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MORNING PERSON member John Goodloe





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President, Village Health Clubs & Spas


Vice President, Village Health Clubs & Spas; General Manager, Ocotillo Village


General Manager, Camelback Village Racquet & Health Club


General Manager, DC Ranch Village Health Club & Spa


General Manager, Gainey Village Health Club & Spa

HYDRATE NOW FOR HOT WEATHER. Don’t forget to ‘like’ Village Health Clubs & Spas on Facebook, where you’ll be privy to contests we are currently running, fitness information and Village events—everything Village!

It’s been a few years now but around the first of May I took a group of members hiking on a new trail at DC Ranch. It was the Tom’s Thumb Trail and the first third going out was basically flat. We left mid-morning. There were ten of us, all experienced runners, hikers, and bikers. I have run 21 marathons and a large number of other races—not to mention hikes throughout the year. We took about three liters of water each. As the weather forecasters are almost always wrong we were expecting clouds and a bit of cool weather. Of course it was a beautiful spring morning, clear and starting to warm up. Well, we made it, but several of us were already hot and had consumed more than half our water. Even though we were headed mostly downhill the heat was getting worse and by the time we got back to the club we were all in bad shape. I even ended up in the hospital with severe dehydration and overheating.


It was a hard lesson to learn, even though we all thought this would never, ever happen to us. Since then, I have become an advocate of proper hydration techniques and I am sharing those with you now in hopes you can ward off the same bad experience and enjoy the outdoors, even during the summer. For ways to stay hydrated to avoid heat related illness see article 10 Ways to Stay Hydrated on page 8.


4444 E. CAMELBACK RD. PHOENIX, AZ 85018 PHONE: 602.840.6412 FA X: 602.852.0411


on the cover Charles Ganz participating in the 2016 Cycle for the Cure. See page 14 for information about the 2017 Cycle for the Cure.


7477 E. DOUBLETREE RANCH RD. SCOT TSDALE, AZ 85258 PHONE: 480.609.6979 FA X: 480.609.6976

18501 N. THOMPSON PEAK PKW Y. SCOT TSDALE, AZ 85255 PHONE: 480.502.8844 FA X: 480.515.5521

OCOTILLO (Gainey) (Ocotillo)

4200 S. ALMA SCHOOL RD. CHANDLER, AZ 85248 PHONE: 480.656.0045 FA X: 480.579.2930

Send comments, submissions, and advertising inquiries to: (Camelback) (DC Ranch)

your resort



Thompson Peak Run

Members conquered Thompson Peak on February 12th with Pedro Gomes, Chris Stalzer, and Amanda Ware. Three distance options were offered; no matter the distance, everyone had a great time pushing their limits on the trails for a good run in perfect weather conditions. Look for upcoming trail runs in April and May.

E  than Prost, proud Village member, signed his National Letter of Intent to play collegiate tennis at Loyola Marymount University in the fall of 2017. Ethan is capping off a distinguished junior career where he was the 2016 champion of the 2016 Boys U18 Southwest Closed Champion, the largest junior tournament in the southwest.  than has an impressive rĂŠsumĂŠ, which also includes an ITF world junior E ranking, and is one of the hardest-working players ever to train at TPA at DC Ranch Village. We wish him great success at LMU.

spring 2017 BET TERLIFE | 3

Pedro Gomes encouraged members to conquer Thompson Peak.

your resort


Village Telluride Trip 2017

The Village took two ski trips to Telluride, CO, in January. The first group stayed at Hotel Telluride in downtown Telluride, January 12 – 16, and the second group, January 19 – 22, stayed at The Peaks Resort in Mountain Village. Both groups had great snow, with over a foot and a half of fresh powder on each trip. As always, the members enjoyed the social aspect of the trip and everyone came back with great stories of members they met from the other Village Clubs. Over 110 Village members and guests made the trip! Join us for a fun summer trip to Telluride, August 10 – 14! See details on page 11.

Skiers and snowboarders loving the great conditions.

4 | BET TERLIFE spring 2017

Village members in front of Hotel Telluride.

 illage members love this V mid-mountain lunch spot called Gorronos.

Dale Holmes looking really comfortable on his skis.

 lisse Porter and Jane Borman loving all the powder. E

Lunch time at the fire pit at Gorronos.

 illage hikers and guests during the Wave Cave hike in V the Superstition Mountains.

The view looking out from inside the Wave Cave.

spring 2017 BET TERLIFE | 5

 aggie Norris teaching cooking class on January 12 at M Gainey Village.

your resort


In Swing with DC Ranch Village Tennis

Tennis-playing DC Ranch Village members enjoyed monthly free tennis clinics lead by DC Ranch Village Tennis Director Dave Critchley. Everyone gets a little better, meets new members, and enjoys their time on the courts.

6 | BET TERLIFE spring 2017

W  e had a great turnout for the DC Ranch Village winter tennis camp. The kids had a great time working with all the tennis staff and are our future tennis-playing members! It was a good mix of players that regularly compete in our programs as well as many new faces!

 ur new evening Doubles Clinics were O such a big hit we had to offer them three nights a week! A fun time was had by all at the first of these clinics!


Valentine’s Day Skirt Chaser

Both kids and adults enjoyed the Valentine’s Day Skirt Chaser 5k and kids half-mile Fun Run on Tuesday, February 14th, at the DC Ranch Village. Ladies had a three-minute head start, the guys chased them down. The kids tackled a short run and one lucky girl won a jar of M&Ms with the closest guess as to the quantity inside.


S ome shots from the Valentine’s Day Skirt Chaser and Fun Run at the DC Ranch Village.

AZ OPEN WATER SERIES Open Water Swimming Season is here! Join your fellow Village swimmers and triathletes for the AZ Open Water Series ( and occasional open water swim practices at Bartlett Lake. spring 2017 BET TERLIFE | 7

Need a few pointers in the open water? Nervous about swimming in a lake? Racing for the first time in open water? Join us for an Open Water Swim Clinic & Triathlon Transition Clinic at Bartlett Lake on Saturday, April 8th. Contact Abby for details and to register at



Rick Erdenberger, Vice President, Village Health

7 Avoid alcoholic beverages.

1 Drink before you get thirsty.

According to the CDC, it is important to drink fluids before you even begin to feel thirsty. Your body uses thirst to indicate that you are approaching dehydration. Rather than drink to quench your thirst, it is healthier to continuously replenish fluids even if you don’t feel thirsty at all.

Clubs & Spas; General Manager, Ocotillo Village

2 Go with water instead of sugary beverages. While sugary beverages can help quench your thirst, they also carry excess calories that can be a detriment to your health. Since you have to replenish fluids more often in the heat, you will be taking in more calories than you usually do with those drinks.

3 Keep a water bottle with you.

Invest in a reusable, insulated water bottle and always keep it handy. You can replenish your bottle anytime you are near a sink, water dispenser, or fountain. Even if you don’t plan on doing any strenuous exercise outdoors, having a water bottle on hand will allow you to drink your fluids regularly before you get thirsty.


Use natural flavorings in your water.

8 | BET TERLIFE spring 2017

Due to all the activity you do in the heat, your body will produce excess sweat. Under such circumstances, a sport drink might be more useful than water to replace electrolytes and nutrients lost in the sweat. That is what happened to us on the hike. We had water, but lost a lot of electrolytes and didn’t replace them, so we got cramps. Just keep in mind that there are excessive calories in sport drinks. And if your stomach doesn’t handle them well, add water to help your body absorb them better.

9 Drink cool fluids.

10 Eat your water.

If you like to drink soda because the carbonation makes it appealing, you can get the same fizzy feeling from a bottle of sparkling water. It has all the bubbles and fizz without the added calories. Try sparkling water the next time you are at a restaurant also.

6 Track your fluid and water intake.

a sport drink during 8 Have strenuous exercise.

Plan for your day in the sun and heat by freezing some water bottles or sport drinks the day before. Make sure the bottles are freezer safe, and remove some of the volume before you freeze them. Frozen fluid expands, and if they don’t have room they will damage the container beyond usability. A cool or cold drink will help you stay cool and continue to hydrate. It will also entice you into keeping fluids coming regularly.

Sometimes people have trouble drinking enough water to stay hydrated because they prefer something with flavor, and it is difficult for them to drink when they aren’t thirsty. A little natural flavoring, like lemon, strawberries, or some fresh cucumbers, is a great way to add a little flavor to your water without adding many calories or grams of sugar.

5 Drink sparkling water.

Having a couple of frosty beers in the cooler sounds like a great idea after outdoor activities or by the pool, but if your goal is hydration they aren’t helpful. You might feel refreshed at first, but you’re likely to feel dehydrated soon afterwards due to the effect of the alcohol. Alcohol is a diuretic and will cause you to urinate more frequently, so it is best to limit your alcohol consumption.

It can be easy to forget to hydrate when you aren’t even thirsty, especially if you are more focused on the activity you are doing. Try setting an alarm on your watch or phone to remind you to take in fluids.

Try eating foods that contain water and will help you absorb water. In hot conditions you can freeze them and they are a cooling snack as well as a hydration assist. Watermelon, oranges, grapefruit, spinach, zucchini, coconuts, radishes, and cucumbers are just a few that freeze well. Sources:, Health Finder.



It’s spring and the mercury is beginning its annual march toward the “hot as blazes” summer that we all know and love! One great way to beat the heat is to splash down in the sparkling and inviting Village pools. The good news is that you don’t have to wait until summer! Village aquatics programs are available year round. So since it already feels like summer, why not get a jump on it by getting yourself and your kids back in the pool now? Even if your backyard pool isn’t quite warm enough yet, the heated pools at the Village are ready for you. If your kids haven’t had lessons or been on swim team since last summer, or they are first-timers, a head start in the water now will get them in the swim of things while building their confidence and skills for the summer season! Need a few more reasons to get in the pool? Check these out! Swimming can help everyone be safer in the water. No child is ever “drown proof.” There is no substitute for direct adult supervision, but swimming lessons can make your child safer in the water by teaching him or her skills that last a lifetime. Village swim lessons start at six months and are offered at different levels for beginners of all ages, with both private and group lessons. Adult lessons are also available. 

Swimming promotes fitness and teaches children to strive for physical achievement. Many superstars in other sports started as swimmers and gained strength and coordination that helped them

Joe Zemaitis Swim Neptune Coach

Swimming is a technical and specialized activity involving extensive skill development. The Swim Neptune practice groups at the Village for ages five through teens provide experienced and professional coaches who share their technical expertise and love of the sport with all of our young swimmers.  A flexible afterschool swim team practice schedule allows families to include swimming in their already busy lives. Even just one day a week will help to build strength and overall fitness in the water.  Swimming is an exciting individual and team sport. The Village swim team provides optional meets across town and across the country as part of the larger Swim Neptune program. Village swimmers have helped Swim Neptune earn eight overall team State Championships over the past six years. Village swimmers have also won individual State Championships and set Arizona state records, but they all started as beginners! They have also joined hundreds of kids who successfully swam from Alcatraz to San Francisco and along the length of the Golden Gate Bridge.   Start your swim journey today—from where you are to wherever you’d like to go!

ram, n on any swim prog For more informatio tor. ec dir m ra ur club’s prog please contact yo ve@d C • Peter Love – plo

– aware@ D • Amanda Ware n – smcg G • Shelly McGan – rkinn O • Rodney Kinney

spring 2017 BET TERLIFE | 9

Swimming is a healthy “lifetime” activity for people of all ages. Once you learn how to swim…what next?  Many adults find our Masters Swim program to be a great workout. Masters is offered at all of the Village Clubs. It’s a great workout with experienced coaches and a fun group of people. It’s also ideal for triathletes wanting to get a better start to their races! Open lap swim is also available at all Village Clubs. Each club also has a variety of water aerobics and water fitness classes.

to excel as they tried new sports. Swimming has a relatively low risk of injury when compared to other youth sports, and can build a strong foundation for future athletic success.

up and

T  he Village group in front of Beaver Falls at Havasupai in June 2016.


KE Y event location

C • Camelback D • DC Ranch G • Gainey O • Ocotillo

Bronco Butte

C D G O •

Village Hike to Havasupai


SEPT 7 – 10, 2017

Intermediate to advanced six-mile hike. Village members have the unique opportunity to hike the Bronco Butte loop trail, a private trail located in the Desert Mountain community. This beautiful hike, with views that you can’t get on any other trail in the Valley, backs up to the Tonto National Forest. After this two- to two-and-a-half-hour hike, you will be treated to a private breakfast on a hill overlooking the entire Valley. We will meet at the DC Ranch Village at 7 am and take Village vans and a couple cars up to the hike. You will need to bring at least 48 ounces of water and a bar or other snack. We should be back to DC Ranch Village around 12:30 pm. cost: $30/person includes breakfast. sign up: Space is limited. Please sign up by April 4. For more information or to sign up, please contact Shelly McGann at 480.624.9125 or

Advanced ten-mile hike to three amazing waterfalls in the Grand Canyon. Join us for one of the most beautiful hikes in Arizona…Havasupai Falls. We have partnered with AOA to make this experience more enjoyable and easier for everyone. AOA will be providing the tents, duffel bags (for your clothes, sleeping bag, and toiletries), meals, and horses to get your gear down to the campground and back out. All you need is a day pack with water, bars or snacks, and sunscreen. We’ll meet at DC Ranch Village on Thursday, September 7, at 1:30 pm, and carpool to the Grand Canyon Caverns Inn in Peach Springs (about a four-hour drive). We’ll eat dinner together at the Caverns Inn. Early Friday morning we’ll drive an hour to the rim of the canyon and begin our hike down to Havasupai Falls. We’ll camp Friday and Saturday night in the AOA campground and play in the waterfalls during the day! We’ll hike out on Sunday morning, September 10 and arrive back around 5 pm. cost: $1075/person, double occupancy (price will go up if less than 25 people sign up). Price includes hotel on Thursday night, camp fees, tents, horses for your duffels in/ out, three AOA guides, four meals cooked for you (two dinners, one lunch, and one breakfast, as well as bagels the morning of the hike in), and transfer of duffels back to AOA. sign up: Contact Shelly McGann at Gainey Village, smcgann@dmbclubs. com or 480.624.9125. Limited to the first 25 people who sign up. An informational meeting will be held in June to answer any questions you might have about the trip. RSVP to Shelly at note: The club reserves the right to decide if you are at a high enough fitness level to do the hike.

C D G O •

Hike for the Cure

THUR, MAY 4, 4:45 PM

Attention hikers: let’s go hiking for a good cause and get a great workout in! The Village is partnering with TGEN and together we are helping to fight cancer! Join us on Thursday, May 4, for an intermediate to advanced four-mile hike. We’ll meet at the trailhead (Via Linda & 145th Street) at 4:45 pm and start hiking by 5 pm. The hike will take about one and a half hours and the trail is almost all in the shade. cost: $20/person. Your donation can be paid at the trailhead or we can charge it to your account. Light refreshments will be provided afterwards. Guests are welcome. sign up: Contact Shelly McGann at Gainey Village at or 480.624.9125 by May 1.


Spring Doga

Cycle for the Cure


Spring Doga with Sarah Pype. Donation of $5 for dog rescue greatly appreciated.

Plan to join Village staff and friends for the 7th Annual TGEN Cycle for the Cure. See pages 14 and 15 for more event details. sign up: Going on now! For further information, see Denise Krater, Gainey Village Group Fitness Director, or visit


Tiki Time Poolside

THURS, APRIL 20, 6:30 – 9 PM

10 | BET TERLIFE spring 2017

C D G O •


Join us poolside for a night of fun with good friends, food and drinks, and live music. No childcare available. cost: No charge for member and one guest. Additional guests $20 each. Must be at least 21 years old. note: In the event of rain, party will be held indoors. rsvp: RSVP at the front desk by Monday, April 17. C •

Dance Lessons

SUN, APRIL 23, 6:30 – 7:30 PM, 6-WEEK SERIES

Dance lessons with Valley favorite Steve Conrad. sign up: Contact Linda Hertzberg at

Summer Golf League at Gainey Ranch C D G O •


This is a fun, recreational league and you will play your own ball. You need to know how to play “ready golf” so that you keep up the pace of play. We will pair you up at the course, so make sure you arrive no later than 4:15 pm. We’ll meet at Alma afterwards for drinks. cost: $25 per player. You will pay the course each week. sign up: Weekly, by the Monday prior to each week’s play. Contact Shelly McGann at


Spring Break Tennis at the Hyatt

Tennis at The Hyatt Regency Scottsdale for Gainey Members



cost: $20 per person


Gainey Village members and guests are welcome for no additional cost. The Gainey Village member must be playing on the court at the time with their guest(s). cost: $10 per hour for singles (per court, not per person) and $20 per hr for doubles (per court, not per person) sign up: Prior reservations are required. Call Jennifer Berk, Tennis Director & Head Teaching Pro at Berk Tennis Academy, directly at 480.215.4058 for all reservations and questions. You will pay when you check in; cash and credit cards are accepted. Hyatt parking tickets will be validated.



cost: $25 per person/ racquet included CARDIO TENNIS FRIDAY, 8 – 9 AM

cost: $20 per person


cost: $25 per person/ racquet included CARDIO TENNIS SATURDAY, 8 – 9 AM

cost: $20 per person


cost: $25 per person/ racquet included


Open Water and Transition Clinic

SAT, APRIL 8, 11 AM – 1 PM

Want to improve your open water swim? Want to learn how to get out of your wetsuit and transition to your bike quicker? Jane and George Esahak-Gage andprofessional triathlete Pedro Gomes will show you how to open water swim and transition more efficiently during this clinic. Meet at DC Ranch Village at 10:15 am and we will caravan to Bartlett Lake. Contact Abby for details at


Bike Mt. Lemmon in Tucson


Cyclists, who’s ready to conquer Mt. Lemmon in Tucson? This is a 25-mile climb on your road bike, about 30 miles each way from the starting point. Climb a little, or a lot! Abby will be organizing a group on Mother’s Day, May 14. Contact Abby for carpooling and meetup details at


Village Summer Trip to Telluride

THUR – MON, AUG 10 – 14, 2017

SEPT 19 – OCT 22

Our Village trips are special—each one is an adventure that takes you to new, vibrant places. You’ll leave knowing that you’ve gone beyond the traditional travel experience, and you’ve been a part of something that will stay with you for many years to come. Here are our trips for 2017. Backroads Pyrenees Bike Tour (Sept 26 – Oct. 1 + Oct 8 – 13): An opportunity to immerse yourself in charming Barcelona and explore medieval towns in the Costa Brava Region. Or if you’ve been longing to experience the legendary Camino de Santiago, (Sept 19 – 24) join Backroads and walk in the footsteps of pilgrims along a section of the route from Portugal to Spain. We also offer Spain in Luxury (Oct 15 – 22): Stay in five-star luxury hotels and enjoy a tour rich in cultural heritage and Moorish history as you move through Barcelona, Granada, Ronda, Seville, Andalucía, Cordoba, and Madrid. If a river cruise is more your style, embark on our beautiful Danube River Cruise (Sept 27 – Oct 4), on AMA Waterways’ floating luxury hotel, and explore an ever-changing landscape by bike or on foot. details: Shelly McGann at

spring 2017 BET TERLIFE | 11

This is a fun trip for families, couples, and singles! Telluride is a great place in the summer and has so much to offer! Hiking, mountain biking, tennis, golf, horseback riding, fly fishing, jeep tours, and yoga are just some of the activities you can enjoy! We will plan two group hikes during the weekend for anyone who wants to come along. We will leave from Gainey Village at 8:30 am on August 10 and return around 6 pm on August 14. trip includes: Four nights lodging (double occupancy) at Hotel Telluride in downtown Telluride, roundtrip video-motorcoach transportation and two scheduled hikes. cost: $625/person, double occupancy. Full payment is due at signup. sign up: By June 28. Contact Erica Hubber at Gainey Village at 480.624.9108 or Limited to 45 people; minimum of 35 people needed to book the trip. Each member may bring one guest.

2017 Village Travel Club Spain Trips

C D G O •

focus on




12 | BET TERLIFE spring 2017

Summer will be here before you know it. Children ages 5 – 12 years can participate in Village Summer Fitness Camps. Young teens ages 13 – 17 can participate as Junior Counselors.

Youth development experts agree that children need a variety of experiences in their lives to help them grow into healthy adults.

Summer fitness camps can benefit children in many different ways, including:

Village Summer Fitness Camps are known for their unique approach of adding fun and fitness to the daily lives of children and tweens. Our first priority is to enhance social and developmental growth by creating positive experiences through active play. In order to accomplish this, our camp staff takes a special approach to help create lifelong bonds with our campers. We create a strong support system, through active play and physical games, that allows our staff to step up and guide children and tweens through mentoring and seeing what it takes to be a leader. This is our way of keeping our Village campers coming back year after year and making the Village their second home! We pride ourselves on creating memories and achievements that go beyond our fitness camps.


Physical and Mental Activities Camp means increased time running, playing, and thinking, and less time on the couch or in front of a TV screen.


Social Skills Camp helps children develop new friendships. They will interact with a more diverse group of children.


Self-Confidence Your children will have new and unique experiences meeting new people and learning new skills.


Decision-Making Campers will make their own choices and see the results of their decisions.


Structure and Routine A routine at camp can ease the transition into the new school year.

Anita Nocerino-Chase, Camelback Village Youth Services Director


Fitness Camps

C D G O •

Summer Fitness Camp


SESSIONS: MAY 29 – JUNE 2, JUNE 5 – 9, JUNE 12 – 16, JUNE 19 – 23,


JUNE 26 – 30, JULY 5 – 7, JULY 10 – 14, JULY 17 – 21, JULY 24 – 28,


JULY 31 – AUG 4

Camps that keep your kids active and having fun, such as Ultimate Dodgeball, Science, Sports, Swimming, and more! details: Contact Marcia Leach at  for more info.

The Village Health Club & Spa summer fitness camp program offers all participants a comprehensive, all-day, fun-filled experience. Campers will meet new friends and learn a variety of basic sport skills through supervised, age-appropriate instruction and game activities. Sportsmanship and fun will be emphasized to include all campers.

O •

Specialty Camps


Skill-focused camps taught by certified instructors on sports including Tennis, Basketball, Volleyball, and more! details: Contact Marcia Leach at  for more info. D•

Keeping your Child Safe Around Water

FIELD TRIP FRIDAYS: Friday field trips have been arranged for

Please join Alison Tummond, WSI, for a presentation on water safety and accident prevention for children. Alison is a Village swim instructor specializing in water survival and stroke development. She has been teaching for over 38 years. Alison is an accomplished professional swim instructor who has completed two Alcatraz open water swims and the Golden Gate Bridge open water swim. Free child care provided for this presentation! details: Contact Amanda Ware,

cost: $150 Family Members, $160 Single/Couple Members

FRI, APRIL 14, 9 – 11 AM

Petting Zoo, Bounce House, Facepainting, Spring Photos, and so much more! cost: $10 per person with RSVP for Family Members, $12 per person with RSVP for Single and Couple Members, $15 per person day of event (non-RSVP). C D G O •

Kids’ Triathlon Clinic and Race


clinic: Kids can learn the basics of swimming/biking/ running/transitioning in preparation for the following day’s Kids’ Triathlon at Gainey Village. Coaches Shawn and Abby will host the clinic from 12 – 1:30 pm on Saturday, April 22. cost: $29 per member. sign up: Contact Abby by 4/21 to register your child

G • Gainey O • Ocotillo


cost: $225 Family Members, $250 Single/Couple Members DAILY DROP-IN

For any child showing up without being registered by the previous Friday. cost: Full-day: $60 Family Members, $70 Single/Couple Members. Half-day: $35 Family Members, $40 Single/Couple Members. EXTENDED-DAY

Morning Stretch 7:30 – 9 AM cost: $10 Fun Fitness 3 – 4:30 PM cost: $10 sign up: Contact the Youth Services Director at your club. O •

Jr. Night


Junior social with activities and games! cost: Free for Family Members, $7 for Single/Couple Members. O •

Parents’ Day Out


Lunch, activities, and a movie! cost: $20 for Family Members and $15 per additional child. $22 for Single/Couple Members and $18 per additional child. O •

Parents’ Night Out


Dinner, activities, and a movie! cost: $20 for Family Members and $15 per additional child. $22 for Single/Couple Members and $18 per additional child.

spring 2017 BET TERLIFE | 13

race: Join us at 7:30 am on Sunday, April 23, for our Spring Kids’ Triathlon at Gainey Village. Kids will complete a 50 – 100 yd swim, two-mile bike and one-mile run. cost: $20 per child. sign up: Contact Abby by 4/20 to register your child.

D • DC Ranch


Spring Eggstravaganza!

event location

C • Camelback

fun off-site locations each week. Locations include Amazing Jakes, Odysea Aquarium, Wildlife World Zoo, The Circus, Big Surf Waterpark, Science Center, Laser Quest, Top Golf, Painting with Canvas, Main Event, iFly, McDowell Mt. Aquatic Center, and the End of Summer Party at Camelback Village for all campers. Field Trip Fridays locations may vary by club.

SUN, APRIL 2, 2:30PM

O •


CYCLE for the


SETS THE PACE FOR TGEN REARCH Recovering from two hip replacements in 2013, Charlie Ganz got tired of “sitting on his butt,” so he decided to do something big. He signed up for TGen’s Cycle for the Cure, a two-hour indoor cycling event at Camelback, where he’s been a member since 2004. Then he signed up at Gainey. Then he signed up at DC Ranch.

Challenge Yourself 14 | BET TERLIFE spring 2017

to #SetThePace

this year at Cycle for the Cure on May 7th.

All told, he signed up for six hours of spinning, all on the same day and all for a good cause: Supporting the life-saving cancer research of Phoenix-based TGen, an affiliate of City of Hope. “I know people who have cancer, and I have seen them struggle and wear the best face they can, so why can’t I do three rides?” explained Charlie, who will be riding in Cycle for the Cure for the sixth time this year. “These patients are working way harder than I am, so that’s one of the ways I try to set the pace: I need to make it harder for myself.” This year, more than 250 members and guests at the Village Clubs and Studio 360 will #SetThePace by participating in spinning, yoga, kinesis, and more for the seventh annual Cycle for the Cure on Sunday, May 7. Co-chaired by Camelback members Robyn DeBell and Vicki Vaughn, Cycle for the Cure has raised close to $1 million for TGen’s genetic research into earlier detection and smarter treatments for cancer.

for the CYCLE


Sunday, May 7 Two-hour indoor cycling, yoga, & kinesis event Ocotillo: 9 - 11 AM DC Ranch: 10 - 12 PM

Gainey: 8 - 10 AM Camelback: 3 - 5 PM After Party at Camelback: 5 PM $200 registration per bike, solo or relay, plus additional funds raised Register at

“We support TGen because it is a rare glimpse into the power of genetic research and rapidly advancing cures for cancer and other diseases, available to us right here in Arizona,” Robyn explained. “Because TGen is a medical pioneer and collaborator, we know they set the pace with brilliant, dedicated scientists.” #SetThePace is the new theme for Cycle for the Cure, honoring the groundbreaking cancer research that TGen scientists are leading. Like Charlie, Cycle participants can challenge themselves to #SetThePace, and this year, they will be rewarded for their efforts. The individual or relay team that raises the most funds for TGen’s cancer research will win an expense-paid, Grand Prize trip for four to the Paris finish of the 2017 Tour de France in July! Starting with the kickoff on March 7 through the grand finale on May 7, Cycle participants will compete for prizes in weekly “stages” just like the Tour de France. Look for leaderboards at each Village location and follow along online at to track your progress. In addition to the Tour de France Grand Prize, each club will crown a Club Champion!

New this Year... A Grand Prize for the highest fundraiser (team or individual)! A deluxe trip for four, including accommodations, travel to France, and VIP viewing at the race for the 2017 Tour de France.

Individuals can compete for prizes, or they can combine their efforts as a relay team of up to four people.

“I hope my spinning friends will join me,” said Charlie, whose wife Betsy will be singing for Nate Nathan and the MacDaddy-O’s Band at the Cycle for the Cure after-party at Camelback. “There’s a lot of energy every time you start a ride. It’s fun to see the different styles at each Village, but everybody is extremely nice and everybody is hard-working. There’s a lot of doubt near the end on whether you can make it, but that’s the challenge.”

spring 2017 BET TERLIFE | 15

And Charlie will be there for the third year in a row, riding in the new “Iron Butt” division, for those who want to #SetThePace in a six-hour, three-location odyssey.

Spa sational

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Ashley Lew, Lead Aesthetician, DC Ranch Village Spa

Physical sunblocks contain a physical filter as their primary active ingredient. Sometimes they are called mineral or inorganic sunscreens. Physical sunblocks work by absorbing, reflecting, and scattering UV rays from the surface of the skin. These ingredients form a shield over the skin and in my experience work the most effectively. There are two physical filters used in the industry. Both are made of minerals: • Zinc Oxide • Titanium Dioxide Both are safe and very stable in formula and when exposed to the sun. They are excellent choices for people with sensitive or reactive skin.  Zinc Oxide is also an anti-irritant and skin protectant, and is commonly used in sensitive skin care lines and diaper rash creams. Sunscreens for sensitive skin use one or both of these ingredients. One concern that may deter someone from using physical sunscreens is that they leave a white finish on the skin temporarily. Not all formulas that contain Zinc Oxide or Titanium Dioxide will leave you looking like Casper, so don’t count them out before trying them. Many companies incorporate a little tint to counterbalance the white finish that zinc leaves on the skin, especially in physical blocks for the face. 

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Chemical sunscreens work by absorbing the energy of UV rays and converting it into heat that is dispersed into the skin. Some of the most common filters are: • Avobenzone • Octinoxate • Octisalate • Oxybenzone

Avobenzone, which is the most common UVA chemical filter you will see as an ingredient, is very unstable and degrades in sunlight.  Oxybenzone is a sunscreen ingredient associated with photoallergic reactions. This chemical absorbs through the skin in significant amounts. According to the Environmental Working Group, there are several suspected dangers associated with Oxybenzone. Despite its sun-protective abilities, it has been shown to penetrate the skin and cause photo-sensitivity. As a photocarcinogen, it has demonstrated an increase in the production of harmful free radicals and an ability to attack DNA cells; for this reason, it is believed to be a contributing factor in the recent rise of melanoma cases among sunscreen users. 

Recommendations Both personally and professionally I prefer to use a physical sunblock for myself, my clients, and my children. There are very few OTC sunscreens, especially for the body, that do not contain oxybenzone, which I prefer to avoid. Your local stores carry a few options that I use on myself and my kids. Target’s Up and Up Brand Kids Sunscreen Lotion Broad Spectrum SPF 50 contains 2.4% Titanium Dioxide and retails for $10 for a 10oz tube. I also use Babyganics, especially on my children’s faces. Babyganics is a broad-spectrum SPF 50, which has 11.2% zinc and retails for about the same price. It’s a spray application, but not an aerosol can. As of last year, Target gained exclusivity rights to carry a new OTC suncare line, Bare Republic, by COOLA (a professional organic line we carry at our spa). It comes in a cream and aerosol spray can and contains 7.5% Titanium Dioxide and 1.0% Zinc, and retails for $15.

The Village Spas take great care in recruiting only the best service providers in the industry to assure you receive exceptional spa and salon services. Whether you are looking for a quick manicure, a full day of relaxation or a specific therapeutic treatment, we have the diverse staff to ensure your expectations are exceeded.

Active ingredients: Physical Sunblock

i.e. zinc oxide + titanium dioxide

Reflects Reflects UVAUVA + + UVBUVB

Chemical Sunscreen

i.e. avobenzone

Absorbs Absorbs UVAUVA + + UVBUVB

There are many more choices in professional sun care that do not contain oxybenzone. My recommendations for professional-grade sun care include:

• Avobenzone-1%, Octinoxate-7.5%, Octisalate-5%, Oxybenzone-6% • Hyaluronic acid For those of you who live a more active lifestyle and enjoy spending time outdoors, Eminence Defense Mineral SPF brushes are easy to apply and reapply, and are super convenient! You can find these gems on our shelves in the spa. Not only are they easy to take with you on your outdoor adventures, they are safe for babies under six months old. Eminence Defense Mineral ($58 at our spa) and Colorescience SPF brushes are what I used on my children when they were babies, and I always take my brush hiking with me. They are great for post-treatment use, especially on sensitive, reactive, and irritated or blotchy skin. I like to use a darker shade as my bronzer. Defense Mineral brushes contain: • Minerals • Micronized Zinc Oxide (Sunscreen) • Fruit Extracts • Vitamins A & E

Jan Marini Physical Tinted SPF 45 (retails for $49 at our spa). This is what I use in all my facials and recommend for home care. Key Ingredients:

• 12% Zinc Oxide

• Titanium Dioxide

• 12% Titanium Dioxide

• Zinc Oxide

COOLA is an organic sun care line. It has many options when it comes to sun protection for both the face and body. COOLA is considered a pioneer sun care company. They produce small batches (in San Diego, CA); therefore, they are able to modify their formulations often, which gives them the advantage of new developments in sun science. We carry their line at the spa as well. They offer a full line, and even have a spray-on pet sunscreen!

• Green Tea Extract • Alpha-Bisabolol • CoEnzyme Q10 Revision Intellishade SPF 45 is also a great choice and it comes in an original and matte finish. Intellishade is more of an anti-aging treatment cream that contains green tea, antioxidants, and peptides. Jan Marini Physical Tinted SPF 45 and Revision Intellishade are my two favorite sunblocks. I always finish my facials with Jan Marini Physical Tinted SPF 45. If you prefer a sunscreen that doesn’t contain a physical block, then Jan Marini’s Antioxidant SPF33 ($54 at our spa) is a perfect choice! It comes with or without a tint and contains anti-aging properties such as antioxidants and hyaluronic acid.

Colorescience contains:

It is never too late to learn about sun protection! Sunscreen, whether it is a physical block or a chemical screen, should be worn daily and reapplied every one and a half to two hours when spending time outdoors and immediately after drying off from swimming. We have many of these great options available here at the spa for sun protection for the face and body. Come see me or one of the other Aestheticians and we can help pick out the best sun protection for you.




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WITH AEROBIC EXERCISE Linda Hertzberg, Camelback Village Group Fitness Director

At one time it was thought that the brain progressively deteriorates with age. Thank goodness research has proved that it doesn’t have to be that way. A study called “Aerobic Exercise Training Increases Brain Volume in Humans” has provided evidence to the contrary. Fifty-nine healthy but sedentary people between the ages of 60 and 79 participated in this study. Half were in the aerobic exercise group and the other half in the stretching and toning group. MRIs were used to measure the brain volumes of the participants before and after the six-month study. The aerobic exercise group had significant increases in brain volume while the stretch and tone group did not.

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The study also showed that with increased brain volume comes an enhanced ability to learn and adapt, increased memory function, and a marked improvement in decision-making capability. The study showed conclusively that cardio or aerobic exercise counteracts disease—and aging-related mental decline.

How does aerobic exercise accomplish this brain turnaround? When you exercise aerobically, your heart pumps more blood-carrying oxygen to your brain, along with a wide array of hormones that nourish and grow brain cells. Regular exercisers are more likely to stave off diseases like diabetes and hypertension, which can cause brain dysfunction and degeneration.

How much aerobic/cardio exercise do you need? The people in the study exercised aerobically three hours per week. If you are not able to do that much cardio in the beginning, don’t be deterred. Take a short, brisk walk two times a day. Gradually work up to 30 minutes two times per day. Walk briskly, swim, dance, play tennis, or hike—the list is endless. You just have to get your heart rate up and coordinate your body’s movement. It won’t take long for you to get the hang of regular exercise and to feel its benefits for your body and brain. You will be sharper in every way.

Brain-body benefits from regular aerobic exercise: • Aerobic exercise can actually grow more brain cells, thereby reversing your brain’s decline. • Aerobic exercise can help you deal with stress and alleviate depression, which can save your brain from dysfunction and deterioration. • Choose an aerobic exercise that includes coordination along with a cardio workout. For example, ballroom dancing asks you to think and move, which delivers an even bigger brainenhancing payback. • Regular aerobic exercise will help you fight off diseases that degrade your brain’s ability to function well.


A Netherlands study found that adequate athletic training can help prevent gastro-intestinal symptoms. We are meant to be active, moving creatures, so when we aren’t, our body systems just don’t work as well and there can be negative consequences like constipation, heart burn, or general malaise.

You should wait at least an hour after eating to do anything more than a light walk. If you have GERD (Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease) or acid reflux, there are some low-impact exercises that might work better for you.

I suggest you get in a daily habit of going for a walk when you first get up, for 20 – 30 minutes. This will set the stage for digesting your breakfast and make your gut feel good for the rest of the day.

They are: biking, yoga (with the added benefit of stress relief), and Pilates (which will strengthen your core). Following this plan will help you become a strong, organic, moving machine and you will feel fantastic!

Become a strong, organic, moving machine and you will feelfantastic! ­­­— Linda Hertzberg

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I also suggest a series of exercises that you can do on your own regularly. Body-weight exercises like push-ups (many varieties, ranging from a full plank to a plank from your knees), pull-ups (full or partial on a slant), squats, lunges, sitting, and pulsing up and down on a big stability ball are all movements that will help build your strength, increase your endurance, and improve the functioning of your alimentary canal.

Linda Hertzberg, Camelback Group, Fitness Director



Ashly Eichenberger, CPT, NASM, BS

What is flexible dieting? Flexible dieting is tracking of macronutrients to change your body composition. Flexible dieting is a long-term “dieting” approach that is designed to fit your lifestyle and your food preferences. It allows you to eat what ever you like as long as it fits your macronutrient needs. For example, if your total intake for the day is 150g of protein, 160g of carbs, and 75g of fat, you may consume anything from a chocolate chip pancake to a bowl of spaghetti as long as it reaches your macronutrient goal. To further understand the concept of flexible dieting, you need a clear understanding of what macronutrients and what micronutrients are.

So what are macronutrients?

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Macro, in Latin, means larger. In nutrition, protein, carbohydrates, and fats are what make up your macronutrients. Each one has a specific purpose and all are important in your bodily processes. Protein, specifically, is important in repairing and building muscle, and in synthesizing hormones and enzymes in your body. The recommended amount is about 1g per pound of body weight. Carbohydrates range from sugars and starches, to fiber found in food. They are used for energy in your cells, tissues, organs, and muscles. The body’s storage capacity for carbohydrates is limited, which makes the body eager to use them for energy first. During periods of intense training—lifting or cardio— your body utilizes muscle glycogen (glucose) as its primary energy source. Keeping your carbohydrate intake low will cause your body to use protein from muscle as its primary energy source, a process also known as gluconeogenesis. The recommended amount of carbohydrates is between 45 – 65 % of your daily intake. The more intense the exercise, the more carbohydrates your body needs. Fats are also a macronutrient which your body uses for energy. The body’s capacity to store fat is unlimited. This means your body is extremely adept at storing fat. Even so, fats are

still extremely important to your fitness goals. Essential fatty acids such as Omega 3 and Omega 6 are needed to keep inflammation down and are essential in the synthesis and transportation of hormones, such as T3 and T4, that regulate your metabolism. The recommendation for fat is about 30% of your daily intake.

What are micronutrients?

“Let thy food be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food,” wrote Hippocrates, the father of medicine, in about 460 bc . He believed that the body has its own built-in healing mechanisms and should be treated nutritionally through micronutrients. Micronutrients—micro in Latin meaning smaller—are everything that isn’t a macronutrient: minerals and vitamins. Water-soluble vitamins such as biotin, niacin, and Vitamins B12, B6, and B9 help your body release and produce energy from foods you eat. Fat-soluble vitamins such as Vitamins A, D, E, and K are important in building bone cells and act as anti-oxidants in fighting free radicals and in protecting and healing the body. Minerals such as sodium, potassium, phosphorus, calcium, and magnesium help maintain proper water balance, maintain healthy bones, and stabilize structural proteins in hair, skin, and nails.

Why might flexible dieting and tracking macro be a better option than clean eating or meal plans?

Flexible dieting enables you to eat the foods you enjoy and still reach your fitness goals, while meal plans and clean eating do not give you the freedom to eat a variety of foods or indulge in treats when cravings kick in. Flexible dieting and tracking macros allow you to enjoy a meal out with friends and family with out derailing your fitness goals…Meal plans and clean eating don’t allow you to go out with friends and family unless what they serve is on your meal plan or is “clean.”

Flexible dieting and tracking macros create healthy relationships with food and with yourself. You are allowed to treat yourself and enjoy food—it will not make you fat! Meal plans and clean eating tend to be highly restrictive. These restrictions often create unhealthy, poor relationships with food, which can lead to other issues like binge eating, body dismorphia, or depression. By allowing yourself a variety of foods you enjoy in your plan through flexible dieting and tracking macros, you can stick to your nutrition goals for the long term! With meal plans, you are not able to stick to your plan and clean eating or once you stray from eating clean, weight gain is inevitable.

flexible dieting enables you to eat the foods you enjoy and still reach your fitness goals. Tracking your macros teaches you what and how much you should put in your body, and what your body does well with. For example, you may learn that your body does slightly better with higher carbs and moderate fats or vice versa. When following a meal plan or clean eating rules, you’re following a plan blindly with out any idea of what you put in your body on a day-to-day basis, and usually learn nothing.

How do I get started tracking macros?

There are many apps out in the market that make it extremely easy to track and hit your macronutrient goals! Many of them also include macronutrient ratio tools and calculation tools as well. Some of the more popular apps are My Macros + My Fitness Pal, MacroTrak and iMacro.

Tips and advice from a fitness pro and an experienced flexible dieter

Remember: health first! Make sure to get most of your food from whole, nourishing choices, and don’t forget your micronutrients. Aim to get most of your micronutrient needs from direct sources, such as fruits and vegetables rich in vitamins and minerals. Use flexible dieting as a tool. When ever you’re craving something, don’t restrict yourself ! Fit it into your macros, enjoy it, and go on with your day.

Track your food and hit your macronutrient goals successfully all week but have at least one day of non-tracking and instinctive eating. Do your best to stick with 80% clean and 20% food you enjoy.

TIP before taking a


Spring always brings in an influx of enthusiastic and energized members bent on getting ready for the upcoming summer season. Try following these simple guidelines so that all who come to the club can have a rewarding experience. Be on time for classes. If you are running late, enter quietly and without disturbing the class already in session. For some classes, it may not be appropriate to enter late, such as a meditation class or a quiet yoga session. If you leave early, quietly put your things away and leave without disturbing the class in session. No mobile devices please! Do yourself and your fellow members a favor by taking a break from your mobile devices during classes and workout sessions. If you need to use your phone, please do so in a manner that does not disturb those who are working out around you. Help everyone stay healthy. a) Wipe down equipment after you use it. (b) Refrain from wearing perfumes and oils as many people are allergic. c) Please wipe up any moisture on the floor around your mat or equipment when you have completed your workout. d) If you used equipment, please replace it neatly. 

These are just a few reminders of how we can use ensure that everyone who comes to work out can have a rewarding and comfortable experience.

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Limit the belongings you bring to your class or workout. We suggest bringing a water bottle and towel. Leave coats, bags, keys, and whatever else in your locker or designated areas outside the studios.

GROUPPILATES GAINEY VILLAGE STUDIO NOW OPEN We are excited to announce our new Group Pilates Studio at Gainey Village! We now have two Pilates studios for private and group training. Denise Krater, Gainey VIllage Group Fitness Director

We offer a variety of classes—these total body workout classes are an efficient, fun, and effective way to achieve overall body strength, increased flexibility, and a strong core. All classes are 55 minutes in length, with a maximum of eight participants. Previous Pilates experience of at least three private sessions is required for the classes. If you are new to Pilates we have a special on three 60-minute private sessions for $99. This pricing is valid one time, for first-time Pilates clients. The Gainey Group Pilates classes offered are:


High-energy fusion workout that utilizes the resistance of the Pilates reformer as well as the precise moves of barre work.

Cardio Reformer

This class will incorporate 20 – 30 minutes of plyometric intervals using the jumpboard (think horizontal trampoline) in addition to strength training for arms, legs, abs, back, and glutes.

All Apparatus

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An exciting mix of challenging exercises using a variety of Pilates equipment including the Reformer, the Cadillac Tower, the Chair, the Arc, the Mat, and more.


Build strength, increase flexibility, and improve balance using the Pilates Chair. Experience a more intense aspect of your Pilates practice.

Reformer Stretch

Improve your flexibility as you experience how to stretch with the assistance of a Pilates Reformer. This class will combine a full-body workout with deep stretches to increase range of motion and enhance overall strength. Each class on the schedule is labeled with Levels 1 – 3.


These are our beginner classes. For these classes you need to have had a minimum of three private sessions, or instructor permission is required, to take the class.


These are our intermediate classes. For these classes you need to have had a minimum of three private sessions and three Group Training sessions, or instructor permission is required, to take the class.


These are our advanced classes. Instructor permission is required for you to take the advanced class. Pilates provides excellent cross-training for athletes. You will tone, lengthen, and strengthen your entire body; create balances, strength, and flexibility; increase core strength; and enhance your overall feeling of well-being. So come check out the new studio, grab a class schedule, and start taking some classes today. Ask about our multi-class packages. For additional information, please contact Denise Krater at or 480.624.9107.

what’s cookin’

GOOD LOOKIN’ We get many requests for our recipes here at the Village Cafes. We like to keep most of them a secret, but here is one that we will share with you. It’s one of our most popular dishes and it’s easy to make at home.

Breakfast Bowl 3 large eggs or 4 oz. liquid eggs

2 oz. turkey sausage (cooked)

1 oz. roasted tomatoes

2 oz. pepperjack cheese (shredded)

1 oz. mushrooms 1∕2 cup kale

6 oz. brown rice (heated) or 6 oz. tri-color quinoa (heated)

1 Scramble eggs with mushrooms, spinach, sausage, and roasted tomatoes. 2 Place hot brown rice or quinoa in bottom of bowl. 3 Top with scrambled egg mixture. 4 Finish with pepperjack cheese.

Bill Kurklen Gainey Village, Café Manager



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On-trend workout essentials. Offering performance athletic apparel from brands like lululemon, Nike, Spiritual Gangster, and Under Armour.



YOU’VE got a


If you haven’t already met Camelback’s new GM, you will. Paul Apana is a high-energy guy who always has a smile on his face. Since he took the reins at the Camelback Village on January 11, 2017, he’s vowed to make every employee and member what he calls an “FOP,” or “friend of Paul.” “Everyone here has gone out of their way to welcome me,” says Paul, who jokes that his “only job seems to be not to mess things up.”

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The former restaurateur, who says he’s been sad to leave every job he’s ever left, is looking forward to being an accessible force for good in the Camelback Village community. “Being an effective manager is all about developing relationships,” Paul says. “And part of that means being available to everyone.” You may have seen Paul on Channel 15, where he did regular cooking segments on the Sonoran Living program, or at some of his restaurants, including The Village Tavern and Drexyl. While he’s been in the restaurant game for the past 23 years, it’s a career he willingly gave up to lead the Camelback Village. “My wife, who’s actually the Membership Accountant at the Gainey Village, has sacrificed a lot while I was in the restaurant business,” he reflects. “I’m really looking forward

to the opportunity to spend more quality time with her and our three kids.” We caught up with Paul about two weeks into his tenure as the new GM, to find out about his management style and his vision for the Camelback Village. the village: How did you hear about the opportunity

to run the Camelback Village? paul apana: I’ve been affiliated with the Village for a long time. I’ve been a member for ten years, and for five years I taught cooking classes at the Gainey Village. About a year ago, I was asked to retool the menus at all the different clubs’ cafés. That’s when I got to know all the General Managers and came to understand what a great company DMB Clubs is. One of the other GMs put some feelers out when they realized there’d be an opening at Camelback, and he asked me if I’d be interested. I was flattered and told him I’d definitely consider it, although I wasn’t really looking for a new opportunity—despite my typical 60-plus hour workweeks. But after thinking about it, I decided that I was ready to let it all go and become part of the Village family.

What was your background before running a health club? Until now, my career was in the restaurant business. I moved here 23 years ago from California to open up a handful of Chili’s restaurants in the Valley, and after that I was involved with most of the Claim Jumper locations around town and the Village Tavern in Scottsdale. Most recently, I was a part owner of Drexyl at The SHOPS Gainey Village. They have a great Happy Hour! What was the interview process like for the GM job? Each interview reinforced how fantastic the company is, and I really learned the nuances of what the management team believes in, and how passionately they work to realize their vision every day. The more I moved through the interview process, the more excited I got about the forward-thinking culture that the Village embraces. The fact that it centers around happy employees and treating members like family makes it very similar to my style of operating a restaurant.

How did you answer those questions? I talked a lot about being accessible to people, and taking a very cooperative approach to decision-making. Anyone can have the best idea, and that’s the idea you want to go with. I don’t have to be right all the time, but I do have to be smart enough to know who is! What are some of your top priorities as the new GM at Camelback? I want to know everyone who walks through our doors, employees and members alike. Operationally, the club already works great, so my priorities are all in the area of creating a positive experience for people. If you’re a member or an employee here, I want you to feel like you’re part of a family. I want you to feel like the Village is a lot more than a place to get a workout in. How have you been building rapport with your employees and the membership? Lots of different ways. For one thing, I want people to know where I am and be able to talk to me as much as possible. My office door is almost always open, and when I leave the office to do something, I put a sign on my door telling people where they can find me. Even if I’m working out, I don’t mind getting off the bike to talk to someone. I also make a point to acknowledge everyone who crosses my path. Eventually, everyone at Camelback is going to be an FOP—a Friend of Paul! This trait has served me well over the years, and it’s something I want to pass along to all of our employees. How have you gotten to know about the different aspects of the club? I like to learn by doing. I did every job in the restaurant business, and I’m pretty much doing the same thing here at the Village. It’s my intent to be involved in every activity at the club, from taking yoga classes to learning to shine shoes. I’m really looking forward to taking a water aerobics class one morning! Doing this really helps me understand what the employees and members see and experience, and I think it helps make me more relatable to people.

Can you tell us about the signs on your door? The first thing I do when I get in each day is print out an inspirational saying I’ve picked out. I make my decision early each morning and it gets me focused to start my day. If this simple action can impact at least one person that day, then I feel like I’ve accomplished something.


Praise people publicly; coach them privately. We must believe the things we teach our children. Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it.

Age is mostly a matter of mind. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter. Look at the turtle: he only makes progress when he sticks his neck out. Rudeness is a weak person’s attempt at strength. No one can make you feel inferior without your consent. Swallowing angry words before you speak them is better than having to eat them afterwards.

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Aside from saying hi to everyone, what else do you want your employees to pick up from you? A big part of my philosophy is that if you don’t take care of issues immediately, they just build into bigger problems. So if something needs my attention, I stop whatever I’m doing and address it. I’m working hard to empower every employee to do the same thing. It’s a new mindset for some people, but I want everyone to be able to make decisions, especially if it’s making something right with a member. I’d much rather my employees ask forgiveness instead of permission.


When did you really decide that you wanted to switch careers? When I started the interview process I realized that this was an ideal fit for me, professionally and personally. When I heard that the GM selection was down to two people, I was so anxious and excited about the opportunity. The Village had completely won me over, and I was willing and ready to be part of the team. During my final interview, they asked me questions about how I could contribute to making the it better. They were the same questions I asked prospective restaurant employees, so I knew we were on the same page.

SQUASH A GAME FOR LIFE INTERVIEW with TARA DUGEL Firstly, congratulations to Tara Dugel on being recruited and accepted onto the Columbia University squash team. Peter Fantich, Village Head Squash Professional

peter fantich: Why did you pick or want to go to

Columbia? tara dugel: It was the perfect marriage between the best liberal arts education in the world and the greatest city in the world—NYC. I love the fact that I am able to study great works of art and then take a subway ride and see them in person. Did you ever think squash would give you a chance to study at one of the best colleges in the world? I am so grateful to squash for many things. The chance to study at Columbia is certainly one of them. Additionally, I have met wonderful people from all parts of the worlds and made lasting friendships.

What does it take to play squash? Is it hard work or easy? It takes an open mind and a big smile! This is a fantastic game that will be with me for life. What life lessons has squash taught you, and why should kids get into squash? I believe that competitive sports prepare people for success in life. They teach hard work, discipline, mental toughness, failure, and success… all essential life lessons. I wish you the best of luck; we all miss you here at the Village. I am glad you are flying the Arizona flag high at Columbia.

26 | BET TERLIFE spring 2017

What is your best advice to high school students who want to be accepted into their dream college? Look inside yourself and ask why you want what you may think you want. I would suggest developing a passion outside of your studies. It is important to distinguish yourself outside just grades and SAT/ACT scores.

Meet the new

MANAGERS of the Village Family

Tracey McGilvray

Ross Kundrat

DC Ranch Village

Camelback Village

Spa Director

Café Manager



Every First Friday of the month, Ocotillo Village Tennis hosts a Mixed Up Tennis Social event for players of all levels. This has been the starting point for many of the players at Ocotillo. The event consists of a round robin tournament where players are paired with a different partner every four games. This allows players to quickly get to know others in a fun atmosphere. During the changeovers players eat appetizers, sip on beverages, and socialize with all of the players and staff. The social atmosphere definitely comes before the tennis; however, the matches can be uber-competitive. Heckling and trash-talking is encouraged throughout the evening. The Director of Tennis, Josh Bates, pairs all players up quickly and happens to know all of the levels of play, to make it fun for all players. Sometimes the pros will put on short four-game exhibitions at the end for all to see. The tennis wraps up after 24 games, and everyone goes inside to enjoy a

meal together while talking of the great time they had on court. This event has brought the tennis community of Ocotillo together. One of the most awesome aspects of the First Friday event is that the proportion of newcomers every month is averaging 30%. The event gathers 20 – 36 players every month. The Ocotillo Village is notorious for players that have not played for ten or more years and are getting back into the game. The First Friday event encourages everyone to play and not to stay away from the game any longer. It’s too much fun. The event costs $30 per person or $50 per couple and includes 24 games of tennis, appetizers, beer & wine, and dinner. The time is 6:30 – 9:30 pm and runs in conjunction with Kids’ Club’s Parents’ Night Out. Josh Bates, Ocotillo Village Tennis Director

Denise Krater

Yassna Javadpour

Peter Love

Gainey Village

Ocotillo Village

Camelback Village

Tennis Director

Group Fitness Director

Membership Director

Programs Director

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Dave Critchley DC Ranch Village

focus on





Not everyone gets to the Village right when the doors open at 5 am, but insurance man John Goodloe can be relied upon like clockwork. “I wasn’t always this way,” he confesses. “And I have to say that the first month or so was really tough. But it’s weird how if you keep up with something, it can become a habit.”

what to do next, and I made a pact with myself to get back into shape. Over the years I had gained quite a bit of weight. When I got laid off I weighed about 195, which is a lot for me.

John maintains that the early morning workouts help him stay focused and give him more energy throughout the day. “Before I committed to my early morning workouts, I’d rarely have enough energy to get to the gym after work. And over the years, I put on more weight than I should have.”

How much do you weigh now? I got down to 171, which is a great weight for me. Now I’m at 178, which is still manageable. Anything in the 170s is something I can live with.

John’s new schedule, which he’s been following for a little more than a year now, has resulted in weight loss, new friendships, and an extra boost of confidence that he’s been using at his new, entrepreneurial job in the industry he loves. We caught up with John on a weekday afternoon, long after he had his morning spin class.

28 | BET TERLIFE spring 2017

the village: What prompted your newfound passion

for fitness? john goodloe: I was always pretty active and competitive, but as I advanced in my career my physical activity took a backseat to corporate life. When I was laid off from my company, it really forced me to reflect on my priorities. I was able to take a few months off to figure out

Why did you pick the early morning for your workouts? At first it was because it was easier to get things over with so I could spend the rest of the day soliciting opportunities, but now I really love going to the gym at that early hour. I’ve really bonded with a great group of people, who I look forward to seeing pretty much every day. It’s like we all belong to a special club within the club. I’ve also become hooked on Rollie’s spin classes. He’s got kind of a cult following, and he really encouraged me when I tentatively entered one of his classes for the first time. He patiently showed me how to work the bike, and even though his classes kicked my butt for a few weeks, the music was good and he was motivating, so I stayed with it. I’ve been going for a little more than a year now!

J ohn Goodloe with fellow Cubs fan Kristi Nowicki, Gainey Village Front Desk Manager

I’m not your prototypical gym person, but I really love it. I go to the club about five days a week, and spin about two or three times a week. How often do you go to the Village? I go to the club about five days a week, and spin about two or three times a week. I’m not your prototypical gym person, but I really love it. Do you do any sports outside of the club? Yeah, golf and tennis. And [Activities Director] Shelly McGann has coerced me into doing some hiking. Do you do those things for fun or do you compete? The thing people find out about me right away is that I’m incredibly super-competitive. I take my tennis and golf very seriously. Is there anything else you’re competitive about? I rarely do anything without being competitive about it, but I think what you’re asking about is the MYZONE program at the Village. A group of us participate in this motivating program that uses a smartphone app and a heart-rate monitor to track how much you’re working out. We have fun ribbing each other, so I try to keep up as much as possible. I hear you have a funny MYZONE username… Hahahaha. Yeah, it’s “OinkOink” because I graduated from the University of Arkansas. We have that whole pig thing as our mascot, so I tried to tie it together. Go Razorbacks!

What is your new job? I was hired to start up a new, high-risk commercial insurance product for Mesa Underwriters Specialty Insurance Company, or MUSIC.

J ohn with his good buddy Kim Kotzin who he met in Cycle class

Are you a musician? Hahahaha. Not at all! The last thing you want is to hear me try to play an instrument or sing. It’s an interesting acronym for an insurance company. What is the new product you’re working on? Yeah, it is a catchy name. The product is similar to what Lloyds of London would do. We insure very highrisk types of things, like oil platforms, airlines, and new medical products. It’s really exciting and it’s given me a new opportunity to tap into my skillset. It seems like your life is really in balance these days… It is. I’m so grateful to have the ability to take care of the financial aspects of life by working at something I love, while also having the chance to continuously better myself at the Village. I wake up every day with a smile on my face!

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Are you a big sports fan? Definitely. I was born and raised in Chicago, and my grandfather used to take me to Cubs games at Wrigley Field when I was little. He was actually friends with the Wrigley family, so I got to meet all the great players of the time, like Ernie Banks, Ron Santo and Don Kessinger. I suffered as a Cubs fan for 55 years before they finally won the World Series. I didn’t go to any of those games, but I did see one of their playoff games against the Dodgers. I catch the Cubbies about a dozen times a year in Chicago, and I try to go to a few Spring Training games when they’re here.

Now that you’re working again, have you been able to keep to your workout schedule? Now I’m even happier that I made the decision to work out early! Work can definitely get in the way of your day, and sometimes what starts out as an easy day turns into a long one. No matter what goes on at the office, I know I’ll get my workouts in. And frankly, I’m a lot more energized at work because I start my day at the gym. It’s been great for my productivity!

S carlet’s mom Lisa Summers, Michelle Obama, and Scarlet Summers.

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Birthday Parties at the Village

Have your next birthday party at the Village. We can make your ideas come to life with staff trained to create the fun!

Breakfast with Santa

The Camelback Youth Services Department puts on several events throughout the year. We pride ourselves on making member experiences memorable. We closed out 2016 with our annual Breakfast with Santa event! We had over 100 kids and their families join us on a crisp desert morning where we had ten tons of snow brought to our backfield. Sledding, snowmen, hot cocoa, and of course Santa made this a spectacular morning for all!




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Gainey Village “Not So Silent Night” Holiday Party 2016

The Marley Taylor Band was back at Gainey Village for the second year and members once again hit the dance floor! It was a great night of mingling and enjoying the holiday season with fellow members.

John Smallfield Retirement Party

On Friday, January 6, we bid a fond farewell to Camelback Village General Manager John Smallfield. John made the decision to retire after 12 years with the club. He’ll be missed, but we wish him the best of luck with his new life! C  heers to John from a group of tennis players wishing John Smallfield a happy retirement!

Carol Nalevanko, Village President; Lia Pulver, Camelback Villlage Fitness Director; John Smallfield; and Laura Gilbert, Camelback Village Membership Director. John and Camelback Village Cafe Manager, Ross Kundrat.

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OF A VILLAGE MEMBER Lisa Owens, “Hospitality refers to the relationship between a DC Ranch Village guest and a host, wherein the host receives the Membership Director guest with goodwill, including the reception and entertainment of guests, visitors, or strangers.” Chevalier Louis de Jaucourt goes on to describe hospitality in his Encyclopédie as the virtue of a great soul that cares for the whole universe through the ties of humanity. Here are just a few scenarios of Village member experiences: one of them might be yours!

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Patty drops off her children at school, brings the new baby to Village Kids’ Club, and feels secure knowing that her child is secure and well taken care of as she attends a yoga class, takes a shower, has coffee with her Village friends, gets a manicure at the spa, and then picks up her child. Patty is energized to enjoy and take care of her family for the rest of the day. Phil, a retired Army Colonel, lives here seasonally and trains with Aaron, three times a week. After his workout he has a smoothie to replenish his body, then heads down to the steam room, shaves in our fog free mirrors, takes a shower, and meets his wife for lunch in our Veranda Café, feeling ready for the rest of his day. He doesn’t know how he lived without the Village before he moved to Arizona.

Sharon, a realtor, brings all her clients to the Village, as she feels that it is a selling tool, and an amenity to the neighborhood. When she refers a new member, she receives a free month and a spa treatment. Grace comes to spin at least three times a week. She meets her friends in class, and they compete on how many calories they burn using their MYZONE belts. Afterwards they meet at the Village Happy Hour, and invite their friends who are not members yet, to experience the Village’s social atmosphere. The Bingley family comes every Saturday to swim together in the summer. Their three-year-old loves the splash garden, and they plan to have her fourth birthday party here at the Village. Since sometimes Dad takes the girls to the pool, he likes the convenience of the family locker room to shower and change. As a reward, they go to the café to get a choice of popsicles and Dad doesn’t have to bring his wallet, since he can charge to his account. As you can see, a day in the life of a member can be a varied experience, as they are diverse and independant. Here at the Village, member experience reigns and hospitality is key—always our first and foremost goal.

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My Vi lla ge

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