break the bank.

an anchor to their property.


Peter Kennedy, Wake Nation

We see a lot of interest in building cable parks from individuals,

the US has a huge impact on the

municipalities and large develop-

entire water sports industry. Every

ment groups. Individual investors

day, Wake Nation introduces new

are looking for a fun, exciting

customers to the water sports

business they can be passionate

industry. These new custom-

We operate parks in Texas and

about. Municipalities are look-

ers buy wakeboards, life jackets,

Ohio. We have seen the sport

ing to offer their local population

board shorts, boats, etc. In the

explode in recent years mainly

the greatest recreational op-

coming years, the entire water

due to accessibility. In the past,

tions available. Cable parks offer

sports industry will feel the effect

families could only wakeboard or

municipalities not only a unique,

of cable parks.

water ski if they had access to a

world-class experience, but also a

boat, a large body of water, gas, insurance, etc. Today, an entire family can wakeboard at Wake Nation for less than the cost of taking out their own boat out on the water. Because of this accessibility, people who had never heard of wakeboarding are com-

Texas Ski Ranch


The growth of cable parks in

Truly the biggest challenge in

starting a cable park is under-

this happening all the time at

like we like. Cable Parks in Florida

standing the business model.

Texas Ski Ranch.

allow riders to enjoy the sport

People have inflated expectations

Permitting can be the biggest,

of wakeboarding in a controlled

of what a cable park will generate.

either that or it takes a strong

environment year round. Tourists

Wake Nation is fortunate because

team, a business mind and a dedi-

are also looking for something

we operate multiple cable parks

cated individual in the industry.

new and exciting to try and with

and have a deep understanding

I have seen many projects with

over 20 million tourists in Miami

of revenue potential in various

only one half of this equation and

every year I expect there to be a

markets. This allows us to spend

they usually fail.

few more parks in my area in the

the appropriate amount in the development stage and also allows us to properly manage our profit margin.

next 48 months!!

Todd Arnold, Cable SK8

Cable Parks today are evolving into these great water sports complexes that attract families, and tourism to the city and are

Blake Hess, Texas Ski Ranch

now offering so many more opportunities to the patrons other than just wakeboarding. Most parks offer instruction for wake-

The ease

board, wakeskate, and SUP. Cable

of entry

SK8 and other parks are now of-

for partici-

Cable Parks can offer thrill of

fering after school programs and

pants to get

wakeboarding, wakeskating,

summer camps to help promote

involved in

kneeboarding, skiing and SUP

the limitless ends of water sport

the sport!

with very little financial burden

enjoyment. Parks really do well

Before it was hard to get the op-

to the rider. Board Sports and

in their Pro Shops by offering

portunity to try water sports, now

Extreme Sports in general are

demos to new equipment, and

that get’s easier every day as a

taking over the team sports draw.

holding national tournaments at

new park opens!

Board sports are the cool thing to

parks is drawing a lot of new and

do and everyone wants to try it.

very young spectators. The more

growing and hopefully doubling

Waterways are overcrowded and

people on the water means more

in size over the next 10 years. The

conditions are not always smooth

product sold, a larger population

I see the water sports industry

talent level will increase as well. Kids are starting younger and spending 10 times the amount of time on the water than they were able to years ago. On the flip side of it I see boat sales growing as well. With more participants there will be growth everywhere. Cable is just the hook to get them involved in water sports. We see

A rendering of Cable SK8 wake park, now in development


THE RISE OF CABLE PARKS of users, more boats sold, and

due to non-funding. Cable SK8

more sponsorship and profes-

Wake Park is a venture that I am

sional riders to attract the next

self-funding in South Florida and

generation. By having an opera-

hopefully in a few years with my

tion where “no boat is necessary”

income statements, I can start

it opens the doors to millions of

another park and get the funding

new users at a much lower cost.

to build it. If there was an institu-

As with any development you

tion that saw the value of a Cable

need to go through the permit-

Park Industry and would lend

ting process with the city and

money I believe that there would

county health departments. But

be over 100 Full Size Cables in the

I think that the biggest chal-

US right now.

lenge facing the next Cable Park

other financial lending institutions don’t understand the viability of

Phillip Smith, Cajun X Cables

the business yet which makes construction and business loans,

In and around Louisiana, the big-

funding in general, very hard to

gest thing fueling cable parks is

come by. I have designed several

the “accessibility” of wakeboard-

full sized cable parks in AZ, CA,

ing. If you can’t drive or don’t

and Florida with city approv-

know someone personally that

als, only to have to walk away

you can go in their boat, then you

Cajun X Cables site plan and rendering


less of a hassle and more convenient. Parents can easily drop off teens, stay and watch them ride, or try it out themselves. Prices are more affordable, at Cajun X Cables you can ride for less than $40 all day. Behind a boat $40 usually gets me one set, which is about 20 to 30 minutes. In a boat you are also limited to the num-

developer, and industry as a whole, is the fact that banks and

are unable to ride. Cable Parks are

ber of passengers. Where as at the Cable Park you can have your friends ride with you, watch, or hang out at the same time. I grew up behind the boat and still take sets frequently but the Cable Park is my choice 9 times out of 10. Cable Parks are and will be a huge reason the water sports industry is growing at double the speed it has in resent years. Just

Hydrous Wake Park in Allen, Texas the mass amount of people that

towers, access, future growth,

to board without a boat make it

will be exposed to the sport in

and budget. It took a whole year

easier for beginners to pick up

Louisiana alone through Cable

before I found a property I was

the sport. Cable is easy and the

Parks will double if not triple in

happy with. If you have your

cost is right.

the next year. People that I have

property then everything else

talked to have not tried wake-

falls into place. Before I stepped

people into the sport. With this

boarding for two reasons. First,

onto my property the park was

growth the board companies

they don’t want to commit to

just a dream on paper. It’s not an

should really benefit. We are see-

buying a board or other gear.

easy road at all, but property is

ing new people already upgrading

Second, most people don’t have

the biggest and hardest step I’ve

their equipment.

a boat or can’t frequently access


one. Therefore, they would not get their money’s worth. Cable Parks allow people to wakeboard with everything provided. Which

We think it will bring many new

The biggest challenge we are facing is scheduling times. We

Chad Lacerte, Hydrous

feel that the demand is starting to pick up and that we will not have enough time to teach all the peo-

gives them more confidence to

ple that come through the door.

buy the proper gear and ride

If you are interested in starting a

whenever they want.

park make sure you do all your Hydrous is located in a nice

research before you put to much

to list one, would be finding the

park in the middle of the city

into it. Know the rules and follow

property. Everything falls on the

and it attracts a lot of people just

them. Make sure you join the WSIA

location: Lake size, how many

driving by. We feel being able

to learn more about our industry.

The biggest challenge, if I have




Griffin Boards


Naples, FL 239-300-2197

Denver, CO 303-815-5161

Little Mountain, SC


HO Sports

White Salmon, WA 509-493-4938

Redmond, WA (425)-885-3505

Merced, CA (209) 384-0255

Boaters Insurance Marine

Indmar Products Co.

Malibu Boats

Boatfun Sports, Inc

Merced, CA (209) 383-7469

Liberty Township, OH 513-379-0506

Correct Craft Orlando, FL (407) 855-4141

Fineline Industries

MasterCraft Vonore, TN (423) 884-2221

Sanger Boats Fresno, CA (559) 485-2842

Skier’s Choice Maryville, TN (865) 983-9924

Tige Boats Abilene, TX (325) 676-7777

MANUFACTURERS: EQUIPMENT Acme Propellers Big Rapids, MI 888-661-2263

AM Skis Orlando, FL 407-412-5971


Rave Sports St. Paul, MN 651-255-4805

Rixen Cableways GmGh Millington, TN 901-353-9930

Deachau, Germany 498737-54700

Roswell Wake-Air Inland Surfer Bellevue, WA 425-747-6055

Cocoa, FL 321-890-7120

Bonnier/Transworld Wakeboarding

Jet Pilot


Winter Park, FL 407-628-4802

Vista, CA 760-734-111

Orlando, FL 407-353-4286

Breathe Boardwear

Kent Sporting Goods

Slingshot Sports

Rathgar, Dublin, Ireland 353-1-4914170

New London, OH

Hood River, OR 509-427-4950

Kwik Tek Connelly Skis Lynnwood, WA (425)-775-5416

Denver, CO 303-733-3722

Custom Chutes, Inc.

Nash Mfg / Nash Sports

Bradenton, FL 941-753-4818

Fort Worth, TX 800-433-2901

DECKadence Ft. Lauderdale, FL 954-536-3660

Carson, CA 310-320-7873

Square One Dist. Issaquah, WA 425-369-6850

O’Brien International Redmond, WA 407-852-2424

Eagle Sports Houston, TX 800-862-4424

Sport Dimension

Top of the Dune Mary Esther, FL 850-855-4335

Pacific Watercraft Redmond, WA 206-257-2301

XSR Xtreme Storage Rack Twin Falls, ID 208-431-1118

ZF Marine LLC

Boulder Boats

Dartmouth, MA 401-261-1964

Boulder City, NV 702-293-1122

Zup Board Company

Central Valley Marine

Williamsburg, VA 757-870-8900

Campbell, CA 408-371-6681

Lauderdale Lakes Marina Elkhorn, WI 262-742-3898

Orlando, FL 407-281-7909

Marine Sales Group

Action Water Sports of Fenton

Conneaut Lake, PA 814-382-3255

Charlotte, NC 336-918-6821

Fenton, MI 810-629-1342

East Coast Flightcraft, Inc.

MarineMax, Inc.

Action Water Sports, Inc.

Middleton, MA 978-777-1721

Clearwater, FL (727)-531-1700

Hudsonville, MI 810-629-1342

Fort Fremont Marine

Mattos Marine Diesel Services

Adrenaline Watersports Belevue, WA 425-746-9253

American Marine & Motor Sports Shawano, WI 715-526-4300

Fremont, WI 920-446-3220

BoardCo. Inc Springville, UT 801-747-3539

Nautiques of Orlando

Fort Myers, FL 239-332-2515

Gull Lake Marine Richland, MI 267-627-4507

MC Boats of Arkansas

Orlando, FL 407-425-2678

Greenwood, SC 264-223-2275

Omaha Marine Center Omaha, NE 402-339-9600

Overton’s Greenville, NC

Pacific Nautiques

Conway, AR 501-513-2628

Pacific, WA 253-833-4140

Memphis Boat Center

Parker Business Planning

Gunnells Marine Memphis, TN 901-744-4444

Orlando, FL 407-843-8808

Idaho Water Sports Burley, ID 208-678-5809

Bart’s Water Sports North Webster, IN (574)-834-7666

Elizabethtown, NC 910-247-6201

Offshore Marine, Inc

Barefoot Central Katy, TX 281-395-9751

Salt Lake City, UT 801-973-4017 Liquid Sports Marine

Conneaut Lake Navigation


MP Marine Products

Miami Ski Nautique Miami, FL 305-438-9464

Pellaton Enterprises Brentwood, CA 209-815-2013

Island City Watersports Cumberland, WI 715-822-8337

Midwest MasterCraft

JC Sports

Missouri River Marine

Seneca, SC 864-882-4212

Great Falls, MI

Crystal, MN 763-533-9666

Performance Ski & Surf Orlando, FL 407-859-7544



White Lake Marine

Nutin Fancy Fishin, Inc

Lake Buena Vista, FL 407-939-0754

White Lake, NC (910)-862-3688

Dunedin, FL

Sebago Watersports

Wilson Watersports

Raymond, ME (207)-655-7547

Edmond, OK 405-330-0526

Silver Lake Marine Silver Springs, NY 585-237-5185

Smooth Water Sports Ganesvoort, NY 518-793-5808

The Twister Ski Shop Blair Athol Adelaide, SA 61428826400

The Wakeshop DHL & SKI Nashville Old Hickory, TN 615-330-0655

VS Marine Atascadero, CA 805-462-BOAT Crystal, MN 763-533-9666

Watercraft Sales Three Lakes, WI 715-546-3351 Crystal, MN 763-533-9666


PARASAIL OPERATORS & MANUFACTURERS Aquatic Adventures Panama City, FL 850-236-8677

OBX Parasail, LLC

Smile High Parasail

Paradise Parasail

St. Augustine, FL 904-819-0980

Ft. Myers, FL 239-433-4337

Top of the Line Parasail Parasailing the Harbor Dallas, TX 214-317-0845

Pinky’s Parasail Gloversville, NY 607-272-7245

Pleasure Island Parasail Orange Beach, AL 251-609-0244

Quepos Parasail

Estero Island Parasail

Sage Sailing

Lake George, NY 518-668-4644

Lahaina, HI 808-661-78836

Watersports4U Bayamon, Puerto Rico 787-306-7667

Xtreme Parasail, Inc.

Daytona Beach, FL 386-547-6067

J.D.Q. Inc.

Dunedin, FL 727-403-8807

UFO Parasail

Daytona Beach Parasail

Ft. Myers Beach, FL 239-440-2270

Dunedin, FL (727)389-2209

Manteo, NC 252-573-8909

Atlantic Watersports N. Myrtle Beach, SC 843-272-2420

Skys The Limit Watersports, Inc.

Marco Island, FL 239-970-0618

Surfside Beach, SC 843-232-8383

SD Watersports Lake Buena Vista, FL 407-939-0754

Honolulu, HI 808-737-3577

YOLO Watersports, Inc. Captiva, FL 239-472-9656


Just Chute Me Destin, FL 850-333-3984

Siesta Key Watersports Sarasota, FL (727)642-2876

Chester Springs, PA 484-354-3096

Adrenaline Adventures Marco Island Water Sports Marco Island, FL 239-777-9977

Sky Pirates Watersports Destin, FL 850-837-5797

Headingly, Canada 204-800-2060

Brownstone Exploration & Discovery Park Portland, CT 866-860-0208

Cable Sk8 Homestead, FL 602-663-2623

CajunXcables Lafayette, LA

Hexagon Wake Park Roxboro, NC 336-263-6412

Jibtopia Wake Park Chapel Hill, NC 919-801-0083

KC Watersports Paola, KS 913-783-4300

Texas Ski Ranch

Indexic, Inc

Mission Bay Aquatic Ctr

New Braunfels, TX 830-627-2843

Mt. Pleasant, SC 800-742-4781

(SDSU) San Diego, CA

Wake Nation

Label Industries

Fairfield, OH 513-846-4063

Knoxville, TN 865-691-5141

Wake Park Project


Orlando, FL 407-353-4286

Edgewood, NY 631-254-2155 x145

Western Oasis Wakeplace

Tearepair, Inc.

USA Water Ski

Minden, NV 775-315-2468


Cave Creek, AZ 480-221-0503

Hialeah, FL 305-476-9253

Boating World

Wake School Argentina Buenos Aires, Argentina 5411-4728-0031

Wakescout San Juan Capistrano, CA 949-496-2178

REPS Matt McDevitt


MasterCraft Maryville, TN matt.mcdevitt

Polk City, FL 863-324-2472

Parker Stair

Belter Insurance Willows, CA 1-800-540-2258

Orlando, FL 407-854-1800


Bartlett Lake Marina

Miami Water Sports Complex

Orlando Water Sports Complex

Land o Lakes, FL 800-937-3716

Polk City, FL 863-324-4341

Dive and Marine Consultants Boca Raton, FL

MasterCraft Vonore, TN parker.stair

Luc Adams


First Flight Insurance Group

NRS Rep Moscow, ID

Coleman Company

Kitty Hawk, NC 252-261-1903 x230

Zane Schwenk

Wichita, KS 316-832-3084

Red Rock Wake Park

David Layne

St. George, UT 801-867-0241

FW Murphy

Ashland, KY

Tulsa, OK 918-633-3952

International Tournament Skiing

Zane Schwenk, Inc. Winter Haven, FL

Groveland, FL 352-429-9027

IWWF Polk City, FL


Bottoms Up

Don’t Let Boating Under the Influence Turn Your Life Upside-Down 19% of all recreational fatalities are alcohol related.

The U.S. Coast Guard asks all boaters to take a safe boating course and always Boat Responsibly!

Water Sports Retailer, May 2012  
Water Sports Retailer, May 2012  

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