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Bensenville Profile


Village Hall




Getting to Know Your Mayor/Trustees


Getting to Know the Lobby Counters


Important Numbers


Important Information




Water Bills


Vehicle Stickers


Overnight Parking


Dog Licenses/ Permits


Bensenville Administration Departments to Know


Bensenville Contacts


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State of Illinois Contacts




Programs and Events



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Strategic Plan


Bensenville Profile

The Village of Bensenville is located approximately 17 miles northwest of downtown Chicago and has over 18,000 residents. The Village is also home to over 1,500 businesses, including one of the largest industrial parks in the state. The Village has many amenities, including high-quality municipal facilities. These include the Bensenville Theatre (pg 36) and Redmond Recreational Complex, (pg 31) which is comprised of the Edge Ice Arena, (pg 32) Water’s Edge Aquatic Center,(pg 34) a climbing wall, cardiovascular center, and numerous athletic fields. The Edge Ice Arena is also home to the Chicago Steel, a junior hockey program in the United States Hockey League. Bensenville is served by Public School District 2 and Fenton High School District 100. In addition, several parochial schools are located in the Village, as well as a branch of Robert Morris University. The Village of Bensenville offers a place to live with a unique combination of high-quality of life, amenities, and affordability.


Bensenville Village Hall

Location and Hours of Operation 12 South Center Street, Bensenville IL 60106 Phone: (630) 766-8200 Fax: (630) 594-1105 *Spanish and Polish Speaking Employees Available for Assistance.

Monday, Wednesday-Friday: 8:00 am- 5:00 pm Tuesday: 8:00 am- 7:00 pm *Saturday: 9:00 am- 12:00pm *Saturday: The front desk is available for payment of bills, vehicle stickers, etc. The Community Development Department is closed on Saturday, no permits will be issued.


Bensenville Administration Elected Officials The Village of Bensenville has eight elected officials. These include a President, six Trustees, and a Village Clerk. Together, the Mayor and the Board of Trustees create policies and provide direction. They perform such functions as passing resolutions and ordinances, approving the expenditure of Village funds, levying taxes, approving subdivisions, zoning, and other land use regulations, and deciding important issues which concern the health and safety of the Village residents. The President appoints the Village Manager with the approval of the Board of Trustees. The Manager carries out the policies set forth by the board and oversees the daily operations of the Village.

Village Manager - Michael Cassady Mr. Cassady has experience both as a city manager and as a real estate development executive. From 1998 to 2004, he served as the Village Manager of Palatine. Prior to his service as Village Manager, he served as Deputy Village Manager and Planning & Zoning Administrator for the Village of Palatine. Most recently, Mike worked as a real estate executive with The Hummel Group and Joseph Freed & Associates. He is a veteran of the US Air Force and holds both a Masters in Public Administration from Southern Illinois University, and an MBA from Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management. Village Manager’s Office Phone: (630) 350-3405 Fax: (630) 594-1105 5


Village President– Frank Soto Village President Frank Soto grew up in Wood Dale, and graduated from Fenton Community High School. He majored in economics and business administration at Eastern Illinois University, and he received his Juris Doctor from John Marshall Law School. Mr. Soto has experience both as a lawyer with the IL Attorney General’s Office, and the McHenry County State’s Attorney and founding partner of Advocate Attorney Group in Bensenville, as well as a management and efficiency consultant. Not only are Mr. Soto and his family active parishioners at St. Charles Borrmeo Church, but for years, President Soto has demonstrated his commitment to our community by mentoring local youth. He also serves as a baseball and basketball coach in the Bensenville Boys Athletic Association and as a board member of the Bensenville Bandits Football Program. Trustee Morris Bartlett Morris Bartlett has had a career in finance and banking for over 40 years and currently oversees the Village’s budgeting and financial administration while serving on the Economic Development and Finance committees. Mr. Bartlett served as a member of the U.S. Marine Corps and saw a tour of duty in Vietnam. He is now a member of the Bensenville Lodge 1159, Valley of Freeport Scottish Rites, the Illinois Camaro Club, and the Medinah Shriners. He served as the Medinah Car Club’s Parade Director and is currently President of the DuPage Shrine Club. All of his four children attended Fenton High School. Trustee Bob Jarecki Bob Jarecki was newly elected in April 2011, after working for the Bensenville Park District for over forty years. As the Director of Parks and Recreation, he worked with the Village Administration to create the detention pond at Veterans Park and the revitalization of Sunset and Pines Parks. Bob and his family have been long time residents of Bensenville and will continue to serve and work to build a better future for our children and community. 6


Trustee Martin O’Connell III Martin O’Connell has a business degree from DePaul University in Chicago, coupled with his more than 20 years of business and management experience. Mr. O’Connell serves as a coach with the Bensenville Boys Athletics Association (BBAA) and is currently the Treasurer of the BBAA’s Executive Board which oversees all baseball, softball and basketball programs. He is also President of the BBAA baseball and softball programs. Trustee Oronzo Peconio Oronzo Peconio has resided in Bensenville for over 20 years and for the past 12 years he has owned and operated Bean Express Coffee, Inc. in Bensenville. Mr. Peconio was formerly president of the Bensenville Chamber of Commerce, as well as the Bensenville / Wood Dale Kiwanis Club and served as the President of the Board of Trustees Fire Protection (District 2). Now, he is on the Marketing and Public Relations Chair of the Illinois / Iowa Kiwanis Club. He has also served as President for 18 years of the Friends of Handicapped Children. In addition, he has served on several boards and committees for the Muscular Dystrophy Association. Trustee JoEllen Ridder For the past two years, JoEllen Ridder has served as Village Clerk. In April 2011 she was elected as Trustee. Since taking office as Village Clerk, JoEllen has served as the Village Representative for the O’Hare Noise and Compatibility Commission, Senior Club, and Youth Coalition. JoEllen has had a career serving in various administrative and customer service positions. Her educational background specialized in finance and accounting. Mrs. Ridder has always been active in our community as a volleyball coach, Girl Scout leader, and school volunteer. She and her family are active members of the St. Charles Borromeo Catholic Church where she serves as a Eucharistic Minister.



Trustee Henry Wesseler Henry Wesseler served on the Bensenville Park District Board of Commissioners from 2005-2009. He is employed as a Contracts Sourcing Executive with W.W. Grainger. Mr. Wesseler grew up in Bensenville and graduated from Fenton High School and later served in the United States Marine Corps. He is a member and past officer with American Legion Post 1205. Mr. Wesseler is a parishioner, and former Church Council member of St. Alexis Parish where he also currently serves as an Usher and Lector.

Village Clerk- Susan Violet Janowiak Susan Janowiak has been a Bensenville resident since 1974. She and her husband Greg, have owned and operated Sign Works, a successful graphics arts and sign production business in Bensenville for over 38 years. Sue was active in the PTA and served as a Board Member for over 10 years and also as President.. A parishioner at St. Alexis, Sue has been preparing second graders for their first communion as a Catholic Catechist Doctrine, CCD, teacher for 25 years. Her interest led her to be elected to the Bensenville Park Board of Commissioners, where she served for over 12 years. As President of the Bensenville Park Board, Sue oversaw the development and construction of Redmond Park in cooperation with the DuPage County Forest Preserve and the Village of Bensenville. One of Bensenville’s’ greatest historic and educational assets, Fischer Farm, site of the oldest land grant in DuPage County was acquired while Sue was serving as President. Understanding the need for all taxing bodies to work together for the betterment of our citizens, Sue helped create BIG, the Bensenville Intergovernmental Board. She also served as Chairperson of the Bensenville Historical Society Civil War Days, Committee Chairperson for the Bensenville Community Grant Program and was an early and active advocate for the America 2000 School Initiative.



The Village Hall Lobby offers a Finance Counter and a Community and Economic Development Counter, both of which are responsible for separate tasks. Below is a list of different responsibilities each counter handles, in order to better direct your questions. Interpreters in both Spanish and Polish languages are available at both. Finance Counter Water Payments

Yard Waste Stickers

Traffic Fine Payments

Vehicle Registration

Business License Payments

Vehicle Sticker Purchase

Payments of Bonds

Voter Registration

Community and Economic Development Counter Building Permit Distribution

Sprinkler System Inspections

Garage Sale Permits

Elevator Inspections

Distribution of Refundable Bonds

Rental Inspections

Real Estate Transfers


Important Contact Information •Bensenville Web Address www.Bensenville.IL.US Cable Access Comcast Channel 6 •Bensenville Non-Emergency Police (630) 350-3455 •Bensenville Non-Emergency Fire (630) 350-3441 •Allied Waste (Garbage Pick-up) (708) 345-7050 •Bensenville School District #2 Website: (630) 766-5940 •Bensenville School District #100 Website: (630) 766-2500 •Bensenville Post Office 303 E. Green St, Bensenville (630) 766-2671 10

Important Contact Information

•Bensenville Park District Deer Grove Leisure Center/Water Park 1100 West Wood St, Bensenville (630) 766-7015 •Bensenville Public Library 200 S Church Rd, Bensenville (630) 766-4642 •DuPage County (630) 407-6500 •Bensenville Action-Line (630) 594-1515 •The Edge Ice Rink (630) 766-8888 •Public Works Department (630) 350-3435


Important Information GARBAGE/ RECYCLING

Garbage Allied Waste: (708) 345-7050 Trash is collected by Allied Waste every Wednesday morning. Please have your containers on at the curb (or in the alley) by 6am on Wednesday morning. If one of the following holidays (New Years Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Christmas Day) fall on a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday, your trash collection will be delayed one day. Recycling Recycled waste is collected at the same time as the trash, in appropriate bin marked for recyclables. All approved recyclables can be mixed together, they do not need to be separated. * If your bins becomes lost, stolen or damaged, please contact Allied Waste for a replacement at (708) 345-7050. Yard Waste All yard waste will be picked up on your regularly scheduled garbage days. All yard waste must be placed in a yard waste can and identified with a yard waste sticker. Stickers may be picked up free of charge at the Village Hall Finance Counter. You may also place your yard waste in brown yard waste bags, found at any local grocery store. Placing any yard waste (including branches) at the curb without proper containment is prohibited. Brush that includes branches may also be dropped off at the Village resident drop-off site located at 1050 County Line Road. Proper ID is required. No bundles or trunks. Drop off months are April, June, August, and October on Wednesday from 3:30pm– 6:30pm, or Saturday and Sunday from 8:30am– 2:30pm.


Important Information






Important Information WATER BILLS

Water Bills Water Billing Hotline: (630) 594-1011 Monday-Friday: 8:00 am- 5:00 pm The water meter inside your home is most likely to be in your basement, the crawlspace, or utility closet. Reading your water meter is similar to reading the odometer on your car. Read all the numbers from left to right. Your usage for each billing cycle is derived by subtracting the previous reading from the current reading. The Village reads each water meter on the last day of the month via radio waves. The following is an example of what your meter face looks like. The Village of Bensenville bills per 1,000 gallons and that is how your meter is read. The example shown here reads at 0335. This translates to 335,000 gallons of usage. If the next reading taken were to be 0352; then we would know that 17,000 gallons of water had been consumed.


Important Information READING YOUR WATER BILLS

Current Reading

The most recent meter reading on which this bill is calculated.

Current Reading Date

Date of recent meter reading.

Previous Reading

Meter reading of previous bill issued.

Previous Reading Date Date of meter reading for previous bill issued. Usage Gallons

Amount of water used, in gallons, determined by subtracting previous meter reading from the current meter reading.

Type of Reading

Type of reading. (Actual, Customer, Estimate, Postcard, Telephone)

Past Due Balance

Unpaid amount from previous bill.

Water Service

Calculation for water portion of this bill per 1,000 gallons used.

Sewer Service

Calculation for sanitary sewer part of bill per 1,000 gallons used.

DEBT Service Water

Basic charge for water based on the size of the water meter.

DEBT Service Sewer

Basic charge for sanitary sewer based on the size of the water meter in the house.

Current Charges

All current charges for this bill.

Service Address

Location of water meter.

Account Name

Name for account.

Account Number

Account number.

Due Date

Date payment is due.

Amount Paid

Amount of actual payment.

Total Amount Due

Total amount currently due.



Vehicle Stickers All vehicles must display a vehicle sticker. Vehicle Stickers must be purchased by June 30th. New residents and new vehicle purchases do not need to pay a penalty as long as the sticker is purchased within 30 days of move in date, or the date new vehicle was purchased. If a sticker is purchased for a new resident or new vehicle after December 31st the fee will be half the normal fee as long as it is purchased within the 30 day time period. Stickers can be purchased at Village Hall. Type of Vehicle*

On/Before June 30

After June 30

After November 30

SC-Senior Citizen




PS– Autos/ RVs








* Trucks and all other based on State plate and defined by weight.

Overnight Parking 1. It shall be unlawful for the operator of any person to park any vehicle on any street between the hours of 2:00 AM and 6:00 AM of any day. Exceptions include physicians or the operator of an ambulance during emergency situations. 2. It shall be unlawful for the operator of any vehicle to park a in any village owned municipal parking lot between the hours of 3:00 AM and 6:00AM if any day. This does not apply to physicians or operators of an ambulance during emergency situations. 16

Important Information DOG LICENSE/ PERMITS

Dog Licenses All dogs must be registered and licensed. Dog licenses are $3.00 per dog, regardless of breed, size, etc. Dog licenses can be purchased at the Village Hall Finance Counter.

Permits Building Permits: All submissions must be made to the Department of Community and Economic Development. For questions, you may visit the Community and Economic Development Counter during regular Village Hall hours, or call (630) 350-3413 for assistance. Garage Sale Permits: Are obtained at Village Hall, prior to the sale, free of charge. Please stop by the Community and Economic Development Department Counter to complete an application. All other permits must be purchased/obtained at Village Hall at the Community and Economic Development Counter.


Bensenville Administration DEPARTMENTS TO KNOW

Police Department Director: Police Chief Kosman Non-emergency Phone: (630) 350-3455 The Bensenville Police Department is dedicated to promoting and maintaining a safe and peaceful community. In partnership with residents, we serve a vital role in enhancing the quality of life for those in the Village by preserving order, protecting life and property, and enforcing laws while safeguarding individual liberties.

Public Works Director: Joseph Caracci Phone: (630) 350-3435 The Bensenville Public Works Department provides essential services to plan, design, construct, maintain, repair, manage and operate Bensenville’s buildings, facilities, public infrastructure, natural resources, and park and highway systems in a manner that provides the best value and highest quality service available to satisfy the needs of our residents.


Bensenville Administration DEPARTMENTS TO KNOW

Economic &Community Development Director: Scott Viger Phone: (630) 350-3413 The mission of the Economic Development Department is to maintain and enhance economic stability and quality of life of the Village. We strive to do this by maintaining a climate that is business-friendly, and we are here to serve and assist existing and new businesses so that they can be profitable and create quality places to operate and to work. The Community Development Department reviews and monitors all site improvements and building construction activities in the Village and is responsible for issues related to planning, zoning, landscaping, signage, and design. It is a long-term goal of the Department to "maintain high standards for development/redevelopment" within the community.

Communications and Marketing Director: Diana Paluch Phone: (630) 350-3401 The Communications and Marketing Department is the communication center for news and information about Bensenville municipal government activities, events, services and programs. Communications and Marketing also assists both current and prospective residents by providing general information about Bensenville through various methods such as: Village website, AT&T U-Verse, Comcast Channel 6, Bensenville newsletters and newspapers.


Village of Bensenville Contacts

Village Manager’s Office (630) 350-3405 Community and Economic Development (630) 350-3413 Human Resources (630) 350-3429 Village Clerk (630) 350-3404 Public Works (630) 350-3435 Water Billing Department (630) 594-1011


DuPage County Contacts DuPage County Court House 505 North County Farm Road, Wheaton, IL 60187 Phone: (630) 407-8600 County Board Chairman Dan Cronin (630) 682-7282

DuPage County Board Members District #1 Rita Gonzalez (630) 456-1792

County Clerk Gary King

Donald Puchalski (630) 543-2320

(630) 682-7035 Sheriff John Zaruba

Paul Fichtner (630) 251-7883

(630) 682-7256 State’s Attorney Robert Berlin (630) 407-8000


State of Illinois Contacts Congressman 6th District Peter Roskam 150 South Bloomingdale Road, Suite 200 Bloomingdale, IL 60108 Phone: (630) 893-9670 Senator 23rd District Carole Pankau 1 Tiffany Pointe, Suite G Bloomingdale, IL 60108 Phone: (630) 582-0390 Representative 46th District Dennis Reboletti District Office: 50 East Oak Street, Suite 250, Addison, IL 60101 Phone: (630) 530-2730 Governor Pat Quinn’s Office James R Thompson Center 100 W Randolph, 16-100 Chicago, IL 60601 Phone: (312) 814-2121 22

State of Illinois Contacts Secretary of State Offices Melrose Crossing Shopping Center 1903 Mannheim Road Melrose Park, IL Phone: (708) 793-1010 Hours: Monday-Friday: 8:30-5:30 Closed Saturday and Sunday

East Gate Shopping Center 837 Westmore Road Lombard, IL Phone: (630) 629-0380 Hours: Tuesday-Friday: 8:30-5:30 Closed Sunday and Monday



Bensenville School District # 2– Elementary Schools Website: Superintendent’s Office: (630) 766-5940 Board of Education: (630) 766-5940 ext. 108

Tioga School 212 W. Memorial Road in Bensenville (630) 766-2602 Tioga School and principal Amy Prester serve the District 2 neighborhoods south of Irving Park Road and east of Church Road for all pre-kindergarten through second grade students. To enroll for Kindergarten the student must be at least five years old by September 1 of the upcoming school year. The average class size at Tioga School is between 19 - 21 students. All Tioga students attend Chippewa School for third through fifth grades. Tioga School serves approximately 450 students.



Chippewa School 322 York Road in Bensenville Phone: (630) 766-7611 Principal Nicole Robinson and Chippewa School serve approximately 380 students from third through fifth grades. The school serves district 2 neighborhoods south of Irving Park Rd and east of Church Road. Chippewa offers many extracurricular including student council and soccer, as well as musical theater and recycling club, and many more. The average class size at Chippewa is about 20 students. All district sixth graders will attend Blackhawk Middle School.



Mohawk School 917 Hillside Drive in Bensenville Phone: (630) 766-2604 Mohawk School serves approximately 260 students, from Kindergarten through fifth grade who live north of Irving Park Road. The principal is Madelyn Di Rienzo-Devers. The average class size at Mohawk School is between 20—22 students. Mohawk School offers many before and after school activities. For example, students can partake in band, intramural sports, Spanish Club or even Girl Scouts and many more.



W.A. Johnson School 252 South Ridgewood in Bensenville Phone: (630) 766-2605 W.A. Johnson School, and principal Jennifer Ban, serve approximately 330 Kindergartners through fifth graders, who live in District 2 neighborhoods south of Irving Park Road and west of Church Road. Students are encouraged to join both before and after school clubs which include Spanish Club, Young Rembrandts, Hand Chimes club and Fitness Club. The average class size at W.A. Johnson is between 23 and 28 students per class.



Blackhawk Middle School 250 South Church Road in Bensenville Phone: (630) 766-2601 Blackhawk Middle School serves all District 2 students for sixth, seventh and eight grades. Principle Bob Pape and Assistant Principals Perry Finch and Sarah Humboldt preside over about 700 students. Students are encouraged to participate in numerous clubs and activities such as the Scholastic Bowl, Sewing Club, the Fall Play, the HAWKS, and sports like Track, Volleyball, Soccer, Wrestling, Cheer and Dance and other intramurals. The average class size at Blackhawk Middle School is between 15—18 students.



Fenton Community High School 1000 W. Green Street in Bensenville Phone: (630) 766-2500,Website: District 100 School Board: (630) 860-6258 Fenton High School is part of School District 100, and serves approximately 1500 students from Bensenville, Wood Dale, and a small part of Addison. It is a comprehensive high school with a complete academic program including course for Advanced Placement Programs as well as special needs services. Fenton offers students the opportunity to participate in over 26 sports as well as a wide variety of clubs and student organizations, music groups, drama and special interest activities.


High School District 100, Fenton Community High School

Fenton Community High School Facts •The average class size is 20 students per class and 81% of the teachers have earned a Master’s degree or above. •Fenton has a 94.9% graduation rate for all students. •Fenton is a member of Metro Suburban Conference which includes four schools and competes for the following conference titles: cross country, football, golf, tennis, swimming, soccer, volleyball, basketball, bowling, cheerleading, dance, gymnastics, wrestling, badminton, baseball, and track. Over the past several years, Fenton Athletes have been State Qualifiers and Regional Champions in various sports. •In addition to basic and advanced levels of education, Fenton offers accelerated and AP levels. Dual Credit is available through College of DuPage for Environmental Science, Graphics 1, Introduction to Education, Preschool 1. Afterschool assistance is offered and is supported by teachers and college students from Elmhurst College. •Fenton actively uses the Positive Behavior Intervention System (PBIS) by using the BE REAL Program to teach and reward positive behavior. •The school cafeteria provides daily full breakfasts and lunches. Bus service is available for students who live one mile or more from the school.



Director: Gary Thorsen 735 East Jefferson Street, Bensenville, IL Phone: (630) 766-8888 Bensenville’s 88-acre Redmond Recreational Complex houses diverse activities that are continuously upgraded and improved to meet your changing recreational needs. The park is open from 7 AM until sunset. Redmond Park Offers: Baseball, basketball, softball, volleyball, soccer and hockey fields and courts, as well as, Outer Edge, a ropes course and climbing wall. Relax by taking a walk around the 1.2 mile walking path or take up a new hobby, like ice-skating in one of the three indoor ice arenas. In the summer, enjoy numerous outdoor concerts in the band shell. Facilities can also be rented for group outings and picnics! There are also many Village sponsored events that the Village offers including a Halloween Fest, the Holiday Magic Fest and Tree Lighting in Towne Center, Music in the Park Series, the Fishing Derby, Fourth of July Celebration complete with fireworks and the annual John Kurtz 5K Run.


Programs and Events THE EDGE I & II ICE ARENAS

The Edge Ice Arena Phone: (630) 766-8888 The Edge is one of Chicagoland’s premier ice-skating facilities. It is home to the Chicago Steel, and the Robert Morris Eagles. The Edge offers four premier skating surfaces, three ice rinks and one inline skating rink, as well as programs for hockey players, figure skaters and recreational skaters of all ages. The ice rinks are NHL regulation size, and the Edge also offers team locker rooms, a dance room, a 1 1/8 mile running track, and seating for 2500 fans. Public skating costs $5 for those ages 13 and up, and $4 for those ages 3-12. Skate Rentals are $3, and Drop in Hockey (age 18+) costs $10 per person. To find out hours for Public Skate and Drop In Hockey, or for other questions, call or visit the website for the monthly schedule.

The Chicago Steel The Chicago Steel is a Tier 1 Junior Hockey team in the United States Hockey League. The Steel season usually lasts from November until April. All home games are played at the Edge Ice Arena. In order to purchase tickets, call (630) 594-1165 or visit 32

Programs and Events THE EDGE I & II ICE ARENAS

Skating Programs Learning to Skate Programs that teach basic ice skating skills are offered for skaters as young as three years old. Classes are offered at the Edge in Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall in five week sessions, and usually last between 30 and 40 minutes. Beginning classes teach the basic skating skills, but more advanced classes offer skills lessons in turns, stops, lunges, and spins. Prices vary depending on the season the classes are being taken, as well as the experience level of the class. For more information, call the Edge Ice Arena at (630) 766-8888 or view the Redmond Recreational Complex Program Guide.

Pre-Hockey Program Pre-hockey classes teach the basic skating skills as well as basic hockey rules and game skills, in order to prepare your children to join a hockey team. Registration is accepted 7 days a week and ends one week prior to the first class. Classes are offered year round and prices range from $73.50 to $147.00. For more information call The Edge or visit our website at 33

Programs and Events THE WATER’S EDGE

The Water’s Edge Aquatic Center 545 John Street, Bensenville, IL. Phone: (630) 594-1413 The Water’s Edge offers an 8 lane, 25 yard lap pool, a 13 foot diving well and 2 diving boards. They offer swimming lessons in the Fall, Winter and Spring for residents of all ages, whether they are looking to learn how to swim in general, or to perfect and improve their swimming techniques. Aqua-Robics Class: Aqua-Robics is a fun way to work out! Classes are held on Monday through Thursday and Saturdays weekly. Call the center for times.

The American Red Cross Learn-to-Swim Program Programs are offered year round, and teaches water safety skills through six levels of courses, designed to make children aware of ways to stay safe in, on and around the water. Children as young as 6 months are permitted to take swim lessons. Classes for children also boast ratio of five students for every instructor. Check the website for more information. Learn CPR at the Aquatic Center! Call the center for more information.


Programs and Events THE WATER’S EDGE

Open Swim Schedule Beginning May 1, 2012 Sunday


Tuesday Wednesday Thursday

















A LIFEGUARD IS ALWAYS PRESENT Open Swim Fees: $2.00 Residents & $4.00 for Non-Residents Pool Closed typically for a week in July for repairs

Monthly Family Events Monthly “Family” oriented events are held in the Spring and Fall months at the Aquatic Center. Each event is themed with fun activities such as music, games, and more! For more information on upcoming events contact Michael Murray, Aquatic Director, at (630) 594-1413.



Bensenville Theatre 9 S. Center Street Bensenville, IL 60106 Phone: 630-860-1404 The Bensenville Theatre, located in the Downtown area of Bensenville, is a two-screen cinema. Each theater has 130 seats, which allows moviegoers to enjoy recent Hollywood releases in an intimate setting. Ticket Price: $4.00

Bensenville Theater is available to host Birthday Parties, School Events, and Field Trips, as well as Corporate Events, and offers various popcorn, movie and drink packages for these events. The large screens even accommodate power point presentations. Senior Citizens Any day of the week, before 5:00 pm, senior citizens can enjoy a matinee for only $2.00, and receive a complimentary small popcorn! 36


Liberty Fest - Fourth of July Celebration This event includes an Independence Parade, and a Taste of Towns at Redmond Recreational Complex which offers entertainment and food menus from around the region. Bensenville, together with other communities provide games, music and events, including a magician. Outdoor concerts and a spectacular fireworks show follow this Village celebration!

Music in the Park Series The Music in the Park concert series features many great bands and events. Concerts are performed every Wednesday night beginning the first week in June through August in the Towne Center at 7:00 PM. Join your neighbors under the stars for great food, great music and a great time! Always free, always fun, always family! For the series line up visit the Village website or stop by Village Hall and pick one up when in season.

Annual Neighborhood Week Village Neighborhood Week is held one week of June as part of the Village of Bensenville’s Annual Neighborhood Celebration. Residents are encouraged to clean up and clear out by holding home garage sales. The more garage sales held, the more ‘buyers’ will come to our community! Remember to pick up Garage Sale permits free of charge!

Blue Hawaiian/John Kurtz 5K Walk-Run Annually the Village and Park District sponsors the Blue Hawaiian/John Kurtz 5K Walk-Run, which takes place at White Pines Park near the intersection of Church Road & Jefferson St. Last year over 150people completed the race and medals were awarded to first, second and third place winners in each of twelve age groups. After the race is free food, raffle prizes, and great entertainment. So lace up your sneakers and come on out! 37

Programs and Events SPECIAL EVENTS

Halloween in the Park For Halloween the Towne Center is transformed into a ghoulish fun time for everyone in attendance. Expect pumpkins and hay rides for everyone, as well as a spooky stage decorated for a live band performance. Last year, multiple giant inflatable rides were assembled through out Towne Center and the Bensenville Theatre was playing a free Halloween movie all day. This year is sure to be just as thrilling!

Holiday Magic Festival The annual Holiday Magic and Tree Lighting Ceremony offers children a chance to meet with Santa and tell him their Christmas wishes, or see his live reindeer. The Magic continues with caricaturists, horse drawn carriage rides, carolers, music and lots of hot chocolate. Of course there is food too, Including Chili from Robert Morris University’s culinary students who compete in the annual chili cook-off. Then, to top the night off, the annual Tree Lighting Ceremony is directed by Village President Frank Soto. Get ready for the Magic!


Green Teen Zone The Green Teen Zone is a FREE drop-in center for Bensenville kids (grades 4-8). Our mission is to provide Bensenville students with a safe place to go after school and create a supervised environment in which the students can be engaged in positive activities to build character, reinforce education and promote healthy development. The Green Teen Zone is a place where youth can get involved in a number of artistic, educational, adventure and athletic activities that embrace Bensenville’s community values and expectations. We are open during the school year Monday - Friday 3:00pm to 7:00pm; Thursdays we are open from 2:00pm to 7:00pm. The Green Teen Zone has a bus that runs daily after school for Blackhawk Middle School students. We also provide homework help to all children, as well as snack and dinner every day!! For the summer our hours are Monday - Friday 12:00pm to 4:00pm. Our summer activities include weekly field trips to the Bensenville pool and open gym time at the park district. All activities are free for students!! We have many more fun activities planned for over the summer so come and check us out!! *The Green Teen Zone also provides free snack and dinner to all Bensenville residents under the age of 18. Feel free to stop in for a meal!! We are located at 302 W. Green St. Our phone number is (630) 694-1809. Please come see us!!


Civic Organizations Kiwanis The six permanent Objects of Kiwanis International were approved by Kiwanis club delegates at the 1924 International Convention in Denver, Colorado. Through the decades, they have remained unchanged. To give primacy to the human and spiritual rather than to the material values of life. To encourage the daily living of the Golden Rule in all human relationships. To promote the adoption and the application of higher social, business, and professional standards. To develop, by precept and example, a more intelligent, aggressive, and serviceable citizenship. To provide, through Kiwanis clubs, a practical means to form enduring friendships, to render altruistic service, and to build better communities. To cooperate in creating and maintaining that sound public opinion and high idealism which make possible the increase of righteousness, justice, patriotism, and goodwill.

Lions Vision Statement To be the global leader in community and humanitarian service.

Mission Statement To empower volunteers to serve their communities, meet humanitarian needs, encourage peace and promote international understanding through Lions clubs.

Rotary The Object of Rotary is to encourage and foster the ideal of service as a basis of worthy enterprise and, in particular, to encourage and foster: FIRST. The development of acquaintance as an opportunity for service; SECOND. High ethical standards in business and professions; the recognition of the worthiness of all useful occupations; and the dignifying of each Rotarian's occupation as an opportunity to serve society; THIRD. The application of the ideal of service in each Rotarian's personal, business, and community life; FOURTH. The advancement of international understanding, goodwill, and peace through a world fellowship of business and professional persons united in the ideal of service. 40

Churches in Bensenville Name




St. Alexis Roman Catholic Church

400 W Wood St.


St. Charles Borromeo Catholic Church

145 E grand Ave.


Grace Lutheran Church

950 S York Rd.


Zion Lutheran Church

865 S Church Rd.


True Jesus Church

4N550 Church Rd.


Faith Community United Church of Christ

192 S Center St.


Manav SEVA Mandir

101 S Church Rd.


Bensenville Bible Church

280 S York Rd.


Jesus Alive Church

219 N Pine Lane


Holy Trinity Ukrainian

1009 S Church Rd.


Calvary Baptist Church

306 Park St.


First Spanish Baptist Church (Primera Iglesia Bautista)

1215 Foster Ave


Grace-Gospel Center

4N220 Route 83


Cornerstone Christian Assembly

317 Grove Ave


Emmanual Romanian Baptist Church

601 N Route 83


Iglesia Pentecostal Vida Abundante

604 N Route 83


St. Bede’s Episcopal Church

5N057 Route 83


Chicago Church-Christ

755 Route 83, #209


Ukranian Christian Pentecostal Church

644 S John St.

6305953342 41

Transportation Dial-A-Bus (630) 350-3425 Monday-Friday: 6:00am-6:00pm Incorporated Bensenville Only - With Exception of Target Trip Wednesdays Dial-A-Bus is a transportation service for your convenience, in which you can call and arrange to be transported from one location in Bensenville to another. •Call 1hour in advance for appointment pickups such as Doctor Visits, work, train trips, school •Call 30 minutes in advance for destinations that have more flexible arrival times such as going to the store, library etc. •Wheelchair bound riders: It is preferred that you call 24 hours in advance. It is recommended to travel during “light travel times” when possible. Ridership is low during this time of day and will increase the probability of an available ride. These times fall between the hours of 9am and 3pm with the exception of the weekly trip to Target on Wednesday from 10am to 1:30pm. Two buses are in service for passenger use; however, between 11am and 1pm there is only one bus in operation because this is the least utilized time of day for the Dial-A-Bus service. Service will not operate on the following holidays: New Year’s, Day Memorial, Day Independence, Day Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Day after Thanksgiving, Christmas Day One Way Fare Cost Adult: $4.00

Seniors: $1.00

Disabled: $2.00

Students: $2.00

Kids:$2.00 42

Transportation Metra Bensenville is a stop on the Milwaukee District West line, which runs from Big Timber to Chicago Union Station. The Bensenville station is located at 12 S Center Street, right next to Village Hall.

Fare One Way to Chicago


One way from Chicago


The Metra also offers 10 Ride Passes and Monthly Passes that must be purchased in a Metra Station or Online. Schedules can be found at OR can be picked up at Village Hall, as well as in the Bensenville Train Station 43

Transportation Pace Bus PASSES



30 day Pace/CTA pass



7 day Pace/CTA pass



30 day Pace Commuter Club Card



1 day Pace Pass



1 Month Haul Pass for Students



10 Ride Pass



Pace Bus stops at the Bensenville train station, as well as numerous other Pace stops in Bensenville. For trip planning, route, fare and schedule information please call: (630) 836-7000


12 S. Center Street Bensenville, IL 60106 Phone: 630-766-8200 Facebook Twitter

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