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Virginia is for Craft Beer Lovers and we are embracing this theme with our February/March issue by bringing back the popular “Beertenders We Love” feature. Round 2 celebrates more of the beloved beertenders who represent their brewery in the tasting room serving up brews with a smile! We’ve included responses from both brewery industry folks and local craft beer enthusiasts from around the state. It’s a great way to get to know these friendly faces! In Brew News, writer Annie Tobey analyzes the industry’s ups and downs since the passing SB604 in 2012, and provides us with a then versus now look at what’s changed in the past eight years. Additionally, Jeff shares his conversation with Larry Handy, the event organizer of the 40th Annual Blue-Gray Brewery Collectibles Show, one of the largest shows for collectors of brewery advertising, which takes place February 13-16 in Herndon. And, we get a look at St. George Brewing Company’s new Dark Knight of Winter Invitational, taking place in Hampton February 22 and featuring 20+ breweries and their dark beer offerings. Greg Kitsock gives us a sweet treat with his look at some of his favorite Virginia-made dessert beers. Who needs candy for Valentine’s Day when there are so many delicious and decadent stouts! Brewery profiles spotlight the breweries of Gloucester (That Damn Mary & Gloucester Brewing Company) as well as Settle Down Easy Brewing Co. in Falls Church and Iron Pipe Alewerks in Orange. As always, the Events Calendar is filled with beer festivals, pint nights, brewery events and more! Plus, our Brewery Guide breaks everything down region by region. So, if visiting all of the breweries in the state is a goal for 2020, this is a good place to start! Continuing with the love theme, Jeff and I want to thank all of our readers, contributors, and most importantly advertisers whose support allows us to do what we love!

night of Winter Invitational

Dark beer lovers come one come all St.George Brewing presents

20 local breweries Food Trucks

02.22.20 12-5pm Tickets available through Eventbrite

Cheers! Jennifer Jennifer.McDonald@hotmail.com




Dark Knights of Winter By Jeff Maisey & Michael Curry


t. George Brewing Company, in Hampton, is embracing the the cold, bleakness of winter with its Dark Knight of Winter Invitational. On February 22, some 20-plus breweries will participate by showcasing new batches of heavy brews. “Beer drinkers tend to gravitate toward the darker side during these cold dark days of winter and we thought it would be a great idea to put them all in one place,” said St. George brewmaster Andy Rathman. After attending the Billsburg Brewery Invitational last year in Williamsburg, Andy and his long time bartender, Kim Hixon, came up with the idea of the Dark Knight Invitational. Originally, it was going to be geared toward dark roasted stouts or porters, but, as Andy explained, “We quickly realized that not every brewery will have one of those available. So instead of going after a specific style, we decided to open the Invitational up to include anything generally considered dark.” Event-goers can expect to enjoy a whole range of beers — stouts, porters, bocks, German-style Schwartz biers, Scottish-style wee heavies and some different interpretations of these long lasting styles. The brewers can be as creative as they like, adding anything from chocolate or peppers to spices and fruits to their concoctions. “To a brewer, a dark beer might be a porter or a stout, which get their color from dark roasted malt with touches of chocolate, coffee or bitter notes. There are also the bock beers whose dark color comes from the brewing process itself, maybe a decoction mash or extended boil and these have a less roasted character. St. George Brewing Company is the oldest brewery in Hampton Roads and the second oldest in the Commonwealth of Virginia — the oldest being the famed Legend Brewery in RVA. The six core beers bearing the St. George trademark are the Porter, the Golden Ale, Pilsner, Nut Brown Ale, Knight’s Lager and the English IPA. -6-


Movin’ & Shakin’

Bike Trail Ale has closed. Dynasty Brewing Co., in Ashburn, has opened a second location in the former space. The Mad Fox brewpub space in Falls Church will be filled by Solace Brewing. Adventure Brewing has opened a second location in Fredericksburg at Eagle Village. Studio Brew, in Bristol, announced on social media it has new owners and will reopen following renovations. Stay tuned…

New Realm to Danville

New Realm Brewing Company has expanded distribution into Danville with Danville Distributing Co. All of the Virginia Beach-brewed core brands including Hazy Like a Fox Hazy IPA, Hoptropolis IPA, Hoplandia IPA, United Craft Lager, and Virginia Craft Beer Cup winner, Euphonia Pilsner will be distributed to the region. “We’ve been extremely fortunate to come to an agreement with what we consider to be a top tier distribution operation. Danville Distributing Co. has expressed an interest in our portfolio in their markets and is prepared to build our brands. Their team is well respected, and we can’t wait to begin our partnership with them,” said Bob Powers, Co-founder and CCO of New Realm. New Realm Brewing has had a significant number of requests to expand into other parts of Virginia and is currently looking into building out the entire Virginia distribution footprint. The brewery recently celebrated their one-year anniversary in Virginia and looks forward to sharing their award-winning brews with craft beer fans throughout the state.





The changing scene for Virginia beer drinkers By Annie Tobey


es, we were poised for fun times in 2012. Virginia beer lovers were amped by SB 604, the commonwealth bill that enabled breweries to serve their own beers out of their own tasting rooms, without serving food. Fun times have come our way: we now have more than 200 breweries scattered throughout the state. Changes have come our way, too, some inevitable, and others unanticipated. You may recognize these, and you may have noticed others, especially if you’ve been soaking in the scene since 2012.

MORE THAN 64 CRAYONS Each new brewery opened with its own color, in system size and growth ambition, favored styles and brewing philosophy, tasting room atmosphere, and overall vibe. The variations have appealed to a variety of drinkers and have kept saturation at bay.

WAFFLING IN FOOD SERVICE Breweries opening on the heels of SB 604 were mindful of not antagonizing their most fearful competitors – restaurants. Many breweries released peace-seeking doves by limiting tasting room hours and not undercutting restaurant beer prices. Gradually, food service became a familiar face at breweries. First came food trucks, small roving restaurateurs serving during brewery busy hours. Now, we’re seeing more permanent partnerships with in-house food vendors in tasting rooms. -8-


LET US ENTERTAIN YOU Brewery owners quickly realized the value of giving visitors plenty of reasons to visit and plenty of reasons to stick around, hosting ever-more creative entertainment options: live music and karaoke, cornhole boards and video consoles, yoga classes, book clubs, trivia games, adult painting …

WHEN BIGGER ISN’T BETTER In the early days, few local breweries meant a smaller beer community, with familiar faces at new releases and special events. But, craft beer’s rising popularity and more breweries changed the scene – we saw lots of strangers instead. A mixed blessing indeed.

SHEDDING BEARDS No longer did facial hair serve as a ticket to craft beer, in tasting rooms and behind the scenes. A rising number of beer fans and intentional efforts to attract a more diverse crowd have resulted in an increasing number of smooth faces, less testosterone, more wrinkles and, gradually, a more colorful complexion.

KIDS AND DOGS We don’t even need to go there anymore – the debates about kids and dogs at breweries are a dead horse we’ve beaten so many times that most of us have made peace with it, one way or another.

PUMPKIN PEACH ALE? Maybe not, but Anheuser-Busch had a point when it poked fun at craft breweries’ off-the-wall beers. Thankfully, some experiments were one and done, but others had staying power. We saw the rise of black IPAs, kettle sours, dry hop cannons, hazy IPAs, brut IPAs, American wild ales, crazy adjuncts like kids’ cereals and candy bars, pastry stouts and more. We’ve been introduced to new hops, locally cultivated wild yeast strains and new old yeast strains. Tasting rooms started serving gluten-free beers, seltzers, ciders and wine. Even BJCP (Beer Judge Certification Program) and Brewers Association scrambled to keep style guidelines current. And in the American more-is-better spirit, we saw IBUs shoot past the point of human bitterness perception and ABVs hit new highs. Fortunately, plenty of brewers have backed off the next-crazy craze and returned to traditional styles such as lagers and dug up historic styles like kellerbier and lichtenhainer.

WHAT GOES UP MUST COME DOWN Fatigue hit craft beer drinkers along with the broader industry (think session cocktails and mocktails, sober curious and dry January). Beer fans who had been taxing their livers keeping up with new releases realized the futility and angst of the task. Brewery changes came along, too, with more session beers and lower-ABV styles like Berliner weiss and gose. Drinkers also discovered that if they solo-drank a high-octane beer from a 750 mL bottle – the standard size for big beers – they would either get wasted or waste much of the bottle. Fortunately, breweries began packaging some high-octane ales in more modest containers.

MORE OF A GOOD THING Plenty of breweries grumbled when Three Notch’d Brewing opened its first expansion location in Harrisonburg, but, eventually, others followed suit – some even within the same city. As a sampling: Richmond’s Strangeways branched out to Fredericksburg, later opening a second Richmond location; Charlottesville’s Starr Hill has satellite locations in Roanoke and Richmond with Lynchburg on the way; Basic City came from Waynesboro to Richmond. The Veil has two-and-soon-to-be-three locations. And, they keep on branching out.

BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE! The changes continue, drip by drop. Even aside from our favorite local tasting rooms, we have easier access to great beers at restaurants and big-box retailers. Since many of us long-time fans have spent years attending steal-the-glass nights, chasing whales, filling growlers and cellaring beers, we have too many glasses. And growlers. And even our cellars are full. And since great beers are easier to get and our cellars are full, we’ve found pursuing Moby Dick and waiting in line for releases have lost their luster, and beer festivals must offer distinctive beer to attract the seasoned drinker. Does that mean that craft beer has lost its luster, too? Hardly – like a healthy 21-year-old, the growth spurt has slowed down, but maturity is sweet. VIRGINIACRAFTBEER.COM


brewNEWS l memorabilia

Collectible Show Celebrates 40th Anniversary By Jeff Maisey


he 40th Annual Blue-Gray Brewery collectibles show will be held February 13-16 at the Hilton Washington-Dulles in Herndon. This is one of the largest and longest running shows for collectors of brewery advertising. I caught up with organizer Larry Handy for a brief chat about collecting.

cans, but we are seeing the “too much of a good thing” phenomena as the over 6,000 current craft breweries in the US are swamping collector interest with dozens of new cans each week. When it becomes impossible to keep up, collectors lose interest.

Glassware such as this commemorative Green Flash piece given only to less than invited guests attending the groundstaking increase in value now that the brewery has closed-up shop in Virginia Beach.

beer shortly after the US breweries started the trend, and competition is stiff for preVCB: What do today’s collectors look VCB: With so many pint glasses, which WWII foreign cans, but because of their for? are most valuable? extreme rarity, only among a handful of Larry: The items that drive the most Larry: Pint glasses are a common souvenir collectors. Most serious collectors view interest and command the highest prices for beer enthusiasts to take home. Most are any type of pre-prohibition (pre1919retail for between $3 - $8, but we have seen international brewery advertising as introductory level or “man cave” suitable 1933) advertising, which primarily little movement in their value as anything involved tin signs, lithographed paper but a souvenir. Some glasses from already décor, rather than serious collectibles. posters or calendars, serving trays, and closed craft breweries are slowly moving VCB: Any additional thoughts? reverse-painted on glass signs. Most of into the $20 range as collectors recognize these items are very scarce in good to the low production and short lifespan of Larry: The veteran collectors in the excellent condition, of high quality and some brewery start-ups. breweriana hobby are anxious to welcome graphically appealing. younger people into the fold. The likely VCB: At shows like this are There is also high interest in pre-WWII path seems to be through craft beer. While international items a hot sell? beer cans and 1930s or ‘40s lighted signs. some younger drinkers might recall their Keeping in mind, that beer cans were father, or grandfather drinking National Larry: International brewery items have destined to be emptied and destroyed, and always been a tough sell among the Bohemian, Schaefer, Ballantine, Schlitz, or a that most host of other obsolete or “zombie” brands, serious breweriana collecting crowd. point-of-sale advertising has a brief shelf Generally termed “foreign” by collectors, they likely do not personally identify life, the scarcity of these items today leads it seems that there is such a large volume with these historic brands, yet may begin them to bring high prices in a collecting craft brewery advertising as a of domestic breweries to collect that competitive market. Certain segments path into the greater history of American the international items are given little of the beer can pantheon are of greater beer. The motto of the Eastern Coast attention. There are always exceptions, interest than others, such as early opening however, Guinness items do command Breweriana Association (ECBA) — a instruction cans, spout (or cone-top) cans, co-sponsor of the Blue-Gray Brewery some respect among a small number of and the earliest pull-tab cans from their Collectibles Show is “Through Breweriana, collectors, and the Tennent Brewery of period of introduction 1964-65. Glasgow, Scotland, which produced several the History of the Brewing Industry will Small items like coasters or unused be Preserved” — we see our collecting series of English, and Scottish scenes, bottle labels are always in demand, passion as a means of preserving the story and “Lager Lovelies” - perhaps a dozen especially coasters as they have now of the many hundreds of brewers that different sets featuring attractive female extended to the craft brewery world and preceded the current age of “anything models - are universally popular. British the supply and variety seem endless. goes” craft brewing. and German breweries began canning There is new found interest in craft - 10 -


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www.blancolabels.com/beer 3310 Aerial Drive, Roanoke, VA 24018



- 11 -

MUG SHOTS field days by precarious beer project, williamsburg Sean Chagnon, Eye of the Storm Photography

- 12 -


armchair travel venice at old ox brewery middleburg

Bacon & Beer Pairing at Tucked Away Brewing, Manassas VIRGINIACRAFTBEER.COM

- 13 -

Beertenders O

Love We


ur feature “Beertenders We Love” was so popular last year that we decided to bring it back for Round 2! A Beertender (bartender but at a brewery) can make or break your craft brewery experience. Beertenders are at the frontline of the brewery – the friendly face serving your beer and providing indepth knowledge of the selections on tap, often providing recommendations to the novice or adventurous beer drinker. As a salute to these all-important employees, we asked a few of our friends on social media as well as those in management/ownership roles across Virginia to share with our readers their favorite, outstanding beertender. Here’s what they had to say…

Valerie Zangardi Alewerks L.A.B. Williamsburg

While the Busch Gardens stage brought Val to Williamsburg originally, she has gone on to become a star in the Alewerks taproom. She has a smile for everyone, and her beer knowledge is second to none. She's been a member of the Alewerks family since 2015 and has been the manager of the L.A.B. taproom in the Williamsburg Premium Outlets since its inception in 2017. A talented performer in her own right, she's active in local theater and dance productions; the spotlight seems to find her wherever she goes, as she was just recently crowned the Alewerks Employee of the Year for 2019. It's a well-earned accolade, and we're proud to call her part of the Alewerks family.

- 14 -


Savanah Biche

Garden Grove Brewing & Urban Winery Richmond Savanah is one of our absolute favorite people in the world. Not only does she keep us all in line, but she helps us keep our “house” in order. Whether you need some bad “Dad” jokes or someone to nerd-out with over whatever you’re excited about, she’s got all the bases covered. Someone feeling under the weather or just having a bad day? She’s got you covered. Not only is she a GREAT Beertender, but she’s an even better friend.

Melissa Elkins and Brittini & Danielle Williams Trapezium Brewing Company Petersburg

We couldn’t imagine Trapezium Brewing Company without these three! With us since day one, Beer Tenders, Melissa Elkins and sisters Brittini and Danielle Williams are such an integral part of our team. Aside from beer tending, these women are always quick to help wherever needed. From the kitchen to the brewhouse and everywhere in between, their dedication and devotion not only to their jobs but to each other, their team, and most importantly to our taproom guests is second to none. And, each one of them has more personality than you can shake a stick at!

Graeme Henderson

Tucked Away Brewing Company Manassas Graeme Henderson, affectionately known as Junior, is Tucked Away’s “Beertender We Love!” Junior is the head bartender, master of all bartending needs, Tucked Away beer expert, brewer’s son, and every customer’s BFF. Junior knows beer and knows how to help you find your perfect brew. His wit and humor make your Tucked Away experience the best around, bar none. Come visit him and test his expertise, you won’t be disappointed!


- 15 -

Hunter Carter

Brother’s Craft Brewing Harrisonburg We love all of our bartenders here at Brothers Craft Brewing for their fun-loving spirit! This year, we nominate Hunter Kivlighan Carter. This picture is very representative of the spirit and silliness of the entire taproom team. Honorable mention to Beth Grabau in the background!!

Kiersten Goodson Ballad Brewing Danville

Kiersten has been at Ballad Brewing for almost two years now and since day one has been someone who embodied the ideal beertender. When you enter the Taproom, you’ll know she’s working because she will greet you from across the room the moment you walk in. Kiersten excels at helping customers find a beer that fits their flavor profile, remembering their likes and dislikes, and offering suggestions the next time they come in. Friendly, caring, hardworking... we could go on and on about Kiersten, and we’re so thankful for her!

- 16 -


Courtenay Motley

The Virginia Beer Co. Williamsburg Courtenay is as familiar a face at the Virginia Beer Co. as ever there was. Helping to lead the brewery’s team of cheers makers up front and working behind the scenes to create the best taproom experience possible. Courtenay is in charge of the VBC food truck calendar and puts her own spin on the scheduling, having created and grown the “Veg Out with VBC” concept featuring food trucks that offer an exclusively plantbased menu partnering with animal sanctuaries that receive a portion of the event’s profits. Courtenay’s ties to the local music scene have also led to events such as “Hops, Hope, & Hillbilly Jazz for Hospice House” - fundraising concerts that bring together the community in which we live, brew, and play to support and promote local organizations that do so much to support others. Here’s to Courtenay and all that she does to make Williamsburg’s world of beers & cheers that much brighter!

This jet black, sessionable Irish Stout, featuring roasted barley and coffee flavors, is derived from hand selected specialty malts. With wonderful aromas, this light bodied ale, complements the roasted flavors creating a wonderfully smooth finish.


35 IBU

Our Award Winning Dry Irish Stout Is Coming To A Retailer Near You! VIRGINIACRAFTBEER.COM

- 17 -

Taylor Cilensek

Dirt Farm Brewing Bluemont Taylor has been with Dirt Farm since we opened our doors 4-1/2 years ago. She warms us daily with her friendly smile and is always good to give or receive a good laugh. She is our operations manager and private events coordinator but you can also find her behind the bar.

Jonathan Lyons

The Farm Brewery at Broad Run Haymarket We are pleased to nominate Jonathan Lyons for “Beertenders We Love.” Jonathan is extremely knowledgeable about stellar service and very well versed in the making and story of Craft Beer. He is very hard working, an Army Veteran and an all-around great person. I am honored to place his name among the best there is.

Noah Chapman

Parkway Brewing Co. Salem Noah was one of our very first employees at Parkway, and has been instrumental throughout our 7 years to helping create and maintain our family and laid-back atmosphere. He’s a mountain man born and raised here in the Blue Ridge Mountains and truly embodies the heart and charm of SW Virginia. He hails from a family of woodworkers, who have constructed all of our one-of-a-kind tap handles and beer flight carriers. Our regulars think of Noah as family and have grown up together over the years. No matter how busy it can be in the tap room at times, Noah always has a smile on his face and a jolly welcome for all of our guests. We couldn’t ask for a better person to be the face of Parkway Brewing Company’s Tasting Room.

- 18 -



- 19 -

Elizabeth Newton

Old Bust Head Brewing Company Warrenton Elizabeth Newton is a devoted craft beer fan and her beer knowledge is impressive. In addition to completing OBH’s two year long in-house BJCP training, Elizabeth attended 2015 GABF in Colorado with the OBH team, and spends much of her time off visiting other breweries near and far to broaden her perspective. The “Gold Standard” of customer service, her favorite part of beer tending is listening to her customers’ tastes and matching them to beers they’ll enjoy. She’ll surprise you too—Elizabeth makes a mean Septa Unella—dressing the part for her customers at OBH’s Game of Thrones Trivia night.

Liam McAllister

Tradition Brewing Company Newport News The Area 51 Raid of 2019 was a pretty epic time for Tradition Brewing Company. We released the aptly named, “They Can’t Stop All of Us” Milky Way Stout and threw an epic “Raid Training” party. That evening also introduced us to the Beertender We Love, Liam McAllister. Liam, a Christopher Newport University Senior, had recently turned 21 and had discovered that he really enjoyed the craft brewery scene. He and his buddies decided that they had to stop into TBC that evening to grab a few pints and “train to save the aliens”. Since that day, Liam has been sharing his signature smile and infectious personality from behind our bar. He is an incredibly hard worker who wants to know all about the craft beer business, and his passion for the industry continues to grow each day. With his upcoming graduation in May, Tradition Brewing hopes to be able to keep him in our Taproom a little bit longer.

- 20 -



- 21 -

Justin Fox

Port City Brewing Company Alexandria If you’ve visited Port City’s tasting room, chances are that Justin impacted your experience. Justin has been in the tasting room since early 2011. He always has a friendly, calm, reposeful demeanor when helping guests find a beer that they would like. His fantastic service has helped him build countless regulars over the years, who are always excited to catch up with him every visit. Every Saturday, Justin brings sandwiches for the opening staff to make sure that everyone is powered up and ready to conquer a busy Saturday. In addition, Justin may also have the most industry relevant beard of all staff at Port City

Josh Miller

O’Connor Brewing Company Norfolk Josh has been with O’Connor Brewing since we opened our current location on 24th St. in 2014. He is a staple behind our bar and a wealth of knowledge when it comes to all things craft beer. He has an easy going vibe and is the first to inquire about all new releases and flavor profiles. He is always open to assisting our guests with selecting and suggesting styles. Josh has a keen sense of knowing what our customers are looking for and is often a trusted opinion on new styles and ideas. He is hard-working, has a passion for this brewery, and his experience goes above and beyond the customer service aspect of being a Beertender. As he has grown with the company, he continues to be an asset to our team!

- 22 -



Sean Edsall

Old Bust Head Brewing Company Warrenton Sean Edsall is not Old Bust Head’s longest serving beertender— just 4 1/2 years on a team with eight 6 year veterans—but if you totaled up hours behind the bar, Sean would be near the top. Known for his friendly and caring demeanor, Sean is devoted to personal service. If you’ve stopped in more than a few times, chances are he knows you by name. When not sharing his love of craft, Sean is either working on being a professional golfer or making delectable things to eat. In addition to a friendly beer pour, lucky customers may score some peppermint chocolate bark.

The Best Things in Life are 3 ! Lynchburg taproom opening spring 2020! threeroadsbrewery.com

Good people, simple pleasures and a damn good pint.



We Brew Community.


- 23 -

from fans on social media:

Derek Farley

Rip Rap brewing company

Helen Keeling

Big Ugly brewing

William Forrest Big Ugly brewing

Derek Farley

Rip Rap Brewing Co. Norfolk

pooch that enters the door. Participation in all charity functions and gives great hugs.

Submitted by Sean Chagnon:

Submitted by Joel Pasquarelli:

Not only is Derek a friendly and helpful beertender, his quick thinking and actions may very well have saved the life of beloved local musician, Drew Orton, when he was in an accident. Derek didn’t stop there. He’s been helping Drew get back on his feet and assisting him in running For Stage Rentals, a music equipment company, and still finds time to sling beer on top of that. We’ll take all the Dereks we can get in our local beer scene!

This one was tough. All the tenders at Big Ugly Brewing are so great. It’s so hard to pick just one. But, after thinking it over for days, they say go with your first thought. For us, that would be Helen Keeling. She has always been so happy, funny, friendly, and just an all around great person to everyone and animals too. As my wife always says, “We love Helen!”

Submitted by Amber Lee Melville: I nominate Derek Farley from Rip Rap Brewing. He’s always friendly and can turn a day around with his jokes. You gotta go in for one of his “world famous shandys!”


Back Bay Farmhouse Virginia Beach Submitted by Logan Haney: Joe at Back Bay Farmhouse. He’s awesome, knowledgeable on the beer, and always makes you feel welcomed. He connects with all the customers!

Helen Keeling

Big Ugly Brewing Company Chesapeake, VA Submitted by Gary Woodward: Always smiling, Helen knows her beers. Quick in serving, loves and visits every - 24 -


Submitted by Paige Giffin Wickstrom: Helen at Big Ugly Brewing! She’s so sweet and for goodness sake, this woman shaved her head for St. Baldricks… TWICE!!! She’s beautiful inside and out! Love her!!! Submitted by Tim Osborn: If you are at Big Ugly Brewing and you get the chance to have Helen Keeling as your tender, you won’t be disappointed. Bubbly personality, always attentive, and a good sense of humor. Can’t ask for more than that! Submitted by Nicole Long: Helen Keeling is the best because she always gives nothing but exceptional service and love and laughs. I always come up to see her because she makes a bad day better.

Corbin Coronel

Benchtop brewing company the time to get to know you. Then, when she sees you again, it’s like you are old friends. She’s very compassionate about animals and she makes a good Easter Bunny too. Submitted by Nick Blankenship: Helen at Big Ugly Brewing. She is an absolute sweetheart! Submitted by Kelly Rhodes-Gunning: Helen Keeling by far is the best beertender and she works at Big Ugly!! She loves what she does. Submitted by Sandi Freeman: Helen at Big Ugly Brewing!! She is a fantastic, caring, and wonderful person. She is energetic and loves to help everyone!! Submitted by Ryan Ward: Helen Keeling at Big Ugly Brewing! She always has a smile on her face and the kindest words. She has a huge heart and always takes the time to say hi to me! Submitted by Finch Orlando: I nominate Helen Keeling at Big Ugly. She is always smiling, friendly, and takes care of her customers. Submitted by Holly Rose: I nominate Helen Keeling at Big Ugly. She is always friendly and smiling. She also makes sure all the four-legged visitors get love and attention too!

Submitted Bobbie Risbon Yoakem:

Submitted by Sue Mai Boudreau:

I nominate Helen Keeling from Big Ugly Brewing. She is smart, witty, and always has a smile on her face…not to mention, she is a h*** of a beertender. She takes

I nominate Helen Keeling at Big Ugly! She’s awesome! Submitted by Lyn Fournier Carroll: Helen Keeling at Big Ugly Brewery is

Jose Chiriboga

The Answer brewpub

Michele Hatcher

Precarious beer project

friendly, always helpful, and makes everyone a friend. Submitted by Stacy Hope Smith: I would also like to add Helen Keeling at Big Ugly for going above and beyond always! Submitted by Melanie Collins Riddle: Helen Keeling from Big Ugly Brewing. She is so spunky and full of love. Hands down, wins my overall vote.

William Forrest

Big Ugly Brewing Company Chesapeake, VA Submitted by Katarina Ann Huffman: I would like to nominate William Forrest at Big Ugly. He has great conversations and always good suggestions on new beers to try. When he isn’t teaching people all about beer, he is building playgrounds for children with life threatening illnesses. All around a great guy! Submitted by Bobbie Risbon Yoakem: My 2nd nomination is for William Forrest also of Big Ugly Brewing Company. Such a fun guy who knows his beer and takes the time to explain all things beer to customers. Yes, this means even eating grains. He also dedicates a lot of his time to build ramps and playgrounds for handicapped / ill children. What an angel. Submitted by Stacy Hope Smith: I would like to nominate Will Forrest at Big Ugly for always being positive and helpful. Submitted by Hayli Rose:

mike purcell

krista loveless

Elation brewing

Will Forrest at Big Ugly Brewing is one of the greats. The first time my then fiancé and I went to Big Ugly together, it was to consider it as our wedding venue. Will was our beertender and he immediately got us a flight and made suggestions since we wanted to try so much. He’s all around awesome. We were already pretty sold on Big Ugly as our wedding venue, but Will sealed the deal for us. Will is now a real life friend of ours and he beertended for our wedding! For that reason, I’d also nominate Helen Keeling at Big Ugly (if I’m allowed 2). She’s so super sweet and is thoughtful and made our wedding even more special. It’s not always easy to be noticed for something like beertending, but these two excel.

Corbin Coronel

Benchtop Brewing Company Norfolk Submitted by Charles Ray Montgomery III Corbin Coronel is top notch and does an outstanding job at Benchtop Brewing Company. Cheers and Chugs! Submitted by Talia Tennant: Positive attitude, dedicated to the craft, knows his beer, loved by customers! We love this guy! So deserving of this.

Jose Chiriboga

The Answer Brewpub Richmond Submitted by Jill Ociraptor:

smartmouth brewing co.

Michele Hatcher

Precarious Beer Hall Williamsburg Submitted by Corbin Coronel: I am going to vote for Michele Hatcher at Precarious Beer Hall and previously, at Oozlefinch. She’s kind, compassionate, and well-educated in beers and being weird.

Various Submitted by Billy Monk Blount: August Juniper Schaffner at The Veil Norfolk and Krista Loveless at Smartmouth (Norfolk). Both super friendly and have great knowledge making for an exceptional brewery experience. Submitted by Abrahm Scully: I nominate Corbin Coronel from Benchtop (Norfolk) for his passion and our great conversations about life. I nominate Derek Farley from Rip Rap (Norfolk) for his beautiful hair, great stories, and his attitude. And, I nominate Mike Purcell at Elation (Norfolk) for our mutual love of foosball. Submitted by Staci Fredrick: Corbin Coronel at Benchtop (Norfolk) is hella friendly and knowledgeable. Sharon Arthur at O’Connor (Norfolk) is absolutely a delight to be around when I’m there. Helen Keeling at Big Ugly (Chesapeake) is funny, friendly, and awesome as well.

Super friendly, always greets me and my husband and hooks me up with samples of the latest and greatest! He is the man! VIRGINIACRAFTBEER.COM

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A Tale of Two Breweries:

Craft Brewing Comes to Gloucester County By Wade Reynolds


ne is the first craft brewery to open in Gloucester County. The other is the first craft brewery to brew in Gloucester County. Together, That Damn Mary Brewing Company and Gloucester Brewing Company have combined within the past year to bring the art of craft brewing to Gloucester County, a rural population of less than 40,000 just across the York River from Yorktown. It takes about 30 seconds talking to Mary Anderson-Leichty, a.k.a. That Damn Mary, to realize you are in the presence of a unique personality, and her positive energy is infectious. Before you even ask about the beer, you have to know, “What about That Damn Mary?” And the answer is relatively simple. “There are a lot of things that MJ (Mary Jane, another synonym) wouldn’t do, but That

Damn Mary...” She might, for instance, open a brewery, probably the first one named after a woman in Virginia (a state, I’ll remind you, named after another unconventional woman). Like its owner and chief brewer, the brewery itself occupies a unique space on Memorial Highway (Route 17) in Hayes, Virginia part way between Gloucester Point on the York River and Gloucester Court House. Not a freestanding brewery, the tap room is the back third of the Mobjack Tavern with the adjacent, seven barrel brewery next to that. Prior to its opening in July of 2018, the brewery did contract brewing through Seven Arrows Brewing Company in Waynesboro beginning in May of that year. “We brewed and then brewed again with my recipes,” Mary explained, “while

we built our brewery.” On site brewing began in May of 2019 with Smack It Like It’s Hot, a habanero basil pale ale. Mary’s journey to the current brewery is a mixture of the usual and—you guessed it—the unusual within brewing circles. While working for the YMCA in the Hampton area, she began home brewing, eventually graduating to a 15 gallon Brew Magic system that she still uses as an experimental pilot system. She started for the fun of it, but soon became “enamored with the science of brewing.” She studied in Canada with Michael Gautier and did some short term internships closer to home, Old Bust Head Brewing Co. in Warrenton being among them. Along the way, she was diagnosed with cancer. Understandably, this impacted some of

that damn mary brewing company • 5036 B, Geo. Wash. Mem. Hwy, Hayes • 804.792.5500 • thatdamnmarybrewing.com - 26 -



- 27 -

the projected dates of the new operation. Having cleared that hurdle with her last chemo treatment in April of 2019, she is charging full speed ahead with the brewing and operation of the brewery. “Come by in April,” she suggests, referring to the anniversary of her last treatment. “We’re gonna rip a good one.” That Damn Mary has offered up to 14 taps, but some of the seasonals and one offs will be on temporary hold as they run out while the company eases into a more regular brewing schedule now that the in-house system is fully operational. With two brewings projected per week, the four flagship beers will continue to be available. These are the Easy Money Amber Ale, Gose Trippin’ Sour Ale, Oh Mama! Milk Stout, and the Proud Mary New England IPA. One of her goals, in step with her fascination with the science of brewing, is to brew flavorful, sometimes big beers without tasting the alcohol. A representative sampling of the 14 beers available during this interview would conclude that she has been extremely successful in this instance. All

of her offerings come off with smooth, rich flavor. A fellow taster remarked, “I’m not really a stout fan, but that’s really good.” In order to get the complete tap house experience, we suggest you read the “A Side” descriptions of the beers while making your selections, but be sure to ask for the “B Side” to read while you’re sipping. Written by Corey Hassman, these provide some of the best beer literature in Virginia and, arguably, the entire country. Would love to include a sample here, but, to quote one of the descriptors, “The lawyers KO’d that.” A personal favorite is the Amber Ale. Can you say “Goes down like...”? Other prominent staff members include Chief Executioner Susan Johnson (again, possibly the only person with that title in all of Virginian/American brewing) and Mark Brennan of the facilities/brewing team. “When we first started dating,” admits his wife, Kelly, “he was drinking, like, Coors Light,” and so it has been a shared journey into craft brewing between husband and wife. A canning system is scheduled to go on line this spring or summer. With the staff and the brewery now up and running, That Damn Mary seems a sure bet to “rip a good one” into the heart of the Gloucester drinking scene. Just down the road in the village of Gloucester Court House, Gloucester Brewing Company is housed in a wonderfully repurposed brick building that used to be an ice and storage company before it was a Southern States small engine repair shop. The seven barrel system fits nicely along one side of the tap room, giving customers a sense of immediate appreciation as they drink. Founded by Myron Ware (The Brains), and Mike Brewer (The Wildcard), they are more than ably supported by Michael Brewer (MOFO), the former’s son. They also go by Head Brewer, President, and Manager of Fluid Ops, respectively. With an official opening date of December 1, 2018, they are the first craft brewery to brew and sell on site in Gloucester. “I always thought Gloucester could use this,” said Brewer the Younger. Proof of this is that, even early on a Monday evening—usually a slow time for most drinking establishments—the place has a fair amount of customers from the start of its 4 p.m. opening which continues to grow in the late afternoon/early evening hours. cont'd

gloucester brewing company • 6778 Main St, Gloucester • 804.210.1407 • globrewco.com - 28 -



- 29 -

Flagship beers are the John Beere Cream Ale, Roswell Red Ale, Low Ground Brown Ale, DeadRYEz Rye American Pale Ale and the Hills Bay IPA. “John Beere is a gateway beer for people who want to be introduced to craft brewing,” Brewer explained. The Hills Bay was apparently so good that it was temporarily (VERY temporarily, I was assured) out at this tasting. With 16 total taps, the plan is to have at least 10-12 beers on tap at any given time. At least for the time being, one brewing per week is projected to be enough to support this. The brewery’s logo, which features the prow of a boat coming straight at you, and the names of all the beers reflect a connection to the local geography. Brewer remembered GBC’s beginnings, brewing in a garage on a one-half barrel system, still in use as a pilot system. Although Ware is the head brewer, Brewer the Younger divides his time between assisting his father running the tap room and learning by doing on the brewing side under Ware’s tutelage, thus further illustrating the fluidity of his position. For now, the current space is built almost to capacity, although several 15 barrel fermenters could be added to those already in place. “Everything comes in steps,” Brewer noted. “It’s best to grow organically.” Along those lines, having just completed its first full year, he predicted there will be “More insight on distribution by the end of year two.” Even so, Brewer, a former collegiate volleyball player, quoted international Karch Kiraly. “If you’re not getting better, then you’re getting worse,” noting the similarity in this sense between beer, volleyball and other aspects of the human condition. “We’re pumping out some great beers right now, but I want to improve the quality of what we’re doing.” A host of regulars stand ready to attest to the brewery’s current success. Maria and David Eckstein frequently used the word “family” in describing their visits which have been recurring since the opening. “Mike himself is personable,” said David. “He remembers names and what we drink.” Currently, that would be the John Beere for Maria who admits,”I’m not a hoppy person.” In David’s case, “I used to just get IPA, but I’ve lately changed to the coffee porter.” “It’s about the experience,” says Maria. “And the beer, of course, is delicious.” Charley Allen, another regular and a member of the Courthouse Players exclaimed, “They’re so communityoriented,” remembering GBC’s help with staging a flash mob just before Thanksgiving and then putting flyers for the group’s upcoming show on the tap room seats.” One establishment has two-thirds of its senior staff named Brewer, the most fortunate name of all for this kind of work, and a host of loyal regulars. The other has the DamNation—guess whose regulars they are--who not only drink the products but also figure prominently in making one of the beer recipes. Its owner has already beaten long odds in another aspect of her life and is Too Damn Unconventional to turn away from her current vision. And, with murmurings of another craft brewery projected to open in Gloucester sometime within the next two years, most concerned would agree with Michael Brewer, the Younger, when he says, “This is something Gloucester has always needed.” And now that it’s here, it’s something worth checking out for those who consider themselves serious beer enthusiasts as well as those who just want to find a new place to go drink a good beer. - 30 -





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Thinking Orange at Iron Pipe Alewerks By Jennifer Waldera

Photo courtesy of the brewery.


mall towns in the south rarely have spots open on Sundays, but if you’re lucky enough to stumble through the quaint streets of downtown Orange, you’ll find the newest craft brewery open for business even on the quietest night of the week. Recently opened by the Speelman family, Iron Pipe Alewerks pays homage to the building’s roots as a silk mill with its architecture. Its industrial namesake is clear with the large smoke stack from the silk mill days extending behind the bar and acting as a centerpiece to the newly opened family owned and operated bar and woodfired pizza spot. After over three years creating a variety of beers as homebrewers, father and son team Steven and Zach decided to open up the brewery with help from all of the family, including brothers, Zach’s fiancee, and his mother. “We are a close family. Everyone has their roles and so far have performed to perfection. I couldn’t be prouder,” says Steven of his family’s roles in the brewery. While Steven and his son brewed in the garage for 3 years or more, devising a variety of beers and garnishing compliments from friends, Speelman admits, “These were our early taste testers. It’s easy to make beer but to get good feedback when you’re asking friends to judge your beers can sometimes be challenging.” It would seem their friends’ reviews on their beers were on-point, though. The local spot in a fairly tiny town, while not hidden away, but still not overly visible to quick drivers-by, is consistently hopping with families, groups of friends, and couples even after only opening a few weeks ago. Speelman and his son had help from a well-known Germanborn brewer in the community who helped and gave them the tools to create their brews. Steven credits Zach with the knowledge and inspiration of putting together the recipes from the grain and sourcing the variety of hops.

Iron Pipe Alewerks is one of Virginia’s newest breweries, and is located in Orange.

“He is the mastermind behind the flavor profiles,” says Steven. In terms of current production of all of those flavors, the brewery is currently operating a system producing both lagers and ales, primarily for pouring in the taproom, though growlers are available, and crowlers may be in the future. “The goal was to have about 12-14 beers on tap at most times with 4-5 being staple beers and the others rotating in and out as the seasons change and the tastes alter due to weather,” says Speelman. In terms of brewing philosophy, Speelman has a simple, small batch approach. “Smaller batches bring out better flavors - we wanted to be smaller so we could turn over beers and introduce locals to what craft beer has to offer in flavor and variety. There are just so many flavors out there we have tried but yet have not brewed. We want to make great beers foremost but I believe as an owner, it is our responsibility to teach others about beer, its flavors, and how the grains mixed with the hops can produce magnificent taste.” Since Iron Pipe Alewerks is new, they have not collaborated yet with any of the other breweries in the area, but they have been in discussions about work together. Meanwhile, they are currently working with local food establishments to develop a food pairing with their beers as part of their menus and promotions, particularly with the Inn at Willow Grove, another local establishment who is dedicated to the preservation of the area and building the local economy.

iron pipe aleworks • 319 N Madison Rd suite a, Orange • 540.212.8773 • ironpipealeworks.com - 32 -


A DaViD EvErEtT ReStAuRaNt MoNdAy • MaRcH 16, 2020 6

Of ThE DoG StReEt PuB RuNnInG ClUb Join Us For

BeEr, RuNnInG & CaMaRaDeRiE 757.293.6478 • DoGsTrEeTpUb.CoM Mondays 5pm-9pm

50% OfF PaStA Tuesdays

ThReE TaCoS & A BeEr $11 T hursdays

3 SlIdErS & A BeEr FlIgHt $11 • MeRcHaNtS SqUaRe • WiLlIaMsBuRg • ViRgInIa

Charlottesville, VA

Virginia Grown Locally Malted Insanely Good



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Settle Down Easy to Inspirational Beer By Jefferson Evans & Chuck Triplett

Photo by Jefferson Evans.


truth of life is that the most impactful aspects of a person’s journey often involve a mix of joy and sadness, and so it is with the story of Settle Down Easy Brewing Company in Falls Church, VA, towards Merrifield and just off Route 29. Back in 2015, owner Frank Kuhns unexpectedly lost his younger brother, Bryan. Frank has been a homebrewer for 18+ years and when friends Chip Dirth and Jimmy Boykin approached him about opening a brewery, he immediately knew that if he were to open a brewery, he would want it to be an homage to Bryan. His brother had worked as a bartender at the Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) Post in Brockway, PA and at the end of each night, his “last call” song was always “Ramble on Rose” by The Grateful Dead, a song that includes the lyrics “Did you say your name was ramblin’ rose? Ramble on baby, settle down easy, ramble on rose”. And so, a brewery name was born, a name born of both joy and sadness — Settle Down Easy. Chip, Jimmy, and Frank knew each other through their kids’ sports activities. Chip and Jimmy loved Frank’s beer and on Memorial Day of 2017, Frank showed the two how to homebrew. When the three men enjoyed that batch of beer over the 4th of July weekend, Chip and Jimmy expressed their interest in opening a brewery and having Frank be in charge of brewing the beer. To Frank, this felt like the stars aligning and his brother looking down with a smile because it was after Bryan passed that he started thinking himself about opening a brewery and playing around with logo designs and other intellectual property. The three men took a couple of weeks to brainstorm and when they met again, a plan came together in fairly short order, in no small part because between them they brought a lot of useful experience to the table;

Co-owner Frank Kuhns behind the bar of the tasting room with tasting room staff Lexi and Angela.

Frank having worked 20 years in the hospitality business and having opened and/or renovated multiple properties, Jimmy with a degree in hospitality, and Chip having a background in procurement. In short, the three men know how to get things done so once the plan was in place

they moved quickly. Frank knew right away he didn’t want to act as head brewer. An ad placed on ProBrewer.com worked out really well as it connected them with brewer Henry Jager, who had become lead brewer at Twisted Pine Brewing in Boulder, CO and then moved on to becoming a Brewing

settle down easy brewing co. • 2822 Fallfax Dr, Falls Church • 703.573.2011 • settledowneasybrewing.com - 34 -


Team Leader at Heavy Seas in Baltimore, MD where he primarily brewed the Loose Canon IPA. After 5+ years at Heavy Seas, Henry had decided he was ready to brew a greater variety of styles and to have the freedom to experiment more. And seeing as how Henry is also an avid Grateful Dead fan, well it just seemed to be a natural fit with what was planned for Settle Down Easy. Later on, Derek Stillwagon, a familiar face to those who visit MyLHBS homebrew shop off Route 7 in Falls Church, would come on as an assistant brewer. Caboose Brewing in Vienna, VA generously loaned them their Sabco system which was utilized to refine recipes for beers such as the Sweet Scoville Sting Honey Jalapeño Ale and the No. 1 Dry Hopped Kolsch, after which Henry came up with the 2 Cloud 9 NEIPA and generally was off and running developing recipes for further beers such as the Hop Wah Phonic West Coast IPA among others. As to a location, Jimmy did the primary legwork and found a potential space in the form of an old bicycle store, Bonsai Bike that had been there almost 20 years. A general contractor checked the space out and indicated it would work as a brewery. What really helped make the space attractive was that the developer Ray Schupp who controlled the space was a big fan of Caboose Brewing and loved the idea of adding a brewery to his portfolio. Ray said “I want a brewery” and meant it and went the extra mile to help the Settle Down Easy owners make it happen. Frank, Jimmy and Chip took over the space in April of 2018 and opened on November 16, 2018. The men did find Fairfax County somewhat challenging to work with (as an example, a grain mill was not approved so all the grain enters the brewery premilled), and echoed the comments of other brewery owners and would-be brewery owners who have described Fairfax County as better at saying what you can’t do than what you can do, but they persevered. An additional bonus of the location turned out to be the proximity of El Tio Tex-Mex Grill, which provides hot food such as several different tacos during my most recent visit, onsite inside the Settle Down Easy taproom. The brew house itself includes a 5-barrel system from American Beer Equipment out of Lincoln, NE. Frank makes a point of mentioning how helpful the NoVa beer community was in helping he and his co-owners plan the brewery, including how to best approach the licensing and build out, overcome a variety of obstacles, and generally make decisions that helped the brewery succeed and become a space “where you feel better when you leave than when you arrived.” In particular, he mentions the good people at Beltway, Crooked Run, Ono, Mustang Sally, Twinpanzee, Caboose, and Lake Anne Brew House. The original plan was to double capacity in 3 years, but they managed that in half the time. New tanks have been added with more coming that will max out capacity in the present space. There is regular canning on a small scale and Settle Down Easy is available at 8 to 12 accounts such as Open Road, Dogwood Tavern, and Fosters Grill in Vienna. Down the road are plans for an expanded barrel-aging program, a sour program, and eventually, perhaps, a second location but Frank stresses their desire to be cautious and strategic in all phases of planning. But the success so far speaks for yourself, so check out Settle Down Easy Brewing Company, maybe on Star Wars Trivia Night, have a beer or two, some food and good company, till it’s time to ramble on, feelin’ better than when you arrived. More info at settledowneasybrewing.com and on Facebook and Instagram. Cheers!




Quality Media & Marketing Solutions for the Wine, Beer, and Spirits Industry



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beer style

Move over Whitman’s Sampler, Starr Hill’s Box of Chocolate Stout Pack is liquid dessert at its finest

Life Is Short, Drink Dessert First By Greg Kitsock


t’s a paradox. At a time when millions of Americans are joining the Sober Curious movement or atoning for their sins with a Dry January, high-octane, super-caloric dessert stouts are proliferating. Indeed, it’s hard to brew just one. Starr Hill Brewing Co. in Crozet once again capped the year by releasing its Box of Chocolates variety pack, containing mocha, coconut, orange and raspberry versions of its Double Bass Double Chocolate Stout.

- 36 -


Richmond-based Hardywood Park Craft Brewing Co. also took the Whitman’s Sampler approach, brewing twelve variations of its Gingerbread Stout, including Christmas Pancakes GBS (containing maple syrup) and Fluffy GBS (with marshmallows). In December, Hardywood followed up with Coffee Cake Reserve Stout, a collaboration with Pennsylvania’s 2SP Brewing Co. for the Wawa chain of convenience stores. Packaged in 16-ounce cans, the brew combined one

of Wawa’s proprietary coffee blends with lactose, vanilla beans, cinnamon and toasted coconut. “I really like the toasted coconut – it gives it a pie-crusty mouthfeel,” commented Brian Nelson, Hardywood’s VP of production and head brewer. These confectionary stouts tend to peak during the Christmas holidays, but they don’t disappear after the colored lights have been boxed and the tree placed on the trash heap. As of mid-January, Hardywood was preparing to debut a

special bourbon barrel-aged edition of its Raspberry Stout aged on vanilla beans and packaged in 750-ml cork-and-cage bottles. They don’t evaporate during the hot weather either. Mark Osborne, founder of Adroit Theory Brewing Co. in Purcellville, recalls that last July 4, with the mercury flirting with one hundred, the best-selling beer in his tasting room was a Thai coffee imperial stout sweetened with coconut and cinnamon. You’ll often hear the phrase “pastry stout” used as a synonym for these beers. Some purists might reserve that term for beers modeled after baked desserts, like Coconut Macaroon Stout from Back Bay Brewing Co. in Virginia Beach, or Tiramisu Stout from Steam Bell Beer Works in Midlothian. “There’s no hard-and-fast definition,” counters Mitch Steele, brewmaster and COO of New Realm Brewing Co. with branches in Atlanta, GA and Virginia Beach, VA. “You make an imperial milk stout of 8% or whatever. Then you add food flavorings like cocoa, pie filling, doughnuts or cinnamon. That’s a must.” New Realm’s Virginia brew crew pushed the boundaries last year when they came up with Golden Pastry Stout, a so-called “white stout” aged for seven months in Barbados rum barrels with coffee and cacao. As of press time, New Realm’s Virginia Beach taproom was serving two beers of an allied style: Pastry Porter Horse (an imperial porter flavored with toasted coconut and cacao nibs) and Sultan’s Cookie Oatmeal Porter. Adroit Theory’s taproom was offering five pastry stouts as of mid-January, made with adjuncts like honey, hazelnuts, almonds and Tahitian vanilla. Although the brewery packages its IPAs in bottles and cans, the stouts are draft only. “They have so much sugar that they’re completely unstable,” explains Osborne. “They’re designed to be drunk within 48 hours of kegging.” Who is downing these stouts? “It’s definitely a younger crowd that’s drinking them,” observes Steele. “I don’t see a lot of older, more mature drinkers.” Maybe that’s because his younger, more active customers don’t have to watch their waistlines. Among Adroit Theory’s recent offerings was a special eggnog-flavored edition of its Dia De Los Muertos Imperial Stout (13.7% abv), brewed with spices, peppermint and ground-up Oreo cookies. Although he hasn’t sent it out for laboratory analysis, Osborne calculates that the beer (“it’s thick like a milkshake”) contains an astounding 1,080 calories per 16-ounce glass. “They’re like a decadent dessert, shockingly easy going down,” says Osborne of his sweet stouts. “People order a fourounce taster, then they order a pint glass, then they take home a growler, then they can’t fit into their pants, but that’s another matter.” “We’ve done some analyses on them and the results are shocking,” said Nelson. “These are beers for sharing,” he adds. VIRGINIACRAFTBEER.COM

- 37 -

brew reviewss Compiled by staff

Neverending Haze IPA Stone Brewing Richmond Groovy, baby. When hazy IPAs began to appear a couple of years ago, beer drinkers remarked how they looked and almost tasted like orange juice. Many of those early breakout brews packed a slight punch in terms of alcohol level. Lately, the trend has been to deliver a lower ABV level but with the same appeal to the sense. Stone Brewing hits the top of the charts with its sensational 4% ABV Neverending Haze IPA, where the orange flavor is right up front. The can design has a colorful, groovy late 1960s vibe. Austin Powers would dig it, but more importantly so do we.

abv: 4% - 38 -


Bildgewater Rip Rap Brewing Company Norfolk Rip Rap Brewing Company is dumping their Bildgewater into 16 ounce cans and we can’t get enough of it! The roasted coffee notes hit you in the nose and the tongue. There’s a sweetness that lingers and the body isn’t overly heavy, especially for an 8.5% Coffee Stout. In fact, it’s very drinkable so sit back and enjoy a can or two... or better yet, slide by the brewery if you’re in their neighborhood cause you might just be lucky enough to have it on Nitro!

abv: 8.5.%

7 Lightyears Precarious Beer Project Williamsburg 7 Lightyears is a perfectly crafted Porter by Precarious Beer Project that clocks in at 5.7%. Which means it’s very approachable for those that want all the dark beer flavors without the heavy ABV. Pouring out of the can with a foamy tan head, the bubbles quickly give way to a smooth dark pool of deliciousness. The roasted malts provide a nice backbone while the chocolate notes round out the flavor leaving you with a nice dry finish. This beer is sure to please the dark beer lovers as well as the first timers that might be stumbling into the dark side of the world.

abv: 5.7%

None of This Makes Sense Hardywood Craft Brewery Richmond None of This Makes Sense is a zero IBU NE DIPA with Mosaic & El Dorado by Hardywood. It pours cloudy orange with tropical and citrus flavors coming through. Soft and pillowy, the pineapple and mango notes become more forward with every sip. It’s an interesting take on an IPA cause there’s no bitterness at all...so yeah, None of This Makes Sense. 7.5% ABV

abv: 7.5%

N O W AVA I L A B L E I N N O RT H E R N V I RG I N I A ! Brewed in the Historic River District of Danville, Virginia. www.balladbrewing.com

Tiramisu Stout Steam Bell Beer Works Midlothian

Mi Corazon Ocelot Brewing Company Sterling Mi Corazon looks like lemonade pouring into a pint glass at a lemonade stand. The only thing, that lemonade stand is run by Ocelot Brewing, which means it’s loaded with Galaxy and Citra and enough oats to soften up into a delicious 6.7% IPA. The smell of citrus let’s you know you’re in for a treat. Soft tangerine and mango give way to a slight bite of hop at the end. Overall, “It’s Just Beer”... that you can’t wait to have another one of.

abv: 6.7%

Tiramisu Stout is a rum conditioned Imperial Milk Stout by Steam Bell Beer Works. This is their take on the Bourbon Barrel version. Bourbon hits the nose the minute you open it and your brain shifts to the idea of a heavy bourbon stout as branded on the label. Instead, you’ll find a rich, silky, smooth, perfectly crafted decadent chocolate stout perfectly balanced with a slight coffee presence that works extremely well with a mild bourbon finish on the tongue. Clocking in at 9% in a 500ML bottle you can hog it all for yourself or share with friends. Either way, it’s a perfect way to end a winter day.

abv: 9%

Releasing 2/28

Year Round Traditions

Releasing 2/21



- 39 -

Groundhog Day Celebration at Blue Mountain Brewery

Three Year Anniversary Weekend at Courthouse Creek

A festive day celebrating The Groundhog! Live music 2:30-5pm, food and drink specials, giveaways, and more! 9519 Critzer Shop Rd., Afton

Spend the weekend with us celebrating while enjoying local, natural cider and gluten free farmhouse beer. We will have new releases and local food too. Courthouse Creek Cider 1581 Maidens Road, Maidens

Sun., Feb. 2, 11am-9pm

2nd Annual COTU Chocolate Fest at Center of the Universe Sat., Feb. 8, 12-5pm

Featuring some of Richmond’s finest chocolatiers alongside handcrafted jewelry, artisan gifts, and live music. Plus, the release of The Box of Chocolates Stout along with 5 variants. 11293 Air Park Rd., Ashland cotubrewing.com

Books & Brews at Pro Re Nata Brewery Wed., Feb. 12, 7-8pm

Brian Noyes will be discussing his cookbook, Red Truck Bakery Cookbook, and bringing samples. 6135 Rockfish Gap Turnpike, Crozet

Galentine’s Day at Blue Bee Cider Thurs., Feb. 13, 11am-9pm

Grab your friends and nosh on delicious cheeses paired with our ciders. 1320 Summit Avenue, Richmond 804.231.0280 • bluebeecider.com

Valentine’s Day at Blue Bee Cider Fri.-Sun., Feb. 14-16, 11am-9pm

Enjoy a delicious flight of five dessert and rose style ciders. 1320 Summit Avenue, Richmond 804.231.0280 • bluebeecider.com

Comedy & Cider at Coyote Hole Ciderworks Fri., Feb. 21, 7-9pm

Comedy & Cocktails presented by The North American Comedy Brewery Tour featuring hand-picked new comedians. 225 Oak Grove Drive, Mineral 540.894.1053 • coyotehole.com

Avec Frere Belgian Beer Day at Fine Creek Sat., Feb. 22, 12-8pm

Featuring the tapping of all of our Belgian beers including Avec Freres and Tractor Juice Belgian DIPA and our Graff Belgian Cider-Ale Hybrid. Plus, music by Willie DE from 5-7pm. Fine Creek Brewing Company 2425 Robert E. Lee Road, Powhatan

5th Anniversary Taproom Dinner at Garden Grove Brewing Mon., Feb. 24, 6-10pm



A Lil’ Valentine’s Day at Creek Bottom Brewing

Friday Cheers at Blue Mountain Barrel House

$20.20 for 2 8” heart-shaped pizzas and 2 CBB brews (or 2 glasses of house wine). Plus, cornhole tournament and live music. 307 Meadow Street, Galax 276.236.2337 • cbbrews.com

Enjoy live music from 6-8pm and food trucks 5-9pm 495 Cooperative Way. Arrington 434.263.4002 • bluemountainbrewery.com

Fri., Feb. 14, 4-10pm

Every Friday, 5-9pm

Field Gay at Coyote Hole Ciderworks Sun., Dec. 29 & Jan. 26, 12-5pm

A family-friendly field day for the LGBTQ community. Featuring games, BBQ, and more! Coyote Hole Ciderworks 225 Oak Grove Drive, Mineral coyotehole.com

- 40 -


Featuring Chef Lee Gregory of Alewife. Five course meal paired with five beers, wines, ciders, or honey wines in the comfortable, casual taproom setting. Tickets: $55 3445 West Cary St., Richmond 804.918.6158 • gardengrovebrewing.com

Historic Beer Series & Lecture: Doppelbock at Center of the Universe Mon., Feb. 24, 7-8pm

Working in conjunction with the Randolph-Macon College History department, COTU developed a series of beer releases and lectures that highlight various periods in time and their effect on beer. 11293 Air Park Rd., Ashland cotubrewing.com

Sat. & Sun., March 14 & 15, 12pm

Cider, Cheese, & Charcuterie Workshop at Blue Bee Cider Wed., March 18, 6-8pm

Join us for a guided tasting experience featuring cheeses and charcuterie from Truckle Cheesemongers, handmade sausages from local sausage-maker Kyle McCormick, and cider from Blue Bee. 1320 Summit Avenue, Richmond 804.231.0280 • bluebeecider.com

Historic Beer Series & Lecture: Gotlandsdricke at Center of the Universe Mon., April 6, 7-8pm

Working in conjunction with the Randolph-Macon College History department, COTU developed a series of beer releases and lectures that highlight various periods in time and their effect on beer. 11293 Air Park Rd., Ashland cotubrewing.com

COASTAL VIRGINIA Soul Shakedown Reggae Party at Smartmouth Pilot House Fri., Feb. 7, 6-10pm

Join us for a night of brews, live reggae, and feel-good jams in honor of Bob Marley’s 75th Birthday! Smartmouth Pilot House 313 32nd Street, Virginia Beach

5th Anniversary Celebration at Big Ugly Brewing Sat., Feb. 8, 12-10pm

Featuring live music, Barrel Aged Beers on draft, Death by Pirate Bottle Release at noon, guest taps, and raffles! 845 Battlefield Blvd. S., Chesapeake

Love Notes & Lagers at Smartmouth Pilot House Sun., Feb. 9, 6-8:30pm

Celebrate Valentine’s Day with love, music by the Tidewater Winds Small Ensemble, and beer. Smartmouth Pilot House 313 32nd Street, Virginia Beach

Hearts & Beers Valentine’s Dinner at Deadline Brewing Project Fri., Feb. 14, 7:30pm

Dinner and beer pairing presented by Mermaid Catering & Deadline in the tap room. 2272 W. Great Neck Road, Virginia Beach

Beer Release at O’Connor Brewing Co. Sat.., Feb. 15, 3-5pm

Beer Release: Whale Song Belgian Witbier. Live Music: Two Bars From the Gun. 211 W. 24th St., Norfolk oconnorbrewing.com


- 41 -

Beer Release at O’Connor Brewing Co. Beer Release at Smartmouth Sat., Feb. 29, 12-10pm

Beer Release: Brunhilda Belgian Dubbel with Foraged Fig. Live Music: Derek Moore. 211 W. 24th St., Norfolk oconnorbrewing.com

Beer Releases at The Virginia Beer Company Sat., Feb. 29

We’ll be releasing a second batch of Saturday Morning IPA with Marshmellows at both locations. Supplies will be limited! 1309 Raleigh Avenue, Norfolk 313 32nd Street, Virginia Beach

St. Paddy's Day Party at Bold Mariner

Beer Releases: Baker’s – Ordinary Bitter and Keep Virginia Beautiful – India Pale Ale. The Virginia Beer Co. 401 Second Street, Williamsburg 757.378.2903 ∙ virginiabeerco.com

Sat., March 14, 11am-10pm

Save-the-Date for Whistle Belly

Sat., March 14, 12-10pm

Sat., Feb. 29, 2-6pm

Save-the-Date for Whistle Belly (August 1) with a kick-off party featuring our sponsor the William & Mary Mason School of Business, a collaboration beer with The Virginia Beer Co., and a special commemorative glass. Plus, $1 from the sale of each glass will go to the Junior Women’s Club Scholarship Fund. DoG Street Pub 401 W. Duke of Gloucester Street, Williamsburg 757.293.6478 dogstreetpub.com

The Virginia Beer Company celebrates

Beer Release at O’Connor Brewing Co.

four years with their Freeversary Party on

Beer Release: Smash Old School IPA. Live Music: Billy Joe Trio. 211 W. 24th St., Norfolk oconnorbrewing.com

Saturday, March 28 from 12 to 7pm. Attendees

Sat., March 7

Sat., March 7, 12-10pm

Featuring delicious BBQ, desserts, and St. Paddy's Day Specials from Bar-Q. 1901 E. Ocean View Avenue, Norfolk

10th Anniversary & St. Paddy’s Day Celebration at O’Connor Brewing Co. Celebrate 10 Years! Featuring live music by Glasgow Kiss, Downtown Abby & The Echoes, Will Overman Band, and Super Doppler. Plus, food trucks and the release of our Imperial Anniversary Stout, barrelaged in Whiskey barrels. 211 W. 24th St., Norfolk oconnorbrewing.com

St. Patty’s Day Party at The Vanguard

Sat., March 14, 9pm-midnight

Featuring The Fighting Jamesons. Tickets: $10 GA; $20 VIP The Vanguard Brewpub and Distillery 504 N. King Street, Hampton thevanguard757.com

can enjoy Free Verse variants, exclusive can releases, live music, local restaurant pop-ups, and family friendly entertainment. Prom – Roaring 20s at Tradition Brewing Co.

Beer Release at O’Connor Brewing Co.

Dress to impress at Adult Prom featuring a Roaring 20s theme, DJ Taylor, Mango Photobooth, Tradition brews, guest taps of local beer, cider, & wine. Single Tickets: $10 in advance; $20 at door. Couple Tickets: $18 in advance; $36 at door. 700 Thimble Shoals Blvd., Newport News 757.303.3415 • traditionbrewing.com

Beer Release: Cloudbreak Tropical IPA. Live Music: Dan Pellegrino. 211 W. 24th St., Norfolk oconnorbrewing.com

Sat., Feb. 15, 7-11pm

NOSHaversary at The Virginia Beer Company Thurs., Feb. 20,4-9pm

Nosh food truck celebrates its one year anniversary at The Virginia Beer Co.! The Virginia Beer Co. 401 Second Street, Williamsburg 757.378.2903 ∙ virginiabeerco.com

Tour de Cure Kick-off at Smartmouth Thurs., Feb. 20, 6-7:30pm

Join us for the kick-off of 2020 Tour de Cure featuring light refreshments, 2019 Top Team & Participant Awards, sneak peek at the 2020 routes, and more! 1309 Raleigh Avenue, Norfolk

6 Annual Bull & Oyster Bluegrass Festival at Smartmouth th

Sat., Feb. 22, 12-10pm

Join us & Capt’n Crabby oysters and bluegrass music! Food Tickets: $40 in advance; $50 at door. 1309 Raleigh Avenue, Norfolk

- 42 -


Sat., Feb. 22, 12-10pm

Beer Releases at The Virginia Beer Company Sat., Feb. 22

Beer Releases: Sunny Deviation – India Pale Ale and Provisional Kolsch – KolschStyle Ale The Virginia Beer Co. 401 Second Street, Williamsburg 757.378.2903 ∙ virginiabeerco.com

Dark Knight of Winter Invitational at St. George Sat., Feb. 22, 12-5pm

Featuring dark beers from 20 different breweries, live music, and food trucks. Tickets: $30 The St. George Brewing Company 204 Challenger Way, Hampton

Norfolk's O'Connor Brewing Company

Pints for Parkinsons at Pleasure House Brewing

Saturday, March 14 from 12 to 10pm with their

Sat., Feb. 22, 1-4pm

Learn more about this disease and raise money with raffles and a donation jar to help further our mission. 3025 Shore Dr., Virginia Beach pleasurehousebrewing.com

is celebrating their 10 Year Anniversary on biggest St. Paddy's Day Party yet! Enjoy live music throughout the day, food trucks, and the release of their Imperial Anniversary Stout, barrel-aged in Irish Whiskey barrels!

Comedy Night at Port City Brewing Co. Thurs., Feb. 20, 7:30-10pm

Jokes on Tap is bringing their talented comedians for a night filled with jokes and laughs! 3950 Wheeler Ave., Alexandria portcitybrewing.com

Beer Release at The Farm Brewery at Broad Run Sat., Feb. 22

Beer Release: Hazy Shade of Winter Hazy IPA team trio release: annual in-house completion between three teams of our servers, who help design and brew the beers. 16015 John Marshall Highway, Haymarket

Parkway Brewing Company in Salem will hosts its 6th Annual Oyster Roast on Saturday, March 28 from 12-8pm. Come hungry -- there will be food and oysters by Bruno’s Gastro Truck and Rappahanock Oysters. Plus, you'll be able to enjoy live music by Lazy Man Dub Band, The Floorboards, and Yarn, games, and craft brews!

Draughts and Laughs at The Farm Brewery at Broad Run Sat., Feb. 22, 8-9:30pm

Join us in The Roost for an evening of laughs and drinks featuring the finest that comedy has to offer paired with The Farm Brewery’s delicious, fresh, signature brews. Tickets at tfbabr.com. 16015 John Marshall Highway, Haymarket

Saturday Morning Apocalypse at Beltway Sat., Feb. 22, 12pm

6 Anniversary of DoG Street Running Club th

Mon., March 16

Join us for beer, running, & camaraderie. DoG Street Pub 401 W. Duke of Gloucester Street, Williamsburg 757.293.6478 dogstreetpub.com

Beer Release at O’Connor Brewing Co. Sat., March 21, 12-10pm

Beer Release: Hip Hop Hazy IPA Vol. 2. Live Music: Dan Neale. 211 W. 24th St., Norfolk oconnorbrewing.com

4 Year Freeversary at The Virginia Beer Company Sat., March 28, 12-7pm

Featuring Free Verse Variants, exclusive can releases, live music, local restaurant pop-ups, and family-friendly entertainment. Tickets go on sale in February at virginiabeerco.com. The Virginia Beer Co. 401 Second Street, Williamsburg 757.378.2903 • virginiabeerco.com

Beer My Valentine at Old Ox

Valentine’s Day Stoplight Party

We’ve partnered with local chocolatethemed restaurant, The Cronche, for a special beer and chocolate pairing event. Couple Ticket ($30) includes 2 flights of 4 specially-brewed beers and 2 chocolate flights of 4 specially-made chocolates. Old Ox Brewery 44652 Guilford Drive, #114, Ashburn 703.729.8375

Stop Light Party & Karaoke. Extended happy hour until 9pm and $3 beer of the day. Dress Code: Green = Available, Red = Taken, and Yellow = It’s Complicated! Brew Republic Bierwerks 15201 Potomac Town Place, Woodbridge

Sat., Feb. 8, 12-4pm

Brews, Blossoms, and Bros at Vanish Wed., Feb. 12, 6:30-8:30pm

Gentlemen, make your own Hearts in Bloom floral arrangement. Vanish Farmwoods Brewery 42245 Black Hops Lane, Leesburg vanishbeer.com

The Perfect Pair-ing at Port City Brewing Co.

Fri., Feb. 14, 7-11pm

Barrel Aged Beer Tasting at The Farm Brewery at Broad Run Sat., Feb. 15, 1-4pm

Join us in The Roost for our first Barrel Aged Beer Tasting featuring a sampling of our very limited barrel aged beers. Ticket includes four 8oz beers with delicious charcuterie selections. Tickets at tfbabr.com. 16015 John Marshall Highway, Haymarket

Beltway Cup Pong Classic Sat., Feb. 15, 3pm

A Valentine’s Day themed evening with a beer and food pairing from Haute Dogs & Fries. Tickets: $40 (second ticket: $35). 3950 Wheeler Ave., Alexandria portcitybrewing.com

Entry into our double elimination bracket closes at 3pm. Grab your college buddy and compete to win the use the Champion’s Steins for the next month. Beltway Brewing Company 22620 Davis Drive, Ste. 110, Sterling 571.989-2739

Beer Release at O’Connor Brewing Co.

Beer & Dessert Pairing at Fair Winds Brewing Co.

Valentine’s Day Beer & Donut Pairing

Beer Release: Sour Batch Kids Sour IPA. Live Music: PC Duo. 211 W. 24th St., Norfolk oconnorbrewing.com

Ticket includes five courses of desserts by Out of the Bubble Bakery, one full welcome pint, and five 5oz tasters. 7000 Newington Road, Lorton 703.372.2001 • fairwindsbrewing.com

Duck Donuts is bringing the donuts to pair with 6 beers. Flight of 6 beers paired with 6 mini donuts for $21.99. Brew Republic Bierwerks 15201 Potomac Town Place, Woodbridge

Release Party at Tucked Away Brewing

Books on Tap

Sat., March 28, 12-10pm

NORTHERN VIRGINIA First Friday Live Music at Beltway Fri., Feb. 7, 6-8pm

Featuring acoustic covers from Chris Devine. Beltway Brewing Company 22620 Davis Drive, Ste. 110, Sterling 571.989-2739

Wed., Feb. 12, 7-9pm

Thurs., Feb. 13, 6-9pm

Fri. & Sat., Feb. 14 & 15

Join us for the release of our brand new Cranberry Hard Seltzer, Embrace the Bog. 8420 Kao Circle, Manassas 703.420.2890 • tuckedawaybrew.com

Sat., Feb. 15, 6-9pm

Tues., Feb. 18 & March 24, 7pm

A monthly book club hosted by Sinistral Brewing Company and Prince William Public Libraries. Download the book at https://www.hoopladigital.com/ and start reading or listening today! Feb. 18 Book: Tangerine by Christine Morgan; March 24 Book: The Gown by Jennifer Robson. Sinistral Brewing Co. 9419 Main Street, Manassas 703.686.4575

Join us for a buffet of your favorite sugar cereals and a marathon classic cartoons on our 28 foot projector wall. Fun for the young and the young at heart. $5 for unlimited cereal. Beltway Brewing Company 22620 Davis Drive, Ste. 110, Sterling 571.989-2739

Sunday Family Meal at Lost Rhino Brewing Co. Sun., Feb. 23, 12-5pm

Join us to enjoy food, drink craft beer, and give back to the community. Bring a canned food item or a monetary donation to benefit Loudoun Hunger Relief. In exchange for your donation, you will receive a plate of homemade food to enjoy with our family and community members. 21730 Red Rum Drive, #142, Ashburn

Books on Tap

Thurs., Feb. 27 & March 26, 7pm

Books on Tap is hosted by Tucked Away Brewing Co. and Prince William County Library and features a different book each month. Pick up a copy at Tucked Away Brewing Co. or any Prince William Public Library. Feb. 27 Book: Underground Airlines by Ben Winters; March 26 Book: The Music Shop by Rachel Joyce. Tucked Away Brewing Co. 8420 Kao Circle, Manassas 703.420.2890

Beer Release at The Farm Brewery at Broad Run Fri, Feb. 28

Re-Release of “May The Schwarz Be With You” Schwarzbier 16015 John Marshall Highway, Haymarket

First Friday Live Music at Beltway Fri., March 6, 6-8pm

Featuring solo reggae performer Greg Ward. Beltway Brewing Company 22620 Davis Drive, Ste. 110, Sterling 571.989-2739


- 43 -

In anticipation of warmer weather and longer days, Brothers Craft Brewing in Harrisonburg will host Daylight Day 2020 on Saturday, March 7 from 10am to 11pm. Join them for the release of Daylight Cravings, Drunken Mornings, and their variants. Plus, they'll have breakfast and lunch options and a killer tap list. NOVA Fighting Game Community at Beltway Sat., March 7

Beltway Cup Pong Classic Sat., March 21, 3pm

The NOVAFGC Meeting group returns to Beltway with Street Fighter V, Super Smash Bros Ultimate, and more! Beltway Brewing Company 22620 Davis Drive, Ste. 110, Sterling 571.989-2739

Entry into our double elimination bracket closes at 3pm. Grab your college buddy and compete to win the use the Champion’s Steins for the next month. Beltway Brewing Company 22620 Davis Drive, Ste. 110, Sterling 571.989-2739

Sippin’ Series 5K for SCAN of Northern Virginia at Beltway

Oyster Fest at Tucked Away Brewing

Sun., March 8

Beltway & Bishop’s Events are hosting a 5K and fun run along the Washington & Old Dominion Trail. Tickets include a beer in the Beltway taproom, and a portion of the proceeds will benefit Stop Child Abuse Now. Tickets: $35. Beltway Brewing Company 22620 Davis Drive, Ste. 110, Sterling 571.989-2739

Beer Release at The Farm Brewery at Broad Run Fri., March 13

Re-Release of “Lucky Leprechaun” Irish Red. Come celebrate St. Patrick’s with us! Something’s Brewing will be playing live. Eugene’s Sausage & Fries and Burnt Ends food trucks will be on-site. 16015 John Marshall Highway, Haymarket

St. Patrick’s Day Celebration at Adventure Brewing Sat., March 14, 12-6pm

Featuring A. Smith Bowman Distillery, food trucks, live music, vendors, dancers, beer, and more! Adventure Brewing Company 1 Bowman Drive, Fredericksburg 540.242.8876

St. Patrick’s Day Party at Tucked Away Brewing Sat., March 14, 1-6pm

Featuring the release of our Scarlet Beret, an Irish Red Ale, Irish Dancers, and prizes for the best, craziest, unique St. Patrick’s Day attire every hour! 8420 Kao Circle, Manassas 703.420.2890 • tuckedawaybrew.com - 44 -


Sat., March 21, 12-7pm

Featuring oysters from Nomini Bay Oyster Ranch plus steamed shrimp and chowder. 8420 Kao Circle, Manassas 703.420.2890 • tuckedawaybrew.com

SHENANDOAH VALLEY Valentine’s Dessery & Beer Pairing at Winchester Brew Works Fri., Feb. 14, 4-10pm

Beer flight pairing with 4 delectable treats from local bakers Crumbs & Crumbles. 320 N. Cameron St., Winchester winchesterbrewworks.com

Valentine’s Day Carriage Rides at Stable Craft Brewing Fri., Feb. 14, 6-10pm

Treat your sweet to dinner, cider & beer or hot chocolate, and a romantic carriage ride. 375 Madrid Rd., Waynesboro stablecraftbrewing.com

Daylight Day at Brothers Craft Brewing Sat., March 7, 10am-11pm

Join us for our annual celebration and release of Daylight Cravings, Drunken Mornings, and their variants. Plus, we'll have breakfast, lunch, and a killer tap list. 800 N. Main Street, Harrisonburg

St. Patrick’s Day at Stable Craft Brewing Sat.,March 14, 12-10pm

Featuring lots of stouts and River Dancing Irish Red Ale, bagpipers, horses, and Irish fare. 375 Madrid Rd., Waynesboro stablecraftbrewing.com


Love Birds 12” Circle Board Canvas Books & Brews at at Woodstock Brewhouse Mountain Valley Brewing Mon., Feb. 10, 6-8pm

Paint Nite will guide you step-by-step through the featured painting. 123 E. Court St., Woodstock

Beer Release at Stable Craft Brewing Fri., Feb. 14, 4-10pm

Beer Release: Britchin’ Buns – The brown that thinks it’s a freshly baked sticky bun. Cinnamon, ginger, and nutmeg with a touch of vanilla, this brown ale embodies classic cinnamon roll flavor. 375 Madrid Rd., Waynesboro stablecraftbrewing.com

Thurs., Feb. 6, 5:30-6:30pm

Grab a brew and talk about books at this book club hosted by the Martinsville Library. Join us to discuss “The Nickel Boys” by Colson Whitehead. 4220 Mountain Valley Road, Axton mountainvalleybrewing.com

Paint Your Own Pet Paint Class at Ballard Brewing Sun., Feb. 16, 1-3pm

Turn your pet photo into a fantastic portrait! The artist will help you create a custom portrait of your pet. 600 Craghead St., Danville balladbrewing.com

Books & Brews at

Mountain Valley Brewing Thurs., March 5, 5:30-6:30pm

Grab a brew and talk about books at this book club hosted by the Martinsville Library. Join us to discuss “The Soul of an Octopus” by Sy Montgomery. 4220 Mountain Valley Road, Axton mountainvalleybrewing.com

VIRGINIA MOUNTAINS Love,Laughter, & Lager: Comedy at Chaos Mountain Brewing Thurs., Feb. 13, 7-9pm

Featuring local VA comedians and delicious craft brew Chaos Mountain Brewing 3135 Dillons Mill Rd., Callaway 540.334.1600 chaosmountainbrewing.com

Murder Mystery at Three Notch’d Sun., Feb. 23, 2-5pm

An interactive murder mystery event from Jump into Mystery where you will ask questions, solve clues, and buy or sell information using fake money! Three Notch’d Craft Kitchen & Brewery 24 Campbell Avenue SE, Roanoke 540.492.5005

6th Annual Oyster Roast at Parkway Sat., March 28, 12-8pm

Sat., March 28, 12-8pm Featuring food and oysters by Bruno’s Gastro Truck and Rappahanock Oysters, live music by Lazy Man Dub Band, The Floorboards, and Yarn, games, and our sweet mountain craft brews! Parkway Brewing 739 Kessler Mill Road, Salem 540.483.9293 parkwaybrewing.com


- 45 -


360 W. Spring Street Wytheville 276.228.0994 7dogsbrewpubva.com

Bristol Station Brews & Taproom 41 Piedmont Avenue Bristol 276.608.1220 bristolbrew.com

Bull & Bones Brewhaus 1470 S Main St., #120 Blacksburg 540.953.2855 bullandbones.com

Creek Bottom Brews

307 Meadow Street Galax 276.236.BEER (2337) cbbrew.com

The Damascus Brewery

32173 Government Road Damascus 540.314.2782 thedamascusbrewery.com

Right Mind Brewing Company 1410 S. Main Street Blacksburg 540.552.7000 facebook.com/leftysgrille

Rising Silo Brewing Company 2351 Glade Rd Blacksburg 410.596.1200

River Company Brewery

6633 Viscoe Rd. Radford (Fairlawn) 540.633.3940 therivercompanybrewery.com

Sinkland Farms Brewery

3060 Riner Road Christiansburg 540.835.3395 Sinklandfarmsbrewery.com

Visit Dan at Elation Brewing in Norfolk and enjoy a beer in their beautiful taproom.

Studio Brew

221 Moore Street Bristol studiobrew.net

APPALACHIA Busted Still Brewing Company 185 Homeplace Drive Gate City 24251 276.210.6038

Lonesome Pine Brewing Company 15 East Main Street Lebanon 276.274.3697

Painted Peak Brewing Company 386 Main Street Tazewell 276.980.7325 paintedpeakbrewing.com

Sugar Hill Brewing Company 16622 Broad Street St. Paul 24283 276.780.4397 sugarhillbrewing.com

Wolf Hills Brewing Company 350 Park St. Abingdon 303.5508762 wolfhillsbrewing.com


235 N Market Petersburg 23805 804.722.1667 facebook.com/ammobrewing

AMMO Brewing Company

235 N Market Petersburg 23805 804.722.1667 facebook.com/ammobrewing

Antioch Brewing Company Palmyra 434.249.6727 antiochbrews.com

virginiacraftbeer.com - 46 -


Apocalypse Ale Works 1257 Burnbridge Rd Forest 434.258.8761 endofbadbeer.com

Ardent Craft Ales

3200 W. Leigh Street Richmond 804.359.1605 ardentcraftales.com

Bald Top Brewing Co.

1830 Thrift Road Madison 540.999.1830 baldtopbrewing.com


Decipher Brewing

1740 Broadway Street Charlottesville 434.995.5777

Devils Backbone Brewing Company - Basecamp

Dogtown Brewing Co.

2410 Granite Ridge Rd. Rockville 804.356.9379 midnight-brewery.com

1209 Hull Street Richmond 804.724.2337

Extra Billy’s

Bingo Beer Co.

Final Gravity Brewing Company

4522 Chicken City Road Chincoteague blacknarrowsbrewing.com

Blue Mountain Brewery

9519 Critzer Shop Rd. Afton 540.456.8020 bluemountainbrewery.com

Blue Mountain Barrel House 495 Cooperative Way Arrington 434.263.4002 bluemountainbarrel.com

Brasserie Saison

111 E. Main Street Charlottesville 434.202.7027 brasseriesaison.net

Brewing Tree Beer Company 9278 Rockfish Valley Hwy. Afton 540.381.0990

Canon & Draw Brewing Company 1529 West Main Street Richmond canonanddraw.beer

Castleburg Brewery & Taproom 1626 Owenby Lane Richmond 23220 804.353.1256 castleburgbrewery.com

Center of the Universe Brewing Company 11293 Air Park Rd. Ashland 804.368.0299 cotubrewing.com

Champion Brewing Co.

6118 Lakeside Ave. Richmond 804.264.4808

Fine Creek Brewing Company 2425 Robert E. Lee Road Powhatan 804.372.9786 Finecreekbrewing.com

Garden Grove Brewing and Urban Winery

3445 W Cary Street, Richmond 804.338.6029 www.gardengrovebrewing.com

Hardywood Park Craft Brewery

5600 Moonlight Drive Scottsville 434.286.4282 mountidareserve.com

Origin Beer Lab

106 S. Railroad Avenue Ashland 804.368.0299 facebook.com/originbeerlab

Pro Re Nata Farm Brewery

6135 Rockfish Gap Tpke. Crozet 434.823.4878 prnbrewery.com

Random Row Brewing Company 608 Preston Avenue Charlottesville 434.284.8466 randomrow.com

Hardywood Park Craft Brewery West Creek

Richbrau Brewing Co.

820 Sanctuary Trail Drive Richmond hardywood.com

Intermission Beer Co. 10089 Brook Road Glen Allen 804.585.0405 intermission.com

Isley Brewing Company

1715 Summit Avenue Richmond 804.499.0721 isleybrewingcompany.com

James River Brewery 561 Valley St. Scottsville 434.286.7837 jrbrewery.com

Kindred Spirit Brewing

12830 W. Creek Parkway Goochland 804.708.0309 kindredspiritbrewing.com

Colonial Beach Brewing

Lickinghole Creek Farm Brewery

4411 Zachary Taylor Highway Mineral

Mt. Ida Reserve Tasting Room & Taphouse

Reason Beer Co.

Legend Brewing Company

Cooling Pond Brewery

Midnight Brewery

2408 Ownby Ln. Richmond 804.420.2420 hardywood.com

324 6th Street Charlottesville 434.295.2739 championbrewingcompany.com

215C Washington Avenue Colonial Beach 540.226.2114 colonialbeachbrewing.com

Main Line Brewery

1603 Ownby Lane Richmond 804-387-9670

1110 Alverser Dr. Midlothian 804.379.8727 extrabillys.com/ ExtraBillysBarBQ2.htm

Black Narrows Brewing Company

198 Ambriar Plaza Amherst 434-941-7345 looseshoebrewing.com

200 Mosbys Run Roseland 434.361.1001 dbbrewingcompany.com

510 Grove Street Bedford 540.583.5113 bealesbeer.com 2900 West Broad Street, Richmond 804.386.0290 bingorva.com

Loose Shoe Brewing Company

321 W. Seventh St. Richmond 804.232.3446 legendbrewing.com

4100 Knolls Point Dr. Goochland 804.314.4380 lickingholecreek.com

Lickinghole Goodwater

1717 East Franklin Street Richmond lickingholecreek.com

1180 Seminole Trail, #290 Charlottesville reasonbeer.com 5 South 20th Street Richmond richbraubrewing.com

Rock Bottom Restaurant & Brewery 11800 W. Broad Street Richmond 23233 804-237-1684 rockbottom.com

South Street Brewery

Strangeways Brewing

2277 Dabney Rd. Richmond 804.303.4336 strangewaysbrewing.com

Strangeways Brewing RVA – Scott’s Addition 3110 West Leigh St. Richmond 804.303.4336 strangewaysbrewing.com

Tabol Brewing

704 Dawn Street Richmond 804.303.5528 tabolbrewing.com

Tap 29

154 Winery Lane Leon 540.547.3707 tap29brew.com

The Answer Brewpub

6008 West Broad St. Richmond facebook.com theanswerbrewpub.com

The Veil Brewing Company 1301 Roseneath Road Richmond 804.355.58515 theveilbrewing.com

Three Notch’d Brewing Company RVA Colab House 2930 W. Broad St. Richmond threenotchdbrewing.com

Three Notch’d @ IX Park

522 2nd Street, SE Charlottesville threenotchdbrewing.com

Three Roads Brewing Company 312 W. Third Street Farmville 434.315.0471 threeroadsbrewery.com

Trapezium Brewing Company 423 Third Street Petersburg 23803 571.758.2738 trapeziumbrewing.com

106 South Street Charlottesville 434.293.6550 southstreetbrewery.com

Triple Crossing Brewing Company

Starr Hill Brewery

Triple Crossing Brewing Company

5391 Three Notch’d Rd. Crozet 434.823.5671 starrhill.com

Starr Hill Beer Hall & Rooftop 3406 West Leigh Street Richmond 804.912.1794 starrhill.com

Steam Bell Beer Works

1717 E. Oak Lake Blvd. Midlothian 804.728.1876 steambell.beer

Stone Brewing Company

4300 Williamsburg Avenue Richmond 23231 760.294.7899 facebook.com/ stonebrewingrichmond.

113 S. Foushee Street Richmond 804.308.0475

5203 Hatcher Street Richmond 804.496.1955 triplecrossingbeer.com

Vasen Brewing Company

3331 Moore Street, Richmond 804.588.5678 vasenbrewing.com

White Rock Brewing Company 2117 Bruno Drive Goodview 24905 540.890.3359 whiterockwines.com.

Wild Wolf Brewing Company

2461 Rockfish Valley Highway Nellysford 434.361.0088 wildwolfbeer.com

WildManDan Beer Centric B&B 279 Avon Road Afton 434.270.0404 wmdb3.com

Willow Spring Brewery in The Light Well Restaurant 110 E Main Street Orange 540.661.0004 thelightwell.com

Wood Ridge Farm Brewery 165 Old Ridge Road Lovingston 434.422.6225


189-B Ewell Rd. Williamsburg 757.220.3670 williamsburgalewerks.com

Alewerks Satellite Brewery

Williamsburg Premium Outlets 5715 Richmond Road Williamsburg alewerks.com

Back Bay Brewing Company 614 Norfolk Ave. Virginia Beach 757.531.7750 backbaybrewco.com

Back Bay’s Farmhouse Brewing Co.

1805 Kempsville Road, Virginia Beach 757.512.6430 farmhousebrewingva.com

Benchtop Brewing Company 1129 Boissevain Avenue Norfolk 757.321.9482 benchtopbrewing.com

Big Ugly Brewing Company 845 Battlefield Blvd. S., Chesapeake biguglybrewing.com

Billsburg Brewery

2054 Jamestown Road Williamsburg billsburg.com

Black Narrows Brewing Company 4522 Chicken City Road Chincoteague blacknarrowsbrewing.com

Bold Mariner Brewing Company 1901 E. Ocean View Avenue Norfolk 757.952.6533 boldmariner.com

Brass Cannon Brewing Company 5476 Mooretown Road Williamsburg 757.566.0001 brasscannonbrewing.com

Bull Island Brewing Company 758 Settlers Landing Road Hampton 757.788.9489 bullislandbrewing.com

Cape Charles Brewing Co.

2198 Stone Road Cape Charles 757.695.3909 capecharlesbrewing.com

Capstan Bar Brewing Company 2036 Exploration Way Hampton 757.788.7276 capstanbarbrewing.com


- 47 -

Commonwealth Brewing Company

Pleasure House Brewing

Wharf Hill Brewing Co.

2272 W. Great Neck Road, Suite 2268 Virginia Beach 757.502.4980 deadlinebrewing.com

Precarious Beer Hall

Young Veterans Brewing Company

Elation Brewing

Precarious Beer Project/ Amber Ox Public House


2444 Pleasure House Rd. Virginia Beach 757.305.9652

Deadline Brewing Project

5104 Colley Avenue Norfolk 757.695.3909 elation.beer

Gloucester Brewing Company 6778 Main Street Gloucester 804.210.1407 globrewco@gmail.com

Gordon Biersch

4561 Virginia Beach Blvd. Virginia Beach 757.490.2739

Home Republic Brew Pub 328 Laskin Road Virginia Beach 757.226.9593

Kilmarnock Brewhaus

44 West Church Street Kilmarnock 804.436.6207 kilmarnock-brewhaus.com

Legend Brewing Depot

3025 Shore Dr. Virginia Beach, VA 23451 757.647.8597 pleasurehousebrewing.com 110 S. Henry Street Williamsburg 757.808.5104 precariousbeer.com

521 Prince George St, Ste 101 Williamsburg 757.790.2299 precariousbeer.com

Reaver Beach Brewing Company 1505 Taylor Farm Road Virginia Beach 757.563.2337 beachbrewingcompany.com

Rip Rap Brewing Company 116 E 25th Street Norfolk riprapbrewing.com

Smartmouth Brewing Company 1309 Raleigh Ave., #300 Norfolk 757.624.3939 smartmouthbrewing.com

Smartmouth Pilot House

313 32nd Street Virginia Beach smartmouthbrewing.com

1 High Street North Landing, Suite B Portsmouth 757.998.6733 legendbrewing.com

St. George Brewing Company

Maker’s Craft Brewery

That Damn Mary Brewing Company

735 E. 23rd Street Norfolk 757.226.8506 makers.beer

MoMac Brewing Company

204 Challenger Way Hampton 757.865.7781 stgeorgebrewingco.com

5036 George Washington Memorial Highway Hayes 804.436.2204 thatdamnmarybrewing.com

3228 Academy Avenue Portsmouth 757.383.9572 momacbrewing.com

The Bunker Brewpub & Cadence Hall

Montross Brewery

The Garage

211 21st Street, Virginia Beach 757.227.4250 bunkerbrewpub.com

15381 Kings Highway Montross 804.452.7394 montrossbrewery.com

1011 Eden Way N. Chesapeake 757.389.5353 garagebeer.com

Nansemond Brewing Station

The Vanguard Brewpub & Distillery

212 E. Washington Street Suffolk 757.630.2178

New Realm Brewing Company 1209 Craft Lane Virginia Beach 757.302.8550 newrealmbrewing.com

O’Connor Brewing Company 211 W. 24th Street Norfolk 757.623.2337 oconnorbrewing.com

Oozlefinch Beers & Blending 81 Patch Road Fort Monroe 757.224.7042 oozelfinchbeers.com

504 N. King Street Hampton 757.224.1807 thevanguard757.com

Vibrant Shore Brewing Company

505 18th Street Virginia Beach vibrantshorebrewingcompany.com

The Virginia Beer Company 401 Second Street Williamsburg 757.378.2903 virginiabeerco.com

Tradition Brewing Company 700 Thimble Shoals Blvd. Newport News 757.303.3415 traditionbrewing.com

Wasserhund Brewing Company 805 Laskin Rd. #102 Virginia Beach 757.618.6051

- 48 -


25 Main Street Smithfield 757-357-7100 Wharfhillbrewing.com 2505 Horse Pasture Rd,Ste. 104 Virginia Beach 757.689.4021 yvbc.com

2 Silos Brewing Co.

9925 Discovery Blvd. Manassas 703.420.2264 2silosbrewing.com

6 Bears & A Goat Brewing Company

11440 International Drive Fredericksburg 540.356.9056 6bgbrewing.com

1781 Brewing Company 11109 Plank Rd. Spotsylvania 804.842.0199

1836 Kitchen & Taproom

34 E. Broad Way Lovettsville 540.668.5835 1836kitchenandtaproom.com

Adroit Theory Brewing Company 404 Browing Ct., Unit C Purcellville 703.722.3144 adroit-theory.com

Adventure Brewing Company 33 Perchwood Drive Fredericksburg 540.242.8876 adventurebrewing.com

Adventure Brewing Company 1113 Jefferson Davis Hwy Fredericksburg 540.242.8876 adventurebrewing.com

Altered Suds Brewing 36 Main Street Warrenton 540.216.3490

Aslin Beer Company

257 Sunset Park Drive Herndon, VA 20170 703.787.5766 aslinbeer.com

Audacious Aleworks

110 E. Fairfax Street, Falls Church 571.303.0177 audaciousaleworks.com

B Chord Brewing

34266 Williams Gap Road Round Hill bchordbrewing.com

BadWolf (Little) Brewing Company 9776 Center St. Manassas 571.208.1064 badwolfbrewingcompany.com

Barking Rose Brewery & Farm 9057 Old Culpeper Road Warrenton barkingrose.com

Barley Naked

15 Tech Parkway, Stafford 540.623.4475 barleynaked.com

Barnhouse Brewery

Corcoran Brewing Company

205 E. Hirst Road, Suite 105 Purcellville 540.441.3102 corcoranbrewing.com

Crooked Run Brewing Company

43271 Spinks Ferry Road Leesburg 703.675.8408 barnhousebrewery.com

22455 Davis Drive Sterling cookedrunbrewing.com

Barrel Oak Farm Taphouse

Crooked Run Brewing Company

3623 Grove Lane Delaplane 540.364.6402 barreloak.com

Battlefield Brewing Company 4187 Plank Rd Fredericksburg 540.785.2164 chancellorpub@msn.com

Bear Chase Brewing Company

205 Harrison Street SE Leesburg 571.978.4446

Ono Brewing Company 4520 Daly Drive Chantilly 571.409.6662 onobrewco.com

Dirt Farm Brewing Co.

18294 Blue Ridge Mountain Road Bluemont

18701 Foggy Bottom Rd. Bluemont 540.554.2337 dirtfarmbrewing.com

Beer Hound Brewery

Dog Money Brewery

201 Waters Place Culpeper 22701 540-317-5327 beerhoundbrewery.com

Belly Love Brewing Company 725 E Main Street Purcellville, VA 20132 540.441.3159 bellylovebrewing.com

Beltway Brewing Company

50 Catoctin Circle Leesburg 703.687.3852

Dragon Hops Brewing

130 E. Main Street Purcellville 540.441.3660 dragonhopsbrewing.com

Dynasty Brewing Co.

22620 Davis Dr. #110 Sterling 571.989.2739 beltwaybrewco.com

21140 Ashburn Crossing Drive, Suite #130-135 Asburn 571.246.5991 dynastybrewing.com

Bike Lane Brewing

Dynasty Brewing Co.

11150 Sunset Hills Road Reston 703.689.2671 bikelanebrewing.com

Black Hoof Brewing Company 11 S. King Street Leesburg 571.707.8014 blackhoofbrewing.com

Black Walnut Brewing Company

101 Loudoun Street SE Leesburg dynastybrewing.com

Eavesdrop Brewery

7223 Centreville Road, Yorkshire 703.420.8955 eavesdropbrewery.com

Fair Winds Brewing Company

210 S King Street Leesburg facebook.com/ blackwalnutbrewery

7000 Newington Road, Suites K&L Lorton 703-372-2001 fairwindsbrewing.com

Board Room Brewing Company

Far Gohn Brewing Co.

925 Garfield Street Arlington 703.248.9439 theboardroomva.com

Brew Republic Bierwerks

15201 Potomac Town Place Woodbridge 703.594.7950 brewrepublic.beer

Caboose Brewing Company 520 Mill Street NE Vienna 703-865-8580 caboosebrewing.com

Chubby Squirrel Brewing Company

10382 Willard Way Fairfax 571.989.1082 chubbysquirrelbrewing.com

301 S Main Street Culpeper

The Farm Brewery at Broad Run

16015 John Marshall Hwy. Broad Run 703.753.3548 thefarmbreweryatbroadrun.com

Forge Brew Works

8532 Terminal Rd., Ste. L Lorton 703.372.2979 forgebrewworks.com

Front Royal Brewing

122 E. Main Street Front Royal 540.631.0773 frontroyalbrewing.com

Gordon Biersch

Tyson’s Corner Mall McLean 703.388.5454

Harpers Ferry Brewing

37410 Adventure Center Lane Purcellville

Heritage Brewing Co.

9436 Center Point Lane Manassas 800.432.1792 heritagebrewing.com

Highmark Brewery

390 Kings Hwy. Fredericksburg 540.207.1725 highmarkbrewery.com

Hillsborough Farm Brewery 36716 Charles Town Pike Purcellville 540.668.6216

Honor Brewing Co.

14004A Willard Road Chantilly 703.596.1567 honorbrewing.com

Hopkins Ordinary Ale Works 47 Main Street Sperryville 540.987.3383 hopkinsordinary.com

House 6 Brewing Co.

44427 Atwater Drive Ashburn 585.520.5710

Jack’s Run Brewing Company 108 N. 21st Street Purcellville 540.441.3382 jacksrunbrewing.com

Lake Anne Brew House

11424 Washington Plaza West Reston 571.758.2739 lakeannebrewhouse.com

Lost Rhino Brewing Company

21730 Red Rum Dr., Ste. 142 Ashburn 571.291.2083 lostrhino.com

Loudoun Brewing Company 310 E Market St. Leesburg 703.350.8553 loudounbrewing.com

Maltese Brewing Company 11047 B Pierson Drive Fredericksburg maltesebrewing.com

Market Common Brewpub & Roastery 2900 Wilson Blvd., #104 Arlington 571.208.1355 hbcmarketcommon.com

Mustang Sally Brewing Company 14140 Parke Long Court Chantilly 703.378.7450 msbrewing.com

New District Brewing Company 2709 S Oakland Street Arlington 22206 703.888.5820

Notaviva Craft Fermentations 13274 Sagle Road Purcellville 540.668.6756 notavivavineyards.com

Ocelot Brewing Company

23600 Overland Drive, Ste. 180 Sterling 703-665-2146 ocelotbrewing.com

Old Bust Head Brewing Company 7134 Lineweaver Rd. Warrenton 540.347.4777 oldbusthead.com

Old 690 Brewing Company

15670 Ashbury Church Road Purcellville old690.com

Old House Brewing Co.

18351 Corkys Lane Culpeper 540.423.1032 oldhousevineyards.com

Old Ox Brewery

44652 Guilford Dr Unit 114 Ashburn 703.729.8375 oldoxbrewery.com

Rocket Frog Brewing Company

Old Ox Brewery

Settle Down Easy Brewing

22560 Glenn Drive, Suite #103 Sterling 571.375.7920 rocketfrogbeer.com

14 S. Madison Street Middleburg 540.326.8943 oldoxbrewery.com

2822 Fairfax Drive Falls Church 703.573.2011 sdebrewing@gmail.com

Old Trade Brewery

Sinistral Brewing Company

13270 Alanthus Road Brandy Station 774.218.8645 oldtradebrewery.com

9419 Main Street Manassas sinistralbbrewingcompany.com

Ono Brewing Co.

42615 Trade West Drive, #100 Dulles solacebrewing.com

4520 Daly Drive Chantilly 571.409.6662 onobrewco.com

Ornery Beer Company

3950 University Drive, #209 Fairfax ornerybeer.com

Pen Druid Brewing

7 River Lane Sperryville, 22740 540.987.8800 pendruid.com

Solace Brewing Company

Spencer Devon Brewing Company 106 George Street Fredericksburg 540-999-6253 spencerdevonbrewing.com

Strangeways Brewing

350 Landsdowne Road Fredericksburg 540.371.1776 strangewaysbrewing.com

Sweetwater Tavern

19382 Diamond Lake Drive Leesburg 540.987.0219

14250 Sweetwater Ln. Centreville 703.449.1100 greatamericanrestaurants.com

Port City Brewing Company

Sweetwater Tavern

Phase 2 Brewing

3950 Wheeler Ave. Alexandria 703.797.2739 portcitybrewing.com

3066 Gate House Plaza Falls Church 703.645.8100 greatamericanrestaurants.com

Portner’s Brewhouse

Sweetwater Tavern

5772 Dow Avenue Alexandria 703.646.0466 portnerbrewhouse.com

45980 Waterview Plaza Sterling 571.434.6500 greatamericanrestaurants.com

Powers Farm & Brewery

The Craft of Brewing

9269 Redemption Way Midland 540.272.5060 powersfarmbrewery.com

Quattro Goombas Brewing Company 22860 James Monroe Highway Aldie 703-327-6052 goombabrewery.com

Red Dragon Brewery

1419 Princess Anne Street Fredericksburg 22401 540.382.4342 reddragonbrewery.com

21140 Ashburn Crossing Drive, Suite 170 Ashburn 703.687.3932 thecraftob.com

Tin Cannon Brewing Co

7679 Limestone Dr. #130 Gainesville 571-248-0489 tincannonbrewing.com

Tucked Away Brewing Company 8420 Kao Circle Manassas 703.420.2890


Twinpanzee Brewing Company 101-D Executive Drive Sterling 703.791.9363

Vanish Brewing

44624 Leelyn Farm Lane Leesburg 20176 vanishbeer.com

Water’s End Brewery

12425 Dillingham Square Lake Ridge 571.285.1997 watersendbrewery.com

Wheatland Spring Farm & Brewery

38506 John Wolford Road Waterford 540.746.6080 wheatlandspring.com

Wild Run Brewing Company

3071 Jefferson Davis Hwy Stafford 540.659.3447 wildrunbrewing.com

Wort Hog Brewing Company 41 Beckham Street Warrenton 540.300.2739 worthogbreweryllc.com

SHENANDOAH VALLEY Alesatian Brewing Company 23 N. Loudoun Street Winchester 540.667.2743 alesatianbrewing.com

Backroom Brewery

Blue Lab Brewing Company 123 S. Randolph St. Lexington 540.458.0146 bluelabbrewing.com

Brothers Craft Brewing 800 N Main Street Harrisonburg 540.432.8940 threebrosbrew.com

Devils Backbone Brewing Company - Outpost

50 Northwind Lane Lexington 540.462.6200 dbbrewingcompany.com

Escutcheon Brewing Company 150 W. Commercial Street Winchester 540.391.8713 escutcheonbrewing.com

Front Royal Brewing Company 122 E. Main Street Front Royal 540.631.0773 frontroyalbrewing.com

Great Valley Farm Brewery

60 Great Valley Lane Natural Bridge 540.521.6163 greatvalleyfarmbrewery.com

Hawksbill Brewing Company

22 Zerkel Street Luray 540.860.5608 hawkbillbrewing.wordpress.com

Pale Fire Brewing Company 217 S. Liberty Street Harrisonburg 540-217-5452 palefirebrewing.com

150 Ridgemont Rd. Middletown 540.869.8482 facebook.com/ BackroomBrewery

Queen City Brewing

Basic City Beer Co.

Redbeard Brewing

1010 E. Main Street Waynesboro 540.265.8062 basiccitybeer.com

Bedlam Brewing Company

2303 North Augusta Street Staunton 540.416.4634

834 Springhill Road Staunton 540.213.8014 qcbrewing.com 120 South Lewis St. Staunton 804.641.9340 redbeardbrews.com

Ridge Runner Farm & Brewery 6895 Back Road Maurertown 571.201.2963 virginiafarmbrew.com


- 49 -

Restless Moons Brewing Company 120 W. Wolfe Street Harrisonburg 540.217.2726 restlessmoons.com

Seven Arrows Brewing Company 2508 Jefferson Hwy. Ste 1 Waynesboro 540-221-6968 sevenarrowsbrewing.com

Shenandoah Valley Brewing Company 103 W. Beverly Street Staunton 540.887.2337 shenvalbrew.com

Skipping Rock Beer Co.

414 Parkersburg Turnpike Staunton 540.466.5692 skippingrockbeer.com

Stable Craft Brewing at Hermitage Hill

375 Madrid Road Waynesboro 540.490.2609 stablecraftbrewing.com

Swover Creek Farm Brewery 4176 Swover Creek Rd. Edinburg 540.984.8973 swovercreekfarms.com

The Friendly Fermenter

20 South Mason Street, Suite B10 Harrisonburg friendlyfermenter.com

Three Notch’d Brewing Co. Harrisonburg Taproom 241 E. Market Street Harrisonburg 540.217.5939

Winchester Brew Works

320 N Cameron St. Winchester 540.692.9242 winchesterbrewworks.com

Woodstock Brewhouse

123 E Court Street Woodstock 22664 woodstockbrewhouse.com 540-459-2739

SOUTHERN VIRGINIA 2 Witches Winery & brewing Company

209 Trade St. Danville 434-549-BREW (2739

Ballad Brewing Company 600 Craighead Street Danville balladbrewing.com

Buggs Island Brewing Company 110 College Street Clarkesville

Mountain Valley Brewing Company

4220 Mountain Valley Road Axton 276.833.2171 mountainvalleybrewing.com

Staunton River Brewing Co.

1571 Mt. Calvary Road Brookneal stauntonriverbrewing.com

- 50 -




A Few Old Goats

Cobbler Mountain Cellars



5909 Long Fall Lane Delaplane 540.364.2802 cobblercellars.com

Albemarle CiderWorks

Corcoran Vineyards Hard Cider

Garden Grove Brewing and Urban Winery

515 8th Street, SW, Suite 228 Roanoke 540.339.9562

Bacova Beer Company 2814 Main Street Hot Springs bacovabeer.com

Big Lick Brewing Co.

409 Salem Avenue SW Roanoke

Chaos Mountain Brewing Company 3135 Dillons Mill Rd. Callaway 540.334.1600 chaosmountainbrewing.com

Deschutes Brewery - Roanoke Tasting Room 315 Market Street SE Roanoke 540.259.5204 deschutesbrewery.com

Hammer & Forge Brewing Company

70 Main Street Boones Mill 540.909.3200 hammerandforgebrewing.com

Ober Brewing Company 1443 Lakeside Circle Salem 540.404.0050 Oberbrewing.com

Olde Salem Brewing Company 21 E. Main Street Salem 540.404.4399 oldesalembrewing.com

Parkway Brewing

739 Kessler Mill Rd. Salem parkwaybrewing.com

Soaring Ridge Craft Brewers

2545 Rural Ridge Ln. North Garden 434.297.2326 albemarleciderworks.com

14635 Corky’s Farm Lane Waterford 540.882.9073 corcoranvineyards.com

Blue Bee Cider

Hinson Ford Cider & Mead

1320 Summit Avenue Richmond 804.231.0280 bluebeecider.com

379 Hinson Ford Road Amissville 540.219.8397

Blue Toad Hard Cider Pub

317 Hooffs Run Drive Alexandria 703.868.4865 lostboycider.com

9278 Rockfish Valley Hwy. Afton 434.996.6992 bluetoadhardcider.com

Bold Rock Hard Cider

Mount Defiance Cidery & Distillery

1020 Rockfish Valley Hwy. Nellysford 434.361.1030 boldrock.com

207 W. Washington St., Middleburg 540.687.8100 mtdefiance.com

Bryant’s Small Batch Cider

Wild Hare Cider

3224 East Branch Loop Roseland 804.420.9683 bryantscider.com

Buskey Cider

2910 W. Leigh Street Richmond buskeycider.com

Castle Hill Cider

6065 Turkey Sag Rd. Keswick 434.296.0047 castlehillcider.com

Courthouse Creek Cider 1581 Maidens Road Goochland courthousecreek.com

523 Shenandoah Avenue Roanoke 540.529.2140 soaringridge.com

Courthouse Creek Cider

Starr Hill Pilot Brewery

Coyote Hole Ciderworks

6 Old Whitmore Road Roanoke 434.823.5671 starrhill.com/roanoke

Sunken City Brewery

40 Brewery Dr., Hardy 540.420.0476 sunkencitybeer.com

The Hive

1116 A Main Street SW Roanoke 540.597.8739 blacksnakemead.com

Three Notch’d Craft Kitchen & Brewery 24 Campbell Avenue SE Roanoke 540.492.5005 threenotchdbrewing.com

Twin Creeks Brewing Co.

111 Pollard Street, Vinton 540.265.8062 twincreeksbrewing.com

Lost Boy Cider

3300 W. Broad Street Richmond courthousecreek.com 225 Oak Grove Drive Mineral 540.894.1053 coyotehole.com

Garden Grove Brewing and Urban Winery

3445 W Cary Street, Richmond 804.338.6029 www.gardengrovebrewing.com

Potter’s Craft Cider

1350 Arrowhead Valley Road, Charlottesville 434.964.0271 potterscraftcider.com

106A South Street, SE Leesburg 833.675.WILD

SHENANDOAH VALLEY Halcyon Days Cidery Company 4135 S Lee Highway Natural Bridge 540.291.1340 halcyondayscider.com

Old Hill Cider

207 E. Mellen Street Hampton slyclyde.com

3445 W Cary Street, Richmond 804.338.6029 gardengrovebrewing.com

Haley's Honey

235 East Broadway Avenue Hopewell 804.310.6845

Hill Top Berry Farm and Winery 2800 Berry Hill Rd Nellysford, VA 22958 434.361.1266 hilltopberrywine.com

Honey Grail

525 E. Market Street, #135 Leesburg 202.455.5520 honeygrail.com


Madison Heights, VA 339.221.3115 sagameadery.com

The Thistle and Stag Meadery 2053 E. River Road Fork Union 434.842.2200 thethistleandstag.com

Skjald Meadworks

621C Broad Street Altavista, VA 434.515.2482 skjaldmeadworks.com

17768 Honeyville Rd. Timberville 540.896.7582 oldhillcider.com


The Winery at Kindred Pointe

Yorktown, VA 757.713.4885 melolion.com

3575 Conicville Rd Mt Jackson, Shenandoah County 22842 540.477.3570 kindredpointe.com

Winchester Ciderworks

2502 N. Frederick Pike Winchester 540.550.3800 WinchesterCiderworks.com


59 Spruce Street Monterey 540.468.2322 bigfishcider.com

COASTAL VIRGINIA Sly Clyde Ciderworks

1313 Altamont Ave Richmond, VA 23230 703.582.0856 blackheathmeadery.com


605 Buffalo Road Dugspur, VA 24325 540.834.6172 blacksnakemead.com

Melo Lion Meadery


224 Monitcello Ave, Suite C Williamsburg, VA 23185 757.378.2225 silverhandmeadery.com


36580 Shoemaker School Rd Purcellville, VA 20132 571.512.0763 stonehousemeadery.com

Maidstone Meadery

9364 Justice Lane Delaplane, VA 20144 703.303.2090 maidstonemeadery.com

SHENANDOAH VALLEY MISTY MOUNTAIN MEAD WORKS 1531 Pack Horse Road Winchester, VA 22603 540.888.4420 mistymountainmead.com


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Virginia Craft Beer Magazine  

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Virginia Craft Beer Magazine  

February/March 2020