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“Self-mastery is the challenge of transforming yourself from your own worst enemy into your greatest ally.” WES FESLER


I’m delighted to have an opportunity to have your readership, and I hope you will enjoy every article and every page as much as we did creating this publication. The vision behind this magazine is to motivate, inspire, and empower you, my dear reader, to have faith that everything is possible, and that YOU are the PLACEBO. As you immerse yourself in the journeys and transformations of our authors, you will be convinced that challenges are only temporary and that they are put in our paths to make us grow. Just like the muscle tissue that has to be torn to be regenerated, to then bulk up and get stronger, we are created the same way. Obstacles are stepping stones. Lessons are our blessings. A new word ‘Blessons’ has emerged to describe just that. I hope you can add it to your vocabulary, and use it when life throws a new rock at you. Thank life for your “blesson”, open yourself to the possibility, to the unknown, to the miracles that follow every challenge, just like a rainbow that is bound to come out after a rain. We welcome you, our dear reader, to stay in touch, send us your feedback, a review*, your questions, topics you’d like us to cover in future issues, and so on. If you have a transformational story that made you a better person, please reach out to us to apply to become a contributor in one of the future issues. We also welcome partnerships and collaborations from aligned organizations and businesses. Enjoy the reading, share, subscribe, join our community, and watch our videocast! Let’s create a Positive Impact movement together, one person at a time!

Note from the Editor in Chief Welcome and Thank You

As a multi-faceted media professional, working in the publication industry as the chief editor is a dream come true. Focused on Self Mastering and the bettering one's self,

I am looking for articles that truly impact, educate and provide tips that can be implemented immediately.

Antoinette Logan @AskMsLogan|

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Lisa Crewl Managing Editor

Tina Goyzueta Copy Editor

"Difficult Roads Lead to Beautiful Destinations."

"Embrace your quirks because they are what make you shine"

Don't Wait. The Time Will Never be Just Right.

Your Best Yes Can Often Be Life Changing.

Lisa is the owner of Market-Able.

Tina is the CEO of The Wandering VA which specializes in social media management and copywriting.

She helps small businesses stand out from the crowd by creating visually engaging graphic design – from logo creation to social media posts, flyers, direct mail pieces, product labels and more.

Tina loves creating content that help female biz owners shine. Her creative yet detailed approach trumps her talent.

When she's not creating, she enjoys her family; sports; music; reading; cooking and being outdoors.

When Tina isn't working she can be found drinking coffee and reading a good book by the pool.


















meet the team










"Creativity is the best way to grow."

"If you believe in yourself, literally anything is within reach."

"Quote here. Quote here. Quote here. Quote here. Quote here. Insert Quote."

"There is no failure, you either win or you learn."

CEO of Strategize with Creativity

Fun question/ favorites/tip here?

Be comfortable with being Uncomfortable

If you stumble, Make it part of the dance!

Jade is a creative strategist & designer, and her specialties are media * marketing, from websites & podcasts to social media platforms. Her

Megan is the founder and creative mastermind behind MFS Digital Marketing. Megan thrives in creating content that lifts women up and makes

Julie is the CEO of the Virtual Starlets Services, which focuses on Blogging & Content creation for small business owners to boost their exposure in the

Johari is the founder & CEO of the creative entity 725 MGT Group & its subsidiary, The Johari Effect-Social Edit. She focuses on establishing &

mission is to help entrepreneurs

them visible to their ideal audience in a

online space. Julie loves to use

building businesses online presence and

reclaim their time & attract ideal clients through personalized stream-lined strategies & designs.

way that is out of the box and integrates the essence of your business in every piece.

her creativity with Canva graphic designs and listening to a good business podcast!

specializes in VIP One & Done Days. She loves music, a good cup of coffee & road trips!

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let's connect

let's connect

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save the date! I AM A BLACK WOMAN NEXT LEVEL BUSINESS BUILDER July 30, 2022, Atlanta, GA Worlwide Grab Your Virtual Ticket Business women of color sharing their expertise streaming LIVE on TV to 30 million plus viewers on Black House Media.

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JULY 2022


The rise of female entrepreneurship has become a beautiful reality but depending on who you ask, it’s not always sunshine and rainbows especially when competition is fierce. However, we are now witnessing a trend that seems to be here to stay. Enter the era of collaborations. With Social Media being more popular than ever we now have the opportunity to work alongside other coaches and entrepreneurs in a way that complements our business.



JULY 2022


As a Lifestyle and Business Coach I have been blessed with the opportunity to work with many entrepreneurs. I have coached coaches, therapists and business owners both online and offline. But as it happens with every business, you can’t be everything to everyone which is why I often team up with my good friend Karen Leano. Our collaboration began during the 2020 quarantine as we brainstormed to bring people together online in a light-hearted way. Although we had talked about starting our own talk show centered on lifestyle and business, it didn’t become a reality until we had more time on our hands due to the pandemic. This is how Intentional Monday was born.



JULY 2022


It’s been over a year of weekly Instagram Live broadcasts where Karen and I have meaningful conversations that benefit our audience and often bring guests to join us. Many of these guests have competitive businesses but we love to see others shine and offer them a platform to share a similar message in their own unique way. Competition is a thing of the past. We have come to realize that the best way to grow is to grow with others which is why collaborations are mutually beneficial. And now with Facebook, Instagram and other platforms such as ClubHouse, creating new friendships and collaborations has never been easier.





Read on as Karen outlines useful tips on how to know if collaboration is right for you. How to know if collaborating is right for you. When deciding on who to partner with or collaborate with for your business on social media, it’s imperative to do your research. You must “vet” each potential partner and thoroughly investigate all their social media channels to look for these 6 things: www.



Collaboration over Competition by Mary Massey & Karen Leano

1) Values - do their values align with your brand values? Would you want to professionally be associated with them? 2) Consistency - Do they consistently show up for their audience? Showing up consistently builds a rapport with their audience and builds that trust. Having that trust grants them a certain level of influence. 3) Engagement - high engagement fosters more interest and builds community. It shows that they care about building meaningful relationships with their audience. Having a high engagement rate also proves that the audience is receptive to everything your potential partner is sharing.

4) Authenticity - would it be an

5) Dedicated - is your potential

6) Complementary skills - do

authentic partnership? Some

partner currently promoting

your skills complement each

people get caught up in using

other goods or services? Will

other? For example, maybe you

someone with a relatively large

your work with them get lost

are good at copy and your

following but - would they truly

amongst other things they are

partner is good at graphics- you

benefit from your services ?

promoting? It’s ok for them to

can both benefit from the

You want to show an authentic

partner with others but if they

content you both put out

success story.

are promoting a lot of other


people or brands/maybe find a

I hope these tips help, for more

time when their plate isn’t as

info you can find me

inundated with partnerships.

@karenleanocreative and @parisandalatte.






HOW TO GET VISIBLE IN A WAY THAT FEELS GOOD by Sarah Lloyd People often ask me if there is a secret sauce to getting yourself out there in the press. I wouldn’t say there is a secret sauce, but to quote an old boss of mine ‘there is the traditional way of doing it, and Sarah’s way’.

When an individual or brand steps out of their comfort zone, they are widening their immediate sphere of influence.

In the past I wasn’t sure how to take this, but now I get it. ‘My way’ is not new, it is not actually my way. My way is following my gut instinct, my intuition, the whispers if you will.

It is all about connection, chemistry and providing relevant content. It will invariably take many twists and turns. And we are slowly moving away from the ‘witch hunt’ reporting style that has been favoured in the past.

In fact, in this new age of Aquarius, and the rise of the feminine business owner, many have spoken about using our intuition in business for some years now.

We are seeing a shift from the old. Readers desire a more truthful and meaningful connection through storytelling.

Contrary to what some coaches will have you think, gaining awareness through publicity is a slow and continuous journey.

The pandemic has seen a lot of fear-based reporting, mainly in the news segments of shows and publications, scaring us into submission, ensuring we are doing as we are told. However, where there is fear in the news, the features and stories often in the same publications are carrying balanced, happy and motivational messages. Unfortunately, society has become a slave to fear and sharing a message of fear. Working in the corporate world amongst suits who only understood or cared about numbers, your driver became that – a numbers game… We invest X$ equals XX amount of results. We tell ‘them’ what we think they want to hear. Equals sales and getting ahead of the competition. The fear that you wouldn’t meet your numbers, make your sales, beat the competition.


It gets you so far – of course it does. It is the way we have always worked. But this way is killing our world slowly… We are consumed, we are all junkies, we all want more, our phones are designed so we would rather fall off a cliff taking a selfie than god forbid leaving it at home for one moment. It is never enough. It has to stop.

The good news is, consumers are smarter than ever before. They are waking up and smelling the bullshit. Some are switching off the news or choosing to limit the types of information they are consuming; some are doing their own research comparing and contrasting before making a decision. Thanks to the Pandemic, we don’t mindlessly buy things we don’t need – not after toilet rolls and pasta become like gold dust… remember that? Some are so clever they can see brands and copy-cat marketing campaigns a mile away. Crudely, if you were to strip it all back, there are normally one or two tiny things that make the products you are comparing different. It’s like when you make a cake – some taste amazing and melt in your mouth, others not so much, but essentially the same three key ingredients are the same in both cakes. Saying this I am not trying to bring fear into publicity, it is actually the opposite. Love and embrace the fact that there are always going to be the same ingredients in a service, product or an offering. And yes, there are things that set your offering apart from the others – because what you have created is needed for at least one person – which essentially will change their world.

You literally can change ONE person’s entire WORLD just by sharing your experience! When we get caught up in the push around something, we get into our masculine energy (sorry chaps) and can forget why we started out on that road in the first place. We get caught up in the mindset of ‘keeping up with the Jones’’. ‘I want to appear in that publication because she is’. The wrong kind of #metoo. Publicity plays to the Ego, and people often ask me how I can provide a PR service which doesn’t play to the Ego and is more conscious. Easy. You check in with yourself A LOT. You open yourself up to vulnerability. You are Brave. You must ask the questions… What is driving me to make this phone call? Why am I chasing this feature opportunity? Why do I want to be in this magazine / on that sofa? If the answer is something along the lines of, Because they are my people and my people watch that show or read that magazine. I just want to be in service. I will make a difference to those readers / viewers.

Visibility Then you are in alignment with your purpose and truth. And it will become easy to get results. If it’s because someone else is having an impact on your why, you are in Ego mode. ‘I want to be in that magazine because ‘x is’ or ‘she did it’ You are in comparison, jumping into someone else’s lane and out of your own alignment. And most likely it will be hard to get results. If you are thinking about telling your story or promoting a product through the media, you can do it gently, slowly and with purpose and on your terms! I have a membership group who I am working with who are securing amazing results because they are working with their energy and their flow. Checking in with every opportunity to ensure that it feels good and matches what they are doing in their business. Recognising that if something isn’t flowing, it may not be the right choice or time for you. If you have set the intention you wish to share your story often, that is all it takes, and opportunities will spin towards you that you never even dreamed of because the universe has a sense of humour. You don’t have to go into full on ‘hard’ launch mode. Really you don’t! Whatever is meant for you will never pass you by – in fact by being pushy sometimes means you push it away until you are ready to share your story from the right place.

Written by Sarah Lloyd, PR agency owner, author, and radio show host. In the media and PR business for 24 years, Sarah Lloyd quit her global corporate role in 2017, in a bid to be a master of her own and to bring a better balance to her life, which led her to setting up her own PR and Brand Consultancy – IndigoSoulPR. An intuitive and Reiki Energy Master herself, she specialises in working in ‘flow’ so has thrown the rule book out the window. Her mission is to teach and guide others to share their stories, without fear, on their terms. Specialising in her own brand of magic based, conscious PR and communications – her Alchemy strategy sessions help to ignite the fire within, acknowledge blocks, and help to transmute all that has held clients back from stepping up and sharing their mission and purpose. She classes Merlin and Mary Magdalene as her spiritual counsel When not working, Sarah can be found at the bottom of the garden pottering about in the greenhouse, dropping crystals at sacred sites, attempting to practice Yoga, or outside enjoying the countryside with her two girls.

You can find Sarah on Instagram and LinkedIn



Quiz: Find Out If Your New Relationship Is HEALTHY by: Gemma Serenity Gorokhoff #




After hanging out with him/her/them, do you feel at ease?


After hanging out with him/her/them, do you feel at peace?


After hanging out with him/her/them, do you feel agitated?


After hanging out with him/her/them, do you feel drained, empty, or depressed?


Do you feel or know that you have to change the way you talk or what you talk about to be more friendly to him/her/them?


Do you feel or know that you have to change the way you dress to be more “in their dress code” according to him/her/them?


Do you feel or know that you cannot really continue your passion or hobbies in his/her/their presence or talk about it because it may bore or upset him/her/them?


Does he/she or do they inspire you to follow your passion and your dream?


Does he/she or do they encourage you to spend more time for yourself and less time with them?


Do you experience more peace when they are around you rather than when he/she/they are not around you?


Do you feel that you are walking on eggshells to make sure to maintain a peaceful relationship?


Can you freely talk on the phone for 2 hours in their presence?


Do you fear his/her/their reaction if he/she/they finds out that you caused the fender-bender that just happened?


Do you dare to introduce him/her/them to your parents?


Can you count on his/her/their compassion and an attentive ear when you have a mental breakdown?



Count 1 point for each of the following questions where you answered “yes”: 1, 2, 8, 9, 10, 12, 14, 15

Gemma Serenity Gorokhoff

Count 1 point for each of the following questions where you answered “no”: 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 11, 13 If you are not sure what to answer, do not count any point

Gemma Serenity Gorokhoff is a strong and powerful

What’s the total of your points?

woman, victorious over 15 years of domestic violence (beaten, put down, raped). She’s the podcast host of “Real Talk Real Women”, the published author of “Dream, Dare, Do”, and an entrepreneur. Connect with Gemma at

Results 0 to 5 points If you got 0 to 5 points, you are starting an unhealthy relationship and it will not improve over time, it will just get worse. Call it quits before it’s too late and before you’re trapped against your will. 6 to 10 points If you got 6 to 10 points, it’s at the limit between good and bad. You will have to follow your gut feeling about it, as it may require efforts on both parts to make this relationship healthy. 11 to 15 points You’re good to go. Nobody is perfect, but you’ve got a keeper. Follow your heart, and have fun in your healthy relationship A piece of advice Give your new relationship a couple of weeks to gather a few experiences together when you are just together alone, and when you are in public. Notice if the person is the same in private and in public. Allow yourself to make plans with and without him/her/them, and notice his/her/their reaction. It will give you a good idea of the kind of relationship you are putting yourself into.

When was the last time you celebrated yourself, this includes your achievements, all the good things about you big and small? Why is it so easy for us to celebrate other people’s wins, and so difficult to celebrate our own?

Have you ever done something amazing, and when other people praise you, you would respond with, “Oh, I just got lucky.” This is an example of you playing small, or dimming your own light, to make other people comfortable.

You are what you think!

You may also find it difficult to celebrate yourself when you focus on your shortcomings. This is usually taught at an early age when your parents are overly critical of you.

You have about 6,000 thoughts per day, and 90% of them are on repeat! Usually, the negative and critical ones are the loudest. When thoughts such as, “I’m too old to start over.” or “I’m not smart enough.” are on repeat, you define yourself as those thoughts even though they’re untrue. Your faulty beliefs stop you from moving forward and reaching your full potential. Therefore, you’ll want to focus more on the positive thoughts that empower you. You can do that through celebration!

Why is it hard to celebrate ourselves?

For example, my mom rarely praised me for doing well. Whenever I showed her my accomplishments, she would brush them aside and point out the things I fall short on instead. The constant external repetition eventually turned into a constant internal repetition. Before others can criticize me, I would criticize myself. Because of these, when I do accomplish my goals, instead of slowing down to acknowledge my effort, I would brush them off and turn my focus on what’s next.

It’s because it is both intrinsic and taught. When you encounter a danger or threat, you may find yourself experiencing the fight, flight, freeze or fawn response. Fawning happens when you consistently abandon your own needs to serve others to avoid conflict, criticism, or disapproval. THE STYLE SECTION |

Loving yourself as you are One of the biggest benefits of celebrating is to develop the ability to love yourself as you are. It’s a way to train your brain to slow down, highlight your current abilities and acknowledge how far you’ve come. This is a great way to gain the awareness that who you are right now is enough.

How to celebrate yourself? One simple exercise you can do to practice celebrating yourself is to write down all the things you have accomplished. This could be creating a birthday card for your grandma when you were 8 years old, or buying the item on your wish list using the money you earned from your first job. It could even be starting a business that only lasted for 2 years. This is a great way to acknowledge everything you have done in your life. It doesn’t matter what the results are, because the results do not define you. You are good enough no matter what the outcome is.

Celebrate yourself now! There are many times you may not feel good enough. Because of the way your brain is programmed, you may believe that you have to keep pursuing the next thing to prove your worth. The key to feeling good enough is to know that you are perfect the way you are right now, and celebrating yourself is a way to train your brain to notice the positive qualities within you. So go and celebrate yourself, feel the love, and see that you’re good enough.


RESET YOUR MINDSET by Herdiana Dewi Nurfika

We all like to stick to what we know. Even if we want to change, our old habits and patterns can sometimes get in the way. No matter how hard we try, we can't always avoid falling back into our old routines and behaviors. But you have to keep your mind on the task at hand and use your willpower to break your habits. If it's too hard or seems too far away or vague for you to think about what you stand to gain, do the opposite. Focus on the pain that keeps you where you are and doesn't let you change. You will see that there are two types of people in this world. On the one hand, some people are attracted to success and get better at things as they go through life. In other words, they drive by their wants.

Mindset On the other hand, some people won't do anything to change their lives until they feel like they're about to lose everything. In other words, fear is what drives them. Let's reset your mindset to be the best version of

The only way to know if you are changing is if the things or people that used to bother you now their presence don't bother you anymore. You're not making progress until you can do it in situations that make you feel


uncomfortable. You






problems, you won't get better. If you don't put yourself out of your comfort zone, it will be tough for you to change.




Start and keep a personal change diary to help you get rid of those evil thoughts. You can change because of the initiative. You work hard to change your mind, and you feel less anxious every day. Setting up a list of daily affirmations will help you more in your journey.

Have you stopped blaming other people for everything? Have you stopped blaming yourself and feeling guilty all the time? Are you more proactive? Do you tend to stand up for yourself more? Do you tend to say what you think? What do you notice has changed?

When you look back at where you started, you can think about how you used to think and how you used to see the world. When you look at the numbers and compare them to who you are now, you can't help but feel motivated.

If you don't see enough changes, give yourself more challenges. Put yourself in situations that would bother you or hurt you emotionally to see if you can handle them and get through them.



It can be annoying and seem like a waste of time to spend time with people who are hard to get along. But it can also be a great chance to see how far you've come in changing your way of thinking. Don't forget that you can't change those people. That's not what it's about.



No matter how many times you think you've failed, it doesn't matter. What matters is that you get back up when you fall in a figurative sense. It hurts the first time, and you might want to stay on the floor for a while, but you get used to it over time.

Mindset In the end, you get stronger. And before you know it, you get knocked down and back up. We call that emotional grit. That means that no matter what, you will stay on your path. And that's a sign of growth and getting better.

CONCLUSION You have to realize that there is a big difference between deciding to make a change and just thinking about it. Too many people get the two mixed up. They believe they are making a choice, but what they're doing is just thinking about making a change. They are still weighing a lot of things or thinking about many things. But they've already made up their minds in their heads. Many of them fail because they never stopped moving around. When you make a choice, you can't think of anything else. You also consider how you feel about the issue when deciding it. There's nothing vague about this way of thinking. You

In the end, you get stronger. And before you know it, you get knocked down and back up. We call that emotional grit.

can't get out, and you've lost your drive. You get excited about the choice.

Herdiana Dewi Nurfika is an Entrepreneur, Certified Life Coach and NLP Practitioner, and Mental Health Advocate. Let's connect with me :

content section here

By Bia Bliss

I don't know about you, but I grew up with the notion that intimacy equals penetrative sex. My younger self believed that in order to experience physical, emotional, mental and even spiritual intimacy, I had to "put out", even if I didn't want to, as it was modelled to me in Hollywood movies. This led to many unfulfilling encounters over the years. If you think about it, there is no school to learn about pleasure and intimacy, unless you become a sexologist, as I did decades later! In my personal and professional life, I learned that most people want the whole package, but they don't know what else there is to do other than kissing, foreplay and sex, which gets old after a while. Over time, I learned that there was another way to share intimacy, that didn’t involve the same script of kissing, foreplay and sex. The following practices have opened a world of connection and intimacy I only heard of in fiction romantic novels that my mom used to read. They are so simple, yet extremely effective to bring you and your partner even closer in and out of the bedroom!

Step 1: Eye gazing Do this for a few minutes, while holding hands and synchronizing your breath, or alternating the breath (one person inhales, the other exhales). It may seem intimidating at first. If you are unable to look deeply at your beloved's eyes, look between their eyebrows. When you do it for long enough, you will end up seeing the person in front of you with a fresh pair of eyes. It's a magical experience.

Step 2: Ask and Tell When was the last time you communicated to your partner your needs, desires and boundaries in and out of the bedroom? Make the time to share with them and ask them what their preferences are too! If you are dating casually, it is always good to ask and tell sooner rather than later, because what worked in the past with someone one else, may not work this time around.

content section here STEP 3: BREATHE TOGETHER

Slow down and take the time to synchronise your breath with your partner’s. Take deep, slow breaths for a few minutes and notice what happens in the body. Do this anytime before and/or during intercourse, since for most people, the breath becomes faster and shallower when having sex, and by the time the big "O" comes around, the breath is held for a few seconds. Next time, try the opposite: take deeper breaths as you "O". You will be blown away!


Take the time to explore your partner’s body with your fingers, mouth, feathers, oil, fabrics or other objects without rushing. This is a way to build up anticipation and arousal in the body. Leave the breasts, nipples and genitals for later. Invite the receiving partner to take deep breaths and to feel the bodily sensations while you explore without an agenda.

About The Author


Each of the practices above, whether on its own or combined, has revolutionized the way I experience pleasure. Instead of chasing an outcome, the destination became the journey. These practices have allowed me to connect much deeper with my body, my senses, my truth, my desires, my pleasure and my beloved. They are simple, no-cost and yet an extremely effective way to deepen intimacy. My hope is that my story inspires you to try some or all of the practices and you get to experience authentic, deep intimacy too!

About Bia: Bia Bliss is a Conscious Sexuality Practitioner, Pleasure and Intimacy Coach. Bia is passionate about guiding individuals to gain mastery of their bodies and reach new levels of intimacy, trust, and pleasure in their lives, as she believes that life is too short to experience mediocre “O”s and connection. Website: Facebook: Email:



WHAT IS ENERGETIC SELF DEFENSE? Why Your Well-Being Depends on It. by Glendy Yeung

Science finally recognizes everything is energy. Though related, I am not talking about energy in terms of physical strength or vitality, as in how many push ups you can endure, or how a coffee less morning and productivity is not a contradiction. We are talking about energy and vibrational states as our natural being. Not only are we energetic beings, so is the chair you are sitting on, as well as your thoughts and emotions. You may sense it and call it “vibes”. Indeed, we carry a giant bubble of subtle vibrations wherever we go. As we mingle and merge our energy everyday with a person, a place, an object, even what we eat, we affect each other from the vibrations we/it/they carry. Through this lens of energy, we embark on the next frontier of understanding who we are, and what makes us tick. Afterall, our mental, emotional and even physical health are highly influenced by energy around us. Yet, it is something we have little understanding of. Do you notice how energy you encounter affects you?


Let’s do a quiz. Read each statement and think of your everyday experience. On a scale of 1 to 5, how often do you experience the following? 1 = Rarely / Not me 2 = Here and there… 3 = Definitely. Sometimes. 4 = Now that I think of, more often than I realize! 5 = Geez. That’s my life! You can be drained by meeting people in person or over the phone. You can push it, but if you have a break in between Zoom meetings, you crash. You crave the ocean and nature. It brings a deep sense of renewal. You have a hard time with horror movies, pranks and sufferings. Your mind and your world tends to go upside down around the full moon. You are a good judge of people. People love telling you about their problems. You notice bottomless soreness in the body that has no physical explanation. Your work involves intense 1:1 interactions. And you have loads of digestive issues. If you miss your workout, you get cranky.


So, how do you do? More important than a score, do you recognize how energy affects you from day to day interactions? Luckily, there are practices and tools we can adapt to restore ourselves on the regular just like brushing our teeth. Instead of stinky breaths, we get to keep the energy of anxiety, depression, exhaustion, group-think, or worse, at bay. In future articles, I will examine in better detail how energy affects us and how we can keep ourselves in tip-top energetic shape. The reward is you get to deepen your creativity and experience the world with greater clarity. Here are 3 ways to clear detrimental energy we pick up: Weekly salt bath - 1 to 2 pounds of kitchen salt, essential oils of lavender, tea tree and frankincense. While soaking, intentionally expel all negative energy into the salt water. Ocean is a great alternative. If you don’t have a bath tub, use salt scrub. Especially on your solar plexus. Exercise - cardio exercise is a fantastic way to expel negative energy. That’s why if you are struggling with processing emotions - yours or others - skipping your routine can throw you off. Bonus point: do it in nature. Smudge yourself AND your electronics chances are your computers and phones are conduits of negative energy. When you use sacred smoke to clear around your body, don’t forget to clear the energy of your electronics. Be clear of your focus and intention while doing it.

Glendy Yeung is an energy healer, spiritual coach, and sound practitioner. She guides sensitive souls how to embody their energy healing power and intuition so that they can handle the curve balls of modern life confidently and joyfully with eyes wide open. Learn more at

SELF-HELP GUIDE TO INCREASED EMOTIONAL STABILITY Only about 15-20%of the population of women are highly emotional. ...This is why they are used to how most people handle it: by trying to pigeonhole them, stick a stereotype on them, or simply tell them there is something wrong within them.


Chhetri Sargam: Facts about women's emotions

Wear your colors Colors impact our wellbeing, emotions, state of mind, energy levels and even health. This is even more noticeable especially for sensitive people.

Visualization Memory Game

Imagine the memory game. In your mind, turn the statements you believe are true into images on cards. Leave the positive cards with their faces up and find their exact match. Turn the negative ones with their faces down and forget where they were.

Step into your Future Self Imagine yourself 5 years from now. What are you wearing? What is your emotional state? Mindset? Make your future self be your best advisor. How would she react, what would she say?

Pamper Your Body It is the only one you have and will ever have. You might as well start loving it. Taking care of it helps establish a positive relationship and self-image.

Ana Malovrh (publicly known as Ana in Style) is the founder of Choose Your Signature Style™️and creator of the Feng Shui Apparel™️System.





Written by Christina Sims, Personal Branding Coach, Marketing Strategist, copywriter, speaker, and author. For more than a decade, she has led corporate marketing, advertising, and brand development initiatives for global companies. An unexpected near death birth experience made Christina realize the fragility of life and her desire to take control of her own story. This inspired her to launch her consulting firm, Mom Meets Life, where she specializes in helping online coaches and service providers build authority and visibility to become indemand and premium paid experts. Christina’s mission is to empower women to audaciously own their story and create profitable businesses by being exactly who they are. Her trailblazing and unapologetic strategies set her apart in an industry that is focused on perfectionism, trends, and scripted approaches. When not helping women find and amplify their voices, Christina enjoys spending her time with her husband and son watching sports and making home cooked meals. You can connect with Christina on Instagram or email: One of the first things we learn as children is obedience; specifically asking for permission to do something. While that may have had its purpose in our childhoods, it can be the number one detriment to your personal brand growth today. Your personal brand is YOU and the creation of a recognizable identity around that. It’s the public perception of your image. Your appearance. Your skills. Your story. Your voice. All of those factors influence how the world sees you. The real question to ask yourself is, “are you branded by design or default?” We all have a personal brand. However, many allow theirs to be externally impacted instead of internally driven which can result in undesired outcomes. One of the most common things I hear when my clients first come to me is the pressure to fit the mold of what their industry or niche looks like. They fear judgment from their peers and ideal clients if they dare to be different and allow others to see who they truly are.

Perfectionism That is a limiting belief that is holding you back from opportunities, success, and true self-mastery. You don’t need permission from anyone to be you. I’m telling you from firsthand experience, that there is gold and freedom in being an imperfect human being and unapologetically letting the world see that. If you find yourself holding back from that next leap in your life, take these questions into consideration. Are you waiting for permission from someone? Are you waiting for the perfect moment? Here are ways you can release the chains of permission and perfectionism to unapologetically own your genius:

HARNESS YOUR FOCUS This is really important, particularly for business owners, because there is a distinction between your expertise and your genius. Your expertise is a skill. Just because you have a certain skill set doesn’t mean that it necessarily should be turned into a profession. Your zone of genius is directly linked to your personal values. Where do your values and expertise overlap? What is the greater impact in which you are called to serve? You may leverage certain skills you have acquired when operating in your zone of genius. However, it is where your talents combined with your passion intersect.

You are multi-faceted and each part is an element of your personal brand. Each facet has a story and you get to choose which part becomes a part of your message. As different things happen in your life, your values will change and it’s important to be fluid and embrace that evolution of yourself.

DO THINGS YOUR WAY We are told constantly, you have to stand out from the crowd if you want to be hired. Although there are a million exercises that can help you uncover all things that make you different, there’s one guaranteed way to ensure that message is clear: do it your own way. When you allow yourself to do things your way, you automatically set yourself apart from everyone else. You will naturally stand out because no one else is like you. Historically, we have been told from an early age that there’s something else we should be and that it’s better. This is especially the case for women who are targeted heavily with advertisements that push dissatisfaction with ourselves.

Well ness


The harmony between mind, body and spirit.

Perfectionism The more we have been told it, the more we believe it as a reality which can manifest into the imposter syndrome and many other limiting beliefs that hold us back.

However, if it’s not aligned with your business, then it will feel inauthentic, like a chore, and ultimately cause burnout, resentment, or failure.

When you have the audacity to walk in your own truth, you become a living example of the benefits that come from being yourself. In

Avoid getting caught up in the shiny object

turn, you inspire others to be their real and

your highest self because you will be spread too thin. Choose the platforms where your audience is located that you are energetically aligned with and creating your content will never feel like a chore whether it’s a blog, a podcast, a specific social media platform. Most importantly, choose the platforms that you can consistently be present on.

unfiltered selves.

BUILD YOUR OWN LANE This starts with your personal brand values. In my industry, I’ve found it’s an exercise that many have done but only at the surface level. If they haven’t made them a part of their daily routine, it doesn’t become a consistent and tangible action. You have to build your lane before it’s something you can actually own. Begin with really being clear on what you’re about and then creating everything else around that. The beautiful thing about this is that you paint your own lines instead of trying to drive within someone else's, which gives you the power of choice. You get to choose what message you are passionate about, how you’re going to present your message, what platforms you’ll deliver your message, and best of all what you’re NOT going to do.

syndrome that comes with marketing yourself. It will paralyze your potential to show up as

It’s important to remember that you are the source of your own validation. What would you do if judgment didn’t exist? What chances would you take if you felt risk or adversity was never a factor? Consistency breeds action. The more you show up as yourself, the more confidence becomes a habit and the greater the impact you will have in the lives of others.

SHOW UP WHERE YOU’RE ENERGETICALLY ALIGNED One of the most common misconceptions people make about personal branding is that it’s exclusive to social media or that you have to do all the things on all the platforms. In this ever-evolving digital age, many people choose strategies or hacks because it’s the popular thing to do or they see other people have success with it and assume they will too.



daily. We get caught in the web of “trying

1.Practice Gratitude

to keep" so that we don’t feel left behind.

Do it daily and watch the phenomenal

This constant hyperactivity leaves us

change it creates in your mind and life.

questioning whether our glasses are really

Gratitude as a habit helps you to become

half empty or half full. You can free

in-tuned with many things, especially the

yourself from the trap by eliminating

little blessings that often go unnoticed – a

scarcity and this starts with a change of

refreshing ice cream cone to cool you

mindset just by practicing to see

down on a summer day, finding some

abundance in all things.

loose change or hug from a friend. You can

There’s so much happening around us

begin practicing with a journal or taking Here are 4 simple yet powerful steps to

notes on your phone. Try jotting down 5

help you get started:

things you’re grateful for when you wake up and or before you go to bed.


2.Become aware of your thoughts

It’s easier than you think to start complaining, judging or creating a negative vibe and energy around you and others. Yes, life happens but you can take some control. As soon as you notice a behaviour or thought, take note, stop and start over.

Mindset shifts take practice

turn it into one of

4.Go All Out and Dream Big

notice the changes and begin

abundance. Remember

FOMO is a distraction to

you’re only human...

your dreams and deepest


perfectly, imperfect. Don’t

desires. Instead of being

shame or berate yourself

fearful, think and feel the

when going through this

abundance of possibilities.

process. It’s normal for

Ask yourself questions

scarcity thoughts to still

about where you want to

pop up from time to time

be in the next year or 5

as they don’t all just

years? What’s one goal you

disappear at once when

want to achieve? Don’t

stepping into the zone of

hold back. Write down

self awareness.

3.Watch your words

anything and everything

If speaking kindly to plants

and update your board or

Sania Heath is a Caribbean native who wears many hats. She’s a teacherpreneur and Language Nutrition Coach. She supports families raising bilingual children by exploring Spanish language and cultures around the world. Female personal development is a secondary passion that

Having or developing the skill of self-awareness is an important part of the process. Just start by noticing your thoughts, then try to understand why that came up and then determine how to

helps them grow, imagine what speaking kindly to yourself could do. Your words can easily become reality, so pay close attention to the language you use throughout your day.

that comes to mind. Create a vision board or a bucket list even. Revisit list weekly for short term goals and monthly for long term ones. The greater the focus and attention, the harder your mind works on making your dreams a

and consistency. They’re all about developing new and positive thoughts; breaking old programming and paradigms. It doesn’t have to be hard. Learn to be patient and graceful with yourself. You’ll to feel and live more abundantly as you transition.

she enjoys sharing as a gift. Connect at:

reality. Go all out for it!

Reclaim your time & book ideal clients

gis t


eF ran ate Str cesca , Marketing

Strategize with Creativity


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Cheryl McColgan


Unless you’ve been a hermit on a mountaintop the last several years, you’ve likely heard of the keto diet. If you haven’t tried it yet, it may be time to start! Living the keto lifestyle is easier than you might think and offers multiple health benefits. Now that research is finding links between COVID-19 outcomes and metabolic health, it’s more important than ever to get focused on your diet.

Food This list just hits the highlights, but in reality, there are so many benefits to a low carb lifestyle. Even if you don’t want to reduce carbs to the level that will put you into the metabolic state of ketosis, everyone can benefit from reducing processed carbs and added sugar. No matter what type of diet nutrition experts recommend, they all agree that excess sugar is not healthy.

1. METABOLIC HEALTH Did you know that only 12 percent of the American population is metabolically healthy? This has huge implications on the outcome of viruses (ahem) and other diseases. Reducing carbohydrate intake can reverse many metabolic markers in as little as a few weeks to a few months.

2. BLOOD SUGAR REGULATION If you’re diabetic, prediabetic or often get light headed when you haven’t eaten for a couple of hours, keto can be a great help. Even the American Diabetes Association now endorses a low carb diet to manage blood sugar and it can save you hundreds of dollars on medication.

3. REDUCE ANXIETY AND DEPRESSION There is good evidence that ketosis reduces anxiety and depression. With all that’s going on in the world, who doesn’t need that?

4. LESS BRAIN FOG With the popularity of books such as Wheat Belly and Grain Brain, people are starting to understand the potential impact of grains and processed carbohydrates on mental clarity. The state of ketosis offers a welcome break from foggy thinking.

5. WEIGHT LOSS This is the reason most people decide to try keto. If you’re still carrying a few extra pandemic pounds, it may be a good time to try this diet. Not only does it make weight loss easier than other diets, the food is delicious and ketosis may even offer a metabolic advantage of up to 300 calories a day! If you need a good resource for getting started with keto and making it easier and sustainable, be sure to check out 21 Day Fat Loss Kickstart: Make Keto Easy, Take Diet Breaks and Still Lose Weight.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR Cheryl is an author and the founder/editor of Heal Nourish Grow, an ultimate wellness, healthy lifestyle and advanced nutrition site. Easy Weeknight Keto is available now. Her second full length cookbook will be released in July and the 21 Day Fat Loss Kickstart: Keto Made Easy, Take Diet Breaks and Still Lose Weight is available on Amazon.

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Equipment 1 pitcher 1 muddler Ingredients 1 cup coconut water chilled 1 cup sliced cucumber 750 millileters rose sparkling wine chilled 1 cup gin Instructions Pour coconut water into a large pitcher. add the cucumber slices, and place in the refrigerator overnight. For a quick version, muddle the cucumber reserving a few slices for garnish and add the coconut water in to flavor and let it sit for 5 minutes. Pour the gin and sparkling rose into the cucumber water and stir to combine. Serve up or over ice. Garnish the glass with a cucumber slice and float one in the drink, if desired. FOR MORE KETO FRIENDLY RECIPES, VISIT : HTTPS://HEALNOURISHGROW.COM

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Mental Health

Stress Stacking; The Number One Problem That's Sabotaging Well-Being & High Performance BY: JONATHAN MILLS & CHARLOTTE STEBBING-MILLS STRESS EXPERTS FROM THE WELLNESS THEORY

STRESS STACKING IS THE MOST OVERLOOKED PROBLEM IN WELLBEING typically, the average person wastes a lot of time fighting fires, trying to keep up with life, and ends up chasing their tail. Never really getting ahead. Often settling between being on the go and finding a moment to breathe. High performers already know that low-stress levels and quality use of time are crucial for living their best life. This is often why they adopt strict routines and boundaries. However, for both the average person and the high performer there’s a bottleneck to progress, health, and happiness. No matter what level we’re playing in life, we’ll always be faced with new challenges if we want to keep progressing. When we face challenges, whether it be a financial burden, relationship issues, health concerns, or our own insecurities. It’s common to feel overwhelmed and even lose the ability to enjoy life. It can lead to anxiety, depression, or stressinduced physical pain. What we’re experiencing is stress stacking.

Mental Health WHAT IS STRESS STACKING? Simply put, stress adds up. Daily stress and past stress compound over time. Imagine waking up at the last minute, rushing out the door to grab a coffee, getting stuck in traffic, resulting in being late for work. Because of your late arrival, you miss your deadline, your boss is upset with you and you have to miss lunch and stay late at work to catch up. Once you finally finish work, you get stuck in the evening traffic. Eventually, you get home, and your family is upset because you missed dinner, and have no time or energy left for them. After feelings of frustration and disappointment, you choose to numb yourself with mindless TV and a glass of wine and eventually go to bed relieved that the day is over.

It’s true that we need stress in our lives. It helps us grow and we have an inbuilt level of resiliency. However, As a society, we’ve taken this a step too far. We’ve lost our grasp on what’s healthy vs unhealthy stress. Stress stacking has consequences and can create big problems in our lives. For quick and easy solutions to stop stress stacking and to start thriving in your wellbeing and life,

Imagine doing this day in and day out for five days a week, just living and waiting for the weekend to be able to rest, recover and relax. The problem is the 30% rest on the weekend doesn't offset the 70% stress of the week. If we don't address this, over time it adds up. Imagine doing this for weeks, months, or years at a time. Plus adding significant emotional events to the mix like losing a loved one, sickness, and traumatic experiences.

Take our free quiz that'll show you how you're doing in the 8 areas of wellness that help you to relieve stress once and for all – naturally and easily. It’ll focus on showing what’s going well and what can be done to improve quickly.

Stress compounds even more. Unfortunately, this is how the majority live. Mental, emotional and physical stress building up more and more each day.

You’ll also receive a free personalized report and get access to 8 practical and tactical videos so you can discover exactly what to do to improve your score. Visit

Granted, not everyone's day is like this, but everybody’s dealing with different stressors daily and most people have past issues they haven’t dealt with too. One thing after the other, compounding on top of each other, causing us to be stressed in the long term. This is stress stacking.


I did everything I could to try to get answers. Against the odds, I told myself that I would be well in one month. Mind over matter is powerful. Khristee Rich

Khristee is a holistic health expert, healer, and writer who advocates for women's health and wellness. With over seventeen years as a holistic expert, she empowers women to heal their chronic conditions and trauma by using a holistic approach and the natural medicine of the Earth, so that they become vibrant, joyful women.


I OVERCAME A 15-YEAR CHRONIC ILLNESS, NATURALLY, IN ONE MONTH by Khristee Rich I remember the early months of my chronic illness. I struggled to get out of bed in the morning. I had frequent fevers. Food passed right through me. I was greatly fatigued from insomnia and couldn’t think straight, but never for a minute, did I think it would turn out to be a fifteen-year illness. Not feeling well was foreign to me, I had been healthy all of my life before my illness. I was interested in understanding the reason for my illness and what to do about it. I assumed my doctor would educate me on this and solve the problem, but somehow, my doctors couldn’t figure it out. My first primary care doctor ran blood tests, but couldn’t find anything wrong, so he concluded that I was depressed. He recommended antidepressants. My second primary care doctor assumed I was a hypochondriac since I kept returning asking for further testing. My third primary care doctor said I had an incurable disease, fibromyalgia, and that he had done all that he could do, and I would have to accept my fate. None of these diagnoses explained why a young woman who had been healthy all of her life suddenly became sick and couldn’t get well. Intuitively, I knew there had to be a reason and I was determined to figure it out. Become Your Own Health Advocate I didn’t accept these labels. I researched. I asked questions. I challenged my doctors. I asked for further testing. I changed doctors. I asked for referrals. I did everything I could to try to get answers. Persevere I didn’t give up, even when doctors refused to run more tests or even when my doctor said that I had fibromyalgia and that I would be in pain for the rest of my life. I was determined to get answers, an understanding, and a treatment to help me. Find Someone To Help You Find The Answers It took fifteen years before I found a specialist who ran the correct tests and was able to diagnose me properly and provide me with an understanding of why I was so sick for so long. After my ordering more blood tests, my doctor announced that I had extremely high levels of heavy metals in my blood: both lead and mercury. They were the highest he had ever seen. He recommended that I see a toxicologist for weekly chelation therapy for at least a year, but after researching this treatment I learned that it was painful, costly, and could cause paralysis, brain damage, or even death. Follow Your Intuition Intuitively, I knew there had to be a better way than to risk getting sicker. There had to be a natural way. I didn’t know anything about removing heavy metals naturally, but I researched and discovered that there were foods I could consume to extract the heavy metals without side effects. Once You Have The Understanding, Treat It Naturally I took these specific foods daily for a month. I added meditation to my daily practice. I filled myself up with positivity. Against the odds, I told myself that I would be well in one month. At the end of the month, when they tested my blood, the heavy metals were zero. They were gone. I overcame my 15-year illness, naturally in one month. I was so grateful. I did it. I found the answers and I conquered my illness, naturally on my own. Mind over matter is powerful. Natural remedies are potent. Don’t underestimate the mind or natural remedies. Keep believing; you can overcome your chronic illness.

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"As we enter a moment in time in which we realize, more and more, how everything we think, say and do affects the very fabric of our life - we realize that the discipline of Yoga is becoming more relevant by the minute."

What is Yoga? “YOGA IS THE CESSATION OF THE FLUCTUATIONS OF YOUR MIND” Patanjali Yoga is a spiritual discipline based on an extremely subtle science that focuses on bringing harmony between our mind, body, energy, and surroundings. It was first referenced in Hindu texts from India, and therefore is regarded as one of the world's oldest sciences. The term Yoga stems from the Sanskrit term Yuj – union; as the goal of Yoga is to achieve self-realization and therefore overcome suffering by understanding the union of our individual consciousness with that of the Universal Consciousness, resulting in a 'state of liberation.'

Yoga is defined by your ability to open up and become flexible in your experiences, conditioning, and thoughts, not by your ability to bend your body. Unfortunately, when we focus solely on the physical element of a pose, we enable our ego to be stoked and a sense of judgment for ourselves and others to develop. We may convince ourselves that if we don't appear a certain way, we're doing something wrong, or that if we practice for a time and don't "reach" our predetermined expectations of a position, we're not good enough or even failing.


The Purpose of Yoga.

The Ultimate Goal of Yoga.

Yoga is really a journey of self-

The awareness gained from yoga and

discovery, self-improvement, self-



maintaining physical, mental, and






practice of Yoga through a physical

depression, and disappointments are






realize that the path, much like life, is not without its ups and downs. Our ego frequently causes us to be delighted as we improve in the practice and frustrated as we slow

When we give ourselves room to become





minds, habits, and preconceptions, we can be aware of how we are showing up and may intentionally grow into a version of yourself that



Although most of us find the means, as we begin to incorporate




all caused by our inability to remain in the present moment or shift our focus from our “problems” to the good things happening in our lives. One incredible aspect of the practice is that it allows you to be more of an observer of your life, allowing us to

down, and this is all part of the

serves your life experience.

discipline. If we merely view Yoga

the situations that are happening to

as a physical means, we may see

Incorporating the Practice.

what yoga poses look like on the

As we start to understand that our

become aware that we are in total

web and on social media and


control of our thoughts and begin to

believe that we are not good

outward as they are inward then


enough when we realize that our








realize the fact that our thoughts and

apparent that


us do not define us. When we


patterns responses

and to



journey of Yoga is a journey of the

experiences, we are capable of more

conditioned that way. When we

self and is as individual as we are.

than we ever dream of. Once we

allow our egos to be influenced, we

Yoga is a path meant to help you

realize that external factors are not

may lose faith in the practice and

understand your true self and the

causes of internal states, we can

our ability to "do it right," without

purpose of your existence. I know

learn to let go of fears or past

comprehending that the aim of the

that it seems like an enormous

experiences and expectations that

practice is the way we approach

undertaking, but in order to be

may be holding us back from what we

getting our bodies to feel and be

happy, you must first understand

desire to accomplish in our lives.

present in the moment, not the

why you are anything but happy.




posture itself.

The ultimate goal of the practice of Yoga


Yoga is to help you realize that

Only when we begin to delve

incorporated into any person’s life.

everything around you are a constant

deeply into the objective of the

Because yoga is not a religion, the


practice and let go of our ego's

practice can guide even a deeply

inevitably are tied to. This energy can

expectations can we genuinely be

devout person into finding their

be tapped into in order to create the



path to inner peace. Yoga fosters

life you wish to live and gives you the

(regardless of what the poses look

love and compassion for ourselves


like). Yoga is meant as a tool to

and others; stemming from the


help you uncover greater versions

premise that when we act based on

of yourself by giving you space to

kindness, we receive kindness in











return. Once we understand that

thoughts, and situations through a

even the physical practice of yoga

more objective lens. By embracing

is a meditation, we begin to learn

moments and experiences for what

to use tools, such as our breath, to

they are, we embark on a road of

help us remain in control of our






ourselves that no longer serve us.












experience, and thoughts.

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