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2007 shaping up to be

Nicor Cares Day

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Phoenix! Ground breaking for the new Phoenix strip mall is scheduled for this summer!

PHOENIX NEWS If a homeowner is performing construction work, he too, must complete an application and let the building inspector make the decision as to whether or not a permit is required. Some contractors have had their license revoked by the State of Illinois due to complaints filed with the Better Business Association. The Attorney General files those complaints with us if the contractor has been issued a citation and is not allowed to work in the State of Illinois. Therefore, we can pass that information along to our citizens. 2007 VEHICLE STICKERS The deadline to display 2007 vehicle stickers was February 15th. The fee in the amount of $10.00 is added to the regular price if you are late purchasing your sticker. Everyone who owns a vehicle in the Village of Phoenix is required to display a sticker on their vehicle. If you recently moved into the community, you have 30 days in which to purchase a sticker. The fee to purchase stickers are as follows: Passenger vehicle $20.00; Senior Citizens and Disability $10.00 (with proof of age and or disability); Trucks according to size $25.00, $30.00 and $35.00. DOG LICENSE All dogs are required to be licensed in the Village. A dog tag can be purchased from the Clerk’s Office. The fee to purchase a dog tag is $3.00.


633 East 151st Street Phoenix, IL 60426 (708) 331-1455

EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Mayor Terry Wells

EDITORIAL ASSISTANTS Jannie L. Beasley Johnnie M. Lane Dorothy Carter


Albert Kirklin Arthur T. Burton Jerome Ferrell Jr. Elizabeth Loggins Willie Mae Smith Martina Lane-Mahaffey

LAYOUT & DESIGN Benny Williams

2 GARBAGE PICKUP DAY Garbage is picked up every Tuesday. The only time this changes is, if the scavenger service observes a holiday that falls on Monday. In that case, our garbage will be picked up on Wednesday. The following holidays are observed by our scavenger service: •New Years Day •Memorial Day •Independence Day •Labor Day •Thanksgiving Day •Christmas Day






Johnnie M. Lane

issued for those citizens who disregard this requirement. Effective July 1, 2007, the new garbage rates will increase to the following fees: Single family $19.92 Two flat $21.92 Three flat $23.92 We encourage our citizens to dispose of All citizens will receive a garbage totter, tree limbs, branches and shrubbery by cut- (large garbage can) as soon as the scavenger ting the tree limbs and branches into service receives them. lengths, no longer than 4 feet, tie them in a bundle and place them out with your reguHUNTING AND FISHING LICENSE lar garbage. You must obtain a dumpster for Hunting and fishing license are sold by disposing of construction material. The the Village Clerk. The fee to purchase scavenger service is not responsible for pick- license are set by the Department of ing up any construction material. Items Conservation. The fees are posted in the such as drywall, paint buckets, paneling, Village Hall. concrete blocks, lumber and bricks will not be picked up. OFFICE HOURS Every home is allowed to place out for The Water Department and Clerk’s pick up (1) one large item per week. Please Office are open (6) six days per week, adhere to this rule. These items consist of Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday old furniture, mattresses, couches, etc. from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.; Wednesday and Items such as refrigerators, washers and Saturday 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon. dryers, hot water tanks, TV’s and microwaves can be placed out for scrap BOARD MEETINGS trucks to pick up. These items are usually Regular Board meetings are held on the picked up early by those individuals who second and fourth Tuesday of each month at scrap. 7:00 p.m. in the Council room of the Village Please do not place your garbage out for pick Hall, 633 East 151st Street. All regular meetup before Monday evening. Citations are being ings are open to the public.

As Village Administrator, I have diligently been working with the Village attorney to obtain demolition decrees for the most dilapidated structures in the village. At the present time 8 houses have been torn down with at least 5 more to follow. Demolition of these properties will enhance both the beauty and safety of our community. The Village Trustees have begun to focus more on the rental properties in the Village. It is our goal to have all landlords and tenants work to keep up their property. The trustees have passed Ordinance #111406 (Landlord Ordinance). The ordinance states that: A rental property must be inspected yearly,


ADMINISTRATOR or whenever a new tenant moves into the dwelling. Rental property must have a Crime Free Lease Addendum signed by tenants and owner on file at the Village Hall. I will continue to work on projects that will enhance the lives of all citizens in the village. Please feel free to call me at the Village Hall. I will certainly try to answer any of your concerns.




from the Mayor


e hope that all is well with you and your loved ones. This year promises to be a banner year for our community. Several changes are in store for Phoenix that we believe will bring beauty and economic development in our community. The Village of Phoenix is working with a developer to build a strip mall in our community. The ground breaking is scheduled for this summer. It is our hope that the strip mall will bring new businesses and spur other economic development. Another project that we hope to complete is the renovation of the Woody Winston Health Clinic. The renovation of the clinic was scheduled to be completed in early 2007. But the welldocumented problems at Cook County have held up these efforts. It is our hope that we can complete this project before the end of this year. On that note, the clinic was on the original list to be closed, but we were fortunate to have the backing of our Cook County Commissioner, Deborah Sims, who fought hard to keep our clinic open. The Village is eternally grateful to Commissioner Sims for her efforts. Other projects that we are currently working on are the purchase of a new dump truck for the Street Department. We are also working on a program for village wide garbage cans for all residents. The third major project is a program for the installation of new remote water meters in the village. We are hoping that all of these projects will begin soon. The new dump truck has

been delivered. This will allow our street department to continue to keep our village streets clean. Beginning in June, we are going to a unified system of garbage containers for all residents. This will speed up the time for picking up garbage by our waste hauler.. He can simply place the container on the lift and the machine will dump the garbage. We are one of the few communities that does not use this system. This program will make our town cleaner and provide more efficient system of garbage collection. The new water meters will allow for the water department to read meters faster and with more accuracy. Last year we had four builders to begin building homes in our community, Chiattello Builders, Evelyn Perkins, Neil Parks, and Kevin Moore & Darrell Moore. The last three builders all have roots in Phoenix. All of the single-family homes at this point have been sold and they are anxious to start building more. If you get a chance, stop by and check out quality construction of these homes, you may just want to purchase one yourself. As we are building new homes, we are also still working on our demolition program. Last year eight burned or abandoned structures were torn down under our home rule program. We currently have eight other structures scheduled for demolition this summer. We are continuing our efforts to upgrade our building department. We have added Continued on page 4


Greetings Continued from page 3

4 We wish Joseph Duval Ross, Joda Boykin and LaNita Stewart well and hope that they will continue to lend their expertise to the Village of Phoenix.

additional inspectors to handle the heavy load of inspections. Residents need to be aware that all rental units in the Village must be inspected at least once a year. Those who violate this ordinance are subject to a fine. The Village has also established our own In House Court to deal with violations of local ordinances. This program will begin in July 2007. We would like to thank Dorothy Foster and Nicor Gas for the successful Nicor Cares Day in Phoenix on May 19. Nicor employees along with village residents planted flowers and scrubs at our senior building and around the village hall. Their efforts have really enhanced the appearance of both buildings. Photos on page 8. LaNita Stewart Joseph Duval Ross In July we will be dedicating our new park in Phoenix. The park will be located on 155th Street between Vincennces and information and designed the wall. Halsted streets. More information will be Phoenix Fest was a great success last coming soon. If you get an opportunity, year and we are in the process of working stop by the village hall and visit our hison Phoenix Fest 2007. A special thanks to toric wall. We have tried to highlight some Dr. Mildred Garcia, who will be our special historic events from our history. A special honoree this year. Dr. Garcia will be celethanks to Eddie Brown who researched the brating her 10th year as president. Last

year’s fest was the largest in our 14 year history. We have included pictures from last year’s fest on pages 16, 17 and 24 so you can share some of those memories. It will be tough to surpass last year, but we will try. We hope that you will make plans to be with us on August 3-5. Our featured performer for this year will be the world famous Chi-Lites. If you would like to become a member of the Fest Committee, meetings are held every other Wednesday. For more information, call my office. On a sad note, we are losing the services of three individuals who have been instrumental to the success of our administration, Joseph Duval Ross, Joda Boykin and LaNita Stewart. They have chosen not to run for re-election this year. They will be difficult to replace. We wish them well and hope that they will continue to lend their expertise to the Village of Phoenix. Welcome to our new team of trustees: Elizabeth Loggins, Willie Mae Smith and Martina Lane-Mahaffey. If you get a chance, please stop by the Board Meetings and greet our newly elected officials. Thank you and May God continue to bless our great community.

“Several changes are in store for Phoenix that we believe will bring [or have brought] beauty and economic development in our community.”

Four builders began building homes in our community. See page 25 for more photos on the Reactivation project in Phoenix!

See page 10 for more on this story.

In July we will be dedicating our new park in Phoenix. See page 12.




JeromeFerrell, Jr.


he new dump truck has been delivered. The employees are so happy to now have the new tractor and dump truck. They can now perform their duties more efficiently.



t is that time of year to prepare for the warm weather. We, the Village Board, would like to remind our residents of a few ordinances. Disposal of Garbage: Garbage cans should not be placed on the curb before Monday evening. The can should have a covering. If a garbage can is left out at the curb after twelve noon on Wednesday, the day after pickup, the homeowner will be issued a citation. Each resident may put one large item out for pickup each week. If a resident exceeds the limit, a citation will be issued.

Dogs: If you own a dog, it is your responsibility to purchase a tag for your dog and you must see to it that your dog remains on your property. He must not be allowed to roam the village. We are trying to clear our streets of stray dogs. So if you see a stray, please call the police department. Basketball Hoops: Basketball hoops are not allowed in the street. If you choose to use your own hoop, it should be placed on your private driveway. Please help us keep our village clean and safe for our children. -Willie Mae Smith, Trustee of Ordinaces and Resolutions


STRIVING FOR EXCELLENCE he Village is continuously place with excellent residents, striving for excellence. This deserves the best and your vilsummer, the entire village will lage officials will continue to have new water meters with provide you with the best. Residents, it is more accurate readings. These meters and the Phoenix, a very important that you pay your water new system will guard place with and garbage bill every against vandalism and detect leaks immediately. excellent month. If the residents It will eliminate human residents, do not pay their bill, error and the public deserves the village has no choice but to shut off works department will the best! those who do not pay have more time to devote to other village matters. -Elizabeth Loggins, for the water they have Water Department used. The village canWe have over 630 homes Trustee not continue to pay for in the village including the garbage pick up businesses, with this new system the public works depart- and the water consumed by the ment can record all meter read- residents and not get reimings within an hour. Phoenix, a bursed.







he Phoenix Fire Department has received another fire engine from the City of Chicago. It was donated August 5, 2006. Now we have three working fire engines to support the village. In 2006, we received a grant to purchase hose, small tools and other firefighting equipment for the department. We are still looking for people who are interested in becoming firefighters.

Fire Department people you should know •Deputy Chief Mike Jones has been a member of the Phoenix Fire Department for almost 16 years. He has dedicated his entire life to this fire department and represents us very well. We are very proud of his hard work and time that he has put in all these years. •Captain Howard Fisher has been a member of the Phoenix Fire Department for 16 years. He is well decorated in his fire service profession. He is responsible for helping to obtain F.E.M.A. grants for the past three years for our Fire Department. He cares very much about the well being of our citizens and the department. •Captain Donald Jimerson has been a member of the department for 11 years. He has put extended time in making sure that all of our equipment is in working order. He was responsible for helping to obtain the two fire engines from Chicago that was donated.

Phoenix Fire Fighters participated in the Library Board Safety Day for the Village in 2006!





Village Ordinances The Police Department has begun to strictly enforce all Village Ordinances in order to help keep the Village of Phoenix a desirable community in which to reside. Please do your part by: 1. Keeping yards free of refuse. 2. Placing garbage in approved covered containers in order to prevent infestation of rodents and squirrels. 3. Removing junk vehicles and large items from yards. 4. Keeping homes and/or trim painted. 5. Keeping grass trimmed and weeds cut. Warning notices and/or citations up to $500.00 will be issued to violators. Please help to keep the Village of Phoenix beautiful!

contact with such company/persons, please report the incident to the police immediately. Cook County Digital Photography Project The Cook County Department of Office Technology has contracted with Mobile Video Services, Inc. to digitally photograph the exterior of every residence and business in Cook County and validate each address. The goal of this program is to validate property addressed to identify homes and businesses for fire, police and medical emergency response; improve the overall quality of property tax appraisals; assist homeowners and businesses with “before” photos in case of losses; save taxpayers money by making the property tax administration process more efficient and to enhance emergency management recovery reports necessary for state and federal assistance. The digital photography will be collected from white window vans with digital photographic equipment located on each side of the vehicle. Each van will have a driver and a photographer inside and a magnetic sign on each side of the van that reads: Cook County Digital Photography Project. Each person involved in the project will have Cook County information flyers to provide to anyone inquiring about the project.

Phoenix Senior Site The Police Department has established the “Phoenix Senior Site” program which is geared towards senior involvement in the community. All local seniors are encouraged to participate and attend scheduled meetings in order to learn more about: Fraud Against the Aging, Identity Theft, Senior Law Enforcement Academy and various programs available to senior citizens. These meetings often have guest speakers with pertinent information for seniors. For more information you are Operation Safe Haven welcome to call the Police Department (708-331The Police Department is an active participa2193) and leave your contact information for Corporal G. Bowman or you can email him at gbow- tion in “Operation Safe Haven” – a program where (More on page 10.) a distressed parent who is unable or unwilling to care for an infant can give up custody of babies up Unlicensed Locksmith Activity to thirty days old safely, legally and anonymously. We are seeking your assistance in addressing a This can be done without fear of arrest or prosecupublic safety issue that has been affecting more res- tion. All that is required is that the baby be idents than ever before—the growing number of brought to the police station, showing no signs of unlicensed locksmith activity. Certain individuals intentional abuse. No name or other information is and companies are attempting to take advantage of required. desperate homeowners who have been inadverNew Police Personnel tently locked out of their homes, or who have had The Village of Phoenix Police Department welto change the locks on their door due to break-ins, fraud or other illegal activities that have compro- comes new police officers; mised their security. Many or these unlicensed •Cory Byrdlong businesses are located in other state but have local •George Hillman telephone numbers. Once you call for assistance •Chester Miller. they will send an unlicensed locksmith to your door who in turn, charges exorbitant fees for the Dispatchers include; work performed. If you should happen to come in •Maria Fisher



“We would like to thank Dorothy Foster and Nicor Gas for the successful Nicor Cares Day in Phoenix on May 19. Nicor employees along with village residents planted flowers and shrubs at our senior building and around the village hall. Their efforts have really enhanced the appearance of both buildings.�


A LIVING LEGEND The Village of Phoenix honors

Iola Toler


he ribbon cutting and dedication of Iola Toler Park and Playground was held on October 7, 2006. Mrs. Toler helped to start the Phoenix Park District and was one of the women who led the fight to inte-

Mrs. Barr (right) and Mrs. Browning (left) also attended the Toler Park dedication!

grate School District 151. In 1965, they filed a lawsuit in Federal Court to integrate the school district and won. School District 151 thus became the first Northern School District to integrate under court order.




COOK COUNTY VISITS ‘PHOENIX SITE’ (L-R) Cook County Sheriff, Tom Dart; Phoenix Chief of Police, Melvin Davis and Phoenix Mayor Terry Wells

Cook County Sheriff, Tom Dart and Cook County Commissioner, Deborah Sims joined forces on Saturday, January 27, 2007 in order to “meet and greet” several mem-

bers of “Phoenix Site.” Phoenix Site is a group overseen by the Phoenix Police Department, in efforts to inform senior citizens of various programs and organizations that can be of assistance

(L-R) Cook County Sheriff, Tom Dart; Phoenix Mayor Terry Wells andCook County Commissioner, Deborah Sims.

to them. During his visit, Sheriff Dart supplied seniors with free cellular telephones, activated and programmed to dial 911 on a 24- hour basis. Commissioner Sims discussed her efforts to save the Woody Winston Medical Center in hopes that it will not be affected by Cook County budget cuts. Also on hand to meet and speak with local seniors was Phoenix

Sherriff Dart (above) and Mayor Wells (right) assist senoirs with the use of emergency cell phones and other matters.

Mayor, Terry Wells and Chief of Police, Mel Davis. If you are a senior citizen needing information on how to obtain a free “emergency only” cellular telephone, please contact the Phoenix Police Department (708-331-2193) and leave your contact information for Corporal Bowman. If you have access to the internet, you can submit an email to



The National Golden Age Club of Phoenix Robert Jackson, President


he National Golden Age Club meetings are held every first Saturday of each month at 11:30 a.m. at the William Hawkins Multi-Purpose Center, 650 East Phoenix Center Drive (151st Street and Fourth Avenue) Phoenix, IL. 60426. The dues are $15.00 annually. Each year the club awards a scholarship to an outstanding student who is a resident of the Village of Phoenix and will be graduating from high school this year and have been accepted by a college or university. The interested students must fill out a scholarship application and submit their academic information along with the application. The application forms for 2007 scholarship will be available May 1, 2007.

Natasha Berry (left) received National Golden Age Club Scholraship during Phoenix Fest 2006.

Each year the club awards a scholarship to an outstanding student who is a resident of the Village of Phoenix.


Memorable Nicknames From The Village Phoenix Hey, what was their real names anyway? How did they get that name? Can you think of any others? Smirt Bootsy Pumpkin A Moe Kick Shot Bud Fire Bug Lop Grubbs

Bobby Dog Bicycle Willie Dago Cookie Crow Kid Tiny Turtle

Phoenix Best!

The 2006 scholarships were awarded to Jennifer Harris, first place, attending Benedictine University, Lisle and Natasha Berry, second place, attending Northern Illinois University, DeKalb. The club held its 22nd Annual Black History Celebration on February 17, 2007. Our heartfelt thanks to the supporters of the 2007 celebration. The Phoenix Park District donated a $25.00 and a $10.00 gift certificate for our raffle. The winner of the Golden Age Club $25.00 money hat raffle was Barbara Horton. The winner of the $10.00 gift certificate was Barbara Horton and the $25.00 gift certificate was won by Monica Lane.

Black Power Dusty Huck a Buck Blue Juice Catman Pops The Beast Shock

•BEST BAR-B-Q: Huntley Williams •BEST ATHLETE: Derrick Jackson •BEST LOOKING: Nee Nee Carraway (1970’s) Melvin Gholson Vicki Mitchell

Letter from Mr. Robert Clodfelter, a former Phoenix resident who now lives in Arizona 2-27-07 Mr. Mayor of Phoenix Village, I have seen on the web the experiences of people that lived in Phoenix in the old days. I was there from 1943 ‘till 1959. I would like for you to include my time there also. I also have many more stories. Thank you very much. I lived at 15130 2nd Avenue with my brother Jim and my sister Julie. We lived with my Grandma in the house that my Grandpa built. I started Coolidge grade school in grade one in 1948. The teacher’s name was Mrs. Retnor. I remember Grace Volze, I think she was the third grade teacher. Tony was the janitor who retired and Mr. Banks took over. Does anyone remember the Banks Drive In? When I started school there were only a few blacks there, when I graduated in 1956, as I remember, I and Casey Cetnar were the only whites. It didn’t matter though, we just didn’t discern between black and white. I grew up with black people and they were my best friends. We were all just kids and all we knew is how to have fun. I look on the web and see a street named after Steve Galberth, on 4th Avenue, we used to play together. Do you remember Wayne Tellis, Forest Tellis, Bill Hawkins, Joe Hawkins, Casey Cetrar, Zetha Strickland, Fredrick Philips (Empty) Shadrak Woods, good old Shadrak we were buddys. How about John Trumps Shell Station. I worked there for a year. Robert (Bob) Clodfelter




The William and Jessica Buckner Park and Playground Near Completion We are in the Final stages for the completion of our newest park located at 155th street between Vincennes Road and Halsted. The William and Jessica Buckner Park and Playground will be officially dedicated this summer!

The residents are invited to attend the monthly Park District Board Meeting every third Thursday of the month at 7:00 p.m. at the Park District field house. Phoenix Park District: 155th St. & 9th Ave. Phoenix, IL. 60426 Phone 708-339-8443

There’s still time to enjoy the Park Districts remaining field trips for the summer!

The Park District commissioners are as follows: •Patrice Burton, President •Dr. Mildred West-Garcia, Vice-President •Tonya Renee Anderson, Secretary

Open House! Builder, Neil Parks will conduct an open House on August 4, 2007 at 15366 Eighth Avenue at 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. This is the second house completed by Parks Construction. Please come by and take a look at this beautiful home.




Phoenix Library Board hosted Safety Day 2006! A day of learning about Safety the fun way!

Library Board Trustees : Jessica Buckner Loretta Wells Dorothy Carter Ernestine Proctor-Harris Martina Lane-Mahaffey Tonya Renee Anderson Elizabeth Loggins

Other Special Events held in 2007: Wed., April 11, 2007: Harvey Library Field Trip Fri., April 13, 2007 Library Movie Day at Phoenix Village Hall

Library Board Summer Activities!

(Above Photo) On June 6, 2007, The Phoenix Library Board sponsored a trip to see “The Color Purple.” (Right Photo) The summer enrichment program sponsored by the Phoenix Library Board is conducting Spanish Classes at the William Hawkins Multi-Purpose Center every Monday and Wednesday 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Wed., June 6, 2007 Trip to see “The Color Purple”





Michael Stanley Cory Cantrell Cory Cantrell was in the play “History of Stax Records”

Claude Rials

Brittney Brooks Brittney Brooks currently have a 3.8 GPA and rank 28 in her senior class. She is vice president of Students Against Violence Everywhere, Vice President of National Honor Society, and was been elected senior class Vice President. She is also a member of the Thornton Speech Team. The team is ranked 4th in the State of Illinois. Brittney is a member of Big Brother/Big Sister, a distinguished scholar for the past 3 years, on the honor roll every year since she entered high school. She has also been honored by the following: Chicago Urban League; and was awarded a Dell laptop computer and printer; honored by the National Honor Roll, National Honor Society, National Society of High School Scholars and Who’s Who among American high school students. While maintaining high grades and participating in after school activities, Brittney has been working part time since March. She will be attending Illinois State University.

Claude Rials a maintenance worker in the Village of Phoenix, was presented a special achievement award on May 15, 2007, during the Outstanding Worker Awards Luncheon, held at the Palmer House Hilton Grand Ballroom. Suburban Area Agency On Aging (now Age Options) placed Claude in the Village of Phoenix April 14, 2004 as a Title V Enrollee. He proved himself to be a very good worker. The Village of Phoenix hired him as a Village employee.

Michael Stanley is a 2007 graduate of Seton Academy’s first coed class. He will attend Notre Dame in the fall of 2007. He has received the following honors: •On the Dean’s List •President’s Education Award for Educational Excellence •Illinois State Scholar Award •National Academic Achievement Award •National Honor Society •Class Rank #5 of 84

Karla L. Beard Karla L. Beard played the part of Sarah in the Porchlight Musical Theatre production.

Tiffany W. Ross

Jordan Jones

Tiffany W. Ross graduated from Eastern Illinois University on May 5, 2007 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Finance.

Jordan Jones is one of the top students at Seton Academy with a 3.9 GPA. He is a member of a traveling all -star team that will play in several southern states including Florida and Texas.

Gregory Wynne Brandon Herring Brandon Herring is a junior at Thornton Township High School. He is a member of the Speech Team and the National Honor Society. He ranks in the top10 in his class and has a 4.1 overall grade point average. He introduced Judge Mathias during the assembly when he visited Thornton High School on April 3, 2007.

Michael Berry Michael Berry was drafted by the Minnesota Vikings in 2007 NFL draft.

Rocky Hill Rocky Hill was named The Hammond Times’ Boys Basketball Coach of the year. He also received the same honor in 1995. Coach Hill completed his second year at Crete-Monee High School with a 13-12 season. The year before he became head basketball coach at Crete-Monee, the record was 2-18. Coach Hill has also coached at Thornton High School and most recently at Julian High School in Chicago.

Gregory Wynne graduated form Thornton Township High School on May 19, 2007 with a class rank of 13 and a cumulative G.P.A. of 4.125. He was a member of the Spanish Honor Society, “Top Cat” and a Distinguished Scholar. His extra curricular activities consisted of wrestling, baseball and marching band. Gregory volunteered at the Phoenix Summer Library events; was a volunteer worker during Harvey’s Mayoral election; tutored kids in economics at Brooks Middle School; and worked in the sound room at church. He was awarded a scholarship to Indiana University. He was accepted at Belmont University, Butler University, Indiana University and Middle Tennessee State University. He will attend Middle Tennessee State University in the fall of 2007.



Your Elected Officials

THE PEOPLE YOU SHOULD KNOW! Terry R. Wells Dorothy Carter

Village President since 1993

Village Administrator

Johnnie M. Lane Village Clerk Resident of Phoenix since 1961

Albert Kirklin Village Trustee and Chairperson of Police & Fire

Arthur T. Burton, Jr. Village Trustee and Chairperson of Public Property

Jerome Ferrell, Jr. Village Trustee and Chairperson of Public Works Department

Elizabeth Loggins Village Trustee and Chairperson of Water Department

Martina Mahaffey Village Trustee and Chairperson of The Finance Department

Willie Mae Smith Village Trustee and Chairperson of Ordinance and Resolution

Phoenix Fest Pom Pons!

A Day of Food, Family, and Fun!

South Holland

Phoenix Fest Basketball T

Phoenix Fest Honorees!

d vipers! Dr. J Kamala Buckner Superintendent of School District 205

Rev. Tyrone M. Coleman Pastor of Evans Community Church

Frank M. Zuccarelli Thornton Township Supervisor

More Phoenix Fest Photos on page 24


Greg Rose and the band!



SUPPORT OUR LOCAL BUSINESSES Smiling Faces Daycare Center 15113 S. Halsted (708) 331-9133 Infant Preschools Afterschool Program

• Superior Rug & Upholstery Cleaners • Whisperwood Funeral Chapel • Brown Brothers Auto Repair • Smitty’s Lounge • D & D Construction Co. • Phoenix Fabrication • Gibson Citgo & Quick Mart • Moses Wills Trucking Co. • D. Anderson Contracting Inc. • R. Williams Contracting • P & R Quick Stop • Sister2Sister Catering & Soul Food Carry Out • Rudy’s Auto Repair • KTM Electronics

Four Ladies and A President! Ladies from the Village of Phoenix get an opportunity to chit chat with Former President Clinton while attending the National School Board Conference (NSBC) in San Francisco, Ca. President Clinton was scheduled to speak on childhood obesity. From right to left is Linda Hawkins, Eileen Grays, Eluette Lewis and Brenda Lloyd all grew up in the Village of Phoenix!

New Restaurant in Phoenix The Grand Opening of Gil’s Barbecue Chicken and Fish will be held on August 3, 2007!

1982 Ribbon Cutting Ceremony for Village of Phoenix Fire Station. The Event was hosted by Mayor James Harris and the Board of Trustees. Special guest included:

• Rev. Jesse L. Jackson • Rev. Richard D. McCreary II • Congressman Gus Savage • Cook County President John Stroger • Kahalia Ali, wife of Heavyweight Champion Muhammad Ali • Amanda Riley, Centurion



MEMORY LANE School District 151 1972 Yearbook • Do you recognize anyone in these photos?

MEMORY LANE Do you recognize anyone in these photos?

MEMORY LANE Do you recognize anyone in these photos?




Buckner Family reunion was held at Phoenix Fest 2006!

Phoenix Fest was a great success last year and we are in the process of working on Phoenix Fest 2007. Last year’s fest was the largest in our 14 year history. Our special closing act for this year will be the world famous Chi-Lites!

Phoenix Family Festival Thanks Our Sponsors for 2006!

• Waste Management • Club 22 • Bank Financial • ComEd (An Exelon Company) • Heritage Community Bank • Comcast • National Golden Age Club • Ingalls Memorial Hospital • Thornton Township • MB Financial Bank • South Suburban College • Sunset Paving • Community Nutrition Network • F.C.E.A. • Gibson Citgo • Kane McKenna & Associates • New Covenant M.B. Church • Derrick Jackson • Harris Bank Of Crete, IL. • Chicago Beer Distributing Co. • Hooters Of Lansing • Richmond GMAC Real Estate • Phoenix Fabrication & Supply • River Oaks Ford • Hiskes, Dillner, O’Donnell, Marovich & Lapp, LTD

The Village thanks the Phoenix Festival Committee


GIVING 2006 marked the fifth year the Renegade Riders Motorcycle Club has presented Christmas gifts to local children. We are so grateful for their support in helping to make a joyous Christmas for the children of our community. The Renegade Riders joined us at Phoenix Fest!

Marvin Anderson Jannie L. Beasley Joda Boykin Arthur Burton Kenneth Carraway Dorothy Carter Vera Carter Paulette Clark Linda Cole Tiaunna Dickens Jerome Ferrell Mildred Garcia Mildred Herron LaBrenda Hoyle Robert Jackson Johnnie M. Lane Monica Lane Martina Mahaffey

Sherri Miller Jimmie Mitchell Darrell Moore Gerald Pollard Duval Ross Frances Rucker Marcus Smith Ruth Stephenson William Stephenson Bernadette Stewart Gertrude Walton Angelne Weir Deneen Weir Loretta Wells Terry Wells Roosevelt Williams Alex Peterson




The new homes continue to pour into the Village of Phoenix. Developer Evelyn Perkins and Richmond GMAC’s Groundbreaking Ceremony took place on the same day as Chiattello’s Construction Ribbon-cutting ceremony in Phoenix! Other builders in attendance were Kevin Moore, Darrell Moore and Neal Parks. Cook County Commissioner Deborah Sims and Cook County Assessor, James M. Houlihan were also in attendance.



PRESS RELEASE Digital Deity, Inc. 15339 Ninth Avenue Phoenix, IL. 60426-2516

Contact: Risteen L. Gates 708-341-1666

UFO based TV pilot wins awards Phoenix, IL – Digital Deity, Inc has won a 2007 Aegis Award for a 30-minute video produced for cable and satellite television. The Aegis Awards are the video industry’s premier competition for peer recognition of outstanding video productions and non-network TV commercials. “Ufology Today – the Tinley Park Lights” was honored in the “Documentary” category for its outstanding production quality by a distinguished panel of judges representing industry professionals from around the country. Imagine that you had the freedom to go into the field; talk to people who lead shadowy lives like characters from The X-Files, and search the night skies over UFO hotspots for visitors from another planet! Picture yourself on a moonlit night strolling across one of America’s most haunted cemeteries searching for ghosts. Chicago based Digital Deity, Inc. has created a television series that allows viewers to vicariously to do just that. Winner of the 2007 Aegis Award for ‘documentary programming” and the 2007 Videographer Award for “television programming/documentary”, U.T. as the twin themed series is called stands for Ufology Today and Uncanny Traveler. Ufology Today was created by Illinois State Director of MUFON (Mutual UFO Network) Sam Maranto and award winning producer Risteen Gates. When asked if a series about UFOs co-created by a highranking member of MUFON would be seen as propaganda, Sam Maranto said, “For the last 60 years there has been enough negative publicity on the subject that if we get a few moments in, so what? The playing field will never be equal, and it is about time that people know the truth.”

Alberta Ross celebrates the big ‘90’!! Phoenix resident Alberta Ross celebrated her 90th birthday this year and we all wish her many more!

PRESS RELEASE Aunt Martha’s Youth Service Center, a not-for-profit social service agency, is looking for energetic, loving and committed people to join our team of foster parents for children ages 10 to 17. If you are interested, or know someone who is, please call Darcy Boyd now for a one-on-one orientation at 708-535-2934.

Arabella Santiago and Tamara Carey host Ufology Today and the companion series Uncanny Traveler. “I had worked with Tami before, and she is a great young talent,” said Digital Deity, Inc. president Risteen Gates. “I had known Abbie for about six months, and when U. T. was created she was my first choice to join Tami as cohost.” Regarding questions about the potential slanting of half of the series based on its MUFON ties, Risteen Gates said, “Abbie and Tami are the viewer’s window into both series. Each show raps with them giving viewers their impressions of what they think based on what they’ve seen, and they have my assurance their thoughts will not be changed in edit.” U.T. is an hour-long format series featuring seven episodes of Ufology Today and seven episodes of Uncanny Traveler. Negotiations are currently underway to air a 30-minute version of the series on Colours TV seen nationally on Dish Network. Digital Deity, Inc. was founded by Risteen L. Gates and is located in South Suburban Phoenix, Illinois.

Dorothy Owens and husband celebrate her retirement June 2, 2007 after 39 years of service to the children of School District 151!


The Village of Phoenix joins the families in remembrance of their loved ones. Jacqueline Long, 2006 Lula McClain, 2006 Joseph Hawkins, 2006 Elma Cottrell, 2006 Rodney Jenkins, 2006 Fred D. Moore, 2006 Mabel Ruth Martin, 2006 Corine Lewis, 2006 Donte Miguel Jenkins, 2006 Thomas R. Martin, 2006 Jesse Henry, 2006 Heural Griffith, 2006 Vetrice P. Wells, 2006 Kathryn Price, 2006 Justine HaglerVivian Jones Cantrell, 2006 McCullough Justine Hagler-McCullough, 2006 Eddie Ramon Mason, 2006 Angela Renee Hicks, 2006 Barbara Ann Reed, 2006 Sheila Carraway, 2006 Dell Perkins, 2006 Dee Strong, 2006 Vernita Miller (Anderson), 2006 Earl Rucker, 2006 Charles Edward Gibbs, 2006 Remel Wheatley, 2006 Joseph Bulik, 2007 Clarence Scott, 2007 Rosalind Darlene Smith, 2007 Andrew L. Wilson, 2007 Sallie M. Arnold, 2007 Annette Elizabeth Lucille Richmond, 2007 Chandler Broome Annette Elizabeth Chandler Broome, 2007 Carolyn McGregor Scott, 2007 Darlene L. Ball, 2007 Gertrude “Reed” Glass If we missed anyone, please accept our apologies. You may call us at 708-331-1455 to report any omissions.


VILLAGE OF PHOENIX CHURCH DIRECTORY Evans Community Church 723 E. 153rd Street, Phoenix, IL. 60426 Phone 708-339-0469 Rev. Tyrone W. Coleman, Pastor Sunday School every Sunday 9:30 a.m. Worship Service every Sunday 11:00 a.m. <><><><><><><><><><><><><><><>

Daniel Chapel A.M.E. Zion Church 15250 Third Avenue, Phoenix, IL. 60426 Phone 708-339-1990 Rev. Derrick Simmons, Pastor Sunday School every Sunday 9:15 a.m. Worship Service and Children’s Morning Worship every Sunday 10:50 a.m. Monday Prayer Service 11:30 a.m. and 7:00 p.m Wednesday Bible Study 11:30 a.m. and 7:00 p.m <><><><><><><><><><><><><><><>

Mt. Zion Missionary Baptist Church 15354 Eight Avenue P. O. Box 2545 Phoenix, IL. 60426 Phone 708-339-1026 Rev. Edward L. Jones, Pastor Sunday School every Sunday 9:30 a.m. Worship Service every Sunday 11:00 a.m. <><><><><><><><><><><><><><><>

New Covenant Missionary Baptist Church 15213 Fifth Avenue P. O. Box 1358 Phoenix, IL. 60426 Phone 708-331-3661 Rev. Dr. Richard D. McCreary II, Pastor Worship Service every Sunday 11:00 a.m. Midweek Service and Bible study every Wednesday 7:00 p.m.

Peace and Goodwill Church of God in Christ 15311 Third Avenue, Phoenix, IL. 60426 Phone 708-339-0440 Elder Fisher Cook, Pastor Sunday School every Sunday 9:00 a.m. Worship Service every Sunday10:15 a.m. <><><><><><><><><><><><><><><>

Welcome Missionary Baptist Church 15110 Ninth Avenue, Phoenix, IL. 60426 Phone 708-225-1788 Rev. S. L. Dudley, Pastor Sunday School every Sunday 10:00 a.m. Worship Service every Sunday 11:00 a.m. <><><><><><><><><><><><><><><>

Faith Fellowship and Love COGIC 701 East 151st Street, Phoenix, IL. 60426 Phone 708-342-1887 Rev. Parthenia Stegall, Pastor Bible Class and Deliverance Prayer Service: Thursday at 6:00 pm. Sunday School every Sunday 10:00 a.m . <><><><><><><><><><><><><><><>

Fellowship of Love Christian Center Rev. Derrick M. White, Pastor They no longer hold their services in Phoenix. They have been blessed to have their own church located at: 7210 Meadow Lane Hammond, Indiana (1 block east of Hohman Avenue between 172nd Street and 173rd Street)

Reverend Tyrone W. Coleman, Pastor of Evans Community Church in Phoenix take further root in the community with the building of his new home!



The Village of Phoenix Welcomes Cook County E.T.S.B./E-911

Cook County E.T.S. B/E-911 held its first monthly meeting on July 13, 2007 in the Village of Phoenix. The event was hosted by Chief Melvin Davis who serves as Chairman of the Advisory

Future President? Mayor Terry Wells meets with Senator and possibly the next President, Barack Obama.

Committee. Also in attendance were Morrie Farbman, Director of the E.T.S.B. Board, Al Pritchett, Chairman of the E.T.S.B. Board, Bill Little, E.T.S.B. Board and Mayor Irene Brody of Robbins.

Read Any Good Books lately? Try one of these great titles published by BW Publishing


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What is Means To Put On The Full Armor of God

By Benny Williams Brilliantly written for the mature Christian. This wonderful book examines and explains the meaning of God’s armor that He gives to the righteous to win all of life’s battles as outlined in the sixth chapter of Ephesians! ISBN 978-0-9796180-0-0 $12.95


A Must Have Children’s Book By Sunshine Young Children of all ages can explore nature the animal kingdom, and go through the alphabet with this colorful and brilliantly illustrated book! ISBN 978-0-9796180-2-4 $14.95

Order these and many other books at or call 1-312-396-1492


THORNTON PROM 2007 Thornton students dress up for their big night out!




MADISON SCHOOL 15700 Orchard Drive South Holland, IL. 60473-1397 Ms. Regina Bridges, Principal HONOR ROLL A Honor Roll •Alexis Moffett A/B Honor Roll Johnny Washington Steph’Von Rogers D’Andre Fuller Persephone Cole Angel Hill

Kendria Jenkins Sakihya Darden DeAnna Mahaffey DeAndre Mahaffey Jalyn Spencer Super Citizens •Persephone Cole •Juwan Murray

EISENHOWER SCHOOL 16001 S. Minerva South Holland, IL. 60473 Dr. Ronda Towner, Principal HONOR ROLL Kenneta Cyracus Dino Mendino Cheyenne Ezell D’Aunniah Powell Brittanee Foster

THORNTON TOWNSHIP HIGH SCHOOL Dr. Betheny J. Lyke, Principal 15001 Broadway Avenue Harvey, IL. 60426 HONOR ROLL FIRST SEMESTER Honors •Jonathan Ragland •Stephen Watkins •Dominque Wheatley •Aaron Beasley •Tilmon Williams

9th grade 12th grade 10th grade 10th grade 10th grade

High Honors •Brittney Brooks •Chiquita Kinnard •Feshawn Berry •Cory Glass •Jasmine Hikes •Janai Hudson •Erica Jackson

12th grade 11th grade 11th grade 12th grade 10th grade 11th grade 12th grade

Distinguished Honors •Dominique Fite •Nathan Holmes •Jacquetta Jackson •Paige Lewis •Ebony Snoddy •Angela Wynne •Curtisha Brown •Brendan Gilbert •Aisha Burton •Brittani Nolan •Gregory Wynne

9th grade 12th grade 9th grade 12th grade 10th grade 9th grade 11th grade 11th grade 11th grade 11th grade 2th grade

Samuel Taylor Jovan Fulton Ariana Thompson Andrea Holmes



COOLIDGE SCHOOL 155TH Street & 7th Avenue Phoenix, IL. 60426 Mrs. Patricia Payne, Principal FIRST QUARTER HONOR ROLL

•James Wilkins •Maurice Miller •Taylor Wells •Shantorri Wells White •Brianna Wells


•Tyrell Vaughn •Kahil Slater •Dasia McBryo •Erica Dillard Color photo of Coolidge Honor Roll Students on back Page!

COOLIDGE SCHOOL HAPPENINGS! any good things have happened this year under the continuing leadership of Mrs. Patricia Payne, our Principal. During the month of October, our entire school took a trip to Thornridge to see a spectacular drama presentation from the drama depart on the works of Shakespeare.


word got out and many of her former students took part in the celebration that night. Mrs. Owens will be retiring this year, but bets are still out that she won’t be able to stay away. On April 30th, Taylor Wells took 2nd place in the poetry contest at Thornwood. Go Taylor!

In November, School District 151 and the Phoenix Public Library Board collaborated with their annual Reading to Succeed contest, which carried over into their family reading night. Coolidge student participation exceeded this year more than previously.

Those “hottest” happenings was in June. Our symphonic band was chosen to participate in a competition at Disney World in Florida. The Band Parents Association worked very hard to raise funds to assist those students with their trip to Disney.

The Black History program was held in February, dedicating and reflecting upon famous women of our past, present and future. During this program, the students and staff took a special moment to say “Thank You” to Mrs. Dorothy Owens, who has dedicated forty years of her teaching career to School District 151. The celebration was wonderful! The

Finally, congratulations to our very own Loretta Wells who was recently elected to our District 151 School Board. She is currently president of our Band Parents Association. Upcoming events are: Spring Band Concert at Thornton High School.

Phoenix Salutes The Accomplishments of Coolidge Students


Coolidge Honor Roll Students!

oolidge symphonic band was chosen to participate in a competition at Disney World in Florida. The Band Parents Association worked very hard to raise funds to assist those all students with their trip to

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