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Annual Report


About the VMC Foundation The VMC Foundation is a nonprofit organization (Federal Tax ID 77-0187890) that raises private donations from the community on behalf of Santa Clara Valley Medical Center (SCVMC) and the entire Santa Clara Valley Health & Hospital System (SCVHHS). The Foundation seeks these funds to purchase equipment and fund programs that improve the quality of care and access to medical treatment for all residents of Santa Clara County. Founded in 1988, the VMC Foundation has raised more than $80 million in support of vital health programs and services since inception. In addition to fundraising, the VMC Foundation performs an important administrative role within the SCVHHS eco-system. This function includes project management and reporting for grants, administration (i.e. accounting, deposits and disbursements) of 164 unique funds and the preparation of financial statements, audits and tax filings as required. Lastly, the VMC Foundation maintains an event planning and program management arm to assist SCVMC with the execution of special events, conferences and other activities, as well as directly operating programs such as Reach Out & Read, patient wireless internet access, the VMC Farmers’ Market and more.

About Santa Clara Valley Medical Center SCVMC is the public safety net health system for Santa Clara County, California. Services are provided at a 574-bed acute care teaching hospital and research institution, as well as at community-based clinics. SCVMC provides health services About the VMC Foundation

to one in four residents of Santa Clara County and has an open door policy that


guarantees everyone access to care, regardless of ability to pay. It is owned and operated by the County of Santa Clara and affiliated with the Stanford University School of Medicine.

The Board of Directors Judy Cosgrove Community Volunteer

Dennis Low, MD General Internal Medicine, SCVMC

Cheryl Dewey, RN President, SCVMC Volunteer Auxiliary

Dan Niehans Attorney at Law, Gunderson Dettmer LLP Retired

Marcelle Dougan, ScD, MPH, MEng Researcher, Brigham & Women’s Hospital Elaine Elkin – Secretary President, E Two & Associates, Inc. Christina L. Esquivel, CPA Robert Half Management Resources Lou Frankel President, Trilex Construction Dolly C. Goel, MD Medical Director, Valley Health Plan Balaji Govindaswami, MD, MPH Director of Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Chief of Neonatology, SCVMC Earl Johnson Former Director, Office of Family Assistance U.S. Department of Health & Human Services Kathleen King CEO, Healthier Kids Foundation

Joe Parisi President, Therma, Inc. Ash Pirayou Attorney at Law, Rutan & Tucker, LLP Ron Sidell Co-Founder & Executive Director, Ophoenix Laurie Smith Sheriff, County of Santa Clara D. Kirk B. Westbrook Vice President & Senior Relationship Manager City National Bank E. Christopher Wilder CEO, The VMC Foundation Susanne B. Wilson Principal, Solutions By Wilson Chris Worrall Hitachi Executive Retired

Honorary Directors

Chair Emerita

Brenna Bolger Thomas Bush, MD Gregory Jenkins, MD Peggy Fleming-Jenkins Bill Marr Jean Meddaugh, RN Norman Y. Mineta T.J. Rodgers, PhD Karen Rudolph John A. Sobrato Gerald W. Patrick – Executive Director Emeritus

Gerry Beemiller Michael E. Fox, Sr. Norman Kline Robin Roche Charles Toeniskoetter Leah Toeniskoetter

The Board of Directors

Ralph Dickman – Chairperson Vice President, Union Bank


Contents Letter from the CEO of the VMC Foundation . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5 Letter from the Board Chair of the VMC Foundation . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6 Letter from the CEO of Santa Clara Valley Medical Center . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7

■ IMPACT . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


A Head Start for New Parents . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10 Lights Out for Tobacco . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11 Downtown Health Center . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12 Building a Breast Milk Lab . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14 Run Like a Hero for VMC . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 15

■ DONOR SPOTLIGHT . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


Kabir Misra and Laure Wang . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 17 Bank of America . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 18 Tiffany Ballesteros, RN . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20 The Health Trust . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 21 Our Generous 2015 Donors . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 22


■ FINANCIAL STATEMENTS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .



While some say disruption, we say sustainability. If I had to pick a theme for 2015, I’d go with SUSTAINABILITY. You see, the major focus of the VMC Foundation right now is helping create San Jose’s first and only women and children’s medical center. I don’t mean to be dramatic, but this is THE major undertaking of our existence...and it requires a multi-year effort and therefore, sustainability. Our amazing staff has embraced the challenge and have developed new systems of fund development, champion engagement and outreach – all with an eye toward multi-year, stable growth. We’ve added staff positions and mechanisms that adhere to the science of fundraising (yes, it is...as well as an art). We’re so grateful to our sustaining donors and major funders who give year after year. Without you, there is no us. Thank you. Sustainability also refers to our programmatic success on behalf of Valley Medical Center and the patients who rely on its care. The VMC Foundation often pilots or incubates new ideas, and we love it when they prove their worth. This year the Medical-Legal Partnership and Neuro-Net programs found homes in the county budget after showing that they are great for VMC and even greater for our patients. They join many other programs that began as donor-driven experiments and were woven into the fabric of VMC. If you’re reading this report, it likely means you have helped shape our success. Thank you once again for all you do, and for believing in the 166-year-long mission of our incredible

In Service,

E. Christopher Wilder, CEO The Valley Medical Center Foundation

Letter from the CEO of the VMC Foundation

public health system.


Letter from the Board Chairperson of the VMC Foundation




t is impossible for me to convey in words how much I admire the people that go to work at VMC each day. “Heroes” is so overused, but how else do you explain the actions of those who work so tirelessly in support of our public health and hospital system? From the trauma surgeon to the maintenance worker, the work that VMC staff do each day enriches all of our lives by providing a safety net to the entire community. To me, that’s heroic. I am proud to play a small part in support of the people of VMC, and in service to the mission to provide care to all, regardless of ability to pay. The year 2015 was one of significant accomplishment for the VMC Foundation. I am grateful to the thousands of people listed in this report that fueled our work by making a donation in support. Together, we stand in solidarity with those on the front lines of the fight for health equality. I hope you stay with us for years to come.

Ralph Dickman, Chairperson, The VMC Foundation Board of Directors

Better Health for All

Hospital Administration 751 South Bascom Avenue San Jose, California 95128

May 26, 2016 Santa Clara Valley Medical Center has made remarkable gains over this past year. We expanded capacity and infrastructure to improve access to care, including electronic healthcare record systems to improve information flow throughout our network, and have invested in staffing and lean workflow improvements to enhance patient experience and quality of care. We continue to see growth in the number of patients we serve and continue to expand the breadth of healthcare services we provide to our community. The work we are doing is making an incredible difference on the lives of these patients. Our focus for 2017 and beyond will be to build on the gains we have already made, utilizing better information, delivering more integrated patient centered care, making smarter investments, and delivering higher performance, as we continue to provide high quality evidence based care in response to healthcare reform over the coming years. Some highlights of the excellent care we provide and our continued focus include: Quality Emergency Care • 65,000 Emergency Department visits and 41,000 visits in our Express Care annually. • Planned expansion beginning in 2017 will double Emergency Department capacity.

State-of-the-Art Cancer Care • New cutting edge radiotherapy system will be added this year, expanding our advanced radiation therapy technology and providing greater capacity, speed and accuracy of radiation treatments. • Nationally recognized Oncology Infusion Center (by the American Society of Clinical Oncology), demonstrating our continued commitment to quality and best practices in cancer care. Access to Care • Sobrato Pavilion, coming in the winter of 2017, a state-of-the-art care facility with private patient rooms. • Valley Health Center, Downtown San Jose, offering a full spectrum of outpatient services, ranging from Primary Care, Urgent Care, to Specialty Care services. • Expanded innovative care delivery models in response to healthcare reform. With the unwavering support of our community, County leaders, employees, patients and their families, we are well positioned to continue to serve all members of the community and meet the ongoing challenges of continued healthcare reform. I am especially thankful to those of you that made charitable contributions to the VMC Foundation in the past year. Your support makes a difference in helping us deliver Better Health for All. My sincerest thanks to all of you who help us in these endeavors.

Paul E. Lorenz, CEO, Santa Clara Valley Medical Center

Letter from the CEO of Santa Clara Valley Medical Center

Level I Trauma Care • Level I Adult Trauma Center (highest designation) and a Level II Pediatric Trauma Center, both certified by the American College of Surgeons. • Nationally recognized Spinal Cord Injury, Traumatic Brain Injury and Burn Centers.


2015 Impact by the Numbers The work of The VMC Foundation enabled the following in 2015...




2,299 unique donors made a gift to the VMC Foundation in 2015

2015 Impact by the Numbers



728 participants raised money for VMC Pediatrics at the Sheriff’s Heroes Run

$ 7,340,029 in donations and other revenue in 2015

23 special events executed to raise funds, recognize supporters and educate the community about VMC’s mission

$79,400 in goods and services donated in-kind


12,150 39,192 free books distributed to kids during well-child exams



12,150 people engaged at VMC Foundation events

2,547 41 hospital tours for donors, VIPs, community leaders and VMC supporters

41 4,475 free bikes built and donated to needy kids through the VMC Foundation’s Turning Wheels for Kids program





165,525 858 family members of fragile newborns received special services from a NICU Family Support Specialist

2,547 customers served at VMC’s Farmers’ Market


1,500 40 spinal cord injury patients enrolled in the telemedicine program to communicate with care providers from home

1,500 volunteers engaged in VMC Foundation community service projects and events


165,525 unique users accessed free or low-cost wireless internet during their hospital visit

1,648 127 maternity care staff received professional bereavement training

2,042 447 children and family members received free legal help from the pediatric Medical-Legal Partnership Clinic


82 cents out of every dollar donated went to programs and services in 2015

1,648 new moms received follow-up breastfeeding support after they returned home


The VMC Foundation responded to requests from 55 VMC units, programs or departments for support

2,042 kids received dental services from the Ronald McDonald House Charities Care Mobile 2015 Impact by the Numbers

$3,175,000 pledged for the Women & Children’s Center Total funding = nearly $10 million



Letter A Head from Start the forBoard New Parents Chair of the VMC Foundation

A Head Start for New Parents


s one of Northern California’s busiest birthing centers, VMC is one of the safest places in the regions to have a baby. That is thanks to the care of expert staff and the County of Santa Clara’s longstanding commitment to maternal health. With funding from FIRST 5 Santa Clara County, the VMC Foundation is able to provide “New Parent Handbooks” to all parents in both English and Spanish. The handbook – written by VMC physicians, nurses and others – includes vital health and safety information, along with practical tips for breastfeeding, sleeping and the other common hurdles of infant care. Pictured here is Sylvia Peña with her new daughter, alongside Kystal Kajioka, Assistant Nurse Manager for the VMC Mother & Infant Care Center.



moking continues to be a key driver of health issues that send people to VMC. Many long-time smokers develop Chronic Obstruction Pulmonary Disease (COPD), a disease that makes breathing progressively more difficult and is a leading cause of death in the United States. Patients hospitalized at VMC for COPD are offered enrollment in a smoking cessation program to help curb tobacco abuse. This hands-on approach provides additional support and resources to VMC patients with the goal of healthier living and reduced hospitalizations. The VMC Foundation provides annual funding to the VMC Department of Respiratory Care for smoking cessation classes and other programs that address the health needs of recovering smokers. Pictured here is Gaurav Sharma, Respiratory Care Practioner, facilitating a session of the smoking cessation program with patients.

Lights Out for Tobacco

Lights Out for Tobacco S



Letter from the Downtown Health Board Center Chair of the VMC Foundation

Downtown Health Center


he abrupt closure of San Jose Medical Center in the early 2000s was a shock to residents of downtown San Jose. For the 10th largest city in America to go without a compressive health center in its urban core posed a significant safety risk to the community. In 2008, as part of a bond measure to fund state-mandated seismic upgrades to hospital facilities at VMC, funds were also included to build a health facility on the old San Jose Medical Center site. The VMC Foundation became the largest fundraiser and donor to the “Yes on A” campaign, and was a key part of a coalition of business, labor, government and health leaders that secured passage of the bond with 78% of county voters in favor.



Pictured here just outside the Health Center is the VMC Foundation’s Chief Development Officer Elizabeth Nielsen. Back in 2008, Elizabeth was a grant writer for the Foundation, but was asked to take a six-month leave of absence to serve as the campaign manager for the Yes on A campaign. As one part of a greater team, Elizabeth expertly steered the campaign towards victory, and as a result, downtown San Jose residents will have greater access to health services.

Downtown Health Center

Eight years later, the new Downtown Health Center will open in June 2016. It will feature an Urgent Care Center for children and adults, family medicine, pediatric and adult primary care, behavioral health services and more.



Letter from Building a Breast the Board Milk Lab Chair of the VMC Foundation

Building a Breast Milk Lab


reastfeeding is at the center of the care-model at the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at VMC. In fact, VMC NICU moms have some of the highest breastfeeding rates compared to other centers in all of California. In part with funds raised by the VMC Foundation, the VMC NICU is building a Breast Milk Lab to better prepare, store and distribute breast milk to NICU moms and babies during their hospitalization. Pictured here are VMC Neonatologists Dr. Sudha Rani Narasimhan and Dr. Dongli Song testing the newly acquired Breast Milk Analyzer. Purchased with funds from the Will Rogers Institute, the device will allow VMC clinicians to study the composition of breast milk and tailor the feeding programs of their tiny patients.



ounded in partnership between the VMC Foundation and Santa Clara County Office of the Sheriff, the Heroes Run raises funds in support of children’s health services at VMC. The 5k walk/run and kids fun run have has raised $60,000 since 2013. The 2016 event will take place on November 5, 2016, in Cupertino, and will now include Santa Clara County Fire as a co-producer. The Heroes Run is one of 23 special events produced by the VMC Foundation in 2015 to raise funds, recognize supporters and educate the community about the mission of VMC.

Run Like a Hero for VMC

Run Like a Hero for VMC F



Letter from Donor Spotlight the Board Chair of the VMC Foundation

Donor Spotlight


he VMC Foundation is grateful for the 2,299 individuals, companies and organizations that donated in 2015. We are pleased to spotlight four donors in particular for their exceptional support. Each has their own story: A VMC staff person inspired to do more, a former patient paying it forward, a Fortune 500 company that wants to give back, and the local leader in healthcare philanthropy.



A Grateful Patient Gives Back


ike many grateful patients that came before them, Kabir Misra and Laure Wang wanted to give back. Despite the life-altering impact of her stroke, Laure was thankful for the care she received at Santa Clara Valley Medical Center’s renowned brain injury rehabilitation unit. She pledged with husband Kabir to help in any way possible. Leveraging their strong personal and professional networks, Kabir and Laure mobilized an army of supporters to raise funds in support of SCVMC’s Rehab Center. Since 2011, their efforts have brought in more than $500,000 in donations, all while raising a family and continuing Laure’s rehab. Their story continues to inspire donors and their efforts will have a profound, lasting impact for Valley Medical Center.

Donor Spotlight: Kabir Misra and Laure Wang

Kabir Misra and Laure Wang



Letter from Donor Spotlight: the Board Bank Chair of America of the VMC Foundation

Bank of America A Track Record for Supporting the Safety Net


ank of America is one of the most known and active corporate philanthropists in Silicon Valley. With their focus on supporting essential safety net services, Bank of America has been a long-time partner of the VMC Foundation.



Pictured here are representatives of Bank of America and VHHP at the HomeFirst shelter in San Jose (a VHHP clinic location). From left to right are Linda Lentz, Amber Frymier, RN, Josh Russell, Mercy Egbujor, DNP, Raquel Gonzalez and Mark Block, RN.

Donor Spotlight: Bank of America

In 2015, Bank of America provided a $25,000 donation to the VMC Foundation. Those monies were, in turn, used to purchase supplies, equipment and other unplanned expenses requested by VMC units, departments and programs. Among those are the Valley Homeless Health Program (VHHP), a special unit of VMC that provides health services to homeless residents both at shelters and in the community.



Letter from Donor Spotlight: the Board Tiffany Chair Ballesteros, of the VMC RN Foundation

Tiffany Ballesteros, RN A VMC Staffer Who Gives with Her Time and Dollars


he VMC Foundation is fortunate to receive ongoing support from hundreds of staff at VMC. Chief among them is Tiffany Ballesteros, RN. A nurse, Tiffany is part of the Clinical Documentation Team that is working to improve VMC’s electronic medical record system. Tiffany has been a regular supporter of the Foundation’s “Give a Booster Shot” employee giving campaign, and has actively recruited her colleagues to do the same. Her generosity is emblematic of the enthusiasm by which many staff seeks to support the mission of VMC. They give their time and energy – and when they can – their money, too.



The Health Trust F

ew organizations in Silicon Valley match the breadth and scope of the Health Trust in terms responding to the critical health needs of the region. As such, the Health Trust has been a long-time partner and funder of the VMC Foundation. In 2015, the Health Trust and the VMC Foundation concluded a multi-year initiative that invested millions in local health and community organizations for initiatives that promote nutrition, exercise and essential services. The Health Trust also provided start-up funds for the popular VMC Farmers’ Market, a program of the VMC Foundation. Pictured here at the VMC Farmers’ Market are Health Trust Program Officer Carla Freeman and CEO Fred Ferrer.

Donor Spotlight: The Health Trust

Together, We’re Making VMC Healthier for Everyone



Thank You to Our Generous Donors The following is a listing of all donors who made a cash contribution to the VMC Foundation in 2015, including all members of the VMC Foundation Leadership Circles. Amounts listed are collections for calendar year 2015 only and may not reflect larger, multi-year pledges.


The Leadership Circle is our donor gift club for supporters who give at least $1,000 annually.


Sunlight Giving Foundation The David & Lucile Packard Foundation

2015 Donors

$100,000 - $999,999


Anonymous Craig H. Neilsen Foundation El Camino Healthcare District FIRST 5 Santa Clara County The Health Trust Kaiser Permanente John & Ann Rademakers Sharks Foundation

$50,000 - $99,999 Anonymous (2) Bank of America CareMeridian, LLC DPR Construction Epic

Learning Services Corporation National Processing Company Daniel & Patricia Niehans Pure Storage Rescare, Inc. Ronald McDonald House Charities SanDisk Corporation Sorci Family Foundation Therma Garry Weber Will Rogers Institute

GOLD CIRCLE: $10,000 - $24,999

Benevity Community Impact Fund Rita Chen & Colin Fan Children’s Tumor Foundation John Colgrove Combined Giving Campaign Corporate Visions Carolyn & Craig Crandall Dean & Margaret Lesher Foundation Scott Dietzen Elaine Elkin Yuan-Da Fan Forty Niners Football Co., LLC

Genentech, Inc. David Hatfield Ikaria Innara Health, Inc. LinkedIn Janetta Nartey Omar’s Dream Foundation Parsley Sage Rosemary & Thyme, Inc. PricewaterhouseCoopers, LLP Prolacta Bioscience, Inc. SAP America, Inc SCVMC Medical Executive Committee, Inc. Seagate Technology Theodore M. Bowen Foundation Vallco Sand Hill Property Co. Karen Wang

SILVER CIRCLE: $5,000 - $9,999

Asian Development Bank Asterias Biotherapeutics, Inc. Brocade Communications CEP America Cisco Systems, Inc. Davidson Family Foundation Denlee Apts, LLC

Anita Maria Elliott Dolly Goel Healthier Kids Foundation Santa Clara County Hugh Stuart Center Charitable Trust Intero Foundation Intuit Foundation Ashok & Shipra Jain JustGive Lincoln Krochmal Leo M. Shortino Family Foundation Philip Letts Nelson Family of Companies Phuong Nguyen Omron Scientific Technologies, Inc. Optimizely, Inc. PayPal Holdings, Inc. D. Rauscher Robert E. & Adele M. Boydston Foundation Santa Clara Family Health Plan SC Builders SCVMC Medical Staff Corp. SCVMC NICU Shea & Shea Stanford Hospital & Clinics

Telenav, Inc. The Ghisolfo 2000 Revocable Trust Valley Health Plan E. Chris Wilder & Kate Emmett-Wilder David Wilson & Janet Weiss

BRONZE CIRCLE: $2,500 - $4,999

Almaden Cycle Touring Club Walter Brock Jennifer Burkham Thomas Bush James Byrne California Assn. of Public Hospitals & Health Systems John & Ileana Carlisle Judy Chang Jamie Cisco System, Inc. City of San Jose Monica Cramer David Culler Cyber Press Printing & Graphics Doximity, Inc eBay Stefanie Elkin First Presbyterian Church


$1,000 - $2,499

Gregg Adams Jon Adams Adams & Taylor, Inc. Advanced Health Media – GlaxoSmithKline Dolores Aguilar Alameda County Fair Assn. Alter Eco Americans PBC American Asphalt Will Amerine Amgen USA Andrea Schwartz Gallery AstraZeneca LP AT&T Pioneers Avalon Bay Communities Tiffany Ballesteros Bard Peripheral Vascular, Inc. Baxter Healthcare Corporation Juan Benitez Greg Betty Pete & Patricia Biocini Blach Construction Hella Bluhm-Stieber & Tony Stieber Boston Scientific Corporation Isaac Bright Beth Broderson Gabriel Cadena


Campos Real Estate Michael Castello Andrea Cervenka Annie Chern Chevron Matching Employee Funds Sharon Childress & Peter Gelfand Coloplast Community Health Charities Matthew Corcoran Covenant Care – Pacific Hills Manor James Crew D & D Ranch Jen D’Amico DealerCMO Norine DeGregori Deputy Sheriffs’ Association of Santa Clara County Ralph Dickman Rodney Diridon Marcelle & Gary Dougan DPR Foundation Dryden Construction, Inc. Thao Duong Alexander Dziekanowski Ecolab Healthcare EHOB, Inc. Jeffrey Englander & Susan Greenberg-Englander James Fisher Focus Business Bank Michael Fogel Forest Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Kathleen Fujino Greystar Gilbert Gutierrez Bo Ha Dane & Kathy Hardin Hayward Rotary Club Charitable Account Herman Health Care Center Thuy Thu Hoang David Hong IBM International Foundation Infineon Technologies Intuitive Surgical IRhythm Technologies, Inc. David Jacobson Dhanendra Jani Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Priya Jegatheesan Jeppesen Sanderson, Inc. JK Group on Behalf of Lawrence Livermore Dwaine Johnson Jonathan Johnson Mark Jongsma Nancy Kaatz Young Kang Rex Kido Kirkorian Family Foundation Michael Kristy Gerald Kruse Darren Leary Jane Lebkowski Lisa Lee Wilma Lee Mainstream Real Estate Group Michael Mairose Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals March of Dimes Masimo Corporation Gary Masunaga Jennifer McAuley Laura McClellan Jennifer McGullam Ellen McKee Stephen McKenna Benita McLarin McPharlin, Sprinkles & Thomas, LLP Medtronic Melvin E Irvin, Disability Representative, Inc.

Microsoft Matching Gifts Program Sonya Misra Mom 365 Moore Law Firm Corporation Michele Mork-Ovson Harry Morrison Ajit Nair Grace Navarro New Leaf Community Markets Otsuka America Pharmaceutical, Inc. Palo Alto Medical Foundation Pediatric Subacute – Saratoga Children’s Hospital Theodore & Margaret Peters Andrea Polesky Greg Price Robert Reid Nhanh Remick Rosendin Electric, Inc. Josephine Ruiz Darrell & Stephanie Sales Salix Pharmaceuticals, Inc. San Jose Earthquakes San Jose Water Company Firefighters Local 1165 Santa Clara County Santa Clara County Federal Credit Union Santa Clara Firefighters Foundation Joann Shank Thomas Shoup Joan & Richard Silberstein Sharad Singh Beth Smith Dongli Song Specialized Bicycle Components, Inc. Roger Spencer Jennifer Sprinkles St. Charles Borromeo Church Stryker Sugar CRM Mark Sullivan Serena Sy-Lazzaroni Tailored Transitions, Inc. Target Telecom Pioneers The Edward & Rose Donnell Foundation Adam Thompson Christopher Thompson Toeniskoetter Family Foundation Christine Tomcala Brusstar Jeffrey Tseng Ashley Vargem Shankar Vedaraman Sunita Vempati Shirley Wang Jing Wang-Chiang Thomas Wentzien Todd Wight William H. Cilker Family Foundation

Workday Foundation Mark Zamudio Joe Zullo


Friends of VMC is our donor gift club for supporters who give between $100 and $999 annually.

$500 - $999

Adobe Systems, Inc. Lesley Allen Zeniah Andres Jaen Andrews Karen Bajarias Alfonso Banuelos Michael & Annette Beamer Thomas Behnen Nirmala Bhat Jenny Biller Leticia Block Mauro Bondanti Gerald Bowden Brown Paper Tickets, LLC Irina Budykhina Debbie Burdsall Jeanne Cameron Mary Chang Jin Chang-Yu Rabia Chaudhry Irene Chuang Dina Cisneros Sheffield & Meta Clarke Iris Colon Curt Comstock Sobe Coronado Judy Cosgrove Susan Crawford Nancy Cuan Meredith & Jim Cutler Brian & Lisa Darrow Isabel Davies Jennifer Dayrell Cecilia Delury Wei-Fen Den Cheryl Dewey Dena Dickinson Jennifer Domingo-Mihalko Dr. Kenneth Felch Chiropractic Prof. Corp Neena Duggal Rene Durie Jacqueline Ekstrom Jen Eng Otto Esparza Experea Healthcare Victoria Fong Keith Fraker Allison Friedenberg Wendy & Matthew Garabedian Angela Garcia Gary & Patti Grace Margaret Graves Kathlyn & Scott Greubel Piyush Gupta John & Patricia Hammett Stephen Harris Ofelia & Jim Hawk Matthew Haynes Hennessy to Hennessy, Inc. Meaghan Hernandez Rose Herrera Tiffany Ho Penelope Hogg Rachelle Huemoeller Michele Hugin Michael Hwa ION Intraoperative Neurophysiology Andrea Jelks E. Steven Johnson Joseph George Winery Sue Kehl Rami Keisari Thomas Kelsey

Johnny Khamis KinderCare Learning Center Judy King Amy Kostishack Delphine Kraft John Lau Setsuko Liao Sam Liccardo Roxanne Lim Paul Lorenz Krishna Madayag Elisabeth & James Mailhot Kris Manian Jana Mannan Kevin Mason James McCarrick Michael & Laurie McClelland Nancy McGuinness Heidi Mello Jewel Miller Robert Monagan Morgan Stanley Smith Barney, LLC My Best Homecare Jacqueline Newton Lily Nguyen Thuong Nguyen Elizabeth Nielsen John Noonan Thomas Ormiston Cheryl Pan Rajul Pandit Mahesh Patel Peet’s Coffee & Tea Penny Peng Ann Perkins Michael Perry Nico Peruzzi T. Peters PG&E Corporation Krystle Pham Peter Phan Elaine Pico Teresa Powell Prometheus Real Estate Group J Puyot Linda Richards M Richardson Emma & Michael Rock Pamela Rumley John Salas Santa Clara Valley ONS Rene Santiago John & Dorothy Schaar Schallenberger Home & School Assoc. Carol Schulz Sedgwick LLP Giovanni Seni Jim Sharma Deena Shehadeh Michael Shehadeh Kai Shih Chen-Tsen Shu John Siegel Dennis Siegler Karin Silcox-Baker Anita Sit Joan Smith Vanessa Starr June Stolan Olaf Strom

2015 Donors

Mary Ellen & Michael Fox Gardner Family Health Network, Inc. Marah Grace Gebala Gerald K. & Virginia A. Hornung Family Foundation Good Samaritan Hospital Balaji Govindaswami Leslie Hansen Patrick Kearns Lam Research Gary Lee Dennis Low Kabir Misra David Nijankin Shoukrey Nijmeh Pacific Biosciences PACT Pivotal Registered Nurses Professional Association Dean Rinicella Robert Lee & Associates, LLP Rutan & Tucker, LLP Safe Kids Worldwide Salas O’Brien SanBio, Inc. Michelle Sandberg Annie Sano Jeffrey & Andrea Setera Silicon Valley Community Foundation Silva Watson Moonwalk Fund Gerardo Solorio Cortez Star One Credit Union VMware Janet Walworth & George Hohnsbeen Winnie Wan David Wolff XL Construction


Valley Specialty Center 751 S. Bascom Avenue, San Jose, CA 95128 Free public parking available. Please bring a bag for your produce!

Nary Sun Jeff Sung Stacy Sweeney Moizuddin Syed Christopher Takehana The Tabard Theatre Company Long Trinh Rachel Trudel Susie Uyeda Miel Vallejo-Brooks Stephanie Van Skike Silvia Vergani Eric Verwillow Irene Vinoya Visa Richard Warner Robert Way Susanne Wilson Kingsley Wood Christopher Worrall Jerry Wright Caroline Yip

2015 Donors

$250 - $499


Katherine Abriam-Yago Bonnie Adams Dawn Adams Snehal Adodra Belinda Agdipa Meenakshi Aggarwal Pam Aguilar Maria Lourdes Agustin Jacqueline AlexanderLoweecey Alta Bates Summit Medical Center American Kickboxing Academy Paul Antigua Loida Anub Raymond Applebaum Andrea Arce Rachel Arroyo Diana Atwell Martha Ayala Nellia Badilla Carmen Barroso Roy & Josephine Beck Patricia Beebe Korinne Berquist Laura Berritto Ann Bitonti Alma Bosque Ingrid Bossen Jackie Botros Tricia Bregman

Andrea Brollini Brian Bulger Bruce Butler Campbell United Methodist Women Karonne Carlsen Murray Carole Norman Cevallos Fong Chang Lin Chao Antonia Charles On Cheng William Cheng Nam Cho Clara Choi Ming Chow Carissa Chu Philip Chu Alexander Chyorny City National Bank Finance – Disbursements City of San Jose William & Sheri Coats Debon Cochrane Charles Collins Steve Conroy Bulmaro Contreras Shirley Cook John Cookinham Brian Corcoran Patricia Cox Susan Cummings Satira Dalton Giovannetti Theodore & Diane Danen William Danz Emma Davis Michelle de la Calle Debby Dearinger Glenn DeSandre Sekou Diallo Betsy DiPietro Andrea Dizon Sara Doorley Michael Elliott Ian Emmons Ericsson Employee Engagement Fund Edna Esguerra Reymundo & Beatriz Espinoza FIERCE Basketball Academy Colette Farabaugh Lisa Faries Paul & Pamela Fecteau Linda Fenn David Findley

First Church of Religious Science First United Lutheran Church Mary Fisher Mark Flowers Barbara French Howard Friedman Dennis Friendly Michelle Fries Susan Fritts Sheri & Michael Frumkin Tami Fumoto Pricilla Gabat Myrna Gagante Janet Gallagher Catherine Garbini-Mendez Adella Garland Deborah Gazay Julie German Rebecca Gilbreth Celia Gonzales Google Matching Gifts Program Jennifer Graber

Patrick Graf David Graham William Green Scott Greubel Cathryn Griggs Patricia Griggs Rachel Grocha Welch Karen Grogg Elizabeth Guevara Lawrence Hall Debra Halladay Kei Hanafusa Frank Harrington Linda Hendrickson

Sandy Hernandez Danny Herrera Lucia Heylman Victoria Hollingshead Frederick Hopkins Robert Horowitz Jenny Howard Wendy Hui Lawnae Hunter Rachel Hwang Elizabeth Hwang John Igoe Juanita Isais Craig Ivie Brenda Javier Trudy Johnson James Jones Monina Jones Michelle Jorden George Kahwaty Kristine Kaplan Rimma Katsovskaya Alganesh Kifle Shannon Kilgore Carl Kirsch Robert Klar Norman & Allison Kline Paule Kodjou Betty Kofoed Stephanie Kolakowsky-Hayner Liliana Kossoy Hamlett Kelly Kulers La Alianza Del Valle Pajaro Joann Laiprasert-Tantisira Tawnya Lancaster Vivian Lee Lexus of Stevens Creek Alfred & Wei Yau Liang Heather Lilly Dwight Lim Debra Liserre Leslie Liu Constance Lo Anita Lorenz Cloverly Macabeo Jillian Main Melanie Manning Lara McCabe Richard McMorrow Paul Medalla Jean & Gard Meddaugh Martha Medina-Abrajan Prasanna Menon Millennium Research Group Cory Miller

Laurence Mirels Rosaura Morin-Obeso Barbara Morris Jianhong Mu Jennifer Nash Andrew Nevitt An Nguyen Hoang Nguyen Linh Nguyen Loc Nguyen Robert Norton Maria Oconer Rommel Oconer Larisa Peralta Gloria Perot Lisa Pfeifer Sandra Pieper Ash Pirayou Julie Presa Maria Provencio Joan Raymond Lacey Recinos Marilyn Reiss-Carradero D’Wayne Rice Timothy Roake Jeff Robertson Karl & Theresa Robinson Joseph Rodriguez Reynaldo Rosario Stan & Helen Rose Stephanie Ruiz Nanette Salazar Patricia Salmon Christina Salvatier Omar & Catherine Sangueza Lisa Santiago Carolyn Scaglione Alan Schroeder Sean M. Walsh K-9 Memorial Foundation Piyush Sevalia Michael & Carole Shebanek Kazuko Shem Narinder Singh Christopher Slater Stanley Sliva B. Annette Smith Ruth Smith Sobrato Family Foundation Karen Spicer Annie Stapleton Laura & Donald Stemmle Angela Suarez Christine Suarez-Ianovich Elizamina Suba


Martin Wong Michael Wright Jacqueline Yamaguchi Susan Ying Jennefer Yoon Jean Young Jeffry Young YourCause, LLC

$100 - $249

Salwan AbiEzzi Yvette Abril Cherine AbuEid Maureen Acuff Aimee Adamos Aesthetic Artistry Surgical & Medical Center Tyler Aguinaldo Arlin Aiwaz Mustafa Akbar Jonathan Albanese Linda Alexander Michael Alexander Aida Allen Diana Alman Norma Almogela Suzanne Ambiel Courteney Andrews Kathleen Apple Elizabeth Aranas John Archer Michael Arnold Sandy & Jess Babbitt Robert Bacon Anthony Bagnulo Navneet Baidwan Candra Bailly Priscilla Baird-Parks James Ball Christian Baluyot Lang Bao Mary Ellen Barasch Brian Barlics Rand Barnard Mary Barnes Jessica Barrett Sean Barrett James Barrie


Janet Barron Ekpenyong Bassey Jim & Patricia Beall Raul Becerril Felicia Bechtel Charise Beckett Charmagne Beckett Rebecca Beekman Kenneth Been Sara Belknap Atsuko & Keith Bennett Carol Bennett Arlene Bergado Franz Bernstein Heather Bester Claire Bevan Lisa Bjarke Carmencita Blaine Mark Block Elizabeth & Frank Boatwright Anne Boekelheide Alfonso & Linda Bojorquez Tom & Norma Bommarito J Bonasia Jason Boots Deborah Bordeau Jordan & Susan Borer John Borrelli Charles Bos Patti Bouchard Murray Bowles C Bowring Leticia Bracamonte Darlene Brady Susan Branch Heidy Braverman Ruth Brennan Roger & Margot Brockmeyer Margaret & Arthur Brown Robert Brownstein Alison Brunner Elizabeth Burgos Bill Burnette Jack & Darlene Burnham Thomas Burns Scott Buswell Eirene Butterfield Leticia Cabello Susan Calvert Kevin Calvillo Domingo Candelas Stephen Carlin Frank Caro Cherrile Carter Kathleen Castillo Stephanie Chan Alva Chavez Denise Chavez Edward Chaw Nelson Chew Gary Chin Nate Chizgi Sung Choi Benjamin Chou Laxmi Chowdhary Nick Choy Dinh Chu Olivia Chua Terry Clark Russell Cobb Doris Cobian Helen Conway Richard Coolman Ray Corridor Mike Cortez Roger Cory Erica Cosgrove Brandon Cramer Howard Cramer Lawrence Crapo Esther Crawford Brian Cruz Daniel Cruz Erleen Cuevas Michelle Dahle Marianne Damon

Vivien D’Andrea Smith Patrick Danforth Janet Darrow Gary Davis Randal Davis Roxanne & Mike Davis Donna De Carlo Adriana De Macias Rosemary De Vere Daniel DeAngelis Luningning Decena Jane Decker Greg & Pam Dedinsky Rochelle Delegencia Agnes DelVecchio Robert Dennis Amisha Desai Debbie Dimery Anhdao Do Jacqueline Doctolero Tomas Doctor Jacob Dodson Debra & George Doeltz Carolyn Doles Reinin Donn Elias & Maryse Doss-Antoun John & Susan Downey Thomas Downing Timothy Driscoll Eva & Daniel Duarte Irma Duran Hayley Durham-Filo Shannon Dwyer Susan & James Dyer Miguela Ebuen Nelita Eclevia Melissa Egge Chris Elliott John Elliott Maria Elliott Chris & Lisa Enfantino Maria Escobar Trudy Felix Norma Fernandez Marilou Finelli Daniel Finn Elaine Fisher James Fitzgerald Michael & Peggy Fitzgerald Mary Flanagan Norma Florendo Kenny Fluharty Akemi Flynn Lawrence Foley Stephen Fortmann Marion Fowler William Foy Guillermo Francia Stephanie Francisco Lou Frankel Justin Fredrickson Beverly & Vincent Freiberg Patricia Freitas Jo Gagarin Lucy Gallegos Francisca Gandaa Taumaoe Gaoteote Anna Garcia Leslie Garcia Shally Garg J. Richard Gaskill Selene Gee Matt Gerrior

Larry Gerston Mitchell Gevelber Aradhana Ghosh Christine Gibbins Richard Gilbert Duino & Jacquelyn Giordano Jill Gipson Girl Scouts of Northern CA Scott Gist Arlyne Gittens Jay Glicksman Enrique Godinez Sharon Godinez Howard Godnick Lorinda Gomes Maritza Gonzalez Teresa Goodman Gerald Graham Laurie Granberry Amber Grayson Petra Green Paul & Carol Greene Maria Teresa Gregorio Robyn Gregory Donald & Pat Griggs Stephanie Grocha-O’Neill Ian Grosvenor Teresa Gruber Jennifer & Gary Guethlein Edgar Gunther Joe Gutowski Barbara Hager-Paulsen Eden Haile Patricia Haines Hair’s Inn Incorporated Bonnie Hall Darren Hall Dennis Halloran Matthew Hamilton Melvin Hand Wesley & Judy Harrison Susan Hartman Tom Henry Diana Herrera Roger Herrmann Tony Herz Catherine Hill Dale Hill Jack Hill Cheryl Ho Jenny Ho Oanh Ho Kevin Hoang Brian Hoctor Wiley & Suzanne Hodges Sally Holguin Janet Holmes Kristine Hopp Cody Hosterman Danele-Rae Howard HP Company Match – YourCause, LLC Sam Hsiao Stephen & Susan Hsieh Chern Hu Jane Hunter Kim Huselid Claudia Idehara Judith & Kent Imai Ronald Imperial Mariano Isek Byron Ishiwata Sandra Iwamoto Melissa & Jeff Jacobs Mary Jacobson Anshuka Jain Faisa Jama Seth Jamison Josellen Janojan Carlo Jimenez Diane Jimenez Mark Jobbins A Johnson Adrienne Johnson Dale Johnson Garry Johnson

Yen Jolly Janis Jones Jennifer Jones Mary Ann & Gordon Jones Adrianne Jurgenson Scott Jury Rachid Kabeche Reza Kafi Madeleine Kalsched Alex Kami Bob Kane Valsamma Karintholil Christopher Kaser Alemnesh Kassa Jaskamaljit Kaur Marie Kawayoshi Shirley Kay Laura Kazanovicz Robert Kelley Patricia Kelly Roxanne Kennedy Leyon Khalili Chhuy Khauv Michelle Kiang Janet Kim Jeanette Kim Steve & Seung Kimn Kathleen King Mary Carmel King Jeff & Alice Klingmann Damon Knox Sue Koechlin Lindsay Kolderup Jurrie Koning Michelle Koo Diane Koshimune Alexander Koutsoyannis James Kowalski Kevin Ku Audrey Kuang Diane Kukurin Howard Kumamoto Jeffrey Lacamera Marysa Lainez Si-Tuan & Pei-Fen Lam Martin Lamarque Yakira Landaverry Lora Landeros Clare Landry Kerry & Bradshaw Langstaff Mary Lavelle Joanne Law-Lam Michael Lebreux Gina Ledwell David Lee Jolene Lema William Lemke Leslie Levitt David Leyman F Lherault Min Li Phoebe Li Lisa Lillien Howard Lin Jennifer Lin Junko Linafelter Yeo Ying Liou Mona Litman Stephanie Loftus Darline & Guy Lohman Andrellie Lopez Estela Lopez

2015 Donors

Linda Taylor Jonah Terra Cam Thi Tina Thibeau-Boyd Barbara Thompson Veronica Tiscareno Robin Tittle Margarita Tomimbang Jennifer & Ian Tong BJ Toomey Young Trinh Bernette Tsai Dan-Wen Tsai Mark Tutone Shawn Van Bockel Joyce Van De Pitte Mary Ann Van Paul Doug Vander Esch Ravindra Venkataramaiah Tonia Wainscoat John & Asuncion Wehner Kalman Weinfeld


2015 Donors


Leanna & Roy Lord Mary Jane Lucid Colin & Eileen MacDougall Geraldine Madden Maria Magallon Marian Magto Farah Mahboobi Jane Malone Michelle Manning-Weill John Mansperger Marqeta, Inc. Frank Marsh Marilyn Marsh Marlene Martin Diana Martinez Leticia Martinez Melanie Martinez McAfee Matching Gifts Program Debra McCowan Kathleen McCoy Maureen McCracken Melinda McDonald Kimberlin McGinty Timothy McLeod Shane McNulty Darlene Mears Robert Meder Sarah Medina Audrey Mendenhall Ben Mendoza Betty Mendoza Belia Meraz Kristina Meyer Stacy Mialocq Michels Family Foundation Charlotte Miller Mary Sue & George Miller Mindy Miller Anita Millwe Debbie Miranda Evelyn Miranda Navnit & Nivedita Mishra Alice Moitozo Jean Mojo Russ Moore Carol Mora Steve Morales Angel Moreno Melinda Morishima Kevin & Stephanie Morris William Morrison Tracey Moss Lexa Most Rich Mugno Joanna Munoz Zachariah Murphy Desmond Murray Rose Myers Felicisima Nabong Sudha Rani Narasimhan Supriya Narasimhan Chad Natichioni Corina Navarro

Amanda Nelson Danielle Nelson Catherine Nelson McDonald Jaymee Nery Margaret Newbold Ryley Newcomer Alynn Van Nguyen Anh Nguyen Cam-Dung Nguyen Maily Nguyen Ngoc Nguyen Quynh Nguyen Terylyn Nguyen Constance Nielsen Nancy Nielsen Sahidun Nisha Matthew Nudelman Maria Ofreneo Misako Ogi Monalisa Olague Victoria Olarte Kinga Olson Marta Olvera Teresa O’Neill Riza Oribio Peter O’Riordan Loraine Ortega Veronica Ortiz Lisa Osborn Suzann Osborne Dawn Osby Brian O’Shea Crystal Ott Hunter Owens Jon Owings Pacific Mountain Horticulture David Page Norma Palafox Panda Restaurant Group, Inc. Shirley Pangilinan Dookun Park Patricia Parseghian Herman Pastor Deborah Pavich Celia Pedroza Sally Pera Christine Perez Gloria Perez James Peters Janet Peters Mary Peterson Tram Pham Thresiamma Philip Greg Phillips Amelia Phinn J.C.B. Pierce Anat Pilpoul Sunila Piplani William Plein Megan Polhemus Carol & Michael Pollock WWM Posthumus Elizabeth Postovit Inna Press Theresa Prikazsky Christina Prola Andrea & Norman Puck Pamela Putman Nancy Pyle Nathalie Quan Matt Queen Esther Quement Celia Radcliffe Michelle Rambo Maria Ramirez Sylvia Ramirez Kaveriamma Rangaraj Priscilla Raudes Krithi Ravindranath Real Mex Restaurants Jeffrey Reese Hunter Reid Donald Renelle Lynn Repetsky Robert Riccelli Greg Richardson

Mary Lou Ritter Stuart Ritter Jeffrey Rively Gregory Robinson Sheila Rodrigues Sally & Thomas Rogers Dolores & Anthony Rollis Dana Romalis Ronald L. Licht & Associates Dana Rose Matthew Rosso Marilyn Roxas Laura Ruiz Karin Rumstedt Sue Runsvold Paul Russell Indira Ruvalcaba Richard Sageser Harleen Sahni Amita Saini Salvador Salazar Sharon Sam Jocelyn Samonte Araceli Sanchez Roberto Sanchez Sandra Sanchez Eva Michelle Sandelien Francisca Sandy Linda Sardi Jason Sarich Aron Satre Troy & Cindy Schalk James & Marjorie Schallau Clay Schaper Lorna Schlachet Charles Schlossman Marlene & Herb Schmidt Fredric & Sheila Schmitz Erik Schoennauer Douglas Schultz Brandi Schumaker Ann Schwabecher Philip Schwarz Patricia Scofield Joann Scott Nicholas Scuola Bob Selph Ruel Sevilla Parbha Sharma Michael & Marilyn Shea Christina Sheridan James Shibley Sherrill Shields Jung Sim Shin Donald Shortt Stephanie Silacci Tammy & Jordan Silver Joel Silverman Sweta Sinha Avita Sirimit Francis Sisca David Skinner Ervie Smith Linda Smith Monica Smith

Tami Smith Mary Smith-Curran Robert Smoldt Deborah Soliz Llisel Solis Iliana Solorzano Erik Sonjeck Jace Soper Dawn Southard Mark Stark Nancy & Andrew Starr Teresa & Curtis Stavang Gregory Steinke John Stirling Gregory Stout Amy Stuart Susan Stuart Wendy Stusrud Veronica Suguitan John Sullivan Rachel Sumi Chia Sun Jean Sutherland John Szumowski Payam Tabrizi Jonathan Tanner Joseph Tansek Tastee Bytes Thomas Terrill Sumfok Thai The History Club of Los Gatos Donnell Thomas Michelle Tipton-Burton Kim-Phuong Ton Stephanie Tooher Sharon Tornberg Rosa Torres Catherine Tran Cathy Tran Ling Tran Louis Tran Que Tran Virginia Trapani Melissa Truesdel Nhu Truong Yvonne-Thao Truong Jim Tsai Giselle Tsering Priscilla Urzua Joaquin Valencia Angelica Vallejo Korinne VanKeuren Angelica Vargas Mike Vargo Zenaida Velasquez Elizabeth Villalobos Maria Villanueva Norris Vivatrat Roberta Viviani Hongthuy Vo Anhthu Vu Tien Vu Clifford Wang Phyllis Ward Sachiko Watanabe

Leslyn Watson Cathy Weeks Sunshine Weiss D. Kirk Westbrook David Whitlock Kathleen Wilder Jane Williams Clifton Williamson Deborah & Terry Wilmoth Michelle Wilson Karen Wilson-Fontaine Heather Winters Tobias & Catherine Wolff Aileen Wright Wendy Wu Tracy Yap Tawni Ybarra N. B. & Austin Yeats Wesley Yemoto Moges Yimer Elena Yoshida Donald Yoshizumi Janice & David Yuan Jessica Zahn-Riley Bozena Zellner Suzanne Zigler Snezana Zlatanova

$50 - 99

Jean Aboud B Aden Savita Adiga Alicia Aleman Ludivina Alingog Maribel Alvarado Ciriaco & Nena Amayum Amazon Marialice Ames Scott Arrasmith Margaret Aslanian Chona Astom Pedro Baltazar Annie Bapora Tamara Barba-Solaiza Mari Bassel Phillip & Monica Baucke Richard & Susan Bauerle Thomas & Madeline Becker Arvind Bedi Mark Block Don Bloomer Lee Anna Botkin Stephanie Brady Jennifer Buckley Heidi Burbage Sophia Burney Colleen Cabot Lisa Cadena Anthony Cannon Kimberley Cappelloni Maria Carlucci David & Jeanette Carter Gregory Catcott Andrew Chang Meiteh Chang Terry Chavarria Henry Chen Judy Chen Wei-Li Chen Edward Cheng Edmond Cheung Yuk Fan Cheung Mary Chrysler Chutney Mary’s Christopher & Hally Clark Andy & Elizabeth Coe Jan & Tony Cokely Martin Contreras Sondramae Couser Glenn Crafts Ann & Floyd Criswell Carol Cucuzza Carolina Culbertson Roy Cureton Cynthia Dang Karen Dang


Marissa Fajardo Jeffrey Farnsworth Gene Faucher Mariel Fermin Rebecca Fernandez Anthony Filice Susan Flashberger Michelle Fleury Elizabeth Flores Bryce & Emily Fowler William & Arrita Frantz Margaret Fraze Richard & Judy Frey The GE Foundation Hiep Gehm Francesco Germinario Susan Gibson Fiona Go Nicolette Goldfarb Maureen Goodwin Gayle Gordon R. Kelly Graham Debra Greene Phyllis Gregory Michael & Terri Gunn Jeffrey Gunn Eleanor Hansen Brittney Hayes Gregorio & Rita Hernandez Alison Higuera Bernhard Hiller Robin Hirsch Joann Hollis Robert & Lori Holmes David Hook Eileen Hoover William Horbaly Fatemeh Hosseini Ellen & David Hovey


Gail Hugger Chau Huynh Wonhee Jang Doris Jigba Jessica Jocius Elizabeth Johnson Robert Jones Kathleen Judkins Diane Judson Barbara Kalmoutis Ricky Kamfolt Ravi Kashyap Cynthia Keene Elizabeth Kelley Kulsoom Khan Raquib Khan Amy Khong Mary Kiedrowski Heidi Kiehl Thomas Klein Janet Kohl Betty Kong Crysta Krames Barbara & David Kraybill Heather Krebs Vivian Ku Clifford Lai Lorraine Lance Melanie Landrith Tu Le Carol Leatutufu Marcie Levine Tanya Lim Eleanor Linder Ronnie Lindholm Lorna Lindo Norrine Little Eleanor Lowery John Lueder Consuelo Lugo Bach Lien Luong Le Luu Kathleen Lynch Bruce & Karen Maddock Stella Madrid Ciara Mahan Marcy Mamiya Serena Manriquez Edwin Mariano Eva Marion Eleanor Marquises Cherie Martin Farhan Matin Dorothy Matson Robert McBride Akira McCrary Timothy McKay Erlinda Means Thelma Mendez Yvette Mielcarz Linda Minami Anu Minocha Gina Mooring Gicely Morales Kelly Morgan Charles Morganson Donna Moses James & Lillian Moses MSCI Amy Nelson Catherine Nelson Amy Nguyen Cung Nguyen Doris Nguyen Han Nguyen Hung Nguyen Nhu & Hue Nguyen Vijay Nigam Michiko O’Brien Joy Okoro Joan Okumura Ippei Okutake Ronald Orth Christine Owen James Owen Panlilio Living Trust DTD

Shidokht Paparoski Anita Paras Romina & Ashish Parikh Howard & Vivian Pearce Blanca Pelayo William Peters Jim Petroff Pfizer Foundation Matching Gifts Program Binh Pham Tuyet-Mai Pham Dunghanh Phan Ha Thi Phan Mau Don Phung Michael Pierovich Margo Pizzo Prepaid Expo LLC Jane Radelfinger Rick & Glenne Ralls Denise Ramos Tammy Ramsey Mike Ran Carol Reeves Lana Reifenrath Amy Rejent Rophelia Remulla Barbara Rieder Jane Roberson Alice Robinson Walter & Lois Robinson Sandra Rodriguez Robin Root Carrie Rose Angela Rosenbaum Warner & Santa Ruffner Henry & Kathryn Ryczkowski Flora Salvatierra Dan Sanchez Anna Sanders Edith Sangueza Erin Saucedo Nicole Saunders Lisa Scheller Louis Schipper Eric & Erika Schmitz Rhonda Schroeder William Schultz Maricel Senchina Kantilal Shah Pushpa Shah Tim Shea John & Susie Shields Ildefonsa Sianez Robert & Catherine Siderine John Simmons Bruce Simpson Rani Sinha John Smith Ron Smith Ruth Soito Somerset Door & Window Elias Soto Marna Spizz Sports Gallery Authenticated Donna Stanley

Fran Steel Jamie Stern Ronald Stohr Rickey Strawn Susan Strouse Tingting Su Kumarapuram Subramanian Douglas & Peggy Sumida Raquel Supangan Casandra Taormina Meghan Tedesco Pamela Terry Evelyn Tirumalai Thanh To Chi Tran Hanh Tran Hien Tran Huong Tran Quang Tran Gratia Trevey Cheryl Trias Francis Truong Ching-Yun Tseng Duc Tu & Mon Bui Ernestina Valdez Barbara Van Den Broeck Georgina Van Horn Roxanne Vane Jeff & Sharon Vasek Edward Vayner John Ventre Vinvision Trucking Vinvision, Inc. Nora Vitug Ann Vivian Sherry Vlahos Hung Vo Daniel Vostrejs Loraine Walace Nancy Waledisch Lisa Walker-Vischer Jerry Wallerstein Kennita Watson Kathleen Weaver Robert & Nancy Weeks David & JoAnn Weiss Kathy Wheeler Ann White Carrie Wickware Larry Wildemuth Patricia Wilker Doug Wilson Jeremy & Marcia Wire Reinhard & Rotraut Wolter John Wurr Stanley Yamada Ken & Kathryn Young Adam & Eva Zeno

$1 - $49

Fatima Aboukhaled Carmelita Adriano Teofila Agngarayngay Mary Albitz Lydia Alfiler Eric & Francoise Allamanche Melita Almendras-Bautista Patty Alvarez Rebecca Alvez Leticia Amagna Shokrollah & Homa Ansari Corazon Anselmo Redempta Apolinar Holly Aprecio Margaret & Milton Arakaki Elba Arciniega Anthony Arias Michelle Bandel Oralia Banuelos Gail Barklow Terry & Carolyn Barnhart Elise Barrar Roger Barrett Alan Beal Alexander Becker Paul Becker Betty Benson Alan Berkson R & E Bernhardt Manjeshwar Bhat Robert Billings Antoinette Bisceglie Cristeta Bobila Joann Bohnhoff Victoria Bologna Frank & Carol Bonzell Georgia Booth Patricia & Charles Borgia Reta Boyles Catherine Braun Gilbert Briones Lydia Briones Rebecca Brokaw Cheyenne Brown Trung Bui Guadalupe Burciaga Victoria Burgener Shel Burrell Linda Cabebe Cal Interiors, Inc. Gerald & Gloria Calbreath Vito & Marilyn Cangemi Kathleen Carrillo-Frost David Carroll Mary Lynn Carroll Teresito Casupanan Clarence & Lois Chance Kingsley Chang

2015 Donors

Nwe Daniyel Thomas Davasia Marcia Davidson Leona DeGuzman Mary Denny Kathleen & Donald DeRego Ravi Desai Karen Dickinson Ann Do Ly Do Renee Dodd Robert Dolci Marina Rowena Domingo Linda Doody Doubletree by Hilton Leilani Dulos Genise Edwards Kay Egan Denise Egelston Randi Ely Ricci Enriquez Edwin & Belinda Fadrigon


2015 Donors

Orapin Charukesnant Ruben Chavez Karen Cheung Sophy Chiang Rebecca Cimbra Cruz Peggy Cirone Shaw Paula Clark Sheran Clark Dan & Rosemarie Clarke Elizabeth Codd Linda Combs Eleanor Concepcion John & Kathleen Congistre Gloria Cordova Nelson Costa Daniel & Joy Coyle Elizabeth Crane Hobart & Roberta Curtis Visitacion Custodio Sandra Dang Thanh Dang Ramin Daniels Dennis & Frances Danko Patrick & Claribel Dare Daryl Davis Della Davis Amelito De Jesus Allen Deguchi Grace DeLeon Nhung Dinh Mary Doyle Alfred Drumm Charles Edwards Sarah Eitzman Lucia Elizondo Lynne Engelbert Frank Esau Linda Eskridge Florence Esquibel Kelly Esrey Colleen Everett Cristobal Fernandez Donald Fisher Mary Lou Fitzpatrick Mary Fray Amy Frazzitta Marjorie Freedman Julia Frisch Andrea Frizzell Martha Fulton Yukiko Furuhata Irene & Roy Gaddis Winiberto Galvan Giovanna Garagozzo Elisa Garcia Ma Paz Gasca Jean Gentry Suzie Gillen

Erica Ginter David Gitin Leon Glover Teresita Gomez Maria Gonzales Alvin Gonzalez Elizabeth Gonzalez Rolando Goubaud-Reyna Elizabeth Gounas Thuong Ha Orsa Hadges Ramesh Hajari Nicole Hancock Lisa & Mike Hanson Shankar Hariharan Natalie Heling Dorothy Heller Mark & Martha Helmick Rita Hiscock-Wagner Ngoc Ho Ca Hoang Margaret Hollender Fred & Nancy Holt Tony Hon Katherine Houts Cynthia Hsia Suchang Hsieh Angela Huang Carol Hubenthal Katherine Hunter Syeda Hasna Huq Karen Hutchinson Quang Huynh Jerry & Joyce Isbill Elsa Jacobs Hongfu Jiang Limin Jiang Leena Johnson Heather Kaden Kimberly Kaeding Kazimierz & Krystyna Kajko Monica Kalfur Camilla Kamanda Geriann & Philip Karleen Inderjit Kaur Janet Kay Kathleen Keller Karen Kenton Doris Kessell Karen Ketner Parvin Khani Nenita Khu Minchong Kim Elaine King Linda King Millie & Robert Kitchin Catherine Kloehn Al & Teresa Kolegraff

Nicholas Kosior John & Renate Kroeger Arun Kumar Svetlana Kuzmina Alberto Lao Wallace Larson Peggy Lavenson Wally Lawton Diep Le Lien Le Nhu Le Hwan Lee Terry Leonard Erik & Eve Levine Janet Lewis Najlah Licudine Chyong-Lih Lin Robert & Kathy Linderman Suh-Jen Liu Margaret Lococo Gordon Longerbeam Rosa Lopez Pamela Lougheed Jose & Lydia Lozano Maria Ludwikow Francia Luna Bay Luu Gary Luxton Jenny Ly Divina Lynch Chris Lynn Eugeny Lyumkis Hernan & Shelley Macapanpan Theral Mackey Claudia Maggetti Patricia Magnuson Andrea Mahdavi Mary Mammini Michelle Mandel James Mangum Kim Marcelis Neil & Pam Marks Michael & Mary Ann Marneris Janet Marsella Hermine Marshall Gregorio Martinez Betty & James Mason Emi Mason Antoinette May Jessie & Jack McDonnell Marilyn McDonough Phyllis McIntosh Alice McNelis Patti McRae Monica Meadows Maria Medina Judith Mehl Mahmoud Menbari Ariel Mendez Mary Mendoza Roberto Mendoza William & Beryl Meuli Donna Miguelgorry Jared Miller Mike Miller Roy Miller Yuki Minogue Karen Miyamoto Fakhri Mojaver Tehrani Jim Mongiello Mary Monzon Mirriam Moody Luis Morante Bruce Morimoto Kathryn Morris William & Arlene Mortenson Michelle Moura MiMi Munoz Carolyn Murphy Martha Murphy Novlyn Murray Una Nakamura Rosalinda Navarro Angelito Nesina Joyce Newlan

A. Nguyen Anh Nguyen Chung Nguyen Cuc Nguyen Hong Nguyen Lang Nguyen Loi Nguyen Loi Nguyen Mai Nguyen Mark Nguyen Thuan Nguyen Tuyet Nguyen Van Nguyen Anh Nguyen Le Dale & Andrea Noleroth Clint Nottingham William Nugent Angela Nwoye Matthew O’Connell Kimberly Oka Floyd Okada George Olchowy Mary Oliveri Sharla Oliveri Luzviminda Oliveria Matilde Oliverio Sabrina Pacheco Ken Packer Ronnie & Jennifer Paet James & Joan Palmtag Mahendra & Kokila Pandit Helen Parker Amaidas Patel Chimanbhai Patel Robert & Belinda Patrizi Angela Pena Isabel Perkins Julie Peters Joanna Petroff Illyasha Yacqui Pette MinhChau Pham Nguyen Pham Tho Pham Van Pham Chuan Phan Kimthuy Phan Trinh Phan Carol Piexoto Debbie Pinck Johnny & Yvonne Pizano Irene Prasad Ramesh Prashar Heidi Printz Guillermina Puentes-Ortiz Elena Queja Jessica Rabourn Tara Ragone Howard Ramsey Louis Randazzo Mimi Ratra Mary Ann Reilly Tina Reposa Marjorie Resnick Norton & Lauriann Reynolds Tennie Reynolds Marilyn Rhoades Debbie & Peter Rider Patrick Riley Darin & Susan Robinson Vera Rocco Gary Rodrigues Josie Rodriguez Seferina Rodriguez Homa Rohani Christiane Rohayem David & Sheri Rollo Bernadine Romasko Denise Rose Cynthia & Duane Ross Lynette Salavante Jose & Maria Salazar Adrein Samonek Bernadine Sanders Cayetano Sandino Hilda Sandoval Ray Santa Ana

Lydia Santos Jill Sardegna Robert & Susan Sargent Rose Marie Schifano Karl & Cornelia Schmucki Jill Schulte Debby Schwartz SCVMC Volunteer Auxiliary Amy Serwitz Judith Siegel Manfred Siegler Susan Silva Esmeralda Silveira Travis Simbulan Gary Simms Sandra Simpkins Jai Singh Joseph Singh Patrick Sisco Erica & Alan Slaugh Linda Sloan Sara Sloan Lillian Smith Leigh Snyder Kirk Soddard Robert Soto Oneita Stacks Max Stafford-Glenn Stewart Survivors Trust Elizabeth Strom Anafel Subingsubing Bill Sullivant Sunisa Surasri Cecile Susbilla Cuc Ta Fatemeh Taheri Claudia Tamblin Margaret Tamisiea Joaquin Tapia Charles Tavernier Jerry & Stephanie Taylor The Clorox Company Foundation The John Lincoln Company Jeanny To Ketra Toda Chris Tolbert Charlize Tran Cot Tran Helen Tran Kimchi Tran Roi Tran Rebecca Trudel Binh Truong Hanh Truong Hao Truong Lily Tse Susan & Gene Urquhart Erika Urrabazo Ahmed Vanya Diana Venegas Len & Carolyn Vertin Celerina Vicente Mary Ann Visperas Dai Vo Trang Vo Richard Voss Nga Vu Tam Vu Kerri Weingard Kevin Weisman Mary Welpy Lisa Werner Shelley Wienholz Wendy Williams Mentesinot Wondafrash Albert Wu Mary Wu Ruby Yamada Rolando Yamat Zhi Yang Jennifer Young Loan Yumul Anthony & Rose Ann Zeppa Kristin Zike Alma Zunic



Financial Statements Per federal, state and local requirements, the VMC Foundation is obligated to undergo and make publically available an independent audit report each fiscal year. The reports includes a Statement of Financial Position, Statement of Activities, and a Statement of Functional Expenses. The complete report – available at vmcfoundation.org – includes all related notes to these statements. This report also details VMC Foundation operating revenues and expenses

Financial Statements

for fiscal year 2015.



INDEPENDENT AUDITORS’ REPORT To the Board of Directors of VMC Foundation, San Jose, California We have audited the accompanying financial statements of VMC Foundation (the “Foundation”, a California nonprofit public benefit corporation), which comprise the statements of financial position as of December 31, 2015 and 2014, and the related statements of activities and changes in net assets, functional expenses and cash flows for the years then ended, and the related notes to the financial statements. Management’s Responsibility for the Financial Statements Management is responsible for the preparation and fair presentation of these financial statements in accordance with accounting principles generally accepted in the United States of America; this includes the design, implementation, and maintenance of internal control relevant to the preparation and fair presentation of financial statements that are free from material misstatement, whether due to fraud or error. Auditors’ Responsibility An audit involves performing procedures to obtain audit evidence about the amounts and disclosures in the financial statements. The procedures selected depend on the auditors’ judgment, including the assessment of the risks of material misstatement of the financial statements, whether due to fraud or error. In making those risk assessments, the auditor considers internal control relevant to the entity’s preparation and fair presentation of the financial statements in order to design audit procedures that are appropriate in the circumstances, but not for the purpose of expressing an opinion on the effectiveness of the entity’s internal control. Accordingly, we express no such opinion. An audit also includes evaluating the appropriateness of accounting policies used and the reasonableness of significant accounting estimates made by management, as well as evaluating the overall presentation of the financial statements. We believe that the audit evidence we have obtained is sufficient and appropriate to provide a basis for our audit opinion. Opinion

Financial Statements

In our opinion, the financial statements referred to above present fairly, in all material respects, the financial position of VMC Foundation as of December 31, 2015 and 2014, and the changes in its net assets and its cash flows for the years then ended in accordance with accounting principles generally accepted in the United States of America.


San Jose, California, June 1, 2016

226 Airport Parkway, Suite 350, San Jose, CA 95110


Office: 408.855.6770 Fax: 408.855.6774


Statement of Financial Position ASSETS Cash and cash equivalents Pledges receivable, net

DEC 31, 2015

DEC 31, 2014





Accounts receivable



Prepaid expenses







Inventory Investments Cash surrender value of life insurance



Investments restricted for permanent endowment



Property and equipment, net Total assets





DEC 31, 2015

DEC 31, 2014

Liabilities: Unsettled Stock Accounts payable and accrued liabilities Deferred revenue Total liabilities








Net Assets: Unrestricted Temporarily restricted Permanently restricted Total net assets

1,046,581 10,711,504







Financial Statements

Total liabilities and net assets

1,617,044 11,353,063



Statement of Activities FOR THE YEAR ENDED DECEMBER 31, 2015
















Special events, net



Investment income



REVENUE AND SUPPORT Grants Contributions Service fees Contributions, in-kind

Sale of merchandise, net



Gain on life insurance



Other revenues



Net assets released from restriction



Total Revenue and Support










EXPENSES Program services Supporting services Management and general












Total expenses

NET ASSETS Change in net assets







Net assets, end of year





Financial Statements


Net assets, beginning of year



Statement of Functional Expenses EXPENSES Assistance to U.S. entities Salaries and wages











$2,653,593 709,677

Employee benefits






Payroll taxes









Management and contractor fees





Conferences, events and meetings






Advertising and promotions






In-kind expenses

Retirement contributions











Computer expenses






Staff training and recognition






Printing, mailing and postage






Office expenses and supplies











Bank and investment fees






Accounting and professional expenses






Other expenses













Bad debt Depreciation Legal Total expenses








Financial Statements




Operating Expenses and Revenue As an independent 501c3 nonprofit organization, the VMC Foundation must pay for operating expenses via fundraising and other revenue generating activities. Operating expenses include but are not limited to costs for personnel, insurance, marketing, audit and tax filings. The sources of these revenues, as well as a breakdown of operating expenses, are detailed below. These revenues and expenses pertain to operational costs only. They do not reflect the entire scope of VMC Foundation fundraising for programs, capital purchases and other initiatives that benefit the Santa Clara Valley Health & Hospital System.




Financial Statements


Salaries and wages


County of Santa Clara

In-kind expenses


Management fees


Advertising and promotion


Individual or corporate contributions


Payroll taxes


VMC and county employee giving


Employee benefits


County of Santa Clara in-kind rent*




Direct mail


Printing, mailing and postage




Employee retirement contribution


Vendor fair


Accounting and professional expenses


Other income


Management and contractor fees


Bank interest


Bank and investment fees


In-kind contributions*

Computer expenses


Investment revenue

Conferences, events and meetings


Office expense and supplies






Other expenses


Staff training and recognition


Legal services Total operating expenses


924 (10,307)

Total operating revenue


724 1,771,110



Join us at the VMC Foundation Annual Gala September 24, 2016 • Villa Ragusa, Campbell


he VMC Foundation Annual Gala is one of the finest annual charity events in the South Bay, selling out for eight consecutive years. Proceeds support essential

health services at Santa Clara Valley Medical Center. The evening features the amazing food of Parsley, Sage, Rosemary & Thyme, fine wines and live music. Don’t miss this delightful event! Sponsorship opportunities are available. Visit vmcfoundation.org/gala or contact Julie Ott at (408) 282-2687 or julie.ott@hhs.sccgov.org.

The VMC Foundation | 2400 Moorpark Avenue, Suite 207, San Jose, CA 95128 (408) 885-5299 phone | (408) 885-5207 fax | vmcfoundation.org

Production of this Annual Report was made possible by generous contributions from donors in the community, not at taxpayer expense. Printed on recycled paper.

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VMC Foundation 2015 Annual Report  

The annual report of VMC Foundation for fiscal year 2015. Includes audited financial statements and a complete listing of all donors.

VMC Foundation 2015 Annual Report  

The annual report of VMC Foundation for fiscal year 2015. Includes audited financial statements and a complete listing of all donors.

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