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On a warm evening around dusk, I decided to sit on the deck and enjoy the quietness. I was enjoying the peacefulness when I caught a glimpse of a tiny light. It was that tiny light that lets you know that summer is here. Patiently I waited. There it was - that on and off light again and again and again! You know the light - that phenomenon and mystery - “lighting bugs.” Some people call them “fireflies.” What a simple joy! As a child, they were a delight to a summer evening - trying to catch them and put them in a jar to observe the bright on and off light radiating from their little bodies. It did not appear to be as many as I remember seeing as a child; probably from the chemicals used on lawns and landscaping, but even now, they still can 'light up my life.' On to business... Voice Magazine strides to 'light up' and be a 'bright spot' in the lives of our fans and supporters. And one bright spot in Voice Magazine's team is our newest staff member, Sloane Trentham. Sloane has joined us part-time as our Editorial Assistant. A recent graduate from ETSU, and also, a part-time employee as Copy Editor/Book Production Associate with Mountain Girl Press, we warmly welcome her! On this July 4th Holiday, remember that our ‘freedom’ is not free, and being an American is celebrating our history and recognizing the roles of each generation keeping our American Flag flying. Thank you goes to all for your support to our advertisers and their businesses and services. Continue to get involved and show your support. Check out our events calendar (on page 23) or visit our website,, for our 2011 projects, contests, and community activities. Would you like to share your story with others? Let us know. Send your emails, inquiries, and/or your letters with your comments and suggestions to Have a safe Holiday! For this year, accept changes, expect challenges, and anticipate miracles! Thought of the month: “Your talent is God’s gift to you. What you do with it is your gift back to God.” A. Leo Buscaglia Verse of the month: “Having then gifts differing according to the grace that is given to us, let us use them: if prophecy, let us prophesy in proportion to our faith…” Romans 12:3-11 KJV

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(Volume 8, Issue 7) While every precaution has been taken to ensure accuracy of the published material, Jan-Carol Publishing, Inc./VOICE Magazine cannot be held responsible for opinions or facts provided by its authors, advertisers or agencies. All rights are reserved. Reproduction in whole or part is prohibited without written permission. Agencies, Advertisers and other contributors will indemnify and hold the publisher harmless for any loss or expense resulting from claims or suits based upon contents of any advertisement, defamation, libel, right of privacy, plagerism and/or copyright infringement. The views expressed in VOICE magazine for women are not necessarily those of the publisher. © 2011 Editorial Mission: VOICE magazine for women wants to provide a useful and complete reliable source of information for women and their families. We seek to celebrate women’s successes, and support their growth by defining and recognizing their needs and providing a concentration of resources for them. We want to be that “link” to all women.

Summer Jewelry Trends Sloane Trentham

Rhythm and Roots Reunion Bristol, TN/VA

Staycation- Local Attractions Sloane Trentham

Virginia Highlands Festival The Crumley House Sloane Trentham

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Going into our 8th year, we are ahead of the rest, and we are the best! Thanks to our advertisers and readers! We couldn’t be here and there without all of you!

600,000 Readers Annually, and Still Growing! Hot! Hot! Hot! July means summer fun! We hope that you enjoy our summer time fun issue sharing ʻcoolʼ recipes and fresh ideas for that ʻstaycation.ʼ With so many wonderful local parks, we have listed just a few to kick start your summer vacation. From theatre productions and picnics to fundraisers and home projects, we hope that you have a wonderful summer! Support our local events and activities!

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July Hot Hunk Hunt! The June “Hot Hunk” was Prince William, Duke of Cambridge in the YWCA ad on page 18.

Adam Levine Each month Voice will “hide” a picture of a “Hot Hunk.” If you find him, fill out this form, and mail it in and you could WIN LUNCH FOR 2 at one of the TriCities restaurants!

Congratulations to Winner: Neile Asbury Piney Flats, TN as the winner of lunch for two in the June Hot Hunk Hunt!

Thanks to ALL for sending in your entry!

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Jesus said... "If anyone wishes to come after Me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow me." Matthew 16:24

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Mail this submission form to : Voice Magazine P.O. Box 701 Johnson City, TN 37605 or e-mail: Deadline for submission is July 15, 2011. PLEASE, ONE ENTRY PER HOUSEHOLD Visit to see last month’s entries.

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Simon Says, “Walk by Faith”

Happy 4th of July!

You remember how to play Simon-Says, don't you? It's the children's game where a leader gives verbal commands that are to be followed if and only if they are preceded by an explicit statement of permission bearing the warrant of mighty Simon himself. Non-"Simon-Says" commands are worthless, and following them only gets you in trouble. Aside from being fun (for a few minutes anyway,) the game also helps kids work on motor skills, coordination, listening skills, manners, and respecting authority. But shhhh... don't tell them that. Let's just look closely at the three actions in the verse above, which begins not with "Simon Says," but rather "Then Jesus said..." 1) Turn Around ("let him deny himself...") This is what denying one's self is all about. Repentance. Seeing things God's way. Going from darkness to light. Playing the fool for God. 2) Bend Over, Stand Up ("take up his cross...") When you pick up the cross, you have to set down other burdens, the other things that you tend to think define "you." 3) Go Forward ("...and follow Me.") Following = sacrificial living. It's advancement toward a Kingdom goal. In Matthew 8:1 we find that when Jesus "had come down from the mountain, great multitudes followed Him." He had just finished teaching them; they had received instruction from one who had no place to lay his head and was feeding thousands on mere loaves and fishes. Moving forward in the Kingdom can only involve putting others in front of self. Intersecting Faith & Life: Is this verse, or these three instructions, hard, or easy? The answer depends on perspective. Quitting smoking looks easy to the non-smoker, but the smoker must take it one minute, one day, one step at a time. Losing weight is a manageable goal for most, but if the focus is on losing 60 pounds in the first day the dieter is fighting a losing battle. Make it your goal to Turn Around, Bend Over/Stand Up, and Go Forward one day this week and see where "Jesus Said" takes you. (Author: Shawn McEvoyis, the Managing Editor of )

Since 1992

Downtown Rogersville


Summer Entertainment on a Budget Movies – Summer means blockbusters, and you can

enjoy a featured flick with the family by taking in a matinee. Or, if you live near a drive-in theater, you could take the entire family for just one flat fee. Bring along the snacks and you’ll save even more money. Swimming – If you don’t have a pool, but your town does, you may be able to join for a discounted rate. Lots of municipalities now offer shortened season passes. And a day at the lake would be perfect fun in the sun and will not break the budget.

About Face Back to School Skin Care – Start the school year off with clear skin: 2 Microderms for only $100 – and 10% off Obagi Skin Care products. Offer expires August 13th. See their ad on page 12.

Libraries – Public libraries offer

mostly everything for free, though some charge a small fee to rent recently released videos. Libraries often feature special events including book readings, story hour for the kids, an art show or even a play. VBS – Churches, as part of their outreach to the community, will often host a Vacation Bible School program for elementary aged children. Some programs are free or charge a small fee to cover the cost of snacks and a tee shirt. Half-day or night programs are usually offered, giving your offspring a chance to enjoy time with other children while learning about God’s love for them. Parks – Day trips to theme parks can be a blast, and some parks discount their tickets through online specials or specially marked cans of soda. Consider a mid-week visit to avoid the big crowds and to find the best discounts. Arrange your trip with several other families, and you may be able to secure a group rate discount. The activities can include cooking out, renting paddle boats, and riding bikes. Barbeques – Whether you call them barbeques or cookouts, the time spent cooking at home can be the most entertaining of them all. Consider asking family members and friends to each bring a favorite dish with them while you supply the meat, plates, utensils, condiments and drinks. Make this a weekly or bi-weekly event throughout the summer, rotating from one home to the next. Everyone will have an opportunity to host at least once, distributing that burden while maximizing the savings across the board. As always, keep your eyes peeled for special events that come up throughout the summer months including local fireworks, state fair, county or town picnic, you name it. Usually to attend many of these events is FREE!

Dressing Room Dressing Room now offers new home accessories. You can find unique gifts like large hand-painted Spanish bowls, candles, tall vases, crystal tassels, pillows, and many more accents to create that perfect touch of class. By: Ann Hall. See their ad on page 6.

LeShea Boutique Check out the great summer styles at LeShea Boutique in Piney Flats. Outfits great for fun or the office. Fall styles arriving soon!

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Summer Jewelry Trends By: Sloane Trentham

Summer is when you really want to look your best, and what better way to do that than with jewelry that showcases your true style. The jewelry trends of 2011 are focused on making a statement – and letting your voice be heard without even moving your lips.

Be Colorful If you thought 2010 jewelry was vibrant, 2011 just got a little brighter. Vivid, saturated colors are in this summer, like sapphire blue, amethyst purple, and amber orange, to complement both casual and dressy outfits. The brighter the better and easier to be seen!

All About Her Clothing & Accessories

Recycled and vegan jewelry, usually made with earth-friendly metals such as aluminum, have made a worldwide appearance this year. A style with the combination of recycled and vintage has hit the jewelry scene in 2011, such as earrings made from old record albums tion ce Collec ie Neckla tr e m m and necklaces made from broken y As glass. Pieces made from feathers, insects, wood, bone and other lightweight natural objects are made into jewelry and are perfect for summer weather. They also help you leave less of a carbon footprint.

Be Different

Be Noticed

Oversized rings with a vintage feel have taken over fingers everywhere. Shoulder-length earrings have been spotted on celebrities around the world. Chunky bracelets and necklaces have been introduced on fashion runways. Be big and be noticed this year!

Be Green

Asymmetr ie: Raw C ut Amethyst Ring

Anything handmade is one-of-akind, just like you. In 2011, be different, and flaunt unique hand-crafted masterpieces. Wearing handmade jewelry expresses your appreciation for the artist’s hard work and skill, and makes you feel special because no one else in the world has one exactly like it.


er Rin


: Tw metrie

Asym (Asymmetrie Jewelry Collection by Sloane Trentham found only at ʻHands Around the Worldʼ in Jonesborough, TN)

Casual & Formal Wear

Shop for your Summer Dresses while they last!


July 21st 3-6pm By Appointment Only

$100 Deposit Includes:

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528 E. Elk Ave. Elizabethton, TN

Tues. - Sat. 10 - 5 • Cathy Shoun - Owner


423-926-2200 110 Med Tech Park Johnson City, TN

innovative • vibrant •youthful

jxww|Çz f{ÉãxÜá ã|à{ t

Theme! By: Sloane Trentham Stay at home mother Chelsey Bishop spent several hours tracing and cutting out little paper chili peppers. One of her friends is getting married, and she wanted to throw her an unforgettable wedding shower. “The first thing is to pick a theme with the bride in mind,” said Chelsey. “Think of them and what they are interested in, and then go from there. If the bride likes horses, have a horse-themed shower.” When her friend mentioned margaritas, Chelsey knew she had her theme. She immediately began plans for a fiesta-style wedding shower, and wrote down lists of food, drinks, decorations, and other supplies that had a South American feel. Chelsey decided a taco bar was perfect for the meal since it could be easily customizable to anyone’s taste. It was also simple and inexpensive. For decorations, she positioned pictures of the happy

couple at strategic places in the house. To add more festive flavor, she spread her handmade paper chili peppers on the counter around the food and other places inside the house. The most important habit Chelsey practices when she plans a wedding shower is writing down ideas soon as she thinks of them. That way she doesn’t scramble around at the last minute and has a check list. “Just make sure to think things all the way through,” she advised. “If you are having cupcakes, you need something to put them on, so you would also add a cupcake stand to your list.” She also mentioned a few necessities of a wedding shower that might not seem obvious, such as a balloon on the mailbox and a corsage for the bride. The mailbox balloon eases confusion about the location, and the corsage sets the bride apart from everyone else and makes her feel special. Chelsey suggests the best games to play at wedding showers are games that allow guest to mingle and talk to each other. At a friend’s shower, Chelsey divided the guests into three teams and had a ‘toilet paper wedding dress’ contest. The team which made the best wedding dress out of eight rolls of toilet paper in 10 minutes won a prize. How much fun! Having a large family, Chelsey’s had several opportunities to throw wedding showers and baby showers, gaining lots of experience. She even threw her own baby shower. “I just so love to do it,”she said, laughing. “I couldn’t help it!”

Asymmetrie: Wrapped Sparkle Ring spotted at Hands Around the World in Jonesborough, TN

wants to know... Dear Viola, I worked in a retail store, and sometimes I worked as cashier on the register. Recently, I have seen one of my co-workers take money from the drawer. Once, I saw her take $50.00. Should I tell someone about it? -Love Retail


Dear Love Retail, Report the shortages to the boss, or file them on whatever reports you use. You can never presume someone is stealing in the workplace. You either know it, and have proof, or you donʼt know it. Anyone having access to the money could have done it, including you, and some might presume you did, if thatʼs all it took to convict. You are as responsible as


she is for the money going in and going out of the cash drawer. Professionally, the business owner should know of your concern, not an assumption. Morally, it is the right thing to do – BUT – you must have proof, or it will backfire in your face! Perhaps mention to the shift supervisor or to the store manager in a subtle way. Ask if the drawer has been short. This will indicate you are concerned. Suggest to management of installing cameras near the register to protect the company. They will appreciate your concern. CYA...Cover your Assests, if you know what I mean! Sincerely, Viola Voice Ask Viola Voice! Do you have a question? Send your question to: Disclaimer: These Q&A are for entertainment purposes only and should not be considered informational, instructional, or a medical diagnosis.


BIRTHPLACE of COUNTRY MUSIC "Friends of 1927 Campaign"

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Imagine enjoying a Smithsonian Institute experience in downtown Bristol. The Birthplace of Country Music® Cultural Heritage Center, in affiliation with the Smithsonian Institute, will tell the story of our musical heritage. From the Bristol Sessions and beyond, our region continues to influence music around the world. The Cultural Heritage Center will embody this accomplishment and promote Bristol as the Birthplace of Country Music. Be a part of a grassroots movement to help us welcome visitors to the completed Cultural Heritage Center in 2013. "Friends of 1927" is a friend-raising campaign to enlist a core group of supporters who can take special pride in their quintessential role in opening the doors of the Cultural Heritage Center. The "Friends of 1927" will be 1,927 individuals who give $520 each at this crucial milestone of the project. When you become a "Friends of 1927" supporter, you send a strong message that the Center is vital to our region and to our local economy. Please give special thought to what your $520 pledge will mean. The land is in place, the building shell is undergoing renovation, government funds and private grants are pledged. Next is a collective grassroots pledge of $1 million-a chorus of 1,927 voices. One voice singing quietly can barely be heard; but 1,927 voices singing quietly, yet in unison, make a very loud impact. The projected regional economic boost of the Cultural Heritage Center is nearly $50 million. The Cultural Heritage Center will create jobs and will preserve our heritage for future generations. We are counting on you to help finish this community project. Please give me a call or visit to DONATE NOW and find what exclusive benefits are offered to "Friends of 1927". A $520 donation is equivalent to $10 a week for a year. Consider this financial commitment an educational and cultural contribution to the future of our region. We hope you will become one of our 1,927 friends. We look forward to sharing our success with you. John Rainero, President Elect Birthplace of Country Music Alliance P.O. Box 216, Bristol, TN 37620 (423)573-1927

Phone: 276-679-4000 276-889-5452 Fax:



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Sangria Fruit Salad Ingredients

Perfect for Cookouts! Fruit Salad with Cantaloupe, Honeydew, Pineapple, and Dill

½ lb strawberries, sliced ½ lb cherries, pitted ½ lb apricots, sliced Zest of 1 orange ¼ cup dessert wine (LaV! Vanilla port, Marsala or other) 3 Tbsp. sugar (vanilla sugar if you have it) ½ tsp. vanilla extract ¼ cup pistachios (or toasted sliced almonds, see Note below)

Makes 4-6 servings

Ingredients 2-3 cups cantaloupe, cut into pieces about 1 inch square 2-3 cups honeydew, cut into pieces about 1 inch square 1 cup pineapple, cut into pieces about 1 inch square (optional, can use all melon) 4-6 Tbsp. Spinach Salad Dressing (recipe follows) 2-3 Tbsp. chopped fresh dill (use more or less, depending on how much you like dill)

Directions 1. Combine the fruit in a large bowl. 2. Stir together the wine, orange zest, sugar and vanilla until the sugar is dissolved. 3. Pour the wine mixture over the fruit and allow to sit at room temperature for 1 hour. 4. Stir and sprinkle with nuts. Serve and enjoy! Note: The original recipe calls for pistachio nuts, but to draw on the Spanish influence of Sangria you may substitute toasted sliced or slivered almonds. Also, you may substitute orange sections for the apricots. (

Spinach Salad Dressing: 1/4 cup red wine vinegar 1/4 cup sugar or Splenda (use Splenda for the South Beach Diet) 1 tsp. finely minced fresh garlic 1/4 tsp. salt (I used fine sea salt) 1/4 tsp. black pepper (I used fresh ground pepper) 1/4 tsp. dry mustard powder 1/4 tsp. onion powder 1/2 cup extra virgin olive oil

Directions 1. In a small bowl, whisk together the red wine vinegar, sugar or Splenda, garlic, salt, black pepper, dry mustard, and onion powder. When those ingredients are well combined, whisk in olive oil and let dressing flavors blend while you prep other ingredients. (This makes a lot more than you need for this salad, but I recommend you make the whole amount and have fun thinking of things to eat it on!) 2. Wash dill and spin dry or dry with paper towels. Remove large stems, then finely chop dill. Cut cantaloupe, honeydew, and pineapple into pieces about 1 inch square. 3. Combine melon in glass or plastic bowl. Toss with desired amount of dressing, then add dill and stir to distribute. This is best served right away, but it will keep in the refrigerator for about a day. ( Recipe created by Kalyn to use some leftover fruit that could have potentially been boring!)


Local Attractions

By: Sloane Trentham Since July is National Parks and Recreation month, celebrate it at one of these six parks located in Northeast Tennessee and Southwest Virginia. Locals and tourists alike can enjoy an eclectic variety of activities to fill all those wonderful summer daylight hours!

Briarwood Ranch Safari Park

Take a four-mile safari at Briarwood Ranch Safari Park, located in Bybee, Tennessee. Watch wild animals from all over the world from your own car! For even more fun, check out the petting zoo or take a tractor-pulled wagon ride. Don’t forget your camera! For more information call (865) 919-5072.

Southwest Virginia Museum Historical State Park

Southwest Virginia Museum Historical State Park is small, but full of substance. The 1.5-acre park in Big Stone Gap, Virginia, emphasizes its history museum that contains more than 20,000 pieces from the 1890’s coal mining era. All kinds of songbirds can be spotted at the park, which is also an Audubon Bird Sanctuary! For more information call (276) 523-1322.

Ask Ann by Ann Woods

Xà|Öâxààx dâxáà|ÉÇá 9 TÇáãxÜá

Q. Please refresh my memory. What are the terms used for table utensils? Iʼm newly engaged and will be registering for gifts. Also, can you share any tips about my “tablescape?” A. “Flatware” refers to all knives, forks and spoons including those used to serve food. “Hollowware” refers to all dishes, bowls, tea sets, trays, salt & pepper shakers, candlesticks, pitchers, and other pieces used for table service or decorations. When you hear the word, “Sterling,” it means that there is a very high standard of purity in the silver. Under U.S. law, only pieces that contain the proper amount of pure silver can be stamped “Sterling.” Please do not put silver in the dishwasher as it is much too hot and abrasive. This is true of any fine china, crystal, or hollowware. Wash these items gently by hand in warm soapy water, and dry immediately. Although most people like for their silver, china, etc. to match and be of only one pattern or design, it is perfectly acceptable to mix pieces if they are family heirlooms or collections that you find. In fact, mixing pieces can result in a very charming effect.

Hungry Mother State Park

Named after a local legend, Hungry Mother State Park in Marion, Virginia, features 2,435 acres of land that can accommodate a wide range of interests! From campers to hikers, Hungry Mother Park includes 500 acres for hunting, a pier for fishing, kayaks, canoes, paddleboats, a conference room for business meetings, cabins for overnight stays and much more! For more information call 1-800-933-PARK.

Breaks Interstate Park

Known as “The Grand Canyon of the South,” Breaks Interstate Park’s main attraction is the five-mile long, 1,650-foot deep gorge. The park is located in Breaks, Virginia, with lake-front cottages and cabins to rent for short or long vacations. See a play, ride a horse, enjoy a concert, white water raft and more at this 4,600-acre park. For more information call (276) 865-4413.

Winged Deer Park

Winged Deer Park is located right next to beautiful Boone Lake in Johnson City, Tennessee. The park has boat access to the lake, an 18-hole disc golf course and two miles of paved hiking trails! Winged Deer Park is a great place for a big family reunion or a small picnic with loved ones! For more information call (423) 283-5816.

Steele Creek

With more than 2,200 acres of land, Steele Creek Park in Bristol, Virginia, offers a wide variety of activities. Paddleboat on the lake, hike or bike 21 miles of trails, or tee off at the golf course. A disc golf course spans the park, while a nature center preserves Steel Creek Park’s natural history through educational exhibits. For more information call (423) 764-4023.

Q. Emily Post seems to very blatant about never asking for or giving money as a wedding gift. What is your opinion? A. Etiquette like everything evolves or changes with time and situations. I do find it tacky to see a request for money or gift certificates on an invitation. The truth is most couples would love to receive cash. Some weddings have a place set aside for gift envelopes. Also, a congratulatory card with a check inside may be mailed to the couple. If a couple is “registered”, respect their wishes. Most engaged couples prefer that guests not go off on their own to buy a gift. The rule of writing a hand written “thank you note” for each gift received has not changed. Couples should write these in a timely fashion- donʼt wait- do it as soon as possible! I promise you the gift giver will remember if you fail to write a thank you note. The National League of Cotillions offers a wide range of etiquette classes covering a variety of everyday topics, such as: introductions, greeting and shaking hands, sports etiquette, & family dining. Ann also covers more formal parts of etiquette: formal dining, eating unusual foods, receiving lines, and sending and receiving invitations and thank you notes. In addition, students receive extensive instruction in social dancing. Ann is the Area Director of the National League of Cotillions, teaching etiquette classes and social dancing to young people in kindergarten through twelfth grade in East Tennessee and Southwest Virginia. In addition, Ann also conducts etiquette classes and business protocol classes for adults. She works with colleges, universities, and businesses throughout the Mountain Empire. To schedule Ann as a corporate or guest speaker or for details about next year’s Cotillion programs, call or email: Ann Woods, phone: 423-989-3316, email:




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Happy 4th of July!

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A Fun and Festive Time...

at the Virginia Highlands Festival

want to miss this talented singer sure to entertain the Country lover in you. The show takes place on Monday, August 1 at 7:30 pm. Tickets are $28 and $20 and available at the Barter Theatre box office (276-628-3991).

The Virginia Highlands Festival takes place this year starting on July 23 and going through August 7, 2011. We offer 16 days of entertainment, shopping (both Arts and Crafts and the Antiques Market), music events, outdoor events such as stargazing and hikes, and everything from cooking classes to wine tasting. We offer something for everyone with close to 300 events taking place. So, mark your calendars and join us in historic Abingdon, Virginia for a fun and festive time. The Highlander Magazine will be available, which details all the activities during the Festival, and you can pick one up locally or view/print it from our website ( We are beyond excited to present this year’s events to residents and visitors to our area!

Do you want to hear a good story being told by a professional storyteller? Then join us for a performance by Roger Petersen, a Professor of Speech and Story Performance at Philadelphia Biblical University. His recent album, “The Pen and the Inkwell and Other Sacred Stories by Hans Christian Andersen” was a winner of a 2011 Storytelling World Award. This talented storyteller will present his stories at the Abingdon Market Pavilion on Tuesday and Wednesday, July 26 and 27 at 7:30 pm. Tickets are $8 and available at the gate.

The Performing Arts Committee of the Festival will present several shows this year with most happening in the comfort of the Barter Theatre. These are spectacular events that you don’t want to miss. Kicking off the Festival will be a special performance by Lynn Trefzger, a comedy ventriloquist, with a trunk full of zany characters. Audiences are treated to Lynn’s vocal illusion talents, when they may meet a drunken and lovable camel, a grumpy old man, a feisty little girl, and some audience members who are brought up for the action! Her off-the-wall audience interplay is riotously funny with this performance tailored for an adult audience. She has appeared on ABC, TNN, A&E and Lifetime Television.

If you want to shop until you drop, then join us for our Arts and Crafts show on Remsburg Drive in downtown Abingdon. We feature handmade crafts that are unique and high-quality in our 16 day extravaganza! There is free admission and a food court. The show is open from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm daily with late openings on Saturday, July 23 and July 30 until 7:30 pm. You are sure to find some gifts, home decorations, jewelry, paintings and much, much more.

Virginia Highlands The Antiques Market located on the campus of the Virginia Highlands Community College (I-81, Exit 14) is stocked with hard to find antiques Festival and unique items with everything from jewelry, furniture to glassware. We feature over 100 booths under 2 large tents with dealers from July 23 - August 7 across the country. Back by popular demand, this year we offer “Early Bird Shopping”, where you can be the very first to check out and Abingdon, purchase the antiques. The event takes place on Saturday, July 23rd at 8:00 am to 10:00 am and admission is $20 with tickets available at the Virginia Festival Office (276-623-5266). The Home and Garden Committee is proud to

Opening for Lynn Trefzger and back by popular request, Grammy Award winning singer/songwriter, Barbara Bailey Hutchinson, has a voice that is familiar to millions of television and radio listeners. She has appeared at the White House three times, performed in nearly all 50 states, Japan, Korea, the Philippines and Thailand. In 1996 she was awarded the music industry’s highest recognition, a Grammy Award. Her show is always fresh and powerful, offering finely crafted songs and a clever wit. The show is on Sunday, July 24 at 7:30 pm at the Barter Theatre. Tickets are only $12 and are available at the Barter Theatre ticket office (276-628-3991) or at the door. Another Performing Arts event is a performance by Dorin Seymour as Jefferson Davis, the President of the Civil War Confederacy. The event is titled “Unconquerable Heart”: A Life of Jefferson Davis and is an event sure to entertain your historical knowledge of the man. On May 10th, 1865 at the end of the Civil War, Jefferson Davis was captured and imprisoned for two years at Fort Monroe, Virginia while awaiting trial. After his release from prison in 1867, he traveled considerably. While “Unconquerable Heart” has tried to stay true to the spirit of Jefferson Davis and his cause, the play takes some artistic liberties in presenting to you that large spirit. The play takes place on Tuesday, August 2 at 7:30 pm at the Barter Theatre. Tickets are $12 Adults, $10 Senior Citizens, and $8 Youth and are available at the box office (276-628-3991) or at the door. We are excited to present a special performance by one of Country music’s best singers and songwriters, Billy Dean. His insightful songwriting, clear and distinctive voice, and masterful instrumental gifts have earned him accolades from many awards academies and countless devoted fans. His awards include: The Academy of Country Music’s Song of the Year for “Somewhere in my Broken Heart” and ACM New Male Vocalist of the Year and a Grammy for a Country Tribute “Amazing Grace”. You don’t

feature an impressive line-up of area homes to tour for the ever popular Kitchen Tours. The kitchens range from an impressive historic home, an intimate cozy kitchen to new construction that fashionably merge the newest appliances with antiques, hearths and novel arrangements. The Twilight Kitchen Tour includes six homes and wine and light refreshments at a stately home.Tickets are $35 and available at the Festival Office (276-623-5266) or the Abingdon Convention and Visitor’s Center (276-676-2282). The event takes place on Thursday, July 28 from 5:00 pm – 9:00 pm. The day Kitchen Tour will feature 4 homes and the cost is $15. It will take place on Friday, July 29 from 12:00 pm – 4:00 pm. For the wine lover in you and back by repeated requests, the Home and Garden Committee is presenting a Virginia Wine Tasting with approximately 20-30 wines to be available for sampling. Guests will receive an engraved wine glass for their permanent ownership, which they can use to sample the large array of wines presented. Heavy refreshments prepared by the expert chefs from Abingdon Senior Center will also be served. The event takes place at the Abingdon Senior Center on Monday, July 25 at 6:00 pm with admission costing $25 with advance tickets only. To purchase tickets, please call the Festival Office at 276-623-5266. Spend lazy mornings and afternoons exploring our misty Appalachian landscapes, the forested hillsides and sweeping vistas, the pastures filled with cattle and old barns. Local experts will show you the geological faces of the area, and naturalists will guide you on leisurely walks looking for wild plants and animals. Our events for the Great Outdoors have activities ranging from nature hikes, kayaking on the Clinch River, a stroll through a vineyard, to stargazing and many other enriching activities. If you are a history buff, come and visit an historic town full of rich history and take advantage of our many events. Go back in time and visit the Colonial Trade Faire located at the Fields-Penn House in downtown Abingdon where you can purchase many crafts from the colonial era and hear ghost stories. There are also history walks, cemetery tours, a chance to explore archaeology, and visit a Civil War encampment on the Barter Green. You are sure to walk away with an experience to remember. Join us this summer for all the festivities! For more information, please visit our website at, pick up a Highlander Magazine for complete details, or call the Festival Office at 276-623-5266. We hope you enjoy the fun!

JOHNSON CITY, TN Caudle Center Medical Spa


Checkmate, Inc. REALTORS® 904 Sunset Drive, Suite 1 Johnson City, TN 37604

Offering New Products to Tackle Weight Loss

(423) 282-0432

Well maintained Traditional Home on large Corner Lot. First Time on Market. Convenient to both Kingsport and Johnson City. App. 21/2 Miles from Gray exit off I-26. 8 Rooms including 4 Bedrooms and 21/2 Baths. Oversized master bedroom and master bath with whirlpool. Formal Dining Room. 2-Story Foyer. Lots of Closet and Storage Space. 2 Car Garage plus Garage in Basement Area. 2 Driveways, Large Deck and Many Other Amenities. $289,900.00


MLS# 299032

Permanent Cosmetics by Wendy Before


July Special

10% Off Any Procedure Using Nouveau Intelligent Machine the latest in digital technology! Call for an appointment!

Wendy Good 423-213-8072 302 Sunset #102A Johnson City, TN Located between on Sunset Drive between Elizabethton Federal Bank and Peoples Community Bank

Voice Magazine Recommended!

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Your path to health and wellbeing

4th of July

Cool Down!

Relaxing and Therapeutic Full Body Massage Special

1 hour $45 1.5 hour $70

Upgrade to Premium Services Craniosacral Therapy Hot Stone Massage Pregnancy Massage Raindrop Therapy Packages and Gift Certificates Available Barbara Dray, LMT


109 Broyles Drive, Suite B, Johnson City, TN

Online scheduling Hurry - offer expires July 31, 2011

(423)282-4354 Cindy A. Thurlow Financial Advisor 2913 Boones Creek Rd. Ste. 8 Johnson City, TN 37615 Member SIPC

After only one week. Final results will not be reached for 2-4 months.

With the number of overweight/obese Americans now topping 68%, according to the Centers for Disease Control, being fat is now truly a health epidemic. In particular, the Southeast is leading the country in weight gains and obesity. The Caudle Center Medical Spa on Corporate Drive is offering two new products to tackle our burgeoning bellies, a new liposuction procedure and 3 medical weight loss programs. Liposuction, the removal of fat from areas such as the hips, thighs, stomach, “love handles” or neck is the second most popular cosmetic procedure in the United States among women and the top procedure for men. In the past, “lipo” as it is commonly known, was a surgical practice that included a hospital stay and risky general anesthesia. The newest cutting-edge procedure, which is now available at the Caudle Center is performed on an out-patient basis with local anesthetic. This less invasive process makes for a shorter recovery time, less swelling and a safer procedure. It also provides a smoother result without the ridges and bumps sometimes present in the older version of liposuction. Clients are back to work in a few days and can see a difference within a month and full results in about four months. For those who prefer to lose fat with a more traditional method, the new medical weight loss packages are recommended. The Caudle Center’s HCG Advantage Program utilizes the HCG protocol but allows clients to have 800 calories a day in place of the typical 500 calories recommended in most HCG programs. In addition, meal replacements are available which makes food choices and calorie counting easier for most clients. Another vital component of all the weight loss programs is behavioral counseling. “The most effective weight loss programs include behavioral counseling,” according to Angela Kraner, MSNFNP-BC, who has helped create the Caudle Center’s weight loss programs and sees clients at the site. “Most people realize, overeating or indulging in fatty foods is often based in psychological needs. Boredom, stress and depression are three of the most common reasons people overeat. We offer behavioral counseling to address those needs so that a weight loss is both dramatic and permanent,” she adds. The Caudle Center offers consultations for both the liposuction and weight loss programs, as well as skin treatments, massage and a full service salon. Call or visit the website for more information. The Caudle Center 189 Corporate Dr. Suite 10, Johnson City, TN 37604 423-926-2400

JOHNSON CITY, TN SHOP LOCALLY Boones Creek Day – A celebration of history and heritage By: Sloane Trentham Janie C. Jessee As a way to highlight the past, the Boones Creek Historical Trust, in partnership with The Boones Creek Potters Gallery & Gift Shop, will sponsor the second annual “Boones Creek Day.” This free event held on Saturday, July 30, 2011, will celebrate Boones Creek’s heritage with lots of fun activities for the family. “We want to preserve and keep history alive,” said Ed Bowman, Boones Creek Historical Trust member. “Boones Creek Day” will be held from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. at The Boones Creek Potters Gallery & Gift Shop, which happens to be in the historical

Clark House. The house was built around 1890 by a man named Fuller Gresham, whose great-grandfather, Joseph Lee Clark, was one of the first doctors in the Tri-Cities area. Dr. Clark was a respected doctor, community leader and farmer. The house resonates with ‘yesterdays gone by,’ and tours of the house will begin at noon and 3 p.m. Artists and vendors will display and demonstrate their products, ranging from Italian ice and books to handmade soap, pottery, and jewelry. If hunger strikes, food is also available all day. Of course, the celebration wouldn’t be complete without entertainment. Two bands, the Rockingham Road Band and the East Tennessee State University Bluegrass Band will play live music throughout the event. Several activities for children to enjoy will be available during “Boones Creek Day.” They can pet llamas at a petting zoo or make a clay pot at a potting wheel.

“Boones Creek Day” is a way of showing thanks to the Boones Creek Historical Trust for their hard work and an opportunity for the community to come together. “It’s a celebration of the history of Boones Creek,” said Ed. Boones Creek Potters Gallery and The Boones Creek Historic Trust are proud to host

Boones Creek Day Celebration Saturday, July 30th 10am to 5pm • Food • Crafts • Live Music • Vendors

Shop Locally! 2362 Boones Creek Rd. • Johnson City, TN • 423-753-0204

Are you new to the Area? The Newcomers Welcome Service

rolls out the red carpet to all new residents to our area! We are here to greet you with a wonderful free “shopping bag” full of goodies from your local merchants that wish to introduce themselves to you in a “personal way”. You not only receive free discounts and coupons to businesses and services, you will receive free tickets to most of our area museums, theatres, etc. Call today for your in-home personal visit with your Newcomer representative. Businesses, do not miss out on the most effective manner in getting your info in new resident’s hands immediately!

Contact Benita Today!



We buy and sell name brand clothes that the college students and teenagers wear 4411 North Roan Street 282-3388

m-f 10:00 - 7:00 sat 10:00 - 6:00

Boxcar Betty’s Eco Depot Eco-Friendly Shopping for Eco-Friendly Living


June Beck Owner 103 E Main Street Jonesborough, TN 37659 423-753-2006


Clearance Sale! Casual, Comfortable Clothing for Today’s Lifestyle

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121 West Main St. • Jonesborough, TN Beside Main St. Café

Join Jonesborough in celebrating "Homegrown Heritage" July 2nd & 3rd. Music, fun, crafters, children's area, parade, fireworks, farm exhibit competition and lots more.


things you’ll find on our website

Kaley’s wishes you a Happy 4th!

423-753-0233 Summer Hours: Mon.- Sat.11- 5:30

1.PET CARE ADVICE Protect Your Pet This Flea And Tick Season 2.HEALTH HINTS Upgrade Family Meals And Activities To Reduce Calories

the creekside Daily ls Specia

Dine In...Take Out...Catering American Fare Lunch...Dinner...Sunday Brunch

Pulled Pork The Big Burgers Beef Brisket Sandwich Pastrami Reuben (homemade pastrami)

3.ENERGY SAVING IDEAS Cool Ways To Reduce Home Energy Costs 4.SAFETY SENSE Outdoor Summer Safety 5.WOMENʼS HEALTH What Women Need To Know To Reduce Their Risk

50% Off Sale Room Upstairs!

109 Courthouse Square Jonesborough, TN

423-913-8149 • 423-676-1356 11am-9pm Mon-Sat, 11-3 Sunday

139 E. Main St. Corner of Boone & Main St.

Jonesborough, TN • 423-753-5305

With the recent storms and weather changes,


Fun Fest Provided to you by your friends at

EMERGENCY PREPARED LIST • Water, one gallon of water per person per day for at least three days, for drinking and sanitation • Food, at least a three-day supply of non-perishable food with can opener • Battery-powered or hand crank radio and a NOAA Weather Radio with tone alert and extra batteries for both • First aid kit, flashlight, paper, pencil, and extra batteries • Dust mask, to help filter contaminated air and plastic sheeting and duct tape to shelter-in-place • Moist towelettes, garbage bags and plastic ties for personal sanitation • Wrench or pliers to turn off utilities • Local maps, whistle to signal for help, cell phone with chargers • Prescription medications and glasses • Infant formula and diapers; games for children • Pet food and extra water for your pet • Important family documents such as copies of insurance policies, identification and bank account records in a waterproof, portable container • Cash or traveler's checks and change • Sleeping bag or warm blanket for each person. Consider additional bedding if you live in a cold-weather climate. • Complete change of clothing including a long sleeved shirt, long pants and sturdy shoes. Consider additional clothing if you live in a cold-weather climate.

July 15th-23rd

Fun Fest 2011 (July 15th-23rd) is proud to announce the entertainers for 2011 Sunset Series at J. Fred Johnson Stadium. Kellie Pickler will take the Brock Services Stage on Friday, July 22, followed by Trace Adkins on Saturday, July 23. Kellie Pickler, who was in the final 6 of American Idol in 2005, has quickly become a singer and songwriter to be reckoned with. Trace Adkins made his debut in the country music world almost 15 years ago with a platinum-selling album and has since become an undeniable musical force, earning his place among the most identifiable artists of his generation. Tickets can be purchased at, which includes a ticket to the Friday and Saturday concerts for $25. Any remaining tickets will be available at the Fun Fest Store in the Kingsport Town Center/Fort Henry Mall for $15 New this year! On Thursday, July 21, Food City will host a Fun Fest Street Party on Fort Henry Drive at Memorial Park. Entertainers will be announced soon for this admission free event.

Décor Exchange “Nearly New”

Consignment Home Furnishings 1001 N. Eastman Rd. Kingsport,TN 423-246-HOME (4663) • Layaway Available Open Mon. - Fri. 10am-7pm & Sat. 10am-5pm Also listen for our ad on The Peak 104.9 fm

Tell yourself today...

Life is a joy filled with delightful surprises

• Household chlorine bleach and medicine dropper – When diluted nine parts water to one part bleach, bleach can be used as a disinfectant. Or in an emergency, you can use it to treat water by using 16 drops of regular household liquid bleach per gallon of water. Do not use scented, color safe or bleaches with added cleaners. • Fire Extinguisher, matches in a waterproof container • Feminine supplies and personal hygiene items • Mess kits, paper cups, plates and plastic utensils, paper towels Toll Free Abingdon Big Stone Gap Bluefield Clintwood Grundy Richlands

(800) 424-6682 (276) 623-8330 (276) 523-4515 (276) 322-2599 (276) 926-8095 (276) 935-7557 (276) 963-9899



Celebrating Over 25 Years! 245 E. New Street, Suite 200 • Kingsport, TN • 423-245-1065 • 423-245-4553 Toll Free: 877-919-CARE •

July – National Blueberry Month

Blueberries – A Bushel of Health Benefits

1. The highest antioxidant capacity of all fresh fruit: Blueberries, being very rich in antioxidants like Anthocyanin, vitamin C, B complex, vitamin E, vitamin A, copper (a very effective immune builder and anti-bacterial), selenium, zinc, iron (promotes immunity by raising hemoglobin and oxygen concentration in blood) etc. boost up your immune system and prevent infections. 2. Aid in Belly Fat: A University of Michigan Cardiovascular Center study suggests that blueberries may help reduce belly fat and risk factors for cardiovascular disease and metabolic syndrome. After 90 days, the rats with the blueberry-enriched diet had less abdominal fat, lower triglycerides, lower cholesterol and improved fasting glucose and insulin sensitivity. More research is needed. 3. Helps promote urinary tract health: Berries have a compound formed of big polymer like heavy molecules which inhibits the growth of bacteria. And has some antibiotic properties. 4. Been proved to preserve vision: Blueberry extract, high in compounds called anthocyanosides, has been found in clinical studies to slow down visual loss. They can prevent or delay all age related ocular problems like macular degeneration, cataract, myopia and hypermetropia, dryness and infections, particularly those pertaining to retina, due to their anti-oxidant properties. Data reported in a study published in the Archives of Ophthalmology indicates that eating 3 or more servings of fruit per day may lower your risk of age-related macular degeneration. 5. Brain Health: Researchers believe blueberries can prevent and heal neurotic disorders by preventing degeneration and death of neurons, brain cells and also by restoring health of the central nervous system. They even heal damaged brain cells and neuron tissues. 6. Heart Disease: The high fiber content, those brilliant antioxidants and the ability to dissolve the ʻbad cholesterolʼ make the blueberry an ideal dietary supplement to cure many heart diseases. It also strengthens the cardiac muscles. 7. Constipation & Digestion: Roughage (fiber) in blueberries keeps away constipation. You need to eat a big handful of them but the vitamins, sodium, copper, fructose and acids improve digestion. 8. Cancer: Blueberries can prove to be bliss for the cancer patients, for they contain certain compounds like Pterostilbene (excellent remedy for colon and liver cancer) and Ellagic Acid which, in harmony with Anthocyanin and other antioxidants like vitamin C and copper, can do miracles to prevent and cure cancer. 9. Other benefits & facts: They keep you fresh, active, fit, sharp, close to nature and in a good mood, as they are very good anti-depressants. Remember, the deeper the color of the blueberries, the more they are rich in antioxidants and other medicinal values. How to Choose? Choose blueberries that are firm and have a lively, uniform hue colored with a whitish bloom. Shake the container, noticing whether the berries have the tendency to move freely; if they do not, this may indicate that they are soft and damaged or moldy. Avoid berries that appear dull in color or are soft and watery in texture. They should be free from moisture since the presence of water will cause the berries to decay. When purchasing frozen berries, shake the bag gently to ensure that the berries move freely and are not clumped together. For the complete article visit:

The Crumley House Brain Injury Rehabilitation Center Relearning Made Easier! By: Sloane Trentham

Every Friday, members of The Crumley House Brain Injury Rehabilitation Center have a group outing. Whether they choose to go bowling or watch a movie, they always have fun. Members of The Crumley House are people who have survived brain injuries, and fun is exactly what June Barrett strived for when she founded the non-profit organization in 1992. “We built The Crumley House on love and structure,” said Mrs. Barrett. She and her husband first opened The Crumley House as a day rehab program after their teenage daughter, Lori Beth Ford, received a severe brain injury from a near-fatal car accident. Finding a lack of rehabilitative services for brain injuries of Lori’s degree, the Barretts attained their long-term goal to start a residential facility nine years later. The Crumley House is located in Limestone, Tenn., in a peaceful country setting. According to Mrs. Barrett, the environment helps members develop and relearn everyday living skills. “Sometimes the members have a hard time coming to terms with what has happened,” said Mrs. Barrett, who has remained positive despite the sad stories she has witnessed. “They need all the love and support they can get, and that is what we give them.” In addition, The Crumley House offers a day rehab program, which includes physical therapy, a computer lab, and classes. The many activities offered include swimming, horseback riding, exercising, and several other programs to stimulate their cognitive responses. Recently, a new wing was added to The Crumley House, opening space for five more people, for a total of 22 residents. The five were chosen from a waiting list of more than 150 people. Mrs. Barrett indicated The Crumley House keeps her very busy with much of her time spent writing grants and orchestrating their major fundraiser. Every year, The Crumley House hosts a major fundraiser party with a carefully picked theme. The Crumley House will hold a Polynesian Beach Party on August 6, complete with a festive food buffet that will include fruit displays, jerk chicken skewers and grouper with a mint-garlic lime sauce. The chef for the night is James Allen from Blackthorn Club at The Ridges. Dancing shoes are a must with live music provided by a locally well-known band, Spirit of the Soul Dance Band. Members of the band are talented local business men and women. In addition to great food and fun, guests will have the opportunity to bid on items from a silent and live auction. A private plane ride, a vacation to a mountain or beach cabin, and a big screen TV are a few of the items up for bid. The event will be held on the grounds of The Crumley House. Tickets are $75 each, and all proceeds go to the operation of The Crumley House. For more info, call The Crumley House at 423-257-3644.

What: The Crumley House Polynesian Beach Party When: Saturday, August 6, 2011, 6pm Where: 300 Urbana Rd., Limestone, TN For more info, call The Crumley House at 423-257-3644.

Waterfalls of Wellness Healing Network The Tri-Cities Premier Resource for Holistic & Integrative Therapies Now Accepting New Therapists into Our Network

Check our online directory for local therapists, workshops, classes, & events to help add wellness to your life! Connecting Clients to Wellness One Cascade at a Time!


Wise County: The Perfect Day Trip

From Wines... and everything fine! July 16th: Swingin' in the Summer Listen to live piano music & enjoy a great meal outdoors on the lawn.

August 6th: Dinner under the Stars Listen to live piano music & enjoy a great meal outdoors on the lawn.

Have a picnic and enjoy swimming in the lake. A great trip for family! High Knob Lake Trail

10439 N. Reservoir Road Wise, VA • 276.328.2013

9416 Darden Drive Jefferson National Forest Wise, VA 276-328-2931 1.3-mile trail leads to High Knob Lake at the recreation area.

33rd Annual

Did you know? Some 160 billion emails are sent daily – more than 2 million per second – by 1.2 billion email senders. 97% of it is spam. Source:

October 8-9, 2011 • Main Street • Wise, Virginia 276-328-6842 or 276-328-8184 proudly sponsored by the Wise Business Association Emily & Thornton Spencer & the White Top Mountain Band Appalachian Highlanders Pipes and Drums and many more celebrating our mountain heritage! Over 100 Craft Booths • 5K Race • Great Kids Korner Pre-Fall Fling Events: Photo, Art and Essay Contests, Beauty Contest, Cruise-In, Yard Sale Spaces still available for Arts & Craftsmen!

Searching for My Lost Shaker of Salt Remember airplane bottles? Those cute little bottles you found in South Carolina and where else, on airplanes? Now you can buy them at the ABC store in almost every denomination. Whether you drink the hard stuff or not, there are lots of fun uses for mini bottles (after they’ve been emptied one way or another). Mini bottles are the perfect size for salt and pepper shakers. This project is so easy, even your husband can do it! All you need is one pair of mini bottles and a Martha McGlothlin drill with a small bit. I chose Absolut Vodka because I Gayle like the clear bottle. There are bottles in all different shapes, sizes and colors! Empty the bottles (in the sink or mouth!), then wash and dry them well. Unscrew the top and place it on a piece of cardboard or other similar surface. Drill two or three small holes in each cap and put salt in one bottle and pepper in the other. These are especially cute on an outdoor summer table. One year for Christmas I made salt and pepper shakers for all my friends, using each friend’s favorite bottle. They loved them (I think)! Another fun s & p project is to use those tiny jam jars you find at some restaurants. I use mine daily and they lend a country flair to my table. Add an industrial strength magnet to an empty mini bottle and you can stick it on your fridge. If you leave the cap off it’s a good place to keep a pen or pencil handy…or even a little flower your son or daughter might pick for you in the yard! Wrap a little wire around it to make it more decorative. A friend of mine strung a bunch of mini bottles together with white Christmas lights inside them and put them on his deck. With that kind of décor, I’d be strummin’ my six –string on my front porch swing! Martha McGlothlin Gayle is the mom of four toddlers, all under the age of five. She enjoys making jewelry (see her website at, writing her blog (, shopping at flea markets and decorating her home with salvaged items. Martha is also president of The United Company Charitable Foundation in Bristol, Virginia.

July Trivia for Fun 1. Who is July named after? A. Roman Emperor Julius Caesar B. The Egyptian Princess Julia C. Historian Jules Meadows

2. Who wrote the words of the Star Spangled Banner? A. John Hancock B. Lee Greenwood C. Francis Scott Key


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our referral group Email us at:

3.Which is the birthstone for July A. Ruby B. Amber C. Emerald 4. July is NOT... A. US National Ice Cream Month B. US National Hot Dog Month C. US National Chocolate Month

5. Which zodiac sign does not fall in July? A. Cancer B. Virgo C . Leo Answers: 1.A. Roman Emperor Julius Caesar 2.C. Francis Scott Key 3.A. Ruby 4.C. US National Chocolate Month 5.B. Virgo

By: Martha McGlothlin Gayle

Dancing with Tri-Cities Stars For the third year, the Johnson City Country Club will host Dancing with Tri-Cities Stars on Saturday, July 23rd 2011 at 5:30PM. Here is a list of stars taking the floor this year: Women: Shirley Carrier – serves on numerous Board of Directors, Wellmont Foundation, The Advisory Board of First American Bank, Bristol TN Chamber of Commerce, Presidents Round Table at King College, Foundation Board of the Bristol TN School Systems and The Paramount Center of the Arts. Debbie England – Owner, Cartridge World Melissa Hipolit – Reporter at 11 Connects Kimberly Holbrook – VP Communication/Public Affairs, Citigroup Trish Weaver – David Clapp Studio Men: Jack Dempsey – President/General Manager, 11 Connects Stephen Dixon – CRA Officer, VP, Bank of Tennessee John Phillips – Principal, Lake Ridge Elementary Jay Sandos – Voice of the Bucs Grant Summers – Senior VP, Summers Taylor, Inc. The Tri-Cities stars are taught by Mike and Kim Adler, of Johnson City. Both Mike and Kim achieved World Champion status with their professional partners and as a couple with the United Country Western Dance Council.

The dancers will each perform two dances. The women will once again wear original pieces from Randall Designs that were worn for ABC’s Dancing With The Stars. Mirrorball trophies will be awarded to the highest scoring man and woman. Our participants are logging long hours practicing for a great cause. All of the money raised goes to SteppenStone Youth Treatment Services. SteppenStone is a Tri-Cities treatment center that helps boys who experience emotional and behavioral problems. They provide a continuum of treatment in a residential setting as well as day treatment, after school treatment and outpatient treatment. Tickets are $100, which includes a gourmet meal by Troutdale Kitchens. The meal is served from stations positioned around the club, allowing guests an opportunity to mingle and enjoy their favorite entrée. Some of the highlights on the menu include a beef carving station, sushi, lobster macaroni and cheese and a dessert station. For more info, contact Mike Adler 423-791-1769 or Kim Adler at 423-677-1515. For more information about SteppenStone Academy, call Tom Herington at 423-257-8600. To purchase tickets, call 423-257-7500

Specializing in Audio Installations & Professional Sound Reinforcement

s ’ h t i m S Matt MUSIC


422 West Main • Abingdon, VA 24210 Matt Smith (276)628-4226 Owner Fax- 628-5424

528 E. Elk Avenue, Elizabethton, TN Located in the back of The Dressing Room

Jennifer Chisam Owner/Instructor

423-262-9551 location:

151 A East Mountcastle Dr. Johnson City, TN (Behind Target)



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I was trying to find what I did not know I was looking for, and knew I would recognize it when I saw it. Sponsored by The Straight Jacket Society


Carolyn lyn y H. Nagel, g B.A. Admissions ddmissions i i Director Di

HEALTHCARE Audrey eyy Clausing, g LNHA of Abingdon Administrator Ad i i

from Serving you fr om our heart www

600 W Walden alden a Road Abingdon, VA Abing gdon, V A 24210 Phone: Phone e: (276) 628-2111 628-2111 Fax: (276) 628-8848 Email Email::

Voice Magazine for Women July 2011 Calendar of Events Get your New

Birthstone: Ruby Flower: Larkspur, Water Lily Astrological Signs: Cancer: June 21 - July 22, Leo: July 23 - August 22 Watch Daytime Tri-Cities WJHL-11 at 10am Watch Mountain Music Showcase on TV! Seen on WAPK TV Channel 6 (Most Cable), Channel 36 (Satellite systems), Saturdays 8:30 - 9:00 AM, Sundays 1:00 - 3:00 AM Courtesy of ARC TV

Watch Mountain Music Showcase on TV! Seen on WAPK TV Channel 6 (Most Cable), Channel 36 (Satellite systems), Saturdays 8:30 - 9:00 AM, Sundays 1:00 - 3:00 AM Courtesy of ARC TV

Watch Mountain Music Showcase on TV! Seen on WAPK TV Channel 6 (Most Cable), Channel 36 (Satellite systems), Saturdays 8:30 - 9:00 AM, Sundays 1:00 - 3:00 AM Courtesy of ARC TV

Independence Day

“First Friday” Discover Downtown Johnson City “First Thursday” Discover Downtown Kingsport Shops open until 7pm

Trey Hensley & Driving Force Downtown Kingsport 7pm

Scott Miller Band Downtown Kingsport 7pm

Bastille Day

Fun Fest Kingsport, TN July 15-23 See page 17. Border Bash State Street Bristol 6 pm

Jonesborough Days July 2 & 3- See page 16. 26th Annual Pepsi Independence Day Celebration & Fireworks Johnson City at 5pm, fireworks at 9:50pm

Watch Mountain Music Showcase on TV! Seen on WAPK TV Channel 6 (Most Cable), Channel 36 (Satellite systems), Saturdays 8:30 - 9:00 AM, Sundays 1:00 - 3:00 AM Courtesy of ARC TV

Watch Mountain Music Showcase on TV! Seen on WAPK TV Channel 6 (Most Cable), Channel 36 (Satellite systems), Saturdays 8:30 - 9:00 AM, Sundays 1:00 - 3:00 AM Courtesy of ARC TV

Washington County VA Chamber of Commerce Breakfast Virginia Ball Room – Every Third Thursday at 7:30am

Virginia Highlands Festival July 23-August 7 Abingdon, VA See page 13.

Symphony of the Mountains in Wise, VA. See page 26.

Dancing with Tri-Cities Stars See page 22.

Parents' Day Darren and Brook Aldridge Downtown Kingsport 7pm

Abingdon’s Largest Indoor Garage Sale, 8am-2pm See ad on page 12. Boones Creek Day See page 15.

How to place a classified ad: $25.00 for up to 40 words and .10 for each additional word. Line border is included. Bold and or one-color additional. Must be received by the 15th. All ads subject to approval. Call 423-926-9983 or email: How to place a display/classified ad: Contact by phone 423-926-9983 or e-mail Editing: We reserve the right to edit for taste, clarity and length. Most submissions are edited to shorten, clarify confusing statements or correct grammatical errors. If a submission is potentially libelous, slanderous or appears to have been written with malice or harmful intent, it will be edited or rejected. This applies to submissions for the magazine and for our website How to subscribe: Send $28.00 for one year for 12 issues to: Voice Magazine, P.O. Box 701, Johnson City, TN 37605 How to submit items to “update” and “up & coming events”: We encourage submission of press releases about news and up & coming events. Email your press releases to

Career Corner

Arts Depot – Abingdon, Va., Special Exhibits Gallery through July 15, 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Highlands Camera club exhibition, The Seasons; Members Showcase Gallery, through July 15, Ginny Brennan, Sheri Chaffin, J.C. Dean and Allison Lindler displaying their works; Spotlight Gallery, through July 15, Robyn Raines exhibit. July 15-24 all exhibits closed in preparation for the Virginia Highlands Festival Juried Fine Arts Show. For more information, call (276) 628- 9091 or visit Want to paint like Monet? Then you should sign up for the Virginia Highlands Festival's five (5) day Watercolor Workshop with Deltaville, Virginia artist, Kathleen Noffsinger. Kathleen is an award-winning artist who draws inspiration from color techniques used by Monet and the impressionists. This workshop is for intermediate to advanced painters and takes place from Tuesday, July 19th through Saturday, July 23rd from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm at Christ the King Catholic Church. The fee is $350 with $175.00 payable with the application and the remainder due at the workshop. The Virginia Highlands Festival takes place this year from July 23 -- August 7. For more information on the workshop and complete details, please visit our website at and click on Fine Art/Photography or pick up a copy of the Highlander Magazine. You can also call the Festival Office at (276) 623-5266. Be sure to come and enjoy the fun this year! Bristol, TN/ VA Waltz & Rhumba Class to be held Friday July 8, 2011 at 7:30 – 9:30 at Bristol Ballet Studio, 628 Cumberland St., Bristol, Virginia, 276-669-6051. $10 per person. No partner is necessary. Refreshments will be served.

(Employment Section) Join Us! Voice Magazine is looking to add to our current outside sales staff! This is a growth opportunity for a dynamic individual with a positive attitude. Apply your ‘sales experience’ to selling ads and servicing. Must have ‘do what it takes’ attitude, be tenacious and enjoy serving businesses. This position is part-time to full-time. Commission only. Email your resume to: or fax your resume to 423-926-9983.

Abingdon, VA Free tours of White’s Mill, a grist mill from the 1790’s, will be given Wednesday through Sunday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. The picnic area and nature trail will be open. White’s Mill will be accepting submissions for a cookbook. Mail recipes to White’s Mill Mercantile, 13101 Lindell Road, Meadowview, Va., 24361. For more information, call (276) 628-2960.

Farmageddon Documentary to be Shown at the Bristol Public Library Saturday, July 9th at 2pm and 6pm. Farmageddon will be shown to the public in the J. Henry Kegley Meeting Room at the Bristol Public Library on Saturday, July 9th at 2pm and 6pm. Americans' right to access fresh, healthy foods of their choice is under attack. Farmageddon is a documentary that tells the story of small, family farms that were providing safe, healthy foods to their communities and were forced to stop, sometimes through violent action by agents of misguided government bureaucracies, and seeks to figure out why. Filmmaker Kristin Canty’s quest to find healthy food for her four children turned into an educational journey to discover why access to these foods was being threatened. The community is invited to view and discuss this film and the issue involved. For more information about this event or other library programs, call (276) 821-6148 or visit our website

David Church will perform July 8th at 7:00pm at the Paramount Center in Bristol. Tickets are $22 and $27 (reserved seating). Church has found success despite all odds. He is outside the box, of what Nashville defines as 'marketable material. Amazingly, without a major hit on mainstream radio or even a record label, Church has millions of fans all over the world. Church has been featured on RFDTV's popular show, "Midwest Country" for over five years. His popularity throughout the US, Canada, and now Europe continues to soar as he makes regular appearances on the show and tours throughout the world. David has been featured in numerous major country music magazines including, Country Weekly, Country Music Report, Nashville, Music Guide, Dreamwest, The Tub, Indie Islands, and many others. Church attributes his success in the music business to the millions of "true country fans" that are tired of what they hear on the radio. For more information visit or call (423) 274-8920. Music and Movies in the Park, a free event sponsored by the Bristol Virginia Parks and Recreation Department and Bristol Virginia Utilities, is held in Cumberland Square Park in Bristol, Va., on Thursday evenings starting June 30. The event begins at 6:30 p.m. with music and concessions, and the PG-rated films begin at 8:45 p.m. Bring a blanket or lawn chair for seating and canned or non-perishable food to be donated to Second Harvest Food Bank. The schedule includes: June 30 – Kids Our Age and Justin Bieber in “Never Say Never;” July 7 – Amazed by Grace and “Despicable Me;” July 14 – Bullseye Band and “Nanny McPhee Returns;” July 21 – Duty Free and “Letters to Juliet;” July 28 – David O’Roark & the Countrymen and “Ramona and Beezus.” Glade Springs, VA The PG-rated film, “Nanny McPhee Returns,” will be shown during Movies in the Square on June 24 in Glade Spring. Movies are shown every other Friday night at 9 p.m. The event is free, and refreshments are available for purchase. Viewers are encouraged to bring a blanket or a lawn chair. The schedule includes: July 8 – “Megamind;” July 22 – “Gnomeo & Juliet;” Aug. 5 – “Pee-Wee Herman’s Big Adventure;” Aug. 19 – “The Neverending Story.” Johnson City, TN Pepsi-Cola of Johnson City and the City of Johnson City will sponsor the 26th Annual Independence Day Fireworks Celebration on the grounds of Freedom Hall Civic Center. This year's event will be held on Saturday, July 2, and everyone is invited to join in the festivities. There will not be a rain date for this event. The fireworks time could be delayed if there is inclement weather that evening. Visitors will be allowed to wait inside the Freedom Hall arena in the event of severe weather. Since several thousand attend the event each year, an early arrival is strongly encouraged. The following tentative schedule* may be useful in planning your

evening: 5:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. - Entertainment Begins on Nash Street; 6:15 p.m. to 7:15 p.m. - Trey Hensley; 7:15 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. - Military Fly Over (tentative;)7:25 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. - Entertainment resumes on Nash Street; 8:10 p.m. to 9:15 p.m. Jimbo Whaley & Greenbrier; 9:15 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. - Prize drawings on stage; 9:35 p.m. to 9:50 p.m. - Special Tribute to all Armed Forces on stage, featuring Alex Justin; 9:50 p.m. to 9:55 p.m. - Fireworks Begin; 10:20 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. - Trey Hensley back on stage for more entertainment. The Health Resources Center offers free or low-cost health screenings and classes; direct access to free health information and physician referral; service referral by RNs and other health professionals; physician-directed medical lectures; health programs for all ages; and a medical research and reference library including Internet access. The classes are free unless otherwise noted. The annex classroom is located on the lower level in the back of The Mall at Johnson City, between Belk Home Store and Belk Women’s Store. Enter directly from the parking lot at the green awning. Some of the classes include: Hatha Yoga – Quiet the Mind, Refresh the Body: July 6, 13, and 27 from 6 p.m. to 7 p.m. The instructor is Darlene Hatley, RN, MS Certified Yoga Instructor. The practice of yoga can promote relaxation, focused breathing, toning, flexibility, strength and balance. Dress comfortably to participate, and bring a mat. $5 fee; Mosaic Tile 101: July 16 form 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. The instructor is Darlene Hatley, RN, MS JCMC. Express your creativity in this hands-on beginner’s workshop. $15 supply fee for a carry-home trivet; Berry Beneficial: July 20 from noon until 1 p.m. The speaker is Sarah N. Webb, RD, MSHA. Hear about berries – the health benefits, new ways to use them, selecting and storing plus new recipes and samples courtesy of Earth Fare; Healthy Smoothies: July 26 from noon to 1 p.m. The speaker is Terry Ahrens, Food City Home Economist. A smoothie can be a perfect busy morning breakfast, snack or a great way to cool off on a hot day. Get some healthy, low-fat recipes that are as easy as blend, pour and enjoy. Jonesborough, TN Wetlands Water Park at Persimmon Ridge- 1523 Persimmon Ridge Road, just off U.S. Highway 11E in Jonesborough, Tenn. $12 tickets for adults (13 and older) and $9 for seniors (55 and older) and children (ages 4 to 12.) Tickets are free for children 3 and younger. Open Monday through Saturday, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. through August 7. Late-season hours are Saturdays and Sundays only from Aug.8 through Sept.5. For more info, call (423) 7531558, (888) 662-1885 or visit the website at Jonesborough, TN Held each Friday evening May through September, Music on the Square is Americana at its best, featuring live performances by local and regional bands, storytellers, poets, and performance artists. Each week offers at least two different acts. Many of the shops in Jonesborough stay open for these events, and the restaurants are full of diners and dessert seekers. Folks can visit, chat, enjoy the music and meet new friends as the bands play a variety of bluegrass, Celtic, old-time, Blues or jazz. Now an official Jonesborough event, Main Street is blocked off to through traffic for these concerts and plenty of parking is found behind the Jonesborough Courthouse. Restrooms are available, and handicap access is available for parking and seating. Each concert begins around 7p.m.,and everyone is invited to attend and enjoy these concerts.

July 1: Rhythm Brewers July 8: Scat Cats with opener, Amethyst Khea July 15: The Elderly Brothers July 22: My New Favorites with opener, Dennis Cove Band July 29: Snyder Family Band Kingsport, TN On July 7, Scott Miller will provide live musical entertainment in downtown Kingsport. On July 8, Trey Hensley and Driving Force will perform, and on July 29, Darren and Brook Aldridge will play live. The shows will start at 7 p.m. on the corner of Broad and Market Streets. It is recommended to bring a lawn chair. No pets or coolers. For more information, call (423) 229-9400. Marion, VA The 25th annual Marion Downtown Chili Championship will be held July 25 on Main Street. More than $500 in cash and trophies will be awarded for the “Best Chili in Town.” The team entry fee is $50, and the public is invited to purchase a round of “Taster tickets” for $3. For Chili team application packages, e-mail or call (276) 783-4190. In addition to the chili cookoff, the lower end of Main Street eill be blocked off for the annual “Show ‘n’ Shine” car, truck and motorcycle show. Any vehicle is eligible to enter. Entry fee is $20, payable the night of the event. Awards will be announced at 9 p.m. The 38th annual Hungry Mother Festival will be held at Hungry Mother State Park on Friday and Saturday, July 15 and 16 from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., and Sunday, July 17 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. The lake at beautiful Hungry Mother State Park is the setting for over 100 arts and crafts exhibits, including baskets, decorative wood, pottery, jewelry, candles, fine art, soaps, stained glass and much more. A Living History encampment where local re-enactors will demonstrate life in a Civil War camp will

Preserving Pet Memories A Workshop on Managing Pet Loss Facilitated by Michele Villeneuve, this workshop on managing pet loss will be held Saturday, July 16th from 10:00am to 1:00 pm at Waterfalls of Wellness Healing Center, Bristol, TN. This workshop is for anyone who has lost a beloved pet and is looking for ways of dealing with pet loss. It is a great way of finding support from others who are also going through the same process. In this workshop we will explore the signs of grieving, ways of getting through your loss, as well as ways of honoring the life and gifts of your pet. There will be a chance to share stories and memories of your animals so please bring pictures or anything special you would like to share. Cost: $30.00 a person. To register or for more information contact Michele Villeneuve at or call at (570)367-3845.

be presented along with skirmishes by this group. Parking fees are $6 per vehicle, or guests can purchase a parking pass for $9 that is good for all three days of the festival. Saltville, VA Little Salty, the mascot of the Museum of the Middle Appalachians, will be 15 years old on July 4. A birthday bash will take place on July 4 and will mark the occasion and celebrate Independence Day at the museum in Saltville. Free pictures with Little Salty will be made from 11 a.m. to noon. Admission to the museum is free on Sunday. For more information, call (276) 496-3633 or visit

Bluegrass, Mountain, Traditional Country Music Bands Crooked Road General Store in Bristol, VA

July 2nd


August 6th


Watch on TV! Seen on WAPK TV Channel 6 (Most Cable) Channel 36 (Satellite systems) Saturdays 8:30 - 9:00 AM, Sundays 1:00 - 3:00 AM Courtesy of ARC TV

Free admission, donations appreciated, delicious food, family atmosphere

Just For Giggles


Answers to July Sudoku 7
















4 8 9 2 6 7 1 3

1 5 6 3 9 8 2 7

6 2 8 4 7 1 9 5

9 7 1 5 2 6 3 4

2 3 6 7 9 5 4 8 1

9 5 4 2 8 1 3 7 6

7 8 1 4 6 3 2 5 9

LAM-bunt adjective 1: playing lightly on or over a surface : flickering 2: softly bright or radiant 3: marked by lightness or brilliance especially of expression EXAMPLES The forest floor was dappled with lambent flecks of golden sunlight filtering down through the leafy branches.




Word of the Month


3 8 7 2 9 8 6 2 7 1 6 9 5 4 1



9 7 5 4 3 1


7 8 6




4 2 9 3

Answers to June Crossword

Across 1. Vaulted 7. Acropolis figure 13. Experienced again 15. Greek letter E 16. Relative density 18. Victorian, for one 19. Wackier 20. Code word for dash 21. Norse goddess of fate 23. Ground cover 24. Kill, in a way 25. Birdlike 27. Moisten 28. Cowboy headgear (3 wd) 34. .0000001 joule 35. Waldenses (12th c. sect) 36. Harvest goddess 39. Small brown European songbird (2 wd) 41. Ribbon holder 44. Collection of Christ's sayings 45. Clip 46. Pandemonium 51. Strong fiber 52. "Yadda, yadda, yadda" 53. On the fence 55. "___ a chance" 56. French cooking with light sauces (2 wd) 59. Protozoa with hairlike appendages 60. "Achoo" person 61. Dimethyl sulfate and others 62. Poles of the miotic spindle

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Down 1. Garden pesticide 2. One who admonishes 3. Glade 4. Popular fruit drink 5. "... there is no ___ angel but Love": Shakespeare 6. Clear, in a way 7. ___-ski 8. Boris Godunov, for one 9. Cause of AIDS 10. Omitted a letter in speaking 11. Wtite music with symbols 12. Be that as it may 14. Christian name 15. Auspices 17. Bean counter, for short 22. Bother 24. Check for accuracy 26. Central point 27. Fundamental 29. Boy 30. Big galoot 31. "___ to Billie Joe" 32. Discouraging words 33. Cool 36. Arrange methodically 37. Chemical killer 38. Fly ___ (pl.) 39. Clod chopper 40. Burgle 41. Larder 42. Talk of the town? 43. Supernatural 46. Pre-Roman Briton 47. ___ Bowl 48. Absorbed, as a cost 49. Tolkien creatures 50. Hot spot 53. Warm, so to speak 54. "Hogwash!" 57. Compete 58. Undertake, with "out"

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