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following work is a collection of compositions based on the knowledge acquired during the school year, helps the reader to learn how to write a paper on any topic or category.

CONTENT 1. FACTS AND FIGURES……... (Compositions 1, 2 and 3) 2. WHERE AND WHEN …………………......(Composition 4)

3. FAMILY AND FRIENDS …………………..(Composition 5) 4. BED AND BREAKFAST …........................(Composition 6)

5. FILM AND TELEVISION ………………...(Composition 7) 6. WORK AND STUDY ……….……..(Composition 8 and 9) 7. NEWS AND WEATHER ……..(Composition 10 and 11)

8. COMING AND GOING .………(Composition 12 and 13)


• Hello I am Viridiana Urbina García, I am fifteen years old. I´m from Mexico, I'm studying at a school called Gabino Barreda. • I like reading and music, social sciences also interest me, I like to learn English because it is an indispensable tool in today´s world.


Daily life in Mexico • In Mexico the working day typically starts at 7:00 students also start their classes at 7:00 • In the middle of the morning its lunch time • A lot of people have just half an hour to go out to buy a coffee • In the afternoon people go for a drink after dinner • After work and after school people go to sleep at 9:00pm


Hello Joe. 0 I send this message to ask you for your help 0 A family I know, wants to get to know the city you live Barcelona. 0 they want to visit the main attractions of this city, but as we do not know any details, can you suggest them places? 0 the father of the family is an automotive entrepreneur so he wants to know the range of cars that are in that city, the mother is a painter so she would like to visit galleries and museums. Both have a son phe who is 8 years old he wants to know the main tourist centers, but especially he likes amusement parks. 0 I wonder if you know of some places you could go with this family and if you would have time to go to the airport to tell them how they can get to those places. 0 no more for now. Thanks for your help and I look forward to hearing from you soon.


Dear Adams, I would like to know more about “PARADISE HOTEL� Because I want be in this hotel for three days from November 15ht to November 17th

So I would like to know things offered by the hotel. 0 what is the price? 0 how many rooms are available?

0 does it have nice view? 0 does it have internet access? 0 does it have cable TV?

0 does it have a car park? 0 does the package include meals?

Yours Sincerely, Urbina Garcia Viridiana.



Dear Mr. Thomson.

I saw your advertisement on the internet. at a university. I attach a copy of my CV. As you can see, I studied English at university. I am from Mexico city and I have previous knowledge of English but I think that being in a country where it is spoken. I can practice and I can learn more. I am a student at UNAM. I am active, disciplined and efficient. I have little experience but I learn fast. I am available for an interview at any time. yours sincerely. Viridiana Urbina GarcĂ­a.

Dear Mr. Adams. I would like to apply to be a receptionist at your real estate company. I am twenty years old and I am from Mexico, I was previously a receptionist in a travel agency. I am a good at internet, I can drive, work quickly, I am friendly efficient creative. I am very hardworking. You can trust me, I don't get angry quickly. I look forward to hearing from you, yours sincerely. Viridiana Urbina GarcĂ­a.


Four years ago when I was in high school, near my house the snow fell. At first the weather was windy, after that the floor was covered with white. A lot of people were very happy for the event, but not all them because we were cold.


Last wednesday, it took place in “Casa del libro” a conference was held on the life a Works of Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz. Over a hundred attended it, there were speeches. Recitation of poems and sonnets. Analysis of works of the baroque era. And explanation of the characteristics of the time in which she lived. There were several recitals events including cultural commentaries and music. The aim of the event was to bring students to reading.


FOLK MUSIC FESTIVAL AMECAMECA Its easy to reach if you come from the federal district. By metro in the station Candelaria there are buses that take you straight to Amecameca. The trip takes about two to three hours.

Another might be, take a combi to Chalco at Tenango get down and the center of that place, take an Amecameca bus. A good way to travel is by bus as it is faster and more comfortable. Traffic gets heavy when it comes to Zaragoza (the horse) it is the union of several paths. You can get good food and entertainment from the region. There are a number of attractions such as volcanoes, museums, parks and so on. There are several hotels in this place where to stay.

Many people travel by bus to get to the metro, they usually use for metro to arrive to their work. Traffic is a big problem because it is heavy. Sometimes the situation is changing it is getting better but I travel by bus. To arrive to my house, from Monday to Friday.

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