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APRIL 2021



publisher’s NOTE Governor Ralph Northam recently encouraged all Virginians to get outside and enjoy the warm weather as life begins to return to near normal. In this issue of Virginia Craft Beer Magazine, we take the gov-nah up on this urging by presenting a package of articles on outdoor fitness activities with a craft beer angle. Our beautiful Commonwealth is truly a wealth of potential outdoor experiences with the Blue Ridge and Shenandoah Mountains, Atlantic Ocean and the Chesapeake Bay, a bounty of rivers, streams, lakes, state parks, and even the Great Dismal Swamp. Set out on your canoe, inflatable tube or kayak and make a splash. Trails abound at every altitude and landscape for biking, hiking and running. Zipline through the tree tops. If we’ve learned anything during this pandemic it is we are all more safe by being outside, and being physically active is helpful. Craft breweries have been leading the way in many respects by blending beer culture with fitness, recreational, and outdoor adventure lifestyles. Numerous brewery running clubs, fun runs and group bike rides add a sense of camaraderie. Then there are fundraising efforts mixing an official walk or foot race with a special, thematic beer to tie-in where beverage sales and entry fees benefit a local charity. Heck, it’s even said the Loudoun County Ale Trail connecting 34 breweries was created for beer drinkers who like to bike. And speaking of lifestyles and trends, you might have noticed more independent craft breweries launching low carb, lower calorie, and 4% ABV beers. Plus, beer brand workout clothing and related merchandise. It’s all connected. While you aren’t likely to see Jennifer and I training for a marathon or pedaling a two-wheeler on a 100-mile journey, we will be hitting the pavement perhaps more than ever this spring. Nothing, after all, says “reward yourself” more than a Virginia-made beer following a sweat producing workout. Hope to see you on a trail. Cheers, Jeff -4-

APRIL 2021

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Reaver Beach converts a WW2 era post office into a brewery in Norfolk

Charlottesville’s Champion Brewing Company has axed its logo featuring the centered harplike image to a bold font as its logo.

Reaver Beach NFK By Jeff Maisey


ongtime Virginia Beach-based Reaver Beach Brewing Company opened its second location in the former Milan Post Office building — built in 1945 — on the highly visible corner of 38th Street and Colley Avenue in Norfolk. The brewery acquired the property back in March of 2019. After two years of extensive interior renovations and repurposing, everything is finally ready. “That building has so much character,” said Reaver Beach General Manager Josh Bennett.“We’ve redone the original hardwood floors. The brick was hand-laid during World War II. A building like that you don’t come across that often. It’s a lot larger on the inside than what it looks like from the outside. “Everything except for the four exterior walls had some type of adjustment or repurposed work.We tried to keep some of the nostalgia and give it our own Reaver flavor.” Part of the Reaver flavor Bennett mentions includes the obvious exterior signage making no mistake about it being a place to drop your mail off any longer. Reaver Beach Brewing Company was founded by Justin MacDonald in 2010, just a few months after O’Connor Brewing Company opened. Reaver Beach will continue to operate its original brewing facility and smaller tasting room in Virginia Beach in an industrial park development near Oceana. Its current ownership consists of Mark Adkins, Marty Esthay and Christine Esthay. Having a foothold in Norfolk enhances Reaver Beach’s beer brand visibility which may also result in increased sales of its canned beers in retail places like Total Wine & More. More than anything, though, Reaver Beach’s management wanted in on the exciting corridor that is North Colley as well as Norfolk’s beer culture. “Norfolk has the more heavily influenced beer scene in Hampton Roads,” said Bennett.“It’s a different demographic of folks, especially in the Ghent, North Colley area. It really fits well with Reaver’s messaging and our beer styles. “While Virginia Beach is very popular with folks around the brewery,” Bennett continued, “a lot of folks don’t travel unless there’s some sort of trail where they can visit two or three breweries. The North Colley location checked all those boxes. Nearby are Elation Brewing, O’Connor, Maker’s, Smartmouth, Benchtop…all relatively close.” Reaver Beach NFK will operate a 3.5-barrel in-house brewing system for Stu Kersting to operate. He’ll be focused on brewing experimental and Norfolk-specific beers. Reaver’s core beer lineup, barrel-aged sours, stouts and porters will continue to be made in Virginia Beach. The Norfolk location will feature 23 taps.


APRIL 2021

New Logo for Champion Brewing

Of the rebrand, Champion owner Hunter Smith said,“We’re about to roll into our second decade at Champion, and it made sense that the brand identity should offer a modern take that is more consistent with the personality of our beer.We started off with a logo that established Champion on the craft beer stage. We’ve grown into a recognizable brand, nationally; we’re delighted with the new look and can’t wait to share it with our fans.” Launched in February, Daydream Paralysis, a double IPA launching in February, is the first Champion beer canned with the new design elements. The new look ushers in an era of firsts for the brand as Champion releases a series of unfiltered IPAs beginning this month and will launch a line of hard seltzers later in 2021.

Brian Brewed a Beer

VCB’s own Brian Koski and Beach Ambassadors’ Shawn Fischer collaborated with Drew Stephenson of Pleasure House Brewing to create Not Your Mama’s Cobbler, a fruitforward sour with blackberry, peach, vanilla and milk sugar. Can you say magically delicious?







Brewing Charitable Beers for Our Friends By Bridgette Turner


ne of the best things about small, independent craft breweries is their direct connection to the lives of the people in their communities. It’s not uncommon for craft beer consumers to love a local brewery because they’re friends with the owner or brewer. They don’t even need to be best friends. It’s 100% fun if you even kind of know the beer-makers. “I went to a house party with them in college.”  “They follow me on Instagram, and Mustang Sally head brewer Bridgette Turner’s roommate, Morgan (pictured), was diagnosed with MS. we’re Facebook friends.”  They participate in an annual MS Walk charitable event and Turner has brewed a “They gave me a taster off the fundraising/awareness beer called Nervous System. fermenter last week. Sneak preview MF!”  real difference, and that’s pretty freaking amazing. Read more about These are all legitimate and awesome “Black Is Beautiful” here: Blackisbeautiful.beer.   friendship thoughts. Local breweries aren’t just awesome because If you’re particularly drawn to diversity and inclusivity movements we make beer.We’re also awesome because we’re your friends, within the craft beer industry, you should also check out Beer Kulture. equals, and advocates.When someone cares deeply about a I’ve been following their Instagram account for years @beerkulture, particular charity or non-profit organization, breweries are aways and it’s been inspiring to watch them blowup and organize one of the first local businesses to step up to the plate, and help themselves into an impactful nonprofit organization. They’re truly out our friends. There’s very few breweries who don’t include reaching people, and they’re offering cool scholarships, internships, “community involvement” in their business plan or mission statement. Brewing a beer with a higher purpose is hugely satisfying, and craft beer jobs for the BIPOC community. They’re also dedicated and everyone benefits from that kind of love. Breweries want to help to engaging with the stereotypical majority of beer professionals and consumers through education and involvement opportunities. our friends, and we love being involved in our communities.  Start making a difference with them here: beerkulture.com.   An excellent example of the charitable power of breweries is It’s no surprise that women are also a minority in the craft beer “Black Is Beautiful.” It’s a worldwide brewery collaboration, and the world. Luckily, the Pink Boots Society is a huge charitable group brainchild of Weathered Souls in San Antonio, Texas. Proceeds from the beers support awareness initiatives pertaining to police brutality that supports women, and all female-identifying persons, with their and social injustices affecting people of color. The movement kicked fermentation careers and education. Pink Boots actively seeks zymurgy ladies in all areas of the alcohol industry, including brewers, off during the George Floyd protests, which resonated in almost distillers, bloggers, bartenders, graphic designers, farmers, and every major city across the world. This game changing collab beer any other occupation with a boozy side. If you identify as a woman, inspired people to reevaluate the craft beer industry, and there’s transgender, non-binary, or gender fluid, and you earn money in been a noticeable shift in the right direction. A charity beer made a -8-

APRIL 2021


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Choose the malt less traveled...

Fresh murphyrudemalting.com/millfresh

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the fermentation industry, you can join the Pink Boots Society. Every year Pink Boots hosts a worldwide, multibrewery collaboration in March, which is International Women’s Month. The proceeds from the collab brews help pay for super cool scholarships for PBS members. I was personally the very fortunate recipient of one of those scholarships in 2018. I spent 10 days in Germany with 13 other amazing beer women.We slept in castles, abbeys, and bougey B&Bs.We got lost in Bamburg, bought dirndls in Munich, and drank a shitload of lagers.We visited about 20 breweries, and we ate an insane amount of sausages and pretzels. Those women are my lifelong friends because we shared ten of the best days of our lives, paidin-full by the Pink Boots Society and their fundraising efforts. Keep an eye out for your local PBS chapter’s collab brew, and learn more about PBS at pinkbootssociety.org. In addition to major fundraising efforts and organizations, most breweries also support causes that fall in line with their personal lives, struggles, and passion projects. Usually, a brewery makes a special beer for their nonprofit of choice. I could name 1,000 breweries who are raising money for charity right now with their specially brewed beers. Please buy all of those beers! But since this is my article, I’m going to tell you about the charity beer I brewed for my kindhearted best friend, my evil roommate, and my Taco Bell twinsie.  Her name is Morgan, and we’ve been friends since we were 12.We’re 35-ish now, so that’s a long-ass time. She was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) a few years ago. She lost a bunch of friends because they didn’t like hearing about her sad, scary stories. Those people obviously suck, but Morgan and I became closer, and we decided to move in together.We take care of each other now.We lookout for each other like friends should.When I first started working at Mustang Sally Brewing Co., one of our first discussions was about brewing a charitable beer. I said,“I’d like to brew a beer for my roommate Morgan, and donate the proceeds to her Walk MS team.” My boss and coworkers didn’t flinch or hesitate at all...not even for a millisecond. They said,“Awesome. Sounds great. Let’s do it!”  Morgan almost cried when I told her. Not because we were brewing a special beer for her or raising money for MS, but because the Mustang Sally team just became her newest advocates, supporters, and friends. Morgan’s MS beer is called “Nervous System.” It’s a Milkshake DIPA, double dry hopped with Mandarina Bavaria hops, tangerine, and mango. Proceeds from the tasting room sales benefit her Walk MS Team. The walk is in Manassas,VA on April 24th. If you can’t make

it to the walk or Mustang Sally, you can buy 16 oz cans in select, independent beer shops throughout Northern VA, Hampton Roads, Charlottesville, and DC.You can also donate directly to Morgan’s Walk MS team here: https://secure.nationalmssociety.org/site/ TR?px=16463905&fr_id=31603&pg=personal For more information about Multiple Sclerosis and the National MS Society, check out their website at nationalmssociety.org.   Fun fact: I started writing this article about charity beers, and it totally turned into an article about friendship. The brewing industry is special like that. Camaraderie and friendship are our best qualities. They are followed closely by our dedication to our local communities.  To all the beer lovers out there who aren’t industry professionals, we know it feels kind of cool to know the owner of a brewery or one of the brewers, but please know that it’s also very cool for us to know you too. If you ever need us to stand up for you, sit down next to you, or brew a special beer for you, we’re all about it.Your local breweries aren’t just here to sell you cool beers.We’re also your friends, and you can always reach out to us. Find the “Contact Us” link on our website. Send us a Facebook message. DM our Instagram account. Someone will respond, and we’ll all become friends and advocates for each other. Maybe you’ll even get a cool brewery to brew an awesome beer for your charitable cause.  Lastly, always support your friends, no matter what they’re going through. Even if their stories are sad and scary. Even if they need to talk about themselves for months on end. Don’t be the “friends” that ditched Morgan when she was diagnosed with a chronic, terminal illness. Real friends do everything and anything for you. They don’t leave you when you need them. I’ve said that breweries are your friends, and that’s absolutely genuine. But nothing is more meaningful and lifesaving than true friendship. Never forget that.  VCB columnist Bridgette Turner is the head brewer at Mustang Sally Brewing Company in Chantilly, Virginia. VIRGINIACRAFTBEER.COM

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Go Low

for Health By Jeff Maisey

“Tastes great, less filling.” Sound familiar? That was the hugely successful branding slogan for “Lite” beer by Miller when it debuted nationally in 1975. It’s as retro as a PBR tallboy. Sales of the “diet” beers, as they were called back in the day, took off at about the same time the original fitness and running trends of the late 1970s and ‘80s became hugely popular. After Miller’s success, all the other mass produced beer makers followed with everything from Bud Light and Coors Light to Amstel Light and even Milwaukee’s Best Light. In 2019, the top overall sales in beer were still dominated by mass marketed light beers with Bud Light (#1), Coors Light (#2), and Miller Lite (#3). Michelob Ultra, long branded as a healthy lifestyle brew, came in at #5. Popular among the masses as they are, one of the longrunning criticisms of these beers is that they offered little flavor. Enter independent craft breweries. You may have noticed just recently craft beer makers finally entering the low calorie, low carb, low ABV, and gluten - 12 -

APRIL 2021

reduced competition. And, as they should. After all, there must be something to this “healthier” beer since light beers have dominated sales for 40 years. Three Virginia craft breweries are among a growing group that have released exceptional beers targeting this market with a focus on the word “low” instead of “light” and going big on flavor: Norfolkbased O’Connor Brewing Company’s Don’t Be Suspicious Honey Low-Cal IPA, beLOW Low-Cal Hazy IPA by New Realm Brewing Company in Virginia Beach, and then Stone Brewing’s Features + Benefits IPA out of Richmond. They are also zeroedin on the fitness and active outdoors trend in their branded messaging. “I started paying attention to the group called sober curious,” said Kevin O’Connor. “You are not seeing the amount of alcohol consumed as you did with previous generations, and I think people are really taking health and wellness extremely serious. People want to partake but not feel overwhelmed with highalcohol content or carbs. People are looking at ways to improve their health and well being, and I think alcohol is going to take the next step to get there.” “The better-for-you brands, like seltzers with low carbs and low calories, seems to be what that younger drinker is going for,”

said Bob Powers, co-founder and CCO of New Realm Brewing Company. “It’s coming so you can either be on the front end of it or the back end. On this particular one (trend), I felt like we got out there at a good time and we’re pretty excited about this brand.” Packaging is part of communicating the brand and New Realm really deviated from its usual can designs, going with a more slender 12-ounce can to communicate “skinny.” “The sleek can does denote to the customer that it’s a healthier option,” said Powers. “You see it with the seltzers. We felt like that was where we needed to be. It also has a lot more white (color) than we usually have on our cans, and I think that is also reflective of low-carb products.” Speaking of branding, Stone Brewing has created a line of sporty merchandise to go with its 95 calorie, 2.9 carb, 4% ABV beer. All promotional imagery scream ‘healthy” and “outdoors.” Perhaps most important, flavor is key in presenting an alternative for the traditional light beer drinkers and yet still appeal to the craft beer consumer who wants to complement her/his fitness workout. It is no surprise New Realm, whose co-founding brewmaster Mitch Steele wrote the book on IPAs, developed beLOW as a 4.2 carbs, 99 calories, and 4% ABV Hazy IPA. “If you look at the industry, the number one growth style is still IPA,” said Powers. “It’s being driven by hazy IPAs. So, it made all the sense in the world for us to put this first entry (into the low carb market) as a hazy IPA.”

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Virginia Beer Company’s Chris Smith (left) competes in the One City Marathon. Photo courtesy of Chris Smith


Brewery Owners By Annie Tobey “If you used a Venn diagram of the running crowd and the beer crowd, those two circles would have a pretty solid overlap,” Chris Smith, co-owner of Virginia Beer Co. told me. Smith and I had met as Virginia Beer Co. was opening in 2016.We quickly figured out we were in the overlap of the running and craft beer Venn diagram sets. Running is like that, as with other shared passions. A common interest sparks an immediate sense of kinship. Smith was already a runner when he and Robby Willey opened the Williamsburg brewery. He originally ran to stay fit for sports. Once the sports ended, he said,“I needed a way to stay fit and to have an outlet for my energy.” Like Smith, Phil Ray, co-owner of Center of the Universe in Ashland, ran mostly as training for other pursuits. After some injuries, he transitioned to endurance sports – marathons and relays, biking and triathlons. His wife, Ashley, has recently embraced endurance sports as well. The two of them tackled 330 miles on the Great Allegheny Passage and C&O Canal Towpath trails last fall. He’s signed up for the November 2021 Cozumel Iron Man. - 14 -

APRIL 2021

“Running is a good way to get empowered,” Ray said.“It’s just you and your thoughts.You can find your zen. It’s empowering and liberating, being able to run 20 miles or bike 100 miles.” Eric McKay of Hardywood Brewing in Richmond swam and ran in high school and college and joined a triathlon club in college. “I found running a nice way to decompress and to clear my head,” he said. He met Rebekah, who became his wife, when both were training for a marathon in 2000. After college, and especially in the early days of Hardywood, it became harder to find time for exercise, but he was inspired to get back into it by a classmate from Davidson College, Andrea Peet. In 2014, Peet, an avid runner who was training for her first Ironman, was diagnosed with ALS, Lou Gehrig’s Disease, and given two to five years to live. Despite the prognosis, she’s riding a recumbent trike toward her goal of being the first person with ALS to complete a marathon in all 50 states. Peet has raised more than $500,000 toward ALS research through Team Drea. “She took her diagnosis as an opportunity to encourage others – if you’re able to get out there and exercise, do it,” said McKay. McKay has returned to running, biking, and swimming. In 2020, he supported Richmond Sports Backers in two virtual cross-country relay events, one for runners and one for cyclists. He’s signed up for the Sports Backers biking relay again in 2021 and for Ironman Maryland in September 2021. Joey Darragh and Tony Giordano were outdoor sports aficionados before opening Väsen Brewing in Richmond. The cousins were immersed in Western outdoor sports when they decided to open a brewery in Richmond.Väsen, which means inner essence, highlights the connection with the outdoors and the environment.“Our goal is that our beer is going to inspire people to get outside and explore those natural opportunities that are surrounding them,” said Darragh. Since coming to Richmond, Darragh has adopted Central Virginia’s favorite sports.“I’ve fallen in love with mountain biking, spending a lot of time down at Pocahontas State Park and throughout the James River Park System,” he said. He’s also enjoyed rock climbing at Manchester Wall and rafting and SUP trips on the James River. Giordano enjoys trail running, mountain biking, and hanging out in the river. If the tasting room’s outdoor vibe doesn’t inspire, the Väsen ambassador program might. The brewery supports several outdoor-focused athletes, including a cyclist, ultrarunner, triathlete, backpacker, and kayaker. “We have an amazing group of outdoor athletes and adventurers that truly embody the love for the outdoors that Väsen represents,” said Darragh.“While COVID has thrown a curveball for the social aspect of the program … as things slowly return to normal, we hope to really showcase our Vagabonds through taproom events (informational workshops, gear swaps, etc.).” Tony Ammendolia, owner at Final Gravity in Richmond, began exercising more recently in life. He started running in 2006, before he opened the brewery or Original Gravity homebrew supply store. “I had a desk job at the time, and I knew that it wasn’t good for you … so I thought, I need to get active,” he said.“I went for my first run and I only made it three or four blocks before I had to sit down on the curb, and I felt like I was going to die. I was about 36 years old, and I was like, I am way too young to feel like I’m going to die after just running a few blocks.” VIRGINIACRAFTBEER.COM

- 15 -

Eric McKay, Matthew Estes, and Meghan Dexter during IRONMAN training at the 0 mile marker of the Virginia Capital Trail in Jamestown, VA. Photo courtesy of Eric McKay.

He continued running for fitness. He ran as a casual, solo runner, until Final Gravity started a running club.“That was my first experience with group runs …, but once I started doing it, I found value in it.” He started biking, too. And that was not incidental to the beer scene. He was inspired by Quy Pham, bartender at Mekong in Richmond, and by mutual friends. Although Quy died in a swimming accident in 2019, Tony still rides regularly with the group. He aims for 60 miles of biking each week. He occasionally participates in organized running events, with a goal simply to complete the course. Louis Scheer, owner of Molly’s Bicycle Shop in Chester, added Molly’s Blind Dog Brewery to his retail and repair space in 2019. He had heard of a similar bike/ brewery concept and decided that the combination would work for him. The tasting room would draw additional customers, steady his income, and give repair shop clients an enjoyable way to hang out.

- 16 -

APRIL 2021

Running… a brewery Chris Smith recalls the early days of Virginia Beer Co. His annual running mileage dropped from 3,000 miles per year to 2,000. He’s up to about 2,300 annual miles now, he said, and “still figuring out a way to balance everything. But as you know, it’s so important to get your mind off something like a small business that you’re always thinking about. Or to give me time to think about it in a different way, in a quieter way.” Though Smith enjoys running with other beer lovers, he also runs with a local group that isn’t beer-focused.“Those people are all very supportive of the brewery, but they’re not huge beer nerds,” he said.“It’s actually really nice to get in a different setting where it’s not about beer, not about the brewery. They’re also a good sounding board for me for ideas and for our business, because they’re not involved at such a ‘beer nerd’ level.” Chris Ray said,“Running certainly helps to burn off a few extra Pocahoptas [IPA] calories.” But he sees a more essential connection: “I think [the interest in endurance sports] is more of a byproduct of the type of personality that forces you to be an entrepreneur.You’re always striving to test your limits, to see what else you can do.” Center of the Universe has run Ragnar relays with brewery staff. “It’s great for team building,” said Ray,“the mutual suffering that brings everyone together.” “A part of running is directly due to the fact that I love beer,” McKay admitted, noting the calorie-burning benefits.“But also, for me, there aren’t that many times through the course of the day that I’m not bombarded with constant decision making, whether it’s at home with the kids or at work. Running for me is kind of an opportunity to reflect and think and meditate a little on what all is going on Hardywood-related. And I come up with ideas for beers to create on longer runs or rides.” Ammendolia’s biking occasionally benefits his business directly: when someone new rides with the group, finds out he owns Final Gravity, visits, and continues to support the brewery. But that’s a happy accident.“Mainly,” he said,“it’s just nice to have a communitybased activity – doing something not only to help with staying healthy but socially active as well.”

Post-workout beers No single beer style seems to check all the boxes for an ideal post-workout beer. Instead, the choice seems to be a matter of preference. Smith prefers low-ABV beers. “We released a new core beer a couple of years ago, Liquid Escape, low-alcohol (4.4%), half soured, with lemongrass and sea salt. It’s the Gatorade of beers.” Virginia Beer Co. recently initiated a focus on 3% beers. “They appeal to more health-conscious consumers as well as those who love drinking beer but not the potential aftereffects,” said Smith. The beer names will likely reflect physical activity (Pace Breaker and Next Point Wins being the first two) and will include a diversity of styles. Phil Ray gravitates toward the COTU Ray Ray’s Front Porch S’IPA.“It’s a nice session beer, not too heavy, but still the good hop character that we’re after.” “I don’t usually drink fruit-infused beers,” Tony Ammendolia admitted,“but when we do the run club, I always like one of our fruited sours at the end. It’s usually a gose, like a beer version of Gatorade.” At Väsen, Darragh said,“Our Läger and Hefeweizen are great goto beers after a workout, but I’ll also gravitate toward some of our IPAs and sours when the occasion calls for it. Our Okolnir IPA and Sunburst Sour taste that much better after getting a good sweat on!” Giordano said,“Post-workout beers are all about the lagers.Väsen Radapils all day.” VIRGINIACRAFTBEER.COM

- 17 -


We’ve put together a select list of running clubs, races, and biking events to keep you active. Check your local breweries to see what’s available in your area.

Blind Dog Brewery Run Club Sean Chagnon/Eye of the Storm Photography

Chester Every Thursday, 6pm Join us for a 3ish mile route and after the run, stay for a beer.

Final Gravity Running Club

Richmond Every Thursday, 6pm & Sunday, 11am Your choice of a 3 mile or 5 mile route. Meet in the parking lot behind the brewery.

Oozlefinch Tail Chasers

Running Clubs DoG Street Pub Running Club

Williamsburg Every Monday, 6pm A family & dog friendly running club. Meet at DoG Street Pub for a 5K followed by a pint and snacks. Registration begins at 5pm. Alewerks Brewing Company helps with drink specials. After your 5th run, you can get one of our specialty running club shirts!

Group Run – Gloucester Brewing Company

Gloucester Every Monday, 6pm Each run (or walk) is 2-3 miles down Main Street. Join afterwards for a beer at Gloucester Brewing Company.

Fort Monroe Every Thursday, 6pm 5:30pm sign-up, run starts at 6pm Runners enjoy running on The National Monument Loop, a lowtraffic path that circles around Fort Monroe’s historical buildings and moat. Reward yourself with a post run beer.

5K Fun Run with Capstan Bar Brewing Company

Hampton Every Friday, 6-7:15pm Meet at Logic Fitness Club (2012 Exploration Way) at 5:30-5:45 to sign up and see the route. Meet afterwards at Capstan Bar Brewing Company and receive 10% off your order.

Races Rivershed Run 5k

Charlottesville Every Monday, 6pm 5k or 4 mile route. All fitness levels. One select beer will be offered for $2/pint. All other beers on tap for run club participants are $4 from 6:30-9pm

Alexandria Saturday, May 22, 2021, 10am ​Join Great American Brewery Runs for our newest race at Port City Brewing in Alexandria. 5k race, chip timed starts at USPTO and continues down Eisenhower to the multi-use trail. After the race, stick around for a Day of BBQ, Live Bands, and great family fun and Port City Brewing. greatamericanbreweryruns.com

Big Ugly Running Posse (BURP)

Hawksbill Double

Random Row Run Club

Chesapeake Every Wednesday, 6:30pm Meet in front of Pale Horse Coffee, the original location of Big Ugly Brewing. One, three, and five mile course options. Meet afterwards for beers at Big Ugly Brewing.

Burn and Brew Group Run at Tradition Brewing Company

Newport News Every Wednesday, 6pm Meet at the back patio at Tradition Brewing Company and scan the QR code to check-in.

Vasen Run Club

Richmond Every Wednesday 6-8pm Run a 3 mile loop and then enjoy some post-run beverages and special offers. - 18 -

APRIL 2021

Luray Saturday & Sunday, August 21-22 The Hawksbill Double is achieved by competing in both days of the Luray Triathlon or Luray Duathlon – International Distance (Saturday) and Sprint Distance (Sunday). Race participants receive special offers for race participants. luraytriathlon.com

Heart of Ghent 10k

Norfolk Saturday, September 18 Ring in the fall season with a fit, festive, charitable, family-oriented run/walk through the historic and scenic Ghent neighborhood. 10K, 5K, 1 Mile courses and a Kids Fun Run plus a Brewery Cup Challenge where brewery running clubs compete for the cup! heartofghent10k.com

Biking Blue Ridge Bicycle Club

Every Tuesday, 5:30-7:50pm Meet up at the Tasting Room of Deschutes and be ready to ride by 5:45pm. Ride to the Blue Ridge Parkway via different routes depending on group’s mood. 22 miles. Meet back at Deschutes for Social and Suds.

Dominion Energy Cap2Cap

May 7-9 Riders will do their mileage on the Virginia Capital Trail. Participants will have fully stocked rest stops along the Capital Trail, takeaway lunch, beer ticket redeemable at any Hardywood Park Brewery locations throughout the month of May, an official 2021 Cap2Cap shirt, water bottle, string bag, and one raffle entry. 7, 23, 52, and 100 mile ride options. cyclingva.com

Bikes and Beers

Leesburg Saturday, August 14, 8am-2pm Featuring 15, 30, and 50 mile rides departing from Vanish and traveling through the Leesburg region. All rides feature rest stops and refreshments. Riders receive an official pint glass and 2 free pints of your choice. The after party will include live music, food trucks, and outdoor games. bikesandbeers.com

Miller’s Bikes & Brews

Norfolk Saturday, September 18, 2-6pm Celebrate local cycling, local craft brews and local charities. Cruise Norfolk’s scenic Elizabeth River Trail from Benchtop to Smartmouth, enjoy tastings from Bold Mariner and Elation Brewing along the way, then ride to O’Connor’s “tap takeover” at Millers ODU. Return to Smartmouth for an after party featuring live band and food trucks, all to benefit The Millers Foundation and its charity partners. millersfoundation.org

Ray Ray’s Front Porch S’IPA is an ideal post-workout beer, according to Center of the Universe co-owner Phil Ray.

For McKay, beer choice depends on the weather.“Suncrush we designed to be a more superrefreshing low alcohol, a little bit of caffeine from the matcha green tea.” Hardywood is releasing a variety 12-pack in April, with tangerine, black cherry, Southern peach, and lemon-lime.“For us, it was our take on hard seltzer – more flavorful, light and refreshing, low in calories and low in alcohol. I really enjoy it as a hot-day, post-run beer.” But other days, “Richmond lager also is my go-to, for just a really refreshing, little hint of citrus, subtle sweetness from the malts. Pils has a little more bracing crispness that can also be really refreshing after a run. In the wintertime, I generally go for porters and stouts, as the fireside kind of warmup after a cold run.”

Active in the community Run clubs are popular at many craft breweries. Run with friends, then grab a beer with friends. These brewery owners are looking at other ways to incorporate active pursuits in their offerings. “Breweries are great venues for introducing people to the fun side of fitness,” said McKay.“We’d like to do more of that, both here and in West Creek,” for runners and for cyclists.“We’d love to hear ideas from people … We see a future where you could ride bikes from [the Richmond location] through Scott’s Addition, potentially down to the Capital Trail, safely and with a designated path.” The West Creek property already has trails through the woods, and McKay says Goochland County is planning trails connecting West Creek with Short Pump. For now, Hardywood organizes the annual West Creek 5k for ALS, a fundraiser for Team Drea. Besides its weekly run club, Final Gravity is starting a Final Gravity cycling club and sponsored the Richmond Road Runners Club Frostbite 12k in January. “You do find a lot of runners in the [beer] community,” Ray commented.“I’m not sure what the draw is; maybe the independence of being able to run long distances, the same independent spirit of craft beer.” Or perhaps it’s that runners – cyclists, swimmers, and others – want to burn the calories they consume.Whatever the reason, the Venn diagram overlap brings together plenty of kindred souls.


- 19 -

Runners work up a little sweat before earning that well deserved beer at the finish line.

Brewery Running Series By Jacqueline Feldscher


ne not-so-scientifically proven way to make beer taste better is to gulp it down at the finish line of a 5K race with friends. The Brewery Running Series is a national group of fun runs that began in 2012 in Minnesota and now hosts events in 18 states. At the runs, participants cover about three miles however they want and then celebrate their achievement with some local brews. Tanner and Lindsay Mason first participated in a Brewery Running Series event while living in Illinois, which has a local chapter of the group. Both enjoyed casual 5Ks and said the events were fun “whether you’re a runner or not.” When the husband and wife pair moved to Virginia, they sought out the events in their new home state, but they discovered Virginia did not yet have its own outpost of the group. They decided to found their own branch in December 2019, with the first races coming in March 2020. And then, the pandemic hit.  “We did have a big organization to help us guide through it,” said Tanner Mason, talking about guidance from the Brewery Running Series national group. “It definitely made our first season quite a bit smaller, but it worked out. We were able to social distance.” The untimed fun runs in 2020 typically included between 20 and 50 participants, though both say they expect that number was lower due to Covid, and attracted people with a range of skill levels. While some runners can cover the three miles in an impressive 20 minutes, others came in groups of friends and family to walk the entire route.   In fact, the 5K is optional, according to Lindsay Mason. Some participants just come to cheer others.  In its first year of runs, the group covered nearly 600 miles and drank almost 200 beers, according to stats on the series’ website. - 20 -

APRIL 2021

They’ve also donated nearly $400 to local non-profits in an effort to give back to the community. Some groups they’re working with this year include the Richmond Animal Care and Control Foundation, a shelter that takes in all stray animals regardless of health or behavioral problems, and Keep Virginia Beautiful, a nonprofit working to protect the state’s outdoor spaces by preventing littering and promoting recycling. The first event of the 2021 season was March 27 at Rocket Frog Brewing Company in Sterling, VA. Other breweries on deck for 2021 include Main Line Brewery in Richmond, Virginia Beer Company in Williamsburg, and Solace Brewing Company in Sterling.  Lindsay Mason said they look for breweries to host events that are interested in more of a long-term partnership that also helps support the local brewing scene.  “We’re pretty open to any breweries that are willing to work with us. We’re trying to create more of a partnership, not just use their venue space,” she said. “We’ve even made friends out of it. It’s fun getting to know people working at the breweries.” All the breweries that hosted runs in 2020 are also back on the 2021 schedule.  “We don’t want it to be one and done. We try to make it a community as opposed to just hosting an event and try to make it good for both us and the owners of the breweries,” Tanner Mason said. “We get pretty close with most of the breweries.” In looking for breweries to partner with on events, they’ve also become new beer fans themselves. “We were not big beer drinkers before we moved to Virginia, but we’re definitely bigger beer drinkers now,” Tanner Mason said.  “The beer here is so good,” Lindsay Mason said, adding that


Brewery Running Series Schedule

(All runs begin at 11 AM)

April 17 April 24 May 8 May 15 May 22 September 11 September 18 October 23 November 6

Solace Brewing Co (Sterling, VA) Canon & Draw Brewing Co (Richmond) Board Room Brewing Co (Clarendon) Billsburg Brewery (Williamsburg) Main Line Brewery (Richmond) Virginia Beer Company (Williamsburg) Steambell Beerworks (Midlothian) Alewerks Brewing Co (Williamsburg) Champion Brewing Co (Charlottesville)

they’ve been exploring breweries along the Loudoun County bike path near their home in Sterling. The Virginia chapter is planning 10 events this year on Saturdays in April, May, September, October, and November. Most fun runs began at 11 a.m. and take place all across the state, including Northern Virginia, Richmond, Williamsburg and Charlottesville. Once runners check in and get their race swag, they cover the three-ish miles however they want, then enjoy some beers with friends. Registration for the run itself and your first beer is $30, but participants can also add on additional swag like a series t-shirt.

Brewery Running Series participants enjoy a beer and selfie. VIRGINIACRAFTBEER.COM

- 21 -

A mountain biker pops a wheelie as beer drinkers observe from Deschutes Tasting Room in Downtown Roanoke. Photo courtesy of Visit Virginia’s Blue Ridge.

Outdoor Adventure and a Beer in Virginia’s Blue Ridge By Jeff Maisey


irginia’s Blue Ridge Mountains and the Greater Roanoke region might just be the “it” destination this spring and summer if you love challenging outdoor activities and independent craft beer. Where do we begin? For starters and an all-in-one experience, a must-see is Explore Park just off of the Blue Ridge Parkway at mile post 115. It includes a new mountain biking skills park, treetop ziplining, disc golf, new hiking trails, camping, and glamping. In fact, there’s no need to bring a case of beer if you’re staying overnight. Twin Creeks Brewing Company has opened a second location and it is inside Explore Park. How about this? The Roanoke River recently received a third place national recognition for “Best Urban Kayaking Spot” in a USA Today 10 Best Readers’ Choice travel award contest. “It is a cool urban water trail in that you can be just outside of downtown Roanoke, then kayak down to Starr Hill Pilot Brewery and hop out and get a beer,” said an enthusiastic Taylor Spellman, director of PR at Visit Virginia’s Blue Ridge. “It really does fit the bill as an urban water trail. It also flows through Explore Park. It is flat water so it is pretty easy paddling or floating, but there are some rapids. The community really worked hard to clean up the river.” Like to bike? Head for the hills or even downtown Roanoke. The entire area has been dubbed America’s East Coast Mountain Biking Capital by the International Bicycling Association by rating it a Silver-Level Ride Center. As for long-distance hiking, the Appalachian Trail meanders nearby with McAfee Knob Trailhead being an ideal crossroad for taking a break in either Roanoke or nearby Salem where Parkway Brewing Company is eager to great trail-weary hikers. - 22 -

APRIL 2021

- 22 -

APRIL 2021

“We definitely benefit from being so close to the AT and Carvin’s Cove, and pride ourselves on being a ‘Fuel for Outsiders,’” said Kim Salyers, Parkway’s tasting room manager. “We get a lot of business from hikers, mountain bikers, and trail runners because of our vicinity to those recreational areas. We also have a regular group of the ATC trail maintenance workers that come in after doing maintenance on the AT. We also regularly offer our space for gatherings of BROC (Blue Ridge Off-Road Cyclists) and various trail running and other mountain biking groups.” Parkway Brewing also engages outdoor enthusiasts via social media. “We actually recently held a contest where customers submitted photos of themselves enjoying Parkway ales outside, and the winning photo was of a guy enjoying a can of grapefruit Get Bent while Kayaking down the river,” said Salyers. The Roanoke region has some new breweries including Golden Cactus Brewing, Twisted Track Brewpub (in the former Soaring Ridge location), and Olde Salem Brewing. These nicely complement the breweries along the Virginia Blue Ridge Cheers Trail like Deschutes Tasting Room, A Few Old Goats Brewing, Big Lick Brewing Co., Three Notch’d Craft Kitchen & Brewery, and Chaos Mountain Brewing. Most of these are within walking distance to Mill Mountain Park, an outdoor recreation area. “Craft beverages and cuisine are the fabric that wraps around this community and keeps people entertained and enjoying the outdoors,” said Spellman. The athletic visitors are “all drinking beer and finding those watering holes afterwards to get that reward and put their feet up.” For more info: visitvbr.com


- 23 -


New Brews in the ‘News

Diane Catanzaro

(L-R) Coastal Fermentory’s Mike Reppert and Brandon Samuels.

By Diane Catanzaro and Chris Jones


’m goin’ to Newport News, mama, gonna catch a battleship across the doggone sea.” The Memphis Jug Band immortalized the ‘News in their 1927 toe-tappin’ ditty “Newport News Blues.” Today, there are more good reasons to go to Newport News, and more than just toes a-tappin when you get there. Newport News BREWS is what you will find tappin’ at one of the 757’s newest breweries, Coastal Fermentory. Coastal Fermentory opened in December of 2020, the brainchild of three friends, Michael Reppert, Brandon Samuels, and David Lamb. Although young, this brewery is generating terrific wordof-mouth buzz due to the beer quality and selection. Seldom does a new brewery open with such quality right out-of-thegate. While Mike, Brandon and David all have homebrewing experience, they also have strong engineering backgrounds, which is a huge asset for operating a brewery. They are also shipyard-friendly, both in employment history and location. Mike, Brandon and David are in the enviable position of being the owners and

the brewers, meaning they are comfortable with both receipts and recipes. The brewery is at the southernmost tip of Newport News, a stone’s throw from Newport News Shipbuilding and very close to the Monitor Merrimac Bridge Tunnel. Very close, like a minute’s drive, from the Newport News-side exit or entrance. If you come from I-64, take I-664 to the last Newport News exit before the Monitor Merrimac tunnel and it spits you out in spittin’ distance. While “downtown” Newport News is not yet a destination, Coastal Fermentory and their next-door neighbor Ironclad Distillery are leaps in the right direction.You will appreciate the free and easy parking for patrons of both businesses. The first thing you notice when you enter Coastal Fermentory is light, and lots of it. The tasting room has huge garage-style doors that can open in pleasant weather. The tasting room seats around 50 people, with tables comfortably spaced apart from each other, and another dozen people or so can sit outdoors, enjoying the warmth provided by propane-powered patio

heaters. The brewhouse and tasting room are right next to each other so you might see one of the brewers at work. Part of the tasting room can be closed off from the rest of the space for private events. Acoustic solo artists and food trucks are on the premises on the weekends for your auditory and gustatory pleasure. The 10-barrel brewhouse is beautiful. It’s small but nimble, allowing them to produce a wide variety of beer styles. Mike told Chris that they are “learning the system,” seeing how it reacts to the demands they place upon it. The beer leaps out of here, particularly on the weekends, so Brandon gave up his day gig to be the full-time brewer to meet the growing demand for their beers! So, what kind of beers can you find here? The most popular styles are India pale ales, fruited sours and stouts. If you are a hophead, your boat will float. On February 28, their web page indicated there were five, count ‘em, five IPAs on tap. We enjoyed “Opening Session,” a great tasting, light-bodied, 4.7% alcohol by volume (ABV) session IPA with a bodacious but

coastal fermentory • 206 23rd street, suite b, Newport News • coastalfermentory.com - 24 -

APRIL 2021

approachable level of bitterness. Hard to believe it’s only 4.7% as it packs a flavor wallop! We loved it on tap and so some traveled home with us in can form. Or, get yourself a glass of “Hoppy Reflections,” an 8% ABV New England style hazy IPA that fills your mouth with tropical flavors of citrus, mango, passionfruit and pineapple thanks to Citra, Citra, and even more Citra hops, at 8% ABV. They brew a rapidly changing series of “sours” with and without fruit. And, somewhat unique for a new brewery, they have foeders for barrel aging and producing mixed-fermentation styles. In midDecember we had a raspberry sour that rocked our world. The tap lineup changes regularly and the current fruited sour is the passionfruit “Unicorn Rave”. Catch it while you can! A collaboration beer, brewed with Brian Martin at Tradition Brewing, is “Unnecessary Risk,” a 6.5% ABV sour dry hopped with Citra, Galaxy and Mosaic hops. It was excellent, with a nice hop bite and a pleasant level of tartness that gets your attention without making you pucker. They usually have a couple of dark beers “au fut.” We had a glass of “Dark Forms,” an 8.1% ABV milk stout, and found it to be quite pleasant. A bit sweet thanks to the addition to lactose, a.k.a. “milk sugar,” a sugar that yeast don’t eat during fermentation. Possessing a nice combination of sweetness mixed with roastiness, this will satisfy the dark beer fan. Diane really appreciated the “Walloonery” Belgian saison, a remarkable beer with the requisite saison-yeast complexity, low phenols, and dry finish you expect from a saison but don’t always get. And, at 4.5%, it’s closer to what the original farmhouse saisons were like. And, you don’t have to be a farmer to enjoy one. One of the more interesting things for you to try when you visit the brewery is the “House Jun.” It’s very low alcohol (0.5 to 2.0% ABV according to the Google gang), mildly vinegarish bubbly beverage that is similar to kombucha, and the bright snap this leaves on your tongue makes this a refreshing palate cleaner. This will keep your designated driver on even keel. Want to take some Coastal Fermentory beers with you as you depart? Of COURSE you do!! They have about a half-dozen awesome ales in 16-ounce cans that you can hustle home with you to enjoy as you binge-watch plinked pawns and battling bishops on “The Queen’s Gambit.” You can also get a can of Coastal Fermentory’s “Hazy Double IPA,” loaded up with Citra, Mosaic and Galaxy hops, in the recently released “Equinox Box,” the latest charity fundraiser from Beach Ambassadors. Twenty 16-oz beers from local breweries, ten “light” and ten “dark,” that you can leisurely drink with friends as you celebrate Spring. For more information, go to this web site (757battleofthebeers.com). “Well I’m goin’ to Newport News, gonna have a beer in each hand, I’m goin’ to Newport News, gonna be a beer drinkin’ man!" Chris’ band, the Esoteric Ramblers, has a song also called “Newport News Blues,” but things will not be blue much longer as the town is catching up with other cities in the 757 as a beer destination. So head to Coastal Fermentory and have a beer in each of your hands. The facts and nothing but the facts: Coastal Fermentory, 206 23rd Street, Suite B, Newport News, VA 23607; (coastalfermentory.com); like their Facebook page for the latest on beer releases, music, and food trucks. VIRGINIACRAFTBEER.COM

- 25 -

Brewing Tree Beer Company

Lickinghole Creek Farm Brewery

Canon & Draw Brewing Company

Loose Shoe Brewing Company

9278 Rockfish Valley Hwy., Afton 540.381.0990

1529 West Main Street, Richmond canonanddraw.beer

Castleburg Brewery & Taproom 1626 Owenby Lane, Richmond 23220 804.353.1256 • castleburgbrewery.com

Center of the Universe Brewing Company

11293 Air Park Road, Ashland 804.368.0299 • cotubrewing.com

Champion Brewing Co. 324 6th Street, Charlottesville 434.295.2739 championbrewingcompany.com

APPALACHIA Busted Still Brewing Company 185 Homeplace Drive, Gate City 276.210.6038

Lonesome Pine Brewing Company 15 East Main Street, Lebanon 276.274.3697

Painted Peak Brewing Company

Rising Silo Brewing Company 2351 Glade Road, Blacksburg 410.596.1200

215C Washington Avenue, Colonial Beach 540.226.2114 colonialbeachbrewing.com

River Company Brewery

Cooling Pond Brewery

6633 Viscoe Road, Radford (Fairlawn) 540.633.3940 therivercompanybrewery.com

Sinkland Farms Brewery

Eastern Divide Brewing Company

3175 Commerce Street, Blacksburg 540.577.6877 easterndivide.com

Moon Hollow Brewing Company

4237 Prices Fork Road, Blacksburg 540.505.2293 moonhollowbrewing.com

Right Mind Brewing Company 1410 S. Main Street, Blacksburg 540.552.7000 facebook.com/leftysgrille - 26 -

APRIL 2021

Random Row Brewing Company 608 Preston Avenue, Charlottesville 434.284.8466 • randomrow.com

Reason Beer Co.

Selvedge Brewing

Antioch Brewing Company

Fine Creek Brewing Company

Shotwell Run Brewing Company

Garden Grove Brewing and Urban Winery

Skipping Rock Beer Co.

3445 W Cary Street, Richmond 804.338.6029 • gardengrovebrewing.com

414 Parkersburg Turnpike, Charlottesville skippingrockbeer.com

Hardywood Park Craft Brewery

South Street Brewery

Hardywood Park Craft Brewery West Creek

Starr Hill Brewery

Palmyra 434.249.6727 • antiochbrews.com

Apocalypse Ale Works

1257 Burnbridge Road, Forest 434.258.8761 • endofbadbeer.com

Bald Top Brewing Co.

32173 Government Road, Damascus 540.314.2782 thedamascusbrewery.com

6135 Rockfish Gap Turnpike, Crozet 434.823.4878 • prnbrewery.com

Final Gravity Brewing Company

Bull & Bones Brewhaus

The Damascus Brewery

Pro Re Nata Farm Brewery


Ardent Craft Ales

307 Meadow Street, Galax 276.236.BEER (2337) cbbrew.com

106 S. Railroad Avenue, Ashland 804.368.0299 facebook.com/originbeerlab

Rockfish Brewing Co.

350 Park Street, Abingdon 303.5508762 wolfhillsbrewing.com

332 Webbs Mill Road, Floyd 540.745.2491 buffalomountainbrewery.com

Creek Bottom Brews

Origin Beer Lab

Extra Billy’s


1470 S Main St., #120, Blacksburg 540.953.2855 • bullandbones.com

5600 Moonlight Drive, Scottsville 434.286.4282 • mountidareserve.com

Rock Bottom Restaurant & Brewery

Wolf Hills Brewing Company

Buffalo Mountain Brewery

Mt. Ida Reserve Tasting Room & Taphouse.

Dogtown Brewing Co.

801 State Street, Bristol 276.644.3380 • statestreetbrewing.com

41 Piedmont Avenue, Bristol 276.608.1220 • bristolbrew.com

2410 Granite Ridge Road, Rockville 804.356.9379 • midnight-brewery.com

Richbrau Brewing Co.

State Street Brewing

Bristol Station Brews & Taproom

Midnight Brewery

Devils Backbone Brewing Company - Basecamp

16622 Broad Street, St. Paul 276.780.4397 • sugarhillbrewing.com

3899 Eakin Farm Road, Blacksburg 540.961.0505 • beliveaufarm.com

1560 Oakbridge Drive, Powhatan 804.464.2958 • crazyroosterbrewing.com

1603 Ownby Lane, Richmond 804-387-9670

Studio Brew

Sugar Hill Brewing Company

Beliveau Farm Brewery

Crazy Rooster Brewing Company

Main Line Brewery

Decipher Brewing

221 Moore Street, Bristol studiobrew.net

360 W. Spring Street, Wytheville 276.228.0994 • 7dogsbrewpubva.com

4411 Zachary Taylor Highway, Mineral

198 Ambriar Plaza, Amherst 434-941-7345 • looseshoebrewing.com

3060 Riner Road, Christiansburg 540.835.3395 Sinklandfarmsbrewery.com

386 Main Street, Tazewell 276.980.7325 • paintedpeakbrewing.com

7 Dogs Brewpub

Colonial Beach Brewing

4100 Knolls Point Drive, Goochland 804.314.4380 • lickingholecreek.com

3200 W. Leigh Street, Richmond 804.359.1605 • ardentcraftales.com 1830 Thrift Road, Madison 540.999.1830 • baldtopbrewing.com

Basic City Beer Co-RVA

212 W. Sixth Street, Richmond 804.447.4735 • basiccitybeer.com


510 Grove Street, Bedford 540.583.5113 • bealesbeer.com

Bingo Beer Co.

2900 West Broad Street, Richmond 804.386.0290 • bingorva.com

Blind Dog Brewery

4515 W. Hundred Road, Chester 804.530.9022 • mollysbicycleshop.com

Blue Mountain Brewery

9519 Critzer Shop Road, Afton 540.456.8020 • bluemountainbrewery.com

1740 Broadway Street, Charlottesville 434.995.5777

200 Mosbys Run, Roseland 434.361.1001 • dbbrewingcompany.com 1209 Hull Street, Richmond 804.724.2337 • dogtownbrewingco.com 1110 Alverser Dive, Midlothian 804.379.8727 • extrabillys.com 6118 Lakeside Avenue, Richmond 804.264.4808

2425 Robert E. Lee Road, Powhatan 804.372.9786 • finecreekbrewing.com

2408 Ownby Lane, Richmond 804.420.2420 • hardywood.com

820 Sanctuary Trail Drive, Richmond hardywood.com

Intermission Beer Co.

10089 Brook Road, Glen Allen 804.585.0405 • intermission.com

Iron Pipe Alewerks

323 A. North Madison Road, Orange 540.522.0673 • ironpipealewerks.com

Isley Brewing Company

1715 Summit Avenue, Richmond 804.499.0721 • isleybrewingcompany.com

James River Brewery

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Blue Mountain Barrel House

Kindred Spirits Brewing Company

Brasserie Saison

Legend Brewing Company

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12830 W. Creek Parkway, Goochland 804.708.0309 • kindredspiritsbrewing.com 321 W. Seventh Street, Richmond 804.232.3446 • legendbrewing.com

1180 Seminole Trail, #290, Charlottesville reasonbeer.com 5 South 20th Street, Richmond richbraubrewing.com

11800 W. Broad Street, Richmond 804-237-1684 • rockbottom.com

900 Preston Avenue, Charlottesville 434.566.0969 • rockfishbrewcompany.com 1837 Broadway Street, Charlottesville

2585 S F T Valley Road, Etlan 540.923.4048 • bluequartzwinery.com

106 South Street, Charlottesville 434.293.6550 • southstreetbrewery.com 5391 Three Notch’d Road, Crozet 434.823.5671 • starrhill.com

Starr Hill Beer Hall & Rooftop 3406 West Leigh Street, Richmond 804.912.1794 • starrhill.com

Starr Hill Lynchburg

1300 Main Street, Lynchburg starrhill.com

Steam Bell Beer Works

1717 E. Oak Lake Blvd., Midlothian 804.728.1876 • steambell.beer

Stone Brewing Company

4300 Williamsburg Avenue, Richmond 760.294.7899

Strangeways Brewing

2277 Dabney Road, Richmond 804.303.4336 • strangewaysbrewing.com

Strangeways Brewing RVA – Scott’s Addition

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Oozlefinch Beers & Blending

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The Veil Brewing Company

1301 Roseneath Road, Richmond 804.355.58515 • theveilbrewing.com

Three Notch’d Brewing Company RVA Colab House 2930 W. Broad Street, Richmond threenotchdbrewing.com

Three Notch’d @ IX Park

1129 Boissevain Avenue, Norfolk 757.321.9482 • benchtopbrewing.com 845 Battlefield Blvd. S., Chesapeake biguglybrewing.com 2054 Jamestown Road, Williamsburg billsburg.com

Black Narrows Brewing Company

4522 Chicken City Road, Chincoteague blacknarrowsbrewing.com

Bold Mariner Brewing Company

1901 E. Ocean View Avenue, Norfolk 757.952.6533 • boldmariner.com

81 Patch Road, Fort Monroe 757.224.7042 • oozelfinchbeers.com 2032 Pleasure House Road, Virginia Beach • 757.647.8597 pleasurehousebrewing.com

Precarious Beer Hall

1781 Brewing Company

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Reaver Beach Brewing Company 1505 Taylor Farm Road, Virginia Beach 757.563.2337 • reaverbeach.com

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Cape Charles Brewing Co.

Smartmouth Brewing Company

Capstan Bar Brewing Company

Smartmouth Pilot House

113 S. Foushee Street, Richmond 804.308.0475

Coastal Fermentory

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Triple Crossing Brewing Company

Commonwealth Brewing Company

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Three Roads Brewing Company 1300 Court Street, Lynchburg 3roadsbrewing.com

Trapezium Brewing Company

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Triple Crossing Brewing Company

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Vasen Brewing Company

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White Rock Brewing Company 2117 Bruno Drive, Goodview 540.890.3359 • whiterockwines.com.

Wild Wolf Brewing Company

758 Settlers Landing Road, Hampton 757.788.9489 • bullislandbrewing.com 2198 Stone Road, Cape Charles 757.695.3909 • capecharlesbrewing.com 2036 Exploration Way, Hampton 757.788.7276 • capstanbarbrewing.com 206 23rd Street, Newport News

2444 Pleasure House Road, Virginia Beach • 757.305.9652

COVA Brewing Co.

9529 Shore Drive, Norfolk covabrewco.com

Deadline Brewing Project

2272 W. Great Neck Road, Virginia Beach 757.502.4980 • deadlinebrewing.com

2461 Rockfish Valley Highway, Nellysford 434.361.0088 • wildwolfbeer.com

Elation Brewing

WildManDan Beer Centric B&B

Gloucester Brewing Company

279 Avon Road, Afton 434.270.0404 • wmdb3.com

5104 Colley Avenue, Norfolk 757-550-4827 • elation.beer 6778 Main Street, Gloucester 804.210.1407

6 Bears & A Goat Brewing Company

Precarious Beer Project / Amber Ox Public House

Bull Island Brewing Company

Three Roads Brewing Company

9925 Discovery Blvd., Manassas 703.420.2264 • 2silosbrewing.com

11440 International Drive, Fredericksburg 540.356.9056 • 6bgbrewing.com

Reaver Beach Brewing Company

5476 Mooretown Road, Williamsburg 757.566.0001 • brasscannonbrewing.com

2 Silos Brewing Co.

110 S. Henry Street, Williamsburg 757.808.5104 • precariousbeer.com

Brass Cannon Brewing Company

522 2nd Street, SE, Charlottesville threenotchdbrewing.com


3800 Colley Avenue, Norfolk 757.904.5344 • reaverbeach.com 116 E 25th Street, Norfolk riprapbrewing.com

1309 Raleigh Avenue, Norfolk 757.624.3939 • smartmouthbrewing.com 313 32nd Street, Virginia Beach smartmouthbrewing.com

204 Challenger Way, Hampton 757.865.7781 • stgeorgebrewingco.com

That Damn Mary Brewing Company

5036 George Washington Memorial Highway, Hayes • 804.436.2204 thatdamnmarybrewing.com

The Bunker Brewpub & Cadence Hall

211 21st Street, Virginia Beach 757.227.4250 • bunkerbrewpub.com

The Garage

1011 Eden Way N., Chesapeake 757.389.5353 • garagebeer.com

The Vanguard Brewpub & Distillery

11109 Plank Road, Spotsylvania 804.842.0199

Adroit Theory Brewing Company 404 Browing Court, Purcellville 703.722.3144 • adroit-theory.com

Adventure Brewing Company

33 Perchwood Drive, Fredericksburg 540.242.8876 • adventurebrewing.com

Adventure Brewing Company

1113 Jefferson Davis Hwy., Fredericksburg 540.242.8876 • adventurebrewing.com

Altered Suds Brewing 36 Main Street, Warrenton 540.216.3490

Aslin Beer Company

257 Sunset Park Drive, Herndon 703.787.5766 • aslinbeer.com

Audacious Aleworks

110 E. Fairfax Street, Falls Church 571.303.0177 • audaciousaleworks.com

B Chord Brewing

34266 Williams Gap Road, Round Hill bchordbrewing.com

BadWolf (Little) Brewing Company 9776 Center Street, Manassas 571.208.1064 badwolfbrewingcompany.com

Barking Rose Brewery & Farm 9057 Old Culpeper Road, Warrenton barkingrose.com

Barley Naked

15 Tech Parkway, Stafford 540.623.4475 • barleynaked.com

Barnhouse Brewery

504 N. King Street, Hampton 757.224.1807 • thevanguard757.com

43271 Spinks Ferry Road, Leesburg 703.675.8408 • barnhousebrewery.com

The Virginia Beer Company

Barrel Oak Farm Taphouse

401 Second Street, Williamsburg 757.378.2903 • virginiabeerco.com

3623 Grove Lane, Delaplane 540.364.6402 • barreloak.com

Thin Brew Line

Bear Chase Brewing Company

1375 Oceana Blvd., Virginia Beach 757.937.8613 • thinbrewline.com

18294 Blue Ridge Mountain Road Bluemont


Maker’s Craft Brewery

Tradition Brewing Company

Beer Hound Brewery

700 Thimble Shoals Blvd., Newport News 757.303.3415 • traditionbrewing.com

201 Waters Place, Culpeper 540-317-5327 • beerhoundbrewery.com

1865 Brewing Co.

MoMac Brewing Company

Twisted Knot Brewing Co.

Belly Love Brewing Company

11838 Canon Blvd., Newport News twistedknotbrewing.com

725 E Main Street, Purcellville 540.441.3159 • bellylovebrewing.com

Montross Brewery

Vibrant Shore Brewing Company

Beltway Brewing Company

505 18th Street, Virginia Beach vibrantshorebrewingcompany.com

22620 Davis Drive, Sterling 571.989.2739 • beltwaybrewco.com

Williamsburg Premium Outlets 5715 Richmond Road, Williamsburg alewerks.com

Nansemond Brewing Station

Wasserhund Brewing Company

Bike Lane Brewing

805 Laskin Road, Virginia Beach 757.618.6051

11150 Sunset Hills Road, Reston 703.689.2671 • bikelanebrewing.com

Back Bay Brewing Company

New Realm Brewing Company

Wharf Hill Brewing Co.

Black Hoof Brewing Company

25 Main Street, Smithfield 757-357-7100 • wharfhillbrewing.com

11 S. King Street, Leesburg 571.707.8014 • blackhoofbrewing.com

O’Connor Brewing Company

Young Veterans Brewing Company

Black Walnut Brewing Company

Willow Spring Brewery in The Light Well Restaurant 110 E Main Street, Orange 540.661.0004 • thelightwell.com

Wood Ridge Farm Brewery 165 Old Ridge Road, Lovingston 434.422.6225

9 S. Mallory Street, Hampton


189-B Ewell Road, Williamsburg 757.220.3670 • alewerks.com

Alewerks Satellite Brewery

614 Norfolk Avenue, Virginia Beach 757.531.7750 • backbaybrewco.com

Back Bay’s Farmhouse Brewing Co.

1805 Kempsville Road, Virginia Beach 757.512.6430 • farmhousebrewingva.com

Kilmarnock Brewhaus

44 West Church Street, Kilmarnock 804.436.6207 • kilmarnock-brewhaus.com

Legend Brewing Depot

1 High Street North Landing, Suite B Portsmouth 757.998.6733 • legendbrewing.com 735 E. 23rd Street, Norfolk 757.226.8506 • makers.beer

3228 Academy Avenue, Portsmouth 757.383.9572 • momacbrewing.com 15381 Kings Highway, Montross 804.452.7394 • montrossbrewery.com 212 E. Washington Street Suffolk • 757.630.2178

1209 Craft Lane, Virginia Beach 757.302.8550 • newrealmbrewing.com 211 W. 24th Street, Norfolk 757.623.2337 • oconnorbrewing.com

2505 Horse Pasture Road, Virginia Beach 757.689.4021 • yvbc.com

210 S King Street, Leesburg facebook.com/blackwalnutbrewery

virginiacraftbeer.com VIRGINIACRAFTBEER.COM

- 27 -

Board Room Brewing Company

House 6 Brewing Co.

Public House Kitchen & Brewery

Wort Hog Brewing Company

Brew Republic Bierwerks

Krikelkay Brewing Company

Quattro Goombas Brewing Company


925 Garfield Street, Arlington 703.248.9439 • theboardroomva.com 15201 Potomac Town Place, Woodbridge 703.594.7950 • brewrepublic.beer

Caboose Brewing Company

520 Mill Street NE, Vienna 703-865-8580 • caboosebrewing.com

Caboose Commons

2918 Eskridge Road, Fairfax caboosebrewing.com

Cedar Run Brewery

12801 Hazelwood Drive, Nokesville 703.594.0420 • cedarrunbrewery.com

Chubby Squirrel Brewing Company 10382 Willard Way, Fairfax 571.989.1082 chubbysquirrelbrewing.com

Crooked Run Brewing Company 22455 Davis Drive, Sterling cookedrunbrewing.com

Crooked Run Brewing Company

205 Harrison Street SE, Leesburg 571.978.4446

Dirt Farm Brewing Co.

18701 Foggy Bottom Road, Bluemont 540.554.2337 • dirtfarmbrewing.com

Dynasty Brewing Co.

21140 Ashburn Crossing Drive, Asburn 571.246.5991 • dynastybrewing.com

Dynasty Brewing Co.

101 Loudoun Street SE, Leesburg dynastybrewing.com

Eavesdrop Brewery

7223 Centreville Road, Yorkshire 703.420.8955 • eavesdropbrewery.com

Fair Winds Brewing Company

44427 Atwater Drive, Ashburn 585.520.5710 201 Courthouse Road, Appomattox 434.664.8010

Lake Anne Brew House

11424 Washington Plaza West, Reston 571.758.2739 • lakeannebrewhouse.com

Lost Rhino Brewing Company 21730 Red Rum Drive, Ashburn 571.291.2083 • lostrhino.com

Loudoun Brewing Company

310 E Market Street, Leesburg 703.350.8553 • loudounbrewing.com

Maltese Brewing Company

11047 B Pierson Drive, Fredericksburg maltesebrewing.com

Market Common Brewpub & Roastery

2900 Wilson Blvd., Arlington 571.208.1355 • hbcmarketcommon.com

Mustang Sally Brewing Company

14140 Parke Long Court, Chantilly 703.378.7450 • msbrewing.com

New District Brewing Company

2709 S Oakland Street, Arlington 703.888.5820

Notaviva Craft Fermentations

13274 Sagle Road, Purcellville 540.668.6756 • notavivavineyards.com

Ocelot Brewing Company

23600 Overland Drive, Sterling 703-665-2146 • ocelotbrewing.com

Old Bust Head Brewing Company

7134 Lineweaver Road, Warrenton 540.347.4777 • oldbusthead.com

Old 690 Brewing Company

7000 Newington Road, Lorton 703-372-2001 • fairwindsbrewing.com

15670 Ashbury Church Road, Purcellville old690.com

Far Gohn Brewing Co.

Old House Brewing Co.

301 S Main Street, Culpeper

The Farm Brewery at Broad Run

18351 Corkys Lane, Culpeper 540.423.1032 • oldhousevineyards.com

9406 Battle Street, Manassas 571.292.1427 • phbrewpub.com

22860 James Monroe Highway, Aldie 703-327-6052 • goombabrewery.com

Red Dragon Brewery

1419 Princess Anne Street, Fredericksburg 540.382.4342 • reddragonbrewery.com

Rocket Frog Brewing Company 22560 Glenn Drive, Sterling 571.375.7920 • rocketfrogbeer.com

Settle Down Easy Brewing

2822 Fairfax Drive, Falls Church 703.573.2011 • sdebrewing@gmail.com

Sinistral Brewing Company 9419 Main Street, Manassas sinistralbbrewingcompany.com

Solace Brewing Company 42615 Trade West Drive, Dulles solacebrewing.com

Spencer Devon Brewing Company

106 George Street, Fredericksburg 540-999-6253 spencerdevonbrewing.com

Strangeways Brewing

350 Landsdowne Road, Fredericksburg 540.371.1776 • strangewaysbrewing.com

Sweetwater Tavern

14250 Sweetwater Lane, Centreville 703.449.1100 • greatamericanrestaurants.com

Sweetwater Tavern

3066 Gate House Plaza, Falls Church 703.645.8100 • greatamericanrestaurants.com

Sweetwater Tavern

45980 Waterview Plaza, Sterling 571.434.6500 • greatamericanrestaurants.com

The Craft of Brewing

21140 Ashburn Crossing Drive, Ashburn 703.687.3932 • thecraftob.com

16015 John Marshall Hwy., Broad Run 703.753.3548 • thefarmbreweryatbroadrun.com

Old Ox Brewery

Tin Cannon Brewing Co

Front Royal Brewing

Old Ox Brewery

Tucked Away Brewing Company

122 E. Main Street, Front Royal 540.631.0773 • frontroyalbrewing.com

44652 Guilford Drive, Ashburn 703.729.8375 • oldoxbrewery.com 14 S. Madison Street, Middleburg 540.326.8943 • oldoxbrewery.com

Harpers Ferry Brewing

Old Trade Brewery

Heritage Brewing Co.

Ono Brewing Co.

Highmark Brewery

Ornery Beer Company

Hillsborough Farm Brewery

Pen Druid Brewing

Honor Brewing Co.

Port City Brewing Company

37410 Adventure Center Lane Purcellville 9436 Center Point Lane, Manassas 800.432.1792 • heritagebrewing.com 390 Kings Hwy., Fredericksburg 540.709.2020 • highmarkbrewery.com 36716 Charles Town Pike, Purcellville 540.668.6216 14004A Willard Road, Chantilly 703.596.1567 • honorbrewing.com

Hopkins Ordinary Ale Works 47 Main Street, Sperryville 540.987.3383 • hopkinsordinary.com

13270 Alanthus Road, Brandy Station 774.218.8645 • oldtradebrewery.com 4520 Daly Drive, Chantilly 571.409.6662 • onobrewco.com 3950 University Drive, Fairfax ornerybeer.com

7 River Lane, Sperryville 540.987.8800 • pendruid.com 3950 Wheeler Avenue, Alexandria 703.797.2739 • portcitybrewing.com

Powers Farm & Brewery

9269 Redemption Way, Midland 540.272.5060 • powersfarmbrewery.com

7679 Limestone Drive, Gainesville 571-248-0489 • tincannonbrewing.com

8420 Kao Circle, Manassas 703.420.2890 • tuckedawaybrew.com

Twinpanzee Brewing Company 101-D Executive Drive, Sterling 703.791.9363

Vanish Brewing

44624 Leelyn Farm Lane, Leesburg vanishbeer.com

Water’s End Brewery

12425 Dillingham Square, Lake Ridge 571.285.1997 • watersendbrewery.com

Water’s End Brewery

14397 Potomac Mills Road, Woodbridge 571-398-0342 • watersendbrewery.com

Wheatland Spring Farm & Brewery

38506 John Wolford Road, Waterford 540.746.6080 • wheatlandspring.com

Wild Run Brewing Company 3071 Jefferson Davis Hwy, Stafford 540.659.3447 • wildrunbrewing.com

41 Beckham Street, Warrenton 540.300.2739 • worthogbreweryllc.com

Alesatian Brewing Company

23 N. Loudoun Street, Winchester 540.667.2743 • alesatianbrewing.com

Backroom Brewery

150 Ridgemont Road, Middletown 540.869.8482 • facebook.com/ BackroomBrewery

Basic City Beer Co.

1010 E. Main Street, Waynesboro 540.265.8062 • basiccitybeer.com

Bedlam Brewing Company

2303 North Augusta Street, Staunton 540.416.4634

Box Office Brewery

177 East King Street, Strasburg 540.465.2609 • boxofficebrewery.com

Broken Window Brewing Co. 14 W. Boscawen Street, Winchester 540.660.9577 brokenwindowbrewing.com

Brothers Craft Brewing

800 N Main Street, Harrisonburg 540.432.8940 • threebrosbrew.com

Cave Hill Farms Brewing

1001 Jacob Burner Drive, Mcgaheysville 540.810.7562 • cavehillfarmsbrewery.com

Devils Backbone Brewing Company - Outpost

50 Northwind Lane, Lexington 540.462.6200 • dbbrewingcompany.com

Escutcheon Brewing Company 150 W. Commercial Street, Winchester

Front Royal Brewing Company 122 E. Main Street, Front Royal 540.631.0773 • frontroyalbrewing.com

Great Valley Farm Brewery

60 Great Valley Lane, Natural Bridge 540.521.6163 greatvalleyfarmbrewery.com

Hawksbill Brewing Company 22 Zerkel Street, Luray 540.860.5608 • hawkbillbrewing. wordpress.com

Heliotrope Brewing

128 S. Main Street, Lexington 540.458.3846

Pale Fire Brewing Company

217 S. Liberty Street, Harrisonburg 540-217-5452 • palefirebrewing.com

Queen City Brewing

834 Springhill Road, Staunton 540.213.8014 • qcbrewing.com

Redbeard Brewing

120 South Lewis Street, Staunton 804.641.9340 • redbeardbrews.com

Ridge Runner Farm & Brewery 6895 Back Road, Maurertown 571.201.2963 • virginiafarmbrew.com

Restless Moons Brewing Company

120 W. Wolfe Street, Harrisonburg 540.217.2726 • restlessmoons.com

Seven Arrows Brewing Company 2508 Jefferson Hwy., Waynesboro 540-221-6968 • sevenarrowsbrewing.com

virginiacraftbeer.com - 28 -

APRIL 2021

Shenandoah Valley Brewing Company 103 W. Beverly Street, Staunton 540.887.2337 • shenvalbrew.com

Skipping Rock Beer Co.

414 Parkersburg Turnpike, Staunton 540.466.5692 • skippingrockbeer.com

Stable Craft Brewing at Hermitage Hill

375 Madrid Road, Waynesboro 540.490.2609 • stablecraftbrewing.com

Swover Creek Farm Brewery

4176 Swover Creek Road, Edinburg 540.984.8973 • swovercreekfarms.com

The Friendly Fermenter

20 South Mason Street, Harrisonburg friendlyfermenter.com

Three Notch’d Brewing Co.

241 E. Market Street, Harrisonburg 540.217.5939

Winchester Brew Works

320 N Cameron Street, Winchester 540.692.9242 • winchesterbrewworks.com

Woodstock Brewhouse

123 E Court Street, Woodstock 540-459-2739 • woodstockbrewhouse.com

Jack Mason’s Tavern

Courthouse Creek Cider

Olde Salem Brewing Company

Coyote Hole Ciderworks

400 E. Ridgeway Street, Clifton Forge 540.862.5624 • jackmasontavern.com 21 E. Main Street, Salem 540.404.4399 • oldesalembrewing.com

Parkway Brewing

739 Kessler Mill Road, Salem parkwaybrewing.com

Starr Hill Pilot Brewery

6 Old Whitmore Road, Roanoke 434.823.5671 • starrhill.com

Three Notch’d Craft Kitchen & Brewery

111 Pollard Street, Vinton 540.265.8062 • twincreeksbrewing.com

Twin Creeks Brewing Co. Twisted Track Brewpub

Cobbler Mountain Cellars

523 Shenandoah Avenue, NW, Roanoke

14635 Corky’s Farm Lane, Waterford 540.882.9073 • corcoranvineyards.com

Hinson Ford Cider & Mead

379 Hinson Ford Road, Amissville 540.219.8397

Lost Boy Cider

317 Hooffs Run Drive, Alexandria 703.868.4865 • lostboycider.com

Mount Defiance Cidery & Distillery

207 W. Washington St., Middleburg 540.687.8100 • mtdefiance.com

Mountain Valley Brewing Company

Wild Hare Cider

106A South Street, SE, Leesburg 833.675.WILD

4220 Mountain Valley Road, Axton 276.833.2171 mountainvalleybrewing.com

Barrel Chest Wine and Beer 4035 Electric Road, Roanoke 540.206.3475 • barrelchestwineandbeer.com

Big Lick Brewing Co.

409 Salem Avenue SW, Roanoke

Chaos Mountain Brewing Company

CENTRAL VIRGINIA Albemarle CiderWorks

2545 Rural Ridge Ln., North Garden 434.297.2326 • albemarleciderworks.com

Blue Bee Cider

1320 Summit Avenue, Richmond 804.231.0280 • bluebeecider.com

Blue Toad Hard Cider Pub

9278 Rockfish Valley Hwy., Afton 434.996.6992 • bluetoadhardcider.com

Bold Rock Hard Cider

1020 Rockfish Valley Hwy., Nellysford 434.361.1030 • boldrock.com

Bryant's Cider

2114 E. Main Street, Richmond bryantscider.com

3135 Dillons Mill Road, Callaway 540.334.1600 chaosmountainbrewing.com

Bryant’s Small Batch Cider

Deschutes Brewery - Roanoke Tasting Room

Buskey Cider

315 Market Street SE, Roanoke 540.259.5204 • deschutesbrewery.com

Golden Cactus Brewing

3224 East Branch Loop, Roseland 804.420.9683 • bryantscider.com 2910 W. Leigh Street, Richmond buskeycider.com


605 Buffalo Road, Dugspur 540.834.6172 • blacksnakemead.com


1313 Altamont Ave, Richmond 703.582.0856 • blackheathmeadery.com

Garden Grove Brewing and Urban Winery

3445 W Cary Street, Richmond 804.338.6029 • gardengrovebrewing.com

Haley’s Honey

235 East Broadway Avenue, Hopewell 804.310.6845

Hill Top Berry Farm and Winery

2800 Berry Hill Rd., Nellysford 434.361.1266 • hilltopberrywine.com

Honey Grail

525 E. Market Street, #135, Leesburg 202.455.5520 • honeygrail.com


Madison Heights, 339.221.3115 • sagameadery.com

The Thistle and Stag Meadery


2053 E. River Road, Fork Union 434.842.2200 • thethistleandstag.com

Halcyon Days Cidery Company

621C Broad Street, Altavista 434.515.2482 • skjaldmeadworks.com

4135 S Lee Highway, Natural Bridge 540.291.1340 • halcyondayscider.com

Old Hill Cider

17768 Honeyville Rd., Timberville 540.896.7582 • oldhillcider.com

Skjald Meadworks


Sage Bird Ciderworks

224 Monitcello Ave, Suite, Williamsburg 757.378.2225 • silverhandmeadery.com

The Winery at Kindred Pointe


325 N. Liberty Street, Harrisonburg 540.607.8084 • sagebirdciderworks.com 3575 Conicville Rd Mt Jackson, Shenandoah County 540.477.3570 • kindredpointe.com

Winchester Ciderworks

2502 N. Frederick Pike, Winchester 540.550.3800 • WinchesterCiderworks.com


59 Spruce Street, Monterey 540.468.2322 • bigfishcider.com


36580 Shoemaker School Rd., Purcellville 571.512.0763 • stonehousemeadery.com

Maidstone Meadery

9364 Justice Lane, Delaplane 703.303.2090 • maidstonemeadery.com


1531 Pack Horse Road, Winchester 540.888.4420 • mistymountainmead.com

Castle Hill Cider

214 5th Street, SW, Roanoke

6065 Turkey Sag Rd., Keswick 434.296.0047 • castlehillcider.com

Hammer & Forge Brewing Company

Courthouse Creek Cider

70 Main Street, Boones Mill 540.909.3200 • hammerandforgebrewing.com

5909 Long Fall Lane, Delaplane 540.364.2802 • cobblercellars.com

Corcoran Vineyards Hard Cider

110 College Street, Clarkesville

2814 Main Street, Hot Springs bacovabeer.com

207 E. Mellen Street, Hampton slyclyde.com


Buggs Island Brewing Company

Bacova Beer Company

1350 Arrowhead Valley Road, Charlottesville 434.964.0271 • potterscraftcider.com

1 Old Salem Turnpike, Roanoke 540.566.4863 • twincreeksbrewing.com

600 Craighead Street, Danville balladbrewing.com

515 8th Street, SW, Roanoke 540.339.9562

Potter’s Craft Cider

Sly Clyde Ciderworks

Ballad Brewing Company

A Few Old Goats

3445 W Cary Street, Richmond 804.338.6029 • gardengrovebrewing.com

Twin Creeks Brewing Co.

209 Trade Street, Danville 434-549-BREW (2739)


Garden Grove Brewing and Urban Winery


2 Witches Winery & brewing Company

1571 Mt. Calvary Road, Brookneal stauntonriverbrewing.com

225 Oak Grove Drive, Mineral 540.894.1053 • coyotehole.com

24 Campbell Avenue SE, Roanoke 540.492.5005 • threenotchdbrewing.com


Staunton River Brewing Co.

3300 W. Broad Street, Richmond courthousecreek.com

1581 Maidens Road, Goochland courthousecreek.com


- 29 -

compliance cor ner

privileges of your virginia brewery part 2 of 2 by Kevin N. Anderson, Regulatory Consultant

Have you ever wondered why Virginia breweries are allowed to do certain things and not others? The Virginia Alcoholic Beverage Control Authority released the following guidance as a reminder of what the privileges of a Virginia brewery are. Breweries may attend tastings held by Gourmet Shop licensees: 1. May assist with the pouring of beer and providing information. 2. Limited to one 4-ounce sample per product, per person. 3. Gourmet Shop licensee must purchase the beer from the wholesaler. 4. Breweries may not provide any items including cups, or food items for pairings. 5. Brand identified novelty items may not be distributed. Breweries may attend tasting events held by licensed restaurants: 1. For the purpose of featuring and educating the public on the beer. 2. May assist with the pouring and providing information. 3. Limited to one 4-ounce sample per product, per person. 4. Restaurant must purchase the beer from the wholesaler. 5. Brand identified items may not be distributed. Breweries may conduct their own tasting events at licensed restaurants:

6. Permit must be obtained if a third party is used to conduct the tasting Breweries must obtain Virginia label/ product approval: 1. Cannot sell any beer at retail until it has Virginia label approval. 2. Each manufactured product must have a separate approval. 3. Also applies to beer manufactured as draft beer for sale only at the brewery. Breweries may engage in contract brewing provided that: 1. The brand owner is licensed as a brewery or beer wholesaler. 2. A written agreement is created between the parties. 3. Records of all beer manufactured, sold, and delivered are kept. 4. For beers manufactured as collaborative brews, the written agreement must state that both breweries will receive a specific portion of the manufactured product. All parties must seek and receive product approval prior to sale at their respective breweries. Let’s talk about a few things it’s important not to do.

1. May purchase up to 12 ounces of beer for each customer.

• Do not sell any beer to persons less than 21 years of age.

2. Customer must be served directly by restaurant employees.

• Do not sell any beer to persons who are intoxicated, or allow intoxicated persons to loiter on your premises.

3. No more than $100.00 can be spent by the brewery per licensee in any 24hour period. 4. The $100.00 limit is exclusive of 20% gratuity and taxes. 5. Brewery must keep complete and accurate records of event for two years.

• Do not keep, or allow to be kept on your licensed premises, any alcoholic beverages that you are not authorized to sell. Also, do not allow your patrons to possess any alcoholic beverages not provided by your establishment. • Do not allow beer sold in growlers to

be consumed on your premises. This includes growlers or crowlers prefilled and stored for sale. All growlers or crowlers not filled pursuant to the customer’s order must contain a label for legal sale. • Do not sell or fill growlers made of unapproved materials. Growlers may be made of glass, metal, ceramic, or other materials approved by the Board. If you elect to use a material other than glass, metal, or ceramic, that specific vessel/ material must be approved prior to sale and use. • Do not provide any service, or give anything of value to a retail licensee, unless it is authorized by law or regulation. • Do not engage in any advertising for a retail licensee. • Breweries must submit the excise tax on all beer sold at retail or given as samples. Taxes must be reported and submitted for beer transferred to the tasting room for customer sale. Wholesalers pay taxes on beer sold to them for resale to retail licensees. • Breweries must submit the monthly excise sales report on time each month. • Breweries must submit the sponsorship request form online for any sponsorship of an event. If your brewery provides funds to sporting, cultural, or charitable events in exchange for anything of value such as advertising, a sponsorship request form is required. • What can make these regulations even more complicated is they can change as the Virginia legislature updates laws and regulations or if the Virginia Alcoholic Beverage Control has released new guidance documents through the Virginia Townhall website.

Disclaimer: Before you take any action based on this article please consult with an expert or regulatory official. Regulations and interpretations at the federal and state level are subject to change at any time. - 30 -

APRIL 2021


- 31 -

HAZEY DAYS IPA This New England-style Hazy IPA is opaque with soft carbonation and a smooth mouth feel. Unfiltered for the telltale haze, this IPA is dry-hopped with Citra and Azacca for big, juicy flavor and aroma with medium bitterness. Our Hazy IPA also features flavors of tropical, stone, and citrus fruits.


APRIL 2021


Profile for Virginia Craft Beer

Virginia Craft Beer  

April/May 2021

Virginia Craft Beer  

April/May 2021

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