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towards glass stair railings that are replacing the more traditional wood-fabricated styles. We are also featuring complementary hardware that is extremely effective in creating many different effects to showcase glass railings. Overall, our entire showroom space will be more focused and specialized. The showroom is just going to be a better avenue to showcase those things.” The MPD Glass and Vinyl Graphics Showroom also offers the services of three knowledgeable staff members to help customers navigate their way through the showroom and better identify the look, materials and price points they are seeking. Besides the introduction of new products, the MPD Glass and Vinyl Graphics’ core competencies remain unchanged as a company that specializes in decorative glass, film and glass etching. “Others in the city may offer some similar products, but we want to be seen as the one-stop location that can fulfill customer needs from the moment they walk in our showroom to the installation of the final product in their home,” says Chris. MPD is completely automated and has state of the art equipment for polishing and sandblasting glass. “We continue to provide sandblasting for some of the major door and window companies in the province. We have some of the best technology available in our industry with computer-aided sandblast equipment to aid us in creating incredibly precise

“it all comes down to one thing,” says chris. “we really want to be the onestop glass shop in the city. you can come to us for the ideas. we don’t just supply glass. we help you create your unique vision.” artwork, and also have the ability to illustrate and sandblast using traditional methods.” “But when it comes down to custom work, we have a history of doing hand illustration to create a one of a kind creation for our customers.” “It all comes down to one thing,” says Chris. “We really want to be the one-stop glass shop in the city. You can come to us for the ideas. We don’t just supply glass. We help you create your unique vision.”

MPD Glass and Vinyl Graphics showroom is located at 853 Marion Street and is open from Monday to Friday, 8 am to 5 pm. Visit APR - may 2012 home décor and renovations 23

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