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MY Higher Power

A very simple guide. A meditation in words and photos By Todd Vogel

According to some: The first thing God made was light.

Three parts of this puzzle:

The gifts

Finding Harmony

Joy as a prayer

This book has lots of pictures. To me, they are a clear message.

The gifts I Looking closely opens the door to awe.

The Gifts II are astounding and show the Artist’s sense of humor.

The Gifts III surround us. All we have to to is find them

Finding Harmony I Having tried to stretch the hole to fit my odd shaped peg, I discovered the something that had to give was me.

Finding Harmony II Easier said than done until I found the excess was mostly hot air of my own making.

Finding Harmony III And discovering there is room for a lot of individuality after all.

Accept Joy Turn the page.

Joy is a prayer I At once gratitude and praise for something outside myself.

Joy is a prayer II Consider (if you must) the alternatives.

Joy is a prayer III A joyful heart is my different drummer and life becomes a dance.

Now, was that so hard?

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My Higher Power  

Featuring photos taken on this trip and some thoughts on the subject. This is most definately a draft.