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Hard to believe that we are at November’s doorstep about step in to all that a yearend brings... that heartfelt mix of joy, sunshine, freneticism, and anticipation. When compared with its neighbours, September and November, October always seems like a bit of an inbetweener, nothing to write home about. It is neither the month that heralds spring, nor is it the month that says, ‘Yay - Christmas is coming!’ October’s a time for waiting, waiting for warmer weather, and a hit of that longed-for feeling-of-holidays. That said, October does of course have its very own set of connotations... think Beerfest in Munich, Diwali – the festival of lights, and the old favourite, Halloween, with its tricks and treats, zombies and ghouls. First week of October is almost always the last week of school holidays, and the final week of WOW (Wearable Arts). The Pink Star walk is a very October thing to do and a great way to draw attention to the Pink Ribbon Appeal. And then there is Art Week! Yes lucky Aucklanders get to celebrate our city’s diverse and vibrant contemporary art scene for a full-on fabulous week of art tours, workshops, exhibitions and artist talks. Labour Day with its origins in labour union movments (which all those years ago advocated eight hours for work, eight hours for recreation, and eight hours for rest), is celebrated on 24th of the month this year… and we love October for it. Verve has made October special too, as this month’s issue is filled with a selection of brilliant offerings: travel stories that will make your heart ache to explore our wonderful world more, tasty insights into fine wine and dining, new and exciting businesses that have opened their doors just in time for Christmas shopping, plus the usual helping of intriguing interviews with fascinating personalities. Not to be missed are two stylish photo shoots, which show off the latest in fitness fashion and stunning swimwear. Many of you have asked for us to spread Verve more widely throughout the city. We have taken your request seriously and starting this month Verve will be available to pick up from baskets located at various points throughout Auckland. Please refer to our website for locations. Have a fabulous October and enjoy this issue of Verve. See you next month. Fran and Jude — COMING UP IN NOVEMBER VERVE — Shopping, holidays and summer living.

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UP FRONT Oct 2016

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One of Mao’s earliest policies following the establishment of the People’s Republic of China in 1949 was to encourage citizens to have more kids in order to create a greater workforce to plough his agrarian utopia. Though his disastrous agrarian reforms resulted in the deaths of tens of millions, the nation’s population was to later balloon so dramatically that by 1979, with the number approaching one billion, the government implemented its famous one-child policy. Beginning the following year, those who broke this law forbidding couples having more than one child faced the prospect of fines, sterilisations and even forced abortions. A relaxation to the policy was introduced three years ago, but few took up the offer to extend their families. Late last year, the ban was lifted entirely with all unions now free to have two kids, the result of a nation suffering population problems of a whole new kind. A UN study conducted before the end of the one-child policy predicted that the number of Chinese over the age of 65 will reach a staggering 219 million by 2030, and that by 2050, that age group will make up a quarter of the country’s population. This means a vast chunk of the population will age out of the workforce. (It’s fast becoming a global issue also, though China will suffer most due to its sheer number of citizens.) But it’s not just the age of the people that is taking its toll on the nation, it’s their sex, too. While the usual human birth rate is 106 males

for every 100 females, in China, where sex-selective abortions, though illegal, are widely practised, the number rises to 115 males per 100 females. “When you create a system where you would shrink the size of a family and people would have to choose, then people would... choose sons,” Mei Fong, author of One Child: The Story of China’s Most Radical Experiment, tells NPR. “Now China has 30 million more men than women, 30 million bachelors who cannot find brides... They are the biological dead ends of their family.” The one-child policy, she continues, “drastically reshaped the composition of China’s people”, meaning the population is “too old and too male”. These men are referred to as guang guan, which translates as ‘broken branches’, and, across the country, there are villages full of them. Regardless of the obvious personal frustrations, some have warned that the ‘bare branches’ are a threat to society, leading to greater rates of crime, sexual violence and an increase in the trafficking of women. “I don’t have any requirements at all,” 35-year-old farmer Duan Biansheng of Banzhushan village tells the Guardian. “I would be satisfied with just a wife.” Most of the eligible women who did live in his remote village have long since left to search for more prosperous futures in the cities. Males mainly stay, as is tradition, to tend to their ageing parents.

9 UP FRONT Oct 2016

Before they have reached their thirties, men in China are widely expected to have married and provided a home in which their family can live. Xiong Jigen is a 43-year-old bachelor in the village of Laoya in eastern China. Two years ago, a survey of the village revealed there to be 112 single males aged 30-55 out of a population of 1,600. This figure is abnormally high.

vanished at once from a province in northern China, along with the ‘matchmaker’ who’d collected money from the local men to secure the marriages, meaning they lost their spouses and their savings.

“Transportation is so difficult here, we cannot go across the river when it rains,” Xiong tells the BBC. “Women don’t want to settle down... Some visited here through matchmakers then left because they had a terrible impression of the transportation.”

Li Guichen, one such jilted husband, said that he’d opted to marry a foreign girl as she was more affordable than a local. “I didn’t even get to know her before she left,” he tells the Financial Times, before admitting he’s not even sure of her name.

Alas, bride fraud is now a booming business also.

The young girls in the village must walk a two-hour round trip to attend school. Finances, too, play a significant role in these highly traditional societies. The average rural wedding ceremony costs $21,000, yet the average rural wage is just $2,200. Betrothal gifting is becoming ever more widespread as families realise they can profit from their daughters’ weddings. Liu Yanwu, University of Wuhan sociologist tells the Global Times that two-thirds of these men are struggling to attract a wife simply because they don’t have the means to cover the costs of marriage. Some Chinese men are now turning to agencies to buy wives from Southeast Asia. In 2014, 100 Vietnamese wives all

— Words: Jamie Christian Desplaces

Fists, No Fury

Various types of wrestling are among the earliest forms of official competitive combat sports, introduced by the Greeks in the 7th century BC. The events – along with boxing – came to be among the most popular at the Olympic Games, though rules were rather less stringent than today with pretty much anything allowed except for eye gouging, groin grabbing and biting. Competitors would often battle for hours, until one surrendered, passed out, or even died. Every continent has, at some point in history, spawned its own form of martial art, though the practice is most widely associated with the Far East. Chinese martial arts, commonly referred to as kung fu, is known to have been practised since at least the 5th century BC, though, according to some legends, is as old as 4,000 years. The basic meaning of kung fu actually has more to do with the state of mind, and can relate to any undertaking that requires immense study and discipline, a befitting description of a practice that requires mental and physical prowess in equal measures. “By pushing yourself beyond your limits and testing your resolve, you learn to know yourself, to achieve insight into your own weaknesses and strengths,” says Trevor Tockar, an internationally acclaimed master instructor of karate, based in Sydney. “Only when you recognise your own weaknesses can you improve and develop. Kyokushin karate means ‘the ultimate truth”. This does not mean we think we’re the best. It means that we train in a way to discover the truth about ourselves. This is the true reward of karate training.” Verve caught up with Trevor and some other martial arts practitioners to find out more...

SIMON OGDEN, CHIEF INSTRUCTOR AT JITSU NEW ZEALAND | DISCIPLINES: JUDO AND JU JITSU Ju jitsu is a millennia-old form of close combat, believed to have possibly originated in China, but accepted to have been perfected in Japan. The aim was to develop the ability to defeat armed and armoured opponents such as samurai, using grappling techniques, and, sometimes, a small weapon. Judo is a relatively modern addition to the eastern combat sport cannon, developed using some of the techniques of ju jitsu, and to help preserve such ancient traditions. Founded in the late 1800s by Professor Jigoro Kano, the sport, which relies mainly on throws and holds, is famed for its codes of mutual respect and ethics. What attracted you to these particular disciplines? I’ve been dabbling in combat sports since I was around fouryears-old, starting with judo, then boxing, different karate styles and kickboxing. I discovered shorinji kan ju jitsu while at university in the UK, and was drawn to the social stuff off the mat along with the teaching style of the instructor. I was hooked. The same can be said about olivecrona ju jitsu when I moved to New Zealand. Is it as much a spiritual endeavour as a physical one? It depends on what you mean by spiritual. If you mean it in the context of an inner, individual path to discovering one’s self and abilities, to incorporate personal growth, then yes. The study of judo and ju jitsu is as much mental training as physical, especially when you’ve explored the crucible of the art, the basic tenets are seiryoku zen’yo (maximum efficiency, minimum effort) and jita kyoei (mutual welfare and benefit). Are you ever afraid when you compete? Nervous yes, afraid no. Fear is a completely different animal. All competitions are a form of game, a learning tool to improve yourself: in a nutshell you either win or you learn. Nerves are a completely normal and they usually disappear once the referee signals to start. Do you ever feel guilt about striking another person? Real life stops at the edge of the tatami [mat], and the training environment starts as you step onto it. In any art, the aim in training is to never block punches with your face. You can only fight like you train and without pressure testing and randori [a free-style practice], you limit the practicality of what you learn. So in answer not really, it’s all about the training. Have you ever had to defend yourself on the street? I used to be a doorman in the UK and in New Zealand, so I’ve used my art occasionally to defend myself and others. How have the sports helped you grow as a person? It has taught me that they are a really good way to make an instant circle of friends, no matter the nationality or language barrier, as you spend quite a bit of time with someone else in your personal space. As far as helping me grow as a person? I would suggest it has slowly made me a better, more tolerant version of myself, especially now that I coach kids. What are the biggest myths about the sports? Far too many to list, but if I had to choose one it is that a black belt only really signifies the beginning of learning – it’s not an indication of expertise or superhuman abilities, only of perseverance and determination. Anyone can achieve a black belt. They just have to not quit.



Mixed martial arts — commonly referred to as MMA — has exploded in popularity in recent years. The practice, often regarded as a modern phenomenon, was born from Brazilian fighting discipline, vale tudo. In the early 1990s, the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) organisation founded a competition to pit the various martial arts against each other to see which came out on top. This led to fighters adopting techniques from a variety of combat methods and so mixed martial arts was born. What attracted you to MMA? About a year out of school I watch the movie Never Back Down with some mates, and thought, “Wow, Imagine being able to fight like that!” A year later a friend invited me to train with him at an MMA gym. I’m a small guy, so learning self-defence while getting a good body was a great temptation, and once I started I was hooked. I didn’t intend to fight, but as time went by I saw my potential and decided to give it a crack. I believe that in a real life situation, MMA is the best form of self defence. Do you see it as a spiritual endeavour as well as a physical one? For me, MMA is more mental than anything. At a high level, everyone is training their hardest to be in the best shape they can for fight night. The difference on the night comes down to who wants it more. A champion’s mindset is to never give up. Are you ever afraid before a competition? I wouldn’t say I am afraid on fight night. When you’re with your team you feel you can achieve anything. They have absolute belief in you and so you fight for all of them. You must control the adrenaline. It’s that feeling I love most about competing. And the winning, of course. Do you ever feel guilt when striking someone? After competing for so many years you know it’s just a sport. At the end of the day, your opponent is there to hit you, so you better beat him to the punch! Have you ever had to use your skills on the street? Luckily, no. I try my best to avoid sticky situations. But, with training you learn to become very aware of your surroundings, and can pick up when something is about to go down. How has MMA strengthened your character? The sport has definitely taught me to be disciplined. That your body can work a 100 times more than what your mind tells you. I feel I’m a much better person, and am now living a very healthy lifestyle. What are the biggest misconceptions about the sport? A lot of people think MMA is where a bunch of guys with tattoos and no brains get locked in a cage and just try knock each others heads off! That couldn’t be further from the truth. Firstly, I have no tattoos! We feed our bodies with the most nutritious and freshest foods. We don’t go clubbing to cause fights. Unfortunately, the sport does attract some people who do give us a bad reputation. Those are the guys that might cause trouble, with that MMA fighter ‘look’. But the rest of us are hard working and disciplined athletes.



Do you see it as much a spiritual endeavour as a physical one? Definitely. When you spend 4-5 days a week getting absolutely smashed, you tend to become a bit introspective. There are times where I’ll be so focussed on what is happening right in front of me that the rest of the world just kind of falls away, and this sense of peace just sort of comes over me, it’s incredibly surreal. Are you ever afraid when you compete? Afraid? No. Nervous? Oh, yeah! It’s not nerves about the competition per se, but I’m nervous to represent my club and my team. The saying that goes around is that ‘you either win or you learn, there is no losing in BJJ’, but still, I always want to represent my team with dignity. Preparations are always hard, we train all year to always be ‘comp ready’. For me, I tend to increase my training regime and add in some complementary training. During my BJJ classes I make sure to simulate competition rounds as much as possible to really get my mind-set right for competing. It’s as much about your mental toughness. My coach really pushes for me to find my inner strength, so you know when you’re out there and you feel like you’ve got nothing left you find that small fire inside and you just keep fighting for that little bit longer. Do you ever feel bad about striking someone else? Yes and no. There is a certain onus on both training partners involved in a sparring session to indicate they’ve either had enough or are saying ‘you’ve bested me’. You also shouldn’t go out of your way to injure. So when you step on the mats in order to engage, you have to be ready to strike and receive them in return. There is always the occasion though where you mistime something or your technique isn’t quite right and it hurts them – that feels bad. Have you ever had to defend yourself on the street? I’m happy to say no, and I would hope I know enough to not let it get to that point either. I’d much rather de-escalate a situation if possible.

CHARLOTTE HARRISON, AUSTRALIA DISCIPLINE: BRAZILIAN JU JITSU At the turn of the 20th century, Esai Maeda, a former Japanese ju jitsu champion was living in Brazil where he befriended the Gracie family, teaching them his art. In 1925, four Gracie brothers opened Brazil’s first ju jitsu school, and from where their new take evolved. Brazilian ju jitsu is noted for its methods of teaching smaller people to deal with larger assailants through the likes of chokes, holds and joint manipulation. What attracted you to Brazilian ju jitsu? I originally discovered the sport when I was starting to lose weight. I was tired of the normal gym routine and was looking for something that offered more incentive. I wanted to see results so joined a local gym, Renegade MMA. After just one Brazilian ju jitsu (BJJ) class I was hooked. I liked the fact that it was a discipline that really allowed smaller opponents to overpower bigger, stronger ones. The rush of adrenaline and endorphins are an excellent feeling, too. In BJJ, we live spar every session, so you really get to see and feel your improvement with a resistive opponent.

How has the sport enhanced your character? BJJ has definitely had an impact. I’m calmer, my ego has been tamed, and I feel much more at peace with myself. I’m also a lot more disciplined. I like to think I’d react differently in stressful situations now. In BJJ, you are in close proximity to other people and in the beginning it can be quite distressing and uncomfortable, so I like to think that it has prepared me well for scenarios that may make me uncomfortable. Not to mention it has helped me lose 25kg. I think I’m the fittest I’ve been in a long time. When I say it changed my life, I really mean it. There’s a great quote from BJJ black belt Samantha Faulhaber in Philadelphia which sums up it all up perfectly: “On average, jiu-jitsu teaches men that their strength doesn’t mean as much as they thought it did. It teaches most women they are stronger than they thought.” What are the biggest misconceptions about the sport? I think some people have the idea that BJJ or martial arts in general encourages violence. This couldn’t be further from the truth. BJJ, or any martial art, is based on discipline, respect and humility. With the popularity of UFC, people think that they can do it, which is great, but what they don’t realise is the years of training and sacrifice it takes to get to that level. Also, no-one is too old, or unfit to start training BJJ. BJJ adapts to you, you don’t have to adapt to fit BJJ. It’s a beautiful thing.

TREVOR TOCKAR, SHIHAN (MASTER INSTRUCTOR), AUSTRALIA | DISCIPLINE: KYOKUSHIN KARATE Karate comes from the Japanese for ‘empty hands’. The art was honed on the islands of Okinawan, but a popular legend has it that karate was brought to Japan from China, having been introduced there by a visiting Zen Buddhist monk from India. Kyokushin, developed in the 1960s, is the most difficult style of karate, incorporating full contact fighting. What attracted you to karate? As a schoolboy I was always interested in boxing and martial arts, but karate was still in its infancy in South Africa where I grew up. The dojo (training hall) I attended after leaving school had a remarkable chief instructor by the name of Len Barnes, a Scottish-Irish immigrant who became known as the ‘Father of Karate in South Africa’. Len Barnes practised the Kyokushin style of karate under the legendary master, Masutatsu Oyama. What attracted me most to kyokushin karate was its adherence to traditional ‘budo’ karate and its emphasis on hard training coupled with strong moral values (humility/respect/courtesy). Do you see karate as much a spiritual endeavour as a physical one? Through the physical demands of hard training and the relentless repetition of techniques and routines, the mind and the spirit combine with the body to achieve realisation and insight. The discipline, focus, control and commitment that is required in training in the kyokushin style of karate elevates the endeavour to way beyond the physical dimension. Are you ever afraid before competition? I have reached an age where I no longer compete, but I certainly recall being extremely nervous before taking part in them. In 1975, Masutatsu Oyama hosted the 1st World Open Karate Tournament in Tokyo allowing full contact kicks to the legs, body and head and full contact punches and strikes to the body. There were no weight divisions and no protective equipment was permitted. Knockouts were plentiful, and it was necessary to re-define the whole approach to competition. Importantly, it is necessary to prepare the body and to program the mind to endure punishment and to develop true fighting spirit. How do you feel about striking someone else? In kyokushin karate, we punch, kick and strike our opponents with as much force and power as we can muster, with the intention of knocking them down or out. The beauty is that this is done without malice, anger or illwill. Competitors have the highest respect for each other and this is only increased when they find themselves in the toughest of fights. As Masutatsu Oyama said: “The heart of our karate is real fighting. There can be no proof without real fighting. Without proof there is no trust. Without trust there is no respect. This is a definition in the world of martial arts”. Have you had to defend yourself on the street? As a young man, there were some occasions (few and far between) when I was obliged to rely on my karate training in the street. However, a true martial artist will seek to avoid such situations. Training should teach one to be aware and to be alert, which, in turn, should assist one to avoid confrontation.

Trevor with sons David and Anthony, both Aussie champs

“Training should teach one to be aware and to be alert” How has karate enhanced your character? By pushing yourself beyond what you thought to be your limits, and by testing your resolve, you learn to know yourself, to achieve insight into your own weaknesses and strengths. Only when you recognise your own weaknesses can you improve and develop. Kyokushin karate means ‘the ultimate truth’. This does not mean that we think we are the best. It means that we train in a way to discover the truth about ourselves. This is the true reward of karate training. What are the biggest misconceptions about karate? There are many about the martial arts in general, and karate in particular. The fact is that through training, you will improve and will become better than you were. This does not mean that you will become better than the person next to you. There is no magic. There is only hard work. Masutatsu Oyama was an incredibly powerful man who was able to defeat all-comers in battle and who was able to smash bricks, stones and tiles with his bare hands. When asked what was his secret, he pondered for a while and then simply answered: “Sweat.”

Words: Jamie Christian Desplaces

Gladstone Tennis Club 14 FITNESS FEATURE

The Perfect Family Tennis Club

Oct 2016

Tennis is a fantastic game and is a great way to spend a lazy summer afternoon/evening — or, for the early risers, to start the day! You don't have to be a fitness fanatic — or serve like Roger Federer — to enjoy tennis. Fantastically located on the edge of the Auckland CBD, by the Parnell Rose Gardens, Gladstone Tennis Club offers five brand new, floodlit astroturf courts, modern facilities and a great coaching programme for both junior and senior players. We also have convenient off- and onstreet parking. We enjoy our reputation for being a friendly family focused tennis club that welcomes and provides for social and competitive players or all ages and stages.

We are very fortunate to have two superb tennis coaches on our team, Martin Colenbrander and Adam Staub, who run a series of after school and holiday tennis programmes for junior and youth players. Martin and Adam also provide group and private lessons for juniors and social hitters right up to elite players looking to take their game to the next level. We welcome beginner and junior tennis players starting out for the first time, and those tennis players returning after a few years, or looking for a more social, hassle-free tennis option. Our focus is on making tennis fun — for the whole family.

T E N N I S F O R T H E W H O L E F A M I LY Gladstone Tennis Club offers new courts, modern facilities, fun family events, off street parking and a quality coaching programme for all players. Summer is coming. Contact us today. 120 Gladstone Rd, Parnell

let's get physical

Pho t o g r a p he r

m icha e l l e w i s m ak e - u p & ha i r

im e l eta k e l l e tt St y li st

ver ve m a g a z i ne lo c a t i o n

b ox i ng a l l e y

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2 1 st a n l e y s t, au c kland b o x in g al l e y. ne t

WELC O ME TO YO U R YO GA C O RNER! We are one community, brought together by what we have in common: yoga. Out of the four modalities we offer here, we believe you will find the ones that will bring the balance into your busy everyday life. Conveniently situated in the heart of Newmarket, making it easy for those who live or work close by to schedule sessions. The benefits of a yoga practice are immeasurable with improved physical, emotional and mental health being par for the course. Here, you can come and relax, find your inner peace, get energised, and feel balanced. No matter where you are in your yoga journey, our experienced instructors are here to assist you and happy to answer any questions you might have. But more, we would love to get to know you outside of yoga. Come and be part of us, do yoga, make friends, share you life stories and call this your place!

489 Khyber Pass Rd, Newmarket 09 529 0999 |


Start Strong Finish Stronger.

Oct 2016

Discover more at

Train Clever at the ER.

3 Akaroa Street Parnell, Auckland


The Exercise Room Parnell



W E D D I N G S • P O RT R A I T S • FA S H I O N B E L L E P H O T O G R A P H Y. C O . N Z GUSSEY@XTRA.CO.NZ | 027 485 1993




OPERA® Luxury 2017 summer collection is the epitome of opulence in swim and resort wear. ‘To die for’ looks that transcend from the beach to the bar, with effortless elegance. OPERA® Luxury 2017 draws inspiration from diamonds, nautical and the tropics, with an emphasis on style and sophistication. A collection of superior quality and high-end design, synonymous with this sophisticated swimwear brand. The beauty is in the detail, meticulously designed elements and breathtaking digital prints, with the wow factor. Standout design concepts such as the high-waisted cutaway detail bikini and hooded swimsuit (hood is removeable). Choose your signature look from stunning capsule collections that include: Ocean Paisley, Admiral’s Club, Tropical Daydream, Butterfly Art, Broken Square and the ultimate Diamond collections. OPERA® Luxury 2017 stock cup sizes A to G in sizes 8 to 18, with selected designs available up to size 22. The collection has countless styles of gorgeous swimsuits, bikinis, tankinis, kaftans and cover-ups and with so many to choose from, you will find it hard to pick a favourite.

OPERA® Hot Body Swimwear - New Market | Aktivworx – Takapuna | |



Experience any 2 classes from our timetable for just




Fusing Pilates & Ballet exercises together along with resistance equipment to give you a chiselled body fast! To find out more go online to: Or call Viv on (09) 522 3305 or 021 2455441.

14 DAYS OF UNLIMITED CLASSES FOR $49* *offer not valid for pilates reformer classes

Xtend Barre fuses elements of dance, ballet and pilates to create an adrenalin-fuelled workout that strengthens, lengthens and chisels the body.

L7, 5-7 Kingdon Street, Newmarket 09 522 3305


L1, 56 Surrey Crescent, Ponsonby 09 376 8091 xtend-barre-ponsonby


“If like me, you hate the colour of your teeth, treat yourself to a session with Rajni at Lovelysmiles, Newmarket. You wont be disappointed”. Maria Harris (Verve magazine)

Now two years old, Barrefigure has firmly established itself as the barre studio of choice for Aucklanders. Voted in the top 10 places to work out at the 2016 Urban List Readers’ Choice Awards, the boutique studio offers a luxurious light, bright space with expert instructors and small, intimate class sizes. Founded by Marysa Dalton, a dancer with the Royal New Zealand ballet for seven years before dancing in Australia and New York., she discovered barre whilst living in the Big Apple and became a certified barre teacher in London. Realising her dream to bring barre back to New Zealand she established Barrefigure in 2014 and the rest is history. Marysa is passionate about helping her clients reach and exceed their goals, and with her unique knowledge and experience she and her team bring something truly exceptional to the barre format. This really is a workout like no other. The 60-minute barrefigureSIGNATURE class targets all muscle groups and effectively tones, strengthens and lengthens them, creating a leaner longer-looking and more graceful physique. The studio offers 32 classes a week including barreBABY, barreBEGINNER, barreBURN, barreCARDIO, barreADVANCED, barreSTRETCH and YIN classes so you have variety to keep your body and mind challenged. You will begin to see results in just a couple of weeks and have access to body scans as part of our challenges. This will allow you to accurately track your body changes to back up how physically and mentally fantastic you are feeling. With summer just around the corner, now is the perfect time to begin your barre journey. Located in the heart of Ponsonby and Grey Lynn, find out for yourself what all the buzz is about. Book online at: barrefigure. or email . L1, 166 Richmond Rd, Ponsonby, Auckland, 09 361 2083.

Barre + Pilates + Yoga

Ready for change? Come and experience the workout everyone is talking about.

New Clients, 2-4-1 $28 or 30 Days Unlimited $150

Phone Rajini to make an appointment on 0508 568359

166 Richmond Road, Ponsonby, Auckland 09 361 2083,

Barrefigure Advert 8.indd 1

19/01/16 9:22 am

holis t i c - m e d i ca l ski n & we l l n e s s s o luti on Osmosis is a complete holistic- medical skin and wellness solution that encourages permanent change and overall radiance. Our unique philosophy is based on analyzing the skin and body as a whole to treat skin conditions at their source. Designed to optimize the skin and bodys rejuvenation process, restoring beauty and wellness, we aim at the origin of imbalances to impart real change.

30 HEALTH & BEAUTY Oct 2016

YOUR HEARING IS PRECIOUS. MAKE TIME FOR IT. “Family moments are so special. Today my daughter popped round to see me and quietly dropped into the conversation,

‘I’ve got some exciting news for you.’ It’s times like this when I realise how grateful I am to have done something about my hearing.”

HEARING IS SO IMPORTANT to living a full life. If you’re missing out on special moments, why not make time to visit our independent audiology clinic? We can show you the latest technology in hearing aids that will improve your life.

arrangements with any hearing aid manufacturer – she simply fits the hearing aids you need, at competitive prices.

Julie Hill takes the time to fully understand your personal hearing needs, lifestyle and budget. She cares about your quality of life and know how important hearing is for communication in all your relationships.

Good hearing is a sound investment. Julie Hill is a proud member of the NZ Audiological Society for the past 40 years since she was the inaugural president.

Being independent, Julie Hill has no financial links or preferential supply

Modern hearing aids are discreet, easy to use and much more effective at reducing background noise than in the past.


Call 09 523 0500 for your free hearing aid trial with Julie Hill. Limited spots available.

Julie Hill.indd 1

21/09/2016 11:56:09 a.m.

imeleta kellett m a k e - u p

a r t i s t

by appointment: 0 9 9 0 8 3 8 6 2 | 0 21 0 2 3 4 5 4 0 4

Introducing Zac, your local plastic surgeon, now offering skin cancer reconstruction. Did you know that New Zealand has the highest incidence of Skin Cancer in the world? Over 69,000 sun-loving kiwis are diagnosed with Skin Cancer every year, and early detection through regular skin assessments with trained doctors remains the most effective way of identifying and treating skin cancer. At Skin Institute, our multi-disciplinary clinics are vastly experienced in skin cancer, offering the full spectrum of care, from assessments and diagnosis, to treatment and post-treatment care. The key fact about skin cancer is it generally starts with a small, easily curable spot (if caught early enough). Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon Mr Zac Moaveni has been working with Skin Institute for 3 years and is widely recognised as a top ranking surgeon, with a number of academic honours to his name. “Reconstructive surgery for skin cancer and aesthetic surgery are both different ends of the same spectrum. For patients who have just been through the devastating trauma of a skin cancer diagnosis and treatment, blending aesthetic and reconstructive surgical techniques allows me to bring them back to as close to their normal self as possible.” “My skin cancer surgical treatment philosophy is a natural extension of my existing aesthetic surgery focus as a plastic surgeon, namely to provide cutting edge treatment and restore form and function as naturally as possible.” He is now offering patients his services in primary skin cancer excisional surgery and following their journey through with post-surgical repairs and deficits, and reconstructive and cosmetic surgeries. “I’m passionate about providing patients with an individualised plan based on a number of factors to best suit their needs. For example with melanoma, we unfortunately have the highest rate in the world. There is no doubt that proper surgical treatment is the most important factor that determines outcome.”

At Skin Institute, we understand that skin cancer can be an intimidating diagnosis to come to terms with. Our multidisciplinary clinics are thoroughly experienced with skin cancer management – and our team of highly qualified specialists will guide you through from diagnosis to treatment to a healthier tomorrow. You can rely on us to be at your side through the whole process. If you haven’t had a skin assessment before, or it’s been a while since you have, a full body skin cancer consultation is the best place to start. At Skin Institute, only qualified doctors will carry out your consultation, which will include a thorough check of your skin area by area, including feet and legs, stomach and arms, back of legs, soles of feet, back, neck, face and scalp.

Book a full body skin cancer consultation today and enjoy your summer with peace of mind about your skin. Skin Institute has 8 clinics throughout Auckland - call 0800 SKIN DR or visit to book today.

Skin cancer | Veins | Appearance medicine


Your hearing is precious. We are all ears.

Oct 2016

Thomas at Acoustix really is all ears. He listens to you and delivers the personal touch for your hearing problems by matching your hearing solution to your lifestyle needs. Thomas is an expert in personalised hearing solutions and protection and is trusted by New Zealand’s leading professional musicians, producers and sound engineers. Thomas doesn’t seduce you with free tests and discounted products. He simply does the very best for you and your hearing needs. Trust Acoustix with your hearing. We are all ears.

09 520 5648 ACOUSTIX.CO.NZ


NIKE TRAINING APP For a training app that is enjoyable, rewarding and aesthetically inspiring, look no further than the Nike Training App. Nike has invested endless money and effort into creating a free and motivating personal trainer that you can carry in your pocket, boasting over 100 unique workouts. With personalised training programs, contributions from professional trainers and professional athletes, and a highly competitive virtual community, this app is well and truly a cut above the rest. FREELETICS If you are looking for fast and visible results, Freeletics should be your first port of call. All the exercises use only your bodyweight, meaning you can do it anywhere and at any time. With short, high intensity and scientifically developed workouts, you will be motivated to fit one in every day. You’ll be seeing abs of steel in no time!

CHARITY MILES This app lets you earn money for charity with every step, making it more rewarding than ever to complete your exercise. Choose from over 30 charities every time you work out, and the app will donate from its $500 000 sponsorship pool according to how hard you go. Not only are you benefiting your own body, but you are helping so many others as you do it.

PACT Finally, you don’t have to be an All Black or a Les Mills trainer to make money by working out. Pact is an app that lets you physically bet against others on the fact that you will do your exercise for the day, meaning that if you do yours, you will be able to claim the money of those who don’t do theirs. This adds so much incentive that you will be able to reach all your fitness goals and reap the rewards while doing so.

ZOMBIES, RUN! Look forward to your runs by playing this ever-motivating fitness game, in which you are one of the few survivors of a zombie epidemic. As you run, you complete mission by mission, having to speed up when zombies are chasing you and collecting supplies the further you run. This is a fantastic way to get some speedwork under your belt, and it is so fun, it won’t ever feel like a chore!

33 HEALTH & BEAUTY Oct 2016


BEAUTIFUL SKIN = HYDRATED SKIN Our guide to dry and dehydrated skin

Dry and/or dehydrated skin can create problems in your quest for a clear complexion but the good news is that there is a lot you can do to help it along the way. As skin health specialists my team and I can certainly help your crusade, but firstly let me share with you the ins and outs of dehydrated skin.

SIGNS OF DEHYDRATED SKIN • irritation, inflammation, itchiness and sensitivity • tightness or tautness • roughness • flaking and scaling • fine lines • redness and cracks that can sometimes bleed So now you’ve got the lowdown I want to tell you about Dermalogica’s amazing new treatment to address dehydration, sensitivity, skin ageing and acne. It’s called the IonActiveTM Power Treatment, which is personalised, bio± charged therapy for visible results. We’ve been using it in the clinic with great results.


IonActiveTM Power Treatment Time: 45-minutes

Dry skin is lacking in oil, dehydrated skin is lacking in water. Both conditions can be temporary or with you for life. Your gene pool plays a part but stress, sun, wind, environmental chemicals and the wrong skincare products can contribute too.

This treatment uses six potent IonActive ionizable formulas designed to target specific skin concerns such as skin texture and wrinkles, pigmentation and acne.

Even oily skin can be dehydrated. Because dehydration is caused by a lack of water, not oil, your skin’s natural oil activity can still be overactive. One of the biggest consequences of dry skin is an increase in sensitivity. When skin is dry, it’s depleted of its natural protective lipid barrier. This lowers skin’s defences against environmental assaults that can cause a sensitised reaction in skin, such as itching and redness. WHAT CAUSES DEHYDRATION? 1. Intrinsic Ageing: or the normal process of physical change over time that’s more about genetics than lifestyle. Lifestyle-induced aging is known as premature or extrinsic aging. The skin’s natural hydrators decline over the years. 2. Environmental Elements: Cold winds and low temperatures can dry out skin. In addition too much sun causes water to evaporate from skin, and air heating/air conditioning acts like a sponge, soaking up moisture from everything it touches. 3. Lifestyle: Low-fat diets can deprive our bodies of skin-friendly Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs). They help protect against water loss within cells keeping skin supple and hydrated. An EFA deficiency can result in chronic itching, dryness, scaling, and thinning. Smoking drains skin and body of vitamins A and C and constricts blood vessels (which equates to less blood flow) – it’s akin to suffocating skin from the inside. Alcoholic beverages and certain medications (such as nasal decongestants) can also contribute to dry skin.

After applying these we use one of two warm or cool ‘Gelloids’, which are a hybrid of massage mediums and masques to seal the active ingredients and further drive them into the skin. Because the Ionactive formulas can be converted into ions, or electrically charged atoms, we can then pair them with the latest technology like microcurrent, galvanic Iontophoresus, LED lights, or ultrasound to enhance ingredient penetration:

Results: The IonActiveTM Power Treatment delivers immediate, noticeable results after one treatment. For maximum results a series of three to six treatments, received once every two to four weeks, is recommended, followed by maintenance treatments twice per year. We encourage you to come in and see us to give this treatment a try. You’ll be glad you did.


Embrace the Sporty Trend without Breaking a Sweat

34 FASHION Oct 2016

Resor Hilfige r Tomm y

Witchery Witchery Pancho Short, $99.90

t 17

Country Road Side Stripe Pant $229

Witchery Witchery Clara Parka, $229.90

This spring, athletic-inspired duds are all the rage, and they’re just as easy to wear as your lived-in spandex and sports bra — they just happen to be a whole lot more chic. It seems every designer from DKNY to Tommy Hilfiger have caught wind of our daily dilemma.

DKNY Resort 17

Acne Studios Adriana plaque-detailed leather sneakers $429 from


KENZO X H&M The exciting arrival of H&M in New Zealand opens with nothing more than a big bang! H&M have announced its next designer collaboration will be with KENZO, the vibrant and playful Parisian house that captures the energy of global culture to create its unique, youthful spirit. KENZO x H&M will be available in over 250 selected H&M stores worldwide including New Zealand’s very first Sylvia Park branch from 3 November.

Summer Prep


Codage At East Day Spa In the tradition of French pharmacy, CODAGE uses pure active ingredients to address all major beauty concerns. Their collection of serums is a system of ultra-targeted, highly specialised, concentrated staples you trust like a black turtleneck, white t-shirt or pair of jeans. Then additional serums are recommended to cater to each skin type as East Day Spa’s beauticians take seasonal changes and each individuals lifestyle into consideration. For a CODAGE facial and consultation call East Day Spa 09 363 7050 or visit 123 Albert Street, Skycity Grand Hotel, Auckland.

COOLA’S Mineral Face SPF30 Rosilliance BB+ Cream $95 Mineral SPF30 BB+ Cream Tinted Moisturiser by COOLA is a must-have during the warmer months. Offering different shades to match for your skin tone, water resistant qualities and 70%+ certified organic ingredients, what more do you need from a BB cream this summer?

Everywhere you turn there are new tips coming out about how to look your best in the spring weather. We have compiled a list of five summer beauty tips that we know are the most helpful when prepping yourself for the warmer seasons of the year. Everything from beachy hair to sun care, this list gives you everything you need to know about summer beauty.

James Read Tan from Mecca Cosmetica, Clear Bronzing Mist $62 James Read, the tantrepreneur whose products sell out on Net-a-Porter. Try this invisible tanning spray that delivers a flawless golden glow to the body and face. Vist Mecca at 264 Broadway, Newmarket.

ELEVEN Australia, Sea Salt Texture Spray $32

Weleda Almond Sensitive Skin Body Lotion $29.90 Weleda Almond Sensitive Skin Body Lotion is designed to hydrate and absorb quickly to calm sensitive skin while helping to strengthen the skin’s own protective function. Its gently scented formulation provides long lasting daily moisture protection and recovery to leave skin feeling smooth and velvety soft.

A lightweight natural spray that provides perfect ‘beach hair’ texture while also giving volume and thickness.

Sun Kissed Bronzing Primer by Mecca Cosmetica $45 A weightless, tinted gel primer that blends beautifully while adding a sheer hint of bronze colour to the complexion. Just like a vacation in a bottle! Visit Mecca at 264 Broadway, Newmarket to try the Mecca Cosmetica full range.

Oct 2016

Signature Style



FASHION Oct 2016

I recently watched a documentary called The Real Cost. This incredibly thought-provoking film challenges both the environmental and ethical impact the fashion industry (and actually our rampant consumerism of its product), has on our planet and the people that inhabit it. Although it is often thought that it is the big, fast fashion retailers who are driving much of this damage I have no doubt that many other smaller fashion houses also contribute. I think, with the opening of fast-fashion retail giants Zara and H&M in Auckland this month, it’s a good time to think beyond the price we pay for our garments, and actually ask ourselves a more pertinent question —“Do I really need that?” In an earlier column I spoke of how at the start of this year I decided to be more mindful in my own life when it comes to buying clothes. I know that this may seem counter-intuitive for someone who provides a service helping others buy clothing, but I think what I do with clients is actually what we all need to do. When I take a client shopping it is working to a plan, filling necessary gaps to enable my client to get greater flexibility and wear-ability from their wardrobes. We are looking for pieces that add value, that work back with existing items and that can be worn in many settings — dressed up for an evening out, dressed down for a casual weekend brunch. This is a wardrobe that works for owner.

The opposite of this is a wardrobe full of clothes that don’t ‘play’ together, pieces that can only be worn one way. I often describe these items as “orphans”, and although these garments may indeed be beautiful, they can also hang forlornly at the back of the wardrobe as their owner struggles to make them work in their day to day. Sometimes these items can be re-invented and worn in a different way but sadly, in many cases these items are often out of date before they are worn more than two or three times. If you’d like a fresh pair of eyes to help create more out of your existing wardrobe, and to take a more planned approach to your summer clothing purchases, I’d LOVE to help. Find out more at or give me a call on 09 529 5115 and let’s build you a CLEVER wardrobe.

Words: Jackie O'Fee







319 R E M U E R A R O A D CNR NORANA & REMUERA RD P H O N E : 0 9 5 29 273 8

1 BALM STREET NEWMARKET P H O N E : 0 9 5 24 5787


//SHOP DIRECTORY NANIS – Italian Jewels. 18ct yellow gold, diamond and aquamarine earrings. $1,645.00 // CONTACT US: 09 522 8620 // FIND US: Shop 4, 25 Teed St, Newmarket, online at

Fashion. New arrivals in store from Diane Burkhardt, layby now. New Zealand designed and made. Ready to wear and made to measure. // CONTACT US: 09 378 4770, style@thecupboard. // FIND US: 14 St Marys Rd, Ponsonby, Auckland, online at

Spring has Arrived. Sasha Boutique clothing store is a collection of our favourite designer women’s fashion labels.// CONTACT US: 09 579 3535 // FIND US: 114 Main Street, Ellerslie, Auckland. |


0 9 Verge 5 2 4 5 7Spring 87 Fashion. New in store: Model is wearing: Gracie Top 3781BR 2016, Adventures In The Sun. Cosmic Pant 3593GH Model Gracie Top & Cosmic Pant. // W W W. H A R T L E Y S . C O. N Z CONTACT US: 09 529 2738 or 09 524 5787 // FIND US: 319 Remuera Rd | Newmarket or 1 Balm St | Newmarket, online at

Belloro Fine Jewellery Limited Shop 4, 25 Teed Street, Newmarket, Auckland Phone: +64 9 522 8620 Email:

We make online swimwear shopping easy. Free postage, refunds and returns welcome. // CONTACT US: 09 09 309 5015 // FIND US: | phone to make an appointment to visit our show room.

Direct from the catwalks of Europe SUNFLAIR® and OPERA® complete your swim and resort wardrobe. Breath-taking designs in a myriad of colours, everything from swimsuits, bikinis, to cover ups and après beachwear. A complete seasonal wardrobe to take you from the pool to the promenade. Now stocked in Auckland. // FIND US: sunflair. com |

We’re a small, family-owned and operated company, based in the Wairarapa, producing New Zealand made clothing from 100% organic cotton. // CONTACT US: 64 (0)6 306 8805 // FIND US:


399 Remuera Road 09 520 5440 S hop

in Store or

o nline


Consultation by appointment Located in Eastern Suburbs Julian Bartrom is your doorway into the creative world of fine custom made jewellery. Awarded and renowned for his refined style of jewellery design and superb quality gemstones, Julian is one of New Zealand’s most acclaimed jewellers. Julian trained with the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), the world’s foremost authority in diamonds and gemstones and works with you to design and craft fine jewellery, meticulously made and finished.


42 FASHION Oct 2016


Above: Thunderpants swimwear high waisted pant in black. Also available in black and white striped | $68 | thunderpants. Tigerlily Swimwear Banmala top in charcoal. Right: Nicole one piece in snake from Femme de la Mer | Classic Rib combed cotton Bath towel | $29.50 | Turkish Bathrobe (Bamboo & Cotton) | $149.00 | The Linen Store | 25 Broadway, Newmarket

43 FASHION Oct 2016

Gosier apron top and bottom paired with Papalo jacket by Tigerlily | tigerlilyswimwear.

45 FASHION Oct 2016

Below: Blue high waisted bikini bottom and underwire bikini top by Sunair. Style code 21195 $179.95 (size 8-18) | $199.95 (size 20, 22)

Top Left: Woven texture tunnel suit by Moontide | Petal cap by Blue Dude. Bottom Left: Summer vibe deep "V" maillot by Seafolly | Below: Blossom suit by Moontide | bluedude.

47 FASHION Oct 2016

Top and Bottom: Active Deep "V" Maillot one peice l Moroccan tote basket | $39.90 | Deck chair by Madder & Rouge | 25 Teed St, 1023 | 09 522 1062

FASHION Oct 2016

Striped bikini set by Sunflair. Style code 21175 $134.95 (size 8 -1 6) |


LOCATION | One Five One Health Club, 151 Queen Street PHOTOGRAPHER | Neil Gussey MAKE-UP AND HAIR | Imeleta Kellett MODEL | Zeisha Fremaux STYLING | Verve Magazine

— If you’re looking for a CBD health club with something a bit special, you’ve found it. Swimming pool, tennis court, the latest gym equipment, fitness classes, social soccer, spa, sauna, steam room, complimentary towel service and the use of a range of toiletries in the changing rooms, we’ve got it all.



O N E F I V E O N E . CO. N Z

50 HOME & DESIGN Oct 2016

BESPOKE SEASON Give your home an aesthetic treat with a gorgeous piece (or two) from our bespoke design collection. Visit our destination store in Newmarket’s historic Foundation Precinct and talk with us about tailoring a design to suit your home & lifestyle. Place your bespoke order by mid-October, and we’ll make sure you receive your tailored designs by Christmas – perfectly timed for the busiest social season.


To celebrate their 10th anniversary on Nuffield St. all customers who spend over $50 at Harrowset Hall in October will be entered into the draw to win a $2000 luxury bedding package.

Harrowset Hall originally began on Broadway in Newmarket, selling bed linen and nightwear. Ten years ago Harrowset Hall moved to the newly developed Nuffield St precinct and has established itself as a premium destination for quality bedlinen and interior design elements. Successful entrepreneur Ingrid Memelink is more than aware that nothing stays the same in business. In the 20 years since she first established fine linen and design accessory store, Harrowset Hall, she has developed an instinctual awareness for change — both in terms of buyer demand and fashion trends. “Keeping up with change in business is a very creative process,” says Ingrid. “I think people underestimate how creative running a business is, but that is really the fun of it.

“There has been a big trend back to quality. The integrity involved in supplying a product that will last the test of time has always been a key element in the success of Harrowset Hall. I believe in quality products and quality service. Interior design is largely influenced by fashion which influences colours and textiles — if you see metallic in fashion, it will come through in interiors, we work hard at keeping up with trends but also finding out what our customers truly want. There are certain fashion items that always remain and the same in interiors.” The choices are endless, and with the recent addition of The Linen Store on Broadway to their stable, there is the added benefit of being able to choose items from both stores to complete a look

Shop 7, 21-23 Nu f field St, Newmarket 09 524 4452 | har

52 HOME & DESIGN Oct 2016

Seeking inspiration, ideas and information for your new home or renovation? Home Ideas on The Strand in Parnell offers a relaxing environment where you can browse at your own leisure and features over 200 of the top local and national brands in the home build industry.


The centre presents a number of beautiful displays from exhibitors such as Corian, Robertson Bathware and Fairview Windows to name a few. Each space is carefully considered to allow an interactive, tactile and conceptual experience where possible and with all stands being unmanned, this gives you all the time in the world to investigate the right choices for your home and project. Once you have browsed through our four sections, our friendly front of house staff will package up the information from your favourite exhibitors. Throughout the year, the centre holds informative and inspiring seminars with industry experienced speakers that are ready to help send you off in the right direction for your next or current project. With various topics such as Bathroom Design, Renovation and Landscape Design you will be sure to take home some valuable tips. These events provide you the chance to connect with sponsors related to each seminar and we even offer a courtesy follow up with each speaker and sponsor. Our informative website is a valuable tool for any one at any stage of a renovation or in the new build process. With 24-hour access to our inspirational blogs, exhibitors and seminar registrations you will be able to browse the centre in the comfort of your own home. And if you are not centrally located, our website provides you with the opportunity to request brochures from any of our fantastic exhibitors. If you would love to receive regular updates and inspiration from the centre be sure to follow us on our social media channels — Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest, or subscribe to our weekly email list.


The classic combination of beauty and elegance.

KOKO Classics Flagship Store

Delivery throughout NZ and 350 Broadway, Newmarket, Auckland worldwide

P: +64 9 523 1059

NZ & Worldwide Delivery Service


E:350 Broadway, Newmarket, W: Auckland

Harvard Display Cabinet, Batavia Black $3999.00. Pemberton Coffee Table $899.00. Marko Buffalo Leather Club Chair $2650.00. WWW.KOKOCLASSICS.COM PH. 09 523 1059 Royale 3 Seater Chesterfield, Black Linen $1795.00. Anglo-Indian Brass Ice Bucket $160.00. Chopasni High School Shields from $45.00. Glass Domes from $145.00. Tribal Wooden Water Pot $75.00.

54 HOME & DESIGN Oct 2016

We’re Rapt! Why? Because RAPT Designer Gift & Home have opened its stylish doors in Newmarket.

If you’re looking for gorgeousness for your home or a very special gift that will be ‘just right’, RAPT have got you covered. From the black and white striped wingchairs, fabulous handbags, and striking artwork to the brew making kits for the boys, there’s something for everyone in this store. “We try to cater for lots of different styles,” says Anj Selwood, general manager of RAPT, who runs the business with her mother, Barb Selwood. The family owned business began in Botany in 2007. Anj has a background in marketing and events as well as a set design qualification and Barb has a design and retail background. “Newmarket was always on the agenda for us so we were delighted to find the old Rodd & Gunn site on Broadway opposite 277,” says Barb. Anj and Barb added their own touches to the store, and then filled it with RAPT’s beautiful offerings. They offer a fantastic range of furniture and homewares - Anj’s set design expertise comes into its own as she loves nothing more than creating new ‘looks’. “We’re always moving things around,” says Anj. “In fact, some of our customers in Botany come in just to see how it’s looking this week!” RAPT stocks Scandinavia’s well known homewares brand Broste Copenhagen, along with Britto and Willow Tree; the latter two you won’t find anywhere else in Newmarket. Britto is a funky range of teapots and Disney figurines, and Willow Tree are figurines with sentiment titles such as ‘Angel of Comfort’, ‘Courage’, and ‘Thank You’. In addition you’ll find some exquisite candle and home fragrances lining the shelves including Cote Noire, Scent 5 Luxe, DL&Co., Nelson brand Living Light and the New Zealand made brand of soy candles, Essence. “We like to support local brands

where possible,” says Anj. “Essence are a new entrant to the market and are presented in lovely marble jars. Most people know of Living Light. They have an amazing drip effect, it looks like lace.” Other must-haves include the Silver Tag range of teddy bears, which are limited edition and come with a certificate of authentication. “They are jointed and have a hump on their back which is the sign of a good teddy,” says Anj. Another favourite is the Rosanna range, which serves up wonderful boxed gifting. We loved the ‘Tiny Human’ small tray which says ‘congratulations on making a tiny human’, and the ‘I’m a very stylish girl” jewellery tray. You’ll also find Galway, Bohemian and RCR crystal and French Country glassware, Karlsson clocks, and a diverse range of Kiwiana, baby and christening gifting and Christmas décor. Plus they’ve just received delivery of Sunnylife inflatables and summer accessories ready for the sun. We think it’s a bonus that RAPT offer free gift-wrapping and are happy to send your gifts nationwide for you. They also have an online store (, and if there’s anything you’re unsuccessfully searching for they’ll try and source it for you.


jade sofa | nz made

55 HOME & DESIGN Oct 2016

Auckland Parnell 09 368 7694 | Hamilton 07 854 9495 |

PACK OF SOY TEALIGHTS FREE WITH EACH HURRICANE LAMP Enjoy hours of glow by placing a tealight in the middle of these hard wax hurricane lamps. Poured in Israel using real fruit and botanicals. —

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— $43.50 EACH —

56 HOME & DESIGN Oct 2016

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58 HOME & DESIGN Oct 2016

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— 05 — 01 Maple Sofa and Armchair. TRENZSEATER. — 02 San Diego sofa. TRENZSEATER. — 03 Outdoor loveseat in mustard colour, designed by Christophe Pillet for Maiori. Premium powdercoated aluminium construction for all weather conditions. POYNTERS. — 04 Block outdoor lounge chair, with matching ottoman by Life Living. Reclaimed teak construction with sumptuous outdoor cushions. POYNTERS. — 05 Patch outdoor armchair by Talenti. Part of a range of outdoor durable modular corner sofa pieces in the Patch collection. POYNTERS. — 06 A classic whitewashed rattan chair, updated with boldly rounded arms, and perfectly proportioned for a plump cushion or two. CORSO DE' FIORI. — 07 Enhance your indoor outdoor with comfy, multi-tasking furniture – like this shapely Madu bean bag in a geometric African inspired print. CORSO DE' FIORI. — 08 Astro Chair. High-end synthetic weave and powder coated steel frame. FORMA.



HOME & DESIGN Oct 2016

The word to describe artist and printmaker Prue MacDougall also describes her art; Capricciosa, Italian for quirky, wayward, mischievous and whimsical. Her current allegorical images are peppered with visual puns as well as referencing Giuseppe Arcimboldo. These prints are meant to amuse, but they also symbolise nature's cleverness mixed with MacDougall’s fertile imagination. Before all of this occurs, MacDougall must go on a hunt. Like a magpie, she browses junk shops and bottom drawers for bizarre bits of bling, feathers and pearls to concoct an elaborately bejewelled crown that forms the basis for some of these works. There’s a biographical element too. She incorporates her life’s experiences and encounters with humans, their quirks, glories and ugliness. Anyone looking at MacDougall’s composite heads for the first time feels surprised and bewildered; our gaze moves back and forth between the overall human form and the richness of individual details until we get the joke and find ourselves amused, delighted, or perhaps even repelled. Any transformation or manipulation of the human face attracts attention, but the effect is clever. Printmakers, as this show reveals, are both artists in their own right and graphic historians who keep alive the inventions of major artists of earlier periods. Featured here are prints after pictorial inventions by Giuseppe Arcimboldo, Goya and Rego. Prints not only disseminate widely the ideas of the great masters, they also capture in diverse media the pictorial qualities of such masterworks. MacDougall’s love of Italy stems from her immersive experience while nannying in Naples and later studying at Rome's British School and the International School of Art in Umbria. She is a connoisseur of strangeness and disquietude and surprises. This exhibition is to be enjoyed as well as taken seriously. MacDougall’s exhibition, The Tender Trap, will be at Railway Street Studios, 8 Railway St, Newmarket from 15 September 2016. MacDougall’s exhibition credits include: Victoria and Albert Museum London, Port Jackson Press in Melbourne; Southern Graphics International Conference at Portland, Oregon, Taller Galleria at Fort Cadaques, Spain, the British School in Rome, International School of Art in Umbria and the Byam Shaw School of Art in London. Artwork: Autumn Leaves




Business/ Education & Society

HOME & DESIGN Oct 2016

Sept 2015

Retrofitting Mother Earth Imagine an international campaign emphasising buildings created with elements of traditional artistic craftsmanship, simplicity, honesty, function and nature's harmony. Imagine a postulation for social health through quality of architecture and design executed by skilled creative workers, a revolt against the poor quality of industrialised mass production. Sound familiar? We are talking about the European/American ARTS AND CRAFTS MOVEMENT, flourishing at the turn of the 19th century, which predicted social issues concerning environmentalism, sustainability and craftsmanship as a logical consequence following the INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION. The history of living, integrated "ORGANIC ARCHITECTURE" has always been connected with the work of F L Wright . More than a century ago his focus was on connecting habitats and nature, a philosophy which recognised the living systems with their shapes and patterns during the period before the rise of synthetic building materials and unhealthy home environments. Buildings were actually predominantly compostable and associated materials non-toxic and naturally beneficial to us. Now, 120 years later, we are dealing with prognosticated social and environmental problems, and the campaign for healthier alternatives within the building industry has become too large to fit into the tight drawer of a niche market. Defining organic designs today, we include thoughts about shape, form, patterns

and texture as much as sustainability and healthy natural materials and products. For a while there has been enough evidence of the negative effects caused by toxic emissions and the properties of unhealthy chemical compounds. Research reveals the accumulating synthetic conditioning of the wider environment. Organic philosophies regarding food, clothes, cosmetics and lifestyle practices are re-establishing themselves, only replacing what was simply the norm, not so long ago. The concept of non-toxic habitats and building practices will soon be losing its frowned upon alternative image. Healthy homes can be as contemporary looking as mainstream homes. Natural habitats come with many faces: most styles and tastes can be designed using natural or non-toxic alternatives. However, green and eco philosophies have advanced to 'grey' marketing tools and can cause confusion and insecurity in discerned home owners or builders. At Greenhome Designs Ltd, an independent design and consulting business, we focus on environmentally integrated practices for new and existing buildings. We also specialise in solutions for chemical or EMF hypersensitivities, preferably in team work with architects and builders; we design comfort and wellbeing; spaces of low electric and EMF radiation; naturally balanced indoor air conditions; personalised colour schemes and other interior design aspects. All services are offered with consideration of the holistic principles of Building Biology. GREENHOMES DESIGNS LTD INTERIOR DESIGNS, BUILDING BIOLOGY, MATAKANA GREENHOMESDESIGNS.CO.NZ | 021909593 PO BOX 299 | WARKWORTH 0985

The house is all about making connections, especially between the building and its environment. In striving to prioritise ‘openness’, visual channels such as this eliminate the strict demarcation of the interior and the landscape. The predominant use of natural wood furthers this intention, adding patina, texture and integrity.


The New Country


Text: Laura Twiggs | Photographs: Greg Cox

Oct 2016

Set in the Franschhoek Valley of South Africa’s Cape Winelands, Chris Weylandt’s and Kim Smith’s home, Maison, perfectly embodies their interior- and lifestyle brand’s ethos. TOP: A generous verandah at the main entrance provides a cool and welcoming social space that can be enjoyed in cooler weather, too. The neutral palette is brought to life with organic textures and statement patterns that are intrinsic to the Weylandt’s contemporary rustic modernist ethos.

64 HOME & DESIGN Oct 2016

A generous patio covered by wisteria vines extends the ‘barn’ to incorporate the surroundings.

On the right, facing the vineyards and mountains, the bedroom area of Kim’s and Chris’s personal wing features a glass wall which slides back into the bricks and mortar to entirely open the space. The leather bed furthers the accent on natural materials and texture

Sliding shutters link the ample private bath to an outdoor plunge pool enclosed within a secluded, green courtyard.

67 HOME & DESIGN Oct 2016

TOP: The house is all about making connections, especially between the building and its environment. In striving to prioritise ‘openness’, visual channels such as this eliminate the strict demarcation of the interior and the landscape. The predominant use of natural wood furthers this intention, adding patina, texture and integrity. BOTTOM: The children’s wing has its own expansive barbeque and patio area. Overlooking the paddocks and within close proximity to the pool, it, too, features expansive glass walls that make it perfect for all seasons. The hanging nest is from Indonesia: an ideal retreat for reading or relaxing – and a spectacular birdwatching hide.


Making use of walls, outdoor blinds, opening roofs, gazebos and structural hedges creates privacy as well as a ‘room’ with a specific purpose such as alfresco dining or soaking in the hot tub.


Carrying flooring such as tiles, wood or sisal (sisal. can unify the indoors and outdoors and create a flow-on effect. Or, if you prefer the look of rugs, there are some great, affordable outdoor rugs widely available.


Walls of glass doors such as bifolds and stacking panels that open right up help blur the lines between the indoors and outdoors.


We no longer have only the traditional BBQ option available to us; the outdoor kitchen can come complete with gas hobs, rotisserie tools, pizza ovens, fridges, gas mains connection as well as a kitchen sink.

The Beauty of Alfresco Living With summer on the horizon it’s time to open the doors wide and welcome the outside in. Seamlessly flowing indoor/outdoor living has become de rigueur in most new home builds and renovations because, let’s face it, we love the relaxed feeling of outdoor living. Plus spaces that connect indoors and out can make a home feel and look lighter and more expansive. Indeed, for many, indoor/outdoor design allows us to enjoy outdoor living all year around. “I couldn’t tell you exactly when this shift happened,” says interior designer Karen Fergusson ( “I think it was in the 70s, but things are definitely changing. For example, outdoor furniture is becoming more and more sophisticated. The outdoor sofas available can be very similar to indoors, and the fabrics and foam used stand the test of time.” Add the longevity of framework’s used, outdoor heating and technology for music and widescreen televisions and outdoor living becomes functional as well as beautiful. Decks and patios are still the norm, but we’re also seeing the emergence of full-service kitchens, fireplaces and entertainment areas. Designed well, an outdoor living space can be spectacular. It’s an area where Pinterest comes into its own as it’s overflowing with inspiration. If your wish list includes all of the bells and whistles it will be an investment, but for those of us on more limited budgets there are still plenty of affordable options for living life alfresco. Creating an outdoor space to love is within reach of everyone. — Words: Jenna Moore


Functional, solar powered and LED lighting along with Wi-Fi and TV connectivity are all gearing themselves up for the outdoors. You can even easily create your own movie theatre.


Whether it’s a fire pit, a chimenea, a built-in traditional brick or natural gas fireplace, this warming hub adds an inviting ambience that warms up cooler evenings.


A vertical garden creates a stunning visual display, but it can also be as practical as it is aesthetically pleasing. Rather than choosing plants based only on their aesthetic appeal, planting herbs and vegetables can give this outdoor feature a dual purpose.


Strategically placed lighting can make your outdoors sparkle in the dark. Whether it’s professionally fitted spotlights and decorative LED’s, being imaginative with strings of fairly lights (they look amazing wound around the branches or the trunks of your trees), or a multitude of candles, lighting can add the wow factor.

69 HOME & DESIGN Oct 2016

After five years in business, design and-build company Box™ has their first official showhome in Glendowie, Auckland. The move is in response to repeated customer demand but, in keeping with the spirit of innovation, this is a showhome with a twist. The house will be staffed, not by salespeople, but by the homeowners who will host regular open weekends and visits by appointment. Potential Box™ customers can ask about their complete go-to-whoa story, from the nitty gritty of design detail, to the boots-n-all adventure of the earthworks, the crucial co-ordination of the endless elements of construction, and the finessing of the final touches. “It’s important to have full transparency about the process,” says Dan Heyworth, CEO of Box™. “This house was designed and built for a couple with a real emotional and financial interest in the project. They can speak knowledgeably and truthfully about how the design evolved, how problems were solved - and the integration of the build team.” It’s been a milestone year for the company which has just completed their 230th design. They also achieved a New Zealand Institute of Architects Award in the multi-unit category for a townhouse mews in Nelson which, judges said, demonstrated thoughtful design that created good-quality liveable density and a sense of community.



The two-storey showhome in Auckland’s Eastern suburbs picks up on this theme. Located on a compact infill site, its design was mindful of the needs of the owners and the neighbours. The 146-square-metre footprint accommodates four bedrooms and two bathrooms plus a garage – and a good measure of outdoor living. A distant view of the Tamaki Estuary is framed by extensive glazing in the upstairs openplan zone. “When you need to maintain privacy for you and your neighbours, have the opportunity to maximise a view, and squeeze a lot of living into a small site, clever architectural planning becomes even more important,” says Heyworth. “This house is an example of a medium-density development done in an affordable way.” The Glendowie home features the company’s post-andbeam structural skeleton and uses modernist principles such as elements of prefabrication and modular sizing. However, where necessary, it is personalised to adapt to the site and the owners’ preferences. This hybrid system allows an architecturally designed product with an efficiency of build and certainty of cost. Co-owner Jean Bartosh, who will work part-time for Box™, is looking forward to sharing her hands-on experience with potential clients. “I’ve learnt so much through the process. Giving someone the opportunity to design and build a house for you takes a huge amount of trust. To me the result is flexible, open, private and fun. It’s like my own little world.”


71 HOME & DESIGN Oct 2016

Ten stunning Auckland properties, each decorated with a different yuletide theme, will give unprecendented access in support of The World Child Cancer Charitable Trust. The MINDFOOD Festive Home Tour will take place on Friday, November 4. Tour-goers will be able to enjoy food made by a host of well-known chefs and there will be a range of Christmas adornments, cakes and sought-after goodie bags for sale to help raise funds for The World Child Cancer Charitable Trust. One of the Editors of Verve Magazine — Jude Mitchell has been asked to open up her home this could be the most unusual home because it is a converted panel beaters workshop. Tickets are available from Mindfood magazine or Ticketek


In Italy, food, family and culture go hand in hand; in many ways there is no difference between them. For Italians, food is not merely a means for survival. Food defines them. Owner Carol remembers her own Italian family and friends often gathered around a long table laden with gourmet delights. Drawing inspiration from these memories, Alfresco has introduced a new range of European collections to the store, and continues to design and manufacture their own exclusive brand of furniture and accessories here in New Zealand. Great ideas don’t only come from us..! Let us work with you to customize your own design from the ground up, creating a setting or piece that is exclusively your own.

223 Parnell Road, Parnell, Auckland, 1052 | +64 9 309 3643 | |

Yo u r

i n d o o r

o u t d o o r

l i fe s t y l e

s p e c i a l i s t s



janet mazenier

catherine silberschmidt

“the other side of being”

dawn johnstone

13th Oct. to 8th Nov. Opening 13 Oct. 5-8pm

Showcasing New Zealand Artists • 30 Victoria Road, Devonport, Auckland. • Ph: +64 9 4451142 • email: •

ESPLANADE HOTEL Make us your destination! Breakfast from 7am, brunch, lunch, coffee, high tea and dinner. PLUS jazz festival 15th & 16th / 21st & 22nd of October 6:30pm - 9:30pm

BOOK NOW! 1 Victoria Rd, Devonport 09 445 1291 reservations@

Devonport The Jewel of the North Shore

Devonport offers a great mix of built and natural heritage which can be appreciated even during a short visit,” says Maria Teape, Devonport community coordinator. “There’s our collection of colonial buildings, volcanic cones and beaches, not to mention an abundance of art houses including galleries, the Michael King Writers’ Centre and The Vic Theatre.” Following the erection of a signalling station on Takarunga – Mount Victoria – in 1841, the area was originally named Flagstaff, renamed Devonport 27 years later. In 1881, the founding of the Devonport Steam Ferry Company directly connected the region to central Auckland for the first time, and a new suburb blossomed – the first of its kind on the North Shore. Maori had already recognised the area’s potential way back in the mid-1300s and used the cone of Takarunga as a pa. Similarly, the Europeans later took advantage of the defensive strength of the land at the turn of the 20th century building garrisons, first to repel the Russian threat and later our enemies of two world wars (invasions which, thankfully, never came). The tunnels at North Head bear fascinating testament to its military past.

“Some may be surprised to know that pre-European times, Devonport was virtually an island – well, two, actually – joined by just a very thin strip of land at Narrow Neck, hence the name,” says Maria. “The end of Stanley Point was almost another island.” Waitemata Golf Course, Stanley Bay Park and Ngataringa sports fields are all built on reclaimed land: “A semi-island atmosphere remains to this day.” There is certainly a sense of charming detachment about Devonport, it’s quaint, village vibe seems to almost cement it in another, more romantic time. It was such nostalgia which Judy Machin, owner of the Peace and Plenty Inn, found so appealing. “It reminds me of where I used to live in England,” she tells me, “with one road in and out. And the architecture here is beautiful.” David and Gillian Noon head the Devonport Yoga and Massage wellness retreat, having fallen in love with the suburb seven years ago. “The location and surroundings are ideal for what we do,” he says. “We love the Victorian feel, the war installations at Mount Victoria and North Head, along with the navy base and the vibrancy they all bring.”


All talk warmly of Devonport’s inclusive community. “The Devonport community is very engaged with a myriad of groups and organisations catering to all ages and interests,” says Maria. Along with the likes of literary and walking groups there are community gardens, lawn bowls and croquet clubs: “Devonport Peninsula Trust runs a number of free events for families throughout the summer, and there are many groups operating at neighbourhood level who hold regular street get-togethers. There is a strong feeling of connectedness and of people having pride in the place. Devonport is one of the safest communities in New Zealand.”

— Words: Jamie Christian Desplaces

New Zealand’s first ever warship, HMS Philomel, was donated from the British Royal Navy in 1914, having been first launched from Devonport, England, 24 years earlier. Following the end of the first world war, she was used as training base at Devonport, Auckland. Today, the New Zealand Navy still calls Devonport home. Last year Devonport’s new library Te Pātaka Kōrero o Te Hau Kapua opened, having been designed by legendary Athfield Architects. The stunning $7.8 million structure is adorned with American red cedar, pine and dark stained oak. Ventilation comes naturally courtesy of louvre windows, while resident cat, Benjamin, can come and go thanks to a micro-chipped cat-door. For nearly half a century, a hidden venue at Mount Victoria known as the The Bunker has been hosting live folk music concerts, kids events and open mic nights. Check out devonportfolkmusic. for details.


D e von p o r t L ing e r i e


Your specialist lingerie and swimwear store for the last 11 years. Stockists of your favourites by Triumph Lingerie, Playtex, Freya, Fantasy and Lovable Lingerie along with designer brands Stella McCartney, Heidi Klum and NZ designed Lonely Lingerie. Swim ranges from Lonely, Stella McCartney, Heidi Klum, Togs, One Summer, Amoena and Funkita. We are able to assist women post surgery with a prothesis fitting, pocketed bras and swimwear and we are registered with the ministry of health to provide this service. Please contact us to make an appointment or pop in and browse the range. Sports, Maternity, Every day, Special Occasion or Prothesis we’re here to help you find the perfect bra or swimsuit. — Open 7 Days Shop 2 Queens Parade, Devonport 09 445 8347

M a g i c B ro o ms t i c k S e g w a y To u rs Hundreds of International tourists every year can’t be wrong when they say what sheer FUN riding a Segway is, with Magic Broomstick Segway Tours in Devonport. So why not treat yourself to some FUN, have a day out in Devonport with Family and Friends, learn to ride a Segway stay for breakfast, lunch or dinner and do some great boutique shopping. Suitable for young and old alike, we offer short Family Rides around the Devonport Waterfront, where your 10year old can have a go or something slightly longer for those of you who want a “Taste” of the sensation as we ride uphill and down dale to one of our local beaches. We can also offer something a little more challenging and exciting as you ‘glide’ to the Summit of Mt. Victoria or North Head. Even your teenagers will thank you for the FUN - and that’s saying something !

Shop 9, Devonport Ferry Terminal

We’re open 7 days from 9.30 to 5 at Shop 9 in the Devonport Ferry Terminal. You can book a time to suit on our website or call us on (09) 4454035. We’ll also respond to a text or phone call on 027 3393155 if we’re already out and about when you call by our base in the Devonport Ferry Terminal. We also cater for Team Building Events for groups of 8 to 30 participants. Checkout our Facebook page /magic broomstick segway tours and our website — Shop 9, Devonport Ferry Terminal 09 445 4035 | 027 339 3155


S’Pacific S’Pacific, located in The Old Post Office Building, specialises in hand-painted gifts of New Zealand and Pacific themed aprons, linen tea towels, guest towels, face cloths and fun cushions - just to name a few. The shop is very colourful with locally sourced natural and eco-friendly candles, soap and lotions to complement the hand-painted gifts. Unique cards are also available. We are the NZ main distributor for Annavocado - NZ avocado serum and supplement. S’Pacific’ has ‘La Madu’ range of resort /beach wear for those heading for holidays in the Pacific/Europe or our lovely Kiwi beaches. — Shop 3, Old Post Office Building, 10 Victoria Rd Devonport 021 0426 337

Peace and Plenty Inn

6 Flagstaff Terrace, Devonport, Auckland (09) 445 2925

Victorian High Teas

Tea poured from antique silver teapots served with a delectable selection of dainty home-made treats is the ultimate indulgence. Crisp white linen, vintage fine china, silver service and an abundance of flowers perfectly complement the scene. Set within a 19th century villa overlooking Devonport waterfront, Victorian High Tea is served beneath a glittering chandelier in the dining room and also on the outdoor balcony. Victorian High Tea makes the perfect occassion for birthdays, hen parties, anniversaries and other special events. For some extra fun, guests can dress up and borrow from our collection of Victorian hats. $45 with a glass of bubbles

peac&plenty.indd 1

Weekend sittings from 12pm

29/09/16 7:41 PM

Recipe: Chef from Canapes and Co.Bespoke Catering Auckland | | Photography: Nicola Keenan

79 FOOD Oct 2016




Prepare your smoker as per instructions and once smoking place beef inside and smoke for seven minutes.


Mix 350ml of the water with the white polenta to form a paste. Boil the remaining 300ml water and once boiled mix in with the polenta paste, simmer on low heat for 25 minutes with a lid on. Once polenta is cooked add the sweetcorn, chopped fresh herbs, with 1 tbsp butter. Season with salt and pepper. Pour mixture into a loaf tin lined with glad wrap, refrigerate. Once set cut into desired shapes.


Wash the hominy a few times to rinse off the starch, then place in a pot with 400ml water and 1 tsp salt. Bring to the boil and cook until soft and tender, but not mushy.


Cut out the desired shape of the white pudding,


• 2x 200g beef fillet • 100g white pudding • 100g hominy & 400ml water 1tsp salt • 250g white polenta & 650ml water & 1tsp salt • 150g sweetcorn kernels • 1 tbsp of each fresh chopped thyme, parsley & marjoram • 4 tbsp butter • 100g baby peas • 4 x slices white bread • 4 x slices streaky bacon • salt & pepper for seasoning • olive oil for frying


• 300ml shiraz • 100ml hickory smoked bbq sauce • 200ml water • 300ml beef stock

Reduce the wine until only a third of the wine remains. Add beef stock, water and bbq sauce, simmer and reduce this until a thick syrup remains.


Cut off the crusts of the white bread. Cook bacon until very crispy and place between two pieces of sliced bread rolling over back and forth until bacon is pressed into bread. Bake between two baking trays at 170C until golden brown.


Cook beef in a hot frying pan with a little oil until cooked to your liking. Salute the polenta cake in a little butter until golden brown. Salute white pudding discs until golden in colour on both sides, then add the baby peas & hominy & season with salt & pepper. Gently heat sauce and whisk in 1 tbsp butter and brush on plate. Place the beef on the sauce, the sweetcorn cake, white pudding, peas & hominy and garnish with the bacon crisps and pea tendrils or micro herbs. Enjoy with a nice glass of shiraz!

80 FOOD Oct 2016

Recipe: Chef from Canapes and Co.Bespoke Catering Auckland. Photography: Nicola Keenan

81 FOOD Oct 2016


BLUEBERRY CREME FRAICHE • 1/2 cup freeze dried blueberries • 200g creme fraiche

Blend freeze dried blueberries in a spice grinder and mix with creme fraiche. Refrigerate until needed.

TUILLES • • • • • •

3/4 cup white sugar 3 egg whites 1/2 cup flour 1/2 cup butter melted 1/2 tsp vanilla extract 1/2 tsp ground cinnamon

Blend all ingredients together to form a thick paste. Refrigerate overnight before using. Spread a thin layer of mixture about 4mm thick onto a silicone mat or baking paper and bake at 170c until just golden. Remove and mould into desired shape working quickly as they cool down fast.


• 300ml white wine • 200ml water • 200g sugar • 1 vanilla pod cut and seeds scooped out • 2 x cinnamon sticks • 2 x star anise • zest and juice of 1 lemon • zest of 1 orange • zest of 1 lime

Bring first nine ingredients to the boil, simmer on low until reduced by half. Keep strawberries whole and cut nectarines and peaches into desired shapes or scoop out with a melon baller into little balls. Add the fruit to the reduced syrup and return to the heat simmering for three minutes. Cool and refrigerate overnight.

• • • • • •

125g castor sugar 4 eggs separated zest of 1 orange chopped finely 125g softened butter 250g ground almonds or almond meal 60g flour

Beat yolks, zest and sugar until think and pale. Beat in soft butter and add flour and almond meal. Beat whites until soft peaks and add 1/3 to the mixture and stir in. Gently fold in the remaining whites and pour into mini moulds. Bake at 170C for 20 minutes or until skewer comes out clean.


Place two mini almond cakes dusted with icing sugar on plate. Place fruits around the cakes and pour some of the fruit syrup around the plate. Dot some blueberry creme fraiche on the plate and on top of the mini cakes. Place a tuille on top of each cake. Sprinkle some blueberry dust around the plate and serve. Enjoy with a nice glass of rose.

COCKTAIL RECIPES THE VERVE MOJITO 45ml Havana Club Añejo 3 Años 30ml lime juice 90ml sparkling water 2 teaspoons of sugar 2 mint sprigs Fresh ice cubes In a tall glass, add two teaspoons of sugar, the juice of half a lime, two mint sprigs and two parts of sparkling water. Muddle gently and then add one part of Havana Club Añejo 3 Años, then the ice cubes.

BOW STREET SOUR 60ml Jameson Irish Whiskey 30ml lemon juice 15ml 1:1 sugar syrup 20ml egg white 15ml vanilla/cinnamon spiced sweetened red wine 1 brandied cherry Combine all ingredients except the sweetened wine into a cocktail shaker, dry shake, wet shake and serve in a rocks glass over fresh ice. Float the sweetened red wine as a garnish with a brandied cherry.

THE VELVET ROOM 40ml Chivas Extra 15ml Lillet Blanc 15ml Crème de Cacao Dash of orange bitters 30ml Champagne Mumm Cordon Rouge Combine all ingredients into a mixing glass over fresh ice, stir and serve in a coupe glass with 30ml Champagne Mumm Cordon Rouge.

TRIPLE CITRUS G&T 30ml Beefeater 24 London Dry Gin 90ml tonic water 1 lemon wheel 1 orange wheel 1 pink grapefruit wheel

Build in an ice-filled highball or Collins glass and garnish with the lemon, orange and pink grapefruit wheels.



2 Business/ Education & Society Sept 2015

Smoothies are a great way to get loads of nutrients into our bodies, and this one is mega packed with nutrientdense wholefoods. With Ceres Organics Antioxidant Boost Raw Organic Wholefood Blend, it delivers a stack of antioxidant goodness. Antioxidants protect our bodies from free radicals – molecules which contribute to premature ageing and disease. Give this one a go!

Ceres Organics’ range of certified organic raw wholefood blends are made from superfoods like almond, chia, cacao, blackcurrant and psyllium, and each is targeted to specific health requirements. They’re packed with plant-based nutrients, including antioxidants, omega-3, protein, fibre, and essential vitamins and minerals. And as a source of wholefood nutrients, rather than the extracted and isolated kind found in many dietary supplements, all their inherent complementary fibres remain, so your body can recognise and embrace each pure plant cell, just as nature intended. With four in the range - Antioxidant Boost, Functional Fibre, Essential Omega, and Plant Power Multi – there is something to suit everyone.

RECIPE 1 frozen banana 1⁄2 cup frozen blueberries 1 cup almond milk 2 tbsp Ceres Organics Antioxidant Boost Raw Organic Wholefood Blend 2 tbsp Ceres Organics Raw Cacao Powder 1 Ceres Organics Smooth Peanut Butter 1 tsp ground cinnamon 1 cup ice Combine all ingredients in a high speed blender and process on high until super smooth.

The Art of Food will have your culinary curiosities elevated, your tastebuds salivating and your experience with professional waiters raised to another level! Join us for something a little bit ‘Parnell’ different as we combine our love affair with the culinary and the artistic from the 8-16 October.

Parnell hospitality and art galleries will showcase their best; from fine dining to the delectable diversity of ethnic menus, wine tastings to cooking classes to inspiring visual displays in art galleries, ending in a grand finale with the return of the Parnell Waiters’ Race.


We have a variety of activities, exhibitions and events 8-16 October, for Art of Food and Artweek. Full details and a map at

8-16 OCT

ALL WEEK Various hospitality outlets share their most popular menu offerings, plus: offer a special Art of Food three-course lunch. Book on ph 379 5358 – Wine tastings from 5pm. Book on ph 379 5358 – Find the 5 Impressionist replica paintings in cafes along Parnell Road, curated by Nathaniel Dunn. Enter into a draw to win a cafe voucher. Details by each painting.

NSP Osteria at Bar Vino Replica or Real 8 OCT

THE ART OF FOOD AND ART WEEK 8am-12pm – Parnell Farmers’ Market Antipasti Platter

competition. See opposite for details. & – FREE art cycle tour – view the galleries from the comfort of a cycle. Route from Ponsonby to Parnell. See for booking details. – Sachie’s Kitchen – art meets Japanese cuisine in a colourful cooking class. Make different coloured Japanese dumplings and a Geisya Mojito. – Parnell Gallery - Chef Ed Verner and Artist Tiffany Singh talk on ‘Pasture to Paper’ – Parnell Paper Plus - get 25% off your purchase of ‘Cooking 4 Change’ and have it signed by Dick Frizzell. For every book sold, a can of food will be donated to Auckland City Mission by the Cooking 4 Change Foundation. You are invited to bring a can of food to donate as well.

Pierre Peeters Gallery


Community Centre. Learn how to make your own fresh pasta and a few meals. Booking essential. – FREE ArtExplore walk. Walk, talk and learn about art in Parnell this Artweek. Bookings essential ph 021 188 3933 & – Studio Carolina Izzo’s Gold Leaf Shop will demonstrate the techniques involved in the age-old craft of gold leafing, including ‘food’ items.


11am 1pm

ARTIS Gallery

Black Door Gallery


10am-2pm – Pasta Italia Cooking Class with Parnell

– See the giant iconic ‘Pea Pod’ sculpture by Marian Fountain. – A group exhibition ‘The Art of Food’. While there sample a bespoke organic tea from the Storm & India Tea Sisters tea van. – An installation by Sophie An and Barbara Gray, students of Whitecliffe College of Arts and Design, outside 295 Parnell Road. – See ‘Sugar Rush’, an extravagant High Tea inspired installation. – Has a delightful food-themed work of art by Hannah Andersen. – Exhibits The Visual Story by Teresa HR Lane. – Is showcasing his paintings of historical Maori carvings. – A display of current works by Ian Peter Weston.

Seed Bomb



More details on

Jonathan Grant Gallery

9am 1pm

15 OCT


• Create an antipasti platter with items you’ve bought at the Parnell Farmers’ Market on Saturday 8th October, take a photo, email it and you could win a $100 voucher from the Market. • Take a photo of the Eiffel Tower in Heard Park between 3-16 October, put it on Facebook or Instagram with tag @RenaultNZ and go in the draw to win a magnifique French Food Hamper. • Download the ResDiary app to go in the draw to win one of four $250 Parnell restaurant vouchers during the month of October. • Find the replica Impressionist paintings in cafes and go in the draw to win a cafe voucher.

International Art Centre Alvin Pankhurst Gallery Antoinette Godkin

16 OCT

THE PARNELL WAITERS' RACE Join us by the Eiffel Tower in Heard Park for an entertaining race day, as Auckland waiters battle it out to see who will be Auckland’s Top Waiter for the year in a series of activities that will test agility, skill, professionalism and speed – all that one expects from a professional waiter!

HEARD PARK 11am – Agility Race 12pm – Quick Service Race 1pm – Restaurant challenge -

Eiffel Tower creation

FRASER PARK 2pm – Celebrity Races 2.30pm – Parnell Waiters Race finals 3.30pm – onwards After party

at 46 & York

Feed your soul, nourish your mind and engage in a visit to one of the Parnell’s galleries to see an exciting range of exhibitions. Parnell has the most galleries on one street in Auckland and this ARTWEEK offers a variety of free art exhibitions and art-related events for all to enjoy, with many galleries taking the opportunity to combine with the Art of Food and showcase a diverse range of ‘food’ related artworks. For more details see

Looking for food in all the wrong places? Discover great restaurants with the ResDiary Now App

On your marks ... ready ... set ... wait! It’s the 2016 Parnell Waiters’ Race. The napkin has been thrown down! The challenge is out there for Auckland Restaurants to register their fittest and their finest waiters to represent their restaurant in the PARNELL WAITERS’ RACE on the 16th Oct. Come and watch as waiters test their agility, skill, professionalism and speed in order to win the use of a Renault for a year. Heard Park will be hosting an impressive Renault Eiffel Tower that stands over 10 metres tall! Save the date, October 16 at 11am, come rain or shine! for more info. Download the ResDiary Now app Discovery tastes good with over 5900 restaurants

Search “ResDiary Now”

86 WINE FEATURE Oct 2016

GREAT SCOTTS Way back before boutique winemaking was even a thing – 1975, to be precise – Allan and Catherine Scott bought their first plot of land to begin contract growing grapes. Over the following 15 years, the couple established themselves as part a new breed of pioneering, independent winemakers, and, in 1990, Allan Scott Wines was officially launched. A lot sure has changed since then. “So much has happened within the industry over the past quarter century, it’s hard to know where to begin,” says Allan. “But if I wanted to pick the most significant it would be the general acceptance of Marlborough as one of the world’s premium wine regions.” Forty years ago, beams the boss, even many New Zealanders were unaware of the region, but to be internationally recognised as being “up there with the select regions of note is an incredible achievement”. Josh, Allan’s son and chief winemaker, believes Kiwis like to do things a little differently. “We are dominated by sauvignon blanc which is so popular because ours are so fruit forward and quaffable,” he says. “People can’t get enough of it. We also love to play with winemaking techniques, and new technology. Luckily, we are not too constrained by laws or long held traditions.” Hence, the team is now also dabbling in craft techniques. “It’s us having fun with the tried and true,” continues Josh. “Craft brewers have made a habit of putting together the weird

and wacky combos, but why should they have all the fun! It’s a chance for us to have a play, to discover what can be done with wine. It’s a trend we are slowly seeing emerge.” “That’s the art part of winemaking,” says Victoria, eldest daughter and head of marketing, “adding creativity to do something different to get a better product. The art of blending is a good example.” The science, she adds, comes with the technology, the methods used to convert the raw ingredients to wine. “I just love the whole art form of winemaking,” Josh says. “How you prune a vine in July, taking a punt on the weather and yield, then how you must nurture the vine through the season, picking the best time to pick before putting the grapes through the winemaking process, and finally blending and bottling the wine at least 12 months later.” He adds that, weird as it may sound, he develops a deep connection with his wines, and enjoys telling of the history of each one: “I find that very rewarding, seeing the fruits of all our labour from start to finish.” Youngest daughter Sara is head of the viticultural team. She tells me that it was the winemaking process – rather than a particular bottle – which made her first fall in love with the drink: “A good wine has to come from good quality grapes, and so I was drawn to the viticulture. I wanted to produce the very best grapes to be able to produce the very best wines.”

87 WINE FEATURE Oct 2016

“It is definitely not an industry for the faint hearted,” says Allan. “I truly believe if you want to be recognised as a true wine producer you need to be in control from vineyard to your consumer.” The winemakers rightly pride themselves on the passion and integrity which stems from being a family owned and operated business. Many families would surely struggle to spend so much time in such proximity to each other. “Harvest is one of the most testing times,” says Sara. “We have the lack of sleep to contend with along with our demanding roles of leading our teams. There have been colourful times, but we are quick to move on and get the job done. We enjoy each other’s company at work and outside of it. We’re all great mates and enjoy nothing better than family time down the sounds with our own little families, a barbecue, and, of course, good wine.” The third generation of the Scott team is coming through, working in the school holidays, just like their parents did: “Though, I’ll be making sure the older ones aren’t making wine and taking it back to boarding school as we also did!” Such values have led to a fruitful relationship with another famous family, along with the Antarctic Heritage Trust. The Scotts were involved with the trust’s recent Expedition South event which saw three tractors travel the same distance covered by Sir Ed and his team (2012 kilometres), from Piha

Beach to Aoraki Mount Cook, stopping at various locations along the way to raise much needed funds for the restoration of the Hillary Hut. “The partnership came about in 2008 after the Scott family began lovingly referring to their second vineyard in Cromwell, Central Otago, as ‘Scott Base’,” says Victoria. “We’ve always had a deep love for the region and the Cromwell vineyard was essentially our base for family holidays and special occasions. With such an obvious link to the Antarctic Heritage Trust, we wanted to give something back and have since donated five percent of all sales from our premium Scott Base range to the trust.” A cause well worthy of raising a glass, or two, to. — Words: Jamie Christian Desplaces

Allan Scott’s book Marlborough Man tells the quintessentially Kiwi story of an accidental wine-industry trailblazer. Set for release in November, it gives new insights into the origins of winemaking in Marlborough, and how a former farm-hand now has his name on 1.5 million bottles of wine around the world each year.

The next Generation from Allan Scott

The newly released Allan Scott Generations Series is now available at our Twelve Trees Restaurant and Cellar Door. Open 7 days for Brunch, Lunch, Wine Tasting and Sales. 229 Jacksons Road, Blenheim.

W W W. A L L A N S C OT T. C O M

90 WINE FEATURE Oct 2016

From Garden to Table Organic kitchen gardens inspire in The Dining Room of Waiheke Island’s Cable Bay Vineyards, where fine food and elegant wine come together to create a menu that is all about balance. Stylish and chic, you’d hardly imagine that the team at Cable Bay Vineyards are the type to get their hands dirty. Yet with extensive organic kitchen gardens, egg-laying chickens and honey bees onsite, the owners of the Waiheke Island vineyard and restaurant are passionate about reflecting the island’s terroir, personality and climate in everything they do. This consciousness of their surroundings and changing seasons underpins the vineyard’s garden-to-table philosophy, focused on using the freshest, seasonal produce everyday in both of their onsite restaurants. Having recently invested in creating extensive organic kitchen gardens, top quality and nutrient-dense ingredients are collected on a daily basis. A team of talented chefs then transform them into elegant French-inspired fine food in the stylish multi awardwinning restaurant, The Dining Room. Next door, in the more casual Verandah, the garden’s fruit and veg come together to create delicious small plates and sharing platters. An ever changing selection of root vegetables, herbs, edible flowers, greens and heirloom vegetables keeps the vineyard’s team of talented chefs inspired. They are constantly reviewing the restaurants’ menus and creating exciting new dishes to showcase the seasons, and the changes that they bring to the garden. Supplementary produce is sourced locally, with meat and seafood sourced from sustainable, environmentally friendly suppliers. With spring’s recent arrival, Cable Bay’s head chef Max Larbiose has just released a new menu showcasing this garden-to-table movement. Angus Beef in the Garden, a delicious combination of eye fillet and freshly harvested Cable Bay vegetables, is proving to be a customer favourite especially when paired with a glass of Cable Bay Syrah 2014. A brand new dish to the menu is the Poached Ora King Salmon Bedded in Claire’s Organic Micro Greens. Perfectly poached Ora King Salmon is accompanied by sprouted kiwi quinoa, seven different microgreens, smoked crème fraiche, kumara, carrots and tangelo dressing. The organic micro greens pay tribute to the vineyard’s Garden Manager Claire Mummery. Vibrant in flavour and in colour, this dish pairs beautifully with the vineyard’s Reserve Sauvignon Blanc. A short ferry ride from Auckland city, you hardly need an excuse to visit Cable Bay, relax over a glass of wine, and enjoy the vineyard’s stunning sea views. But if you were looking for one, their delicious food and inspired menu is sure to do the trick.

Established in 1998, Cable Bay Vineyards are renowned for their elegant, awardwinning wines from Waiheke Island and Marlborough. With a complete winery and sustainably farmed vineyards onsite, guests receive an authentic vineyard experience as they taste their way through the cellar door, overlooking the winemaker’s workspace below. Designed to capture the drinker’s imagination, Cable Bay’s winemaking philosophy is clear — to handcraft wines with their own unique and individual personalities, reflective of the environment in which they were grown. The wine journey continues in both of the vineyard’s onsite restaurants. In the stylish multi-award winning Dining Room, floor-to-ceiling windows open out to stunning views across the lawn and bay. There, French influences and a strong garden-totable philosophy blend to create modern New Zealand cuisine that is reflective of the island’s terroir and Auckland’s flourishing food culture. Intentionally designed to pair perfectly with the vineyard’s own wines, The Dining Room’s fine food is sure to impress with its well-balanced, vibrant flavours. Next door you’ll find the more casual Verandah, where an outdoor terrace and lawn area frame stunning views across the Hauraki Gulf to Auckland City. With a relaxed and contemporary atmosphere, it’s easy to laze away an afternoon with friends over drinks, sharing plates and wood-fired pizzas from the outdoor kitchen. If an excuse to stay a little longer is needed, the bean bags on the lawn provide just that as you relax, sip on a glass of wine, and soak in the stunning views and sunsets of Cable Bay’s uniquely beautiful settings. With stunning sea views, expansive vineyards, and beautiful organic kitchen gardens onsite, Cable Bay Vineyards is the perfect place to wine, dine, and enjoy the best of what Waiheke Island has to offer. Cellar Door: Open daily 11am–5pm, The Verandah: Open daily from 11am The Dining Room: Lunch from 12pm, Dinner from 6pm. Seasonal hours apply. Bookings recommended, ph 09 372 5889 Closest vineyard to the passenger ferry!

Photo By: Journal & Co. Photography

1 2 N I C K J O H N S TO N E D R I V E , O N E R O A | C A B L E B AY. C O . N Z

92 WINE FEATURE Oct 2016

A Teller of Tantalising Tales

“One of my earliest memories is as a kid living in Alice Springs aged around five or six,” says Jane Ferrari, brand ambassador of Yulamba, Australia’s oldest family owned winery. “The absolute best part of the day was bed time because mum or dad would read me a page of the book Snugglepot & Cuddlepie. I’ve still got the book, one cover is gone, and the worn-out pages are held together by sticky tape so old, it’s crystallised and gone brittle. I’ve always loved stories, so I guess it was just a matter of time before I started telling them.” And people sure love to hear her do so. “If you want a lively, memorable, and fascinating lesson about Australian wine,” writes New York retail vino expert Jameson Fink, “there’s no-one I’d rather listen to.” Yalumba describe Jane’s role as “multifaceted”. She is, they add, not only a storyteller and brand ambassador, but “a legend”. She joined the company in 1987, after graduating in winemaking from Roseworthy College, working her way up the ranks and now serving as their “communicator at large”, to represent the company on the international stage. “I guess being a great communicator breaks down to folks wanting to listen to what you have to say,” Jane tells me. “To be honest, I’ve never really sat down and analysed what I do, I try to put myself in the spot of the people I’m presenting to, and go from there. With any given event I do on behalf of Yalumba, I wrap up the facts of the business with its colourful characters, the local region with its food culture and history, and whatever adventures I’ve been up to lately. It seems to work!” During the mid-1990s, Jane had a stint on the tasting bench at Rockford Winery, working for its legendary founder Robert O’Callaghan. “He is one of those of those old school Australian yarn spinners with a very dry sense of humour,” says Jane. “He could hold folks spellbound for ages with stories about why he used a 120-year-old wooden and cast iron grape crusher, run on a belt drive powered by a stationary engine, where he found these things and why it suited his winemaking style. I was lucky enough to be standing next to him for a year, soaking it all up, and not realising that I was doing a partial apprenticeship.” Now, she says, it’s part of her “magic carpet ride” around the world, sharing stories about Yalumba’s wines, people and history. “I’ve been incredibly fortunate to have been given such a vote of trust by the Hill-Smith family to be the storyteller of their 166-consecutive-year history,” says Jane. “If someone had told me ten years ago that ‘after work’ I’d be sitting in the stalls of the

West End watching a performance by living legend Helen Mirren in The Audience, I’d have said they were nutso! But that’s where the job has allowed me to go.” Though, that’s not to say the work is not without its challenges. Travelling great distances over long periods can, at times, be a rather tough gig. Days are long, and sleep periods short. “You need a long fuse,” adds Jane, “because you’re dealing with people for up to 18 hours a day. But, would I swap it for a regular nine-to-five? Not in this lifetime! I’ve been dealt a very lucky hand, and I know it.”

“I guess being a great communicator breaks down to folks wanting to listen to what you have to say.” Jane lists an area of Italy as her favourite wine region: “I have to go with one half of my heritage here. Our family is from Liguria, not far from La Spezia, and it has Cinque Terre – ‘the five lands of wine’ – right on its northern doorstep. The collection of villages cling to a hillside and are joined by a rough track around the cliffs which my second uncle says was called the via dei Amore – the way of love – because if you wanted to sneak out and form a romantic attachment with someone from another village, you had to chance this unlit precarious donkey trail. It’s spectacular country, and the towns are most easily accessible by sea. Plus, they make this legendary sweet wine called sciacchetra.” Jane’s favourite wine-related memory, she tells me, is drinking sciacchetra with her Italian grandmother, “as I only saw her three times in my life”. And the best place to enjoy a glass? “I think what’s most important is who you’re with when that glass of wine is poured. If Hugh Grant was there – long time object of my affection – it wouldn’t really matter where. Or even what was in the glass. Does that give me the emotional depth of a rain puddle? I believe it does!” — Words: Jamie Christian Desplaces


Mastered by Craft. Hawke’s Bay, New Zealand

Oct 2016

Visit Our Cellar Door Open 7 days: 11am - 4.30pm (closed Good Friday & Christmas Day)

For over 20 years, Crossroads has brought wine lovers the very best of small parcel winemaking from Hawke’s Bay, New Zealand.


1747 Korokipo Road, State Highway 50, Fernhill, Napier Tel: (06) 879 9737 Gift vouchers available



on regular wine prices when you mention this ad at our Cellar Door.

1 Business/ Education & Society Sept 2016


s n o i t a l u t a r Cong In association with Pacific Resort Rarotonga and Verve Magazine

A romantic tropical getaway for you and someone special, staying at the award-winning

PACIFIC RESORT In association with: RAROTONGA Verve Magazine

You have won a 5 night stay at our award winning Prize package includes:

PACIFIC RESORT RAROTONGA - Valued at $5,050 • Accommodation for five nights in premium garden suite Plusa welcome wine upon arrival • Daily tropical breakfast at Sandals Restaurant cruise & lagoon cruise• A forcouple’s two onlagoon our glassbottom boat Moana • A bottle of wine on arrival • Complimentary use of snorkelling gear, kayaks, Code: PRR5PGS200 sun loungers and beach towels

Terms & Conditions: 5 nights accommodation in a Premium Garden Suite, welcome wine upon arrival, Lagoon Cruise for two, tropical breakfast at Sandals Restaurant and complimentary use of snorkelling gear, kayaks, sun loungers & beach towels.

to voucher will expire from 31 May 17. Travel is valid between 01 Nov 16Pacifi - 31 Mayc17Resort (blackouts looks 24 Dec 16forward - 09 Jan 17). This welcoming you on the Cook make you reservation. Please contact our Marketing Services Manager Accommodation is subject to availability at time of prize redemption.This prize is not transferable for cash. International and domestic flights are not included.

*Terms and conditions apply.

Clique Terre


Buried Roman cities, teetering coastal villages, Venetian palaces, aweinspiring art and sun-kissed beaches — the Mediterranean has a special magic that always leaves you wanting more! Naturally, a cruise is the best way to experience it all. With iconic port cities lining the coast, you can pull in at a unique spot each day, and retreat to your luxurious ‘home base’ each night. Strolling those cobbled streets of the old town sounds delightful, but can result in tired legs, so it’s good to know you’ll be waited on, hand and foot, on your return! For those looking for a little more than a cruise, World Journeys has combined the best of both worlds with some in-depth touring of the charming villages of the Cinque Terre and Lake Como, followed by a delightful Mediterranean cruise — truly 'The Best of the Med'. There’s no better place to start a cruise than Venice, with its romantic canals and opulent palaces lining the route. Calling into Croatia at Zadar, you can explore the old town with its medieval churches and monasteries, and surrounding Roman aqueducts. Zadar’s museum exhibits go even further back — to the Stone Age no less! Taormina is alive with Sicilian culture, cuisine and at times a very lively volcano — Mt Etna. Whatever you do, don’t leave Sicily without trying the local Arancini, rice balls with various fillings, which are said to have originated in Sicily in the 10th century. Sorrento is your gateway to the beautiful isle of Capri, the Amalfi Coast, or the poignant ruins of Pompeii. Sorrento itself is famous for its delicious Limoncello digestif, made with lemons grown locally in the picturesque groves surrounding the town.



Rome, naturally, will be a highlight for many. Need we mention the ancient Roman Forum and Coliseum, St Peter’s Basilica, Michelangelo’s Peter and the Sistine Chapel? Make sure you save some energy for Rome and just dive in! Get a glimpse of the lives of the rich and famous in Monte Carlo and Cannes, with casinos, boutique-lined boulevards and glitzy restaurants, but make sure you wander off the main drag and you’ll find some charming old streets. Ending with Spain, you can stop in at the famous Dali Museum of Palamos, then delight in plenty of time in Barcelona to explore the colourful Gaudi architecture, and take a gastronomic tour through the Bouqueria Markets of Las

Ramblas, followed by a cooking class to learn some typical Spanish dishes. A small group of no more than 18 guests will be hosted on this journey, but that’s where any resemblance to a standard tour group ends. Special experiences have been included to provide that ‘wow’ factor, such as a farmhouse picnic in the hills above Portofino, and a delightful courtyard dinner in a Venetian Gothic palace. Your World Journeys host is there to take care of tipping and generally smooth the way, leaving you to simply relax and enjoy the very best of the Med. — Words: Caroline Clegg, World Journeys

A SMALL GROUP HOSTED JOURNEY Explore the Cinque Terre & Lake Como, then cruise with Oceania Cruises from Venice to Zadar, Kotor, Corfu, Sicily, Sorrento/ Capri, Rome, Monte Carlo, Cannes, Palamos and Barcelona.

24 DAY TOUR departing 3 SEPTEMBER 2017

from $13,470 pp (twin) including flights! (excludes taxes)


Contact your Travel Agent, or World Journeys

09 360 7311 /worldjourneys

98 JOURNEYS Oct 2016


My Kind Of Place, My Kind Of People

John Hardy is the name of a global jewelry brand which had its roots in Bali. Named after its Canadian-born founder, jewelry designer and artist — John Hardy — the company was conceived in the mid 1970s when on a visit to Bali, John became enthralled with traditional Balinese jewelry making traditions. Though the jewelry company now belongs to someone else, John and wife Cynthia, made Bali their home, with a mission to share with others the local experiences and beauty Bali has to offer. Over the past two decades this innovative couple have achieved so much, founding the globally renowned Green School in 2006, a bamboo factory, and the unique holiday retreat located on the banks of the Ayung river, close to Ubud, called Bambu Indah. There is so much that makes this little piece of paradise unforgettable: the ancient Indonesian wooden homes that stand shoulder to shoulder with modern bamboo structures, both suiting their surrounds perfectly; the tranquil natural pools, abundant greenery and bountiful kitchen gardens; the fabulous fragrant cuisine that never disappoints, served by courteous, helpful staff; and the depth of local culture that prevails. I spoke to John Hardy about his dreams, his family, and one the most beautiful places I have ever experienced: Bambu Indah.


Bambu Indah is just one of your ventures. There is the Green School, Green Village and Ibuku. Briefly when, and how, did all these happen? I’ve been very interested in supporting and creating local projects. They happen spontaneously and because there’s a need, and desire to have a greener world. The design utilised in all of these places is simply amazing. It makes one want to stay a while. Can you tell us a little more about the people behind the architecture and the interior design? My daughter Elora grew up without a lot of friends, but she created her own beautiful fantasy world. She has truly a blessed mind and hand. She’s the driving force behind all of this. She’s a designer, builder, extraordinaire. Bambu Indah, I believe means beautiful bamboo. It’s an apt name as bamboo is used everywhere. Can you tell us a little about its magical properties? Bamboo comes out of the ground like a train every rainy season. It grows up to 14m in two months. Three years later we cut it. Once it’s matured, we put in borax for a day and it becomes a permanent material. It’s an amazing carbon sync. It’s great to work with and it’s 100% recyclable. The buildings can last 100 years. Bamboo is a green material, the most beautiful green material in the world.

What first bought you to Bali? I was travelling with Elora’s mother, Penny. I didn’t know where Bali was. I didn’t know Indonesia existed. I just happened to hop on the place, but the people made all the difference. It’s a similar place to the farm village where I came from, only it has culture.

The food at Bambu Indah is superb. Who creates the recipes? The menus and the recipes were created and designed by a collective of women in the kitchen led by Sri. It’s got to do with funny things like, what came out of the garden, how do we cook it, make it delicious. It doesn’t hurt that I eat there because they know my standard is high and I love food.

What made you decide to stay? The people.

Plans for the future? Build more Green Schools.

When did you decide to create Bambu Indah? The land next door became available, and I was having nightmares about somebody building concrete bungalows on it so we got the land and built a hotel that we would like to stay in.

— Words: Frances Harrison Photographer: Brian Hodges

Can you tell us a little more about the philosophy behind your unique resort? Most hotels are built by genius men in apartments and office buildings who know about their numbers. This hotel has a heart. I guess in the presence of hotel industry becoming monochromatic and the same everywhere, we wanted to make a place that’s unique, local. We changed all the ornamental gardens into food and eat the food. It’s that simple.


The N Seoul Tower

24 Hours in Seoul If New York is the city that doesn’t sleep then it is fair to say Seoul is the city that's always awake. This is a city teeming with 24-hour opening times, from late night (or early morning) shopping to all-day bath houses, Seoul allows all who visit to make the most of their trip by offering convenience and excitement around every corner.


While accommodation options in any major city are vast, Gangnam serves as a great centralised point at which to begin the journey. Accommodation options are abundant in this more affluent area of the city made famous by PSY’s 2012 hit 'Gangnam Style'.


Lets kick off the day with breakfast or brunch in one of Gangnam’s many cafes. You can make this even easier by heading to ‘Gangnam café street’ which has plenty of options to choose from. My favorite however is The Flying Pan, which serves up a really wonderful selection of western brunch options. Don’t forget to have short stroll of the streets as you head back to the subway station.


After breakfast, I recommend heading to Cheonggyecheon stream. Covered by an elevated highway, for many years the highway was eventually removed and the stream underwent massive restoration. The 10.9km section of stream offers plenty of walking space for visitors and residents to escape the frantic rush of the city and experience some calm in their day. From the end of the stream it is a short walk to Gyeongbokgung Palace. One of the great relics to come out of the Joseon Dynasty, it was destroyed during the Japanese invasion in the late 1500s before being later restored. Home to stunning traditional architecture, the palace and surrounding gardens are a must-see, whatever the season.


The last of the cultural-based activities for the day is Insadong. Originally designated a place of study for painters, Insadong is still heavily centered around the arts. Here, you can wander the streets to find many traditional Korean goods, and don’t forget to head down one of the many side streets in search of a traditional tea house serving tea with rice cakes.


It’s now time to escape the city for a while with a trip up Namsan Tower. Namsan, or N Seoul Tower, offers panoramic views of Seoul and the surrounding areas. Take the cable car up and down then hop on the shuttle back to Itaewon, the global community in Seoul. Popular among many of the foreigners living in Seoul, Itaewon offers up an amazingly diverse range of food options, from Mexican to Greek to Turkish to even Kiwi dishes (check out Mozzie), it is a great place to grab an early supper.


After spending the day taking in the sites and sounds of the city, it’s now time to indulge in some retail therapy. Myeong-Dong is one of the primary shopping districts offering options galore. Night is the best time to experience this as the place is teaming with people and street vendors selling a range of Korean street foods that must be tried, Korean Egg Cake (Gyeranbang) or Korean sweet Pancake (Hotteok) are easily some of my favorites.


To finish off the day why not head to Hongdae, university district, to check out the local night scene. Plenty of options are available here from Hofs (Korean style pubs to eat and drink) to jazz bars, cocktail lounges and clubs. Hongdae is always full of people so you will have no trouble finding exciting places to go. If you are after something a little more special head back to Gangnam and check out Club Octagon, voted number six in the worlds top clubs Octagon it's a must-do if you're after somewhere to party into the small hours. — Words: Julian Harrison

101 JOURNEYS Oct 2016

102 JOURNEYS Oct 2016

103 JOURNEYS Oct 2016

Chile and The Desert in Bloom

At the end of South America, Chile, the longest country in the world, possesses a unique mixture of landscapes. Volcanoes, mountains covered in snow that turn into dry hills during the summer, beaches, well known by their massive waves, gigantic lakes, and rivers that flow over countless miles. This place is a pleasure to the eyes and its beauty is unique, taking your breath away every time you look further. Right at the top lies the Atacama Desert, the driest and most extensive in the world. Three million years ago, this land was underwater and today, it is considered the best place on earth to observe the night sky. The sun rays fall relentlessly on the plains and it seems like life could never be possible, especially because 400 years can go by without a single drop of rain. But every now and then, something magical happens. The dry soil unveils itself as a flowery field and its bright shades remind you of the wonders of nature. A desert in bloom, a phenomenon that occurs in Atacama between September and November, in years when rainfall is high enough to reach the seeds that sleep underneath the ground. If you are lucky to experience this stunning vista, you must know that it is ever-changing, because every time it happens, a different colour, a different flower, overcomes the others. There are over 200 different varieties, which makes the mysterious spectacle all the more fascinating. According to ancient legend, there was a beautiful girl called Añuñuca, living in the Chilean desert. Every man wanted her love, but she only had eyes for a miner that came to the area in search of treasure. They fell in love and got married. After a couple of years, the man had a dream where an elf told him the location of the treasure he had been searching for. He left in the middle of the night, and never returned. Añuñuca’s heart was in pieces, and shortly after she died of

a broken heart. She was buried the next morning and, after a rainy night, the place where she lay was blanketed in red flowers. Some believed that she turned into these flowers as a symbol of her eternal love and the flower was given her name. Therefore, the rain symbolises her tears, and when they touch the ground, she blossoms, in the hope that one day they will find each other again. Another highly anticipated flower is the Alstromeria. Pablo Neruda, a famous Chilean poet and Nobel Prize winner, was absolutely enthralled by them and wrote a poem in their honour.


“I wonder, seeing its pale petal tooth, the perfect cradle with its secret spots, its smooth symmetrical fire — How did it ready itself underground? How, when there was nothing there but dust, rocks and ashes, did it sprout, eager, cleared, prepared, protruding its grace into the world?… How did the dew seep down as far as that darkness and the sudden flower ascend like a warm flush of fire till, drop by drop, thread by thread, the dry places were mantled and in the rosy light the air moved, scattering fragrance, as if from earth alone, dry and deserted, there had sprung up a fullness, a flowering, a freshness multiplied by love?” To see the world’s driest place in colour is a luxury, a marvel that leaves us speechless. Hundreds travel to Chile in hope that the rain will allow them to admire the show. It could happen this year or in a dozen. The desert in bloom is another phenomenon that reminds us of the hidden jewels on earth and why South America is an extraordinary place. — Words: Coni Fueyo




The Global Couple is a travel blog run by Aucklanders Petra and Shaun Pearce. Their travel experiences range from sleeping in a van on the streets of New York City to hiking to the world’s third largest cave, in Vietnam. Their Instagram offers inspiration from the road in New Zealand and around the world.

In October 2015, Logan Dodds’s video of his OE in Europe became an internet sensation. Media all over the world picked up the story of the ‘hot tradie’ whose travel video ‘broke the internet’. Since then, Logan has quit his job as a plumber and embraced his dream life as a travel photographer and videographer.



Mindy Lamoureux is an outdoor enthusiast who has a passion for adventure travel. This April, India marked the fiftieth country she has been fortunate enough to travel to, and that list continues to grow. The hope of the account is to inspire you to get outside, follow your dreams and play more.

Monique O’Neil is a photographer from Christchurch. She travels frequently and has visited places such as Antarctica, Japan, Argentina, as well as covering the South Island. Her Instagram displays her travels through stunning landscape photography. She is a Rains ambassador and has worked with Herschel Supply Co. whilst in Antarctica.



For business or leisure, for family or guests, you can be confident with Quest whether for one night, one week, or longer.

Spacious, modern apartments ideal for the business and leisure traveller to Auckland. Offering: • The choice of studios, one-, two- or three-bedroom apartments, all tastefully furnished with wellequipped kitchens and laundries. • We also offer our guests free Wi-Fi, 29 TV channels & 40 movies. • Secure undercover parking. Newmarket is a very popular location with cafés, shopping, cinemas and the Newmarket business area all on its doorstep. Please check out our website:


QUEST PARNELL 8 Heather St, Parnell Ph 337 0804


QUEST NEWMARKET 31-39 Davis Cr, Newmarket Ph 520 3000

Quest Parnell located in the historical suburb of Parnell, offers studios, one- and two-bedroom (two-bathroom) self-contained apartments along with an on-site gym and heated lap pool. • Perfect location just off Parnell Road. • Over 50 restaurants and cafés within walking distance. • Kitchen and laundry facilities in all apartments. • Sky Guest Select offering 50+ channels. • Complimentary Wi-Fi. • Secure undercover parking. • Group accommodation for friends and families of wedding parties.

Quest Carlaw Park: Spacious modern apartments for business or leisure. Studio, one-bedroom and luxury two-bedroom (two-bathroom) penthouse apartments available. All with well-equipped kitchens and laundries. Easy 10-minute walk to the city, and on Parnell’s doorstep. • Complimentary Wi-Fi. • Sky Guest Select offering 50+ channels. • Secure undercover parking. • Complimentary access to Next Generation Gym (100m). • Café, Italian, and Japanese restaurants next door. Please check out our website:


QUEST CARLAW PARK 15 Nicholls Lane, Carlaw Park, Parnell Ph 304 0521

106 JOURNEYS Oct 2016

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Ever thought about a cruise holiday? Come & meet the Cruiseabout Team! At Cruiseabout we understand the importance of booking the perfect holiday. We offer advice on everything from finding the perfect cruiseline to suit your needs, to the highlights on board each ship. We specialise in all types of cruising: river, ocean, luxury, expeditions & family friendly. Start planning your next holiday today with the lovely team at Cruiseabout in Parnell or Ponsonby! We can help with all your travel needs:

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107 JOURNEYS Oct 2016

Be My Guest offers a hand picked portfolio of luxury holiday houses in Waihekeʼs most sensational locations. — Beachfront, bush settings, extensive sea views, we have them all!

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6-10 in Mt Eden 108 MT EDEN FEATURE Oct 2016

Veiw From Mt Eden Summit

6:30am | Mt Eden for Sunrise Get your body moving early in the morning so you can experience the wonder of a sunrise from the highest natural viewing point in Auckland. Mt Eden seems daunting, but the charming and peaceful surroundings mean it doesn’t feel like long until you are at the summit, which is at the edge of a staggering volcanic crater. Find a spot on one of the many banks and grassy nooks, or do a bit of gentle yoga while you watch the sun illuminate the world.

8:30am | The Return of Rad If there was ever a café that perfectly encapsulated the meaning of its name, Rad would be it. Start your day off in the hippest way possible with a visit to Mt Eden’s coolest spot, enjoying a ‘This sh*t is bananas’ smoothie or a more substantial breaky from their irresistible menu. With grilled polenta cakes, French toast, and an 'Eggs Benny' like no other, you’ll know you’re in the right place.

9:30am | Maungawhau Heritage Walk — Mt Eden Village Walk The Auckland Council have developed a series of self-guided heritage walks through the Mt Eden area to encourage the protection of heritage and exploration of the area. They take you through different themes of historical development in the area from the 1840s onwards. The Mt Eden Village Walk is one of these, and will see you explore the historical aspects of the

village, including churches, businesses and schools, and how it has developed over the years. The heritage walk brochure can be downloaded from: aboutcouncil/localboards/albertedenlocalboard/ mtedenheritagewalks.pdf

10:30am | Eden Garden Round the back of Mt Eden is the hidden sanctuary of Eden Garden. Created 45 years ago in an abandoned quarry, Eden Garden is now a magical cove covered by a flourishing blanket of New Zealand’s most beautiful flora. Take a walk through the native plants, as well as the incredible camellias, rhododendrons, hydrangeas and much more. You might even be lucky enough to spot some native birdlife, with tuis, wood pigeons and fantails all calling Eden Garden home.

12:30pm | Pasta & Cuore Step off Mt Eden Road and into an Italian oasis at Pasta & Cuore. As you wait for your deliciously authentic meal, sit back and relax while you watch the incredibly talented chefs make fresh pasta in front of your eyes. As the mesmerising experience unfolds and after your meal arrives, you will hate yourself for ever buying those $2 packets of budget pasta from the supermarket.

Pasta & Cuore

109 MT EDEN FEATURE Oct 2016


Circus Circus

2:00pm | Shopping

5:00pm | nkb Gallery

Mt Eden Village is home to a unique range of shops, making it a fantastic place in which spend an afternoon poking around. Here are some that deserve an honourable mention:

To wind down from your busy day, make time for a visit to nkb Gallery, a fine art dealer focusing particular attention on aesthetic exhibition. With a diverse range of works from a fabulous selection of New Zealand artists, this gallery will inspire you to both delve into your personal creative side and to delve into your pocket so you can bring a work home with you.

• Time Out Bookstore — A quaint and comforting store full of all the books you could imagine. You might even catch glimpse of the resident cat. • Roses Florist — This boutique florist is gorgeous enough to tug on even the coldest person’s heartstrings. • Mercy Hospice Shop — A delightful op shop with some excellent finds and a wonderful altruistic vibe. • Chapter Book and Tea Shop — Many people would argue that there is no better combination than a good book and a great cup of tea, and this shop is making all of those people’s dreams come true. • Mardell — Stocking the newest and coolest of the Anne Mardell and Mardee labels.

3:30pm | Maungawhau Heritage Walk — Mt Eden Industrial Area Walk Another Auckland Council heritage walk, the Mt Eden Industrial Area Walk will take you further out from the village’s core and into an exploration of the nearby industrial zones. Self-guide yourself between Mt Eden Prison, Mt Eden Quarry, the Horse & Trap Tavern and many more fascinating places, many of which are greatly significant in Auckland’s history. Use the same brochure as from the previous heritage walk to assist your journey.

6:00pm | Molten Molten is the Mt Eden restaurant that should not be missed if you are looking for a luxurious dining experience. With a magnificent award-winning menu including ox tail, duck breast and lamb shoulder, as well as an exceptional wine list, you will be able to feast like kings. The produce is locally and ethically sourced, and cooked with the passion and skill that you could only expect from a restaurant like Molten.

8:00pm | Circus Circus For a very different but equally as special experience, pop down the road to Circus Circus for dessert. With all the fun that should come from a circus-themed restaurant, enjoy the last meal of the day from a menu of deliciously unique treats. As you leave you will feel compelled to google when the next circus is in town. — Words: Harriet Keown

Mt Eden Hospice Shop For Mercy Hospice Auckland On the hunt for some hidden treasures? Add us to your list of fashion and homeware destinations in Auckland. The Mercy Hospice shop sell a range of quality new and second-hand clothing and accessories, trinkets and treasures, linen, home-ware, books, music and more... Each Mercy Hospice Shop is run by an experienced retail manager, supported by a great team of dedicated volunteers.

City Cake Company City Cake Company is a boutique cake shop centred in the heart of the Village.

— 453 Mt Eden Rd Mt Eden Monday to Saturday 10am – 4pm 09 630 7110

We bake and decorate on site so come in and take in the delicious smells of passion fruit, lemon syrup, chocolate and raspberries or banana and caramel. We bake only using the best of NZ dairy, free range eggs and Belgium chocolate. Our cakes contain no preservatives or colour in the baking. — City Cake Company 426 Mt Eden Rd | Mt Eden Village

The Garden Shed The Garden Shed is your local neighbourhood bistro, all day eatery and freehouse. Boasting an extensive selection of local beers and a fresh, produce focused menu. Now accepting functions in the fully covered courtyard for summer and Christmas events!

Hair & Body Bliss Your place to relax and be pampered at Hair & Body Bliss. The Emphasis is on you! Hair & Bodybliss offers the ultimate in treatments for your hair, face, body and soul. All hairdressing treatments, manicures, pedicures, facials, facial enhacements, waxing and spray tan. For new clients mention Verve and revieve a $50 voucher towards a hair colour, cut or blowave. Offer vaild unill January 2017. — 09 630 2105 443 Mt Eden, Mt Eden

— 470 Mount Eden Road, Mount Eden 09 630 3393 Weekdays 10:30am till late | Weekends 8:30am till late @thegardenshedmteden

Murder Burger No nonsense gourmet burgers, fries and shakes. We’re big on flavor and you will agree when you’re devouring a tasty custom made to order meal cooked up by our talented team. With over 30 menu items and option to customize to your heart’s content you will be spoilt for choice. Beat the que and order online or the app, use code Verve for a free real ice cream milkshake . 2 locations 225 Dominion Rd, Mt Eden & 96 Ponsonby Rd, Ponsonby — 225 Domino Rd, Mt Eden 96 Ponsonby Rd, Ponsonby

MARDELL Beautiful NZ made garments for thinking women. — MARDELL 455C Mt Eden Rd, Mt Eden 09 638 8144 Mon to Fri: 9:30am-5:30pm Sat: 10am-4pm — 523 Parnell Rd, Parnell (09) 303 3779 Mon to Fri: 10am-6pm Sat: 10am-4pm —

Mt Eden | Balmoral | Ponsonby | Albany

111 MT EDEN FEATURE Oct 2016

112 MT EDEN FEATURE Oct 2016

Artisan Flooring At Artisan we are passionate about providing a range of amazing flooring products from all over the world, to enhance each and every design brief. We create high quality, beautifully customised bespoke rugs as well as offering a wide range of superb in-stock rugs throughout New Zealand and overseas. We specialise in high quality, exclusive, contemporary & transitional rugs but we also offer a stunning range of extensive pom colours in combination with an online design program so you can re-colour your favourite design from our extensive design collection. Our business started with natural flooring products such as sisal, coir, seagrass and jute and we are proud to remain the leading supplier of this product in New Zealand. We have recently extended our natural flooring range and are excited about the design possibilities, especially as we come into summer as they are ideal for summer bach living. As an extension to our flooring product Artisan holds an exclusive offering of high end window coverings suited to a wide variety of spaces and settings. Exclusive fabrics and eclectic timbers from industry leading brands makes the Artisan window solutions selection truly unique. With 40 years of experience in the luxury flooring market, Artisan Collective are the best people to help you make the right decision on product, texture and colour for your flooring and window treatments. Our design consultants will listen carefully to your design brief and source the very best product fit for purpose and within budget. — 31A Normanby Rd, Mt Eden 09 302 2499

Basics to Brilliance — Donna Hay Just when you think you don’t need another cook book along come Donna Hay with one of her best yet. She takes the everyday meals such a roast chicken, crisp pork belly along with the traditional recipe, but she then gives each of them a twist and offers variations on the theme. This means you can build up your own collection of personal “signature” dishes and grow your repertoire of future favourites. Well illustrated, kitchen tested and as always Donna speaks to your inner chef. Novice cook or expert, Basics to Brilliant the musthave cook book of the season. ____ $60

New Wave Vision — Hayden Cox.

BOOK SHELF Here you go all hot off the press and the beginnings of good ideas for gifts for loved ones.

New Wave is a business book with a fresh approach. Rather than telling you how to run a business Hayden Cox shares his experiences with you. As a young entrepreneur making surfboards he tells of how over twenty years he has highs and lows,the lessons he has learned and he combines his knowledge with insights from other influential creative names in the business world such as Karen Walker,Tony Hawk and the co-founder of Google Maps, Noel Gordon. This book might light the spark of your own good idea,as he says to make something work you just have to start. ____ $45

Words: Doris Mousdale


Daylight Second — Kelly Ana Morey


A novel based on the famous well-loved New Zealand race horse Phar Lap is perfect for those looking for something out of the ordinary to read. Whether it’s your Book Club Pick or just pleasurable weekend reading. New Zealand author, Kelly Ana Morey has whipped up a good yarn for discerning readers. Not just the story of the champion, Daylight Second, is about the people who trained and raced the horse, those who followed the racing fraternity around the world and of course the working class folk who supported the star during the tough times between the wars. Read and enjoy. —— $35

The Story Orchestra, Four Seasons in One Day — Jessica Courtney-Tickle The Story Orchestra is one of those rather special children’s books that adults will love to share with younger readers. Beautifully illustrated it is the story of Isabelle who wakes up and goes through an incredible journey which takes her through four seasons in one day. Along with the story and illustrations you can press each page and hear Vivaldi’s Four Seasons which brings the story to life. Charming and inventive this book makes story time a real treat. ____ $35

113 ART & ABOUT Oct 2016

114 ART & ABOUT Oct 2016

Querkly Kiwi

Such is the booming popularity of adult colouring-in books that it has come to cause a crayon shortage. Earlier this year, Faber Castell, the world’s largest wood pencil manufacturer, announced it was having to run extra shifts at its factories to keep up with demand. Here, Whitcoulls recently revealed that since 2015, colouring-in books have collectively outsold the literary kind, accounting for seven of the their top 20 bestselling titles. Much has been made of the therapeutic benefits of the endeavour, with the colouring-in craze coinciding with the rise of mindfulness. “One of of the most unexpected and rewarding parts of having my books published is getting emails from people all over the world who have found such profound benefits from my books,” says Thomas Pavitte, a Melbourne-based Aucklander who has created some wildly successful series worldwide. “A lot of people who experience mental health issues have contacted me saying how much the books have helped them. I think it’s a great way for people to relax and focus on a really simple task and then see a piece of art come together which they have created.” Thomas tells me his mindfulness practice comes in the creation of the drawings, with each piece taking up to two days to complete: “I find it meditative creating them, as I listen to music, radio, or podcasts which keep me motivated.” A graphic designer by trade, Thomas believes it “vital for my own creative fulfilment” to invest in side projects without the budgetary, time and artistic restraints of client requirements. “Through having my own personal projects,” he says, “it gives me a lot more freedom to experiment with new ideas.” Such ideas include a collection of fascinating animations and sculptures (which can be seen on his website,, but it is his unique colouring-in and dot-to-dot books which have reaped the most reward, shifting hundreds of thousands of copies across the globe.

115 ART & ABOUT Oct 2016

“My projects often start as personal challenges,” he says. “One of my most popular was a series of experiments with dot-to-dot drawings. My aim was to create more detailed images than the simplistic drawings we all know from our childhoods. I created a number of works around this idea, including a 6,239 dot version of the Mona Lisa that went viral.” This led to a London publishing deal, with Thomas now having released six books in the 1000 Dot-to-Dot series. Initially, Thomas set about creating the most complex dot-to-dot in the world. “I couldn’t find anything online, so I decided to set about creating my own record,” he says. “It took about a week to create the artwork for the Mona Lisa. I roughly calculated that it would take me four hours to complete the A0-sized print, but it ended up taking about nine. I applied for it to be recognised by the Guinness World Records, but unfortunately they said it was not something they could measure. But I’m happy to claim the unofficial record!” Thomas’s follow-up, Querkles, is an intriguing approach whereby detailed images are created by drawing multiple patterns of rings. “One of the things that sets Querkles apart from other colouring books is that people have no idea what image they will be creating,” he says. “The page is covered with circles and it’s only as they start to colour that the subject is slowly revealed.” The concept riffs on the paint-by-numbers notion, and just five hues are need to complete them. “The only rule is that the colours must range from a dark to a light tone,” Thomas says. “I have seen people experiment in really interesting ways by using charcoal, crosshatching, and even coffee as the ink.” The colouring-in does not even have to be particularly precise, with many of the rougher finishes often giving

the most expressive results from afar: “I really enjoy checking out Instagram every day to see new images that people have created.” Having inspired so many others to get creative, I ask Thomas who most moves him. “Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein are two of my favourite artists. I really admire the simplicity of their ideas, how bold and vibrant their pieces are. I was lucky enough earlier this year to visit The Broad museum in LA and see their art in the flesh. It was such an incredible experience.” With so much now created digitally, do you believe it’s more important to promote a more old-school approach? “I’ve always had a huge appreciation for low-tech ideas. As a designer you learn that the strongest ideas are often the ones that can be represented in a simple way. I’m really interested in technology and love seeing new developments, but I have never seen anything that can replicate the human approach. Witnessing things created by hand rather than machines is a much more relatable experience.” Thomas’s success stems from the marrying of maths and art, his two favourite subjects at school. “I think the work that I am doing today is a combination of the two interests,” he says. “There is a lot of geometry and numbers in both book series that I have published. I also owe a lot to the Whanganui School of Design where I graduated with a Bachelor of Computer Graphic Design. The school has an emphasis on experimental design and I learned how much fun you can have with creativity.” Fun, he’s now gladly passing on to others. — Words: Jamie Christian Desplaces

116 ART & ABOUT Oct 2016

M u si c Re v i e w

Frank Ocean Blond "Mind over matter is magic, I do magic." A rawness edges Frank Oceans voice during this particular line of 'Godspeed', the second-to-last track adorning his highly anticipated sophomore album Blond... and magic it truly is. Arriving just days after the ominous lead up to a surprise visual album Endless — an entire different project containing new original content from Mr Ocean — apparent reparations for his lengthy four-year m.i.a-status came by the bundle, with Frank even creating a synonymous magazine for the album entitled Boys Don't Cry. We learn a lot more about Frank on Blond and are granted access into his world more than ever previous. The record provides listeners with a much more personal introspective after so long of his enigmatic elusivity becoming a shadow of character. On 'Nikes', Frank ponders how Trayvon Martin, the 17-yearold who was fatally shot by George Zimmerman, a neighbourhood watch volunteer, looks just like he does, and on 'Seigfried' he pleads, "I'd do anything for you / in the dark", an internal battle with sexuality more intimate than 'Bad Religion'. Frank has a unique softness and fragility I've never seen in another male R&B artist but his vulnerability always renders him more power than weakness. Each of the 17 tracks hold something entirely new and intrigue your sense of genre as well as artist. Hidden features hail a plethora of industry superstars, from Andre 3000 spitting sharp tongued 'Solo (Reprise)' and Beyonce sitting back on those angelic background harmonies, painting dreamscape 'Pink + White'. You must keep your ears pricked at all times when listening to Blond, because it's as puzzle-pieced and you-blinkyou-miss-it as Inception, every meticulous detail in place for a calculated reason; whether you're quick enough to pick it up or not is down to you. On final track 'Futura Free', Frank is adamant the listener finishes their journey leaving with the knowledge of their worth, proclaiming: "They payin' me mama, I should be payin' them, I should be be payin' y'all honest to god." I think it's safe to say Frank had us closer in mind than most thought as their faith in the man dwindled during his four-year absence, but with Endless and Blond Frank absolutely confirms that with great patience comes great rewards, and that magic can never be rushed.

— Words: Laura McInnes


They payin' me mama, I should be payin' them, I should be be payin' y'all honest to God.”


117 ART & ABOUT Oct 2016


Opening Saturday 5 November, 2:30pm Born and raised in Howick, and practiced in New York, Isobel Thom is an artist best known for her experimental geometries in drawing, watercolour and ceramics. See the artist’s upcoming exhibition at Malcolm Smith Gallery, a new public gallery for the eastern suburbs of Auckland.

(09) 535 6467 ext. 4 35 Uxbridge Road, Howick, Auckland 2014 Mon – Sat 10am – 4pm, Thu until 8pm

October - November 2016 | Opening Tuesday 18 October 5 - 7pm 15 putiki street, arch hill, auckland 1021 +64 9 3780588



118 ART & ABOUT Oct 2016

The riotous new musical Fire on the River, which is set during the Great Fire of London in 1666, will illuminate the history books with music, song and dance from 6-30 October at three theatres in Auckland: Glen Eden’s Playhouse, Papatoetoe’s Spotlight and Takapuna’s Pumphouse. Historic characters and first hand on-the-spot accounts from London diarists are woven into the narrative and accompanied by 28 musical numbers spanning genres and generations! Verve chats to producer and composer, Graeme John Webber. Fire on the River is a courageous and inspiring undertaking. What motivated you to put this production together? The conceptual idea came about in 2004 while staying with a friend in London. I had an intention to write a musical based on some aspect I might see on my travels. There were countless interesting subjects but the one that fired me up within days of returning to New Zealand was the Great Fire of London 1666 — details of which appear on a plinth at the base of Sir Christopher Wren’s monument. Research and family life delayed writing which took time, but finally — on the 350th Anniversary of the great Fire — it’s ready for production. Tell us a little more about yourself, your life story in a nutshell and what gets your heart pumping. I grew up in a musical family; my aunts and uncles all sang and played, and my father had a 40s band, The Snappy Six. I played in a 70s cover band the Music Convention. I along with members of the band wrote backing music for Andy MacAlpine’s iconic 70s movie, Children of the Sun, and recorded songs with RCA. Endless gig’s around Auckland over many years, residencies at Villa Maria’s Cordova Lounge, The Lodge, Westend Rowing Club (Brian Everitt), and the Auckland Leagues Club. The Band played on summer cruises around the Pacific Islands on P&O ships, Orcades, Oriana, Orsova, Himalaya. That was a dreamtime — great days.

If you had to choose three stage shows that you could see again and again, which would they be? I love music and musicals. My three favourites stage shows are — Miss Saigon, Camelot and Hair.

Tell us more about the story. It’s boy meets girl at Queenhithe Market near the River Thames on the eve of the Great Fire of London 1666. The fire strikes at 2am 2 Sept at Farriner’s Bakery, Pudding Lane. Theirs and other relationships are brought to the fore as the Great Fire rages all around. Historic characters and actual on-the-spot accounts from London Diarists are woven into the narrative. The relationships that work their way through are wonderful. Live music is an integral part of the show. Can you give some detail around this topic? I have a wide ranging taste from classical to pop and for a long time thought about one day writing a musical myself. Music styles range from period sounding harpsichord to up-tempo rock ‘n’ roll, from ballad to rap/hip-hop, from waltz to jazz and a section where the dialogue and verse is set to music.

a musical based on the great fire of london written and composed by graeme john webber GJW Productions presents

f ire on the riv er playhouse theatre, glen eden 6 - 16 october 15 glendale road, glen eden tickets from

pumphouse theatre, takapuna 25 - 30 october killarney park (off manurere avenue), takapuna tickets from

spotlight theatre, papatoetoe 18 - 23 october allan brewster centre, tavern lane, papatoetoe tickets from

Dame Malvina Major: Laying the Foundations

This year marks the quarter-century anniversary of the Dame Malvina Major Foundation, an organisation dedicated to discovering, nurturing and promoting new talent across the performing arts by means of grants, prizes and scholarships. The legendary opera singer rightly beams at such longevity. “I certainly wasn’t sure we’d make to 25 years when we first began,” says the dame. “In fact, the foundation very nearly went under after a couple of years. It was very difficult to get the funds rolling in – we’re competing against national sports bodies and art foundations – and, you know, it’s tough being an independent group. It really is thrilling to have come this far.” The foundation currently holds around $2 million, but needs to hit the $5 million mark to secure its future. That’s the aim for the next 25 years. I ask if it has become easier, with time, to secure the funds. “No, not really! We were supported by Ernst & Young at one stage, who were fabulous to us, but times change and people move on. Now we have committees throughout the country who do a wonderful job of raising money for their communities.” Aside from steering the foundation through some financial storms, Dame Malvina tells me she’s most proud of the fact that the they’ve branched out right across the performing arts to include the likes of ballet and theatre too: “We wanted to do do that from the off, so it’s very satisfying to have got to that position.” It’s no doubt all the more rewarding for a performer who began her entertaining career treading the boards in London: “I really wanted to be a theatre singer in Broadway in New York, but I had a good enough voice for grand opera – which I went in to kicking and screaming!” For the past 20 years, Dame Malvina has also taught, and is senior fellow and ambassador for the University of Waikato. I ask if she believes it possible that anyone can be taught to hold a tune.

“That’s a question I’ve asked myself many times. I think anyone can be taught to sing relatively well, and I think you can teach people who sing in choirs to sing better. But, as far as singing solo, I believe you have got to be born with that gift, I don’t really think it can be taught.” She says students at the university are taught about theatre studies and performance as a back up as the performing arts are becoming ever more competitive, with grand opera notoriously difficult to break into: “Also, grand opera is a huge commitment. Women, especially, can get established in the theatre and still have a family and relatively normal life.” The dame reels off a list of protégés she’s especially proud of, including a Kiwi highland dance world champion (“She even went to Scotland and beat them there too!”), and a show-stealing Samoan student who went from being “very green” to the “Polynesian Pavarotti of the South”. Singing with her students, says Dame Malvina, is among her most treasured memories. There have been many others of course, such as performing at the Pyramids of Giza with the Cairo Symphony Orchestra

(“Thrilling and terrifying at once”). There was also one particularly unusual request from a gentleman in Australia that has always stayed with her. “A man in the outback had spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to restore a bird sanctuary, but had several strokes during the course of the work,” says the dame. “He wrote to me and said that listening to my recordings had helped him get through his illnesses. He asked if I would perform at the opening of the sanctuary.” It is, I say a rather lovely tale. “Isn’t it? You just never know what you do to people, where your music goes. You just do your job to the best of your abilities. That’s what I always say to the kids today. You must be passionate, you must love what you do, because it is only then that you can have that kind of effect on people, it is only then that you will leave an impression.”

— Words: Jamie Christian Desplaces


I DANIE L BLAK E — 27 O CTO B E R Daniel Blake (59) has worked as a joiner most of his life in Newcastle. Now, for the first time ever, he needs help from the state. He crosses paths with single mother Katie and her two young children, Daisy and Dylan. Katie’s only chance to escape a one-room homeless hostel in London has been to accept a flat in a city she doesn’t know, some 300 miles away. Daniel and Katie find themselves in no-man’s land, caught on the barbed wire of welfare bureaucracy. Directed by Ken Loach. Watch the trailer at the Verve website: Rating: M Violence, drug references & sexual references

CAFÈ SO CIE TY — O CTO BE R 20 Shot last summer on location in New York and Los Angeles, Woody Allen’s latest film is a romantic comedy set in the 1930s and brings together a stellar cast including Steve Carrell, Parker Posey (who starred in Allen’s Irrational Man), Blake Lively, Jesse Eisenberg (who starred in Allen’s To Rome with Love) and Kristen Stewart. Watch the trailer on the Verve webite: Rating: M Violence, drug references & sexual references.

TH E G IRL O N TH E TRAIN — O CTO B E R 6 The Girl on the Train is a psychological thriller based on the hit novel by Paula Hawkins, which topped the UK bestseller list for a record-breaking 20 weeks and sold over two million copies in its first three months alone. Devastated by her recent divorce, Rachel (Emily Blunt) spends her daily commute fantasising about the seemingly perfect couple who live in a house that her train passes every day, until one morning she sees something shocking happen there and becomes entangled in the mystery that unfolds. Watch the trailer on the Verve website: Rating: R16 violence, sexual content, offencive language

Verve has five double passes to give away for movie, Cafè Society. To enter, visit and follow the directions. Good Luck!

121 ART & ABOUT Oct 2016

Stephen Howard 'New Works'

PARNELL GALLERY | 1-15 NOVEMBER, 2016 PREVIEW: TUESDAY 1 NOVEMBER AT 5:30PM Following 14 years based in Woodhill, Auckland, Stephen Howard has recently relocated to Nelson. Fresh inspiration from the coast of the South Island can be seen in his new works. Howards’s unique painting style combines attention to detail and the building of many layers of paint to result in an organic but highly focused impression of the subject of interest. A fascination with isolated stands of trees along the coastal road continues a theme which has seen the artist explore the many moods of a particular stand of kauri back in Woodhill. His new Tree Island series demonstrate colour as an important aspect in expressing each trees individuality within the whole, varying shades denoting each life force nurtured by chlorophyll and sunlight. There is a poetic dichotomy of movement and stillness within the works, giving a sense of captured growth or time within each piece. Contrasting elements of landscape and architecture are often manipulated to give Howards’s work a further surreal quality, questioning our familiar reality. Trees flourishing in the urban environment hold a special interest, as with ‘Urban Tree Number 7’, which seems to celebrate nature’s resilience and a quirky triumph over seemingly insurmountable walls and pavement. Also included in the exhibition are some Sea Mist works, the outcome of an interest in old Chinese landscapes. These were traditionally painted in ink against white, and Howards’s interpretation results in a successful paring down of his subject (trees) to their essential character, fully within his own idiosyncratic style. Howard has been exhibiting in solo and group exhibitions in Christchurch, Wellington and Auckland since 1978. Parnell Gallery has represented Howard since August 2009 and is excited to be hosting another dynamic show from this unique artist. Left, Top-Bottom: Urban Tree Number 7, Raincloud Over Woodhill, Red Blue Green and Yellow, Tall Trees. Right: Clubhouse In The Park


122 ART & ABOUT Oct 2016



Line-up for country’s biggest food and wine celebration announced

Beat the Christmas rush. Book in during October and receive a 20% discount off the price of your picture framing, but must be booked in during October so don’t leave it too late! Mention this ad to receive discount. Terms and conditions apply. *Standard two-week turn around applies* Original Art – Degree Framing – Family/Wedding Photos – Gallery Framing – Rugby Jerseys – Preservation Framing – Mirrors

Taste of Auckland 2016, in partnership with Electrolux, is expected to be the biggest and best Taste event yet with an exciting line-up of world-class chefs and restaurants, live cooking demonstrations from culinary superstars, oneon-one chef experiences and special VIP and hospitality experiences. The event will showcase the best New Zealand made products from over 100 fine food producers, wine makers, distilleries and craft brewers.

CONTACT US | 09 309 2020 FIND US | 93-95 The Strand, Parnell, online at


Top Auckland restaurants and chefs will bring together international flavours from around the world, with the 2016 program including: • Traditional Italian favourite and two-time ‘Best in Taste’ award — Farina (Sergio Maglione) • French delicacies at Paris Butter (Nick Honeyman) • Hearty flavours of Southern America provided by Miss Clawdy • Authentic oriental cuisine from new Artwok (Jason Zhang) and Tok Tok (Cameron Knox) • Delicious BBQ delights from The Culpeper • Fresh seafood from FISH (Gareth Stewart) • Mouth-watering New Zealand dishes from Euro (Gareth Stewart) and Al Brown’s Eatery (Al Brown’s Depot Eatery) • Unique Middle Eastern and North African flavours of Ima Tickets to 2016 Taste of Auckland in partnership with Electrolux are on sale now and can be purchased through:

Artwork: ‘Flight’ Kristy Nixon. Kirisy Nixon will be instore at Newmarket on Saturday 8 October at 2pm onwards to talk about her new body of work. | Artweek Auckland, 8-16 October, CONTACT US | 09 520 0399 FIND US | 17 Osbone St, Newmarket, online at



(21 March – 19 April) You have a good chance to be successful in studying art related fields and to be more creative. You will feel a strong desire to travel, to escape from the daily routine. You’ll have more energy now and you’ll be able to do the physical work you haven’t felt up to by then. Fast earnings and unexpected expenses will appear, maybe because you’ll be tempted to take high risks.


(20 April – 20 May) This month would be giving you plenty of opportunities to present yourself in a pleasing and authentic manner. You’ll be willing to get involved into risky or difficult business. You’ll be in an excellent shape and you’ll have the opportunity to make much money. But pay attention, because it could be a period of extremes, with unexpected benefits and loss. A friendship could turn into a love story.


(21 May – 20 June) You are more able to rise above petty concerns, problems, or inconveniences. It’s an easygoing, tolerant, and relaxed influence that allows you to let your hair down and enjoy life without sweating the small stuff. You will discover your spirit of adventure again and you will be tempted to take trips on risky itineraries. It’s the best time for domestic activities that require physical effort.


(21 June – 22 July) You will be energetic but rather tense. It’s not advisable that you start more things at the same time, because it will be very demanding and your nervous system might break down. You will be more receptive and intuitive. You could even have moments of foreseeing. Emotionally, you’ll be more thoughtful and more sensitive to the wishes of the people around you


(23 July – 22 August) During this period, an exciting job offer, reward, recognition, or promotion is very possible. This month will favor the raise of your income, especially due to your artistic talents. An opportunity to expand on a worldly level arrives and you’ll have the opportunity to increase your wealth. The relationship with your partner might become more stabile and serious since you are willing to take up greater responsibilities.


(22 November - 21 December) You will be more original and more creative than you have been so far and good ideas will bring you the appreciation of your bosses. You’ll be more willing to study, more persevering and more patient. It’s a favorable period for hard study. A trip could bring you love or more passion in your relationship, if you already have a life partner. Family is now your first priority.



(23 October – 21 November) You will be full of energy and able to work very hard and make physical effort. You’ll be persevering in trying to stand out at work or in consolidating the position you have. However, you should be more prudent, more realistic and more careful when negotiating and signing contracts, because you’ll be at risk of being deceived or of losing money.


(23August – 22 September) It is a good time to start new projects or make important decisions. However, you’ll be tempted to take useless risks, with bad consequences. This period will make you more passionate, more energetic and more devoted to your partner. It’s time to stand by your parents’ side, to help and support them, to show them your love. Females have big chances to conceive in this period.

(22 December – 19 January) You’ll spend or invest a large amount of money, but you’ll also earn a lot, especially on the occasion of some trips or by finishing some projects This month will be favorable to communication and to developing oratorical talents. Literary creation will also be favored in this period. You will be more romantic and more sensitive to changes in your sentimental life.


(20 January – 18 February) You will focus completely on career, but don’t forget that participating in social events can be useful to your career, too. Your professional life will abound in social events, and your personal charm and talent will help you be in the spotlight. There is also the possibility to find a life partner that holds a superior social position. You’ll have the chance to get support from an influential woman.


(19 February – 20 March) This period represents a period of growth as well as some form of blossoming or fruition on a professional level. Speculations could prove to be disadvantageous and the signed contracts can hide traps. You will have the opportunity to take pleasure trips. Moreover, these trips could bring something new in your sentimental life or could lead you to meeting your soulmate.


(23 September – 22 October) You can either decide to take a step you have been thinking of for a long time or become more persevering in reaching your goals. You will feel the need of cooperation and association more than ever. You have the opportunity to stand out socially and at work, especially because of your talents, and you’ll feel the need to live in luxury, to purchase valuable objects



Fiery Hybrid 4 Business/ Education & Society Sept 2015

First up, let’s get my first bout of embarrassing ignorance out of the way. I initially declined the offer of loaning the latest Toyota hybrid, not because I bear any grudge towards such vehicles – quite the contrary – but simply because I lack a garage, and the neighbours and general public, I reasoned, probably wouldn’t appreciate me trailing a lengthy power cord out to the car. But, it turns out, you don’t have to plug in a hybrid. Perhaps then I’m not the best writer for this particular gig, I blushed, to which editor, Fran, wisely replied that it makes me perfect for it. While I’m all for the promotion of the green cause, I must also admit there were whisperings from my latent macho ego along the lines of, “Well, it’s hard to get too excited about a Prius” (my only previous experiences of a hybrid vehicle being picked up, usually drunk, in an Uber), however, I arrived at the showroom to discover I was to be loaning the new Corolla. And, as it turns out, it’s a whole different beast. But, before we get to that, my second bout of embarrassing ignorance occurred as I came to leave the forecourt. Or at least attempt to. I spent minutes fumbling around trying to get the darn thing kicking over, only to discover I’d already somehow got it running – it’s just a very, very still and silent drive. (I’m also not used to a keyless start, and still don’t see the point. You have to have the key in the car for it to work anyway, and at least you can remember where you left it when it’s in the ignition.) The car may not have a roaring exhaust on the back, but flick it to sport mode and it sure is one fun drive – and far faster off the blocks than I expected it to be. Modelled exactly after the regular Corolla, the hybrid’s sporty looks continue inside, with a cockpit-like driving environment and heaps of gadgetry.

In place of a rev counter, a similar needle and dial displays how efficiently you’re driving the car, but unless you spend entire journeys with the accelerator floored, it seems it’s nigh on impossible to drive this thing any other way but efficiently. The petrol gauge simply does not move. Astonishingly, the commuter-friendly Corolla Hybrid uses less juice in a traffic jam than it does on the highway (Toyota estimates that for those driving just 15,000km a year will save $2,500 in fuel). Even in Auckland, commuting isn’t always about traffic jams, so I stretched its legs out on the Pohutukawa Coast too and it gripped those winding ocean-hugging roads with aplomb. As for the goodies, standard features include bi-LED headlights and LED daytime running lights, smartphone integration, a sixspeaker surround sound system and some smart alloy wheels. A reverse camera and a total of seven airbags enhance safety. Plus, buy before the end of the year, and five years worth of servicing, warranty, AA Roadservice and WOF checks will all be thrown in for free, along with an eight-year or 160,000km (whichever comes first) hybrid battery warranty. The time will come, sooner, hopefully rather than later, when gas guzzlers go the same way as smoking in (hands up, I used to do that too) in public places. Toyota, to their credit, have been leading the charge, and, with the Corolla Hybrid, have made the notion a lot more attractive, in more ways that one.

— Words: Jamie Christian Desplaces



NEW VEHICLES Purchase a new Toyota before the 30th of December 2016 and get*:

Sept 2015

Years Servicing Years WoF Checks Years AA Roadservice Years Warranty

* Conditions Apply

USED VEHICLES Enjoy a large range of over 150 quality used vehicles Available across three convenient locations Exclusive 9.95% finance rate on used vehicles* Exclusive 8.95% finance rate on signature class* Every vehicle receives a pre-inspection report

* Conditions Apply

SERVICE Auckland City Toyota offers hassle free servicing from just $185 Loan vehicles available Toyota genuine parts come with 2 year warranty Toyota trained technicians Express service - while you wait Safe-T-Stop brake testing


Ph: 09 378 9919 101 Great North Road Grey Lynn, Auckland


W W W .

Ph: 09 601 9000 233 Great South Road Greenlane, Auckland


Ph: 09 360 6726 7 Forge Way Mt Wellington, Auckland

A U C K L A N D C I T Y T O Y O TA . C O . N Z

Auckland City

TOYOTA 2 Business/ Education & Society Sept 2015


Auckland City Toyota formerly known as Giltrap City Toyota was acquired by The Armstrong Motor Group in early 2014.

All three dealerships offer full sales, service and parts operations to cover all customer needs and requirements.

They are the largest Toyota dealership in New Zealand with three dealerships conveniently located at: 101 Great North Road, Grey Lynn; 7 Forge Way, Mt Wellington; and the newest at 233 Great South Road, Greenlane.

Express scheduled servicing, that is servicing while you wait, and loan vehicles are available to assist in eliminating the day to day stress of being without your vehicle.

The Greenlane dealership has dedicated space for the sale of Toyota hybrid vehicles. With emissions and fuel costs becoming a greater concern to the public, Auckland City Toyota believes is essential to offer better customer information and service with regards to these economical and energy efficient vehicles. Auckland City Toyota are also in the process of installing charging stations at each of their three dealerships across Auckland. Available to the public free of charge, the charging stations are expected to be installed early next year.

All three dealership have a range of servicing options designed to meet your needs from basic WOF checks to in depth technical mechanical work and safety stop machines for brake and suspension diagnosis. The Grey Lynn dealership also offers state-of-the-art wheel alignments and key cutting to ensure your safety and peace of mind.

Words: Anthony Kearns, CEO

Luxury retirement living in the heart of Newmarket.

Life at Remuera Rise can be as private or as social as you desire, with staff and facilities all designed to support how you want to spend your day. Remuera Rise offers secure apartment living and a boutique 12-bed hospital level care facility available to both apartment and non-apartment owners. Apartments are one- and two-bedroom with quality fittings and appliances. Call 0800 00 15 85 and join our mailing list to be the first to know when apartments become available.

Remuera Rise Retirement Village registered under the Retirement Villages Act 2003. Registration Number 2557887

Auto Super Shoppe


AUTO SUPER SHOPPES 82 Workshops Nationwide


AUTO SUPER SHOPPE ALBANY 49d William Pickering Drive, Albany 09 415 8569

AUTO SUPER SHOPPE BIRKENHEAD 272 Onewa Road, Birkenhead 09 480 9272

CHECK THEY HAVE NZ RECOGNISED TRADE QUALIFIED TECHNICIANS Most workshops will proudly display their certificates in the reception area, but if you can’t see them ask the service manager for proof that the person you are entrusting your car with is qualified.

AUTO SUPER SHOPPE FORREST HILL 260 Forrest Hill Road, Forrest Hill 09 410 7089

CHECK THE WORKSHOPS AFFILIATIONS Is the workshop a member of the Motor Trade Association? The MTA has strict criteria for membership and they provide ongoing support and training to all of their members. You can be confident you will be dealing with qualified technicians in a reputable business that abides by the MTA rules, their code of conduct and their mediation decisions if need be. Make sure their membership is current.

ARE THEY WILLING TO SHOW YOU THE PROBLEM? A good technician will be happy take the time to show you, either on the car or perhaps even using a demonstration video on the internet, exactly what is wrong with your car and what needs doing.

DON’T SHOP JUST ON PRICE A cheaper labour rate is not necessarily indicative of a cheaper job. If a technician is experienced and qualified they will work more efficiently to get the job done. It’s important to remember that you are not just paying for the price of parts and the time it takes to install them, but for the professionalism, experience and expertise of the technicians.

ASK ABOUT THE ELECTRONIC DIAGNOSTIC EQUIPMENT THEY HAVE TO TEST AND REPAIR YOUR VEHICLE Specialised diagnostic tools talk to your cars on board computer. They help the technician correctly and quickly diagnose any problems or potential problems with your car. They take out the guess work, or the trial and error style of repair.


AUTO SUPER SHOPPE MAYNE Cnr Selwyn & Princes Street, Onehunga 09 622 2449

AUTO SUPER SHOPPE WAIRAU PARK 3 Woodson Place, Glenfield 09 443 1899

MT ALBERT AUTOMOTIVE 23 Morningside Drive, St Lukes 09 8150717

FREDCO MOTORS 310 New North Road, Eden Terrace, Auckland 09 377 5123

A well-presented tidy workshop means it is organised, professional and efficient. It shows they take pride in their work and in their work space. It is fair to assume they will treat you and your vehicle with the same level of professionalism that they run their business.

HAVE THEY BEEN RECOGNISED BY THEIR INDUSTRY PEERS? Many workshops have their good work recognised by their industry peers. Perhaps they belong to a network of repairers that recognise excellence from within their group, or perhaps the Industry Association has given . | 0800 2886 4357


The All-New 10th Generation Honda Civic

Jennifer Moore hits the road in the 2016 Honda Civic RS Turbo. When it hit the market in the ‘70s, the Honda Civic was a game changer due to its quirky looks and fuel efficiency in a time of fuel shortages. Since then it’s gone through several generations. The ubiquitous hatchbacks of the 70s and 80s, the 20th anniversary models of the 90s and the evolving technology of the noughties. And now, the 10th generation Honda Civic is bound to secure its place on the throne of iconic vehicles. The Civic has gone through a style and quality overhaul. It boasts sleek lines, two engine sizes, luxurious interiors, 21st century technology and superb safety features. I’ve got the RS model in silver with the super responsive and powerful turbo engine, which immediately gave it the nod for me. As the week wore on I was surprised and impressed with the fuel economy. Not only did I have lots of power at my fingertips the petrol gauge was lowering very slowly. I made good use of the ECON button which ensures better fuel economy, and when I looked up the technical details I discovered that the Civic was delivering 127 kW of power, 220Nm of torque and a fuel economy of 6L/100kms. On further research I learned that Honda had taken a look at rising fuel costs and come up with Earth Dreams Technology. Essentially what this means is that it delivers performance AND emissions. “Earth Dreams Technology is an expression for a set of technologies which takes into account both our need to protect the environment and our desire to provide a joy in driving,” say Honda. “We’ve set a target of 30% reduction in CO2 emissions for all products sold worldwide by 2020.” Environmental awareness always earns a big tick from me. As does style. My Honda Civic RS had that in spades: leather upholstery, steering wheel and gear change, a spacious interior and cavernous boot, a centre console which houses an electronic parking brake, two sizes of

cup holders plus an armrest, heated seats, a push button start and paddles for 7-speed mode. Cue music? The Honda Civic has the latest in smartphone connectivity, featuring Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. I simply plugged in my Samsung Galaxy, and downloaded a couple of apps to be linked up to my music, GPS, phone and contacts on the touch screen system, most of which I had access to on my steering wheel. When it came to safety, the Civic has alert sensors and let me know if something was too close along with an impressive rear view camera to illuminate anything behind the car from three angles. Bonus? It’s also a left indicating camera which clearly shows what’s going on in what is often a blind spot. I also rate the automatic brake hold function: when stuck sitting in traffic I could press it – it’s housed neatly and conveniently on the centre console just in front of the simple-to-use electric parking brake - rather than holding my foot on the brake. Both breaking facilities require no need to disengage, a foot to the accelerator pedal releases them. Another fantastic safety feature is if your seatbelt’s not on, the car won’t go. That one will get a gold star from law enforcement I’m sure. All in all the new Civic is a stand out for all the right reasons: 21st century technology, power, good looks, safety, and luxury add-ons. HONDA CIVIC RS TURBO • 1.5 litre DOHC VTEC Turbo engine • EarthDreams Direct Injection Technology • Parking sensors (front and rear) • Intelligent LED Auto Headlights • Intelligent Auto Rain Sensing Wipers • LED front fog lamps • Shark Fin antenna • Walk away auto lock • Dual zone automated climate control • RS Red illuminated display and ambient lighting


crossover is now available in 4WD with the latest in smartphone connectivity, including Apple CarPlayTM and Android AutoTM options. Offering the utility of a SUV, the 5-door HR-V provides luxury, performance and class-leading space. see. be seen.

2WD from $32,900+ORC 4WD from $35,600+ORC

Test drive at one of our Honda Auckland Showrooms. North Shore - 09 890 9020, 148 Wairau Road, Glenfield. APROPOS 32329

Newmarket - 09 890 9030, 455 Broadway, Newmarket.

East Auckland - 09 890 9040, 32 Torrens Rd, Burswood.

Reading To Your Children I started reading to our girls nightly, before birth. After an early delivery, heart monitors showed our babies calm down hearing my voice. The strange, bizarre, beautiful, classical, magical. Food to fuel new dreams, new ideas. This is the enchantment of books. The love on your child’s face as they cuddle in while you read is one of life’s joys. Children’s brain cells are turned on and energised as parents read. Most parents believe in inspiring a love for reading—but how? Here are our best tips for nurturing a love of reading that can last a lifetime:


Acquire a variety of books, watch what they choose. Animal fact books, with illustrations worked at age 4, staying relevant for years. At three, ours loved “body books,” on circulatory, digestive, and other systems. Dr. Seuss? Until my wife and I thought in rhyme. Berenstein Bears teaches social skills. Magic school bus became a favourite. Horrible Histories and similar still appeal to our 12-year-old twins. We sought condensed illustrated classics, Shakespeare, Dickens, Bronte. These wet the girl’s appetites for reading full versions. Keep books in the bathroom, bedside table, backpack. My wife jokes we use books as home insulation. You get the level of commitment we have to reading.


Try reading to children colouring, playing, bath time, dinner, or the classic bedtime. A child on your lap, snuggled on the couch, or drifting to sleep as you enjoy a story together, wonderful. Six AM feeding. On my lap two babies, my hands holding two bottles, a book on a music stand, I read out-loud every day. These young babies responded to the soothing sound of dad reading. Older babies might turn back a page or two, or dwell on an illustration. With toddlers, read two pages now, three another time. You may read a favourite a hundred times, just roll with it. Ask questions and talk about pictures.

“Kiss goodnight Sam” & “Going on a bear hunt,” were two of our starter books. A bear puppet made stories fun. When our girls could turn pages, we sat in bed reading while the girls thumbed through board books.

Many parents think when kids read on their own, sharing this time with them stops. Reading together at this age builds closeness, shared ideas, and correct pronunciation.

Suggestion for an extra hour of quiet in the mornings. We loaded a basket attached inside each daughter’s cot, with board books. When we replaced cots with beds, the changing table went, and in came a large bookcase.

With toddlers. If you face challenges sitting still, disinterest, or chatting, it’s okay. Go with the flow. Make it as loving and fun as you can. Your patience enhances the experience.

Road trips, waiting after school, store lines, books in a bag teach kids books beat boredom.


When your child starts reading, it’s tricky to correct without discouraging. Try, “Did that word make sense? Let’s take another look.”


Emphasise reading for fun. Give your kids a choice over recreational reading. This helps kids see books as entertaining, intriguing, engaging and comforting. It’s OK if they read junk occasionally. Graphic novels are the hottest trend and can get kids hooked on reading. One of our girls is visual, and was fond of these comic style books. It is OK to offer extrinsic rewards. Exchange concentrated reading time for movies, TV privileges, iPad time, a dollar or two. We have a rewards based reading program in our family for classics.


Give your child a classic for each occasion. Children outgrow plastic toys, but not, “Black Beauty.” Traveling for work, I keep my eye open for books’ clients’ children are reading. We discovered Charlie and Lola this way, and David Walliams. When children find a beloved writer, invest in those books. Parents cringe at Captain Underpants, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, and similar. Kids love the outrageous behaviour. They also learn about coping with feelings, standing out, mistakes, and fixing relationships. Humour is a great pathway to discovery of self, the world, social skills, and book loving. Our girls choose books that are a stretch, growing with each. When Death, narrator of The Book Thief, detailed Nazi cruelties, intense! Intelligent questions on Hitler followed. Queries about the American Civil War we read ‘Gone With The Wind.’ Indignation at America’s South in the 60’s … they loved ‘The Help’. With difficult books we gift an audio and hard copy. Bonus! We can support their reading while relaxing with them at night as they read along with the audio.


Get your child their own library card, use it often! Take routine trips to the library. Check out books, go to story time, more time at the library can be a reward. Source reading you don’t want to keep. The Warrior Cats series wasn’t something we wanted forever.


My wife and I, like the majority, had financially challenged childhoods. No money for books, but mother found a way. Our little library was expansive. Art, travel, cooking and classics. Books and ideas were important, and discussed. The national newspaper was read daily. In Donnell’s childhood, weekly library trips were routine. Because our parents made reading valued, we both grew fond of books. Fit reading into your lifestyle. A powerful barrier to raising readers sits in living rooms of most homes. Turn off the TV, computer, and cell phone. Yes, we can get so much information from the Internet. Electronic readers are great for some books. Hold a book, there is nothing quite like flipping pages, referencing something you read before. Be the reader you want your children to become. Your excitement will be contagious! The result. In our home the problem isn’t usually the tablet, TVs, or computer. Instead, you hear, “Put that book down, and do your homework!” That’s a problem we can live with. What are your tips for raising a reader? Tweet to @mahlonsmissives or Facebook at @remueraphotographer. —

Words and images: Mahlon Burch, Mahlon is a photographer/artist based in Auckland with his family. His client families ask him to follow them around the world.



1 Business/ Education & Society Sept 2015

Oct 2016

With the 2016 Auckland Brick Show – NZ’s Largest LEGO® Display, coming up at the Trusts Arena in Henderson, and with the Kiwi invented Flexo being all the rage in the world of building blocks, Verve decided to take a look at a similar and equally novel product that kids will just love. Called OLLA, this amazing product builds into kids’ furniture and was created to grow with your children, allowing them to design their bedrooms the way they want. And amazingly, Ole, age 8 and Ella, age 5, invented this innovative collection themselves while playing with LEGO Technic! Ole explains, “I was looking for a new chair and desk to do my daily homework in my room and asked my dad to show me some ideas. I could not find what I was looking for and I told my dad. Ella and I came up with this idea to design modular furniture out of hole bars — our first prototype was out of LEGO. We showed my dad and he sketched together with us the first layout — built the 1:1 prototype in a shop and a couple days later showed it to us. I was very happy and Ella and I loved it right away. First we built the desk only — next step was the chair, which was a bit tricky but we did it!”

St Peter’s

The components are easy enough for kids to reconfigure themselves, giving them the satisfaction of being the creator of their own pieces. The lightweight building blocks snap into place easily, putting the power of design into a child’s hands. The modular system allows the pieces to be constantly reinvented. A chair can be easily disassembled and transformed into a desk, which can be given a new life as a loft bed. All of the furniture kits can be joined together cumulatively, just like a LEGO set, making for myriad possibilities. Kits range from Olla chairs to larger kits that can create beds or forts. One of the best attributes of this furniture is that it can grow with your kid, who simply love the novelty of decorating their own spaces with furniture they have created all by themselves.



Sunday, 13 November 1.00pm Experience our school’s unique environment and world class facilities Years 7-13 l

Boys and Girls l

Day and Boarding

Register at

Urban Organics






Kiwi’s have a love affair with property – some say that real estate, not rugby, is New Zealand’s national sport! We love it so much we decided, five years ago, to make it our life, and we became real estate agents. For many people their home is their biggest and most valuable asset so when it comes to buying or selling it is vital that they have as much information as possible about the process, so we decided to do a Q&A column in Verve each month to help people navigate the property maze. With all the auctions going on in Auckland at present, we thought the following might be useful...

Organic growing is something that many people often aspire to, if it only it weren’t so difficulty. However the perception that it’s harder, involves more work, is somewhat of a misnomer. Instead it’s important that we work smarter! PREPARATION IS KEY Plants grown in the right place, given enough space, and planted in healthy soil are far less likely to suffer from pests and diseases. IMPROVING SOIL To many people soil is basically dirt. The static inert remains of worn away mountains. However this is somewhat off the mark. Soil is actually a stunningly complex and vibrant ecosystem. The interface between life death, the earth and the sky, full of the rotted down remain of life (humus), roots, masses of fungal strands and billions and billions of bacteria (a single teaspoon can contain more than a billion bacteria and yards of fungal strands). And just as the beneficial microbes in your gut help keep you healthy, those in the soil help your plants, providing nutrients, helping the soil retain moisture, and often help protect them from pest and diseases. TO IMPROVE YOUR SOIL Mix in compost and sheep pellets before planting. Feed plants and stimulate beneficial microbial activity by using natural fertilisers such as Nature’s Organic Fertiliser and Aquaticus Organic Garden Booster. The products from worm farms (vermicast solids and liquids) are also great. OTHER TIPS Grow companion plants — lavender, hyssop, buckwheat and rosemary help attract pollinators insects (who help increase the yields of many fruiting plants) and predator insects (that feed on many garden pests). Marigolds, chives, and pyrethrum help repel many pests. Nasturtiums often act as a sacrificial crop that get eaten by caterpillars and aphids so that your other plants are left alone.

— Words: Billy Aiken Kings Plant Barn


Q: I’m going to auction my home for sale later this year and I’ve been seeing lots of houses being sold before auction. How does a pre-auction sale work and is it a good thing to bring the auction forward? Thanks, Lily W. A: No problem Lily. When a property is being marketed for auction, provided the agent has advertised it as unless sold prior (USP), the agent can present a pre-auction offer to the vendor. Once an offer is presented, the vendor has three options: first, to accept the offer, sign it, then it’s a done deal; second, to say ‘no thank you, we will wait for the auction date’; or third, say, “yes that’s enough for me to sell” and bring the auction forward. In the third case, the reserve is set at the offer figure and the auction starts with that as the opening bid, and if no higher bids are received then the property is sold at the offered price. Of course, other buyers can still bid and the property will then sell to the highest bidder. In our opinion, 99% of the time pre-auction offers only benefit the buyer. And what are those benefits? Firstly, bringing the auction forward means that less potential buyers will view the property (one or two weeks fewer open homes) so the buyer is cutting down on competition. Secondly, most pre-auction offers are not at the maximum the buyer is willing to pay. We have seen many auctions brought-forward where there has been additional bidding and the buyer that made the original offer has bid many thousands of dollars more than their first offer. The only up-side for the seller is that they get sold earlier, and they don’t have to go through the stress of an auction where they don’t know if they are sold until the day. In our experience most vendors ultimately care more about getting a good price. Some real estate companies have a policy of automatically bringing the auction forward if an acceptable offer is received prior, but we think that it should be the vendor’s choice to decide how they want to handle the offer — it’s their property after all! We are always willing to give advice of course, but that is all it is — advice. Remember that the selling/listing agent works for the vendor, not the buyers, so always bear that in mind when talking to the agent who is selling the property. Of course we are always very happy to answer any real estate related questions, so please feel free to drop us a line at, or you can check out our property tips section at for more helpful information.


Oct 2016


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Strong families are the bedrock of a successful society. Most importantly, people should feel safe at home with their family. For most of us, this is the reality. Sadly, for some of us, it is not. For some people home is a place of terror. Half of New Zealand’s homicides are family violence related. Last year, police responded to 110,000 family violence call-outs. There were children present at nearly two-thirds of these call-outs. We need to do better. And we are determined to see improvement. The National-led government knows that to help solve longstanding and deep social problems we have to confront difficult and distressing issues. So we are making sweeping changes to family violence legislation. The package changes both civil and criminal laws, and provides system-level changes to support new ways of working. Across 16 different portfolios, ministers and departments are working together to redesign the way our system prevents and responds to family violence. In the name of privacy we have, over the decades, erected too many barriers to effective intervention. We’re going to ensure all family violence is clearly identified and risk information is properly shared. We’ll put the safety of victims at the heart of bail decisions. We want people to be able to get help without having to go to court – which can be slow, expensive, daunting and in some instances too big-a-step for someone who just wants the violence to stop and doesn’t want someone they love put in prison.

The energy and diversity of Auckland is one of the reasons I am so lucky to call this great city home. There is always something fun going on somewhere. I love the parks and the beaches. It’s so easy to get out and enjoy nature close to the city. As the Green Party’s new spokesperson for Auckland Issues, I’m excited to get more involved in making this city even better. Recently, Auckland has started to embrace cycling. I love when I’m able to bike from my home to yoga or out to dinner with friends, and it’s great that it’s getting safer for everyone to bike to get around. We’ve got safe cycleways popping up around the city including the big, beautiful pink bike path. Trains are also about to become much more frequent, once the work on the City Rail Link is completed. Our own Green Party office off K-Road is getting bowled for the new Karangahape train station. It might sound weird but we are thrilled to pack up and move out because it means Auckland is joining the 21st century when it comes to public transport. Auckland does still have its problems, like a history of bad planning that has led to sprawling, gridlocked roads. The city’s wealth often isn’t shared fairly with all its people. And of course when the average house price is over a million dollars, something’s gone badly wrong. We’ve got a beautiful resource in our waterfront which has so much untapped potential. Most great cities in the world make sure their waterfronts are great places to be and we need to do the same. I’m looking forward to being part of the new Auckland that we can grow, with our shiny new Unitary Plan and some great public transport options.

Our changes include creating new offences for strangulation, coercion to marry, and assault on a family member. We will also make offending while on a Protection Order a specific aggravating factor in sentencing. It’s going to be easier to apply for Protection Orders and we’ll enable approved non-governmental organisations to apply on a victim’s behalf. We will improve protection and care for children by better provision for the rights of children under Protection Orders, aligning Care of Children orders to the family violence regime, and trialling supervised handovers.








We’re seeing a number of clients who’ve ‘had it with their employer, of being someone else’s lackey, so they want to go it alone. Great, but it often means a pay cut and for a whole lot of people, they are spending everything they are earning so how can they make it work on less income? Often their spouse is relying on them to bring in a certain level of income and the idea of earning less is scary and puts strain on personal relationships too. Whether you’re becoming self-employed or whether you’re taking a cut in income, you’ve got to get your ducks in a row. While many people spend everything they earn, they often spend it not because they have to, but because they either haven’t had a reason not to, or they are just frittering a lot of money which for most people is 10-15% of earnings. You need to find this wastage, but in a way you don’t create friction in your relationship. Normally that gets too hard, so people just keep spending. Often when you’re self-employed, the money comes in but it’s getting spent faster than it’s getting earned, and so people end up draining the business or your partner starts to get nervous. This creates pressure on you because the money isn’t coming in at the rate that it should. Ultimately, there’s just a whole lot of wasted energy and inefficiencies that just means people give up sooner than they should or they continue to waste money. Simply they don’t get the opportunity to realise their dream. If you had everything in order and if you were starting to work to a plan and had boundaries around how much money you could actually give to this project and for how long, it gives clarity for everyone. If you are contemplating a career change, which may not be paying as much or you want to start working for yourself, you need to get a financial Warrant of Fitness and get your house in order. Speak to a professional who has the time and experience to help you navigate these waters. You need to get your financial house in order, get a plan, get clarity and start achieving your goals.

We are based at 100 Parnell Road.

REQUEST A CONSULTATION Verve Readers are eligible for a $200 discount off the cost of the initial consultation.

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Just Rentals

Welcome to Rudy’s Tips ‘n Tricks column.



Oct 2016

As the weather gets warmer, so will your computer. If it's been a while since your laptop or PC has had a dust out, now is the time. Overheating is a real issue for your system. We can give it a service and clean up, inside and out. All for only $95.00

Yes, tenants are no longer liable for damage on an insured property if they prove it was not intentional. So that pot of oil left on the element that bursts into flames, the smashed window, the damaged carpet, or burn on the kitchen bench is not the tenants’ responsibility. It is the landlord’s insurance that pays, and the tenants are not even liable for the excess. Under the new scheme tenants can be as careless as they want with no fear of repercussion. So, insurance goes up on rental properties, and then rents will go up. What a scenario. Fortunately for Just Rentals, in the 17 years we’ve been in business, we’ve not had many such problems – our main insurance claims are water-related damage like burst pipes, leaking showers, and leaking roofs. It is amazing what damage water can cause. A lot of leaks are not noticed until a wall or ceiling starts to bulge or a wet patch suddenly appears on the carpet. By the time it is noticed, it has caused much damage. Showers have to be replaced to remove damaged floors under them, ceilings repaired and carpet uplifted. It can take weeks to fix, with builders, plasterers, painters, and flooring people all needed. Then the tenants need compensation for the intrusion of workmen. Maybe they don’t have the use of a bathroom. We have had to place tenants in a motel or hotel if the work is too invasive — one family stayed at the Langham for two nights said they could not get in anywhere else! That’s more expense for the landlord.

We have many calls from people who have lost their work when typing a document. A common cause for this is when you go to type a capital A and instead of pressing the Shift key, the key below, Ctrl, is pressed instead. In pressing Ctrl and the letter A, you are sending a command to your computer to select all text (known as a shortcut key). So when you type any letter you are replacing all your text. •The first thing to try is to recover from this is to use the undo option and continue to use this until your original text reappears. An alternative way to do this is by using a shortcut key Ctrl + Z (the undo command). Repeat this command until your text reappears. •The second thing to try if you are consistently saving your document is close your document and don’t save your changes. It will take you back to when you last saved your document. When you reopen your document you will see all your text as at the point of your last save. If neither of these processes work, contact us for other options. Do NOT turn your machine off. I recommend that whenever you are typing a document especially a large document that you save what you have done every 5 to 10 minutes. At Rudy’s PC Services we can help you set up the best solution for your needs. Call us about anything regarding your computer and we will be glad to advise you and fulfil your requirements. We are all about making long term relationships with our customers, giving ongoing advice and support. Often for free!

Landlords, make sure when doing inspections that you check for any leaks or damp spots. It could save you a lot of stress and expense if caught early. Hopefully the only wet patches you get are on the grass when it rains. Good Renting Sylvia Lund Director Property Manager. Rudy's Verve Mag advert.pdf




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Quinovic Viaduct


Homestays Wanted

Close to Central Auckland

I don’t understand why so many people who own rental investments don’t seem to want to present them at their best when we are seeking to get them rented. Below are my top eight tips to present your investment apartment, townhouse or home. 1. Clean the property and present it well. Why when the photos are taken are the toilet seats are left up? Clothes on the floor? And last night’s dinner in the sink? It makes the apartment cluttered, dirty and seemingly unloved. 2. Paint, carpet and replace old or damaged furniture. Fresh paint, new carpet and smart furniture makes one feel comfortable to rent. Also fresh paint and carpet will lighten the rooms and make the investment feel bigger and clean. Present to the tenant how you expect the property returned back to you. 3. Mirrors bring in light and reflect views into an apartment. If you are lacking views from the property, use art works to create a view/style within the rooms. 4. Consistency of style throughout, Make sure the property has the style in paint/furniture/soft furnishings that is consistence throughout the property. Don’t mix styles and try to choose what suits the development, location and size of the property. Remember not to clutter. 5. Make the beds with fresh linen, add clean towels, clean curtains, and set out the home with items that make the benches, kitchen and bathroom look practical and spacious. 6. Get the property professional photographed. Video, with floorplans will show the property at its best. So make sure you pay for the right results.

ACG is a leader in domestic and international education and we are looking for exceptional host families for our new students arriving soon.

An international student needs: Their own comfortable bedroom n Breakfast and dinner (Monday to Friday); breakfast, lunch and dinner over weekends and public school holidays n To be included as part of your family n A host family with excellent English ability. n

ACG offers you: A rewarding cultural and financial experience n Weekly payments of $270 or $305 n Guaranteed fortnightly direct credit into your bank account n Ongoing support from the accommodation team, newsletters, 24-hour emergency telephone number. n

For an application pack, please call 0508 22 44 66 or email


THE LATEST IN CONTEMPORARY RETIREMENT LIVING Stage One Apartments Stage Two Apartments Stage Three Apartments Stage Four Apartments

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7. If you want to stand out in the crowded market of rental properties you have only seconds to catch the eye of the renter. So make sure your listing photos are the best, and the words support the image you are wanting to create. Remember to have a call to action for the renter to act now! 8. If the property is occupied then I suggest you don’t offer the tenant a reduced rent, but instead engage them with an offer of free cleaning prior to viewings. Offer to store excess items whilst the home is been presented. Yes it will cost you as a landlord, but I know it will make a difference on the rental you will get.



Ranfurly Village offers one of central Auckland’s finest retirement lifestyles. Choose from a selection of beautiful and spacious apartments. “My parents had wonderful retirement years and enjoyed a lifestyle that is very similar to what is now available at Ranfurly Village” Judy Bailey


(09) 625 3420

Sales office located at: Historic Ranfurly House, 539 Mt Albert Road, Auckland A GENERUS LIVING VILLAGE


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Elstree Pharmacy

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Come and see us for fantastic gifts for all ages, all your family’s health needs and excellent advice.












Ample Free Parking 145 West Tamaki Road | 09 528 3636



Parnell Community Centre Community Classes & Activities

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Expand your mind!

Your last chance to take a class in 2016! Term 4 starts October 10 ENROL NOW! See for full programme details. Enrol online or phone 09 555 5164


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Transform Yourself

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New Zealand’s foremost personal image and styling consultancy, for that little bit of wardrobe magic. Look your best – call us NOW!


Phone: 09 529 5115 Email: 330 Parnell Road, Parnell

LOSE WEIGHT, INCREASE STRENGTH & FLEXIBILITY, GET FIT! NEW Pilates mat class, 7.30pm St James Church Hall, Orakei. Qualified Instructor Luci Harrison - 021 933 268


Central Otago Vineyard Cottages, Winery, Cafe & Tasting Room Only 10 mins to Arrowtown UNIQUE LANDSCAPING PRODUCTS -NATURALLY

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9 Arrenway Drive, Albany I 0800 278 784 I

0800 131 101

The friendly team specialising in home rentals and property management.

Visit our website at 40 St Johns Road, Meadowbank Office Phone 09 528 4818 After Hours Phone 09 521 2539 Fax 09 528 4816 Email

Your hearing is precious. We are all ears. Thomas at Acoustix specialises in providing personalised expertise and technologies to improve your hearing and your lifestyle.

DAMBA GREGORY NZ manufacturer of ergonomic task chairs and soft seating.

Call us today. We are all ears.

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pressed metal Decorative pressed tin panels that add a stylish focal point to any heritage, commercial or home renovation projects.

Contact Greg 022 635 9677 or visit Stamp Pressed Metals are proud to be supporting Redesign Group




*Cushions, squabs, loose covers, chairs and ottoman refurbishment

Bayside Rentals Ltd

Walgarth Upholstery & Design is a small business committed to producing unique custom crafted soft furnished upholstery products to your specifications.

Property management in the Bays. Sue has been assisting landlords with their rental properties for many years. Do contact Sue for any advice about your property or tenants.

021 411 774

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New Fuel. New Look. New Journey.


Here at Mobil we’ve made some improvements like re-imaged stations, new lighting and our best Synergy fuel ever for a cleaner, smoother running engine*. Come and see for yourself. We think you’ll like what’s changed. Learn more at

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“ LISTENING IS A METAPHOR FOR OPENNESS TO OTHERS.� Carlina Rinaldi, President of Reggio Children At Bear Park we encourage teachers, children and parents to listen actively with all the senses. We perceive listening as a skill, an active tool that needs space and a willingness to step outside the envelope of self. This is how we further our cultures, countries and communities: by accepting diversity in opinion, staying present and seeing value in differences.


Verve. October 2016. Issue 127  

Auckland's Free Lifestyle Magazine. Verve is brimful with great design, fashion, beauty, health, fine food and wine, lifestyle, travel, pass...

Verve. October 2016. Issue 127  

Auckland's Free Lifestyle Magazine. Verve is brimful with great design, fashion, beauty, health, fine food and wine, lifestyle, travel, pass...