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CAMPER Vol. 7, No. 4, Issue: 38 July-August 2018

BIG or small,

Vintage Trailers have UNIVERSAL appeal The magazine for all vintage camper trailer collectors, restorers, admirers and dreamers.





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We picked up a 62 Shasta trailer and the side looked like a kid took a stick to the side of it. It was bad. We brought the skin to Hemet Valley RV and they Made a new piece. The Bottom skin is new and the top skin was old, but they look identical. It had 6 inch lines and it turned out perfect. Thanks Guys. Great job. -Barry


Located in Hemet, California, we offer a wide variety of RV siding and camper siding for a variety of vintage camper trailers. Our panels and products are ideal when it comes to completing seamless repairs to siding, roofing and edging on your vehicle. Hemet Valley RV guarantees to deliver the results that you expect right to your door.


Five Star Plus!!! Steve and his company demonstrate what customer service should look like. Thanks so much! -Glenn I recently purchased all of the siding,trim and entry door for an 1970 11’ foot trailer that I rebuilt using only the metal frame of the original trailer. I contacted Steve at Hemet Valley RV and sent him a side view of the trailer with the dimensions on it. Steve figured out what material I needed and the amount and sent it. Everything that I needed I received in a timely fashion and it was packaged in very strong boxes...Thanks so much for the great job Steve, I have no doubt that your business will have continued success, Great Job. -Wayne M.

Extensive knowledge and quality materials. Very fair pricing and quick turn around time. Steve and Tammy are always helpful. -Larry


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Inside This Issue Index 1948 Universal (on the cover)

Palmer's 1948 Spartan- Page 10


Palmers 1948 Spartan


The MysteryTrailer - Less of a Mystery?


Flying Miz Daisy - 1952 Aljo


Towing Small


Alumapalooza 9


Campin in the Cumberland


Eggs on the Hiawassee River


A Stop on the Lincoln Highway


Trailerfest - Stuck in the 60's


Another Adventure - 1967 Red Dale


5 Space Saving Ideas


Lucille the 1963 Mobile Scout


Campers Bread Recipe


USA Rally Calendar


1952 Aljo, Miz Daisy- Page 14

Learn how to restore vintage trailers from the pros. Rallies n CA, KY, GA & OH 4


American Tr a i l e r i t e By Paul Lacitinola Publisher VCT Magazine

Volume: 7 - Number: 4 - Issue: 38 PO Box 354, Elverta CA 95626 (916) 572-8554 Published by: Paul and Caroline Lacitinola American Trailerites The VCT Magazine is published bi-monthly January, March, May, July, September & November. A pessimist is one who makes difficulties of his opportunities and an optimist is one who makes opportunities of his difficulties. Harry S. Truman, 33rd President of the United States In office April 12, 1945 – January 20, 1953 Vintage Camper Trailers Magazine is a non-denominational supporter of the vintage camper trailer hobby. We welcome all collectors, restorers, admirers and dreamers.

Vintage Camper Trailers Magazine reserves the exclusive right to reject or accept advertising or editorial material submitted for publication. The editorial content contained in this magazine does not necessarily represent the views of the publisher. Vintage Camper Trailers Magazine (USPS Publication Number 15940) is published bimonthly (in January, March, May, July, September, November) by Vintage Camper Trailers, 8416 Elwyn Avenue, Elverta, CA 95626-9552. Periodical postage paid at Elverta, CA and additional mailing offices. POSTMASTER: Send address changes to Vintage Camper Trailers, PO Box 354, Elverta, CA 95626-0354.

WE BUY Vintage Camper Trailers, Bicycles, Cars, Motorcycles and Pick-Ups. (916) 992-1427

Since the Pismo Beach rally in mid May, we have been at home catching up on projects. Not a common occurrence for someone in the trailer/camping/travel business. We are fortunate to be traveling many weeks of the year and more often than not we are usually away from home at least a couple of weekends a month at rallies and other events. We love it, but with so much time away, I don’t get as much “shop time” as I would like to work on trailers. We started in the hobby a dozen years ago doing restorations. After we flipped our first Lo Liner we thought we were going to be rich! We ended up restoring and flipping a handful of Lo Liners that first year. With each one we learned that it always takes longer and costs more to revive a trailer than you think it's going to. With each subsequent project, we also raised the price as we became more conscious of how many hours we had invested. At that time, we were selling trailers for about half of what a trailer of that caliber would bring today! Over the years our business has changed dramatically. I restore my own trailers and occasionally I find one I can bring back to life and eventually sell. The magazine, books and rallies we host are now the core of our business. When the right opportunity comes along, I still like to get dirty and rescue and restore trailers. Right now I am doing a beautiful 1948 Columbia trailer that we found in a barn in Arizona. Being stored in a barn in a dry climate for most of it’s more than seven decades, it was protected from getting any water damage. Over the years it had been used as a guest house by the family. Its interior finishes show some light wear and it needs some cosmetic attention to bring it back to life. My personal taste in trailers has also changed over the previous decade. The Lo Liners we did when we started, had a tasteful “50’s Diner” feel. Some of the interiors were painted to make the interior paneling all match when we could not duplicate the original materials. They were super clean and very bright and airy when we were finished with them. Now, I prefer older, well preserved trailers. Late 40’s to early 50’s models that don’t need a total rebuild. Patina tells a story and I would rather have a well preserved trailer with some history, than a brand new one. Like most of our projects, the Columbia seemed like it would be a quick and easy restoration. With about 16 hours invested so far in just restoring the original flooring material, this one too will take longer than I expected. Hopefully, the next owner will appreciate the time we took to “restore” the trailer while preserving its past. If you need help with your restoration project, check out





William Ward Studios of Chico California rescued and restored this Universal Trailer. It's distictive wrap around front windows are a feature very rarely found on a breadloaf style trailer. In the 1940's the Universal Railer Corp. had locations in Chicago, IL and Los Angeles, CA. Their advertising referred to the windows as "Hollywood Windows, Exclusive Universal Trailer feature offrs a three direction view, a brighter lighter living room."


Also lending to the bright living space are the backlit, glass front, overhead kitchen cabinets.

William Ward restores 1 to 2 trailers per year to rally with and then sell. This one will be available in the fall of 2019. Knowing the appeal that a bathroom has to potential buyers, Ward always make sure his restorations have a toilet and shower. Although the Universal had one from the factory, Ward has been known to "add" this feature if necessary to make the trailer more appealing to the next owner. Ward will be sharing his expertise on retrofitting, creating and installing a wet bath in a vintage trailer at VCT Boot Camp 2019. Boot Camp is March 7-10 in Hollister, CA. For more information on the the Boot Camp event visit



Palmer's 1948 Spartan This trailer is now about 95% done with just a couple of additions left on the punch list. Story by Caroline Lacitinola / Photos by Paul Lacitinola

John and Connie Palmer from Santa Anna, CA recently rebuilt their 1948 Spartanette. This three year restoration began with acquiring the trailer from friends in Arizona. The first year was spent locating all the parts needed for the rebuild. The next two years they spent restoring and rallying in their trailer. Taking the trailer to rallies slowed down the restoration process. However, it also allowed them the opportunity to make changes as they encountered different needs while camping. Growing up, John’s family owned and operated Schwinn Bicycle stores in Arizona. After graduating from high school, John worked for a Ford Dealership for seven years doing tune up and electrical work. Then, he returned to his roots


and went to work for Schwinn Bicycle Company in wholesale sales management for 19 years. John says he has always enjoyed building. He has built bikes, motorcycles, air cooled VW’s, a car trailer for his race car, teardrops, “stand-up” canned hams, and now riveted trailers. His skills to accomplish these builds are extensive. He does all his own welding and frame building, fabrication, plumbing, electrical, cabinetry, re-finishing, flooring, etc.. This year, John will be sharing his extensive knowledge with us at VCT Boot Camp 2019. He will be teaching metal shaping as it applies to vintage trailer restoration! Boot Camp is March 7-10, 2019 in Hollister, CA. For more information on the the Boot Camp event visit

The original 1948 GM Frigidaire refrigerator still works, but was re-wired and re-painted. A new microwave (above) is mounted above the refrigerator, and it was hidden behind a tambour door. The trailer has a new Dometic AC unit, Wilsonart laminate countertops and wooden mini blinds (

Note the clever storage spaces on this page. The Palmers hid their modern mirowaves and TV's so as not to take away from their vintage vibe. A slide out pantry, Connie's favorite, (below) took advantage of every square inch of space. Simple shelfs (below left) built in to the peninsuala, are trimmed with aluminum edging.


OTHER FACTS FROM JOHN The interior had lived a "hard life". The entire interior had received an extensive graffiti "Art Job" decoration with Sharpie Markers. Let's just say the massive creative writings were very colorful. Some of the interior wood was able to be stripped, sanded, and refinished. The majority of the wood was replaced. The new finish is a water based amber dye stain from General Finishes. We selected a dark amber for this trailer. A 1948 Spartanette model did not originally come with a bathroom. I copied a "Craig Dorsey" Spartanette design, to install my wet bath to the left of the refridgerator. It has .040" polished aluminum skinned walls, ceiling, and a .050" drain pan, with a wood insert floor grate. A ceiling mounted shower curtain covers the window and door.

Spartanette image from an original Spartan Aircraft Company owners manual.


A MYSTERY TRAILER PUZZLE Contributed by Toni Miltenberger

Some pieces of the puzzle of the popular Mystery Trailer, owned by vintage trailer and motorcycle guru and collector Vince Martinico, have recently come together to shed some light on the origin of the trailer. A 1936 - 1937 photo album containing photographs by the original owner-user and possible builder has been located. Many folks have conjectured as to the trailer’s brand; but a recently discovered authentic photo album of original pictures has begun filling in the pieces of the puzzle — thanks to a rare find by artist, sculptress and antiquarian specialist, Jean McCallister, who has been the album’s caretaker since 2008. She is a vintage trailer enthusiast, also, who sports her own 1957 Cardinal to events. Vince is a well-known expert and collector of one-of-a-kind or limited-production models of vintage trailers. He owns and appreciates a good Airstream or two and is always looking for something that no one else has. He describes himself as a trailer preservationist. We know him as an antique trailer collector extraordinaire. Approximately 12 years ago, Vince acquired the trailer through a vintage trailer trade with a gentleman who contacted him while trying to identify it thinking it was maybe a Bowlus or an Airstream. Vince acquired the trailer from him by trading a 1950’s useable trailer.

VInce and Jean with the photo album. The trailer today. (Color Photos)

The unusual trailer needed restoration. Vince believes it was most likely factory built — perhaps maybe even a prototype by a short-lived company in Los Angeles. The gentleman had located a photo of another larger, similar trailer — one probably built by the same man or shop — so there are a least two known different trailers built or manufactured from the same source. When you look at the album pictures and compare them over the two years in the album, you will notice that minor changes were made to the little trailer when it was used in 1936 and 37.


Flying Miz


Submitted by Char Goetz, Laguna Niguel, CA Growing up in rural Pennsylvania with generations of people who lived off the land must have left an imprint. It instilled in me an appreciation and love for the unusual, the imperfect, and the story behind the object. I found my 1952 Aljoa vintage trailer at a garage sale. The owner at the time didn’t want to sell her, but I stayed in touch and waited patiently until one day he called to tell me that the new neighborhood he was moving into wouldn’t let him store his vintage camper. So while my hubby was on a business trip, I bought “Daisy” and the rest is her-story!


After restoring “Daisy” to her original beauty, I began using her as my mobile vintage shop. As an antique dealer and later a founder of a successful outdoor vintage market, “Driving Miz Daisy" I’ve had the privilege of meeting many amazing people over the years. It’s so much fun to share stories

A Model A to a Cadillac and a boat trailer are just a few of the vehicles and trailers among all of the memorabilia. 14

1952 Aljoa of our never-ending love & quest for vintage, timeless and uncommon goods. “Daisy" has always been my partner and brand in my journey. As I met and worked with many vendors and customers across California, I found they also expressed the same desire I had for an upscale, indoor vintage market in the OC. So recently I’ve flown into the The Hangar at the Orange County Fair Event Center in Costa Mesa and I’m producing the “Flying Miz Daisy Vintage Market”! "Daisy" has a big sister now, “Rosey” a 1964 Shasta Twenty and they’re both inside the Hangar where people of all ages can enjoy and experience a bit of nostalgia.


TOWING small

Story and Photographs by Richard Cook

Small is the economical way for anyone interested in owning a vintage trailer to get involved with this expanding hobby. Recent visits to several rallies around the southeastern United States produced dozens of examples of the smallest of vintage trailers (13-feet or less, including tongue). Here’s a representative of what’s out there right now.

1955 Baroid owned by Marcie Simpson and Horace Hudson from Athens, GA. Marcie and Horace glamped their trailer in a Western theme, including a campfire scene hand-painted on the outside of the Baroid. The painting features a sexy, larger-than-life, Vargas-like cowgirl pin-up model. Besides restoring their rare Baroid, this couple also restored a vintage Winnebago, which they recently drove from Georgia to Alaska via the Alcan Highway, with a stop along the way at their Wyoming ranch. 16

1966 Westwind seen at a rally in Georgia, but nobody was around to find out who owns it, nor was any information posted on the trailer.

1975 Homebuilt owned by Hannah Price from Melrose, FL. Although Hannah doesn’t know anything about the history of her trailer, she uses it extensively as a traveling art museum.

1969 Sprite owned by Gary and Angela Forbus from Lineville, AL. The Forbus’ were new to this hobby when they purchased their 91/2-foot British-designed trailer in January 2017. In fact, they had never owned any trailer, let alone a vintage unit that needed a total restoration, which they completed in 5 months prior to embarking on a 4,300-mile trip to the American West from their home in Alabama during the summer of 2017. An interesting aside to their round-trip adventure is that upon discovering the lug nut pattern on British wheels was different from that on American wheels, they found it too expensive to ship an extra wheel from overseas on such short notice. Hence, they journeyed forth without a spare, hoping they wouldn’t need one, which they didn’t.

1954 Aljoa Sportsman owned by Chris and Lynn Joyce from Bradenton, FL. The Joyces restored their canned ham to perfection and take it to vintage car shows as well as vintage trailer rallies. According to Chris, 1954 was the last model year of the Aljoa brand due to a lawsuit from Alcoa (small trailer manufacturer versus giant aluminum manufacturer). Hence, Aljoa became Aljo.

1963 Volkswagen Doppelkab owned by Chris and Lynn Joyce from Bradenton, FL. This extremely rare VW is the tow vehicle for the Joyce’s 1954 Aljoa. Now you see why they attend car shows as well as trailer rallies. Chris is a renowned VW guru and explained that Doppelkab in German translates to Double Cab in English, meaning two rows of seats in the vehicle. Only a few of these light trucks made it into our country due to the infamous “Chicken Tax” during the early 1960s. When the German government imposed a huge tariff on the importation of chickens from the United States, our government retaliated by imposing a $2,000 tariff on the importation of Volkswagens from Germany. With the cost of a Doppelkab being only $1,200 at that time, the stiff tax killed off any market this vehicle might have had on our side of the Atlantic. Chris did an amazing job restoring his tow vehicle.


Alumapalooza 9 With their shining silver skins, Airstreams are not only iconic, but have nearly a cult following. Their history has something to do with it since Airstream was the only travel trailer builder out of a field of 400 or so to survive the Great Depression and continue after World War II. The company once called California home but in 1952 the company relocated its factory to Jackson Center, Ohio. For nine years now, Airstreamers have been landing at that factory - sometimes affectionately referred to as the Mothership - for an event called Alumapalooza.

The five-day festival takes place annually the week after Memorial Day. Alumapalooza is no mere rally; it’s a celebration full of hands-on workshops, VIP Airstream factory tours, charity events, entertainment, and of course 18

By: William Flood

time for socializing with fellow Airstreamers. Activities like stargazing, morning yoga, and even live music were daily happenings as were informative seminars on topics like winterizing, polishing Airstream aluminum, and even riveting. Airstreamers came from as far away as Los Angeles, Ft. Myers, Boise, and Denver. By the first day, over 60 trailers were berthed at sites surrounding the main factory while 22 more took up residence in a second location about a half-mile away. Show promoters R&B Events were prepared for as many as 190. Wednesday morning was quiet as campers rose to greet the day. American flags, holdovers from Memorial Day decked the town and grounds while lawn chairs under trailer awnings awaited their owners. Retro touches “glamped” assorted vintage trailers like the plastic flamingos that jazzed up a ‘65 Ambassador from Eau Claire, Wisconsin. Terri Larson Baxter and family

are the fourth owners of the camper which was originally manufactured for a lumber baron in South Dakota. Meanwhile, near the main tent, Wally and Stella Byam’s Kim Hayes from personal Airstream St. Louis was already open for once served at Naval Air Stabusiness in her pop-up shop tion Pensacola along with a called The Kabine (Ger- 1971 Sovereign from Indiana man for ‘hut’), aka A Tiny on its flank. Shiny Shop housed in a ‘65 Safari. Alumapalooza pro- Many visitors take advantage moters are encouraging of the Airstream’s excellent Airstreams-turned pop-up service center while attendshops and food trucks to join ing Alumapalooza. A 20-foot the event. Silver bullets were spread as far as the eye could see. This year, modern rigs conspicuously outnumbered vintage trailers, yet there were plenty of classic Airstreams to see. Not to be missed were several oneof-a-kind trailers the company owns including an original Bowlus Road Chief and the gold-toned personal trailer of company founder Wally Byam and his wife Stella. Nearby sat a 70’s era Airstream Classic Limited that

1950’s-era Pacer 70’s era Argosy motor coach was about to be pulled into a bay. Argosies were Airstreams first motorhomes, manufactured from 19741979 on Chevy P-30 truck chassis. Nearby, another motorhome, an 80’s-era Classic

300 LE had recently been purchased and was getting a once-over. Behind it sat a 50’s era Pacer trailer. Throughout the show, brandnew models were open for participants to tour. Among them a Tommy Bahama Relaxed edition and the Nest, the newest member of the travel trailer family, sporting a fiberglass (yes fiberglass!) body. On Wednesday morning, Airstream officials announced the expansion of the Jackson Center campus. Increased demand is stretching the original 50-year old 225,000foot factory that employs over 1,000 workers. Groundbreaking will take place in June for a new 765,000 square-foot facility for building travel trailers while the original plant will be retooled for building motorcoaches. The new facility will include an Airstream Heritage Center to house numerous historic Airstreams along with company archives and artifacts (the company has some of its

Classic 300 Model

(top) This Airstream Classic once served at the Naval Air Station in Pensacola, FL. (left) The Wally Byam Caravan Club International boasts 8000 members. Airstream owners that are "Living the Airstream Dream." archives already digitized and available on its website). Attendees also have the opportunity to tour

A row of new Airstreams awaits delivery

Airstream’s new fiberglass Nest trailer

the headquarters of the Wally Byam Caravan Club International (WBCCI) also located in Jackson Center. Founded in 1955, the organization now

serves over 8,000 domestic and international Airstream enthusiasts spread across 122 localized clubs. The WBCCI hosts its own rallies and road trips (called caravans) and publishes the coveted Blue Beret magazine. Alumapalooza is open to any brand of RV. Adult admission is $95 for the week which includes all events and activities; kids under 15 are free. There are also special “walkin” day passes for visitors. Factory campsites are $265 for the entire 5 nights of the event. For more information, visit


September 20th -23rd


By: Keith Floyd

In April 2016, and idea of having a small display of vintage campers at one of the largest organized monthly classic/ collector car events in the country was discussed. Somernites Cruise, held every 4th Saturday April thru October in Somerset, KY did just that. The invitation went out and seven vintage campers, complete with vintage tow vehicles, set up at the October 2016 show. The crowd loved the displays. From that event, the idea to create the “Campin’ the Cumberland Vintage Camper Rally” was born. Plans soon began to create an actual rally. After Somernites Cruise organizers met with elected officials, the local government supervised campground, Pulaski Park in nearby Nancy, KY, was agreed upon to be the site of the “1st Annual Campin’ the Cumberland Vintage Camper Rally”. Situated on beautiful Lake Cumberland, it was the perfect location.


Promotional materials were printed, Facebook event page created and ads in Vintage Camper Trailers magazine were taken out. The date was scheduled for September 21st -24th, 2017. Other rally organizers were contacted to find out what should be expected for a first event. “If you have 7 or 8 at your first event then consider it a success. The second year expect it to double and maybe double again the third year and then you should have a successful event” was the advice received. Somernites Cruise organizers thought that to be a low expectation. They were right! Twenty-four vintage campers from five different states showed up. Everyone had a blast. With all the events associated with Somernites Cruise, plus all the historical and scenic places to visit within a 30 minute drive of the campground, there was plenty to do. On Friday the 22nd, an open house for the public plus a vintage car caravan to the campground to view the campers was also part of the festivities. On Saturday, several of the vintage campers and tow vehicles came to downtown Somerset to set up and display as part of the Somernites Cruise show. Thousands of people were able to see, tour and take pictures of the different campers. Due to the great success of this event, the Second Annual “Campin’ the Cumberland Vintage Camper Rally” has been scheduled for September 20th-23rd, 2018. For more information about this event, contact Keith Floyd (Ex. Dir. of Somernites Cruise) at or 606872-2277. Additional information is also available at www. or on Facebook. Make your reservations early as over 50 vintage campers are expected for this years show!


EGGS ON THE HIAWASSEE RIVER by John Martin The 3rd Annual Eggs on the Hiawassee River rally was held on May 31st - June 3rd at Riverbend Campground in Hiawassee, Georgia. This beautiful mountain valley campground drew on-looking visitors' attention from miles away. There were over 90 new and vintage molded fiberglass travel trailers on display during the 2 day open house which included a 1971 vintage Boler. Known as "eggs" for their common rounded egg shaped fiberglass shell and visual appearance, this is one of the largest and fastest growing rallies in the U.S. for this niche of the RV industry. These well built fiberglass travel trailers are highly sought after both on the new and used markets.With 6 months to over a 1 year wait for a new unit. They hold their value very well with a boat like hull and no seams like that of a conventional stick built trailer. Their overall lighter tow weight, and smaller size, makes them very desirable for pulling with small SUVs and minivans. This allows campers opportunities to fit in campgrounds that many big class A and larger RVs or trailers can't fit into. This year's event featured 15 sponsors with new demo units on display from Happier Camper, MyPod (the world's smallest fiberglass travel trailer), the all new Nest by Airstream, ParkLiner, and Oliver Trailers. An estimated 22

175+ participants camped for the 3 day event while enjoying the annual Thursday night Fish Fry. Coffee and donuts were provided Friday morning by Eddie Correa & Jesse Wheeler with Southland RV followed by a sponsor seminar on boon docking from Phil Andrews with Oliver Trailers. Open House began on Friday from 1-5 pm followed by a Corn Hole Tournament. Saturday Ted Ferreira from Happier Camper presented a seminar on solar power for the fiberglass RVs, followed by part two of the Open House from 11-3 pm. The

festivities concluded on Saturday night following a pot luck dinner with the presentation of the Camper's Choice Awards with the following winners: "Most Green" - Kevin Stock (2014 Escape), "Best Vintage" Mike Bush (1988 Casita), "Best Decor" - Dee Wernke (2013 Scamp), "Best Modification" Larry & Linda Troxell (2014 Casita), "Best


The name "Hiawassee" comes from the Cherokee word Ayuhwasi, which means "meadow".

of Show" Todd & Carla Rose (2006 Casita), and Corn Hole Champions - John Augustine and Joe Thurber. The rally hosts credited the events success to the following sponsors for their participation and/or contributions including Casita Travel Trailers, Escape Trailers, Happier Camper, Little House Customs, Liberty Outdoors, MyPod,

Oliver Trailers, Outback Trillium, ParkLiner, Relic Trailers, Scamp Trailers, Southland RV, Teardropshop. com, and Vintage Trailer Supply. If you have an all molded fiberglass travel trailer and would like to join us for the 4th Annual Eggs on the Hiawassee River Rally May 30th - June 2, 2019 call the campground at (706) 896-1415 to reserve your spot in the dry camping section - the hookup sites filled up the day after the event but there is a waiting list for cancellations. (Please note that only all molded fiberglass travel trailers are allowed to reserve campsites for this event). For more information on this rally and all molded fiberglass travel trailers visit eggsonthehiawassee


Jim Heiser's 1953 Chevy Suburban and 1950 Boles Aero at Dunkles Gas Satation on the Lincoln Highway in Bedford, PA. Dunkle's Gulf is an Art-Decco terra-cotta structure that was opened in 1933 by Dick Dunkle. The station is still open today and offers fullservice repairs and gasoline. Its unique style is among the few that still exist from the Lincoln Highway era.


Orlando and Chantay Garcia Modesto, CA Avid campers, these two showed up in their custom, home-built, "used to be a tent trailer" creation. Once they wore out the canvas on the Colemen tent trailer, their idea was to create an enclosed trailer just to haul their camping gear. One thing led to another and this incredible transformation is the result! It is amazing what they have been able to incorporate in to this 9' space! The comfortable full size bed and flat screeen TV are jusst a couple of creature comforts in this cabin "feel" camper. A great addition to Trailerfest!


Nicki Des Roches Salinas, CA 1968 Fireball Meteor Plumm Krazy 9 months, 6 days a week, is what it took Nicki to breath life back into this beauty. She was responsible for the design concept and did much of the work herself. With a little help on the diamond plate and paint, "Plumm Krazy" was ready for Trailerfest and likely many more glampouts!


Lexi Grier Monterey, CA 1967 Aristocrat Lo-Liner Mimi's Place Lexi spent two years bringing this trailer back to life. While "under construction" Lexi still took her on camping trips! 28

Rose Sorenson Glencoe, CA 1962 Terry, Ramblin Rose Originally used as a storage unit by her husband (when they were dating), the trailer was given away to clean up the front of the house. A few years later, after becoming aware of the vintage trailer hobby, Rose got it back! With the help of her dad, it never looked better!


J U S T A N OT H E R A DV E N T U R E Heidi’s little trailer deserved a full restoration By Bud Bergdahl Photos by Nicole Mickle

A few years ago my wife Cher had cancer, I took the year off to care for her. To add to this trying time, our credit cards were compromised while we were staying at the Tri-Cities Cancer Center in Kennewick, WA. We didn’t even have enough money to get home to get the replacement credit cards that the bank had sent us. I posted on our Canned Classics Facebook page that “it was


just another adventure.” Heidi sent us a private message saying she wanted to come down and visit us. She lived less than 10 miles away in West Richland. I had not met her before. She came down to visit us and spent about an hour and a half visiting with us. Before she left, this single mother that was struggling to make ends meet herself, left us $300 to help us get by.

During our conversation, Heidi told me that she had wanted to get her vintage trailer fixed up a little bit so she could use it and have tea parties in it. Once Cher was healthy again I brought Heidi’s 1967 Red Dale to my shop. I felt that I needed to do more than just a little fixup for this good samaritan

that came to our rescue in our time of need. Heidi’s little trailer deserved a full restoration! She paid me $3500 to “fix up” her trailer. She got to see the build up until it was time to start doing the exterior work. From that point on she didn’t get to see anything about her build until the unveiling.


I had a bunch of my own money in this, but she gave me everything she had when we were desperately in need and this was the way that I could repay her. She paid no more than the $3500 that she initially gave me, the trailer is now worth $14,000. It was a labor of love and we were so happy to be able to present it to her at the Patriot Show and Shine in Richland, WA.

The Original The Original

RV Leveling system RV Leveling system

Works as great as our Stop n’ Chock But has Works as great as ourofStop n’ Chock But has the added benefit a dock as well! theIdeal added benefit of a dock as well! for: Travel Trailers, MoTor HoMes, UTiliTy

Trailers, BoaT Trailers, anyTHing wiTH a HiTcH jack Ideal for: Travel Trailers, MoTor HoMes, UTiliTy Trailers, BoaT Trailers, anyTHing wiTH a HiTcH jack


All Bigfoot Ultra Pads carry a full lifetime guarantee.

Our RV Pads are made from the same materials we use to make pads for heavy construction equipment and military use.

Heidi Snyder, Bud and Cher Bergdahl and "Beloved", the 1967 Red Dale Visit our website for pricing. (888) 743-7320


5 Space Saving Ideas For Your Vintage Trailer Camping in your vintage camper trailer can be a great experience for yourself or the entire family. It gives you a chance to explore the world around you, and take a much needed breather from everyday life. But sometimes things can get a bit cluttered. After months or even years of using your vintage trailer you soon realize that all the space you once had, has suddenly disappeared. We understand that storage space is always at a premium in RVs, so you may need to get creative. Here are a handful of ideas to reclaim that lost space...

Square Containers

Any containers should work, but we prefer Square containers because they use space more efficiently than the round containers many items come in. Plus they don’t move around as easily while in transit. Grab a marker or some paper and label each one. For example a container for screws, another for cereal

or those free condiments we know you’ve been saving. This allows you to keep things organized and with the square containers, you can stack them on top of each other on a shelf.

exactly what you get with collapsible items. After doing a little research we found you could purchase a variety of items including collapsible colanders, pots, garbage cans, and even a tea kettle.

Collapsible Items

Bed Storage

Need more space? Simply fold up the item you’re not using and put it away. That’s

A storage bed might be the quick solution, with drawers underneath to provide extra !





We specialize in SPARTAN !

and other riveted trailers.

2574 S. Strawtown Pike - Peru, Indiana (765) 473-8088 34


storage space. If a bed that size isn't possible you can also swap out your bed frame with a storage piece. A sturdy media center has plenty of shelves and storage for all of your items, while still keeping your bed comfy on your mattress. When all else fails, caddy’s can be perfect for RV bedrooms. They come in all shapes and sizes and utilize bedside space.

Pop Out Dispensers

Tired of those large stacks of paper plates in the corner of your kitchen counter? Items such as "Pop-A-Plate" allow you to add a plate dispenser on your wall or cabinet. There are also bowl and napkin dispensers too.

Out of Sight Storage

Keeping items hidden until you need them is always a plus. An over the cabinet

"Hidden" Slide-Out Pantry in the Palmer's Spartan

wastebasket ensures your trash stays in one spot and saves space in your kitchen or bathroom. Use PVC pipe and drill a small hole in the piping and then install command hooks on the inside of the cabinet door. You can than attach the piping and use it to create holders for your toothbrushes, or small bathroom supplies. Even if you aren’t able to create space, you can at least create the impression of a larger space. Lighting and mirrors can help make your trailer look bigger. Use a focal point and angle the mirrors toward it to give the illusion of depth. Good luck with your project and remember, for all of your metal banding and 1950s needs head over to We look forward to hearing from you!

Wide Whitewall Trailer Tires Trailer Wheels

2.5 inch whitewall on left. 15 X 6 inch Gennie Chrome wheel above.

It is never safe to run passenger car tires on your trailer. We offer Extra-Load Trailer Tires in Load Ranges C-D-E. Tire sizes: 13, 14, 15 and 16 inch diameters. Let us build you a set of new wheels for your trailer to go along with your new tires. We also supply whitewall tires to match your tow vehicle. Friendly advice is a phone call or email away

Motorspot, Inc.

427 Industrial Way, Unit C Fallbrook, California 92028 Phone: 760-731-8301

aprons, towels, coin purses, banners, keychains, magnets

Harps RV Service (916) 434-9151 Vintage RV Restorations Electrical/Propane Repair Appliance Repair Insurance Work Used Parts Store 183 Flocchini Circle, Lincoln, CA



y hubby and I love to restore old things and give them a new lease on life – from old discarded fence posts to one hundred year old houses in downtown Colorado Springs. So it is no big surprise that we most recently jumped into renovating old discarded camper trailers. We weren’t actually looking for one very seriously but whilst on the Government Auction Website searching for a truck, we saw her. She had never really been a camper, but was originally outfitted as a field office for the U.S. Department of Agriculture, and lived her whole life in the field. We won the bid and drove the two hours south to La Junta, Colorado, where she patiently awaited her fate. She wasn’t going anywhere fast either – both tires were flat as pancakes and the trailer needed new rims and tires. All that cost nearly as much as she did initially! Once home, we decided it was best to take everything out – right down to the framing and aluminum siding. We found out that she was a Mobile Scout – made in Texas around 1963 – and somehow we ended up naming her Lucille.

R.V. Doctor George

Surplus & Used R.V. Parts The Largest in Northern California

Lucille 36

Tue-Fri 7-5, Sat 7-3 Closed Sun-Mon

• Custom Remodel • R.V. Repairs • Insurance Work

(916) 927-RVDR (7837) 1142 Dixieanne Ave. Sacramento, CA 95815 The Doctor is equipped to give your RV an End to End Exam for Recreanitis!!


Susie & Dan Rieple live in Colorado. Dan is a native to the state but Susie came from the UK. Their primary business is custom furniture but they are also loving restoring vintage trailers.

(C) Chatham Filling Station


There was no title or VIN for Lucille, which wouldn’t have surprised us if we had found her in some farmer’s field, but I guess the Federal Government lost it or maybe never had one. So, we needed to get Lucille “Titled” and “Vinned” and introduced to the non-government society. Getting the title and VIN were an experience – you begin with the DMV, and then the State Patrol, and then back to DMV. We didn’t realize however, that Lucille had become a little fragile, to say the least, since we removed all the paneling and cabinets – so on our way home from the State Patrol, we looked back to see the Aluminum siding on her rear end flying precariously in the air and the whole rear end swaying gracefully back and forth. We had horrifying visions of arriving home with just a flat bed and no camper. Somehow it all held together and the paperwork was completed making her legal. Now we could only move forward! Continued next page

Before we really began any restoration, I could not resist the temptation to buy the vintage looking coffee mugs, plates, sugar bowl and milk jugs. I found everything at a local antique market.


USA Rally Calendar

We do our best to confirm all events before press but plans do change. Make sure and call to confirm. Many times rallies have an open house on Saturday to view the trailers. Call to confirm the rally is open to the public if not stated. Listing your rally on this calendar is FREE, just let us know in advance. We also offer cheap display ad rates for rallies if you want your event to stand out. Paid ads include a listing on our website and Facebook page events calendar.

VISIT THE "SUBSCRIBERS ONLY" PAGE ON OUR WEBSITE FOR ADDITIONAL DETAILS AND THE MOST CURRENT LIST OF RALLIES AND EVENTS. PASSWORD: Truman (The password changes with each issue) July 3-8, 2018 Brooks, OR All-American Vintage Trailer Rally Powerland Heritage Park in Brooks, Oregon just off I-5. No reservations required, there is room for everyone. Restrooms, showers, electric and water available. Antique tractors, trucks, cars, motorcycles, trolleys and trains. Civil War reenactments. Oregon’s largest vintage trailer rally. All the info is at

July 12-15, 2018 Hampton, IL Great River Road Vintage Trailer Rally, 1201 State Ave, Hampton, Illinois 61256. On the banks of the Mississippi! Nightly group meals, campfires, Saturday open house, and a lot of great friends. We are just across the river from LeClaire, IA, home of the American Pickers. Open House: Saturday July 14, 2018, 12-3 p.m. Kevin Isaacson, 309 521-7066

July 13-15, 2018 Post Falls, ID Phuddy Duddy Cruisers Vintage Trailer Rally 4th Annual. 3263 E 12th Ave. Open Show FREE Dry Camping. Old Time Movies, Live Music, Swap Meet, Pot Luck. Check-in Friday 12 PM, Check out Sunday at 1:30 PM Open House to the Public Saturday 10 AM to 4 PM Linda Shinn 208-659-7285


Initially we wanted to keep the look of the birch paneling, but we would not have been able to get the new sheets through the door or windows – so hubby suggested we install cherry tongue and groove paneling. Being a woodworker extraordinaire has its pluses. After reinforcing the framework, fixing some dodgy areas in the corners, installing plumbing, electrical and insulation, the tongue and groove went in. We also put in a loo (over the wheel well – so it really is a throne), building cabinets, finding a fridge, sink and oven on Craigslist, and making countertop from a 60’s pattern, we were almost there. Just some vintage curtains, make a bed frame for the sofa/futon, bright colored cushions around the dining table, and Lucille was on the road! The only original components are the two retro lamp shades, and the gas light. It was such a blast restoring Lucille! A few months after Lucille was taken out on the road we went looking for more! Lucille was a good testing ground as we have learned quite a bit on where to buy tanks, siding, hardware, and flooring – all of that information is being poured into our three new projects!

Subscribe, Re-New or Gift a Friend Use this form or subscribe on-line at:


Name _______________________________________________________________________________________ Address ______________________________________________________________________________________ City_______________________________________________State ______________ Zip ____________________ Email________________________________________________________________________________________ Start the subscription with ___ current issue ___next issue Phone (____________)_________________________ ___ Gift ___ New Subscriber ___ Re-newing $32.00 annually ($64 for two years) in the USA. Subscriptions outside of the USA must be done on-line. Mail this form with a check to: PO Box 354 Elverta, CA 95626. 40

Camper’s Bread

From the Camper Chef, Bart Cops

Serving: Two beautiful and tasty loaves of fresh bread

What you will need: 1000 grams of bread flour (white or whole weat) (About 8 cups) 20 grams of salt (About 3.5 tsp) 23 grams dry yeast (About 3 TBS) 2 teaspoons of sugar 1 table spoon honey 6 teaspoons olive oil

Did You Know: Bread flour has more proteins than all purpose flour. It also produces a higher amount of glutens which makes your dough stretch and gives it the elasticity it needs. Bread flour is a much better fit for these healthy loafs. This recipe also serves your vegetarian diet.

Steps: Whisk 2.5 cups of water with dry yeast and sugar together. Add flour, salt, olive oil and honey until you have a firm dough. Knead the dough. Let the dough rise in a warm place for 20 minutes under a kitchen towel. Knead the dough again for 2 minutes and cut the dough in half. Coat loaf pans with olive oil. Place each portion in their own baking bread pans. Pre-feat oven to 400F and bake for 35 min. Once done allow the loafs to cool. Slice and enjoy a fresh loaf of bread your favorite way.

In our camper we love making sandwiches!


July 13-15, 2018 Deadwood, SD FAC @ the Black Hills 2018! We had so much fun last year, we are trekking back up to the Black Hills in 2018. Please call the campground directly to reserve. Be sure to mention FAC - Friendly Average Campers of Colorado. A vintage trailer is NOT required. They also have cabins and RV’s for rent. Fish N Fry Campground 21390 US Highway 385 Deadwood, South Dakota 57732 605-578-2150 July 19-22, 2018 Elkhart, IN Silver Avion Fellowship (SAF) 25608 Co Rd 4, Elkhart, IN 46514. All Avions and Cayos manufactured from the mid-1950s through 1990 are welcome.The rally fee is $25 pp. The rally fee includes evening snacks, meals and morning coffee. Your camping fee will be paid directly to Elkhart Campground at a reduced rate of $34 per night for two persons. All sites full hookup. The rally is very informal with few activities planned. Terry at Terry Prentkowski/Bernie Stuckey &Deb, Andrew and Maddie O’Connell. No Open House. 317-258-8671 July 19-22, 2018 Brownsville, OR Rally On The River, tucked away in the beautiful town of Brownsville. This is an old fashion vintage trailer rally. Electricity available for all trailers. Bathrooms and showers also. Camp on the river in the shade. or 541206-3572 ask for Wade Long.

person to visit. Judging ends at 6pm. Angela Harris (517) 4235659 July 21-28, 2018 Waves, NC 2018 NAFCAree. 24798 NC HWY 12, Waves, North Carolina. Camp Hatteras Campground in Waves, N. Carolina (the Outer Banks) Mike DiMauro, (305) 6199585 August 2- 5, 2018 Grand Lake, CO 3rd Annual - Friendly Average Campers in Grand Lake, CO. Elk Creek Campground. Stunning Grand Lake is once again calling our name! Please

call the campground directly to reserve. Be sure to mention FAC. A vintage trailer is NOT required. We have sold out the entire campground, but they have started a wait list in case someone cancels. Elk Creek Campground. 143 County Rd 48 (Golf Course Road) Grand Lake, Colorado 80447 http:// 970-627-8502 August 3-5, 2018 Livingston, MT 6th Annual Fiddlers Picnic Rally. Join us August 3-5, 2018 at the Old Mercier Ranch for the 6th annual Fiddlers Picnic Vintage Trailer Rally. This is dry camping on the bank of the Yellowstone River on the South edge of Livingston Montana, the gateway to Yellowstone National Park. This is in the midst of a 500 picker jam that is over 40 years

Hot bed

July 20-22, 2018 Taylorsville, CA Trailersville Trailer Rally/Camping Taylorsville Campground. Next to the Indian Creek/River. This is a County campground with fire pits and water in various locations in campground, no electric. Restrooms w/showers available. Friday night meet & greet at the only local bar with special drink made for event. Potluck Saturday night in the campground. $14.00 per night (paid in advance). Contact us for a reservation. Open House Saturday July 21st. Wes & Diana Crites loyds_pss@ 775-813-7960 July 20-22 2018 Minster, OH 3rd Annual MId-Summer Get Together. 4401 Ft. Loramie Swanders Road Minster, Ohio 45865. Causal gathering at Lake Loramie State Park Trying to fill-in Sites in one corner of park, sites 112-119 premium lakeside sites, sites 121-130 reg sites. Feel free to choose any site. All attending will be responsible for making your own resv! http:// Park Office: (937) 295-2011, Camp Office: (937) 295-3900. Reservations (866) 644-6727, Randy Allen,, 423-542-8095 July 20-22, 2018 Tecumseh, Michigan Vintage Camper Competition. 9415 Tangent Road. Our Vintage Camper Competition is free to join (camping required) with People's Choice judging to allow for a unique interactive competition. Good Old American Classics will round out the weekend with tie-die t-shirts, Oldies Karaoke and more! Open House? 9am-8pm Saturday, $5/



Virginia City Reno/Sparks AugUST

3rd - 4th


7th - 12th

Hot August Nights Vintage Trailer Revival will be the talk of the park, trailer park that is! Vintage trailers 1976 and older will be able to dry camp for the week long event.

r e g i s t e r

f o r

2 0 1 8

t o d a y

7 7 5.356.1956


old. Bring your banjo! Social hour, potluck and pancake breakfast. $25 contribution to the Picnic covers it all. Dal Smilie

August 7-12, 2018 Reno, NV Hot August Nights Vintage Trailer Revival returns to the park, trailer park that is! Vintage trailers 1976 and older will be able to dry camp for the week long event. Free spectator views/Open House from Wednesday, August 8th through Saturday, August 12th from 10:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. Registrants will be able to participate in a Show-n-Shine competition and receive 2 credentials to access all Hot August Nights venues. Trailers must be 1976 or older. Register today to save your space. Cost: $250 for Classic Trailer and Non-HAN registered classic tow vehicle Cost: $300 for Classic Trailer and HAN Classic Car Combo. More details at vintage-trailer-revival August 9-12, 2018 Big Bear, CA If you’re a classic car enthusiast this is the Vintage Trailer Rally for you. Please join us at the Lighthouse Resort on the north shore of Big Bear Lake for the trailer rally This Rally coincides with the “Fun Run” car show in Big Bear. Saturday enjoy a front row seat at the Lighthouse Resort as 500 classic cars drive by in style. Max or Lori 909.866.9464. Spaces are $40/night full hook ups. August 18, 2018 Scotts Valley, CA Art, Wine, Beer, Car show and Vintage Trailer Festival!August 18th and 19th 2018-Saturday/Sunday only event will be a one day "Cops and Rodders" car show. Registration fee:$50.00 includes T-Shirt and awards for 3 best trailer categories. Pre1950's-1960's -1970's. Check in: Saturday the 18th at 8:00 am Trailers can remain until Sunday evening at 6:00 pm. Overnight stay is allowed, (dry camping on grass) but no fires, cooking or noisejust sleep-eez amarshall@scottsvalleychamber. com or

August 17-19, 2018 Pocatello, ID Bannock County Blue Grass Festival TCT, open to all vintage trailer rally in at the County Fairgrounds. Non members welcomed. Fees are $15 per space(full hook up),per day.$35.festival charge. Cash only at check in. We will have an area reserved for us. Bring some leveling boards and shade.Open House is Sat.9-6. Go to www. for more information. We had a great time last year kick'in back with great music. Orbie Mungall @ 1-435730-3840. August 24-26, 2018 Sunbury, PA Fantasy Island Campground Vintage Camper Rally. 401 Park Drive. Open House is open to the public (free) on Saturday, Aug. 25th from 1-4p.m. Parking along street is free. Timothy & Lacie Wert (570) 286-1307 August 24-26, 2018 Denver, CO Denver Modernism Show. FAC Vintage Trailer Exhibit. Once again Friendly Average Campers will be exhibiting trailers at The Denver Modernism Show! The show is Friday evening 8/24, all day Saturday 8/25, add day Sunday is the vintage car and trailer show. Purchase tickets at http://www.

August 24-25 2018 Tehachapi, CA T-Town Rumble Car and Vintage Trailer Show. 20915 SchoutRd. Come join us Friday in the “Trailerhood” dry camping under the Oak trees, and telling stories around the camp fire. Bring a dish to share. Saterday is show day open house and car show. Food, music, vendors, raffles, prizes and awards given for “King and Queen of the Trailer Park”! This is a small, casual event, but getting bigger every year! Registration is only $30. For more information visit www. Open House. Craig Bauer (661) 823-0885

September 4-10, 2018 Lynden, WA Mt. Baker Vintage Trailer Rally. NW Washington Fair & Event Center 1775 Front St Lynden, Washington 98264. 18th Annual Mt. Baker Vintage Trailer Rally. Washington State's Largest Annual Vintage Trailer Rally This is field camping with no assigned spots. You pay and register upon arrival. Showers, restrooms and a RV dump station are on site. Power and water is abundant and available for most everyone with extension cords and water splitters. Cost is: $30 per night and one-time rally fee of $15. (Add 3% for credit card payments). All are welcome to attend. Those trailers that aren't Vintage or "in The Spirit of Vintage" will just be asked to park in a designated section along the perimeter. Open House Saturday, September 8, 2018 12-4:00pm. René Perret, 360-431-7311 September 6-9, 2018 Dolores, CO 4 Corners Vintage Trailer Campout.The Views RV Park, 24990 Co. RD. 184, Dolores, CO. 81323. A no frills, no fee, just for fun campout in the beautiful 4 Corners. TNo competition, no awards, only fellowship around the campfire. Full hook-ups with sparkling clean bathrooms. Make reservations with The Views RV Park on their website or call them at (970)749-6489. Looking forward to seeing your rig and making your acquaintance. Cheers! Open House: Saturday afternoon. Classic Campers of NM. Mark Camrud (505) 360-0661. September, 7-9, 2018 Grass Valley CA 19th Annual Cruisin' the Pines Car Show, Nevada County, CA. Presented by the Roamin' Angels and open to 1972 and older vehicles, including VINTAGE CAMPER TRAILERS and classic boats. for more info or call Wally, 530-913-2933. September 7-9, 2018 Winthrop, WA Wheel into Winthrop. 316 Castle Avenue. Vintage Trailer Enthusiast Extravaganza! A laid back gathering for folks who own vintage trailers. A great


time to make new friends, show off your RV and Oooh and Ah over other folks' vintage RV's, Tractors, Motorcycles, Bicycles and collectible Automobiles. There will be an Auto Show including vintage Semis, Motorcycles, Tractors one block down & Parade of 120ish autos that come through our Campground on Saturday the 8th. Join the Party! Open House Saturday from approx 11-2 only if you wish to join. Anna Kominak pinenearpark@gmail. com 509-341-4062 September 7- 10, 2018 Red River, NM FAC @ Road Runner Resort in Red River, NM. Friendly Average Campers are heading south to New Mexico in September. Please call the resort to secure a reservation. Be sure to mention FAC. A vintage trailer is NOT required. Road Runner RV Resort, PO Box 588, Red River, NM 87558, http://, 575-754-2286

September 13-16, 2018 Thermopolis, WY Please join us at the 2nd Annual Vintage Rally at the Fountain of Youth Hot Springs, and RV park, at 250, Hiway 20, Trailer rent is 38.50night with tax includes access to the springs. A 20 dollar 1 time, per site rally fee is needed to rent the building venues. Call Kristina and Dave at the park to make reservations @ 307=864-3265, or your host Russell 307-250-0911 September 14-16, 2018 Newport, OR South Beach Rollin’ Oldies Vintage Trailer Rally at South Beach State Park. Trailer Open House, Potlucks, Night Glow & more. This is a great coastal location where the Yaquina Bay meets the Pacific Ocean. Plenty of nearby activities, including bike paths, crabbing, fishing, Lighthouse tours, Oregon Coast Aquarium, antique shops & restaurants. Priscilla LeWallen: lewallenw@msn. com phone 503-831-1268. Ashley Morrison-Roberts Morrison.ashley1@gmail. com phone 503-522-6179 Watch for upcoming info at listed under “events”. September 14-15, 2018 Kaysville, UT TCT rally at the Cherry Hill water park. Non members with vintage trailers are welcomed. Elevated fire pits are OK. All trailers must be gone by check out due to Halloween village starts setup.O pen House is Sat.9 am to 6 pm. A BBQ dinner is planned for Sat. pre-evening. I'm trying for $10 per person,cash. Call


Cherry Hill at 1-801-451-5379 from 4--to 6 pm, (winter hrs).Be sure to be put in the vintage grouping. For rally site info. go to Early arrivals is OK. Orbie @435-730-3840 or

September 20-23, 2018 Montello, WI Midwest Vintage Trailer Rally. 555 Lake Avenue. 18th annual. All vintage makes and models welcome! Show-Shine open house. Lawn chair drive in. And much more! Open House. Sept. 22, 2018. 11am-3pm Canned good donation for parking.Kimberly Steiner (309) 264-0760 September 20-23, 2018 Nancy, KY Somernites Cruise and Pulaski Co Park are proud to announce the 2nd Annual Campin' the Cumberland Vintage Camper Rally. 1200 Hwy 3189, Nancy, Ky 42544. The cost of the “Campin’ the Cumberland” Vintage Camper rally is $60 total (3 nights) and that includes an event decal. Event t-shirt's will be available. Keith Floyd kfloyd@ or 606-872-2277

September 27-30, 2018 Plymouth, CA Trailerfest Vintage Trailer Rally - A Wing-Ding of a Military Appreciation and 1940’s event. 49er Village, 18265 CA-49. 250 vintage trailers! Open House, open to the public, Saturday September 29th from 10 am until

2 pm. Military vehicles, classic cars and vintage motorcycles are invited to drive in to the event (between 9 am and 9:30 am) to be on display for open house. The camping rally is SOLD OUT! Get on the waiting list! (916) 572-8554

September 27–30, 2018 Southlake Tahoe, CA Lake Tahoe, California Vintage Trailer Gathering. Fallen Leaf Campground, a US Forest Service California campground, is situated on the north shore of Fallen Leaf Lake; the south shore of Lake Tahoe is less than a mile away. Standard tent and RV sites, just $35/night, or $17.50/nit if you have a Federal Senior Pass (age 62-older). The gathering is open to both Tin Can Tourist members and non-members alike. The RV and tent sites have paved parking aprons and each standard site has a bear-proof food storage locker, campfire ring, pedestal grill and picnic table. No power or water at these sites, this is upscale but dry camping. Coinoperated shower facilities, water spigots and accessible restrooms with flush toilets are scattered throughout the campground. Reserve your campsite through the online website; go to: https:// Tim Viall,, or call 209.969.3875. September 27- 30, 2018 Eagleville, MO Eagleville Vintage Camper/Glamper Rally FOUR. 22708 W. 182nd Street, Eagleville, MO 64442. Exactly half way between Kansas City, MO and Des Moines, IA on I-35. Great campground with fabulous owners! Great times with great friends!! Vintage Swap Meet, Dutch Oven Classes, Open House, Community Campfires, Potluck...It's the

place to swap stories and meet up with your new best friends!! For Questions and RALLY reservations, contact Lisa Smith at or 660-868-0933. For CAMPING reservations, contact Eagle Ridge Campground directly at 660-8675518. It gets bigger and better every year!! Open House Saturday Noon to 3:00 pm Lisa Smith 660-868-0933

monument, Meet and greet Fri. Pot luck Sat. Morning coffee. Host Glenda Heath 970314-0503 Make your reservations at Base Camp Rv resort 970-462-9712 Give the resort notice your attending the rally to get discount No Open House. Glenda Heath., 970314-0503

September 28-30, 2018 Crossville, TN Cumberland Fall Vintage RV Rally. 3609 Peavine Firetower Rd. Open House. Rickey King 931-409-4982

October 11-14, 2018 Columbia, MO Cottonwoods RV Park & Campground. 5170 N Oakland Gravel Road. Monster Mash themed Vintage Trailer Rally at our campground. Oktoberfest Food & Beer fun, monster themed activities, live music, a Vintage Trailer open house, and more! (573) 474-2747

October 5-7, 2018 Pagosa Springs, CO FAC - Autumn Splendor Gathering at The Bruce Spruce Ranch. We are heading to the beautiful San Juan Mountains and the Bruce Spruce Ranch to see the changing fall colors. The Bruce Spruce Ranch is a one of a kind RV resort. Full hookups in a rustic setting with unmatched views. Please call to secure your reservation. Be sure to mention FAC. A vintage trailer is NOT required. Bruce Spruce Ranch, 231 W. Ford Rd., 81147, www., 970-264-5374

October 5-7, 2019 Palisades, CO Colorado Western Slope Vintage Trailer Rally. 987 North River Road. The greatest concentration of wineries in the state. Campground is in the heart of wine country. It’s just a short drive to the Colorado national

October 19-21, 2018 Malibu, CA Ahoy mates! Grab your pirate hats and join us for the 3rd Annual Malibu Vintage Trailer Rally! Pirate themed rally open to all vintage style trailers (no open house). Located on a beautiful hillside overlooking the Pacific! Stay in comfort with clean bathrooms and heated showers; conveniently located near area restaurants and shops. Find our group page on Facebook! Email Rally Host Alex at for rally updates and additional information; Alex 818-298-9842. Limited space available! Reserve your site direct 310-4566052. Malibu Beach RV Park; 25801 Pacific Coast Highway, Malibu CA


October 26-28 , 2018 Santa Barbara, CA Ocean Mesa Halloween Vintage Trailer Mash. 100 El Capitan Terrace Lane. 5th Annual Halloween Vintage Trailer Mash at Ocean Mesa RV Resort. Come join us for spooky family fun , decorate your vintage trailer for Halloween, Pumpkin carving contest, Trailer trick or treating , costume party Saturday night .$86.25 a night , (805) 879-5751. Open House. Joe Messina (504)858-7376

November 1-4, 2018 Lake Havasu City, AZ Havasu Round Up, At the Rodeo Ground. Sara Park, 7260 Sara Parkway. All vintage trailers come and join us fun camp out, $10.00 per night camping fee, dry camping. Meet and greet Friday 6:00p.m. (in large building) Bring a hors d’oeuvre (snack) to share and your own beverage. (for campers) Showers and restrooms available. Pot luck Sat evening, 5:00pm (for campers). Wear your best Western Gear for the potluck, prize for the best outfit and a prize for the best or unusual decorated trailer,. Open House 10am-3pm Fri and Sat. jra@cnw. com, please reserve, pay when you arrive, Cherri and Mike Aiken (928) 505-2730 November 2-4, 2018 Kernville, CA Rivernook RV. 14001 Sierra Way 760-376-2705 Make reservations with the park directly. Tell them you are with the Vintage trailer group. Phil & Wendy at 951-520-3118.


November 2-4, 2018 Jackson, CA Rancheria Rally. 11407 Dalton Road. Located at the beautiful Jackson Rancheria RV Park. Third annual Rancheria Rally. Join us for a fun weekend with friends who love the 'vintage' lifestyle. Come out before the weather turns cold and rainy. No Open House. Greg and Wendy Burns 209-605-1305 November 7-11, 2018 Live Oak, FL Gathering of the Times 2018. 3076 95th Dr, Live Oak, FL 32060. Join us on the banks of the beautiful Suwanee River for a vintage trailer rally to remember. Please visit our website,, for more information. Open House. Pete Whitley 678-378-3725. (See ad below right) January 31 – February 3, 2019 Lake Havasu City, AZ State Park (WINDSOR BEACH-Over Flow Lot) 699 Lndon Bridge Rd. Limited spaces! Beautiful setting on the beach! First timers are always welcomed! No dues, no meetings. potluck on Sat. evening, coffee in the morning at the group area. Please reserve, pay when you arrive. Open house for the public, from 10am until 3pm on Friday and Saturday. (Park cost $3.00 per person to come into the park). Demonstrations on Dutch oven cooking and care for Dutch ovens Friday and Saturday afternoon. dry camping, there will be a plug in to plug in cell phones, etc. Power available for medical devices only. There are showers and restrooms. Cherri and Mike, hosts Call (928) 5052730, or e-mail anytime

February, 19-24, 2019 Brooksville, FL TCT Centennial Celebration. Sertoma Youth Ranch. April 5-7, 2019 Folsom Lake, CA Join us for the 4th annual Oasis West 2019 Vintage Trailer MicroRally. This intimate rally features 17 sites with full hook-ups, Friday night cocktails, Saturday morning hike, private trailer viewings, a Saturday night potluck / Vintage game night and a Sunday Pancake fest. Reservations start in September 2018. Email ChristianSalmon@comcast. net for details. April 25-28, 2019 Hemet, CA Gear up your Woodies and VW Buses and get ready to cruise back in time to SoCal in the ’60s at Golden Village Palms’ 5th Annual “Surfin’ USA” Pre-1985 Vintage Trailers, Campers & Classic Car Show. Sixties beach vibes never looked so good on some of the finest vintage trailers and campers, plus classic cars, motorcycles and trucks! On Saturday, pull on your best beach getup and tune in to a Beach Boys tribute band that will have crowds twisting to classic surf jams. Throughout the weekend, we’ll also have celebrity impersonators, vintage vendors, and more. vintage 866-468-9033 June 7-10, 2019 Hollister, CA

Send us your 2018-2019 rally info. This list can not be reproduced without written permission from VCT Mag.


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Museum Exhibit Sacramento, CA



PO Box 354, Elverta CA 95626


The Vintage Camper Trailers Magazine #38  

The magazine for all collectors, restorers, admirers and dreamers. Always made in the USA. If you collect and preserve mid-century camper tr...

The Vintage Camper Trailers Magazine #38  

The magazine for all collectors, restorers, admirers and dreamers. Always made in the USA. If you collect and preserve mid-century camper tr...