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PRACTICE 23 Daily Yoga Session

Our Precious Life Humans have been blessed with many boons, the most precious of which are a higher level of intellect, the ability to do new karma, and above all, a secret tenth aperture which is the gateway to the zone of infinite consciousness.

Our daily asana regimen - Shake off your morning lethargy with this set of yog asanas


Knowing God

26 From the Ashram's kitchen

We often wonder in an isolated situation as to what is the purpose of our life. The answers come from two different sources - one is our mind and the other is we, the soul.

Tridoshic lemon rice - Recipe for a nutritious and detoxing ayurvedic dish

27 Sleeping success

Yogabhyas Our cover story that answers some very important questions on Yoga.

Learn about a key to sound sleep and good health

My sun shing bright


Vedic philosophy is very clear and fits into all generations irrespective of time. The Vedas tell us that in order to come out of the ignorance that we are in currently, we need to first accept that we are very little aware of our own existence, our powers, our goal.

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ear Readers,

We are delighted to present to you the first issue of this year 2012. We have long talked about wanting to find a simple way to share some of what has been passed on to us with our readers, to pass on some of what we know and have learned from the Spiritual Master (The Sadguru) and hopefully have lived: basic principles of the interior life and how to live them in daily life. In other words, true spirituality in the form of practice of Brahm Vidya Vihangam Yoga (which also teaches us the way to live our lives). We have the incredible blessing of the Sadguru and the benefit of something called a spiritual family where the ashram basically opens up its treasure trove of wisdom and shares it with us. Over the course of the last four years of our magazine, we have not only tried to bring out the practicality, spirituality and philosophy of this ancient knowledge called Brahm Vidya but also how to apply it all to our lives in order to grow in the Almighty's grace and become what he's calling each of us to be. These treasures are applicable to every state of life. What better to share than through couplets from the Swarveda - an encyclopedia of spirituality, and enormous knowledge contained in the divine messages (Amritvani), ancient scriptures, reflections, suggestions and experiences? This issue of VYT showcases a variety of features on spirituality & its experiences. “Our precious Life” is an interesting feature that tells us about the value and purpose of a human incarnation. The cover story is titled “Yogabhyas” that answers some very basic yet important questions regarding the practice of this ancient knowledge called Yog. In the travel report, Reena Ramchunder tells us about her experience in the ashrams of Vihangam Yoga when she made a trip to India in the winter last year. There is also an expert opinion on the asana session that can be performed for better health every morning. We are very grateful to our friends who contributed to this issue. Each of you are such beautiful souls shining bright inside. May you all take to the shelter of the Sadguru and experience true knowledge and happiness. Naamdeo Editor-in-chief Vol.5/Issue 1/Pg 3


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Facebook Feed Vihangam Yoga Times International is an amazing journal. It provides great real description of holy cities in India and detailed description about Vihangam Yoga’s ashrams. I have visited few ashrams including this one in Gaya, it was an awesome experience. I myself felt the spiritual energy level and vibrations of spiritual atoms at these ashrams. May Sadgurudev Bless!! - Subir Deobrat, Kolkata

Vol.5/Issue 1/Pg 4

I Love it!!! Share the truth and higher vibration. Love and Light Always. Namaste - John Vincent Burke, San Francisco, California This magazine is the best & unique tool for a perfect human life. – Rajesh Sahay



nce upon a time, there used to be a beautiful kingdom called Scythia in the valleys of the Northern part of the world where lived two princesses who rode off on two separate roads to find God. Their goal was same but roads separate - a true reflection of the world that we live in. After traveling for a few days, one of them met a sage on the way and asked: “Respected sage, my soul is thirsty for the ultimate truth. Please guide me if you can”? The sage initiated her as a disciple and began to preach her.

The other princess went far in search of God. She traveled to pilgrim spots, temples, mountain tops, meditated in the quiet, but found peace nowhere. She hoped that God would show himself if she showed perseverance . My very desire would take me to my goal, she thought. Months passed by. After traveling for many days often under the beating sun and sometimes under the lashing rain, resting under the tree and sleeping in the caves, she got tired, and lost her patience. She got down from her horse onto the earth

Vol.5/Issue 1/Pg 5

and raising her hands towards the sky begged God to appear but he didn't. Tears rolled down her cheeks in desperation but there were still no signs of God. After months of search, she lost her patience and her perseverance got shattered. She decided to go back to her home, the comforts of which she had sorely begun to miss now. She began her journey back home lost and tired. As a collage of thoughts crossed her mind, her faith in the very concept of God took a beat. She began cursing herself for undergoing so much tribulation for nothing. ‘A painful journey for something that does not exist. Aah! I must have missed out on so much fun and real life at home. This life is perhaps my truth, the truth that I am seeking’, she thought. ‘Rest is either imagination or not achievable’. Her mind had wavered from the desire for God to the desire for materialism. And then she saw a sage sitting under the banyan tree preaching to a number of disciples on truth and God. One of these disciples was her sister, the other princess along with whom she had started this journey. She asked her sister to accompany her back to the kingdom but her sister wasn’t interested. She said she had found peace in the sermons of the sage. So the princess asked the sage about his belief in God. The sage smiled and said, “My dear child, there is no doubt about the existence of God because he exists everywhere. He is the greatest of all”. To this, the princess asked, “If he is so great and if he is present everywhere, why can’t we see him”? The sage said, “That’s because you can see the Almighty only with the eyes of your soul and not with the eyes of your body.” The princess complained, “I have traveled so far all alone in the search of God and yet I didn’t find him. If he is there, why didn’t he appear”? The sage answered, “But you have found me, I can become your guide if you want. I can show you the path to attain God. You can only learn it from an all knowing Master and not through your ignorant self”. At this the princess said, “Respected sage, I don't want to, because now I believe in my life back home. I have the desire to discover no more. God has not answered my call, and now I prefer to go back home and live my life”. She asked the other princess to come along too but she had found her truth

Vol.5/Issue 1/Pg 6

in the shelter of her master. And so the princess rode back home alone and empty handed. And so the sage preached, “Our mind is like a ceaser if stillness is not attained. It makes us believe only in what we see with our eyes and ears open, in the external world. And it makes us lose faith in the internal world, the subtle world. The mind establishes our faith in the impermanent gross world, a faith that is very shaky, that dies and takes birth continuously. The entire thing is very sad and tragic. But that is the truth about the mind”. Vairagya based on mind is not permanent. The princess had momentary vairagya. Her faith was easily shaken by thoughts. On being tested by the arrows of time, patience and thoughts, her entire life and its purpose took a u-turn including her faith. Sadguru Sadafaldeo Ji Maharaj writes in Swarveda,

"Mana Shanik Vairagya le, Chade utung aakash, Turat raag mein girat hai, sadgun jeev vinash” If we continue to move in the direction of the ever flowing mind, our virtues will be lost and we will meet the fate of the princess. But if we keep faith in the Spiritual master and live our life as per his teachings, if we meditate regularly and gain control over our mind attaining stillness of thoughts, then our virtues will start getting polished. Our faith will grow stronger and stronger and then a day will come when it will be unshakeable. To have good faith, we simply need to be a good disciple. And then when Vairagya will arise, it will be a permanent one taking us to our goal. Unshakeable faith is established by being in the shelter of the master, by focusing in the inner world that is subtle and conscious, unlike the outer world that is gross and inert. Source: VYT Blogs


Precious Life Siddharth Kumar elaborates why we need to take our human incarnation seriously


e keep saying unknowingly – “Our body… our eyes…our mind…our memory…our attention…our intellect…our breath etc.” Such statements itself imply that we are not body, we are something else. The question arises - Who do we refer to as “OUR”? Our ancient scriptures describe this referred entity as “Soul”, which is at one hand finer than all of these elements such as body, breath, mind, intellect, memory etc. and on the other hand is the only conscious entity in any living form without which there won’t be any action in our life. It is the conscious energy of this soul which causes action in our mind, body etc. This is the reason that when a soul departs from the body, a human being is declared dead.


Gita, Ramayana, Vedas, Upanishads and other such holy scriptures mention that the soul residing in a human body never dies, it keeps moving from one living form to another just like we keep changing our clothes. Ancient scriptures and many spiritual texts describe human form as the most treasured and unique form of existence for any soul. A single opportunity to be incarnated as human is said to be obtained by a soul only after 8.4 million (in fact innumerable) cycles of life and death in different forms. The human form is so precious that even demigods seek to take birth as humans. Saint Tulsidas in his work Ram Charit Manas writes –

Bade bhagya manus tan pava | Sur durlabh sadgranthan gava || We are fortunate to have earned this human body, which is difficult to get even by the deities, so say the scriptures. Human life is rare and precious. It is precious because the root desire of soul of attaining the state of true and complete salvation can be fulfilled only in the human form. The question may arise – why will a soul have the root desire of attaining complete salvation and union with the Almighty? One can get the answer by comparing

Vol.5/Issue 1/Pg 7

what one can potentially get in this physical world with what one can potentially get in the company of God. Sadguru Sadafaldeo ji Maharaj in his holy book “Swarved” explains this comparison –

Seeink bund sam jagat sukh, Kashaa samundar jaan I Parmaanand ko kimi kahoon, Shakya vachan nahin gyaan II All the worldly pleasures that exist in this entire world cumulatively is just like a drop of water at the tip of a stick while the pleasure of being with God is like the entire ocean! Given an opportunity of this magnificent quantum of bliss and happiness, there is no reason why this should not be the ultimate goal of our life, of our soul. Now let’s try to understand why the human form is so special to help us achieve the ultimate goal. We have been blessed with three most valuable things which other living forms don’t have. 4 Human form is the only form in which one can do new “Karma”: It has been said in our ancient literatures that human form is different from more than 8.4 million species (in fact innumerable), which are considered as “Bhogyoni” (meant only to bear the fruit ). This means, we as human beings are free to perform actions but whatever actions we perform, we have to bear the fruits of our actions either in this life itself or in other lives – resulting into “bondage” and the cycle of life & death. So as a human being, if we do good karmas (act) we will get good results and if we do bad karmas, we will have to suffer from bad results.All other forms of life (other than human form) are only to “bear the fruits of their actions in their previous lives”, hence they are referred to as “Bhogyoni”. Our ancient literatures also mention that there is a different category of karma (called Vikarma), which is performed towards realization of the self and the Supreme soul. Vikarma refers to those good deeds which help us get off the cycle of birth and death. In other words, the outcome of Vikarma is not to tie us up in good or bad outcomes, but help us in getting over the cycle of deeds and outcomes. This type of karma (Vikarma) can be performed only by a human being, not by any other living form. It is the choice we make in our life whether we keep doing karmas which result in “Bhog” (suffering) or we move towards “Vikarma” for God realization. To help us in this regard, God blessed us with the next thing – a larger and better brain!

Vol.5/Issue 1/Pg 8


4 Endowed with larger brain to think logically to discern between right and wrong (called “Vivek”): We have the same sensory, reproductive and functional organs as animals but in addition, have larger brains. The human brain is over three times as large as the brain of a mammal with an equivalent body size. Specific portions involved in executive functions such as selfcontrol, planning, reasoning, and abstract thought are expanded in the human brain, providing us the ability to understand and analyze information unlike other species. Human beings can think logically to discern between what is right and wrong, truth or false, Dharm (righteousness) and Adharm (non-righteousness). We can use this privileged ability, to decide whether we keep doing Karma which result in sufferings or move towards Vikarma. What more we could have asked God ? After giving us the freedom to act and blessing us with a better brain to distinguish between right & wrong – HE also blessed us with a solution within our human body to realize our ultimate goal. We don’t need to seek outside ourselves! 4 Blessed with the solution, lying within us, to attain the ultimate bliss (the 10th door): Our ancient scriptures describe the need for undertaking an inner journey of self realization to get to ultimate happiness. On this inner journey they say, there lies a secret door (10th door dasham dwar or yogi ka dwar in our body) which is the gateway to the zone of consciousness, the zone of eternal bliss. Before this secret door lies the zone of suffering, bondage and the prakriti (nature) that many of us are currently in. It is when this 10th door opens through the blessings and guidance of an able Sadguru, that the soul breaks free from the shackles of physical boundaries of prakriti, experiences eternal bliss and further attains salvation from the cycles of birth and death. Probably this is the reason why it is said – God lies within us and we don’t need to seek Him outside. Most importantly, only the human form has been blessed with this secret door i.e. the tenth door. No other life form has got this privileged access to salvation and that’s why it is said that even deities seek to take birth as human beings.

However, in the struggle to compete, win and manage our daily lives, we often get so occupied that the real objective of possessing this special human form gets blurred and we treat worldly pleasures as the only purpose of our life. We fail to distinguish between external happiness (which is short-lived) and internal happiness (which is permanent). We forget that death is inevitable. Everything that we have obtained in a lifetime, be it materialistic goods, worldly fame or relationships will be lost, bringing an end to the happiness thus derived. Only the soul will move forward. In our quest for external happiness, rarely do we think about happiness for the soul – our inner core. Soul’s journey does not end with the death of the body, it just changes the body. It will obtain happiness, which it is perpetually seeking, only when it indulges in activities that lead to this path of self realization and of God realization. This rare opportunity of having got the precious human form does not deserve to be wasted. The need of the hour is to know the path (Vihangam Yoga) which can teach us a way of living where we are indulged in doing right things – the Vikarmas, to know the technique (the Science of Consciousness) to embark on the inner journey and, to seek the blessings of the Supreme guide (the Sadguru) who can hold us and lead us on this path of salvation to achieve eternal peace and bliss.

Vol.5/Issue 1/Pg 9

Knowing God Ishan Mukherjee turns inside to explore the nourishing effect of coming to terms with spirituality and realization of truth...


here was a time when I wondered as to what is the purpose of my life. It’s a question that arises out of emptiness, out of ignorance, out of the desire to come out of the seemingly continuous cycle of pain and lies. Lies that have quietly bought their way into the land of my spirit, my heart, and built their own fortress. A fortress of sand that makes me lie, commit mistakes, surrender to my vices. A fortress in which I feel imprisoned in darkness, my moments filled with sorrows and losses, and the ever precious time of this beautiful human incarnation running out. I am desperate, I seek change, but being imprisoned in darkness can’t do much. This is when I begin to wonder.

Vol.5/Issue 1/Pg 10


Vol.5/Issue 1/Pg 11

Chandogya Upanishad

There is a light that shines beyond all things on Earth, beyond us all, beyond the highest, the very highest of heavens. This is the light that shines in our hearts.�

Hah! I believe all of us go through this stage in life sometime or the other. But whenever this stage comes, it is like a door beyond which the world begins. There is not much action on this side of the wall. So we got to go through it, and that one can do only by finding the answer. It is different for everybody, I mean the answer. For we all are different souls, and have different karmic patterns, and different minds, and hence different desires. So as long as we choose to rely on our beautiful minds and aim to make hay with acts that rank high on the altar of success, and enjoy the sweet fruits of life, well yes, we do manage to find a goal and then start working at it.

spiritual progress. Spiritual progress is not all about health; it is not all about exercises that are of the physical body made of five elements, and about exercises of Vayu in the nadis such as Ingala and Pingala. All these faculties help us in attaining good health and improved concentration only. Spiritual progress is also not about the so called Yoga that has originated from Avidya, or, partial knowledge. As the old saying goes, little knowledge is always more harmful. So practice of Yoga amidst the clouds of partial knowledge can lead to nowhere. That is why the surreal experience of people practicing Yoga at large is so limited. Out of ignorance they depend so much on themselves, on the ego factor, on the "I"

DO NOT GET WRAPPED IN FALSE EGO ABOUT EXPERIENCES THAT ARE ACTUALLY NOT SPIRITUAL BUT RATHER A RESULT OF YOUR IMAGINATION. SUCH IMAGINATIONS ARE FALSE AND CAN LEAD TO NOWHERE. THEREFORE YOGA MUST ALWAYS BE PRACTICED UNDER THE GUIDANCE OF THE TRUE SPIRITUAL MASTER, WHO KNOWS ALL, AND HENCE THE RISK OF PARTIAL KNOWLEDGE OR IGNORANCE DOESN'T EXIST. But whenever our consciousness switches from the plane of karmic vibrations to the plane of void, there is a different thing that takes over - our spirit. This is the time when our entire life all of a sudden comes to an unexpected halt, our former goal vanishes and so do its vibrations. In the void, questions confront the spiritual entity that we are. Questions such as - Why do I breathe? Why do I act in the way that I do? Why do moments of sadness creep into my happy life time and again against my will? God, why have I been born into this world? And if I have been born, why do I have to die one day? Questions after questions, and believe me it never stops. So what to do in such a circumstance. Very simple, find an answer. And this is exactly what has happened with me, and now I am going to tell you what I found.

factor, the " I alone can do it" factor, the "do not believe others " factor, on the habit of judging, that it serves as a huge drawback to spiritual progress and result oriented Yoga. Yoga is a word meaning union. Can we attain union with God through bodily exercises or imagination? Neither logic nor philosophy gives a yes. Many such practices could be false in which some ignorant people are trying to fool themselves and commit spiritual suicide. Do you want to be part of a spiritual suicide campaign, and get wrapped in false ego about your spiritual experiences that are actually not spiritual experiences but a result of your own imagination? Wise men tell us that such imaginations are false, they are a result of Maya, and hence we must not believe in them. They will push one further into darkness.

I found that this is a beautiful world which talks about spirituality, but this talk must be an open one, a platform of discussion for all people interested genuinely in the stream of spirituality, for all those who are involved in inventing new methods for

It’s quite obvious that one cannot walk on the path of darkness to attain nirvana. One is never sure in imaginations. We are always sure about the road in broad daylight but it gets a little dicey in the night. It’s impossible to come out of darkness and get

Vol.5/Issue 1/Pg 12

NIRVANA IS OUR GOAL. IT IS THE GOAL OF HUMAN LIFE. IT IS THE REASON BEHIND OUR BIRTH AS HUMAN BEINGS. THIS IS WHY GOD HAS SHOWERED US WITH SUCH WONDERFUL GIFTS SUCH AS A BEAUTIFUL BODY, A LARGER BRAIN, THE ABILITY TO RECEIVE KNOWLEDGE AND EXPERIENCE THE SCIENCE OF CONSCIOUSNESS. liberated from the ever flowing prakriti (gross nature) by continuing to flow with the imaginations, continuously wavering from one subject to another, by not being able to stay focused at one point. Some people even practice the art of trying to calm the mind by tiring it through imagining continuously. Doesn’t that lead to sleep instead of meditation that is the established tool to gain knowledge of the subtle? Most importantly, all such practices in the name of spiritual progress are without the guiding light of the all knowing Master of spirituality i.e. the Sadguru.

as human beings - to learn this knowledge of Yoga, practice it, and get liberated from the cycle of birth & death. Nirvana is the goal of human life. It is the goal of human life. It is the reason behind our birth as human beings. This is why God has showered us with wonderful gifts such as a beautiful body, a larger brain, the ability to receive knowledge and practice it. And the best gift that God has showered us with is indeed the Spiritual Master who gives us knowledge and helps us cross the ocean of Kaal and Prakriti (Nature & Time).

Some yoga practitioners or human beings experience a kind of light or hear some inner sound, but there are many such lights and sounds that are vibrations of nature. One cannot term such experiences as that of eternal bliss or true peace, because such experiences even if they bring some peace, do so for some time only. Then they fade, and go away, and our ever restless mind takes over and we are back to our troubled life. When a man gets shaken by troubles, it's a symptom that the man has a long way to go still as far as spirituality is concerned. He, who knows the truth, is always calm, come whatever. Saint Kabir was smiling even when he was being pushed into the river by the king, because he was the knower of truth.

Basically, the initial level Yoga (comprising of Asana, Mudra etc.) being learnt worldwide are meant to build our physical strength and focus that thereafter has to be utilized in meditation to attain union with God (Yoga) and liberation from the ocean of darkness (Nirvana). The Yoga that helps us attain our goal, that has to be learnt from the Spiritual Master and then practiced religiously, is called Brahm Vidya Vihangam Yoga. It is the science of consciousness that can be learnt by meditating as per the guidance of the Master.

The many forms of Yoga vastly practiced today across the length and breadth of the globe are mostly related to the initial steps of Yoga which are physical strength, good health, and focus. But physical strength, good health, and focus that can be acquired through bandha, mudra, asana, pranayam & shat kriya, need to be utilized. Utilized for what? Simple to attain the goal of life. Physical Yoga is the tool to attain good health, and good health is a basic requirement for true yogic practice that would lead to the attainment of the goal of life i.e. realization of God. Nirvana is the reason why we have taken birth

So let’s not get stuck in the preparatory level for Nirvana. Let’s move ahead towards the science of consciousness that comes right from the doors of the Messenger of God – The Spiritual Master, The Sadguru, The Holy Spirit, The Hiranyagarbha, who has been called by different names in different sacred texts, He who opens the doors of our heart and fills it with eternal light.

Vol.5/Issue 1/Pg 13

In Search of

True Knowledge Reena Ramchunder shares her experience when on a visit to the divine ashrams of Vihangam Yoga in India....


t was December vacations once again where the summers were extremely wonderful, and it was time to travel to the land of my forefathers, India. So this trip was not just another holiday to me but a spiritual experience, whereby I decided to leave back all material detachments, that enables a pilgrim to move forward and experience the ashram life of Vihangam Yoga , which is unwinding Spirituality.

place for Hindus being the land of pinda-daan (a hindu ritual involving worship of ancestor’s souls), and is located on the banks of a vast stretch of the river Falgu. This city is also famous for Buddhist temples & monasteries, as Gautam Buddha got knowledge in this city. In Hindi, knowledge is spoken as bodh and hence this city is known as Bodh Gaya (City of Knowledge).

An exciting and interesting itinerary was organized by Amit More of the South African Institute of Vihangam Yoga, which is a branch of Vihangam Yoga Sansthan, Allahabad. My itinerary comprised of visits to the prime centers or ashrams of Vihangam Yoga with deluxe accommodation and satvic five course meals.

Madhumati Ashram, which is one of the six prime ashrams of Vihangam Yoga, is located in this very holy city. Vihangam Yoga is a pioneer in Yoga and advanced meditation, and aims at uplifting the human life on all grounds. As an organization, it was established in the year 1924 by His Holiness Sadguru Sadafaldeoji Maharaj, whereby it is recognized internationally.

According to my itinerary, I flew to Patna whereby I was transferred to this great place called Gaya, which is located in the North West of Bihar. Gaya is a significant

Sadguru Sadafaldeoji Maharaj appeared at this Ashram many times in his metaphysical form. An Ashram that houses a five floored guest house for the visitors, saints

Vol.5/Issue 1/Pg 14

and disciples, it also has a cave for practicing meditation, where a devotee can experience amazing spiritual vibrations. A warm and loving welcome was given to me by Varun and other gurubhais (brothers) and gurubehens (sisters) of the Ashram. My stay here was even blessed by a meeting with Sant Shri Vigyandeo Ji Maharaj. Sant Pravar, a Supreme Saint, delivers the Divyavani (a Spiritual Discourse in a melodious environment based on the Swarveda) explaining spiritual secrets to the human beings in India as well as foreign lands, and travels all around the globe for the spiritual upliftment of mankind. My meeting with him was very simple as a Hindu journalist from South Africa. Questions that were put forward to Sant Pravarji and answers that were received were the true blessings or Prasad of his knowledge. His talks inspired me even greater to continue my uplifting works towards Hinduism in South Africa. Along with his divine love and blessings, he appointed Mahesh Prajapati as my trip coordinator who was a wonderfully patient and caring gurubhai with knowledge of Vihangam Yoga. My next stop was at Vrittikut Ashram, a unique Ashram which is situated in a village called Pakadi in the Ballia district of Uttar Pradesh. This ashram is situated in a beautiful green environment surrounded with natural ponds, and acres of green mustard plantations. I was warmly welcomed by Shastriji and his crew of members. A well furnished three floored marble guest house is situated in the premise of this Ashram. A natural well know as “Bramhakoop” is the main focal point which contains divine water for all disciples. This Ashram has a Cave, where Sadguru Shri Sadafaldeoji Maharaj did severe and long meditation for 17 years, from the age of 11. After that he took a pledge to liberate certain million souls from the cycle of birth and death, having received the authority of Abhyas Siddha Sadguru from the Eternal Spiritual Master (Nitya Anadi Sadgurudeo). This ancient cave is covered by a beautiful marble temple of five floors with a lotus symbol on top. A meditator gets divine vibrations in this cave along with experiences of five levels of meditation, which is also known as Vihangam Yoga. This is a simple practice or method which starts from controlling the mind and aims at GOD realization. I have seen even poor people from nearby villages practice meditation at this Ashram. This makes it clear that meditation can be done in all eras and is meant for every human being, irrespective of caste, creed, religion, sex or race. This Ashram also houses a very beautiful Yagnashala, where Havan is performed every morning. Also there is

a special place of Samadhi (Samadhi sthal) inside the ashram, where I took blessings from all the divine and liberated souls from amongst the Sadguru’s family and disciples. I also visited the Sadguru Sadafaldeoji Inter College near the Ashram, which gives education to all children from the nearby area. My next stop was at Sarnath Ashram in Varanasi. Here I visited a beautiful Goshala. This ashram is adjacent to a beautiful pond of lotus. Near to this Ashram, I visited the “Swarveda Mahamandir” which is based in Umraha, Varanasi. This super structure is the biggest meditation center in India, as well as all around the world. I had goose bumps, when I was looking at this beautiful infrastructure. Divine vibrations and great energy flow from this temple, where more than 10000 true seekers can meditate on one floor. This is a huge infrastructure with 8 floors representing the 8 chakras inside our body. The place hosts an annual congregation of Vihangam Yoga, where more than 600000 disciples from around the globe attend yoga camp and discourses for 3 days. The South African Institute of Vihangam Yoga organizes a special tour in Nov/Dec for this unique yoga summit, and I will make sure that I will attend it in the coming 14, 15 and 16th December 2012. My final destination was the Jhunsi Ashram, which is situated on the banks of the holy confluence of the Ganga, Yamuna & Saraswati (Triveni) at Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh. This ashram has an excellent view, surrounded by green trees on one side and the Holy River Ganga on the other. The Ashram has the facility of deluxe accommodation along with a nice canteen. In the basement, there is a cave for meditation and daily prayers. Then there is the huge Mahamandir (5 floors) – an architectural marvel in itself with a Cave at the bottom for meditation. I also visited the Yoga College located in side the Ashram, where children are taught for free and provided with food, accommodation and clothes for free as well. There is also a big Goshala in thisAshram. I also visited the printing press, library and Ayurveda center in this Ashram. I was fortunate to attend Havan at the Yagyashala, where disciples perform havan every morning and evening to purify the environment. It was heart touching to be in the Ganges and touch the holy water of Triveni – the confluence of the three rivers namely Ganga, Yamuna & Saraswati. The world famous Kumbha Mela is held at this very place and hence this place is also known as Prayag Raj. Further, I also visited the Samadhi of Great Himalaya Yogi Sadguru Sadafaldeoji Maharaj on the banks of Triveni. I was stunned to know that; he was the first

Vol.5/Issue 1/Pg 15

Benefits of Vihangam Yoga First Level Meditation PHYSICAL BENEFITS


Better Sleep.

Lowers stress.

Faster healing.

Develops creativity.

Improves eyesight.

Improves performance.

Lowers blood pressure. Increases energy level.

Develops Compassion and Love.

Strengthens the nervous system.

Improves concentration and Memory.

Strengthens the immune system.

Balances emotions.

Increases lung capacity

Terminates addiction to alcohol, smoking and drugs.

Better breathing.

SPIRITUAL BENEFITS Encourages sense of peaceA consistent sense of well being. Makes you realize the true form of your inner self. Takes you towards the source of eternal bliss: The Supreme Soul.

Brings clarity to the mind.

yogi from this era who took open Samadhi in front of his disciples and after leaving body, did akashwani ( Speech from the void) for 15 minutes. I came to know that Vihangam Yoga is also known as Devyan Path / Meen Maarg / Madhu Vidya /Para Vidya or Brahmvidya. It was the only form of yoga known to the sages. With the passage of time this knowledge got fragmented and the various fragments appeared in different forms as complete yoga practices. Some such yoga practices are Raj yoga, Hatha Yoga, Mantra yoga, Laya yoga, Bhakti yoga and Kundalini yoga. Vihangam Yoga thus happens to be the mother of all yoga practices. This is an esoteric metaphysical science of consciousness that is to be learnt from, and practiced under the guidance of the Sadguru. Sadguru Shri Swatantradeo Ji Maharaj is the present Spiritual Master with 20 symbols of divinity and is a Bramhanishtha Shrotriya Mantra Drashta Rishi. He belongs to the family of Rishi Shringi who performed Putrakameshti Yajna for King Dashratha and was married to his daughter Shanta. Later on, Sadguru Sadafaldeo Ji Maharaj from this family became the first Abhyas Siddha Sadguru of this era. He declared that

after the birth of his grandson, India will become free; hence the present Sadguru's name is Swatantradeo (meaning the Lord of freedom....freedom of Souls from materialistic world to the zone ofAlmighty God). The Present Sadgurudeo and Sant Pravarji have assured South Africa that, they will be blessing Durban and Johannesburg on the 15th and 16th of September at the 108 kundiya Vedic Havan. South African Institute of Vihangam Yoga will be hosting a mega program at Blue Lagoon with Shri Roy Moodley’s Ganesha float procession on 15th September from 11AM to 3 PM. I wished my trip to the ashrams would have never finished, but due to time restriction I had to return to Durban. But I still think about these divine places and look forward to my next trip. Reena Ramchunder Member, SAIVY Journalist, Hindu Times Durban, South Africa

South African Institute of Vihangam Yoga (SAIVY) teaches free meditation for interested people and you can reach Amit More on 0828395180 or at to transform your life. Vol.5/Issue 1/Pg 16

Above: Mahamandir at Jhunsi, Allahabad Centre: Abhyas Siddha Sadguru Shri Sadafaldeo Ji Maharaj Below: Swarved Mahamandir, Umraha (Varanasi) Extreme Right: Vrittikut Ashram, Ballia, U.P.

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YOGABHYAS If we are souls which we are, and want to escape from the continuous cycle of sufferings, is there a way out? VIJAY KUMAR explores...

In a spiritual conversation, Shri Ram asks Maharshi Vashishta: Master! The soul has been suffering from the bondages of life and death since time immemorial. How would such souls, engrossed so much in materialism, be ever liberated from sufferings and be able to achieve bliss, peace and reunion with the Lord? Guru Vashishta replies: When a human being will practice Yog rigorously for several years, only then the tendencies and longing for materialism will end and the soul will get freedom from all his bondages. Thus he emphasizes on the importance o f t h e p r a c t i c e o f Yo g i . e .

Yogabhyaas. Vol.5/Issue 1/Pg 18

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Why Yogabhyas? It is only in this human incarnation that we do have a choice to drive our life in a direction of our choice, rest all other incarnations are just to bear the outcomes of karma that the soul has carried forward from the previous births. In the human life, not only the karma of the previous lives but the current actions also pave the way to our future outcomes. The present actions certainly have a role in the happiness and sorrow that we are earning today. This is why human life is precious. It is only in human life that we have a choice to break free from the bondages of ignorance, karma and association with Prakriti. For that, it is essential to practice a technique that reverses the flow of consciousness from the inert nature (Prakriti) to the all pervading God (Parmatma). The practice of such technique is called Yogabhyas (practice of Yog). It is only when the soul attains self realization and raises itself beyond prakriti (nature) to the zone of supreme consciousnesss, does it become free from bondages and experiences eternal bliss in true devotion to the Almighty Lord. To obtain this ultimate goal of life, Yogabhyas is essential. The most revered Himalayan Yogi Sadguru Sadafaldeo Ji Maharaj writes in Swarveda:

Gyaan aur vairaag bin, bhakti kabahu nahin hoy! Bina yog vigyaan nahin, yah gati jaane koy!!

Swarveda in the fourth canto-eighth chapter. Here, Sadgurudeo touches upon all the aspects of the practice that help a practitioner succeed in the process of meditation. Yogic practice is not an easy task. Sadgurudeo starts with the list of characteristics that drive a human to the practice of Yog. He further explains the necessity of a particular ambience, diet, and discipline for attaining success in meditation. By the time we read through the entire chapter, we would realize that the success in meditation finally depends upon the mercy of Lord Sadgurudeo as ultimately it is He who has the complete authority to bestow the practitioner with the knowledge of the ultimate truth. Without his consent, all our efforts are futile. It is therefore very important to first serve the Sadguru with utmost devotion and please him for mercy.

Sadguru ki parsannata, phir prasanna prabhu hoy! Tab nij atam prasannata, tab yah dhruv pad hoy!!

First the Sadgurudeo has to be pleased. With his contentment, the lord is pleased. It is then that the practitioner realizes the true conscious form of the Lord in the state of Samadhi. Thus pleasing Sadgurudeo with our utmost devotion and service is utterly important in the journey of Yogabhyaas.

Who aspires for Yogabhyas?

“Without self realization and detachment, true Bhakti or devotion is not possible and for enlightenment and detachment, the practice of yog is essential.” Thus Yog is the only way to our ultimate goal. Yogabhyas literally means the practice of Yog. Yog truly happens in the meditative state of soul where the soul performs its devotion directly from the abode of its spiritual consciousness without the use of the body, mind, intellect and other organs. The Spiritual Master has described every bit of details about Yogic practice in his spiritual treatise named

Vol.5/Issue 1/Pg 20

There are very few fortunate beings who have understood the reality of life and hence aspired for Yog. Sadgurudeo writes in Swarveda that only those who are true seekers of the all merciful God, who have also surrendered themselves at the feet of Sadgurudeo, and who have adopted the Sadguru’s guidance as the basis of life, would aspire for the practice of Yog. Such devotees serving at the feet of Sadgurudeo acquire great virtues of faith, control over mind and senses, patience, benevolence, kindness, etc. They lower their ego as well as the longing-and-hatred for the objects of Maya living life with utmost peace. Thus the biggest driving factor for the practice of Yog is the devotion to the Lord and the Spiritual Master (Sadgurudeo). It is otherwise not possible for one to continue the practice of Yog regularly.

What ambience would help in the practice of Yog? Yog should be practiced in serene environs such as the bank of a river, silent places, jungles or the places of natural beauty such as waterfall, garden, caves etc. Sadgurudeo also describes as to which environment is suitable for karma yogis like us who are engaged in either a business or a job. He writes:

squash, etc that are Satvic food are appropriate and easily digestible for the practitioner. At the same time, without relinquishing the non-vegetarian diet, alcohol and other intoxications, it is not possible to reach the higher stages of meditation. They must be relinquished with time.

How to practice Yog? The practice of Yog is not only about practicing the technique, it is much more than that. Sadgurudeo writes

Grih grihasth sadhan karei, kamraa ek ekant! Va sareh nij khet mein, bahar sundar shaant!!

All of us engaged in jobs and business should definitely design a room for meditation where there is no disturbance. Alternatively, one can also find a naturally beautiful place in the neighborhood feasible for the practice of Yog. It is preferable to practice meditation alone with complete devotion to Lord Sadgurudeo. What precautions do we take regarding diet and sleep? The Spiritual Master writes:

Nidra bhojan niyam se, nahin nyunaadhik hoy! Samay badh sadhan chale, sang saath nahin koy!!

Sleep and diet must be balanced and on time. Regarding sleep, one must be an early bird. Six hours of sleep is sufficient for a person. A Yogabhyasi must prefer satvic food which brings peace to the mind and is nourishing for the body. Sleep and diet should both be balanced – neither more nor less. Milk, fruits, boiled vegetables, etc are suitable for meditation. Wheat, rice, sprouted gram, moong,

Pratham kamal shri guru charan, vandan barambaar! Aasit aasan dhyaayiye, guru moorati shubh saar!! Guru swaroop mangal subhag, vibhrat bhraaj viraaj! Phir sadhan nij yog ka, sab vidhi sukhad susaaj!!

First and foremost, we remember Sadgurudeo at the point of concentration and pray at his feet repeatedly for his mercy and blessing. It is the most important step in the practice of meditation. Only after remembering the Master, one should begin the practice of meditation as instructed. This makes the practice of meditation much simpler and obstacle free with the mercy of Lord Sadgurudeo. The Sadguru clarifies on this in the following couplets of Swarveda: Some need several births in the practice of Yog to finally cleanse the soul of all the longings for the prakriti (nature), and hence it is very essential to

How long does the entire course of meditation take to accomplish the end goal? leverage every bit of human life in the practice of Yog. We are so much impure from inside with lust, greed,

Vol.5/Issue 1/Pg 21

Uttam koti purush ki, yah avadhi shat maas! Madhyam koti sadhakan, adhik samay abhyaas!! Jyon jas shudh stitva hai, tyon tas samay vikaas! Nyunaadhik ka bhed hai, adham kanisht udaas!! Ek janma do janma mein, karat yog abhyaas! Janma anek utthaan mein, jivanmukta pad bhaas!!

The purest soul would need only six months of unbroken meditation to realize the ultimate truth. Others take longer on the basis of the level of purity one has.

shows his mercy, he can show the Lord just in a moment, for that he would not need any preaching.

Uttham Adhikaari mile, Sarshabd updesh! Sadguru Sain Lakhawahi, nahin bhashan aadesh!!

Only with great fortune, one recognizes the true Sadguru in life. It is of utmost fortune that many of us have adopted the right path in right time. Let us all get deeply involved in the service of Sadgurudeo, regular Satsang and regular Yogabhayas (practice of Yog) for breaking free from the never ending shackles of life and death.

Vijay Kumar NorthAmerican Institute of Vihangam Yoga Ă… +1 614 787 0693 Maryland, USA For US: Telephonic Workshop (11AM - 12 PM EST) every Sunday Vihangam Yoga Workshop (Every Sunday) in Baltimore, MD at 9:30 AM

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daily yoga



Basic Rules The best time to do asanas & pranayama is early morning, about half an hour after getting up or early evening before dinner. Never practice on a full stomach. Wait at least three hours after eating a main meal, about one hour after eating a light snack and about half an hour after drinking juices. After practice, wait for a quarter of an hour before eating. Don't practice immediately after getting out of bed, since you'll be too stiff. Don’t practice just before going to bed, since their stimulating effect may prevent you from sleeping easily.

If you are suffering from medical conditions like high blood pressure, dizziness and serious eye problems, it is inadvisable to do inverted postures (headstand, shoulder stand etc). If in doubt, see a doctor before you start.

IN SUMMARY Asanas have to be done slowly, steadily and should be comfortable. Awareness should be focused on changes occurring inside your body. Breathing should be normal Eyes should be closed and you should maintain a gentle smile on your face.

Don't take a hot shower or bath immediately after yoga, since this draws blood away from the internal organs and glands to the skin. Exercise in a well ventilated room. Use a Yoga mat or a thick rug. Wear loose clothing, since tight clothes will restrict the circulation to some areas of the body. Fix a comfortable time of the day for yoga and make it a part of your routine. It is necessary to practice regularly for a longer time to get good results. Vol.5/Issue 1/Pg 23





Swing your hips to the left as you stretch out to the right. Place your right hand on your right knee and extend your left arm straight up toward the ceiling. Do not allow the right arm to support any weight. Let your legs support you.

NECK ROLLS (2 minutes)

Clockwise Rotate neck 360 degrees clockwise. Inhale during the first ½ of the roll and exhale for the second ½ .Repeat 5 times taking 1 minute in total.

Extend evenly on both sides of your body. Don’t compress the lower ribs and hyper-extend the upper ribs.

After completing 5 rounds slightly, tilt head to the right and then to the left; this will reduce any signs of dizziness.

Look straight ahead or up at your left hand. Relax your body and the senses. Breathe evenly through your nose. Return to erect position slowly, keeping your spine straight and long.

Anti-clockwise Rotate neck 360 degrees anti-clockwise. Inhale during the first ½ of the roll and exhale for the second ½.Repeat 5 times taking 1 minute in total. After completing 5 rounds slightly, tilt head to the right and then to the left; this will reduce any signs of dizziness. Do not hold breath at any stage but try and breathe smoothly. 2.

Duration: 30 seconds to 1 minute. Repeat with the left side. Beneficial Effects This asana stretches and develops the muscles of the spine and eases the pain in the back and neck. It corrects lateral distortions of the spine. However, people suffering from sciatica must practice it carefully.

TADASANA (2 minutes)

Improves posture, balance and self-awareness. Stand with feet together, hands at your sides, eyes looking forward. Raise your toes, then place them back down on the floor. Feel your heel, toes and ball of your foot all in contact with the floor. Breathe. As you inhale, feel the breath coming up through the floor, rising through your legs and torso and up into your head. Reverse the process as you exhale and observe your breath as it passes down from your head, through your chest and stomach, legs and feet. Hold for 5 to 10 breaths, relax and repeat 3 times. 3.

TRIKONASANA (3 minutes)

Technique Place your feet about 3 feet away from each other. Stretch your arms sideward at shoulder height, palms facing down. Throughout, keep arms and legs fully stretched, rotate your pelvis back, and extend your spine.

Vol.5/Issue 1/Pg 24


The lateral movements of the trunk strengthen and fortify the abdominal and hip muscles It tones the muscles of the feet and the ankles and makes the hips and thighs more flexible. It relieves constipation, tones and stimulates the nerves situated in the lumbar area of the spine. 4.


Technique Lie on your stomach and place your hands on the floor beside the pectoral muscles. Place your hands, palms down, under the shoulders on the floor. Inhale, and without lifting the navel from the floor, raise your chest and head, arching your back. Stretch your body as much as possible.



At this point, you may take both your arms behind your back and hold the posture.

Keep both the legs straight throughout the practice.

Keep the pose for 30 seconds, gradually increasing to 45 seconds.

Place the chin on the floor, slightly stretched forward to give the best possible stretch to the neck muscles and nerves.

Beneficial effects

Using the back muscles, raise the left leg as high as possible, keeping the other leg straight, relaxed and in contact with the floor.

This asana affects the adrenal glands, sending them a richer supply of blood. Tones the ovaries, uterus and liver.

Retain the position for as long as possible without strain.

Muscles of the back, abdomen and entire upper body are strengthened.

Do not tilt or twist the pelvis.

Aids in relief and elimination of menstrual irregularities and relieves constipation.

Repeat the same movement with the right leg.

People suffering from gas after meals will find this pose very useful.


Excellent for slipped discs. It adjusts displacements in the spinal column and tones the sympathetic nerves.

After finishing this posture, the breathing will be rather rapid. Do not repeat the posture until your breathing returns to normal.

Beneficial for backache due to overwork or long hours of standing.


Warning: Not recommended if you are suffering from peptic ulcer, hernia or hyperthyroid. When bending the body backwards, be sure not to make any violent jerks, as this may injure rigid muscles. 5.

Lower the leg to the floor.

Half Locust Pose (Ardha Shalabhasana) (3 minutes)

Beneficial effects This posture benefits the pelvis and the abdomen. Muscles of the back are toned and developed. Improves the general blood circulation in the lower limbs and alleviates constipation. Recommended for the management of sciatica & slipped disc. Technique


Relaxes and refreshes the body and mind, relieves stress and anxiety and quiets the mind. Possibly the most important posture, it is usually performed at the end of a session with the goal being conscious relaxation. Many people find the "conscious" part the most difficult because it is very easy to drift off to sleep while doing Shavasana. Begin by lying on your back, feet slightly apart, arms at your sides with palms facing up. Close your eyes and take several slow, deep breaths. Allow your body to sink into the ground. Try focusing on a specific part of the body and willing it to relax. For example, start with your feet, imagine the muscles and skin relaxing, letting go and slowly melting into the floor. From your feet, move on to your calves, thighs and so on up to your face and head. Then simply breathe and relax. Do not sleep. Stay in the pose for at least 5 minutes.

Lie flat on the stomach with the hands under the thighs, with palms downwards or hands clenched.

Vol.5/Issue 1/Pg 25

STRAIGHT FROM THE ASHRAM’S KITCHEN RICE FEATURES HEAVILY IN THE AYURVEDIC YOGIC DIET. IT HAS A BALANCING EFFECT ON THE DIGESTIVE SYSTEM AND SOOTHES THE NERVOUS SYSTEM. You will need: 1 cup Basmati rice 2 cups pure water 1/2 cup fresh lemon juice 1/4 tsp turmeric 2-3 fresh curry leaves 1 tsp black mustard seeds 1 tsp urad dal 1/2 tsp rock salt (optional) 1/2 cup chopped cashews 1-2 tbsps ghee

Preparation : Wash the rice thoroughly by rinsing it several times. Drain. Bring the water to a boil in a heavy-bottomed pot. Add the rice and the salt, and stir once to mix. Turn heat down to low, cover the pot and let the rice cook for 20 minutes. Do not stir. When done, the water should all be gone and the rice grains tender but separate. Melt the ghee in a pan until it runs clear. Add the mustard seeds and cover most of the pan with a lid as the seeds pop. Add the urad dhal and the cashews and stir briefly till they turn golden. Lower heat and add the turmeric. Remove from heat. Add the lemon juice and curry leaves. Fold the lemon-spice mixture gently into the rice and fluff rice with a fork. Enjoy hot. (Serves 2-4)

Vol.5/Issue 1/Pg 26

Nutritive value : Flavorful, long-grained, aromatic Basmati rice is revered as a sattvic (pure) food by ayurvedic healers. Basmati rice is excellent for pacifying Vata, especially when cooked with a touch of rock salt and ghee. Basmati rice is also good for pacifying Pitta, as it falls in the sweet ayurvedic taste category. To pacify Pitta, enjoy Basmati rice in a rice pudding, or cooked with a pinch of cardamom and some rose water. If you are trying to balance Kapha, eat smaller portions of Basmati rice and eat it less often than other grains. Cook the rice with peppercorns, ginger and cumin when trying to balance Kapha, and eat it at lunch rather than in the evening. Historically, the best, most flavorful Basmati rice has come from the Himalayan foothills Wash well by rinsing multiple times (until the water runs clear) before cooking.

Sleeping Success Sleep is important in everyday life but how to sleep soundly, VYT finds out‌‌.

Control your mind, decrease your thoughts, discover the mantra to a sound sleep

ake a deep breath in, and walk towards your bed. It is time to sleep. But where is the sleep, nothing in the eyes. Even if we close our eyes, the thoughts just keep pouring. Call it stress, over thinking, insomnia, whatever. But many people have it today. Perhaps the modern generation thinks too much. And why not, it's got busier, more errands to run, places to go, people to meet, and commitments to fulfill. So many expectations, so much competition, therefore it gets a bit hectic. We say life is so cruel that we can't even sleep properly. But hey, let us not blame it on life but rather find a solution to this problem.After all, it is we who make our life. Control your mind and decrease your thoughts as most of them are not required, believe me. Instead of watching television or chatting on the internet for the shake of killing stress, we can rather meditate or practice yoga. If we manage to stay in the void for even a few minutes, there's amazing relaxation. And above all, we discover the key to slipping away from the ever incoming thoughts, and start listening to our body. After a day's work, our body needs sleep. So believe me, there can't be a better cure for insomnia or stress than meditation. It's permanent, very effective, and very real.

Vol.5/Issue 1/Pg 27

There are various techniques of meditation today. Most of them are based on imagination. Such a type of meditation is continuously flowing with thoughts and even though the experience may be good, it does not make you listen to your body. Being bland, it's not real. And since it just keeps moving from one thought to another, it's not a cure for sleeplessness. There are mantras as well that help in producing vibrations inside the body. Certain mantras can help us get to sleep. But again, through such practice we neither listen to our body, nor do we control our mind. So what is that technique of meditation which serves as a solution in this case? From practical experience I'd say, those who do a mix of yoga along with Vihangam Yoga meditation as prescribed by the Sadguru every day face no such problems. It's a proven method. And it's also a very ancient method. Another important factor regarding sleep is the timing. Sleep is an important part of our lifestyle and we must hit the bed latest by 10 PM. All late night risers beware! Your bad habit can lead you to some serious health problems such as heart disease, indigestion, etc. Even doctors advise us to rise early in the morning and get to bed before the clock strikes ten. Even those not suffering from insomnia must try out meditation. But please do not sleep while in meditation. And well, I like irony but this is a serious magazine and I've already written enough so no jokes. But hey, the cure thing is not a joke.

Vol.5/Issue 1/Pg 28

Power points:

Adopt meditation as a lifestyle practice Start listening to your body today Sound sleep is a must for good health Late nights can lead to health problems so get to bed as early as possible



umans have resorted to the practice of Yoga in all ages in the search of unknown truths and most importantly, the ultimate truth. That ultimate truth is attained, as the scriptures say, when the consciousness of the soul attains a state of union with The Supreme One i.e. God. Holy treatises tell us that the ultimate goal of human incarnation is Godrealization, and the journey from our current state to the state of God-realization could perhaps be called spirituality. When a soul practices Yoga under the guidance of the Sadguru or the Spiritual Master, he or she experiences various types of light and sound. In this process, the consciousness of a soul moves inside the body and travels to various locations of the brahmand (the part of the body above the neck) undergoing different experiences. After a certain level, it travels to the secret tenth aperture (dasam dwar). However, all such travels of the consciousness of the soul in the brahmand

happen within the zone of prakriti (nature) . Experiences and knowledge gained till this level do not help us in attaining salvation – the goal of human life. The real journey of spirituality (towards Brahm) actually begins hereafter. This journey of spirituality in its pure form is known by different names such as Brahm Vidya, Meen Marg, Vihangam Yoga etc. Brahm means God and its knowledge is called Brahmvidya. Meen Marg, Vihang Marg etc. are its synonyms. Meen is the Sanskrit word for a fish whereas Vihang is the Sanskrit word for a bird. But then one wonders as to what has spirituality got to do with fishes and birds. The answer actually is very spiritual. The sky is the path of the bird. A bird knows its path very well. It travels on its path having complete knowledge of its movement, flight, sustenance, positioning, rest and goal. Only a bird knows the path of a bird. No one else can know it.

Vol.5/Issue 1/Pg 29

Similarly, in spiritual practice, when the tenth aperture is opened by the grace of the Sadguru and the consciousness of a soul travels beyond the periphery of inert nature into the conscious zone of light, it travels like a free bird in the infinite sky. Therefore this path is known as Vihang Marg i.e. the path that lies beyond the gross nature (prakriti) in the world of light and peace. The knowledge of this supreme and eternal path can only be attained by the grace of the Sadguru.

"Urdhwagami alal pakshi, gati gagan gam dhar chale, Ardha urdhwa vivek gati bana, panth nij samajh bhale Dagmagata nahi chale, seedhe gagan mukh dhavata, Pahunch apne desh ko, jahan madhur swar dhvani gaavata

"Alal Pakshi Jimi Pakshin Mahi, Tyon Birla jana naam samahi” This strange yet unparalleled journey of an Alala bird from being laid as an egg in the void, gaining feathers on the way towards the surface of earth, and then flying back upwards to its parents, is mysterious as well as peculiar. The descent followed by the ascent in an Alala bird’s life is quite similar to the journey of a soul which descends to prakriti (inert nature) out of ego and then ascends back to the zone of infinite light through Yoga. The word Vihang means bird, similar to the bird named Alala, mentioned in the Vedas, which always remembers where its true home is. Just like a bird leaves the surface and flies in the sky, similarly we as souls must have faith in the Sadguru and take the path that would help us travel beyond prakriti (materialism) into the zone of infinite bliss. Thus, the Sadgurudeo chose the name "Vihangam" for the propagation of this eternal knowledge in the current era.

In the above lines, Sadguru Sadafaldeo Ji Maharaj has compared the ascension of a soul to its goal (the land of eternal bliss) with the upward flight of the Alala bird. The Alala bird lives in that part of the sky where the gravitational pull of planet earth does not exist. It flies down to some extent below and lays its egg which gets Saint Kabir Saheb has mentioned "Vihangam" time and hatched while coming down to earth and a full-grown again stating, "Marag vihang bataw sant jana"; bird comes out of the same. Once it gains wings, the meaning Vihang Marg is known to the aspiring people grown up Alala bird soars up towards its home beyond only through the Sadgurudeo. He also states, “Yog the gravitational pull of earth where its parents reside. It Vihangam Marag Nyari, Kahen Kabir Sadguru De flies straight and doesn’t waver anywhere in the way, Tari"; meaning Vihangam Yoga is an incomparable, and reaches its destination where other birds of the special method to attain the highest level of bliss and it same species keep twittering. Like this very ‘Alala’ bird, the soul attains its own self through the Sadguru’s instruction Can the lotus blossom unless it sees the sun? and reaches straight with its surati (consciousness), where its own The Chakras in our body are like lotuses that conscious home, the zone of the blossom only with the grace of the Sadguru, immortality is. Reaching there, it acquires Somrasa (nectar) who is to our soul what the Sun is to the lotus. drinking which, it feels amply rewarded. Through the above couplet, the author tells us that a soul reaches its original home – the abode of light and bliss, under the guidance of the Spiritual Master, The Sadguru, and then experiences the nectarial Shabd, the divine word, and is thus immersed into a state of complete peace and immortality. Thus the journey of the consciousness of a soul is quite similar to the journey of the Alala bird.

Vol.5/Issue 1/Pg 30

is the Sadguru who can liberate you. Swamiji writes further in Swarved;

“Alal Vyom jala meen hai, sagar amit apaar, Nij swacchand vichran kare, aisi mukti hamaar” In the above couplet, the author compares true spirituality to the flight of theAlala bird in the extensive sky and the movement of a fish in the water. As a bird flies in the open sky and a fish swims in the sea of water attaining happiness from it, the consciousness of a soul on the Vihangam path travels into the sea of void and attains infinite bliss in Shabd Brahm. The Vihangam Marg is supreme and also very simple.A pure soul attains realization of the Supreme lord through Vihangam Yoga. Vihang Marg is also known as Sahaja Yoga, because it’s very simple and happens with

the grace of the Sadguru. A disciple of Vihangam Yoga does not need to practice Bandha, Mudra, Asana & Pranayam for ages to attain the state of Kundalini awakening. It happens in a very simple manner sheerly by the grace of the Sadguru. Thus Vihangam Yoga is also called Sahaja Yoga. Hence all souls desiring spiritual progress and ultimate truth must take to the shelter of the Sadguru, for only the Sadguru can guide us to salvation and God realization. The Vihang Marg is the path to attaining eternal bliss that has been mentioned in the Vedas, and has been the path of the sages and seers since eternity. This is the very path by walking on which one can attain the ultimate goal of his or her life. A Compilation

















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Vol.5/Issue 1/Pg 31

Anant Shri Sadguru Sadafal Deo Ji Maharaj 1888 - 1954 Sadguru as The Immortal Messenger of The Celestial Being by Satish chaubey


of GOD In this world, there are believers of God. At the same time there are non believers who do not accept existence of God. Those who believe, imagine him in different forms and idols. Some worship him at religious places whereas some perform rituals to

appease God. However our sages had perceived the OMNIPOTENT and OMNIPRESENT entity. Also they found the yogic techniques to experience the ultimate truth. Vol.5/Issue 1/Pg 32


ccording to our seers and sages, God, The Supreme One, cannot be experienced in the absence of a Master or a Guide who himself has realized the Supreme. In the ancient scriptures, this Master is addressed as SADGURU (the true teacher). The definition of the word ‘GURU’itself is the one who dispels darkness. GU stands for darkness and RU for dispelling. Our scriptures like VEDAS and UPNISHADS declare that the one who unties the knot of ignorance in a disciple is the SADGURU. In other words, the Sadguru is a Spiritual Master who has selflessly inspired humanity to seek him and merge with him thus enjoying the ultimate bliss. Nowadays, every holy person claims to be a Sadguru. But according to Sant Vani, Sadguru is that entity who can make us experience the ultimate bliss in a fraction of second as described in the following verse:

“JO PAL MEIN ALAKH LAKHAVE” In this context it is relevant to quote Jagat guru Shankaracharya who says in his classical work VIVEK CHUDAMANI; “Shantah Mahanto Nivasanti Santo Vasantavollaka Hitam Charantah Teernah Swayam Bheem Bhavarnavam Janam Ahentanganyanapi Tarayantah.”

Exposition: The SADGURU is virtuous and an entity of peace who has crossed terrible oceans of this world himself and helps others cross as well. He brings benefits to mankind without expecting anything in return. He further states that: “Durlabham Trayamevaitat Devanugrah Hetukam. Manushatvae Mumukshutvam Mahapurusha Samshranyah” This means, that there are three great opportunities or boons that are obtained only with the grace of God. First is the birth as a human being, second is the desire to get liberated (ATHATO BRAHMA JIGYASA) and lastly, coming in contact with the SADGURU. In the RIGVEDA, the Sadguru is addressed as follows: “Twa Doot Magne Amritam Yuge Yuge, Hawyawaham Dadhire Payumidyam, Devasasch Martasasch Jagravim Vibhum Vishwapatim Namasa Nishedire”

...there are three great opportunities or boons that are obtained only with the grace of God. You eternal and immortal messenger who comes to this world in every age and takes your devotee to you! You are worshipped by all. The Spiritual Master i.e. SADGURU descends to earth to help mankind and propagate the path followed by saints. “Ye Te Panthan Savitah Purvaya So Renaav. Sukrit Antrikshe Timirno Adya Pathibhim Sugemi Raksha Chano Adhi Chabruhidev”. Through the above verse, the devotee prays to God to show him the path of knowledge followed by saints which is known as Vihangam Yoga. In Shri Ramcharitmanas, the great saint Goswami Tulsidas offers salutations to the Sadguru as follows: “Bandau Guru Pad Kanj, Kripa Sindhunar Roop Hari, Mahamohtam Punj, Jasu Bachan Rabi Kar Nikaar” In the above verse, the writer states that without the blessings of Sadguru no one can get liberated from the cycle of birth and death. “Guru Binu Bhav Nidhi Tarai Na Koi, Jo Biranchi Sankar sam hoi” He further writes that the Guru is the great spiritual teacher who is identified with God. He has the power to awaken the dormant spiritual power in his disciples. The Yogic technique of Vihangam Yoga propagated by Sadguru transforms every aspect of our lives. Lord Krishna in Bhagvat Gita says: “Shradhavan Labhyate Gyanam”

When the devotee is ready and becomes a qualified aspirant, Guru enters his life when the time is ripe. Saint Kabir who lived in the fifteenth century was the most revered saint. His spiritual messages are full of praise for the Sadguru. He described the importance of the Spiritual Master in a number of his sermons. “Guru Hain Bade Gobind Se, Man Mein Dekh Vichar. Hari Sumare Se Vaar Hai, Guru Sumare Se Paar”

Vol.5/Issue 1/Pg 33

The Guru should be placed above God since only he can release us from the bondage of life and death.

language the technique of meditation. Here are some of the verses from “Swarved” which describe the importance of Sadguru in progressing on the spiritual path. “Sant Na Hote Jagat Mein, Ko Janat Bhagwan, Keet, Shwan Sam Beetata, Jeevan Manuj Mahan”.

“Naymatma Pravchnen Labhyo Na Medhaya Na Bahuna Shruten Yamevesh Vrinate Ten Labhyah Tasyesh Atma Vivrinate Tanunswam”

God cannot be experienced by listening to sermons or through intellectual exercises. But He can be experienced by those whom he accepts or chooses, and for them He manifests himself in his true form.


Some of his messages amply bring out the importance of Sadguru in spiritual life which are as follows: 4 There is no relative closer than Sadguru. No bounty is equal to his spiritual knowledge. 4 To find the Sadguru is a great boon without which you are lost in this world. 4 Death after death, the world dies but no one knows how to die. Saint Kabir has died such a death that he never has to die again. 4 The effulgence of the Supreme Being is beyond imagination. The greatness of Sadguru in his words is described in the following couplets: “Teen Lok Navkhand Mein Guru Se Bada Na Koi, Karta Kare Na Kar Sake Guru Kare So Hoi” Meaning: The Sadguru is great and no one is greater than him. “Jehi Khojath Brahma Thake, Sur Nar Muni Aur Dev Kahe Kabir Suno Sadhu Kar Sadguru Ki Sev.” Meaning: Even demi Gods, human beings, sages etc. could not experience the Parabrahm who could be experienced only under the guidance of the Sadguru and hence everybody should pray to him. Maharishi Sadafal Deo Ji has demonstrated that it is possible to restore to man his pristine state of perfect bliss provided that he follows the techniques of Vihangam Yoga, an esoteric science for attaining the bliss. It is beyond the limit of any particular faith or religious system and it unites with the eternal enabling us to attain the perfect Bliss. Sadguru Sadafaldeo Ji’s work named “Swarved” is an encyclopedia of spiritualism and describes in simple

Vol.5/Issue 1/Pg 34

Exposition: We are fortunate of having a Sadguru otherwise it would have been impossible to experience


Word of Wisdom Anant Shri Sadguru Sadafal Deo Ji Maharaj Kumbhak bandha na eiko lagei, Apahi apa kundali jagei. Nitya anadi guru yoga hamara, Charon yuga mahan raha parchara. Khulei sushmana dashavan dvara, Gagana mahal mein bhaya paithara. Yogi satya satya hi sadhei, Satya Sankalpa Satya Hai Deva, Satya Satya Ki Manei Seva. Mahima Maha Pantha mein bhasha, Durlabha Yoga Sahaja Kari Rakha. Exposition- Kumbhak and various sorts of bandha are not needed as the serpentine power awakens automatically through the practice of Brahmvidya Vihangam Yoga. The Kundalini awakens by performing a good many strenuous practices of Hatha Yoga for a long time. But through the practice of Vihangam Yoga, it awakens automatically with ease. Such is the glory of Vihangam Yoga. This Yoga is eternal and its teacher, the Sadguru too is eternal. This Yoga is taught in all the four ages viz. Sat Yuga , Treta, Dvapar and Kali, for the good of the entire humanity in the world. Through the technique of this Yoga, the tenth door inside the sushmana nadi opens easily and the consciousness (surati) of the soul enters the conscious sky. Thus the Yogi practices truth. He desires for truth and is truly determined to attain it. He meditates on none except the truth incarnate, Supreme Lord only. The deity he reveres is nothing but truth. He is himself truthful. The author says- “I have described the glory of this royal road leading to truth and have made this difficult yoga easy to practice.” Surati shabda hai yog hamara, Antara hai paithara, Anhad naad tahan nahi gave, Ajapa akshar nahi tah pave Jyoti aksharateet anama, Chetan lok purush kar dhama Virahi hans pahuch nij desa, Jara maran bhav mite kalesha, Alal pakshi ki gati jab bhave, Ulati gagan satya naam samave, Yogi kare gagan mein vasa, Yog kala pooje sab aasha

Exposition – The author says here that his yoga is a union of surati (consciousness of the soul) with Shabd i.e. the Lord. It is a Santmat i.e. the philosophy of the saints of the eternal Sadguru. In it, no external practice is to be done. The conscious surati of the soul being separated from the inert media of prakriti (nature), is withdrawn inward. It is then made to enter the conscious zone leading it internally upward. The zone of the Supreme Lord is here. Ten types of anhad sounds are not heard here. The ajapa i.e. the automatic sound of Akshar also is not found there. That zone of effulgence is without any literal as well as sounding name. That is the divinely conscious zone of immortality of the Supreme Lord also addressed as Swarnanaam, Satyanaam, Nihshabda and the like pure souls restless to meet the lord reach there and the agony of old age and death come to an end for good. When by Sadguru’s grace the practitioner learns the technique of moving upward like that of the “Alal” bird living in the sky above, he turns his surati away from the material world and enters the zone of the Supreme Lord in the conscious sky above. Thus, a Vihangam Yogi always lives in the conscious zone by means of his surati. His conscious energy never comes down to the inert zone below sushumna. Through this great scientific process of Yoga, all his desires and expectations are fulfilled with ease. This is the highest stage of Yoga, which is acquired by some fortunate and persevering practitioners, serving Sadguru. So, shunning all conceit, take to the Sadguru’s shelter and attain the highest goal of human life.

Vol.5/Issue 1/Pg 35

Our mind is like a balloon not sure were to land, highly unpredictable. Our soul is our entity and we need to realize it to be in control. The all knowing spiritual master knows best as to when a soul is ready to ascend to a higher level of spirituality, and also how.

My Sun

Shining Bright

Vol.5/Issue 1/Pg 36


he beauty of life keeps unveiling itself to me again and again. Gosh! I am amazed at the wonders that life has been doing to me. So coming to the point, the darkness inside me is just beginning to get thrown into the kitchen sink. I am not a regular guy any more; rather a change can be felt any time. It’s been busy but it’s been good at the same time. Life is lovely and so it chooses to surprise us time and again. Now I feel I am beginning to know a few things that are really going to help me in the coming future. God, remember those days when I was less of a young man and more of a rat crawling flat on the surface of earth looking for some piece of bread amidst the pile of gold. The value of food is absolutely amazing but gold is a great gift given by God and that cannot be ignored. Rats ignore it, men don’t. I am beginning to be more of a man now. I can recognize the gold that I am surrounded with, that I am living with every day, every moment. My dear friends, I believe my prana is that gold. I believe the consciousness of my soul is like diamond – something that cannot be outshined. I believe that my mind is like an elephant that sits or tries to sit pretty over the diamond that I am. This diamond emanates immense light and power but the elephant is huge and the diamond has almost got hidden underneath it. The elephant is using me the diamond as its seat. Gold is scattered all around but the foolish elephant does not know how to use it properly. Perhaps a sensible intellectual human would have made good use of both the objects – the diamond and the gold. He would have polished it, preserved it, and the light would have increased multifold. The light of such polished objects are a source of delight for many. In fact they light up many caves that lie beneath the surface of the soil and serve the sub surface. Like them, we too can help many people and be a value addition to the society that we live in. We can give back what we have been given. That we can do by becoming the diamond surrounded by gold, by realizing our true potential as a soul. So what is the way to become what we are? What is the way to get rid of this alien elephant? I find the answer in the philosophy of the sages and wise men from the ancient. I believe that the Vedic philosophy is very clear and fits into all generations irrespective of time. In a way, it suits our modern mindset. The Vedas tell us that in order to come out of the ignorance that we are in

currently, we need to first accept that we are very little aware of our own existence, our powers, our goal. After all, how many of us even bother to understand the force that we breathe in and breathe out. Acceptance of ignorance is the first step towards coming out of darkness. Until and unless we don’t do that, we’d never pursue light seriously.

“Aum agyanam timirandhasya gyananjan shalakaya, Chakshurun militang yen tasmai shri guruve namah” The above verse or shloka from the Vedas tell us that in order to come out from darkness, we need a guide, a Master who is all-knowledgeable, He who can make us self aware, show us our own light, and lead us to the great light of the Omni-scent, Omni-potent God. In the Vedas, God has been addressed as “Paramatma” which means The Supreme Soul. This means that God is also a soul but He is a soul of the highest category. As per the Yogic philosophy, God is only one and He is all light and all nectar. He inspires the creation of the entire cosmos. The soul that realizes God in the shelter of the Spiritual Master or “Sadguru” attains a state of union with God (Yog) and hence complete knowledge, complete truth, complete light and complete nectar. In Yog, this state is called “Samadhi”. In the Upanishads (ancient texts of the Vedic times), the importance of the Spiritual Master has been stressed upon by mentioning that Guru is God. For without the Master, one can never learn the technique that when practiced takes us to self-realization. The Guru Stotram tell us:

Gurur Brahma Gurur Vishnu Gurur devo Maheshwarah, Guruh sakshat Parambrahm tasmai shree guruvey namah Guru is the creator Guru is the preserver Guru is the dissolver My salutation to the Guru, who is verily the Supreme God It is the Master who teaches us the technique of consciousness. It is through the techniques taught by the Master that we realize God ultimately. Hence the philosophy – Spiritual Master is God. It is important to know that when we fail to practice this technique regularly or in the appropriate way, the Spiritual Master

Vol.5/Issue 1/Pg 37

Sans faith, all efforts towards attainment of truth fall flat. Hence faith is a must on the checklist of spirituality.

inspires us through his messages, through his holy texts, through his discourses that are called Satsang. “Satsang” is a Sanskrit word which means - In the company of truth. He who accompanies truth finds truth. Therefore the value of Satsang is great. Our spiritual master is all knowing. As the Swarveda says, He is the owner of infinite symbols of divinity in contrast to a soul that is the owner of 16 symbols of divinity. Through the Swarveda, the Spiritual Master also tells us about “Pooran Satya” i.e. complete truth. But all that is philosophy of the higher order, something that can be understood better when we ascend to a higher state. At present, we need to know the value of the gold and the diamond through the Spiritual Master. Once we find the Spiritual Master, it I s very important to have faith in him. All wise men, great souls that they were, have stressed on the importance of faith. Our Spiritual Master does so many things for us, the soul. He teaches us the techniques, he motivates us to

Vol.5/Issue 1/Pg 38

practice through Satsang, and he holds our hand and guides us on the right path at every step in our journey towards light. For we are ignorant, and he is all knowing. He guides us until we attain union with God. Such is his greatness. All we need is to have faith in Him. The journey towards truth is the journey towards the Absolute One – God. In the Swarveda, Maharshi Sadafaldeo Ji Maharaj has explained this journey of consciousness in detail. This journey has five levels. The first level is where we need to start, the practice of mind control technique. Our mind is like a balloon not sure where to land, highly unpredictable. Riding this balloon will not take us anywhere. We need to be in control of ourselves and for that we first need to control our own mind that does not allow us to settle down. The practice of the mind control technique taught by the Spiritual Master puts us into the cockpit. As we gain control, the Master takes us into the second

level. It is only He who knows when we are ready. And when we are ready, He gives to us the second level which is all about purifying our very mind. I have compared our mind to an elephant. I guess we can assume that when our mind gets purified, the elephant itself turns into gold. It becomes a beautiful scenario.And so we move on. The third level is a new lesson from the Spiritual master. By now, we have become a better situation. The elephant is gold, scattered all around is gold, but the diamond is still underneath. So the third level is about purifying all the pranic centers (chakras), increasing the energy level by awakening of the kundalini power (serpentine power), and preparing ourself to ascend to a higher level. That higher level is a special one, because it is very subtle, beyond the inert nature, and for our consciousness to travel to that zone of light, our secret tenth door (which is closed) has to be opened. The awakening of Kundalini and further the opening of the secret tenth door is done by the Spiritual Master. Once the door opens, we are filled with light. This light is that of Akshara – the Universal Energy. In this light we can see all our chakras. We also see the form of our soul, as bright as 16 suns. This is the experience of the fourth level taught by the Spiritual Master. In this level, the Spiritual Master also gives the invaluable lesson about the eleventh door which lies in the conscious zone. The fifth and final level taught by the Spiritual Master aims at realizing God, absolute truth and absolute knowledge. Thus the Spiritual Master is He who guides a soul from a state of ignorance and darkness to a state of light, bliss and wisdom. Our soul is our identity and it indeed is a bright entity, we just need to realize it. But in order to get there, we need to get our basics right. At first, we need to accept our current state of ignorance and the need for an effort is to be made towards knowledge. Second, we need to recognize the Spiritual Master who will be our guide. Any soul that goes through the Swarveda will know who the true Spiritual Master is. Third, we need to have faith in the Master and his teachings. Only then will we be able to reap the fruits of our yogic practice. Inquisitive people have always looked at the Vedas, the Yoga, the wise men, as a minefield of knowledge. And indeed they are, but the above three points are the crux. And I guess, the crux is what we all want today. After all, we are the power point generation. Ishan Mukherjee

Vol.5/Issue 1/Pg 39

getting wiser What is the matter

But the time to serve has come

With wings that have ceased to fly

For this is His message

With rivers that have ceased to flow

And at His feet am I ready

With thoughts that have ceased to create

To serve with faith and honesty

And with an intellect that has ceased to manipulate.

To the best of my abilities

I am no angel

May God help me accomplish this goal of mine!

And my life is rapidly spending itself

He comes every moment

In the rulebook of Karma

And asks us questions

His messages are coming one by one

“Can you hear me”?

But I am failing to implement them

Am I still deaf that I can’t hear it,

My mind dwindles from one wish to another

Am I still blind that I can’t see it,

And in this race of wishes

Perhaps it’s my first step on the path of spirituality.

Do I do myself and his priceless messages justice? I pray to him daily like all others do I perceive him in perhaps a special manner though

All I can is perceive it

I remember the wise men say You aren’t wise until you grow a wisdom tooth

He is my God and I am his soldier

I am sure I don’t have a wisdom tooth at the conscious plane

By serving him I am cleansed

And as Robert Frost would put it,

This is my belief

“Miles to go before I sleep”,

And I have decided to go ahead with it until my last breath.

That’s the right word

I may not be the most gifted person on earth Neither the happiest nor the healthiest Vol.5/Issue 1/Pg 40

For my journey towards Shabd – The Source Code of All That Exists. A Devotee

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