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ISSUE 06 / WINTER 2012


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15 MERRY MAKEOVER Need a few ideas for the holidays, then look no further.

04 HOLIDAY TUNES: PAST & PRESENT Find out about some good music for the Holidays.

18 2012 PRESIDENTIAL ELECTIONS It’s that time of the year again. VOTE.

05 EASY MAKE-UP IDEAS FOR THE HOLIDAYS Learn some easy techniques to add some spark to your holidays. 10 TOP 5 WAYS TO STAY IN LOVE WITH YOUR HAIR THIS NOEL 11 RUKUS: AGAINST THE FLOW A new clothing line to look out for. 13 MATCHLESS HOLIDAY TRADITIONS A few tradions for your pleasure.

21 THE INDIE LIFE Think you got what it takes to make it alone. This article is for you. 23 HOLIDAY SPORTS It can’t be a holiday without some good old sports to entertain us. 25 ON THE TABLE: Autumn's Salad in 15 minutes or less!


LUXURIOUS LAYERING Forget the phrase “less is more.” Show off what you’ve got by layering various pieces that work together. Don’t be scared to mix and match

fitting jacket on top of your two layers to keep warm. Tie the outfit together with a stylish scarf which can be worn in many different ways.

OVERSIZED SWEATERS different colors and patterns. How to: Start with a fitted top. Tank tops and funky graphic tees are perfect for your bottom layer. They are snug and if you get hot, you can remove all other layers, leaving you comfortable yet covered. Your next layer should be something like a cardigan in a contrasting color that can be left unbuttoned—think reds, yellows, and oranges—these colors catch the eye and can liven up even the most monotone outfits. Throw a motorcycle bomber, a relaxed blazer or a loose-


When the temperature falls, don’t fret. Stay cozy and cute with a big comfy sweater. How to: Choose a sweater that isn’t form-fitting, but doesn’t swallow your body. Balance out the shape with a pair of fitted pants or a modest miniskirt (with opaque tights). Note: you don’t have to result to the age-old trick of cinching your waist with a belt to make an oversized sweater work. The slouchy nature of the sweater makes your outfit look effortless and polished at the same time.

ISSUE 06 / WINTER 2012

BLACK LEATHER Show your chic, edgy side with classic rockerinspired black leather. Be careful not to overload on the material, or else you might end up looking like one of Hell’s Angels.

the best way to wear bangles. Stack them! The best thing about bangles is that they really don’t have to match your outfit to look fashionable. Wearing bangles that obviously do not match

How to: A popular staple in the 80’s, leather can make almost any outfit go from drab to fab. Leather pieces used to be limited to Bladeinspired jackets your dad would wear and those horrid stiff pants, but now-a-days it is rare to

your clothes draws attention to your wrists and lets people know that you aren’t afraid of color. For people who would rather play it safe with their clothing, bangles are a subtle way to make a bold fashion statement in both casual and dressy environments. not spot at least a handful of people wearing this material during the winter. With the innovative designers of today, there are leather skirts, leather blazers, leather dresses, and even leather tank tops. Also, more and more designers are ditching actual leather for ethical substitutions such as pleather or leatherette. Pick one of the many leather options and keep the rest of the outfit simple.

CHUNKY BANGLES One fashion accessory that never goes out of style is the chunky bangle. It comes in all shapes and sizes—circle, square, even triangle—and allows you to wear a multitude of them for bright, colorful arm candy. How to: There are only two words to explain

ISSUE 06 / WINTER 2012

EXOTIC SKINS/ANIMAL PRINT Take a ride on the wild side with fierce animal print. Rawr. How to: In the past few years, the animal print trend has been on the rise. This has resulted in many fashionistas running away from cheetah, leopard, and zebra patterns. These patterns were on everything you could think of—bed sets, purses, shoes, name it. However, animal print is still very classy and can act as a neutral “color” in almost any outfit. Think about it—most animal prints complement the basic colors that people wear on a daily basis. As long as you aren’t covered in it from head to toe (unless it’s Halloween), animal print brings a touch of elegance to any ensemble.


for a blouse with peplum pleats at the bottom to pair with various colored pants and skirts or you may opt for a thigh-hugging skirt with a peplum overskirt attached at the waist. Either way, this minor addition adds a flare of femininity to any wardrobe.

TALL BOOTS Take your shoes sky high and stand out in the crowd with tall boots. Added bonus: your legs will stay warm on those chilly winter days. How to: Don’t limit your boot-wearing days to when it is raining or snowing outside. In reality, certain styles of boots can be worn year round as long as the rest of your outfit agrees with the weather. When it comes to pants, the slimmer the

PEPLUM Accentuate and highlight your waist with this perfected pleated piece (try saying that three times). How to: Don’t be shy to wear this ancient Greek essential during the day. This relatively new trend has taken off like wildfire in the past few months, and although many designers are making peplum dresses exclusively appropriate for nightclub

pant leg, the better. Wide-legged and flared pants create a scrunched up, bunchy feel which is not very comfortable. When pairing boots with shorts or a skirt on a cool day, add a pair of socks that peek out right above the boots for a more relaxed look.

Olivia McLean attire, some are now going past that limit. If you aren’t a fan of the peplum dress, you may opt


ISSUE 06 / WINTER 2012

HOLIDAY TUNES: PAST & PRESENT For years, holiday albums have been staples for the holiday season. Artists of all genres have released tunes to jam to while enjoying the merry time of year with family and friends. While it gets chilly outside, the cliché warmth that we all feel from being around our loved ones comes through the speakers of iPods, radios, and television sets.

a listen are Elvis Presley’s Elvis’ Christmas Album, Kenny G’s Miracles: The Christmas Album, The Temptations The Temptations Christmas Card, The Beach Boys’ The Beach Boys’ Christmas Album, and Mariah Carey’s Merry Christmas.

Thanksgiving, and other holidays outside of what seems to be typical holidays here in the states there are many holidays to look into if you want to hear something new. Erran Baron Cohen Presents: Songs In The Key Of Hanukkah by Erran Baron Cohen and The Kwanzaa Album by Women of the Calabash are both available on Amazon. While you’re looking for spooky tunes for the trickor-treaters go ahead and turn on Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”. Be on the look-out for upcoming

Notably, Kenny G’s album is said to be the best-selling holiday album for two years and went on to be eight-times platinum.

Some of the most known albums of this sort range from Boyz II Men’s Christmas Interpretations to Justin Beiber’s recent Under The Mistletoe album. The retro music still reigns supreme in department stores, Christmas tree lots, and radio playlists. Some albums we suggest give

ISSUE 06 / WINTER 2012

holiday albums as well as regular albums to be released in the near future. Music is always a great gift, at least to those that are always walking around with their headphones. Have a seat, press play, and let the good times roll.

Isaiah Smart Although we normally don’t see albums for Halloween,


"do It yourself:? I

easy Make-Up Ideas for tHe HolIdays

love to get into the spirit of Halloween and incorporate gore into Halloween

make-up. My love of special effects and Syfy’s Faceoff inspired me to create a slit on my wrist. This design is simple and inexpensive. You’ll be surprised by the tools you already have. Let’s do something fabulous for the holidays. I know some great ideas we can use for costume make-up, simple eye-makeup and finger nails. They are simple, easy to follow, and inexpensive. Let’s get started!You can spice up your eyes with these easy steps.

Halloween Candy Corn eyes

Supplies needed: Eye shadow Directions:

(orange and white) Photos by Erin Ellis

Step 1: Spread white eye shadow or make-up over entire top eye lid until visible.

Make-up (orange and white)

Step 2: Spread orange eye shadow or makeup in the crease of the top eye lid until visible. Enjoy your candy corn inspired eyes!


ISSUE 06 / WINTER 2012

Slit WriSt Supplies needed: Eyelash Adhesive Q-tip or small brush Blow dryer Make-up (red, black, purple, and brown or crème) Fake Blood


Photos by Erin Ellis

Step 1: Use Q-tip or small brush to apply eyelash adhesive. Apply adhesive in a

Step 2: Blend adhesive into your skin by adding make-up. (I used brown make-up.)

narrow oval shape across your wrist. (You can give it any shape you want.) Allow adhesive to air dry or use a blow dryer.

Photos by Erin Ellis

Photos by Erin Ellis

ISSUE 06 / WINTER 2012


Step 3: Apply red and black to the inside of the oval and begin to dress your wound with red, black and purple make-up. Step 4: Add fake blood and you’re ready to shock someone.

HalloWeen FingernailS

Photos by Erin Ellis

Photosyour by Erin Ellis nails, here are some If you’re not into make-up but love to paint

simple and easy designs to make you festive for the holidays. These designs will surely have people commenting on how creative you are!

Directions: Step 1: Paint every other fingernail a different color, and decide where you would like to place each design. Step 2: Paint a black V and add a diagonal black slant mark to both sides of the V at the top. Put a solid black circle in the middle of

Photos by Erin Ellis

Supplies needed: Fingernail polish (orange, black, white, and green)


the V and you by have a bat. Photos Erin Ellis Step 3: Paint a white, lumpy, solid oval to get your ghost. Add two black dots for eyes. Step 4: Paint a solid orange circle to get a pumpkin and add two small triangles for the eyes and a green slash at the top for a stem. Step 5: Paint a solid black oval; add four little black slashes to each side for legs and two white dots for eyes and you have created a spider.

ISSUE 06 / WINTER 2012

tHankSgiving Smokey eyeS

Directions: Step 1: Apply orange eye shadow across top eye lid until visible and even.

Photos by Erin Ellis

Step 2: Apply small amount of orange eye shadow to lower eye lid.

Supplies needed:

Step 3: Use white eye shadow as highlight under your eye brow.

Eye shadow (orange, brown, dark brown and white)

Step 4: Apply dark brown eye shadow at top of orange eye shadow on top eye lid. Step 5: Apply light brown eye shadow in between white and dark brown eye shadow. Now you’re ready for Thanksgiving!

Photos by Erin Ellis

Supplies needed:

Fingernail polish (orange, green, Directions: yellow, and white)

tHankSgiving FingernailS

Step 1: Paint every other fingernail green or orange. I used a combination of green and orange for my thumbs. Decide where you Photos by Erin Ellis

would like to place each design.

Step 2: Paint curved lines on each fingernail (can be any color you want them to be). Step 3: Add curved lines of different colors to your liking to get a professional Thanksgiving Photos by Erin Ellis

ISSUE 06 / WINTER 2012



CHriStmaS Candy Cane eyeS

Directions: Step 1: Apply varying sizes of white diagonal lines with spaces in between them on your top eye lid. Step 2: Apply red diagonal lines in the spaces on your top eye lid. Wow, what a quick and easy way to get candy cane eyes!

Photos by Erin Ellis

Supplies needed: E y e S h aPhotos d o wby Erin Ellis (red and white)

CHriStmaS FingernailS Supplies needed:

Fingernail polish (red, green, white, yellow, and black) Directions: Step 1: Paint every other fingernail red or green. I combined red and green on my thumbs. Decide where you would like to place each design.

I hope you all had fun while reading and applying these ideas to your life. Remember to think outside of the box and use your creativity for future ideas.


Photos by Erin Ellis

Happy Holidays!

ISSUE 06 / WINTER 2012

Top Five Ways to Stay in Love with Your Hair This Noel By: Paige Dumas

Winter time is a magical time, sweater dresses are out in full

swing and the newest Uggs are to die for. Unfortunately the winter season is not so flattering for natural hair. The air is dry and makes curly hair frizz, hair is more prone to breakage when worn out and wash-n-go’s are not suggested unless you like risking the flu. So with all of the problems your hair is causing this season how could you possibly keep loving this troublesome summer fro?

1) Protective Styling

This winter keep your ends up and away from your clothing, try out new styles that are low manipulation and high in length retention. Trust me- the less you mess with your hair the better. By spring your hair will be way longer than you expected.

2) Hot Oil Treatments

Yes I said it. Hot oil treatments may sound dangerous but they are actually very good for your hair. They help stimulate your scalp and promote new growth.

ISSUE 06 / WINTER 2012

When done before a washing, it keeps more head on your head and less in the shower drain! So buy your hair something nice this Holiday season.

3) Research

WAIT….WHAT? This is supposed to be a break right ? Why research anything? Well the more you know about your hair, the better equipped you are at taking care of it. You would be surprised as to how many websites are out there dedicated to natural hair. Some really good websites are and Learning more creative ways to take care of your hair gets you pumped, ready for spring andsummer, and keeps you in love

curls. Earrings of all varieties play up your best features and draw attention to your neck and face. Long necklaces are running rampant this holiday season so be sure to snatch them up before they’re gone. Accessories can turn a bland do into something unique.

5) Smile

Your best asset is your smile. No matter what this holiday season remember what this break is re-

with your locks. If you’re still missing your straight hairstyles, being natural doesn’t mean throwing your straightener out the window. research can help you find the best method to straighten your hair and keep it healthy at the same time.

4) Accessorize

This holiday season you have to strut your stuff. Let your confidence shine and play up your best features. Ribbons and head bands give that extra something to a TWA or a obtrusive head of

ally about. It’s not about expensive gifts, or wondering what everyone will be wearing to the extravagent New Year’s parties. It’s about reconnecting with family, loving the people around you, and having a greater appreciation for yourself. So be proud of YOU! There is no other head of hair that looks like yours. You are unique. Celebrate in it and be ready to flaunt your stuff next semester!


Ruckus Clothiers is a new cloth-

ing line that not only gives back to the community and local artists, but to the people of Abaco. Ruckus Clothiers originated in Valdosta, GA just a short while ago, and is already turned into a successful outlet. Jacob Ruppel and Nic Herron are the founders of the company and could not be more thrilled with the way business has been going. Both Jacob and Nic were tired of the normalcy involved with purchased clothes and the stores involved, so they decided to go against the grain. Jacob is a local artist who strives on perfecting what he loves to do. The creative vision and dimension is what he is all about. Nic is all about

the business side of the company and makes sure all aspects of Ruckus media and aspiring deals are under control. The idea to strive for something new and different came from both being tired of their typical jobs. They felt as if someone else can make clothes and sell them, then why not them? Nic pitched the idea to Jacob two days after his revelation, and the next day, Ruckus was born. After the initial designs were sketched and a logo was created, Nic asked Dennis Williams with Arrow Printing to put the thoughts both Jacob and himself into a tangible format. Soon after, Dennis became a partner of Ruckus. The shirts came out better than expected and without

Photo Credit: Davion Alston


error, the overall expectation of what Ruckus could be became very real for all three. Nic, Jacob and Dennis have made it a project to raise the standards for simple t-shirt designs and other apparel and accessory wear. Ruckus has made it their mission not only to make and market what they want, but instead, what their audience and peers having been wanting in clothing for so long. Nic describes who they would like to see wear and represent Ruckus,

"Anyone with an open mind who wants something dierent and new. No limitations, we would like appeal to everyone." Because Ruckus is a very new brand, both Jacob, Dennis and Nic wanted to get the word out by handing out their first batch of printed tees. During the first couple days of the fall 2012 semester, Nic and another helping hand stood at different locations throughout the Student Union and successfully handed out the entirety of the newly printed tees. All agreed that by handing out their first batch of tees, they could get the reaction from those at VSU and make changes if needed. There was no negative criticism mentioned within the time frame Nic and his partner were in the Union, instead there was a variety of students who loved the fresh designs and asked where to get them. The new clothing line has already had a photo shoot in Valdosta, showing the first few prints Ruckus has to offer.

ISSUE 06 / WINTER 2012

Ruckus has continued their launch by seeking local businesses to sell their new merchandise. Divided by Zero, located on Gordon street, is a store that advocates local artists and was impressed with what Ruckus had to offer. A Ruckus website was also set up in order to keep up with clientele demand not only in Valdosta, but cities within Georgia, including Atlanta. When sitting down with Jacob and Nic, questions about future plans arose. The brand already has a variety of new apparel and accessories in the printing stage. Beyond t-shirts, Ruckus Clothiers also makes coozies, a favored drink holder by many college students, and already have planned beanies, sweatbands, hoodies, tanks tops, backpacks and bags. All products are original designs created by the two and are all executed at Arrow Printing. Ruckus not only provides people of Valdosta with a locally produced clothing design, but a sense of hope for the island of Abaco. Abaco is an island located in the Bahamas with a popula-

ISSUE 06 / WINTER 2012

tion that relies heavily on tourism for its' income. The three Ruckus designers are invested in spending their efforts to make a difference to the locals of the island by setting aside a portion of their proceeds. Ruckus is giving 5 percent of all money earned from the apparel to an Abaco fund which will help students and teachers of the island with school tuition and related amenities. "I would like to see the number we give go up. We're starting at 5 percent now while we're in the developing stages of our company." "It's not like the U.S. where we don't have to really pay until we get to college. They have to start paying as soon as they reach the middle school level.� T-shirts, as well as any other Ruckus Clothier apparel will make a great gift for anyone on your Christmas list. Comercial items are no longer the cool thing. Supporting local artists and brands such as Ruckus is a movement going on presently with our generation . You can purchase Ruckus Clothier items on their website,, as well as at Divided by Zero. Shirt prices start at $25 and other apparel is priced at an affordable rate. Giving the gift of locally designed apparel and accessories this holiday season will not only benefit your wallet but will benefit the education of a children in the Bahamas. It is the gift to anyone that will make your purchase not just another holiday gift, but one that actually makes a difference to multiple parties. It’s a gift that truly keeps on giving. Veronica Dominicis


Matchless HolidayTraditions

The holiday season – a time for family and enjoy each other’s company in the comfort of our homes and indulge in the many randomized traditions that we celebrate within our own exceptional ways. We all have special quirks that tweak the way that we spend time with our families during the holiday seasons. Be it annoying your neighbors with musical classics, wearing that one item of clothing you wish you got the receipt to, or counting down the days you last until the fire marshal comes and says, “You know these are waaaayy too many lights, right?” However you celebrate, nine times out of ten I guarantee that you have a funny memory that you could recall from a holiday season

spent with your loved ones. Taking this fact into consideration I went out on a hunt for the funniest holiday story I could find. Scouring VSU and the suroudiing perimeter I came across some pretty side-splitting stories but one in particular stuck out to me. On a hot South Georgia day, after the rain stopped and the sun began to steam the freshly showered streets, I took a trip to Valdosta’s Mall in order to get some extra insight on a few more family traditions for the holidays. I happened to come across Terrell McDabb, a local Valdosta resident who was just completing some last minute school shopping for his two

ness about him that made him easily approachable. His story was one of a Thanksgiving tradition where his family competes to see who could last the longest without food all the way to Turkey Day. McDabb was as humorous as he was tall. His accent was imme-

diately noticeable as soon as he accepted my offer. While he told me of his recollection you could imagine the laughter as he explains how tensions reach an all-time high from the hunger circulating. “Man we all be just as irritable as bout four pregnant women in a hot room durin’ the middle of the summatime…” McDabb said. So I asked him how exactly do they go about the process; does anybody try and cheat? How do they keep track of each other? “Well we all make sure that we save our vacation days till that

“You know these are waaaayy too many lights, right?”


daughters. He was a slender man, about six feet tall with a clean shaved face. He was apparently a Braves fan due to his cap, tee shirt, and key chain dangling from his pocket. There was also a certain light-hearted-

ISSUE 06 / WINTER 2012

week of Thanksgiving so that when it comes up we all can spend the week together at my

McDabb. “Now if you’re a smidge over then you’re fine but if you hop on that scale knowin’

and nobody can even begin to eat ‘til they done finished they last forkful.” Personally, I don’t think I would

“We give a pound to a pound and a half grace weight because ya’ never know how water’ll take to a person...” you done had a Double Bacon mama’s house, and that’s when it all goes down…” McDabb says Cheeseburger from Wendy’s while chuckling. “Of course you then you’re obviously gone be have the weak ones who fall out outta there and gladly handed during the first two days and the the title of Turkey of the Day,” McDabb said while laughing at kids never last but we have the Turkey Maker to keep track of it his own family’s silliness. Seeing as how I’d been let into one of all.” Now as I stood intrigued I the most daring traditions I’ve had to ask just what was this ever heard of I had to know “Turkey Maker”, and in light of what was the prize for this week the holiday spirit it all made sense. As we walked to the food of fasting. While all the aromas court in order for McDabb to get of the food preparation are a tea from Chick-Fil-A he exmore than likely hard to bare plained in for the mem“That’s not the end of detail to bers of his me exit though -no sir- ...” family, there actly what had to be an the apparatus was. Apparently outstanding prize for the chamthe “Turkey Maker” was a scale pion of a feat of this caliber, esthat each family pecially during member had to Thanksgiving. weigh-in on at “The best thing the beginning of about it all is the week and at that the winner the end of each gets a special personal dish day in order to prepared just keep track of by the best cook their weight. in the world: “We give a Mama McDpound to a abb!” McDabb pound and a said as he remihalf grace nisced. “That’s weight because not the end of it ya’ never know though -no sirhow water’ll take to a person, the BEST part is that when and usually everything is said and done the they’ll shoot it out in the morning anyway so its ok.” recalled winner gets his or her plate first

ISSUE 06 / WINTER 2012

be able to handle such a hunger test but every year the McDabb family proceeds with this Thanksgiving competition and every year there’s a different winner according to McDabb. Family time around the holidays is the best time to create memories such as these, where the outcome is always random and the spirit of competition alive. These special moments should be documented in some fashion for many holiday generations to come, so that they can relive the history of the traditions while creating their own. Christophor Smith


Merry makeover P

ackrat. A word usually used to describe one who hoards miscellaneous and useless objects. During my move into a new house recently, I was reminded of how many useless things I have held on to over the past few years. I guess that makes me a packrat,

tion) when I could make my own. So I turned to the one and only, Pinterest (an online pinboard where users share the stuff they love) for some inspiration as to what I could do with my potential masterpieces. I soon narrowed my project list down to a few indoor décor ideas that would add a touch of cheer throughout the holidays. After going craft crazy for a couple of days, I realized it would be a good idea to catch up on some calculus homework and sleep. However, I kind of missed my time creating my treasures, it made for a good rainy day activity… which South Georgia sees way to many of. If I ever get time in the future, I am defiantly looking into turning this little hobby into a side business, by selling

Flowers can bring a refreshing and clean feeling to any room but is that such a bad thing? I think not! Instead of getting rid of some junk, I wanted to see if I could revamp it and give them new purposes. With the holidays rapidly approaching, I thought, why spend money buying new decorations (which would add to my clutter collec-


the peices I make. Who would have thought one could actually make money doing something they enjoyed? Now I just need a name for my said business!

Pumpkin Vase Materials: Pumpkin Serrated knife Flowers

Okay, so I didn’t have a lot of pumpkins lying around, so this is one that required a purchase. I picked up some fake, hollow pumpkins from Hobby Lobby. However, if you carve a pumpkin for Halloween, and it stays somewhatsalvagable afterwards, here lies another use for it.

ISSUE 06 / WINTER 2012

1) Cut top off of the pumpkin and carve out the insides. 2) If you are using real flowers, find a container small enough to fit inside the pumpkin to keep water in for fresh flowers.

4) Repeat using various size pumpkins and flower arrangements.

3) Add flowers.

Thanks bottles Materials: 6 empty glass bottles Acrylic paint Scraps for letters

I have an overwhelming large collection of wine bottles, empty, of course, but someone should only start worrying about me when the bottles stay full. Anyways, I had been trying to find something to do with at least some of my little stash when I came across these bottles. You can obviously make the bottles spell out anything, making it very easy to do for any occasion.

ISSUE 06 / WINTER 2012

1) Remove any labels from the bottles with warm water and make sure to dry them afterwards.

3) Prop the bottle upside down and allow inside of the bottle to dry. Repeat previous steps for all 6 bottles.

2) Pour some of your acrylic paint into a bottle, then cover opening of bottle with the napkin and shake. Keep shaking, and adding more paint if necessary, until the paint has covered the inside of the bottle. Pour excess paint out of the bottle.


4) Use scrap materials to make the letters for ‘thanks’ and adhere them to outside of the bottle.

Materials: Book or magazine Zig-zag scissors Cardboard Craft glue

I finally found a use for my old Accounting book that I couldn’t sell back because it had a very large drop of coffee on the back inside cover. I’m going out on a limb here, but I think it’s safe to say we all have a book (or magazine) lying around that we will never get use out of again, so might as well get some satisfac tion from it. 1)Cut the book pages into various sized squares using zig-zag scissors.

2) Stack the squares into a pyramid (making it easier to piece together later). 3) Cut small circles out of cardboard (used between the pages for layering). 4) Use glue to glue together the 5 biggest squares and then glue down a piece of cardboard, then glue 5 squares on top of that, then glue a piece of cardboard down... keep repeating until all squares are used.

Photos by: Karli Greene

Karli Greene


ISSUE 06 / WINTER 2012

2012 PRESIDENTIAL ELECTIONS Where will you be on Tuesday November 6th, 2012? In class? At Work? Or doing your daily routine of a combination of both. One thing that should be on your to-do list for that day is to go VOTE! The 2012 Presidential Elections will be held on that day and every vote counts. The two candidates are President Barack Obama and former Governor of Massachusetts, Mitt Romney. This Presidential election is crucial to our future and it is our duty to vote. A lot of people in the United States think that their vote doesn’t count. In actuality it does. As citizens of this country, it is our obligation to exercise the right to vote because just around 70 years ago, not every citizen of this country had the right to vote. Vote for something that you stand behind and know that you are making this country a better place just by voting. So every citizen should take advantage of this right if you are of 18 years of age or older.

October 9th, 2012 is the last day to register to vote in Georgia. By this time everyone should have seen at least one registration booth. On the campus of Valdosta state University, a lot



of student organizations have held registration booths throughout the semester. The reason they are doing this is to give our peers a chance to have their voices heard by voting in the 2012 Presidential Elections. If you have registered, but you aren’t in the city you registered in, you can always do an absentee vote. All you have to do is go on the internet and have the form mailed to


you, fill it out and send it back in. All absentee vote must be in by Saturday, November 3rd. It doesn’t take a lot of time, so if you are thinking that it is time consuming then maybe you should think about how your vote can be the one that vote that could have put your candidate ahead. Every vote counts. As this generation is getting older, we need to be politically active. We are the future of this country. The Presidential Election affects everyone. Whether you are a toddler or an elder, the affects will be all around us. To make sure you don’t forget to vote, there is a thing as in early voting. This allows you to vote a couple of weeks in advance. Just in case you are busy on the day of voting, you can go early and get your votes cast.

Sasha Duffy

HELPFUL TIPS FOR VOTING 1. Make sure that you are registered to vote. This is really critical because if you are not registered to vote, you won’t be able to vote when it come to the Election Day. 2. Know the Candidates and what they stand for. Whether it’s President Barack Obama or it is Former Governor Mitt Romney, know what each side wants to do in the next four years to better this country. In the end, you are affected in some way or another. 3. Watch the Presidential Debates: I encourage every student to watch the Presidential Debates. If you miss them, they are available online. Watch and see how each candidate answers the questions. Look for economics, education, healthcare and other important topics 4. Have some kind of Identification card on you. When you go to vote, make sure you have some sort of government issued ID. 5. Everyone who is able needs to vote. It can be your grandmother or a distant relative. You can even plan a day with your friends to go and vote together. That way you won’t have to go by yourself.


ISSUE 06 / WINTER 2012

Art by: Daquan Sims ISSUE 06 / WINTER 2012


THE INDIE LIFE: Pros & Cons to the Music Business Overall U.S. music sales rose 6.9 percent in 2011, as album sales increased for the first time since 2004. The switch to digital powered the increase, with sales of album downloads up 19.5 percent over 2010” according to Soundscan. This drastic change in the span of a year directly correlates with the decision of many new artists to take their businesses into their own hands. One thing that any artist must keep in mind is that every-

one’s situation is different. What works for one musician, might not prove successful for another. If you are an independent artist and you find yourself in the position where an offer to be signed to a label is present, There are a few things

you have a large following? And if so, is that following full of faithful or fair weather fans? If you know you lack a respectable fan base, signing to a label will increase your popularity because most major labels already have the connections and resources available to ensure you are properly marketed. Their services are also pivotal if you don’t already have your own equipment for recording and producing. Oh, and we can’t forget the fat signing bonus that most artists get

If you don’t have a buzz, you won’t make it. you should consider before you give them your John Hancock. For starters you should realistically evaluate where you presently are in your career. Do

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of all the restrictions that come when they first join a label. All of these things sound along with being signed. There are a plethora of very nice on the surface and readily available recording stumay prove necessary to your success, but there are obviously dios throughout the city that offer their services for a fee. cons to becoming a signed act. One of the most obvious cons is This is not a bad idea if you the excessive lack of control you don’t have the means to purchase your own equipment, but will have. Once you sign your if you do, I highly recommend name—depending on your contract—the vast majority of rights you look into investing in the proper tools so that your overto the music that you produce, head remains minimal. from there on out, belongs to the label. Yes, they will give you If you don’t have a buzz, you a nice bonus to keep you happy, won’t make it. An indie artist should constantly be on the but you cannot forget to look at lookout for venues to promote the bigger picture. If you give away the rights to your masters, themselves and their craft. Open mics, the music technically Everyone’s situation is restaurants, and public no longer different. events are all belongs to you. Also, the label now has the great ways to gain listeners. Some of these venues can be right to refuse to release your booked for free, but expect to music if they don’t think it tarpay a fee for most places. Nogets the niche market they are body becomes successful in the aiming for. Many artists find music business by themselves. themselves in a position where You must take every opportuthey are no longer making the music that they want to because nity available to exchange infor-

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mation with people who could possibly help you out. If you have copies of your music or any kind of advertisement, be sure to always include some kind of contact information. You never know who could hear your music.

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Thanksgiving is known for turkey, stuffing, and pies. More importantly, it is a time to reflect and be thankful for the blessings that one has received in his or her life. These blessings can be in the form of loved ones, material items, or simply life in general.

If you’re anything like me, one thing to be thankful for…is holiday football! After a failing to resolve a labor dispute with league referees, the league has opened the current season with replacement officials. Thus far, the replacements have been extremely questionable, but Thanksgiving Day proves to provide the hard-hitting action that fans have grown to love. Every team will be in action during Week 12 of the NFL season, but only six teams will see their field time on “turkey day.”


The first matchup will have the Houston Texans in Detroit, facing off against the Lions (12:30 on CBS). Former Georgia quarterback Matthew Stafford will lead his Lions into battle against veteran quarterback Matt Schaub. Detroit also boasts superstar wide receiver (and current Madden ’13 cover athlete) Calvin Johnson, while Houston is loaded with the talent of running back Arian Foster and wide receiver Andre Johnson. The Texans are starting to take shape as a conference threat, and this will be their first taste of Thanksgiving Day action. The contest should be a good one, and I will definitely be watching! The next game on the schedule (4:15 p.m. on FOX) will be the Washington Redskins against the Dallas Cowboys.

The Cowboys (led by quarterback Tony Romo) have had moderate regular seasons, followed by disappointment during the playoffs. They enter with intent to prove to their fans that mediocrity is unacceptable.

The final NFL game for the holiday will be the New England Patriots squaring off against the New York Jets (8:20 p.m. on NBC). The Patriots are no strangers to success, having won nine division championships and three Super Bowls since 2001. However; in many eyes it is all about what your team can do now. The New York Jets made their share of headlines after the questionable signing of former Florida Gator sensation Tim Tebow. Fans immediately began to assume that this meant the end of an era with Mark Sanchez under center. Many believe that it is only a matter of time before the responsibilities are given to Tebow. If it hasn’t been done by Thanksgiving, this game could be a tremendous chapter in the saga.

Washington is already making headlines due to their explosive rookie quarterback Robert Griffin III. After winning the 2011 Heisman Trophy as college football’s best allaround athlete, “RGIII” has come into the league focused on raising his talent ceiling.

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Last season, after the NBA lockout resulted in 16 cancelled games and nearly two months of lost basketball, the Christmas games were also the first games of the season. After a lengthy lockout last summer, most NBA fans are simply excited because of the fact that they’ll be receiving a full 82game season. But, if you’re anything like me, the first thing that you did when the schedule was released was to check for the holiday games on the slate. This season will be certain not to disappoint. On Christmas Day, the NBA will provide coverage of five games. Three games will be shown on ESPN, while the other two will be shown on ABC.

Perhaps the highlight of the holiday events will be the highly-contested matchup between the Miami Heat and the Oklahoma City Thunder (5:30 p.m. on ABC). The Heat, led by the All-Star trio of LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, and Chris Bosh, are coming into the 2012-13 season as reigning NBA

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Champions. On the other hand, the Thunder, led by 2012 scoring champion Kevin Durant and All-Star Russell Westbrook, come into the game with a great amount to prove. After going on a tear through the Western Conference in last season’s playoffs, the Thunder met a bitter defeat at the hands of Miami. As the old saying goes, “To be the man, you have to beat the man,” and the Thunder get their first crack at the champs on December 25.

Amar’e Stoudemire, are out to prove that they can finally work together as a team. Along with the strong inside presence of Tyson Chandler and (newly acquired) Marcus Camby, New York’s defense is expected to be at an all-time high. One area of caution New York’s age. Kurt Thomas (40), Jason Kidd (39), Marcus Camby (38), Rasheed Wallace (38), Pablo Prigoni (35), and Tyson Chandler (30) are all over thirty years old. In fact, New York’s average age on opening night will be the oldest in the history of the league at 32.66 years old. The holidays are great for family bonding and awesome meals. But, this year, sports fans can get their fill of entertainment as well! James Washington

Another marquee game with just as many interested minds is the star-studded event in Tinseltown. Broadway meets Hollywood as the New York Knicks square off against the Los Angeles Lakers on ABC (3:00 p.m.). The Lakers made the biggest news of the summer by acquiring point guard Steve Nash and center Dwight Howard in separate trades. With four future Hall-of-Famers bolstering their starting lineup (Steve Nash, Kobe Bryant, Pau Gasol, and Dwight Howard), many fans speculate these moves will immediately result in a championship. The more cautious minds, however, are waiting to see what the season holds before reaching such conclusions. The Knicks, anchored by All-Stars Carmelo Anthony and






ä,On The Tableå å å A utumn Sullivan


Au tu m n’s S a l a d i n 15 minutes or less!

very so often my family likes to make a dish we refer to as SPaghetti Salad, a springy

salad that can be enjoyed any time of year. We actually got the idea for this refreshing dish from a family reunion. The first time it came across this dish I instantly became my favorite! With its bright color and incorporation of fresh veggies and tangy dressing, it’s a quick and easy accent dish! You can mix and match ingredients to fit your needs and personality, and add a kick or two! A great anytime food, summer, fall, or winter!

½ box of thin spaghetti

What You’ll Need:

1 ½ cups of Italian dressing


½ cup sliced mini sweet peppers (preferably multi-colored) or two

1-2 cups shrimp (optional)

sliced tomatoes

1/3 cup sliced bell pepper

½ cup sliced purple onions

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Optional Add-Ins:

Boil eight cup of water in sauce pan

Black Pepper

Add spaghetti to water, and let

Honey (to cut acidity)

it boil 10 minutes Add one teaspoon of sesame oil or ½ tablespoon butter to skillet

Chili Power or Cayenne Pepper for spice Cucumbers for that extra

Cook and season shrimp as

boost of crisp,



Combine ingredients Enjoy warmed or chilled

Tips: While waiting for the water to boil, you can slice your veggies You can use tuna, salmon, or chicken It really helps to clean as you go (ie: washing dishes, wiping up spills, etc.) to save time Wash veggies before use ALWAYS make sure veggies are crisp, this could make or break an entire dish! Make sure cookware and utensils are clean (even if they look clean, it won’t hurt to give them a quick wipe down)

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On Tap Issue 06 Winter 2012  

Valdosta State University general-interest magazine made by and for VSU students.

On Tap Issue 06 Winter 2012  

Valdosta State University general-interest magazine made by and for VSU students.