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Washburn University School of Law

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Fall 2013


Alumni and Friends, On behalf of Washburn University School of Law, we would first like to thank you for your commitment and support during this past year. Because of your generosity, nearly $2 million was made available to Washburn Law, an accomplishment that has had a direct impact on our students and faculty. It truly is an exciting time at Washburn Law. At an October 26 event kicking off 150 Forward: The Campaign for Washburn University School of Law, a $20 million goal was announced for a new School of Law building, which will be located on the corner of 21st Street and Washburn Avenue. With fundraising efforts underway, we are grateful for the support we have received in the beginning stages of this project, and we are pleased to share that, to date, nearly $3 million has been raised for the new building. The $20 million raised in private gifts will be matched with $20 million from Washburn University funds to finance the $40 million building. Your contributions have also benefited numerous other areas of Washburn Law, from much-needed scholarships that make education more accessible for our students, to supporting the professional development of our faculty, to programs for recruiting and retaining the very best faculty. By giving annually, you help the law school respond to opportunities as they arise and, most importantly, secure the foundation of Washburn Law. This campaign marks a pivotal moment. It provides an opportunity to be part of Washburn Law’s history, and we are thankful for our alumni and friends who have already made pledges to the campaign. Washburn Law is fortunate to have loyal donors like you who support both our mission and our vision for the future.

Thomas J. Romig Dean and Professor of Law Washburn University School of Law

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Letter 150 Forward Spaces Students Faculty & Programs Annual Giving Financial Information Honor Roll of Donors

Paul R. Hoferer, ’75 Chair, Washburn University School of Law Development Committee

The Washburn University School of Law Honor Roll is a publication provided by the Washburn University Foundation, which is committed to leading and coordinating the efforts to expand the University’s and Washburn Law’s base of private financial support. For more information or questions regarding the Honor Roll of Donors, please contact Washburn University Foundation at 785.670.4483 or go to

Washburn Law Honor Roll Thomas J. Romig, Dean Washburn University School of Law JuliAnn Mazachek, President Washburn University Foundation Editors and Contributing Writers Marsha Boswell Kathy Busch Lauren Cunningham Kim Gronniger Julie Olson Sarah Towle

150 FORWARD - 2

150 Forward a transformational opportunity for Washburn Law Washburn University School of Law is a place where justice begins because a high-caliber legal education and practical experience prepare students to be outstanding lawyers. The first 110 years of Washburn Law have been spent honing its identity, reputation, and potential. Steered with deliberate intent and forethought, Washburn Law is a signature program of Washburn University with a widely acclaimed national reputation. It has been shaped by every student, every professor, every alumnus, and every supporter, each with a story that moves Washburn Law forward. With the launch of 150 Forward: The Campaign for Washburn University School of Law, the school is ready to take the next bold step and look to the future. Included in 150 Forward are goals for four fundamental areas that will provide $34.5 million for Washburn Law: • $20 million for a new School of Law building, •$  6 million to bolster scholarship assistance for students, • $6 million to support faculty and programs, and • $2.5 million to sustain annual giving. A new School of Law building will provide additional space to meet the demands of today’s legal curriculum. New kinds of courses require different types of classroom spaces, teaching resources, and technology. Plans to raise $20 million will match a $20 million commitment from the University for the project. Scholarships, a significant component of the campaign, are often the determining factor in whether a student is able to attend law school. The $6 million goal will

increase the number of scholarships for students with high grade point averages and LSAT scores and for students with financial need. Supporting faculty translates to a better Washburn Law educational experience. The $6 million goal for faculty and programs seeks to increase the level of endowed funds to honor and support teaching faculty, as well as funnel energy and resources into the Centers for Excellence and the certificate programs. Annual giving helps sustain the law school’s collective focus on students. The $2.5 million goal plays an integral role in securing a meaningful, outstanding education for students both today and for years to come. This campaign has ambitious goals that will have a lasting impact – first within the School of Law and then in the world beyond. Now is the time to make an investment in the future of Washburn Law.

New building will set the stage for the future of Washburn Law Washburn University School of Law is at a pivotal time in its long history. For more than 100 years, Washburn Law has been unwavering in its commitment to provide students the best possible legal education with a focus on talented faculty, small classes, and incredibly high standards. Its current facility, constructed after the 1966 tornado, has undergone numerous additions and renovations. After careful consideration and review, Washburn Law has decided now is the time to move forward with a new building. This next bold step will position the law school for the 21st century and set the stage for future generations. Law curriculum today is more hands-on than it was when

the current facility was designed and built. To provide the very best legal education for current and future students, it is essential to adapt to the changes the legal profession demands. The new building will reflect Washburn Law’s mission, programs, and culture: high-quality teaching, practical preparation of its students, and an open environment that encourages faculty and student collaboration and interaction. The proposed building will have: • 152,600 square feet (as compared to the current 96,240 square feet); • An open central commons and atrium with visual transparency and physical connection from the main lobby to the rest of the building;

Each campus space houses the spirit of Washburn and fosters an environment where students can maximize learning, develop lifelong relationships, and pursue their dreams. Creating and maintaining these innovative spaces is a significant part of 150 Forward: The Campaign for Washburn University School of Law. To support new projects like the new School of Law building, please go to

SPACES - 4 • A student commons with gathering spaces as well as group and individual study areas with natural light; • An Appellate Court and a Trial Court; • Sixteen classrooms and seminar rooms of differing sizes ranging from class sizes of 20 up to 150 students; • Eleven rooms for the study group program (as compared to two, currently); and • A locker for each student. This is a significant investment in the future of Washburn University School of Law and represents the single largest building project on the Washburn University campus in both size and budget. The new building will cost approximately $40 million and will allow Washburn Law to serve the profession and provide outstanding legal education in the state of Kansas. It will allow faculty and alumni to transform the methods in which Washburn Law teaches students.

Gift to help maintain ‘great learning atmosphere’ Unlike many of his classmates, William “Bill” Bunten, jd ’56, enrolled in Washburn University School of Law knowing he did not want to practice law. Instead, he chose Washburn Law to gain a strong legal background that would complement a career in the banking industry.

and earning his master of business administration from the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School, Bunten spent nearly 50 years in various leadership roles in the banking industry before retiring as president of INTRUST Bank in Wichita in 1996.

Born in Goodland, Kan., Bunten grew up in a banking family. He earned his bachelor of arts from Baker University in 1953.

“The Washburn University School of Law has a great learning atmosphere and a strong tradition of providing a good legal education,” he said. “They teach practical skills – it’s the kind of law people use.”

“I was the exception among my peers at Washburn Law, but I knew from the beginning that I wanted to go into the world of finance,” he said. After graduating from Washburn Law

He serves on the Washburn University Foundation Board of Trustees and the Business and Transactional Law Center Board of Advisors. He is also treasurer of the Washburn Law School Foundation.

Maintaining that learning atmosphere was the inspiration behind a recent gift he and his wife, Charlene, made to 150 Forward: The Campaign for

Washburn University School of Law. Half of their gift is designated to a new School of Law building, and the other half will benefit the William D. and Charlene S. Bunten Law Scholarship Fund. They decided to establish the scholarship fund in 2003 as a way to help both current and future law students. “My wife and I feel it is important to leave something to pass on to future generations,” Bunten said. Their support of a new building will also have a lasting effect on Washburn Law and its students. “We’re looking forward to a successful building campaign,” Bunten said. “It will be wonderful to have a building with more space, better technology, and an improved atmosphere that reflects the mission of the law school.”


Scholarships help law student find community, career path Growing up in Lyons, Kan., Aaron Friess, a third-year law student at Washburn University School of Law, was intrigued by the big oil boom in the 1980s.

Friess said he particularly enjoys the subject expertise from all the faculty members at Washburn, and because of those connections, he’s been able to get internships and interviews for jobs once he graduates.

He parlayed that interest into a career aspiration and chose to pursue oil and natural resources law. Picking where to study though was a hard choice.

Friess is now the editor of the Washburn Law Journal and has received other scholarships, including one from the Rocky Mountain Mineral Law Foundation as well as the Judge J. Richard Forth Writing Award. As a student, he has been able to complete externships with a U.S. District Judge and with the Pottawatomie County (Kan.) Attorney’s Office.

“I was looking for a place that took an interest in me,” said Friess, “and “The scholarships I wanted it to feel like are something I’m a community, just like very appreciative of my undergraduate institution.” Friess found that community at Washburn – Aaron Friess, Law and received third-year multiple scholarships to Washburn Law student help fund his education, including the K-State Homestead Scholarship.

Friess said the scholarships have provided him with peace of mind and career flexibility, enabling him to explore judicial clerkships and other post-graduation employment options without having to focus exclusively on salary as a deciding factor because of student loan debt. He recently accepted a position as an associate with Hinkle, Hensley, Shanor & Martin LLP in Roswell, N.M.

“I have really enjoyed the amount of support from the faculty,” said Friess, who is pursuing a certificate in natural resources law. “They are accessible outside of class to help you better understand concepts.”

“The scholarships are something I’m very appreciative of and I’d like to pay back in the future,” he said. “By not having an enormous amount of student debt, I’ll be able to give more back earlier.”

and I’d like to pay back in the future.”

Scholarships provide a pathway to success for every student, regardless of field or finances, and reinforce what is at the heart of Washburn Law – to provide a world-class education for anyone who is willing to work for it. To support scholarships and 150 Forward: The Campaign for Washburn University School of Law, please go to


Professor’s student-first focus earns him national accolades Rory Bahadur, a Trinidad native, spent his 20s working in a variety of occupations. He taught high school biology, served as a marine biologist in Alaska, and worked on ships that rebuilt beaches as a shipboard endangered species consultant to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. While consulting and documenting the impact of hurricanes, shipping, and other maritime activity on endangered sea turtles, manatees, and whales, Bahadur had an epiphany that changed his focus from aquatic concerns to academic considerations. “The last year of consulting I noticed a huge discrepancy in the balance of power between maritime employees and the companies that controlled shipping interests,” he recalled. “Things that would ring bells of alarm on land were somewhat invisible offshore.” To help address inequities, he went to St. Thomas University School of Law in Miami, Fla., on a full academic scholarship to study environmental law. He finished first in his class and spent a year working with a plaintiff’s firm before the law school dean asked him to administer an Academic Support program part time to reinforce students’ study skills and improve the bar exam pass rate. Bahadur enjoyed interacting with students in his new role so much that he eventually became a professor full time, garnering numerous awards for teaching innovation at both his alma mater and Washburn University School of Law.

Recently he was named one of only 26 teachers nationwide in the book “What the Best Law Teachers Do,” exemplifying the talent Washburn Law attracts and retains to prepare students for legal careers. When interviewing around the country for a tenure-track position in 2007, Bahadur said, “I was shocked at how different the culture was here, how the faculty seemed to focus so much on students’ success instead of their own intellectual positioning. I made the rounds and asked students about their experiences, and they all appreciated that their professors were interested in them.” When the job offer came, he said, “I was so happy and accepted right away. I knew this would be a great place to teach and that Topeka would be the perfect place for my wife and me to raise our four kids.” Bahadur teaches Torts, Civil Procedure, Admiralty and Maritime Law, and Federal Courts and presents internationally on teaching methods and techniques. Since joining the faculty, he has been voted Professor of the Year in 2010 and 2012, honing his skills in facilitating active learning in the classroom. Describing his style as “a guide on the side instead of a sage on the stage,” Bahadur explains legal concepts

Our faculty are the very core of the Washburn Law educational experience. Our distinguished programs set us apart from other institutions. Supporting faculty and program initiatives is a major component of 150 Forward: The Campaign for Washburn University School of Law. To support the work of faculty members at Washburn Law, please go to

“When graduates tell me that the things they learned about strategy and using precedent have contributed to their success as attorneys, that’s gratifying to me. Every day I think about how fortunate I am.” – Rory Bahadur, Washburn Law Professor

through interactive exercises, analogies, and cultural references that put the material in context.

To prepare for classes, Bahadur fills the time with carefully chosen examples and activities to explain the material minute by minute.

Yoda’s “Star Wars” wisdom or plotlines from the recent Star Trek movie, “Wrath of Khan,” enliven discussions, although Bahadur said, “Some of my students only know the original Captain Kirk (William Shatner) as a Priceline negotiator. I have to use what’s popular with them.”

“I have a pit-in-my-stomach approach fueled by fear that a student will point out something that I didn’t research enough,” he said. “I have to be satisfied that I am prepared for my students.”

Bahadur’s academic alchemy requires a commitment to long hours learned from his mother, a high school chemistry and biology teacher for 40 years.

The extra effort is worth it to Bahadur to know that students have the foundation they need to take their knowledge to the next level.

“She would work long after school was out because a student needed help, or while I was eating breakfast at the dining table she would work with another student who was struggling,” he said. “She felt she had to do whatever it took, and I internalized that model. Those childhood lessons have influenced the way I work.”

“When I read a student evaluation and realize I’ve made a difference, that gives me a high,” he said. “When graduates tell me that the things they learned about strategy and using precedent have contributed to their success as attorneys, that’s gratifying to me. Every day I think how fortunate I am.”


Couple’s gifts to Washburn span more than four decades A $100 scholarship was the lifeline Gordon Lowry needed to attend Washburn University. In the mid-1930s, there wasn’t any money at home to send the 19-year-old to college. Even though he was working at a gas station in Topeka, Kan., the only thing he heard about was Washburn University. His brother had gone there, his bosses were Washburn graduates, and his customers went to Washburn. Although attending Washburn was something he desperately wanted to do, he knew he couldn’t afford it making 10 cents an hour and working 60 hours a week. Encouragement from Mrs. Parker, who worked at Washburn, and her insistence on finding money to help him out are what got him started on a successful career and life as a small-town lawyer, family man, and philanthropist in Valley Falls, Kan. “Once I started at Washburn, I was able to find the money to stay,” said Lowry, who lettered in basketball his freshman and sophomore years. Lowry and his wife, Margaret, have returned the $100 gift many times over through their generosity to Washburn University. The couple has continuously given to Washburn Athletics, KTWU, Washburn University School of Law, and various scholarship funds at the University every year for many decades.

four years in the service, a majority of his time in the southwest Pacific. He was awarded the Bronze Star for work done in the Saipan invasion and a Purple Heart in the Palau invasion before retiring as a lieutenant. They returned to Topeka, and he enrolled in Washburn Law’s accelerated program. He graduated with his law degree in 1946 and served as law clerk for Judge Walter Huxman of the 10th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals for a year. After serving for Huxman, Lowry started his own law practice in Valley Falls. He and Margaret had five children, four of whom received an undergraduate or law degree at Washburn: Kem Lowry, ba ’64; Susan Lowry, bs ’69; James Lowry, ba ’70; Stuart Lowry, jd ’85; and Lynne Lowry, who graduated from the University of Kansas in 1984. Three of the children also married Washburn students. “I never encouraged the kids to even try to get scholarships when they went to school because I knew from my own experience that other kids needed them a lot more,” Lowry said. The Lowrys’ first gift to Washburn came in the late 1960s for the new law school facility that was built after the tornado destroyed the old structure. He said they’ve tried to give as much as they could, as soon as they could.

“Washburn got me started,” he said. “I got that first gift, and I appreciate having that opportunity.”

“We give every year because there are new students who need the support,” said Lowry, who has also served on the Washburn Law and alumni boards. “We haven’t been able to give big numbers, but we try to give what we can.”

After Lowry graduated from Washburn and married Margaret, he went into the Navy in 1941 and spent

Lowry said he’s always thought highly of the education he received at Washburn, and while traveling the world

in the Navy, he found Washburn to be a well-known school. Today, he is gratified to see that his children are giving back to the University and other organizations as well, and he credits their successes in life to getting a college degree. “My gifts haven’t been that impressive, I don’t think,” Lowry said. “But over the long haul, they have probably helped a lot of kids, and we’re glad we could do that.”

Annual giving helps sustain Washburn Law’s focus and is the foundation of everything we do. It helps us meet immediate needs and gives us the flexibility to take advantage of opportunities when they arise. To support annual giving and 150 Forward: The Campaign for Washburn University School of Law, please go to


Financial Information Monies Made Available to School of Law ΨϮ͕ϬϬϬ͕ϬϬϬ͘ϬϬ Ψϭ͕ϴϬϬ͕ϬϬϬ͘ϬϬ Ψϭ͕ϲϬϬ͕ϬϬϬ͘ϬϬ Ψϭ͕ϰϬϬ͕ϬϬϬ͘ϬϬ Ψϭ͕ϮϬϬ͕ϬϬϬ͘ϬϬ Ψϭ͕ϬϬϬ͕ϬϬϬ͘ϬϬ ΨϴϬϬ͕ϬϬϬ͘ϬϬ ΨϲϬϬ͕ϬϬϬ͘ϬϬ ΨϰϬϬ͕ϬϬϬ͘ϬϬ ΨϮϬϬ͕ϬϬϬ͘ϬϬ ΨϬ͘ϬϬ




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FY 13 Breakdown of Funds 25.86%


Faculty and Program Support Unrestricted Support



Student Support Capital Projects (including new School of Law building)


Honor Roll of Donors The Washburn University Foundation and Washburn University School of Law extend their thanks to each and every donor. Every gift makes a difference at Washburn Law. The Honor Roll of Donors is a way to recognize those who made gifts to Washburn Law during the fiscal year July 1, 2012, through June 30, 2013. The Dean’s Circle recognizes donors giving $1,000 or more each year to Washburn Law. Members are invited to an annual dinner hosted by the Dean and to select events at the law school and around the country. They are recognized on a donor plaque, prominently displayed in the lobby of the Washburn Law building. Membership is renewable on an annual basis.

Dean’s Cabinet ($10,000+)

Robert N. Belt, ’87 William D., ’56, and Charlene S. Bunten Emerson Electric Co. David A., ’79, and Hannah L. Fenley Fleeson, Gooing, Coulson & Kitch, L.L.C. Jack D. Flesher, ’72 Jack Focht, ’60, and Gloria Farha Flentje Foulston Siefkin LLP Daniel S., ’72, and Mary Carol Garrity John R., ’65, and Louise B.* Hamilton Cynthia G. Heath Leslie Hess, ’85 Jeffrey R. Hewett, ’95 Paul R., ’75, and Jeanne M. Hoferer Kerry E. McQueen, ’65 Prof. David E., ’77, and Martha A. Pierce Polsinelli PC Dean Thomas J. and Pam Romig Joyce R. Simmons Rubenstein, ’76 Michael L. Snider, ’85 The Sunderland Foundation

Dean’s Advisors ($5,000 - $9,999)

The Washburn University Foundation and Washburn Law have made every effort to ensure the information in the Honor Roll of Donors is as complete and accurate as possible. Despite our best efforts, errors may have occurred. Please contact us in regard to inaccurate information. Washburn University Foundation Julie Olson, Director of Donor Relations 1729 SW MacVicar Ave. Topeka, KS 66604 785.670.4483

Donor names listed herein are strictly for the purpose of acknowledgment by the Washburn University Foundation. Any other use is strictly prohibited.

Estate of The Hon. Wesley E. Brown Marck R. Cobb, ’89 Prof. James M. Concannon III Steven G. Cooper, ’73 The Hon. Sam A., ’52, and Ruth Crow S. Lucky, ’78, and Pamela A. DeFries GTRUST Financial Partners Richard C. Hite, ’53 C. Michael Lennen, ’74 Thomas A. Loftus III, ’80 Scott K., ’80, and Pam Logan The Hon. Marla J. Luckert, ’80, and S. Ken Morse, ’80 Prof. Joseph E. McKinney, ’86 Michael K. Schmitt, ’74 J. Elwood and Joned C. Slover Hayden B. St. John, ’70

Delmas Hill Fellows ($2,500 - $4,999)

Thomas A., ’69, and Ann Adrian Assoc. Dean Aida M. Alaka Christina I. Apperson, ’97 Bill D., ’75, and Claudia J. Berkley John M. Collins, ’91 Jeffrey K. Cooper, ’85 Wendell (Bud) Cowan, ’74, and Peggy Martin Terry C. Cupps, ’82 M. Wayne, ’60, and Carolyn J. Davidson


The Hon. David B. Debenham, ’80, and Glenda L. Cafer Dwight D. Dumler, ’93 D. Duke, ’73, and Helen E., ’76, Dupre Prof. Linda D. Elrod, ’72 Richmond M. Enochs Jr.*, ’63 Stephen M. Gorny, ’94, and Erin E. Waugh Gorny Allison L. Herr, ’90 Hite, Fanning and Honeyman, L.L.P. Kansas Bar Foundation Kansas Women Attorneys Association W. Terrence, ’77, and Marianne M. Kilroy Philip M. Knighton, ’71 Robert L. Locke, ’66 David L. McComb, ’59 Manuel B. Mendoza, ’58 Clyde E. Milligan, ’49 Todd Navrat, ’96 Ronald W. Nelson, ’81 Jerry E. Norton, ’62 William K. Rork, ’79 Rosemary Saldan-Pawson, ’83, and Kenneth R. Pawson R. Douglas Sebelius, ’76 Dick E. Sherbondy, ’74 Roger M. Sherwood, ’64 Sabrina K. Standifer, ’99 Prof. Michael Kaye and Susana Valdovinos, ’88 Calvin K., ’78, and Diane Williams

President’s Club ($1,000 - $2,499)

Jodi M. Adolf, ’02 Martin R. Ahrens Paul E. Ailslieger, ’92, and Suzanne R. Dwyer-Ailslieger, ’92 Commissioner Shari M. Albrecht, ’84 John M. Alston, ’05 Terry J. Anderson, ’64 Paul E. Artzer, ’68 Timothy M. Aylward, ’82 Dennis L. Bieker, ’66 Russell E. Bishop, ’76 Dale A. and Susanne A. Bradley David W. Brooks, ’85 Bradley A. Buckles, ’74, and Monique D. Korn Mert F. Buckley, ’77 James M. Caplinger Jr., ’82 Robin K. Carlson, ’04 Stephen W., ’80, and Annette M. Cavanaugh Tracey Samantha Chechele, ’88 Robert L., ’56, and Claire Chesnut Prof. John E. and Carol W. Christensen Henry R. Cox, ’81, and Stephanie L. Spring, ’85 Daryl V. Craft, ’77

13 - DONORS John R., ’84, and Kristina D. Dietrick Lawrence A. Dimmitt, ’68 John M. Duma, ’81 Prof. Myrl L. Duncan Steven M. Ellis, ’06 Lori A. Fink, ’85 Betty and Gunther Fischer William J. Fitzpatrick, ’67 Janet L. Frickey, ’80 Arthur A. Glassman, ’65 Lewis D. Gregory, ’83 William H. Greig, ’76 Lawrence M., ’84, and Annette, ’83, Gurney Bradley E., ’80, and Terri S. Haddock Dr. Max M. Halley, ’66 Hallmark Cards, Inc. (Topeka Production Center) Eric S., ’96, and Amy E., ’96, Heath Danton C., ’76, and Julie Hejtmanek The Hon. William H. Helsper, ’73 Steven D., ’04, and Brenda S. Henry Hinkle Law Firm, L.L.C. Winton M., ’68, and Pauletta L. Hinkle Gwen S. Holmes Richard L. Honeyman, ’64 Leigh C. Hudson, ’75 Jo and Al Hunt Laura L. Ice, ’84 Prof. Janet Thompson Jackson and J. Patrick Jackson Prof. Jeffrey D. Jackson, ’92 Dr. Mary V. Johnson, ’96 John D. Jurcyk, ’84 Craig H. Kaufman, ’82 Kurt P. Kerns, ’91 Kurt F. Kluin, ’82 Joel and Becky Lauer Sophia S. Lee, ’96, and Russ Sims Rex K. Linder, ’74 Anthony D. Link, ’81 James F. Long, ’74 Gordon K., ’46, and Margaret H. Lowry Stuart S., ’85, and Lauren, ’85, Lowry Jenifer L. Lucas, ’75 Michael J. Manning, ’69 Keith L. Mark, ’86 The Hon. Christel E. Marquardt, ’74 Prof. Nancy G. Maxwell Rande A. McAllister, ’71 Joyce A. McCray Pearson, ’89 Lynn S. McCreary, ’94 Larry K. Meeker, ’67 Daniel D. Metz, ’66 Sunee N. Mickle, ’06 David H. Moses, ’79 Frank C. Norton, ’56 Kelly and Tyann Orton The Hon. C. William, ’77, and


Catherine Ossmann Timothy P. O’Sullivan, ’75 Stephen R. Page, ’77 Derek, ’05, and Lynn Park Linda S. Parks, ’83 John C. Peterson, ’74 William D. Powell, ’69 Wayne Probasco*, ’51, and Lou Bjorgaard Probasco, ’81 Sidney A. Reitz, ’76 Prof. Sheila Reynolds Prof. William and Kathleen F. Rich Dr. Denise D. Riemann, ’01 Keith L. Roberts, ’80 Alan L. Rupe, ’75, and Rhonda K. Wills Lawrence R., ’73, and Kay Y., ’80, Rute Susan S. Saidian, ’88 The Hon. Edward P. Schneeberger, ’73 Prof. Michael H. Schwartz Gloria E. Shaw, ’67 Douglas G. Simms, ’72 Duston J. Slinkard, ’03 James W. Sloan, ’52 Alejandro J. Solorio, ’99 Don B. Stahr, ’53 Thomas G. Teichgraeber, ’72 Paul M. Ueoka, ’74 Jeffrey L., ’82, and Mary Ungerer The Hon. Gregory L. Waller, ’73 Norris D. Walter, ’59 The Hon. John L. Weingart, ’77 Gary D. White, 91 Sue Jean White, ’80 Edward F. Wiegers, ’57 Wiley Rein, LLP The Hon. Evelyn Wilson, ’85 Erika L. Winters, ’99 Paul S. Wise, ’47 Jill A. Wolters, ’86 James J. and Susan D. Woods Richard C., ’80, and Nina R., ’79, Wuestling

Cum Laude ($500 - $999)

The Hon. D. Keith Anderson*, ’67 Charles H. Apt III, ’80 Paul D., ’56, and JoAnn Berkley Tanya E. Bidwell, ’05 John V. Black, ’63 Donna F. Bohn, ’90 Nancy S. Bond Jonathan T., ’00, and India N., ’99, Boulton Clark C. Bradshaw, ’69 The Hon. J. Patrick Brazil, ’62 George E. Burket III, ’72 Wm. David Byassee, ’75 Derrick C. Carpenter, ’96 James W. Chipman, ’94 J. Randall, ’80, and Barbara, ’80, Clinkscales Christopher G. Costello, ’82 James B. Craig, ’78 Russ Davis, ’57 K. Alan Deines, ’77

The Hon. Keith E. Drill, ’87 Prof. John J. Francis John R. Frazier, ’57 Stephen C. Funk, ’78 The Hon. Bruce T. Gatterman, ’78 Alex and Yumiko Glashausser Glassman, Bird, Schwartz and Park, L.L.P. Frederick W. Godderz, ’69 Karen L. Griffiths, ’78 Jay R., ’07, and Danielle M., ’09, Hall Ashley G. Hawkinson, ’10 Reese H., ’06, and Jennifer R., ’06, Hays Sandra W. Hazlett, ’78 Thomas C. Henderson, ’75 Ronald E. Henke, ’83 Rex W. Henoch, ’83 Charles H. Herd, ’86 Charles W. Hess, ’86 Donald F. Hoffman, ’77 Chad L. Hooker, ’93 Mary Lee Huff Peter A. Jouras Jr., ’87 Prof. Patricia L. Judd Richard J. Kastner, ’85 Norman R. Kelly, ’80 Kyler G. Knobbe, ’74 John W. Lann, ’74 Luanne C. Leeds, ’06 Richard J. Lind, ’83 Gary W. Long, ’88

Jeffrey N. Lowe, ’05 Craig R. McKinney, ’84 Darrell E. Miller, ’72 Dr. Stephen D. Minnis, ’85 Lawrence F. Montague, ’79 Edward J. Nazar, ’78 Victoria L. Nilles, ’98 Paul D. Oakleaf, ’76 J. Larry Odom, ’77 Paul R. Oller, ’86 Arthur E. Palmer, ’63 Larry J. Pitts, ’86 W. Bradley, ’54, and Carolyn L. Post David M. Rapp, ’76 Scott H., ’02, and Amy S., ’02, Raymond John H. Resing, ’69 G. Craig Robinson, ’79 Debra L. Schrock Gregory A. Schwartz, ’00 Shook, Hardy & Bacon L.L.P. Kent P. Smith, ’66 William M. Spieler, ’81 Kyle Steadman, ’95, and Shelly Steadman, PhD Timothy J. Suttle, ’74 Gertrude E. Ueoka C. Geraldine Umphenour, ’86 Thomas A. Valentine, ’69 Daniel C. Walter, ’77 Dr. Howard N., ’79, and Marilyn S. Ward

DONORS - 14 Roger W. Warren, ’88 Prof. Curtis J. Waugh, ’87 Warren B. Wood, ’74 Ronald E. Wurtz, ’73

Dean’s Honors ($250 - $499)

William “Trey” A. Alford III, ’99 Holly L. Anderson Susan D. Andrews, ’86 Bruce L. Bachman, ’77 David M. Baer, ’78 Albert R., ’78, and Denise E., ’78, Bandy Bank of America The Hon. James G. Beasley, ’66 Terry E. Beck, ’75 Col. Jack S. Bender III, ’69 Kevin L. Bennett, ’86 Brandon J. Berkley, ’03 Jeanette S. Bertelson, ’77 John T. Bird, ’74 Paul R. Boeding, ’72 Bruce E. Borders, ’69 Wade H. Bowie Jr., ’99 The Hon. Dan D. Boyer, ’75 The Hon. Glenn R. Braun, ’81 Kevin J., ’99, and Kelli N., ’95, Breer Jill Bremyer, ’80 The Hon. Joseph Bribiesca, ’77 J. Robert Brookens, ’78 Vo-Laria N. Brooks, ’10 George C. Bruce, ’80 John J. Bryan, ’68 Brett M. Busch, ’10 W. Matthew Busch Jr., ’76 Jacqueline R. Butler, ’03 Harriet E. Caplan, ’76 Timothy J. Carkhuff, ’79 John F. Carpinelli, ’96 Michelle M. Carter-Gouge, ’99 The Hon. Timothy J. Chambers, ’77 Rex S. Chang, ’00 Michael L. Clutter, ’71 Martin E. S. Conrey, ’84 Malcolm L. Copeland, ’80 Carl E. Cornwell II, ’76 Vincent M. Cox, ’05 Christopher R., ’04, and Kristy K., ’06, Cuevas Whitney B. Damron, ’87 Steven C. Day, ’78 Dr. Esther W. Digh, ’00 The Hon. J. Charles Droege, ’84 Alan Dunaway, ’10 Eland Law Office Judith Crane Elliott and Robert H. Elliott Jeffrey O. Ellis, ’77 The Hon. Jesse D. Euler, ’65 Richard V. Foote, ’58 L. Stephen Garlow, ’79 Gordon T. Garrett, ’77 Margaret A. Gatewood, ’73 John H. Gibson, ’72 H. Marvin Gilmore, ’79

Alan C. Goering, ’76 Gerald L. Goodell, ’58 Linda K. Graves, ’78 Paul S. Gregory, ’85 Scott J. Gunderson, ’79 Lowell F. Hahn, ’61 Kenton M. Hall, ’88 Sean C. Harlow, ’02 Michael W. Hastings, ’87 Arne T. Henricks, ’68 Elizabeth R. Herbert, ’77 Roger L. Hiatt, ’71 Mary V. Hower, ’79 Yolanda D. Ingram, ’95 Judy Y. Jenkins, ’07 Miranda B. Johnson, ’06 Robert E. Johnson II, ’97 Jeffrey W. Jones, ’81 Melissa E. Kasprzyk, ’99 Robert E. Keeshan, ’75 William J. Kelly, ’75 J. Michael Kennalley, ’76 Janet Kroell Kerr, ’87 Richard C. King, ’76 Bruce W. Kinzie, ’77 Eric J. Kjorlie, ’73 Lynda Koenemann, ’00 Steven W. Kruse, ’87 Mark W. Krusor, ’76 Dominic J. Kujawa, ’06 The Hon. Ainka C. Kweli, ’94 Greer M. Lang, ’89 The Hon. Jeffry J. Larson, ’87 Ronald J. Laskowski, ’83 Jae M. Lee, ’95 The Hon. Jennifer L. Lind-Spahn, ’83 Joseph P. and Yvonne Logan Rep. Ward E. Loyd, ’68 Ryland F. Mahathey, ’95 David K. Martin, ’84 John O. Martin, ’71 Law Office of Daniel J. Martinez, LLC Charles M. Masner, ’82 Fernando E. Mata, ’72 The Hon. Timothy P. McCarthy, ’82 Todd M. McCauley, ’93 Garry J. McCubbin, ’81 David E. McDonald, ’10 W. John McGuire, ’86 Calvin L. McMillan, ’58 Jan Leslie Meese, ’95 Brenton B. Moore, ’76 David D. Moshier, ’77 Daniel L. Muchow, ’81 Cleo A. Murphy, ’79 James D. Murray, ’61 Jason C. Neal, ’98 Benjamin J. Neill, ’68, and Linda A. Terrill, ’81 Rita L. Noll, ’84 The Hon. James J. Noone, ’47 The Hon. J. Stephen Nyswonger, ’73 Gene M., ’63, and Judith L., ’82, Olander Jennifer L. Osborn Nix, ’96

The Hon. James A. Patton, ’75 Kerri A. Pelton Clarice J. Peters, ’82 Gary M. Peterson, ’76 Thomas J. Pinnick, ’76 Jeremiah L. Platt, ’06 Robert A. Prentice, ’75 Ryan A. Prochaska, ’10 Carl W. Quarnstrom, ’57 James N. Reardon, ’73 Elizabeth J. Shannahan Redmond, ’81 Karen D. Wedel Renwick, ’84 Zackery E. Reynolds, ’82 Marie, ’94, and Steven A. Robb Robert L. Roberts, ’61 Richard D. Ross, ’75 Theodore D. Salzer, ’87 Steven R. Sanford, ’85 Stephen S. Schmelzle, ’80 The Hon. Kim R. Schroeder, ’82 SueAnn V. Schultz, ’83 Security Benefit Corporation John P. Sheahon, ’76 Sandra Sigler, ’11 Carolyn R. Simpson, ’97 John M. Simpson, ’65 Ralph E. Skoog, ’59 Lt. Col. R. Clay Small, ’90 Richard D. Smith, ’89 Luke A. Sobba, ’02 The Hon. Dale L. and Judyanne Somers Rod and Connie Sommer Anthony L. Springfield, ’02 Pamela H. Stabler, ’81 J. Harlan Stamper, ’60 Laurence A. Stanton, ’72 S. Philip Stover, ’76 Ken W. Strobel, ’65 James D. Tack Jr., ’77 Gerald V., ’82, and Kathleen A., ’83, Tanner Tittel Law Office William L. Townsley III, ’89 H. Reed Walker, ’77 Kenneth W. Wasserman, ’72 Charles B. Wesonig, ’72 Donald R. Whitney, ’87 Larry H. Whitt, ’73 Kenneth M. Wilke, ’68

Wendell D. Winkler, ’51 Colin D. Wood, ’00 Ronald P. Wood, ’79 Roy H. Worthington III, ’74 David N. Zimmerman, ’79 The Robert E. and Polly A. Zimmerman Foundation

Contributors ($.01 - $249)

Charlotte M. and Bruce A. Adair Carolyn A. Adams, ’81 Dan O. Adkins, ’78 Rick and Sherry Adkison Sondra S. Ahlers Prof. James R. Ahrens* The Hon. Adrian J. Allen, ’54 Evelyn L. Allen, ’85 M. Lou Allen, ’85 Mitzi J. Alspaugh, ’90 The Hon. John Anderson III, ’75 Dave Arand, ’80 Timothy J. Arehart, ’82, and Yvonne M. Ernzen, ’83 Kevin J. Arnel, ’87 The Hon. Brad E. Avery, ’87 John, ’73, and Judy D. Badger Ricky E. Bailey, ’83, and Deena M. Hyson Bailey, ’97 Carmen D. Bakarich, ’89 Anne L. Baker, ’79 Mildred J. Baker Wayne W. Baldock, ’59 Lt. Col. Alva H. Bandy, ’49 Randy M. Barker, ’84 Justin A. Barrett, ’04 Harry M. Bass, ’86 Greg, ’79, and Susan Bauer Don Baxter, ’53 David Becker, ’08, and Vera Scharrer Kevin T. Beckwith, ’92 J.D., ’91, and Merrill J., ’88, Befort Harold S. Beims, ’68 Sean W. Bell, ’96, and Stacy G. Friend Bell, ’98 Shelton L. Benedict, ’84 Andy Bentley, ’06 Matthew R. Bergmann, ’05

15 - DONORS David S. Berman, ’68 Mary Beth Bero Terri L. Bezek, ’86 Bernard A. Bianchino, ’74 Eric R. Bidwell, ’03 Galen E. Biery, ’75 The Hon. W. Dan Biles, ’78 Gary E. Bishop, ’86 Charles L. and Alice M. Blasi Capt. Mark P. Blenden, ’74 Daniel G. Blythe, ’77 Matthew W. Boddington, ’81 The Hon. John D. Boeh, ’77 David A. Bohm, ’98 David P. Bolda, ’09 Richard C. Borton, ’76 Dennis O. Bosley, ’90 Brenda L. Braden, ’80 Paul E. Braden, ’80 Jacqueline I., ’87, and Brian P. Branda David R. Brant, ’84 Jeffery R. Brewer, ’82 William E. Brewer, ’82 The Hon. Daniel L. Brewster, ’72 D. Scott Brown, ’86 Robert L. and Dorothy L. Brown E. Edward Brown Jr., ’67 Robert L. Brown Jr. Russell A. Brown, ’85 Jewel Brueggeman-Makda The Hon. David E. Bruns, ’84 Ky Ann Buck, ’83 Leonard L. Buddenbohm, ’76 Brice E., ’69, and Marilyn Buehler Forrest A. Buhler, ’77 Marc E. Bunting The Hon. Benjamin L. Burgess Jr., ’72 Paulette R. Burgess, ’96 Roger D. and Nancy Burton Matthew Bye Prof. Ellen Byers Robert M. and Catherine D. Caldwell The Hon. Larry L. Campbell, ’75 Pamela D. Campbell-Burton, ’99 Chane C. Carpenter, ’03 Marlee S. Carpenter, ’99 CAPT Brian K. Carr, ’11 Elizabeth A. Carson, ’82 Richard A. Caspermeyer, ’82 John F. Caton, ’73 Zachary L. Chaffee-McClure, ’07 Mary E. Christopher, ’01 Dr. Bert and Rep. Rochelle R. Chronister Janet A. Chubb, ’76 Juni Clark, ’78 Brenda J. Clary, ’98 Kurt F. Clausing, ’85 June Ellen Claydon, ’79 Tim S. and Lynn Clothier Alan E. Cobb, ’92 Angela D. Coble, ’09 James P., ’83, and Ann K., ’84, Colgan Clinton D. Collier, ’94 Scott R., ’79, and Melinda Condray


Jason R. Coody, ’02 Donald J., ’90, and Martha L., ’89, Cooper Richard F. Corson, ’85 Jeffrey L. Cowger, ’90 Craig D. Cox, ’77 Robert T. Craig III, ’72 William P., ’81, and Debra K., ’81, Crawford The Hon. Daniel D. Creitz, ’85 Terry D. Criss, ’87 Douglas M. Crotty, ’75 Wright W. Crummett, ’57 The Hon. Kim W., ’89, and Mark Cudney Cummings and Cummings, L.L.C. Robert F. Cunningham, ’59 Marc C. Davis, ’01 Reggie Davis, ’00 Christina Dean, ’00 David L. Dean, ’86 Lara L. Delka, ’96 Gregory M. Dennis, ’82 Douglas D. Depew, ’80 Bob, ’64, and Anne Derstein Darcy J. Dye DeVincke, ’94 Christine A. Dickerson de Galindo David and Rhonda Doering Kyle D. Donnelly, ’12 Daniel L. Doyle, ’82 Greg A., ’02, and Cameron, ’02, Drumright Bernard J. Dunn, ’73 Robert D. Eggleston, ’75 Larry D. Ehrlich, ’74 Bart E. Eisfelder, ’71 Dennis and Gwendolyn Elliott Susan K. Ellis, ’79 Carrie J. Ellison, ’09 H. Philip Elwood, ’71 Engel Law, P.A. John G. Enright, ’78 Douglas R. Everley, ’74 Dana L. Fanoele, ’93 Steven A. Fehr and Cynthia Wendt Dr. Rosemary and Stuart Fessinger Keith R. Fevurly, ’76 Stephen C. Fiebiger, ’83 Richard L. Finn, ’67 Bart A. Fisher, ’04 Lt. Col. Donald E. Fisk, ’83 Alice M. Fitzgerald, ’79 The Hon. James R. Fleetwood, ’89 The Hon. Lori A. Bolton Fleming, ’01, and Kyle M. Fleming, ’00 The Hon. Robert J. Fleming, ’68 Matthew D. Flesher, ’90 Clint W. Floyd, ’04 John P. Foley, ’05 Daniel W. Forker Jr., ’66 The Hon. Thomas E. Foster, ’78 Prof. William E. Foster Michael V. Foust, ’72 Mark R. Frame, ’91 Karen L. France, ’84

Christopher J. Frank, ’07 Gregg and Robin E. Frank Curtis A. Frasier, ’76 Timothy A. Frieden, ’84 Mark Friess Steven R. and Anita K. Fry Tom D. Fulzenloger, ’81 Norman J. Furse, ’67 R. Max Gaither*, ’53 The Hon. Kenneth G. Gale, ’80 Michael C. Germann, ’76 John J., ’79, and Jill R. Gillett, ’13 Cydni K. Gilman, ’78 Barry S. Ginsburg, ’78 Diane M. Glynn, ’85 Craig and Sandra Goaslind Kathryn S. Gonzales, ’00 Kevin and Kammie Good Ronald J. Goodeyon, ’88 Clinton M. Goos Roarke R. Gordon, ’06, and Molly E. McMurray, ’07 Rebecca M. Gould, ’84 Shelby J. Grau, ’07 Gerald L. Green, ’76 Vincent S. Green, ’78 Jessica A. Gregory, ’09 Al Grieshaber, ’76 Carlene J. Griffith, ’93 William R. Griffith, ’74 Daniel J. Gronniger, ’87 Richard G. Guinn, ’80 Keith A. Haas, ’91 Leonard A. Hall, ’79, and Charal V. Beall-Hall, ’89 Jan M. Hamilton, ’73 Diane F. Hanzlicek Kirk and Karen Hardcastle Dorothy L. and Robert C. Harder Dolores Harper Charles F. Harris, ’78 Thomas D. Harris, ’80 Travis, ’06, and LeAnn, ’06, Harrod The Hon. Gerald W. Hart, ’76 The Hon. Amy L. Harth, ’94 Richard R. Hartley, ’66 Alan N. Hassler, ’81 Elizabeth Hayes Stanton A. Hazlett, ’77 Randy M. Hearrell, ’70 Robert L. Heath, ’70 James C. Heathman, ’90 Robert D. Hecht, ’58 Lynn V. Heiligenthal-Showalter Theodore and Anne Heim David J. Heinemann, ’73 The Hon. Larry D. Hendricks, ’82 Jake T. Henry, III, ’06 John E. Herman, ’58 Paul C. Herr, ’87 John J. Hesse Jr., ’69 Richard A. Hickey, ’07 Kristy L. Hiebert, ’90 Gary M. Hilgers, ’55 The Hon. Stephen D. Hill, ’75 Debra A. Hockett-Clark, ’93 Martha J. Hodgesmith The Hon. Paula D. Hofaker, ’93

Tiffany D. Hogan, ’09 Marshall S. Honeyman, ’91 The Hon. E. Leigh Hood, ’82 Harold A. Houck, ’96 Gary M. Howland, ’80 Harold L. and Anne Hula Jeremiah C. Humes, ’03 Andrew W. Hutton, ’79 Chris Hutton, ’78 Prudence Hutton, ’79 David V. Igliozzi, ’86 Christopher M. Irby, ’04 Venkatesh Iyer, ’02 David A. Jack, ’10 The Hon. Fred S. Jackson, ’60 Shirley A. Jacobson Brian M. Jacques, ’99 Lora M. Jennings, ’05 James M. Jeweler, ’90 Kevin B. Johnson, ’81 Paula N. Johnson, ’98 Robyn C. Euler Johnson, ’88 Tracey D. Johnson, ’08 Johnston and Eisenhauer Jerry and Lisa Jones Lisa R. Jones, ’97 Madison R. Jones III, ’65 Michael W. Jones, ’86 Stanley R. Juhnke, ’74 Vernon D. Just, ’67 Regina Y. Kane, ’93 Lawrence G. Karns, ’75 Nicole M. Kean, ’99 Darren K. Kearns, ’93 Douglas J. Keeling, ’84 Gailen L. Keeling, ’55 John W. Kelley, ’83 Bruce W. Kent, ’70 Cheryl A. Kessler, ’05 The Hon. Paul J. Kilburg, ’74 Paul H. and Nancy M. Kindling Jeffrey E. King, ’81 Larry K. King, ’83 Leonard W. Kinzie, ’78 Dennis D. Kirk, ’75 C.W. Klebe, ’05 Don J. Knappenberger, ’75 Alfred B. Knight Sandra M. Knipp John J., ’90, and Kimberly L., ’99, Knoll Jack and Kathy Koehn Jeremy B. Kohn, ’94, and Laura M. Graham, ’93 Anthony J. Kotich, ’73 Albert P. Kovac, ’51 John L. Kratzer Jr., ’65 Steven A. Kraushaar, ’85 John R. Kurth, ’87 Michael J. Laden, ’85 Steven M. Laiderman, ’82 Law Office of Robert R. Laing, Jr. Eva M. Landry, ’94 Joe A. Lang, ’77 John E. Lang, ’62 John S. Larigan Jr., ’00 Ralph L. Larson, ’54 Geoffrey P. LaTurner, ’12 Eric K. Lau, ’05


Gerald R. Lau, ’82 Jo Ann Laughlin Nathan D. Leadstrom, ’01 Joseph R. Ledbetter, ’09 Barbara Lee Gregory A. Lee, ’78 Pamela S. Leinwetter, ’95 Thomas G. Lemon, ’93 Jeffrey D. Leonard, ’91 Myron L. Listrom, ’51 The Hon. Tyler C. Lockett, ’62 Hollis B. Logan, ’51 Dr. Robert R. and Kathy Lohse The Hon. C. Frederick Lorentz II, ’69 Wm. Rex Lorson, ’75 Byron C. Loudon, ’68 The Hon. Daniel L. Love, ’76 The Hon. Harold L. and Wanda Lowenstein Assoc. Dean Jalen Lowry, ’87 Nathan J. Lucero, ’02 The Hon. L. Barry Mack, ’76 Richard Madril, ’91 Keith C. Magnusson, ’74 Ryan J., ’04, and Kelly K., ’02, Mahoney Terrence D. Malcom, ’74 Melissa M. Mangan, ’07 Douglas K. Manion, ’82 Melissa Mann Susan M. Mann Norbert C. Marek Jr., ’95 David K. Markham, ’77 Randy M. and Betty Jo Marling Nicholas and Karen Marsh Chantz N. Martin, ’11 James E. Martin, ’73 Ralph Ilaria and Nila Martin Megan E. Massey, ’11 Teresa A. Mata, ’10, and Joe Dougherty

Paul A. McAlister, ’52 F. Lawrence McAulay Jr., ’74 Shane T. McCall, ’91 The Hon. Joseph L. McCarville III, ’77 Mary I. Browne McCuskey, ’75 Lawrence J. McDonough, ’68 James R., ’77, and Joann E., ’88, McEntire Andrew J. McGowan, ’93 Julia A. McKee, ’90 Sarah McLean Acosta, ’02, and Arel D. Acosta John R. McNee, ’74 Rich McNelley, ’02, and Amanda Bundren McNelley, ’02 Thomas W. McNish, ’80 Larry T. McRell, ’82 Larry R. Mears, ’70 J. Byron Meeks, ’68 Frederick L. Meier II, ’87 J. Mark Meinhardt, ’01 The Hon. Eric F. Melgren, ’85 David J. Melusky, ’84 Karl A. Menninger II, ’75 DeLayne G. Merritt, ’06 The Hon. Jerry L. Mershon, ’61 Joshua S. Mikkelsen, ’10 Candace Milavec Martha E. Miller Mindy L. Miller, ’02 Monte L. Miller, ’84 Michael A. Millett, ’97 James M. Milliken, ’69 William G. Mills II, ’73 Charles E. Millsap, ’78 Whitney Y. Miranda, ’08 Brent A. Mitchell, ’92 The Hon. Daniel L., ’73, and Linda R., ’00, Mitchell Tim and Linda K. Mitchell Laura K. Moen, ’00

Donald L. Jr. and Judith A. Moler Dara E. Montclare, ’06 Ellen C. Montgomery, ’09 Melissa A. Moodie, ’05 Deborah L. Moody, ’06 Joseph P. Moore, ’09 Lindsey D. Moore, ’07 Alan P. Morel, P.A. James W. Morrison, ’71 Dr. Thomas E. and Janet Moskow Christina D. Moss, ’91 Catherine Moyer, ’02 Timothy J. Mudd, ’92 Scott A. Mugno, ’83 The Hon. William E. Muret, ’84 Samantha M. Musso, ’93 Jennifer L. Myers, ’03 Deletria L. Nash, ’99 Francis A. Natchez, ’74 Clark R. Nelson, ’73 Melissa L. Ness, ’87 Patrik W. Neustrom, ’77 Bill E. Newman, ’86 Gale S. Newton Jr., ’60 Jonathon L. Noble, ’10 Camille A. Nohe, ’78 Timothy W. Nohr, ’96 The Hon. Donald R. Noland III, ’76 Mahmud Noormohamed, ’90 Erick E. Nordling, ’85 Gary A. Norton, ’84 Stacy L. Nummerdor, ’01 Larry D. Nuss, ’67 Gregory C. Nye, ’78 K. Kirk Nystrom, ’79 Donald C. Oakley, ’99 Louis K. Obdyke IV, ’75 Steven J. Obermeier, ’85 Lisa A. Ochs, ’95 Nancy A. Ogle, ’91 Steven K. O’Hern, ’88

The Hon. Maurice P. O’Keefe Jr., ’53 William C. O’Keefe, ’67 Jason P. Oldham, ’93 Jason E. Oller, ’10 Rachel Olson Mary K. O’Malley, ’95 Michele M. O’Malley, ’02 James S. Oswalt, ’77 Sen. Tim C. Owens, ’74 Ryan H. Pace, ’98 Adam T. Pankratz, ’06 Gregory J. Pappas, ’84 Daniel L. Parker, ’03 Gregory D. Parker, ’04 Matthew P. Patterson, ’96 Eric M. Pauly, ’08 William J. Pauzauskie, ’76 George H. Pearson III, ’81 Helen J. Pedigo Sparkman, ’92 Gregory V. Pelton, ’78 The Hon. Gene B. Penland, ’61 Jennifer L. Perkins, ’97, and Andrew N. Massieon Lynn L. Perkins, ’67 Deborah A. Peterson, ’80 Philip C. Peterson, ’60 George and Marilyn Phillippy Kimberly D. Phillips, ’96 Jan R. Pierce, ’71 Dale E. Pike, ’79 David D. Plinsky, ’77 Theresa D. Poindexter, ’10 Kristine A. Polansky, ’88 Kahlea M. Porter, ’10 Gene A. Powell, ’55 H. Wayne Powers Jr., ’74 Harry J. Pratt, ’84 Dr. Patricia K. and Larry Pressman Scott M. Price, ’76 Douglas S. Pringle, ’79 The Hon. Terry L., ’78, and Patti Pullman Nicholas D. Purifoy, ’05 Larry J. Putnam, ’76 William K. Quarles, ’64 Maryanna M. Quilty Michael D. Quinn, ’11 Jenny M. Quintin, ’06 Richard N. Raleigh, ’73 John M. Rasmussen, ’99 Randall K. Rathbun, ’78 Col. (Ret) Charles R. Rayl, ’75 Dr. C. Patrick and Miriam D. Reid John A. Reynolds, ’88 Mindy B. Reynolds, ’92 Jim H. and Carol S. Rhodes Kim K. Richards, ’91 Kent A. Richins, ’85 The Hon. Cheryl Rios Kingfisher, ’93 Lt. Col. Julia A. Rivera, ’87 Bruce E. Roach Jr., ’95 Betty J. Robertson, ’05 Angela M. Robinson Markley, ’06 Ronald E. and Delia Robson Dennis D. Rogers, ’75 Jacquelyn E. Rokusek, ’93

17 - DONORS E. Jolene Rooney, ’76 Howard L. Rosenthal, ’74 Lt. Col. Walter H. Ross, ’77 The Hon. Steven M. Roth, ’89 Judith A. Rountree Dist. Prof. David L., ’65, and Dr. Rita Kay Ryan Dean K. Ryan, ’81 Ronald S. Ryburn, ’86 Margaret E. Saffels Douglas B., ’79, and Susan F., ’79, Salsbury Patrick M. Salsbury, ’74 The Hon. Keith Sanborn, ’50 The Hon. Christopher D. Sanders, ’90 The Hon. Rebecca A. Sanders, ’78 Terry and Georgia D. Sandlin William T. Schemmel, ’95 Robert P., ’77, and Nancy P., ’77, Scherer Jack J. Scheske, ’81 Bryon R. Schlosser, ’71 Michael A. Schlueter, ’86 Geoffrey L. Schmidt, ’93 William K. Schmidt, ’09 Laura M. Schoenberger, ’07 Delilah J. Schroeder, ’90 Sherri L. Schuck, ’02 Richard L. Schultz, ’60 Les and Paula Schulz Steve A. Schwarm, ’87 Roger L. Seedorf, ’94 Brad and Lynn Selfridge David L. Serrault, ’83 Mark A. Sevart, ’85 Ronald L. Shackle, ’76 John H. Shaffer, ’54 Patricia A. Shalhoob, ’91 Chip, ’03, and Stephanie Shaner Andrew E. Shapiro, ’83 Michael Sharma-Crawford, ’02 The Hon. William Neil, ’67, and Martha J. Shepherd John C., ’76, and Judith Sherman Dr. Richard E. and Nancy L. Shermoen Steven C. Sherwood, ’74 Douglas T., ’94, and Michelle Shima Edward M. Shimokawa, ’73 John R. Shirley, ’73 Donald H. Shoop, ’76 David G. Shriver, ’75 Thomas D. Shults, ’83 H. Dean Shuman, ’54 Kristy L. Simpson Marcy A. Smalley Andrew D. Smith, ’01 The Hon. Dean J. Smith, ’59 Eric B. Smith, ’94 The Hon. Tom R. Smith, ’70 Virgie A. Smith Laura J. Smithson-Corl, ’95 William W. Sneed, ’80 Donald H. Snook, ’04 John M. Solbach III, ’77 Mary J. Sorrick


Edward B. Soule, ’65 Stephen J. Soule, ’81 Julia S. Spainhour, ’96 Kerwin L. Spencer, ’81 Steven L. Speth, ’85 William J. Spriggs, ’64 Lois S. Spring Mark W. Stafford, ’87 John C. and Teresa T. Stambaugh H. David Starkey, ’75 Robert D. Steiger, ’75 Chris, ’93, and Shelby Steincamp Deborah F. Stern, ’98 The Hon. James B. Stewart, ’78 Craig D. Stirn, ’80 Gary D. Stone, ’95 Wayne T., ’58, and Janet S. Stratton Michael D. Strohbehn, ’78 Roger D. Struble, ’82 David B. Summers, ’78 Robert W. Suter John S. Sutherland, ’75 John W. Sutherland, ’64 Elizabeth H. Sweeney-Reeder, ’01 Christopher D. Swickard, ’92 Robert N. Symmonds, ’74 Rodney H. Symmonds, ’78 Darryl and Diane Talbot Nicole K. Tarantino, ’94 Wayne R. Tate, ’80 The Hon. Steve Tatum, ’74 Anita M. Tebbe, ’86 Claire M. Terrebonne, ’08 Richard D. Terrill, ’79 Kelly M. Thomas, ’85 Mark and Denise Thomas Terri D. Thomas, ’88 Bruce, ’80, and Georgia Thompson Douglas G. Thompson, ’78 Frederick T. Thompson, ’66 James H. Thompson, ’75 Laura L. Thompson, ’07 Linda D. Thompson Jon E., ’95, and Kristen, ’96, Thornbrugh Linus A. Thuston, ’95 Leo D. Tillotson The Hon. Nelson E. Toburen, ’67 Matthew B. Todd, ’07 John D. Tongier, ’82

Phillip M. Tongier, ’04 Irwin S. Trester, ’68 William P. Tretbar Timothy E. Troll, ’78 B. Scott Tschudy, ’84 Alphan K. Tsoi, ’89 Richard G. Tucker, ’73 Amy L. Turner, ’09 Jenette Turner, ’04 Meyer L. Ueoka Jeremy S. Unruh, ’99 Martin E. Updegraff, ’61 Kathleen A. Urbom, ’80 The Hon. James W. Van Amburg, ’82 Randall D. VanVleck, ’82 Peter J. Vanderwarker, ’98 Kim R. Verhoeff, ’87 Kirby A. Vernon, ’84 J. Ronald Vignery, ’69 Rodney K. Vincent, ’67 Rolf J. and Shelley Von Merveldt Melva S. Vopat Donna M. Voth, ’77 Timothy L. Voth, ’88 Kathryn M. Wachsman, ’75 Shelly R. Wakeman, ’91 James A. Walker, ’76 Patrick G., ’87, and Janet C., ’87, Walsh Dennis M. Walters, ’89 The Hon. J. Patrick Walters, ’93 James R. Ward, ’62 The Hon. Mark A. Ward, ’81 Thomas M. Warner Jr., ’84 Cynthia G. Waskowiak, ’08 Teresa L. Watson, ’94 Wesley A. Weathers, ’69, and Patricia E. Riley, ’77 Dr. Dan and Lynn Weaver Verta L. Weidner Peter M. Wells, ’07 Julian F. Weltsch, ’59 Eric Weslander, ’10 R. Clark Wesley, ’59 Craig W. West, ’87 Duane E. West, ’55 Gary C. West, ’94 Robert A., ’88, and Karen West Wayne K. Westblade, ’79 John R. Westerman, ’73 John P. Wheeler, ’76 Margaret F. White, ’92

Rep. William E. White, ’93 The Hon. John C. Whitehead, ’64 Jennifer L. Wickersham, ’03 Jennifer M. Wilbert, ’03 Heather M. Wilke, ’00 James S. Willard, ’76 Richard E. and Ellen F. Willis The Hon. Michael T. Wilson, ’88 June S. Windscheffel Dennis J. Wing, ’71 Martin E. Wisneski Joseph I., ’79, and Karen L., ’91, Wittman Jim and Jo E. Wochner Ronald J. and Joyce A. Wolf William R. Wood II, ’86 Bruce D. Woolpert, ’84 Charles E. Worden, ’72 Keron A. Wright, ’07 Philip D. Wright, ’72 Wyatt M. Wright, ’80 Mitchell D. Wulfekoetter, ’87 Wendy A. Wussow, ’94 Phylemon C. M. Yau, ’93 The Hon. Frank J. Yeoman Jr., ’73 Lori L. Yockers, ’91 Julia L. Young, ’78 Michael W. Zehner, ’79

Class of 1946 Gordon K. Lowry

Class of 1947

The Hon. James J. Noone Paul S. Wise

Class of 1949

Lt. Col. Alva H. Bandy Clyde E. Milligan

Class of 1950

The Hon. Keith Sanborn

Class of 1951

Albert P. Kovac Myron L. Listrom Hollis B. Logan Wayne Probasco* Wendell D. Winkler

Class of 1952

The Hon. Sam A. Crow Paul A. McAlister James W. Sloan

Class of 1953

Don Baxter R. Max Gaither* Richard C. Hite The Hon. Maurice P. O’Keefe Don B. Stahr

Class of 1954

The Hon. Adrian J. Allen Ralph L. Larson

DONORS - 18 Class of 1966

W. Bradley Post John H. Shaffer H. Dean Shuman

Richard L. Schultz J. Harlan Stamper

Class of 1955

Lowell F. Hahn The Hon. Jerry L. Mershon James D. Murray The Hon. Gene B. Penland Robert L. Roberts Martin E. Updegraff

The Hon. James G. Beasley Dennis L. Bieker Daniel W. Forker Jr. Dr. Max M. Halley Richard R. Hartley Robert L. Locke Daniel D. Metz Kent P. Smith Frederick T. Thompson

Class of 1962

Class of 1967

Gary M. Hilgers Gailen L. Keeling Gene A. Powell Duane E. West

Class of 1956

Paul D. Berkley William D. Bunten Robert L. Chesnut Frank C. Norton

Class of 1957

Wright W. Crummett Russ Davis John R. Frazier Carl W. Quarnstrom Edward F. Wiegers*

Class of 1958

Gerald L. Goodell Robert D. Hecht John E. Herman Calvin L. McMillan Manuel B. Mendoza Wayne T. Stratton

Class of 1959

Wayne W. Baldock Robert F. Cunningham David L. McComb Ralph E. Skoog The Hon. Dean J. Smith Norris D. Walter Julian F. Weltsch R. Clark Wesley

Class of 1960

M. Wayne Davidson Jack Focht The Hon. Fred S. Jackson Gale S. Newton Jr. Philip C. Peterson

Class of 1961

The Hon. J. Patrick Brazil John E. Lang The Hon. Tyler C. Lockett Jerry E. Norton James R. Ward

Class of 1963

John V. Black Richmond M. Enochs Jr.* Gene M. Olander Arthur E. Palmer

Class of 1964

Terry J. Anderson Bob Derstein Richard L. Honeyman William K. Quarles Roger M. Sherwood William J. Spriggs John W. Sutherland The Hon. John C. Whitehead

Class of 1965

The Hon. Jesse D. Euler Arthur A. Glassman John R. Hamilton Madison R. Jones III John L. Kratzer Jr. Kerry E. McQueen Dist. Prof. David L. Ryan John M. Simpson Edward B. Soule Ken W. Strobel

The Hon. D. Keith Anderson* E. Edward Brown Jr. Richard L. Finn William J. Fitzpatrick Norman J. Furse Vernon D. Just Larry K. Meeker Larry D. Nuss William C. O’Keefe Lynn L. Perkins Gloria E. Shaw The Hon. William Neil Shepherd The Hon. Nelson E. Toburen Rodney K. Vincent

Class of 1968

Paul E. Artzer Harold S. Beims David S. Berman John J. Bryan Lawrence A. Dimmitt The Hon. Robert J. Fleming Arne T. Henricks Winton M. Hinkle Byron C. Loudon Rep. Ward E. Loyd Lawrence J. McDonough J. Byron Meeks Benajmin J. Neill Irwin S. Trester Kenneth M. Wilke

Class of 1969

Thomas A. Adrian Col. Jack S. Bender III Bruce E. Borders Clark C. Bradshaw Brice E. Buehler Frederick W. Godderz John J. Hesse Jr. The Hon. C. Frederick Lorentz II Michael J. Manning James M. Milliken William D. Powell John H. Resing Thomas A. Valentine J. Ronald Vignery Wesley A. Weathers

Class of 1970

Randy M. Hearrell Robert L. Heath Bruce W. Kent Larry R. Mears Tom R. Smith Hayden B. St. John

Class of 1971

Michael L. Clutter Bart E. Eisfelder H. Philip Elwood Roger L. Hiatt Philip M. Knighton John O. Martin Rande A. McAllister James W. Morrison Jan R. Pierce Bryon R. Schlosser Dennis J. Wing

Class of 1972

Paul R. Boeding The Hon. Daniel L. Brewster The Hon. Benjamin L. Burgess Jr. George E. Burket III Robert T. Craig III Prof. Linda D. Elrod Jack D. Flesher Michael V. Foust Daniel S. Garrity II John H. Gibson Fernando E. Mata Darrell E. Miller Douglas G. Simms Laurence A. Stanton Thomas G. Teichgraeber Kenneth W. Wasserman Charles B. Wesonig Charles E. Worden Philip D. Wright

Class of 1973

John Badger John E. Caton Steven G. Cooper Bernard J. Dunn D. Duke Dupre Margaret A. Gatewood Jan M. Hamilton David J. Heinemann The Hon. William H. Helsper Eric J. Kjorlie Anthony J. Kotich James E. Martin William G. Mills II The Hon. Daniel L. Mitchell Clark R. Nelson The Hon. J. Stephen Nyswonger Richard N. Raleigh James N. Reardon Lawrence R. Rute The Hon. Edward P. Schneeberger Edward M. Shimokawa John R. Shirley Richard G. Tucker The Hon. Gregory L. Waller John R. Westerman Larry H. Whitt Ronald E. Wurtz The Hon. Frank J. Yeoman Jr.

Class of 1974

Bernard A. Bianchino John T. Bird

19 - DONORS Capt. Mark P. Blenden Bradley A. Buckles Wendell F. Cowan Jr. Larry D. Ehrlich Douglas R. Everley William R. Griffith Stanley R. Juhnke The Hon. Paul J. Kilburg Kyler G. Knobbe John W. Lann C. Michael Lennen Rex K. Linder James F. Long Keith C. Magnusson Terrence D. Malcom The Hon. Christel E. Marquardt F. Lawrence McAulay Jr. John R. McNee Francis A. Natchez Sen. Tim C. Owens John C. Peterson H. Wayne Powers Jr. Howard L. Rosenthal Patrick M. Salsbury Michael K. Schmitt Dick E. Sherbondy Steven C. Sherwood Timothy J. Suttle Robert N. Symmonds The Hon. Steve Tatum Paul M. Ueoka Warren B. Wood Roy H. Worthington III

Class of 1975

The Hon. John Anderson III Terry E. Beck Bill D. Berkley Galen E. Biery The Hon. Dan D. Boyer Wm. David Byassee The Hon. Larry L. Campbell Douglas M. Crotty Robert D. Eggleston Thomas C. Henderson The Hon. Stephen D. Hill Paul R. Hoferer Leigh C. Hudson Lawrence G. Karns Robert E. Keeshan William J. Kelly Dennis D. Kirk Don J. Knappenberger Wm. Rex Lorson Jenifer L. Lucas Mary I. Browne McCuskey Karl A. Menninger II Louis K. Obdyke Timothy P. O’Sullivan The Hon. James A. Patton Robert A. Prentice Col. (Ret) Charles R. Rayl Dennis D. Rogers Richard D. Ross Alan L. Rupe Daivd G. Shriver H. David Starkey Robert D. Steiger John S. Sutherland


James H. Thompson Kathryn M. Wachsman

Class of 1976

Russell E. Bishop Richard C. Borton Leonard L. Buddenbohm W. Matthew Busch, Jr. Harriet E. Caplan* Janet A. Chubb Carl E. Cornwell II Helen E. Dupre Keith R. Fevurly Curtis A. Frasier Michael C. Germann Alan C. Goering Gerald L. Green William H. Greig Al Grieshaber The Hon. Gerald W. Hart Danton C. Hejtmanek J. Michael Kennalley Richard C. King Mark W. Krusor The Hon. Daniel L. Love The Hon. L. Barry Mack Brenton B. Moore The Hon. Donald R. Noland III Paul D. Oakleaf William J. Pauzauskie Gary M. Peterson Thomas J. Pinnick Scott M. Price Larry J. Putnam David M. Rapp Sidney A. Reitz E. Jolene Rooney R. Douglas Sebelius Ronald L. Shackle John P. Sheahon John C. Sherman Donald H. Shoop Joyce R. Simmons Rubenstein S. Philip Stover James A. Walker John P. Wheeler James S. Willard

Class of 1977

Bruce L. Bachman Jeanette S. Bertelson Daniel G. Blythe The Hon. John D. Boeh The Hon. Joseph Bribiesca Mert F. Buckley Forrest A. Buhler The Hon. Timothy J. Chambers Craig D. Cox Daryl V. Craft K. Alan Deines Jeffrey O. Ellis Gordon T. Garrett Stanton A. Hazlett Elizabeth R. Herbert Donald F. Hoffman W. Terrence Kilroy Bruce W. Kinzie Joe A. Lang David K. Markham

The Hon. Joseph L. McCarville III James R. McEntire David D. Moshier Patrik W. Neustrom J. Larry Odom The Hon. C. William Ossmann James S. Oswalt Stephen R. Page Prof. David E. Pierce David D. Plinsky Patricia E. Riley Lt. Col. Walter H. Ross Nancy P. Scherer Robert P. Scherer John M. Solbach III James D. Tack Jr. Larry D. Tittel Donna M. Voth H. Reed Walker Daniel C. Walter The Hon. John L. Weingart

Class of 1978

Dan O. Adkins David M. Baer Albert R. Bandy Denise E. Bandy The Honorable W. Dan Biles J. Robert Brookens Juni Clark James B. Craig Steven C. Day S. Lucky DeFries John G. Enright The Hon. Thomas E. Foster Stephen C. Funk The Hon. Bruce T. Gatterman Cydni K. Gilman Barry S. Ginsburg Linda K. Graves Vincent S. Green Karen L. Griffiths Charles F. Harris Sandra W. Hazlett Chris Hutton Leonard W. Kinzie Gregory A. Lee Charles E. Millsap Edward J. Nazar Camille A. Nohe Gregory C. Nye Gregory V. Pelton The Hon. Terry L. Pullman Randall K. Rathbun The Hon. Rebecca A. Sanders The Hon. James B. Stewart Michael D. Strohbehn David B. Summers Rodney H. Symmonds Douglas G. Thompson Timothy E. Troll Calvin K. Williams Julia L. Young

Class of 1979

Anne L. Baker Gregory L. Bauer Timothy J. Carkhuff June Ellen Claydon

Scott R. Condray Susan K. Ellis David A. Fenley Alice M. Fitzgerald L. Stephen Garlow John J. Gillett H. Marvin Gilmore Scott J. Gunderson Leonard A. Hall Mary V. Hower Andrew W. Hutton Prudence Hutton Michael K. Johnston Lawrence F. Montague David H. Moses Cleo A. Murphy K. Kirk Nystrom Dale E. Pike Douglas S. Pringle G. Craig Robinson William K. Rork Douglas B. Salsbury Susan F. Salsbury Richard D. Terrill Dr. Howard N. Ward Wayne K. Westblade Joseph I. Wittman Ronald P. Wood Nina R. Wuestling Michael W. Zehner David N. Zimmerman

Class of 1980

Charles H. Apt III Dave Arand Brenda L. Braden Paul E. Braden Jill Bremyer George C. Bruce Stephen W. Cavanaugh Barbara J. Clinkscales J. Randall Clinkscales Malcolm L. Copeland The Hon. David B. Debenham Douglas D. Depew Janet L. Frickey The Hon. Kenneth G. Gale Richard G. Guinn Bradley E. Haddock Thomas D. Harris Gary M. Howland Norman R. Kelly Thomas A. Loftus III Scott K. Logan The Hon. Marla J. Luckert Thomas W. McNish S. Ken Morse Deborah A. Peterson Keith L. Roberts Kay Y. Rute Stephen S. Schmelzle William W. Sneed Craig D. Stirn Wayne R. Tate Bruce Thompson Kathleen A. Urbom Sue Jean White Wyatt M. Wright Richard C. Wuestling


Class of 1981

Carolyn A. Adams Matthew W. Boddington The Hon. Glenn R. Braun Henry R. Cox Debra K. Crawford William P. Crawford John M. Duma Tom D. Fulzenloger Alan N. Hassler Kevin B. Johnson Jeffrey W. Jones Jeffrey E. King Anthony D. Link Garry J. McCubbin Daniel L. Muchow Ronald W. Nelson George H. Pearson III Lou Bjorgaard Probasco Elizabeth J. Shannahan Redmond Dean K. Ryan Jack J. Scheske Kristy L. Simpson Stephen J. Soule Kerwin L. Spencer William M. Spieler Pamela H. Stabler Linda A. Terrill The Hon. Mark A. Ward

Class of 1982

Timothy J. Arehart Timothy M. Aylward Jeffery R. Brewer

William E. Brewer James M. Caplinger Jr. Elizabeth A. Carson Richard A. Caspermeyer Christopher G. Costello Terry C. Cupps Gregory M. Dennis Daniel L. Doyle The Hon. Larry D. Hendricks The Hon. E. Leigh Hood Craig H. Kaufman Kurt F. Kluin Steven M. Laiderman Gerald R. Lau Douglas K. Manion Charles M. Masner The Hon. Timothy P. McCarthy Larry T. McRell Judith L. Olander Clarice J. Peters Zackery E. Reynolds The Hon. Kim R. Schroeder Roger D. Struble Gerald V. Tanner John D. Tongier Jeffrey L. Ungerer The Hon. James W. Van Amburg Randall D. VanVleck

Class of 1983

Ricky E. Bailey Ky Ann Buck James Colgan Yvonne M. Ernzen Stephen C. Fiebiger Lt. Col. Donald E. Fisk

Lewis D. Gregory Annette Gurney Ronald E. Henke Rex W. Henoch John W. Kelley Larry K. King Robert R. Laing Jr. Ronald J. Laskowski Richard J. Lind The Hon. Jennifer L. Lind-Spahn Scott A. Mugno Linda S. Parks Rosemary Saldan-Pawson SueAnn V. Schultz David L. Serrault Andrew E. Shapiro Thomas D. Shults Kathleen A. Tanner

Class of 1984

Commissioner Shari M. Albrecht Randy M. Barker Shelton L. Benedict David R. Brant The Hon. David E. Bruns Ann Colgan Martin E. S. Conrey John R. Dietrick The Hon. J. Charles Droege Kenneth J. Eland Karen L. France Timothy A. Frieden Rebecca M. Gould Lawrence M. Gurney Laura L. Ice John D. Jurcyk

Douglas J. Keeling David K. Martin Craig R. McKinney David J. Melusky Monte L. Miller The Hon. William E. Muret Rita L. Noll Gary A. Norton Gregory J. Pappas Harry J. Pratt Karen D. Wedel Renwick Stephanie L. Spring B. Scott Tschudy Kirby A. Vernon Thomas M. Warner Jr. Bruce D. Woolpert

Class of 1985

Evelyn L. Allen M. Lou Allen David W. Brooks Russell A. Brown Kurt F. Clausing Jeffrey K. Cooper Richard F. Corson The Hon. Daniel D. Creitz Charles T. Engel Lori A. Fink Diane M. Glynn Paul S. Gregory Leslie Hess Richard J. Kastner Steven A. Kraushaar Michael J. Laden Lauren M. Lowry Stuart S. Lowry

21 - DONORS The Hon. Eric F. Melgren Dr. Stephen D. Minnis Erick E. Nordling Steven J. Obermeier Kent A. Richins Steven R. Sanford Mark A. Sevart Michael L. Snider Steven L. Speth Kelly M. Thomas The Hon. Evelyn Wilson

Class of 1986

Susan D. Andrews Harry M. Bass Kevin L. Bennett Terri L. Bezek Gary E. Bishop D. Scott Brown David L. Dean Charles H. Herd Charles W. Hess David V. Igliozzi Michael W. Jones Keith L. Mark W. John McGuire Prof. Joseph E. McKinney Bill E. Newman Paul R. Oller Larry J. Pitts Ronald S. Ryburn Michael A. Schlueter Anita M. Tebbe C. Geraldine Umphenour Jill A. Wolters William R. Wood

Class of 1987

Kevin J. Arnel The Hon. Brad E. Avery Robert N. Belt Jacqueline I. Branda Terry D. Criss Whitney B. Damron The Hon. Keith E. Drill Daniel J. Gronniger Michael W. Hastings Paul C. Herr Peter A. Jouras Jr. Janet Kroell Kerr Steven W. Kruse John R. Kurth The Hon. Jeffry J. Larson Assoc. Dean Jalen Lowry Frederick L. Meier II Melissa L. Ness Lt. Col. Julia A. Rivera Theodore D. Salzer Steve A. Schwarm Mark W. Stafford Kim R. Verhoeff Janet C. Walsh Patrick G. Walsh Prof. Curtis J. Waugh Craig W. West Donald R. Whitney Mitchell D. Wulfekoetter


Class of 1988

Merrill J. Befort Tracey Samanatha Chechlele Ronald J. Goodeyon Kenton M. Hall Robyn C. Euler Johnson Gary W. Long Joann E. McEntire Steven K. O’Hern Kristine A. Polansky John A. Reynolds Susan S. Saidian Terri D. Thomas Susana Valdovinos Timothy L. Voth Roger W. Warren Robert A. West The Hon. Michael T. Wilson

Class of 1989

Carmen D. Bakarich Charla V. Beall-Hall Marck R. Cobb Martha L. Cooper The Hon. Kim W. Cudney The Hon. James R. Fleetwood Greer M. Lang Joyce A. McCray Pearson Alan P. Morel The Hon. Steven M. Roth Richard D. Smith

William L. Townsley III Alphan K. Tsoi Dennis M. Walters

Class of 1990

Mitzi J. Alspaugh Donna F. Bohn Dennis O. Bosley Donald J. Cooper Jeffrey L. Cowger William F. Cummings Matthew D. Flesher James C. Heathman Allison L. Herr Kristy L. Hiebert James M. Jeweler John J. Knoll Julia A. McKee Mahmud Noormohamed The Hon. Christopher D. Sanders Delilah J. Schroeder Lt. Col. R. Clay Small

Class of 1991

J.D. Befort John M. Collins Mark R. Frame Keith A. Haas Marshall S. Honeyman Kurt P. Kerns Jeffrey D. Leonard

Richard Madril Shane T. McCall Christina D. Moss Nancy A. Ogle Kim K. Richards Patricia A. Shalhoob Shelly R. Wakeman Gary D. White Karen L. Wittman Lori L. Yockers

Class of 1992

Paul E. Ailslieger Kevin T. Beckwith Alan E. Cobb Suzanne R. Dwyer-Ailslieger Prof. Jeffrey D. Jackson Brent A. Mitchell Timothy J. Mudd Helen J. Pedigo Sparkman Mindy B. Reynolds Christopher D. Swickard Margaret F. White

Class of 1993

Dwight D. Dumler Dana L. Fanoele Laura M. Graham Carlene J. Griffith Debra A. Hockett-Clark The Hon. Paula D. Hofaker Chad L. Hooker Regina Y. Kane Darren K. Kearns Thomas G. Lemon Todd M. McCauley Andrew J. McGowan Samantha A. Musso Jason P. Oldham The Hon. Cheryl Rios Kingfisher Jacquelyn E. Rokusek Geoffrey L. Schmidt Charles C. Steincamp The Hon. J. Patrick Walters Rep. William E. White Phylemon C. M. Yau

Class of 1994

James W. Chipman Clinton D. Collier Darcy J. Dye DeVincke Stephen M. Gorny The Hon. Amy L. Harth Jeremy B. Kohn The Hon. Ainka C. Kweli Eva M. Landry Lynn S. McCreary Marie Robb Roger L. Seedorf Douglas T. Shima Eric B. Smith Nicole K. Tarantino Teresa L. Watson Gary C. West Wendy A. Wussow

DONORS - 22 Class of 1995

Kelli N. Breer Jeffrey R. Hewett Yolanda D. Ingram Jae M. Lee Pamela S. Leinwetter Ryland F. Mahathey Norbert C. Marek Jr. Jan Leslie Meese Lisa A. Ochs Mary K. O’Malley Bruce E. Roach Jr. William T. Schemmel Laura J. Smithson-Corl Kyle Steadman Gary D. Stone Jon E. Thornbrugh Linus A. Thuston

Class of 1996

Sean W. Bell Paulette R. Burgess Derrick C. Carpenter John F. Carpinelli Lara L. Delka Amy E. Heath Eric S. Heath Harold A. Houck Dr. Mary V. Johnson Sophia S. Lee Todd Navrat Timothy W. Nohr Jennifer L. Osborn Nix Matthew P. Patterson Kimberly D. Phillips Julia S. Spainhour Kristen Thornbrugh

Class of 1997

Christina I. Apperson Deena M. Hyson Bailey Robert E. Johnson II Lisa R. Jones Michael A. Millett Jennifer L. Perkins Carolyn R. Simpson

Class of 1998

David A. Bohm Brenda J. Clary Stacy G. Friend Bell Paula N. Johnson Jason C. Neal Victoria L. Nilles Ryan H. Pace Deborah F. Stern Peter J. Vanderwarker

Class of 1999

William “Trey” A. Alford III India N. Boulton Wade H. Bowie Jr. Kevin J. Breer Pamela D. Campbell-Burton Marlee S. Carpenter Michelle M. Carter-Gouge Brian M. Jacques Melissa E. Kasprzyk

Nicole M. Kean Kimberly L. Knoll Deletrai L. Nash Donald C. Oakley John M. Rasmussen Alejandro J. Solorio Sabrina K. Standifer Jeremy S. Unruh Erika L. Winters

Class of 2000

Jonathan T. Boulton Rex S. Chang Reggie Davis Christina Dean Dr. Esther W. Digh Kyle M. Fleming Kathryn S. Gonzales Lynda Koenemann John S. Larigan Jr. Linda R. Mitchell Laura K. Moen Gregory A. Schwartz Heather M. Wilke Colin D. Wood

Class of 2001

Mary E. Christopher Marc C. Davis The Hon. Lori A. Bolton Fleming Nathan D. Leadstrom J. Mark Meinhardt Stacy L. Nummerdor Dr. Denise D. Riemann Andrew D. Smith Elizabeth H. Sweeney-Reeder

Class of 2002

Jodi M. Adolf Amanda Bundren McNelley Jason R. Coody Cameron V. Drumright Greg A. Drumright Sean C. Harlow Venkatesh Iyer Nathan J. Lucero Kelly K. Mahoney Sarah McLean Acosta Rich McNelley Mindy L. Miller Catherine Moyer Michele M. O’Malley Amy S. Raymond Scott H. Raymond Sherri L. Schuck Michael Sharma-Crawford Luke A. Sobba Anthony L. Springfield

Class of 2003

Brandon J. Berkley Eric R. Bidwell Jacqueline R. Butler Chane C. Carpenter Jeremiah C. Humes Jennifer L. Myers Daniel L. Parker Chip Shaner

Duston J. Slinkard Jennifer L. Wickersham Jennifer M. Wilbert

Class of 2004

Justin A. Barrett Robin K. Carlson Christopher R. Cuevas Bart A. Fisher Clint W. Floyd Clinton M. Goos Steven D. Henry Christopher M. Irby Ryan J. Mahoney Gregory D. Parker Donald H. Snook Phillip M. Tongier Jenette Turner

Class of 2005

John M. Alston Matthew R. Bergmann Tanya E. Bidwell Vincent M. Cox John P. Foley Lora M. Jennings Cheryl A. Kessler C.W. Klebe Eric K. Lau Jeffrey N. Lowe Melissa A. Moodie Derek L. Park Nicholas D. Purifoy Betty J. Robertson

Class of 2006

Andy Bentley Kristy L. Cuevas Steven M. Ellis Roarke R. Gordon LeAnn Harrod Travis Harrod Jennifer R. Hays Reese H. Hays Jake T. Henry, III Miranda B. Johnson Dominic L. Kujawa Luanne C. Leeds Daniel J. Martinez DeLayne G. Merritt Sunee N. Mickle Dara E. Montclare Deborah L. Moody Adam T. Pankratz Jeremiah L. Platt Jenny M. Quintin Angela M. Robinson Markley

Class of 2007

Zachary L. Chaffee-McClure Christopher J. Frank Shelby J. Grau Jay R. Hall Richard A. Hickey Judy Y. Jenkins Melissa M. Mangan Molly E. McMurray Lindsey D. Moore

Laura M. Schoenberger Laura L. Thompson Matthew B. Todd Peter M. Wells Keron A. Wright

Class of 2008

David Becker Tracey D. Johnson Whitney Y. Miranda Eric M. Pauly Claire M. Terrebonne Cynthia G. Waskowiak

Class of 2009

David P. Bolda Angela D. Coble Carrie J. Ellison Jessica A. Gregory Danielle M. Hall Tiffany D. Hogan Joseph R. Ledbetter Ellen C. Montgomery Joseph P. Moore William K. Schmidt Amy L. Turner

Class of 2010

Vo-Laria N. Brooks Brett M. Busch Christine A. Dickerson de Galindo Alan Dunaway Ashley G. Hawkinson David A. Jack Teresa A. Mata David E. McDonald Joshua S. Mikkelsen Jonathon L. Noble Jason E. Oller Theresa D. Poindexter Kahlea M. Porter Ryan A. Prochaska Eric Weslander

Class of 2011

CAPT Brian K. Carr Chantz N. Martin Megan E. Massey Michael D. Quinn Sandra Sigler

Class of 2012

Kyle D. Donnelly Geoffery P. LaTurner

Class of 2013 Jill R. Gillett

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Profile for Washburn University Foundation

Washburn University School of Law Honor Roll  

The Washburn University School of Law Honor Roll of Donors is a way to recognize those who made gifts to Washburn Law during the fiscal year...

Washburn University School of Law Honor Roll  

The Washburn University School of Law Honor Roll of Donors is a way to recognize those who made gifts to Washburn Law during the fiscal year...