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A very simple guide. A meditation in words and photos By Todd Vogel

Serenity is close at hand. Don’t chase it. It will come to you.

Three steps to getting there.

Letting go



This book has lots of pictures. taken at White Sands, New Mexico. It is a desert, but hardly barren.

Letting Go I Often the things which make us unhappy and block serenity are in the past. They do not have to be a part of today.

Letting Go II Fear, and it’s close cousin, Anger cast a deep, enveloping shadow. Preventing us from seeing the light.

Letting Go III Ever wonder why we obsess on the negative?

Understanding I Perspective. Start with the fact we are not the center of the universe.

There is much beauty in that same universe you can be a part of the masterpiece.

Understanding II It is attitude which can make adversity an adventure.

Understanding III

That understanding what is enough; most often means it is ours.

Take a deep breath. Savor oxygen. Exhale. Turn the page.

Accepting I Finding Joy means turning to the light.

Accepting II The gifts. They are yours.

Accepting III You have all the tools to find serenity in your heart. This may mean abandoning the notion that prevents you from flying.

Now, was that so hard?

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Featuring the author's photos taken at white Sands, New Mexico, this booklet uses a few words which might help the reader find it.

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