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Annual Report 2018 30 YEARS 1988-2018

About the Valley Medical Center Foundation The Valley Medical Center Foundation (VMC Foundation) is an independent, community-driven 501c3 nonprofit organization founded to support and protect Silicon Valley’s most vital public healthcare institution – Santa Clara Valley Medical Center Hospitals & Clinics. In partnership with SCVMC, the VMC Foundation raises philanthropic dollars to improve existing services, pioneer new models of care, and advance the cause of high-quality healthcare for all. Our vision is that one day, with the help of the VMC Foundation, Santa Clara County’s public healthcare system will be fully resourced such that everyone in our community has access to comprehensive, high quality healthcare, regardless of background or ability to pay. Founded in 1988, the VMC Foundation has raised $90 million in support of vital health programs and services since inception. The Foundation also plays an important advocacy role to educate the public and opinion leaders on the role of SCVMC in the community.

About the Valley Medical Center Foundation

In addition to fundraising, the VMC Foundation maintains an event planning and program management arm to assist SCVMC with the execution of special events, conferences and other activities, as well as directly operating programs such as Reach Out and Read, patient wireless internet access, the VMC Farmers’ Market and more.


Lastly, the VMC Foundation performs a vital administrative role within the SCVMC eco-system. This function includes project management for grants, administration of 150 unique funds and the preparation of financial statements, audits and tax filings as required. *Federal Tax ID 77-0187890

The Board of Directors Marcelle Dougan, ScD, MPH, MEng Assistant Professor of Health Science, San Jose State University

Earl Johnson Former Director, Office of Family Assistance, U.S. Department of Health & Human Services

Christina Egan Manager, Volunteer Services, SCVMC

Kathleen King CEO, Healthier Kids Foundation

Elaine Elkin, Secretary President, E Two & Associates, Inc.

Dennis Low, MD General Internal Medicine, SCVMC, volunteer

Jacob Elziq CEO, Armature Systems

Dan Niehans Attorney at Law, Gunderson Dettmer LLP, retired

Christina L. Esquivel, CPA Robert Half Management Resources

Alec Ratliff Cyber Security Executive, Palo Alto Networks

Dolly C. Goel, MD Medical Director, Valley Health Plan

D. Kirk B. Westbrook, Treasurer

Vinayak Gupta EVP Operations, Zero Mass Water

E. Christopher Wilder Chief Executive Officer, VMC Foundation Chris Worrall, Chairperson Retired, Hitachi Executive

Honorary Directors

Chair Emeriti

Brenna Bolger Thomas Bush, MD Gregory Jenkins, MD Peggy Fleming-Jenkins Bill Marr Jean Meddaugh, RN Norman Y. Mineta T.J. Rodgers, Ph.D. Karen Rudolph John A. Sobrato Susanne B. Wilson

Gerry Beemiller Michael E. Fox, Sr. Norman Kline Robin Roche Charles Toeniskoetter Leah Toeniskoetter

The Board of Directors

Balaji Govindaswami, MD, MPH Director, Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Chief, Neonatology, SCVMC


About Santa Clara Valley Medical Center Hospitals & Clinics For over 140 years, SCVMC has been Santa Clara County’s “most essential” hospital. Then and now, the mission has always been to provide high quality care and excellent service to everyone in our community. Owned and operated by the County of Santa Clara, SCVMC is the only healthcare provider in the region with a 100% open door policy, providing care to anyone regardless of ability to pay. One in four residents of Santa Clara County relies on SCVMC for their care, and SCVMC is the overwhelming provider of health services to low-income individuals and families. SCVMC includes a tertiary level acute care hospital as well as two additional, community hospitals with 1,025 total licensed beds, providing the highest level of adult and pediatric emergency medical and trauma services, a regional high risk Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, an ACS-verified Burn Trauma Center, a Primary Stroke Center, a CARF-accredited Rehabilitation Center, emergency and acute inpatient psychiatric services, as well as a range of other specialized services – in some cases the only such treatment in the region. The medical center hosts five highly competitive residency training programs and partners with Stanford University Medical Center for the training of residents and fellows in many Stanford-based specialties. SCVMC also offers high-quality clinical training experiences for more than 30 non-physician healthcare professions, including exceptional clinical training for more than 1,000 RNs annually. SCVMC provides a range of outpatient primary and specialty care services. Its large primary care network includes 11 health centers located throughout the county, four urgent care clinics, comprehensive dental services, and numerous community-based health services offering care to young adults, individuals experiencing homelessness, and other vulnerable members of our community. SCVMC also offers comprehensive specialty care outpatient services, including the Sobrato Cancer Center at Valley Specialty Center, a Renal Care Center, and a Diabetes Center.

About Santa Clara Valley Medical Center Hospitals & Clinics

A critical healthcare delivery system for the region, in 2018 SCVMC care teams served more than 275,000 individuals, performed more than 10,000 surgeries, admitted 25,000 patients for acute inpatient hospital stays, delivered 3,000 babies, and provided more than 800,000 medical treatments in the ED and other outpatient settings.


SCVMC is part of the County of Santa Clara Health System (COSCHS), the second-largest Countyowned health and hospital system in California committed to improving the health of the 1.8 million residents of Santa Clara County. As an integrated health care system, COSCHS comprises the Santa Clara Valley Medical Center (SCVMC), Behavioral Health Department, Public Health, Emergency Medical Services (EMS), and Valley Health Plan. In 2019, COSCHS became the owner and operator of O’Connor Hospital in San Jose, DePaul Health Center in Morgan Hill, and St. Louise Regional Hospital in Gilroy. 

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■ VMC FOUNDATION 1988-2018: #30GoodThings . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8 ■ IMPACT . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14 The Nation’s Highest Accreditation for Nonprofit Ethics . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 16 Helping Patients Find Their Way . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 18 Peace in East San José . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 19 Portable X-Ray for Mobile Dental Clinic . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20 Lip Sync: Low-Cost, High-Impact . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 21

■ DONOR SPOTLIGHT . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 22 Dennis & Vivian Low . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 23 Rommel & Maria Oconer . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 24 In Memory, Ron Sidell . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 25 In Memory, Susanne B. Wilson . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 26 Our Generous 2018 Donors . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 28


■ FINANCIAL STATEMENTS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 35


Three Hospitals, One Mission The report you’re about to read details how 2018 went for the VMC Foundation, but I really need to talk about 2019 now. That’s because it brings perhaps the biggest change in Silicon Valley’s care delivery in 100 years…and marks a major opportunity for us. You heard, right? Santa Clara County purchased O’Connor Community Hospital, St. Louise Regional Hospital and the DePaul Health Center and began operating them in March. These vital medical centers would have surely closed had the County, the only bidder, not stepped in. The longer story can easily be found online, but the bottom line is this: Santa Clara Valley Medical Center just became a three-hospital system for the first time in its 142-year history! For the VMC Foundation, that brings major changes…all of which are not even known yet. We have already begun raising funds for immediate needs of the new acquisitions and have re-launched the gift shop at Gilroy’s St. Louise. Mergers are of course tricky things, and there’s a lot to consider. Our plan is to move cautiously but quickly to help in all the right ways.

Letter from the CEO of the Valley Medical Center Foundation

Are we taking our eye off the ball – the myriad of programs and projects you’ll read about in the following pages? No way. Never. From the East San Jose PEACE Partnership to the Farmers Market to the NICU Family Support Program, we’ll of course continue what you’ve come to trust: providing for and “cheerleading” for the Health System that makes Santa Clara County one of the healthiest regions in the nation.


The work is never easy. Inequities and the colossal wealth gap, fueled by a system that is frankly just not fair for everyone, mean that our “Safety Net” has never been more important. With you standing with us, we can better meet the needs of our entire population. For that, you have my deep gratitude. Thoughts? Ideas? Call me any time: (408) 885-5299. In Service,

Chris Wilder, CEO Valley Medical Center Foundation

We Can Never Take SCVMC for Granted As I work through my final year as Chair of the Valley Medical Center Foundation Board of Directors, I’m reminded of how grateful I am to live in a place that not only believes that healthcare should be a right enjoyed by all, but has the ability and political courage to make it a reality. Santa Clara Valley Medical Center is a community treasure that we should all be proud of, and my work with the Foundation in support of this institution has brought me great satisfaction. Here is a place fiercely dedicated to the health of the entire community, with the right people, facilities and commitment to deliver excellent care. In addition, with the acquisition of St. Louise and O’Connor Hospitals into our group, we have the incredible opportunity to expand this quality of service to a much broader base of our community.

But we must never take that for granted. It’s up to all of us to keep SCVMC strong so that we can continue serving future generations. I hope that you’ll join me in that endeavor as a supporter of the VMC Foundation.

Chris Worrall Chair, Board of Directors Valley Medical Center Foundation

Letter from the Board Chairperson of the Valley Medical Center Foundation

Don’t let anyone ever tell you that we can’t have a high-quality, affordable health system that serves everyone in America. Because in Santa Clara County, we do. And what happens here can change the world.


VMC Foundation 1988-2018: #30GoodThings


he Valley Medical Center Foundation was founded in 1988 by a dedicated group of local healthcare, community and business leaders to “secure VMC’s future.” At the time, the concept of a private, nonprofit foundation supporting a public hospital was novel. But the leaders of the VMC Foundation saw the potential and, years later, over $90 million raised speaks to their forethought.

VMC Foundation 1988-2018: #30GoodThings

Thanks to our supporters and the dedication of Santa Clara Valley Medical Center staff, the VMC Foundation has accomplished a lot in the last 30 years. In celebration of this milestone, we assembled an online collection of some of our favorite moments and accomplishments titled “VMC Foundation 1988-2018: #30GoodThings.” It is a remarkable timeline of what our supporters have made possible. Enjoy it now in print for the first time.




A new EKG (90’s edition)



Donors build Independence Plaza at the SCVMC Rehabilitation Center

Chili Cook-off raises funds for SCVMC Burn Center


Ronald McDonald Care Mobile brings dental care to the community


TurningWheels for Kids: a cycle of caring



Parisi House on the Hill residential treatment facility built


Reach Out & Read program launched



Linear accelerator for the new SCVMC Sobrato Cancer Center

VMC Idol raises funds for SCVMC Recreational Therapy Program


Giraffe beds for Neonatal Intensive Care Unit


New equipment for Sexual Assault Response Team


MAC: technology to improve medication safety




Cypress Maternal Outreach Van

Patient wireless internet access


Pediatric Healthy Lifestyle Center launched



“Give a Booster Shot” employee giving program a major success

Measure A makes SCVMC earthquake-ready


Comedy fundraiser to celebrate SCVMC Partners in AIDS Care and Education (PACE) Clinic



Chris Wilder jumps in a pool for $10K (and ruins his tux)



Heroes Run raises funds for children’s health services

EKSO bionic legs help patients walk again


SCVMC Farmer’s Market launches


SCVMC Rehab breaks ground with Zero G walk therapy device


Sobrato Pavilion opens with major public art program




Heart Failure Readmission Program

Sharks Pediatric Center at VHC Tully


Community brings art to SCVMC Bascom pediatric clinic



NICU expands breastfeeding program with new milk lab

Info kiosk gets visitors pointed in the right direction


A new laser for the Clean Slate tattoo removal program


2018 Impact by the Numbers The work of the Valley Medical Center Foundation enabled the following in 2018...

$5,912,218 in total revenue in 2018




2018 Impact by the Numbers




65 car seats were donated to support a Santa Clara Countysponsored Car Seat Safety Check event

19 special events organized to raise funds, recognize supporters and educate the community about SCVMC’s mission

$693,003 in goods and services donated in-kind to the VMC Foundation in 2018

2,375 individuals or organizations made a gift to the VMC Foundation in 2018



39,528 free books were distributed during well-child exams at SCVMC pediatric clinic locations through the Reach Out & Read program


25 CPR infant training and practice mannequins were provided to the Health Education Department

527 The VMC Foundation’s Turning Wheels for Kids program built and donated its 40,000th bike since the program was founded in 2003

11,250 527 physical activity play toys were purchased for the Pediatric Healthy Lifestyle Center via VMC Foundation grant funding






574 family members received support from a VMC Foundationfunded NICU Family & Baby Advocate & Family Support Specialist

11,250 visitors to the SCVMC Farmers’ Market, a program of the VMC Foundation


$65,978 raised by SCVMC staff during the 2018 “Give a Booster Shot” employee giving campaign

1,364 895 individuals and organizations made a gift to the VMC Foundation for the first time in 2018

4,771 unique donations made to the VMC Foundation in 2018



855 developmental toys and materials were purchased for the Babies Reaching Improved Development & Growth in their Environment program

The only organization in California to achieve accreditation from Standards for Excellence: an Ethics and Accountability Code for the Nonprofit Sector



210 therapeutic play materials and books were purchased for SCVMC Pediatrics with VMC Foundation grant funding

1,364 new moms received follow-up breastfeeding support via VMC Foundationfunded programs


Responded to over 60 unbudgeted, emergency requests from SCVMC units, programs and departments, resulting in $118,000 in onetime funding

2400 Clove Drive, the VMC Foundation’s new headquarters on the campus of SCVMC

2018 Impact by the Numbers

79 cents out of every dollar donated was spent on programs and services



Letter The Nation’s from the Highest BoardAccreditation Chair of the VMC for Nonprofit Foundation Ethics

The Nation’s Highest Accreditation for Nonprofit Ethics


fter a rigorous application process, 2018 saw the Valley Medical Center Foundation become the only nonprofit organization in California to achieve the Standards for Excellence Institute® “Seal of Excellence,” the nation’s highest level of accreditation for nonprofit governance and ethics. The designation comes after a year-long process to test compliance with Standards for Excellence®: An Ethics and Accountability Code for the Nonprofit Sector, with specific measures for honesty, integrity, fairness, respect, trust, responsibility and accountability. Pictured: Santa Clara County Supervisor Cindy Chavez and former Supervisor Ken Yeager presenting a commendation to VMC Foundation CEO Chris Wilder in recognition of this achievement



“The number one commodity we have is donor trust,” said VMC Foundation CEO Chris Wilder. “We felt the best way to honor that trust was to put ourselves to the test and see if we are worthy of it. And we just aced that test.”

“This is about making sure that we have systems in place that will guide the organization no matter who works here,” said Wilder. “This is ultimately about protecting our donors’ money. Good intentions only go so far. We want to institutionalize systems and a culture that promotes transparency and integrity in all that we do.”

The Nation’s Highest Accreditation for Nonprofit Ethics

The process to achieve the accreditation was exhaustive, involving the entire VMC Foundation Board of Directors and staff. And that is by design. The full scope of the organization was tested, well beyond the annual audit typical of most nonprofit organizations. To do so, the Standards for Excellence Institute® drew upon its cohort of 80 licensed consultants and 100 volunteer nonprofit professionals to review all aspects of the VMC Foundation’s governance and operations. That included an examination of financial policies, employment policies, strategic plan and code of ethics. It also measured how prepared the organization is for the unexpected, from a natural disaster to sudden departure of the CEO.



Helping Patients Find Their Way

Helping Patients Find Their Way


ne of the most practical barriers that people experience when trying to access care is perhaps the most obvious: not knowing where to go. Lost patients mean missed appointments and frustrated visitors, and can have real health consequences. When Santa Clara Valley Medical Center’s Sobrato Pavilion opened, hospital leaders were keen on making the building and entire campus easier to navigate. SCVMC Chief Operating Officer Benita McLarin sought out a high-tech solution she had tested at another facility and worked with the VMC Foundation to acquire a touch screen patient navigation system that greets all visitors in the hospital lobby. The set-up is simple. Visitors can select any department on the SCVMC campus with an easy swipe of the finger. The system then generates a custom map to that location with clear walking instructions. That, in addition to other improvements – like better signage, a vastly improved SCVMC website, strong volunteer presence and more – has significantly improved a visitor’s ability to get to the right place at the right time with minimal confusion.

Pictured: Benita McLarin, COO, Santa Clara Valley Medical Center Hospitals & Clinics next to the main lobby patient navigation system



Peace in East San José Stopping violence in the community before it reaches the hospital he East San José PEACE (Prevention Efforts Advance Community Equity) Partnership is a comprehensive violence and trauma prevention effort between residents and organizations to advance health, unity, peace, and empowerment in the East San José community. The collaboration focuses on three zip codes – 95127, 95116 and 95122 – with the highest rates of violence and trauma in the region, placing them at an increased risk for adverse health outcomes. The collaboration addresses racial and health inequities to eliminate health disparities and prevent youth, family, and community violence.

Pictured: Key members of the initiative, from left to right; Analilia Garcia, County of Santa Clara Public Health Department, Chris Wilder, VMC Foundation, Camille Llanes-Fontanilla, SOMOS Mayfair, Jesse Tarango, Community Health Partnership, Maritza Rodriguez, County of Santa Clara Public Health Department, Steve Eckert, Alum Rock Counseling Center and Alisha Somji, Prevention Institute.

Peace in East San Jose




Portable X-Ray for Mobile Dental Clinic


Portable X-Ray for Mobile Dental Clinic

ccess to dental services is a persistent challenge in low-income communities, and the impact on children is significant. A Santa Clara County Department of Public Health study showed that kids ages 5 to 18 living in low income families experienced untreated tooth decay at twice the rate of those from high income families. Bad oral health can have long-term consequences, from poor nutrition to missed days of school. The County of Santa Clara – via SCVMC – has long supported free and low-cost dental services, and the VMC Foundation has been proud to play a role by securing funds from Ronald McDonald House Charities to purchase and operate the Ronald McDonald Care Mobile, a dental clinic on wheels. The clinic travels to highneed areas to provide dental services to local residents, regardless of ability to pay. In 2018, the VMC Foundation secured funding to upgrade equipment inside the mobile clinic, including a handheld, portable x-ray device, pictured here with Dr. Maryam Sarrafan, DDS. In a work area where space is at a premium, the machine allows care providers to more easily administer this procedure. Reduced radiation levels are also an important safety feature. Of course, oral health disparities will remain a challenge which is why the VMC Foundation is committed to supporting these vital programs.



Lip Sync: Low-Cost, High-Impact


One challenge is that much of this technology comes at great cost. That is why the VMC Foundation and SCVMC’s Rehabilitation Center jumped at the chance to trial a new device with the help of the Neil Squire Society and Google. The “Lip-Sync” allows people to use a computer, smartphone, or tablet using nothing more than their mouth. It’s built from low-cost, generic components and a few 3-D printed parts, and assembled by volunteers. At around $200 per unit, it’s a fraction of the cost of commercial products currently on the market. Thanks in part to funding from the VMC Foundation, a January build on the Google campus provided several of the units to the SCVMC Rehabilitation Center for use by patients, including Misty Marez. “The whole idea of the LipSync is an awesome concept,” she said, “because it allows those of us with disabilities to access the everyday technology that other people may take for granted.”

Lip Sync: Low-Cost, High-Impact

he Rehabilitation Center at SCVMC has a long history of using adaptive technology to help patients access modern computing and telecommunications. The VMC Foundation has always supported these activities, with funding for specialized laptops, tablets and other devices that allow people with limited mobility to access the internet, send email and stay connected to their world.



Letter from Donor Spotlight the Board Chair of the VMC Foundation

Donor Spotlight


he VMC Foundation is grateful for the 2,375 individuals, companies and organizations that donated in 2018. Each has their own story and reason for giving that is worth celebrating. We are delighted to highlight a few of those stories here. A husband-and-wife nurse team that wants to give back; a retired SCVMC physician that never stopped working on behalf of his patients; and two beloved supporters who passed away last year. Their stories are just some of the few that made 2018 so special.



Dennis & Vivian Low ennis and Vivian Low have dedicated their lives to caring for others. As a physician, Dennis saw his first patient at SCVMC in 1976. Before retirement in 2015, he would go on to serve as President of the Medical Staff, Chief of Primary Care, Chief of Inpatient Care and Clinical Professor of Medicine at Stanford. He joined the Board of Directors of the VMC Foundation in 2016. Vivian began her career as a critical care nurse with the County of Los Angeles before serving at SCVMC and then other community hospitals. They remain as committed as ever to the mission of SCVMC, and the cause of providing care to all, regardless of ability to pay. In 2018, they made a major gift to the VMC Foundation to support nursing education and staff development. The gift was especially meaningful to Vivian.

“Nurses spend time caring for others, but not always for themselves,” she said. “We want nurses to have the tools and support they need to give better care and explore more innovative care. All these things are possible by supporting the Foundation.”

Donor Spotlight: Dennis & Vivian Low




Letter from Donor Spotlight: the Board Rommel Chair & of Maria the Oconer VMC Foundation

Rommel & Maria Oconer


or Rommel and Maria Oconer, the opportunity to work at SCVMC is a privilege. Both with nearly 20 years of service – Rommel as an Assistant Nurse Manager for Emergency Psychiatric Services and Maria, a nurse at Valley Health Center East Valley – it’s the patients that bring them back day after day. “We serve patients that really need us,” says Maria. “They are dealing with chronic disease and behavioral health problems, and are mostly people with low socioeconomic status.” “I want to give them the best care I can,” added Rommel. Both have been loyal donors to the VMC Foundation starting in 2008, as part of the “Give a Booster Shot” Employee Giving Campaign. Like hundreds of their colleagues, they believe in the mission of the Foundation.

“We are blessed to provide for our family and being able to give back to those in need,” said Maria. “Even small donations have the potential to improve patients quality of life.”




atient advocate, social entrepreneur, VMC Foundation board member and inspiration to many, Ron Sidell leaves behind a lasting legacy.

A former patient of the SCVMC Rehabilitation Center, Ron dedicated the last twenty years of his life to helping others with catastrophic illness and injuries. As an IT professional, he was especially passionate about leveraging technology to improve the patient experience and help people adjust to living with a physical disability. He was decisive in creating SCVMC’s first patient wireless internet network in 2004. Along with his wife Helen, he founded his own nonprofit organization, OPhoenix Public Benefit Corporation, “dedicated to assisting patients recovering from disabling medical conditions to leave the hospital if needed, and re-integrate into the community.” His passing in 2019 was mourned by the VMC Foundation and the SCVMC Rehabilitation community, and many more whose lives he helped change for the better.

Donor Spotlight: In memory, Ron Sidell

In memory, Ron Sidell



Letter from Donor Spotlight: the Board In Memory, Chair ofSusanne the VMC B.Foundation Wilson

In Memory, Susanne B. Wilson


fierce advocate for Santa Clara Valley Medical Center and health causes broadly, Susie Wilson joined the Board of Directors of the VMC Foundation in 1990 after a career in public office. No other person in organizational history served longer, and with such distinction. In that time, she championed Foundation efforts to expand SCVMC services to new communities, rebuild crumbling facilities and launch a major effort to create a Women & Children’s Center that now bears her name. Her passing in December 2018 was a profound loss to the organization and for all those who believe in the cause of high-quality healthcare for all. The above portrait was commissioned by supporters after Susie departed the Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors. Her family donated the painting to the VMC Foundation in 2019, and it will soon hang in the Susanne B. Wilson Women and Children’s Center at SCVMC. Few worked harder to keep the doors of SCVMC open to all. Now, her picture will greet all those who walk through it.





Donor Spotlight: In Memory, Susanne B. Wilson

The Cory Society is named for Santa Clara County’s first physician, Dr. Benjamin Cory. At just 25 years old, Dr. Cory ventured across the plains by ox cart in search of a community where he could put his skills to use.

Thank You to

Our Generous Donors

The following is a listing of all donors who made a cash contribution to the VMC Foundation in 2018, including all members of the Cory Society. Named for Benjamin Cory, the first practicing physician in Santa Clara County and founder of Santa Clara Valley Medical Center, the list includes all members of the VMC Foundation Leadership Circles ($1000 donors and above), Friends of VMC ($100 donors and above) and all remaining donors. Amounts listed are collections for calendar year 2018 only and may not reflect larger, multi-year pledges. LEADERSHIP CIRCLES The Leadership Circle includes supporters who give at least $1,000 annually.

PLATINUM CIRCLE: $100,000 - $999,999 Epic Systems Corporation FIRST 5 Santa Clara County Sunlight Giving

$50,000 - $99,999

Western Digital Corporation

$25,000 - $49,999

Destination: Home DPR Construction The Health Trust J. Philip & Jennifer DiNapoli Foundation Linda Lester Dick & Susan Levy Lucina Health Foundation Daniel & Tish Niehans Ronald McDonald House Charities Seagate Technology Sharks Foundation University of Alabama at Birmingham

2018 Donors

GOLD CIRCLE: $10,000 - $24,999

Armature Systems Suzanne Avina Bank of America Lizhi Cao CareMeridian, LLC Christopher Reeve Foundation Cisco Systems, Inc. Craig H. Neilsen Foundation Craig Hospital

Carolyn & Craig Crandall Davidson Family Foundation El Camino Healthcare District Elaine Elkin Balaji Govindaswami Healthier Kids Foundation Santa Clara County Hilltop Church Horizons Foundation Hugh Stuart Center Charitable Trust Intero Foundation Sultanali & Gulshanara Karimi KLA-Tencor Gary & Janet Lee National Processing Company Oath Holdings Inc Joe & Nicki Parisi James Puder Rescare Inc. SCVMC Medical Executive Committee, Inc. Dongli Song Stanford Hospital & Clinics Star One Credit Union Turner Construction Company World Class Tae Kwon Do, Inc.

SILVER CIRCLE: $5,000 - $9,999

Gregg Adams Apple Matching Gifts Program Asterias Biotherapeutics, Inc. John & Ileana Carlisle Centre For Neuro Skills Denlee Apts LLC Elastic Inc. Jacob Elziq Jeffrey Englander & Susan B Greenberg-Englander

Michael & Fran Galvin Gardner Family Health Network, Inc. Dolly Goel Stephen Harris Hensel Phelps Construction Co. Heritage Bank of Commerce HomeStreet Bank Priya Jegatheesan Learning Services Corporation Philip Letts Dennis & Vivian Low Magellan Health Maricich & Associates, Inc. Olander Family Foundation, Inc. Thomas Ormiston OSIsoft Palo Alto Medical Foundation PayPal Pure Good Foundation Robert Lee & Associates, LLP Santa Clara Family Health Plan Santa Clara Valley Water District SC Builders Silicon Valley Children’s Hospital Foundation Silicon Valley Community Foundation Sony Interactive Entertainment LLC (Playstation) Nary Sun VEP Healthcare Karen Von Holtz Chris Wilder & Kate EmmettWilder

BRONZE CIRCLE: $2,500 - $4,999

He ended up in the beautiful Santa Clara Valley, where he rallied the community to establish the Santa Clara Infirmary – the region’s first hospital, built in 1876 on the land where SCVMC still stands today.

Almaden Cycle Touring Club Tiffany Ballesteros Alfonso Banuelos Beer Thirty Venkateshwar Bommakanti Jennifer Burkham Thomas Bush & Grace Sanchez Cancer CAREpoint Mary Chang Charitable Adult Rides & Services, Inc. Nam Cho Karen Dang David & Ellen DeSimone Christina Egan Jacqueline Ekstrom Stefanie Elkin Anita Maria Elliott Enterprise Holdings Foundation Fox Factory, Inc. Greater Bay Area Chapter AFSA Vinayak & Monika Gupta Gilbert Gutierrez Dane & Kathy Hardin Jim & Ofelia Hawk Aundrea Hudgens Earl Johnson & Ellen A. O’Donnell Juniper Network KMD Architects KP Financial SVCS OPS Jeffery Leinen Michael & Laurie McClelland Jianhong Mu Sudha Rani Narasimhan New Belgium Brewing Co., Inc. Phuong Nguyen Maria Oconer Rommel Oconer Ozy Media Greg Price Abhay Roy

SalesForce Foundation Sand Hill Property Company Scimeca Charitable Fund Ron Sidell Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom LLP Jeffrey Smith Sports Association of Alameds County Sheriff Thermo Fisher Toeniskoetter Family Foundation Turner Construction Company Foundation Walmart David Wolff XL Construction

$1,000 - $2,499

Adams & Taylor, Inc. Dolores Aguilar All About Books Allergan Praveen Anchala Zeniah Andres Peter & Olga Angelov Vince Angotti & Jennifer Smith Raymond Applebaum Carlo Baker Ricardo Ballin Rosa Barrientos Juan Benitez Greg Betty Rajan Bhandari Pete & Patricia Biocini Boston Scientific Corporation Brannon Corporation Bright Funds Foundation Lydia Briones Bristol-Myers Squibb Rick & Eileen Brooks Kathleen Brown Joy Brown Caballero



Patricia Porter Teresa Powell Rehab Without Walls Jewel Rey Emma & Michael Rock Reynaldo Rosario Josephine Ruiz M. Sampson San Jose Water Company Annie Sano Santa Clara County Firefighters Local 1165 Rene Santiago Peter Schlosser Thomas Shoup & Ellen Barker Shuwha Shun Richard & Joan Silberstein Sharad Singh Beth Smith David & Michelle Southwick Sovereign Order of St. John of Jerusalem Terry & Curt Stavang Gregory Steinke Jeff & Alexandra Sung Mont Thompson Michael Thomson Toeniskoetter Construction, Inc. Trauma Education Consortium Becky Trevino Jacob Tucker Shankar Vedaraman VMWare Kristine Von Holtz Winnie Wan & Stefan Lai Shirley Wang John & Asuncion Wehner Thomas Wentzien Todd Wilder Susanne Wilson Christopher Worrall Mark Zamudio Fernando & Cecily Zazueta


Friends of VMC includes supporters who give between $100 and $999 annually.

$500 - $999

Bonnie Adams Adanac Fire Protection Inc. Lesley Allen Catherine & Aram Anthony John Aron Bay Area Asphault and Cement Works Megan Bley Christopher Block Gerald & Kathleen Bowden Brewer Offord & Pedersen LLP Debbie Burdsall Mikaela Burton Jay Busby Chelsea & Matt Byom Gabriel Cadena Campbell United Methodist Women Lourdes Carreon Cecilia Cayabyab Andrea Cervenka Jin Chang-Yu James & Teresa Chapman Henry & Mei-Ling Chen William Cheng Rae-Pei Cherng Sharon Childress & Peter Gelfand Kansen Chu Wai Chung Dina Cisneros City of San Jose

Classic Glass, Inc Iris Colon Curt Comstock Steve Conroy Helen Conway Jennifer Dayrell William Delveaux Cheryl Dewey Dana & Elaine Ditmore Jennifer Domingo-Mihalko Marcelle & Gary Dougan Dr. Kenneth Felch Chiropractic Prof. Corp Nelita Eclevia Denise Elbert Ian Emmons David Findley Evelyn Fletcher Franklin Charitable Giving Program Allison Friedenberg Kathleen Fujino Angela Garcia Deborah Gazay Deira Gerritsen Larry & Elisa Gerston Robert Gionfriddo Duino & Jacquelyn Giordano Girlzwurk Honey Google Matching Gifts Program Jennifer & Kevin Graber Devon Groves & Jeehee Kim Jean Gruver Bo Ha Liliana Hamlett Han’s Hospitality at 300 San Jose LLC Mohammad Haque Frank Harrington Robert Hawn Matthew Haynes Myrna Heredia Mary Herman Daniel Herrera Susan Hill Michael Hirschklau Cynthia Huber Rachelle Huemoeller Michael Hwa Loretta Iwu Andrea Jelks Kevin & Patricia Jiang Stephanie & Christopher Kavanagh Rami Keisari Alganesh Kifle Susan Kimura Judy King Pete Klebofski Rocelia Kmak Delphine Kraft Van & Susan Kristensen Kelly Kulers Cheryl Kupras La Pasion del Novio, LLC Tawnya Lancaster Kelly Lang LC Interiors INC. Wilma Lee Phoebe Li Jason Lifshutz Dean Linebarger Carolyn Linn Yeo Ying Liou Liquid Agency, Inc. Hany Louis Patrick Love Krishna Madayag Jana Mannan Josette Marchese Mark & Vickie Maricich Glenn & Karen Martin Mattson Technology, Inc. Jennifer McAuley James McCarrick

Nancy McGuinness Jennifer McGullam Prasanna Menon IAFF Local 1699 Milpitas Fire Fighter’s Keith Moe Morgan Hill Kiwanis Club Kristine Morton MTA, Inc. Alice Naqvi Mugler Grace Navarro Lily Nguyen ThuongThuong Nguyen Pacific Underground Construction, INC. Cheryl Pan Penny Peng Ann Perkins Krystle Pham Pro-Formance Painting Inc. Nicky Quinlan Michael Robasciotti Karl & Theresa Robinson Lisa Santiago Stephen Schmidt Serrano Electric, Inc. Jim Sharma Christina & Robert Sheridan Dennis Siegler Narinder Singh Anita Sit Joan Smith Kenneth Soda Gerardo Solorio Cortez Vanessa Starr Philip Strong Structural Integrity Associates, Inc. Serena Sy-Lazzaroni John Szumowski Linda Taylor Allen & Amy Tchoi Snehal Thakkar Barbara Thompson Richard Tom Christine Tomcala Brusstar Quang Tran Young Trinh Jeffrey Tseng Terri Tu Toni Tullys Miel Vallejo-Brooks Irene Vinoya Jing Wang-Chiang Leslyn Watson Kalman Weinfeld West Coast Contract Flooring D. Kirk Westbrook John Westfall Lisa Whitmore & Frauke Schimmoller Women’s Fellowship of Saratoga Jacklyn Wulftange

$250 - $499

Andrew Abdoli Snehal Adodra Maria Lourdes Agustin Loida Anub Apple, Inc Judith Aqui Andrea Arce Christina Arockiam Martha Ayala Nicole Baier Hilary Barroga Carmen Barroso Eric Battiato Helen Bayati Jim & Patricia Beall Michael & Annette Beamer Patricia Beebe Marie Bernard Laura Berritto

Rebecca Blanco Mark Block Jonathan Blum Kavitha Boddugari Ingrid Bossen Lee Anna & David Botkin Brent Redmond Logistics LLC Andrea Brollini Robert Brownstein Leonid Buslovich Connie Bussell Terry Carlisle Jessica Cassinelli Jorge Castaneda Chargon Electric, Inc Rosa Chavarria Yuk Fan Cheung Ming Chow Dinh Chu Elizabeth & James Cilker Coach Automotive Restyling of Northern California, Inc. Debon Cochrane Judy Cosgrove Leslie Crowell Leticia Cruz Crystal Meth Anonymous Group Erleen Cuevas Cynthia Dang Melissa Dang Bart De Greef & Julien Ling Adriana De Macias Debby Dearinger Reynato DeLeon Anjanette DeVito Betsy DiPietro Tomas Doctor Debra & George Doeltz Ruby Domino Catherine Duncan Cuc Duong Michael Elliott & Jessica Friedman Pearly Epp Christina Esquivel F.I.E.R.C.E. Basketball Academy Corrine & Rod Fabie John Fankhauser Christaline Fernando James Fitzgerald Norma Florendo Elizabeth Flores Jan Frey Susan Fritts Julie Fuchs Taumaoe Gaoteote Catherine Garbini-Mendez Adella Garland Selene Gee Matt Gerrior Ethan Giang Amit Gohil Lorinda Gomes Jeanne Gonzales William Green Kathlyn & Scott Greubel Jyoti Gupta Eden Haile Julia Harding Meaghan Hernandez Juby Hilario Theresa Hogan-Stenhouse Victoria Hollingshead Michelle Honda-Phillips Eileen Hoover Frederick Hopkins Alexis Horozan Eric Hsiao Chern Hu Ping Hu Wendy Hui Kent & Judith Marie Imai Craig Ivie Sawmui Jelinek

2018 Donors

James Byrne Cal Design Studio LLC California Municipal Finance Authority Kathleen Castillo Terry Chavarria Annie & Gary Chern Albert Chiang Benjamin Chou Alexander Chyorny Cisco Systems Foundation Citrix Sheffield & Ann Clarke Clif Bar & Company Common Wealth Central Credit Union Sobe Coronado Darrell Cortez Monica Cramer James Crew Norine DeGregori Andres DeLuna Wei-Fen Den & Kejing Wang Deputy Sheriffs’ Association of Santa Clara County Dena Dickinson Rose DuMond Thao Duong & Sam Nguyen Jen Eng Fernald Revocable Trust Saw-Chin Fernando Michael Fogel Paulo Franca Gregory Hedling Tiffany Ho Penelope Hogg Karen Hunton Intel Corporation Matching Gifts David Jacobson Dhanendra Jani Janssen Biotech, Inc. William & Margaret Jensen Jonathan Johnson Nancy Kaatz George Kahwaty Patrick & Mimi Kearns Kiwanis Club of Willow Glen Michael Kristy Amy Labra Arthur Larson Lisa Lee Teri Lee Joan Leis Lexus of Stevens Creek LibraryWorld, Inc. David Lieberman & Carol Brownstein Paul Lorenz Bryan Maldonado Andy Malone Rhoderick Manzano Kevin Mason & Daniel Carlentine Gary Masunaga Ellen McKee Benita McLarin Sean McLaughlin Michele Mork-Ovson Harry Morrison Radha Mudaliar Michael Murray Ajit & Allison Nair Netflix Matching Gifts Jacqueline Newton Dinga Nfon Charles Nguyen John Noonan Wayne Pacheco Donna Paisley Alex Penn Nico & Ann Peruzzi PG&E Corporation Ash Pirayou Anne Pochowski Andrea Polesky



2018 Donors

Gary Jereczek Doris Jigba James Jones Monina Jones Barbara Jordan Samuel Justice Kristine Kaplan Carolyn Kerr Elizabeth Kilik Janet Kim Mary Carmel King Janet Kohl Lindsay Kolderup Kate Kosoglow Amy Kostishack KPMG Ajit Kumar Romeo Labra Martin Lamarque Lora Landeros Kerry & Bradshaw Langstaff Melissa Larsen Lien Le Nguyen-Ky Le Darren Leary Margaret Lee Genie Lee Vivian Lee Lorna Lindo Constance Lo Veronica Lopez Anat Lotan M&R Painting, Inc. Cloverly Macabeo Romida Magnampo Orrin & Carolyn Mahoney Jillian Main Sangeeta Mallik Melanie Manning Leticia Martinez Martha Martinez Laura McClellan Irene McGhee Stephen McKenna Paul Medalla Sarah Medina Carrie Medlock Ben Mendoza Millennium Research Group Cory Miller Russ Moore Ann Murphy Supriya Narasimhan Nathan & Shelly Sarkisian Foundation Andrea Nelson & Atef Abbas Catherine Nelson Sharie Nereu Andrew Nevitt Trinh Nguyen Patricia Niccum Elizabeth Nielsen & Brenton Lee Angelica Niklowitz Nu Level Realty Inc. Felany Opiso-Williams Norma Palafox Luciano & Remedios Panlilio Francis Parathara Patricia Parseghian Gloria Perot John Pham Sandra Pieper John & Penny Pollock Susan Porter Maria Provencio Guillermina Puentes-Ortiz Peggy Radcliffe Krithi Ravindranath Kristina Reed & Ken Reed Jeffrey Reese Lana Reifenrath Karen Roberts Steve Roberts Dolores & Anthony Rollis Angela Rosenbaum

Elizabeth Russell John Salas Nanette Salazar Christina Salvatier & Domingo Candelas Pauline Sanders Santa Clara County Correctional Peace Officers Association Erin Saucedo Eric & Erika Schmitz Sean M. Walsh K-9 Memorial Foundation Shannon Sears Kazuko Shem Chen-Tsen Shu Belal Siddiqui Barbara Simas Lisa Skrenchuk Lucia Sloan B. Annette Smith Ervie Smith Laurie Smith Llisel Solis Jennifer Sprinkles Steel & Fence Supply Christine Suarez-Ianovich Marie Grace Suasin Stacy Sweeney Bonnie Tanabe Larry Thacker Tina Thibeau-Boyd Amy Thompson Evelyn Tirumalai Tisys Construction & Development Jim Tsai Christy & Ray Tum Joyce Van De Pitte Via Mia Pizza Tien Vu Tonia Wainscoat Arthur Webb Dan Weidman Kirsti Weng-Elder Vickie Wilson Jerry Wright I-Ping Yao Kuo-Hua Yeh Jennefer Yoon Jean Young

$100 - $249

Aimee Adamos Belinda Agdipa Arlin Aiwaz Karen Alcantara Alicia Aleman Aida Allen Mark & Wendy Altekruse Maribel Alvarado AmazonSmile Foundation Esther Amuyunzu Diane Anderson Jaen Andrews Anonymous Shokrollah Ansari Applied Materials Foundation Aqualine Piping Kristin Archdeacon Rachel Arroyo Joe Arvayo Wayland Augur Christina Baker Viswanathan Balasubramanian & Mangalam Viswanathan Tim Balistreri Christian Baluyot Jerry Banks Mary Ellen Barasch Elizabeth & Luis Barrera James Barrie Jill Bartels Elizabeth Bartholomew

Ekpenyong Bassey Raul Becerril Better World Advertising Deepa Bhatt Wei Bi Lisa Bjarke John Bonasia Charles & Patricia Borgia John Borrelli Murray Bowles Nadia Boxley Leticia Bracamonte Susan Branch Michelle Braucht Heidy Braverman Robert & Sylvie Brown Keren Brunner John Burchfiel Sophia Burney Jack & Darlene Burnham Janice Burnham Daniel Cabuling Lisa Cadena Christopher Cahill Eddie Canez Arne & Linda Carlson Teresa Casey Barbara Castillo Maria Castillo Niria Castillo Gregory Catcott Geraldine Celestial Anca Chandra Crystal Chang Tiffany Chao Antonia Charles Charles Schwab Foundation Hemant Chauhan Alva Chavez David Chen On Cheng Nelson Chew Sung Choi Margaret Christiansen Wen-Nan Chu Yiu Chung & Jennie Chui Susan Clements Robert Coelho Bulmaro Contreras Shirley Cook Maria Cortes Mike Cortez Daniel & Joy Coyle Jamie Crocket Wang Robert & Kathleen Cuddie Katherine Cunningham Jenny Dai Biller Timothy Daley Marianne Damon Vivien D’Andrea Smith Theodore & Diane Danen Clifford Daugherty Gary Davis Jeanette Dawson Michelle De la Calle Daniel DeAngelis Luningning Decena Gabriela Deeds Rochelle Delegencia Claudia Delgado Dell Auto Group Inc Cecilia Delury Robert Dennis Tina Dickinson Ralph Dickman Justin Dietrich Linda Dietz Nhung Dinh Anhdao Do Jenny Do Lam Do Marilyn Dolby Nicholas Donaldson Elias & Maryse Doss-Antoun John & Susan Downey Eva & Daniel Duarte

Tyler Duran Hayley Durham-Filo James & Susan Dyer E & S Trucking Miguela Ebuen June Edwards Kay Egan Christopher Elliott Stephen & Joanne Enders Michael Endlein David Engelbrecht Ericson Inc Maria Escobar-Bustamante EScrip Anne Esparza Reymundo & Beatriz Espinoza Peter Fay Linda Fenn Monica Fernandez Rebecca Fernandez Anthony Filice Marilou Finelli First Community Housing David Fitch Mary Flanagan-Mata Adrienne Flynn Susan Foley Mary Ellen & Michael Fox Bill Foy Stephanie Francisco Patricia Freitas Barbara French Paula Fuller Tami Fumoto Irene Gali Lucy Gallegos Sylvia Gamez Mary Gandia Anna Garcia Maria Garcia Shally Garg Corazon Gargarita Ling Garlow J. Richard Gaskill & Kathleen Campos Francesco Germinario Mitchell Gevelber Ghadiri, DMD, Inc. Jill Gipson Scott Gist Jay Glicksman Celia Gonzales Kristin Gonzalez Maritza Gonzalez Michael Gonzales Josefa Gonzalez-Kim Google Inc. Amy Gorospe Allene Graham Laurie Granberry J. Paul & Carol Greene Robyn Gregory Rachel Grocha Welch Stephanie Grocha-O’Neill Pietari Grohn & Krista Kauppinen Doris Groves Abhi Gupta Barbara Hager-Paulsen Aimee Hallgrimson Dennis Halloran Michael Halpin Vanessa & Ben Hancock Elisabeth Handler Lisa & Mike Hanson Mary Harnish Robert Harris Jason Hauck Frank Hawley Sandy Hernandez Adriana Herrera Tony & Tricia Herz Connie Hester Kent Hillhouse & Carla Rochelle Lindorff

Judy & Rob Hines Wiley & Suzanne Hodges Lisa Holmes Holy Cross Lutheran Church Kristine Hopp David Hornik Sam Hsiao Henry Huie Claudio Hunger Rachel Hwang Claudia Idehara John Igoe Juanita Isais J&J Construction Josellen Janojan Brenda Javier Diane Jimenez Sandra Jimenez Dale Johnson Dwaine Johnson Elizabeth Johnson Cecilia Juanillo Eunyoung Jun & Yong Sik Yi Scott Jury Iryna Kalish Bob Kane Rachel Kane-Cooley & Steve Cooley Richard Kanes Christopher Kaser Avtar Kaur Dawinder Kaur Shirley Kay Stacy & Jeff Kazan Sue Kehl Pam Kelly Karen Ketner Leyon Khalili Khartoum, Inc. Heidi Kiehl Steve & Seung Kimn Linda King Deb Kjar Randall Klein Sue Koechlin Betty Kong Diane Koshimune Brian Robert Koss Vani Kota Jill Kretschmer Ashby Kristen Kevin Ku Elizabeth Lada Shiau-Yeng Lai Douglas Landau Clare Landry Frankie Laney Lawrence & Jane Lapierre Lark Avenue Car Wash Michael LaRocca Mary Lavelle Joanne Law-Lam Jacqueline Lawrence Diep Le Jennifer Le David Lee Leah Lee Lillian Lee Marianna Lee Olivia Lee Austin LeMoult Jennifer Leung Jim Lewis Andrea Li Najlah Licudine Chyong-Lih Lin & Fushen Chen Gary & Nancy Linford Mona Litman Stephanie Loftus Darline & Guy Lohman Bette Loomis Eric & Sylvia Lopez Rosario Lopez Leanna & Roy Lord Larry Lovaglia



Caroline Murray Mary Murtagh Rose Myers Felicisima Nabong Timothy Nardine Jennifer Nash Corina Navarro Alynn Van Nguyen Cam-Dung Nguyen Christine Nguyen Hoang Nguyen Linda Nguyen Linh Nguyen Ngoc Nguyen Teresa Nguyen Triet Nguyen Helen Nichols Nancy Nielsen John Nielsen Sahidun Nisha Chiaki Nomoto NorCal Specialties Inc Ronald Nowak Dayani Nualles-Percy Oakwood Virgenia Obis Samuel Okenyi Monalisa Olague Virginia Olson Marta Olvera Leslie Omans & Boonliang Kroujuturas Veronica Ortiz Kristine & Collins Orton Suzann Osborne Dawn Osby David Page Mary Page Mahendra & Kokila Pandit Louis Pandula Anthony Pappas Rebecca Pare Denise Patlan Anna Pazand Howard & Vivian Pearce Inge Pena Karina Perez Gloria Perez Elizabeth Peters Max Petersen Catherine Pham Tan Pham Thuy Pham Tram Pham Amelia Phinn Mau Don Phung Thanh Phung Brent & Mabel Plesse

Elizabeth Postovit Caryl Pozos Douglas Press Pro-Tech Painting Inc Clarisse Punzalan-Trinh Pamela Putman Michelle Rambo Lesly Ramirez Maria Ramirez Sylvia Ramirez Denise Ramos Alice Ramsauer Tammy Ramsey Vanessa Rath Brent & Susan Redmond Carol Reeves Greg Rhine Linda Richards Mary Lou Ritter Jonathan Roberts R. Eric & Tien Robinson Seferina Rodriguez Marnie Rohde Mary Ann Rokovich Richard Rose Peter Ross Matthew Rosso Bruce & Lisa Ruddell Laura Ruiz Stephanie Ruiz Karin Rumstedt Barbara Saavedra Leah Saim Patricia Salmon San Jose Mercury News Daniel Sanchez Roberto Sanchez Marjorie Sanchez-Walker Nicole Saunders James & Marjorie Schallau David Schmid James Schmidt Gary & Laura Schoennauer Erik Schoennauer Beverly Schuler Schwab Charitable Fund Ann Schwabecher Robert Schwartz Philip Schwarz Patricia Scofield Lucas Selby-Hele Giovanni Seni Ruel Sevilla Vishakha Shah Donald Shortt Bruce Simpson Saravjeet Singh Courtney Skipper


May – November

Scott Smead Ruth Smith Wayne Smith Jared Smolens Elvera Sofos Ruth Soito Allan Solis Palma Deborah Soliz Diane Solomon Southridge Baptist Church San Jose Snjezana Stamenov Deb Steele Loukas Stephens June Stolan John Stratton Nick & Julie Struthers Angela Suarez Jean Sutherland Josette Taligato Stefan Tamme Roger Tancrell Daisy Tang Grace Tang Antonette Tayamen Terry Mechanical Inc The Rambus Foundation The Tintworks Enterprise Richard Thesing Cam Thi Leigh Ann & Michael Tierney Michelle Tipton-Burton Leah Toeniskoetter Cora Tomalinas Stephanie Tooher Sharon Tornberg Viet-Linh Tran Cathy Tran Kathy Kieu Trinh Snehalata Trivedi Melissa Truesdel Nhu Truong Bernette Tsai Ching-Yun Tseng Giselle Tsering Kelly Tsudama Pilar Tusa Charlene Uenaka Melissa Valau Ernestina Valdez Angelica Vallejo Georgina Van Horn Mary Ann Van Paul Camie VanKeuren Tania Villalpando William & Diana Vincent Anhthu Vu Tracy Waddle

10 am – 2 pm

Valley Specialty Center 751 S. Bascom Avenue, San Jose, CA 95128 Free public parking available. Please bring a bag for your produce!

Lisa Walker-Vischer & Thomas Vischer Brook Wallace Loraine Wallace Cathy Weeks Catherine Weirshauser Edward Wesley Todd Wheeler Laurel Whiting-Tran Will’s Way Foundation Michelle Wilson Zornitza Wloka Alton Wong Michelle Wong Sai-Wah Wong Leonie Worsham Robin & Yiding Wu Jane Wulf Patricia Yadao N. B. & Austin Yeats Moges Yimer Jennifer Yoo Elena Yoshida YourCause, LLC Cecily Zazueta Bozena Zellner Jiayang Zhang

$50 - $99

Rhonda Abram Amy Ainsworth Jacqueline Alex&erLoweecey Katty Alvarez Adriana Anavitarte Joanna Arenas Margaret Aslanian Imelda Bagis Adrianna Baptista James Barbera Christopher Barrett BD Tina Beaudoin Darcy & Joseph Becker Jill Bengston Atsuko & Keith Bennett Betty Benson Genie Bernardini Cuc Bien Angie Breshears Tina Briones Michael Brockman Roger & Margot Brockmeyer Michael Brodie Mark Brosius Erick Bueno Helen Bui Jazmin Buntic Mitsuko Buxmann Nadav Buzi Pamela Cabrera-Milburn Matthew Carlin Mary Lynn Carroll Sharon Carroll David & Jeanette Carter Amandeep Chahil Scot Chamberlain Raymond Chan Jennifer Chang Cindy Chavez & Mike Potter Angela Chelini Manuel Chen Edmond Cheung Kathy Cheung Richard Chiu Laxmi Chowdhary Mary Chrysler Petrina Ciolino Carl & Nancy Claunch Isabel Cordiglia Gloria Cordova George Costa Sondramae Couser John Crosetto Brian Cruz Hobart & Roberta Curtis

2018 Donors

Robert Love & Jacqueline Trudeau Maria Ludwikow Lynne Lyberger MingMing Ma Karen Machida Armi Madayag Geraldine Madden Ciara Mahan Farah Mahboobi Elisabeth & James Mailhot Michael Mairose Diann Major Jane Malone Amy Mangubat Aracely Martinez Diana Martinez Melanie Martinez William & Stacia Masterson Farhan Matin Mickey Matkovich Cheryl Matsumura Lara McCabe Kathleen McCoy Steve McCoy Suzanne McFarlane Maryanna McSwain Michael Meade Melvin E Irvin, Disability Representative, Inc Audrey Mendenhall Belia Meraz Merchants Bankcard Network Margaret Meute Kristina Meyer Microsoft Matching Gifts Program Yvette Mielcarz Charlotte Miller Mindy Miller Brittney Minium John Miraglia Tony Mirenda Navnit & Nivedita Mishra Ken Misin Sonya Misra Saundra Mitchell Maria Mogan Alice Moitozo Anne Molinari Mostafa Momayez Gabriel Montes Steve Morales Julia Moran Nickie Moreno Kelly Morgan William Morris



2018 Donors

Jenita Cyriac Jimmy Dac Maritza Dahl Cynthia D’Amore Kenneth Daxer Cortney DeCoite Allen Deguchi Charlene Della Maggiore Ravi Desai Emi Di Piero Liz & Ralph Ditullio Diep Do Colleen Elliott Karen Espita George Feliz Carmen Flores Mark Flowers Gabe Foo Elizabeth Foster Joan Freed Lori Fry Scott Fukunaga Antonia Garcia Andrea Gardner Carolyn Genirberg Steven & Tiffany Gin Kathleen Giovacchini Chloe Glare Robert Glaser Glassybaby white light fund Brian Glazbrook Leon Glover Anna & Dan Gold Lilian Goldbard Henry Goldstein Susan Gook Elizabeth Gounas R. Kelly Graham William Graham Diana Guido Nancy Gyles Ginger Harms Iliana Harrysson Gregorio & Rita Hernandez L. Christina Hernandez Natalie Hodgen Donna & Harry Holt David Hook Sophia Huang Sharon Hunt Quang Huynh Ed Irvine Richard Jacinto Scott Jenest Garry Johnson Jennifer Jones Maricus Jones Kaiser Permanente Matching Gifts Shareen Kaur Marie Kawayoshi Jenn Kazan Cynthia Keene Patrick Kennedy Nenita Khu Michelle Kiang Joo Kim Brett Kondrick Bruce Krein Tami Kroening Dennis Kwan Nga Lam Christina LaSalvia Tu Le Venny Lee Tammy Leiro Deborah Li Abe Livchitz Rhett Livengood Margaret Lococo Aaron Lopez Pamela Lougheed Eleanor Lowery Carmen Lynaugh Eugeny Lyumkis Editha Madarang

Deborah Magid Aashish Malhotra Manuel & Zenaida Mariano Maia Marken Zebry Martinez Anne Massenkeil Haro Karen McCreddin Nita McGill Jason McGinty Alice McNelis Michael McWalters Sandy Mendia Eunice Menezes William & Beryl Meuli Ronald Mg Celinda Miranda Mix Bag Designs Barbara Moehrlin Jessenia Mora Michele Nannini Deja Navarro Christopher Neufeld Michael Ng Co Nguyen Cuc Nguyen Hung Nguyen Jenni Nguyen Loc Nguyen Tina Nguyen Dianne Nishikawa Sunny Ochoa Deborah Oduma Kinga & Jeff Olson Timothy Ong Eva Orton Teruye Oshidari Carol Ott Anita Paras Haisun Park Ricken Patel Amaidas, Shantaben & Hansa Patel Benjamin Pence Alka Periwal Joanna Petroff John Phan Shelana Philip-Guide Vanessa Phong Sunila Piplani John Powers Moises Quiroz Garces Sandra Rains Maria Raspolic Aimee Reedy Rebecca Rivera Wayne Reeves Elbert Rivera Jack Roberts Vera Rocco Joyce Rosenbaum Kristine Rouss Alyssa Roy Sherri Sadler Jose & Maria Salazar Cayetano Sandino Hilda Sandoval Harbhajan Sangha Edmond Santos Megan Savile Marlene & Herb Schmidt Herb Schwarz Greg Selzer Pushpa & Chandrak Shah Tim Shea Melinda Sheehan Evelyn Shiro John Simmons Betty & Paul Skov Rolla Solomon Jace Soper Elva Sosa John Stapleton Shana Stapp Jill Stelfox Ricardo Strawn

Chrismargareth Sulayao Douglas & Peggy Sumida Jerry Svindal Leon & Fusako Talley David Tchang Vivian Tipton Thanh To Constantino & Carissa Totalca Chi Tran Cheryl Trias Peter Trudelle Tats & Rose Tsunekawa Mark Tutone Ronald Twist Nicole Valenti Marc Van de Waal Greg Van Wassenhove Ahmed Vanya Chatrabhuj Vegda & Mradula J. Patel Rebcca Victor Jatinder Virdi Chuck Vivian Ann Vivian Tam Vu Melissa Vuckovich Robert & Nancy Weeks Mary Welpy Carson Welty Frederick & Karoline Wetschnig Andrew Whiting Patricia Wilker David Wilson John Wurr Rongxing Yan & Mei Fen Yu Ming Hong Yang Erika Young

$1 - $49

Muzyen Abdulkadir Paul Aggarwal Kandy Aglony Jason Aguilar Colleen Alabado Mary Albitz Lydia Alfiler Roxana Alizadeh Lauren Alongi Ines Alvarez Mahbubul Amin Farhad Amir-Ebrabimi Patricia Anderson Donald Ando Adeluisa Angeles Sandra Arasato Diana Atwell Regina Augustine Jesus Avila Chinnu Babu Shankar Badve Michelle Baker Bharathy Balaraman Jackie Ballard Sonia Banh Matthew Baptista Terry & Carolyn Barnhart Roger Barrett Susan Bauerle Deanna Baumgartner Lou Fred Bautista Greg Bell Carol Bellone Jordain Benavides Lois Berliner Paul Besser Segismundo Bigornia Peter & Julie Binhack Dimitri Bitbaba Benedict Bonus Frank & Carol Bonzell Stephen Branz Sarah Brewer Gilbert Briones Seymour Bross

Trung Bui Andrew Burdett Emily Burton James Cabral Kim & Luciano Callegari Mary Campione Celia Campoy Samuel Capuyan David Carlos Bethanne Carpenter Barbara Carrasco Perfecto Castillo Daisy Castro Teresito Casupanan Jeremy Cedeno Leo Ceja Jeanie Chac Derek Chan Clarence & Lois Chance Veena Chand Somane Charles Orapin Charukesnant Jeane Chaves Lorena Chavez Judy Chen Wei-Li Chen Sophy Chiang Victor Chow Jennifer Chu Chong Chwa Ester Clark Thomas & Madeline Clarke Nancy Claytor Nat Collins Carla Collins David & Sue Conners Erica Cortez Elizabeth Crane Roy Cureton Brian Damiano Chrislyn Dangca Ramin Daniels Dennis & Frances Danko Dwayne Davis Robin Davis Don De Fever Estela De Guzman Amelito & Christine De Jesus Mary Denny Heena & Indra Desai Maria DeSantis Paul DiMarco Mary Doyle Alfred Drumm Audrey Dussault Eugene Eckert Desiree Elder ShaFaa Eldesouky Phil & Michele Elia Esam El-Morshedy Gary Ettinger Victor Everlove Edwin & Belinda Fadrigon Susanne Falconi Stacie Fazzio Jeannette Ferris Kristen Findley Alice Forbes Carmel Forte John Foster Barbara Franklin Mary Fray Fuerst Group Inc. Kathleen Fulton Anthony Funk Loreto Gabatino Kim Gallagher Marcel Gaoiran Wallace & Mary Gardner Laura Garvin Angelina Garza James & Jessica Geary Christina Gil Lenore Gilberstadt David Gitin Calvin Gleason

Teresita Gomez Maria Gonzales Guadalupe Gonzalez Finn Gratton Shirley Griffis Sevda Gundogan Thuan Ha Steven Haas Ramesh Hajari Denise Hall Jeff Hane Sachiko Hattori John & Diane Hawes Barbara Hazel Zhongxiang He Corazon Hilario Ngoc Ho Catherine Hodor Mario Holguin Suchang Hsieh Lorraine Huber Derek Hudnall Michael Hutton Charlie Huynh Valerie Isaacson Hardev & Surinder Jammu Fernando Jauregui Limin Jiang Marcela Johnson David Johnston JSR Micro, Inc. Barbara Kalmoutis Shika Kapil Michelle Kaplan James & Eileen Karkas Ashley Karp Lin Ke Michael Kerbyson Chhuy Khauv Robert Kobara Brad Kopp Eniko Krammar Bogumila Krupa Myrna Lake Jennie Larson Karl & Kathrine Laucher Thomas LAW Vivian Le Duong Le Ben Lee Roy Leonard Pollyanna Leung Susan Levine Michele Lew Stacy Lewis Janet Lewis Kerry Lewis Margaret Licon Collin Lim Jeffrey Lochner Charlie Lopez Rosa Lopez John Lopez Renee Loth Cali Don Love Donald & Cynthia Ludwig Chris Lynn Rong Ma Lorraine Macierz Katherine Madlem Xochitl & Abraham Madrigal Nellie Maestre Douglas Mah Hoa Mai Denise Mai Lata Malviya Mary Mammini Greg Marks Creighton Martin Emi Mason Gino Maspinas Cary Mayo Carolyn McDonald Phyllis McIntosh Patricia McRae Qizhong Mei & Meijun Hua



Carl Sims Gopal Singh Iqbal Singh Elizabeth Sippl Patrick Sisco Jon Smith Hollis Snell Marcus Solorio Jeffrey Stanford Donna Stanley Ruth Starmack Monica Stemmle Cynthia Stewart Stewart Survivors Trust Evangeline Suba Albina Subiabre-Seron Louise Sumpter Jun Sunseri Cuc Ta Kelly Taft Jennifer Tang Steven Tapia Joaquin Tapia Larry To Carol & Thomas Torgerson Maria Torres Ramona Torres Lynn Tottori Joann Toy Aurorae Tran Roi Tran & Thuy Hong Nguyen Charlize Tran Cot Tran Adelina Trujillo Gurmit & Avtar Tumber Yana Ulitsky Linda Vanderhule Baruch Vargas Gary Virshup Christine Vo Maryanne Von Michalofski Richard Voss Daniel Vostrejs Yusuke Wada Qiaogan Wang Barbara Wang Joseph Wells Margaret White Michael Whitney Richard & Rebecca Wickandler Shelley Wienholz Cecilia Wilson Mentesinot Wondafrash Michael Woods Nobuko Yatsuzuka Ying Yin & Ruoju Mo Christina Yoshiie Josephine Yusim Qian Zhuge


Adam the Dancing Cowboy Adventure Cat Sailing Charters Alara Winery All Shook Up Valerie Allen Almaden Valley Athletic Club Almaden Valley Nursery Laura Alman Marialice Ames Amity Home Health Care Inc. Dorcas Andaya An-Jan Feed & Pet Supply Anna’s Nails Annieglass Anthony Presents, LLC Applewood Landscaping Aqui Cal-Mex Art By Amanda Asian American Home Health Care Ralph Barnett Marietta Bicomong

Big Basin Vineyards Big Foot Museum Big Pretty World, LLC Bill’s Cafe Billy Hahn Photography BJ’s Restaurant & Brewhouse BJ’s Restaurant & Brewhouse Blu Cocoon Medspa Blue & Gold Fleet Jennifer Bodily Brenna Bolger Boomers! Stacey Booth Carolyn Brown Irina Budykhina Burger Lounge Burrell School Vineyards Byington Winery & Vineyard California Academy of Sciences California Pizza Kitchen California’s Great America Capitola Candy Company Florence Carta Casa Vicky Cafe & Catering Charlie’s Cheesecake Works Cheesecake Factory Children’s Fairyland Children’s Musical Theater Barbara Christianson City Diner City Lights Theatre Company Classic Car Wash Cline Closet Capers Steven Cohen Costco Wholesale Cotton Works County of Santa Clara Parks & Recreation Craft Gallery Cruise Coffee Co. Deenaze Painting Expression Kevan & Anita Del Grande Details Din Tai Fung Dio Deka Cuisine Elizabeth Donovan Dr. Melody Lynd, Inc. Dream Inn Santa Cruz Dry Creek Grill Dynacraft, BSC Effy Jewelry & Co. Elite Island Resorts Caribbean Susan Else Rosalia Encarnacion Equinox Winery FanimeCon Federal Realty Investment Trust Rusty Fenn Flights Restaurant Flower-Flour Fogo de Chao Forbes Mill Steakhouse Fulfillment Systems, Inc. Yugandher Ganapa Gilroy Gardens Family Theme Park Glow Golfland Golfland- Emerald Hill Suzanne Gonzalez Hair By Jamie Hair’s Inn Happy Hollow Park & Zoo Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Lake Tahoe Harveys Resort Hotel & Casino Heartshare Training Services Hennessy’s Auto Repair Catherine Hill Hobee’s / Chijate Food Services

Home Depot Hong’s Gourmet Hotel Paradox Hotel Valencia Santana Row Angela Ikeme Il Fornaio J Winston Winery Jason Stephens Winery Jennifer Jones Joseph George Wines Cindy Kholler Kismet Boutique KLJ Studios La Fondue Restaurant Lali Jewels Lazy Dog Restaurant Lazy Dog Restaurant & Bar Le Vian Corp. LeanFeast Left Bend Winery LeValley Beauty Katherine Linnemann Emma Lira Logitech Nicole Long Los Gatos Bar & Grill Lunardi’s MacMa Group Phlex65 Macy’s Maritime Wine Tasting Studio Mary McGuinness Nancy Meck Patricia Mena Men’s Wearhouse Mercedes-Benz of Stevens Creek Midtown Guitar Company Miramar Vineyards Kabir Misra Susan Moore Brown Angel Moreno Mutari Craft Chocolate My Museum Monterey County Youth Museum Seena Nair New Seasons Market Maily Nguyen Thi-Van-Linh Nguyen Jamie Nievaard Niles Canyon Railway Nilou Day Spa Nothing Bundt Cakes Nubia Swimwear Maria Ofreneo O’Neill Yacht Charters Orangetheory Fitness Orchard City Kitchen Janine Oropeza Outback Steakhouse Outback Steakhouse Oz A Salon Palazzi Salon Palomar Ballroom Peet’s Coffee Peet’s Coffee Pelican Ranch Winery Christine Perez Petite Auberge & White Swan Inn Photography By Busa Pier 39 Planet Granite Plumed Horse Restaurant Randall and Cynthia Pond Ryan Prichard Raging Waters Red Robin Regale Winery & Vineyards Rick Steves’ Europe, Inc. Rock Bottom Brewery T.J. Rodgers Diego Roig-Franzia Rosie McCann’s Irish Pub & Restaurant Marilyn Roxas

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Join the heroes of Santa Clara Valley Medical Center, the Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Office, and the Santa Clara County Fire Department for the Heroes Run. Enjoy fun activities for the whole family! • • • • • • • •

5K Run/Walk & Obstacle Course – $35 Superhero Kids Run Fun & Obstacle Course – $15 Hero Dash Obstace Course – $5 or free with Run/Walk Kids and family costume contest Superheroes along the way Community fair Helicopter and superhero landing Classic and modern SCC Sheriff and Fire Department vehicles – you can even sit in them! • Live DJ, carnival games, jumping houses and more

NOVEMBER 2, 2019 Cupertino Civic Center 10800 Torre Avenue Cupertino, CA

The Heroes Run raises funds for children’s health services at Santa Clara Valley Medical Center Hospital & Clinics and your participation makes all the difference.

Join us and run for the kids!

Financial Statements Per federal, state and local requirements, the VMC Foundation is obligated to undergo and make publicly available an independent audit report each fiscal year. The reports includes a Statement of Financial Position, Statement of Activities, and a Statement of Functional Expenses. The complete 2018 report – available online at – includes all related notes to these statements. This report also details VMC Foundation operating

Financial Statements

revenues and expenses for fiscal year 2018.



INDEPENDENT AUDITORS’ REPORT To the Board of Directors of VMC Foundation, San Jose, California We have audited the accompanying financial statements of VMC Foundation (the “Foundation”, a California nonprofit public benefit corporation), which comprise the statements of financial position as of December 31, 2018 and 2017, and the related statements of activities and changes in net assets, functional expenses and cash flows for the years then ended, and the related notes to the financial statements. Management’s Responsibility for the Financial Statements Management is responsible for the preparation and fair presentation of these financial statements in accordance with accounting principles generally accepted in the United States of America; this includes the design, implementation, and maintenance of internal control relevant to the preparation and fair presentation of financial statements that are free from material misstatement, whether due to fraud or error. Auditors’ Responsibility Our responsibility is to express an opinion on these financial statements based on our audits. We conducted our audits in accordance with auditing standards generally accepted in the United States of America. Those standards require that we plan and perform the audit to obtain reasonable assurance about whether the financial statements are free from material misstatement. An audit involves performing procedures to obtain audit evidence about the amounts and disclosures in the financial statements. The procedures selected depend on the auditors’ judgment, including the assessment of the risks of material misstatement of the financial statements, whether due to fraud or error. In making those risk assessments, the auditor considers internal control relevant to the entity’s preparation and fair presentation of the financial statements in order to design audit procedures that are appropriate in the circumstances, but not for the purpose of expressing an opinion on the effectiveness of the entity’s internal control. Accordingly, we express no such opinion. An audit also includes evaluating the appropriateness of accounting policies used and the reasonableness of significant accounting estimates made by management, as well as evaluating the overall presentation of the financial statements. We believe that the audit evidence we have obtained is sufficient and appropriate to provide a basis for our audit opinion. Opinion

Financial Statements

In our opinion, the financial statements referred to above present fairly, in all material respects, the financial position of VMC Foundation as of December 31, 2018 and 2017, and the changes in its net assets and its cash flows for the years then ended in accordance with accounting principles generally accepted in the United States of America.


San Jose, California, June 7, 2018

226 Airport Parkway, Suite 350, San Jose, CA 95110

Office: 408.855.6770 Fax: 408.855.6774


Statement of Financial Position ASSETS

DEC 31, 2018

DEC 31, 2017















Investments restricted for permanent endowment



Property and equipment, net




DEC 31, 2018

DEC 31, 2017











Total net assets





Cash and cash equivalents Pledges receivable, net Accounts receivable Prepaid expenses Inventory Investments Cash surrender value of life insurance

Total assets

LIABILITIES AND NET ASSETS Liabilities: Accounts payable and accrued liabilities Deferred revenue Total liabilities Net Assets: Unrestricted

Financial Statements

Total liabilities and net assets



Statement of Activities FOR THE YEAR ENDED DECEMBER 31, 2018













Service fees



Contributions in-kind




Special events, net



Sale of merchandise, net



Change in life insurance cash surrender value



Other revenues




Investment loss













Net assets released from restriction Total Revenue and Support

EXPENSES Program services Supporting services Management and general




















Total expenses

NET ASSETS Change in net assets Net assets, beginning of year

Financial Statements

Net assets, end of year



Statement of Functional Expenses FOR THE YEAR ENDED DECEMBER 31, 2018










Employee benefits






Payroll taxes






Retirement contribution






Management and contractor fees






Conferences, events and meetings






In-kind expenses






Office expense and supplies












Computer expenses






Staff training and recognition






Printing, mailing and postage











Advertising and promotions






Accounting and professional expenses






Bank and investment fees






Other expenses


















Salaries and wages

EXPENSES Assistance to U.S. entities


Financial Statements

Total expenses



Operating Expenses and Revenue As an independent 501c3 nonprofit organization, the VMC Foundation must pay for operating expenses via fundraising and other revenue generating activities. Operating expenses include but are not limited to costs for personnel, insurance, marketing, audit and tax filings. The sources of these revenues, as well as a breakdown of operating expenses, are detailed below. These revenues and expenses pertain to operational costs only. They do not reflect the entire scope of VMC Foundation fundraising for programs, capital purchases and other initiatives that benefit the Santa Clara Valley Medical Center Hospitals & Clinics and the County of Santa Clara Health System.



OPERATING REVENUE 2018 1,379,223

County of Santa Clara





Special Events, net



VMC and County employee giving



Management fees



Individual or corporate contributions



County of Santa Clara in-kind rent*



Vendor Fair, net



Fund transfers



Direct mail



In-kind contributions*


Accounting and professional expenses


Service fees


Bank interest

Advertising and promotion


Other income

Conferences, events and meetings


Investment revenue

Office expense and supplies



Staff training and recognition




Other expenses





■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■

Financial Statements


Salaries and wages In-kind expenses Employee benefits Payroll taxes Bank and investment fees Assistance to U.S. entities Management and contractor fees Printing, mailing and postage Insurance Computer expenses Employee retirement contribution

Total operating expenses



177,979 Total operating expenses


– 2,149,967



S E P TE M B E R 14 , 2 019 • V I LL A R AG USA

Zum Wohl! People from around the world gather each year to experience the merriment of Oktoberfest in Germany. This year, you will only need to go as far as Campbell in order to hoist your stein. This festive evening will include live and silent auctions, fine bier und wein, a fabulous dinner – with maybe a few extra brezeln (pretzels) – and of course excellent music. It will have you hiking up your lederhosen and dancing the night away. Above all, this evening will bring together members of our community to support healthcare for all in our County.

– September 14 – 6pm at Villa Ragusa 35 S. Second Street, Campbell TICKETS & SPONSORSHIPS: WHAT TO WEAR:


2400 Clove Drive, San Jose, CA 95128 (408) 885-5299 phone | (408) 885-5207 fax Production of this Annual Report was made possible by generous contributions from donors in the community, not at taxpayer expense. Printed on recycled paper.

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Annual Report 2018: Special 30th Anniversary Edition  

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