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Phoenix Laundrymat


All natural candles and bath/body products



FROM THE DESK OF THE VILLAGE CLERK 2008 VEHICLE STICKERS The deadline to display 2008 vehicle stickers was February 15th. The fee in the amount of $10.00 is added to the regular price, if you are purchasing your sticker late. Everyone who lives in the Village of Phoenix is required to display a sticker on their vehicle. If you recently moved into the community or purchased a new vehicle, you have 30 days in which to purchase a sticker. The fee to purchase stickers are as follows: passenger vehicle $20.00; senior citizens or disability $10.00 (with proof of age and or disability) and trucks according to size $25.00, $30.00 and $35.00. DOG LICENSE REQUIRED Every dog owner who harbors or keeps a dog within the Village of Phoenix, is required to purchase a dog tag and show proof of rabies inoculation. The fee to purchase a dog tag is $3.00, which is purchased from the Village Clerk’s Office. GARBAGE PICKUP DAY Garbage is picked up every Tuesday. The only time this changes is, if the scavenger service observes a holiday that falls on Monday. In that case, our garbage will be picked up on Wednesday. The following holidays are observed by our scavenger service: New Years Day Memorial Day Independence Day (Fourth of July)


633 East 151st Street Phoenix, IL 60426 (708) 331-1455

EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Mayor Terry Wells

EDITORIAL ASSISTANTS Jannie L. Beasley Johnnie M. Lane Dorothy Carter


Albert Kirklin Arthur T. Burton Jerome Ferrell Jr. Martina Lane-Mahaffey Elizabeth Loggins Willie Mae Smith

Labor Day Thanksgiving Day Christmas Day Every home is allowed to place out (1) one large item per week for pick up. Please adhere to this rule. These items consist of old furniture, mattresses, couches, etc. Items such as refrigerators, washers and dryers, hot water tanks, TV’s and microwaves can be placed out for scrap trucks to pick up. These individuals who scrap usually picked up these items early. Please do not place your garbage out for pickup before Monday evening. Citations will be issued for those citizens who disregard this requirement. All citizens should have received a garbage totter, (large garbage can), which will hold large amounts of garbage. If you have not received a garbage totter, please contact the Village Hall at 708-331-2636. Citizens are encouraged to dispose of tree limbs, branches and shrubbery by cutting them into lengths no longer than 4 feet, tying and bundling, and placing them out with your regular garbage. All residents are required to obtain a dumpster for disposing of construction material. All contractors performing construction work in the Village are required to have a building permit. If the homeowner is performing

work he/she too, must apply for a permit and let the building inspector make a Johnnie M. Lane decision as to whether a permit is required. Some contractors have had their licenses revoked by the State of Illinois due to complaints being filed with the Better Business Association. If the contractor has been issued a citation and is not allowed to work in the Sate of Illinois, the Attorney General files those complaints with the Village and therefore the Village can pass that information along to its citizens. HUNTING AND FISHING LICENSE The Village Clerk sells hunting and fishing license. The fee to purchase licenses is set by the Department of Conservation. The fees are posted in the Village Hall. OFFICE HOURS The Water Department and Clerk’s Office are open (6) six days per week, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.; Wednesday and Saturday 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon. BOARD MEETINGS Regular Board meetings are held on the second and fourth Tuesday of each month at 7:00 p.m. in the Council Room of the Village Hall, 633 East 151st Street. All regular meetings are open to the public.

Village Ordinances and Resolutions Trustee Willie Mae Smith We are now approaching the time to prepare for the warmer weather. Our children are removing their winter jackets, pulling out their basketball hoops and planning to stay out later to enjoy their friends. Therefore, the Mayor and the Board of Trustees would like to remind our residents of a few ordinances. Basketball Hoops Basketball hoops are not allowed in the streets. If you choose to use your own hoop, it must be placed on your private driveway.

New Curfew for all children under the age of 17 is as follows: Sunday through Thursday 10:00 p.m. Friday and Saturday 11:30 p.m. The police will escort any children home under the age of 17 unaccompanied by his or her parent/guardian after curfew. If a child violates curfew more than once, his or her legal guardian will be issued a citation. Ordinances will be strictly enforced! Please continue to work with OUR VILLAGE to keep it clean, safe and crime controlled. Thank you and have a safe summer.

The Phoenix Rising Newspaper is growing! LAYOUT & DESIGN Benny Williams (312) 396-1492

If you would like to include information like birthdays, new births, new residents, weddings etc. or have another idea for the paper, we want to know. Contact us at: (708) 331-1455 or (708)331-2641



Greetings from the Mayor Greetings to all of you from the officials of the Village of Phoenix. As you look around our community, it is our hope that you continue to see improvement. Myself, the Board of Trustees and our employees are working hard to make our community a better place. We thank all of our residents for your continued support we are proud to serve. We are proud to announce that we were recently notified by School District 205, that we will be receiving a Digital Divide Grant, for computers for our community. As you are aware, we currently have two computer labs in Phoenix. One is located in the Village Hall and the other is in the William Hawkins Multi Purpose Center. If you have used them lately, you are aware that they are in serious need of upgrading. This grant will purchase brand new 2008 computers that have all the latest features. This grant will also include a small amount of funding for computer literacy classes. We wish to thank Dr. Kamala Buckner and her staff for making this grant opportunity possible. This is a great partnership. Our strip mall has come along well. More information about Phoenix Plaza is on page 25. We are be busy this summer with several Public Works projects. We will change the water meters in all homes and businesses. The new meters will allow us to

read the meters without having to come into your house or yard. For some homeowners we will need to come into your house to install the meters but that should be a onetime inconvenience. Several streets are due to be resurfaced this summer (154th Street and 154th Place, between Third Avenue and Vincennes Road). We realize that there are other streets that need work and we will try to budget those for repairs in future projects. In the past few months several of our residents have received very special recognition both in Phoenix and outside of our community. We honored William and Jessica Buckner with a park dedication in their name, they were both instrumental in helping to create the Phoenix Park District. Mrs. Buckner was also honored by School District 151 with the naming of the Jessica M. Buckner Administrative Center in South Holland. Mrs. Buckner was honored by Thornton Township as one of the Women Of Honor during the Women’s History Month Celebration. Also honored along with Mrs. Buckner was another one of our trailblazers, Mrs. Iola Toler. Mrs. Toler was one of the founders of the Phoenix Park District. She led the fight to desegregate School District 151 and helped with many other programs in our community. Tony Anderson, President of the Midwest Division of Ernst and Young accounting firm was recently honored with Tony Anderson at Chicago Continued on page 5




he Public Works Department has taken on several projects during 2008. Public Works employees have demolished several dilapitated houses and garages, which has enhanced the beauty of our village. The properties were certainly an Jerome Ferrell, Jr. Trustee eye sore, however our public works employees have tirelessly taken on this task along with their daily operations.

In the last years Phoenix News Letter, we showed you pictures of our new dump truck. It has helped tremendously with the daily operations. Also, the Public Works Department has added two riding lawn mowers from the Phoenix Park District. School District 151 Superintendent Dr. Douglas C. Hamilton praised our Public Works Supervisor Bob Matthews and his employees for their tremendous efforts to plow snow during an extremely heavy snow fall on a parent teacher conference day. He stated that the main streets and parkways of Phoenix were plowed

The Public Works Department maintains the up keep of the village daily.

better than any of our surrounding communities. He also gave kudos to Trustee Mahaffey for her phone call to find out the bus stops of the district so that the village sidewalks would be plowed as well.

The Public Works Department maintains the up keep of the village daily. They keep the streets and parkways clean. They pick up paper, tree branches, take water samples, turn water meters on and off (as needed) and clean catch basins. They clean fields, alleys and basketball courts and parks every morning.

The Village employed a new electrical lighting contractor to fix and/or replace streetlights. The contractor fixed the electrical box at 155th Street and Fifth Avenue. The Public Works employees have built new trashcans enclosures that are durable and better looking than the white plastic trashcans. You can see the first one that was built at the William & Jessica Buckner Park at 155th Street and Halsted. The idea of the new trashcan enclosures came from one of our employees, Claude Rials.

JOB OPPORTUNITY 134 Jumpstart Schedule The IBEW-NECA Technical Institute sponsored by the IBEW Local 134 and the Electrical Contractors Association is opening registration for "A" construction classifiction apprentices in September 2008, and "R" Residential classification apprentices in November 2008. Would you like to attend "free" classes that will prepare you for taking the Local 134 Electrical Union's Apprentice exam? If yes, do you meet the following requirements? Are you at least 17 years old? Are you a High School graduate, or GED? Are you drug free, and able to pass a physical exam? Do you have one year of high school Algebra with a passing grade of "C"? (For "R" residential classification applicants, the high school "C" math requirements is not applicable.) If the answer is yes, can you attend classes Monday and Wednesday nights from 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. for four weeks straight? Starting August 18, 2008 through September 10, 2008? This Jumpstart session will serve for both registrations classifications. Don't miss out!!! Can you get to one of the following locations? 34th Ward Office of Alderman Carrie Austin 507 W. 111th street, Chicago, IL.

Westside Technical Institute 2800 S. Western Avenue, Chicago, IL.

37th Ward Office of Alderman Emma Mitts 5356 W. North Avenue, Chicago, IL.

Dawson Technical Institute 3901 S. State Street, Chicago, IL.

St. Sabina 1210 w. 78th Place, Chicago, IL. Hosted by State Rep. Milton “Milt” Patterson Illinois House District #32 and Father Michael Pfleger

Ford Heights community Organization Inc. 943 East Lincoln Highway Ford Heights, IL. 60411

For more information on the 134 Jumpstart Program, call (708)389-1340 and ask for Mr. King (ext. 105) or Mr. Griffin(ext. 131) Stay focused, be persistant, and follow instructions; success awaits you.



Greetings from the Mayor

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State University. Our own Hardy Riley completed a year of playing professional basketball for the Canadian Basketball League. We congratulate all of our honorees on a job well done. Not to be outdone, we would like to recognize our young people who have excelled in school. Aisha Burton graduated number six from Thornton High School. Taylor Wells currently ranks number 5 in the freshman class at Thornridge. Brandon Herring and Brittani Nolan have both received the Gates Scholarship. Brandon is the President of the Senior Class and Brittani is the Vice President.

“Our strip mall has come along well. More information about the Phoenix Plaza is on page 25.”

“We honored William and Jessica Buckner with a park dedication in their name, they were both instrumental in helping to create the Phoenix Park District.” -See page 28

We have started preparing for Phoenix Fest 2008. If you would like to volunteer, please give my office a call. Phoenix Fest 2007 was a huge success. The entertainment was fantastic, the food was great and we all had a wonderful time. The only thing that went wrong was that we had a little rain but we would not let that dampen our spirits. It was great to have the world famous Chi-Lites to perform. They did a fantastic job. How can we possibly top 2007? I don’t know but we will try. This year our closing act will be one of our hometown favorites Greg Rose. We are in the process of changing our web site to help market our village better. If you get a chance, check us out at Our new site will allow viewers to get more information about our community, read newsletters on our web site and contact village officials. Once you

access our site, please feel free to let us know what you think. As a further marketing tool we will install a new information sign in front of our Village Hall. The new sign is designed to inform residents of the latest information regarding our community. It is This grant will our hope that the purchase brand new new sign will be 2008 computers that erected later this have all the latest summer. features.

And finally the largest commercial project in the history of our community has been completed this summer. Our strip mall is complete! The mall has a laundry mat and several other small stores are coming. It is our hope that the mall will bring convenient services and spur economic growth in our community. We thank all of you who came out and joined us for our grand opening of Sahloul Enterprises. We are also in the process of completing an historic wall in our Village Hall. The purpose of the wall is to educate and inspire our residents. On behalf of myself and the Board of Trustees, have an enjoyable summer. Sincerely, Mayor Terry Wells




Sergeant Bowman Recieves Due Appreciation Sergeant George Bowman accepts a certificate of appreciation for his dedication to the “Senior Site Program”. The program is geared towards senior involvement in the community. Sergeant Bowman headed the “Senior Police Academy” which produced many graduates from Phoenix and other suburban areas. The first meeting in 2008 was held at the Multi Purpose Center and covered several topics that included: Circuit Breaker Program, Prescription Drug Program and the introduction of the I Watch Program. There was also a guest speak-

er from the Department of Aging and Catholic Charities. Local seniors are encouraged to participate and attend scheduled meetings in order to learn more about various programs available to senior citizens. These meetings often have guest speakers with pertinent information. To obtain the next scheduled meeting date, you may call the Police Department (708-331-2193) and leave your contact information for Sergeant G. Bowman (

L-R: Cook County Sheriff’s Police Chief McHenry, Phoenix Police Sergeant Bowman, Chief of Police Mel Davis

Police Department Thanks Gibson’s Citgo Gibson’s Citgo has been a part of the community for over 35 years. During the last five years they have been instrumental in participating in the Illinois Safety Citation Program by allowing the Phoenix Police Department access to their facilities at 15221 Halsted Street. The Police Department is allowed use of their lot in order to set up a Command Center for roadside safety checks.

L-R: Lieutenant Phillip Johnson, Lawrence Gibson, Shirley Gibson, Chief Of Police Mel Davis

Officers use the lot to check vehicles, issue citations and conduct other traffic related tasks. The Gibson’s provide soda and coffee for officers throughout the evening at every campaign. Without the use of their facility, the Village of Phoenix Police Department would not be effective in the safety campaigns that produce record numbers of citations and warnings to motorists.





New Fire Chief Receives Grant From Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr. Hello residents of Phoenix, I would like to take this time to formally introduce myself to you as your new Fire Chief. I would like to start off by saying that it is an honor to continue to serve the residents of Phoenix. I have been a life long resident of Phoenix for 23 years and a member of the fire department for 18 years. Our Fire Department under new administration and leadership will continue to provide excellent services to our residents. Phoenix Fire Department is staffed with two personnel working 24/7 and has a roster of 30-member certificated as Firefight II and Hazmat Awareness. Our apparatus fleet has three fire engines. This year to ensure the safety of our residents, my primary focus is to enhance our fire prevention unit. We have a fire prevention team that has the knowledge to conduct inspection,

drills, investigations and provide public education. This summer we will be training our residents and community on how to prevent fires and how to use fire extinguishers. We’ve also added members who have specialist training in Hazmat and Technical Rescue but hope to never have to use these specialized skills. In order for our fire department to be effective with our skills level, we have department training every Wednesday night at 7 p.m. Our members also get outside training from IL. Fire Institution, State Fire Marshall Association and other fire departments. I, as the Fire Chief, will continue to improve our department and services to our residents. The Phoenix Fire Department is also taking applications for experienced or non-experienced firefighters. We will train you to be part of our team. God Bless you



Phoenix Salutes Our Resident’s Achievements Must see movie Brandon Herring Selected as a produced by Phoenix Resident Theresa Little National Scholar! Phoenix resident, Theresa Little produced, “I Used To Love Her” a film about Simee Smith, a famous Pop Singer who has lost her way in the music industry. When she falls in love with a regular guy, she feels there may be hope. But, sometimes your past may come back to haunt you. Congratulations to Theresa Little and Mark Harris who produced and directed the film. Several scenes from the movie were filmed in Phoenix. 1555 Filmworks Presents A Mark Harris Piece Written Directed & Produced by Mark Harris Executive Producers Debbey Schildkraut-Williams Sammy Winters Producer Theresa Little Director of Photography Ricardo Islas The Cast Toya Turner Mel Roberson Lil Rel Simeon Henderson Tiffany J Curtis Dori King Lorenzo Hunt BLT Sheree Bynum Jaci Williamson BaldHead Damon Williams

Upcoming movie screenings: Twin Cities Black Film Festival When:09/18/2008 — 09/20/2008 Where:Minneapolis, Minnesota Website: Presented by BET Networks 2008 Urban World Film Festival Sept 10th -14th NYC www.urbanworld .org

BRANDON HERRING, a 2008 graduate of Thornton High School. Recently I had the privilege of being selected as a National Scholar for the Horatio Alger Association of Distinguished Scholars. I was selected out of 13,000 applicants as one of the 100 scholars. This scholarship is based on leadership, community service, financial need, academic excellence, and overcoming adversity despite all. This scholarship is worth $20,000, distributed equally over 4 years along with an all expense paid trip to Washington D. C. for a whole week to attend the National Scholars Conference. During my time in the capital, I met amazing people, dined at fancy restaurants, lived at star class hotels, and had some truly life changing experiences. Scholars with diverse backgrounds were flown in from all parts of the country. We all shared one common goal: success. While in D. C. I had the opportunity of meeting the Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas. He was with the group on several occasions. On one occasion he spoke to the group and shared his story of overcoming hardship. This was one of many stories that were very inspirational. I also met other popular figures like Colin Powell, Buzz Aldrin, Ed McMahon and other state senators. I also had the honor of being selected to speak at the confer-

ence. As I spoke and told my story of overcoming hardship, I realized how many others were inspired by my story. Once I finished everyone sat around at a table and we all enjoyed lunch. All of the people I met were so nice. Each and every person was interested in what we Scholars had to say and they supported us fully. What I came to realize was that everyone faces adversity, but anyone can overcome them. Sitting in the presence of all these amazingly wealthy people and hearing their stories of being poor and abused as a child really inspired me. It encouraged me to stay focused and strive for nothing less than excellence. My experience with the Horatio Alger Association was unlike any other. I would recommend this scholarship to any student who is hard working and well deserving of praise. This one scholarship was more than just $20,000. Before we left all of the scholars were awarded health care coverage for college, a free laptop computer and lifetime networking for all of the people we met. I am more confident going to college knowing I have the support of the people and members of the Horatio Alger Association. Brandon Herring will be attending University of Illinois at Champaign Urbana.



Phoenix Salutes Our Resident’s Achievements Phoenix residents become Best Selling Authors! Former Phoenix resident and New York Times columnist Rhoden offers a charged assessment of the state of black athletes in America, using the pervasive metaphor of the plantation to describe a modern sports industry defined by white ownership and black labor in his book Forty Million Dollar Slaves.

This new research by Dr. Charles and Laura Burton educates and helps to illuminate the greatest philanthropy ever extended to the African American community by the president of a large corporation.


ev. Edward L. Jones recently celebrated his 25th anniversary as pastor of Mt. Zion Missionary Baptist Church. We also congratulate him on completing his doctoral degree in theology. It is with great pride that we introduce Reverend Dr. Edward L. Jones.


enita Griffis, former Village Clerk received a special recognition award from Chief McHenry of the Cook County Sheriff's Police.

Left: School District 151 dedicates administration center to longtime Phoenix resident Jessica Buckner!

Right: I-Watch President, Moses Wills greeted by Congressman Jesse L. Jackson, Jr.

DAPHNE SMITH has completed her medical studies and is now practicing neurosurgery. ROCHELL BALL completed her degree and is now employed at Coolidge Junior High School as a social worker. JEROME FERRELL, JR has completed his type 75 Certification and is now assistant principal at Arthur Ashe Junior High School in Chicago. JORDAN JONES graduated from Seton Academy and has a 4.0 overall grade point average. He will be attending Chicago State University. KIMBERLY NEW won the Golden Apple Scholarship. She will be attending Chicago State University. BRITTANI NOLAN, a 2008 graduate of Thornton High School was featured on the cover of Prom Guide 2008. She also received the Gates Scholarship award. AISHA BURTON will be attending University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) this fall. CRAIG WILSON is enrolled in the University of Illinois at Champaign Urbana. NATHAN HOLMES is enrolled in the University of Illinois at Champaign Urbana. SONYA CARTER and her new husband, Andrew Moore, exchanged wedding vows on July 12, 2008 at New Covenant Missionary Baptist Church.



SALUTE TO OUR SENIORS CNN Phoenix Senior Site Community Nutrition Network & Senior Services Association (A non-profit organization) Linda D. Cole, Site Manager


he Village of Phoenix & Community Nutrition Network entered into an agreement to operate a senior nutrition & socializaton site in 1979. The site was officially opened in June of 1980 and is still operating. I just wanted to take this opportunity to ask all seniors to please come out and join us sometimes. We enjoy a nutritious meal and socialize with friends. If you have never been to the meal site, your first visit meal will be FREE. Here it is not just about the meal, it is also about getting out of the house and socializing with others. Come out and meet new friends and hopefully see some old ones. We are always looking for volunteers to help and assist with the daily operations of the meal site. If you have some time to volunteer or some ideas to help better serve our seniors please give me a call. CNN Phoenix & Catholic Charities would like to even serve you better with a new food commodities program that is sponsored for senior citizens only. If you are interested in signing up for the program please contact me at (708) 3312408. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank Honorable Mayor Terry R. Wells for helping to deliver meals to our homebound seniors in the Village of Phoenix. This was Mayor Wells’ second year delivering meals for the MEALS ON WHEELS ASSOCIATION OF AMERICA campaign called Mayors For Meals “So No Senior Goes Hungry”. This campaign is held once a year the third week in March. Mayors across America are delivering meals to homebound seniors. I think it was fantastic and was greatly appreciated by the seniors and again, THANK YOU MAYOR WELLS! Please support your program, which is in your community because it is said and it is true “What You Don’t Use You Lose”.

Office of Community Development Cook County Development Block Grant Program (CDBG) Dear Phoenix residents the Village of Phoenix is excited to say “Welcome to the World of Technology.” New water meters are being installed in all homes and businesses. The Village of Phoenix was awarded $245,000.00 for a capital improvement project titled water main connections/water meter project #C06-043. This project officially begun May 19, 2008. The Village of Phoenix was also awarded $229,000.00 for a capital improvement project titled 154 Place/154 Street reconstruction project #C07-043. This project will hopefully begin in August 2008. Should you have any questions or concerns please call (708) 331-2636.

National Golden Agers Club of Phoenix The National Golden Agers Club meetings are held every first Saturday of each month at 11:30 a.m. at the Williams Hawkins Multi-Purpose Center, 650 East Phoenix Center Drive (151st street and Fourth Avenue), Phoenix Il. 60426)

Dues are $15.00 annually. The recipient of the Golden Agers Scholarship in August 2007 were as follows: Nathan Holmes Stephen Watkins Brittney Brooks Gerald Spikes

Photos of Annual Senior Christmas Dinner on page 15!

90 Years Plus Club

Congratulations to this elite group! The rest of us hope we will be able to join some day. •Alma Lawrence - 95 years old •Corinne Johnson •Louise McCullar •Iola Toler - 99 years old •Booker T. Sanders •Alberta Ross - 92 years old •Geneva Howell - 95 years old •Julia Waller - 97 years old •Zelma Duncan - 98 years old •Lorrie Warr - 96 years old •Howard Stewart - 92 years old •Olivia Shaver - 92 years old •Doris N. Lewis - 100 years old

•Lorrie Warr - 96 years old




Phoenix Park District sponsored an Easter Egg Hunt for the village children in 2008. The Park District Board meetings are held every third Thursday of the month at 7:00 p.m. at the Park District field house; 155th street and 9th Avenue.

Phoenix Ladies Honored On May 5, 2008 four ladies from Phoenix were part of the honorees during District 151’s Recognition Banquet


By Benny Williams

Sometimes life’s battles comes at Christians hard, but God has given us armor to fight. This book, brilliantly written for the mature Christian, examines and explains what it means to put on the full armor that God has given to the righteous to win all of life’s battles as outlined in the sixth chapter of Ephesians! ISBN 978-0-9796180-0-0 $12.95


By Benny Williams

Many books have been written about the Nation of Islam but none in such a compassionate perspective as Torn. This book is written to The Nation of Islam and any Christian who needs to understand the Nation of Islam from a true Christian perspective. It is truly a divine door of spiritual healing! ISBN 978-0-9764945-0-8 $17.95

By Gloria Chase

By Gloria Chase

Have you or a loved one been affected by crack cocaine addiction? Ever wonder why it seems to seize the user beyond normal addiction? This book practically and biblically examines cocaine addiction and gives methods to kick the habit so the user can get back to life as God intended!

Are you feeling down and out and are tired of the way you have been living? You want to change yet, you do not know how to bring about the needed change in you life? Are you a lost soul and want to know why God created you? This book is for you!

ISBN 978-0-9796180-5-5 $17.95

ISBN 978-0-9764945-5-3 $12.95

Inspirational titles from Benjamin Williams Publishing! To order Call 1-800-247-6553 • Visit • Or ask for it at Borders! THANKS FROM THE VILLAGE

Is looking for a few good shuttle bus drivers for part time positions that could lead to full time work. If you have a CDL License, with Passenger Endorsement and a minimum of 3 years driving experience. If you enjoy working with people, possess good customer service skills and able to work flexible hours, nights and weekends...

Then We Are Looking For You! All applicants must have a clean driving and criminal record. Qualified applicants call Lynette Brown at: 773-457-0255 for an appointment

The Village of Phoenix would like to give special thanks to Thornton teacher Sandra Lee and President Jacqueline Toler of Alpha Kappa Sorority. The Twenty Pearls Foundation Inc. of Lambda Tau Omega Chapter Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc. for the second year in a row made it possible for 150 students from School District 151 to not only get a free eye exam, but a pair of glasses as well. To the wonderful of ladies of AKA Thank You for 100 years of service.

$5000.00 REWARD • Report Dogfighting!!!



PHOENIX LIBRARY BOARD NEWS The Phoenix Public Library Board always plans enrichment activities for “Spring Break”. Again this year children 7-14 years of age were taken to the Harvey Library for a special program. The children were given a tour of the library and spent time in the children section and completed a craft activity making bookmarks and concluded with a story time. The children’s librarian, Ms. Desiree Moore, spearheaded all the activities. Bus transportation was provided by Thornton Township, thanks to Mr. Frank M. Zuccarelli. Mrs. Dorothy Carter, Library Board Trustee, and Mrs. Marie Victor, a volunteer, accompanied the children. Upon their return to the Multi-Purpose Center, volunteers, Mrs. Gloria Dudley and Mrs. Hattie Taylor along with Mrs. Buckner, Library Board President, served pizza, juice and potato chips to the children. The Library Board, through a contract with the Harvey Library, encourages all parents and children to get a “free” library card that can be used at all neighboring suburban libraries. The Reading Room in the Phoenix Multi-Purpose Center is open on Wednesdays 4-6 p.m. for homework assistance and to check out books.

The Trustees of the Phoenix Public Library District are: Jessica M. Buckner Loretta Wells Dorothy Carter Ernestine Proctor-Harris Martina Mahaffey Tonya Renee Anderson Elizabeth Loggins

Reading Night, A Fun Night!



The first annual I-Watch picnic was held at the Pershing Broom Pavilion on July 12, 2008!

We had a special visit from a form er resident, Mrs. Fannie Hall

e Fire tween the Police and th be me ga all ftb so a red partment. The picnic featu defeated the Police De y sil ea t en rtm pa De e Department. The Fir

ebrated her 80th Mrs. Francis Ruckner cel s Hawkins Multibirthday at the William 24, 2008. She also Purpose Center on May nic attended the I-Watch pic

PUBLIC NOTICE The polling place for precinct 40 has been changed from New Covenant Church to the following location:

William Hawkins Multi-Purpose Center 650 East Phoenix Center Drive (151st Street & Fourth Avenue) Phoenix, Illinois 60426 The Village of Phoenix recently hosted the Cook County E.T.S.B./E-911 annual meeting. Al Pritchett, Chairman





Fun ◆ Family ◆ Food ◆ Rides

i-Lites Rock & Roll Hall of Famers, The Ch perfomed at Phoenix Fest 2007!

s â—† Games â—† Enter tainment

More fest photos on pages 18 and 19!



Fun ◆ Family ◆ Food ◆ 2008 Phoenix Festival Schedule of Events! Thursday, July 31 - Sunday, August 3, 2008 Sterling Crown Carnival

Friday, August 1, 2008 - Jazz Brienn Perry Super Percy & His Soul Clique

Saturday, August 2, 2008 - (Hip-Hop, Rap and R&B) Parade 11:00a.m. The Phoenix Fest Honors: “Our Teachers in the Community "Who continue to Guide our Children Safely into the Future” Special Presentation to, Mrs. Patrice Burton, Park District President Entertainment: MC’s: Tony Sculfield from WGCI 107.5 and Matt Lloyd Gregg Rose Family Reunion Band Kwiet Storm Men of Mecca Gran-Daddy Band Danny “O” Back 2 Da Block The Drama Family Cuddle Seryiouz Big Slim Showtime D-Rock Miguel Kilver Phoenix Park District Double Dutch Team & Percussion Ensemble P.I.T. (Professionals in Training) Phoenix Fest Pom-Pom Girls After Hours Stepper Set -10:00p.m. to 2:00a.m. @ the MultiPurpose Center

Sunday, August, 3, 2008 - (Gospel) MC’s: Debbie Crosslin and Ron Baker, Jr., Comedian Special Guest Appearance By: Ryan Baker, Sportscaster, CBS/Channel 2 Entertainment: Curtis Clark & Friends True Holiness COGIC One 4 Christ Odis Webster & Friends New Covenant Inspirational Choir RDM Praise Dancers (New Covenant Baptist Church) Taylor Coleman & Family Gospel Clouds Germaine Gill & Resurrection Coral No Elect Singers Familee Cynthia F. Carter Melodies of Praise Sylvester Downs Trulife Sons & Daughters of Judah Amari Parham Joe Sanchez



Rides ◆ Games ◆ Entertainment The Village of Phoenix thanks the Phoenix Festival Committee • Marvin Anderson • Jannie L. Beasley • Joda Boykin • Kenneth Caraway • Dorothy Carter • Tiaunna Dickens • Jerome Ferrell • Dr. Mildred West-Gracia • Mildred Herron • Robert Jackson • Johnnie M. Lane • Monica Lane (in memorium) • Martina Mahaffey • Jimmie Mitchell • Darrell Moore • Willie Mae Smith • Gertrude Walton • Deneen Weir • Loretta Wells • Terry R. Wells




Do you recognize anyone in these photos? Class of 1971



Class of 1991



Class of 1991

Class of 1992



Class of 1992




A Grand Opening Day for

V-SHA-DEE’S All natural candles and bath/body products

15223 Vincennes Road • Phoenix, Illinois 6046

V-SHA-DEES’S held its grand opening on July 5, 2008 with special guest Ms. Keke Palmer. Ms. Keke Palmer has starred or guest starred in the following movies: Madea’s Family Reunion, Jump In, Akeelah & The Bee, Barbershop 2, The Cleaner, The Wool Cap, and The Longshots.

• Smiling Faces Daycare Center

• Gibson Citgo & Quick Mart

• Superior Rug & Upholstery Cleaners

• Moses Wills Trucking Co.

• Whisperwood Funeral Chapel

• D. Anderson Contracting Inc.

• Browns Brothers Auto Repair

• R. Williams Contracting

• Smitty’s Lounge

• M.P. Auto Sales, LLC

• D&D Construction Co.

• Rudy’s Auto Repair

• Phoenix Fabrication & Supply

• KTM Electronics



Village launches first strip mall with Ribbon Cutting Ceremony!


The largest commercial project in the history of our community has been completed. 503 East 153rd Street




VILLAGE OF PHOENIX CHURCH DIRECTORY AND NEWS Evans Community Church 723 E. 153rd Street, Phoenix, IL. 60426 Rev. Tyrone W. Coleman, Pastor Phone 708-339-0469 ◆◆◆ Daniel Chapel A.M.E. Zion Church 15250 Third Avenue, Phoenix, IL. 60426 Rev. Derrick Simmons, Pastor Phone 708-339-1990 ◆◆◆ Mt. Zion Missionary Baptist Church 15354 Eight Avenue P. O. Box 2545 Phoenix, IL. 60426 Rev. Edward L. Jones, Pastor Phone 708-339-1026 ◆◆◆ New Covenant Missionary Baptist Church 15213 Fifth Avenue P. O. Box 1358 Phoenix, IL. 60426 Rev. Dr. Richard D. McCreary II, Pastor Phone 708-331-3661 ◆◆◆ Peace and Goodwill Church of God in Christ 15311 Third Avenue, Phoenix, IL. 60426 Elder Fisher Cook, Pastor Phone 708-339-0440 ◆◆◆ Welcome Missionary Baptist Church 15110 Ninth Avenue, Phoenix, IL. 60426 Rev. S. L. Dudley, Pastor Phone 708-225-1788 ◆◆◆ Faith Fellowship and Love COGIC 701 East 151st Street, Phoenix, IL. 60426 Rev. Parthenia Stegall, Pastor Phone 708-342-1887

The ladies of Daniel Chapel celebrate Women’s Day!



The Village of Phoenix joins the families in remembrance of their loved ones.

Good news from New Covenant Missionary Baptist Church Above: Students from the New Covenant Christian Academy were winners of the ETSB 9-1-1 Essay Contest. Below: Mrs. Ruth Barr celebrates her birthday at New Covenant Missionary Baptist Church

•Monica Lane -Oct. 2007 •DeWayne Lenell White “Weezy” -Dec. 2007 •Louie Robison -Dec. 2007 •Mark Cameron Webster -Dec. 2007 •John Henry Browder -Dec. 2007 •Christine Jones -Dec. 2007 •Evelyn L. Burton -Jan. 2008 •Kadian Jackson -Jan. 2008 •Danny Charles Whitehead -Jan. 2008 •Rodney E. Pierson Feb. 2008 •Melvin Clark, Sr. March 2008 •Obie Rowe March 2008 •Margaree (Bowmar) Sullivan Wills March 2008 •Ruby Beulah Milton April 2008 •Brenda Ridgener April 2008 •Harold Lloyd Mitchell, Jr. Apr. 2008 •Michael Dunn April 2008 •Edwin Jones April 2008 •Doris N. Lewis May 2008 •Gloria M. Lowe May 2008 •Benita Griffis July 2008 •Leo Lewis July 2008 If we missed anyone, please accept our apologies. You may call us at 708-3311455 to report any omissions.

NEW HOUSE FOR SALE 15328 Sixth Avenue, Phoenix, Illinois 60426

Just some of the features in this new home includes...

Happy Birthday! Marie Victor’s birthday party was held at Hawkins MultiPurpose Center

• Three Bedroom • Two full bathrooms • All brick exterior • Two car attached garage

• Full basement • Walk in closet in master bdrm • Garage door opener • Wood burning fire place

For information call Village of Phoenix at (708)-331-1455 ext. 227



Phoenix Parks dedicated to long time residents Johnnie M. Lane Park and Playground Coming Soon!

Joined in Holy Matrimony!

Park Dedicated to William and Jessica Buckner

The Phoenix Rising Newspaper is growing! If you would like to include information like birthdays, new births, new residents, weddings etc. or have another idea for the paper, we want to know. Contact us at: (708) 331-1455 or (708)331-2641



GIVING Darrell and Sandra Moore were recently married in Jamaica!

2007 marked the sixth year the Renegade Riders Motorcycle Club has presented Christmas gifts to local children. We are so grateful for their support in helping to make a joyous Christmas for the children of our community.



THORNTON TOWNSHIP HIGH SCHOOL Dr. Betheny J. Lyke, Principal 15001 Broadway Avenue Harvey, IL. 60426 HONOR ROLL FIRST QUARTER


Chantall Anderson

Kimeka McBride

Chantall Anderson

Shaleeka Mosley

Aaron Beasley

Marquese McCoy

Aaron Beasley

Brittani Nolan

Feshawn Berry

Shaleeka Mosley

Feshawn Berry

David Prater

Cameron Coleman

Brittani Nolan

Tahjuwan Crawford

Jonathan Ragland

Tahjuwan Crawford

Anthony Parr

Shavella Gunn

Thyiha Richmond

Ciera Cross

David Prater

Natalie Harris

Jasmine Walker

Shavella Gunn

Jonathan Ragland

Janai Hudson

Shantorri Wells-White

Jamela Harris

Thyiha Richmond

Jacquetta Jackson

James Wilkins

Natalie Harris

Lyala Sample

Laquana Lockhart

Jessica Williams

Brittey Hobbs

Jasmine Walker

Shaunte Lowe

Wesley Wright

Janai Hudson

Shantorri Wells-White

Marquese McCoy

Jasmin Young

Jacquetta Jackson

Wesley Wright

Lacquana Lockhart

Janmin Young


Shaunte Lowe




MADISON SCHOOL 15700 Orchard Drive • South Holland, IL. 60473-1397 Ms. Regina Bridges, Principal HONOR ROLL -2ND GRADING PERIOD 4th grade “A” •Ariel Bolling •Jeremiah Burgess •Taylor Coffey •Bianca Diaz •Cassidy Gadsden •Kimberly Garza •Erykah Howard •Patrick Osagiede •Sabrina Perez •Allen Price •Alondra Sepulveda •Jesus Tapia vAriana Thompson

4th grade “A/B” •Jose Aguirre •Ana Lopez •Brittney Allen •Angel Lopez •Joy Anderson •Sarina Perez •Michelle Aranda •Esmeralda Plascencia •Shanel Boston •Payton Rogers •Antonio Castro •Jasmine Salmeron •Jasmine Charlley •Alyssa Simmons •Brittney Dillion •Francesca Smith •Myesha Dills •Destiny Smith •JaWan Emmons •Bryana Smith •Stephanie Esparza •Sarah Stevens •Daniel Estrada •Donnovan Stone •Damira Ferguson •Samuel Taylor •Ramiro Garza •Alejandra Ulloa •Diamond Jenkins •Victor Uriarte •Leroy Jones •Maria Vuelvas •Alyssa Kilpatrick •Ashley Walker •Romi Lake •DajShaun Younger

MADISON HONOR ROLL 5th grade “A” •Ezequiel Alvarez •Anthony Bryson •Ariana Byrd •Tyson Felder •Celina Gadsden •Ayrton Morales •Tionna Ogletree •Joel Osei •JeJuan Payton •Taylor Watkins, •Cherlora Williamson


Estefania Ambrosio Isabel Barajas Lyrica M. Blake Mariah S. Braboy Victoria L. Bradley Anthony Bryson Ariana N. Byrd Persephone Cole Jasmine A. Davis Cristian Diaz Regan S. Jones Stephany Leon Alexis Lockhart

Amber O. Abogunrin Rebekah S. Borders Myles J. Bradley Elijah J. Louissaint Daniel J. Byrd Miguel Quiroz Christopher S. French Esaul Sandoval

Madison Fourth Grade Deanna M. Mahaffey Deandre M. Mahaffey David Mancera Anthony W. McFerren Alexis C. Moffett Gabriel I. Montes Ericka D. Moore William R. Moore Ayrton L. Morales Toluwani A. Odueyungbo Tionna L. Ogletree Jeremy O. Osei Joel R. Osei Madison Fifth Grade Javon L. Hall Devynn S. Jackson Sasha N. King Chanelle L. Burton Brandon D. Qualls Noamaan A. Farooqui Jarred Q. Rogers

Jejuan W. Payton Marcos Quiroz Stephvon J.Rogers Zara N. Simmons Sean M.Thompson Dajon M. Torrence Timothy T. Townsel Roy Vera Joseph J. Walker Taylor A. Watkins Cherlora M.Williamson Nicolletta F. Wilson

5th grade “A/B” •Briana Adams •Ericka Moore •Stefania Ambrosio •William Moore •LaShaunti Bailey •Yarithza Munoz •Isabel Barajas •Jessica Nosike •Bianca Barnett, •Tito Odueyungbo •Brittany Bennett •Whitney Nunn •Lyrica Blake •Marcos Quiroz •Victoria Bradley •Glory Randall •Diamond Brown •Bianca Rios •Guadalupe Camacho •StephVon Rogers •Aaron Clark •Julio Salazar •Persephone Cole •Zara Simmons •Elexxus Cole•Tier Spencer Howard-Woolfolk •Terri Thomas •Nicholas Davenport •Ricardo Torres •Jasmime Davis •Timothy Townsel •Crishona Edwards •Ray Vera •Jawan Highley •Joseph Walker •Kendria Jenkins •Jalyn Spencer •Alexis Lockhart •Tiarra Wilkins, •DeAndre Mahaffey •Lashawndra Williams •DeAnna Mahaffey •Lauren Wilson •David Mancer, •Joselyn Young •Jasmyne McPhearson •Emily Zambrano •Alexis Moffett •Jocelyn Zambrano


Keena Y. Diaz Shakyra C. Winston Antonna A. Bridgemon Khaila C. Marshall Luis E. Ceron Eboni J. Robertson Harold E. French

Fourth Grade: Jose Aguirre Brittney Allen Joy Anderson Angela Guyton Romi Lake Glory Neri DajShaun Younger

Fifth Grade Ezequiel Alvarez Shekeisha Carrol Lamar Hudson Regan Jones Ayrton Morales Glory Randall China Rose Wilson Nicoletta Wilson





16001 S. Minerva South Holland, IL. 60473 Dr. Ronda Towner, Principal

393 East 163rd Street Harvey, IL. 60426 Anthony Palomo, Principal



Faud Abina Jose G. Aguirre Michelle Aranda Trevor J. Bell Devon Berry Ariel Bolling Taylor Coffey Shannon Cortez Terrance Powell Comyia R. Durden Brittanee A. Foster Javon A. Fulton Kimberly Garza Matthew B. Hess

Third Grade Kobe C. Husbands Ana G. Lopez Divine Ntamere Patrick O. Osagiede Sabrina A. Perez Sarina M. Perez Christina B. Pinckney Daunniah L. Powell Brittney O. Dillon Payton K. Rogers Francesca M. Smith Sarah N. Stevens Bryana M. Smith Donnovan E. Stone

Jesus A. Tapia-Garcia Samuel E. Taylor Ariana D. Thompson Mariah M. Tolbert Alejandra D. Ulloa Victor A. Uriarte Trevior S. Washington Bianca Diaz Allen Price

EISENHOWER JANUARY STUDENTS OF THE MONTH Second Grade Jenai Brown Jordan Craig Danielle Davis DeAnthony Dvis Kennedy Tanniehill Monica Ulloa

Third Grade Solonia Anderson Destiny Archibald Jason Barker Luke Burton Maria Gonzales Triana Johnson Janae Reynolds

EISENHOWER JANUARY READERS OF THE MONTH Second Grade Kewan Burrell Devontay Kelly Erin Labadie Tylor Lattimore Carlos Leon Kenshean Mansfield Zivan Robinson

Third Grade Kenneta Cyracus Dwayne Douglas Gissel Garcia Tori Gary Diego Leon Nyla Pierce Asayh Walker

Pre-kindergarten Students Chase Stevenson Carol Boyd Alexander Bolling Alexander Ramos Anthony Zambrano Emireth Reyes Nyilea Bejarno Sanyah Sampson Kayleigh Walker Suleyma Serrano

Kindergarten Students Michaela Ogletree Antonio Aguilar Kirsten Walker Yescenia Diaz Milton Catron Destiny Williams David Foster Alma Sandoval Ignacio Ruiz Jade Ali Brenda Gonzalez Axel Becerra Ulises Esparza Ayzia Fuqua

First Grade Students Zoe Brown Joanna Murillo Julie Macias Eddson Ibarra Cassondra Gonzalez Raquel Harper Karia Randall Julio Neri Xavier Morales Karla Farias

Mayor Terry Wells and The Village of Phoenix Salute Coolidge Honor Roll Students SIXTH GRADE FIRST QUARTER HONOR ROLL “A” & “B” Honor Roll Amber Abogunrin Javier Estrada Aarin Adams Jose Farias Anthony Austin Noamaan Farooqui Keyshay Barbour Christopher French Autumn Bolling Harold French Brenden Bolden Robert Fueringer Myles Bradley Javon Hall Kwame Burns Angel Hill Daniel Byrd Devynn Jackson Luis Ceron Jennifer Perez Isaac Connie Keena Thomas Alexis Chestleigh Diamond Wheatley Asia Dillard Emmanuel Zambrano Kendall Edwards


SEVENTH GRADE FIRST QUARTER HONOR ROLL “A” Honor Roll Crystal Nwaokocha Bianca Ramos Chari Stevens John Anderson Maritin Martinez Ashley Nosike Nalondria Banks Kquiana Turner

“A and B” Honor Roll Letrice Johnson Fallone Moffet Nashae Webb Antonio Sandoval Kyle Bumpass Bridget McFerren Oscar Rodarte Justin Allen-Dixon Aliyah Turner Jose Burgess Aaleria Gonzalez Gianna simons Toheeb Okenla Maria Diaz Deja Willingham Luis Mata Octavia Williams


EIGHTH GRADE FIRST QUARTER HONOR ROLL “A” Honor Roll Ronnisha Johnson Hosea Connie Bridgette Allen Doninique Sullivan Aimee Tapia-Garcia KeAndra Atwater Charlie Best Kai Pettigrew Maurice Kendall Jade Brown Amber Fenn Tyler Jones Kamariyah Muhammad Desiree Hayes

“A” & “B” Honor Roll Devonte Singleton Brandon Boston Liliana Gonzalez Jah’miaa Brooks Paola Lira Jasmine Daniels Christian Ramos Dasia McByrd Erika Davis Chales Dennis Juvenal Estrada Cydnei Gadsen Jahmal Rivers Brenda Mackmore Nyna Campbell Maurice Miller Candice Jones Cajetan Okoye Christopher Macias Joshlyn Porter Alicia Tarver Jasia Young Diana Salazar Ashley Sullivan Gregory Austin


STUDENTS OF THE MONTH Bianca Ramos 7th grade Crystal Nwaokocha 7th grade Jandolyn Dixon 7th grade


2008 Village of Phoenix Newsletter  

VOP Newsletter

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