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We picked up a 62 Shasta trailer and the side looked like a kid took a stick to the side of it. It was bad. We brought the skin to Hemet Valley RV and they Made a new piece. The Bottom skin is new and the top skin was old, but they look identical. It had 6 inch lines and it turned out perfect. Thanks Guys. Great job. -Barry

What our customers QUILTED DIAMOND have to say about us



Five Star Plus!!! Steve and his company demonstrate what customer service should look like. Thanks so much! -Glenn I recently purchased all of the siding,trim and entry door for an 1970 11’ foot trailer that I rebuilt using only the metal frame of the original trailer. I contacted Steve at Hemet Valley RV and sent him a side view of the trailer with the dimensions on it. Steve figured out what material I needed and the amount and sent it. Everything that I needed I received in a timely fashion and it was packaged in very strong boxes...Thanks so much for the great job Steve, I have no doubt that your business will have continued success, Great Job. -Wayne M.

2" x 6" diamond quilted aluminum. 24" width - .024 thick. High polish, raw mill or polar white finish.

Located in Hemet, California, we offer a wide variety of RV siding and camper siding for a variety of vintage camper trailers. Our panels and products are ideal when it comes to completing seamless repairs to siding, roofing and edging on your vehicle. Hemet Valley RV guarantees to deliver the results that you expect right to your door.

Extensive knowledge and quality materials. Very fair pricing and quick turn around time. Steve and Tammy are always helpful. -Larry

Quilted patterns and sizes can vary. Here are a couple of examples. Our pattern is a 2" by 6" diamond.

Our product is in the warehouse but too new for photos! These photos show how others have used similar materials. 2


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Golden Caravan 1961 Airstream


Centennial Celebration -Tin CanTourists 12 Field Guide to Vintage Trailers


Gold 1965 Avion


VCT Boot Camp 2019


Summer Stops on the Jersey Shore


Polishing Vintage Trailers




Working With Steel and Aluminum


Metals Many Different Properties


Exterior Siding - Re-Use or Replace?


Metal Framing is a Good Place to Start 34 Stainless Steel Drinkware


USA Rally Calendar


On the Cover: Photo by Jared Lehman Productions and Photography. 1961 Streamline owned by Steve and Penny Morris of Truckee, CA.

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We have repaired and refurbished dozens of vintage trailers. We are not unfamiliar with replacing rotten wood, riveting damaged exterior panels or upgrading plumbing and electrical systems. Restoring or rebuilding a trailer “from the ground-up” is a different animal. Don’t be fooled by the pretty pictures on the Internet. It is dirty, often challenging and frustrating, but very satisfying work. If you plan to do more than just redecorate a used trailer, what we learned while doing the restoration of our Golden Caravan Airstream will make your project go more smoothly. You can read more about our trailer and its history on page 8, but consider the following before you tackle your next big project: Be Honest - What is the actual scope of the project? I am a visionary dreamer; I can see how the trailer will look finished before I hook it to my truck for the first time. Our 1961 Airstream project was thought to be a moderate sized project at first glance. I planned to repair some rotten wood, refinish the cabinetry and re-do the upholstery. If I would have had a second opinion by a realist, I may have had a better idea of the true scope of the project. We ended up totally gutting the interior and rebuilding and replacing everything to look as it would have in the 1960s. Ability or Budget - You will need a lot of one or both. A trailer has the same components as your home, condensed into less than 200 square feet. Some working knowledge of plumbing, electrical, wood and metal work, or the budget to pay a professional will keep your project moving. Fortunately, you have friends, You Tube and the Vintage Camper Trailers’ Boot Camp (www.vctbootcamp) to help you when you meet challenges-and you will meet challenges. Have a Plan - Using a story board to focus your design elements will help you focus as you pick out paint colors, wood finishes and soft goods. You will be making decision on everything from the level of gloss on the wood to coordinating window coverings with your upholstery choices. You may have a theme, style or period that you are trying to create. Keeping your eye on the goal will help you make those incremental choices along the way. Source Your Parts - Once it is go-time, get going. Accumulate your parts and materials as you find them. Nothing holds up a project like not having the materials you need, when you need them. We knew which appliances we were going to use months before we needed them. Because of storage space, budget and second guessing my decisions, I didn’t order them until I “needed” them. Unexpected availability issues and shipping times held up our progress on the cabinetry as we needed to fit the new appliances into the refurbished galley before being able to complete the cabinets. Specialized interior paint that had to be ordered from the Midwest, cost more to ship by air in the winter in order to keep it from freezing. Be Intentional - If you are like me, deadlines will help you focus. Touch your project daily or as often as possible to keep it moving forward. A stalled project is hard to restart. Doing even a little bit daily will reap more results than waiting until you have an entire weekend to dedicate to your end goal. Good luck!


COPPER By Marissa Carlisle



WITH A1971 vintage Airstream Land Yacht and passionate belief in the power of art - the art community of Napa, CA transformed a trailer into a mobile gallery Transforming an Airstream into a mobile showcase to be used as a backdrop for the work of local artists, is itself a work of art. I partnered with a local Gallery and a nonprofit organization supporting adult artists with disabilities to bring this vision to life. This mobile art gallery begins with a few essential ingredients starting with a 1971 Airstream Land Yacht. The tandem axel, 24foot trailer, was in excellent condition when the projected started. The build took 20 months and required philanthropic support to finance the completion of the design, renovation, and presentation of our shared goals. Key elements to make the project a success was a gallery providing encouraging choices for adult artists with disabilities as a home base. It had to have a niche location insuring exposure to the community with a strong and passionate belief in the power of art. It required a showcase of local, dedicated qualified individuals seeking unique placement for their artwork. Napa Valley is a popular tourist destination and many of our visitors have an appreciation for and a passionate belief in the power of art as a healing medium for humankind. While our area offers traditional galleries as forums for visitors to experience art, a mobile art trailer with state-of-the-art display including track lighting, archival storage for artwork, a supplemental flat screen monitor/computer for viewing artists’ collections and biographies, is a new and valuable community asset. An irresistible piece of historic design work itself, the Airstream’s structure offers a recognizable beacon for visitors who would take pleasure in including art as part of their travel experience.’


Annealing is the metallurgical term for

heating a material (generally a metal) and subsequently cooling it to change its properties (such as its hardness or durability). Annealing copper makes it softer and more malleable and less brittle. This allows us to bend it to shape and fit the panels onto the walls without breaking it. Each 4 x 8 sheet of Copper was hand annealed, (with a weed burning torch, bottom right), shaped and mounted with grommet reinforcements to fit each delicate curve of the Airstream interior. Â The resultant reflective surface created a shimmering irregular visual effect. An interesting backdrops for fashion, product and portrait photography or as a Gallery Art object display.


GOLDEN CARAVAN Rescue • Restore • Road Trip • Rally

W W W. G o l da i r st r ea m . c o m In 1956 Wally Byam, the inventor of the Airstream trailer, collaborated on a trailer design with his wife Stella. The floorplan that they came up with was christened “Stella’s Dream Trailer.” “Stella’s Dream Trailer” went into production during the first quarter of 1957. When Stella’s Airstream came off the production line at the Jackson Center, Ohio factory, it was far more than a typical Airstream. It was clad in beautiful gold anodized aluminum. It will be forever known as, “Stella’s Gold Airstream.” That trailer is now on display at the factory where it was built. Until now, this was thought to be the only “gold” Airstream in existence. In the Summer of 2017 I was contacted by Gary Vulkich, a picker from Modesto, CA. I was sure he was mistaken when he told me he knew where there was an Airstream for sale that had a gold stripe. I told him that there was no such model and that he was probably looking at a Streamline or a Silver Streak. Gary assured me it was an Airstream and provided me with the serial number to the coach. My wife, Caroline, was with me and Googled the SN number while I was still on the phone with Gary. Amazingly, the serial number turned up in a post on

The post was titled “1962 24' Oddball?” by “Mark in Modesto” Dated 09/08/2002

I have owned my '62, 24' Airstream (Tradewind?) for nearly twenty years, written the company, gone to Airstream events, flagged down other owners and have never found anything about, or seen, another one like mine. Perhaps someone here can assist? 8

What I have is (registered as) a 1962, twenty-four footer. The blue serial number plate, next to the door, is about 4" x 9 1/2" with the guy on a bicycle on the left and the stamped data to the right, laid out like this: 24DS S0706, 10 61 The layout is similar to the '62 TradeWind shown, but my head is in the port quarter. The counter with porcelain sink runs across the back and there's a small fiberglass tub (gold metal-flake, no less!) occupying the port quarter. The galley is on the port side, with a gaucho across. The settee in the front converts to a double (uh huh) bed. There is no access door on the " back of the outside, as found on later models. But here's what makes mine different: It has a tandem, Dura-Torque axle (other 24 footer circa 1962 have single axles);. It has Jalousie windows (like the '64), stacked one above the other, just forward of the door. Likewise on the port side. The real oddity about this trailer is that one exterior panel (at about head-height) is a gold anodized color for the length of the trailer. I have seen Silver Streaks with this feature, but never an Airstream, yet I'm sure it was done at the factory. Airstream (fifteen years ago) didn't have a clue and suggested it might be (what they called) a "lead" (leed, not led!) trailer, which (they said) would have hadall the options available for that model, that year, and was built to lead one of the many Wally Byam caravans (and to plug the options to prospective new buyers). Might anyone be able to tell me something about my trailer? Thanks, Mark

Found in an overgrown side-yard in Modesto, California- This one of a kind Airstream will be featured in a television documentary by Ultimate Restorations and travel across the USA after being restored by trailer owner Paul Lacitinola and Tim Brown.

(More before photos on line. After photos in the next issue of the VCT magazine.)

The next day Joe Peplinski, Wally Byam Caravan Club International Historian. Vintage Airstream Club Historian WBCCI/VAC #6768 posted a reply to Mark's post: Nothing official or confirmed by any company records, so what follows is pure speculation. The only Airstream trailers I have ever seen photos of that were gold anodized were Wally's personal trailers, like the one he took to Africa (on which the entire outer skin was gold anodized). I never seen it mentioned in sales any literature, so I doubt if it was generally available to customers. It may have been tried on a few trailers, maybe test units that were used by company officers. Streamline Trailers had gold anodized stripes, but your photo is of a Tradewind tandem (it appears). I have no knowledgeable explanation but would guess it belonged to some Airstream higher up at one time. I never heard of WBCCI officials getting special trailers, but maybe this one was special ordered by a very good customer or by a close friend of Wally?

A decade later in 2012, Joe Peplinski posted to “Mark in Modesto�

Thank you for the additional photos you emailed to me of the WBCCI numbers on your special Airstream. From them, I believe I see a 100 and a 7328 under the 30908. From the photos, it's hard to say which came first, the 100 or the 7328, but I am going to guess the 100 came first with the 7238 later. #100 is VERY Interesting! This number was assigned to Airstream President Art Costello and his wife Caroline in 1962! #100 had been theirs since

the 1957 Membership Directory. This number remained assigned to the Costellos thru 2001 (when I assume Caroline passed away). Art was last listed in the 1972 Membership Directory. Whether or not this Airstream may have been originally designed and built for Wally Byam or for Art Costello, we may never know, but I will bet the first people to use it were the Costellos. BTW, the Costellos lead Caravan #29 - Eastern Mexico Winter 1962. It seems extremely likely that they used your Airstream to lead that caravan, since it was built in October 1961. One can only guess how long the Costellos used the trailer, but I would guess that it was eventually sold to someone with the number 7238, which by the way was first assigned in 1962 to R.H. and Bernice Colson of Houston, TX. The Colsons are last listed in the 1975 Directory, which could make sense if they sold the Airstream to the Huggins about that time, with the Huggins getting assigned #30908 in 1976, as already noted. Thus, my guess is that this trailer was first used by Airstream President Art Costello and was later sold to the Colsons, then to the Huggins, and then to you. The Costellos may have never actually owned it and may have used it while it was owned by Airstream. Or maybe they did own it. There is no telling when the Colsons acquired it. That could have been later 1962 after the Costellos used it for the Mexico Caravan, or perhaps years later. That's all I have for now. We are getting a little closer to the solving the mystery. -Joe Peplinski


Reading these posts we quickly realized that this trailer may be something very special. Arrangements were made to buy the trailer and within the week and I was on my way to Modesto, CA. Mark had passed away and his brother was clearing his property which was overgrown and neglected. Along with a set of wheels I took a chainsaw, pruning shears and a shovel. We needed them all. The trailer had not moved in a decade and was in an overgrown side yard of a dilapidated craftsman style house in a well established neighborhood. Less than a 100 feet from the road you would have never seen or noticed the trailer if you didn’t know it was there. After grooming a pathway through the overgrowth and digging the rotten tires out of the soil, we were on our way to the Department of Motor vehicle to transfer the title, without an appointment. If you have ever done this, you know that this is a several hour adventure. The trailer was not in great condition but I greased up the bearings and headed home. Once we had the trailer home we went straight to the source and contacted Airstream Inc. to see what they could tell us about the trailer. Justin P. Humphreys, COO Airstream Inc. consulted with Samantha Martin, the Airstream Corporate Archivist/Historian

Samantha provided us with the following information:

“I have not been able to find any definitive record of Art owning a trailer with a gold panel. However, our serial number records match the attached photo; this particular trailer was made in October of 1961 and it is listed as “Special-Art”. We also have the Warranty Registration which lists Eugene Gwaltney (facing page). I can’t completely rule out that this trailer belonged to Art at some point since he is connected to the serial number but since he is not listed on the Warranty Registration I have to wonder if it wasn’t a prototype that Art was in charge of but was sold to Eugene Gwaltney.



I searched through the Board of Director minutes from 1959-1962 to see if I could find any mention of Art having this trailer built but no luck. What I did come across is that they were still experimenting with the Easter Egg trailers in 1961 which were trailers made with anodized aluminum in different colors. I also found in the September 1961 minutes that they were working on a plan for a Golden Caravan. The notes about the Golden Caravan read: “It is to be an Airstream with distinctive external identification as a Golden Caravan; offered in a limited number of floor plans…. it is to be built to the principle that no cost shall be spared in providing the finest and most advanced mechanical contrivances and materials for both world cruising and domestic pleasure travel; it is not to be customized for individual customers but shall be signed by Airstream.”

#100 Art & Caroline Costello, Downey, CA, WBCCI members using this club number from 1957-1981. I believe this Airstream was created specifically for Caravan 29 and was likely owned by Airstream at the time of the caravan and was then sold to a customer shortly after the caravan ended. -Joe Peplinski

This leads me to believe that this Airstream is likely the prototype for the Golden Caravan. It would make sense for this line of trailers to match the model type of Wally’s gold trailer. The fact that it has a gold flecked bathtub also matches the description that no cost shall be spared. I know that in 1961 Art was working on a prototype for the Easter Egg in California so it’s reasonable that he would have been working on a Golden Caravan prototype as well. Whether or not it belonged to Art at some point is hard to say but he was certainly involved with its production and it is a very unique trailer!”

UNIQUE FEATURES: A gold anodized band around the trailer at about eye level Factory painted gold trim on hard metal interior parts Fiberglass bathtub finished in gold metal flake Rare dual axles for a 24’ Tradewind Rare jalousie windows on both sides of the front living area Rare jalousie window in the entrance door, rather than the typical door-within-a-door With this new found information I contacted Rich Luhr, of Airstream Life Magazine to see what he could tell me about this trailer.

Rich emailed me the following:

"I have heard about the Easter Egg anodized trailers, but not much other than what we wrote in the magazine some years ago: Wally's most famous personal trailer was also his last one, a tandem axle 22' trailer sheathed in gold anodized aluminum. It was built in 1957 at the Ohio factory especially for Wally's use on the African Caravan, and was also the prototype for the International series of self-contained trailers. Wally visited a few Rallies before and between taking it on two arduous Caravans, to Central America in 1958 and from Cape Town to Cairo and through Europe in 1959 and 1960. The most striking feature was and remains the gold anodized Reynolds aluminum skin. Anodize is a process by which aluminum or other metals are coated with a protective film by chemical or electrolytic means. Wally dreamed of Easter Egg colored trailers to compliment the bright pastel color American cars of the mid to

late 1950s. From 20 or more feet away, the gold color on his trailer looked good. But upon a closer inspection each panel had a slightly different hue. This difference increased over time as panels weathered at varying rates and to different colors. The problem is the hard, heat-treated structural alloy aluminum used in aircraft and on Airstreams doesn't accept anodizing consistently, so each panel ends up a different hue and the trailer appears splotchy. Given the unsatisfactory results, Wally dropped the Easter Egg colored trailer idea." The forgotten gold Airstream is receiving a complete restoration by Paul Lacitinola and a group of friends. Avalon RV and Tim Brown have both been invaluable in tackling this project. The restoration, and significance of this trailer caught the eye of the producers of the TV show Ultimate Restorations. The restoration is being filmed for a documentary on the trailer and its journey. Finished photos will be in the next issue of the VCT Magazine. In June/July 2019 Paul and Caroline Lacitinola will travel across the country in the Airstream and would like to see you along the way! This tour has been made possible by Airstream Inc., and


June 17,content) 2019 (Editorial Jefferson City, Missouri Modern Litho Printing

July 1, 2019 Volo, Illinois Volo Museum

June 11, 2019 Salt Lake City, Utah Airstream of Utah

June 21, 2019 Jackson Center, Ohio Airstream Factory

July 6, 2019 Clear Lake, MN Minnesota Airstream Park

June 14-16, 2019 ​Minden, Nebraska Pioneer Village

June 29, 2019 Elkhart, Indiana. RV Hall of Fame and Museum

July 11-14, 2019 Gillette, Wyoming Cam-Plex Event Center

Airstream serial number records indicate this particular trailer was made in October of 1961 and it is listed as “Special-Art”.



Wally Byam, Airstream’s founder, designed his trailers be light enough to be towed by a car while providing first-class accommodations anywhere in the world. Airstream’s classic fuselage shape with its riveted aluminum construction has only been modified a few times in its nearly 90-year existence and along the way has inspired other trailer lines. Novices have been known to decree any number of aluminum-clad trailers an Airstream. The illustrations to the right depict, from top to bottom, the evolution of the line. Note the shape of the front and tail sections and the placement of the door, windows, and wheel-wells.

1938 Clipper

1948 Liner

© 2015 Dangerr Creative. All rights reserved.

1952 Flying Cloud

1952 Airstream Flying Cloud 21’

The square rear-end makes it a 21 footer, first made in California in 1951 and later in Ohio in late 1952 when the factory opened up. Standard taillights were the early Bargman Trail-Lite rectangular taillights used from 1952 to 1953, replacing the single center taillight of older trailers. Layout on this one has a pullout double and a dinette that made into a bed – and is unique with its streetside Jalousie Window.

1959 Safari

California vs. Ohio



In the 50s Airstream made the same trailer models in California and Ohio, but their names and some style elements varied between the two. The 9-panel “whale tail” end cap was found only on the back of California models of the mid-1950s. Ohio models of the same era had 13 panels that converged around the rear window. The number of panels went down over time, decreasing to 7 by 1957-58. The shape of the wheel wells were also distinct: Californian wheel wells are teardrop shaped, while the Ohioan’s are square or peaked.


#7328 – Eugene & Athione Gwaltney, Los Angeles, CA, WBCCI members 19621970, Caravans 34 – Western Canada Summer 1963 & 42 – Mexico Winter 1965. Since #7328 was first assigned in mid-1962, I believe the Gwaltney’s bought this Airstream after Caravan 29 ended and immediately joined WBCCI and then took it on their own two caravans. -Joe Peplinski




A-Z entries include hundreds of high-quality photos, detailed illustrations, authentic logos, identifying features, historical briefs, key models and more. For more information and vintage trailer merchandise go to


Tin Can Tourists Centennial Celebration

Story and Photographs by Richard Cook

More than 200 vintage trailers packed the campground at Sertoma Youth Ranch in Brooksville, Florida from February 19th thru 24th to celebrate 100 Years of Rolling History...the 100th Anniversary of the Tin Can Tourists. Besides the trailers, the week-long gathering included vintage auto races, educational seminars about trailer restoration and agreed value insurance, catered meals, nightly entertainment, and a vintage trailer open house combined with a classic car cruise-in. One of the highlights of the TCT Centennial Celebration was a lecture on Thursday evening by TCT Hall of Fame member Daniel Hershberger titled “Hitting the Road: Motor Camping with the Early Tin Can Tourists,” which continued the following day with a bus trip to Desoto Park in Ybor City, the original location of the founding of the TCT organization in 1919. Set up at Desoto Park was a restored Ford Model T similar to those used during the early decades of the 20th century when a newly-formed network of roads (some of them merely dirt trails) allowed Tin Canners to escape the brutal climates of northern states and spend their winters basking in the Florida sunshine. Also set up at Desoto Park was a 1927 Auto-Kamp tent trailer, a 1932 Kozy Kamp tent trailer, and a replica 1916 Automobile Telescoping Apartment (an early example of a modern-day truck camper) bolted onto the back 12

1957 Airfloat Landyacht owned by Les Bowen. This beautiful trailer was found in a warehouse in California and brought to Tim Heintz in Florida for a frame-up restoration at Heintz Designs.

of a 1920 Model T Roadster. Current TCT member Alex Alexander read excerpts from the diary of Bill Austin, one of the 24 founding members of the Tin Can Tourists, about his 17-day auto-camping trip from Michigan to Florida in 1919 (averaging 100 miles per day at 12 mph). The reading was followed by talks describing the vintage vehicles, tent trailers and camping gear on display. Three busloads of hungry Tin Can Tourists were then driven to the historic Columbia Restaurant (opened in 1905) for a buffet lunch and presentation by TCT Hall of Fame member Hunt Jones titled “The History of the Tin Can Tourists.” During the week, Forrest Bone announced that after two decades of running the organization he was retiring as the Royal Exalted Tin Can Opener (Director of the Tin Can Tourists). Forrest and Royal Exalted First Lady, Jeri Bone, were presented with a memory book signed by hundreds of TCT members. The festivities continued with a special cake celebrating 100 years of camping fun. For those who couldn’t attend the gathering in Florida, the TCT Centennial Celebration will continue at Camp Dearborn in Milford, Michigan from May 14th thru 19th. Hope to see you there!

Right side of replica 1916 Automobile Telescoping Apartment on the back of a 1920 Ford Model T Roadster.

1961 Del-Ray truck camper owned by Tim Heintz. Besides the front windows, another unique feature of this Del-Ray is the roof platform...perfect for lounging on deck chairs while watching NASCAR races or hanging out at vintage trailer rallies.

1927 Auto-Kamp tent trailer owned by Daniel Hershberger.

1947 Curtis-Wright Model 5 owned by Bill and Candy Fisher. The rear view looks identical to the front view except for the bumper, tail lights, and license tag.

1958 Serro Scotty Senior owned by Bucky Hartwell. According to the map on the door, Bucky likes to take his teardrop on the road.

1950 Westcraft Trolley Top owned by Todd Emily. This trailer was restored by Robert Bergman, builder of the Spartan Zeus truck storage unit.


Above: 1949 Vagabond Model 19 owned by Robert Bergman. Restoration on the Vagabond began in 2016 and was completed one week prior to the TCT Centennial Celebration, when Robert towed the trailer to Florida from Michigan. Right: 1948 Aero Flite Falcon owned by Dick and Shirley Thomas. This art deco trailer was manufactured by Aero Services, part of Aero Lines at Metropolitan Airport, now renamed Van Nuys Airport in California.

The original door from the 1946 Spartan Manor Robert pulled out of a swamp. He named his creation the Spartan Zeus.


Robert Bergman tows his 1949 Vagabond Model 19 with a standard GMC Sierra pickup truck, but what makes Robert’s tow vehicle unusual is the homebuilt storage unit bolted on the back. About a decade ago, Robert found a 1946 Spartan Manor in a swamp, took it apart piece-by-piece, used the forward six feet to build a bar in his basement, and used the middle section to create this one-of-a-kind truck storage unit after narrowing the section down by four feet.

Become a member and join the celebration! Tin Can Tourists is an all year, all make and model trailer and motor coach club. Learn more at TINCANTOURISTS.COM

On the


To the Illustrated Field Guide to Vintage Trailers By authors Bob Thompson and Carl Jameson

What do a creative director and video producer know about vintage travel trailers? Not much. When we teamed up to restore a dilapidated trailer we

had no idea what a DIY education it would become. We discovered that finding any information about vintage trailers is an archaeological dig back to mid-century art, science, and technology. Soon we were hooked on vintage trailers. We read, searched, and joined vintage trailer groups to learn more about our trailer – and to plan our next purchase. We faced the problem of vintage trailer enthusiasts face everywhere: we had a lot of questions and not a lot of answers. The little information we did find throughout books, the Internet and old magazines was scattered and incomplete. What we needed was a field guide. Since we had learned a ton while rebuilding our trailer we thought, “Why not do it ourselves? How many years of research, rallies, road trips and writing could that take?” The answer to the latter question is about five years and thousands of miles. We made several trips to the RV/MH Hall of Fame in Elkhart, Indiana where were welcomed by President Darryl Searer and his staff into their library for days at a time. We appreciate both their hospitality and access to their invaluable collection of books and magazines. Thank you to everyone that let us photograph their trailer. The pictures provide an invaluable compass for trailer identification. We learned there are experts on every type and brand of trailer that will willingly share their knowledge with you, often late into the night, by the light of a campfire. If you've ever used a field guide for bird identification, or any field guide for that matter, you know the basics of how The Illustrated Field Guide to Vintage Trailers works. The field guide is organized for quick reading and as a starting point for further research. It includes nearly 1000 illustrations and photographs as well as valuable information with titles like “Identification in the Field,” “Uncovering the Vehicle Identification Number,” and “How To Measure a Vintage Trailer.” The identification section of the field guide starts with “Vintage Trailer Body Styles,” followed by trailer manufacturers in alphabetical order. There are short entries for smaller manufacturers, unique, and rare trailers. Hundreds of photographs of trailers fill the field guide. They range from barn finds Continued on page 22


A GOLD AVION? About 13 years ago at Retro Restoration I took this 1965 Avion 18’ in on trade for another restoration. It had a decent shell, but the interior was a complete wreck. I came up with some ideas to build a custom interior, but customer restorations continued to get priority, so the old Avion just sat in my boneyard of old campers for all those years. After recently completing our 100th restoration, I decided it was finally time to pull the old trailer out and give it its makeover.

covered with brown Naugahide. A custom built sliding barn door was built to replace the ugly vinyl folding door separating the front from the bathroom. The rustic feel continues in the bathroom, with a vintage washtub converted to the shower/bathtub and purposely exposed copper plumbing. A cover for the new toilet gives an outhouse look, with an old metal foot pedal to flush it. An antique wash basin was made into the vessel sink.

My concept was to give it a vintage mountain cabin feel inside, rustic but all new and functional. I gutted the interior, stripped the walls of about six coats of latex paint, and peeled layers of old flooring up. Fortunately, the subfloor was in excellent shape with no rot. After laying a new floor in 9” VCT, I laminated the walls with Cherry hardwood veneer, cut into 4” strips to add to the cabin look, as well as to be able to make the compound curves. The cabinetry was all custom built out of blue stain (beetle kill) pine, the cabinet doors are repurposed aspen. The countertop and backsplash are formed from galvanized sheet metal. The gaucho bed and dinette benches feature lodge pole arms, new foam

Under all the rustic look, everything is new and modern. New ABS holding tanks were installed, including a gray water tank Avions of this era did not come with. Plumbing, with the exception of the exposed shower is all PEX tubing. All new appliances were installed, Attwood water heater and furnace, Dometic 3 way fridge, Colman air conditioner, and a hidden microwave oven. The only exception to new is the antique stove top, which just fit with the cabin look. The electrical was upgraded to a new 12V converter and all LED lighting. In front of the table a flat screen TV is on an electric lift, hidden from view when not being watched. Also hidden from view is the entertainment center:


By Larry Hill

DVD/CD player, Bluetooth and wi-fi ready to listen to music or watch movies and shows. There are even USB charging ports added. The exterior of this era Avion always causes a dilemma. They are anodized, so what can one do to make it look better? I’ve heard rumors that the anodizing can be stripped and the aluminum polished, but that just seems impossible and would be an ugly job. I had originally planned on painting it until a friend that worked at a vinyl vehicle wrap company suggested we wrap it. After research, I decided to try it. Vinyl wraps come in hundreds of colors and even custom prints, I choose a gold metallic that would look like it was gold anodized. I removed everything that could come off, including drilling out all the rivets that hold the windows in (the windows were easier to restore off of the trailer anyway). A couple of bigger dents were repaired, the trailer scrubbed clean and the wrap installed. Rather than try and wrap the underside, the belly pan was sprayed with black pebbled truck bed liner. All the hardware was installed, and all new lighting from Vintage Trailer Supply finished up the detail.

My concept was to give it a vintage mountain cabin feel inside, rustic but all new and functional.

Vinyl wraps come in hundreds of colors and even custom prints, I choose a gold metallic that would look like it was gold anodized.

Under all the rustic look, everything is new and modern. New ABS holding tanks were installed, including a gray water tank Avions of this era did not come with.

1965 Avion Owned by Larry Hill Retro Restoration LLC Canon City, CO





Hollister, CA - March 2019

Vintage Trailers at Boot Camp

Hawaiian Barbecue Dinner

Joe and Nancy from Arizona

The shady lady. Gary Warner -Electrical

Tim Brown - Wood Finishing Jimmy Evans makes the best of it to teach painting in cool damp weather.


Wish you were here!

John Palmer - Metal Shaping Randy comes from Montana to share what he knows from a career as a plumber.

VCT Boot Camp 2019

William Ward constructed this "wet bath" display with parts supplied by Vintage Trailer Supply

Grace and Paul LacitinolaTalk counter tops

Christopher Tremblay - Cabinet Making

Here is just a taste of all of the fun we had at Boot Camp this year! You can find the rest of the photos by Glen Nichols at Boot Camp is the first weekend in March. 2019 was our fourth year running and our second year at Casa de Fruta in Hollister, CA. We hold Boot Camp "off season" so as not to interfere with rallies and other vacation plans. Because it is early in the spring we usually get some rain. This year was no exception. Fortunately, the park has facilities to keep us warm and dry and Boot Camp goes on rain or shine! This year we maxed-out with 175 attendees. We had people from 24 different states across the USA in attendance. Boot Camp is an experience that allows participants to get together with like minded people! The "behind the scenes crew" and the presenters are what makes this event happen year after year. Don't miss 2020!

Sandy Keller taking a time-out to check out one of the vintage trailers.

Getting busy on a Boles Aero Scotty from Artistic Airstreams talks panel replacements.

Denny from So Cal Vintage Trailers had standing room only in his classes on design.

Dawn's crafting classes were a hit!

Justin from Vintage 55 Restorations


Rally and More!

By Beth Lennon Mod Betty of Retro Roadmap

Summer Stops at the Jersey Shore

What a delightful surprise to be able to share yet another east coast rally with the VCT family! This is such a rarity but I hope it speaks to the ever-growing interest in vintage campers, trailers and the community of folks that meet and mingle because of it. The best part about this rally? It’s being held on beautiful Long Beach Island, New Jersey where the Atlantic Ocean meets the Jersey Shore. And even if you can’t make it to the rally, it is located right near some fun, seasonal, and totally Retro-Roadmap worthy places that are a must-visit during the sunny summer! On Saturday May 18th Barnegat Lighthouse State Park is hosting their second annual Spring “Ol’ Barney Rally” for all pre-1980 vintage camper trailers, pre-1992 VW campers and all years of Teardrop trailers. While there are a limited number of sites for this event, there will be a free public open house from 1-5pm on Saturday. This overnight event is held within walking distance of the historic Barnegat Lighthouse, fondly known as “Old Barney. Built in 1835 the lighthouse will be open for campers and visitors to climb the 217 steps for a spectacular view of Barnegat Bay and Long Beach Island. Details can be found on the Rallies pages in this magazine or at https://www.

diner in 1972.His insistence on having everything made from scratch is one of the many reasons why this authentic New Jersey built diner is top of its class and well worth a visit. Need to burn off a few calories from that delicious diner breakfast and get some exercise the Retro Roadmap way? Head to Bill Burr's Flamingo Miniature Golf in Ship Bottom, at the entrance to LBI (as the locals call it) from the mainland. This 18 hole old fashioned course has been a family favorite for every summer season since 1960 when it was opened by art teacher Bill Burr. This cute corner spot is now in the capable hands of Kirk VanKeuren,who worked as a teen at these little links and has owned it for almost 20 years.

Whether you’re en route to the rally or just want an excuse to “explore the shore” here are some places that Mod Betty knows you’ll enjoy visiting! Practically next-door neighbors to Barnegat Lighthouse State Park is the fabulous vintage Mustache Bill’s Diner. This adorable stainless steel classic diner opened on-site here in 1959 to serve tasty food to the island inhabitants and visitors, as it does to this day. Looking much the same as it did 60 years ago, with its swivel stools and Formica counters, this seasonal breakfast and lunch spot was awarded the prestigious James Beard America’s Classics award - the first diner - ever - to receive this prestigious honor. Much of its success has to do with the vision of owner “Mustache” Bill Smith who purchased the 20

Forked River Diner

Kirk and his crew repaint the obstacles each year in cheery pastel tints, and if you look closely you’ll spot a pair of original Featherstone Flamingos on display, gifted to this vintage puttery by Mod Betty herself! If you’re looking for a perfect excuse to explore the southern tip of the island, bring your appetite one block off of the main drag in Beach Haven and visit the Holiday Snack Bar. Opened in 1948, this is not your standard beach shack snack bar. Rightly famous for their burgers, Mod Betty’s sweet tooth sends her here for the scrumptious pies and cakes. From their signature Lady Lord Baltimore Cake (a vintage recipe with alternating layers cake and icing) to the refreshing key lime pie, there’s something for every taste. Speaking of taste, owners Glenn and Amy

Mustache Bills Diner

Warfield have kept many of the 1940’s era foods on the menu, so you’re able to order Tomato Aspic Salad if you are feeling adventurous. Just make sure to leave room for a delicious dessert!

the board for daily specials, and while you’re waiting for your meal to be served, look around and appreciate how little this diner has changed 60+ years. All of these locations and more are included in the Retro Roadmap Roadbook of South Jersey - order yours today at and plan your summer road trips!


DON’T FORGET! Come meet VCT's own "Retro Roadmappin' Mod Betty" at the Jersey Shore Wingz Rally on Saturday June 8th at the Avalon Campground in Clermont, New Jersey. From 111pm She'll be signing copies of her latest Retro Roadbook of South Jersey and sharing stories of her vintage 1964 Serro Scotty camper. Don’t forget to introduce yourself as part of the Vintage Camper Trailer family!

Unshredded Nostalgia

Flamingo Mini Golf

Lastly, if you’re a bit of an “Island-o-phobe” and don’t want to cross the Manahawkin Bay, these area Retro Roadmap Recommended spots are open year ‘round: If you’re into collecting, or history, or just like to browse through old stuff, plan to spend some time at Unshredded Nostalgia in Barnegat, where owner Jim Episale and his helpers have organized decades worth of ephemera, collectibles and antiques into easy to delve into categories. From the huge attic space filled with vintage movie posters, to thousands of old photos, magazines, records and more, this is a treasure trove for those of us who love to revisit the past. And if you want a classic diner experience in a clean as a whistle vintage diner, the Forked River Diner is open year round in Forked (pronounced “fork-ED”) River. Built in Newark New Jersey in 1953 this is the perfect breakfast stop for early risers, as they open every day at 5am! Check


Field Guide - Continued from page 17 to “best in show” models. The pictures show a crosssection of brands, trailers, and a variety pack of models. There's a glossary that defines terms trailerites need to know when sitting around a glamper's campfire. Followed by an update on “Trailers in the Field,” a “Where the Trailers were Made” map, and a “Vintage Trailer Check List” to check off when you identify a trailer in the field.

The VCT Magazine is now available in Print and digital format on-line!

Research for The Field Guide included multiple trips to the RV/MV Hall of Fame and Museum in Elkhart, Indiana. Above and below: The authors relentlessly scoured the museum’s vast archive of RV trade magazines from the 1930s through the 70s, searching for the most accurate manufacturer and model information.

$24 annually for digital. $32.00 annually for print in the USA. Mail a check to: PO Box 354 Elverta, CA 95626.



Thousands of vintage ads were documented digitally as the authors camped out for days at a time in the museum library.

Napkin doodle of a favorite trailer drawn on the flight back home to Portland, Oregon.

The authors attended numerous vintage trailer rallies over several years to shoot photographs for the book. Here, Carl captures a stunning Boler with matching tow vehicle at the 2017 Mt. Baker rally in Lynden, Washington.

Jim and Lynda Polk 805.646.7293 or 310.502.5967

You can find the Field Guide as well as other trailer books on our website. Check out our guide to Vintage Trailer Rallies. We always include free stickers and bookmarks with every order.



We created The Illustrated Field Guide to Vintage Trailers for beginners, the experienced and all of the curious travelers out on the road (and us). If you spot a vintage trailer and need help with identification, send us pictures and we'll do our best to identify it for you in our new column “Vintage Trailer Field Identification” on page 11 of this magazine. It's our first in a series of articles to help turn you into an expert on vintage trailers.

A Tip From a Retired, now “crusty” Doodle Bugger Getting the dents out can be done with a 3/8 drill bit and a set of duck bill vice grips. Put tape or fuzzy side of Velcro on vice grips to prevent scratches. Bend out the dents and reshape with the vice grips.

Hope this helps somebody.

Sent in by; Orbie No problem dynamite can’t solve. !





We specialize in SPARTAN !

and other riveted trailers.

2574 S. Strawtown Pike - Peru, Indiana (765) 473-8088




V TRAILERS ni tage

Once you’ve seen a freshly polished trailer, it’s hard to look at aluminum the same way again. The mirror finish on that vintage profile is nothing short of stunning. The seams and rivets or screws are accented against the mirror panels, and you feel the urge to run right home and polish your own trailer. By Steve Hingtgen, President of Vintage Trailer Supply, Painted or bare aluminum. Those aren’t the only two choices, but those two finishes make up 95% or more of vintage trailers. Each can be expensive to make look great. Each has maintenance requirements. This article provides a basic description of how to polish a vintage Airstream or other trailer. But first, it’s important to know that polishing isn’t for everyone. And it isn’t the same for every trailer. Can My Trailer Be Polished? All bare aluminum trailers can be polished to very nice shines. The specific alloy isn’t particularly important. However, sometimes what looks to be bare aluminum really isn’t.

Anodizing is using an electrolytic process to add a thin, hard oxide layer to the sheet to protect it from oxidation and corrosion. Anodzed trailers can be polished only if the anodizing is removed, but that removal process is a very caustic endeavor and not for the faint of heart. Only after all coatings are removed and you are down to clean bare metal can you begin your polishing Is Polishing For Me? Polishing is labor-intensive. The time it takes depends on the size of the trailer, the amount of oxidation, the efficiency of your technique, and the number of breaks you need. At a minimum, expect to spend at least three full weekends on this project. It is not uncommon for the project to take twice that much time.

There are two sneaky coatings that are sometimes present on old unpainted aluminum. One is a lacquer coating called plasticoat or clearcoat that we see The good news is that once a trailer is on Airstreams and some other trailers as polished to a mirror shine, the second early as 1960. Before you can polish, time takes far, far less time. That’s an the coating needs to be removed with important thing to know since you may PPG Aeorspace PR-5044 or another very well be repolishing every year to strong paint stripper. We like PR-5044 keep the shine. because it is safe and effective. Another possible coating on seemingly Future polishing will be easier and bare aluminum is anodizing. Anodized the shine will last longer because trailers were popular in the 1960s and the aluminum surface becomes 1970s. Avion, Streamline and other smoother and is further “healed” makers anodized their aluminum. with every polishing. 24

To understand the smoothing and healing process, it is important to understand that aircraft-grade aluminum polishes– like Airbrite or Nuvite–do not remove oxidation with a chemical process, but rather by an abrasive process. Aircraftgrade polishes are specifically designed to be used in steps, somewhat like sandpaper. Each successive step is a finer polish. The coarser polishes are used on highly oxidized or slightly corroded surfaces. The finest polishes are used only after nearly all oxidation has been removed. The skin of your Airstream is covered with small and microscopic scratches, pits and other imperfections. By smoothing the surface during polishing, the surface area is reduced, providing less opportunity for oxygen to bond with the aluminum to form the aluminum oxide. In addition, oxidation left on and in a polished surface increases the breeding of more oxidation, causing the polish job to dull more quickly. The cleaner the surface of oxidation, the longer the polish job lasts. So, is polishing for you? This article helps you assess the work involved. Your ability and willingness to do the work must be weighed against the

This polished 1947 Spartan Manor is on display at the Forney Museum of Transportation in Denver, Colorado. It is owned by Brian Casson of Severance, Colorado

How to Polish a Vintage Trailer The following polishing procedures were developed from our own product field testing, aircraft polish manufacturer lab and field testing, and feedback we’ve gathered from our customers who have experimented with various polishing techniques and products over more than 18 years. This is not the only way to polish. There are more aggressive methods using higher speeds and more abrasive materials. However, the first time you polish we recommend you use this aircraft method as it is safe and will not gouge or create deep scratches. After you get the hang of it, I hope you experiment if you have the time. Tools, Equipment and Supplies In practice, a polish’s aggressiveness depends on the polishing pads or fabric

and the tool being used. Therefore, you’ll need two different power tools to complete all the polishing steps. To do it all, you’ll need both a variable speed rotary polisher AND a Cyclo dual-head orbital polisher. There are a number of brands of rotary polishers. Look for a heavy duty 7” variable speed model capable of operating at ~1500 rpm. The DeWalt DWP849 is highly recommended. Do not use an orbital car polisher; it isn’t aggressive enough. Step 1: Remove parts that might be damaged during polishing. Lenses on porch, tail or marker lights should be removed. Any other plastic or painted parts that might be damaged


value to you. It is undeniable that the pride of ownership and resale value of a trailer are increased. But since oxidation doesn’t harm a trailer’s skin, perhaps you will decide you can live with the unshined look.

• • • • • • • • •

during polishing should be protected by taping off or removing them. Glass windows and gaskets are safe, but plastic vent covers may become discolored or damaged. Step 2: Clean the trailer Oils and waxes will interfere with effective polishing. Use a soft wool car wash glove and warm soapy water (dishwashing liquid is fine in this case) to thoroughly wash your trailer. If you see any bird droppings, tar or pine sap anywhere on the trailer, take mineral spirits or more aggressive solvents and remove those deposits. With a rigid plastic or wooden tool, pick any dried loose caulk out of the seams.

A variable speed rotary polisher and a Cyclo dual-head orbital polisher 7” twisted-wool polishing pads (5+) 7” velcro backplate to hold pads A “spur” polishing pad cleaner Cyclo foam backing pads Cyclo cotton terry bonnets OR several yards of heavy cotton fabric (95% cotton flannel or 100% cotton t-shirt fabrics work well) Scaffolding or ladders for safe work on side and top of trailer Ladder and padding to protect the trailer Diaper cloth or other soft cotton rags Mineral spirits Appropriate grades of Airbrite, Nuvite or other aircraft polishes


When you are finished cleaning and prepping, be absolutely satisfied that the surface is clean. Any dirt, sand or grit left on the trailer when you start polishing will cause severely damaging scratches in the trailer skin. Note: do not use any cleaning product containing ammonia. Ammonia reacts with aluminum. Step 3: Oxidation Removal (Compounding) This is the most time-consuming step in polishing. When you are finished with this step your trailer will have no oxidation or corrosion left on it. Just freshly scratched, raw aluminum. If your trailer has never been polished and has been left to oxidize for decades, start with very coarse polishes like Airbrite No.1 or Nuvite Grade F9. If your trailer was previously painted or coated, or if it was polished in the distant past, you will be starting with a regular coarse polish like Airbrite No.2 or Nuvite Grade F7. In either case you will be using your 7” rotary polisher with a new or clean wool compounding pad. Place one finger across the top surface of the polish, just wetting your finger with polish (do not dip out a quantity of polish) and put a wet “fingerprint” of about half a finger length every 3” or so over an area to be polished approximately 3 to 4 square feet. Work fairly quickly so that the polish does not dry out. Place the wool compounding pad onto the “fingerprinted” area, and smear the polish around a little before turning on the polisher. Tilt the pad up slightly so that the pad is not laying flat as it spins, but rather so that only one side of the pad is touching the surface. The polisher should run slowly–ideally 1200 to 1500 rpm. As it spins, move the polisher over the surface at a speed of about a foot every one to two seconds. Light but firm pressure is all that is needed. (If it were a horizontal surface, you would want to use about the weight of the buffer or very slightly more.) Lightly scratched areas may require working back and forth, then up and down, then diagonally over the 26

scratched area several times to blend the scratches. Do not stop moving the pad and “bear down” on one area to blend the scratch. It can cause the surface to get too hot and scorch. As you work back and forth, black residue will form over the buffing area. Continue moving the buffer back and forth, up and down, across the surface. After about 30 to 45 seconds, the black residue will begin to lighten and disappear if you have the correct amount of polish. Continue moving over the area until the black residue is gone and the clean aluminum surface shows. Black residue may remain around the edges of your buffed area, but that will be cleared as you move to the next adjoining area to be buffed. If further work is needed to clear the cloudiness, or if scratches remain prominent, repeat the above process. Repeat the above steps on the next adjoining area, and so on, until the entire panel, and then the whole trailer, is complete. As you go along, the wool compounding pad will mat up. The oxide and polish will make it look shiny. When this happens, fluff the pile of the pad by “spurring” it with a buffing spur. Spurring loosens the matted fibers and lets you use the pad longer before changing to a clean pad. At the end of the oxidation removal step, you will be left with bright aluminum and no oxidation, but there will be very noticeable swirl marks from the pad and the relatively coarse polish being used. They will be removed in the next step. Step 4: Polishing Now that you have removed all the bad stuff, it’s time to start healing the scratches and smoothing the aluminum. Using a medium abrasive polish like Airbrite No.4 or Nuvite Grade C and your 7” polisher with clean or new compounding pads, repeat the process described in Step 3 over the entire trailer. After polishing the entire trailer, use a clean cotton terry towel, diaper cloth

or similar fabric to hand wipe the entire trailer to remove any surface polish. Look for accumulations of residue around fastener heads and along panel lines. Mineral spirits may be used to dissolve and remove difficult deposits. At the end of this polishing step, all visible oxidation will be gone and your trailer will be beautifully polished. You may decide that you don’t want to continue to Step 5. Certainly, that is an option, but keep in mind that the more smooth the finish, the longer your polish job will last. Also, after this step you will have noticeable swirls from the mild abrasive in the polish and the wool pad. To remove those fine scratches you need to go to the next step. Step 5: The Mirror Finish To achieve a mirror finish, you will be using a “no-cut” polish like Airbrite No.6 or Nuvite S. For this step you will be switching to the Cyclo dual-head orbital polisher. There’s really no substitute for a Cyclo. It’s an investment that you will be glad you made and will need again in years to come. There are two ways to use the Cyclo. One is to apply cotton terry bonnets to the Cyclo heads (over foam pads) and polish just like you would a car. This leaves very mild swirl marks. They’ll be much smaller and lighter than if you stopped with Step 4, but they will be noticeable in direct sunlight. The alternative method is more awkward, but completely eliminates the swirl marks. With this method, you are using the Cyclo for its random, vibrating movement, and not for its spinning. To eliminate the swirling, you will cover the heads with 95%+ sweatshirt fabric, soft 100% cotton flannel or heavy 100% cotton T-shirt fabric. Wrap a section of the fabric over the face of the foam polisher pads, being sure to leave motor

George and Shawn Stuart of Eglewood, Colorado own this polished 1961 Holiday House which is on display at the Forney Museum of Transportation in Denver, Colorado.

vent openings unobstructed. The size of the fabric doesn’t have to be exact, but a piece approximately 30” x 40” works well. Similar to the method in Steps 4 and 5, place one finger across the top surface of the jar of polish, and put a wet fingerprint about half a finger length every 6” or so over an area to be polished approximately 3 to 4 square feet. (Note that this is less polish than used in previous steps.) Pull the fabric tight over the face of the polisher and hold it with your hand as you grip the polisher handholds. Bunch it up and even twist it as you work to grip it all with one hand. Some people use a ratcheting plastic cable clamp to help hold it. The fabric needs to allow the heads to spin and vibrate underneath the fabric without grabbing it. Smear the face of the polisher around the area to be polished before turning on the polisher, then turn it on and move the polisher over the area at the rate

of about one foot of travel every three seconds. Use only light pressure. Move the polisher back and forth and up and down. Work the areas around raised rivets, screws and panel lines. Black residue will appear as before. After 30 to 45 seconds, the black residue will begin to disappear as you continue buffing over the area, and the bright, mirror shine will begin to appear. Work back over rivets and panel lines to clean the residue from these areas as well as possible. When the area is clean of surface polish, stop the polisher. Now adjust the placement of the fabric on the Cyclo so that a clean spot of the fabric is now over the heads. Do a final buff over the whole area, continuing the cleaning and brightening of the finish and picking up any light residue caught around rivets and panel lines. Finally, finish with a clean microfiber, flannel or diaper cloth material by hand, lightly cleaning close in around

rivet heads and with folded material to get back against the edges of the panel lines. Be careful not to drag any deposited polish onto the clean, clear, polished panel image. If you are struggling to work with the cotton cloth wrap on the Cyclo, you don’t have to do it. If you don’t mind mild swirl marks, simply use cotton terry pads on the Cyclo. It’s much easier, and the minor swirl marks will fade with time. Maintenance & Re-Polishing Between polishings, keep your Airstream clean. Immediately remove any road tar, bird droppings, insects or pine sap using a vinegar-based glass cleaner or soap designed for washing cars. Do not use any cleaner with ammonia as an ingredient. For stubborn stuck-on messes, use mineral spirits or other solvents. Keep in mind that solvents and detergent can strip protective waxes and polymers Continued on page 40



ALUMINUM ALLOY 101 What is aluminum alloy? Aluminum alloy is created when other elements are added to pure aluminum in order to enhance its properties, usually to increase strength. These elements include copper, silicon, iron, magnesium, manganese and zinc, and can make up as much as 15% of the alloy by weight. Different alloys are given a four-digit number which we then use to identify its characteristics.

Most common alloys for your trailer restoration

RUGGED, DURABLE, PORTABLE. LIKE YOU. Cordless & Portable Cool to the touch Hands-free design 2 brightness settings No glass/bulb to break Uses only 5 Watts Magnet mount

2024T3 Alclad The most commonly used aluminum for exterior panel replacement is .032 thick, 2024T3 alclad. This is the most well-known of the high strength alloys and known as “aircraft aluminum”. With its high strength and excellent fatigue resistance, it is best used where good strengthto-weight ratio is desired. It is easily polished to a high shine. 2024 is commonly used with an anodized finish or in clad form. (This material is also used for interior panels in .032 thickness.) Airparts Inc offers this material in continuous lengths both 48” and 60” wide, as opposed to just 4ft x 12ft sheets, you can have long runs with less seams. Anodized vs Alclad? Anodizing is “controlled oxidation”, the speeding along the naturally occurring phenomenon that happens to aluminum over time. Anodizing is an electrochemical process that converts the metal surface into anodic oxide finish by immersing the aluminum into an acid electrolyte bath and passing an electric current through, creating the oxide finish. Anodized aluminum cannot chip or peel, it is porous and allows for secondary processes such as coloring and sealing. Alclad is a pure layer of thin, high quality aluminum that is bonded to the aluminum. Alclad helps with corrosion resistance. Alclad is usually a “film” 2.5% to 5% of the total thickness of the material and not only protects it


from corrosion but also has a galvanic effect to further protect the core material. 5052H32 “Belly Pan Aluminum” .025 thickness 5052H32 is one of the highest strength NON-heat-treatable alloys. It is important to know that it is NON-structural. 5052 has excellent corrosion resistance and is very common in marine applications. The bendable/workable characteristic of this aluminum along with good corrosion resistance makes it desirable for belly pan aluminum. This aluminum has a satin/ mill finish and can be used to laminate over existing walls or cabinets for cosmetic purposes, but is not recommend

for anything structural. Airparts Inc offers this material in continuous lengths as opposed to just 4ft x 12ft sheets, most people run panels widthwise across the trailer making a seam every 48” for ease of future access. 6061T6 – An interior option 6061T6 is a structural alloy, in .032 thickness is a good alternative to 2024T3 for interior panel replacement. 6061 is lessor expensive, and has a nice satin/mill finish if you prefer a softer look interior than the brighter 2024T3. If you are going to paint the interior, 6061 makes sense from a budget stand point. By



w.a 800 irparts -800 .c -322 om 9



Working with Steel Story and Photographs by Richard Cook

The 1969 Shasta Compact my wife and I purchased in June 2018 didn’t come with a ladder for the bunk bed, so in keeping with the vintage theme we found a four-legged wooden ladder at an antique shop that would work in the trailer with a few modifications. After removing the rear legs and steel hinges, one of the discarded legs was cut into two pieces of filler wood to close the gap between the top of the ladder and the bottom of the bunk bed. To cut down on weight, a hole saw was used to cut several holes in the filler wood before bolting the wood to the top of the ladder. Decades of paint splatters were sanded smooth, followed by three coats of spar varnish (with a light sanding between coats). The final task was to build a pair of quick-release mounting brackets to allow the ladder to be attached and removed easily, yet sturdy enough not to come loose while being used by my daughter. I decided to repurpose the steel hinges to create the two brackets. Because a picture is worth a thousand words, the making of the brackets will be described in captioned photographs.

Working with Aluminum When we purchased our Shasta Compact we had the intention of comfortably sleeping three people inside such a small space. At a trio of vintage trailer rallies in Florida, our daughter occupied the bunk bed, my wife slept on the left side dinette seat, and I slept on the right side dinette seat. Unfortunately, the dinette seats were not comfortable due to the narrow widths of the seats. There just wasn’t enough room to move. While attending the TCT Centennial Celebration in February 2019, we saw a 1972 Shasta Compact that had been converted into a twin bed arrangement in the area where the original dinette seats had once been located. I looked at my wife and she said, “Definitely!”

Two pieces of heavy-duty steel after drilling rivets out of the hinges.

A ninety-degree angle was hammered into the opposite end of each piece of steel. The cardboard mockup can be seen on the table. The finished pair of steel brackets.

After the ladder was clamped to the bunk bed and the pair of steel brackets fit into place, a long bit was used to drill holes through the top of the brackets, the bunk bed, the top of the ladder and the bottom of the brackets. Long bolts were then inserted from the top downward.

Right then and there I started designing the conversion of our Shasta. A major difference between the conversion we saw at the TCT event and the one now in our trailer is the materials used. The twin beds in the 1972 Shasta were built on top of permanent RIGHT: The bunk bed ladder wooden frames. Our twin beds are built as lightweight securely in place using homemade folding extensions hinged to the existing dinette seats. steel brackets. Although thin plywood was used for the top platforms and strips of poplar were used as attachment points for the legs, the main strength comes from aluminum angle and square aluminum tubing purchased at Home Depot. By building the bed extensions as folding units, I have access to the air-conditioner compartment for maintenance, as well as access to the storage compartments beneath the dinette seats without having to refit them with doors or drawers. Because of the wide width of the twin beds, it was necessary to narrow the dinette table and the ladder for the bunk bed (both of them easy projects). Because a picture is worth a thousand words, the making of the twin beds using aluminum will be described in captioned photographs. (Facing Page)


After making a cardboard mockup of the brackets, two forming blocks were made out of scrap wood to fit the mockup. The pieces of steel from the hinges were clamped tightly between the two forming blocks. A hammer was used to progressively bend a ninety-degree angle into each piece of steel.

Washers and wing nuts were used to secure the bolts, completing the quickrelease brackets.


A six-foot strip of poplar was temporarily laid on the floor to mark the outer edge of the left side bed extension. Half an inch was cut off from the outer edge of the left side dinette seat (darker plywood) to expose some of the underlying framework to be used as a lip for the inner edge of the left side bed extension (lighter plywood). Plywood was cut to make the left side bed extension, then it was cut in half so that it matched the two pieces of the left side dinette seat. A six-foot length of aluminum angle was screwed to the outer edge of both pieces of plywood in order to build the bed extension as a single unit for alignment purposes (later to be separated). A six-foot strip of poplar (similar to the one on the floor) was attached with hinges to the underside of the outer edge of the plywood. The forward edge of the poplar rested up against the back side of the aluminum angle to form a stopper for the legs. The measurements for each of the four legs were slightly different (by fractions) due to the floor not being perfectly level. Scrap wood was used to make mockup legs. When everything was temporarily set in place, the position of the four hinges were marked on the old plywood and new plywood. All of the above steps were then repeated for the right side bed extension.

2 The measurements for the legs were transferred to aluminum tubing, then the actual legs were cut using a table saw. Warning: When cutting aluminum, be sure to wear personal protection gear for your eyes, mouth and nose to prevent metal slivers from damaging your vision and metal dust from hampering your ability to breath.


Eight aluminum tube legs of differing sizes (by fractions) lined up next to the mockup legs. The length and location of each leg is marked on the blue tape.


8 LEFT - Folding bed extensions right side up in the unfolded position. CENTER - Folding bed extensions upside down in the unfolded position. RIGHT - Folding bed extensions upside down in the folded position.

9 Steel L-brackets were secured to the top and bottom of each leg using sheet metal screws.


After the left and right bed extensions were cut in half using a table saw, the four remaining support braces were screwed to the exposed edges of the four pieces of plywood.



The four individual sections of bed extensions were hinged to the dinette seats.


To prevent the legs from accidentally being kicked inward, eight small wood blocks were screwed to the floor as stoppers.


Twelve support braces, each with different measurements, were cut from aluminum angle using a table saw. Sharp edges were smoothed and rounded using metal files. The location of each brace is marked on blue tape on the underside.


All four sections folded up to allow room in the trailer for doing various interior chores, such as cleaning, varnishing, and maintenance.

One of the four sections folded up and propped open, allowing access to the air-conditioner compartment.

Notches were carved into the poplar, then four support braces were screwed to the center of the underside of the four pieces of plywood after first sliding the braces under the notches. Four braces were also screwed to the outer edges of the plywood. The four remaining braces didn’t get attached until later in this project.


The eight legs were attached (top and bottom) to the two strips of poplar using L-brackets and screws.


METALS HAVE MANY DIFFERENT PROPERTIES If our vintage trailers could only talk, they would have some good stories to tell. When taking the ice box door apart to rebuild it on a 1946 KIT stand up trailer, we found this "repurposed" World War 2 metal. I think the trailer "was talking" about a different time during its history. (Right) Metals have many different properties. It's our job to know what they are, and where it's best to use the different metal materials. For example, steel has proven it's a great material to use in building trailer frames. It's relatively inexpensive, and easy to fabricate with cutting and welding tools that are commonly available. Some manufactures have tried to use steel sheet metal to skin trailers in the past and it proved to be a failure. (See rust, right). Aluminum has proven itself as a good skin metal for trailers. It's lightweight and reasonably priced. It is widely available in sheet form, from your local metal store in nominal thicknesses and sizes up to 5' by 12'. Airparts INC. offers it in any desired length, by four feet wide, and can roll it up and box it to save money on shipping. You can buy .040" aluminum sheet in 103" wide, by any length from a roll at any local semi truck trailer repair shop. Hemet Valley RV can supply you with RV aluminum panels that have the original brake patterns, and "S" lock seams preformed to your custom order into the metal. You have many sources for repairing a single damaged panel, or re-skinning an entire trailer.

By John Palmer

if they replaced the aluminum skin, the cracks would have reappeared very soon because the cause of the skin failure was the rotten wood door framing behind the metal. Unlike on a riveted skin trailer, the aluminum skin on a stick and tin constructed trailer offers no structural strength. You can purchase 1/16" thick 6063 aluminum angle extrusions in sixteen foot lengths at any local metal store, for about "a buck a foot". These come in 3/4", 1", and 1 1/2" sizes and work great for making various missing trims for your trailers. You can sand them with 320 grit, and polish them to a chrome like finish. Just drill some holes, counter sink the holes, and secure with oval head stainless screws. 6063 series aluminum offers good corrosion resistance to exposure. Like most metals, they all have some drawbacks. Aluminum might be the best choice for vintage skins today, but it's NOT the best choice for electrical wiring. It might be marginal in a stationary home installation, but use copper wire in a camp trailer that will spend its life bouncing down the road. Copper wire not only is made in different gauges, but is also available in both solid, and stranded. Buy only stranded copper wire for your camp trailers, and you want to support it with wire clamps to keep it from excessive flexing. Use only a quality wire crimper pliers, and quality "crimp on" wire terminals, use NO SOLDER on wiring in a moving vehicle. Copper tubing is not the best material to use for water lines today because unless you remove every drop of water, when it freezes, it will split the tubing. PEX has proven far superior for water lines today. Stainless steel is just normal steel with a little chromium tossed into the molten metal to keep it from rusting. Its best uses are screws, counter tops and back splashes, for easy maintenance. Stainless is harder to cut and sand, but it will polish.

It's common to find early trailers that have had their short frame tongues extended to improve the length distance for backing. However, you do not want to change the triangle engineered shape of the tongue into You have to analyze why you Hemet Valley RV, Retroluxe and Airparts Inc. supply trailer siding. a rectangle shape because it will flex have skin damage and repair it and cause metal fatigue failure during accordingly. The photo (right) towing. The real frame strength is "in shows cracks radiating out from the design", not in cobbling more metal on top of a poor rethe four corners of the entry door design by a previous owner. opening. In this case, the previous owner (a unscrupulous flipper) did Finally, it goes without saying, take your time when working what we call a lipstick repair with with any metals. Mistakes are going to be very costly with some body filler and paint. Even metal. Measure twice, and cut only once! 32


By Scott and Wendy Campbell Retroluxe Vintage Trailers (530) 303-3936

As owners of a vintage trailer restoration shop we are constantly faced with this question regarding trailer skin. Is it better to replace or repair? Before giving a direct answer lets first consider reasons why we usually choose to go with new skin. When we are presented with a restoration project we often find that during the trailer’s past it has been damaged or repainted and most often we find less than satisfactory repairs. It is not uncommon to discover that the trailer was used for target practice by a BB gun wielding youngster or it has been fitted with an antenna or other attached items that have permanently damaged the exterior. When approaching a restoration that includes skin repair or replacement, here are a few things to consider. Will replacing the exterior metal detract from the original charm and value of a vintage trailer? We say no, we are able to reproduce many original patterns and install skin that can return a vintage trailer’s appearance to good as new and it will be free from old damage or painted over blemishes. New skin eliminates problems associated with 50 + year old aluminum like flex cracks, holes, old paint and sealants that will usually prove difficult and time consuming to remove. Often when remodeling a vintage trailer we encounter things like exterior openings for furnaces or water heaters that will not be used with the new build and new skin is the best way to implement changes without having a patched up look. Finding a well-kept and maintained vintage trailer with its original skin and patina is the best way to go but the reality is that most suffer from years of neglect, condition issues and old damage. Nice trailers with usable skins are becoming more difficult to find. Do you want your trailer to look original and weathered or new and pristine or custom and cool? Or is it to be transformed into a bar or photobooth trailer? The exterior skin of a vintage trailer is its most important part. Why? Its function is to keep the interior wood structure and paneling dry and keep the utilities out of the elements. It has to look good while being subject to the road conditions of 55+ mph, sustained winds and being shaken like a constant earthquake with every passing vehicle and pothole.

When considering whether or not to re-skin your vintage trailer, ask yourself, how do you want your trailer to look?

When restoring a vintage trailer, we have found that replacing its metal exterior is, in most cases, the best option. We have had many good results by doing this especially when planning to repaint the trailer with a quality automotive paint. Having new skin verses old skin can save lots of money on the labor cost of prepping old surfaces for a paint job. When preserving your valuable trailer, new skins may be the best option. If new skins are your choice, we can help.

Before new skins above, after new skins below.



1971 Airstream recently received a testimonial from a customer named Eric who has always enjoyed a good project and fixing up old things. His family had a 1964 Alaskan Camper when he was in high school. Fast forward to today, and after 2 years of searching, he bought a 1971 Airstream. Eric was happy to share with us his adventure and transformation.

Early Struggles

I wanted something that I could gut and start over with my own floor plan. I’ve been a cabinet maker all my life and I love designing small spaces so it seemed to be a great fit. From the early goings of the project I had a lot of not so pleasant discoveries. For example, there was a rat’s nest that went 10 feet into the trailer. I also discovered that this era camper If you have ever been here before you know what it feels like to have this much work ahead of you.

didn’t have gray water tanks. Finally, many of the parts were missing from the camper.

Sticking With The Plan

I drew up the plan in CAD and I’m happy to say that I was able to pretty much stay with my original design. I have remodeled and built many homes but this was the hardest thing I’ve ever done. Planning for gas, electric and 12V throughout the trailer was a bit of a task. In my experience, the RV world appliances are not user-friendly to obtain information on and install. I thought when I got to the woodwork it would be a piece a cake. I love working with angles and I have worked on many boats and difficult projects. Airstream trailers are in a different class. I spent two days just putting the wood up in the front. There wasn’t a single piece of wood that didn’t go in and out at least 3-4 times.

Hard Work Paid Off

After I got it livable and stayed in it a week, I did some more work to it and took it out on a 2 month road trip. During my trip I met lots of people with trailers and Airstreams and visited some Airstream shops. Turns out I was on the right track all along and many people have asked me to share my story. As of this writing it’s at about 90% complete now, but she of course will never be done! 34

Wrapping Up

We couldn’t be more happy for Eric and glad to hear his restoration was a successful one. Every photo Heffrons receives from customers is unique because a little part of the customer can be found through their hard work and vision. No matter the project, big or small, we hope this story gives you insight and inspiration of what is possible and helps you come up with ideas for your own camper, trailer or motor home. To learn more you can visit our website: We look forward to hearing from you!


Stainless Steel

The perfect metal for camping drinkware Finally, you can get away for the weekend in your camper. Once you arrive and have your trailer set up and the chance to sit back and relax with your favorite drink, you want the cup you use to be comfortable to hold and to have a smooth feel as you enjoy each sip. Stainless steel is an ideal choice for those who are searching for durable drinkware to take camping. No matter how bumpy the road, you know that your cups will arrive in one piece, ready to use. Weight is also a consideration when you are packing your trailer, less weight makes for safer towing and better gas mileage and every little bit helps. Stainless steel cups are not only lighter than ceramic or glass, they are also shatterproof, clean to drink from and completely recyclable.

What exactly is ‘stainless steel’? Quality stainless steel drinkware is made from 304 grade stainless steel. This number is derived from an international grading system used for stainless steel and in the USA it is more commonly known as 18/8, as it contains a minimum composition of 18% chromium and 8% nickel. This type of stainless steel is highly resistant to corrosion and provides protection against rust and is therefore ‘stainless’ as its name suggests. Stainless steel has amazing properties to ‘self-heal’ when exposed to the wear and tear of being in use. If the surface is scratched, the natural exposure to oxygen enables the protective layer to re-form on the surface. These properties make it ideal when a strong, durable and sterile material is required. It is the preferred grade of stainless steel for food and beverage processing, commercial kitchen countertops and kitchen appliances.

Continued on page 40

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aprons, towels, coin purses, banners, keychains, magnets



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All Bigfoot Ultra Pads carry a full lifetime guarantee.

Our RV Pads are made from the same materials we use to make pads for heavy construction equipment and military use. Visit our website for pricing. (888) 743-7320


Stainless Steel Drinkware continued from page 36

Polishing continued from page 27

What about performance? The most important consideration when choosing a cup made from stainless steel is what it is like to drink from. Cups with a double walled design, which have air insulation between the walls, provide a far superior drinking experience to single walled alternatives. Double walled mugs will also help to maintain hot drinks at an enjoyable temperature for a few minutes longer than traditional ceramic mugs.

from the skin of your trailer.

How ‘clean’ is stainless steel? Stainless steel drinkware provides an excellent non-toxic surface that is free from BPA, lead, zinc and phthalate, making stainless steel a more hygienic option. Stainless steel cups look great with vintage camper trailers! Whether your vintage camper trailer has the sleek aluminium finish of a timeless Spartan, Airstream or Streamline, or the classic painted look of timber trailers, the unbreakable, brushed exterior finish of the ‘Better For Your’ mugs and tumblers will always present and perform well for you. Simple and natural cleaning tips for stainless steel Rose, co-founder and customer service manager at ‘Better For Your,’ recommends these handy and natural pre-use cleaning instructions to get stainless steel cups ready for a lifetime of use: Before you use your new cups wash them with dishwashing detergent and a soft cloth. Next submerge the cups in a container with a mix of very warm water and vinegar in a ratio of 1 part vinegar to 5 parts water for three hours or more, overnight is fine too. Then re-wash them either by hand with dishwashing detergent or in a dishwasher and they will be ready to go. The slightly acidic nature of the vinegar soak conditions the stainless steel, in essence it is aging the surface of the 40

mug through passivation. ‘Better For Your’ recommends this step as part of the pre-use cleaning process as some people can experience a metallic taste from new stainless steel if they are sensitive to nickel. By following these initial steps you will taste nothing but your coffee or tea. While this process requires a little effort, the benefit of having a mug that will last for decades makes that effort worthwhile. For ongoing cleaning simply wash with dishwashing liquid or if at home wash them in the dishwasher. There are some things that you should avoid when cleaning your cups or any other stainless steel in your camper or at home: • Cleaning products that contain bleach, chlorine, sodium hypochlorite or calcium hypochlorite will often cause stainless steel to rust. Many dish washing detergents may contain those ingredients so check the label before use. Most biodegradable dishwashing detergents do not use bleach so these should be safe to use. • Steel scouring pads can leave tiny steel particles behind in the surface of the stainless steel which may then rust and in turn cause the iron within the stainless steel to also rust. Drink where life takes you If you would like to add some stainless steel mugs or tumblers to your camping experience you can find them at www. or on Amazon by searching for ‘Better For Your’. to find their great drinkware range that includes mugs, tumblers and lowballs. If you would like to investigate the exclusive custom lasering of your logo or design onto mugs or tumblers for your business, event or even a wedding Rose and Jason would love to hear from you. They can provide custom orders for quantities above 20 pieces and you can reach them at

The rate of reoxidation varies somewhat depending on how healed the aluminum is, and environmental conditions like sunlight, pollution and humidity. (Aluminum oxide is a powdery white or dull gray thin, hard layer that actually protects the metal from further corrosion.) Normally, you will need to repolish once each year to keep your trailer looking great. Fortunately, the annual touch-up can go fairly quickly since it may be possible to do the final steps. We’re not snobs about polish. Vintage Trailer Supply sells aircraftquality Airbrite and Nuvite abrasive products because they have been thoroughly tested and proven safe for aluminum. Other high quality polishes may also work. When to "seal" your trailer? A good time to apply Trempro 635 or another sealant to seams between panels and around vents and windows is between after compounding but before polishing. If you wait until you are finished polishing, you’ll make a mess of your new mirror finish.

New & Used Shelving Pallet Rack Forklifts

9s a1c 6r a-m4e 4n t4o r-aRc kA. cCo Km

USA Rally Calendar We do our best to confirm all events before press but plans do change. Make sure and call to confirm. Many times rallies have an open house on Saturday to view the trailers. Call to confirm the rally is open to the public if not stated. Listing your rally on this calendar is FREE, just let us know in advance. We also offer cheap display ad rates for rallies if you want your event to stand out. More rally information at: May 3-5, 2019 Ventura, CA Waypoint Ventura Vintage Trailer Rally 2019. Waypoint Ventura Vintage Trailer Hotel and RV Park, 398 S Ash Street, Unit E, or phone. Use promo code “Rally!” & save 10%. NO Open House. Rod Wylie, 818-427-2919. May 2-5, 2019 Red Bluff, CA Durango RV Resort. Open House Saturday 10 am to 2pm, (916)572-8554 May 2-5, 2019 Bull Shoals, AR 3rd Annual - Best Dam Vintage Trailer Rally at Bull Shoals Dam Site Campground. No rally fee, Call the campground directly to reserve a spot. 870-405-9619. A TCT event. GPS Target: 1616 Bull Shoals Dam Site Blvd. May 3-4, 2019 Pismo Beach, CA Aristocrats Anonymous SoCal 2nd Annual Rally. 165 S. Dolliver. Open House: May 4, 2019 10am to 2 pm open to public. Rudy Hernandez. 909-630-3777 May 9-12, 2019 Sylva, NC Newadi Vintage Trailer Rally. 2486 Dark Ridge Rd, NO Open House. Pete Whitley 678-378-3725 May 16-19, 2019 Manchester Beach, CA Trailers by the Sea. 44300 Kinney Rd, Vintage trailer camp out, Pot luck dinners and breakfast. Community Campfire, Please contact Yolanda at

Manchester Beach KOA (707) 882-2375 NO Open House. Steven Chiurcoinfo@steelgeishadesigns. com 707-328-0431 May 18-19, 2019 Barnegat Light, NJ 2nd Annual Ol' Barney Rally. 208 Broadway. Barnegat Lighthouse State Park. Pre-1992 VW campers, all years teardrops and pre-1980 vintage camper trailers. Park Office 609.494.2016. Cynthia Coritz (609) 494-2016 May 18-19, 2019 Fullerton, CA Muckenthaler Motor Car Festival. 1201 W. Malvern Ave. 25th Anniversary of the Muckenthaler Motor Car Festival, hosting Hot Rods and customs Saturday the 18th and Concours d'Elegance vehicles on Sunday the 19th. Travel Trailers will be admitted Saturday afternoon and will be allowed to CAMP Saturday night May 20th. Vintage Travel Trailers both days. Come enjoy the true classics of the automotive and travel trailer industries spread out over eight rolling acres of tree-lined lawns. Open to the public, $5.00 Saturday, $10.00 Sunday. Tom McDonnell carshow@ (714) 323-8611 May 18-19, 2019 Issaquah, WA Come one, come all to our 8th Annual Triple XXX Vintage Trailer Show! Where: XXX Root Beer Drive-In, 98 N.E. Gilman Blvd, Issaquah, WA. (One of the last Triple XXX Root Beer drive-in’s) Please be show-ready by 8am Sunday. We will shut down at 4pm. Contact Bob (425-238-3295) or email

May 23-27, 2019 Salida, CO “Kick Off To Summer” Gathering. Four Seasons RV Park. 4305 E. US Hwy 50. (719) 539-3084. We are excited to have our first trip of the year over Memorial Day Weekend in Salida, CO! It’s a beautiful mountain town with loads of things to do. Happy Hour, Potluck, Raffle, White Elephant Exchange, and Trailer Tours TBA. Make your own reservations and be sure to mention FAC! Friendly Average Campers of Colorado (FAC) Request to join FAC on Facebook! May 30 - June 2, 2019 LaPine, OR June Bloom. Rosland Park 16525 Burgess. You can show up anytime on Thurs. There will be a pot luck on Friday.The Lions club will be there to cook breakfast and lunch, we will have a pot luck BBQ on Sat. with a band for music. This park is right on the river so bring a floaty. Cost $40.00 for the weekend. Open House: Saturday June 1st. 11AM to 3PM.Suzanne Rhoades. hishotrodgal@gmail. com, 541-771-0010 May 31- June 2, 2019 Hot Springs, AR Hot Springs Vintage Camper Rally. Hot Springs National Park KOA, 838 McClendon Road, Hot Springs, AR 71901. A gathering of tin canners in the "spa city" Hot Springs, Arkansas. Come a day early or stay a day late and check out the city, which is a popular vacation destination. Visit historic bath house row, the beautiful lakes or Magic Springs theme park. Open House 1:00-4:00 pm Danny Baker 501-2071020 May 31-June 2, 2019 Grass Valley, CA Rally in the Pines. 11223 McCourtney Road, Grass Valley, CA. Come join us for a great weekend in the pines. Bring your vintage trailer and family for a relaxing time. There will be a free to the public open house on Saturday from 10am2pm, BBQ, a presentation about the local area, swap meet, and too much fun to mention! Open House Saturday from 10am-2pm. Liz Park 530-273-6217 ext 221 May 30- June 2, 2019 Pine Mountain, GA Vintage campers and glampers rally, 8804 Hamilton Rd. at the Pine Mountain RV resort. The rally is for participants only who have paid admission and shared pot luck dinner and yard sale with fellow campers. The open house is NOT public and is for participants only. The rally is open to campers 1979 and older but please ask if you don't fit the bill. We can always make exceptions to the rule! 334-201-4811 May 31st to June 2nd, 2019 Cheyenne, WY The Terry Byson Ranch has reserved our area of the common and "A" "B" rows. Dry camp and


full service is available close together. The tractor group will be back and bring some classic cars along .T.C.T sponsored ,but all trailers are welcomed. Curiosity seekers encouraged. Sarah Mc Reynolds,from Texas will be bringing the Sat. dinner makings and Sat lite lunch for the tractor gang. $10.00 for the diner, $20.00 for the rally fee. Early arrivals fine. Call Terry Bison Ranch @ 307634-4171 for reservations. Ricka is the "informed rep", Confused?, call/text me @ 435-730-3840 June 6-9, 2019 Hollister, CA Rockabilly Rally. Casa de Fruta RV Park. ​Saturday Open House, 10 am to 2 pm, Traditional Hot Rods, Custom Classic Cars and Vintage Motorcycles are invited! (Tell your friends to drive in between 8 am to 9 am Live Music by the Vintage Vandals! This event will sell out, get a spot today!, (530) 728-0411 June 6-9 2019 Ravenna, OH 2019 Annual Serro Scotty Camper Enthusiast Rally. Country Acres Campground 1-330-3582774 to make a reservation no rally fee pet friendly . Open House Sat. Sara Nicholls saranicholls@ (602) 708-4127 June 7-9, 2019 Cape May Court House, NJ Jersey Shore Wingz Rally. 1917 ROUTE 9 N. All makes and models are welcome! Enjoy the nearby beaches of the Jersey Shore. Minutes

from Historic Cape May. Visit the boardwalk and amusements, local wineries, antiques and an excellent selection of shopping and dining destinations. Easy traveling distance to Atlantic City. Open House. Avalon Campgroundavaloncmpg@ 1-800-814-2267 June 11-July 18, 2019 Vintage Camper Trailers Magazine Cross Country Road Trip Beginning in Northern California and traveling across the country to Jackson Center, Ohio (and back). Several stops along the way. Camp with us at Pioneer Village in Minden, Nebraska or at the Rally at the Ranch in Gillette, Wyoming. Come and see our Golden Caravan restoration at one of our stops at Airstream dealers and museums along the way. See our scheduled stops and contact information to make your reservations for our camp-outs. June 13-16, 2019 Chippewa Falls, WI Good Sams Club Vintage RV Show. Northern Wisconsin State Fairgrounds, 225 Edward Street, Chippewa Falls, WI 54729. Good Sam's is hosting an anniversary celebration featuring entertainment, games, door prizes, seminars, flea market, art and crafts, decorating contests and a special public display and walk through of novelty and vintage trailers. $75.00 for 3 nights! All unique and vintage trailers welcome. Contact Kimberly, 309-264-0760 or to sign up Open House June 16. June 14-16, 2019 Minden, NE Pioneer Village Campout. Make your reservations directly with the park and we will see you there! One of our many stops on our cross country Golden Caravan Road Trip. See our complete schedule at www.goldairstream. com. Reservations: (308) 832-2750 www.pioneervillage. org. Wagonmasters: Paul and Caroline Lacitinola.


June 13-16 2019 Olema, CA Olema by the Sea. 10155 Hwy. 1 Olema, CA, 94950. A small group of trailers enjoying the company of others. Thursday evening is fried turkey, Friday dinner is chowder cook off, Saturday is pancake breakfast, no host cocktail party followed by dinner. Sunday is pack up and see you at the next event. No Open House. Robin Gutierres (510) 604-3117 June 14-16, 2019 Virginia City, NV Step Back in Time. 355 F St. Open house 10-2 p.m. The RV Park has a deli, store, laundry, restrooms and showers. Hurry, limited spots with full hook ups available. If you would like to join us, call or email the RV Park in VC at 775-8470999 or to reserve a site at a discounted rate. Please contact Wes and Diana at 775-240-9049, after you made the reservation so we can get your contact info and space (this is very important). June 20-23, 2019 Three Forks, MT Big Sky Vintage Trailer Rally. 15 Koa Rd., SOLD OUT, Currently taking reservations for waiting list. Open House: Saturday 10am to 3pm. Kelly and Matt Boldy (707) 7388607 June 28th-29th, 2019 Gleason, WI The Northern Roundup Vintage Weekend. N5890 County Rd H. Every year Rooster 6 Customs car club in Gleason Wisconsin hosts The Northern Roundup Vintage Weekend. This year will be the shows 5th anniversary. The Northern Roundup features not only classic cars but also live music

tractors and there's an antique trolley that runs right through our camp. Also, one of the largest Civil War reenactments in the Northwest. All the info is at Open House Friday and Saturday open house, 9am to 3pm. Bob Gallagher 503-999-6626. July 5-7, 2019 Spring Valley, MN Fins and Films. 105 S. Section Ave. Spring Valley, MN 55975. Set up your Vintage Camper July 5-7 next to Spring Valley Creek in Spring Valley, MN during Fins and Films, Southeastern Minnesota's best Car Show. Gregory Melartin, gregmelartin@ (507) 481 8308 from around the Midwest, 1950's style pinup contest, mini bike races, car cruise, camping (vintage and modern), vendors, cars shooting flames, pinstriping and new this year a sock hop Friday night plus so much more. It's a weekend to celebrate everything vintage and rockabilly. Each year we donate a portion of the proceeds to local veterans. Open House?: Weekend admission $25, Camping $20 non powered $40 powered Chad Walker, (715) 302-8222 July 1-7, 2019 Brooks, Oregon All American Vintage Trailer Rally. 3995 Brooklake Rd NE. Oregon's largest vintage trailer event. New for 2019: vintage trailer historian Tim Heintz will be with us to answer trailer questions and camp with the Northwest crew. No reservations required, just show up and join the fun, there is plenty of room for everyone. On site museums for cars, trucks, motorcycles, trains,

July 11-15, 2019 Deadwood, SD Once again FAC is heading to the Black Hills of South Dakota! Fish N Fry Recreation Campground. 21390 US Hwy. 385. 605-578-2150, This is one of our favorite campgrounds and areas! Unlimited activities: off-road trails, casinos, fishing, historical sightseeing, Custer State Park. Happy Hour meet and greet, trailer tours, karaoke! Make your own reservations and be sure to mention FAC! Friendly Average Campers of Colorado (FAC) in The Black Hills! Request to join FAC on Facebook! July 11-14, 2019 Gillette, WY Rally on the Range. Cam-Plex Multi Events Center. Make your reservations directly with the park and we will see you there! The Little Levi Rodeo event is July 13th at the outdoor Wrangler Arena. Contestants ages 6 to 14 will compete in

Pole Bending, Barrel Racing, Breakaway Roping, Team Roping, Steer Riding, Sheep Riding, and Goat Tying. One of our many stops on our cross country Golden Caravan Road Trip. See our complete schedule at Reservations: (307) 682-0552. Wagonmasters: Paul and Caroline Lacitinola. July 11-14, 2019 Hampton, IL Great River Road Vintage Trailer Rally. 201 State Ave. Join us on the banks of the Mississippi River for the 5th Annual Great River Road Vintage Trailer Rally. Vintage trailers 1978 and older, and unique trailers and RV's. Please join our Facebook group, Great River Road Vintage Trailer Rally, for more details. Open House-Saturday July13, from 12-3. Kevin Isaacson austinoaks22@gmail. com 309 235-4448

June 7 - 9, 2019

Avalon Campground Clermont, NJ

Join us for the 4th Annual

Jersey Shore Wingz Vintage Trailer Rally

Enjoy the nearby beaches of the Jersey Shore. Minutes from Historic Cape May. Visit the boardwalk and amusements, local wineries, antiques and an excellent selection of shopping and dining destinations. Easy traveling distance to Atlantic City.

All MAkES And ModElS wElCoME.

2 breakfasts and 2 dinners included in the $35 per adult rally fee. E/w/S site is $50.00 per night. Craft workshops ($)

Don’t have equipment? Ask about cabin and trailer rentals. Don’t miss out on the fun!

Call Avalon Campground for more details and reservations: 1-800-814-2267


July 18-21, 2019 Elkhart, IN Silver Avion Fellowship (SAF) 25608 Co Rd 4, Elkhart, IN 46514. All Avions and Cayos manufactured from the mid-1950's through 1990's are welcome to participate in the Silver Avion Fellowship (SAF) Summer Rally. All stages and types of restoration are welcome. Children and pets are welcome. The rally fee is $25 pp. The rally fee does include evening snacks, meals and morning continental breakfast same as last year. Your camping fee will be paid directly to Elkhart Campground upon arrival at a reduced rate of $35 per night for two persons. All sites are full hookups. The rally is very informal with few activities planned so you can visit with friends, explore Elkhart including the RV/MH Hall of Fame/Museum and surrounding areas. Early arrivals and late departures are welcome. No public open house. Terry Prentkowski 317-258-8671.

July 18-21, 2019 Brownsville, OR The Rally On The River. This is a family rally meaning kids and grandkids are encouraged to come. We have plenty of stuff for the kids to do. Cost is $35.00 per night with power, bathrooms, and showers. Everyone is in the shade . You are 200 feet from downtown Brownsville, Oregon. If you want to make a vacation out of it you can come as early as July 16th. We have a full kitchen there so breakfast is served every morning. Go to our Facebook group page Rally On The River and check out all the video and pictures. This is a open registration which will open January 2nd 2019 everyone gets a shot to come join the fun. We had 86 trailers last year and we are shooting for 125 this year. Any questions feel free to send me a text or call me at (541) 206-3572 Hope to see you all there! Wade and Lisa Long p.s dogs are welcome too. This is a handicap accessible park so we will work with you. Come and view the vintage trailers 10:00-2:00pm Saturday July 20th, 2019. July 18-21, 2019 Sevierville, TN Audrey's Jingle in July, Fundraiser event for Evergreen Elves of Sevier Co TN. River Plantation RV Resort, Sevierville TN. Come camp with Mr and Mrs Claus. Car show and open house on Sat. 7/20. $5 per person. Dirty Santa Gift exchange and lots of giveaways to those attending. Link below July 24-Aug 23, 2019 California to Colorado Jackrabbit Sprinter to Fiddlers Picnic. Paul and Nanci Drag have invited 2018 VAC Caravaners and others to accompany them to our Fiddlers Picnic Rally just north of Yellowstone. The “Sprinter” is not quite a caravan but rather a sort of mobile rally much like the one Lee Cantrell is sponsoring. The name ‘Jackrabbit” has historical AS roots. Just before WBCCI was formally born a group of Wally supporters and volunteers had an informal group known as the Jackrabbits. One of their signs is on display at the Baker City Museum, gifted by Pee Wee. It will start in McCloud CA, move to the Fiddlers Rally and end in Cortez CO. Participants could join for the entire trip or parts. The motto is “come along, play along”. Lots of music will be played the entire time just like last summer. Contact For the Fiddlers Picnic only, contact

July 19-21, 2019 Taylorsville, CA Taylorsville County Park and Campground 1/2 mile east of Taylorsville, next to the Indian Creek/ River. This is a County campground with fire pits and water in various locations in campground, no electric. Restrooms w/showers available. General store w/Deli in town (great food and prices.). Public swimming pool, tennis court, fishing, and more. Bring your water stuff and play on the Indian Creek. Motorcycles, minibikes, or whatever you want to bring are allowed. Friday night meet & greet, Potluck Saturday night in the campground. $14.00 per night. Contact us if you need additional information or a reservation. Wes 775-813-7960,

! r e w o P F ree Sponsored by

TH - 11 TH 7 T S U G U A R ENO NV | , K R A P L E A F A R RANCHO SAN • $100 Entry Fee to include: - 1979 and older trailer plus 1 tow vehicle - 2 event credentials (Entry into: MAG Auctions, Swap Meet, Drag Races - $270 value) - Free power hookup - Portable Restroom Facilities, Protrable Showers - Participation in Sunday’s Grand Finale Parade










• Open house show times Friday, Aug. 9, 5pm – 8pm Saturday, Aug. 10,10am – 2pm • $10 Spectator Fee HAN Participants are free along with children 6 and under







9 | 775.356.1956






August 2- 4, 2019 Livingston, MT The Fiddlers Picnic is a 44 year old acoustic music jam held on the Old Mercier Ranch on the South side of Livingston, MT, just North of Yellowstone National Park and on the banks of the Yellowstone River. Dry camping. The meat portion of a potluck is included as well as a pancake breakfast. Old Timey, bluegrass, Celtic and more acoustic music is heard throughout the event, all over the grounds. Bring your instrument when you come or just tap your toes. for details August 7-11, 2019 Reno, NV Hot August Nights. See ad on facing page. August 8-11, 2019 Grand Lake, CO Elk Creek Campground. 143 County Road 48 The biggest FAC blowout of the year! At the beautiful Elk Creek Campground in Grand Lake, CO. This is an amazing campground! Another one of our all-time favorites - and they ADORE FAC :-). There is so much to do - minutes from Rocky Mountain National Park and the gorgeous town of Grand Lake. Meet and greet, happy hours, trailer tours, and more TBA. Make your own reservations and be sure to mention FAC! Friendly Average Campers ( FAC ) in Grand Lake, CO! Request to join FAC on Facebook! August 8-11, 2019 Truckee, CA Happy Campers Rally by the River. 10068 Hirschdale Road, Truckee CA. Truckee River RV Park This will be a fun family friendly event filled weekend of campfires, a potluck, and splashing and/or relaxing by the river. We are aligning this weekend with Reno’s Hot August Nights Vintage Trailer show (Aug 6-11, 2019) so you can enjoy a day trip to this awesome event if you’re interested.1979 or older. Book your reservation through Truckee River RV Park (http://www.truckeeriverrv. com/home.html) When booking let Truckee River RV Park know you’re attending the “Happy Camper Rally by the River” so we can plan events accordingly. Angela, Danielle and Julie (The Three Gals) NO Open House. 530-320-6303

August 16-18, 2019 Lakeport, CA Lakeside RV, Car, Boat, and Motorcycle Show 2019. 1 First Street, Lakeport, CA 95453. Come join us and display your Vintage RV at the 2019 Lakeside RV, Car, Boat and Motorcycle show. The show is on the banks of Clearlake in downtown Lakeport, CA. There will be vendors, bands, awards, fast nitro-fueled boats demonstrating their power on the water, and lot's of beautiful cars and motorcycles. Vintage RVs, 1978 or older. Call the Willow Point Campgrounds to reserve your site at 707-262-2785 more info you call Al Fox at 707321-0811 Saturday, Aug 17th, 9am to 3pm. Al Fox foxdelivery@ 707-289-4017. Aug 16-18, 2019 Claresholm, Alberta, Canada Vintage Trailer Rally & TeePee Homecoming 366 46 Ave W, Claresholm, AB T0L 0T0 Come to the birthplace of the TeePee trailer! We welcome all vintage trailer enthusiasts to enjoy a Potluck supper, Lawn Chair Movie Night, Open Trailer Tours and of course, Making New Friends in Old Trailers! Open House. Aug 16-17. Terri Mason,, (403)506-2896 August 23-24, 2019 Denver, CO Friendly Average Campers @ The Denver Modernism Show. EXHIBIT ONLY (pre-1970) FAC Vintage Trailer Exhibit. Once again Friendly Average Campers will be exhibiting trailers at The Denver Modernism Show! Trailers will be open for tours and the owners will be on hand to answer questions. The show is Friday evening 8/23 (6pm-10pm) and Saturday 8/24 (11am - 5pm), and Sunday (11am - 4pm) is the vintage car show with several trailers hanging around for an additional day :-). Purchase tickets at September 3-9, 2019 Lynden, WA Mt. Baker Vintage Trailer Rally. NW Washington Fair & Event Center 1775 Front St. Lynden, WA 98264. 19th Annual Mt. Baker Vintage Trailer Rally. Washington State's Largest Annual Vintage Trailer Rally. This is field camping with no assigned spots. You pay and register upon arrival. Showers, restrooms and a rv dump station are on

site. Power and water is abundant and available for most everyone with extension cords and water splitters. $30 per night plus a one time rally fee. (Add 3% for credit card payments). This years theme is: Cowboys and Indians. Open House: Saturday, September 7, 2019 12-4:00pm. Rene Perret (360) 431-7311 September 5-8, 2019 Branson, MO Branson KOA Annual Vintage Camper Rally. 397 Animal Safari Rd. 8th Annual Vintage Camper Rally. All campers dated 1976 and older receive special pricing. Events include a swap meet and trailer tour. Tour on Saturday, September 7 from 12 - 3 pm. Open to the public. Asking for donations to KOA Care Camps. Angie Dickerson 417-334-4414 September 6-8, 2019 Winthrop, WA Wheel into Winthrop. 316 Castle Avenue. Vintage Trailer Enthusiast Extravaganza! A laid back gathering for folks who own vintage trailers. A great time to make new friends, show off your RV and Oooh and Ah over other folks' vintage RV's, Tractors, Motorcycles, Bicycles and collectible Automobiles. There will be an Auto Show including vintage Semis, Motorcycles, Parade of 120ish autos that come through our Campground on Saturday the 8th. Join the Party! Open House Saturday from approx 11-2. Anna Kominak pinenearpark@ 509-341-4062 September 12-15, 2019 Red River, NM Road Runner RV Resort, 1371 E. Main Street. 575-754-2286. Join FAC in the Land of Enchantment! Meet and greet and activities TBD. Make your own reservations and be sure to mention Friendly Average Campers @ Red River, NM. FAC! Request to join FAC on Facebook! September 12th -15 2019 Thermopolis, WY Fountain of Youth vintage trailer rally. 250 Highway 20 Thermopolis Way, This is the third annual vintage trailer rally located at the fountain of youth Campground and RV Park. Open House: Saturday from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Russell Schwartz (307)250-0911


California RV Show is moving to the Auto Club Speedway, Fontana, CA.

OCTOBER 4 - 13, 2019


September 12-15 and 19-22, 2019 Montello, WI Midwest Vintage Trailer Rally. 555 Lake Ave Montello, WI 53949. This year choose from one of two weekends! All vintage trailer makes and models welcome! Step back in time, enjoy, Trailer Shown-Shine, Pot luck, door prizes, Swap meet, and much more!! Plus site...$160.00. Back in Premium...$175.00. Premium...$191.00. Includes 3 nights/4 days and all rally activities. *Price based on 2 adults, and 2 children. Add $25.00 per extra person. $21.10 per extra nights camping. Kimberly Steiner, RESERVATIONS CALL: 608-297-2915 NO online Reservations please! Open House.

ing the Streamline Royal Rovers at their International Rally in beautiful Dolores, CO! This is a Royal Rovers event, so all inquiries should be directed to Jim Flint - . There is a rally fee of $25 per person in addition to your campsite reservations. Make your own reservations and be sure to mention Streamline Royal Rovers. Request to join FAC on Facebook! Friendly Average Campers & Streamline Royal Rovers. September 20-22, 2019 Perry/Willard, UT RALLY ON THE FRUIT WAY "Journey" KOA. We are back in the country! Rates are $35.00 flat rate,no discounts,per night, per trailer. Most spaces are full hook ups. James and Kristan Settlemire are our camp hosts. Go to for information or call 435-723-5503.You can book now. 435-730-3840. Orbie

September 13-15, 2019 Newport, OR South Beach ROVT Rally.South Beach State Park. Join Rollin' Oldies Vintage Trailers for our annual rally on the Oregon Coast. Soup Bar, Potluck, Night Glow & more! Reserve sites thru Reservations Northwest in A, B & C Loops. We welcome 1980 and older trailers. Contact your hosts Priscilla Lewallen & Ashley Morrison-Roberts at & morrison.ashley1@gmail. com to register with the ROVT after you book your spot. Open House. Ashley Morrison-Roberts, (503) 522-6179 Priscilla Lewallen 503-831-1268

September 20-22, 2019 Lenartsville, PA Rally on the Rocks. 341 Sousley Rd. Located the heart of the Eastern Pennsylvania wilderness. It occupies over 100 acres of beautiful forest divided by mountain streams and is surrounded by miles of hiking trails that offer incredible views of the Pennsylvania countryside. Topped off with our breathtaking Blue Rocks boulder field that gives our campground its name. Open House Saturday. Visit and our facebook page for updates. Reserve your spot and REGISTER TODAY!!! (610) 756-6366 Bryan Rimbey rimsvet@ 610-462-6537

September 18-22, 2019 Dolores, CO International Rally in Dolores, CO. Dolores River Campground. 18680 Hwy 135. 970-882-7761. FAC is join-

September 26-29, 2019 Plymouth, CA TRAILERFEST! White Wedding, An 80's Love Story. Karaoke, Fast Times- a live 80's cover band, muscle cars and over 250 Vintage Trailers! Register ASAP for this sellout event: September 26th-29th, 2019 Nancy, KY Somernites Cruise and Pulaski Co Park are proud to announce the 3rd Annual Campin' the Cumberland Vintage Camper Rally!! 1,200 -1,500 classic/ collector cars & trucks and about 10,000 spectators! Keith Floyd at or 606-872-2277. September 26-29, 2019 Eagleville, MS Exactly half way between Des Moines, IA and Kansas City, MO on I-35 at Eagle Ridge Campground located at 22708 W. 182nd Street. For

Package for Vintage Trailer Owners

Oct. 25th to 27th, 2019 Breakfast provided Saturday & Sunday - Best Halloween Costume Contest - Best Halloween Decorated Vintage Trailer Contest - Murder Mystery Dinner Friday Night - Saturday Trick Or Treating Open To The Public - Pumpkin Carving Contest. Secure your site today.

Call To Book 877-624-4140 Visit 46

CAMPING reservations, Call (660) 867-5518. October 4-13th, 2019 Fontana, CA The 67th Annual California RV Show is moving to the Auto Club Speedway, Fontana, CA. The move will improve the customer experience with FREE Parking, real bathrooms and yummy food courts! On exhibit will be 1,200 brand new 2020

model year RVs with over 120 booths of camping accessories and RV related products. Over 40 camping seminars and RV test drives available. Take Hwy 10 and exit off Cherry St, head north to the track entrance. FREE PARKING! Adult Admission $15. See

October 18 - 20, 2019 Calistoga RV Park

1601 N. Oak Street, Calistoga, CA 94515

Join us for a Vintage Trailer Weekend at harvest time in the beautiful Napa Valley. Situated less than one mile from downtown Calistoga, the RV park is within walking distance to wine tasting, mud baths, shops, restaurants and the golf course next door.

Open House/Sale

October 19 | 10 a.m. - 2 p.m. Hosted by Don and Karen Clancy To register, contact Karen at Space is limited. Register soon, as this event is likely to sell out.

October 10-13, 2019 Laconia, IA So Harrison Vintage Camper Rally. South Harrison County Park. 35 vintage campers pack a secluded campground for a weekend of fun to include 4 large group meals, a Fri night band, a special observatory event, a nightly bonfire, Open House-Saturday 1-3pm. Abby 502994-3832. October 11-13, 2019 Malibu, CA Malibu Vintage Trailer Rally 25801 Pacific Coast Highway, Malibu CA 90265. Ahoy mates! Grab your pirate hats and join us for the 4th Annual Malibu Vintage Trailer Rally! Pirate themed rally open to all vintage style trailers (no open house). Located on a beautiful hillside overlooking the Pacific! Stay in comfort with clean bathrooms and heated showers; conveniently located

near area restaurants and shops. Find our group page on Facebook! Email rally host Alex at to be added to the contact list for rally updates and additional information; Alex 818-298-9842. Limited space available! Reserve your site direct 310-456-6052. Malibu Beach RV Park. NO Open House. Alex Kleckner (818) 298-9842 October 18-20, 2019 Calistoga, CA Wine Country Rally, 1435 N Oak Street Calistoga, CA 94515. Set in the beautiful Napa Valley, join us at harvest time for a Vintage Trailer Weekend less than a mile from downtown Calistoga! Public golf course right next door and wine tasting, mud baths, shops & restaurants within walking distance. Open House/Sale 10am -2pm on October 19th. Hosted by Don and Karen Clancy. Please contact Karen at for registration. Register soon as this event will most likely sell out. Open House. Karen Clancy, kaboo71@ (415) 246-1428 November 1-3, 2019 Jackson, CA Rancheria Rally. 11407 Dalton Road, 4th annual Located at the beautiful Jackson Rancheria RV Park. Join us for a fun weekend with friends who love the vintage lifestyle. A great 'end of year' rally. No Open House. Greg and Wendy Burns 209-605-1305. March 5-8, 2020 Hollister, CA 5th Annual VCT Boot Camp. VCT Boot Camp is for the restorer of vintage camper trailers. Beginners are welcome! It is a combination of intensive classroom learning and demonstrations for those interested in acquiring new skills or sharpening your existing ones that are essential when restoring trailer. VCT Boot Camp is an opportunity to meet with industry pro’s that make their living in the hobby and are willing to share their methods with you. Get in on all the action, camaraderie and enjoyable learning experience centered around the vintage camper trailer hobby. You will have an opportunity to work closely with the experts as they answer all your questions and provide stepby-step instruction on trailer restorations. You will be a part of a network of fellow restorers! Not experienced? No need to be, this event is for both novice and experienced restorers. We provide a comfortable environment to pick up the skills you will need to begin, complete, or restore your enthusiasm for your project. This event sells out every year. Don't wait too long to make your reservation. Send us your rally info. Visit the "RALLIES" page on our website to link to a simple form to give VCT the details about your event Also make sure and post your event on our classifieds (FREE) www. Even if your event is sold out, let us know if you are having an open house that is open to the public. Many readers just want to come and see the trailers. This list can not be reproduced in whole or part without written permission from VCT Magazine.




PO Box 354, Elverta CA 95626


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The Vintage Camper Trailers Magazine #43  

Metalmania! Copper Airstream Art, Golden Caravan 1961 Airstream, Centennial Celebration - Tin Can Tourists, Field Guide to Vintage Trailers,...

The Vintage Camper Trailers Magazine #43  

Metalmania! Copper Airstream Art, Golden Caravan 1961 Airstream, Centennial Celebration - Tin Can Tourists, Field Guide to Vintage Trailers,...