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President, Village Health Clubs & Spas


Vice President, Village Health Clubs & Spas; General Manager, Ocotillo Village


General Manager, Camelback Village Racquet & Health Club


General Manager, DC Ranch Village Health Club & Spa


General Manager, Gainey Village Health Club & Spa

HAPPY NEW YEAR VILLAGE MEMBERS, Another year has flown by. It seems the older I get, the quicker time flies. With that in mind, all of us at the Village try to pack as much as we can into each and every day for ourselves and our members.

Don’t forget to ‘like’ Village Health Clubs & Spas on Facebook, where you’ll be privy to contests we are currently running, fitness information and Village events—everything Village!

on the cover

DC Ranch Village member Jonathan Bailey remodeling a home in Gainey Ranch. (see page 24).

Our main focus for 2016 was to challenge all of our employees to add more value to each of their departments. We continue to work to strike a balance between fee-based and membership-based classes, events, and programs. The social element is very important here at the Village. We took some great trips in 2016 for skiing, hiking, and cycling. Quarterly member parties are always a big hit, with attendance averaging around 400 – 500 members. Our tennis programs at Camelback, Ocotillo, and DC Ranch provide great ways for members to socialize and make new friends. We will offer over 650 group fitness classes per week between all four Village clubs in 2017. These classes are all included in your Village club membership. Cutting-edge programs like MYZONE and our new F.I.T. small group training programs were introduced in 2016 and will continue to grow in the New Year. The Camelback Village remodeled their locker rooms and the DC Ranch Village added over 1,000 square feet to their weight room. The Gainey Village began a $1.5-million expansion project which will add 6,000 square feet of small group training space a new group exercise studio, and a second Pilates studio. The project is scheduled for completion in the first part of January 2017. The Ocotillo Village added over 350 new memberships in their first full year of operation and are well on their way to becoming another exciting and energetic Village club.

Improving our technology will be another initiative for 2017. We upgraded the Wi-Fi at all Village clubs and launched a new mobile Village app. We will expand our online capabilities for class and program signups and registration, as well as continuing to work towards having individual TVs on all cardio equipment. It is the support and loyalty of our members that allow us to accomplish all of these projects. As we move into 2017, we will continue to reinvest a portion of our enrollment fees and dues revenue back into the clubs. We will be remodeling the Gainey locker rooms, creating a member loyalty program, adding new strength and cardio equipment at all clubs, and developing more interclub programs and events for our Village Choice members, just to name a few of the exciting additions for 2017. It is our sincere hope that all of you have a great 2017. It is our members and employees who help create this special community called the Village. I am very grateful to all of you and wish you all a healthy and happy New Year. In good health, Carol Nalevanko PRESIDENT, VILLAGE HEALTH CLUBS & SPAS

With cycling, regular yoga, hot yoga, Pilates, and barre studios, along with small group training areas all under one roof at each Village club, Village members no longer have to travel across town from studio to studio to get a full complement of exercise options. We’ve got it all right here at the Village.


4444 E. CAMELBACK RD. PHOENIX, AZ 85018 PHONE: 602.840.6412 FA X: 602.852.0411



7477 E. DOUBLETREE RANCH RD. SCOT TSDALE, AZ 85258 PHONE: 480.609.6979 FA X: 480.609.6976

18501 N. THOMPSON PEAK PKW Y. SCOT TSDALE, AZ 85255 PHONE: 480.502.8844 FA X: 480.515.5521

OCOTILLO (Gainey) (Ocotillo)

4200 S. ALMA SCHOOL RD. CHANDLER, AZ 85248 PHONE: 480.656.0045 FA X: 480.579.2930

Send comments, submissions, and advertising inquiries to: (Camelback) (DC Ranch)

your resort



Brown’s Mountain Hike

It was a perfect day for the Brown’s Mountain hike on October 10. After the hike members enjoyed a yummy breakfast at Soul Café.


Chiricahuas Hike

Members were amazed by the beauty and the uniqueness of the Chiricahuas Hike, September 23 – 24.

P  unch and Judy rock formations in the Chiricahuas.

winter 2017 BET TERLIFE | 3

W  ine tasting at the Keeling Schaefer tasting room in Wilcox the night before the hike.

your resort


 he weather and the T scenery on our last hike in Courmayeur, Italy, were spectacular!

4 | BET TERLIFE winter 2017

T  en miles into one of the daily rides, members stopped at Chateau de Chaumont for a tour.


Village Trip to Mont Blanc

The Village Travel Club went on two amazing trips in 2016. The Village hiking trip to Mont Blanc (August 20 – 27) and biking trip in France’s Loire Valley (August 28 – Sept. 2) were spectacular! We were so fortunate to have beautiful weather and spectacular scenery on both trips. On the Mont Blanc hiking trip we were in Chamonix, France, and Courmayeur, Italy. A typical day was a 6 – 8 mile hike with amazing views of snow-capped mountains, followed by relaxing and enjoying the charming town. The Backroads biking trip in the wine region of the Loire Valley consisted of biking for 20 – 25 miles in the morning, having an amazing lunch with wine outside a chateau, and then the option of biking for another 25 miles or hopping in the van and going back to our accommodations and relaxing by the pool before enjoying a five-star meal at our chateau or in the town nearby.

T  he Village group at our final dinner on the Backroads trip.

 he first day of hiking outside of T Chamonix, France. I nstead of taking the Chamonix Gondola back down the mountain Deb Angus and Doris Vaught chose to hike down.

 aving lunch while looking at Mont Blanc and watching hang gliders H was breath-taking!

O  ne of the beautiful chateaus we stayed at, called Chateau de Pray, dating from the 13th century.

 ne of the many private chateau O tours and wine tastings Village members got to experience on the Backroads biking trip.

winter 2017 BET TERLIFE | 5

 his was one of the daily lunch spreads. T

your resort


Habitat for Humanity

The Village Health Clubs & Spas have spent over 30 years building a community within each club. In the spirit of giving back to a different type of community, our leadership team recently joined together with Habitat for Humanity of Central Arizona to help revitalize an aging Tempe neighborhood. On a warm October morning 80 Villagers rolled up their sleeves and completely repainted two homes in desperate need of some TLC. In addition to painting, teams moved 36 tons of decorative rock, planted trees, and went door to door passing out informational flyers to the other homeowners in the neighborhood who might also be in need of some assistance. At the end of a productive afternoon, the homeowners thanked Village employees for all their hard work and expressed their appreciation for Habitat for Humanity. While no one feels they’re ready to star in an episode of HGTV’s Fixer Upper, everyone agreed that giving back to the community is an amazing feeling. T  here’s an easier way to paint a house. Someone give Carol Nalevanko a paint roller.

We were able to honor our neighbors and focus as an entire group on a community that needed our help. We worked hard, had fun, and felt great, seeing the homeowners’ gratitude when the job was done. J ust because you had a baby doesn’t mean you can’t move a giant pile of rocks. Way to go, Camelback Village Trainer Megan Smith. C  amelback Village Operations Director Jeff Sweeney.

D  C Ranch Operations Director Gary Siegrist shows us all how it should be done.

O  cotillo Village Membership Representative Sterling Davis.

Fall/Winter Village Triathlon Events COMPETE

T  riScottsdale is the Div. 2 Club Champ for Ironman Ar​izona.

T  ammy Colvin, Terry Dykshorn, and Abby Luedecke ready for the Tempe Tri.

Village Triathletes had a great Fall/Winter. Many members competed in Ironman Hawaii, Arizona, & Cozumel, among others. Many competed in the Tucson Marathon, New York Marathon, Hot Chocolate Run, and Scottsdale Half; also, our Annual Jingle Bell Triathlon at the Gainey Village was a great success. The DC Ranch Village will host the first annual “Skirt Chaser” Valentine’s Day 5k in February, and a St. Paddy’s Day Fun Run and Happy Hour in March. Look for our new Beginner Master Swim program at the DC Ranch Village this January with coaches George and Jane Esahak-Gage.

N  oWomanLeftBehind and TriScottsdale cheering on athletes at Ironman Arizona.


With every New Year, the opportunity opens up for each of us to take stock of all that we are grateful for. Consider making this a regular part of your fitness and wellness routine! When we want to make changes to our health, we start by looking at what isn’t working in our lives and consciously making choices that bring us health: clean eating, walking, running, working out, lifting weights, fitness classes, yoga classes, swimming, and so much more. We have the wisdom to know that by paying attention to our physical bodies, we will reap exactly what we sow. Yet we often don’t think about our emotional, mental, or spiritual bodies, and how we can improve their health. It has been proven that laughter has a positive, healing effect on the body, and the benefits continue when you consciously choose to laugh in a healthy way. There is another practice that brings about positive changes, and that is gratitude. I can personally attest to the amazing changes that come about when you practice giving thanks for what you already have in your life, as well as choosing to be happy and grateful before you even get out of bed in the morning.

Christine Schwan, Gainey Village Group Fitness Instructor

One of my most favorite sayings, by Eleanor Roosevelt, goes: “All the water in the world cannot drown you unless it gets inside of you.” So, consider the water to be a word, thought, belief, or action, whether it is someone else’s or your OWN! Put positive, uplifting, empowering words and beliefs in your mind and your thoughts. A daily gratitude practice is one simple way to make sure you focus on all the good that is around you right now! Just one simple choice. I am so happy and deeply grateful now that each of you reading this is smiling and feeling a deeper sense of gratitude and joy for all the abundance that is flowing through your life, right here and right now!

Decide to be happy before you even begin your day .

winter 2017 BET TERLIFE | 7

Stress can be a regular part of your work, your life, and your relationships; however, it doesn’t have to be. Decide to be happy before you even begin your day. It sounds crazy, but when you consciously choose a state of being before your day begins, you set into motion that happy energy, and it starts to be drawn to you! As a next step, find a gratitude partner, and commit to writing or texting each other daily a sentence on what you are grateful for. The most important

piece is to give gratitude regardless of your situation, circumstance, or condition. In all things, be grateful!! The more you practice this, the more you begin to see the good in all things. Gratitude becomes second nature.


Ask twelve people what fitness means to them and you’ll likely get several different answers, covering everything from reaching and maintaining an ideal weight or improving health to competing in elite-level sports activities.

Lia Pulver Camelback Village Fitness Director

Ask those same twelve people how they seek, build, and maintain fitness, and you’ll likely get a wide variety of answers including cardio and strength training as well as sport-specific training. This very nicely displays the vast arena that is encompassed in the realm of fitness. Whatever your particular definition is, fitness should be viewed as a continuum rather than a static point in space and time. And everyone can place themselves somewhere on that continuum or path— it’s all about choice! What’s great about this view of fitness is that the path is not fixed and does not move in only one direction. We can all move in any direction along the path according to our particular needs or interests at any point in time. This is important because the human body is really smart, and it learns and adapts to what we do every day at home, at work, and at the gym. So, since our bodies are so smart, we have to regularly mix up our fitness routine in order to continue to challenge, maintain, or improve our level of fitness. Trying new exercises, programs, classes, or skills challenges not only our bodies’ movement patterns, but also our brains’ ability to instruct our bodies! Changing things up works not only your body but keeps your brain sharp too! Win-Win!!! Convinced? C’mon, give something new a try. There are lots of options at the Village, including a new one with our newest personal trainer, Mimi Quinn. In addition to her work in corrective exercise and functional movement training, Mimi has a background in boxing and kickboxing. Integrating movement skills such as slipping, dipping, stepping, and turning, along with punches, kicks, and elbow and knee strikes, makes for an amazing total-body and mind workout! The benefits are numerous, and include not only increases in overall muscular strength and cardiovascular endurance, but also improved hand-eye coordination and more efficient overall movement and positional awareness. Thinking about all of these things might be intimidating, but the training takes care of all of that. There is no reason to wrestle with the idea of coordinating all of these elements—that simply happens through the workouts. Probably best of all… it’s really fun!

winter 2017 BET TERLIFE | 9

So, regardless of where you are on your fitness path, you’ve already made a lifestyle choice that includes fitness by being a Village member. Congratulations! Take that small victory every day and own it, because it’s yours. Now think about venturing to a new place on the path… try something new and see how it goes! Who knows, you might just love kickboxing!

up and

COMING AQUATICS High School Swim Training and Developmental Group

Advanced Swim Clinic with George and Jane Esahak-Gage


SUNDAY, FEB 5, 3 – 5 PM

O •

KE Y event location

C • Camelback D • DC Ranch G • Gainey O • Ocotillo

This seasonal small group training for swimmers 12 years and older is designed for those who are looking for more individualized training in a group environment during the off-season. The program involves disciplined performance training with extra focus on technique and lots of time in the water, to give athletes a competitive advantage when they return to their high school and club swim teams. Practices for this monthly program are offered 4 days a week. Athletes may attend as many weekly practices as they like. Requirements: Athletes must be age 12 and older. Athletes must be competing on, or preparing to try out for, a high school swim team. Athletes must be committed to a minimum of 3 months of training to take advantage of the best value and to maximize training results. cost: $95/month for 3-month commitment; $105/month for month-to-month. sign up: For more information, please contact Ocotillo Village Director of Programs and Events Rodney Kinney at


This 2-hour adult clinic will cover the four most effective dryland exercises, how to get the most out of Masters swimming, and how often to get out of your comfort zone in the pool. cost: $149/member; $199/guest. sign up: Contact Amanda Ware at for more information.


DC Ranch Happy Hour


Sip, eat, and mingle with members and guests at our monthly happy hour. D•

Skirt Chaser 5k & Family Fun Run

TUE, FEB 14, 5 PM

Ladies will get a head start and the gentleman will try their best to catch them. Food and drinks to follow at DC Ranch.

Village Spring Training Games at Scottsdale and Salt River Fields 10 | BET TERLIFE winter 2017


Details will be out by mid-January on two fun Spring Training games planned in March. rsvp: Contact Shelly McGann at 480.624.9125 or Limited to the first 50 people. One guest welcome per member.

GROUP FITNESS 2nd Annual Pint Club Run to the Pub Series O •


In partnership with the New Belgium Brewing Company, the Pint Club meets in the front of Ocotillo Village twice a month to run to either the Casual Pint Pub or the Ginger Monkey Restaurant & Pub. Participants are given a drink ticket each week and entered to win several great prizes, to be given away the final week of the series at the Run to the Pub Awards Event on April 19. The more you attend, the more chances to win. who joins? Runners: 6 – 12 min/mile pace, Walkers or Cruiser-Bike Riders: All ages will find someone to walk or bike with. Stroller Moms and Dads: toddlers, twins, or tykes—bring the whole family! All pups welcome (leashed, of course)! New to the city? This is a great way to meet people who can show you around. Competitors: Looking for a few extra miles with some fun people? This is a good option. cost: Entire Series: $35 per Village member; $45 per nonmember (includes drink tickets, LED running light, and “Run to the Pub” t-shirt) Per Individual Run: $7 per Village member; $10 per nonmember (includes drink ticket, LED running light) To Run Only (no drink ticket, light, or shirt): FREE “Run to the Pub” T-Shirt: $15 sign up: To register or for more information, please contact Rodney Kinney, Director of Programs & Events, at Jan 11 Casual Pint Jan 25 Ginger Monkey Feb 8 Casual Pint Feb 22 Ginger Monkey Mar 8 Casual Pint Mar 22 Ginger Monkey Apr 5 Casual Pint Apr 19  Ginger Monkey (“Run to the Pub” Awards Event)

Coached Triathlon-Style Swim Training with TEAMVillage Head Coach Klas Kuntze O •


This program, for beginner multisport athletes to experienced triathletes, is designed to help an athlete prepare for pool swim competitions and the open-water swim leg of a triathlon. This swim program will focus on the swim strokes and efficient body positions, overcoming any fear associated with swimming, and open-water swimming techniques. cost: $175 TEAMVillage Multisport Team athlete; $200 Village Club member; $225 nonmember; or $30 single session drop-in. G•

3-on-3 Basketball League


format: Individuals will be put into a computer program to randomly generate teams. There will be 4 – 5 players on each team. No referees, offense will call fouls, two 20-minute halves. Minimum of 4 teams and maximum of 7. Members only, 18 and older. cost: $45/person includes minimum of 6 games and playoffs. Jerseys given out on game nights and turned back in each week. Refs will be provided only during the tournament. sign up: Put your name and email on the sign up list on the scoreboard table on the basketball court by February 1, or contact Shelly McGann at or 480.624.9125. G•

F.I.T. Small Group Training


winter 2017 BET TERLIFE | 11

An all-new approach to small group training, F.I.T. is a progressive program that utilizes a variety of equipment and body-weight exercises. F.I.T. is ongoing throughout the year and you’re welcome to join at any time. duration: Each program is eight weeks, with each training session being approximately 60 minutes. There will be a one-week break between each program but you’re more than welcome to join at any time and carry your sessions over. cost: $20/session with an eight-session minimum commitment. For schedule of classes, more information, or to enroll, please contact Corey Degenstein, Fitness Director, at 480.609.6979, or Erica Hubber, Assistant Activities Director, at 480.624.9108.

up and


KE Y event location

C • Camelback D • DC Ranch G • Gainey O • Ocotillo

Parents’ Night Out

O •

Junior Night

1ST + 3RD FRI EACH MONTH, 5:30 – 9:30 PM

4TH FRI EACH MONTH, 6 – 9 PM, AGES 10 – 14

Dinner, activities, and movie included. cost: Family Members: $20 + $15 per additional child; Single or Couple Members: $22 + $18 per additional child (50% off if participating in a Village event or program the same night).

Join friends for fun games and activities. cost: Free for Family Members, $7 for guests.

O •

Parents’ Day Out


Includes lunch, activities, and a movie! cost: Family Members: $20 + $15 per additional child; Single or Couple Members: $22 + $18 per additional child. G •

Kids’ Triathlon

APRIL 2017

The Village will host a Kids’ Triathlon this spring at the DC Ranch and Gainey Village Clubs. Open to kids five years and older; dates TBD. A Kids’ Triathlon Clinic will be held the weekend before the event. Contact Abby Luedecke for more information at

O •

Spring Fling

FRI, APRIL 14, 9 – 11 AM

Join us for family activities, a petting zoo, and more! cost: Family Members: $8 per person; Single and Couple Members: $10 per person; Day of Event: $15 per person.

Out of School Fitness and Specialty Camps

O •


Full-day, Part-day, and Daily options. Contact Marcia Leach for more info!


12 | BET TERLIFE winter 2017

C D G O •

Tri for the Cure

O •

TEAM Village


SAT, DEC 3, 7:30 AM

The Tenth Annual Tri for the Cure AZ will be held March 25 at the Phoenix Swim Club in Paradise Valley. Ladies join us for this all-women, beginner-friendly triathlon/duathlon. New for this year, the 5k is co-ed, so ladies, bring your husbands, sons, brothers, fathers, uncles—everyone can participate. This unique event hosts monthly swim clinics, bike clinics, and Tri 101 clinics to get participants prepared. Village Partner TriScottsdale puts this awesome event on every year; check them out at New to triathlon? Need some motivation in the new year? Triathlon Coordinator Abby Luedecke is offering small group training with weekly workouts from the DC Ranch, Camelback, and Gainey Village Clubs from mid-January through March.  sign up: Contact Abby or go to​ for race details.

Meet new people. Bask in the camaraderie, accountability, and excitement of group training. Push yourself further than you ever thought you could go. TEAM Village offers endurance training in a fun and supportive environment for runners, cyclists, swimmers, and triathletes of all levels. Train for your next race with weekly group runs, bike rides, and Masters swims. What you get when you join TEAM Village: • Bi-weekly run and cycle workouts • TEAM clinics and workshops • Option to participate in TEAM challenge events • Incentive programs and rewards • TEAM apparel available for purchase • End-of-season party cost: TEAM Village is free for members. sign up: For more information, contact Director of Programs and Events Rodney Kinney at D•

Practice Tri and Clinics

JAN 29, FEB 26, & MARCH 19, TIME: TBD

Join Pedro Gomes and Village triathlon staff to practice your transitions and execute a mini triathlon. Come to one or all three.

HIKES The “Wave Cave” Hike in the Superstition Mountains G •

SAT, JAN 28, 7 AM

Intermediate-level 3.5-mile hike. If you want a moderate climb to an awesome cave with a wave-like formation and great views of the magical Superstitions then this is definitely the hike for you! We will meet at Gainey Village at 7 am and carpool to the trailhead. We will stop for breakfast afterwards and should be back to the club by noon. You will need to bring at least 48 ounces of water and snacks for along the way. sign up: For more information or to sign up, please contact Shelly McGann at 480.624.9125 or Please sign up by January 23. Guests are welcome.


Advanced 8.5-mile hike. Meet at the Gateway Trailhead Center at 8 am. We’ll take the Windgate Trail to the Tom’s Thumb trailhead turn-off and then hike up to the Thumb. Instead of going back down the same trail, we will go down the north side (a little over two miles instead of six). Shelly will coordinate leaving cars on the north side so we can get back to the Gateway Trailhead. We will stop for lunch afterwards and should be back to the Gateway Trailhead by 1:30 pm. Bring at least 70 ounces of water and snacks for along the way. Guests are welcome. sign up: At the front desk by February 13. Space is limited to 50 people. For more information contact Shelly McGann at 480.624.9125 or G•

O  ver 50 members did the Tom’s Thumb Holiday Hike on Dec. 3 from the north side. We’ll try it from the south side on Feb. 18.

Tom’s Thumb Hike—Up and Over


Village Hike to Havasupai

THUR – SUN, JUNE 1 – 4

Advanced 10-mile hike to three amazing waterfalls in the Grand Canyon. Join us for one of the most beautiful hikes in Arizona… Havasupai Falls. We have partnered with AOA to make this experience more enjoyable and easier for everyone. AOA will be providing the tents, duffle bags (for your clothes, sleeping bag, and toiletries), meals, and horses to get your gear down to the campground and back out. All you need is a day pack with water, bars/snacks, and sunscreen. We’ll meet at Gainey Village on Thursday, June 1, at 1:30 pm and carpool to the Grand Canyon Caverns Inn in Peach Springs (about a four-hour drive). We’ll eat dinner together at the Caverns Inn. Early Friday morning we’ll drive an hour to the rim of the canyon and begin our hike down to Havasupai Falls. We’ll camp Friday and Saturday nights in the AOA campground and play in the waterfalls during the day! We’ll hike out on Sunday morning, June 4, and arrive back around 5 pm. cost: $1075/person (price will go up if less than 25 people sign up), two people to a tent and hotel room. Price includes hotel on Thursday night, camp fees, tents, horses for your pack in/out, four guides, four meals cooked for you (two dinners, one lunch, and one breakfast) and snacks throughout. There is no refund after 45 days out. sign up: Limited to the first 25 people who sign up. Contact Shelly McGann at or 480.624.9125. An informational meeting will be held in early March to answer any questions you might have about the trip. RSVP to Shelly at

T  he 2016 Village Havasupai group enjoyed cooling off at Havasu Falls.

winter 2017 BET TERLIFE | 13

special note: The club reserves the right to decide if you are at a high enough fitness level to do the hike.

up and



SAVE THE DATES! The Village Travel Club has some amazing trips planned for the new year.

14 | BET TERLIFE winter 2017


Danube River


A Taste of the Camino de Santiago

SEPT 27 – OCT 4

OCT 1 – 6

Choose one program: Hike, Bike, or Cruise Only. A patchwork quilt of countries. Each unique. Each sublime. Germany’s castles and quaint villages woven with views of Austria’s dramatic Alps. Slovakia’s medieval history and cobblestones knit with Hungary’s remarkable architecture. So many countries to explore, sewn together by the deep blue thread of the Danube. With AMA Waterways & Backroads. cost: • Cruise Only from $3350 pp • Cruise & Hike from $6498 pp • Cruise & Bike from $6498 pp

It’s a place of journey. Of transformation. Hike along the border between two countries. Gaze out over the immense and powerful sea. Discover tiny Spanish villages with surprising Celtic ties. Sip local vino verde and savor fresh seafood. Join pilgrims on the Camino de Santiago. Find your path. Backroads. cost: From $4098 pp (premiere inns)

start: Prague / end: Budapest

start: Porto, Portugal / end: Santiago de Compostella


Pyrenees to Costa Brava


Best of Spain in a Week

OCT 8 – 13

OCT 15 – 22

Barcelona lures you with its irrepressible éclat, tapas, and wine. Soon you’re swept into the Pyrenees, traversing the French border and riding the same roads as pro cyclists. Descend to Costa Brava’s beaches, with Mediterranean views that inspired Salvador Dalí—a fitting end to this journey through one of Europe’s most enticing regions. Backroads. cost: From $4498 pp start: Barcelona / end: Barcelona

Discover Spain’s rich cultural heritage and Moorish history in Barcelona, Granada, Ronda, Seville and Andalucía, Córdoba, and Madrid. Enjoy a private flamenco performance... a horsedrawn carriage ride through Maria Luisa Park in Seville... a visit to Seville Cathedral... a guided tour of Madrid’s Museo del Prado... an included on-tour flight from Barcelona to Málaga... and much more. Tauck Tours. cost: From $4190 pp (five-star hotels) start: Barcelona / end: Madrid

Shelly McGann, Gainey Village Activities Director Direct: 480.624.9125 Email:

winter 2017 BET TERLIFE | 15






The new Spa Director at DC Ranch Village knows how important it is to relax and detox. Tracey McGilvray gave up a political calling, a lucrative business career, and a fast-paced, East Coast lifestyle to get in touch with the things that are really important.

16 | BET TERLIFE winter 2017

“I moved to Sedona when my kids were young, because I wanted to find a different kind of lifestyle,” she reflects. “I spent eight years in Red Rock Country and completely removed myself from the often chaotic speed of Philly, where I grew up, and South Florida, where I had been living and serving a political term. I’m definitely not as uptight as I used to be.” Just because Tracey knows how to remove stress from her life doesn’t mean she isn’t driven to be successful. While she treated her mind, body, and soul the right way in Sedona, she made her personal passion a new source of professional productivity, which brings her to her new position as Spa Director for the Village at DC Ranch.

We sat down with Tracey to find out what makes her tick, how she’s going to make the spa more accessible to members as well as the public, and what tips she can provide to help us all stay vibrant and healthy. the village: How long have you been with the Village? tracey mcgilvray: I just started here in the beginning of October. It was a great time to come back to Arizona, after the summer heat.

How long have you been in the spa business? About 10 years now. I started out as a Spa Office Manager at the Amara Resort and Spa in Sedona, and then I helped a seasoned Spa Manager and Esthetician open a day spa and wellness center in Sedona, called Namaste. For the past two years, I was the Spa Director at the Dolphin Bay Resort & Spa in Pismo Beach, California. It’s a beautiful property that overlooks the Pacific Ocean.

What’s your vision for the Spa at DC Ranch? I definitely want to build on all the great things that are going on here. We’re going to make sure we have an organic, green product line in every department if we don’t carry one already. I’m a true believer in the benefits of organic, green products over the long term. For those who want more immediate results, we also want to add treatments like microneedling, microblading, and stronger peels. Additionally, we hope to collaborate with our on-site medspa, Ultra Smooth Skin. We also want to include more products from local vendors, and strike the right balance between Eastern- and Western-influenced treatments. We recently combined acupuncture and massage into one treatment that really works wonders. How do you keep up with the latest trends in the spa business? All of the Village Spa Directors are on the lookout for new treatments and products, and we compare notes at least once a month. We’re always reading the trade journals, attending shows, and, most importantly, listening to our clients! How should the members at DC Ranch make use of the spa facilities? The health club and the spa play off each other so well, and I encourage every client to take advantage of all our services, from hair and nail services for men, women, and children to serious therapeutic face and body treatments. We usually see people when they want to fix something, but I advise members to use the spa for general maintenance and injury prevention. For example, I recommend a massage and a facial once a month. For people who work out frequently, our lymphatic massage is a great way to get lactic acid and other toxins out of the system. How do you educate members to use the spa more? We’re going to be doing a lot of cross-promotion with the other departments. For example, we’re creating a special package with the tennis department that includes a tennis lesson and a spa service. We’re also going to be doing some advertising in the club locker rooms. I’d venture to say that most of our male members don’t even know there’s such thing as a sports pedicure. It’s a great treatment for runners, tennis players, and anyone who relies on their feet for peak performance. What can people do at home to take care of themselves? The best thing people can do is drink a lot of good quality water and avoid adding toxins into the body. Exercising regularly, taking vitamins, eating healthy, and wearing sunscreen are other ways to help you look and feel your best. How do you stay active and healthy? I love to do a variety of things, and it’s really easy at the Village. I’ll do cardio, yoga, and weightlifting at the club. I’ll also ride my bike around my neighborhood and go up to Sedona to hike when I have time. You really have a bond with Red Rock Country… I really do. When I moved there from the Miami area everyone thought I was nuts, but I really fell in love with the place and changed the direction of my life for the better. I was even a co-producer of the movie called Sedona, which is a story of personal transformation. Everyone should check it out at!

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Spa sational

we’ll help you





Consult one of our technicians and start or refresh your skin care regime. Every regime should include a product with Vitamin C for the day to protect and repair skin from sun damage and a Retinol in the evening to enhance cellular turnover. Specific goals can be achieved by adding serums. A great way to jumpstart results is by using highly concentrated ampoules for one week in addition to your regular routine.


Kissable lips are a must for Valentine’s Day, but our cooler February temperatures can leave lips dry and cracked. Using a gentle scrub can lift and remove dead skin. A soothing and hydrating lip mask can be used to nourish lips and make them soft. Once they have been reconditioned, protect them with a gloss or balm. Finally, a plumper can be used for additional volume.

MARCH: PREPARE FOR THE HEAT ORGANICALLY Start to prepare your skin 90 days before summer begins. Utilizing organic products that are rich in vitamins and botanicals will help boost the condition of your skin before the harsh desert heat sets in. Look for products that use Biodynamic ingredients void of all chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

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BUNDLE UP CHOOSE FROM: • MASSAGE 60 min ($89 value) • SIGNATURE FACIAL 60 min ($92 value)


• BODY TREATMENT 60 min ($92 value) • HAIRCUT & BLOW DRY ($55+ value) • MANI-PEDI ($100 – $120 value) Includes breakfast or lunch entreé, a glass of wine, beer, or a soft drink, and a $10 retail credit.

Offer valid through January 31, 2017 for same person, same day only.

The Village Spas take great care in recruiting only the best service providers in the industry to assure you receive exceptional spa and salon services. Whether you are looking for a quick manicure, a full day of relaxation or a specific therapeutic treatment, we have the diverse staff to ensure your expectations are exceeded.






What happens when you receive an acupuncture treatment? Scientists have been asking the same question for years. Thanks to recent studies, there are five basic things we know about how our bodies physiologically respond to acupuncture.

1 2 3

Acupuncture augments immunity. By increasing levels of specific hormones called prostaglandins (involved in inflammation and clotting), white blood cell counts, immunoglobulin or gamma globulin (contains antibodies that protect the body against disease), and overall anti-body levels, acupuncture helps boost your immune system and fight inflammation. Acupuncture stimulates the secretion of endorphins, producing an analgesic effect. The word endorphin derives from the words endogenous and morphine, and the principal function of endorphins is to inhibit the transmission of pain signals. Endorphins may also produce a feeling of euphoria similar to that of opioids, which is why acupuncture is often used to help ease withdrawals from opiate medications. Acupuncture affects certain neurotransmitter levels such as serotonin and noradrenaline (norepinephrine). Serotonin may contribute to feelings of well-being and joy, which is one of my

favorite side effects of acupuncture. Noradrenaline mobilizes our brain and body for action, and during times of high stress or danger, the levels escalate, creating the fight-or-flight response. Reducing noradrenaline levels can help combat stressrelated body changes such as anxiety, headaches, palpitations, weight changes, aches and pains, elevated blood pressure, and drops in blood glucose.

4 5

Acupuncture has the effect of constricting or dilating blood vessels. This response may be caused by the body’s release of vasodilators, such as histamine, in response to acupuncture. Histamine helps white blood cells and some proteins engage pathogens in infected tissue by increasing the permeability of capillaries. The“Gate Control Theory”—according to this theory, acupuncture closes specific nerve gates by strategically overloading them with impulses, thus reducing pain transmission. For this reason, studies are being conducted to bring further to light acupuncture’s potential use as an anesthetic.

Marie currently practices acupuncture at The Spa at Gainey Village. Acupuncture is also available at The Spa at DC Ranch Village.

NAIL ART... Love your nails this Valentine’s Day.

Together, these physiological reactions help our body improve its innate ability to heal itself.


Stop by the Spa for Valentine’s Day gift cards. Gift cards can be customized for a variety of services and treatments or simply for a dollar amount. It’s the perfect solution for all your loved ones this Valentine’s Day.




602.553.4917 Pamella Kerley, Spa Director

480.515.5522 Tracey McGilvray, Spa Director

480.609.6980 Kirk Gregor, Spa Director

480.579.2940 Margo Altman, Spa Director



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NEW YEAR’SRESOLUTIONS NOT JUST FOR ADULTS, THEY’RE FOR OUR CHILDREN ALSO. Here are four ways to help excite and encourage your children to make their own New Year’s Resolutions! Kristin Bullock, Gainey Village Youth Services Director

For adults, New Year’s Eve is a traditional time to set resolutions and goals and a time to get excited for the upcoming year. When thinking about involving our children in these resolutions, most of us have used statements like “they’re too young to understand,” or “they’re not old enough to start,” etc. And yes, that is certainly the case with our youngest children. However, as they continue to learn and grow in our homes, daycares, and schools, they begin to pick up on routines. So why not start a routine that promotes happy and healthy beginnings? What better way to bring your family closer, than to involve your children in the resolution setting? Below are four ways to help your school-aged children create and stay connected to their New Year’s resolutions.

already their role model, so be 1 You’re their resolution role model.

steps will have a greater impact 3 Little than big steps.

get crazy with a long list of 2 DON’T resolutions. DO help your kids pick

it fun. Make it creative. Make it 4 Make light-hearted. Make it a ritual.

Let’s be honest: whether we are aware of it or not, our children look up to us, they watch our every move, and, more often than not, they mimic what we do. We as parents need to practice what we preach. If we are considering having our children make their own New Year’s resolutions, then we in fact have to follow through with our own. Set aside a day and time, where you as a family can sit down together and make your resolutions! To bring more excitement to the table, toast with sparkling apple cider as you discuss your resolutions.

20 | BET TERLIFE winter 2017

one or two.

One of the most important skills we can teach our children is to say what they mean and mean what they say. In regards to resolutions, it’s important to help our children create steps that are reachable. Otherwise, they may become overwhelmed, bored, or defeated. So start small. So small, in fact, that they become excited each day (or week or whatever it may be), to take that next step towards successfully reaching their goal. Check in with them each week and make sure you’re giving both praise and constructive feedback as needed.

As with adults, vague resolutions do not produce the change we would really like to see. So why would we encourage our children to create a long, vague list of resolutions? One or two resolutions will be plenty. Have your child take out a fresh piece of paper and write down his or her top three resolutions. Make sure they leave enough space under each so that specific smaller steps can be written. Drawing pictures alongside their resolutions is a creative way to express themselves. Remember to inspire your children to think of goals that are reachable and most importantly, to have fun with it!

The very act of sitting down (sans electronics) and creating resolutions together as a family will bring you closer together. To make it even more meaningful, try adding elements of ritual. For example: Get yourself and your children matching notebooks to not only write down resolutions, but to track progress as well. Then set aside an hour or so on December 31st to share your resolutions with one another. End your time together with a mantra, or a prayer, or a toast!




Let’s start with the word “macro,” which is short for macronutrient. Macronutrients are protein, carbs, and fats, whereas micronutrients are the vitamins and minerals found within the macronutrient foods we consume! The Macro Diet is, very simply, a diet that allows you to eat whatever you want as long as it fits into your total daily carbohydrate, fat, and protein goal. This is really nothing new for most dietitians, as we plan for most of our diet plans to fit into a macronutrient goal. The idea of being able to eat whatever you want is what makes this “diet” so popular.

Brittney Clarizio MS, RD, CPT

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So, how does it work? For example, say that you have 33 g of carbs, 4 g of protein, and 12 g of fats left in your daily allowance. This allows you the opportunity for a Snickers, and who doesn’t love that? However, it is important to remember that what you put in your body still matters. Although the Snickers fits perfectly into what you need, there are other options that would fuel your body more effectively, have more micronutrients your body needs, and contain less sugar than a Snickers! I urge people who are doing a macro diet to still remember to choose nutrient-rich foods the body needs, while fitting them into the daily macronutrient goals.

For example, a better option in our sample scenario would be a slice of whole grain bread plus half of an avocado smashed and half a cup of mixed fresh berries; this also is a perfect fit for your leftover macros, but fuels your body with healthier fat, provides whole grains, and saves you over 25 g in added sugars! So although this diet offers you a new way of educating yourself on what your body truly needs, and allows flexibility in your days—which I LOVE—it is still crucial to educate yourself on the best food choices, which will make you healthier inside and out.

what’s cookin’




3 BIG REASONS It is often said, “you are what you eat,” and that has held very true for me. When I was on my journey to lose 100 pounds, the single biggest hurdle in my way was my diet. Isaac Rios, Chef & Ocotillo Village Cafe Manager

It wasn’t that I didn’t know what eating healthy was, or what I needed to stay away from, but like so many others I made poor decisions because it was easier and cheaper to eat badly. Cheap food is convenient, and convenient food tends to be high in calories and low in nutritional value. When my trainer at the time noticed my weight loss had stagnated he straightforwardly asked me: “Are you watching your diet?” I admitted that I was working a lot and didn’t have time to cook for myself (ironic because I’m a chef) and that driving through McDonald’s, or whatever drive through was most convenient, was just easier. So, he suggested meal prepping. He said it wasn’t necessarily easy, but it wasn’t hard, and that with a little planning, I’d get back on track. I did just that and

six years later I’ve kept off the weight. Whether you are struggling with weight loss, trying to eat healthier, or just want to save yourself some money, meal prepping could be the answer. Meal prepping is simply spending a few hours at the beginning of your week—or whenever you have time—and preparing your meals for the days ahead. You can do it all at once or day by day with a little planning and some creativity. Here are three reasons why you should meal prep, some tips, and a quick recipe to get you started.

Reason #1: Saves you money. Though getting food on the go may not seem that expensive, consider this: You can expect to spend $10 – $15 per meal. Assuming you eat three meals a day, five days a week, you could potentially spend $200+ a week—not to mention the gas you waste getting there. Now, calculate that yearly, and you are looking at the some serious cash! Alternatively, you could go shopping at the start of the week, prepare your meals ahead of time, and spend on average $2 – $5 per meal.

I’m sure these three big reasons make sense to you, but maybe you feel like you don’t know where to start. Here are some tips: • Pick a day to go to your local grocery store or farmers’ market. Buy seasonal produce and lean meats such as chicken breast, ground turkey, fish, or steak (cuts such as sirloin, flank, or eye of round have the least fat), and eggs. If you are vegetarian, grab some beans, hummus, tofu, seitan, or other plant-based proteins.

Reason #2: Saves you time.

• Get yourself a rice cooker. It will save your life! It cooks other grains too such as spelt, amaranth, Quinoa and other rice varietals like wild or brown and it cooks them to perfection! Just put in the grain of choice, water and walk away. Traditionally grains cook at a 1 part grain 2 parts water/liquid.

Perhaps the money is not incentive enough, but time IS money. If you have to stop by somewhere to get food at every meal, you are wasting valuable time you could be dedicating to more pressing matters, whether it be school, work, family, or “you” time. Who doesn’t want some extra time?

• Chop all your uncooked veggies and meats, and portion them into individual baggies. When it comes time to cook, just pop open a baggy of each desired veggie and/or protein and voila!

Reason #3: Improves your health. Preparing your meals ahead of time is a conscious choice to eat better. Regardless of if it’s for weight loss or not, the fact that you planned out what you would put in your body will significantly decrease the risk of making poor nutritional choices. You’ll be better able to control your calorie intake through portioning as well as the nutritional content of the food.

Here’s an easy recipe to get you started:

Tex Mex Bowl 5 oz. brown rice If you used the cooker, this is a cinch.

4 oz. black beans Canned are fine.

4 – 6 oz. of desired protein (or tofu) Cook in a skillet until browned.

3 oz. pico de gallo (jalapeño, onion, tomato, cilantro) Dice the ingredients, then toss together with salt and lime juice.

1 oz. fresh cilantro as garnish Just roughly chop.

1 – 2 oz. cheese (optional) Pepper Jack is my go-to.

Start to finish (including prep time) = 30 minutes Serves 4

The Tex-Mex Bowl is available at the Lakeview Cafe inside Ocotillo Village.

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by placing rice on the bottom, followed by beans, protein, cheese, 1 Assemble pico de gallo, and cilantro, in that order. 2 Remember to salt and pepper everything as you go and enjoy!!

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If you see Jonathan Bailey training in the gym, chances are he’s working toward a goal. It could be a Tough Mudder competition or the annual elk hunt he participates in every October—a grueling 10-day trek about 9,000 feet up in the Colorado Rockies. “I always lose a few pounds during that event,” says Jonathan. “It’s intense. About six weeks out from the trip, I ramp up my cardio and really kick my training into gear so I can be in the best shape possible for the hunt.” A former personal trainer, Jonathan knows how important it is to be functionally fit. “I always want to be able to lift my own body or pull it up over something,” he says. “And now that I’m in my 40s, my focus is primarily on real-world fitness.”

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We caught up with this energetic father of three to find out how he makes exercise a priority and what he does to stay in top shape all year round. the village: How long have you been members of the

Village? jonathan bailey: We moved here for my wife’s job in 2014 and joined the Village right away. Our realtor gave us a gift package from the Village, and when we checked it out we knew it would be a great place for us. We like the fact that we always run into people we know, especially through our kids’ sports activities. The Village has a kind of small-town environment, which is a lot of fun.

You moved to Scottsdale from Connecticut? My wife, Sage, works for ESPN. Two years ago, she started a new role based in Los Angeles. For us, the transition from small-town Connecticut to LA (with three kids) seemed daunting. My brother lives here, we had been here before, and we thought it would be a better place to raise the kids. We absolutely love it here and never want to leave! How does your wife’s career impact your family dynamic? Her job has changed a number of times over the years, including recently. The kids and I have learned to roll with it. It’s irregular, so she’ll be working like crazy for a while, and then she’ll be home for a month. I’ve primarily been a stay-at-home dad for a long time; I kind of know what I’m doing, which means that I keep the kids alive while she’s gone. She’s a great mother, so when she’s home, it’s definitely a happier place. Occasionally, we’ll make a family trip around one of the sporting events she’s covering. Her career lets the kids do a lot of cool things, so they’re definitely okay with it. We make a pretty good team.

Jonathan in a Tough Mudder competition.

You and your wife must be good role models for your kids when it comes to being active and healthy… Sage and I have always been into our fitness. Being in shape is important for both of us, so we make it a priority in our lives. We definitely want to set an example for our kids, but we’re not insane about it. We want them to enjoy their lives, and we preach moderation so they don’t get a complex. Our oldest runs track and rides horses, and our two younger kids are into swimming and basketball right now. They’re active—what more could you ask for?

Staying motivated to just show up at the gym is really the hardest part, isn’t it? It’s a lot easier to stay in shape with you have a couple of markers every year, whether it’s a competition or an activity that you know is going to challenge you. Whatever it is, put something on your calendar that you know you have to get ready for in about a month or two. It’s a great way to make fitness part of your everyday life. I know that for me, if I didn’t have something to prepare for, I’d be in danger of letting things go.

Has your training changed since you joined the Village? As you get older, you have to change your training. You have to be more flexible and have a better understanding of your physical limits and what your body needs. You also have to understand that rest days and taking care of yourself when you’re hurt or sick aren’t bad things. I worked with a trainer when I first started coming to the Village, and he helped put me on a regimen that was really good for me. As time went on, I was able to increase both my speed and the number of intervals I was completing.

What are some of the markers that have worked for you? When I was living in Connecticut, a group of about six of us decided to put a Tough Mudder team together. We did our first one in 2012 and continued for three years. At first I was terrified, mostly because I just didn’t want to get cold. The events were held at a ski resort in Vermont in early May, and the water we had to swim through was absolutely frigid. I was literally a cold, muddy mess, but it was a lot of fun.

What kind of training are you doing now? I try to find a balance between strength and cardio without pounding out my joints. This summer I had to have surgery on my meniscus. My favorite routine right now involves interval training on three cardio machines. The first is the Curve. That piece of equipment is a killer. I’ll decide how many intervals I want to do, then I’ll run for a minute and walk for a minute until I get them done. Then I’ll jump over to the rowing machine and do the same number of intervals. Here I do 500-meter sprints in under two minutes, followed by two minutes of gentle rowing. Then I’ll go over to the VersaClimber and do 200-meter climbs. I do between 6 and 12 total intervals and it takes about 45 minutes. I do this three times a week, making a point to go every Monday without fail. Monday is the most important workout of the week, because if I miss Monday I can miss any day I want.

Events like Tough Mudder really require good overall conditioning. Those kinds of events have always suited me. I’m not really a runner so my cardio has always been more interval-based. When I train, I do a lot of sprint work, interspersed with weightlifting or body-weight exercises. Another thing I do that demands a lot of functional fitness is an annual elk-hunting trip. I’ve been going with a buddy of mine for the last five or six years. We do everything ourselves—all the work including chopping wood, building our camp, and butchering the animals. Elk are huge, and it takes a lot of effort to prepare the meat before we can bring it home and put it in the freezer. What does elk taste like? It tastes like lean beef. It’s really delicious.

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Are you as serious about your diet as you are about your training? I’m really not the best eater. If I’m working out the way I should be, I can pretty much eat what I want. I don’t have a sweet tooth at all, but I like to have a nice pint of beer now and then. They give you a beer after you finish a Tough Mudder, so it must be okay.

focus on MEMBERS

Gainey Casino Night at the Villagio

Gainey Village’s Casino Night at the Villagio on October 27 was a huge hit! There was dancing, an Austin Powers impersonator, gambling, and mingling with fellow members.

 veryone wanted their picture E taken with "Austin Powers."

G  ary Martinez, Michael Lindstrom, Paul Apana, and Rob Annable were looking sharp at Casino Night at the Villagio.

M  embers got their groove on at the Gainey Casino Night Party.

M  embers got creative for photo booth pictures.

Post Turkey Day 10K & 5K Runs

Over 40 Village members turned out for the Annual Post Turkey Day run on November 25, 2016.



FALL 2016

To have your Village Club event photo considered for the Focus on Members section next issue, please email it, with a short caption, to (Camelback); (DC Ranch); (Gainey); or (Ocotillo).

Camelback Wild West Member Party

Camelback and Choice members came dressed in their western gear to partake in a delicious barbecue dinner, casino games, a western photo booth, and lots of down home fun!

DC Ranch Halloween Party

Members and guests had a blast at the DC Ranch Village Spook Soiree. Food, drinks, yummy treats, and dancing made the night a super special scary event.

J an and Jerry Mackulak

 racy Anctil, Meredith Hofer, and Tess Blackburn rocked T the night with Danny. V  illage staff Tom Clark, Lisa Rice, Jim Krimbill, Mandy Campbell, and Tracey McGilvray joined in the fun.

H  illary and Donald took some time off from the campaign trail to let loose.

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V  illage members showing a lot of skin!




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Judi Buterbaugh, Camelback Village Activities Director

Congratulations! You’ve made the commitment to being the best version of yourself that you can be by joining one of the Village Health Clubs! Whether you just joined as a New Year’s Resolution, or you are one of the original Camelback members from the 1970’s, we want you to enjoy the club to its fullest. When you joined the Village, you were so excited by all the opportunities it offered—well over 100 group fitness classes per week, the great cardio and weight rooms, racquetball, squash, swimming, aquafit, tennis, spa services, and much more! Where to begin? You probably thought, “I’ll start out with doing some cardio, and a few weights to get myself going, and then I’ll add other activities into the mix.” Or maybe racquet sports are your game, so you got involved with those. Next thing you know, months or years have passed, and you really haven’t gotten involved with any of the other wonderful areas of the club. So now you’re thinking, “How do I get more involved with the club and try some new things?” There are so many choices! First off, what is your primary love at the club? If you are a tennis player that plays three times per week, maybe think of what will best compliment your tennis game and start with that. Of course cardio and weight training will benefit you, but did you know that Pilates and Gyrotonic

will greatly improve your flexibility? You might just see your game increase another level since you can reach more shots! Or maybe you spend your time at the Village on your favorite treadmill with your headphones on, and you don’t see any reason to change your routine. Yet you think, “I haven’t really met many friends at the club.” Why not take a chance on a Group Fitness Class? Just show up a couple minutes early and tell your instructor that it is your first time in class. They’ll do all they can to make you feel comfortable, and they will guarantee you will have a fun time. Remember, everyone was once a first timer in classes! Next thing you know, someone will say, “Hey, I saw you in Zumba, and you were rocking it! Let’s have a cup of coffee!” (Complimentary, by the way!) With all the choices that are included in your membership, it might seem overwhelming to decide what to try first. In order to help you with this, each club has a Member Integration Specialist who is available to help you navigate your way through the club. Please feel free to stop by the Membership Office, and we will guide you in the right direction. We want you to love every minute you spend at the club and see the incredible value we provide for you!

Ranked one of Scottsdale’s best.


• All-suites upscale boutique hotel • Oasis-like pool area, lush courtyard, patio and Terrace Bar • Complimentary full hot breakfast buffet and evening reception daily • Free WiFi and NO RESORT FEES Next door, enjoy great shops and restaurants. Pamper yourself at The Spa or tee it up at some of the best courses in the Valley of the Sun!

7300 E Gainey Suites Drive • Scottsdale, A Z 85258 800.970.4666 • 480.922.6969 •



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11/9/16 1:01 PM


Cardinals • ASU/UofA Basketball Coyotes • Suns • Spring Training Baseball Waste Management Phx Open Dave Mason • Andrew Dice Clay Styx • Chase Rice/Jake Owen • Kascade Lady Antebellum/Toby Keith • Arsenio Hall Ariana Grande • David Spade The Musical Box • Jeff Dunham • Bon Jovi Green Day/Against Me • Art Garfunkel Red Hot Chili Peppers • Brian Regan Eric Church • Panic! at the Disco Sebastian Maniscalco • Brian Wilson Bastille • The Weeknd • Roger Waters Shawn Mendes • Tim McGraw/Faith Hill The Illusionists • Matilda the Musical Finding Neverland • The Book of Mormon

Unique gifting items for a very special Valentine’s Day. From on-trend fashion accessories to classic pieces. Our selection will help you spread the love. VALENTINE’S DAY ST. PATRICK’S DAY

All Las Vegas Shows • New York Theater All LOCAL and NATIONAL events!



7116 East 1st Avenue, Suite 101 Scottsdale, Arizona 85251 Purchase tickets online 24/7 at:


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