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2019-2020 Marketing Plan



Message from the President Carpe potestatem or “Seize the Opportunity”! Fiscal Year 2019 has presented Visit Jackson with unique challenges. These challenges have resulted in boundless opportunity. From hotel construction, transfer of and plans for hotel renovation and upscale rebranding, new restaurant developments with nationally awarded and recognized chefs, new and strengthened events and a growing attractions tourism product. All of these collectively contribute to the transformation of Jackson into a viable tourism destination. Within the pages of the fiscal year ’19-’20 marketing plan, we will recap Visit Jackson’s accomplishments and involvement in the tourism industry. Please note that this year’s plan will introduce new aspects, including outlined provisional goals and objectives, along with Visit Jackson key performance indicators.

Steeped in southern culture, Jackson is home to a multitude of world-class painters, sculptors, dancers, actors, architects, photographers, filmmakers, musicians and artisans of many disciplines. The city pulses with music from classical to inspirational, home-grown gospel, blues, jazz, rock ‘n roll, R&B and the official home to Southern Soul. The activity that Visit Jackson is charged to employ helps enhance the quality of life for the City by contributing to the economic vitality of the City and her citizens. Quantifying that impact with credible data will be a priority for Visit Jackson in the upcoming year. All of these aspects align with our culture shift at Visit Jackson, including how performance is measured and the transparent reporting of performance measures. During the second quarter of fiscal ’18-’19, Visit Jackson engaged stakeholders, representing industry and business professionals to serve on (5) advisory committees. Many of the initiatives within this plan are a reflection of the work of those committees of dedicated experts. One of the initiatives realized is the release of a request for proposals (RFP) to engage industry specialists to develop a 3-5-year Strategic Plan for Visit Jackson. That vendor will be identified by October 2019 and commence work soon thereafter, with the final plan being ready for your review in early 2020. The strategic planning process will engage industry professionals, the business community, and residents alike. We will use results of the plan to help set future

2019-2020 Marketing Plan

Jackson, MS is known as the “City with Soul” because of her perseverance and her triumphant spirit. She’s birthed many historical marks that have shaped this country and beyond, from Civil Rights to Civil War, to music, to world-class museums and exhibits, to thriving festivals and events, a thriving arts and cultural community, to award-winning attractions to James Beard Foundation chefs and restaurants.

2019-2020 Marketing Plan

priorities, focus energy and resources, strengthen operations, and ensure that our human capital and other stakeholders are working toward common goals. This document will serve as a springboard to a larger initiative, a destination master plan, with a forecasted commence date for fiscal year ’20-’21. Accountability, with focused efforts regarding maximizing the return on investment, will drive all future programs and projects. In fiscal year ’18-’19, the Visit Jackson sales team sent over 115 leads to industry lodging partners. While we are proud of this, in the upcoming year, we are committing to implement more aggressive strategic sales activities, coupled with performance measures. Our sales department professionals are poised to meet the challenge and realize growth in leads generated for future business, room nights booked, new business, sales missions, and an increase in larger regional and moderate national meetings. During the upcoming fiscal year, Visit Jackson will initiate sales activities to promote Jackson as a wedding destination. We will also build upon the synergy realized with our targeted and collective international sales promotion partnership with Visit Mississippi. Jackson will also enter the LGBTQ+ marketplace, introducing Jackson as a welcoming, viable and affordable meeting option. Finally, during this past year, Visit Jackson invested in the Destination International Economic Impact Calculator. This resource utilized metrics extracted by Tourism Economics, an Oxford Economics Company, to more objectively measure the economic value of an event and calculates its return on investment to local taxes. Armed with this information, Visit Jackson can make a more quantified decision regarding funding of partner activities, grant awards, and sponsorships. Jackson is a city built on opportunities. Today, the strength and promise of Visit Jackson is reflective of the stakeholders we represent. A continued unified partnership will realize impactful marketing of our city as a premier travel destination.

Rickey L. Thigpen, MSL President & CEO Visit Jackson

TABLE OF CONTENTS Message from the President


About Jackson Convention & Visitors Bureau dba Visit Jackson Mission Goal Vision Values Diversity Inclusion Statement


Historical Overview

01 05

Tourism Impact & Forecast


Fiscal Year Review and Situation Analysis


Measurements, Return on Investments & Quality of Life


Local & Regional Tourism Impact


Good Eats Good News: Product Development


International Visitation Interest Music: The Birthplace of Southern Soul


Adapting to Growing Market Conditions


Evolution of the City with Soul Branding


SWOT Analyses

04 Goal Metrics


Economic Impact Conventions & Meetings, Trade shows, Sporting Events & Group Tours

02 2019 Key Market Indicators


Sales Room Night Goals


Influencer and Advertising Numbers


Key Markets & Drive in States


Audience Demographics & Travel Behavior

03 Fiscal Year 2019 Review & Key Accomplishments


Executive Finance & Administrative Department


Inquiries by State


Marketing Department


Sales & Services Department


Destination & Industry Objectives


Convention Services


Consumer Travelers/Tourism


Quality of Life of Local Citizens


DMO Administration


FY 2020 Visit Jackson Activities


Talent & Human Capital

05 Organizational Summary


Board of Directors


Advisory Committee Members


Staff Directory

06 FY 2019-2020 Budget Overview

About Jackson Convention & Visitors Bureau dba Visit Jackson The Jackson Convention & Visitors Bureau dba Visit Jackson is the official destination leadership organization for the City of Jackson. It serves the Jackson Community by positively impacting the city’s economy through recruitment and securing meetings and tourism activities. Visit Jackson is a quasi-independent governmental agency created by the Mississippi State Legislature.

Mission The Mission of Visit Jackson is to connect, engage and inspire the Jackson community to be a welcoming destination for conventions, meetings, sporting events, and special events, resulting in rich, cultural, and memorable experiences with a rewarding sense-of-place for visitors and an economically beneficial and an enhanced quality-of-life for residents.

Goal The overall goal of Visit Jackson is to cause major economic impact for Jackson through programs designed to identify, attract and service conventions and meetings, trade shows, group tours, sporting events, and consumer travelers, while cultivating relationships with stakeholders, the value of citizen contributions, and the collective quality of life of the destination.

Vision To be recognized and respected as an innovative destination marketing organization that sustainably achieves economic vitality and success through the constant, complete, and fully committed practice of our shared values in the promotion of Jackson, Mississippi, as a world-class destination city.

Values Integrity



We are fair, honest and transparent, inspiring trust in others.

We respect, nurture, support and empower one another.


We uphold the spirit of our community; the goal of our organization, and we are committed to making our jobs and the jobs of our co-workers’ fun on a consistent basis.


We respect and understand the importance of our bureau’s mission, take pride in being an integral part of its success, and are committed to aggressively upholding the principles of diversity, inclusion and hospitality.

2019-2020 Marketing Plan

Diversity Inclusion Statement Visit Jackson is fiercely committed to reflecting and upholding the value of diversity of thought, culture, and lifestyles that is inherent in the Jackson community. We are dedicated to practicing radical inclusion and believe that a plurality of ideas and experiences shaped around civil dialogue and equitable outreach is the driving and consistent force that makes Jackson a great destination and a great city.


2019-2020 Marketing Plan

Historical Overview


In 1983, the state legislature established the Jackson Convention & Visitors Bureau (JCVB). Senate Bill #3080 authorized the creation of JCVB, identified its purpose and provided for funding through the levying of a 1% sales tax on hotels/motels and restaurants. These funds form the foundation on which the Bureau promotes Jackson as a tourist, group tour, trade show and convention/meeting destination.

2019-2020 Marketing Plan

The Jackson Convention & Visitors Bureau’s name was changed to the Metro Jackson Convention & Visitors Bureau during the 1994 legislative session, expanding the Bureau’s marketing responsibility to include the City of Ridgeland’s tourism product. Per a legislation change, the partnership ended after three years. On June 30, 1998, Jackson’s Destination Marketing Organization (DMO) experienced a legislative sunset. Following the sunset, the JCVB became a division of the City of Jackson mayor’s office, continuing to market the city of Jackson in a manner that our clients were accustomed without enabling legislation or tax collections. During the 1999 legislative session, Senate Bill #3117 extended the original repeal date. Since then, the life of Jackson’s premier tourism destination marketing organization has been extended. During the 2018 legislative session, House Bill #1637 extended the repeal date through July 1, 2019. The 2018 enacting legislation removed the Education Community board seat and replaced it with a Jackson Convention Center Commission Representative. HB #1637 also placed a mandate for the Joint Legislative Committee on Performance Evaluation and Expenditure Review (PEER) to conduct a complete review of the agency which included accounting practices, office operations, administration, staffing, resource utilization and other best practices of facility management of the agency. In November of 2018, the final report from PEER was released. However, prior to the release of the PEER Report, leadership at Visit Jackson changed. This leadership transition resulted in a significant culture shift for Visit Jackson including philosophical and operational adjustments. During the 2019 Legislative Session, House Bill (HB) #1706 extended the life of Visit Jackson until July 1, 2022. Per HB #1706, Visit Jackson is governed by a tenmember Board of Directors representing constituency segments of the Jackson community, including: • • • • • • • •

(2) Lodging Members (2) Restaurateurs (1) Business/Chamber of Commerce Representative (1) Attractions Association Member (1) Arts Community Member (1) Education Community Member (1) Mayor’s Office At-Large Appointee Convention Center (General Manager), Non-Voting


Tourism Impact & Forecast Measurements, Return on Investments & Quality of Life Local & Regional Tourism Impact Good Eats Good News: Product Development International Visitation Interest Music: The Birthplace of Southern Soul! Adapting to Growing Market Conditions Evolution of the City with Soul Branding!


2019-2020 Marketing Plan

Fiscal Year Review and Situation Analysis

2019-2020 Marketing Plan

National Travel & Tourism Week

7,000 Jobs

$367 mil

in Local Taxes

Fiscal Year 2019 Review and Situation Analysis Acting as an agent of the Jackson, Mississippi tourism industry, the community at large, and its stakeholders, Visit Jackson promotes all segments of the community as a preferred tourism destination. In furtherance of its mission, the vision of Visit Jackson is to be the recognized catalyst to make Jackson, Mississippi, a dynamic travel destination by sharing our SOUL with visitors. Over the past year, Visit Jackson has experienced a significant culture shift resulting in philosophical and operational adjustments.

Hence, the Visit Jackson Board of Directors has rededicated itself to developing policy and providing resources to maximize the economics of tourism for Jackson, Mississippi. During the FY2019 Board of Directors Retreat, Board members examined the DMO’s mission, goals and vision. From those discussions, the Bureau’s Goal statement was revised and a formal Vision Statement, Values and a Diversity Inclusion Statement were realized.


Measurements, Return on Investments, and Quality of Life In 2018-19, Visit Jackson served a base of over 490 stakeholders, which includes lodging, restaurants, facilities, attractions, constituents and events in Jackson. Visit Jackson employed a staff of 17 full-time employees, part-time registration support/welcome staff, an accounting/ auditing firm, legal representation and a legislative lobbyist. While the staff size remains consistent, all job descriptions have been reviewed/recrafted with professional development opportunities maximizing human capital potential. Performance metrics, coupled with tactical methodologies, drive the evaluation process for all staffers.

Additionally, there will be a finite budget allocation for all funding awards; Visit Jackson has identified approximately 10% of its overall operating budget as sponsorships and grant funding. This new philosophy will help Visit Jackson ensure adequate opportunities in its sales and marketing functions, the mainstay of the agency’s mission. Visit Jackson will launch an on-line grant application portal to more effectively and objectively review applications for funding community events, attractions, promotions, and larger festivals. Additionally, Visit Jackson will maintain a partnership with the Greater Jackson Arts Council to facilitate and support smaller community festivals, quality of life and arts & cultural initiatives.

Annual Events





Stakeholders Facilities

25 7





2019-2020 Marketing Plan

Fiscal Year 2020 will be lean for Visit Jackson. The Board of Directors and Management alike are committed to continuing impactful operations within our revenue receipts. The Bureau, along with its Advisory Committees, have evaluated all services. The agency remains committed to improving the quality of life of Jackson through vigorous opportunities that impact Jackson’s economic vitality. During the revaluation process, all of Visit Jackson’s untraditional, destination

marketing organization initiatives became an immediate area under review. We are pleased to announce that the Bureau was able to preserve the Visit Jackson grant fund program; however, moving forward, there must be defined funding levels limits within each grant-line category.

Local and Regional Tourism Impact

2019-2020 Marketing Plan

Currently, Jackson has just over 5,000 hotel rooms in its inventory. Of that current inventory, approximately 50% are reported by the industry as sellable, i.e., brand recognizable and/or noted by U.S. News & World Reports through its comprehensive methodology-centered components: reputation among professional travel experts, guest reviews and hotel class ratings. This will be a factor for Jackson and the Visit Jackson sales team as they become more strategic in recruiting larger regional, as well as more national, meetings and conventions. Jackson, MS is located in the center of the state and is the state’s Capital City. Jackson is surrounded by bedroom communities that are initiating a competitive posture. In FY 2020, Visit Jackson will launch new strategic partnerships to develop a collaboration that creates an initiative focused on capturing larger business opportunities metro-wide, thus creating a win-win for the Greater Jackson Area. During FY2020, Visit Jackson will initiate discussions with its Advisory Committees to critically examine opportunities for a membership program, hence, creating the propensity for additional advertising resources and marketplace identity. During the past year, Visit Jackson launched a campaign encouraging “locals” to take pride in their hometown. The “My City” initiative included broadcast and digital media partnerships with local outlets. The campaign included promotional components that boldly demanded that those who live, work and play in Jackson take pride in her. During Fiscal Year 2020, Visit Jackson will conduct “My City” Phase II. The reach of the campaign will be broader and will incorporate additional media partnerships and untraditional advertising tactics.


Good News! Product Development partial listing •

Good Eats! In FY2019 the new Visit Jackson advertising campaign amplified the promotion of Jackson as a culinary trailblazer. Visit Jackson joined the entire hospitality industry as we touted the area’s award-winning chefs and restaurants both nationally and internationally. During the upcoming fiscal year, Visit Jackson will expand messaging utilizing visual and performing art to compliment and promote Jackson’s diverse food scene. Visit Jackson stakeholders should look for new and innovative tactics as the DMO expands the advertising reach for Jackson restaurants.


Delta Hotels by Marriott® (formally, Marriott Downtown Jackson) complete renovation w/303 keys Homewood Suites, Fondren-Jackson new construction w/125 keys

We are pleased to announce that Visit Jackson will also be relocating in November 2019. After significant consideration, Jackson’s destination marketing organization will move into one of the area’s landmarks, The Electric Building. Duckworth Realty, Inc. provided an opportunity to relocate the Bureau and provide enhanced visibility, accessibility and the opportunity to open a visitor center with extended hours in our capital city. The executive conference room and visitor center will be housed on the ground level at the corner of Pearl Street and West Street. The Bureau offices will be located on the third floor of the building.

Mississippi Fairground Complex construction of the new Trade Mart & Coliseum renovations Myrlie & Medgar Evers Home transferred to the Federal Parks Inventory w/renovations, new hours of operations and a potential visitors center Convention Center Hotel adjacent to the Jackson Convention Complex; Farish Street Development Jackson Redevelopment Authority (RFP process) Smith-Wills Stadium new management and $6 million renovation, w/multi-sports complex potential International Museum of Muslim Cultures new downtown traveling exhibit occupying a previously vacant property Capitol City Welcome Center grand opening January 2020 (exciting partnership in negotiation) Jackson-Medgar Wiley Evers International Airport Welcome Center – limited visitor center staffing partnership Refill Café grand opening; tourism industry workforce development project


International Visitation Interest During Fiscal Year 2019, Visit Jackson initiated more aggressive marketing efforts to discover International interest for Jackson as a tourist destination. Visit Jackson partnered with Visit Mississippi, attending its first International trade show in London, England. The appetite for Jackson was overwhelming. International tour (receptive) operators and journalists alike expressed interest in Mississippi in general and Jackson specifically. Some of the drivers for this new interest include The Mississippi Civil Rights Museum, the Smith Robertson Museum and Cultural Center, Mississippi’s civil rights legacy, Southern food, and of course…The Blues Trail and live music venues. The Visit Jackson Sales Department is partnering with Birmingham, Memphis, Montgomery, Atlanta and the Mississippi Delta to develop co-operative itineraries to attract more international tourists. During Fiscal Year 2020, Visit Jackson will continue to co-host FAM Tours with Visit Mississippi to promote the destination as a viable option for the International Market.

Music: The Home of Southern Soul Visit Jackson will continue to promote and capitalize on Jackson’s vibrant and diverse music inventory including Blues, Jazz, Gospel, R&B, House and now Southern Soul. Visit Jackson will work with stakeholders to promote these assets and create promotional partnerships to expose opportunities for visitors and locals alike an opportunity to experience live music in Mississippi’s Capital City. Restaurants and venues that offer dining options accompanied by live music and authentic experiences will be a principal for promotional partnerships.


Adapting to Growing Market Conditions Downtown is becoming a viable area, home to over 1,000 residences. Commerce and a vibrant neighborhood now intersect in downtown Jackson. Leadership within some of Jackson’s significant stakeholder agencies is experiencing change. The competitive lodging market itself is undergoing significant changes as short term rental options are now legitimate stakeholders. Visit Jackson will engage this niche market in FY2020. Meeting planners are becoming more self-sufficient in planning conferences utilizing on-line and electronic resources. Adventure travel and intrepid journeys are becoming drivers for family and millennial leisure travel.

Traditional lodging experiences are now encouraged by spa options and other highend luxury experiences. A commitment to zero- and low-waste are now factors when environmental-conscious travelers choose dining options. In FY2020 and beyond, technology will impact all travel plans. “Techies� are now using cryptocurrency bookings to control travel costs and savings associated with their overall destination experience. Visit Jackson will consider all of the new trends as it facilitates its (3-5 year) strategic plan for FY2020, and subsequently, the destination master plan launch scheduled for FY2021.


Evolution of the City with Soul Branding

Get Ready! Visit Jackson will unveil a powerful new visual brand associated with our tag, City with Soul. Visit Jackson will utilize the new brand strategy to aggressively expand positive messaging to define the SOUL of Jackson. We will promote the city’s history, her perseverance and her triumphant spirit, along with her historical contributions that have shaped this country and beyond: from Civil Rights to the Civil War, to music, worldclass museums and exhibits, thriving festivals and events, award-winning attractions to James Beard Foundation chefs and restaurants.

Jackson has beautifully changing seasons offering numerous fall and holiday events rich with traditions, surprising spring flings shake off winter’s chill and laid-back summer celebrations detour off the fast lane. Jackson’s a soulful kind of place for a weekend getaway, family fun, a group tour, a reunion, a convention or a small business meeting. Jackson is…The City with Soul! Visit Jackson is ready to share her with the world!


2019-2020 Marketing Plan

Steeped in southern culture, Jackson is home to a multitude of world-class painters, sculptors, dancers, actors, architects, photographers, filmmakers, musicians and artisans of many disciplines. The city pulses with music from classical to inspirational, home-grown gospel, blues, jazz, rock ‘n roll, R&B and the newly proclaimed home of the Southern Soul music genre.


2019-2020 Marketing Plan



• • • • • • • • • •

Dedicated sales and service team Trusted relationships with clients Integrity of the staff New leadership with empowered staff Diversity of staff Supportive Mayor History of fiscal responsibility Improved communication Focused & mission driven Strengthened community & industry partnerships Continued growth and investment within the city

Opportunities • • • • • • • • • • • • • •


Destination value Building cooperative sales strategies w/JCC Demonstrating commitment to stakeholders Empowered by the DMO leader Workplace cohesiveness New office/welcome center Continuing education/ training opportunities Cooperation with surrounding communities Increased tax revenue Sports Commission Official brand development – “City with Soul” “My City” campaign PEER Report Implement procedural changes

• •


• • • • • •

Slow at implementing procedural changes Limited support and trust from the industry Past relationship of JCC and Visit Jackson Limited knowledge of destination by all staff Budget limitations Need to be more proactive and less reactive regarding projects Current office location PEER Report Response time and participation from Jackson visitor industry partners

Threats •

• • • • • •

Planners may overlook Jackson based on a negative experiences Mississippi flag issue Financial position of the JCC Limited DMO revenue Staff burn-out Perception of Jackson (crime, racism, homophobia) Growing neighboring communities, i.e., (Brandon Amphitheater, Flowood Convention Center, Vicksburg Sports Complex)



• • •

More progressive than stereotypical Mississippi Unique and authentic music, arts, culture, and history/ the cultural hub of the state Designation of the state capitol positions the destination as significant Positioned for development and growth Vast culinary offerings Central location within the state/Southeast

Opportunities •

• • •

Development of SmithWills Stadium into a multipurpose venue Education regarding the power of Jackson tourism (tourism, arts, history, culture, staycation opportunities) Education hub for the state New/younger leadership in multiple Jackson agencies Implementation of the “MY CITY” campaign, additional tactics will validate us as the “City with Soul”


• • • • • • •

Greatness surrounded by eyesores Lack of knowledge regarding Jackson’s vast tourism product by locals Abandon and neglected hotel property inventory Need for additional branded hotel inventory Comprehensive modernized sporting complex Public transportation and connectivity Way-finding signage for tourism product Entertainment district Discounted air travel carriers

Threats • • • •

• •

Proximity to Memphis and New Orleans Negative perception Continued neglect which leads to more blight Comprehensive sporting complex development in bed-room communities State flag House Bill 1523



Sales Room Night Goals Influencer and Advertising Drive in States Top Air Travel Organizations Audience Demographics & Travel Behavior


2019-2020 Marketing Plan

2019 Key Market Indicators



Education 2,739

Corporate 1,750

<1% Reunions 110

5% Government 1,830

15% Equine 5,965


FY 2019 Market Mix 11% Association 4,515

35% Sports 13,835

Sales Room Night Goals FY 2020


2019-2020 Marketing Plan

2019-2020 Marketing Plan

Religious 6,189

7% Fraternal 2,578





Multicultural Sports






Group Tour
















International Tours





Influencer and Advertising Numbers

20+ million advertising impressions (digital)

5+ million advertising impressions (print)

1+ million advertising impressions (broadcast)

4+ million advertising impressions (social)

30+ million advertising impressions total

Key Markets (in order) Atlanta Memphis New Orleans Dallas Birmingham Chicago


Drive in States (in order) Georgia Texas Tennessee Louisiana Alabama


Audience Demographics & Travel Behavior Boss Babes

2019-2020 Marketing Plan

These are career-minded, ambitious women who have a “no-nonsense” attitude at the office. Typically not involved in an overlycommitted relationship. Good fit because: They have a decent amount of disposable income, and, while they may be all-business in the office, they look forward to “getting away” and having some fun. Lots of interest in nightlife experiences and other resort-style amenities. Possible sub-sub groups include African-American women in this category and those looking to take “girl trips.”


Hipsters Rather than trying to “sell” Jackson as a great destination with all this amazing stuff to see and do, we should try and capitalize on the greatest weakness (er, opportunity) of the Millennial mindset - their FOMO. Let’s think along the lines of not blatantly and over-commercially encouraging people to travel to Jackson, but rather emphasize that visitors here encounter experiences that are hip, fun, and not replicable anywhere else. Jackson is “not quite like anywhere else,” and therefore it is inferred that if you don’t come here, you’re missing out. Maybe we show intimate snapshots and moments in time around which we can weave a larger narratives that align with the personality types discussed in the last section.

Ah, the quintessential Millennial stereotype. Hipsters express an affinity for “authentic cultural experiences” and a nostalgia for all things neo-retro. Good fit because: They typically have fairly decent jobs and no kids, and therefore some disposable income. Hipsters will travel in couples or sometimes small groups. The many culturalbased attractions that Jackson offers, as well as funky areas like Fondren, music venues and boutique hotels fit well with what this group considers an “authentic cultural experience.”



This group has been called “Millennial Marthas” because they enjoy making/crafting. Some make supplemental income from these “hobbies.” These are mainly females but also males are involved in some instances. Likely these individuals are in relationships and may have young children.

Foodies will plan trips and experiences around culinary exploration. Typically young professionals in semi-committed relationships or relatively newly married.

2019-2020 Marketing Plan


Good fit because: Jackson has many assets that have a “small urban” crafty feel, as well as hidden amenities these types of individuals would find enjoyable (art scene, maker spaces, etc.). They’re potential customers of boutique hotels and festivals.


Good fit because: Jackson has been expanding it’s culinary product in terms of number of restaurants and genres of food. And, all restaurant purchases within the city help fund Visit Jackson. This group also enjoys nightlife and some cultural experiences, and aligns well with some of our existing marketing assets.

2019-2020 Marketing Plan


This group places travel and “experience” very high on the life priority list. They tend to not be overly tied to high-level occupations or committed relationships. Good fit because: Although their expendable income isn’t as high as other groups, they prioritize travel, so they’re always looking for a new place to go. While this group isn’t going to be repeat visitors, they make a worthy audience as their travel adventures are shared on social platforms, making them potential defacto ambassadors. They would most likely be a one-and-done visitor, but would be open to traveling to Jackson if nothing else but to “check it off their list.”


2019-2020 Marketing Plan


2019-2020 Marketing Plan

Fiscal Year 2019 Review & Key Accomplishments Executive Finance & Administrative Department Marketing Department Sales & Services Department


Restaurant & Occupancy Revenue

Executive, Finance & Administrative Department The Administrative Department provides the Bureau with operational support. This department is also responsible for financial reporting and control, human resources, inventory control, policies, procedures and general management. In addition, it assists with Bureau-wide signature events and activities, quality of life initiatives, governmental & community engagement. Measurable and accurate metrics are vital for reporting to our partners and stakeholders. To this end, we engaged our customer relations management (CRM) vendor in a training session for our staff and partners to better assist us in tracking and reporting our performance. Additionally, the finance department instituted Destination Internationalâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Event Impact Calculator (DIEIC) to measure the economic value of an event and calculate its return on investment (ROI) to local taxes. DIEIC is an industry-wide performance metric based on our specific market. Visit Jackson again received an unqualified audit opinion, as it has since its Sunset in 1999. We also continued to maintain our accreditation status with the Destination Marketing Accreditation Program (DMAP) and remain one of only three accredited DMOâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s in the State of Mississippi.


We are on pace to have the best year ever! Food & Occupancy collections have increased 11% since 2009 Fiscal year 2019 collections are: 3% Higher than 2018 2% Higher than 2015

Inquiries by State

From October 1, 2018 to July 31, 2019, the Bureau had almost 4,000 inquiries within the United States.

Some of the signature events, industry & community engagement projects the administration supported during the 2019 fiscal year include: • • • • • •

• •

Local & National Industry & Educational Conferences National & International Trade shows Active memberships in many industry-specific associations Legislative Welcome program and reception National Travel and Tourism Week Activities Miss Jackson Hospitality Scholarship Pageant Program and the Little Miss Jackson Hospitality component Hospitality Training initiative, including training and certification for all Vehicle for Hire personnel Food Truck Friday Produced the first Mayor’s Conference on Tourism

Other tactics included: • •

• • •

• • •

• •

Facilitated a Successful Audit Report Strategic interaction with the Joint Legislative Committee on Performance Evaluation and Expenditure Review A successful 2019 Legislation Session, Reauthorization through 2022 Streamlined human capital resources and budget Redefined employee goals and departmental budgets accompanied with resources including training, performance-based employee evaluations and accountability Implementation of a 360° vertical communication and engagement strategy with all stakeholders Implemented (5) Community/Industry Advisory Committees Re-evaluated all Visit Jackson financial underwriting, grant, sponsorship and quality of life participation protocols Presented a FY 2020 balanced budget to the Visit Jackson Board of Directors Industry engagement has been enhanced throughout the State of Mississippi, Southeast Region and National Level


Marketing Department The Marketing Team of Visit Jackson provides support to the President/CEO and all departments and divisions of the bureau. The team is responsible for marketing, promotion and implementation of all bureau-wide signature events and activities and maintaining a positive public image and building strong relationships with our industry partners through public relations. This team also leads in achieving the mission of the agency through advertising, branding, strategy, research, technology and market development initiatives.

Website design and management, including integrated website language translation Public relations initiatives

The Marketing department introduced several successful campaigns throughout the year across numerous platforms and markets and placed over $450,000 in direct advertising. These efforts led to a 40% increase in website sessions with a majority of the growth coming from Atlanta, New Orleans, Birmingham and Memphis metro areas. Most notable, there was a 180% increase in website sessions in the Atlanta market.


• • • • •

including Identifying and hosting travel writers and influencers Social media strategies and management Stakeholder programs, partnerships and correspondence Collateral messaging and creative City-wide signage and public art projects National/Regional marketing partnerships and consumer trade shows Statistical and conversion analysis

2019-2020 Marketing Plan

The Visit Jackson marketing team is responsible for corporate and destination branding and maintaining integration across all platforms. Some of the projects that marketing is responsible for throughout the year include:


By executing a successful travel marketing campaign with Expedia, the city’s hotel revenue and visitation increased by 3% overall. Visit Jackson’s, “Be Soulful” Social Media Campaign contributed to significant growth in Facebook likes (14% increase), Instagram followers (19% increase) and YouTube views (75% increase). The newly developed “Follow Me to Jackson” National Influencer Campaign resulted in the creation of a new Discover JXN microsite for influencer itineraries, making it easier for potential visitors to plan their trip to Jackson. Visit Jackson hosted six high-reaching influencers this fiscal year, each one sharing their travel itinerary with their followers.


November 2018




Oct. 1, 2018 - Aug. 21, 2019 Oct. 1, 2017 - Aug. 21, 2018

December 2018

January 2019

February 2019

Significant increase in page views during the release of the My City campaign, March 2019.

March 2019

April 2019

With over a 6.8 million people reach, this campaign had 501,187 engagements. In partnership with WLBT, the marketing team introduced the “My City” local campaign aimed at promoting community pride in the Jackson metro area. A merchandise line was also developed. There are plans to build on this campaign in the future. Visit Jackson has been very successful in marketing the city as a top foodie destination. A culinary familiarization tour during the inaugural Mississippi Food and Wine was held. Each writer, representing brands throughout the United States, shared their individual perspectives on all things food related.

May 2019

June 2019

visitjackson.com July 2019

Web Analytics Sessions

August 2019


Page views




106,706 vs 76,471

90,411 vs 65,666

199,163 vs 156,183

The foodie blog, SippJackson.com, saw an increase of 64% in website visits over the previous year. These online food reviews are a collective partnership of more than three local influential bloggers. The â&#x20AC;&#x153;Chefs with Soulâ&#x20AC;? web-series produced episodes 3 & 4 during 2018 and continues to grow followers. Marketing continues to support tourism across Mississippi via consumer co-ops which include, the Chicago Blues Festival, the Atlanta Food & Wine Festival and the hosting of International travel writers. The Marketing team also conducted a media blitz in New York City resulting in meetings with seven national journalists. These meetings have already led to increased interest in Jackson on a national level. The marketing team hosted 15 international and national journalists throughout the year, including the Forbes Travel article highlighting MS Food and Wine and Cultivation Food Hall.



2019-2020 Marketing Plan

Sales & Services Department The Sales Department of Visit Jackson is the primary economic engine of the Bureau. This department is comprised of sales and services functions. These staff persons research meeting and potential activity for the destination. They establish relationships with clients, present bid presentations, book and service meetings, conventions, group tours, reunions and sporting events. In 2019, the Visit Jackson sales team booked a total of 115 meetings and conventions in the city with approximately 264,636 delegates and room nights totaling 30,337. Of these 115 meetings and

conventions, 68 were new to the city. During FY 2019, there were 80 new leads that were generated for future years. Also, during that period, there were 268 meetings and conventions that were held in the city. These meetings and conventions represented 597,832 delegates. This was a slight decrease in delegates of -3.2% as compared to the 2018 fiscal year. However, Jackson experienced 32.3% increase in room nights for the 2019 fiscal year as compared to 2018. The total room nights realized for 2019 was 38,240 versus 28,909 in 2018. The significant growth in the Equine, Fraternal, Government and the Sports market segments contributed to this increase.

• • • • •

• • •

ArtPlace America National Black Caucus (LEO Conference) 2D Sports Tournament Southeastern Museum Conference MHSAA Varsity Cheer/Dance Championships


• • •

National Baptist Convention, USA, Inc. Raw Dog Classic 2019 Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc., 88th Southern Regional Convention International Association of Black Professional Firefighters Black Softball Circuit Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Incorporated



Booked Sales Infographics

Room Nights

30,337 33

2019-2020 Marketing Plan

Significant events that contributed to this 32.3% increase in room nights for FY 2018 include:

Also, during the FY 2019, there were 80 new leads that were generated for future years. Some of these leads include the following: • • • • •

2019-2020 Marketing Plan

• •

International Corvette Club Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. (2022 South Eastern Regional Conference) National Rifle Association Associated Locksmiths of America 2022 Mississippi Governor’s Conference on Tourism Mississippi Hospital Association Southern Sociological Society

Jackson experienced a decrease in occupancy of -3.5% for the calendar year of 2018 as compared to 2017. However, the overall ADR (average daily rate) for Calendar Year 2018 slightly increased by 0.1%. Supply and demand for Jackson continues to remain flat. Moving forward, we remain optimistic that with the onset of new hotel product over the next few years, those numbers should grow. Group tour and international sales continues to be growing for Jackson. In FY 2019, Jackson was host to 31 group tours and international tours. There were approximately 574 room nights for 2019. This is a 24.8% increase in tours for the 2019 FY as compared to FY 2018. These tours represented visitors from across the United States and internationally to include, Germany, Switzerland, United Kingdom and Italy. Visit Jackson also partnered with the Mississippi Development Authority to host four International Familiarization Tours in the city during the 2019 fiscal year. We are proud of our city and honored to support Jackson business and civic organizations, providing support and representing Visit Jackson on various community boards, commissions and agencies.


Destination & Industry Objectives Objective 1 Serve as an economic engine for the city of Jackson.

Objective 2 Increase the demand in the Jackson, Mississippi area for hotel rooms, attraction visits, package tours, retail sales, restaurant, local transportation and other events and activities that positively affect the economic impact of the local tourism industry.

Objective 3 Boost the exposure and demand for the Jackson Convention Complex and other Jackson meeting venues for groups and special events that draw attendees to stay overnight in Jackson hotels.


Objective 4 Enhance the opportunities for national and international media exposure for Jacksonâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s diverse attractions, natural environment, historical significance, authentic culture, business, government, medical communities and unique personality to further education and understanding of the City with Soul and its tourism product.

Objective 5 Welcome all visitors, regardless of age, sex, sexual orientation, race, color, national origin, religion, marital status, veteran status or disability.

Objective 6 Continue to aggressively build an experienced destination marketing organization culture promoting Visit Jackson and its benefits, value and resources to the Jackson community and its stakeholders.


2019-2020 Marketing Plan


2019-2020 Marketing Plan

Goal Metrics Economic Impact Conventions & Meetings, Trade Shows, Sporting Events & Group Tours Convention Services Consumer Travelers/Tourism Quality of Life of Local Citizens DMO Administration


Economic Impact

Actively participate in and contribute to the overall strategic planning for the growth and sustainability of the Jackson visitor industry and its product through active community engagement utilizing Visit Jackson’s human capital expertise. • •


Provide a five-year strategic outlook for the Bureau Provide a comprehensive tourism planning template for the industry to initiate a Destination Master Plan (DMP) process for Fiscal Year 2021 Identify viable DMP partners to share the fiscal resources and collective ambition

Conventions & Meetings, Trade shows, Sporting Events & Group Tours

• Book 84 New Convention/ Meetings For Jackson • Generate 280 New & Qualified Convention/ Meeting Leads • Book 20 New Reunions/ Group Tours For Jackson • Generate 45 New & Qualified Reunions/ Group Tour Leads • Increase Hotel Lead Response Rate to 80%;

2019-2020 Marketing Plan

• Increase the number of convention delegates by 16.4% • Strengthen and broaden the strategic sales and marketing approach for Jackson.


Enhance the opportunity for Jackson to be positioned as a historic, cultural and culinary beacon to conventions and meetings by aggressively exposing its authentic natural resources to visitors.

• •

• •

2019-2020 Marketing Plan

• •


Maximize Jackson’s participation and visibility to meeting planners with CVENT Identify and utilize new lead generation organization Increase visibility and awareness of our product to 3rd party meeting planners Increase blitz execution in targeted markets Increase participation and improve visibility of Jackson in International markets Host at least five International FAMs in collaboration with Visit Mississippi Enrich Jackson’s presence at trade shows Produce quarterly “direct email” campaigns to meeting planners

Create and participate in partnership opportunities

• •


Utilize the destinations sporting environment and stakeholder facilities to recruit, grow, and retain sporting events in the Jackson, Mississippi area and continue to expand the visibility of Jackson as a growing athletic destination, and the amateur sports markets. •

Attend a minimum of two consumer trade shows in FY2020 Collaborate with Visit MS for tourism trail promotions (Freedom, Blues, Literary) and new trail markers in Jackson Participate in Visit MS advertising co-ops and branding opportunities supporting Jackson’s rich culture Support the efforts of the Jackson-Medgar Wiley Evers International Airport (JAN) by increasing marketing partnerships and sales tactics resulting in a heightened demand for air service to the destination.

Increase restaurant, attraction & hotel offerings by offering discount cards to out-of-town visitors Continue to participate with Visit Mississippi in sales initiatives that generate exposure to Jackson’s product Explore trade show co-op opportunities with the Jackson Convention Complex Host a Reunion Expo in collaboration with Visit Ridgeland Partner with hotels by offering packages to meeting planners that include attraction passes and restaurants discounts Work with museums to offer packages to tour operators to help increase museum visitation and promote room nights Partner with the Delta, Vicksburg and Tupelo areas to increase group tour traffic to Jackson Partner with hotels, attractions and meeting facilities to host quarterly “client appreciation” events

• • • •

Sponsor an event at National Association of Sport Commissions (NASC) to increase visibility Work closely with local governmental stakeholders to improve the conditions of local sports facilities Host a local event to promote the new Mississippi Coliseum Develop a monthly newsletter to specifically promote sporting facilities Increase advertising through digital media to specifically target sports Continue Sports Advisory Council quarterly meetings in order to develop and put into action ways to recruit, grow and retain sporting events in Jackson, MS.



Revitalize “City with Soul” brand through new marketing/ advertising methods • • •


Produce new “City with Soul” music video Create, update and introduce new culinary promotions Integrate City with Soul brand into merchandise, ad specialty and overall marketing Create new “City with Soul” podcast series

• •

Funnel advertisements and marketing materials to the meetings section of the Visit Jackson website Assist JCC with facility booking Update CVENT partnership to increase number of RFPs and awarded RFPs • 30% increase in unique RFPs submitted; 35% increase in awarded RFPs Offer and promote packages to meeting planners to increase utilization and exposure of the Jackson Convention Complex Utilize CVENT to create “banner ads” that would specifically feature the JCC

Convention Services

Realize a Visit Jackson Services Evaluation Rating of at Least 90% Increase overall experience for visitors in order to increase return visits and positive feedback • • •


Execute digital surveys at the conclusion of each meeting or convention Increase the number of face-to-face post cons by at least 25% Generate surveys to hotels to evaluate potentially larger Visit Jackson engagement and facilitation of meetings or conventions Encourage communication exchange from registration assistants to meeting attendees while on-site to ensure all attendee needs are met Position the new visitor center, our registration staff and other industry related personnel as experts on all that Jackson has to offer

2019-2020 Marketing Plan

Boost the exposure and demand for the Jackson Convention Complex and other Jackson meeting venues for groups and special events that draw attendees to stay overnight in Jackson hotels.

Consumer Travelers/Tourism

• Continue to Improve the Awareness and Image of Jackson as a Viable Tourism Destination. • Grow the Visit Jackson Social Media Following by 5% • Enhance Visitation Traffic to visitjackson.com by 40% • Increase average Session Duration Rate from Two to Three Minutes • Enhance the Ctr to 0.3% • Achieve a $5+ ROAs on Paid Media Campaigns


Increase visitjackson.com website traffic and social media followers • •

• •

• • •


Refresh and reorganize site layout Partner with digital firms and search engine companies (Google, etc.) to display destination ads across the southeast Create new digital display messages Produce monthly and bi-monthly alerts via Constant Contact to our partners and visitors Produce higher quality content and more regularly scheduled posts Target 5% engagement rate per post Implement additional influencer campaigns

Support the efforts of the Jackson-Medgar Wiley Evers International Airport (JAN) by increasing the marketing partnership and sales tactics resulting in a heighten demand for air service to the destination. •

Train the registration staff at the airport to be an extension of Visit Jackson’s sales and marketing initiatives Continue to engage and educate vehicle for hire drivers on all the offerings of the city Develop collateral to provide to transportation companies that utilize the airport



Increase recognition of Jackson as a travel writer destination. • •

• • •

Host 20 writers/journalists during FY 20 Attend two media trade shows in FY 20, scheduling a minimum of 50 appointments Aggressively contact “feature” writers in major feeder markets (Atlanta & Houston) Meet with a minimum of five writers during each media mission Include a local partner co-op invitation Increase trade show participation in FY 20

Continue to Strengthen the Reputation and Value of Visit Jackson as Jackson’s Destination Marketing Organization A

Actively participate in and contribute to the overall growth through active community engagement utilizing Visit Jackson’s human capital expertise. •

• •


Continue to produce Visit Jackson signature events: Hometown Heroes, Mayors Conference on Tourism Continue to provide educational opportunities for stakeholders/partners: Mayor’s Conference on Tourism, Hospitality Training & Certification Produce and promote National Travel & Tourism Week partnerships and press events Introduce MY CITY phase 2 Create new sales piece focused on the multi-cultural market

2019-2020 Marketing Plan

Quality of Life of Local Citizens

2019-2020 Marketing Plan


Enhance and work to solidify Jackson’s position as a Music, Civil War/Rights, Culinary and Literary Destination by continuing to support activities that feature Jackson’s rich culture.


Welcome all visitors, regardless of age, sex, sexual orientation, race, color, national origin, religion, marital status, veteran status, or disability. •

• •

Provide exposure of Jackson & its culture with unique Jackson, MS merchandise Provide a comprehensive brochure offering for the visitors at the welcome center Provide tours to visitors by creating or working with local tour guide Increase visibility in international publications to promote Jackson’s culture

• •

Initiate efforts to assist visitors with hearing, vision and language barriers with access to visitor information Explore sponsoring PRIDE month events in June 2020 Initiate efforts to update & reproduce multi-language brochure offerings and walking tour handout Attend LGBTQ and multicultural trade shows to promote Jackson as a “welcoming” destination. Work with Visit Mississippi and Mississippi Tourism Association to address the current flag issue.


• Continue to Collaborate More Strategically with the Governmental and Private Sector and Form Public/Private Partnerships to Market and Manage the Destination. • Continue to Engage (5) Community Advisory Committees • Realize a 50% Survey Return Rate for all post Visit Jackson Signature Project Evaluations • Realize a Satisfactory or Higher Rating on all Executed Projects • Enhance the Industry/Stakeholder Electronic Communication Open Rate to Exceed 65% 45

2019-2020 Marketing Plan

DMO Administration


Continue to embrace and execute DMO best practices into the Visit Jackson culture including fully executing customer relationship management software practices. •

• •

2019-2020 Marketing Plan


Develop a policy and procedure manual for internal use for efficient workflow Introduce visitor “discount” programs Update hospitality training program for hotels, meeting venues and vehicles for lease

Continue to aggressively build an experienced destination marketing organization culture promoting Visit Jackson and its benefits, value and resources to the Jackson community and its stakeholders. •

Evaluate events/communities that Visit Jackson can provide educational training for three local event planners Focus on rebuilding reserve by: • Updating funding procedures for grants, sponsorships and special events • Implement maximum percentage of budget eligible funding (% of budget) policy • Create and implement a Reserve Fund Policy Utilize technology to maximize efficiency and reduce cost by investigating a paperless office workflow Simplify internal forms with fillable PDF or software to track expense data


First Quarter

FY2020 Visit Jackson Activities

October-December International Media FAM co-op with Visit Mississippi

Marketing Plan Presentation

Downtown Holiday Open House

Release Visit Jackson Strategic Plan • • •

Sales Missions & Trade shows w/ Co-op Opportunities Communications/Signature Events Schedule Significant Sponsored Events

Podcast/Local Blog Launch

My City Phase II

Memphis & Mississippi World Travel Co-Op with Visit Mississippi

TravelSouth International Co-Op with 2MM

Connect Faith



Second Quarter

Third Quarter

Fourth Quarter




Hometown Hero/ Sumitt Awards

Mayorâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Conference on Tourism

Mississippi Book Festival

Sanderson Farms PGA Legislative Welcome

National Travel and Tourism Week (NTTW) Memphis Sales Blitz

Launch 2020 Visitor Guide Mississippi Food and Wine


Travel South International

Grand Opening/Ribbon Cutting Welcome Center

Miss Jackson Hospitality Scholarship Pageant

Atlanta Food & Wine co-op with Visit Mississippi

National Association of Sports Commissions

Regional Meeting

Infographics or Quote

Birmingham Sales Blitz Influencer Campaign

Introduce Downtown Dining Program

Chicago Blues Festival co-op with Visit Mississippi

Website Refresh

2nd Media Mission

1st Media Mission

IPW International Travel

Connect Association/ Corporate/Sports/Diversity

Show Co-op with Visit Mississippi

Showcase â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Media and Group Sales


Organizational Summary Board of Directors Advisory Committee Members Staff Directory


2019-2020 Marketing Plan

Talent & Human Capital

The management and full-time staff at Visit Jackson represents an aggregated total of over 356 years of tourism experience, professional expertise and proficiency.

17 Full-Time Employees

5 Part-Time Employees

9 2019-2020 Marketing Plan

Board of Directors

5 Advisory Committees

Board of Directors Officers Chair Secretary Treasurer

Organizational Summary Visit Jackson is governed by a nine-member Board of Directors representing constituency segments of the Jackson community, including:

Constituency Segments • (2) Jackson Chapter of the Mississippi Hotel and Lodging Association • (2) Jackson Chapter of the Mississippi Hospitality and Restaurant Association • (1) Jackson Business Community Representative/ Jackson Chamber of Commerce • (1) Arts Community Representative/ within the City of Jackson • (1) Capital City Convention Center Commission Representative • (1) Metro Jackson Attractions Association Member • (1) At-Large Member appointed by the Mayor of the City of Jackson

Standing Committees

Monthly Meeting Schedule

Finance Committee Grant Development Program Committee Personnel Committee Bylaws Committee

Fourth Tuesday of Every Month 8:30 AM

Repealer Date After July 1, 2022

Fiscal Year October 1st through September 30th


FY 2019-20

Board of Directors Carol J. Burger Business Community Chair Susan Branson Attractions

Blake Brennan Restaurant Community Mike Burton Hotel Community

Monique Davis Education

Pamela Junior Arts John Miller At-Large

Al Rojas Jackson Convention Complex General Manager Enrika Williams Restaurant Community


2019-2020 Marketing Plan

Shawn Cochran Hotel Community

FY 2018-19

Advisory Committee Members

Sales Micah Allen Jackson Convention Complex Gray Jackson Cabot Lodge Millsaps Linda Martin Mississippi Fairgrounds Complex Peter Sharp Fairview Inn

2019-2020 Marketing Plan

Strategic Outlook


Keyshia Sanders

Andrea Patterson

City of Jackson Constituent Services

Mississippi Sports Hall of Fame & Museum

Cynthia Buchanan

Lynsie Armstrong

Greater Jackson Chamber Partnership

Highland Village

John Gomez

Amanda Wells

Downtown Jackson Partners

Wells & Co.

Virgi Lindsay

John Tierre Miller

City of Jackson, City Council

Johnny Tâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Bistro & Blues

Jeff Good

Paulette McCants

Mangia Bene Catering

Hilton Garden Inn Jackson Downtown

Dr. Mukesh Kumar City of Jackson, Planning & Development David Lewis City of Jackson, Cultural Services



Jon Salem

Ashley Robinson

Greater Jackson Arts Council

Jackson State University

Arden Barnett

Scott Little


Belhaven University

Dee Gardner

Steve Hutton

Dee Gardner Copywriting

Mississippi Fairgrounds Complex

Theresa Love

Todd Kelly

Mississippi Agriculture & Forestry Museum

Mississippi High School

Silbrina Wright

Activities Association

Greater Jackson Arts Council

Jeffrey Lewis

Susan Branson

Mississippi Basketball Association

Mississippi Childrenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Museum

Ison Harris

Jesse Thompson

City of Jackson, Parks and Recreation

Jackson Music Awards


Staff Directory Rickey Thigpen President & CEO RThigpen@visitjackson.com


Jennifer Chance VP of Finance/Operations JChance@visitjackson.com

Mary Current Visitor Center Specialist MCurrent@visitjackson.com

Amy Dillard Administrative Manager ADillard@visitjackson.com

Shun Hatten VP of Convention Sales & Services SHatten@visitjackson.com

Michael Hogg Director of Data & Technical Services MHogg@visitjackson.com


2019-2020 Marketing Plan

Jennifer Byrd Convention Sales Manager

Jamye Horton Services Manager JHorton@visitjackson.com

Kim Lewis Communications & Destination Development Manager KLewis@visitjackson.com

Christine McInnis Director of Sales & Convention Services

2019-2020 Marketing Plan


Reshonda Perryman Creative Design Manager RPerryman@visitjackson.com

Jonathan Pettus VP of Marketing JPettus@visitjackson.com

Sherri Ratliff Tourism & Convention Sales Manager SRatliff@visitjackson.com

Shana Smith Sales Coordinator SSmith@visitjackson.com

Laura Vogelsang Executive Support Specialist LVogelsang@visitjackson.com

Floyd Williams Director of Multicultural & National Accounts FWilliams@visitjackson.com

Paul Wolf Content Marketing Manager PWolf@visitjackson.com


FY 2019-2020

Expenditure Percentages Budgeted Statement of Revenues and Expense Allocation by Category


2019-2020 Marketing Plan

Budget Overview

*FY 2019 Expenditures


5% PR & Marketing

8% Sales

14% Operations

3% Travel



40% Personnel



based on revenues




FY 2020 Expenditures

10% Funding

14% Advertising

8% PR & Marketing

11% Sales

15% Operations

3% Travel

*Visit Jackson had budgeted for a deficit for FY 2018 - 2019. Thus, resulting in expenditures exceeding revenues so percentages do not total 100.


Budgeted Statement of Revenues and Expense Allocation by Category For the Twelve Months Ending September 30, 2019 (projected) & For the Twelve Months Ending September 30, 2020 (approved) FY 2019

FY 2020










Marketing, Public Relations, and Merchandise



Sales and Trade shows



Operational (see detail below)





















Professional Services












Professional Development



















EXPENDITURES Funding Personnel



Misc Services & Charges Capital Outlay



2019-2020 Marketing Plan


111 E. Capitol Street, Suite 102 Jackson, MS 39201 1.800.354.7695 | 601.960.1827 Fax visitjackson.com

Profile for Visit Jackson Mississippi

2019-2020 Marketing Plan  

2019-2020 Marketing Plan