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Welcome to North County Connection, a publication of the American Fork Area Chamber of Commerce and the Pleasant Grove Chamber of Commerce. Together these organizations serve the five communities of American Fork, Pleasant Grove, Highland, Cedar Hills and Alpine. Residents are invited to keep and utilize this magazine as a resource to learn more about their communities and become involved in the many great activities and events occurring in their cities. In addition, information about

local businesses and members of the American Fork and Pleasant Grove chambers are included to encourage residents to shop locally when possible, keeping tax money in the community and creating local jobs. From education to outdoor recreation to the arts, North County Connection has the information you need to fully enjoy the beauty and unique quality of life found in northern Utah County.

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Produced by: Josh Walker

Editor: Christi Babbitt

Design: Marcia Harris

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W hen it comes to living in northern Utah County, having a hospital you can trust is critical. At American Fork Hospital, our compassionate and skilled physicians, nurses and care teams focus on creating positive, healing experiences. We welcome more than 3,000 babies a year at the hospital. Our Cancer Center offers leading-edge treatment in a facility close to home. Patients healing from illness or surgery receive excellent care in our Medical/Surgical unit. And come October 2014, we will have new and expanded emergency and operating rooms. You can feel confident knowing our expert team is dedicated to you and our community.


American Fork is a unique place to live and do business: it offers small-town charm along with big-city amenities. This city of 30,000 is the heart of northern Utah County and has great opportunities for businesses both large and small to succeed. During the last year, our historic downtown has seen an increase in business as vacant buildings have been filled. American Crafts has broken ground for a new warehouse and retail space, and Intermountain Medical Group has completed its new 85,400-square-foot Multispecialty Clinic. Expansion of American Fork hospital is underway. National companies are looking at American Fork for relocation or expansion. The Frontrunner train station has opened on the west side of Interstate 15 and efforts are underway to attract retail, housing and office developments to that area. Eventually, light rail will also come through the city. In this vibrant business climate, the American Fork Area Chamber of Commerce exists to act as a resource for all businesses as they open and operate in American Fork. Whether through offering networking and education opportunities, providing technology assistance or connecting businesses with charitable community causes, the chamber

is ready to help. We are excited to announce that chamber of commerce membership now comes with the ability to create a mobile app for your business. The chamber can help you set up this new tool that will help drive business to your website and through your doors. In addition, chamber members will also be able to set up a “Traffic Catcher Page.” This page - which essentially operates as a mini website - will help move your business up in a Google search because a chamber of commerce is considered a very reliable source of information. This means customers will more easily find your Traffic Catcher Page, which can redirect them to your main website. Chamber membership connects business professionals with each other, but it also connects them with the community. The American Fork chamber has multiple events throughout the year which enable businesses to become involved with and give back to their customers. These events include the Halloween 5K Fun Run, which has benefited the Autism Council of Utah and the American Cancer Society. The annual chamber golf tournament also raises money for various causes; this year’s tournament will raise funds for the canine unit at the American Fork Police Department to

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obtain new dogs. The chamber’s Sub-for-Santa program raises money for needy families during the holidays. At the chamber, we want to be the one-stop shop for business resources as well as information on goods and services that are available to the community. Let us know your needs and how we can help you, and consider joining the American Fork Area Chamber of Commerce. Become part of the effort to make our community a better place to do business and an outstanding place to live. Debby Lauret Executive Director American Fork Area Chamber of Commerce

For more information or to join the chamber, call Debby Lauret at (801) 319-8655 or send an email to or visit

Debby Lauret

Local lawyer strives for excellence “I’m not interested in being a good, or a great lawyer, I want to be an exceptional lawyer.” According to attorney Craig Bainum, the difference between great lawyers and exceptional lawyers are those who manage their case load so that they can give their full attention and effort to every client. He always treats current clients as being more important that prospective clients. If he thinks that taking a new case would interfere with a current client, he turns down the new case. He went to law school because “I wanted to be rich, I wanted to know everything, and I wanted to help people. Well . . . I have never been rich, I don’t know everything, but I do get to help people every day. And I love it.” He graduated from the BYU law school in 1991 and since then has practiced law in a variety of settings, including construction law and as a public defender. A fan of being his own boss, Craig went into business for himself in Lehi about a year ago.

He and his family have lived in Lehi for over 16 years and wouldn’t have it any other way. Craig handles many different types of cases, likes the variety of doing more than one thing, and never shies away from the difficult cases. He likes the small firm feel and the opportunity to focus on helping both individuals and small businesses rather than large corporations. For engaging and expert legal advise, call attorney Craig Bainum. You may be exceptionally pleased with how he can help you, your family, or your small business.

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Business of the Year: Mr. Mac - Adam Winn

Business Person of the Year: Dusty Pyne - Chick-fil-A

New Business of Year: Kencraft/Peppermint Place Teacher of the Year, Lone Peak High School: Craig Smith Teacher of the Year, American Fork High School: Janice Comer-Miller


Shop Local program goes mobile with WingCash American Fork City is upgrading its Shop Local program by working with WingCash to deliver Shop Local offers to the WingCash mobile wallet. The upgraded functionality simplifies the process of creating, promoting and delivering offers and saves Shop Local merchants money. Shop Local merchants advertise discounts available through the program by email and very soon offers will also be in the wallet app. When customers have a WingCash wallet, the Shop Local offers they accept are delivered immediately to their mobile wallet. All the offers from the Shop Local merchants are saved in a single app on their mobile device. No more trying to keep track of coupons! The app knows which offers are good at each merchant location and automatically redeems them. Redeeming an offer held in a WingCash wallet is simple too. When customers are shopping at a local merchant, they just have to tap the Shop Local offer, enter the amount and send. The app provides a four-digit number called a payment code to give to the local merchant. The customer

provides the payment code when at the cash register, and that’s it. Anadine Marshall has been using a WingCash wallet for a year and said, “I love using my mobile phone to redeem offers and pay locally. It’s so simple.” The improved Shop Local program with the WingCash wallet feature is a win-win-win for Shop Local merchants, customers and the local economy. Shop Local customers appreciate the speed and convenience of offer delivery and the ease of redeeming offers. Shop Local merchants save postage and resources by not printing and mailing offers. And each $1 spent locally on products or services adds $4 to $6 dollars to the local economy. American Fork City’s Shop Local program, coupled with the WingCash wallet, offers merchants and customers speedy offer delivery, simple and convenient redemption and savings. Shop local, spend local and save. For more information about the Shop Local program, email Debby Lauret at or call 801-319-8655. Get a free mobile wallet at


Business offers sweet, savory pies After turning out thousands of meat pies to earn money for camp and other activities, Rhonda Webb and her sons were so enthusiastic about baking that they began dreaming of someday having their own pie shop. That dream became reality in 2013 when Rhonda’s Pies opened in American Fork’s historic downtown area at 35 N. Barratt Ave. (150 West). The business, which reached its one-year anniversary on April 15, 2014, offers a variety of savory and sweet pies to its customers that they can take home or enjoy in the shop’s dining area. A selection of pastries such as quiche, brownies and cinnamon rolls is also available. “When they leave a job or something for the day, some people sit on the couch and unwind. I love to go into the kitchen and bake something,” Webb said. “It’s just my passion. I love to bake.” When her sons were young, she often made turnover meat pies for her family, even freezing them so they could later serve as a quick meal. In the mid-1980s, her sons needed to raise money for their activities, and the family

decided to make the meat pies and sell them. Soon others heard about the fundraising efforts and asked the family to make pies for them as well. “We probably made close to 30,000 meat pies that summer,” Webb said. It was apparent that there was a demand for the pies, but it would be a few years before their vision for a bakery became a reality. Webb now runs Rhonda’s Pies with the help of a part-time employee as well as her husband and sons, who put time in after working at their regular jobs. Rhonda’s Pies produces hundreds of its meat pies every week in chicken, ground beef and vegetable varieties. Some pies are frozen for customers to take home and bake in their own ovens. Others are cooked at the bakery so customers can enjoy them as a hot lunch. Many of her customers buy the pies to take to people who are ill or otherwise in need of a meal because they are very convenient to prepare, Webb said. The bakery has a wide variety of dessert pies available as well, the most popular being the German Chocolate Pie. The second place favorites are the S’more Pie, made with

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graham cracker crumbs, chocolate ganache, toasted marshmallows and a chocolate filling, and the Peanut Butter Pie. The cream and fruit pies come in a petite five-inch size that sells fast to customers who like to give the pies as gifts. Also becoming popular for weddings and other events are sheet pies, which are made in a sheet pan and cut and served like a cake. While she loves the baking, Webb also enjoys meeting new people through her business. Often customers will have valuable feedback and sometimes even a challenge to come up with a new product. A customer involved with a pumpkin-growing contest asked her to bake a giant pumpkin pie for the contest, and he provided a 38-inch pan for her to bake it in. The finished product weighed 55 and a half pounds. Webb

Rhonda Webb is baking a variety of pies for dinner and dessert at Rhonda’s Pies in American Fork.

ended up selling eight more giant pumpkin pies to local companies during the holiday season. Webb said her business is doing

well and that hopefully the future will bring opportunities to expand. “I’d love to open up more shops,” she said. “That’s my next goal.”

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Kencraft now making sweets in A.F. A local candy manufacturer had run out of room at its Alpine location, causing its production and warehousing operations to spread to four different locations, one as far away as North Salt Lake. It was time to look for a new home where all aspects of the business could operate under one roof. “I’ve been here five years and that was one of my first goals,” said Greg McCormack, president of candy manufacturer Kencraft, the oldest confectioner in the United States. Currently in its 45th year of operation, Kencraft produces high-quality candy such as candy canes, lollipops and handpiped icing decorations. McCormack said the search for a new home led Kencraft to a large building in American Fork that was formerly a Walmart store. The new location is just off Interstate 15 and the owner was willing to remodel the space to accommodate Kencraft, making it a great fit for the company. Kencraft’s entire operation moved into its new American Fork location at 708 S. Utah Valley Drive about a year ago.

Now the company has its entire hard candy production efforts in one location, something that was impossible before. All of its storage area, both for raw ingredients and finished items, is now on-site, making daily operations more efficient. The Peppermint Place, Kencraft’s sales outlet where the public can buy its candy creations, is also housed in the new building. Since the relocation, outlet sales are up 25 percent, something McCormack attributes to being next to the freeway. “We had a hard time bringing people off I-15 into the candy store in Alpine,” he said. Kencraft still makes many of its products the old-fashioned way - by hand - giving candy items a more personal touch. “That’s one of our claims to fame,” McCormack said. The company is one of only a few companies in the United States that still hand-produces candy canes for the high-end gift and retail markets. Other products Kencraft is known for include panoramic Easter eggs, with scenes made of hand-piped icing inside


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a sugar shell, and handmade icing decorations, many of which are produced for other candy manufacturers. For many years at its Alpine location, Kencraft was able to give tours of its facility to the public, something that was very popular with children. Those tours were canceled when space became limited, but with the new facility, visitors can again see the candy makers at work. Visitors can’t go into the actual production area, but large windows in the Peppermint Place allow a close-up view of icing decorators and a large-screen television shows a live video feed of employees working with batches of candy. Kencraft was named the American Fork Area Chamber of Commerce’s New Business of the Year in 2013. “We’ve been really welcomed by the business community,” McCormack said, adding that the company tries to support local schools and other organizations through fundraising opportunities. For more information about Kencraft, go to or visit the Peppermint Place. New products Employees hand cut and bend candy canes at the Kencraft manufacturing facility in American Fork. at the company include Candy Chips, a crushed candy in different colors that can be used for decorating cupcakes placed on lollipops. The Peppermint Place has a wide variand other confections, and Linky Doodles, candy links that ety of professional sport team logos on lollipops for sale as can be put together like a paper chain and used for decoratwell as the logos of local high schools. Customers can also ing. The company also has the technology to print, using have their own logos created for fundraisers, business meetedible food dye, logos on circles of fondant icing that are ings, weddings or other events.



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51 N W State Road #101 American Fork


2255 N University Parkway #27 Provo



It is my pleasure to serve the Pleasant Grove community as executive director of the Pleasant Grove Chamber of Commerce. This is an exciting time to be associated with the Chamber. The Chamber is dedicated to promoting economic progress, quality of life, commerce and industry in the Pleasant Grove community through the principles of partnership, education and networking. In short, we assist businesses in building a better community. The Chamber is involved in many different programs and initiatives that accomplish that goal. For example, the Chamber is excited to partner with Pleasant Grove City in welcoming all new residents and businesses by providing a “Welcome Bag” full of gifts and information about local businesses. We also provide monthly luncheons and other events designed to provide

business skills training and business knowledge as well as opportunities to meet new business leaders and build meaningful relationships. Better business leaders build better businesses, better businesses build better opportunities for employees and customers, better opportunities build better communities, and better communities are a great place for business. The Chamber is doing its part in accelerating that cycle here in Pleasant Grove. Recently, the Chamber has made some meaningful adjustments to its membership levels in order to create greater value for member businesses and more support for the general business community. We not only provide a close-knit network of business leaders, but we also provide additional avenues for business promotion and marketing, increased online tools for small and large businesses,

David Larson

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BMW of Pleasant Grove 2111 West Grove Parkway Pleasant Grove, Utah 84062 1-801-443-2000

and opportunities for professional development and skills enhancement. Our membership levels are detailed at www. I encourage you to become acquainted with the Pleasant Grove Chamber of Commerce – get involved in your community. You can be a part of the Chamber’s efforts to make a difference. Chamber membership is a valuable way to serve the community, reach new clients, receive beneficial training, meet other business leaders and strengthen your business.

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Pleasant Grove downtown evolving With the renovation of historic buildings and the opening of more businesses, Pleasant Grove’s historic downtown area is gaining new life, a trend that is expected to continue. “It’s exciting to see more options for residents to come downtown and enjoy eating and shopping and having a good time in the heart of the city,” said David Larson, executive director of the Pleasant Grove Chamber of Commerce. A collection of restaurants has been attracted to the area in recent years, with Cocolito’s Mexican Restaurant and Firebird Pizza and Pasta locating in a remodeled building and the Cravings - Alisha’s Cupcakes shop opening just up the block. Cravings Bistro has moved to Pleasant Grove’s downtown, and other restaurants are eyeing the area as well, Larson said. “My take on the downtown is it’s really revitalizing. There’s new stores, new shops, and in some ways it’s becoming somewhat of a downtown dining district,” Larson said.

Ken Young, Pleasant Grove’s community development director, said when he began working for the city eight years ago, the downtown seemed like it was dying. In the last few years, however, more businesses have moved into the area, including boutique shops. “It feels like it’s bringing in a new feel of economic vitality into downtown, and I just believe and hope that that will continue to grow,” Young said. The city has been encouraging growth and development in the downtown area for quite some time, he said. A downtown action plan was created after he joined the city staff that put goals in place for things that could be done downtown. “There’s been thought by the city about involving the public and getting the word out there that, hey, we want to look at downtown and get some excitement down there,” Young said. “It does appear that after that time was when we started seeing more things happen.” TestOut, a company that helps students obtain certifications in the information technology industry, opened its





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doors in 1991 and moved to a location in Pleasant Grove’s downtown area in 1994. TestOut has owned several buildings in downtown Pleasant Grove for years, but the business’s growth both domestically and internationally led TestOut’s sister company, Mount Franklin Holdings, to purchase more last summer. The company now owns most of the buildings on the west side of Main Street between Center Street and 100 South as well as a few other structures nearby. Renovations have been completed on some of the buildings and more renovations are planned for the future. The plan is for TestOut to occupy the majority of the space, but space may be leased to other businesses as well. For example, Cravings Bistro found its new home in one of the renovated buildings. Noel Vallejo, founder and owner of TestOut, said Pleasant Grove’s family-oriented atmosphere and emphasis on education have made it a good fit for his company. TestOut anticipates being part of the community for many years to come. “We feel like there’s kind of a renewal of the downtown going on, and we enjoy seeing that and seeing it restored as a little bit more of a business center for the community,” he said. Young said the city hopes to eventually construct new

New businesses and renovated buildings are helping rejuvenate Pleasant Grove’s historic downtown area.

government buildings downtown including new police and fire departments, a new city hall, a new library and an arts performance venue. These projects would add to the revitalization of the downtown area. There are also plans for additional residential opportunities and development in the area. While it might not happen overnight, changes and improvements will likely continue to happen downtown. “I think there’s good momentum already going and I think we will see more of it,” Young said.

Let your voice be heard with Rimrock Telecom Since 1997, Rimrock Telecom has provided excellent Avaya phone systems and unmatched service to Utah, Oklahoma, and Southern California. They serve “anyone with a telephone on their desk”, whether that means three or three hundred phones. For them, a sale is never done. After they have sold and installed the equipment, they provide the customer with a 1 year, full service warranty, which includes training, maintenance, and support. This is provided at no additional cost. They

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Macey’s is Pleasant Grove Business of the Year Since opening its doors in Pleasant Grove in 2002, Macey’s grocery store has been offering a high level of service to local residents and giving back to the community through donations to area events and organizations. It’s this commitment to the community that led Macey’s of Pleasant Grove to receive the Pleasant Grove Chamber of Commerce’s 2013 Business of the Year Award. Customer service is key at Macey’s, and the store tries to go the extra mile when it comes to greeting and helping its shoppers. “What we would like our employees to do is to greet each guest and not be afraid to say hello to them. We want our guests to feel welcome,” said Jared Young, store director of the Pleasant Grove Macey’s. Employees are asked to escort customers to items they are looking for instead of just describing where to find the items. The store’s experts in its various areas such as the meat department and the bakery are happy to consult with customers on what items they may need for a dinner or party and how much of an item they might need to purchase. The store consistently supports community activities such as the city’s safety fair and Strawberry Days celebration.

Each year, Macey’s hosts the safety fair in its parking lot, and the store has helped with obtaining strawberries for the city celebration and selling tickets for Strawberry Days events. “It’s important to us because we want to be able to give back to the community,” Young said. Through its School Cents program, Macey’s allows customers with a purchase account to assign their purchases to a specific school, and the school that accumulates the most sales gets a portion of that amount donated to it. “It’s just a way that we can partner with schools in our community and help give some money back that way,” he said. The store is honored to have been chosen for the chamber’s top award. “It’s really a credit to the team members that work here in the store and the professionalism with which they go about their business and the level of guest service that they provide,” Young said. “It’s those team members on the front line that really make this store as great as it is.”

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Orem: 1376 North State St. 801.222.9006

Pleasant Grove: 475 East State Rd 801.492.8200

Provo: 2230 N. Freedom Blvd 801.426.0150

Spanish Fork: (Future Location) 99 N. Main Street 18

14-04 Rock Canyon Half Page Chamber Ad.indd 1

4/17/14 8:22 PM

PG Promenade, each week is unique Every Thursday evening during the summer, a Pleasant Grove park fills with people enjoying music, food, and activities - but while the location and time are the same, each Thursday event offers a completely different experience. Welcome to the Pleasant Grove Promenade, which will begin on June 26, 2014, and continue each Thursday through Sept. 4. Held in the Historic Downtown Park at 100 S. Main in Pleasant Grove, this weekly event provides an opportunity to spend a pleasant summer evening browsing booths with food, craft items and local produce for sale while enjoying entertainment by local performers. The booths open at 5 p.m., and live entertainment begins at 6 p.m. Local bands and performers are featured on stage, and activities designed for children are available. Admission is free and the activities continue until dark. Started as a way to bring people to Pleasant Grove’s downtown area and to feature local businesses, the Promenade has grown to become a city-sponsored event that’s centered on providing families a chance to spend time together enjoying dinner and entertainment. Now in its seventh year, the Promenade has become a Pleasant Grove tradition. What makes the Promenade unique, however, is

that each week has its own theme, meaning that residents can expect a different experience each time they attend. For example, on Aug. 28 residents attending the Promenade will be able to enjoy what is typically the largest draw of the summer: the Classic Car Show. Classic car enthusiasts will bring their hot rods and historic automobiles to the park where the public will be able to view them up close. July 3 will be Freedom Day, with activities honoring the men and women of the United States military. Different vendors attend each week, and the entertainment will be different as well. For more information visit

Contestants compete in the pie-eating contest.


2013 Business of the Year Maceys 2013 Business Person of the Year Josh Walker, Walker Productions 2013 New Business of the Year American Fork Modern Dentistry and Orthodontics 2013 Educator of the Year Trevor Manning, Pleasant Grove Junior High School 2013 Community Service Award Former Mayor Bruce Call


Business of the Year: Allred’s Ace Hardware Stone Gate Center for the Arts TestOut Business Person of the Year: Melissa Carbajal, deBlakeland Consulting Noel Vallejo, TestOut New Business of the Year: Integral Biotechnology Educator of the Year: Chelsea Nelson, Manila Elementary School Jenny Sumsion, Mt. Mahogany Elementary School Zack Nelson, Grovecrest Elementary School Community Service Award: Duane Atkinson Melissa Carbajal


Networking, service at Women in Business Local businesswomen are finding a place to network and a place to serve in North Utah County Women in Business, an organization sponsored by the American Fork Area Chamber of Commerce. Formed about 10 years ago, this group holds meetings on the fourth Wednesday of every month, providing opportunities for its members to share ideas and learn how to grow and manage both their businesses and their personal lives. The group also hosts two conferences each year. “We want to be supportive of women trying to succeed,” said Debby Lauret, executive director of the American Fork Area Chamber. Each May, the organization participates in the Women in Business Conference, which also includes members of the Women in Business Network, an organization affiliated with the Utah Valley Chamber of Commerce, and Women in Business South Utah County, which operates under the umbrella of the Spanish Fork-Salem Chamber of Commerce. This one-day conference includes speakers and vendor tables highlighting various businesses. In November, North Utah County Women in Business hosts its WISE Conference, which stands for Women in

Service Excellence. Each year, a charity is selected and a service project conducted to benefit that charity. Past projects have included filling Christmas stockings for a food bank and making blankets specially designed with various fabrics and textures to help stimulate the minds of patients with Alzheimer’s. “We are always looking for ways to support the communities in which we live with programs like our WISE Conference and supporting community events and service opportunities sponsored by our local chambers of commerce,” said Dannette Klein, president of North Utah County Women in Business. Women interested in being part of the North Utah County Women in Business organization can join either by paying an additional $20 if they’re already a member of the American Fork Area Chamber of Commerce or by paying $50 to just join Women in Business. This year’s Women in Business Conference will be held on May 15 at Stone Gate Center for the Arts in Pleasant Grove. Visit for more information.

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• Obstetrics • Gynecology • Ultrasound • Annual Wellness Exams • Wellness Care • Infertility & Other Reproductive Care

• Contraceptive Counseling • Menopause Care • In-Office Procedures: Endometrial Ablations, Tubal Ligations ** Se Habla Espanol


Free intitial consults (Not including exams)

PLUS Free pregnancy tests 48 North 1100 East, Suite A, American Fork, UT 84003 Mark T. Saunders, M.D., FACOG

Come experience personalized care with your own personal obstetrician

801.692.1429 21

To all those who live here, to those who work here, to those visiting and to those yet to come, welcome to American Fork City! American Fork boasts of its ideal location. It is located 30 miles south of Salt Lake City and 15 miles northwest of Provo. It is bordered by Utah Lake on the south and by the Wasatch Mountains on the east. American Fork reflects an ideal urban community with excellent schools, quiet, friendly neighborhoods, and a growing number of businesses providing jobs and convenient shopping opportunities. American Fork’s population is about 28,000. As American Fork grows, it continues to maintain that small-town feel with all the big-city amenities. The citizens of American Fork have a great deal of pride in their city and in being friendly and service-oriented. American Fork is fortunate to have a generous number of volunteers that make the community what it is today. Whether it is organizing our annual Steel Days celebration, fundraising to increase the library collections, serving on the city’s Parks and Recreation Committee to enhance open space and recreational opportunities, spending time tutoring students at the Bryan McKay Eddington Learning Center, working to preserve our history as a Historical Commis-

sion board member, spending time planning and organizing various arts and cultural events, or serving on the Planning Commission to ensure that developments are carefully planned and provide the most for our community, our residents get the job done. Our hospital, American Fork Hospital – Intermountain Healthcare, has been committed to serving the medical needs of our community since 1937. It serves the residents of northern Utah County from Lindon to Point of the Mountain. We are fortunate to have a hospital in our community that offers the most advanced technology, highly skilled physicians and a complete staff of experienced health care professionals. They are committed to serving the health care needs of you and your family. Since 1903, American Fork has been a community known for strong public education systems with the building of the Harrington Elementary School, which was among the first wave of public schools built in Utah. This tradition of strong public education continues today. American Fork is home to the Alpine School District, which serves 14 communities with 73,000 students and more than 7,000 employees. American Fork City government is committed to delivering the highest quality public services to the community.

Why Us? •A holistic team approach •Emphasis on injury prevention, disease prevention, and wellness •Extensive gym equipment and aquatic therapy •Pre-surgical education and treatment to optimize surgery results •Actively participating in current research topics •All insurances accepted including Medicare

Seth Kelson

Jeremy Branch

Ian Blatter





American Fork Location

Orem Location

Orem Location

American Fork & Orem Locations


James Reichman

We are constantly striving to ensure that American Fork remains a welcoming, livable and attractive environment for all our residents, businesses and visitors. As mayor, I welcome you to our city and invite you to discover the many great things American Fork has to offer. There is much more to who we are, whether you are living the American Fork life and discovering its many attributes or planning to make American Mayor James H. Hadfield Fork home for yourself, your family or your business. I am proud to call American Fork my home and encourage you to join me. Spend a day indulging in our exceptional recreational, cultural and shopping opportunities, start or grow your businesses in our flourishing business districts, or become a permanent member of our extraordinary community. Again, welcome to American Fork City! Mayor James. H. Hadfield

AMERICAN FORK CITY INFO MAYOR: James H. Hadfield CITY COUNCIL MEMBERS: Carlton Bowen Brad Frost Robert Shelton Jeffrey Shorter Clark Taylor

CITY HALL: 51 E. Main (801) 763-3000 CITY OFFICE HOURS: Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. CITY WEBSITE:

UTILITIES: (801) 763-3000

AFTER HOURS EMERGENCY CONTACTS: Water: (801) 404-1253 Streets: (801) 404-1255 Parks: (801) 404-1257 Sewer/Storm Drain: (801) 404-7167 Fire (non-emergency): (801) 763-3045 Police (non-emergency): (801) 763-3020 Senior Center: (801) 763-3090 Animal Control: (801) 763-3020 Park Reservations: (801) 763-3000 Street Care/Signs: (801) 763-3050




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American Fork Area & Pleasant Grove Chambers of Commerce Monthly Events:

Business After Hours is the third Wednesday after work. Location varies. Networking breakfast is the fourth Friday at 7:30 a.m. location varies Pleasant Grove Concerts in the Park are held at the Pleasant Grove Community Center


Through May 12 (Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Mondays: “The Foreigner,” 7:30 p.m., Pleasant Grove Players, Keith Christeson Little Theater May 2: Am. Fork Chamber Spring Golf Tournament at Fox Hollow May 6: Joint Chamber Luncheon with Attorney General Sean Reyes May 9 & 10: Timpanogos Symphony Orchestra concert, 7:30 p.m.,

Timberline Middle School, Alpine May 10: Timpanogos Chorale concert, 7:30 p.m., American Fork Junior High School May 15: Women in Business and Wellness Conference May 21: Tri Chamber Business After Hours Networking May 23: Tri Chamber Early Risers Networking Breakfast


June 2: *Pleasant Grove Concert in the Park, 7:30 p.m. Pleasant Grove Orchestra June 5: Pl. Grove Chamber Business Luncheon June 9: *Pleasant Grove Concert in the Park, 7:30 p.m. Utah Children’s Choir June 12: American Fork Chamber Luncheon June 15-21: Pleasant Grove Strawberry Days June 16: *Pleasant Grove Concert in the Park, 7:30 p.m. -

382 W. Center St. • Orem 24

Joy Lloyd (organ) June 18-21: Pleasant Grove Strawberry Days Rodeo June 18: Tri Chamber Business After Hours Networking June 20 & 21: Timpanogos Symphony Orchestra concert, 7:30 p.m., Timberline Middle School, Alpine June 23-28: Cedar Hills Family Festival June 23: Pleasant Grove Concert in the Park, 7:30 p.m. - Kenny Favero (contemporary pop) June 26: Women in Business luncheon June 26-Sept. 4: Pleasant Grove Promenade (Thursday evenings, 5 to dusk, Historic Downtown Park June 27: Tri Chamber Early Risers Networking Breakfast June 30: Pleasant Grove Concert in the Park,7:30 p.m. - Funeral Potatoes (variety)


July 3: Pl. Grove Chamber Business Luncheon July 7: Pleasant Grove Concert in the Park, 7:30 p.m. - Bluegrass Thunder July 10: Am. Fork Chamber Luncheon July 10: Pl. Grove Chamber Day at PG Promenade July 12-19: American Fork City Steel Days July 14: American Fork Symphony pops concert, 7 p.m., American Fork Amphitheater July 14: Pleasant Grove Concert in the Park, 7:30 p.m. - Buskars and Doc Taylor (folk) July 16: Tri Chamber Business After Hours Networking July 19: Am. Fork Chamber Steak Fry July 21: Pleasant Grove Concert in the Park, 7:30 p.m. - Bittersweet Bluegrass July 23: Women in Business luncheon July 24, 25 & 26: American Fork Youth Theater Summer Program presents “Seussical Jr.” July 25: Tri Chamber Early Risers Networking Breakfast

July 26-Aug. 1: Highland Fling, Highland July 28: Pleasant Grove Concert in the Park, 7:30 p.m. - Walker Brothers (men’s quartet)

Networking Breakfast Oct. 25: Am. Fork Chamber Halloween 5K Fun Run Oct. 31: Am. Fork Chamber Downtown Trick or Treat



Aug. 2-9: Alpine City Days Aug. 4: Pleasant Grove Concert in the Park, 7:30 p.m. - Shane Lee Band (country) Aug. 7: Chamber Joint Luncheon Aug. 11: *Pleasant Grove Concert in the Park, 7:30 p.m. - Utah Valley Young Voices Aug. 14: Tri Chamber Event Aug. 18: Pleasant Grove Concert in the Park, 7:30 p.m. - Hunt Family (variety) Aug. 20: Tri Chamber Business After Hours Networking Aug. 27: Women in Business Luncheon Aug. 29: Tri Chamber Early Risers Networking Breakfast


Sept. 4: Pl. Grove Chamber Business Luncheon Sept. 4: Last night of Pl. Grove Promenade Sept. 5: American Fork Chamber Business Classic Golf tournament at Thanksgiving Point Sept. 11: Am. Fork Chamber luncheon Sept. 13: Pleasant Grove Jubilee Sept. 17: Tri Chamber Business After Hours Networking Sept. 24: Women in Business Luncheon Sept. 24: Pleasant Grove Chamber Golf Tournament Sept. 26: Tri Chamber Early Risers Networking Breakfast

Nov. 4: Election Day Nov. 4: Annual Tri-Chamber Bowling Social Nov. 6: WISE Conference Nov. 19: Tri Chamber Business After Hours Networking


Dec. 4: Annual Holiday Concert Dec. 5: Holiday Am. Fork & PG Chambers luncheon Dec. 17: Pl. Grove Chamber Business After Hours Networking Dec. 18: Women in Business Holiday Luncheon with WBN


Jan. 8: Pl. Grove Chamber Business Luncheon

Jan. 8: Am. Fork Chamber Business Luncheon Jan. 21: Tri Chamber Business After Hours Networking Jan. 23: Tri Chamber Early Risers Networking Breakfast


Feb. 5: Pl. Grove Chamber Business Luncheon Feb. 12: Am. Fork Chamber Business Luncheon Feb. 18: Tri Chamber Business After Hours Networking Feb. 27: Tri Chamber Early Risers Networking Breakfast

MARCH 2015

March 3: Joint Chamber Luncheon March 18: Tri Chamber Business After Hours Networking March 27: Tri Chamber Early Risers Networking Breakfast

The Peppermint Place has a variety of different candies. From chocolate covered Oreos to lollipops and old fashioned candy sticks. The Peppermint Place can satisfy all of your candy cravings. The Peppermint Place also features observation windows and live stream feeds of our factory where you can watch decorators and candy makers creating sweet treats!


Oct. 2: Pl. Grove Chamber Business Luncheon Oct. 9: Am. Fork Chamber luncheon Oct. 15: Tri Chamber After Hours Networking Oct. 22: Women in Business Luncheon Oct. 24: Tri Chamber Early Risers



Alpine City is located at the northern end of Utah County in an area protectively surrounded by the beautiful mountain peaks of the Wasatch Range. Alpine began in the mid-1800s as a farming community; the high mountains on the north and east, the rolling hills on the west and the running streams of water made it an ideal location for cattle. The Utah Legislature granted a charter on Jan. 19, 1855, to Alpine, which became the 17th city in the Utah Territory. The name Alpine was suggested by Brigham Young, president of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, because the mountains reminded him of the Swiss Alps. Today, Alpine is a close-knit community of about 10,000 people with residents who enjoy the great pioneer legacy left to them. Traditions established in the past still live on today. People are willing to put forth special effort to help preserve and keep the city a wonderful and peaceful place to live. Alpine residents can enjoy the beauty of the city’s location through visiting the city parks. Lambert Park is a 260acre natural park with trails for mountain bikes and horseback riding. Children can enjoy the splash pad in Creekside Park. The area’s history is memorialized in Moyle Park,

ALPINE CITY INFO MAYOR: Don Watkins CITY COUNCIL MEMBERS: Kimberly Bryant Lon Lott Roger Bennett Troy Stout Will Jones

CITY HALL: 20 N. Main (801) 756-6347 CITY OFFICE HOURS: Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. UTILITIES: (801) 756-6347

OTHER IMPORTANT DEPARTMENTS Fire (Lone Peak Fire District): (801) 763-5365 Police (Lone Peak Police Department): (801) 756-9800 Animal Control: (801) 756-9800 Park Reservations: (801) 756-6347 ext. 1

which is home to a museum, a picnic pavilion and children’s playground. The city holds the weeklong celebration of Alpine Days each summer with events ranging from a rodeo to storytelling, a 5K run, a downtown parade, a basketball tournament and a family picnic.

Auto repair shop helps customers make informed decisions Before recommending any service, Rod Martin asks himself one question: “Would I recommend this to one of my family members?” His parents live 550 miles away in Oregon, so he can’t personally work on their cars. When Rod and his wife, Kimberly, started World Class Auto Repair almost 10 years ago, they wanted their shop to be the one that would treat its customers like he would like his parents to be treated. Rod knows that a lot of people don’t have extra money for unexpected repairs and maintenance on their cars, so he helps his customers prioritize their car’s issues so that they can plan better to schedule future repairs and maintenance. He trains his technicians to always do a bumper to bumper visual inspection on every car that comes in, no matter what the person comes in for, so they can help their customers make the best informed decisions they can. They have the distinction of being the area’s only AAA approved auto repair shop, with 11 bays to take care of a variety of auto problems, from alignments


to engine replacements, or even just to get the oil changed. Above all, Rod and Kimberly live in American Fork and hope that their love for the area shows in their work. Rod gives back to the community as a member of the local Rotary Club and as a sponsor Rod Martin of the American Fork High School football team. Check out their monthly specials online:

The city of Cedar Hills was incorporated in 1977, taking its name from the cedar trees growing in the area. However, settlers began making their homes in the area between 1849 and 1850. The area was used for dry farming and livestock and later for turkey farming. Cedar Hills is nestled between the slopes of majestic Mt. Timpanogos and Utah Valley on gentle hills that once served as the shoreline of Lake Bonneville, giving residents beautiful mountain, lake and valley views. This bedroom community offers a quiet, relaxing place in a rural setting where residents can raise their families. The topography of the city varies widely, but with some points below 5,280 feet above sea level and some above, the city claims its altitude at 5,280 and so considers itself Utah’s Mile-High City. One of the holes (No. 14) at the 18-hole Cedar Hills Golf Club is named Mile-High because it is actually at 5,280 feet above sea level. Located at the mouth of American Fork Canyon, Cedar Hills offers quick access to canyon recreation as well as many parks and an extensive pedestrian trail system. The city’s five public parks include Heritage Park, which is home to an amphitheater, pavilion, volleyball court and Frisbee golf course. Each year this community of 10,000 comes together for its Family Festival, a week-long celebration featuring a golf tournament, family fun run, carnival, parade and fireworks.

CEDAR HILLS CITY INFO MAYOR: Gary Gygi CITY COUNCIL MEMBERS: Trent J. Augustus Rob Crawley Mike Geddes Jenney Rees Daniel Zappala

CITY HALL: 10246 N. Canyon Rd (801) 785-9668 CITY OFFICE HOURS: Monday - Thursday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Fridays, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. CITY WEBSITE:

UTILITIES: (801) 785-9668 OTHER IMPORTANT DEPARTMENTS Fire (Lone Peak Fire District): (801) 763-5365 Police: American Fork Police Dept. (801) 763-3020 Non-emergency dispatch (24-hour service): (801) 851-4100 Park reservations: (801) 785-9668 ext. 100 Community Recreation Center: (801) 785-9668 ext. 300

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Founded by members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints who began settling the area in the 1870s, Highland City still maintains the atmosphere of family-oriented living that those pioneers brought with them more than a century ago. Residents enjoy the quiet, outside-of-the-city atmosphere that Highland provides despite being located just 20 minutes from Salt Lake City and 20 minutes from Provo. When searching for somewhere to spend time with and raise their families, many people find that location in Highland. Our city is known for its large home lots; this open space contributes to Highland’s peaceful, country feeling as do the city’s network of trails and parks and close proximity to the Wasatch Mountains and American Fork Canyon. Residents have a wide variety of outdoor recreation opportunities just outside their doors including the Murdock Canal Trail, which connects multiple Utah County communities and allows walking, jogging, bike riding and horseback riding. The city’s Highland Glen Park offers more than 80 acres of green space including a pond where residents can fish and children can take fishing lessons. With Utah State Highway 92 running


through the city, Highland is the gateway to American Fork Canyon with its camping and hiking opportunities and the famous Timpanogos Cave, which attracts thousands of visitors per year. The city has a growing business district and is eager to see new businesses open their doors in the area. Shopping opportunities are not limited, however, as residents are only a few minutes away from major retail shopping areas and employment opportunities. Youth are able to receive a high-quality education in the city through the schools of Alpine School District, and those seeking higher education have several nearby options including Brigham Young University and Utah Valley University. Many employees of these institutions of higher learning have found homes in Highland; in fact, Highland City is collecting people from all over the world as they are drawn to Utah Valley’s educational opportunities and end up staying in the area and moving to Highland to raise their families. Through cooperative agreements with surrounding cities, Highland is able to provide full fire, police and ambulance service to residents. The city also worked with

other cities to develop the North County Equestrian Park, making this park available to Highland residents. Those interested in the arts can enjoy local music and theater groups as well as a wide variety of arts classes taught by professional-level artists. In the summer, Highland residents commemorate the Scottish heritage of Highland settlers with Highland Fling Days, a week-long celebration full of activities from traditional Scottish competition events to a baby contest, a rodeo, a youth dance, a parade and fireworks. Mayor Mark S. Thompson The quality of life is high in Highland, with something for everyone to enjoy. We invite all to explore and enjoy the family-oriented atmosphere that has attracted approximately 16,000 people to call Highland their home. Mayor Mark S. Thompson

HIGHLAND CITY INFO MAYOR: Mark S. Thompson CITY COUNCIL MEMBERS: Brian Braithwaite Dennis LeBaron Tim Irwin Jessie Schoenfeld Rod Mann

CITY HALL: 5400 W. Civic Center Dr., Suite 1 (801) 756-5751

Outlets at Traverse Mountain 3700 N. Cabelas Blvd • Space 252


BUY 3 GET 1 FREE Caramel Apple!

Free apple of equal or lesser value. Exp 1/31/15. Valid only at Traverse Mountain Location. 801-901-1323 Not valid with any other offer. Minimum 1 free apple per coupon. Coupon must be presented at time of purchase.

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Before Sales Tax. Exp 1/31/15. Valid only at Traverse Mountain Location. 801-901-1323 Not valid with any other offer. Coupon must be presented at time of purchase.

CITY OFFICE HOURS: Monday - Thursday, 7:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. Closed Fridays. UTILITIES: (801) 756-5751

OTHER IMPORTANT DEPARTMENTS After-hours utilities emergencies: (801) 420-2553 Fire (Lone Peak Fire District): (801) 763-5365 Lone Peak Police Department: (801) 756-9800 Park pavilion rentals: (801) 772-4523 Senior citizens: (801) 772-4523 City building rentals: (801) 772-4523

Allie Humphrey & Matt Canaday, Owners


I love Pleasant Grove. I love living in Pleasant Grove, working in Pleasant Grove, and serving as the mayor of Pleasant Grove. I love these things because it is such a great community, full of core services and wonderful life-enriching amenities. I believe that Pleasant Grove is such a great place because it is full of great people. Pleasant Grove residents expect an equal level of greatness from their city officials. We work every day to meet, and exceed, that expectation. Our vision is to become the best-run city in the state. The only way we can accomplish that vision is to meet the needs of the residents. As a city we have many needs that require time and money – public safety, roads, sanitation and economic development – as well as amenities that make all of our lives better. We cannot afford all of these needs at once. As citizens and officials, we must work together to first identify and then prioritize our needs. We are currently experiencing wonderful economic growth throughout the city. Businesses of all sizes are deciding to locate in Pleasant Grove and provide additional goods and services to our residents. We must continue to build upon our economic foundation and grow the tax base so fundamental to generating the funds required to

fully meet our needs. We will continue to see progress in this area. Each day we are further down the path described above. Each day we are improving the quality of life and business in Pleasant Grove. I look forward to working more with you to prioritize, and meet, our various needs within the community. Of course, simply discussing needs is only the Mayor Michael W. Daniels first step; we must then work consistently to address them. Benjamin Franklin observed that, “Well done is better than well said.” We want to be a community of doers. As we work toward the future, let us also take advantage of the wonderful opportunities available today. I hope that you will take advantage of the many benefits

WE PROVIDE: • Par 72, 18 Holes of golf that will provide you with a fun and challenging golf experience. • Full service practice facility including a large lighted driving range, puting green, paractice bunker, and grass tees. • Full service clubhouse including: pro shop, snack bar, and advance online tee times. • Annual Season Passes • Corporate Passes • Weddings, Luncheons and Corporate Events CALL NOW TO BOOK YOUR TEE TIME OR RESERVE YOUR EVENT AT FOX HOLLOW GOLF CLUB.


that come with being surrounded by great people, great businesses and great geography here in Pleasant Grove. There are many wonderful things to do and be a part of here – the opportunities are endless. Michael W. Daniels Mayor Pleasant Grove City

PLEASANT GROVE CITY INFO MAYOR: Michael W. Daniels CITY COUNCIL MEMBERS: Dianna Andersen Cindy Boyd Cyd LeMone Jay Meacham Ben Stanley

CITY HALL: 70 S. 100 East (801) 785-5045 CITY OFFICE HOURS: Monday - Thursday, 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Fridays: 8 a.m. to noon. Closed Holidays and Weekends

OTHER IMPORTANT DEPARTMENTS Police Department: (801) 785-3506 Fire Department: (801) 796-9496 Senior Citizens: (801) 785-2818 Library: (801) 785-3950 Parks Department: (801) 785-7275 Recreation Department: (801) 785-6172 Veterans Memorial Pool: (801) 785-9660

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13 N. Merchant St. American Fork

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New PG position over library, the arts A newly formed position in Pleasant Grove City has responsibility for the growth, development and improvement of both the city’s library and its arts programs. Sheri Britsch, Pleasant Grove City’s new library and arts director, began her job in January of 2014. She oversees all operations at the Pleasant Grove City Library and is also over the city’s cultural and arts programs including the Historic Preservation Committee, Center Stage Youth Performers, Pleasant Grove Orchestra, Pleasant Grove Players, Utah Children’s Choir, Concerts in the Park, Visual Arts and the Pleasant Grove Arts Commission. She’s also involved with festivals such as Strawberry Days and the Pleasant Grove Jubilee.“I think Pleasant Grove has so much talent and it’s fantastic that the city supports it and encourages it,” Britsch said. The arts used to be managed by the city’s leisure director, who also had responsibility for the city’s cemetery, playgrounds and sports programs. The arts were eventually split away from that position; the city’s previous library director served as Pleasant Grove’s culture and arts director for about six months before she retired. When Britsch was hired, she was given the new title of library and arts director.

Most of her time is spent as library director. Britsch’s office is in the Pleasant Grove City Library, and she is working to help the library grow and modernize. Furniture obtained from a University Mall store that was going out of business has provided opportunities to display new books and other collections, and new furniture has also been used to create a fun area for teens. Plans for the near future include moving the children’s books downstairs. “Right now we have books but not really a place for kids to get on the floor and look at the books,” Britsch said. The downstairs space is an open area with a curtain divider that can be pulled out to divide the space. The plan is to create a children’s collections area on one side and a programming area on the other that can be expanded if necessary by removing the curtain. To make the move possible, the library has been working with students at Brigham Young University to design a book elevator which will be installed in the library. As part of her arts-related duties, Britsch has been meeting with the various organizations in her charge to hear their plans and concerns as well as helping with scheduling and serving as a liaison between the organizations and the city.

A New Community Hospital for Utah County IASIS Healthcare is excited to announce the construction of a new full-service community hospital for the residents of northern Utah County. The 28 acre campus is located on the east side of I-15 across the freeway from Thanksgiving Point. Mountain Point Medical Center will offer a comprehensive range of services, close to home, to include: • • • • •

Full-service 24/7 emergency department 40 medical/surgical beds Labor and delivery suites Women’s and children’s services Surgical suites

• • • •

Intensive care unit Cardiac catheterization lab Diagnostic imaging and full-service laboratory Medical office building with comprehensive physician services

Building a Healthy Community Together for Utah County. Learn more and follow our construction progress by visiting


Chorale members to sing in national festival Members of the American Forkbased Timpanogos Chorale are leaving Utah Valley in May to join a larger collection of singers from around the country and sing in a national patriotic festival at the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington, D.C. More than 300 voices, including 23 from the Timpanogos Chorale, will perform in the 2014 National Memorial Day Choral Festival on Sunday, May 25. Founded in 2008 with a hope of attracting more attention to the true meaning of the Memorial Day holiday, the festival annually attracts choirs who join together to sing about America’s past and present heroes. This year’s program of patriotic music will be led by Dr. Craig Jessop, the festival’s artistic director and the former music director of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. Cheri Christensen, program manager for the Timpanogos Chorale, said the chorale had to audition for the honor of participating the festival. Chorale members will leave on Friday, May 23, and spend two days with the other choirs rehearsing the approximately 15 pieces they will sing in the festival concert. There will be soloists at the concert and accompaniment by a full orchestra. “Our choir isn’t that large and to be part of a 300-plus person choir is an entirely different sound, it’s a different experience,” Christensen said. The Timpanogos Chorale was established more than 50 years ago as a church choir. When that choir was disbanded, the members decided to keep the choir going as a community organization. It currently rehearses once a week for two hours, although those going to Washington, D.C., are having extra rehearsals to prepare. The chorale performs two concerts per year and averages about 50 members. Chorale members volunteer their time to participate and despite holding a few fundraisers, those traveling to Wash-

ington, D.C., had to come up with most of the trip’s funding themselves. The choir has traveled inside and outside of Utah in the past to perform, but hasn’t done so in recent years. “It’s just a Members of the Timpanogos Chorale perform in concert. grand adventure. accompaniment by the Herriman ComEveryone’s really munity Orchestra, on Saturday, May excited about it,” Christensen said. 10. The concert will be presented in Members of the choir participate the new auditorium at American Fork simply for the joy of creating music Junior High School, 20 W. 1120 North, and having an audience enjoy it. “It’s American Fork, at 7:30 p.m. General just the sheer fun of doing it,” Chrisadmission at the door is $5 per person, tensen said. $3 for senior citizens and students, and The Timpanogos Chorale will $15 per family. The choir is directed by perform its spring concert, which will Brett Rasmussen. For more informainclude several pieces being prepared tion, visit for the Washington, D.C., festival with

A Caring Vet, we care about your pet Dr. Eric Hansen runs his business by the motto: “We don’t just care for your pet, we care about your pet.” He feels that the name “A Caring Vet” sets his practice apart, but also creates an expectation to live up to. Dr. Hansen read the stories of James Herriot such as “All Things Bright and Beautiful” and “All Creatures Great and Small” growing up, and has fostered a love for all animals ever since. After graduating with honors from medical school, Dr. Hansen has been working with medicine for over twenty years, with ten years as a veterinarian. A Caring Vet, which opened in 2011 cares for animals of all types less


260 N. State Street #D • Lindon than 200 pounds: cats, dogs, birds, reptiles, amphibians, and more. They offer a full range of veterinary care, including lab work, surgery, imagery, and even dental care. In addition to Dr. Hansen’s work with exotic animals, he also has a particular interest helping animals with behavioral problems. Dr. Hansen also partners with various community groups to care for their animals, including the Utah Valley Kennel Club and Petsmart. Learn more about A Caring Vet at or on their Facebook page.



Timpanogos Arts Foundation (801) 763-3081 Highland City Arts Council P.O. Box 1464 American Fork, Utah 84003 (801) 756-9614 Pleasant Grove Arts Commission (801) 796-8575


Alpine Community Theater 277 W. Canyon Crest Road Alpine, Utah 84004 (801) 404-0736 9 month intro. rate

American Fork Theatre American Fork, Utah (801) 362-5140 American Fork Youth Theater American Fork, Utah (801) 368-5908 Center Stage Youth Performers P.O. Box 763 Pleasant Grove, Utah 84062 (801) 785-1977 On Broadway Music Theatre Academy 555 E. Main American Fork, Utah 84003 (801) 216-4625

PG Players Keith Christeson Little Theater Pleasant Grove Library 30 E. Center Pleasant Grove, Utah 84062 (801) 376-3081 Showtime Utah 20 S. Main Pleasant Grove, Utah 84062 (801) 636-9669


American Fork Children’s Choir/Ukelele Group American Fork, Utah (801) 492-6284 American Fork Symphony American Fork, Utah (801) 756-2330

Variable rate thereafter

Jump Into Spring with a Home Equity Loan from UCCU. Rates as low as

For more information visit Visit one of your local UCCU branches American Fork Branch 196 N. West State Rd. | 801.223.7689 Pleasant Grove Branch 105 E. State St. | 801.223.7570 *Limited time Home Equity Line of Credit 1.99% fixed Annual Percentage Rate (APR) offer applies to the nine-month introductory period. After the nine-month introductory period, the APR will vary with the Prime Rate as published in the Wall Street Journal. As of April 14, 2014, the variable rate without the discount would be 3.75% APR. The rate will not vary above 18% APR nor below 3.75% APR. Offer is subject to change without notice and requires normal credit approval. Introductory rate cannot be combined with any other loan offer or cash back rebate. Property insurance is required. Consult your tax advisor regarding the deductibility of interest. Fee reimbursement for appraisal and title work apply if loan is paid off within 24-months of the note date. NMLS # 407653. Equal Housing Lender. Federally insured by NCUA.


Caleb Chapman Music 555 E. Main Suite A American Fork, Utah 84003 (801) 763-0200 Pleasant Grove Orchestra Pleasant Grove, Utah (801) 922-4524 Timpanogos Chorale (801) 885-3409 Timpanogos Symphony Orchestra P.O. Box 1103 American Fork, Utah 84003 (801) 210-2466

Wasatch Winds Symphonic Band American Fork, Utah (801) 380-4894


Aspire Dance Academy 90 S. Main Pleasant Grove, Utah 84062 (801) 471-5125 The Dance Conservatory 555 E. Main Suite G American Fork, Utah 84003 (801) 692-1422 The Pointe 10981 N 5600 W Highland, Utah 84003


Alpine Art Center 450 S. Alpine Highway Alpine, Utah 84004 (801) 763-7173 DUP Relic Hall 50 N. Main Alpine, Utah 84004 (801) 756-3676 Moyle Park 770 N. 600 East Alpine, Utah 84004 (801) 756-1194 Thanksgiving Point 3003 N. Thanksgiving Way Lehi, Utah 84043 (801) 768-2300

Local doctor finding ways to improve your health Visiting a chiropractor usually means something has gone wrong and you are in pain, or you are looking for a better way to improve your health. The following is the experience of a Father who was in a car accident in which someone rear-ended him while he was stopped at a stoplight. Speaking of the incident he said, “My two young boys were also inside and hurting a great deal afterward. Fortunately for our family, we have been taken care of by Dr. Baird and his competent staff at Pinnacle Chiropractic. I had never been to a chiropractor before, and so felt nervous about it. Dr. Baird did an excellent job explaining not only what we would be doing, but also why we would be doing it. They have created a welcoming environment which was as enjoyable for my sons as it was for me. The staff treated them like friends and my sons couldn’t wait to come to their Monday appointments, also known as “cookie day”. They worked around our busy schedules, and set reasonable expectations. They periodically showed me my measurable progress, but even more than that,

I noticed my progress in how much better I felt in all aspects of my life. Dr. Baird discussed with me early on that they did not just want to get me back to where I was before the accident, but to actually improve my overall health. We worked not only to ease the pain, but also to rebuild and improve my strength to help prevent future injuries.” Through 10 years of seeing hundreds of patients, Dr. Baird is dedicated to use his experience in helping you as you seek solutions to your healthcare needs; he does this by pinpointing the cause of the problem and then explaining different options for your care. As you are looking for answers, Call Pinnacle Chiropractic and see what we can do for you. Mention this article and receive your initial consultation and exam for $27. 801-766-4741


Trevor Manning Pleasant Grove High School 2013 Educator of the Year Pleasant Grove Chamber of Commerce Enrollment in choirs at Pleasant Grove Junior High School has exploded during the past 10 years, with much of that growth due to Trevor Manning the work of PGHS choir teacher Trevor Manning. Named 2013 Educator of the Year by the Pleasant Grove Chamber of Commerce, Manning has made an already excellent program legendary. When he took over as choir director 10 years ago, he had 125 students in Intermediate and Advanced Choir; since then, that number has doubled to more than 300. Enrollment in Chamber Choir has tripled, and the school’s Advanced Women’s Choir was formed after enrollment in women’s choirs skyrocketed. The Men’s Chorus had about 35 students enrolled 10 years ago and was only available during one half of the year; this year, the chorus has 98 members and students have the option to take it all year long.

See EDUCATORS on page 38

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•Lehi Area Chamber Magazine May 2014



Apprenticeship Professions Automotive & Transportation Businsess Technology

•Orem Connection Graduation Issue May 2014


•American Fork Steel Days Magazine June 2014 •Highland Fling July 2014

Computer Technology Health Care Technology Manufacturing Service Professions

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Taken by Glenn Ricks at Glenn Ricks Photography

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•Lindon City Days July 2014



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Manning said he tries to foster an environment where students can both have fun and be successful. “It’s just been focusing on the students that are there and trying to teach them music that’s accessible and challenging and fun,” Manning said. “I feel like it’s been focusing on who’s there and trying to help them have a great experience.” To Manning, one of the strongest indicators that students were really enjoying his classes was when he started to see an increase in the number of students re-enrolling in choir after taking it in a prior grade. It’s one thing to enroll in a class after hearing it was good from another student; its more personal when a student chooses to return after having their own experience. Six different choir groups are currently offered to PGHS students: Advanced Women’s Choir, Chamber Choir, Men’s Chorus, Women’s Chorus, Beginning Girls Chorus and Beginning Boys Chorus. Manning said the students love variety, and he helps them experience a sampling of all types of music, from classical and folk songs to pop songs and music from movie soundtracks. Since music is only one of his many interests - for example, he also plays competitive racquetball and softball - he understands that students participate in other activities. He supports those activities and doesn’t demand that choir be the only important thing in their lives.





Spanish Fork

Thanksgiving Point


PUBLIC SCHOOLS Alpine School District 575 N. 100 East American Fork, Utah 84003 (801) 610-8400

Liahona Preparatory Academy (PK-12) and Liahona Distance Education (6-12) 2464 W. 450 South Pleasant Grove, Utah 84062 (801) 785-7850

American Fork High School 510 N. 600 East American Fork, Utah 84003 (801) 756-8547

LIBRARIES American Fork Library 64 S. 100 East American Fork, Utah 84003 (801) 763-3070 Hours: 9 a.m. - 9 p.m. Mon-Thurs, 10 a.m. - 6 p.m. Fri & Sat Closed Sundays.

Pleasant Grove High School 700 E. 200 South Pleasant Grove, Utah 84062 (801) 785-8700 Lone Peak High School 10189 N. 4800 West Highland, Utah 84003 (801) 717 4568 CHARTER SCHOOLS Aristotle Academy (K-8) 704 S. 600 East American Fork, Utah 84003 (801) 763-7286 Canyon Grove Academy (K-9) 588 W. 3300 North Pleasant Grove, UT 84062 John Hancock Charter School (K-8) 125 N. 100 East Pleasant Grove, Utah 84062 (801) 796-5646 Lincoln Academy (K-8) 1582 W. 3300 North Pleasant Grove, Utah 84062 (801) 756-2039 Mountainville Academy (K-8) 195 S. Main Alpine, Utah 84004 (801) 756-9805 Odyssey Charter School (K-6) 738 E. Quality Drive (700 South) American Fork, Utah 84003 (801) 492-8105 Pioneer High School for the Performing Arts (9-12) 555 E. Main American Fork, Utah 84003 (801) 768-8787 PRIVATE SCHOOLS American Heritage School (K-12) 736 N. 1100 East American Fork, Utah 84003 (801)642-0055

Highland City Library 5400 W. Civic Center Dr., Suite 2 Highland, Utah 84003 (801) 756-6903 Hours: 10 a.m. - 9 p.m. Mon-Thurs 10 a.m. - 6 p.m. Fri & Sat Closed Sundays. Pleasant Grove City Library 30 E. Center Pleasant Grove, Utah 84062 (801) 785-3950 Hours: 9 a.m. - 9 p.m. Mon-Thurs, 10 a.m. - 6 p.m. Fri & Sat Closed Sundays. Utah County Bookmobile (801) 489-4833 COLLEGES/UNIVERSITIES Brigham Young University Provo, Utah (801) 422-4636 Mountainland Applied Technology College 766 E. Bamberger Dr. American Fork, Utah 84003 (801) 753-6282 2301 W. Ashton Blvd. Lehi, UT 84043 Stevens-Henager College 1250 E. 200 South, Suite 1G Lehi, Utah 84043 (801) 768-7072 Utah Valley University 800 W. University Parkway Orem, Utah 84058 (801) 863-4636 COSMETOLOGY SCHOOLS The Forum Academy 36 N. 1100 East, Suite A American Fork, Utah 84003 (801) 763-1200 Mandalyn Academy 648 E. State Road, Suite B American Fork, Utah 84003 (801) 772-3131


•Strong Academic Curriculum •Specialized Teachers & Classrooms •Stage Performances •Art Projects Inspired by the Masters •Take-Home Reading Library •Hands-On Learning Activities

NOW OFFERING KINDERGARTEN! •Great option for those kids who missed the State’s age deadline •Small Class Sizes • Come See why Stepping Stones truly discovers the excellence in every child!


801-899-2278 886 West 2600 North • Pleasant Grove Stepping Stones Kindergarten & Preschool at Stone Gate Center for the Arts Just one mile east of the Mount Timpanogos Temple


SPACE MISSION FOR CHILD & PARENT AT DISCOVERY SPACE CENTER (A $50 Value. Newly enrolled students only.)

Already a student? Refer a friend and receive a $75 CASH CARD or a FREE Family Mission at DSC! (No Limit)


EDUCATORS Continued from page 36

Students learn many important life lessons through choir, including courage, respect of others and the value of hard work. Through practicing music for weeks, they learn that there are many hard steps to making something good and right.

Janice Comer-Miller American Fork High School Teacher of the Year American Fork Area Chamber of Commerce

Currently in her 34th and last year of teaching, American Fork High School teacher Janice Comer-Miller has spent years helping both students and teachers achieve success in the classroom. She began her career by teaching for one year at Cyprus High School in Magna, then moved to American Fork High, where she has spent the


Janice Comer-Miller

remainder of her career. As a Career and Technical Education teacher, ComerMiller has taught many different subjects during her time as a teacher. Currently, she teaches business law, desktop publishing and Law and Society, a social studies class that serves as an introduction to law and the judicial system. She helps her students pursue rigorous standards and uses proven, data-driven methods that bring an innovative and contemporary feel to her classroom. In her law classes, Comer-Miller frequently utilizes examples of current events, something the students enjoy. She believes studying law helps students learn critical-thinking skills because there’s always two sides to an issue. “I think it teaches them to think a little deeper,” she said. Comer-Miller enjoys knowing she has had an impact on many students’ lives over the years as well as watching students begin to comprehend what they’re being taught. “I think the best part is the “a-ha” moment. When that happens, you can see it in a student’s eyes, that they’ve got it. That’s really rewarding,” she said. Outside of the classroom, Comer-Miller has worked hard to help new teachers as they start their own teaching careers. She has led AFHS’s Global Mentoring Committee, through which experienced teachers provide a support system for new teachers. The support is important because

Lone Peak High School 2013 Teacher of the Year American Fork Area Chamber of Commerce

• Birthday Parties • Family Reunions • Overnight Missions • Corporate Training • Missionary Send-Offs • Date Night • Day Dates for Dances • And so much more... DA








After changing his career from engineering to teaching and taking a job at Lone Peak High School 10 years ago, Craig Smith has built the school’s AP Calculus program into one of the Craig Smith leading programs in Utah. In 2013, he had 240 students take the AP Calculus exam and had a pass rate of 83 percent. In comparison, the state average pass rate was only 65 percent. “I tell the kids that literally my goal is to have every one of them pass that test,” Smith said. In addition to assisting more students to pass the AP test, Smith has helped attract more students into Calculus at the school. He began teaching Calculus during his third year at Lone Peak; at that time, there were four Calculus classes and about 76 students took the AP exam. Smith is now teaching seven Calculus classes, making it the only subject he teaches. Typically, 10 to 15 percent of high school seniors take AP Calculus; at Lone Peak, about 28 percent of seniors complete Calculus. “I just try really hard to make it the kind of class that anybody who’s motivated can succeed in,” he said. “I try to make my focus 100 percent the kid.” Smith had spent 15 years as an electrical engineer before deciding to switch his career to teaching. Changes at the small business he worked in got him thinking about redirecting his career, and teaching had always intrigued him because his father was a teacher for 30 years. Smith entered a state program which allowed professionals to start teaching without any teacher training, and the first class he was given at Lone Peak was the first class he had ever taught. Since he was unsure how to treat his students as “students,” Smith decided to take the advice of an associate and treat his students in a way he did understand: like coworkers. “I told them that I would treat them as a peer” in the workplace and not in a condescending fashion, Smith said. “The kids seemed to respond to that.” Becoming a teacher was an amazing change for Smith. He thought the job would be good because it would give him more time with his family, but he didn’t expect to love the job like he does. “It really just fits my personality. I just love working with the kids and trying to help them,” he said. Regarding Calculus, “I love that it’s a challenging subject for nearly everyone … and I like being that person that can help them through it,” he said.

Come aboard a space ship at Discovery Space Center for a truly out-of-this-world experience! Bring along your family, friends or co-workers to experience an interactive space simulation adventure you’ll remember for light years to come! Ages 5-105.



Craig Smith




the first few years can be overwhelming for new teachers. “We try very, very hard at the high school to mentor our new teachers, to have them be successful so that they’ll stay with the profession,” she said. High schools must go through an accreditation process every few years, and Comer-Miller has assisted on multiple accreditation committees for AFHS, helping the school determine its strengths and its weaknesses. She also serves as the CTE coordinator over all the CTE teachers at American Fork High.


Voted #1 Best Birthday Party In Utah by the Daily Herald!


886 W. 2600 N. • Pleasant Grove Just 1/2 mile east of the Mount Timpanogos Temple in the Stone Gate Center for the Arts

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Improvements planned at Art Dye Park

Art Dye Park


Like us on Facebook for information about upcoming events and activities! 454 North Center Street • A.F.



American Fork City representatives will make a presentation to the Utah County Commission in June 2014 to request funding to help with new development at Art Dye Park in American Fork. The large 73-acre park located at 550 E. 100 North currently has three softball fields plus a large open space that can be used for soccer and football. The park also includes an 18-hole Frisbee golf course and a recreational trail. In 2012, American Fork purchased nine additional acres for the park with plans to make significant additions. The Utah County Commission has agreed to contribute some funding to the park’s new development because of the regional significance those developments would have for northern Utah County. The new development would give the park a total of nine softball/baseball fields and add tennis courts, pickle ball courts, horseshoe pits and new picnic tables and barbecue pits. Plans for improvements at the park also include enlarging its trail system, and a splash pad is being considered. Having nine ball fields one place would enable the park to host large tournaments and other regional activities, making Art Dye a truly regional park serving northern Utah County. Projected cost for the developments on the new nine acres plus work inside the existing park is approximately $8.7 million.

PUBLIC GOLF COURSES Cedar Hills Golf Club 18 holes 10640 N. Clubhouse Drive Cedar Hills, Utah 84062 (801) 796-1705 Fox Hollow Golf Course 18 holes 1400 N. 200 East American Fork, Utah 84003 (801) 756-3594 PRIVATE GOLF COURSES Alpine Country Club 5000 W. Alpine Country Club Lane Highland, Utah 84003 (801) 572-3817 OUTDOORS Alpine Loop A 20-mile drive following Utah Hwy. 92 up American Fork Canyon and through the Uintah National Forest into Provo Canyon on U.S. 189. American Fork Boat Harbor 6135 N. 6000 West (take 100 W. to Utah Lake) American Fork, Utah

Battle Creek Falls Trail Begins at the end of Battle Creek Drive (200 South) in Pleasant Grove and passes a waterfall. Creekside Park Splash Pad 100 S. 600 East Alpine, Utah G Mountain Trail Begins at the park on the east end of 200 South in Pleasant Grove. Highland Town Center Splash Pad 5400 W. Civic Center Dr. Highland, Utah Open Monday through Saturday, 10 a.m. to dusk (weather permitting) Murdock Canal Trail This 17-mile trail connects seven northern Utah Valley communities. Visit www. for maps and information. Timpanogos Cave National Monument Located up American Fork Canyon on Highway 92 about 10 miles east of Interstate 15. (801) 756-5238 Summer hours: May 25-Sept. 22, 2013, 7 a.m. To 5:30 p.m. Call ahead to purchase tickets in advance.

RECREATION AND FUN CENTERS American Fork Fitness Center 454 N. Center American Fork, Utah 84003 (801) 763-3080 Competition-sized pool, fitness classes, merit badge classes, racquetball courts, daycare Pleasant Grove Community Center 547 S. Locust Ave. Pleasant Grove, Utah 84062 (801) 785-6172 Three gyms, fitness classes, cardio area, weight area, indoor track, day care Hee Haw Farms 95 S. 2000 West Pleasant Grove, Utah 84062 (801) 368-4335 Jack and Jill Bowling 105 S. 700 East American Fork, Utah 84003 (801) 756-6097 Kangaroo Zoo 513 W. 700 South Pleasant Grove, Utah 84062 (801) 785-9999


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GOLD MEMBER ACCOUNTING& FINANCE Allred Jackson 135 N 100 E American Fork 801-756-7603 Edward Jones 74 S 360 E American Fork 801-901-3939

Paul Lankford GMC 629 E 1000 S American Fork 801-756-3533 Stewart RV Inc 854 E 1100 S American Fork 801-492-1428

King & McCleary LLC 240 W Main Street American Fork 801-756-2915

AUTO: REPAIR,TIRE & SERVICE Abra Auto Glass 62 N 1020 W American Fork 801-610-1028

McKenna Financials 807 E PacificDrive Suite B American Fork 801-756-2401

AF Collision Repair 235 E State Rd American Fork 801-756-7047

Me, My Money and I Inc 97 N Center Street American Fork 801-623-3977 Michael Shumway, CPA 10 S 300 E American Fork 801-756-9442 ADVERTISING: NEWSPAPER, MAGAZINE & MEDIA Daily Herald 1555 N Freedom Blvd Provo 801-592-3127 Media One 4770 N 5600 W West Valley 801-204-6349 Villager Magazine 9743 Ferguson Dr Cedar Hills 801-636-0883 Walker Productions 351 East 720 South Orem 801-472-7467 Zip Local 235 E 1600 S Ste 110 Provo 801-360-7243

Glen’s Tire 540 E State Rd American Fork 801-756-5424 Grease Monkey 589 W 130 N American Fork 801-763-7572 Les SchwabTire 485 N 900 W American Fork 801-492-0538 T&C Tire Factory 109 E 100 N American Fork 801-756-7601

Utah Community Credit Union 196 NW State Rd American Fork 801-223-7686 Wells Fargo 207 E Main Street American Fork 801-763-2120 Wells Fargo Meadows 797 W State Rd American Fork 801-796-4689 WingCash 3281 N 1120 E Ste 190 Lehi 801-839-4010 Zion’s Bank 606 E State Rd American Fork 801-492-0428 BUSINESS SERVICES Brower Creek 10312 N Forest Creek Drive Cedar Hills 801-772-0361

Shoff Family Dentistry 76 N 100 E Ste A-4 American Fork 801-756-0360 Timpanogos Pediatric Dentistry 25 N 1100 E American Fork 801-492-1346 DISASTER/RESTORATION Flood Impact Xperts (FIX) 570 W 8360 S Sandy 801-707-4237 ServPro of Provo 967 W 240 N Lindon 801-785-5228 EDUCATION Alpine School District 575 N 100 E American Fork 801-756-8409 American Heritage 736 N 1100 E American Fork 801-642-0055 Mountainland Applied Technology College 2301 W Ashton Blvd Lehi 801-492-2900


GOLF COURSE Fox Hollow 1400 N 200 E American Fork 801-756-3594 GOVERNMENT American Fork City 51 E Main Street American Fork 801-763-3000 Highland City 5400 W Civic Center Drive Highland 801-772-4523 GROCERY/CONVENIENCE Fresh Market 135 E Main Street American Fork 801-756-1440 HEALTH & MEDICAL American Fork Hospital 170 N 1100 E American Fork 801-855-3300 Central Utah Multi-Spec. Clinic 1184 E 80 N American Fork 801-354-8273 Colon Health Institute 21 N 490 W American Fork 801-822-1611

Tri-State Tire, Inc 1658 S 580 E American Fork 801-975-9841

Cross Marine International 1021 E Pacific Drive American Fork 801-763-1223

Stevens Henager College 1476 S Sandhill Rd Orem 801-400-1245

Tunex 142 N West State Road American Fork 801-492-8111

Get Enoch 645 W 500 N Provo 801-310-2045

World Class Auto 337 W Main Street American Fork 801-756-2661

Iguana Inks 262 N University Ave Provo 801-687-4657

EMPLOYMENT SERVICES BBSI 1423 S State St Orem 801-404-5020

Grant Chiropractic 62 N Grant Ave Suite 200 American Fork 801-756-6868

LaborMax Staffing 228 E Main Street American Fork 801-642-2458

IASIS Healthcare 406 W Jordan Way Ste 500 South Jordan 801-984-3397

BANKINGSERVICES America First Credit Union 949 W Grassland Dr ASSISTED LIVING/ American Fork SENIOR CARE 800-999-3961 Heritage Care Center 350 E 300 N Bank of American Fork American Fork 33 E Main Street 801-756-5293 American Fork 801-642-3332 AUTODEALERS/ SERVICES Central Bank Chad Carter 175 E Main Street 695 W 200 S American Fork American Fork 801-756-9900 801-319-9329 Central Bank Financial Doug Smith Autoplex Advisors 501 W Main 75 N University Ave American Fork Provo 801-492-0100 801-921-4225 Ken Garff Ford Mountain America 597 E 1000 S Credit Union American Fork 893 W State Rd 801-763-6800 American Fork 801-763-0133


Security Service Credit Union 124 N West State Rd American Fork 801-705-8411


Schooley Mitchell Telecom 4636 Country Club Drive Highland 801-763-5393

LDS Employment Service Center 437 S 500 E American Fork 801-756-6079

Wahoo Studios 240 N Orem Blvd Orem 801-225-5288

SOS Staffing Services 72 S 360 E American Fork 801-492-1525

DENTAL & ORTHODONTIC American Fork Modern Dentistry 945 W 500 N Ste 106 American Fork 801-756-5643

Flower Patch 101 NW State Rd Ste 100 American Fork 801-377-7995

American Fork Orthodontics 36 S 1100 E Ste A American Fork 801-756-6246 Dr. Bruce Richards 233 E Main Street American Fork 801-756-8686

FOOD SERVICES Schwans 5810 W 10400 N Highland 801-391-1263 FOOD STORAGE & SUPPLIES Family Storehouse 362 E State Rd American Fork 801-380-4997

Dr. Mark Saunders, MD 48 N 1100 E Ste A American Fork 801-692-1429

Lone Peak Chiropractic 10941 N Alpine Hwy Highland 801-492-6777 Massage Envy 356 N 750 W Suite D-5 American Fork 801-763-1351 Novarad 752 E 1180 S Ste 200 American Fork 801-642-1001 Taylor Drug 76 N 1100 E American Fork 801-756-4021 The Joint--a Chiropractic Place 356 N 750 W Unit D1 American Fork 801-763-9244




Utah Pain Treatment Center 999 E Pacific Drive American Fork 801-756-7800

PLUMBING, ELECTRICAL, HVAC Bert’s Water Works POBox 624 American Fork 801-756-5846

Utah Valley Hypnosis 52 E Main Street Ste 3 American Fork 801-772-0229

Budget Plumbing 390 W Main Street American Fork 801-763-5775

HOME, HEALTH & HOSPICE Applegate Home Care & Hospice 28 S 1100 E Ste C American Fork 801-763-0101

MAC Plumbing and Heating, Inc 643 E 230 N Lindon 801-361-6842

HOTEL/ ACCOMMODATIONS Holiday Inn Express 712 S UtahValley Drive American Fork 801-763-8500 INSURANCE & BENEFITS Farmers Insurance Larry Cardon 174 W Main Street American Fork 801-756-9643 The Hunter Group 359 E Main Street American Fork 801-763-1559 JEWELRY: CUSTOM & REPAIR Jamestown Jewelry 476 N 900 W #B American Fork 801-492-6022 LANDSCAPING, GARDENING & SUPPLIES Terrafirma Landscaping, Inc 754 W 700 S Pleasant Grove 801-785-7868

Tri-Phase Electric 775 E UtahValley Drive American Fork 801-756-6008 PRINTING Alpha Graphics 310 N 850 E Lehi 801-653-2428 McNeil Printing 1189 S 1480 W Orem 801-221-2555 REAL ESTATE & MORTGAGE Greenbrier Title Insurance Agency 1896 N 1120 W Provo 801-756-4551 Prudential Real Estate 315 S 500 E #202 American Fork 801-635-0600 R&R Realty LLC 76 W Main Street, Ste 6 American Fork 801-836-6683 RECEPTION CENTER 5th East Hall Reception Hall 456 E State Rd #1700 American Fork 801-770-4642

Scribner Fowlke PC 2696 N University Ste #220 Provo 801-375-5600

Alpine Art Center 450 S Alpine Highway Alpine 801-763-7173

Warenski Funeral Home 1776 N 900 E American Fork 801-763-5000 PHOTOGRAPHY Glen Ricks Photography 424 W Main Street American Fork 801-756-8824 Ted York Photography 304 W Meadowlark Drive Alpine 801-310-3336

RECREATION/RV PARK American Campground 418 E 620 S American Fork 801-756-5502 RESTAURANTS Chick-fil-A 183 NW State Rd American Fork 801-763-2697

Mr. Mac American Fork 62 N 600 W American Fork 801-492-9400

Rhonda’s Pies 35 N Barratt Ave American Fork 801-216-4381

Scentsy Independent Consultant/ Superstar Director 1562 N Fitzgerald Lane Lehi 801-362-0802 The Meadows- Woodbury Corporation 2733 E Parley’s Way Suite 300 Salt Lake City 801-485-7770

Rib City Grill 648 E State Rd #H, Box 724 American Fork 801-492-1744 Rita’s Ice American Fork 598 W Main Street American Fork 801-756-7318 Rubio’s Fresh Mexican Grill 598 W Main Street American Fork 801-492-1940 Rumbi Island Grill 987 W 500 N Ste 100 American Fork 801-756-3783

LEGAL SERVICES LeBaron Law Offices 802 Bamburger Drive Ste B American Fork 801-756-6288

MORTUARY & FUNDERAL SERVICES Anderson & Sons Mortuary 49 E 100 N American Fork 801-756-3564

Olive Garden 538 W Main Street American Fork 801-763-7229

Subway Sandwiches 519 East State Rd American Fork 801-492-4344 Temptasian Restaurant 987 W 500 N American Fork 801-756-8888 U-Swirl Frozen Yogurt 209 NW State Street American Fork 801-999-8430 RESTAURANTS: MOBILE Pyromaniacs Pizza American Fork 801-896-7976 RETAIL, APPAREL, SERVICES C-A-L Ranch Stores 675 S 500 E American Fork 801-763-7777 Costco 198 N 1200 E Lehi 801-653-2700 Custom Tailoring 11 W Main Street American Fork 801-492-1900 Deseret Industries 435 S 500 E American Fork 801-763-4560

Gandolfo’s 362 E State Rd American Fork 801-492-1330

Home Depot 885 W Grassland Drive American Fork 801-763-8640

JCW’s 580 E State Rd American Fork 801-492-1762

Hut No 8 288 NW State Rd American Fork 385-265-4124

Wal-mart 949 W Grassland Dr American Fork 801-492-1102 RETAIL: CANDY & CONFECTIONS Kencraft/Peppermint Place 708 E UtahValley Dr Ste B American Fork 801-756-6916 RETAIL: HOME & OFFICE Alpine Lock & Safe 67 W Main Street American Fork 801-756-8100 Humphries 34 E Main Street American Fork 801-756-3566 Jack Morris Company 17 N Merchant Street American Fork 801-717-2290 Jones Paint and Glass 65 S 500 E American Fork 801-756-5282

Take a Break Spas and Billiards 262 NW State Rd Suite TP18 American Fork 801-361-3833 Timp Rentals 136 NW State Rd American Fork 801-763-7615 RETAIL: WIGS & ACCESSORIES Lynne’s Wig Boutique 194 NW State Rd American Fork 801-763-1693 SERVICE AND NON PROFIT Boy Scouts of America 748 N 1340 W Orem 801-437-6222 Mountainland Foundation 586 E 800 N Orem 801-229-3847 UTILITY/PUBLIC SERVICES Questar 1640 N Mt Springs Pkwy Springville 801-853-6490 Rocky Mountain Power and Light 70 N 200 E American Fork 801-756-1200 VETERINARY, PETS & SUPPLIES Country ViewVeterinarian Hospital 582 W Pacific Drive American Fork 801-763-1900

Mattress Warehouse 771 W Grassland Dr American Fork 801-216-8480 Office Depot 604 W Main Street American Fork 801-756-3033 Quality Used Office Furniture 349 S 100 W American Fork 801-375-8733 Sky Technologies 13 N Merchant American Fork 801-492-3923 Small Engine Surgeon Inc 97 N Center Street American Fork 801-623-3977


GOLD MEMBER ACCOUNTING, FINANCE & Powerhouse INSURANCE Motorsports AJL Accounting & 25 W State Street Consulting Pleasant Grove 26 S 1185 E 801-785-2244 Pleasant Grove 801-361-5914 BANKINGSERVICES America First Credit Ferrin Capital Union Advisors 931 W State Road 1955 W Grove Parkway Pleasant Grove Ste 200 801-706-9290 Pleasant Grove 801-224-9867 Bank of American Fork 290 E State Street Neeley Insurance Pleasant Grove 580 E 1030 N 801-642-3430 Pleasant Grove Central Bank William Bridgers 801 S PGBlvd Insurance Pleasant Grove 1005 E 450 S 801-785-9844 Pleasant Grove 805-451-3778 Rock Canyon Bank 475 E State Street William Timothy, CPA Pleasant Grove 110 S Main Street 801-492-8200 Pleasant Grove 801-785-6140 Security Service Federal Credit Union ADVERTISING: 366 E State Street NEWSPAPER, MAGAZINE Pleasant Grove & MEDIA 800-527-7328 Bennett Communications Utah Community Credit 424 W 800 N Ste 201 Union Orem 105 E State Street 801-802-0200 Pleasant Grove 800-453-8188 MediaOne of Utah 4770 S 5600 W BEAUTY SALONS AND West Valley City PERSONAL SERVICES 801-204-6349 Jamberry Nails 1350 W 200 S My Movie Ads Lindon 888-575-5597 801-796-2205 Walker Productions 351 E 720 S Orem 801-472-7467

Tawnya’s Salon 2737 N 1550 W Pleasant Grove 801-318-1424

AUTO, ATV, SNOWMOBILE DEALERS BMW of PG 2111 W Grove Parkway Pleasant Grove 801-443-2000

BUSINESS SERVICES 1Promotional Products 346 S Murdock Drive Pleasant Grove 801-785-1646

2 Percent Consulting 677 N Riverwalk Dr American Fork 801-889-5522 Corporate Alliance 746 E 1910 S #2 Provo 801-434-8326 de Blakeland Consulting POBox 1105 Pleasant Grove 801-602-7515 Design Spectrum 381 West Center Bldg L Pleasant Grove 801-318-7881 Mozy 2162 W Grove Parkway Ste 200 Pleasant Grove 801-756-2331 Navigator Business Solutions 170 S Main Street Pleasant Grove 801-642-0123 Rimrock Telecom Service 481 E 1000 S Ste A Pleasant Grove 801-224-8100 ROI Solutions 495 East 1000 South Pleasant Grove 801-787-4039 Test Out 50 S Main Street Pleasant Grove 801-785-7900 CONSTRUCTION Big-D Construction 1788 W 200 N Lindon 801-769-7300 CAP Construction Inc POBox 959 Pleasant Grove 801-785-7515

Lucas Construction 309 N 300 E Pleasant Grove 801-785-5032 CRAFTS Close to my Heart POBox 680 Pleasant Grove 801-763-8395 DENTAL & ORTHODONTIC American Fork Modern Dentistry 945 W 500 N American Fork 801-756-5643 GOVERNMENT Pleasant Grove City 70 S 100 E Pleasant Grove 801-785-5045 Politique Inc- Holly Richardson 882 W 2800 N Pleasant Grove 801-369-2836 Brian Green-State Representative 1113 E Mahogany Ln Pleasant Grove 801-889-5693 GROCERY/ CONVENIENCE Macey’s of Pleasant Grove 931 W State Street Pleasant Grove 801-796-6601 HEALTH & WELLNESS CrossFit Hyperion 1983 W 680 N Pleasant Grove 801-372-0323 Curves of PG 238 E. State Street #7 Pleasant Grove 801-796-6060


Integral Biotechnology 1400 W State Rd Pleasant Grove 888-582-8872 Leading Edge Family Chiropractic 155 S State St Lindon 801-471-0670 QSciences 2162 W Grove Parkway Pleasant Grove 385-374-6300 HOME REPAIR Told Handyman Service 501 S Main Street Pleasant Grove 801-785-1889 JEWELER Saratoga Jewelry Co. 515 W 550 N Lindon (801) 785-3888 MORTUARY & FUNERAL SERVICES Utah Valley Mortuary 988 S 490 W Pleasant Grove 801-796-3503 PLUMBING, ELECTRICAL, HVAC Superior Plumbing & Heating 395 S 640 W Pleasant Grove 801-224-0930 Told Plumbing 501 S Main Street Pleasant Grove 801-785-5559 PRINTINGAND SIGN SERVICES Black Canyon Signs 515 N Geneva Road Lindon 801-420-1912 Printegrity 400 N Geneva Rd Ste C Lindon 801-785-8461


REAL ESTATE & HOUSING Rock Canyon Real Estate 202 East 800 South Ste. 102 Orem 801-995-0780 Pleasant Springs Apartments 884 W 700 S Pleasant Grove 801-922-9400 RECEPTION CENTER Stone Gate Center for the Arts 886 W 2600 N Pleasant Grove 801-847-7827 RESTAURANT Gandolfos Deli 715 S Main Street Pleasant Grove 801-796-1200 CostaVida 881 W State Street #120 Pleasant Grove 801-785-8180 RESTAURANT: MOBILE Kona Ice of North Utah County 801-610-9558 RETAIL: HOME & OFFICE Ace Hardware 330 S Main Street Pleasant Grove 801-785-2221 Brigham’s Piano Shop 211 W 200 S Pleasant Grove 801-317-3825 VETERINARY, PETS & SUPPLIES A CaringVet 360 N State Street #D Lindon 801-785-6737

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9am-4pm Contact Heath Weber at 435-864-4068 or ADOPTION DATES May 16-17 July 18-19 September 19-20

SALT LAKE FACILITY Contact Tami Howell at 801-977-4359 or ADOPTION DATES June 20-22 August 15-16

GUNNISON PRISON 10am - 2pm Contact Dona Bastian at 435-287-7591 or ADOPTION DATES May 6 June 3 July 1 August 5 September 2

Utah Wild Horse & Burro Adoptions 2014 • May 16-17 Adoption, Cedar City, UT 435-865-3088 • June 6-7 16th Annual Utah Wild Horse & Burro Festival, Legacy Events Center, Farmington, UT 435-743-3128 Additional adoptions may be added to this schedule at any time, or may be subject to change due to the availability of wild horses & burros and other factors. Please call your local BLM office for Adoption details or contact Gus Warr, Utah State WH&B Lead at or 801-539-4057.


2014 Subaru Outback

2014 Kia K900

2014 Chrysler 200

2014 Subaru Crosstrack Hybrid

2014 Kia Sorrento

2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee

2014 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited

2014 Dodge Dart

2014 Dodge Challenger

2014 Ram Promaster

2014 Ram 1500 Crew Cab

2014 Chrysler Town & Country

AF/PG chamber mag 2014  

2014 American Fork Area and Pleasant Grove Chamber magazine. Resource Guide covering Chamber activities, Arts, Recreation, and more for Ame...

AF/PG chamber mag 2014  

2014 American Fork Area and Pleasant Grove Chamber magazine. Resource Guide covering Chamber activities, Arts, Recreation, and more for Ame...