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Donovan Green

Donovan Green, Director -­‐ External Affairs, is the External Affairs lead for AT&T’s Los Angeles Lightspeed Fiber Optic Multi-­‐Media and Wireless Infrastructure Growth Initiatives. Additionally, he represents AT&T on legislative, community, philanthropic and business issues involving the City of Los Angeles. Previous to joining the External Affairs, Donovan held several leadership positions for SBC/AT&T. In 2000, he was an Area Manager with statewide responsibility for SBC’s Tier 3 DSL technical support team. In 2001 he accepted a position in AT&T’s Global Markets Division as a Sr. Project Manager. In that role, he managed large national and inter-­‐national telecommunications network projects. In 2002, Donovan was the national lead for the “EarthLink DSL Project”, which was the largest DSL project in the company with a contract value of 470 million dollars. From 2003-­‐2006 Donovan was the AT&T Network project lead for Disney Worldwide Services USA, Virgin Entertainment Group Inc., T-­‐Mobile USA. Donovan has received numerous recognition awards for his work in the telecommunications industry. Some of his most significant awards include “Outstanding Contributions Award”, for his technical management during 2000 Democratic National Convention, “2002 BCS President’s Star Performance Award” “2002 Encore Applauding Excellent Award” for extraordinary contributions to (BCS) Business Communications Services. In 2006, Donovan received AT&T’s “Worldwide Customer Service Star Award” for providing Unmatched Customer Service” on national and international network projects. In 2010, he received a Leadership Certificate from L.A. Chamber of Commerce Southern California Leadership Network and Los Angeles “Hero Award” from L.A. Housing Authority. Donovan is currently active on five non-­‐profit Boards of Directors. He is Vice Chair for CFRC(Community Resource Financial Center), member of OIC(Opportunities Industrialization Center) and USC Black Alumni Development Advisory Council, USC Accounting School Leadership Program and Friends of the Expo Center. Donovan holds a BA Degree in Government Administration from U.C. Riverside and an MBA from University of Southern California. Additionally, he holds numerous of technical and business certifications and a PMP (Project Management Professional) International Project Management Certification.