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1. This 3 piece divider was carved deeply into the glass.

The customer came in with a vase & asked if we could reproduce a variation of it on to glass. It was a traditional look while incorporating modern elements. 2. We created this divider using the initials of our

customer while not making it too obvious. This was drawn & we used decorative films to create the different contrasts.

and rendered the different contrasts through use of decorative fi lms. Bamboo motif 3-panel divider Th is divider spans a floor-to-ceiling wall separating a foyer from a dining area. The striking bamboo design was created using decorative fi lm.

3. Our customer came in wanting a truly unique one

of a kind piece. She had a love for music & violins. Inspired by some photos & pictures, MPD designed & sandblasted this piece (by hand). 4. This dividing wall is showcased in our showroom. It

showcases the uses of different decorative films & contemporary hardware that can be used to install. 5. This divider spans from floor to ceiling. It separates a

foyer from a dining area. 3 panels all with a beautiful bamboo design using decorative film.

Carved divider Derived from a design on a client-provided vase, MPD created a deeply carved traditional version while incorporating modern elements into the 3-piece divider. Decorative fi lm tree divider Th is panel displayed in the MPD showroom illustrates the uses of different decorative fi lms along with contemporary hardware. Etched violin divider An MPD customer came in wanting a one-of-a-kind piece to reflect her love of music and violins. Inspired by photos and pictures, MPD designed and sandblasted the fi nal piece by hand. Monogram wall divider Using the client’s initials, MPD created a stylized monogram


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“Replacing book shelves with glass dividers is another enhancement,” says Chris Kaleta, MPD artist. “Removing things like old planter bookshelves from sixties era homes and replacing them with glass dividers is especially effective. It’s also functional, especially if it’s positioned next to an exterior door, the divider wall can block cold air from rushing in. It’s nice to have it there.” MPD Glass and Vinyl Graphics also provides sandblasting for some of the province’s largest door and window manufacturers, contractors, architectural fi rms and works closely with some of the best designers in the city. “We also provide our etching and decorative fi lms for front doors and interior doors. We supply and install full shower enclosures as well as glass staircase railings. MPD also does commercial jobs applying decorative glass fi lm to board rooms where the glass is already in place. It’s an elegant solution since it solves privacy issues and brings decorative elements to the office sett ing,” says Phil. The MPD website showcases some designs as well as gallery pictures of previous jobs the company has completed. Visit



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