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Turn Down the Volume

A very simple guide.

A meditation in words and photos By Todd Vogel

Too loud! Be it the voices in your head or the one coming out of your mouth.

Three steps to getting there.

signs that it’s too loud.

Finding the control knob

Discovering what is Appropriate volume

This book has lots of pictures. Sometimes, less is more.

Signs I You are tired of repeating yourself to people who don’t seem to be listening.

Signs II You need to talk loudly, and constantly, to override the voices telling you that you are not enough and worse.

Signs III You are your own Rush Limbaugh

Control Knob I Actually there are two and they are linked:

Anger and Fear. Almost always, they are about something beyond your control.

The knob II Thing is - that over time we tend to become invested in them. If it was a share of stock we would have sold it off long ago.

The knob III If this thinking rekindles unhappiness, relives bad drama, or opens old wounds, why not adopt a rhinocerous? At least you’ll have a source of fertlizer.

Take a deep breath. Let go of things you can not change including the past Exhale. Turn the page.

Appropriate volume I When expectations are so high they look down on mountains, they often bring unhappiness

Appropriate II May require stopping to listen to others and trying to see their point even when you are sure they are wrong.

Appropriate III Sometimes loud is appropriate, sometimes the dogmatic gets the bone, but, it helps to remember we most probably are not quite as special as we would like to think.

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Turn Down the Volume  

This booklet tries to get a word in edgewise. Trying to gently induce some self awareness, using the author's nature photographs and a few...