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The great adventure Selma Lagerlöf • Majestic mansions • Hiking • Cultural findings Alfred Nobel • Santa lives in Värmland • Nature experiences

1 june–29 september 2019

EVERYTHING YOU CAN IMAGINE IS REAL On June 1, the museum reopens after a major rebuild. New exhibitions, a shop and a restaurant, new children’s exhibition, creators studio, interactive future lab. Much more such as Bea Szenfeld’s costumes from Haute Papier and pictures created for the Royal Opera. sandgrundsudden, karlstad

Photo: Øyvind Lund

The Welcoming Landscape

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I want to bring the map to life, fill it with forests and lakes, fields and meadows, villages, castles, farms and towns. Wrote Selma Lagerlöf


EVERYTHING AND MORE comes together in Värmland. Or as the writer Lars Löfgren once wrote: “It’s a state of mind, not a landscape.” I’m from Borås yet still gaze upon Värmland through the eyes of a visitor, which is something I’m both glad and happy about. Behind every rock I discover something new,

always accompanied by fantastic hospitality and friendly, welcoming hosts. KARLSTAD, ON THE northern shore of lake Vänern, is not just a residential town, an university town or a diocese – it is now also my town. A walkable, liveable and very loveable place where there is always something happening. It’s not surprising that the city’s emblem is a happy sun. ”The Sun in Karlstad” – as the ever cheerful inn owner Eva Lisa Holtz, whose statue stands next to the city hotel, was known – is something Värmland locals take very seriously. Värmland welcomes everyone!

Instagram Imagine yourself amid beautiful scenery, exciting tourist destinations, culinary experiences and exciting activities. @visitvarmland

Photo: Anders Lipkin

hese lines describe Värmland in a fantastic way. Our part of Sweden is filled with all this; but also, infinitely more! There’s the hospitality, cultural treasures, as well as the unique tradition of storytelling which is brought to life by both Västanå Teater and Wermland Opera. The magical forests that give us opportunities for recreation, contemplation and exercise. The miles and miles of lakes that are ideal for swimming and bathing, spending time on the shore, or just splashing your feet in the water at the edge of the shore. Our rivers give us the opportunity to go on adventures like rafting, canoeing, and kayaking.

SO NOW I’D LIKE to welcome you to join us on journey and be inspired by this year’s magazine.

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Mia Landin CEO, Visit Värmland

Everything you need before visiting Värmland. Find places to stay, events, local attractions, and places to visit. visitvarmland.se


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Majestic mansions


The great adventure

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Selma the pioneer

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34 Mystic and magic 36

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40 Alfred Nobel 42 Christmas all year round 44 Winter fun for all ages 48 The famous Ericsson brothers

Publisher: Mia Landin Editor & Head of Production: Pål Johansson Project Manager Visit Värmland: Jenny Nohrén Art director: Love Eneroth Repro: Bosse Blom Editors: Karolina Arenhäll, Anna Isaksson, Marcela Elofsson, Niklas Simonsson, Fridah Jönsson, Linnea Lindblad & Tomas Borgå Photographers: Named with each photo Illustrations: Love Eneroth Cover Photo: Linn Malmen


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Magnificent Nature in a Land of Culture

The hiking trail leads you straight into the wilderness. Soon, the muscles in your legs begin to feel the uphill climb. As you pause and turn around, you are well rewarded for your effort. You are gazing out over the forest of Värmland, and far below you catch a glimmer from one of the county’s thousand lakes and ponds. One reason to visit Sunne is the great hiking. Several of the local hiking trails have been improved in recent years, and there are now information signs in English. Some of the trails are challenging and physically demanding, while others are shorter and easier to walk. Around Sunne, every hike is an opportunity for adventure and wonder. The riches of nature and culture will leave you feeling rested and energized. In the surroundings of Sunne, you will

find breathtaking nature with deep forests, clear lakes and rivers, hills with spectacular views, and valleys with traditional farming landscapes. Sunne is well known for its wealth of nature and culture. Creative souls have always felt a pull towards this region – authors and artists, musicians and composers, stage actors and directors. Together, they have contributed to the cultural riches and the tradition of storytelling that set Sunne apart. The most famous of them all is author and Nobel Prize winner Selma Lagerlöf. She is best known for her story about the Wonderful Adventures of Nils. The book was originally written as a geography school book, but it soon gained praise and admiration far beyond Swedish school children. Selma Lagerlöf was born and raised at Mårbacka mansion just outside of Sunne. Her home is now a museum that offers guided tours, and her beautiful garden is open for visitors.



Activities close to nature If you’re looking for an active holiday amidst the forests and countryside, Värmland has exactly what you need. On the following pages we have collected together seven gems that are definitely worth visiting once or twice. Text: Pål Johansson

Photo: Shutterstock

Photo: Øyvind Lund

Activities in the wilderness Everyone can benefit from learning how to survive in the wildness. Nordmarkens Canoe Center, just south of Årjäng, offers several exciting courses for all levels of ability. The Center offers trips for young people, families and businesses. Choose from shorter, day trips or weeklong courses where you, for example, learn how to make a fire and live according to nature.

One of the Nordic regions best areas for salmon fishing is in the part of Klarälven river that flows through Forshaga. As well as catching salmon and trout, you can even catch pike, lake and grayling. You can fish from a boat or from the shore. Forshagaforsen rapids are divided up into four zones, and each has their own unique rules and regulations. Information on minimum landing sizes (MLS) and purchasing a fishing licence is on the Center’s website

Learn more: nordkanot.se

Learn more: forshagaforsen.com

Magical salmon fishing

Photo: Arvika Kanot & Turistcenter

Challenge yourself At Arvika Kanot & Turistcenter you can really push the boundaries, doing something you will remember for the rest of your life. The 12-stop climbing circuit combines climbing, play and adventure. It is both a physical and mental challenge. Round off the day’s adventure with a relaxing dip in the wood-fired hot tub with a fantastic view over lake Glafsfjorden. Learn more: arvikacanoe.se


Photo: © John van Helvert

Live like Huckleberry Finn You can’t get any closer to nature and serenity than on a timber raft that is slowly winding its way down river Klarälven’s gentle waterways, giving you plenty of time for reflection and contemplation. It is an unforgettable experience, as much of an adventure as time to relax and recuperate. You experience freedom here and untouched nature, and at the same time overcome the challenges that crop up during the course of the journey. Vildmark i Värmland have been organising timber rafting trips for customers for almost 40 years. There are a range of alternatives to choose from. A guaranteed memory for life! Learn more: vildmark.se

Skate culture Yes, it´s actually a great idea to bring your skateboard on your Värmland holiday. At Vildaparken i Väse, there is a 750 square meter skatepark, a mountain bike trail and obstacle course – right out in the middle of the forest. In Karlstad, there is a skateboard and BMX arena at Tingvallahallarna and Forshaga has its very own concrete park for skaters in town centre.


Spinning and paddling

Visit visitvarmland.se for even more suggestions for fantastic activities and trips on offer in the region.

Photo: Martin Kull, Contextphoto

More wilderness

If you’re looking for an active holiday, Backwater Outdoor offer an exciting holiday packet where you can savour Värmland from both a bicycle saddle and kayak. The trip begins in Karlstad where you cycle along Klarälvbanan trail north, which was once the old railway track. At Forshaga, you switch to kayaking and paddle down river Klarälven back to Karlstad. It is a invigorating 20km trip each way. Learn more: backwater.se

Photo: Roland Svensson

Family adventures Idyllically situated next to lake Rådasjön is Rådastrands Camping, a family paradise. You can choose to explore the area by canoe or mountain bike, challenge your fellow-travellers to a climb, a game of laser tag or even create your very own “Iron Man” challenge. Head out on an animal safari in the surrounding wilderness. Or just savour a relaxing bath and fish in the lake or close-by river Klarälven.

Photo: Øyvind Lund

Learn more: radastrand.com

Get close to a moose At Värmland’s Moose Park, just south of Ekshärad, you can get closer to the King and Queen of the Forest than you’ve ever been. Follow along with the proficient guides on an informative tour through the park, and learn about these stately animals. You will even have the chance to feed and pat the animals, as well as photograph your very own “Elkfie” with one of the royal family – a selfie with a moose! Learn more: moose-world.com


Welcome to Kristinehamn by Lake Vänern Create memories of nature…




Stay overnight or for a longer period of time in Kristinehamn to discover great nature. Find peace and quiet in our small town where you can choose between rooms in historical buildings, modern hotels, campsites, farm houses or cabins right by the water. Over summer, tour boats will take you to islands in the region’s unique archipelago. In wintertime you may want to go ice-skating or jig fishing. Stay for a few days and let us help you find memorable places in our part of the world.



Stora Vilången

Kristinehamn E 18


Björneborg 26





Lake Vänern is the third largest lake in Europe and a magnificent inland sea with breathtaking views of the horizon. It was created when the ice melted 10 000 years ago. Due to its size Vänern offers an environment similar to the sea but with the benefits of sweet water lakes. Smooth rocks, islands, beaches, shallow bays, clean water and protected wildlife areas. There are over 20 000 islands and islets. Reach a few of them when hiring your own boat. Or go on a chartered trip, a pirate adventure or regular tour boats. Get on or off at our guest marina near the town centre or at Vålösundsbryggan by the inlet to Kristinehamn. Stroll along the water on the walkway and stop for a rest at a café, a playground or park area.

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april 2019


Hiking Discover nature on our quality marked trails. You can hike along the water, follow the historical Iron Trail or wander in open landscapes and spot moose, sea eagles and other rare animals. Enjoy the silence, the rich flora and fauna, the colours and edible treats in our forests. Welcome to Kristinehamn!

Kristinehamn Tourist Office Tel: +46 550 881 87 E-post: turist@kristinehamn.se #visitkristinehamn www.visitkristinehamn.se/en 9.

Relaxing times at a majestic mansion

Leave everyday chores and stress at home. Instead, let yourself be enwrapped by the soothing surroundings of Värmland’s country manor estates. Truly, a balm for the soul; discover experiences that satisfy both your taste buds, body and soul. Text: Pål Johansson


MANY OF THE properties have once housed well-known Swedes; such as Alfred Nobel’s Björkborn in Karlskoga, Selma Lagerlöf ’s Mårbacka in Östra Ämtervik, Gustaf Fröding’s Alster in Karlstad and Erik Gustaf Geijer’s birthplace in Ransäter. The beautiful buildings are often framed by splendid gardens, beautiful fruit trees and magnificent paths and driveways. This all combines to ensure a visit will come as a welcome relief, providing rest and relaxation for stressed city souls. It is difficult to imagine a more idyllic place for a julbord – a 10.

Photo: Øyvind Lund

ll across Värmland magnificent, majestic mansion houses tower across the landscape. These often heritage buildings are beautifully situated amidst peaceful, dazzling surroundings. Country manor house have traditionally always had a strong foothold in Värmland. A visit to one of these manor houses is like an historical journey back to the time of patrons and nobility. The country estates are genuine pieces of Swedish history, some stretching back hundreds of years. Today there are, in total, around 30 manor houses in Värmland, scattered across the county like small glades amidst the dense, enchanted forest.

Discover more Discover your favourite among our manor house estates on visitvarmland.se

Swedish Christmas Table – or a romantic weekend together with someone special. Or if you are planning on getting married, your wedding day can be made even more unforgettable by hosting the ceremony and wedding celebrations in one of the manor houses. The forests and landscape would be ideal guests alongside the wedding party. “Top notch”, as everyone is saying these days.

Photo: Qvistform

Photo: Ă˜yvind Lund

Photo: Ă˜yvind Lund


Photo: Marcela Elofsson

Beautiful Hennickehammar’s manor house in Filipstad is wonderful whether it is for a festive celebration, conference or a relaxing weekend.

Culinary Top 10 according to White Guide 2019 Arvika – Barbord Kök & Bar Borgvik – Sliperiet Konsthall & Gastronomi Karlstad – Almars Krog, Barón, Blå Kök & Bar, Br. Olssons Elektriska, Naviero, Olssons Bazar. Kristinehamn – Ölme Prästgård Säffle – Krokstad Herrgård

The beautiful buildings are often framed by splendid gardens, beautiful fruit trees and magnificent paths and driveways. 12.

SOME OF THE manor houses help preserve the Swedish cultural heritage they contain, serving as museums. Others have a more modern approach, offering a combination of accommodation, spa, conference facilities and outstanding cuisine. The manor houses also serve as a perfect starting point to explore the local surroundings and many activities on offer. Go right out into the forest and explore the many other treasures waiting to be discovered.

Arvika welcomes you

RACKSTADMUSEET & CHRISTIAN ERIKSSONS MINNESGÅRD Kungsvägen 11, Arvika | Tel +46 570 809 90 | rackstadmuseet.se





ARVIKA KANOT & TURISTCENTER Canoe & Kayak • High ropes course Boat & Fishing • Hot tub & Sauna Bike & MTB • Group activities – WITH THE NATURE AS A GUIDE –

Ingestrand, Arvika • +46 570 182 45 • arvikacanoe.se


Embrace mansion life at Ulvsby Herrgård Ulvsby herrgård is situated on the slope down toward the western shore of lake Fryken, just a few kilometres north of Sunne. Here you will be very close to cultural as well as natural experiences. Stay the night and take the opportunity to enjoy excellent food and drink.


Welcome – we will do everything to make you feel at home!

Arvika Tourist Guide at visitarvika.se

Marianne Krönsjö and staff


www.visitarvika.se +46(0) 565 140 10



great adventure

A large part of the Nordic region’s longest waterway passes through Värmland. Follow along with Linnea and Niclas’ exciting journey south along the winding, meandering river Klarälven. Text: Pål Johansson Photo: Roger Strandberg / Linnea Nilsson-Waara


Great weather and not a ripple to be seen on Lake Femunden, the Norwegian lake which forms the start of the Trysilelva and Klarälven rivers.



such as Linnea and Niclas. Over the years, ou might remember the both had been on long trips, whether on couple from Visit Värmfoot or skis; however, a canoe and kayak trip land’s Instagram account was something totally new. They had the last summer. Linnea Nilssonbasics down, but needed to take a course on Waara and Niclas Bentzer learning different swimming techniques and from Skellefteå together, along with their how to read the water. dog Storm, paddled down river Klarälven on their journey to Gothenburg and the When it came to packing, it was all about intelligent packing; avoiding unnecessary North Sea. A 31-day trip that started at lake weight, and having what it takes to stay Käringsjön in Härjedalen and ended 805 warm and dry. kilometres away in Långedrag. – I remember one of my first mountain – The idea for the trip was born in 2016 trips when we packed nearly 50 kilos in when I read Nordens längsta vattendrag our bags. Among other things, it included [The longest waterways in the Nordic region] I was very inspired, but I had to think long a book about Kungsleden, which was unnecessary. You can just photograph it and and hard before suggesting the idea to Linnea. She jumped at it so have it on your mobile, says Linnea. we decided to start the trip 2 things about... the week after Midsummer in Niclas continues: ...fishing? Not as much 2018, says Niclas. – I think we did well. The as we had hoped... We only thing we were missing was were often too tired in a self-supporting tent, which A YEAR OF planning follothe evening. wed after they had made the would have been good when we ...fear? The biggest decision to go. And a year crossed lake Vänern and had to worry was when we overnight on barren islands. of paddling! Preparing for a were going to cross lake month-long journey puts a lot Vänern. You’re much THE COUPLE COULD not of demands on you, even for more affected by the those who have a genuine intehave chosen a better summer weather, and the risk of rest in nature and outdoor life for their adventure. All the drowning is greater.


Campsite at Rendalssølen, the 1,700 meter Norwegian mountain.


Read more about the couple’s adventure at: waaraworldwide.com and deluxeturer.se

For the beginner Learn about paddling, life-saving, and equipment. Do some research and go on guided tours. Check the weather reports, particularly if you’re planning on paddling across open water. Drink a lot. Take food that is light, full of energy and is easy to prepare. Stay Safe. Wear a life-vest. Don’t go alone. It’s more fun and much safer with a companion.


best and warmest bits of Värmland were on show. Rainwear wasn’t necessary and remained untouched at the bottom of their backpacks whereas their swimwear got plenty of use. – Despite being on the water all the time, it can be easy to forget to fill up with water. It wasn’t a problem when we were up river Trysil as we were paddling in drinking water, but down in Värmland it was important to make sure the bottles were filled. THEY LOOK ON their trip paddling down river Klarälven with some wonderful memories. In addition to it being fantastic, with great swimming on hand, and not to arduous a paddle, the trip also brought them closer to animals. They also got to experience some fantastic food and cultural events as well. – It gave a new dimension to our trip. After the barren wilderness and rapids of

the mountain terrain, it felt quite nice to be in more civilised terrain. The lovely people who followed our trip online gave us lots of tips and ideas about places, restaurants and attractions to visit along the way. THE SUMMER’S LOW water and numerous sandbanks made the journey somewhat longer than planned as they had to stick to the deeper, outer edges of the river. But it wasn’t anything that spoilt things for the couple, who as a result got to spend more time enjoying the surroundings and nature. Beavers, moose, deer and jumping fish crossed their path during the journey south. – In lake Vänern, it was awesome see a ferret swimming past us! And a frog that jumped down into Niclas’ kayak and tickled his legs before finding a new home on an island out in the beautiful archipelago, laughs Linnea.


Local delicacies Värmland’s fantastic nature provides a widerange of delicious taste sensations. From jams made from forest berries to goats’ cheese. Text & photo: Linnea Lindblad

For a spicy salad Product: Habenero oil Made by: Smaksinnenas skafferi Visit: @smaksinnenasskafferi


Tasty Fairs Culinary markets and fairs in Värmland this year. February • Wine & Deli, Karlstad CCC

For a fika in the bower Product: Raspberry cordial Made by: Guns bär & sylt Visit: Sandåsen 4, Slottsbron Ideal for the excursion thermos Product: Chocolate drink Made by: Naturpralinen Visit: naturpralinen.se

May • Skål! (Cheers!, Drinks fair), Karlstad CCC • Spring Market, Alster, Karlstad September • The Harvest Festival, Värmlandsnäs • Autumn Market, Alster • Smaka på Värmland (A taste of Värmland), Kristinehamn November • Carlstad Beer & Whisky Festival, Karlstad CCC • Christmas at Mårbacka • Christmas Market, Alster

Cooling for your throat Product: The doctor’s Horror – Peppermint Honey Made by: Björns Bigård Visit: biqupemums.se

Värmland goat cheese Product: Summer meadow goat cheese Made by: Finnskogens Ost Visit: ostaffar.se

December • Christmas Market, Mariebergsskogen, Karlstad • Christmas at Sågudden, Arvika

75% berries! Product: Blueberry jam Made by: Guns bär & sylt Visit: Sandåsen 4, Slottsbron


Taking bread to new heights

Mattias Dröschmeister and Gustav Fagerman are the childhood friends behind successful bakery Artisan Bread. They bake delicious breads and pastries, driven by their enthusiasm and creativity. Text: Marcela Elofsson Photo: Linnea Lindblad


e meet Mattias Dröschmeister at the bustling food market Smaka på Värmland (Taste Värmland) in Kristinehamn. In the next tent the Baking Festival is in full swing. – The Baking Festival is a concept my colleague Gustav and I came up with. It’s an energy kick to meet like-minded people and bake together, says Mattias. THE DUOS JOURNEY started about five years ago when, over a cup of coffee in Karlstad, they decided to start Artisan Bread at Kasernhöjden in Karlstad. – It was completely by chance, really. I was working in Norway and Gustav was working as a baker in Sweden. Everything came together at once. Within five minutes we were excited at the idea of starting a bakery together. SUCCESS CAME IMMEDIATELY. If it wasn’t enough that Artisan Bread was listed as one of Sweden’s best cafés in White Guide, Gustav Fagerman is now “Baker of the Year 2018”. – Both Gustav and I get restless if we do the same thing for too long. We really think alike and always strive to move forwards, to raise the bar even higher. 22.

Artisan Bread is a modern artisanal bakery inspired by the French tradition of baking. You will find a range of breads, pastries and coffee available in a beautiful location. Learn more: artisanbread.se

Food crafts that yield fruit

Stinas Gårdsbutik [Stina’s Farmshop] takes advantage of sun-ripened fruits and berries. The result is a range of sweet taste sensations and delicious jars of marmalade and chutney. Text: Linnea Lindblad Photo: Marcela Elofsson


ena Ahlgrimm lives and works in Väse, east of Karlstad, where the Drögsforsen rapids flow into lake Panken. It became her calling to take advantage of what is around us and refine it into artisanal foods. – I bought the company Stinas Gårdsbutik last year. I take fruits and berries from Värmland – a lot from my own garden – and turn them into marmalade jellies and chutneys, says Lena. As well as being made locally, all the products are free from artificial preservatives. Lena sees the future as bright, and she has many ideas for things that she wants to achieve. – I will continue to develop things like the vegan product range, and finding more distributors. Learn more: stinasgardsbutik.se

Lena’s plum chutney, which includes chili among its ingredients, gives a real kick!



Photo: Anders Tedeholm

White fairy tale creatures Maybe you have already heard the tales about them. The white kings and queens of Värmland’s forests. Our white moose is famous all over the world. The magic and ghost-like animal’s all-white appearance is not due to albinism, as one may think. No, these moose obtain this rare feature from a recessive gene that causes the animal to grow white hair with specks of brown. A condition referred to as piebald. Moose experts estimate that there are only just 100 of them in Sweden right now – out of the total population of around 400 000. And many of them live in Värmland. The best chance of glimpsing the unique white moose is in the western part of the county, in the areas surrounding Arvika and Glaskogen. As with all encounters with wildlife, a large measure of patience and respect is recommended. With a little luck, you might be the fortunate one to capture the mythical white animal in a photo.


We met up with ar his succ ess ful ne nature o f Vä

Te xt: Karo

Selma excursions around Sunne • Mårbacka Memorial Mansion • Rottneros Park • Ulvsby Mansion • Gylleby Mansion • Sundsbergs Farm Learn more: sagolikasunne.se


lina Aren

hä ll Inte rv

Selma LeLagerlöf ’s rin’s


amazing journey for equality

She was one of the central figures in the right-to-vote movement and was the first Swedish woman to receive rtis t and tv-perso thenaNobel lit y L ars Prize in Literature. Follow along on a journey ew serie Lerin to s which discuss focuses ärmland onSelma his love Lagerlöf’s through fantastic life. and th for th e cr


eativity it



gs. Je nny NohrText: Karolina Arenhäll Illustration: én & Cajsa Jansson Ph oto: Tomm y Ande rsso n

Love Eneroth


elma Lagerlöf was born November 20, 1858 at Mårbacka Manor Estate, the fifth of six children. The same year, the first major women’s reform took place, giving 25-year old unmarried women the right to apply to be seen as having come of age. – She grew up with an aunt who was under her father’s guardianship. He was a very conservative father who decided everything. Because of this, Selma did not have the chance to go to university Di d you kn and study, says Anna Nordlund, researcher and ow? author of Selma Lagerlöf – Sveriges modernaste kvinna Sandgrun d is Lars Lerin’s pe rm [Sweden’s most modern woman]. t art gallery, anen an

of Värmlan d one d’s most popular attraction s. Last year , 10 people vis 1,129 ited the mus eum. The gallery is open fro m Tuesday - Saturday all year ro und. The gallery als o opens for group pa subject to rties agreement. As well as the galle ry, there is a shop an d café. Learn m ore www.sand at grund.org

INSTEAD, SELMA WAS schooled at home along with her sisters. Her brothers were sent to school in Filipstad. Her father’s plan that Selma should remain at Mårbacka went against her own wishes. – Throughout her life she is incredibly confident about her talent – that she has something vey unique. At the same time she is scared that she will be forced to live a normal woman’s life, says Anna Nordlund. EVA FRYXELL, one of the early front figures of the women’s movement hears Selma read a poem at a wedding. Fryxell declares that “you must go out into the world; you must get an education.” This results in Selma attending the Royal Advanced Female Teachers’ Seminary in Stockholm. During her studies, Selma builds a network of contacts.

With the publication of her debut novel in 1891, The Story of Gösta Berling, Selma is careful not to repeat the mistakes of earlier members of the women’s movement. – She had the ability to be adaptable. Early on, she was conscious that she was moving in two specific circles. Both the women’s movement and around men, the latter demanding a strategy as to how to be accepted. She’s very clever at that, says Anna Nordlund. IN 1909 SHE was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature and then in 1914 seat number 7 at the Swedish Academy. She then began to make her mark outside literature. – She became Sweden’s first major celebrity. Both the Germans and English talked about her as “The Lagerlöf ”. She was influential, had a network of contacts at governmental level and was the key influencer of her time, says Lena Larson, head guide at Mårbacka. BOTH LENA AND Anna agree that Selma’s most important work was as a writer. – Her first novel, in terms of literature, had an incredible influence on magical realism. But her autobiographical books have also been enormously important in terms of role models for what a woman can achieve. That men aren’t better than us. I think that’s what a lot of the later books are about, says Anna Nordlund.


Hiking in vast forests

Värmland is synonymous with hiking – especially day hikes that are suitable for the whole family. Follow along on a wonderful hike to Sundbergsleden in Sunne and the forests around Selma Spa. Text: Linnea Lindblad Photo: Marcela Elofsson


e wake up as the afternoon sun shines through feather-grey curtains in our room at Selma Spa. After a refreshing facial treatment and a nap afterwards, it is time to get some fresh air. Before we came here, we knew there were scenic hiking routes nearby but it was a really nice surprise to discover that Sundberg’s nature area was just a stone’s throw away from the parking lot.


Handpicked hiking trails


EVEN THOUGH WE had only gone a few hundred meters, it felt like we were far away from the facilities. The damp gravel crunches under our shoes and our lungs fill with the fresh air, the scent of the rain clouds that passed a few hours earlier still in the air. The Sundsberg trail starts on even ground with a tractor path leading towards increasingly dense forest. The sun shines on the moss between the spruce trees and there is a faint whistle of wind gently blowing through the

Hovfjällsrundan Vitsand, Torsby 3,7 – 12 km, 1,5 – 5 hrs Moderate to Difficult

tree tops. Our goal for the day is to hike up to Utsikten (the view) at the top of Klövberget. Looking down, we will feast on our picnic and drink in the view that goes on for miles and miles across Fryksdalen valley. If we’re lucky, the heavens will give us as beautiful a sunset as the one we enjoyed yesterday from the restaurant at Selma Spa. SADLY, AT THIS time of year, when late summer has just turned into autumn, the ocean of

Halgåleden Brattfallet, Ekshärad 6,8 km, 4 hrs Difficult

Nötö-, Arskags- & Prästöleden Visnums-Kil, Kristinehamn 5,5–5,6 km, 1,5 hrs Moderate

From lake Vänern to the wilderness It is possible to travel from Hammarö in the south to Sysslebäck in the north thanks to Klarälvsbanan trail and the Klarälvsleden path. There is a 220 km car-free bicycle path which can be experienced on foot or from the saddle. Learn more: klaralvsbanan.se

Jäveröleden Jäverön, Karlstad 3–17 km, 1–6 hrs Moderate

7-torpsleden Lekvattnet, Torsby 7,9 km, 2,5 hrs Moderate

Kycklingleden Liljedal, Grums 5,7 km, 2 hrs Difficult

More info about the trails can be found at: visitvarmland.se varmlandsleder.se


Photo: Øivind Lund Photo: Øivind Lund

Did you know that... ...there is a cycle and hiking route between Storfors and Lungsund? It consists of asphalt, gravel and footbridges.

anemones that cover this popular attraction are past their best. On the other hand, the leaves on the trees have started to turn orange and red at the top of the forest canopy. Compared to other nature areas in Värmland, both plant and animal life are particularly evident the countryside around Sundsberg thanks to the calcareous bedrock in the area. For example, seven of the eight species of woodpeckers found in Sweden are to be seen in the region if you are lucky. As the trail grows steeper, our pulses increase, perhaps more than usual given how relaxing 30.

the last twenty-four hours have been. By the time we have reached the top, the sunset is spectacular – yet another chance to take a moment to relax and enjoy the calm. THREE HOURS AFTER leaving the Spa, we are back in our room again. After a delicious culinary experience at dinner in the restaurant, we decided to take a final dip in the jacuzzi. The fresh air from the day’s hike feels like a cool veil wrapping around inside us as we climb into the bubbly water.

Photo: Ă˜ivind Lund

Photo: Ă˜ivind Lund


Fika It´s time for a

The scent of newly baked buns and freshly brewed coffee is a hard to beat combination. There are many cafés in Värmland to have a cosy “fika” – enjoying coffee and cakes and a good chat just like the Swedes do. Here are some of the very best. Text: Marcela Elofsson


Photo: Löfbergs


t Löfbergs Rosteri & Kaffebar in Karlstad, coffee is firmly at the centre of things. Manager Emma Johansson describes it as a tiny “geek café” situated amidst Löfberg’s enormous “coffee skyscraper”. – People are now talking about the character of coffee in the same way you talk about the character of wine. People are more and more interested in coffee’s different qualities and flavours, says Emma. Emma believes that people are increasingly choosing black coffee instead of latte or cappuccino, which was previously more popular. But the most important thing is to have high quality produce and offer fantastic service.

Did you know that... ...Löfbergs’ produces the equivalent of over 10 million cups of freshly brewed coffee every day.

– When you come into the café, it should feel like you’re visiting our living room. CLOSE TO KLÄSSBOL’S Linneväveri, you’ll find the café, KaffeKvarnen (The Coffee Mill). There’s a selection of ice cream and home-baked goodies prepared in their own bakery – all located in a café that’s built in an old flour mill. And if you are in to ice cream Mormors Glasscafé (Grandmas Ice Cream Café) in Lysvik is the paradise for you. Since 2007, thousands of ice cream lovers have traveled to the small café at the shores of Lake Fryken. Here you can enjoy lots of amazing ice cream creations and flavours with a stunning view over the lake.

Photo: Sarah Shaffer

Enjoy these cosy “fika” places Photo: Kaffekvarnen

The Café in Naturum Värmland You’ll find café in Naturum Värmland located in Karlstad’s municipal park, Mariebergsskogen. You can come here to eat the traditional Värmland cake or other delicious cakes and pastries.

Alsters Herrgårdscafé Cosy Alsters Herrgårdscafé (Manor-house café) has a selection of home-baked bread, and classic cakes and pastries such as “Frödingtårta”. Several other businesses are to be found here such as an art gallery, manor-shop, handicraft shop and an exhibition about Gustaf Fröding.

Photo: Day Photografi

Café Tant Blå On the second floor in Ulvsby Herrgård is Tant Blå. It’s a tiny, quaint summer café with a stunning view over lake Fryken. You can relax with a good book from the café library, or gather friends and family to feast on a selection of coffee and cakes. Down a flight of stairs they bake cakes and bread with fresh local ingredients. Well, not the coffee of course – that’s from Karlstad.

Unique excursions... Tilas Stoll It is easy to imagine that all sorts of gnomes and trolls have passed Tilas Stoll, the entrance to the Krakbo mine in HÜgbergsfältet nature reserve in Filipstad. It is like the horizontal ore mine from 1767 was taken from a Swedish folk tale with its moss covered rock walls and lush vegetation. The mining operation was abandoned as early as 1906, but Krakbo as well as 15 other mining holes is preserved in the area. For the botanist there are many unusual plants to discover, including the rare orchid Purpurknipprot (Epipactis atrorubens). An unexpected person who became aware of Tilas Stoll is Alice Cooper, whose Facebook post about the mine was liked by over 29 000 people and shared 5 081 times world wide. Learn more: visitfilipstad.se


Photo: Shutterstock

As if taken from a Swedish folk tale.

Other Filipstad favourites Do not miss visiting the famous WasabrÜd crispbread museum or the well-attended folk festivities the Filibjur Week (in July) and the Oxhälja Market (in September). Read more: visitfilipstad.se


Cultural findings Museum, art gallery or musical? Packed with cultural activities and events, Värmland offers plenty of things you shouldn’t miss. Text: Pål Johansson

Photo: Lars Lerin

Meet Alfred Nobel At idyllic Björkborn in Karlskoga, you can follow Alfred Nobel and his co-workers, played by theatrical guides, and be taken around Nobel’s last Swedish home. Learn more about the world famous inventor, and explore the laboratory where he experimented with gun powder. A visit to the Fiffiga huset – The House of Ingenuity – is a must for curious children of all ages. Learn more: nobelkarlskoga.se

By the rapids in Deje you’ll find Gamla Kraftstationen (The Old Power Station) – an industrial complex that’s been converted to an art gallery. Among this year’s exhibitors are the painter Annika Röhs, photographer Peter Gerdehag, sculptor Pontus Ersbacken and popular satirist Mathias “Villfarelser” Leclér. Also, don’t miss the new glass hut where a young glass blower will be at the ready later this year. Learn more: gamlakraftstationen.se


Photo: Gamla kraftstationen

Industrial romance

Enchanting watercolours The artist Lars Lerin’s gallery Sandgrund in Karlstad is one of the county’s most popular excursion destinations. The building, which was once a popular dance hall, is picturesquely situated near the river Klarälven. This year, among other things, you can be enchanted by paintings from Lofoten (Norway), which have never previously been exhibited. Learn more: sandgrund.org

Photo: Karolina Henke

Ready for reopening A fantasy world of paper creations by Bea Scenfeld will be on show in the gold foyer when the newly renovated Värmlands Museum reopens on June 1. Her creations have been worn by both Lady Gaga as well as actors at the Royal Opera. Värmland local Christian-Pontus Andersson’s emotional sculpture exhibition depicts fear and the exhibition, Life in Värmland, will take you on a historic journey together with people who lived in in the region. Children shouldn’t miss out of visiting Little Anna and the Tall Uncle. Learn more: varmlandsmuseum.se


Outstanding Theatre

For almost 100 years, a familyrun business from Klässbol near Arvika, has specialised in linen and produced durable and beautiful home textiles. Their work is visible at the Nobel party, embassies as well as the Crown Princess’s home, along with thousands of other homes. Recently, the weaving company developed textiles for the newly renovated and reopened National Museum in Stockholm. Some of these are available to purchase.

The applause after the successful musical Something Rotten has just died down but there are already new cultural delicacies to be savoured at Wermland Opera in Karlstad. Up next is the classical opera Carmen, Georges Bizet’s love story about life and death. It premiers May 30, 2019. This autumn it’s time for the comic opera Albert Herring by Benjamin Britten.

Photo: Mats Bäcker

World-famous weaving

Leran more: wermlandopera.se

Photo: Jenny Nohrén

Learn more: klassbols.se

Photo: Sliperiet

Rembrandt & Zorn at Rackstad Drawing on Sweden’s foremost colony of artists, led by Gustav and Maja Fjæstad in the early 20th century, Rackstad Museum has a permanent exhibition displaying some of the treasure from Swedish art history. This year’s guest exhibitions include an exhibition of personal, neverseen-before photographs by Anders Zorn, one of Sweden’s most important artists. If that isn’t enough, visitors also have the chance to see 50+ sketches by one of the greatest visual artists in the history of art, Rembrandt van Rijn. Learn more: rackstadsmuseet.se


Art & Heritage Fans of art and gastronomical enthusiasts have been attradcted to Borgvik and Sliperiet Konsthall & Gastronomi since 2010. Cultural heritage and modern art are combined at the gallery in the shape of exhibitions that include both national and internationally renowned artists. Two of this year’s names include: the wooden sculptor Maria “Wild Heart” Westerberg and Clive Arrowsmith, who has photographed many of greatest performers in the history of music. Learn more: sliperietiborgvik.se

Photo: J.P Hjort

Travel back in time Since 1963, thousands of tourists have traveled to the small village of Brunskog, just east of Arvika. 20–27 of July it’s time for Gammelvala, or ”The Old World” in Värmland’s dialect. A folk festival week filled with sounds, scents and visual impressions from days of yore. In the beautiful environment, right next to Lake Värmeln, you wander around and soak up the atmosphere and watch craft techniques and traditions from the peasant society. Learn more: gammelvala.se


Tourist Center • + 46 (0) 560 16050 • turist@torsby.se • visittorsby.se

Did you know... ...Bofors Hotel is not far from Alfred Nobel’s Björkborn? It’s a wonderful place to stay with its sober setting and stately lounges. Read more: boforshotell.com


Alfred Nobel –the multifaceted innovator

Alfred Nobel was an inventor, businessman, and founder of the world’s most prestigious prize: The Nobel Prize. We welcome you into his world.


lfred Nobel will always be remembered as one of the world’s most successful businessmen and inventors. It was clear that he was a very modern man both from his career and private life. For example, when he moved into Björkborns Herrgård, a manor house in Karlskoga. The manor was included as part of the purchase of the industrial firm AB Bofors-Gullspång. He had ambitious plans and wanted Bofors to be the biggest competitor to British and Germany steel manufacturers. He began by investing just over 2 million kronor, replacing machinery and modernising the company. He also purchased a laboratory and a small hydroelectric power station. ALFRED WAS USED to having running water and electricity, but there wasn’t any to be found at Björkborn. In order to have the kind of home he wanted, he made certain demands from the Board of Bofors. He asked for a billiard table and a comfy bed, even though he rarely slept more than four hours per night. But the most important thing was bookshelves. – Alfred left behind over 2 000 books when he died – all in the original language of publication. We still have his library, says Edith Oldenburg, guide at the Alfred Nobel Björkborn museum.

SHE EXPLAINS THAT Alfred loved Värmland and often travelled about the region by horse and carriage. – He had three Russian Orlov stallions when he moved into the estate. He didn’t like it that the carriage made so much noise when traveling on grit roads, so he adapted the carriage wheels and had them covered in rubber. He then added light with the help of steel alkaline batteries on the horses and in the carriage. It’s an excellent example of just how modern he was in his thinking. AT THE TIME of his death, December 10, 1896, Alfred had amassed a fortune of 33 million kronor. Alfred’s loyal and trustworthy colleague Ragnar Solhman, was made executor of his Will together along with Rudolf Lilljeqvist. It was Alfred’s wish that 30 million kronor be used to set up a foundation where 80 percent of the interest would go to Nobel prizes and the remainder would be reinvested. It turned out to be more difficult to do this than expected. The Nobel family went against his wishes and contested the will, wanting his money. The Swedish king at the time, King Oscar II, wanted the prize money to only go to Swedish researchers. But in spite of the strong opposition, Alfred’s final wish respected. Since 1901, the world’s eyes have been focused on Sweden once a year when the prize winners are announced.

Photo: Øjvind Lund

Text: Marcela Elofsson

At home with Alfred At Alfred Nobel’s Björkborn you can see a reconstruction of Alfred Nobel’s last Swedish home. What was once Alfred’s stables is now home to conferences, parties and concerts. The museum offers guided tours all year round. What’s more, the so-called “smart house” attracts children and adults with its range of cool experiments. If you get hungry, there is a museum café.


Father Christmas lives in Halla

In Halla, outside Forshaga, it is Christmas all year round. You will find Värmland’s only official Santa Claus and a Christmas Shop here with Sweden’s widest range of everything Christmas. Text: Karolina Arenhäll Photo: Jenny Nohrén


ou don’t become Father Christmas: You are Father Christmas. At least, Inge Olsson in Halla is convinced of this. – It’s a calling, just like the clergy. He, if anyone, should know. After all, he was made an official Father Christmas back in 1995. It is a role he has grown into, keeping pace with his beard which, over the years, has turned from black to white. – I ran a scrap yard for 53 years, so I’ve always been out and about a lot. And often it happened that kids called out ‘Mum, mum! It’s Father Christmas’. The mums tended to be embarrassed but I’ve always said it’s fine. So when I retired it was obvious what I should do instead.

THE SCRAP YARD has been turned into a Christmas shop with what Inge calls ‘Sweden’s widest range of Christmas things’ with over 80 suppliers. And it is open all year round. – I’m at events at shopping malls and Christmas bazars mainly in November and December but the shop is open all year round. During the summer busses with visitors have come all the way from South Africa to say ‘hi’, says Värmland’s very own Santa Inge. Learn more: wermlandstomten.com


THE EDIBLE COUNTRY Sweden, the biggest do-it-yourself-restaurant

The Edible Country is a do-it-yourself gourmet restaurant where visitors forage and cook their own food at one of seven tables placed in the Swedish wilderness. Each table comes with recipes composed by four Swedish Michelin-starred chefs and made of ingredients you can find in our forests, fields or lakes. Reserve your place at the table in Värmland and enjoy the beautiful surroundings of the Kittelfältet nature reserve, just a 40 minute drive from Karlstad.

bookatable.com, visitsweden.com Seven handmade, wooden tables and cooking kits are placed around the country by Visit Sweden and the regional tourism board. They can be booked on bookatable.com or visitsweden.com from May until September. Together with your booking you will receive a recipe and a cooking-kit to be able to cook a menu with ingredient from our forests, fields and lakes.

Family fun on the slopes

As a landscape, Värmland is multifaceted. In winter, Sweden’s southernmost mountain resorts offer everything a ski enthusiast could wish for. Find your favourite among our child-friendly and popular ski resorts. Text: Niklas Simonsson

BRANÄS – PARADISE FOR FAMILIES Branäs is probably not for the extreme-skier who puts black slopes at the top of the wish list. But it has plenty to offer because everything is family-friendly, both on-piste and off-piste in the cross-country tracks. Children under the age of eight skis for free, and all activities are included. It is no wonder that Branäs has been awarded Sweden’s Best Family Ski Resort twelve times. There are 30 amazing downhill runs, thirty kilometres of cross-country tracks, 27 cabin areas and lots of fun activities to be found. Did You Know? Sweden’s first Ski Cross World Cup event took place i Branäs 2009. Learn more: branas.se SNOW-SAFE HOVFJÄLLET About 17 kilometres north of Torsby, Hovfjället proudly stands 542 meters above sea level. The resort has just over a dozen snow safe slopes, cross-country trails and ski schools all catering for a fantastic family holiday. The resort is located in a beautiful nature reserve and is both a popular summer and winter destination. For a number of years, you have also been able to book accommodation in one of the 19 cabins at the top of the mountain. You can’t get any closer to nature and the lifts than that. Did You Know? Branäs was named Sweden’s Best Ski Resort 2014 by the website turistmål.se Learn more: hovfjallet.se 44.

CONVENIENT SKI SUNNE Ski Sunne is situated with an amazing view over lake Fryken. There are lots of things to choose from here including alpine skiing, sledding and a mogul and a black slope for daredevils. Children up to the age of seven – wearing a helmet – ski free. You can choose to stay in a variety of options, including hostels and cabins. If you want to add a real sparkle to your holiday, there are a couple of fantastic manor houses and hotels close by offering buffet breakfasts and four-course meals. Just to make the holiday even more unforgettable. Did You Know? “Hertigen” (The Duke) is the resort’s longest ski slope, measuring a total of 1 800 meters. Learn more: skisunne.se VERSATILE VALFJÄLLET In Åmotfors, near the Norwegian border, you’ll find a resort with one of southern Sweden’s largest falls. There are wide pistes and narrow pistes, catering for everyone from toddlers to semi-professionals. If you’re lucky, you might run into local alpine star Matts Olsson on his very own slope! As an alternative to skiing, there are other fun activities to be had amid the winter landscape such as horse riding. Did You Know? If you visit Valfjället during the summer, you should not miss Noresund golf course, which is literally right next door! Learn more: valfjallet.se


Photo: Shutterstock

Photo: Ă˜yvind Lund

Photo: Shutterstock

Car Rallies Värmland has plenty of high speed car rallies during the summer and winter. Rally Sweden, Sweden’s largest rally race, is held in Karlstad and Värmland’s northern forests in February. The Rallycross World Cup (World RX of Sweden) is held in Höljes on July 5–7. The Gelleråsen Arena in Karlskoga holds plenty of exciting races all summer long.



WELCOME! In the City Park of Karlstad, you experience Naturum Värmland, the farm animals at the zoo, the Play Garden, the outdoor museum,

good food and swedish fika, outdoor life and many exciting events. A favourite among many locals and tourists alike!





Art, music & industrial romance in the unique Old Power Station, Deje, Värmland. The organic café Culinarum enhances your experience. The entire world has already found its way here. You are welcome too! gamlakraftstationen.se



Visit our museums, walk in the city core, paddling, hiking, cykling, fishing, explore minerals or just be.



ar i vägg

Here´s many unexplored juwels with nature around the knot. VisitFilipstad.se, 0590-613 54

Photo: Shutterstock

A bit of dressage to go? A fun and somewhat odd bit of summer fun is to head out on a dressage tour. You will find beautiful coures in Värmland in, for example, Årjäng, Säffle, Hagfors, Degerfors and Kristinehamn. Learn more: visitvarmland.se


The amazing story of the Ericsson brothers

Brothers John and Nils Ericsson were involved in the Swedish railways, Slussen in Stockholm and the invention of the propeller. Welcome to their hometown Filipstad. Text: Fridah Jönsson


f you have ever gone through the main entrance to Stockholm Central Station or taken a bus from Gothenburg bus station, you’ve come across “the wermlander” Nils Ericsson. There is a statue of him outside the Central Station and the bus station is named after him.

NILS ERICSSON IS, together with his one-year younger brother Johan Ericsson, one of Värmlands greatest historical figures in innovation and engineering. The brothers, born 1802 and 1803 respectively, grew up and worked in Filipstad where they were creators of both new ideas and things. Nils Ericsson became head of the hydrolic works in both Säffle and Karlstad. He had considerable passion for his work in water transport, and when the railways began to be built in Sweden from the mid 1800s onwards, he also began to be involved with transport on land. Nils soon had a leading role in the planning of the country’s railroads. Even Stockholm was pleased to have his knowledge of infrastructure, when he was involved in the reconstruction of both Slussen and the quay Skeppsbrokajen. JUST A SINGLE glance at his brother John’s CV would be enough to see that a fascination with technology and physics ran in the family. There, amongst other things, are distinctions such as inventor of the hot air machine, and the world famous armed frigate USS Monitor, which played a decisive

role in the American Civil War. Perhaps his biggest distinction is as inventor of the propeller. When the American screw-propelled steam-frigate Princeton used John Ericson’s propellers in a competition against a steamer, the propeller was heralded the world over. There is a statue of John Ericsson in New York, and there is a monument in his honour in Philadelphia. THE ERICSSON BROTHERS have been of considerable significance for Filipstad, Värmland and Sweden. Each year a scholarship is awarded in the brothers’ name by Filipstad municipality, and each summer a reconstruction of the Battle of Hampton Roads is performed in Filipstad, where spectators can, amongst other things, watch as boats fire canons at each other. This is just one of the many ways in which they are honoured in their home region.

The Museum of Långban Långbans gruv-och kulturby (mining and culture village), where you can follow John Ericson’s work building the world’s first armoured plane with a moving gun tower. Eat at Anna Karolina’s kitchen in John Ericsson’s garden. And hey, don’t miss the charming cinema from the 1950s. Learn more: varmlandsmuseum. se/langban


Spend time in Karlstad The city by the big lake - Vänern. A city that’s not too big and not too small and where the people are friendly and helpful. The place where the sun always shines. Or “Sola” as we should call genial inn hostess Eva-Lisa Holtz who spread joy and happiness back in the 18th Century. Karlstad can certainly merit various different descriptions but the simplest would be to describe it as a place where people feel good and feel at home. A warm welcome!

Close to everything

Touching art

From opera to street art

It can sound clichéd to say everything is within easy reach. But that is the honest truth in Karlstad. There are 11 hotels within a 14-minute walk of the railway station. And some are even within a short three minute walk.

You’ll be surprised by both local and international artists and photographers in delightfully creative symbiosis.

Calling Värmland an important node on the Swedish culture map is by no means an understatement. Both new and old sit side by side here.

After checking into your hotel, you’ll find most things to discover in Karlstad are within strolling distance. You will also be amazed at how beautiful the city is. The Klarälven delta where the river runs into Lake Vänern means you are almost always surrounded by water and places to swim right in the city centre. Geographically, Karlstad is in the centre of a triangle between three big cities. It is 220km from Oslo, 250km from Gothenburg and 300km from Stockholm. Getting here couldn’t be easier.

A city full of water If you want to lean back and simply relax, you can take the popular water buses that complement the regular bus services from June to August. Take a ride on the Klarälven river in central Karlstad or a longer trip out into the Vänern archipelago with its sun drenched rocks. For the price of a standard bus ticket. karlstadsbuss.se

Sandgrund Lars Lerin Artist and author Lars Lerin is considered to be one of the most prominent watercolour artists in the Nordic countries. He exhibits his works in his own art gallery in Sandgrund, a former dance hall.

Wermland Opera Experience opera and musicals of high artistic quality in one of Sweden’s six opera houses that has hosted everything from Wagner’s Ring Cycle to Shrek the Musical.



Värmlands Museum This is one of the most popular regional museums in Sweden that hosts international exhibitions and tells the story of Värmland cultural history.

Artscape In 2017, a street art festival was arranged in Värmland consisting of large scale murals on building façades. You can see 7 of the 25 artworks here in Karlstad. The artists came from Portugal, Australia, Argentina, Sweden and elsewhere.


Sliperiet A modern culture centre in a beautiful old industrial building where art and crafts by both famous and upcoming names are exhibited. Beautifully situated in Borgvik 40km from Karlstad. sliperietborgvik.se

Gamla Kraftstationen The Old Power Station has been transformed into a culture arena with a unique art gallery that also hosts exclusive concerts and creative activities for young people. Located in Deje 35km from Karlstad. gamlakraftstationen.se


Alsters herrgård Alsters herrgård, birthplace of poet Gustaf Fröding, tells the story of the poet’s life and exhibits local art and crafts. There is also a café and crafts store here. karlstad.se/alstersherrgard

Brigadmuseum This experience centre offers a journey back in time from 19451991 where you can feel, listen, read and see how the Cold War influenced Sweden, both militarily and politically. brigadmuseum.se/in-english

Family fun

Fancy some soft adventure?

Mariebergsskogen Beautiful Mariebergsskogen, Karlstad City Park, is very popular among families with children. You can pet animals in Lillskogen, take a ride on the Conrad Höök train, swim, play miniature golf and have a coffee break.

In Karlstad, you can have a comfortable stay and eat well and also enjoy delightful outings in the local countryside.


Leo’s Lekland A 3,800 square metre play centre that offers fun and mischief with a pirate ship that fires foam cannonballs, seductive tower slide and an exciting volcano climb. leoslekland.se

Sundstabadet Launch yourself down the water slide or simply relax in the warm lagoons. There is also a special children’s area for very young children. sundstabadet.se

First Camp Skutberget-Karlstad Here, you can rent kayaks, paddleboards and pedal carts. There’s also a volleyball court. You can also play mini golf, frisbee golf and beach volleyball. en.firstcamp.se/skutberget-karlstad

Karlstad SweCamp Bomstadbaden This campsite 8km west of Karlstad offers windsurfing, beach volleyball, kayaking, pedaloes and mini golf. bomstadbaden.se/en

On Västra Långholmen and Segerstadshalvön peninsula, there are disability friendly walking trails so you can also discover the beautiful nature if you are a wheelchair user or pushing a pram or buggie. If you fancy exploring the water close up, you can rent a kayak or canoe. A shorter trip on the Klarälven river or a more adventurous outing in Lake Vänern, the choice is yours. Skutberget, I2-skogen and Sörmon are ideal for a mountain bike outing, and only 20 minutes away.

Give your taste buds a real treat Along Klarälven, in the inner harbour or on Drottninggatan in the city centre. You can eat really excellent food in several different places in Karlstad. In 2018, Almars Krog, Blå Kök & Bar, Br Olssons Elektriska and Olssons Bazar were all listed in the White Guide (the 2019 guide is published in March). Coffee has a special place in the heart of Karlstad and Värmland. It is home to Löfbergs, one of the largest coffee companies in Scandinavia and you can often inhale the aromas from its roastery pretty much anywhere in the city. Its café Rosteriet, is listed in the White Guide 2018, as are Artisan Bread, Swenströmskas Stenugnsbageri and Carli Choklad (the 2019 café guide is published in May).

A selection of events this summer 8/6 8/6 3/7 4-6/7 5-7/7 31/7 30/8-1/9 5-7/9 14/9

Karlstad Stadslopp. 10km run in central Karlstad with 5,000 entrants. Sola Springmeet, Norra fältet. Värmland’s largest vehicle show. Karlstad Grand Prix, Tingvalla IP. World class athletics. Putte i Parken, Norra fältet. Music festival with free entry. Baltic Sea Youth Games 2019. Large youth event with 13 sports. Gyllene Tider - Goodbye tour, Mariebergsskogen Athletics-SM 2019 Abundance - international dance festival. Dancers from round the world. Tjurruset. The muddiest run of the year.

To read more about what to do and experience in Karlstad, please visit our web page visitkarlstad.se/en for information in English. facebook @visitkarlstad

instagram #visitkarlstad



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Värmland 2019 eng  

Inspiration for your journey through the fabulous landscape.These lines describe Värmland in a fantastic way. Our part of Sweden is filled w...

Värmland 2019 eng  

Inspiration for your journey through the fabulous landscape.These lines describe Värmland in a fantastic way. Our part of Sweden is filled w...