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CAMPER Vol. 8, No. 4, Issue: 44 July/August 2019


Ultimate Restorations

GOLDEN CARAVAN The magazine for all vintage camper trailer collectors, restorers, admirers and dreamers.




We picked up a 62 Shasta trailer and the side looked like a kid took a stick to the side of it. It was bad. We brought the skin to Hemet Valley RV and they Made a new piece. The Bottom skin is new and the top skin was old, but they look identical. It had 6 inch lines and it turned out perfect. Thanks Guys. Great job. -Barry

What our customers DIAMOND QUILTED have to say about us



Five Star Plus!!! Steve and his company demonstrate what customer service should look like. Thanks so much! -Glenn I recently purchased all of the siding,trim and entry door for an 1970 11’ foot trailer that I rebuilt using only the metal frame of the original trailer. I contacted Steve at Hemet Valley RV and sent him a side view of the trailer with the dimensions on it. Steve figured out what material I needed and the amount and sent it. Everything that I needed I received in a timely fashion and it was packaged in very strong boxes...Thanks so much for the great job Steve, I have no doubt that your business will have continued success, Great Job. -Wayne M.

2" x 6" diamond quilted aluminum. 24" width - .024 thick. High polish, raw mill or polar white finish.

Located in Hemet, California, we offer a wide variety of RV siding and camper siding for a variety of vintage camper trailers. Our panels and products are ideal when it comes to completing seamless repairs to siding, roofing and edging on your vehicle. Hemet Valley RV guarantees to deliver the results that you expect right to your door.

Extensive knowledge and quality materials. Very fair pricing and quick turn around time. Steve and Tammy are always helpful. -Larry 2

VCT's new Capri Camper has polished quilted aluminum siding to give it a more "vintage" look.

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1947 Spartan Manor - Glamperfest


1956 Airfloat Land Yacht


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1979 Silver Streak Deluxe Atlas


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MarketingYourTrailer for Maximum Profit 34 Seasons Greetings


1952 Saratoga


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In the next issue of the VCT Magazine: Fiberglass Trailers? What have you got?


American Tr a i l e r i t e By Paul Lacitinola Publisher VCT Magazine Volume: 8 - Number: 4 - Issue: 44 Published by: Paul and Caroline Lacitinola American Trailerites Some questions I ask may sound dumb, but I won't learn as much if I act smart. -Harold Warp, Pioneer Village, Minden, NE Inventor of Flex-O-Glass Vintage Camper Trailers Magazine is a non-denominational supporter of the vintage camper trailer hobby. We welcome all collectors, restorers, admirers and dreamers.

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I am writing this column in Troy, Ohio in a Starbucks with Wi-fi. We are traveling across the country with the Golden Caravan Airstream and finishing this issue of the magazine so we can go to press. Our routine has been to get up early, work a couple of hours and then hit the road or go exploring. Today was Caroline’s birthday so we had a special “birthday brunch” at a truck stop restaurant. The restaurant was owned by a Greek family so Caroline got a piece of Baklava with a candle in it. The joys of working from the road are worth the headaches. Last night, my daughter Grace and I saw our first “Lightning Bug”. It was really something to see spontaneous bursts of light in the night sky. Grace was even able to catch one – a worthy childhood achievement that most kids from the west coast don’t get to experience. We have passed by or stopped to explore 4 State Capitols: Salt Lake City, Cheyenne, Topeka and Jefferson City. We have seen beautiful scenery and experienced things we have only read about like the Continental Divide and the confluence of the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers. We were able to visit Modern Litho in Jefferson City, MO. They print and mail the magazine for us. Modern Litho’s state of the art facility prints and ships over 500 niche magazines. Visiting this family owned business deepened our confidence that we are doing business with the right company. They are a large company and while we are not their biggest customer, they treat us like we are and rolled out the red carpet. We have also met great people along the way that have either met up with us intentionally at one of our camp outs or that we have serendipitously crossed paths with. The vintage Gold Striped Airstream is always a conversation starter. The gold stripe throws Airstream aficionados off their game. It is a fun story to share as we make new friends. The new Capri Camper mounted to our truck has been a comfortable retreat with its modern A/C and beds for everyone. For all the positives, there are a few challenges. Wi-fi has been our arch nemesis. The first few days of work time were spent trying to figure out how to connect to the Internet rather than accomplishing any real work. Messing around with technology is part of the price we must pay to be working on the road. Thankfully, we have figured out how to create a workable hot spot off our phones so we can get on-line to work. My son Angelo took over our shipping department until he flew out to join us on the road in St. Louis, MO. There is a bit of boss versus parenting relationships that need to be worked through. While challenging, it is still a wonderful growing experience for all those involved. We are grateful that Angelo is responsible and is working at getting all the orders to the post office in a timely manner. Working from the road does present some extra hoops we have had to jump through, but it is worth every moment of consternation to make the memories and share the experiences we are having as a family.



THE GOLDEN CARAVAN A one-of-a-kind trailer with a mysterious past and a promising future.

A gold anodized band around the trailer. Factory painted gold trim. Fiberglass bathtub finished in gold metal flake. Dual axles on a 24’ Tradewind. Unique jalousie windows on both sides. Jalousie window in the entrance door.

By Paul Lacitinola Each and every week I am contacted by someone with a trailer name I am not familiar with. An Airstream on the other hand is probably the most easily recognized name in the trailering hobby. Even the layman knows what you mean when you mention an "Airstream". They probably immediately visualize a silver bullet, or Twinkie, but can hardly tell the difference between a 1950's model and the new Airstreams produced today. I always tell people that there were hundreds (if not thousands) of travel trailers produced from the late 40s through the 70s. Most of which were not well documented. Who would have thought anyone would care 70 years later? With Airstreams there is an abundance of information available. There are books, clubs, magazines, websites and archives that tell the history of Airstream. The company itself is the only one from the mid-century that is still in business today. Documenting an Airstreams origin and history should be a breeze, right? WRONG! To this day we can only speculate on what we know about the history of this trailer and for the time being, the FACTS may still be a mystery. 6

Paul Lacitinola with Pete DeAcosta, the owner of Capri Camper in Bluff Dale, Texas. We outfitted our Ram 2500 with a camper that fit in our 6.5' pick-up bed allowing us to tow without hitch extensions. The camper features adult sized bunk beds and a queen sized bed. Room for us and the kids as we travel across the country with the Golden Caravan!

“It is to be an Airstream with distinctive external identification as a Golden Caravan; offered in a limited number of floor plans‌.it is to be built to the principle that no cost shall be spared in providing the finest and most advanced mechanical contrivances and materials for both world cruising and domestic pleasure travel; it is not to be customized for individual customers but shall be signed by Airstream.â€?

Found in an overgrown side-yard in Modesto, California by Gary Vulkich, this one of a kind Airstream will be featured in a television documentary by Ultimate Restorations and travel across the USA after being restored by trailer owner Paul Lacitinola and Tim Brown.


Tim Brown and myself spent the better part of 3 months taking the trailer down to the bare floors and starting over with Zolatone Paint and Marmoleum flooring. Most cabinets were refaced with black walnut veneers. The trailer was complete with all of the original light fixtures, sinks and stove. They have all been refurbished and returned to the trailer. All of the sink fixtures are new, for trouble free operation, but are nearly identical to the old fixtures that had done their duty for almost 60 years.



We documented the history of this 1961 Airstream (as we know it) in the previous issue of the VCT Magazine. All of the experts have helped us piece together what we do know. In this issue of the magazine I wanted to share the finished restoration. Having rescued and restored this trailer in the wet spring of 2019, we took it to its first rally in June. (Rockabilly, Hollister, CA). It was a crowd pleaser with the compliments being on the spaciousness of the floor-plan and the clean, period correct restoration. From the rally we set out on a cross country road trip to the Airstream factory in Jackson Center, Ohio. When we return to California in mid July, the trailer will be offered for sale in hopes that an appreciator of Airstreams will take care of her so she is around for another 58 years.

Above: All of the original lighting fixtures were still in the trailer. They were refurbished and reinstalled. Each fixture has a 110v side and a 12v side. Below: A minimal amount of period correct decorations, that carried the trailer's Golden Caravan theme, and coordinated with the overall color palette, were added to create the feel that the trailer had in 1961.

Above: The gold metal flake bathtub is original to the trailer and remains in its original condition. The shower/ bath is fed by a hand held faucet/sprayer mounted on the left hand side of the bathroom counter-top. The sink water is controlled by a shower type fixture mounted in the counter on the right side of the sink. The sliding doors below the sink are original to the trailer. A new toilet and hot water heater make the trailer usable. Above Left: Not original to the trailer, a flat screen TV and magazine rack were built into an unused space at the end of the galley.


Just the cool kids...

With a catch phrase like “Just for the cool kids”, the first annual Glamperfest was a chance to have fun with the cliché of “glamping”. We picked an upscale resort to meet at, served shrimp at the potluck. Saturday night was the “All White” party with four wineries offering tastings of their varietals along with cheese, olives and chocolates to snack on. Everyone was clad in white on the lanai at sunset on the Sacramento River. The “One-Man Trio” entertained everyone playing a variety of classic tunes on an assortment of different instruments. The weather was pleasantly warm all weekend and everybody seemed to enjoy the venue. Keeping it glampy Saturday morning, an oatmeal bar with fresh fruits and pastries was provided for everyone. We have invested in 10

David and Lynn Doty

large rice cookers that make it easy to do rice, or oatmeal, for large groups. You may want to consider this if you are hosting rallies. From the swimming pool and fountains to the deluxe clubhouse and on-site masseuse, the weekend felt like the ultimate glamping trip. The highlight of the weekend for me was the Glampolicious contest. Often, as the host, we don’t always get to break away from taking care of the guests. Friday night's Glampolicious contest gave us a chance to close our trailer and drift around the park. Guests were invited to open their trailers Friday evening from 7-9 pm for an open house. This open house was for other campers only, NOT the general public. With the park all lit up with trailer lights at dusk, the rows of vintage trailers were alive

David and Lynn Doty put the final touches on their 1947 Spartan Manor just to make it to Glamperfest. The incredible transformation was done by the Dotys in a style that screamed GLAMPER!


with guests touring the open trailers. Trailers were decorated in different themes with most hosts in costume or period garb. Food and/or drink were also offered at each of the trailers. People were able to vote for their “most Glampolicious� trailer and the winners won either two nights at the Durango RV Resort or in Napa, CA at www.1948Spartan. com. We had so much fun that we will always incorporate a spin on this type of event into our rallies. Over the years we have done a different theme for every Trailerfest Rally we have hosted. It is fun to keep them fresh and they continue to sell out so others


must enjoy them too. If you want some more ideas about hosting a rally, (or just want to see more vintage trailers), check out our book, Vintage Camper Trailer Rallies. It has 200 pages of photos an a lot of ideas that have worked for us over the years.

Many more photos on-line at


1956 Airfloat Land Yacht, Cordoba Edit

What happens when a 1956 Airoat meets the Mosque of Cordoba in Spain, a yurt from Uzbekistan, and the Oscar Meyer Weiner Truck? A better question is, what happens when Walter meets Monica. We are Walter Dill and Monica Uhl (pronounced ool). Together we are DillUhlsional. We are combining our careers and experience with partner dance, technology and design to help bring joy, beauty, and connection into the world. Our somewhat extravagant version of a 30' 1956 Airfloat Land Yacht will be our home on the road, part of our small footprint – big impact strategy.



Top: First photo from Larry; Right: Heat pump and propane tanks on tongue; Below: View towards back of trailer.

Our Airfloat epic started on October 3, 2011, when another trailerite, Larry Walsh was wandering the Atascadero, CA countryside looking for vintage trailers. He discovered this 1956 Airfloat in a large fenced field. It was brought out of storage the previous day to be readied for sale. The owner’s son who happened to be mowing the field let Larry in, who then took many detailed photos. The next day, I called Larry after discovering a Spartan he had for sale online, but it sold 2 years prior. Larry suggested this Airfloat would be a good project, following up with photos and the owner’s contact info. On October 5, after $2000 in payment, the adventure began. Larry returned the next day and very generously made a 25-minute YouTube walk-through. That video can be viewed on our web site along with many original, in-progress, and current photos of the trailer. A number of would-be buyers soon thereafter saw the Airfloat in that field and begged to buy it, but..


What ensued waswas an an epic taletale of preparing, transporting to Whidbey Island, disassembling, andand What ensued epic of preparing, transporting to Whidbey Island, disassembling, attempting to simultaneously construct a functional travel trailer andand make an an artistic statement. attempting to simultaneously construct a functional travel trailer make artistic statement. I am a woodworker/designer, NOT an an RVRV technician, mechanic, experienced building contractor, I am a woodworker/designer, NOT technician, mechanic, experienced building contractor, or cabinet maker so so justjust about every possible mistake waswas made in the structural andand technical or cabinet maker about every possible mistake made in the structural technical realm. ForFor instance, installing thethe floor andand paintings before electrical andand plumbing. At the same realm. instance, installing floor paintings before electrical plumbing. At the same time notnot being aware of what is expected andand “correct”, allowed for for developing unusual solutions. time being aware of what is expected “correct”, allowed developing unusual solutions. After I was able to extract Monica from thethe corporate world, virtually every element of the design After I was able to extract Monica from corporate world, virtually every element of the design hashas been a collaboration. To To mymy surprise, herher aesthetic waswas as as eccentric andand whimsical as as mine, been a collaboration. surprise, aesthetic eccentric whimsical mine, herher attention to detail waswas even more refined, andand ourour drives were harmonious. attention to detail even more refined, drives were harmonious. Dinette area. of the 1920’s bronze sconces. Below: Monica Walter; spiral dining table. Top:Top: Dinette area. Left:Left: oneone of the 1920’s castcast bronze wallwall sconces. Below: Monica andand Walter; spiral dining table.


Above: one of the 40 paintings - inspired by mosaics in the Mosque of Cordoba in Spain. Above right: view from the very back. Right: Top cabinet doors; bedroom area; drawer pull; parquet floor panel; switch plate.

More stories, pictures, and details about design, construction, materials, and processes are available on Unique details include: • Mollycroft (raised roof area) and front dinette bump-out. Framed with rolled square aluminum tubing. • 40 paintings based on mosaics in the Mosque of Cordoba in Spain. • 10,000+ piece fine hardwood parquet floor. • Original aluminum siding is painted with Kynar, an industrial architectural finish for aluminum. • Industrial rubber hose fabricated to fit on most exterior edges. • Tow vehicle is a 1999 F450 7.3L diesel box truck. It’s the woodshop where most of the work on the trailer has been done. • Original cabinets, which were painted white, are dark Philippine Mahogany. • Custom fresh and gray water tanks. Would we do this again? Certainly. We look at this trailer as a prototype. So many valuable lessons (are still being) learned, along with treasured connections made with numerous skilled and knowledgeable people. Write to or for questions and to be put on our email list.



Authors Authorsofofthe theIllustrated IllustratedField FieldGuide GuidetotoVintage VintageTrailers Trailers

AAlot lotofofvintage vintagetrailer trailerafi aficionados cionadosfall fallinto intoowning owningaa vintage vintagetrailer trailerwithout withoutmuch muchknowledge knowledgeabout aboutthem them beyond, beyond,“Hey, “Hey,that thatlooks lookscool!” cool!”Which Whichisiscool, cool,but butififyou you are arelooking lookinginto intobuying buyingaavintage vintagetrailer trailerand andwant wanttotobe be able abletotofake fakeyour yourway waythrough throughyour yourfifirst rstrally rally––here’s here’saa quick quickwrap wrapup upofofthe thebasic basicvintage vintagetrailer trailerbody bodystyles. styles. But Butfifirst, rst,aacaveat: caveat:this thisarticle articlewon’t won’texplain explainthe the benefi benefitstsofofone oneshape shapeor orsize sizeover overthe theother, other,really really that’s that’saamatter matterofoftaste tasteand andhow howyou youplan plantotouse useyour your trailer. trailer.Not Nottotomention mentionthat thataabathroom bathroomisisan anessential essential middle-of-the-night middle-of-the-nightamenity amenityfor formany. many.And Andas asevery every would-be would-betrailerist traileristsoon soonlearns, learns,these thesetopics topicscan can provide providehours hoursofofcampfi campfire rediscussions. discussions. Over Overthe thedecades decadesthere therehave havebeen beenhundreds hundredsofof trailer trailermanufacturers manufacturersand andthousands thousandsofofindividual individual models. models.The Thecreativity creativitydisplayed displayedinintrailer trailerdesign designseems seems unlimited, unlimited,and andwe wediscover discoverrare raremodels modelsatatevery everyrally rally we wevisit. visit.The Thefollowing followingisisaasmall smallsample sampleofofthe thetype typeofof information informationthat thatnewbies newbiesand andold oldhands handscan canfifind nduseful useful ininThe TheIllustrated IllustratedField FieldGuide GuidetotoVintage VintageTrailers. Trailers. 18

Aircraft/Streamlined Aircraft/Streamlined Aircraft Aircraftstyle styletrailers trailerswere wereborn bornout outofofthe the30’s 30’s&&40’s 40’saviation aviation industry industryand andfeatured featuredan analuminum aluminumskin skinriveted rivetedtotoan analuminum aluminum frame. frame.These Theselightweight lightweighttrailers trailerstraveled traveledthe theworld worldwith withnames names like likeAirstream, Airstream,Avion, Avion,Silver SilverStreak, Streak,and andStreamline. Streamline.Over Overthe the decades decadesthey theycame cameininmany manylengths lengthsand andconfi configurations gurationsbut butcan canbe be easily easilyconfused confusedwith withone oneanother. another. 1954 1954Airlight Airlight


AArare raremodel model with withaarear reardoor door from fromaashort-lived short-lived company. company.ItItmay may look looklike likean an Airstream, Airstream,but but it’s it’snot. not.

Breadloaf Breadloaf As Asthe thename nameimplies, implies,breadloaf breadloafstyle styletrailers trailersare arelong, long,flflat-sided, at-sided, and androunded roundedoff offatatthe thetop toplike likeaaloaf loafofofbread. bread.They Theygenerally generallydate date from fromthe the1930s 1930sthrough throughthe the1950s. 1950s.Early Earlymodels, models,with withfifiberboard berboard skins, skins,likely likelyno nolonger longerexist existexcept exceptininmuseums. museums.Later Latermodels modelswith with aluminum aluminumskins skinsand andmetal metalframes frameslast lasttotothis thisday. day.Some Somenames namestoto look lookfor: for:Covered CoveredWagon, Wagon,Hayes, Hayes,Schult, Schult,Westcraft, Westcraft,Westwood. Westwood. 1936 1936Hayes Hayes

This Thisline lineofofall-steel all-steel trailers trailershad hadtheir their chassis, chassis,frame, frame, walls, walls,and androof roof welded weldedinto intoone one rigid rigidpiece piecetotogive give ititstrength. strength. MONTE MONTEOSBORN OSBORN

Teardrop Teardrop Some Someofofthe themost mostfamous famoustrailer trailerbrands brandslike likeKit, Kit,Kenskill, Kenskill,and and Serro SerroScotty Scottystarted startedout outmaking makingteardrop teardroptrailers. trailers.The Thesmallest smallest ofofallalltrailers, trailers,teardrops teardropshave havecomfortable comfortablesleeping sleepingquarters quartersand and rear reargalley. galley.They Theyare arelightweight lightweightand andtow toweasily. easily.When Whenequipped equipped with withan anawning awningoff offthe theback backend, end,they theygain gainaabigger biggerfootprint footprintand and more more“living” “living”space. space. 1947 1947Kit Kit Sportsmaster Sportsmaster


Built Builtfor forsportssportsmen menthat thatwere were ready readytotorough roughititinin style. style.ItItfeatured featuredaa two-door two-doorsleeping sleeping berth, berth,double doublebed, bed, and andaarear reargalley. galley.

Canned CannedHam Ham Canned Cannedham hamstyle styletrailers trailershad hadflflatatsides sidesand andaaround roundprofi profilele roughly roughlyininthe theshape shapeofofaacan canofofham. ham.Most Mostwere werecovered coveredwith with aluminum aluminumskin skinand andhad hadwood woodframe framewalls. walls.They Theywere wereavailable availableinin many manylengths lengthsfrom from10-foot 10-footvacation vacationsizes sizesup uptoto24-foot 24-footand andlonger longer park parkmodels modelsdesigned designedfor forextending extendingliving. living. Examples Examplesinclude include Cardinal, Cardinal,Comet, Comet,Deville, Deville,Hanson, Hanson,and andShasta. Shasta.


1948 1948Terry Terry Rambler Rambler


The Thefifirst rstmodel model built builtininthe thelonglonglived livedTerry Terrytrailer trailer line. line.This Thisparticular particular trailer’s trailer’sbright, bright,clean clean look lookattests atteststotoits its recent recentrestoration. restoration.

Square/Angular Square/Angular InInthe the1960s 1960s&&70s 70smany manytrailer trailerdesigns, designs,like likethe thecars carsthat that pulled pulledthem, them,evolved evolvedinto intoaamore moreangular angularlook. look.InInthe thecase caseofof trailers, trailers,ititmade madethe thenew newmodels modelseasier easiertotoconstruct constructand and stand standout outtotobuyers buyersininaacrowded crowdedmarketplace. marketplace.Aristocrat, Aristocrat, Ideal, Ideal,Kit, Kit,Nomad, Nomad,Prowler, Prowler,and andShasta Shastatrailers trailersofofthe theday dayare are standout standoutexamples. examples. 1965 1965Shasta ShastaSLS SLS

Note Notethis thismodel’s model’s angled angledbody bodyshape, shape, bold boldorange orange graphic, graphic,iconic iconic wings wingson onits itstail tail end, end,and andunique unique door doorplacement. placement. JEFF JEFFAND ANDMICHELLE MICHELLENALL NALL

The Theillustrations illustrationsononthe the right rightshow showthe theevolution evolution ofofKit Kitbranded brandedtrailers trailers and andthat thatwhile whileyou youmight might be beable abletotonarrow narrowaa trailer’s trailer’smodel modelyear year based basedonly onlyononitsitsshape, shape, you youcannot cannotalways always determine determineaatrailer trailer manufacturer manufacturerbased basedonly only ononaatrailer’s trailer’sbody bodystyle. style. Kit Kitmodels modelsranged rangedfrom from the theoriginal originalKit KitKamper Kamper teardrop, teardrop,the thecanned canned ham hamand andlater latersquare square body bodystyles stylesofofthe the Companion, Companion,totoparkparksized sizedmodels modelslike likethe the Chateau. Chateau.Kit Kiteven eventried tried dipping dippingtheir theirtoes toesinto into the theaircraft-style aircraft-stylemarket, market, introducing introducingthe theshortshortlived livedKit KitJetstream Jetstream during duringthe thelate late1950s. 1950s.

1946 1946Kit KitKamper Kamper

1949 1949Kit KitCompanion Companion

1957 1957Kit KitJetstream Jetstream

1967 1967Kit KitCompanion Companion

The TheKit KitShield Shield

Fiberglass Fiberglass“Egg” “Egg” These Theselightweight lightweightmolded moldedfifiberglass berglasstrailers trailerswere wereintroduced introducedinin the thelate late1960s 1960sand andnamed namedfor fortheir theiregg-shaped egg-shapedand andsometimes sometimes colorful colorfulbodies. bodies.The Theinterior interiorcupboards, cupboards,closet, closet,and andbunks bunkswere were made madeofoffifiberglass berglasstoo. too.The TheBoler Bolerbrand brandwas wasthe thefifirst, rst,with withmany many descendants descendantsthat thatare arestill stillcurrently currentlymanufactured manufacturedlike likeCasita, Casita, Trillium, Trillium,and andScamp. Scamp.

While Whilethe thepainted paintedbranding brandingononearly early models modelsisisfrequently frequentlylost lostover overtime, time,the the Kit Kitshield shieldofoflater latermodels modelscan canbe bemore more easily easilyfound foundasasstamped stampedemblems emblemsand and decals decalsininvarious variouslocations locationsononthe thetrailer. trailer.

1974 1974Boler Boler

The Themod modshape shapeofof this thistrailer, trailer,along along with withits itsbright bright orange orangecolor, color,dates dates ititsmack smackdab dabininthe the mid-1970s mid-1970sand andthe the disco discoera. era. WARRENLOOK LOOK WARREN


THE THEILLUSTRATED ILLUSTRATEDFIELD FIELDGUIDE GUIDEtotoVINTAGE VINTAGETRAILERS TRAILERS A-Z A-Zentries entriesinclude includehundreds hundredsofofhigh-quality high-qualityphotos, photos,detailed detailed illustrations, illustrations,authentic authenticlogos, logos,identifying identifyingfeatures, features,historical historicalbriefs, briefs, key keymodels modelsand andmore. more.For Formore moreinformation informationand andvintage vintagetrailer trailer merchandise merchandisego gototovintagetrailerfi vintagetrailerfi


Vintage Trailer Vacation Thinking of buying a vintage camper trailer o r yo u l ove yo u r t r a i l e r b u t wo u l d l i ke t o ex p e r i e n c e a s t ay i n a n o t h e r s i ze o r m o d e l ? Are you daydreaming of owning your own classic home on wheels, but, like Goldilocks, can’t decide which one is “just right” for you? Do you love vacationing in interesting, historic and funky places? Mod Betty is excited to share with you Bisbee Arizona, home of the famous Shady Dell Trailer Court and a whole lot more!

By Beth Lennon Mod Betty of Retro Roadmap

The Shady Dell Trailer Court Originally opened in 1929 the Shady Dell began as a place for weary travelers to rest on the cross country route between Georgia and California. Fast forward through some good times and not-so good, it wasn’t until the mid-1990s that the property was transformed into a living homage to the golden (aluminum?) age of trailer travel. Now some 90 years after it opened, it continues to offer travelers - weary or not - a variety of 1950s campers to choose from, plus a few surprises. Interested in testing out a classic old camper? You can sleep in a your choice of Airstream, Spartan, Boles Aero or the oftInstagrammed golden-hued Airfloat. Want to rest your head in lesser known but equally as cool camper brand? Spend the night in the El Rey, Alma or spread out in the 45’ Kropf park model.


Looking to create some once-in-a-lifetime vacation snapshots? Spend your stay in their dry-docked Chris Craft Yacht or antique “Tiki Bus” - both built in 1957. Since Retro Roadhusband and I are accustomed to our cozy/ cramped 13’ Serro Scotty Gaucho, on our visit to the Shady Dell we opted to live it up a little, spending the night in the 1951 Spartan Royal Mansion, which measures a luxurious 33’ long. Being able to literally stretch our legs and walk around in this fabulous camper (which we could never afford or store on our own) was a delight. Shady Dell Manager Brad Hardy ensures that every camper is decorated authentically to the period it was built in, and we

There’s a stunning view of the surrounding mountains everywhere you turn. The Shady Dell Trailer Court, Bisbee Arizona

Classic cars and other trailers are displayed - Interested in testing out a classic old camper? You can sleep in a your choice of Airstream, Spartan, Boles Aero or the oft-Instagrammed golden-hued Airfloat.

loved noticing his thoughtfulness, right down to the silverware and bathroom decals. Staying true to the earlier era, there’s no wi-fi, so we enjoyed the hi-fi instead, spending a lovelyold fashioned evening playing records and toasting with the provided martini glasses that matched our tufted cocktail themed door. On your visit to the Shady Dell plan on spending some time exploring the grounds, as there are treats around every corner. While I won’t give them all away, I was smitten with the rescued 1956 Valentine diner known as Dot’s to the outdoor “drive-in” movie area. As you stroll around you’ll be serenaded by their on-site AM radio station, piping oldies tunes across the airwaves for all to enjoy. Classic cars and other trailers are displayed - and used - on-site, and there’s a wonderful collection of trailer-life ephemera on display in the office. And no matter where you turn there’s a stunning view of the surrounding mountains.

But that’s not all... Ghost Town - Lowell, Arizona You won’t want to leave the Shady Dell, but when you do, don’t hit the road just yet. You simply must cross the street and visit Lowell Arizona, a living “ghost town” replete with early-era cars, storefronts and period signage. Once a thriving mining town, much of it was demolished to expand the adjacent Lavender Open Pit Mine, but residents and fans keep the place looking as it once did. Much like the Shady Dell, photo ops abound here, but so does the opportunity for a most hearty breakfast or lunch at the Bisbee Breakfast Club, open in what once was the town Rexall. Bring your appetite with you, as biscuits are the size of a cat’s head (or Mod Betty’s head, for that matter!) the omelets are stuffed, and the pies are homemade. Continued on page 40


Vinyl Wrapping Campers Larry Hill, Retro Restoration, LLC

An option to painting or polishing the exterior of your trailer. Vinyl wraps can completely change the look of a trailer by using solid colors, patterns, text or brand logos. The possibilities are endless. Vinyl wraps are becoming more and more common, the biggest users are commercial trucks, but also becoming more popular on cars. It can also be applied to a camper. In our example, we had a 1965 Avion that had the dull gray anodized finish, very difficult to polish. Adding to the complication was a few dents that needed to be repaired, as well as one panel that needed to be replaced. The replacement panel would never match the old anodized finish. That left us with two options… paint it or wrap it. Wrapping seemed to be a much better option.

If you decide to go with a wrap, I recommend that you have a pro shop install it… it is not an easy DIY project. I did mine myself, the biggest drawback was we wasted a lot of material until we got the process down.

Here is how we did it: Remove everything from the body that you can, even if it means drilling out rivets. While not really necessary, I feel it makes a much cleaner installation. Scrub the body clean. Scrub it again. Then wipe it down with a wax & Installing the vinyl panel by panel, starting at the lower back and grease remover and try not working forward and up. to touch the bare aluminum much after. The cleaner the The vinyl is a special vinyl that conforms well to shapes surface, the better the adhesion. Have a very clean work and is engineered to allow air bubbles to escape, leaving a area… the vinyl is very static as you install it, trust me it will smooth finish. There are several brands available and literattract dust to it like a magnet. Any dust or dirt stuck to the ally hundreds of colors or prints to choose from, or they can adhesive side will show up in the final finish. We did each even be custom printed for panel individually, startextra cost. After ordering ing at the lower back and several samples, we chose working forward and up, a gold metallic that would and overlapped each panel look similar to gold anodby 1/8”. This is a bonus izing. We did consider a of additional sealing of the gold “chrome” but the high panels, even though any polished chrome looking leaks should be addressed vinyls are much more diffibefore installing the wrap. cult to work with. We used Measure and cut the vinyl a 3M brand product, mostly oversize, you trim it to fit because I liked the shade later. You simply place the better, but also it has one of vinyl loosely over the alumithe best warranties, guarnum, and then start working anteed for seven years. It’s it down from the middle all available from several to the edges with a felt suppliers on-line, it comes wrapped squeegee. A little in about 5’ wide and you heat carefully applied with buy it by the yard. They a heat gun helps with the also have all the tools and more complex curves. The Here the trailer is clean and ready for the wrap. All the windows and accessories you may need hardest part we encounhardware is removed, and you can see the areas of traditional body or want. tered was all the rivets on work had been previously completed. Make sure the primer is fully the body panels. The only cured and sanded smooth. 22

After the wrap is installed, reinstall all the windows and hardware. This is very rewarding as you can begin to see the final results! The vinyl can be applied to fairly complex shapes. We detailed out some chrome wheels to match, and all the access panels such as the louvered fridge access door.

way I found was to gently heat the vinyl over each rivet and carefully work it down with my fingertip, tedious and time consuming considering how may rivets there were. Once the vinyl is down, then the edges are trimmed to the final size using a very sharp knife. Extreme care must be taken when trimming the overlapped edges, you only want to cut the top layer of vinyl so a light touch is needed. The final step is optional, but good insurance I feel is to seal the seams. The supplier has seam seal, a clear paint like product that you brush over the seams with a small brush and is almost impossible to see once it dries. That’s it… install all the windows and hardware and it looks brand new! If you decide to try it yourself, watch several of the You Tube videos on-line. There are many that show the process, even though they are always cars it’s still the best way to see how it’s done. !





We specialize in SPARTAN !

and other riveted trailers.

2574 S. Strawtown Pike - Peru, Indiana (765) 473-8088



Joshua Tree Suite


Silver Streak Deluxe Atlas We wanted to create a unique wall texture unlike anything we have created before. We wanted to mimic white adobe huts to complement our desert theme. This was definitely one of those ideas that we crossed our fingers and hoped it would turn out as we had envisioned it would, and it did! The photos don’t even do it justice, it’s fantastic in person! To achieve this look, we primed the walls and ceiling first with an oil-based primer. Then we applied a high-quality joint compound (or drywall mud) using a skip trowel technique and painted it all with a custom color to match the cabinetry. The cabinetry is another one of my favorite elements in this renovation. The handmade leather pulls for the drawers and cupboards add such a fun detail.


by Katie Wiley Owner/Designer STAGECOACH detail & design

Above: A 1979 Silver Streak Deluxe Atlas is the canvas for this extreme transformation. Left: A unique element to this design, aside from the bold decor and high end textiles, is our custom handmade Joshua Tree barn door that we created specifically for this space using the existing original bathroom door. We primed and painted the door and added a hand cut overlay stained in a warm English Chestnut to compliment the warm tones throughout the trailer. This barn door is a bold statement piece that we are incredibly proud of.

In this one of a kind space we wanted to create a retreat consisting of natural materials and soft, luxurious textures to balance out the bold colors and patterns that celebrate the Desert Empire style.

We drew inspiration from warm desert sunsets with the use of bold reds and oranges found in the Pendleton fabrics. We mimicked beautiful white adobe huts by creating a natural mud wall texture throughout the entire space. We incorporated cholera wood and cacti celebrating the unique desert landscaping. Most importantly, we wanted to couple the healing properties of the naturally occurring hot springs with the luxurious natural fabrics of linen and Pendleton wool to create the highest level of comfort for its soon to be guests. The Joshua Tree Suite will be the first of many vintage trailer nightly rentals in a new vintage trailer hotel coming soon to the Palm Springs area.



UNIQUE Vintage Trailers By Jim & Lynda Polk

With over 100 years of RV history in the United States, the possibility of discovering the unique ‘barn find’ or one-of-akind trailer still exists. Today, you’ll find many of these rescued and restored vintage beauties in museums like the RV/ Motorhome Hall of Fame in Elkhart, Indiana, or you will be just as fortunate to view one held by a private collector, local museum or fellow hobbyist at one of the many vintage trailer events held coast to coast. These trailers and motorhomes come with names that evoke the past such as the Pierce-Arrow, the Hunt Housecar, Silver Streak, Harry & David’s Holiday House or Wally Byam’s Airstream. Throughout the years these diverse vintage rigs have captured our imagination and inspired our wanderlust. What they have in common, however, is the need to have their current value established so that each rig is properly insured and any historical documentation and provenance preserved. At Polk Associates we have had the honor to appraise several unique trailers over the years including the prototype, Der Klein Prinz, the smallest Airstream ever built which currently resides at the RV/Motorhome Hall of Fame; several Aroundthe-World Airstream trailers along with one that traveled Capetown to Cairo in 1959; the oldest production Airstream, a 1936 Silver Cloud; the Curtis Wright Model 1 and a 1927 Holt prototype trailer, recently donated to the Murphy Auto Museum in Oxnard, California. 26

Dr. Holman read an ad by Wally Byam in the May 1935 “Popular Mechanics” magazine promoting the Airstream 1935 Torpedo. He wrote the company for literature and subsequently purchased a set of plans for five dollars. He and his wife, Thelma Mathews Herndon Holman, built the shell of the trailer in three weeks between medical school and internship. To complete the trailer required 2-1/2 years of work. The trailer is 17’ overall with a 14’ body. It sleeps four adults with one double bed in the rear and two single bunks that may be mounted along the sides. It has hot and cold running water, a sink, a two-burner gas stove, a shower, a toilet, a space heater, a vent fan, an icebox (home built - not available commercially in the 1930’s) and an air conditioner that was added in the 1960’s. It weighs 3,150 pounds dry. (Read the complete story in issue #25 of the Vintage Camper Trailers Magazine.

The latest addition to this limited trailer category is the Forgotten Gold Airstream, due to its distinctive gold band, acquired by Paul and Caroline Lacitinola in 2017. The process in valuing this trailer and its historical pedigree is similar to valuing any vintage trailer, but with several hours of additional research required by the certified appraiser to determine provenance and rarity. The first step used to value the trailer is Identification, followed by the trailer’s current/renovated Condition and finally researching Comparables, or those trailers of similar provenance, rarity and uniqueness. All of this information is researched and assembled by Polk Associates and included in a 20-25-page report provided to the trailer’s owner(s). Identifying this rare trailer may require the assistance of experts in the field, such as an Airstream historian, or someone at Airstream, Inc. who may be familiar with the history of the trailer. Because this unique trailer was owned by a member of the Wally Byam Caravan Club International (WBCCI) who placed their Big Red Numbers on the front exterior of the trailer, original ownership was determined to be Art Costello, president of Airstream and a close friend and confidante of Airstream founder, Wally Byam and his cousin, Helen Byam Schwamborn’s family. In a recent chat with Byam’s second cousin, Dale Schwamborn, “Costello was a Byam protégé who worked his way up with Wally at Curtis Wright in the mid-1940s until he was in

1936 Airstream Silver Cloud. Owners: Chuck and Toni Miltenberger. (Featured in issue #29 of the VCT magazine.)

Wally Byams wife Stella's, "Dream Trailer” (1957), clad in beautiful gold anodized aluminum. It will be forever known as, “Stella’s Gold Airstream."

1954 Wally Byam Holiday (Made from '52-'55) Owners: Shannon, Ellen and Emily Stewart.

The Forgotten Gold Airstream. A 1961 24' one-of-a-kind prototype known as the "Golden Caravan".

charge of Airstream before retiring in 1970”. This information provides this particular Airstream documented provenance along with a bump in the trailer’s value. The current Condition of the trailer should be duly noted with photographs to document its condition ‘as found’, and possibly capture its originality. These photographs will also be helpful to those who work to bring the trailer back to as close as possible to a period correct trailer. The final step in the process is obtaining Comparables. When we tap into our database of thousands of vintage trailers and motorhomes, there won’t be another Forgotten Gold Airstream but we will find trailers of a similar genre with historical provenance. This, coupled with research and conversations with those-in-the-know, provide us the bigger picture to accurately assess the value of this trailer. The condition of the Forgotten Gold Airstream has been well documented by Paul and Caroline Lacitinola as it underwent a thorough renovation back to its original condition. The renovation includes similar flooring, cabinetry and functionality of the original trailer. While built at Airstream’s plant in Los Angeles, as she currently makes her way to Airstream, Inc. in Jackson Center, Ohio, she will look as good as she did in 1961 thanks to the passion and dedication of restorers like the Paul and Caroline Lacitinola, Tim Brown and Avalon RV in Benicia, California.


FOR ALL YOUR APPRAISAL NEEDS Jim and Lynda Polk 805.646.7293 or 310.502.5967




RUGGED, DURABLE, PORTABLE. LIKE YOU. Cordless & Portable Cool to the touch Hands-free design 2 brightness settings No glass/bulb to break Uses only 5 Watts Magnet mount

Not For Sale Story and Photographs by Richard Cook

During the past year, I’ve interviewed dozens of trailer owners while researching articles for “Vintage Camper Trailers” magazine. However, it wasn’t until I saw a white and red 1968 DuPage Coach at a rally in Brooksville, FL that I tried like heck to buy the trailer from its owners while interviewing them. My wife and I were searching for a small vintage trailer to display at rallies and the DuPage Coach had everything we wanted in a tiny airconditioner, two full-size beds that could be converted to either a queen or king by adding extra sections of planking, a fold-down bunk bed for our daughter, and a length small enough to fit in our yard behind our retrostyle Gulf Stream Vintage Cruiser. Owned by Rudy and Wendy Fitzer from Port Richey, FL, the DuPage Coach is a rarity. In fact, when they started restoring their trailer after purchasing it in 2015, the Fitzer’s sought advice from vintage trailer historian Tim Heintz. Rudy told me that Heintz was at a loss for information on how the trailer was originally configured. On top of that, the DuPage Coach isn’t even listed on the Tin Can Tourists’ list of manufacturers, which has over 300 vintage trailer manufacturers on its roll from A to Z. Rudy ended up doing the best he could on the DuPage, which was pretty darn good considering the rough condition the trailer was in when purchased. During the restoration, the original aluminum skin was removed and saved, as were the windows. All the rot was removed and replaced with fresh wood. The front of the trailer was reinforced with beefier wood to support an air-conditioner without the need for outside bracing. New plumbing was installed for the sink, but there’s no bathroom...just a porta-potty behind a curtain in the closet. The propane system and built-in stove were removed and not replaced. Instead, a portable Coleman stove and microwave are used for indoor cooking and a barbeque grill is on standby for outdoor use. A new 30-amp 110volt electrical system powers the refrigerator/freezer, microwave, and lights, but the restored DuPage lacks a 12-volt battery system. Wood paneling was applied to the trailer’s interior walls and ceiling, while the outer skin was stripped down to bare metal prior to painting it with a white base coat and red accents.

The Fitzer’s restoration was completed in 2016 and they’ve been camping in it ever since. The rarity of the 1968 DuPage Coach makes their trailer that much more special! Did they end up selling it to me? No, because it wasn’t for sale. The good news is that four months later my wife and I found a 1969 Shasta Compact at a rally in Pine Mountain, GA that had an almost identical configuration. We bought it and now display it at vintage trailer rallies in the southeastern region of the country. Good things come to those who wait!



w.a 800 irparts -800 .c -322 om 9



SoCal Aristocrat Anonymous Rally


n Friday & Saturday, May 3 & 4, 2019, the 2nd Annual Aristocrats Anonymous So-Cal Pismo Beach Rally was held at the Pismo Coast Village RV Campground.

People started arriving on Wednesday to get set up. By Thursday over 50% of the attendees had arrived and gotten themselves comfortable in their spaces. By Friday mid-day the rest had arrived and were scurrying around getting themselves ready for the evening and first event, the Meet and Greet. At the Meet & Greet, we met with old and new friends. These are folks we chat with on the Aristocrats Anonymous Facebook page. We can now put a face with the name and begin a much closer friendship. This newfound friendship know moves on to showing each other our trailers. It’s great to see everyone sharing information, talking, laughing and hugs one another. A special thank you to three ladies that drove out indivisibly from the state of Arizona, all driving over 500 miles each. “Kay McCormick, Debbie Benson and Lori Mills”. And one couple driving from Idaho, over 900 miles pulling their trailer Tumbleweed, a 1961 Aristocrat, Land Commander. “Markie & Richard Dixon”. On Saturday everyone got up early to get their Trailers and Campers ready for the open house that began at 10 am. Some head straight for the famous cinnamon rolls from Old West Cinnamon Rolls sold that campground general store. From 10 am to 2 pm the open house was on. This was open to all that were staying in the Pismo Coast Village campground, some 400+ spaces, which at the time was completely booked up. It was nice to see everyone talking to different folks about our own Campers, Trailers and Motorhomes, all vintage in their own way. All visitors were welcome to enter the trailers and speak with the owners. I hope that everyone had the same wonder full time, I know I did. I look forward to seeing everyone back next year, Along with a few more new faces. -Your Wagon Master, Rudy Hernandez 30

As an added treat we had the beautiful ladies from the Vixens for Victory National Pin Up Society show up and walk around the event taking pictures with the trailers and their owners. Thank you to fellow vintage trailer owner Tammy Calhoun aka Callie Von Vixen – Co-Founder of the group.


By Phil G. D. Schaefer Indianapolis, Indiana

Automotive Grrraminals I grew up in a family with a lake house, so I never camped on the ground or in a travel trailer while growing up. My father collected antique cars before I was born, and continued throughout my youth, so I picked up that hobby/ obsession too, getting my first antique car at age 18, which I still own 40+ years later. All my cars were either original or restored to factory stock, but from 199698 I had a The Carolina Rod Shop in Greenville, SC build me a custom restorod 1956 Lincoln Station wagon which I named the Pioneere, a combination of Premiere, the regular Lincoln model name and the Dodge Pioneer wagon. I have bought and sold a huge number of vintage cars, campers, and boats in my life, and live (when not camping) in a warehouse with glass walls looking from the living area into the garage so I can see my cars even when cooking dinner. Yes, I am over-the-top obsessed. So how did I get into vintage campers? In 2000, a local taxi company closed and auctioned off all their equipment. I went to the auction looking for car parts or cool old stuff, and came home with a 32

1960 Arrow 12’ camper (built in Elkhart, IN). I bought it and everything behind it between two building columns. I took all the extra stuff to a swap meet, and ended up with a free camper and $800 in my pocket. Lucky! Fortunately for me, the manager had kept the Arrow inside the taxi building as his break room, so while it stunk of cigarettes and had 9 old broken TVs sitting inside, there was no water damage. All it needed was a really good cleaning, new appliances, new cushions, and paint stripping and repainting. Never having camped, I figured that I would just use this as a “rolling picnic basket” for car shows, so I restored it for the Pioneere wagon, painted and upholstered to match. The following year, one of my car clubs decided to have a camping weekend at a place with cabins too, so that everyone could have sleeping options. I took the Arrow to camp in and had a blast. I used it a couple more weekends, and totally enjoyed myself. Somehow, I don’t remember how, I discovered TCT, and took the Pioneere wagon and Arrow to the rally at Camp Dearborn in Milford,

MI. WOW, what fun. Beautiful campers, nice old cars, and great people. The only problem was, I had large dogs (Great Danes) and they could not fit in the Arrow, so I had to leave them at home. On a camping trip near Saugatuck, MI, I drove by a yard sale with an old camper sitting out back. I stopped, and ended up buying a 1948 McComb 22’ camper (which was built in nearby McComb county), which had been gutted and was being used as a garden shed. I liked the idea of being able to create my own interior with a more open floor plan for the dogs. But once I worked on the floor plan, I decided that it was not quite large enough, so the search was on again. Through TCT, I heard about Dan Piper at Vintage Campers, not far from home for me, so I drove up there in 2004 just to look around. I ended up coming home with a 1953 Spartan 27’ Manor, all original and in pretty good condition except missing mechanical things like fridge, stove, and furnace. And the

entire bathroom, walls and all, was missing, who knows why? I played general contractor and had it restored in my warehouse. I also bought extra 6 old matching Spartan windows from Vintage Campers and added them for a more airy feeling inside. About 5 years into my ownership, the frame cracked close to the front of the trailer, and I took that opportunity to have the guy fixing it extend the tongue so that I could mount a spare tire in addition to the propane tank, much better than hauling the spare tire around in my truck! Due to some patching of the exterior aluminum during the restoration, I decided to paint the camper. At first I was going to paint it silver to appear “natural”, but I soon decided to match the copper and white scheme on the Arrow and Pioneere, so this is one of the very few Spartans that does not have a natural aluminum finish. The interior of the Spartan is about 85% original wood and all original cabinets including the pull-out dining table. I had the plumber hide a toilet under a window seat so I could fit a king sized bed in the bedroom (by not replacing the bathroom). I added all new appliances, an Ikea couch for the dogs, and a custom TV stand that hides a 40lb bag of dog food. The Pioneere is capable of pulling the Spartan, but it stresses me out a bit and the interior is too nice to allow the dogs in it, so I pull it with my truck with the backseat removed to make room for the dogs. In 2008 I replaced my flatbed car hauler which I use for going to car shows and camping. So of course it got painted to match the Arrow and Spartan. I even had a guy put matching running lights on the car hauler and Spartan.

Facing Page: 1956 Lincoln Pioneere custom station wagon towing a 1953 Spartan Manor. Spartan Interior photos above. The canned ham trailer (below) is a 1960 Arrow. A 2008 Ford F350 King Ranch Hodges custom car hauler makes the mix and match collection “automotive grrranimals”.

So why do I call my 4 vehicles “automotive grrranimals”? Do you remember the clothing line for young boys with different animal tags inside so the boys could just match up the tags and be appropriately dressed? They called that clothing line grrranimals. I can mix and match my truck, wagon, and campers just like those little boys could mix and match their clothes. Since restorations, the Pioneere had been to 29 states, the Arrow to 21 states, and the Spartan has now been to 31 states, including the entire length of Route 66, and now has about 80,000 miles on it. The goal is all 48 continental states, and a friend has challenged me to ship the Spartan to Hawaii, camp around the big island, then ship it home. Yes, I have started saving up for that, but I have also heard that the State of Hawaii will not allow me to do it, anyone know?. The wagon and Arrow get left at home more now, mostly because I want to travel with the dogs. The last 3 years I have spent 150-175 nights per year in the Spartan; I spend all winter in Key West, and about every other weekend in the summer around the Midwest mostly. Next is the “Goldilocks Camper”. Since the Arrow is too small for the dogs, and the Spartan is a bit too large to tow comfortably with an antique car, I am having a 1954 Airfloat 20’ camper restored, big enough for the dogs, small enough to tow with an antique auto, so it will be “just right”. It will be pulled by a 1972 Cadillac Fleetwood custom clamshell station wagon with an interior not so nice that I am afraid to haul the dogs in it.


Buying Your First Vintage Camper



By: Heffron’s A Moment In Time Retro Design Buying your first vintage camper can be an exciting event. But it can also be a daunting task for first time buyers. It’s important to make sure that the investment you’re making in your vintage camper is a wise one. That's why we've created a list of things to check for when buying a vintage trailer to ensure your investment will bring you years of memories and fun. Water Damage Part of writing this article involved talking to a lot of owners about their experiences. When asked about buying their first camper, water damage was at the top of almost every list. A leak can get into the framing and cause some serious damage such as dry rot or mold underneath. The most common place to find water damage is underneath a window or around the ceiling vent openings. Some RV owners may also attempt to hide water damage by painting over it. Others simply repaint for aesthetic purposes. So before getting too worried just make sure to do some more in-depth investigating to make sure all is good. Original Windows The older your vintage camper, the harder it can be to find replacements windows because most of them are no longer made and the ones that exist are few and far between. In some cases you can find windows and hardware from a vintage trailer restoration outfit. But this also means additional costs may be coming your way. Bad Smells Depending on where your camper was stored you might notice evidence of mice activity or bad smells. When it comes to mice, you may find mouse nests in the insulation under the floor or in the walls. Bad smells could be anything from rodents to mold. Replacing cushions might be an option if the smell is coming from there. Costs Involved Before purchasing your camper, know what projects will need to be completed and the costs involved. When you first inspect the trailer you might see a couple of things that need touching up but chances are down the road you'll find other things that need to be replaced or taken care of. The cost of repairing vintage trailers varies and these costs should be factored into the maximum cost in your head that you’re willing to spend. Is it better to get a camper that is road ready but costs more? Or to get a camper that sells for a couple hundred and needs a bunch of work? The answer will vary by person and trailer but it’s something to keep in mind. Get The Title Getting a trailer title can be a nightmare in some states. Asking the seller if they have a clear title for the trailer is something you should definitely do. As with everything mentioned here, do your homework. If you find a trailer you love, but it doesn't have a title, check with your state motor vehicle department to see what the process would be to get a new one. Wrapping Up We’ve mentioned a lot of things to look out for when buying a new camper but do NOT let this keep you from getting one. Vintage Campers are a blast to own and work on. Being prepared during your first purchase will just make things easier and provide hours of enjoyment for you and your family once purchased. To learn more you can visit our website. We look forward to hearing from you!


By Paul Lacitinola

If the time has come for you to sell your vintage trailer, you probably want to maximize your return on your investment. Trailers can be sold online, at rallies and other events, or even right out of your driveway. On-line sales are probably the most popular way of putting your trailer in front of the most potential buyers. Here are 7 tips to selling your trailer on-line.


Take great photos. A picture is worth a thousand words. Exterior should be full body from at least three angles. Nobody wants to see a close-up of your propane tanks. Dawn or dusk are best for exterior photos when there aren’t as many shadows. Try to shoot the exterior in a camping setting so people get a feel for how they see themselves using the trailer. Photos taken in your shed reduce the appeal to potential buyers. If you are taking photos at a rally, clean up your site. You don’t want a bunch of distractions in the photos. Interior photos should be taken with every light in the trailer ON and some light from the exterior. Take a photo with as wide of an angle as you can. Show key areas. Unless you are selling your salt and pepper shakers, we don’t need you to zoom in on them. Set up your trailer with enough décor to give the buyers an idea of how they can set it up. Use a video tour on sites that have it available. You can narrate the video while walking through the trailer and spotlighting its features.


Be accurate. More words aren’t necessarily better. Create clear, concise, honest, text that will get buyers interested. Listing everything you ever did on the trailer may be too wordy and lose people. Interested parties can contact you for more information. If you know of issues, disclose them. It will give you credibility in the buyer’s eyes.


Post on reputable sites. Go to where the buyers are. Vintage Camper Trailers Magazine has developed a multi-media approach to marketing vintage trailers nationwide. Classified ads are shared across VCT’s Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter platforms. VCT can buy targeted marketing for your region on Facebook and Instagram. VCT classified ads allow up to 20 photos and a video to be linked. They are managed by the seller so if you need to make changes to your ad, or delete it when it sells, you may do so at any time. http://classifieds.


Price fairly. You don’t want to leave any money on the table, but if you price your trailer too high you may not even get an offer. If your price is unrealistic, buyers may just pass over your ad. Valuing a vintage trailer is not easy. Essentially, they are worth what you can get for them. If you are considering selling your trailer, start watching the ads to get a feel for what similar trailers in your area are selling for. You may also opt for an appraisal

from a professional. (See ads in this magazine.) Know your bottom dollar if you are willing to negotiate. If the trailer has been for sale for weeks or months with little activity, your first offer may be your best offer. Your price will also be determined by how quickly you want to (or need to) sell the trailer. Trailers at or above comparable market value may take longer to sell than a trailer priced below similar comparable campers.


Provide multiple forms of contact. Provide a phone number and an email. Not everyone likes to communicate the same way. Some like to call, some text and some email. Get back to people ASAP when they do contact you. For me, a text or email or two should lead to a phone call and an appointment to see the trailer. I don’t go back and forth endlessly answering questions, sending more pictures, etc.


Personal Showings. When someone comes to look at the trailer make sure it is clean and aired out. You have one chance to make a first impression. Have the appropriate

paperwork and keys. Give the buyer some time and space to look around while remaining nearby to answer any questions they may have. Don’t over sell your trailer. The right buyer will come along, and it may not be the first one to look.


Beware of bogus “buyers”. If the deal sounds weird, or too good to be true, it is. Deals are done face to face and occasionally over the phone with a long-distance buyer. Reputable long-distance buyers don’t play games. They deposit the money when they say they will without a bunch of delays and stories. If you have a situation you are unsure about, consult with a friend to see what they think, or call me! I don’t listen to offers from people that haven’t seen the trailer. I don’t “hold” a trailer for a week without a $500 non-refundable deposit. I have become very leery of hinky contacts and I am willing to wait for the right person to come along. 99% of the people we deal with become friends and camp with us. I don’t have the time to mess with the rest.

Seasons Greetings Paul & Caroline, We are newbies to Vintage Camper Trailers. We thoroughly enjoy your magazine, tech articles and advertisers. We share your enthusiasm for this hobby. This spring we purchased a 1968 13 ft. Spotty Sportster. After many hours of hard work we completed a total, frame off, restoration this summer. So far, we have spent 15 nights and many enjoyable, relaxing hours enjoying our little camper and meeting new friends. We decided to celebrate Christmas this year with a vintage camper theme. We displayed our “new” camper in our front yard with Christmas lights, garland, wreath, flickering campfire and a 7 ft. Santa. The Santa is a replica of a 30 ft. Santa built in the 1950’s and is displayed every year in front of the Perry County Courthouse in Pinckneyville, IL. The giant Santa is pretty famous in our area. We couldn’t be more pleased with our little vintage camper and our Santa display. I have attached a few photos to share with other enthusiasts. Thank you for all you do to promote this growing hobby. Best wishes, Tom & Debbie Denton Illinois

Full Service Vintage Trailer Restorations Glenn & Terri Specking (406) 599-6963


Only the best is good enough! Restore∙Repair∙Modernize∙Maintenance∙Service 36

1952 Saratoga By Tom Davis Saratoga is apparently a very rare species, I know of only one other and it is about a mile away from me belonging to friends in the neighborhood. Mine was in humble shape and required a "gutting and starting over again" approach.  My neighbor's Saratoga is original and I was able to use it as a model for rebuilding ours. Built by Saratoga Trailer Corporation located at 578 E Commercial Street in Pomona, California, they started building trailers around 1950/51 and stopped around 1953. In 1952  they only built three models; the 15', 31' and a 35' (no actual model names). The model 15, (which is what is pictured), is 15' overall length, 13' body length, 7'6" wide, 8'5" height, 6'5" interior height, Single Axles, Aluminum exterior (other two large models were aluminum AND Steel sided), weighs 1,720 pounds dry weight with a 300 pound hitch weight, and cost $1,195.00 F.O.B. Factory. 


By the mid 1950's the Spaugh Trailer, a company out of Indiana, offered an entire line of sub brands called Saratoga but there is no relation between the two trailers.


Vintage Trailer Rentals tinker | @tinker tinco

Harps RV Service (916) 434-9151

aprons, towels, coin purses, banners, keychains, magnets

Vintage RV Restorations Electrical/Propane Repair Appliance Repair Insurance Work Used Parts Store

183 Flocchini Circle, Lincoln, CA


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A wonderful and creative place to explore, Bisbee, Arizona has been voted the Best Historic Town in the US more than one time.

When driving north from Lowell you simply can’t miss the gaping hole in the earth known the Lavender Open Pit copper mine so pull over into the viewing area and marvel at the sheer scale of this mine and read how it and mining impacted the landscape and history of the area. If this sparks an interest, the adjacent copper Queen Mine is what put the town of Bisbee itself on the map in the late 1800s and while it is no longer mined, underground tours are a fascinating way to explore its history. Bisbee, Arizona The town of Bisbee is a wonderful and creative place to explore and has been voted (more than once) the Best Historic Town in the US. Many of the old buildings from its mining town days have been renovated and repurposed to house a variety of businesses, including restaurants, shops, galleries - even a local brewery. With its pre-automobile beginnings, the town is filled with steep staircases and narrow alleyways perfect for walking - and working off that breakfast biscuit! My favorite discovery was the Broadway Stairs Art Gallery. This narrow spot next to the Bisbee Seance Room was transformed by alley neighbor, magician and Seance Room owner Kenny Stewart. Lined with thrifted, found and original art, anyone is welcome to contribute a piece of art to enliven this skinny space.

Once you start exploring Bisbee you may not want to leave. Better play it safe and book two nights at the Shady Dell. And just think, that gives you a second opportunity to try another vintage camper; Heck, why not “Collect ’Em All” as Mod Betty says, and make it a goal to stay in each one, finding the one that is “just right” for you. Love discovering cool vintage places to visit - with or without your camper? Join the Retro Roadmap Mailing List at to hear about them before anyone else! 40

USA Rally Calendar We do our best to confirm all events before press but plans do change. Make sure and call to confirm. Many times rallies have an open house on Saturday to view the trailers. Call to confirm the rally is open to the public if not stated. Listing your rally on this calendar is FREE, just let us know in advance. We also offer cheap display ad rates for rallies if you want your event to stand out. More rally information at: July 1-7, 2019 Brooks, Oregon All American Vintage Trailer Rally. No reservations required, just show up and join the fun, there is plenty of room for everyone. 3995 Brooklake Rd NE. Oregon's largest vintage trailer event. New for 2019: vintage trailer historian Tim Heintz will be with us to answer trailer questions and camp with the Northwest crew. On site museums for cars, trucks, motorcycles, trains, tractors and there's an antique trolley that runs right through our camp. Also, one of the largest Civil War reenactments in the Northwest. All the info is at Open House Friday and Saturday open house, 9am to 3pm. Bob Gallagher 503-999-6626.

July 11-14, 2019 Hampton, IL Great River Road Vintage Trailer Rally. 201 State Ave. Join us on the banks of the Mississippi River for the 5th Annual Great River Road Vintage Trailer Rally. Vintage trailers 1978 and older, and unique trailers and RV's. Please join our Facebook group, Great River Road Vintage Trailer Rally, for more details. Open House-Saturday July13, from 12-3. Kevin Isaacson austinoaks22@ 309 235-4448

July 5-7, 2019 Spring Valley, MN Fins and Films. 105 S. Section Ave. Spring Valley, MN 55975. Set up your Vintage Camper July 5-7 next to Spring Valley Creek in Spring Valley, MN during Fins and Films, Southeastern Minnesota's best Car Show. Gregory Melartin, gregmelartin@ (507) 481 8308 July 11-15, 2019 Deadwood, SD Once again FAC is heading to the Black Hills of South Dakota! Fish N Fry Recreation Campground. 21390 US Hwy. 385. 605-578-2150, This is one of our favorite campgrounds and areas! Unlimited activities: off-road trails, casinos, fishing, historical sightseeing, Custer State Park. Happy Hour meet and greet, trailer tours, karaoke! Make your own reservations and be sure to mention FAC! Friendly Average Campers of Colorado (FAC) in The Black Hills! Request to join FAC on Facebook!

July 11-14, 2019 Gillette, WY Rally on the Range. Cam-Plex Multi Events Center. Make your reservations directly with the park and we will see you there! The Little Levi Rodeo event is July 13th at the outdoor Wrangler Arena. Contestants ages 6 to 14 will compete in Barrel Racing, Breakaway Roping, Team Roping, Steer Riding, Sheep Riding, and Goat Tying. Join us on our cross country Golden Caravan Road Trip. See our complete schedule at Reservations: (307) 682-0552. Wagonmasters: Paul and Caroline Lacitinola.

July 18-21, 2019 Brownsville, OR The Rally On The River. This is a family rally meaning kids and grandkids are encouraged to come. We have plenty of stuff for the kids to do. Cost is $35.00 per night with power, bathrooms, and showers. Everyone is in the shade . You are 200 feet from downtown Brownsville, Oregon. If you want to make a vacation out of it you can come as early as July 16th. We have a full kitchen there so breakfast is served every morning. Go to our Facebook group page Rally On The River and check out all the video and pictures. This is a open registration which will open January 2nd 2019 everyone gets a shot to come join the fun.

We had 86 trailers last year and we are shooting for 125 this year. Any questions feel free to send me a text or call me at (541) 206-3572 Hope to see you all there! Wade and Lisa Long p.s dogs are welcome too. This is a handicap accessible park so we will work with you. July 18-21, 2019 Elkhart, IN Silver Avion Fellowship (SAF) 25608 Co Rd 4, Elkhart, IN 46514. All Avions and Cayos manufactured from the mid-1950's through 1990's are welcome to participate in the Silver Avion Fellowship (SAF) Summer Rally. All stages and types of restoration are welcome. Children and pets are welcome. The rally fee is $25 pp. The rally fee does include evening snacks, meals and morning continental breakfast same as last year. Your camping fee will be paid directly to Elkhart Campground upon arrival at a reduced rate of $35 per night for two persons. All sites are full hookups. The rally is very informal with few activities planned so you can visit with friends, explore Elkhart including the RV/MH Hall of Fame/Museum and surrounding areas. Early arrivals and late departures are welcome. No public open house. Terry Prentkowski 317-258-8671. July 19-21, 2019 Taylorsville, CA Taylorsville County Park and Campground 1/2 mile east of Taylorsville, next to the Indian Creek/ River. This is a County campground with fire pits and water in various locations in campground, no electric. Restrooms w/showers available. General store w/Deli in town (great food and prices.). Public swimming pool, tennis court, fishing, and more. Bring your water stuff and play on the Indian Creek. Motorcycles, minibikes, or whatever you want to bring are allowed. Friday night meet & greet, Potluck Saturday night in the campground. $14.00 per night. Contact us if you need additional information or a reservation. Wes 775-813-7960, Come and view the vintage trailers 10:00-2:00pm Saturday July 20th, 2019. July 18-21, 2019 Sevierville, TN Audrey's Jingle in July, Fundraiser event for Evergreen Elves of Sevier Co TN. River Plantation RV Resort, Sevierville TN. Come camp with Mr and Mrs Claus. Car show and open house on Sat. 7/20. $5 per person. Dirty Santa Gift exchange and lots of giveaways to those attending. Link below July 24-Aug 23, 2019 California to Colorado Jackrabbit Sprinter to Fiddlers Picnic. Paul and Nanci Drag have invited 2018 VAC Caravaners and others to accompany them to our Fiddlers Picnic Rally just north of Yellowstone. The “Sprinter� is not quite a caravan but rather a sort of mobile rally much like the one Lee Cantrell is


sponsoring. The name ‘Jackrabbit” has historical AS roots. Just before WBCCI was formally born a group of Wally supporters and volunteers had an informal group known as the Jackrabbits. One of their signs is on display at the Baker City Museum, gifted by Pee Wee. It will start in McCloud CA, move to the Fiddlers Rally and end in Cortez CO. Participants could join for the entire trip or parts. The motto is “come along, play along”. Lots of music will be played the entire time just like last summer. Contact For the Fiddlers Picnic only, contact August 2- 4, 2019 Livingston, MT The Fiddlers Picnic is a 44 year old acoustic music jam held on the Old Mercier Ranch on the South side of Livingston, MT, just North of Yellowstone National Park and on the banks of the Yellowstone River. Dry camping. The meat portion of a potluck is included as well as a pancake breakfast. Old Timey, bluegrass, Celtic and more acoustic music is heard throughout the event, all over the grounds. Bring your instrument when you come or just tap your toes. for details August 7-11, 2019 Reno, NV Hot August Nights. See ad on facing page. August 8-11, 2019 Grand Lake, CO Elk Creek Campground. 143 County Road 48 The biggest FAC blowout of the year! At the beautiful Elk Creek Campground in Grand Lake, CO.

This is an amazing campground! Another one of our all-time favorites - and they ADORE FAC :-). There is so much to do - minutes from Rocky Mountain National Park and the gorgeous town of Grand Lake. Meet and greet, happy hours, trailer tours, and more TBA. Make your own reservations and be sure to mention FAC! Friendly Average Campers ( FAC ) in Grand Lake, CO! Request to join FAC on Facebook! August 8-11, 2019 Truckee, CA Happy Campers Rally by the River. 10068 Hirschdale Road, Truckee CA. Truckee River RV Park This will be a fun family friendly event filled weekend of campfires, a potluck, and splashing and/or relaxing by the river. We are aligning this weekend with Reno’s Hot August Nights Vintage Trailer show (Aug 6-11, 2019) so you can enjoy a day trip to this awesome event if you’re interested.1979 or older. Book your reservation through Truckee River RV Park (http://www.truckeeriverrv. com/home.html) When booking let Truckee River RV Park know you’re attending the “Happy Camper Rally by the River” so we can plan events accordingly. Angela, Danielle and Julie (The Three Gals) NO Open House. 530-320-6303 August 16-18, 2019 UPDATED INFORMATION Lakeport, CA Lakeside RV, car, boat and motocycle show. Come join us and display your vintage RV at the 2019 Lakeside RV, car, boat and motorcycle show.The show is on the banks of Clearlake in downtown Lakeport CA. There will be vendors, bands, awards. Nitro-fueled boats demonstrating their power on the water, lots of beautiful cars and motorcycles. RV's 78 or older. Free concert in the park Friday night.Call the Willow Point campgrounds at 707-6203894 - Ask for Ruby. Besides the regular campground fee their will be a $10.00 registration fee. www.curbside.tvlakeboatshow

October 18 - 20, 2019 Calistoga RV Park

1601 N. Oak Street, Calistoga, CA 94515

Join us for a Vintage Trailer Weekend at harvest time in the beautiful Napa Valley. Situated less than one mile from downtown Calistoga, the RV park is within walking distance to wine tasting, mud baths, shops, restaurants and the golf course next door.

Open House/Sale

October 19 | 10 a.m. - 2 p.m. Hosted by Don and Karen Clancy To register, contact Karen at Space is limited. Register soon, as this event is likely to sell out.


August 16-18, 2019 Claresholm, Alberta, Canada Vintage Trailer Rally & TeePee Homecoming 366 46 Ave W, Claresholm, AB T0L 0T0 Come to the birthplace of the TeePee trailer! We welcome all vintage trailer enthusiasts to enjoy a Potluck supper, Lawn Chair Movie Night, Open Trailer Tours and of course, Making New Friends in Old Trailers! Open House. Aug 16-17. Terri Mason,, (403)506-2896 August 23-24, 2019 Denver, CO Friendly Average Campers @ The Denver Modernism Show. EXHIBIT ONLY (pre-1970) FAC Vintage Trailer Exhibit. Once again Friendly Average Campers will be exhibiting trailers at The Denver Modernism Show! Trailers will be open for tours and the owners will be on hand to answer questions. The show is Friday evening 8/23 (6pm-10pm) and Saturday 8/24 (11am - 5pm), and Sunday (11am - 4pm) is the vintage car show with several trailers hanging around for an additional day :-). Purchase tickets at September 3-9, 2019 Lynden, WA Mt. Baker Vintage Trailer Rally. NW Washington Fair & Event Center 1775 Front St. Lynden, WA 98264. 19th Annual Mt. Baker Vintage Trailer Rally. Washington State's Largest Annual Vintage Trailer Rally. This is field camping with no assigned spots. You pay and register upon arrival. Showers, restrooms and a rv dump station are on site. Power and water is abundant and available for most everyone with extension cords and water splitters. $30 per night plus a one time rally fee. (Add 3% for credit card payments). This years theme is: Cowboys and Indians. Open House: Saturday, September 7, 2019 12-4:00pm. Rene Perret (360) 431-7311 September 5-8, 2019 Branson, MO Branson KOA Annual Vintage Camper Rally. 397 Animal Safari Rd. 8th Annual Vintage Camper Rally. All campers dated 1976 and older receive special pricing. Events include a swap meet and trailer tour. Tour on Saturday, September 7 from 12 - 3 pm. Open to the public. Asking for donations to KOA Care Camps. Angie Dickerson 417-334-4414

September 5-8, 2019 Dolores, CO Four Corners Vintage Trailer Camp-out. The Views Rv Park, 24990 County Road 184. No frills, no fees (except for your site space) campout with old and new friends. Host club is Classic Campers of New Mexico, check us out on FB. Reservations recommended by calling (970)7496489 and mention the Vintage Campout. Check out: to see what there is to do in this area. Spaces are full hookup and are assigned when you check in. Open House: Saturday 2 to 4:30 Mark Camrud mjcamrud@yahoo. com (505) 360-0661 September 6-8, 2019 Winthrop, WA Wheel into Winthrop. 316 Castle Avenue. Vintage Trailer Enthusiast Extravaganza! A laid back gathering for folks who own vintage trailers. A great time to make new friends, show off your RV and Oooh and Ah over other folks' vintage RV's, Tractors, Motorcycles, Bicycles and collectible Automobiles. There will be an Auto Show including vintage Semis, Motorcycles, Parade of 120ish autos that come through our Campground on Saturday the 8th. Join the Party! Open House Saturday from approx 11-2. Anna Kominak pinenearpark@ 509-341-4062 September 12-15, 2019 Red River, NM Road Runner RV Resort, 1371 E. Main Street. 575-754-2286. Join FAC in the Land of Enchantment! Meet and greet and activities TBD. Make your own reservations and be sure to mention Friendly Average Campers @ Red River, NM. FAC! Request to join FAC on Facebook! September 12th -15 2019 Thermopolis, WY Fountain of Youth vintage trailer rally. 250 Highway 20 Thermopolis Way, This is the third annual vintage trailer rally located at the fountain of youth Campground and RV Park. Open House: Saturday from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Russell Schwartz (307)250-0911

September 12-15 and 19-22, 2019 Montello, WI Midwest Vintage Trailer Rally. 555 Lake Ave Montello, WI 53949. This year choose from one of two weekends! All vintage trailer makes and models welcome! Step back in time, enjoy, Trailer Shown-Shine, Pot luck, door prizes, Swap meet, and much more!! Plus site...$160.00. Back in Premium...$175.00. Premium...$191.00. Includes 3 nights/4 days and all rally activities. *Price based on 2 adults, and 2 children. Add $25.00 per extra person. $21.10 per extra nights camping. Kimberly Steiner, RESERVATIONS CALL: 608-297-2915 NO online Reservations please! Open House. September 13-15, 2019 Newport, OR South Beach ROVT Rally.South Beach State Park. Join Rollin' Oldies Vintage Trailers for our annual rally on the Oregon Coast. Soup Bar, Potluck, Night Glow & more! Reserve sites thru Reservations Northwest in A, B & C Loops. We welcome 1980 and older trailers. Contact your hosts Priscilla Lewallen & Ashley Morrison-Roberts at & morrison.ashley1@gmail. com to register with the ROVT after you book your spot. Open House. Ashley Morrison-Roberts, (503) 522-6179 Priscilla Lewallen 503-831-1268 September 18-22, 2019 Dolores, CO International Rally in Dolores, CO. Dolores River Campground. 18680 Hwy 135. 970-882-7761. FAC is joining the Streamline Royal Rovers at their International Rally in beautiful Dolores, CO! This is a Royal Rovers event, so all inquiries should be directed to Jim Flint - . There is a rally fee of $25 per person in addition to your campsite reservations. Make your own reservations and be sure to mention Streamline Royal Rovers. Request to join FAC on Facebook! Friendly Average Campers & Streamline Royal Rovers.

September 20-22, 2019 Perry/Willard, UT RALLY ON THE FRUIT WAY "Journey" KOA. We are back in the country! Rates are $35.00 flat rate,no discounts,per night, per trailer. Most spaces are full hook ups. James and Kristan Settlemire are our camp hosts. Go to for information or call 435-723-5503.You can book now. 435-730-3840. Orbie September 20-22, 2019 Lenartsville, PA Rally on the Rocks. 341 Sousley Rd, Meet fellow enthusiasts who share the common interests of preserving theses little pieces of Americana. Swap stories, share restoration tips, parts resources and a few laughs all while making new friends. Blue Rocks is located the heart of the Eastern Pennsylvania wilderness. It occupies over 100 acres of beautiful forest divided by mountain streams and is surrounded by miles of hiking trails that offer incredible views of the Pennsylvania countryside. Topped off with our breathtaking Blue Rocks boulder field that gives our campground its name. If you have a vintage camper and the have been bitten by the “Glamping” bug, please come join us. No restrictions on make, model, year or condition – all are surely welcome. Even if you don’t own one of theses little gems yourself, but would like to see what it’s all about, a public open house will be held on Saturday (time to be determined) where you can tour these little pieces of our history. More details and our weekend schedule of events are to follow, so be sure to periodically visit and our facebook page for continuing updates. Reserve your spot and REGISTER TODAY!!! (610) 756-6366 Open House Saturday. Bryan Rimbey 610-462-6537 September 26-29, 2019 Eagleville, MS Exactly half way between Des Moines, IA and Kansas City, MO on I-35 at Eagle Ridge Campground located at 22708 W. 182nd Street. For CAMPING reservations, Call (660) 867-5518. September 26-29, 2019 Nancy, KY Somernites Cruise and Pulaski Co Park are proud to announce the 3rd Annual Campin' the Cumberland Vintage Camper Rally!! 1,200 -1,500 classic/ collector cars & trucks and about 10,000 spectators! Keith Floyd at or 606-872-2277.

New & Used Shelving Pallet Rack Forklifts

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October 4-13, 2019 Fontana, CA The 67th Annual California RV Show is moving to the Auto Club Speedway, Fontana, CA. The move will improve the customer experience with FREE Parking, real bathrooms and yummy food courts! On exhibit will be 1,200 brand new 2020 model year RVs with over 120 booths of camping accessories and RV related products. Over 40 camping seminars and RV test drives available. Take Hwy 10 and exit off Cherry St, head north to the track entrance. FREE PARKING! Adult Admission $15. See

Facebook! Email rally host Alex at MalibuVTR@ to be added to the contact list for rally updates and additional information; Alex 818-2989842. Limited space available! Reserve your site direct 310-456-6052. Malibu Beach RV Park. NO Open House. Alex Kleckner MalibuVTR@gmail. com. (818) 298-9842 October 18-20, 2019 Calistoga, CA Wine Country Rally, 1435 N Oak Street Calistoga, CA 94515. Set in the beautiful Napa Valley, join us at harvest time for a Vintage Trailer Weekend less than a mile from downtown Calistoga! Public golf course right next door and wine tasting, mud baths, shops & restaurants within walking distance. Open House/Sale 10am -2pm on October 19th. Hosted by Don and Karen Clancy. Please contact Karen at for registration. Register soon as this event will most likely sell out. Open House. Karen Clancy, kaboo71@ (415) 246-1428

October 10-13, 2019 Laconia, IN So Harrison Vintage Camper Rally. South Harrison County Park. 35 vintage campers pack a secluded campground for a weekend of fun to include 4 large group meals, a Fri night band, a special observatory event, a nightly bonfire, Open House-Saturday 1-3pm. Abby 502994-3832.

September 26-29, 2019 Plymouth, CA TRAILERFEST! White Wedding, An 80's Love Story. Karaoke, Fast Times- a live 80's cover band, muscle cars and over 250 Vintage Trailers! Register ASAP for this sellout event: September26-29, 2019 Santo, TX We will be celebrating 100yrs of Tin Can Tourists At the Coffee Creek Resort & Cabins. Pot luck, door prizes, Games and a weekend of fun .The resort rate is 36.per night , there is no rally fee for TCT members . If your not a current member or would like to renew your membership you can do so on line at Or can do so when attending the rally. Contact the resort to make reservation for this event .940-769-2277 let them Know your camping with TCT . Teresa Baldwin 254-210-1498

October 31, 2019- November 3, 2019 Lake Havasu City, AZ Havasu Round Up-7260 Sara Parkway, At the Rodeo Ground, Lake Havasu City, AZ 86406. All vintage trailers come and join us at the Rodeo Grounds for a fun camp out, all vintage trailers welcomed, $10.00 per night camping fee, dry camping. Meet and greet Friday November 1, 2019, 6:00p.m. (in large building) Bring a hors d’oeuvre (snack) to share and your own beverage. (for campers) Swap meet, bring items to sell and have fun buying, Saturday from 8am until noon, big building, everyone welcomed to

October 11-13, 2019 Malibu, CA Malibu Vintage Trailer Rally 25801 Pacific Coast Highway, Malibu CA 90265. Ahoy mates! Grab your pirate hats and join us for the 4th Annual Malibu Vintage Trailer Rally! Pirate themed rally open to all vintage style trailers (no open house). Located on a beautiful hillside overlooking the Pacific! Stay in comfort with clean bathrooms and heated showers; conveniently located near area restaurants and shops. Find our group page on

! r e w o P F ree Sponsored by

TH - 11 TH 7 T S U G U A R ENO NV | , K R A P L E A F A R RANCHO SAN • $100 Entry Fee to include: - 1979 and older trailer plus 1 tow vehicle - 2 event credentials (Entry into: MAG Auctions, Swap Meet, Drag Races - $270 value) - Free power hookup - Portable Restroom Facilities, Protrable Showers - Participation in Sunday’s Grand Finale Parade










• Open house show times Friday, Aug. 9, 5pm – 8pm Saturday, Aug. 10,10am – 2pm • $10 Spectator Fee HAN Participants are free along with children 6 and under







9 | 775.356.1956






join in. Open to the public. Dogs are allowed on leash at all times. Showers and restrooms are available. There are great hiking trails all around our camping area. Pot luck Sat. 5:00pm in the big building. (Bring your own dishes and silverware). Coffee in the morning in the group area. (big building). Wear your best Western Gear for the potluck, prize for the best outfit and a prize for the best or unusual decorated trailer, prizes, Saturday after pot luck. Public can check us out; it is free to come and see us, from 10:00am until 3:00pm Friday and 10am until 2:00pm Saturday. Camping is $10.00 per night, when you arrive, Cherri and Mike Aiken hosts our number is (928) 505-2730 Do not need to preregister, there is plenty of room. Cherri/Mike Aiken

A Restoration Learning Experience March 5-8, 2020 Hollister, CA

November 1-3, 2019 Jackson, CA Rancheria Rally. 11407 Dalton Road, 4th annual Located at the beautiful Jackson Rancheria RV Park. Join us for a fun weekend with friends who love the vintage lifestyle. A great 'end of year' rally. No Open House. Greg and Wendy Burns 209-605-1305. March 5-8, 2020 Hollister, CA 5th Annual VCT Boot Camp. VCT Boot Camp is for the restorer of vintage camper trailers. Beginners are welcome! It is a combination of intensive classroom learning and demonstrations for those interested in acquiring new skills or sharpening your existing ones that are essential when restoring trailer. VCT Boot Camp is an opportunity to meet with industry pro’s that make their living in the hobby and are willing to share their methods with you. Get in on all the action, camaraderie and enjoyable learning experience centered around the vintage camper trailer hobby. You will have an opportunity to work closely with the experts as they answer all your questions and provide step-by-step instruction on trailer restorations. You will be a part of a network of fellow restorers! Not experienced? No need to be, this event is for both novice and experienced restorers. We provide a comfortable environment to pick up the skills you will need to begin, complete, or restore your enthusiasm for your project. This event sells out every year. Don't wait too long to make your reservation.

April 30-May 3rd, 2020 Northern California Glamperfest. Location to be determined. June 11-14, 2020 Hollister, CA Trailerfest-The Round-Up Rally. A western hodown! Casa de Fruta Campground. Send us your rally info. Visit the "RALLIES" page on our website to link to a simple form to give VCT the details about your event Also make sure and post your event on our classifieds (FREE) www. Even if your event is sold out, let us know if you are having an open house that is open to the public. Many readers just want to come and see the trailers. This list can not be reproduced in whole or part without written permission from VCT Magazine.






California RV Show is moving to the Auto Club Speedway, Fontana, CA.

OCTOBER 4 - 13, 2019


The Vintage Camper Trailers Magazine, Back Issues and Subscriptions, now availablein Print and digital format on-line! Gift a Friend WITH The VCT Magazine Use this form or subscribe to this magazine on-line at:


Name _______________________________________________________________________________________ Address ______________________________________________________________________________________ City_______________________________________________State ______________ Zip ____________________ Email________________________________________________________________________________________ Start the subscription with ___ current issue ___next issue Phone (____________)_________________________ ___ Gift ___ New Subscriber ___ Re-newing $32.00 annually ($64 for two years) in the USA. Subscriptions outside of the USA must be done on-line. Mail this form with a check to: PO Box 354 Elverta, CA 95626.

Package for Vintage Trailer Owners

Oct. 25th to 27th, 2019 Breakfast provided Saturday & Sunday - Best Halloween Costume Contest - Best Halloween Decorated Vintage Trailer Contest - Murder Mystery Dinner Friday Night - Saturday Trick Or Treating Open To The Public - Pumpkin Carving Contest. Secure your site today.

Call To Book 877-624-4140 Visit 46


Giveaway Date is October 20, 2019


NEED NOT BE PRESENT TO WIN! Tickets are $10 each 3 for $20, 8 for $50 17 for $100, 73 for $400 LAST YEARS LUCKY WINNER

of the 1954 Chevrolet Delux Pickup and Vintage Camping Trailer was Gerald Ernst from Sparks, Nevada who bought $200 worth of tickets to win!

2018 Lucky Winner!

For the past 34 years, the Intl’ Good Samaritans Safe Ride To get tickets, send Check or Money Order Program has provided safe rides for intoxicated drivers in the (and a self-addressed stamped envelope) to: IGS Lake Tahoe area for free. These safe rides are provided from the proceeds from a raffle for an Old Car, Truck, Motorcycle, 636 Anita Dr. or Camper. This year the giveaway raffle is Oct. 20 and the South Lake Tahoe, CA 96150 Raffle is for a 1954 Ford Convertible and a 1957 Vintage Or call 530-541-7300 Westerner Camping Trailer, plus nine other great prizes. Or purchase on our website Need not be present to win.

Purchase tickets with your Visa or Mastercard at:



PO Box 354, Elverta CA 95626


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