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Daily soup 8 Classic French onion 10 Sourdough crouton, gruyere gratinée

Roasted Beets 13 Arugula, goat cheese, almonds, wild rice puffs, white balsamic vinaigrette

Chopped Salad 14 Romaine, sopressata, cured olives, provolone, sweet hot Mama Lil’s peppers, chickpeas, boiled egg, citrus vinaigrette

Classic Caesar 12 Romaine, croutons, caesar dressing, parmesan reggiano

Charcuterie & Cheese plate 22 Mostarda, pickled vegetables, mustard, crostini

Day Boat Scallops* 17 Marinated butter bean, pancetta, paprika oil

Mushroom Bruschetta 14 Roasted forest mushrooms, burrata, sourdough toast. balsamic glaze

Fava Bean Ravioli 26 Mint, green peas, lemon butter sauce, farmer’s cheese, beet soubise

Steelhead* 32 Braised lentils with cauliflower, almonds, caper-raisin butter, herb salad

Duck Breast* 36 Pan roasted, braised purple cabbage, roasted butternut squash, port jus

Chicken Breast* 28 Oven dried tomato and basil soft polenta, mushroom jus

Brined Pork Chop* 34 Yukon gold mashed potatoes, braised greens, pear gastrique

Lamb Rack* 38 Oven roasted, grilled asparagus, roasted beets, goat cheese-pistachio puree, mint sauce

Grilled Rib-Eye* 40 Smoked blue cheese butter, rosemary fingerling potatoes confit, spinach

Pan Seared Elk* 43 Roasted root vegetables, goat cheese, carrot butter, chimichurri oil

Yukon gold mashed potatoes 8 Grilled asparagus, lemon butter 8 Braised greens 8 Spinach 8 Rosemary fingerling potatoes confit 8

*Consuming undercooked meats, eggs and seafood may increase your risk of foodborne illness, especially if you have certain medical conditions.

Dinner Menu  
Dinner Menu