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sculptures, signs and bar fronts says Chris. Listing its many benefits, thermoformed glass can be curved, shaped and sculpted to produce unique configurations. “We can create templates and all sorts of custom shapes” says Chris. “The glass is beautifully textured and scatters the light in a continuous flow adding drama and interest and even contributes to visually expanding the space that it’s in.” On the practical side, thermoformed glass is strong, pure and non-porous so it remains unaffected by chemicals. “You can spill things and clean them up easily. Any window cleaning solution

works well, so it’s very easy to maintain. It’s relatively heat resistant, though not recommended for hot-off-the stove cookware.” Chris cautions that installing glass of this caliber is not a DIY project. “You want trained professionals like us to do the job right. We make the templates and do everything from start to finish. We work with cabinet makers, architects and designers to make the perfect piece for our customers.” Besides the introduction of new products, the MPD Glass and Vinyl Graphics’ core competencies remain unchanged as a company that specializes in decorative glass, film and glass etching. Since a picture is still worth a thousand words, Chris invites customers and browsers to pay a visit to the showroom to experience what glass in many forms can provide to their home décor. “Others in the city may offer similar products, but we want to be seen as the one-stop location that can fulfill customer needs from the moment they walk into our showroom to the installation of the final product in their home.” the mPd Glass and Vinyl Graphics showroom is open from monday to friday, 8 am to 5 pm. Visit

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