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Lake Anne Brew House Reston, VA

Brewed in Fairfax County. Poured in Fairfax County.

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publisher’s NOTE Football, tailgating, pumpkins, colorful foliage, cool breezes, and craft beer – are just a few of my favorite things that come with Fall in Virginia. The Fall season is such a great time of year to explore all that our state has to offer. I have said many times – let this magazine be your jumping off point for new adventures and this issue is no exception. Scott’s Addition has been called the fastest growing neighborhood in Richmond. It certainly is the case when it comes to craft beverages. This historic district is home to seven craft breweries with an additional (Starr Hill) slated to open later this year, three cideries, one meadery, and one distillery. It’s become an entertainment destination with an array of restaurants (20+), shops, rooftop bars, and more where visitors and locals alike can spend the day. In our cover story, writer Wade Reynolds takes us on a brewery crawl through this thriving neighborhood. And, thanks to Richmond native, Doug Fuchs, for the cool cover illustration. In Brew News, Jeff interviews Jason Shifflett, co-owner of Brothers Craft Brewing in Harrisonburg, and shares their conversation about the much-anticipated Resolute Day, which marks the release of Resolute, their Bourbon-Aged Russian Imperial Stout. This year, Brothers has partnered with Visit Harrisonburg to make it a weekend long event, November 8-10. Visitors can enjoy a variety of shopping, dining, and entertainment options while in town. Just in time for Halloween, writer Michael Jarvis visits 1836 Kitchen and Tap Room in Lovettsville. It’s located in a former funeral home and rumored to be haunted! Brewery profiles include Arlington’s new brewpub The Board Room, Chesapeake’s new brewery The Garage, and Shotwell Run in Etlan. We’ll also have a preview to this year’s Cider Week taking place November 15-24. You’ll be able to enjoy a variety of events including festivals, tastings, tours, and workshops at locations around the state. And, as always, the Events Calendar is filled with beer festivals, pint nights, brewery events and more to keep you busy! Plus, our Brewery Guide breaks everything down region by region. Now’s the time to get out and enjoy our beautiful state and its bounty of craft beer! Cheers! Jennifer VIRGINIACRAFTBEER.COM



Resolute Day 2019 By Jeff Maisey


rothers Craft Brewing’s Resolute Day, one of the most anticipated weekends of the year for big beer (as in dark, flavorful and heavy) enthusiasts in Virginia, is scheduled November 8-10 at the brewery in Harrisonburg. Jason Shifflett, co-owner of Brothers Craft Brewing, recently shared some details for Resolute Day 2019 in the following interview. VCB: What’s new for 2019? Jason Shifflett: First and foremost, it’s the downtown (Harrisonburg) partnership we’re doing. We have 25 to 30 downtown partners that are going to be running specials highlighting Resolute Weekend. That Friday through Sunday we’ll have a lot of collaborative pieces happening with our downtown neighbors from restaurants, bars, yoga — a variety — to showcase our downtown in general. With the beer release itself, we’re actually upping the variations this year to six. There’ll be two that are new ones; two that are throwbacks from years past; and then, two will be double-barrel versions. It’s already aged in bourbon barrels and then, we will add two other barrel variations. VCB: Can you reveal the variants to our readers?

And, then, we do all these fun variants. People love to get those and trade with them. We have a big following for this brand in particular. One of the variations — Coconut — which we’re bringing back this year at one point landed in the Top 25 in the world on the Beer Advocate ranking. VCB: Beers often have an expiration date. Do the Resolute variations and core base version change and improve with age up to three or five years in the bottle? JS: Yeah, absolutely. That’s a good question. Certainly the base beer will change. Most will improve with a few years on it. Some that have certain adjuncts like fruit you don’t want them to age quite as long as that will mellow-out the flavor. VCB: What quantities of the base and variations have you produced for 2019? Has the volume increased this year? JS: This year, it has increased just slightly. We purposely haven’t grown it to keep some of that exclusivity. So, yeah, the volume is roughly the same as it was last year. We upped it slightly to allow for the extra variants. We know people get excited for those.

JS: Yeah, so the Resolute is obviously the base beer VCB: And, will Resolute 2019 and the variants all be in 750 ml — a Russian Imperial Stout aged in bourbon barrels. bottles or smaller? The variations this year include a Maple Barrel, a Rye Barrel, a Chocolate Orange, a Raspberry Creme, JS: We’re actually making a change with that this year. All the variants will be in 750 ml bottles. Previously, the base a Coconut, and a Mole. beer would be the same way. We have a bottle club called the Horizon Society where VCB: What makes Resolute the beer Virginians members get exclusive bottles every year. They’ll get a couple of crave? 750s of the regular Resolute. JS: It was one of our first big barrel-aged projects This year, we are changing the base beer packaging into foursix years ago. It is one that jumped on the map early packs; they’ll be 12-ounce bottles. Anyone coming to get Resolute when we were doing our first releases. it’ll be in 12-ounce four-packs. We put a lot of time and attention to it. It has some rarity attached; it’s a once a year release in VCB: So they can have a bottle to enjoy on Resolute Day and November. Very little goes out into the market as far three to save for the future, right? as distribution. JS: Exactly. -8-




brewNEWS l briefs

fu** your brewery expansion. Actually, “fund” is not an f-word with us. Need equipment?

New Ideas Bubbling at O’Connor By Jeff Maisey

O’Connor Brewing Company has recently unveiled some bubbly options new to its portfolio of awardwinning beers. Over the summer, the Norfolk brewery launched three hard seltzers: Cucumber Mint Spiked Seltzer, Grapefruit Tangelo and Acai Blackberry Spiked Seltzer. Brewery owner/president Kevin O’Connor keenly observes trends in the marketplace to determine potential opportunities as well as threats. “With us, it started with giving the consumer something else other than beer,” O’Connor said. “With consumers coming into the tasting room more and more asking for gluten-free options we started testing things. Then we started looking at seltzer. I’m not blind to see what’s going on with White Claw, Truly, and things like that. We’re not trying to make a big play at it yet. We’re just trying to dip our toe in it and see what it’s going to do.” O’Connor granted Total Wine & More locations in Hampton Roads an exclusive deal of being the sole retailer during the seltzer’s test-market phase. “It sold very quickly,” said O’Connor. “Whether we make a bigger push, we’re still mapping that out. Overall, people seem to like it. That’s the first battle right there.”

6 New Variants of gingerbread stout Hardywood Park will release 12 variants of its cult-like favorite Gingerbread Stout (GBS) beginning in November including six new concepts: Apple Brandy Mega GBS (Nov. 16), Christmas Island (Nov. 23), Kentucky Christmas Pancakes (Nov. 23), Frosty GBS (Nov. 23), Fluffy GBS (made w/toasted marshmallows, Dec. 7), and Gingerbread Porter (Dec. 7).

Name Change in Suffolk After an unsuccessful first two years, Suffolk-based Brick & Mortar Brewing Company has changed its name to Nansemond Brewing Station. The brewery is still owned by a group of local investors who also own MoMac Brewing, artisans of award-winning, high-quality beers. Chris Richards, MoMac’s head brewer, will brew for Nansemond Brewing Station as well. - 10 -



- 11 -

brewNEWS l commentary

SEXISM, SOCIAL MEDIA INFLUENCERS AND BEER More questions than answers I By Annie Tobey

n 2018, I attended a seminar on how to be a beer influencer, led by a successful, attractive female beer and travel blogger. I listened attentively, took notes and applied the lessons. A few months later, I saw a post by this influencer showing a handful of very basic beer books that she had just decided to read. Wait, what? In July, an article listed this woman and several others as beer influencers worth following on Instagram. Chris Furnari, editor at Brewbound, criticized the list, arguing that it featured “chicks who basically take photos of themselves in low-cut tops with beer.” In the ensuing brouhaha, the featured female Instagrammers took offense, some outspoken men and women rallied to their side, and Furnari apologized and left Brewbound. This issue strikes many off-key notes, but the discord falls primarily into two categories: social media influencers and feminism.

MEASURES OF INFLUENCE Social media has a strong “populist” component, especially Instagram’s visual platform, which rewards eye-catching pictures and personal appeal. With the right formula – wit, photography skills, knowledge or any other element of interest to a large number of people – an average Joe can gain a large following, which may in turn be followed by freebies and paid sponsorships. While social media continues to grow, some industry watchers question the power of individuals to influence. Are all the followers legitimate? For sponsors, do followers or likes translate into sales, especially in the beer industry, where - 12 -


Beer, travel, and fashion blogger Megan (@isbeeracarb)

few brands are distributed nationally? For consumers, are influencers sincere or simply regurgitating what they’re paid to promote? “Beyond the beer world, there’s a hatred growing for social media

influencers. It’s toxic for sure and it is not going to stop any time soon,” said Ashley Ray, owner of Emergent Social Solutions and manager of social media and PR for Center of the Universe Brewing. In investigating the Uproxx article, I

discovered that Uproxx hadn’t done its homework: the writer touted a blog that hadn’t been updated since 2018 and an Instagrammer who hadn’t posted since early April. Uproxx also chose to highlight some of the women’s most revealing pics – overall, the feeds weren’t nearly as provocative. Then, I examined the list. Of the three men and eight women on the list, two men and three women have obvious credibility, as measured by involvement in the industry and knowledge demonstrated in posts. One man and five women, however, exhibit little-to-no beer credentials. But, that raises the question, what do people want to be influenced by? Expert insights and knowledge, artistic pictures, sexy pics, paid endorsements? Some people may want to learn and others simply to enjoy the experience. “This wasn’t a list of people you should take a craft beer class from,” said Ray. “It was a list of Instagram influencers, meaning they post about beer and they have a lot of followers.”


The more consequential issue concerns women. Responsible men and women have been actively working to counteract the sexism that has permeated the beer industry. Ads, names and labels are less likely to objectify women than a decade ago. One recent ad proclaims Coors Light as “The Official Beer of Being Done Wearing a Bra,” featuring an attractive but everyday woman enjoying a beer after work. Kudos to Coors. To combat sexism among craft breweries, the Brewers Association provided guidelines to members stating that advertising and labels should not “contain sexually explicit, lewd or demeaning brand names, language, text, graphics, photos, video or other images that reasonable adult consumers would find inappropriate.” By Brewers Association standards, would some of these Instagrammer photos be deemed inappropriate? Similarly, can we as women be angry at men for using our bodies to sell – and then turn around and do it ourselves? “Growing up as a Gen X’er, feminism taught me that sex shouldn’t sell,” wrote Forbes beer columnist Tara Nurin. “In college sociology classes, we picked through magazine ads and lamented those that showed women’s bodies without heads. And while we each have the right to portray ourselves as we wish, I think too many (younger) women are just replacing old male behaviors with more of the same. We still have a double standard, but now it’s women who are commercializing themselves and trying to silence the men who give their opinions about it.” Nurin’s last sentence demonstrates another difficulty with this issue. Those who criticized the women – or the Uproxx list – were accused of being sexist and of trying to control the women, and discussion was effectively squelched. Writer Jia Tolentino noticed that articles in the feminist website Jezebel criticizing women drew blanket criticism from readers. “That seemed to me to be a misuse of the freedom that we have to be critical and to treat women with respect, which means reporting on them like any other human,” Tolentino VIRGINIACRAFTBEER.COM

- 13 -

commentary, cont'd.

told NPR’s Fresh Air. In her new book, Trick Mirror, Tolentino wondered “if the legitimate need to defend women from unfair criticism has morphed into an illegitimate need to defend women from criticism categorically.”

Freshly brewed in Danville, Virginia. Distributing throughout all of Southwest Virginia. Now available in Richmond. For more information, visit

Danville, VA

- 14 -



Social media and feminism collided after the Uproxx article. Of the initial list, Uproxx said, “Some of [the influencers] are models, some experts in their field, and some of them just love beer like us.” But Furnari, like many others, expect more from an influencer than looks and love. Uproxx also said, “We love beer and want to know as much as we can about the stuff.” Yet several of the recommended influencers say little of substance about beer. So, was Furnari being sexist, or was he reacting to a list that seemed to skew toward provocative pictures of women rather than toward useful information? (His knee-jerk response, however, unfairly lumped all of the women in the same bucket.) As a not-so-young-or-sexy Instagrammer, I view the popular feeds with chagrin. In discussing the issue (usually asked to keep it off the record), I’ve realized that the chagrin reaches wider, to those who attempt to influence through content, including women who have worked hard to gain and demonstrate credibility. One of the recommended female influencers especially raised my ire. Her bio promotes her only as “drinker, traveler, Crossfitter, adventure seeker, dog lover.” Her posts are short on beer description, and her response to Furnari was one of the snarkiest: “Uh oh looks like my tits offended someone again. I’m tired of women having to prove themselves as beer drinkers.” In that same response, she said she worked full-time as an employee for an independent craft brewery. But, since she doesn’t give her last name, there was no clear evidence of her credibility. I had to dig deep and use beer-industry resources to verify her claim. When I finally located her, she was happy to explain why she hides her credential. “[My Instagram account] is my brand and I want to keep that separate from wherever I’m working,” she told me by email. Fair point. She continued, “Male beer bloggers, content creators or aspiring influencers don’t list their credits, in fact, most of them don’t have credentials or work in the industry at all … [and] never even talk about the beer itself, [but] they don’t receive nearly as much criticism as women.” Not true of all male beer bloggers, etc., and some of us are equal opportunity criticizers. Then she said, “Even if I did list my credentials, do you think it would make a difference?” Yes. Yes, I do. Especially during a time when the internet vomits fake news and fake social media accounts, when we all should verify information, any influencer who wants to be respected as knowledgeable should give us a reason to respect them as knowledgeable. No one – male or female – should expect unearned respect. I’ve unpacked this laundry basket while leaving a few clothes still inside, but I’ll hang one more comment out to dry: while we in craft beer attempt to move toward greater diversity, let’s accept differing opinions and encourage civil discussion. It’s a positive way to move forward.


- 15 -

brewNEWS You just might encounter a ghost seated at the bar when enjoying a few pint at 1836.

The Ghosts of the 1836 Tap Room

By Michael T. Jarvis


he only spirits that are discussed at the 1836 Kitchen and Tap Room are found inside the bottles behind the bar. Most workers and regulars at the Lovettsville establishment are hesitant to even mention the ghosts that inhabit the former home of the Brown Funeral Home. But, bartender Chris Malm has seen multiple, unusual spectral events at the Tap Room including napkins flying off the shelves and a locked cash register that pops open for no apparent reason. One regular, Jamie the Kid, had to be pressed to even comment. “It’s like ‘Fight Club,’” he says of the ghosts at 1836. “We don’t talk about it.” The 1836 Kitchen and Tap Room is celebrating its second anniversary this October thanks to a small group of regulars that decided to bring the site back to life following the departure of - 16 -


Mad Horse Brew Pub. “The first think we realized was, we didn’t want to make beer,” says Joe Brower, an investor and general manager with decades of corporate restaurant experience. “We used to call it the Bad Horse.” So they pulled out the brewery. The kitchen and tap room is named for the year that the state of Virginia recognized Lovettsville as a jurisdiction. The town, which draws thousands daily to its annual Oktoberfest weekend in September, has deep, historic German roots and is near two crossing points of the Potomac into Maryland. Although Lovettsville (population 2,057) has a handful of decent restaurants, it is booming with new construction like the rest of Northern Virginia and Loudoun County, in particular. Just a few years ago, when Mad Horse

brewery trotted out of town following multiple owners, some regulars thought it might just have a ghost of a chance to be reincarnated. “It was an opportunity where we saw the potential,” says investor Rob Colyar. “It was Joe’s vision and we came together as investors and built it with sweat equity.” Like a modern day A-Team, each investor has some type of specialty or responsibility. Colin Thomas is the wine expert. Andrew Cancelosi handles the audio-visual components. Investor John Berrier built the tabletops and Rob Colyar is the beer guru. Brower says the original building was constructed in the early 1900s as a furniture store that made and sold cabinets. “Nobody was buying furniture in The Depression, so they built coffins,” he says.

The website for the Lovettsville Historical Society has this description: “Because of the unusually large number of cemeteries in the immediate Lovettsville area, it is not surprising that it was also the center of buildings and sites associated with burial and funeral practices. Although historically the site always housed operations associated with the funeral industry, the existing building was not constructed until 1940. A dwelling on the property dates to circa 1900 was likely the residence of J. W. Goodhart. The entire parcel was owned in years following the Civil War by J. W. Goodhart, a cabinetmaker. Cabinetmakers also manufactured coffins and provided undertaking services. Another funeral-associated activity was the cutting of stones for the many cemeteries. Adjacent to the district and in the same area as Goodhart‘s properties was the property of W. G. Biser Marble and Granite Works, certainly an operation whose work appears in the numerous local cemeteries.” Although the location housed various buildings and uses, funeral services continued in the current building until the 1990s. A Loudoun Now article earlier

this year has former Lovettsville mayor Elaine Walker saying that when the Town Charter was reactivated in 1950, the Town Council met temporarily at the Brown Funeral Home. Brower says his group considered a funeral theme for 1836 but didn’t want to scare away customers. In fact, one longtime local says he hasn’t visited 1836 yet — but plans to — because he attended too many funerals in the building. “History was recent enough that we didn’t want to scare people off,” Brower admits. But they do have a few humorous signs noting the historic use inscribed on the menu including “The Final Draft,” “The Toe Tag Tini” and “Jerome Goodhart’s Crush.” The table-bussers are called pallbearers and there is also “The Pallbearer” cocktail on the menu. Local beers on tap include Adroit Theory and Escutcheon as well as Virginia stalwarts like Center of the Universe, Isley, Brothers Craft, Mustang Sally, Three Notch’d, Beltway, Blue Mountain and Hardywood Park. The wine list is very impressive and more like something one would expect from a high-end steakhouse at Tyson’s Corner. Lunch, brunch and

dinner offer a wide variety of delicious foods that lean toward the area’s German heritage. The 1836 mug club has 100 members that have joined since last year and the group frequents local breweries for tours. Currently, 1836 is also serving as the new American Legion Post for Lovettsville, which, as a Historic District is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Earlier this year, a spiritual medium named Dawn did “a reading” of the 1836 building and Brower says “she felt something.” There are whispers that a cable TV show that hunts for ghosts may be visiting the taproom sometime soon. Some longtime locals aren’t so sure. Mark Powell, a fan of 1836, and also cofounder of nearby Old 690 and Harpers Ferry Brewing Co, is skeptical about the ghosts of 1836. “Come on,” Powell says while shaking his head. “Somebody doesn’t stack the napkins right and now it’s haunted? Come on man.” Joe Brower ain’t afraid of no ghosts: “I don’t care as long as the money doesn’t fly out of the cash register.” 1836 Kitchen and Taproom 34 E. Broad Way, Lovettsville, VA 20180


- 17 -

MUG SHOTS lockn' festival, arrington

Sean Chagnon, Eye of the Storm Photography

- 18 -


Microfestivus, Roanoke VIRGINIACRAFTBEER.COM

- 19 -

MUG SHOTS whistle belly, williamsburg

Sean Chagnon, Eye of the Storm Photography

- 20 -


Virginia's first historic farm brewery serving handcrafted beer with food trucks and live music every weekend!

an� Pet��� ar� c�i�wde����m�!

CONTACT US Email: Tel: (540) 999-1830 Address: Bald Top Brewing Company 1830 Thrift Road Madison, VA 22727

HOW TO FIND US From 29 South, take the 29 business exit and proceed through Madison and past the County Courthouse. Soon thereafter turn right (West) onto Thrift Road and proceed 1 mile to our farm entrance. From 29 North, exit onto 29 business and continue north about 1/2 mile and turn left (West) onto Thrift Road and proceed 1 mile to our farm entrance.

Our mission is to share remarkably fresh and great-tasting beer that appeals to the spectrum of your senses, proudly brewed with our hops and farm fresh ingredients, and served with Madison, Virginia hospitality. We are proud to offer an experience you’ll want to share with all your friends and family, but don’t just take it from us – come on by and taste for yourself!

Go Bald!

Drink In The Moment! © 2016 Bald Top Brewing Company LLC All rights reserved.


March 18, 2020 Greater Richmond Convention Center Downtown Richmond, VA

Virginia’s Premiere Specialty Food and Beverage Tradeshow

R E G I S T E R T O D AY !


- 21 -

Giant dice set River Bottom Co., Galax

Hold my beer.

Tailgating season is upon us, and what better way to display your personal prowess than with one of these locally made outdoor games?

reclaimed wood cornhol boards The Pining Pallet, Midlothian - 22 -


Giant connect four BJs Cornhole Boards, Suffolk


- 23 -

a brewery crawl through

t illus - 24 -


r at i

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uch las f


by w

ade r




n the June/July 2016 edition of this magazine, we listed 119 breweries divided into 6 sections across the state of Virginia. In our recent April/May 2019 edition, we listed 248 breweries divided into 8 sections. This increase in numbers comes as no surprise to anyone who has even remotely followed Virginia’s craft brewing scene during that time. Also in that issue, we previewed the new Scott’s Addition beer trail in the wake of the opening of The Veil, the compact area’s third brewery. With seven current breweries up and running and one more projected to open by the end of the year, the new numbers legitimize the Addition’s claim to being a microcosm of the state’s growth trend and warrant an updated look at what is happening in one of Richmond’s hottest trending neighborhoods. Isley Brewing Company was the first brewery to open in Scott’s Addition in October 2013 on Summit Ave. Owner Mike Isley had been told that a brewery would never open in Scott’s Addition due to zoning restrictions, but that has obviously gone by the wayside. He picked his location based on projections at the time of additional housing being built in the area but claims to have had no idea how the present neighborhood would build out. Brewing on a 3-barrel system, head brewer Josh Stamps began with two flagship beers, Plain Jane Belgian White Ale and The Bribe, an oatmeal porter. In the early days, Isley would usually offer 5 or 6 beers on tap, “Really three beers with three variations,” Isley remembered. Over time, one of those variations, the Choosey Mother which is a peanut butter oatmeal porter based on The Bribe, has become the beer Isley is most known for. “We brew it ten-to-one compared to all our other beers,” Isley said.

The brewery has grown in small steps over the years. While still using the original 3-barrel system, the addition of more 7-barrel bright and fermenting tanks has allowed the brewery to expand the number of beers it offers at one time, increasing the number of brewings from once a week to four or five.“We went from 6 to 10 to 15 taps in a slow progression,” Isley noted. Other additions have included a new beer board to replace the original chalk and blackboard signage in the taproom and a new elevated deck. Isley sees the addition of the other breweries in the neighborhood as a bonus rather than a drawback. “It’s still a friendly industry,” he said. “I’ve seen real competition”--referring to his family’s plumbing business. “When it gets to that point, I’ll quit.” He remembered telling his staff that they would probably have a slow day when Ardent Craft Ales opened around the corner in 2014. Instead, they had one of their biggest days as beer enthusiasts venturing into the area to check out Ardent also made the short trek over to Isley. Most of the other brewery openings since have gone the same way. “We do have some slow days, but we also have overwhelming days as well.” That seems to be the nature of the business. Isley does feel that Scott’s Addition may be either approaching or has reached its saturation point. As a businessman, he keeps track of how many breweries are closing as opposed to how many are opening. But he is quick to point out that you can’t always predict the future. “Five and a half years ago, I would have said we’ll have no distribution and no cans, and yet here we are. Our goal has always been to make good craft beer, stay debt free, and have fun.” At 252 different beers brewed by the end of April, so far, so good.


- 25 -

Photo courtesy of Isley Brewing Co.

Over at the corner of Highpoint Ave. and W. Leigh St., Ardent became the Addition’s second brewery in June of 2014. Their space includes what can be a family friendly beer garden, one of the Addition’s most popular open spaces, not only for the space itself but also for the beer to be found there. Danny Fain, head of packaging, is not worried about the area reaching a saturation point. “A high tide floats all ships,” he quoted. By working together to create a beer-loving atmosphere in Richmond, the city’s craft breweries have made Richmond a beer

Isley Brewing Company was the first brewery to see the future for Scott’s Addition, and now has a new addition of its own — a patio deck in the back. - 26 -


destination. Fain noted that people are driving down from places like Washington to check out the beer scene, and where they might not come for just one brewery, it is not uncommon for out-of-towners to visit multiple breweries. With so many now in close proximity to each other in Scott’s Addition, it makes it just that much easier for locals and visitors alike to try more than one at a time. “We’re all reaping the benefits of Richmond embracing the beer industry,” Fain said. In evidence of this, on the day of this interview a family from New York state was sampling at the next table over, having just come from Vasen Brewing Company right around the corner. In light of the increased traffic, Ardent is maxing out its current space this spring, adding three 60 barrel fermenting tanks and one 60-barrel bright tank to mirror a row already standing in one corner of the brewery. Tanks were delivered in April and went on line by mid-May, just in time for Ardent’s 5th anniversary celebration in mid-June. The current brewing schedule, twice a day on a 15 barrel system, but not every day, may be increased to five days a week in order to maximize usage of the new tanks. According to Tom Sullivan, Ardent’s owner, “We haven’t necessarily chased distribution growth. Building this place out and being Virginia wide was always the plan.” From the start, Ardent has brewed an impressive array of beers. Its standard, bottled IPA (Batch 14 on tap) was recently described by a knowledgeable beer enthusiast from Munich, Germany as “possibly the best beer I’ve had in the U. S. on this trip.” A quick glance at the beer board in Ardent’s tap room will always offer several IPAs to choose from among its other standards. To supplement Ardent’s regular offerings, Fain still sometimes uses a small 15 gallon pilot system to brew unique, historicoriented beers in partnership with local organizations, recently partnering with the John Marshal House and then the Valentine Museum. These one-offs are not always private but do go quickly, often in one night. According to Fain, “The whole point of home brewing (from which Ardent originally sprang) was to share beer and get feedback. That’s what makes it a beer community.” In the spring of 2016,The Veil created quite a buzz when it opened on Roseneath Rd. at Scott’s Addition’s western border. Head brewer Matt Tarpey learned

64 oz ceramic growlers free


when you request a quote from us Charlottesville, VA

Virginia Grown Locally Malted Insanely Good (540) 985-9310


SA EST 1901


- 27 -

This artist rendering shows Starr Hill’s expansion into Scott’s Addition, with a grand opening planned for late Fall

Image courtesy of Starr Hill.

his craft from master brewers in New England and Belgium previous to opening The Veil with two partners. They installed a “cool-ship” facility on the brewery’s roof, allowing fresh wort to be exposed to wild yeast overnight. Tarpey has combined this process, used in making lambics, with a focus on “hop-forward” beers to create a unique family of beers. Adding to the buzz, The Veil releases new cans every Tuesday, sending collectors scrambling for a place in the sometimes impossibly long lines that snake around the block. For their recent third anniversary, The Veil released 28 different cans and bottles during one week according to one serious central Virginia collector. “It’s definitely the one brewery people ask about across the country,” he said. “If you say you’re from Richmond, or even Virginia, The - 28 -


Veil is the one asked for first and in most demand.” Although there has been some drop off recently, long lines are still possible on any given Tuesday. Charlottesville’s Three Notch’d Brewing Company may have been the first Virginia-based brewery to start the current trend of opening second site locations when they opened their second space in Harrisonburg in 2014. They were definitely the first brewery in Scott’s Addition to come in from another location when they opened their third site on Broad St. in October, 2016, their RVA Collab House. Three Notch’d takes its name from an heroic ride by Jack Jouett in June of 1781, riding 40 miles west out of Richmond along a trail marked by three notches to warn Governor Thomas Jefferson and members of the state



- 29 -

legislature that the British army under General Cornwallis had warrants for their arrest. A portion of that trail is still in use today, now known as Three Chopt Rd. in Richmond’s west end. In keeping with this historical theme, the beer names all have historical references. Flagship beers, still brewed in Charlottesville on the home site’s 20 barrel system, include 40 Mile IPA, Ghost of the 43rd Pale Ale, Minute Man New England IPA, and a seasonal gose. The Collab House in Scott’s Addition uses its 3.5 barrel system to fill its 7 barrel tanks with collaborations with local organizations. According to the taproom manager, this allows Three Notch’d, as the new kid on the block, to interact with and embed itself in the Richmond community while allowing local organizations to “tell their story through making beers.” After an initial meeting between the organization and Three Notch’d’s brewing team, brewers will make suggestions as to style and ingredients based on how each organization wants to tell their story and what they want to say. A recent example during an April tasting was the Rye-fer Madness, a tasty 7.3% west coast IPA brewed in collaboration with Virginia NORML. In view of NORML’s advocation of “more sensible marijuana laws,” folks at the brewery were quick to add that no illegal ingredients were used in the beer. While most of these are one-off brewings that usually last 4-6 weeks in the taproom, some well-received favorites are brought back. The Blood Orange, Sweat and Tears, brewed in collaboration with Bike MS, tapped its second batch in May. Given Bike MS’s stated goal of “changing the world for people who have MS one mile at a time,” it can now be argued that they are also changing it one beer at a time. Whatever it takes. Vasen Brewing Company took its name from a Scandinavian word meaning “one’s inner essence or way of being” when it opened on Moore St. in July 2017. This honors the heritage of co-founders and cousins (their mothers are sisters) Joey Darragh and Tony Giordanno, who also serves as - 30 -


head brewer. They began with a huge focus on sour and farmhouse style beers with Giordanno using kveik, a strain of yeast unique to Norwegian farmhouse recipes. “Over time, we decided we wanted to create something IPA lovers would enjoy but stay away from standard recipes,” according to Darragh. One result of that has been the Norse Double IPA, a unique experience that combines a blend of IPA qualities with the brewery’s continued original focus. “Obviously, the neighborhood had a lot of buzz with a lot of potential to grow, but it was more the building that sold us. It boiled down to ceiling height,” Darragh recalled, referring to Vasen’s 80-barrel storage tanks which are filled from a 20-barrel system. At present, “We’re kind of out of the highly experimental stage, but we always like to throw in a wild card.” In keeping with this, the brewery has a one barrel pilot system to go with a two barrel fermenter which it uses at indeterminate intervals. New offerings are posted a week in advance and usually remain on tap for about a week. “We definitely listen to our fans (for suggestions),” according to Jamie Frieling, a former teacher in charge of events, marketing, and “anything but beer” who was hired for her organization skills. “I used to keep tabs on a bunch of fifth graders,” she said. “She still does,” Darragh quipped, referring to himself and his staff. It’s clear that Vasen, with about 21 employees is a tight knit group, maintaining a family feeling with Darragh’s brother Peter handling Vasen’s distributing. “It opens its doors to outsiders like myself,” said Frieling. “They accepted me into their family.” The Vasen tasting room with its high ceiling with a natural outdoorsy feeling reminds Frieling of her Pacific Northwest home. Plus, “You can literally see into the brewery” (via a wall of large, oversized windows). “You can’t really hide anything. I appreciate that.” That vibe is in line with

Vasen’s commitment to connecting with the RVA outdoor community. They have partnered with the Richmond Park System and Peak Experiences to name a few. Darragh, himself a rock climber, hopes to connect the brewery with climbing events at the Manchester Wall (“a very rare urban space”). Darragh does not feel that the neighborhood has yet reached its saturation point. “The more alcohol producers that enter this neighborhood, it follows with more restaurants and residences, so it’s productive.” He allowed that theoretically a saturation point exists. “If every block had an alcohol producer, then maybe we’re there, but not yet.” That, at least, should be good news to breweries scheduled to or thinking about opening in the area. Last November, Bingo Beer Co. opened on Broad Street just a short block from Three Notch’d. The majority of space in the taproom is a game room with pinball, ping pong and skee ball among others, and this is part of the owners’ grand design. While giving a nod to “our brothers in beer in town,” coowner Jay Bayer noted that the goal all along was to have a space where customers could have a fuller, grander experience. “We wanted to create a place where folks could come in, have a beer and not feel like they had to be in some kind of club or ‘in the know’.” Unique to Scott’s Addition, the brewery has a full kitchen and a full bar. “Food trucks are great, diverse, but we wanted something more consistent.” Bayer and his partners also own several restaurants, Saison and Pasture being two, so there is plenty of experience with this aspect of the business. Head brewer Ken Rayher was brought on board specifically to create a lagercentric family of beers, and from day one, it has been Bingo’s top seller. While the flagship Bingo Lager is still the only permanent beer on the board, Rayher brewed five different lagers over the first six months with “some happy surprises.” The third batch of Bingo’s Black Lager—30 barrels worth—was released in May, so it appears Richmonders are taking to this European inspired beer. Rayher has


- 31 -

Strangeways Brewing expanded into Scott’s Addition in spring.

been brewing lagers “for a long time,” and Bayer was quick to applaud his technical skill. “By deciding to jump out of the gate with lagers, there’s nothing to hide behind. You wear your identity on your sleeve.” In addition to the emphasis on lagers, Bingo also offers a wide range of beers for those who seek them. The Bingo Pivo, a Czech Bohemian style pils, came out in April. Premium Mittens, a west coast IPA, has a smooth hop feel that goes down well. It’s easy to predict that, in spite of the tough competition in the neighborhood, Bingo is destined to attract its fair share of followers. The new kid on the block, at least for the time being, is Strangways Brewing. Scott’s Addition, which opened on May 18, is the third site for Strangeways. Although it’s original site is not too far away on Dabney Rd. (known as “Dabney” among employees), the new location has more foot traffic than the original. Miriam Martin, head of social media, noted that the old site usually involves a special destination trip, although she was quick to add that Strangeways has many devoted regulars who, well, regularly make that trip. But being a part of Scott’s Addition gives Strangeways a presence in a neighborhood and a


The VA. Satu Don

Photo courtesy of Strangeways.

- 32 -


BLF 2019


Friday November 8

Saturday November 9

Bowling Party

Bar Crawl The Big Lebowski After Party

ABIDE THE FEST! The Byrd Theatre Foundation and Center of the Universe Brewing Company will host the Fifth Annual Big LeBYRDski Fest in Richmond, VA. The Festival includes a Bowling Party at River City Roll on Friday and a screening of the Coen brother’s classic The Big Lebowski on Saturday night. Like last year the Saturday festivities include a Carytown Bathrobe Bar Crawl, After-Party, and COTU’s El Duderino and Donnie brews. All proceeds benefit the Byrd Theatre Foundation. Visit for ticket info. THANKS TO OUR SPONSORS!


BLF 2019 VaCraftBeer Full Page trim 8.375x10.875 wBleed 2.indd 1

- 33 -

9/13/2019 8:33:31 PM

community, and one in which it is glad to be a member. Strangeways is about a 30 second walk from Ardent, possibly giving them the record for proximity in Richmond, if not in the entire state of Virginia. Sharing the space in the building at 3110-3112 W. Leigh St. with Strangeways is Smohk, a restaurant featuring barbecue that is one of the Addition’s hidden gems. Customers can order direct from the Smohk menu in the Strangeways tap room and have their meals delivered straight to their drinking sites, thus avoiding the hassle and delay of seeking food elsewhere. Neither the brisket nor the pork nor the Drunken Rib Eye sandwiches are in need of any additional flavorings, although owner Roby Williams has an excellent collection of homemade sauces that will produce interesting (and delicious) flavor combinations when sampled. Williams, whose passion and skill is evident in his finished products, is the barbecue equivalent of the craft brewer, thus giving Strangeways and Smohk a unique and fitting collaboration within Scott’s Addition. As in its other sites, the beer board at Strangeways is divided into six categories—Light, Sweet, Tart/Sour, Hoppy, Dark/Malty, and Funky in order to give customers a heads up in sorting out the many choices. Brewer Brian Knight, whose experience goes back to the early days of Legend in the mid-90’s, explained that most of the brewing, at least for now, is being done at the other two sites. The flagship beers are brewed mostly at Dabney, while the more experimental usually come from Fredericksburg. There is a small brewing system set up on one side of the tap room, and Knight has brewed several small batch (extremely small at five gallons each) beers that are conditioning at the new site.

- 34 -


“It’s pouring fast here,” Knight said, referring to all the beers in general, an indication that enthusiasts have been quick to find and take advantage of the new space. A recent sampling from the beer board included Gallows Humor, a dry hopped black lager. At 5.6% ABV, it was very black, very smooth, nicely hopped, and very easy to drink. Switching from the Dark/Malty category to Hoppy (my favorite), the Snappy Dresser, a New England DIPA, also went down well, although at a higher alcohol content of 8.5 percent, putting it well within the range of owner Neil Burton’s preferred big beers. This summer, the newly-organized Scott’s Addition Beverage District ran its first event, The Big Release, on August 10. Most of the Additon’s breweries are charter members, and all had new releases for that day. Michael Alley, the new general manager at Three Notch’d, is excited by the possibilities. With the new organization, Alley noted, “We can all work individually on social events but also collaborate (for these events).” Future events are in the planning on a more-or-less seasonal schedule. The Scott’s Addition Pride Crawl was scheduled for September 21; up next, the Scott’s Addition Booz Crawl celebrating Halloween on October 26, and the Scott’s Addition Collaboration Crawl slated for next March.

Each of these breweries offers good reasons for a visit, from the quality of their beers to the passion of their staffs to the spaces they have carved out of a once-overlooked neighborhood where beer drinkers, both serious and casual, can enjoy themselves. Depending on which brewery or breweries you visit on any given day, it’s possible to sample a wide range of the world’s beer styles without ever leaving Scott’s Addition. As of this writing, Starr Hill, another brewery with a proven track record at its existing locations in Crozet and Roanoke, is scheduled to open sometime later this fall. It will feature the Addition’s first rooftop bar at a brewery, giving beer lovers more options in such close proximity not found anywhere else in Virginia. “In the times we’re living in,” says Bingo’s Bayer, “to be able to knock back some beers with some friends, isn’t that what it’s all about?” Presumably, that question needs no answer, only participation. So many choices, so little space, so little time.

In (Scott’s) Addition to Beer If beer is not your thing, there are several alternatives to keep you buzzin’ around Scott’s Addition. Fancy a hard cider? You are in exceptional company with the neighbor’s trio of cideries: Courthouse Creek Cider (look for the purple building), Blue Bee Cider, and Buskey Cider. Speaking of buzzing, if you like beebrew check out the hippy-vibes and tasty liquid at Black Heath Meadery. Finally, if you want to expedite your buzz and get there quick have a whiskey at Reservoir Distillery, just a stone’s throw from Isley Brewing.


B w t o

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3316 Aerial Way Drive, Roanoke VA 24018



- 35 -

Garage Brewing owner, Ulyana Gomez

Let’s Go to

the Garage

Words by Diane Catanzaro and Chris Jones | Photos by Chris Jones


et’s say you are casually lounging around the homestead, trying to come up with something fun to do. Your “sigo” (significant other) suggests “Let’s go to the mall!” You’re not sure what you want to do, but you’re pretty sure that isn’t it. You reply “How about dropping me off at the Garage? It’s 2 minutes away and you can pick me up when you’re done shopping and we’ll grab dinner.” Your sigo says sure, are you getting an oil change? Or a tune up?” Here you confess you are thinking about a lube job. As in getting moderately lubricated

at Chesapeake’s newest fermentation facility, The Garage Brewery, at 1011 Eden Way North. The Greenbrier area of Chesapeake now has its very own brewery, thanks to the diligent efforts of Ulyana and Roy Gomez the husband-and-wife owner-andbuilder team who founded this spot for suds. Ulyana and Roy both love beer and wanted to be part of the craft beer community. They felt encouraged that the brewing scene in the 757 could be characterized as one of cooperation, not

competition. Ulyana, the brewery’s owner, had been renovating and selling houses for the last six years and felt fermentation would be more fun than flipping. Her husband, Roy, the brewery’s co-founder and resident “MacGuyver”, has been a contractor for 25-30 years, and has the construction skills needed to build a brewery. The 180-person capacity facility opened on 20 July 2019, and it is big and beautiful. One hundred and twenty folks can indulge in beers indoors, while sixty can enjoy the beers alfresco in the

The Garage Brewery • 1011 Eden Way N, Chesapeake • 757.389.5353 • - 36 -




- 37 -

outdoor seating area. There is a slogan on Roy’s business card, “Well Built Beer.” It could have said “Well Built Brewery,” because there are a lot of nice touches therein. Roy said “I did the build-out single-handedly. I built the tables, the bar, the flight holders, the mezzanine, the stairs, everything,” and he did it in six months. He does not let things go to waste, and many of the items inside the brewery are reused, recycled, and repurposed from previous projects. There is an 18-seat mezzanine, built out of old pallets, on one side of the tasting room. The mezzanine can be reserved for private functions and provides a bird’s eye view of the Garage. The stairs leading up to this lofty perch are from a former Norfolk pier, and you can peer down on tables fashioned of recycled two-by-fours. All of the bricks you see at the Garage are reused. Some of the windows that partition the brewery from the tasting room come from a former Norfolk church. All we can say is praises be and please pass the pint! The Garage Brewery has a sevenbarrel (217 gallon) brewing system, and they brew two to three times a week. Continuing in the recycle/reuse mode, spent grains used to make the beers are given to a local farmer who feeds it to his chickens and pigs ... which could be one of the reasons locally produced bacon tastes so fine. Every brewery needs a head brewer, and a friend steered them to the talented Kelsey Robbins, an area homebrewer. Roy said, referring to Kelsey, “He’s amazing, he’s a genius … street-smart and knows his chemistry.” Ulyana and Roy also hired an assistant brewer, William Sawyer, to help carry the water, er, malt, at the Garage. A former music teacher for Pre-K through the 12th grade students, this fall Will is crafting lagers, not lesson plans, and he’ll be paying attention to fermentation not 1-4-5 progressions. When you belly up to the bar, beers are offered in two sizes, five-ounce “tasters” and larger servings of ten or sixteen ounces, depending on your selected beer’s alcohol by volume (ABV); big ABV, small glass. Flights are available, growlers and crowlers are not. What’s on tap at The Garage? When Chris visited there in late July, they had eight beers on tap, many names reflect mechanical aptitude and construction work (Roy’s bread and butter).They had Light Bulb, a relatively low alcohol American craft lager (4.5% ABV), and Rusted Nail, an Amber Ale (6.3% ABV). For those of us who love Belgian Wits (the beer, not the - 38 -


comedians), their Craftsman Wit comes in at 6.5% ABV. Uncle Stanley is a 5% ABV thirst-quenching sour Gose. High Voltage, a West Coast IPA, comes in at 7.5% ABV and a whopping 100 IBUs. That is a mighty bitter beer; after a 12-ounces of that, Chris sounded like Melissa Etheridge (“Somebody bring me some water ....” Actually, hydration is always a good idea). F-Bomb is a double IPA and is a mammoth 9% ABV mouthful of malt. Crowbar is a beautiful English Porter, dark as motor oil, and 7% ABV. Last, but certainly not least, Boss Lady Vol. 2, is a triple-berry sour made with blueberries, blackberries and raspberries, and cures what ales you at 8 % ABV. This beverage is a tart glass of antioxidants and absolute joy. If you come to the Garage and don’t take this bliss-

inducing beer for a road test, you’re guilty of a moving violation. Of course, beers on tap will rotate so put the pedal to the metal and get to the Garage soon! What’s on the horizon, beer-wise, at The Garage Brewery? Well the brewery acquired some just-picked hops (Centennial, Medusa, Nugget and Zeus) from the Fleming Hop Farm in Chesapeake and used them to make a wet-hoped India Pale Ale; it should be available in mid-September. The Garage Brewery, 1011 Eden Way N, Chesapeake, VA 23320; 757-389-5353; (; check Facebook, the web, or heck, call ‘em, for operating hours. If you’re hungry when you arrive, you’re in luck, because there is always a food truck on site. Cheers!

Delicious beers: (L-R) Craftsman Wit and Boss Lady Vol 2, an irresistible three berry sour


- 39 -

Shotwell Run Focuses on Classic Beer Styles By Jennifer Waldera

“I’ll use German wheat and barley malts for my hefeweizen. And I’ll use British malt for my bitters. I will likewise modify our water with various brewing salts so as to better mimic the profiles of the various brewing regions,” explains Faggart. He also prefers to source as locally as possible. While much currently comes from the Country Malt Group’s Fletcher, NC location he also intends to incorporate more local ingredients, including planning to work with local growers in Madison County. In terms of production, Faggart has a 5-barrel brewhouse that allows for brewing of about 155 gallons at a time. While the regularly rotating four brews are always on tap, there are also growlers and howlers available to go, though there are no plans to bottle. “I’m quite happy to make beer you can only get in Etlan, VA. That makes it all the more special, I think,” Faggart says. Etlan itself has been welcoming to Shotwell Run and its shared venture with Blue Quartz Winery. The venue serves as a spot for beer drinkers and wine enthusiasts - both locals and tourists - to imbibe to the backdrop of live music and occasional food trucks. Meanwhile, some neighbors have been generous enough to take their spent grain to feed their cows, and there are a number of other community collaborations from food trucks onsite to involvement in local festivals like Madison’s Hop Fest. “Our ambitions are simply to provide classic, tasty brews for our local community and visitors. I really enjoy just looking at our customers sitting around a table, having a few pints, and enjoying themselves,” reflects Faggart. “I’d say what we offer is Gemütlichkeit--a feeling of warmth and friendliness and good cheer.” Shotwell Run Brewery is open Friday through Sunday and will be hosting their own Oktoberfest in October, featuring the local Bavarian Chef food truck and the Sauerkraut Band from the New River Valley area. Photo courtest of the brewery


midst the mountains of Madison County, in the cozy community of Etlan, one of Virginia’s newest breweries opened its doors on a sunny Saturday in July. Sharing a space with Blue Quartz Winery, Shotwell Run Brewery sports a large yet comfortable tasting room that opens up to an expansive patio with impressive views of rolling hills and foliage. Before launching Shotwell Run Brewery, owner and brewer Billy Faggart enrolled in PVCC’s inaugural brewing certification course and earned the General Certificate in Brewing. However, he had been brewing at home for over 20 years prior, thanks to a kit he received as a Christmas gift from his two daughters after he returned with his wife Margrit from a trip to Germany. A homebrewing operation that started out entertainingly selfdescribed by Faggart as a stovetop mess transformed over years into a refined process that resulted in the eventual opening of Shotwell Run, where classic styles are prevalent, often with a nod to the Reinheitsgebot, the German Purity Law. “I really like to focus on the classic styles of beer. There’s a reason they are called “classic,” after all. They have stood the test of time,” says Faggart. “I want to make the best pilsner that I can. I want to satisfy our German guests in search of a great hefeweizen. I even ferment in such a way as to insure the carbonation of the beer is CO2 captured from the fermentation process rather than from a tank of CO2.” There are times that Faggart will bend a bit, like with a seasonal Shotwell Run Brewery owner and brewer Christmas amber, but otherwise, Billy Faggart the rules remain in place. As for seasonal beers, expect to see what makes sense for the season on tap. “I believe that to every beer there is a season. You won’t find Scotch ales and stouts at Shotwell Run in the summertime. And you won’t find a Christmas ale in July,” Faggart says. As for ingredients, Faggart prefers to source his supplies in a way that supports his beer being as close to the classic style as possible.

shotwell run brewing company • 2585 S F T Valley Rd, Etlan • 540.923.4048 - 40 -


A smooth milk stout with malty sweetness and rich roasted aroma and flavor. Made with coffee from Red Rooster Coffee in Floyd, VA.

available at a retailer near you! ask for them by name!

Watch for our seasonal varieties! 9925 Discovery Blvd I Manassas, VA 20109 I 703.420.2264 I 2Silos I Hours of Operation: Tues – Sat 11am – 11pm • Sun 11am – 9pm • Mon – Closed • Live Music Wednesday – Sunday VIRGINIACRAFTBEER.COM

- 41 -

For a Pils and Parcheesi or Saison and Scrabble, Visit

The Board Room By Greg Kitsock


wear a lot of hats,” laughs Jamie Walther of The Board Room “I’ve been in the beer business off and on for 20 years,” in Arlington’s Clarendon neighborhood. Indeed he does: says Walther. His resume includes stints as Mid-Atlantic rep general manager, managing partner, apprentice brewer. for Harpoon Brewing Co. in Boston, on-premise salesman An offshoot of a similarly named bar in Washington, DC, The for Premium Distributors of DC, and general manager of the Board Room takes its name “recently deceased” Buffalo from the dozens of board Billiards. But his experience games mounted on the making beer was minimal. So, walls: classics like Chutes he hired veteran brewer Jason and Ladders as well as Bergantim (most recently of more obscure games based Barrel Oak Farm Taphouse on old TV shows like The in Delaplane) to oversee the Partridge Family and Mork brewhouse. “I eased into it,” & Mindy. (Those are for says Walther. “Initially, I was show. But for $2, you can in charge of milling the grain rent 11 versions of Trivial and cleaning the vessels.” Pursuit, 18 versions of Bergantim got the operation Monopoly or over 80 other up to snuff quickly, winning games.) two awards at the 2019 This obsession with board Virginia Craft Beer Cup games lends itself to beer competition. Bishop Brown monikers like Park Place (full of chocolate malt flavor, Pils, Baltic Avenue Porter but crisp, not cloying) took and Professor Plum Dark second place in the Brown Belgian. British Beer category. No Limit The Board Room Lager (think Yuengling Lager, took over the location but with a more pronounced of the defunct Sehkraft hop bitterness) snagged third Brewing Co., inheriting a place in the International 10-barrel Premier Stainless Lager niche. brewhouse plus one As we went to press, The Board Room features board games of all sorts 20-barrel and four 10-barrel however, Bergantim was about to keep guests engaged in old fashion fun. fermenters. Walther and to open his own brewery, partner Mark Handwerger acquired the property in spring Altered Suds Beer Co., in Warrenton. “He’ll take on more of a 2017, but didn’t start brewing until November 2018. First order consultant’s role, I’ll be doing all the brewing,” says Walther. of business was renovating the premises (a former butcher Walther’s first solo outing was in late July. He describes the shop got an elegant makeover as Mr. Peacock’s Champagne six-hour brew day as “nerve-wracking,” especially transferring Lounge) and building a clientele. the brew through the heat exchanger to the fermenter and

the board room • 925 N. Garfield Street, arlington • 703.248.9439 • - 42 -


The best game of all: a quality craft beer.

pitching the yeast. The beer – a double IPA called Deuces Wild packed with Motueka and Idaho 7 hops – turned out fine. “Buckets and buckets of hops can make up for a lot of mistakes,” observes Walther, but he adds he didn’t deliberately choose a double IPA for his maiden brew: “it was just next on the schedule.” The Board Room has 30 tap lines, 12 of which are reserved for house beers. The brewpub ships kegs to a few DC establishments (including the original non-brewing Board Room at 1737 Connecticut Ave. NW), but Walther estimates that 90% of his beer sales are in Virginia. He offers a takeout option in 64-ounce hillbilly jug-style growlers. Crowlers and mobile canning are options for the future. Coming up in October are a new version of Operation Pale Ale (this batch hopped exclusively with Motueka) and a dry-hopped Kölsch. Walther says he was happy enough with Princess Peach, a Berliner Weisse, that he might try another kettle sour with a different fruit addition. An Oktoberfest, with a toasty malt character but a more ale-like fruitiness, should linger further into autumn as well. “When we were transferring it to the fermenter, we lost power and it sat at 77 degrees for twelve hours,” relates Walther. Under the circumstances, it might be difficult to duplicate if it becomes a hit. The Board Room is at 925 N. Garfield Street, a five-minute stroll from the Clarendon Metro station on the Orange Line. The neighborhood has been tough on restaurants. Nearby eateries like Mr. Days Sports Rock Cafe, the Clarendon Grill and Citizen Burger have all bitten the dust recently. Walther thinks The Board Room has an advantage: “The trend in beer is hyper-local. For a large city, Arlington is not exactly inundated with brewpubs. That gives us an opportunity we might not have elsewhere.” VIRGINIACRAFTBEER.COM

- 43 -

Brent Funkhouser Loves Playin’ Breweries By Jeff Maisey


arrisonburg-based Americana singer/ songwriter Brent Funkhouser has opened for the likes of Phil Vassar and folk legend Judy Collins, but what he really enjoys is performing in breweries. Funkhouser has a new 5-song EP ready to drop titled “Goodnight Dear Catherine.” Upcoming live performances include a show October 18 at Restless Moons Brewing, November 2 (Three Notch’d Valley Collab House), Resolute Day (November 9, Brothers Craft Brewing), December 6 at Brothers, and at Woodstock Brewhouse on December 19. - 44 -


I recently caught up with Brent to learn more about his brewery gigs What do you like about performing at breweries? I absolutely love the brewery atmosphere. I think with roots music, like I make, the brewery atmosphere, especially in Virginia, pairs very well with this flavor of music. A lot of the audience who comes to craft breweries like this type of music. If you go into a lot of breweries you’ll hear Americana or alternative country played over the loud-speakers. Do you have a favorite Virginia

brewery to perform at? I really love playing at Restless Moons brewery here in Harrisonburg. It’s just a fun space. You can go there any night of the week and they might have someone scheduled to perform. And, they make fantastic beer. When you’re performing at a brewery, do you enjoy a few beers during the show or between sets? What beer styles do you prefer on gig days/nights? I usually have a couple while I play. I obviously have to keep myself under

control because I’m technically working at the time. I’ll usually grab an IPA or a lager while I’m playing. What are some of your favorite breweries or beer brands in Virginia? I do like to go to a lot of local places. I’m a big fan of Woodstock Brewhouse, and also Restless Moons. As far as breweries that are a little bigger, I love Brothers Craft Brewing, Starr Hill. I think Starr Hill’s Northern Lights is one of my go-to beers. There are a lot of great Virginia breweries I really enjoy: Port City, Pro Re Nata, Blue Mountain. Breweries have become family gathering places on the weekends. Do you ever have to adjust your setlist to be more family-friendly at times? Ha ha. I generally play to my audience. I’ve been doing this long enough where if something on my setlist is not appropriate or the age demographic, I might replace it with something else, or change a word or two to make it less edgy. What do you think of the overall state of craft beer in Virginia? When a lot of breweries started opening up, I was still a teenager. I’ve been able to watch the industry expand and now I go to these breweries both to enjoy myself and play my music. I love the Virginia craft beer industry and I think it’s come a long way in the past decade. It’s interesting to see how it has brought people together; how it has become a focal point for families, and just getting friends together. It’s a wonderful community and I love being a part of it.

Brent's latest single is available on Spotify.


- 45 -

brew reviewss Compiled by staff

Lucky 46 Trapezium Brewing Company Petersburg We three kings be stealing the gold... In this case, Citra, Amarillo, and El Dorado are the Kings and the Gold, well that’s Lucky 46! A great tasting NE IPA from the quirky bunch in that quirky town in Petersburg where Trapezium Brewing Company likes to call home. This hazy beer has the oats to prove it. Pouring out of the can, its golden hue and thin lacing will hit you with tropical citrus notes and a velvety smooth finish with a slight hint of bitterness to remind you this isn’t a smoothie. This is a beer and a really good one! So roll the dice, spin the wheel, take another hit ‘cause you’ll be feeling lucky after a couple of these!

abv: 7.9% - 46 -


Rockers IPA


Big Ugly Brewing Company Chesapeake

Coyote Hole Ciderworks Mineral Coyote Hole Ciderworks HPA (Hopped Pressed Apple) cider could be the beer drinker’s gateway into the cider world. HPA is an IPA style, dry hopped hard cider. It’s made with a blend of four types of apples. Cascade hops are added during the aging process to give it a lightly hopped taste. It’s one of Coyote Hole’s flagship ciders and is available year-round in cans and kegs. Virginia celebrates Cider Week in November, but why wait…go ahead and try this one now! You won’t be disappointed!

abv: 6.9.%

oktoberfest Center of the Universe Ashland This Oktoberfest beer jumped right into our shopping basket thanks in part to the symbolic Bavarian design of the can. The liquid inside is equally irresistible, a true Marzen with delightful maltiness that goes down easy and a natural mass consumption appeal. It appears Ashland and Munich are the Center of the Universe.

abv: 5.7%

Chesapeake’s Big Ugly Brewing Company has been winning awards for Rockers IPA for years. This well-hopped American IPA, most recently, won third place in the Virginia Craft Beer Cup competition presented by the Virginia Craft Brewers Guild in June. It celebrated another milestone this past July, when it was released in cans – the first ever can release for Big Ugly! It, along with Leaf Peepers IPA (NE IPA), is available in 16oz four packs. Named after British motorcycle hooligans from the 1960’s, this big, bad beer will keep you rockin’ all night!

abv: .7.1%

9278 Rockfish Valley Hwy, Afton, VA

-- Saturday, 10/26 & Sunday, 10/27 -Beer, Wine, & Cider Food Trucks, Live Music, Games & More!


hop Canon & Draw Brewing Company Richmond Canon & Draw Brewing Company has been firing their take on craft beers from their Richmond Taproom since last year. If you are lucky enough to put yourself in range, you’ll welcome the bombardment. The “hop” series which is their take on the classic American Pale Ale has been a great example of their craft. This particular one made the rounds a few month back and was brewed with Simcoe and Amarillo Hops and made for a great tasting beer. The grapefruit is noticeable right away and the sweetness is never overpowering. A perfect balance that allowed the hops to really shine through on this one. The next one loaded into the canons was filled with Azacca and Triple Pearl. And, if it’s anything like the earlier one, it’s time to put yourself in the line of fire ‘cause we don’t want a cease fire... keep them coming!

abv: 5.5%

oktoberfest Legend Brewing Company Richmond A Virginia distributor recently proclaimed Legend Brewing Company’s Oktoberfest to be the best, most true-to-style of the style in the Commonwealth. Given Legend’s dedication to traditional brewing practices, it’s easy to see why. This exceptionally brewed Oktoberfest is the quintessential Munich-style Marzen made with Vienna malts, Czech Saaz, American Tettnang and German Hallertau hops. Absolutely delicious. Prost!


- 47 -

cider week The state of Virginia celebrates its seventh annual Cider Week November 15-24, 2019. The week showcases locally fermented ciders crafted by cideries throughout the Commonwealth. A variety of events including festivals, pop-up tastings, tours, workshops, and more will be held in locations around the state. We’ve compiled a list here. Start filling your calendar and enjoy this historical beverage! Visit ciderweekva. com for a complete list of events.

Cider Week November 15-24, 2019

Friday, November 15

Central Virginia

Cider Release at Coyote Hole

Enjoy the release of Red Velvet (Vanilla Raspberry Hard Cider) Coyote Hole Ciderworks 225 Oak Grove Drive, Mineral 540.894.1053 •

Cider Week Kickoff Event, 5-10pm Kick off Virginia Cider Week at FIREFLY with more than a dozen VA ciders on tap or available by bottle/can/glass all week long! At the kickoff event, you’ll be able to meet local cidermakers and get a chance to win prizes from your favorite area cideries. We’ll have cider-centric food pairings, too, throughout Cider Week! Non-alcoholic cider and mocktails available, too! FIREFLY 1304 E Market Street, Charlottesville

Comedy & Cider, 8pm Coyote Hole Ciderworks 225 Oak Grove Drive, Mineral 540.894.1053 •

Saturday, November 16

Central Virginia Cider Celebration, 11am-9pm Featuring local beer, wine, and food plus family-friendly activities and local music. All pets welcome. Bryant’s Cider 3224 East Branch Loop, Roseland 434.962.5212 •

- 48 -


Potter’s Craft Cider Grand Opening, 12-9pm For the past year or so, we have been renovating a 100 year old stone church just South of Charlottesville on Rt 29. We’ll have live music and food trucks out for the Grand Opening party! Potter’s Craft Cider 1350 Arrowhead Valley Road, Charlottesville

Coyote Hole Ciderworks Lake Anna Hard Cider


225 Oak Grove Dr Mineral, VA 23117

Orchard Tour and Private Tasting with the Cidermaker at Courthouse Creek, 2-4pm Experience a guided tour with Eric Cioffi, Cidermaker, Orchardist, and Owner of Courthouse Creek Cider. Participants will walk the orchard, spend time in the production room, and enjoy a curated cider tasting. This is a ticketed event, and space is limited. $30. Courthouse Creek 1581 Maidens Road, Goochland

Coastal Virginia Act Locally, Coastal Clean Up, 9:30-11am To celebrate Cider Week, Sly Clyde will join volunteers in cleaning the coast. Meet at the Tap Room and we will take volunteers to pick up debris along the coast. Registered participants will be thanked with cider coupons for use in our Tap Room. Contact for details and to register. Kid-friendly. Sly Clyde Cider 207 E Mellen Street, Hampton

Cider Reserve Series Release, noon Sly Clyde will launch two new Cidermaker Reserve Series ciders – GoldRush and Stayman & Rome. The ciders have been crafted by award-winning cidermaker, Patrick Smith, from 100% Virginia apples. This is a can drop event and we will sell 4-packs. Sly Clyde Cider 207 E Mellen Street, Hampton

Shenandoah Valley Cider Making Workshop, 10am-12pm Craft your own hard cider under the tutelage of Winchester Ciderworks’ cidermeister, Stephen Schuurman! During the workshop, you will go through small batch processing. Participants will learn about pressing, commercial yeasts, natural fermentations, and additions to cider for added flavors. Participants will take home two gallons of their own creations to ferment at home. One gallon with a commercial yeast added and a second gallon to ferment naturally. $60 Winchester Ciderworks 2504 N. Frederick Pike, Winchester VIRGINIACRAFTBEER.COM

- 49 -

cider week

Saturday, November 23

coastal Virginia Coastal Virginia Cider Festival, 12-7pm Celebrating Coastal Virginia and Virginia cider, Sly Clyde is hosting the largest Cider Festival in Southeast Virginia. Guest ciders, games for families, and a Maker’s Fair will be set up onsite. Sly Clyde will release Channel Fever, a cider spiced for the holidays. Please contact for details.

Tuesday, November 19

Sly Clyde Cider 207 E Mellen Street, Hampton

Central Virginia

Northern Virginia

Cheese and Cider Pairing Class, 6-9pm

Old Town Alexandria Cider Festival, 1-5pm

From stinky to mild, Truckle Cheesemongers and Essex St. partner on this special event bringing together two favorites. Class includes a cider and cheese flight. Blue Bee Cider 1320 Summit Avenue, Richmond

The Alexandria Cider Festival returns to the Lloyd House in historic Old Town! Enjoy a selection of ciders from more than 10 Virginia cideries. Ticket includes tastings, a souvenir glass, live music, and fun fall activities. $45 in advance. Lloyd House 317 Hooffs Run Drive, Alexandria

Wednesday, November 20 Shenandoah Valley Cider Appreciation Class, 7-9pm

Open House at Old Hill Cider, 10am-5pm

Patrick Smith, head Cidermaker, will be on hand teaching course participants about cider, styles, and ways to tease out the flavors in ciders. Please contact to register. Ages 21+

Join Old Hill Cider for an open house featuring freshly picked apples, hot mulled cider, apple cider donuts, extended hours in the tasting room and farm store, local food trucks, workshops, and more.

Sly Clyde Cider 207 E Mellen Street, Hampton

Old Hill Cider 17768 Honeyville Road, Timberville

Visit for a complete list of events. - 50 -


Beer Geek Night at Wolf Hills Brewing

Trivia Night at Coyote Hole Ciderworks

New firkin or small batch beer released every Thursday. 350 Park Street. Abingdon 276.451.5470 •

Featuring trivia by Mixed Entertainment and Catch the Chef food truck. 225 Oak Grove Drive, Mineral 540.894.1053

Every Thursday, 5-9pm

Every Thursday 4-8pm

Live Music at Creek Bottom Brewing

Trivia Thursday at Castleburg Brewery & Taproom

307 Meadow Street, Galax 276.236.2337 •

Teams of 1 to 6 compete for league points on a quarterly basis. Prizes are given out each week for 1st & 2nd place and Best Team Name. 1626 Ownby Ln., Richmond

Every Friday, 7pm

Live Music at Wolf Hills Brewing Every Friday

350 Park Street. Abingdon 276.451.5470 •

Live Music at Damascus Brewery Every Saturday, 7-10pm

32173 Government Rd., Damascus

Oktoberfest at Wolf Hills Brewing Fri., Oct. 18, 6-8:45pm

Featuring Mountain Top Polka Band, traditional food, and our Oktoberfest lager. 350 Park Street. Abingdon 276.451.5470 •

11th Annual Blacksburg Brew Do Sat., Oct. 26, 12-5pm

Featuring 100 beers from more than 50 breweries in Virginia, the Mid-Atlantic, and beyond; delicious food; cooking and brewing demonstrations; live entertainment, and more. Virginia Tech Corporate Research Center 1600 Innovation Drive, Blacksburg 540.443.2008

Every Thursday, 7-9pm

Friday Cheers at Blue Mountain Barrel House Every Friday, 5-9pm

Enjoy live music from 6-8pm and food trucks 5-9pm 495 Cooperative Way. Arrington 434.263.4002 •

Friday Night Music at Legend Brewing Co. Every Friday, 8:30pm

321 West 7th St., Richmond 804.232.3446

Full Nelson Fridays at Blue Mountain Brewery Every Friday, 6-8pm

Enjoy live music! 9519 Critzer Shop Rd., Afton 540.456.8020 •

Live Music at Castleburg Brewery & Taproom Every Friday & Saturday

CENTRAL VIRGINIA $2 Tuesdays at South Street Brewery Every Tuesday until 9pm

$2 draft beers (under 8% ABV) 106 South St., Charlottesville 434.293.6550 •

Fiesta on The Farm at Bold Rock Every Tuesday, 11am-8pm

A full day of Flamenco music, delicious taco specials, Bold Rock-a-ritas, and a free chips and salsa bar. Bold Rock Hard Cider 1020 Rockfish Valley Highway, Nellysford 434.361.1030 •

Trivia Night at World of Beer Every Tuesday, 7pm

District Trivia hosts trivia. Prizes for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place. 852 W. Main St., Charlottesville 434.760.0771



Tacos & Troubadours Night at Wolf Geeks Who Drink Trivia at Hills Brewing Pro Re Nata Brewery

Held on historic Main Street, this event showcases the craft beer industry in Southwest VA, featuring craft beer, wine, and ciders from around the region plus live music and entertainment for all. Main Street, Tazewell 276.988.5091 •

Every Tuesday, 6-9pm

Featuring delicious tacos by Toni’s Hawaiian Tacos & open mic night hosted by KT Vandyke. 350 Park Street, Abingdon 276.451.5470 •

Trivia Night at Wolf Hills Brewing Every Wednesday, 6-8pm

350 Park Street. Abingdon 276.451.5470 •

VA Beer & Wine Tasting at Michie Tavern Every Saturday & Sunday, 1-4pm

Enjoy tastings from VA craft breweries and wineries. 683 Thomas Jefferson Pkwy., Charlottesville 434.977.1234

Beer, Bingo, & Bloodies at Center of the Universe Every Sunday, 2-6pm

Enjoy a beer bloody and try your luck at hourly bingo for a chance to win COTU swag. 11293 Air Park Rd., Ashland

Brunch at Blue Mountain Brewery Every Sunday, 11am-2pm

Enjoy live music 2:30-5pm 9519 Critzer Shop Rd., Afton 540.456.8020 •

Trivia Night at Garden Grove Brewing Local Bucket Sunday at Every Wednesday World of Beer

APPALACHIA Sat., Oct. 5, 5-10pm

1626 Ownby Ln., Richmond

3445 West Cary St., Richmond 804.918.6158 •

Every Thursday, 7-9pm

Pub Quizzes & Trivia 6135 Rockfish Gap Turnpike, Crozet

Happy Hour at Blue Bee Cider Every Thursday

Featuring new ciders on draft as part of the small batch cider draft program. 212 W. 6th St., Richmond 804.231.0280 •

Every Sunday

Get specials on local beers on the local beer bucket offering. 852 W. Main St., Charlottesville

Trivia Night at Random Row Brewing Co. Every Sunday, 5-7pm

Hosted by Geeks Who Drink with prizes awarded to the best teams. 608 Preston Ave., Charlottesville


- 51 -

Spooktacular Make and Take Thurs., Oct. 24, 6-8pm

Dress up in your favorite costume or be yourself and bring the kids for a fun-filled evening learning how to use essential oils in making Monster Spray, Boo Boo’s be gone roller, and Ditch the Witch or Witch’s Brew. Wood Ridge Farm Brewery 165 Old Ridge Road, Lovingston 434.422.6225

4th Annual Halloween Party at Castleburg Brewery & Taproom Sat., Oct. 26, 7-10pm

A night of beer and surf rock by The Cashmere Jungle Lords. Costume contest with cash prizes! 1626 Ownby Ln., Richmond

Bold Rock Fall Foliage Festival Sat., Oct. 26, 11am-9pm

Celebrate what makes fall great in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Featuring live music, food trucks, and fun fall-themed activities including a hay ride! 1020 Rockfish Valley Hwy., Nellysford

Fall Festival at Bryant’s Cider Sat., Oct. 26

Join us for a Fall Festival with hay rides, a food truck, local beer and wine, and music. 3224 East Branch Loop, Roseland 434.962.5212

Field Day in the Meadows at Brewing Tree

Sat., Oct. 26, 11am-8pm & Sun., Oct. 27, 12-5pm Featuring food trucks, live music, games, pumpkin launching, rubber duck races, axe throwing, and more! Brewing Tree Beer Company 9278 Rockfish Valley Hwy., Afton

Orchard Movie Night – Beetlejuice at Coyote Hole Ciderworks

Backyard BBQ at Bold Rock

Belgian Beer Festival at Fine Creek

Grill-out specials and Barrel Barn Craft Ciders. Bold Rock Hard Cider 1020 Rockfish Valley Highway, Nellysford 434.361.1030 •

We’ll be hosting our first Belgian Beer Festival featuring guest taps and live music! Fine Creek Brewing Company 2425 Robert E. Lee Road, Powhatan

Thurs., Oct. 31, 5-8pm

It’s Fall Y’all at Stone Brewing Fri., Nov. 1, 7-10pm

Bring blankets and chairs for a free, relaxing movie by the lake. 225 Oak Grove Drive, Mineral 540.894.1053 •

Includes heavy appetizers, one beer/ wine ticket, silent auction, and music by Timber Revival Band. Cash bar available. Tickets: $30 in advance; $35 at door. 4300 Williamsburg Avenue, Richmond 804.912.2947 •

Scott’s Addition Halloween Booz Crawl

Fri., Nov. 1

Sat., Oct. 26, 9-11pm

Sat., Oct. 26, 3-11pm

Trick-or-Treat for Adults! Try all of our awesome beers, ciders, meads, and whiskeys! Pick up a Booz Crawl card at any participating location and get three unique stamps from any participating alcohol producer, and be entered to win a $25 gift card individually for each location. Scott’s Addition Historic District Richmond

Field Gay at Coyote Hole Ciderworks Sun., Oct. 27 & Nov. 24, 2-5pm

A family-friendly field day for the LGBTQ community. Featuring games, BBQ, and more! Coyote Hole Ciderworks 225 Oak Grove Drive, Mineral

Tomtoberfest Build community and celebrate Charlottesville. Meet innovative changemakers at the Charlottesville mixer. Enjoy local and national craft beer, food trucks, and two stages featuring live music. Stick around for a costumed Silent Disco after party! IX Art Park 522 2nd Street, SE, Charlottesville

Apple Harvest Festival Sat., Nov. 2, 10am-5pm

Apples, Apples, & more Apples! Fresh pressed cider, mulled cider, hard cider, apple butter and brunswick stew, local food vendors and artisan craft vendors, music all day, apple pie contest, hayrides, and more! Albemarle CiderWorks 2545 Rural Ridge Lane, North Garden

Sat., Nov. 2, 12-5pm

Hops in the Park Sat., Nov. 9

Join us for this national award-winning hops and harvest festival celebrating Virginia agriculture and the long and rich history and brewing in our Commonwealth. Featuring over 40 Virginia craft beers, brewing demos, farmers market, food, and Virginia history. Henricus Historical Park 251 Henricus Park Road, Chester 804.748.1611 •

Richmond Cider Celebration Sat., Nov. 9, 11am-4pm

Come gear up for Cider Week VA! Featuring cideries and their representatives, food, and artisan vendors. Tastings and full pours available. This event supports Enrichmond Foundation’s mission of serving Richmond’s people, parks, and public spaces. 1320 Summit Avenue, Richmond

Comedy Night at Castleburg Brewery & Taproom Wed., Nov. 13, 7:30-10:30pm

Krish Mohan’s “Politely Angry!” show will have you thinking and laughing at the same time. 1626 Ownby Ln., Richmond


- 53 -

Female Stranger Beer Dinner with Port City Brewery

Sit, Stay, Cider: An Evening of Barks & Boo’s

Loudoun’s Largest Halloween Party

Honor the anniversary of the Female Stranger’s death at Gadsby’s Tavern with her Long Black Veil beer by Port City. Enjoy great local beers and a four course dinner on the anniversary of her tragic death and learn about her mysterious story. $85 per person. Gadsby’s Tavern Museum 134 N. Royal Street, Alexandria 703.746.4242

Bring your pup, decked out in their cutest, most unique Halloween costume. Enjoy live music and great cider. Proceeds benefit Animal Welfare League of Arlington. Lost Boy Cider 317 Hooffs Run Drive, Alexandria

Beer Festival with a Halloween theme featuring breweries from the LoCo Ale Trail in Loundoun County. Tickets include beer, wine, seltzer tastings and a full food menu with vegan options. The National Conference Center 18980 Upper Belmont Place, Leesburg

Mon., Oct. 14, 7-11pm

Specials & Concert at The Farm Brewery at Broad Run Sat., Oct. 19

Happy Hour specials 12-4pm followed by an outside concert with 8 Track Jones starting at 5pm. 16015 John Marshall Highway, Haymarket

A Groovy Halloween Party at Adventure Brewing Fri., Oct. 25, 7-10pm

Get your groove on! Featuring The Acoustic Onion. Come dressed up in your grooviest costume for a chance to win an Adventure gift card. 33 Perchwood Dr., Unit 101, Fredericksburg

Beer Release at The Farm Brewery at Broad Run Fri., Oct. 25

Beer Release: Nitro Barrel Porter – a brown porter aged in a maple syrup/rye whiskey barrel. 16015 John Marshall Highway, Haymarket

Tues., Oct. 29, 6:30-9pm

Sat., Nov. 2, 12-6pm

Beer Release at The Farm Brewery at Broad Run

Beer It Forward at The Farm Brewery at Broad Run

Beer Release: Ghost of Broad Run Imperial Stout 16015 John Marshall Highway, Haymarket

Buy a Beer for a Vet! 16015 John Marshall Highway, Haymarket

Thurs., Oct. 31

Halloween Party & Spooky Unfamily Friendly Family Feud at Adventure Brewing Thurs., Oct. 31, 7-10pm

Halloween Brews, Costume Contest, and trivia! Prizes given to the winning teams and individual costume! 33 Perchwood Dr., Unit 101, Fredericksburg

Draughts & Laughs at The Farm Brewery at Broad Run Sat., Nov. 2, 8-9:30pm

Beer and Comedy Show in the Roost 16015 John Marshall Highway, Haymarket

Fri., Nov. 8

Beer Release at The Farm Brewery at Broad Run Fri., Nov. 8

Beer Release: Goose Gose Honk! – Lime, Blackberry-lime, and Cranberry-lime Gose Trio 16015 John Marshall Highway, Haymarket

Guide to Libations Singles Bus Tour Sat., Nov. 9, 11am-7pm

Singles tour of Fredericksburg area breweries and restaurants with singles activities at every stop. Tour starts at Spencer Devon Brewing and includes stops at Highmark Brewery, Fat Boys’ Smokehouse and Burgers, Maltese Brewing Company, and back to Spencer Devon. Spencer Devon Brewing 106 George Street, Fredericksburg

Beer Release at The Farm Brewery at Broad Run Fri., Nov. 15

Beer Release: Ruby Roo – new amber lager 16015 John Marshall Highway, Haymarket

Family Trivia Night at The Farm Brewery at Broad Run Wed., Nov. 27

Family Trivia Night with Puccios Wood Fired Pizza from 3-10pm. 16015 John Marshall Highway, Haymarket

Black Friday at The Farm Brewery at Broad Run Fri., Nov. 29

Forget the lines, jump on our Wi-Fi and do your Black Friday shopping while enjoying a cold beer. Eugenes Sausage and Fries will be serving delicious food and Mindy Miller will be playing live 1-4pm. 16015 John Marshall Highway, Haymarket

SHENANDOAH VALLEY Team Trivia at Winchester Brew Works Every Monday, 6:30pm

Teams of 6 compete for gift certificates and prizes! 320 N. Cameron St., Winchester


- 59 -

2019 Resolute Day at Brothers Craft Brewing Sat., Nov. 9, 10am-11pm

Featuring the much anticipated release of the 2019 Resolute (Bourbon Barrel-Aged Russian Imperial Stout) and six variants. Live music and food. Plan your Resolute Weekend with the “Tap Into Resolute Weekend” guide for plenty of shopping, food, and fun while you are in Harrisonburg. And, receive special discounted rates at Hotel Madison & Shenandoah Valley Conference Center.Visit the Facebook event page for more details. 800 N. Main Street, Harrisonburg

Resolute Hangover Sunday at Brothers Craft Brewing Sun., Nov. 10, 12-8pm

Stop in to see what big beer is still pouring. Stick around to enjoy all of the action of the NFL games on our TVs.We will be showing both the 1:00 and 4:00 games. 800 N. Main Street, Harrisonburg

Old Fashioned Farm Christmas at Stable Craft Brewing Sat., Dec. 7, 11am-7pm

Horse-drawn wagon rides, a visit from Santa, barrel-aged beers, and an ugly sweater contest. 375 Madrid Rd., Waynesboro

SOUTHERN VIRGINIA Beach & Brew Fest Sat., Oct. 5, 3-8pm

Featuring some of the best local and regional craft beers in Virginia, live music by Steve Owens and Summertime, and an array of food. 416 Virginia Avenue, Clarksville 434.738.6191

Blues, Brews, & Stews Sat., Oct. 5, 3-8pm

Featuring some of the best local and regional craft beers in Virginia, live music by Steve Owens and Summertime, and an array of food. 416 Virginia Avenue, Clarksville 434.738.6191

Adoption Day with the Pittsylvania Pet Center at Ballard Brewing Sun., Oct. 6, Nov. 3, & Dec. 1, 1pm

Adopt your next brewery buddy at Ballad! We’ve teamed up with the Pittsylvania Pet Center for a monthly adoption day! Every first Sunday of the month, you can see a few of the dogs up for adoption in the taproom! 600 Craghead St., Danville

Faith & Ecology at Mountain Valley Brewing Wed., Oct. 9, 6-8pm

Join us as we welcome author and local farmer Bill Guerrant to Pub(lic) Theology at the brewery.You won’t want to miss Bill’s presentation on faith and ecology. 4220 Mountain Valley Road, Axton

Live Music at Ballad Brewing

Jump Into Mystery

10/12 – Legendz Tribute Band; 10/19 – Donnie Fitzgerald; 10/26 – Real Jazz; 11/30 – The Brown Mountain Lightning Bugs 600 Craghead St., Danville

An interactive murder mystery event where you will ask questions, solve clues, and buy or sell information using fake money! Laugh, talk, eat, and drink! Your $35 ticket includes the event, endless snacks, and a full size beer. Plus, come in your Halloween costume! Three Notch’d Craft Kitchen & Brewery 24 Campbell Avenue SE, Roanoke 540.492.5005

Sat., Oct. 12, 19, & 26, & Nov. 30, 6-9pm

VIRGINIA MOUNTAINS Body by Parkway Runner’s Club Every Thurs., 6pm

Parkway Brewing 739 Kessler Mill Road, Salem 540.483.9293

Shine Runners Club

Thurs., Oct. 3, Nov. 7, & Dec. 5, 6pm

3 miles, 5 miles, or just walk and then socialize at the brewery. Chaos Mountain Brewing 3135 Dillons Mill Rd., Callaway 540.334.1600

Brew at the Zoo Sat., Oct. 12, 5-8pm

See the animals and the view from the mountain while enjoy a cold beer from Bedford’s Beale’s. Live music by Appalachian Soul and food from 2Dye4Que food truck. Mill Mountain Zoo 2404 Prospect Road SE, Roanoke

Mon., Oct. 14, 6-9pm

Halloween Party at Parkway Thurs., Oct. 31, 6pm

Step inside a haunted brewery and join your host, Franki Boom Boom, for an evening of spooky celebrations featuring 2 costume contests, live music, food, and great beer! Parkway Brewing 739 Kessler Mill Road, Salem 540.483.9293

Black Friday at Big Lick Fri., Nov. 29, 6:30-9:30pm

Once you’ve had your fill of holiday shopping, come to Big Lick and enjoy live music by The Ryan Greer Band and great beer! Big Lick Brewing Company 409 Salem Avenue, SW, Roanoke


- 61 -


360 W. Spring Street Wytheville 276.228.0994

Bristol Station Brews & Taproom 41 Piedmont Avenue Bristol 276.608.1220

Bull & Bones Brewhaus 1470 S Main St., #120 Blacksburg 540.953.2855

Creek Bottom Brews

307 Meadow Street Galax 276.236.BEER (2337) John serves up an award-winning Virginia Craft Brewers Cup Silver Medal Gen2 IPA at Alesatian Brewing Co. in Winchester.

The Damascus Brewery

32173 Government Road Damascus 540.314.2782

Headspace Brewing Company 120 N. Chestnut Street Marion 276.780.8860

Right Mind Brewing Company 1410 S. Main Street Blacksburg 540.552.7000

Right Turn, Clyde Brewing Company

300 A Main Street Narrows 540.921.7283

Rising Silo Brewing Company 2351 Glade Rd Blacksburg 410.596.1200

River Company Brewery Meagan greets you with a smile and a flight at Brewing Tree Beer Company in Afton.

APPALACHIA Busted Still Brewing Company 185 Homeplace Drive Gate City 24251 276.210.6038

Lonesome Pine Brewing Company 15 East Main Street Lebanon 276.274.3697

Painted Peak Brewing Company 386 Main Street Tazewell 276.980.7325

Sugar Hill Brewing Company 16622 Broad Street St. Paul 24283 276.780.4397

6633 Viscoe Rd. Radford (Fairlawn) 540.633.3940

Sinkland Farms Brewery

3060 Riner Road Christiansburg 540.835.3395

Studio Brew

221 Moore Street Bristol

Wolf Hills Brewing Company

350 Park St. Abingdon 303.5508762


235 N Market Petersburg 23805 804.722.1667 - 62 -


AMMO Brewing Company

235 N Market Petersburg 23805 804.722.1667

Antioch Brewing Company Palmyra 434.249.6727

Apocalypse Ale Works 1257 Burnbridge Rd Forest 434.258.8761

Ardent Craft Ales

3200 W. Leigh Street Richmond 804.359.1605

Bald Top Brewing Co.

Colonial Beach Brewing

215C Washington Avenue Colonial Beach 540.226.2114

Cooling Pond Brewery

4411 Zachary Taylor Highway Mineral

Devils Backbone Brewing Company - Basecamp

4522 Chicken City Road Chincoteague

Blue Mountain Brewery

9519 Critzer Shop Rd. Afton 540.456.8020

Blue Mountain Barrel House 495 Cooperative Way Arrington 434.263.4002

Brasserie Saison

111 E. Main Street Charlottesville 434.202.7027

Brewing Tree Beer Company 9278 Rockfish Valley Hwy. Afton 540.381.0990

Canon & Draw Brewing Company 1529 West Main Street Richmond

Castleburg Brewery & Taproom 1626 Owenby Lane Richmond 23220 804.353.1256

Center of the Universe Brewing Company 11293 Air Park Rd. Ashland 804.368.0299

Champion Brewing Co.

324 6th Street Charlottesville 434.295.2739

Main Line Brewery

2410 Granite Ridge Rd. Rockville 804.356.9379

1110 Alverser Dr. Midlothian 804.379.8727 ExtraBillysBarBQ2.htm

Fine Creek Brewing Company

Black Narrows Brewing Company

198 Ambriar Plaza Amherst 434-941-7345

Extra Billy’s


2900 West Broad Street, Richmond 804.386.0290

Loose Shoe Brewing Company

1603 Ownby Lane Richmond 804-387-9670

Final Gravity Brewing Company

Bingo Beer Co.

1717 East Franklin Street Richmond

200 Mosbys Run Roseland 434.361.1001

1830 Thrift Road Madison 540.999.1830 510 Grove Street Bedford 540.583.5113

Lickinghole Goodwater

6118 Lakeside Ave. Richmond 804.264.4808

2425 Robert E. Lee Road Powhatan 804.372.9786

Garden Grove Brewing and Urban Winery

3445 W Cary Street, Richmond 804.338.6029

Hardywood Park Craft Brewery 2408 Ownby Ln. Richmond 804.420.2420

Hardywood Park Craft Brewery West Creek 820 Sanctuary Trail Drive Richmond

Hardywood Pilot Brewery & Taproom 1000 W. Main Street Charlottesville

Intermission Beer Co. 10089 Brook Road Glen Allen 804.585.0405

Isley Brewing Company

1715 Summit Avenue Richmond 804.499.0721

James River Brewery 561 Valley St. Scottsville 434.286.7837

Kindred Spirit Brewing

12830 W. Creek Parkway Goochland 804.708.0309

Legend Brewing Company

Midnight Brewery

Old House Brewing Co.

18351 Corkys Lane Culpeper 540.423.1032

Origin Beer Lab

106 S. Railroad Avenue Ashland 804.368.0299

Pro Re Nata Farm Brewery

6135 Rockfish Gap Tpke. Crozet 434.823.4878

Random Row Brewing Company

704 Dawn Street Richmond 804.303.5528

The Answer Brewpub

6008 West Broad St. Richmond

The Veil Brewing Company 1301 Roseneath Road Richmond 804.355.58515

Third Street Brewing 312 W. Third Street Farmville 434.315.0471

Three Notch’d Brewing Company RVA Colab House 2930 W. Broad St. Richmond

Three Notch’d @ IX Park

522 2nd Street, SE Charlottesville

Trapezium Brewing Company 423 Third Street Petersburg 23803 571.758.2738

608 Preston Avenue Charlottesville 434.284.8466

Triple Crossing Brewing Company

Reason Beer Co.

Triple Crossing Brewing Company

1180 Seminole Trail, #290 Charlottesville

Richbrau Brewing Co.

5 South 20th Street Richmond

Rock Bottom Restaurant & Brewery

113 S. Foushee Street Richmond 804.308.0475

5203 Hatcher Street Richmond 804.496.1955

Vasen Brewing Company

3331 Moore Street, Richmond 804.588.5678

White Rock Brewing Company

11800 W. Broad Street Richmond 23233 804-237-1684

2117 Bruno Drive Goodview 24905 540.890.3359

South Street Brewery

Wild Wolf Brewing Company

106 South Street Charlottesville 434.293.6550

2461 Rockfish Valley Highway Nellysford 434.361.0088

Starr Hill Brewery

WildManDan Beer Centric B&B

5391 Three Notch’d Rd. Crozet 434.823.5671

279 Avon Road Afton 434.270.0404

Steam Bell Beer Works

Willow Spring Brewery in The Light Well Restaurant

1717 E. Oak Lake Blvd. Midlothian 804.728.1876

Stone Brewing Company

321 W. Seventh St. Richmond 804.232.3446

4300 Williamsburg Avenue Richmond 23231 760.294.7899 stonebrewingrichmond.

Lickinghole Creek Farm Brewery

Strangeways Brewing

4100 Knolls Point Dr. Goochland 804.314.4380

Tabol Brewing

110 E Main Street Orange 540.661.0004

Wood Ridge Farm Brewery 165 Old Ridge Road Lovingston 434.422.6225


189-B Ewell Rd. Williamsburg 757.220.3670

Alewerks Satellite Brewery

Williamsburg Premium Outlets 5715 Richmond Road Williamsburg

Back Bay Brewing Company 614 Norfolk Ave. Virginia Beach 757.531.7750

Back Bay’s Farmhouse Brewing Co.

1805 Kempsville Road, Virginia Beach 757.512.6430

Benchtop Brewing Company 1129 Boissevain Avenue Norfolk 757.321.9482

Big Ugly Brewing Company 845 Battlefield Blvd. S., Chesapeake

Billsburg Brewery

2054 Jamestown Road Williamsburg

Black Narrows Brewing Company 4522 Chicken City Road Chincoteague

Bold Mariner Brewing Company 1901 E. Ocean View Avenue Norfolk 757.952.6533

Brass Cannon Brewing Company 5476 Mooretown Road Williamsburg 757.566.0001

Bull Island Brewing Company 758 Settlers Landing Road Hampton 757.788.9489

Cape Charles Brewing Co.

2198 Stone Road Cape Charles 757.695.3909

Capstan Bar Brewing Company 2036 Exploration Way Hampton 757.788.7276

Coelacanth Brewing 760 W. 22nd Street Norfolk 757.59.UGLY.1

Commonwealth Brewing Company 2444 Pleasure House Rd. Virginia Beach 757.305.9652

2277 Dabney Rd. Richmond 804.303.4336 VIRGINIACRAFTBEER.COM

- 63 -

Deadline Brewing Project

2272 W. Great Neck Road, Suite 2268 Virginia Beach 757.502.4980

Elation Brewing

5104 Colley Avenue Norfolk 757.695.3909

Gordon Biersch

4561 Virginia Beach Blvd. Virginia Beach 757.490.2739

Home Republic Brew Pub 328 Laskin Road Virginia Beach 757.226.9593

Kilmarnock Brewhaus

Precarious Beer Project/ Amber Ox Public House

521 Prince George St, Ste 101 Williamsburg 757.790.2299

Reaver Beach Brewing Company 1505 Taylor Farm Road Virginia Beach 757.563.2337

Rip Rap Brewing Company 116 E 25th Street Norfolk

Smartmouth Brewing Company 1309 Raleigh Ave., #300 Norfolk 757.624.3939

44 West Church Street Kilmarnock 804.436.6207

Smartmouth Pilot House

Legend Brewing Depot

St. George Brewing Company

1 High Street North Landing, Suite B Portsmouth 757.998.6733

Maker’s Craft Brewery

313 32nd Street Virginia Beach 204 Challenger Way Hampton 757.865.7781

That Damn Mary Brewing Company

735 E. 23rd Street Norfolk 757.226.8506

5036 George Washington Memorial Highway Hayes 804.436.2204

MoMac Brewing Company

The Bunker Brewpub & Cadence Hall

3228 Academy Avenue Portsmouth 757.383.9572

Montross Brewery

15381 Kings Highway Montross 804.452.7394

Nansemond Brewing Station 212 E. Washington Street Suffolk 757.630.2178

New Realm Brewing Company 1209 Craft Lane Virginia Beach 757.302.8550

O’Connor Brewing Company 211 W. 24th Street Norfolk 757.623.2337

211 21st Street, Virginia Beach 757.227.4250

The Garage

1011 Eden Way N. Chesapeake 757.389.5353

The Vanguard Brewpub & Distillery 504 N. King Street Hampton 757.224.1807

The Virginia Beer Company 401 Second Street Williamsburg 757.378.2903

Tradition Brewing Company


9925 Discovery Blvd. Manassas 703.420.2264

6 Bears & A Goat Brewing Company

11440 International Drive Fredericksburg 540.356.9056

1781 Brewing Company 11109 Plank Rd. Spotsylvania 804.842.0199

1836 Kitchen & Taproom

34 E. Broad Way Lovettsville 540.668.5835

Adroit Theory Brewing Company 404 Browing Ct., Unit C Purcellville 703.722.3144

Adventure Brewing North 33 Perchwood Drive Fredericksburg 540.242.8876

Adventure Brewing South 3300 Dill Smith Drive Fredericksburg

Altered Suds Brewing 36 Main Street Warrenton 540.216.3490

Aslin Beer Company

257 Sunset Park Drive Herndon, VA 20170 703.787.5766

Audacious Aleworks

110 E. Fairfax Street, Falls Church 571.303.0177

B Chord Brewing

34266 Williams Gap Road Round Hill

BadWolf (Big) Brewing Company

700 Thimble Shoals Blvd. Newport News 757.303.3415

8420 Kao Circle Manassas, 20110

81 Patch Road Fort Monroe 757.224.7042

Wasserhund Brewing Company 805 Laskin Rd. #102 Virginia Beach 757.618.6051

9776 Center St. Manassas 571.208.1064

Pleasure House Brewing

Wharf Hill Brewing Co.

Barley Naked

Oozelfinch Craft Brewery

BadWolf (Little) Brewing Company

Battlefield Brewing Company

Dirt Farm Brewing Co.

Bear Chase Brewing Company

Dog Money Brewery

Beer Hound Brewery

Dragon Hops Brewing

Belly Love Brewing Company

Dynasty Brewing Co.

Beltway Brewing Company

Eavesdrop Brewery

Bike TrALE Brewing Company

Fair Winds Brewing Company

4187 Plank Rd Fredericksburg 540.785.2164

18294 Blue Ridge Mountain Road Bluemont 201 Waters Place Culpeper 22701 540-317-5327 725 E Main Street Purcellville, VA 20132 540.441.3159 22620 Davis Dr. #110 Sterling 571.989.2739

101 Loudon St. SW Leesburg 571.293.0050

Black Hoof Brewing Company

210 S King Street Leesburg blackwalnutbrewery

Board Room Brewing Company 925 Garfield Street Arlington 703.248.9439

Brew Republic Bierwerks

15201 Potomac Town Place Woodbridge 703.594.7950

Caboose Brewing Company 520 Mill Street NE Vienna 703-865-8580

Chubby Squirrel Brewing Company

10382 Willard Way Fairfax 571.989.1082

301 S Main Street Culpeper

The Farm Brewery at Broad Run

Forge Brew Works

8532 Terminal Rd., Ste. L Lorton 703.372.2979

Front Royal Brewing

122 E. Main Street Front Royal 540.631.0773

Gordon Biersch

Tyson’s Corner Mall McLean 703.388.5454

Growling Bear Brewing Company 14051 Crown Court Woodbridge, 22193 571.535.1965

Harpers Ferry Brewing

37410 Adventure Center Lane Purcellville

Crooked Run Brewing Company

9436 Center Point Lane Manassas 800.432.1792

205 E. Hirst Road, Suite 105 Purcellville 540.441.3102

43271 Spinks Ferry Road Leesburg 703.675.8408

Crooked Run Brewing Company

Barrel Oak Farm Taphouse

Ono Brewing Company


7000 Newington Road, Suites K&L Lorton 703-372-2001

Corcoran Brewing Company

Young Veterans Brewing Company

- 64 -

7223 Centreville Road, Yorkshire 703.420.8955

16015 John Marshall Hwy. Broad Run 703.753.3548

Precarious Beer Hall

3623 Grove Lane Delaplane 540.364.6402

21140 Ashburn Crossing Drive, Suite #130-135 Asburn 571.246.5991

Black Walnut Brewing Company

15 Tech Parkway, Stafford 540.623.4475

2505 Horse Pasture Rd,Ste. 104 Virginia Beach 757.689.4021

130 E. Main Street Purcellville 540.441.3660

Far Gohn Brewing Co.

25 Main Street Smithfield 757-357-7100

110 S. Henry Street Williamsburg 757.808.5104

50 Catoctin Circle Leesburg 703.687.3852

11 S. King Street Leesburg 571.707.8014

3025 Shore Dr. Virginia Beach, VA 23451 757.647.8597

Barnhouse Brewery

18701 Foggy Bottom Rd. Bluemont 540.554.2337

22455 Davis Drive Sterling 205 Harrison Street SE Leesburg 571.978.4446 4520 Daly Drive Chantilly 571.409.6662

Heritage Brewing Co.

Heroic Aleworks

14910 Persistence Drive Woodbridge 571.398.6113

Highmark Brewery

390 Kings Hwy. Fredericksburg 540.207.1725

Hillsborough Farm Brewery 36716 Charles Town Pike Purcellville 540.668.6216

Honor Brewing Co.

14004A Willard Road Chantilly 703.596.1567

Hopkins Ordinary Ale Works 47 Main Street Sperryville 540.987.3383

House 6 Brewing Co.

44427 Atwater Drive Ashburn 585.520.5710

Jack’s Run Brewing Company 108 N. 21st Street Purcellville 540.441.3382

Lake Anne Brew House

11424 Washington Plaza West Reston 571.758.2739

Lost Rhino Brewing Company

21730 Red Rum Dr., Ste. 142 Ashburn 571.291.2083

Lost Rhino Retreat

22885 Brambleton Plaza Brambleton 703.327.0311

Loudoun Brewing Company 310 E Market St. Leesburg 703.350.8553

Maltese Brewing Company 11047 B Pierson Drive Fredericksburg

Market Common Brewpub & Roastery 2900 Wilson Blvd., #104 Arlington 571.208.1355

Mustang Sally Brewing Company 14140 Parke Long Court Chantilly 703.378.7450

New District Brewing Company 2709 S Oakland Street Arlington 22206 703.888.5820

Ocelot Brewing Company

23600 Overland Drive, Ste. 180 Sterling 703-665-2146

Old Bust Head Brewing Company 7134 Lineweaver Rd. Warrenton 540.347.4777

Old 690 Brewing Company

15670 Ashbury Church Road Purcellville

Old Ox Brewery

44652 Guilford Dr Unit 114 Ashburn 703.729.8375

Old Ox Brewery

14 S. Madison Street Middleburg 540.326.8943

Old Trade Brewery

13270 Alanthus Road Brandy Station 774.218.8645

Ono Brewing Co.

4520 Daly Drive Chantilly 571.409.6662

Pen Druid Brewing

7 River Lane Sperryville, 22740 540.987.8800

Phase 2 Brewing

Sweetwater Tavern

Wort Hog Brewing Company 41 Beckham Street Warrenton 540.300.2739

Great Valley Farm Brewery

14250 Sweetwater Ln. Centreville 703.449.1100

Sweetwater Tavern


Hawksbill Brewing Company

19382 Diamond Lake Drive Leesburg 540.987.0219

3066 Gate House Plaza Falls Church 703.645.8100

Port City Brewing Company

Sweetwater Tavern

Portner’s Brewhouse

The Craft of Brewing

3950 Wheeler Ave. Alexandria 703.797.2739

5772 Dow Avenue Alexandria 703.646.0466

Powers Farm & Brewery

9269 Redemption Way Midland 540.272.5060

Quattro Goombas Brewing Company 22860 James Monroe Highway Aldie 703-327-6052

Red Dragon Brewery

45980 Waterview Plaza Sterling 571.434.6500 21140 Ashburn Crossing Drive, Suite 170 Ashburn 703.687.3932

Tin Cannon Brewing Co

7679 Limestone Dr. #130 Gainesville 571-248-0489

Tucked Away Brewing Company 8420 Kao Circle Manassas 703.420.2890

1419 Princess Anne Street Fredericksburg 22401 540.382.4342

Twinpanzee Brewing Company

Rocket Frog Brewing Company

Vanish Brewing

22560 Glenn Drive, Suite #103 Sterling 571.375.7920

Sinistral Brewing Company

9419 Main Street Manassas

Solace Brewing Company

42615 Trade West Drive, #100 Dulles

Spencer Devon Brewing Company 106 George Street Fredericksburg 540-999-6253

Strangeways Brewing

350 Landsdowne Road Fredericksburg 540.371.1776

101-D Executive Drive Sterling 703.791.9363

44624 Leelyn Farm Lane Leesburg 20176

Water’s End Brewery

12425 Dillingham Square Lake Ridge 571.285.1997

Wheatland Spring Farm & Brewery

38506 John Wolford Road Waterford 540.746.6080

Wild Run Brewing Company

3071 Jefferson Davis Hwy Stafford 540.659.3447

Alesatian Brewing Company 23 N. Loudoun Street Winchester 540.667.2743

Backroom Brewery

60 Great Valley Lane Natural Bridge 540.521.6163 22 Zerkel Street Luray 540.860.5608

Pale Fire Brewing Company 217 S. Liberty Street Harrisonburg 540-217-5452

150 Ridgemont Rd. Middletown 540.869.8482 BackroomBrewery

Queen City Brewing

Basic City Beer Co.

Redbeard Brewing

1010 E. Main Street Waynesboro 540.265.8062

Bedlam Brewing Company

2303 North Augusta Street Staunton 540.416.4634

Blue Lab Brewing Company 123 S. Randolph St. Lexington 540.458.0146

Brothers Craft Brewing 800 N Main Street Harrisonburg 540.432.8940

Devils Backbone Brewing Company - Outpost

50 Northwind Lane Lexington 540.462.6200

Escutcheon Brewing Company 150 W. Commercial Street Winchester 540.391.8713

Front Royal Brewing Company 122 E. Main Street Front Royal 540.631.0773

834 Springhill Road Staunton 540.213.8014 120 South Lewis St. Staunton 804.641.9340

Ridge Runner Farm & Brewery 6895 Back Road Maurertown 571.201.2963

Restless Moons Brewing Company 120 W. Wolfe Street Harrisonburg 540.217.2726

Seven Arrows Brewing Company

2508 Jefferson Hwy. Ste 1 Waynesboro 540-221-6968

Shenandoah Valley Brewing Company 103 W. Beverly Street Staunton 540.887.2337

Skipping Rock Beer Co.

414 Parkersburg Turnpike Staunton 540.466.5692

Stable Craft Brewing at Hermitage Hill

375 Madrid Road Waynesboro 540.490.2609 VIRGINIACRAFTBEER.COM

- 65 -

Swover Creek Farm Brewery 4176 Swover Creek Rd. Edinburg 540.984.8973

The Friendly Fermenter

20 South Mason Street, Suite B10 Harrisonburg

Three Notch’d Brewing Co. Harrisonburg Taproom 241 E. Market Street Harrisonburg 540.217.5939

Winchester Brew Works

320 N Cameron St. Winchester 540.692.9242

Woodstock Brewhouse

123 E Court Street Woodstock 22664 540-459-2739

SOUTHERN VIRGINIA 2 Witches Winery & brewing Company

209 Trade St. Danville 434-549-BREW (2739

Ballad Brewing Company 600 Craighead Street Danville

Hammer & Forge Brewing Company

70 Main Street Boones Mill 540.909.3200

Ober Brewing Company 1443 Lakeside Circle Salem 540.404.0050

Olde Salem Brewing Company 21 E. Main Street Salem 540.404.4399

Parkway Brewing

739 Kessler Mill Rd. Salem

Soaring Ridge Craft Brewers 523 Shenandoah Avenue Roanoke 540.529.2140

Starr Hill Pilot Brewery 6 Old Whitmore Road Roanoke 434.823.5671

Sunken City Brewery

40 Brewery Dr., Hardy 540.420.0476

The Hive

110 College Street Clarkesville

1116 A Main Street SW Roanoke 540.597.8739

Mountain Valley Brewing Company

Three Notch’d Craft Kitchen & Brewery

Buggs Island Brewing Company

4220 Mountain Valley Road Axton 276.833.2171

Staunton River Brewing Co.

1571 Mt. Calvary Road Brookneal

24 Campbell Avenue SE Roanoke 540.492.5005

Twin Creeks Brewing Co.

111 Pollard Street, Vinton 540.265.8062


Blue Toad Hard Cider Pub

9278 Rockfish Valley Hwy. Afton 434.996.6992

Bold Rock Hard Cider

1020 Rockfish Valley Hwy. Nellysford 434.361.1030

Bryant’s Small Batch Cider 3224 East Branch Loop Roseland 804.420.9683

Buskey Cider

2910 W. Leigh Street Richmond

Castle Hill Cider

6065 Turkey Sag Rd. Keswick 434.296.0047

Courthouse Creek Cider 1581 Maidens Road Goochland

Courthouse Creek Cider 3300 W. Broad Street Richmond

Coyote Hole Ciderworks 225 Oak Grove Drive Mineral 540.894.1053

Garden Grove Brewing and Urban Winery

3445 W Cary Street, Richmond 804.338.6029

106A South Street, SE Leesburg 833.675.WILD

SHENANDOAH VALLEY Halcyon Days Cidery Company 4135 S Lee Highway Natural Bridge 540.291.1340

Old Hill Cider

3135 Dillons Mill Rd. Callaway 540.334.1600


Deschutes Brewery - Roanoke Tasting Room

2545 Rural Ridge Ln. North Garden 434.297.2326

Albemarle CiderWorks

Blue Bee Cider

1320 Summit Avenue Richmond 804.231.0280

2800 Berry Hill Rd Nellysford, VA 22958 434.361.1266

Honey Grail

525 E. Market Street, #135 Leesburg 202.455.5520

17768 Honeyville Rd. Timberville 540.896.7582


The Winery at Kindred Pointe

The Thistle and Stag Meadery

3575 Conicville Rd Mt Jackson, Shenandoah County 22842 540.477.3570

Winchester Ciderworks

2502 N. Frederick Pike Winchester 540.550.3800

Madison Heights, VA 339.221.3115 2053 E. River Road Fork Union 434.842.2200

Skjald Meadworks

621C Broad Street Altavista, VA 434.515.2482


59 Spruce Street Monterey 540.468.2322

Melo Lion Meadery Yorktown, VA 757.713.4885


Sly Clyde Ciderworks


Corcoran Vineyards Hard Cider

Chaos Mountain Brewing Company

Hill Top Berry Farm and Winery


5909 Long Fall Lane Delaplane 540.364.2802

409 Salem Avenue SW Roanoke

235 East Broadway Avenue Hopewell 804.310.6845


Cobbler Mountain Cellars

Big Lick Brewing Co.

Haley's Honey


Bacova Beer Company 2814 Main Street Hot Springs

3445 W Cary Street, Richmond 804.338.6029

224 Monitcello Ave, Suite C Williamsburg, VA 23185 757.378.2225



Wild Hare Cider

Garden Grove Brewing and Urban Winery

Potter’s Craft Cider

515 8th Street, SW, Suite 228 Roanoke 540.339.9562

- 66 -

207 W. Washington St., Middleburg 540.687.8100

36580 Shoemaker School Rd Purcellville, VA 20132 571.512.0763

207 E. Mellen Street Hampton

A Few Old Goats

315 Market Street SE Roanoke 540.259.5204

Mount Defiance Cidery & Distillery

14635 Corky’s Farm Lane Waterford 540.882.9073

Hinson Ford Cider & Mead 379 Hinson Ford Road Amissville 540.219.8397

Lost Boy Cider

317 Hooffs Run Drive Alexandria 703.868.4865

Maidstone Meadery

9364 Justice Lane Delaplane, VA 20144 703.303.2090





605 Buffalo Road Dugspur, VA 24325 540.834.6172


1313 Altamont Ave Richmond, VA 23230 703.582.0856

1531 Pack Horse Road Winchester, VA 22603 540.888.4420


- 67 -


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