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At Vihangam Yoga, one can achieve: v A quick control over the turbulent mind. v A very high degree of mental strength, never experienced before. v Realization of one’s true identity, the soul. v And ultimately an ever-lasting state of Bliss and Peace by achieving union or ‘Yog’ with the Supreme Soul! All this happens with the grace of ‘Sadguru' alone. Join us to experience the power of spirituality, kept intact in its purest form.

Swarved Mahamandir, Varanasi Meditation center for 10,000 practitioners

Divya Vani.

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(Swarved Kathamrit)

It was in year 1924 AD when Anant Shri Sadguru Sadafaldeo Ji Maharaj reinstated the lost science of God realization – the ancient Vedic technique of Brahm Vidya Vihangam Yoga – after 17 long years of arduous meditation. Today, under to Holy Guidance of Sadguru Swatantradeo Ji Maharaj, Vihangam Yoga is spread the world over with hundreds of centers, serving millions of practitioners.

Vihangam Yoga Estd-1924

Divya Vani

Vihangam Yoga is known for its incredibly powerful meditation technique, which requires only 15 minutes of regular practice to unleash one's true, untapped potential. Moreover, it does not require any change in one's day-today activities or lifestyle.

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Jai Sadgurudeo! Welcome to Vihangam Yoga.

Vihangam Yoga is the science of spirituality; the science of consciousness, which is based on the spirit, the soul. Albert Einstein has said – “the science of spirituality begins where the physical science ends”. There have been many researches on meditation and Yogic techniques. Researches have been done on the initial meditation levels of Vihangam Yoga too, returning extraordinary results. The world had never witnessed such extraordinary outcomes. We could explore its initial levels through scientific instruments. However, it is not possible to understand the secrets of Vihangam Yoga through machines. How will a machine experience divine bliss?”

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Divya Vani Swarved Kathamrit

Swarved can emphatically be called the world's most eloquent collection of all the spiritual secrets, containing the doctrine as well as the practical experiences of spirituality. It was authored by Anant Shri Sadguru Sadafaldeo Ji Maharaj as a collection of His personal spiritual experience during the state of conscious Samâdhi, i.e. oneness with God. Such profound concepts cannot be explained and elaborated by a learnt scholar but a true Yogi who has mastered each of those spiritual secrets himself. Sant Pravar Shri Vigyandeo Ji Maharaj happens to be one such accomplished Yogi who has taken a pledge of – and is already – spreading the divine message of Swarved throughout the world for the welfare of mankind. His exceptional capability of passing very clear concepts over the most complicated spiritual secrets has been mesmerizing and transforming the lives of hundreds of thousands of spiritual seekers in several countries. Leading a very sober life which only a saint can follow, 'Sant Pravar' (as he is regarded – meaning 'the supreme saint') holds an amazingly soothing yet magnificent personality and has been working relentlessly towards this pious mission since his early teens.

Sant Pravar Shri Vigyandeo Ji Maharaj simplifying spiritual secrets.

This book is the first volume from the collections his 'Divya Vani' – the divine speech.


“Swarveda".This entire treatise was conceived, visualized and expressed in simple yet highly codified words in a metaphysical state of Cheta...

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