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For use only by adults 21 years of age and older. Keep out of reach of children.

Keep out of reach of children. For use only by adults 21 years of age and older. Reef Dispensaries RD030

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Battle Born Dispensary 10115 US Hwy 50 East Rise Dispensaries 135 Clearview Dr, #119 Zen Leaf 2765 US Hwy 50, Ste. A


Pure Tonic Dispensary 420 USA Parkway


Newe 1555 Shoshone Circle


Curaleaf 940 E. Aultman Street Tsaa Nesunkwa 963 S. Pioche Hwy.


Green Cross Farmacy 510 W. Williams Ave.

HENDERSON Essence 4300 E. Sunset Rd

Jenny’s Dispensary 10420 S. Eastern Ave, #100 The Dispensary 50 N. Gibson Rd, #170 The Source 9480 S. Eastern Ave, #185

INCLINE VILLAGE NuLeaf 877 Tahoe Blvd.


Thrive 1868 Royal Dr.


Jardin Premium Cannabis 2900 E. Desert Inn Rd, #102 Las Vegas Releaf 2242 Paradise Rd.

Beyond Hello 7885 W. Sahara Ave, #111

Medizin 4850 W. Sunset Road

CannaStarz 631 S. Las Vegas Blvd.

MedMen 823 S. 3rd St. 4503 Paradise Rd, #210-240 6332 S. Rainbow Blvd, #105

Cookies 2307 S. Las Vegas Blvd. 4240 W. Flamingo Rd. #100 Cultivate 3615 Spring Mountain Rd.

Curaleaf 1736 S. Las Vegas Blvd. 2320 Western Ave. Deep Roots Harvest 3725 Blue Diamond Rd. 5991 W. Cheyenne Ave. Euphoria Wellness 7780 S. Jones Blvd.

Nevada Made Marijuana 310 E. Warm Springs 7650 W. Charleston 1675 E. Cactus Ave. Nevada Wellness Center 3200 S. Valley View Blvd. NuLeaf 430 E. Twain Ave. 1600 Las Vegas Blvd. South, #140 Nuwu Cannabis Marketplace 1235 Paiute Circle 11527 Nu Wav Kaiv Blvd.

Exhale 4310 W. Flamingo Rd.

Oasis Cannabis 1800 Industrial Road, #180

Essence 5765 W. Tropicana 7260 S. Rainbow, #104 6410 S. Durango, #115

Planet 13 2548 W. Desert Inn Rd.

Reef Dispensaries 3400 Western Ave.

Green 4510 S. Hualapai Way

Sahara Wellness 420 E. Sahara Ave.

Health for Life 200 E. Charleston

Shango 4380 Boulder Hwy.

Inyo Fine Cannabis 2520 S. Maryland Pkwy, #2

ShowGrow 4850 S. Fort Apache Rd, #100

Jade Cannabis Co. 1130 E. Desert Inn Rd. 6050 Sky Pointe

Silver Sage Wellness 4626 W. Charleston

OPEN Mon-Fri 9am-11pm • Sat-Sun 11am-11pm

Call and Say High! 702-227-3027

2605 S. DECATUR, #107, LAS VEGAS NV 89102

The Dispensary 5347 S. Decatur Blvd.

Jennys Dispensary 5530 N. Decatur Blvd, #115

The Source 5270 Longley Ln, Ste.103

The Grove 4647 S. University Center Dr.

Reef Dispensaries 1370 W. Cheyenne Ave.

Three Nations Cannabis 11570 S. Virginia St.

The Sanctuary 1324 S. 3rd Street

The Sanctuary 2113 Las Vegas Blvd. North

Thrive Cannabis 7300 S. Virginia St.

The Source 2550 S. Rainbow Blvd, Ste. 8

The Source 420 E. Deer Springs Way


Thrive 3500 W. Sahara Ave. 1112 S. Commerce St. 3698 W. Cactus Ave. 2975 S. Sammy Davis Jr. Dr.

Thrive Cannabis Marketplace 2755 W. Cheyenne Ave.

Top Notch 5630 Stephanie St.

Zen Leaf 444 W. Craig Rd.

Tree of Life 1437 N. Jones Blvd.


Vegas Treehouse 4660 S. Decatur Blvd. Wallflower 6540 Blue Diamond Rd. Zen Leaf 9120 W. Post Road, #103 5940 W. Flamingo Rd.


Nevada Made Marijuana 1975 S. Casino Dr.


Nabodoka Dispensary 115 Etha Drive


Deep Roots Harvest 195 Willis Carrier Canyon

NORTH LAS VEGAS Deep Roots Harvest 1306 W. Craig Rd.

Greenleaf Wellness 1730 Glendale Ave.

Tree of Life 150 E. Centennial Pkwy #114


Reef Dispensaries 5105 Sun Valley Blvd, B

The Source 2370 Homestead Road


Deep Roots Harvest 12240 Old Virginia Rd. Jade 1085 S. Virginia St.

Kanna 5398 Sun Valley Blvd. Mynt Dispensary 340 Lemmon Dr, Ste. A 132 E. 2nd St, #103 Rise Dispensaries 2881 Northtowne Ln.

Rise Dispensaries 9650 Pyramid Way Silver State Relief 175 E. Greg St.

The Grove 1541 E. Basin Ave.


Reef Dispensaries 195 E. Glendale, Ste. 3

Three Nations 420 Hwy 40 W, #C


SoL Cannabis 275 Highway 395 South

WEST WENDOVER Deep Roots Harvest 395 Industrial Way


Lucid Dispensary 3555 Construction Way

Zen Leaf 1605 E. 2nd St, #103

The Gold Leaf, NV 3302 Traders Way

The Dispensary 100 W. Plumb Lane

Water Canyon Dispensary 1985 Hanson St.



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>>> An Industry Leader


In the ever-expanding landscape of the American cannabis industry, Mammoth Labs stands out as a remarkable success story. With a humble beginning in 2016, set against the backdrop of Ellensburg, Washington, where ancient woolly mammoth skeletons were unearthed, Mammoth Labs has rapidly emerged as a leading brand in the industry. Their unwavering commitment to delivering high-quality cannabis products, such as live resin, rosin, and infused pre-rolls, has propelled them to new heights. In 2022, they embarked on a thrilling journey to the sunny streets of Las Vegas, Nevada, an exhilarating city with an industry that often proves to be unpredictable. The decision to expand into Las Vegas was a strategic one, driven by the city's status as the entertainment capital of the world and the annual influx of 40 million visitors from across the globe. The owners of Mammoth Labs expressed their excitement about the move, knowing that it offered unrivaled exposure for their brand. As soon as sales began, demand soared, leading to immediate sell-outs of their products. However, Mammoth Labs swiftly scaled up production without compromising on quality, establishing themselves as a prominent player in one of the most dynamic states for cannabis business.

By JOSH KASOFF Photos by elizabeth shidaki and Ryan Jordan

grappling with economic challenges, and it underscores Mammoth Labs' unwavering commitment to delivering top-tier cannabis products in the Nevada market. A key factor behind Mammoth Labs' success is their meticulous approach to crafting cannabis extracts. Their extractors are connoisseurs, “we only release the highest quality products and we never cut corners” explained one of the brothers who oversee Mammoth Labs. “Our input is the highest quality, we don’t use CRC or otherwise manipulate any of our extracts, it’s all pure cannabis extract of the finest quality. We exclusively use fresh frozen nug (flower) runs and never resort to trim of any kind. Unlike some other brands, Mammoth Labs refrains from utilizing THC-containing sugar leaves and plant foliage removed during the trimming process.” Their extracts are the result of a rigorous commitment to using only the freshest and most potent cannabis buds, never compromising on quality. The brothers behind Mammoth Labs stress the importance of catering to both locals and tourists, emphasizing that this approach has been pivotal to their success in Las Vegas and bordering cities. Notably, dispensaries in Wendover have seen substantial business from neighboring Utah, where cannabis remains illegal, with Mammoth Labs' products prominently featured on their menus. With an eye toward future successes, Mammoth Labs expanded their operations to neighboring states like Oregon and California. They have now set their sights on the eastern Legal States, with Michigan at the forefront. Despite receiving significantly fewer tourists than Nevada, Michigan, has established itself as a powerhouse in the cannabis industry, outselling Nevada by over double the total amount. The Michigan Cannabis Regulatory Agency reported sales exceeding $2.2 billion in the first three quarters of 2023, an increase of 22% over last year’s totals, making it an incredibly lucrative market.

Garlic Cookies - Ice Water Hash - Live Rosin - Cold Cure Badder

Mammoth Labs' dedication to excellence has earned them considerable recognition and a significant presence in the Las Vegas Valley. Their Chief Operating Officer and head extractor, Jezus ‘The Jeweler’, was featured in the January 2022 issue of Vegas/Tahoe Cannabis Magazine. In a city that thrives on adult experiences and products, Mammoth Labs has successfully carved out a niche for itself in a highly competitive market. This accomplishment is particularly noteworthy in an industry


Mammoth Labs has joined forces with Fields Cannary in Michigan, a revolutionary concept in cannabis hospitality. Fields Cannary boasts a comprehensive offering, including a dispensary, restaurant, bar, indoor cultivation and processing center, and a consumption lounge, complemented by an outdoor space featuring an amphitheater for live entertainment and events. This innovative establishment promises to be a game-changer, setting a new standard for the American cannabis industry. www. Fields Cannary in Michigan represents an entirely new frontier for the cannabis industry. Rather than being a mere consumption

Nevada's Original Cannabis Resource // Since 2014




lounge, it will be a vibrant fusion of the cannabis industry, comparable to what breweries and wineries are to their respective fields. This groundbreaking venture positions Mammoth Labs to bring their expertise and exceptional products to one of the largest cannabis markets in the country. Edgar Ramon, Co-Founder of Fields Cannary, expressed his enthusiasm for partnering with Mammoth Labs, highlighting the perfect synergy between the two brands. The strategic location of Fields Cannary in Muskegon coupled with the city's substantial annual tourism revenue and thriving cannabis sales, positions it as a crucial player in the rapidly growing cannabis hospitality sector, projected to become a $17 billion industry, according to Forbes. Fields Cannary promises an extraordinary experience, reshaping the way people perceive and enjoy cannabis. Fields Cannary is uniquely positioned in Muskegon, a city that generates an average of $313 million in annual tourism revenue. The city is actively investing in further boosting its tourism sector, creating new opportunities for growth. While Muskegon already has an outdoor consumption space, Fields Cannary's arrival promises a caliber of experience and possibility that is unmatched in the current market. The founders of Mammoth Labs express, "We're currently in the midst of an expansion, proactively exploring avenues to share our expertise and extend our brand's reach to new states. We are the best in powering labs by revitalizing and enhancing their functionality through the integration of Mammoth Labs experience and operating procedures. Our recent project is underway in the Garden State of New Jersey, where we're in the process of establishing a partnership to introduce Mammoth Labs by operating existing lab facilities. For more detailed insights into how Mammoth Labs can bring a transformative edge to your lab, please feel free to get in touch with the Mammoth Team at In summary, Mammoth Labs' remarkable journey from Ellensburg, Washington, to Las Vegas and their expansion into Michigan with Fields Cannary underscores their commitment to delivering premium cannabis products and their ambition to leave an indelible mark on the evolving American cannabis industry. With a strong emphasis on quality, innovation, and strategic partnerships, Mammoth Labs is poised to continue thriving in this ever-evolving market.


Cannabis Infused Gummies

NOW AVAILABLE at @WorldofReef



For use by adults 21 years of age and older. Keep out of reach of children. For use only by adults 21 years of age and older. Curaleaf RD011. Reef Dispensaries RD030

Nevada's Original Cannabis Resource // Since 2014

>>> Holiday Gift Guide Cannabis

PAX PAX Plus MultiUse Vaporizer

PAX is a leading global cannabis brand on a mission to enhance people’s lives, delivering well-being through pure products, unique experiences, and an unparalleled passion for the plant. Check out their most recent addition to the lineup, the PAX Plus. The ultimate dual-use, portable vaporizer. PAX Plus brings the best out of your flower and concentrates in smooth sessions without any harsh smoke.


Exile & Ecstasy: Growing Up with Ram Dass and Coming of Age in the Jewish Psychedelic Underground

Through the perspective of having grown up among "HinJews" in the community surrounding Ram Dass, author of Be Here Now, and in the cannabis legalization movement, journalist Madison Margolin takes the reader on a journey inside New York's Jewish counterculture and the Hasidic underground, reconciling her roots, tackling ancestral Jewish trauma, and finding intersectionality between the Jewish and psychedelic experience.


The Highsman x Helix showcases both brands’ appreciation for elite performance and the cannabis plant. Precision-crafted in pure, non-toxic brass, the patent-pending double helix design provides the perfect combination of filtering and cooling for a truly unique user experience. Former NFL running back Ricky Williams launched Highsman, a cannabis lifestyle brand, to empower professional and everyday athletes as well as sports enthusiasts alike. Williams is flipping the script with his new line of personally curated cannabis products, apparel, accessories, and collaborations.


Grenco Science is proud to introduce the Grateful Dead x G Pen Dash Vaporizer, the first release with world-renowned American


rock band and timeless cultural icon, Grateful Dead. The Grateful Dead x G Pen Dash features the band’s signature imagery and colorways throughout, highlighted by a bold Stealie on the front of the device and a “Good ol’ Grateful Dead” Skeleton dancing across the back. This vaporizer brings supreme dry herb vaporization to the palm of your hand in a powerful, ultra-discreet, lightweight and affordable device.

HITOKI Saber & Bubbler Bundle

The Hitoki 'Saber' patent-pending laser system is a compact and more portable rendition of the original laser combustion device. It is recommended to be used with the Hitoki bubbler and can easily attach to your favorite glass rig. The compact and easy to carry Saber evenly burns flower in its ceramic loading chamber, consistently delivering powerful terpene rich hits. The Saber’s modular design fits in the palm of your hand and is easy to attach to the Hitoki Bubbler or your favorite 14mm or 18mm glass waterpipe.

DIP DEVICES EVRI Multifunction Vape Pen and Electric Dab Straw

EVRI by Dip Devices is a multi-functional consumption solution. The EVRI vape features a powerful 900 mAh battery that connects magnetically to continuously evolving attachments. These include the Vapor Tip Attachment, which allows consumption of concentrate directly from its container and the 510/Flower Attachment, which has one side that connects to 510 cartridges and one that allows you to consume flower.

DIP DEVICES Little Dipper Dab Straw Vaporizer

Little Dipper offers Dip Devices' signature direct-to-concentrate Vapor Tip technology in a small compact and portable form. Consume concentrate right from the container - anytime, anywhere. And with a reliable battery that is 2x the capacity of competitors, you will never run out of power when you need it most.

>>> CLOUDIOUS 9 TrimCraft9 Precision Automatic Trimming Scissor

Experience a trimming revolution with the TrimCraft9, an innovative cutting-edge tool meticulously crafted to redefine your trimming experience. Developed by seasoned industry trimmers, the TrimCraft9 addresses and eliminates the most notorious pain points of trimming, delivering unparalleled efficiency and comfort. With an unwavering focus on precision, agility, and residue control, the TrimCraft9 ensures flawless, perfectly trimmed finished products.

CLOUDIOUS 9 Tectonic9 Auto Dispensing Grinder

Traditional grinders have been time-tested to provide the most consistent result, and their durability are unmatched. However, emptying the contents of a traditional grinder can be a messy process, and getting the perfect amount to where it needs to be is tedious. The Tectonic9 marries the reliability & durability of a traditional grinder with an electronic even dispensing mechanism to give you the best from traditions and a modern convenience.



Cornbread’s CBD Gummies for Sleep are infused with USDA organic valerian root, chamomile, lavender, and full spectrum hemp flower extract to help you fall asleep and stay asleep, without the hangover. These are melatonin-free and made with all natural ingredients. Available in 750mg and 1500mg formulations.

SUSAN’S OWN CBD Susan’s Own Full Spectrum CBD Bath Bombs

Lush floral scented bath bombs create a wonderful aromatherapy experience. Flecked with biodegradable glitter and real rose and lavender flakes. But they don’t just smell good and look pretty – they contain 100mg of fast-absorbing full-spectrum CBD to melt away the

stress and strain of the day. Choose Lavender for soothing and calming and Rose for an uplifting, energizing bath.

Self Care


Graydon Skincare, the vegan clean beauty brand focused on feeding your skin from the outside in, has announced the launch of its Supermoon Serum, a multi-functional water-based serum that’s been SUPER-fied with a double serving of bio-retinol thanks to dew bean and bakuchi extract, plus hyaluronic acid to plump thirsty skin. Supermoon Serum is made of peptides and plant-based collagen to do the double duty of encouraging skin longevity and suppleness while Vitamin C rich moringa and semi-precious malachite shield against everyday pollutants.


Graydon Skincare launched Aloe Milk – a soothing milk cleanser perfect for sensitive skin. Formulated with a mélange of aloe vera, black tea and niacinamide to calm and balance your skin, this new milky cleanser easily breaks down makeup and impurities without stripping your skin of its natural moisture. Minimizes the appearance of enlarged pores with niacinamide (vitamin B3), reduces the look of fine lines and wrinkles with antioxidant-rich polyphenols and caffeine from black tea, soothes and moisturizes with aloe vera juice, nourishes with vitamins E and K and omega 6 rich apricot kernel oil to reduce the appearance of dark circles, brightens your complexion with refreshing pink grapefruit and blood orange

GURUNANDA Concentrated Mouthwash

Dilute a few drops of GuruNanda Concentrated Mouthwash into water and then swish. A single two-fluid oz. bottle has as many “servings” as ten 16-oz. bottles of conventional mouthwash. Recycled plastic bottles mean less waste and a smaller carbon footprint. Designed by a team of Western and Ayurvedic oral care experts, GuruNanda Concentrated

Food & Drinks AWAKE Caffeinated Chocolate

Premium chocolate with the added benefit of caffeine, in a variety of flavors and using only simple, delicious ingredients. Bite sized and individually wrapped for on the go convenience. 50 mg of caffeine in each bite. Zero sugar.

MOOALA Simple Oat Milk and Almond Milk

Mooala has launched its Simple line, the first-ever three-ingredient, organic, shelf-stable line of plantbased milk. Mooala Simple is available in Almond and Oat varieties and contains no gums, oils or additives. Certified USDA-organic, never made with GMOs, herbicides, preservatives or toxic chemicals, and places strong emphasis on regenerative farming. In addition to being organic, the Simple line is paving the way by also having no gums, fillers or oils and what's even better: they taste delicious.


Plant-based new healthy with zero added sugar. Super Cocoa is a powder that can be mixed into hot or cold water (think hot cocoa and chocolate milk) or thrown in the blender with your favorite milk option to make a delicious smoothie. Its rich chocolate-y taste (courtesy of two kinds of premium cacao) is front and center, but it also contains “stealth” ingredients like pea protein, ancient grains and seeds, and greens to make it healthy.

LEVO Herbal Infusion Machine

With LĒVO, users can home-infuse ingredients with endless benefits for the mind and body. From symptom-relief to healthy culinary creations, LĒVO empowers users to take control of the ingredients they put in - and on - their bodies. Think—CBD-infused tofu or ginger-infused lemonade (fruits, spices, and nuts infuse too).

FLORA + BAST ENTOURAGE THC & Entheogen Gummies

Flora + Bast recently launched their new collection of THC and entheogen infused gummies. The Entourage line combines cannabis with other state changing substances to achieve specific states of consciousness, including: Hypnotic, Sex, Pre-Sleep, Euphoria and Sativa. The active therapeutic plant properties used in Entourage include Live Rosin, Blue Lotus, Amanita Muscaria, Kratom, Damiana, Tribulus, CBN and Magnesium Citrate. By combining cannabis and entheogens, Entourage unlocks the full potential of the plants in a way that is both therapeutically beneficial and functional for everyday use. The gummies are vegan and gluten-free. Some products only available in California.

>>> >>> >>>

Mouthwash is formulated with seven purpose-driven, sustainably harvested, pure and natural essential oils. The product contains no alcohol, fluoride, preservatives, gluten, or toxic chemicals and it is not tested on animals.

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Budtender of the Month Las Vegas

Sam Sky BUDTENDER at medizin Sam is known in the cannabis industry for his unmatched positive energy. He has turned cannabis into a lifestyle. He is not only one of the best budtenders in the city but he is also the face of Rolling Spoon Brand and the host of a weekly podcast. If you're in Las Vegas stop by Medizin to see Sam. You’re known for always having good energy and having a smile on your face, where does that positivity come from? I am actually a Lovist, meaning my god is love. I worship positive vibes and energy because that’s the kind of energy I want to attract. Each time I get an itch of negativity, I try to find something I love and I am appreciative for in that moment, so that I can tell the negativity to screw off. Life is hard for everyone, so choosing to be positive despite adversity is super valuable to me. Tell us about Rolling Spoons and how it came about? Rolling Spoons are cannabis multitools I designed, imported and patented to help romanticize rolling rituals! I always used a spoon to help me tidily distribute herbs to my paper or bong for a decade. I decided to make my own design with a poker, straight edge and other applications on one little handy tool. They can also be custom branded to promote any cannabis brands that wants to give them away or sell them. What kind of challenges have you faced that you didn’t expect when you first joined the cannabis industry? I did not expect there to be such tight regulations! It is very challenging to satisfy all of the CCB’s guidelines. I know buying cannabis shouldn’t be like buying candy but it also shouldn’t be like buying deadly weapons. It’s a plant and it’s really harmless so why it’s so much harder to buy some pot than booze is very challenging to understand. The hoops we have to jump through in the cannabis industry just to stay legal is bonkers.


What’s your favorite topic you like to educate patients on? I love to educate my Medizin patients on the total terpenoid count on the back of our flower packages. It’s our flavor hack. We have only discovered a few cannabinoids and terpenes so a lot of the ingredients are not tested for. The total terpenoid count takes into consideration ALL the ingredients, not just the ones we know about. Some of the terps and cannabinoids that haven’t been discovered yet might be major difference makers in the smoke and flavor. What role does cannabis play when it comes to you making music? I love to rap and freestyle. I genuinely have never even tried without consuming cannabis. It’s like the plant unlocks secret compartments in my brain that I can’t otherwise reach. If I don’t consume some, I’m not in the mood to make music, period. What’s your favorite way to consume? Joints all day baby! DMs are always open for a rolling challenge. If anybody tryna to take my Roll King belt, I'm always down for the smoke. I am the ProSesher and I use my spoon to roll a dime every time. And I mean it and I love it, no cap. Do you have any favorite cannabis brands? Cannabis flower brands always fluctuate, just like produce at the supermarket. My favorite brands in the city right now are Medizin, Kynd, Redwood and the Grower’s Circle but this list is always subject to change. What you been smoking on? I just got a rosin press so I've been smoking hella hash holes. I’ll squish 2.5gs out of an eighth and roll it into the other gram. My favorite one I’ve tried yet was God’s Gift by Medizin. The whole joint tasted like roses and grapes.

Budtender of the Month

>>>INTERVIEWS BY rocky hernandez jorrell ellis


LINO GARCIA Budtender at NEVADA MADE Lino represents cannabis culture like no other. From going hard for his favorite brands to advocating for better cannabis laws/regulation, there’s nothing he won’t do to better the industry. Since moving from California to Las Vegas he’s found his lane being in the front lines as a Budtender. He’s currently doing his thing at Nevada Made Marijuana in Henderson, Nevada. How did you get into the cannabis industry and become a budtender? It started in late 2019 with Cookies in California, then transferred to Cookies on the Strip in 2021 under GTI. Now I am at Nevada Made. What is your favorite part about being a budtender in Las Vegas? Vegas is crazy active actually, a city like no other, it doesn't sleep. The people and the multiple cultures that reside here, it's the reason I love serving cannabis, it's all about the vibes. Are there any particular strains or products that you personally recommend? Anytime anyone walks through the door I'm always recommending some of the top strains from some of the best brands that hold this state down as a whole. The Growers Circle, Redwood, Cookies, Nature's Chemistry, and Polaris. They are superb herb. Can you share any interesting experiences as a budtender? Since being out here, I've had the pleasure of budtending numerous stars as in athletes,and rap artists but most importantly building that bridge in this game . Listening to the entrepreneurs and forefathers who came before me, paying homage. Real recognize real. What is the most common misconception or myth about cannabis that you often come across? The stigma is still there, lazy, no goals or no ambition

type stoner. And I’m here to tell you that statement is false and basically needs to be reconsidered. I’ve seen numerous individuals consume cannabis, people who are frequent users throughout the day, still holding down their occupation and taking care of themselves and their families. Are there any specific cannabis-related events or activities in Las Vegas that you would recommend checking out? My favorite events out here in Vegas to attend are Champs Trade Shows . They have some of the top brands from around the world all coming together for a week . From cannabis to cannabis accessories, all across the board. The people and connections you build make your way, your lane so to speak . Gotta hustle and motivate. If you could change one thing about the cannabis industry, what would it be? Don’t forget about “The Culture,'' the love, the passion, and the hard work . People put their blood sweat and tears into this. People like you and I are different in so many ways but we all relate because of one thing, and that's cannabis . We the people make up the face and the heart beat in this game. From your very own workers in this industry to the customers and patients. We matter. All of us.

Nevada's Original Cannabis Resource // Since 2014



The Mother-Daughter Duo Making Dad Proud

With the influx of multi-state operators performing acquisitions on smaller businesses and operations in the cannabis industry, the “mom and pop shop” or the locally-owned or family-owned dispensaries and cultivations of the early days of cannabis legalization are unfortunately becoming mostly relics of the past. Within just the past few years, MSO’s such as Curaleaf and Canopy Growth have made several high-profile acquisitions and Cresco Labs recently almost completed an acquisition worth $2 billion of fellow MSO Columbia Care before the deal fell through. Last year, Curaleaf completed a massive acquisition worth over $180 million with Tryke Companies, the cannabis company that owns the Reef line of dispensaries.

envisioned their brand as a fully family-owned and operated brand.

Truly within almost all American industries, those small family owned businesses that were once a staple of our great country have now become far less common as mega-conglomerates become the norm. Luckily though, there are a number of outliers still existing in the cannabis industry that haven’t been acquired by larger MSO’s and are getting their name out there regardless.

And as if it were a predetermined fate, the Indyg family packed up and moved to the desert version of the attraction and tourist-filled city that Charlie made a notable career in. However, as many cannabis license and business owners soon found out, the process of starting a compliant cannabis business in the most strictly regulated state with legal cannabis was nowhere near as easy as simply putting seeds into soil. Years of improvements and delays due to several reasons, not the least of which being the fact that the Nevada cannabis regulatory body changed on three different occasions during these years, all resulted in the path of licensing to being fully operational taking several years itself for the Indyg family.

One such local cannabis brand, cleverly named Girls Trip, is a family-owned brand operating via a dynamic that sounds similar to the plot of a cannabis-centric sitcom rather than the complicated world of running a cannabis operation. “We would say that it's probably similar to running any type of business as a mother-daughter duo, just with a more unusual medium.” explained Girls’ Trip owner Shayna Indyg. “It is definitely not something that either of us could have imagined doing together, but I think that makes it so much more entertaining and inspiring to see each other in the role. We’ve been through a lot through this whole process, but I think it has brought us closer not only to each other, but also our team.” The story of the Indyg family begins nearly a decade ago and on the other side of the country. Originally from New Jersey, Shayna’s family was particularly inspired by a trip to Vail, Colorado that the family took in 2014, right after recreational sales had just begun in the state. Shayna’s father, Charlie Indyg, who was the son of Holocaust survivors, worked in the robust hotel industry in Atlantic City at first. “He saw that there was opportunity in cannabis,” Shayna explained, “and also, he had lost his brother to cancer in the early 2000’s. He saw that cannabis was the only thing that really stopped the pain.”



Although Colorado ended up not being where the Indygs would set up shop, the sunny and hopeful desert of Las Vegas would be. After seeing the undoubtable potential and the billions that the Nevada cannabis industry would easily produce, Charlie quickly researched the commercial cultivation and production of cannabis and

Shayna’s mother, Barbara Reuben, admitted that there were initial worries about the business receiving inconvenient issues or worse from the various bodies of the federal government due to the Schedule I status of cannabis nationally. However, Charlie was definitely an astute businessman given his several successful years owning and operating hotels across Atlantic City, so Shayna and Barbara certainly trusted their husband and father’s skills and steadfast determination and work ethic in any field or industry he found himself in regardless of how young and uncharted that industry could be.

In early 2021, Charlie finally received the license for recreational cultivation after years of battles and tribulations. This was certainly a triumphant victory for the very entrepreneurshipminded family, although tragically it would be a victory that Charlie would only be able to celebrate for a depressingly short period of time. On December 1, 2021, Charlie Indyg passed away at 64 years old. He was an endlessly proud father and husband as well as an avid aviator, golfer, and skier. Just about daily, he would watch Jeopardy with Shayna no matter who the current host was. His memory, his creativity, his work ethic and his business acumen will always be a blessing to both his family and to the brand that Shanya and Barbara now run as a dynamic mother-daughter duo. With Girls Trip Cannabis, Charlie is surely smiling watching all the accolades that Shayna and Barbara have earned for themselves. Not only are they the first and only mother-daughter owned cultivation in Nevada, but Shayna became the youngest Nevada cannabis license holder at barely 21. “The brand is inspired by old Vegas, but it’s also an homage to my father because he would always come here to play poker.” Shayna explained. “I came from other large, commercial grows. This is more, small mom and pop family style. Charlie did always tell me that I was

the son he never had, and he really did treat every employee the same way.” explained Girls Trip’s Cultivation Director Zac Abreu. He describes how Charlie was very much a man of his values as he was an incredibly generous manager who would not only pay for his employees’ lunch but would also pay for his employees’ annual agent cards as well, which could be very expensive depending on the required role. Even if the professional transition of hotels to cannabis isn’t the most conventional, Charlie’s generous managerial style and work ethic were equally present in both fields. Abreu also says that by being a smaller grow, Girls’ Trip has certain advantages. “It’s cool that they didn’t bite off more than they could chew. We started small and that’s why we’re able to control the quality of our products right now.” The Indyg’s brand is unique in its marketing. While women have certainly become power players across every field of this nascent cannabis industry, Girls Trip is the first brand to consider themselves “female-first”. “It's empowering but also intimidating.” explained Shayna. “We’re really one of the first companies to have a fully female owned, female-founded brand in the Nevada market. Everyone thought we were out of our minds to start this, but we did our own research and saw that the market needed this. We really wanted Girls Trip to be a brand for everyone from first time smokers to experienced consumers. Even though it is called Girls Trip, our brand appeals to everyone with its good old Vegas golden era vibes and high quality flower inside the bags.” Barbara describes extreme hostility and discouragement initially when starting off in the industry, especially after Charlie’s passing. “We wanted to create a space where everyone was accepted. It looks welcoming and not associated with the illicit market. We’ve also evolved and the product speaks for itself. We definitely cater to women being female-founded. We don’t want women to have to come into this industry and feel how we felt initially.” Girls Trip has quite a number of adventurous and game-changing future plans for their brand to become more known in the Nevada industry. Along with their cultivation side, Girls Trip also has a production side that they hope to expand upon when the other side is at its strongest. The team is currently phenotype hunting for the best combinations in memorable strains that Zac hopes will be “unique” and “memorable”. “We’re looking forward to bringing new production products to market with unique twists on popular favorites.”

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Industry Spotlight

DADiRRi >>> Alyssa Lloyd

Alyssa Lloyd is a humble, well-respected member of many communities. She has launched several businesses and can be found advocating for less fortunate youth, minorities, women whose voices have been lost, and many more underserved populations. Her corporate career included being a front-runner at several high-powered companies. Currently, Alyssa owns a niche, luxury travel consultancy, and has entered the cannabis world as the first and only fully black and woman-owned cannabis brand in Nevada. She decided to enter ownership through the path of franchising. Choosing to be the company’s first franchisee, Alyssa is no stranger to hard work, overcoming objections, and conquering fears! She teaches women of all ages to own their story, know their worth, and to dominate rooms with confidence. She is passionate about creating space at the canna-table for minorities who have historically been victims of harsh marijuana criminalization and for women who continue to be overlooked for leadership positions in this field.

Are you originally from Nevada?

I am from Cleveland, OH originally. I moved to Vegas my 6th grade year. I attended middle school, high school, and college here, so Vegas is my home. #ForeverARebel

Why the cannabis industry?

I was looking for a franchise opportunity and sourced a franchise consultant (they’re free for individuals, by the way.) I told him I was looking for your standard franchises like Nothing Bundt Cake, Jimmy Johns – you know food, because I like food. He did a personality assessment and asked how I felt about cannabis. I said, well, cannabis has been around me my entire life and it’d be great if there was actually a way in for women, especially black women and people who aren’t millionaires. He basically said, “Let me show you something!” (insert DADiRRi) The more I learned about the plant and what this company was doing with it as well as the relationships I was starting to build with passionate geniuses, the more I fell in love with the industry.

Why choose to franchise with this company?

So many reasons! I immediately felt connected to the purpose behind the brand. DADiRRi, pronounced duh•deer•ee, is an Aboriginal word and means an inner deep listening and quiet still awareness. It’s an experience with a specific aim to come to a deeper understanding of the beauty of nature. The brand from its inception is family owned and operated and that is the goal in growth through franchising as well. You take genuine, humble people who are ground level connected with every single part of the production process and mix that with quality processing, and you’ve got a top tier product that you can be proud of! Franchising is virtually unheard of in the brand space. When you see franchising in cannabis, it’s typically at the retail/dispensary level. But, it makes sense to franchise a brand so that you can get owners who are involved with what’s going on locally versus a corporate leader who may sit on the other side of the country and be a little less in tune with the needs of individual markets.


DADiRRi offers an array of very unique products. What sets them apart from other brands in the industry?

We offer 1g high quality, broad spectrum bubble hash; 1g SunRock – many may be familiar with a moonrock which is soaked in distillate and then covered with kief. Our SunRock is lightly coated with unaltered distillate and double truffled with bubble hash; 1g and .5g Caviar Cone – pretty much the same material as SunRock ground into a beautiful pre-roll; 1g and .5g Bubble Cone – top shelf flower and bubble hash in a preroll; .5g Solventless Caviar Cone – top shelf flower, rosin, and bubble hash in a preroll; and 1g live rosin. Most of our products are completely solventless, in fact, the only solvent we even have in our space is the high quality distillate that we use sparingly. We only extract with ice, water and agitation, we don’t add any questionable additives or processes to our products and you can really taste that difference in everything we produce. None of our products are flavored and we don’t use any shake or trim in any of our cones, only full flower. Our goal is to make premium products that are accessible to everyday consumers. We want everyone to experience a clean, long-lasting high that leaves you wanting more but doesn’t make you feel like you immediately need to smoke again.

Anything new launching in the near future?

Keep an eye out for our live rosin. It hasn’t launched in the Nevada market yet, but it will very soon. When it does, it will be limited batch shock drops!

Where can readers find your products?

We’re proud to be in many quality stores in the Nevada market already. Look for us at: 420 Sahara, Battle Born Dispensary, Cultivate, Euphoria Wellness, Exhale, Inyo, Jardín, Las Vegas Releaf, LUCID - Winnemucca, ShowGrow, Zenleaf, Green, Pisos, Planet 13, Thrive, and Top Notch.

How can readers follow what DADiRRi is doing?

Follow us on IG @dadirri.extracts and for more information, check us out online at

OR GO HOME Get Ready For An Entirely New Cannabis Encounter Nothing compares to the “Fresh From The Farm” experience like Cryo Live Cured Flower. Available Fall 2023 at fine dispensaries in Las Vegas. Keep out of reach of children. For use only by adults 21 years of age and older. NCMM, LLC RC159 + RP099

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Ask the Leaf Nurse!

>>> DOOBIES for boobies According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 240,000 women and 2,100 men are diagnosed with breast cancer every year. Of that number, an estimated 42,000 women and 500 men lose their lives to the disease. There are many factors that contribute to a person’s diagnosis, including older age, genetic mutations, or having a family history of breast cancer. In order to treat the condition, patients can undergo surgery, chemotherapy, hormonal therapy and more, but it depends on the type of treatment and the stage of cancer. Like with other cancers, people with breast cancer have often found relief from their symptoms by using cannabis. With Breast Cancer Awareness Month taking place just last month, we’re bringing attention to the fact that cannabis can help. According to, a survey they collected showed that 42% of people diagnosed with breast cancer were using medical cannabis to treat the side effects of their treatments. Most participants

By: Terry Bruesehoff, RN BSN

ranged in age, cancer stages, and treatment phases, and 75% of them said it was “very” or “extremely” helpful. founder and chief medical officer, Marisa C. Weiss, spoke about how cannabis works for patients back in a 2020 interview. “People who receive cancer treatment, especially people with breast cancer, end up going through a variety of treatments such as surgery, chemotherapy, targeted therapies and estrogen therapies, which can all go on for years,” Weiss said, noting that common symptoms include pain, anxiety, insomnia, nausea, and vomiting. “In some patients, the pain and discomfort from this means they can’t even wear a regular shoe or stand on their feet for extended periods of time. Or, for those whose hands were “A common symptom people struggle with is peripheral neuropathy after being affected, they cannot button a shirt or open a jar of peanut butter to make sandwiches for their kid’s lunch. The throbbing ‘pins and needles’ pain make each day a struggle and can also wake people up in the night.”

Breast cancer and cannabis

Cannabis can’t cure cancer, but it can help patients manage both the mental and physical side effects that often come with it.


up this particular claim, but I have seen it firsthand countless times in my 15 years of meeting cancer patients and writing about their relationship with medical cannabis. And that includes both people who had a lot of experience with cannabis before they got cancer and those who’d never even considered trying it before. Some conditions cannabis has been shown to help alleviate in breast cancer patients include:

Anxiety and depression

Between the appointments, treatments, what-ifs and decisions to be made, a breast cancer diagnosis can be all-consuming for both patients and their caregivers. As a result, many, like Vida, experience anxiety, depression, insomnia and more. Cannabis can often help people manage these conditions either alone or in conjunction with other therapies.


Breast cancer may often result in physical pain as well. From dull aches to sharp pains and neuropathy, cannabis can help patients find relief. It works by supplementing the body’s naturally occurring endocannabinoids to help them out when they can’t be recycled quickly enough.

Cannabis can also elevate your mood at critical moments, and even help you psychologically come to grips with the difficult times ahead. This is no small thing. Many of the medicines you will be prescribed, and procedures you will undergo— helpful as they may be—will leave you feeling depleted (to say the least).

Nausea and appetite

Cannabis is restorative to body and soul. To laugh, escape from pain and anxiety, step outside one’s self and experience a moment of peace, or bliss- what could be more healing? Now, I don’t have any studies to back

While cannabis can be an incredible source of relief for breast cancer patients, all cannabis isn’t created equal, and the right products and doses may differ widely from one individual to the next. When using it to treat breast cancer symptoms, it’s important to get guidance from medical professionals.

Cancer treatments, like chemotherapy, often come with gastrointestinal issues including nausea, vomiting and lack of appetite that cannabis can help quell. In fact, one popular anti-nausea medication is made from a synthetic version of THC. Some forms of cannabis are also often effective at stimulating one’s appetite and helping keep food down.

What to know about using cannabis

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The Equity Workshop Tour Presented by, the

>>> Minority Cannabis Business Association

BY veronica castillo

ambitiousness that aligns with everyone who has thrown their hat into this industry. Is this a workshop tour that’s going on the road annually? We actually intend to do small tours throughout the year, and potentially a couple larger, regional events as well. We’re tentatively thinking of the West Coast in January, Southwest in March, and back to the Midwest and East Coast in May and/or June.

In October 2023, the Minority Cannabis Business Association (MCBA), hit the road on a journey to and through the Midwest, the East Coast, and the South, to empower social equity applicants and operators in the cannabis industry. The Equity Workshop Tour founded and organized by Mike Lomuto, took passion, education, and empowerment on 9 city tour with an agenda focused on fostering diversity, equity, and inclusion in cannabis.

speakers, discussions, and the information shared. I sat down with Mike after stops in: Chicago, Minneapolis, and Detroit. I wanted readers to hear directly from him on this amazing tour he put together.

A Sit Down with Mike Lomuto, Founder of the Equity Workshop Tour

With the support of speakers that included state representatives, board members, founders, owners, attorneys, accountants, tour partners, sponsors, and collaborators; the tour held mini workshops in: Chicago, Minneapolis, Detroit, New York City, Trenton, Baltimore, Atlanta, and Saint Louis. Through roundtable discussions, group discussions, listening sessions, and networking, attendees got firsthand insight and access to industry leaders intent on delivering tangible takeaways. The conversations with industry leaders offer insight and information on: Abundance Mindset Ecosystems Building movements, not just businesses Collaboration Teams and funding Legalization Fair free enterprise Micro work for macro impact Accounting and Taxes Navigating Challenges


I am following the tour virtually and have been nothing less than inspired and amazed by the

How did you land the position of lead and organizer of the tour? I founded the tour, alongside several amazing collaborators over the years who entrust me with the role. Nine cities in one month in the name of minorities in cannabis, why is this important to you and what’s the goal of the equity tour? The goal of the tour is to do our part to further develop the ecosystem of leaders around the country. An equitable industry is at the forefront of who we are and what we do. Each of these cities/states has something unique to contribute toward the cannabis ecosystem nationally, and because we were able to gain enough traction in each place, we decided to roll out an ambitious game plan that allowed us to strike a sustainable balance with an

How can people get involved with the tour be it speaking, sponsoring, helping organize? We’re building organically, so plug in however works for you. Reach out to me on LinkedIn where I post about the tour, register for an event, show up, etc. As I write this, the tour's next stops are: New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Georgia, and Missouri. I asked Mike for final words and just like opening remarks at each location, introductions of speakers/panelists, and closing remarks; Mike said: “thank you to our partners, sponsors, and everyone that has been a part of the tour”. It takes a village, including the village that supported my media coverage: Greencore Speciality Insurance; an independent cannabis insurance agency offering a wide range of insurance policies for every type of cannabusiness, and HotelPlanner; a hotel deals booking service specializing in negotiated group hotel rates, extended stays, and corporate meeting planning for reservations at hotels. For information about the tour, check out the MBCA website at equitytour/. Veronica Castillo is known as the Traveling Cannabis Writer. Her body of work includes educational and informative insights on cannabis and various plant medicines, and she travels the country and abroad to provide insight on cannabis friendly travel. She is a collaborator, connector, content creator, and traveler that specialized in bringing to light the hidden gems in the plant space. Follow her journey and learn about becoming a traveling writer: www.

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JARDIN & MATRIX Team Up to Raise Funds for the Las Vegas Pride Foundation

In order to dismantle the many still heavily present stigmas associated with not only cannabis usage of any type but even working in the fully legal industry itself, it’s incredibly wise for cannabis brands to be charitable and philanthropic in their actions and operations. When a fully dedicated team of cannabis employees are packaging thousands of meals a day for underserved communities at food banks such as Three Square, it’s admittedly difficult to claim those employees are just “lazy stoners” who care about nothing more than smoking weed and eating Cheetos. When dispensaries are organizing large-scale fundraising programs for local non-profit organizations that provide great services, it’s hard to argue that these stores only care about getting people stoned and selling intoxicants. Earlier this year, I covered Jardin Premium Cannabis Dispensary’s many philanthropic efforts during the many award-winning store’s operation. Even during the store’s first initial weeks in operation during November of 2016, the dispensary still hosted a very successful fundraiser where a percentage of the day’s sales were donated to the veteran-focused Phoenix Patriot Foundation and Snoop Dogg even made an appearance. From a public health standpoint, Jardin organized a “Jabs for Joints” vaccine drive when the COVID-19 vaccines were first released where customers could receive a preroll for a penny upon getting vaccinated. Given how undoubtedly intertwined that cannabis and criminal justice reform are, Jardin has also partnered with legal reform groups such as the Buried Alive Project to raise awareness and funds for further change in the criminal law courtroom. The immensely popular dispensary also regularly sends teams of employees from all departments and ranks to pack meals at Three Square throughout the calendar year. Tragically over the past year though, there have been several instances of virulent hostility towards the LGBTQ community, some of which have resulted in lives being


By Josh Kasoff

lost or forever altered. Whether that be armed protestors outside of popular LGBT businesses and venues, acts of vandalism and threats of bombings against hospitals that provide gender transition care or brutal acts of violence such as the horrifying Club Q shooting in November which claimed five lives with the oldest victim being only 40, members of the LGBTQ community live under constant fear and uncertainty due to these attacks. Being fully aware of the increasing number of attacks and instances of strong harassment against the LGBTQ community, cannabis cooperative Grow Up Co-Op founder and Chamber of Cannabis Vice President Dani Baranowski knew that a popular cannabis brand running a fundraiser for an LGBTQfocused organization was very much necessary for a variety of reasons. “The Grow Up Co-Op is a group of brands that we make sure have good social ethos, good ethics and good products.” Baranowski explained. When she and Chamber of Cannabis President Tina Ulman founded the co-op, one of the first notable individuals they met at the MJ Unpacked convention was major philanthropist David Tuttleman. Along with working in cannabis, Tuttleman runs the Tuttleman Foundation, an organization founded by his parents that “provides funding to non-profit ventures that deal with challenging social, cultural and educational issues”. “LGBT folks come from a marginalized community,” Baranowski explained, “and we would not have the cannabis industry if it were not for the efforts of the LGBT community. So if I could support in a positive way with something I love that is so intrinsically tied together, I want to be a part of that.” This past summer during Pride Month, Jardin paired up with cannabis brand Matrix and the brand’s owner, Tuttleman, to raise funds for the Las Vegas Pride Foundation. On behalf of the Tuttleman Foundation, $10 would be donated to Vegas’ chapter of the Pride Foundation for every Matrix product purchased at Jardin

during the partnership. As a dispensary with shelves of awards such as Jardin would understand, the store is incredibly well-visited and patronized as well as having a vast menu of options and choices. And with a quality strain and product catalog as extensive as Matrix, the partnership was incredibly successful. “This campaign aims to make a significant impact beyond Pride Month,” the press release stated, “showcasing the organizations' commitment to fostering acceptance, equality, and inclusive culture, while actively strengthening Nevada's social fabric through transformative allyship.” “I presented the idea to David and said that Las Vegas is eccentric and diverse, colorful and full of different types of people. This is one way that we can support the Pride Foundation, which brings everyone together. With Vegas being such a transient city, the LBGT community here more so in other cities needs someone to create that space and that fun.” Baranowski recollected. Along with the widespread success of the partnership, Jardin Marketing Director Alyssa Crame mentioned how easy and effortless it is for cannabis brands and businesses to host philanthropic events on par with the Pride Foundation partnership. “It was a no-brainer.” Crame explained. “And to be the dispensary partner and be able to run that initiative, I couldn’t say no to it. And there wasn’t very much that needed to be done and no heavy lifting on our side. It’s just something we got to do that’s good for the community. We communicated about the partnership with the retail staff, and the budtenders were really excited about it, got behind it and wanted it to be something that they also supported.” Crame described Jardin budtenders setting optimistic sales goals for themselves during this partnership to raise as many funds as possible for Las Vegas Pride Foundation. Even if the employees were a little internally incentivized, the prizes or recognition didn’t

matter nearly as much to the Jardin employees as raising very needed funds and awareness for the Pride Foundation did. One budtender in particular raised an impressive total of $1200 donated exclusively on their own. “Serving the community and doing community-driven initiatives, no matter what industry you’re in, is very important. I’m Vegas born and raised, so I have very strong community ties. Community has always been something important to me and something that I’ve always seen and had an emphasis on wherever I’ve gone. And so, it’s important no matter where you go, but especially for the cannabis industry.” Crame recalled. “It’s important that businesses can participate in the community and there is a lot of business going on, but if you want to create a true consumer, then you have to start thinking about corporate social responsibility.” Baranowski said. “What responsibility you have to give back and there certainly is an ROI on philanthropy. Those that do participate, you get the added visibility but that’s the return for doing good for the community.” “Cannabis is still so new to Vegas and has a lot of stigmas and question marks around it. So, I think it’s important for us to show that we are a part of the community.” Crame stressed. “Maybe someone doesn’t know a lot about us or what we can bring or what this industry can do and how it will evolve and shape the city. So, I think it’s important for us to resonate with the city and show we are behind this city and we are behind this community just as much as anybody else.” As we move into the later months of 2023 and into a 2024 that will likely be very tumultuous, all the brands and organizations associated with the Pride Foundation fundraiser will continue to contribute charitably for several local causes. “We’ve been talking about more brands about taking a more philanthropic approach to operations after seeing how successful but how simple and effective the Matrix campaign was and the aftermath.” Crame said. “We already have to come up against such a stigma, so that’s one way you can have these important conversations, through volunteering and community service.” Baranowski mentioned. “I’m having these organic conversations that I would’ve never had and I can be an ambassador for the entire industry. We can continue to spread the good green word and we can continue to also feel good and do good. People naturally gravitate towards that good energy.”

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pricing patients out >>> The Urgent Need for Affordable Cannabis


Advocacy for plant medicine is my passion after moving halfway across the country for access to the miraculous qualities of cannabis for my health. Cannabis has changed my life, like it does for so many others, lighting a fire in me to fight for patients' needs and to share what cannabis can do for so many. There are two things that desperately need an overhaul: affordability and accessibility. While we always hear about the need for federal legalization and access for all, we hear too little about the need for affordable cannabis medicine. There are only hushed whispers about the suffering of many medical patients that have access to cannabis but cannot afford the amount they need. And let me tell you firsthand, it feels like psychological torture knowing there could be more relief from agonizing symptoms, and yet it is unattainable due to cost. I believe there is a silence because of the unnecessary shame of not being able to afford what one needs. As a patient who has scraped resin for relief and as someone who has peaked behind the curtains of the industry, the problem is not the patient, it is how the industry is treating medical cannabis. The lack of affordable cannabis limits patients access to their necessary medicine and in turn hinders their quality of life. By creating medical programs that focus on affordability, patients are able to live the best life they can by having access to life changing medicine. No one should be suffering unnecessarily and unfortunately the high cost of cannabis medicine causes many to. Now I know what you may be thinking: yes, we need the programs, but the industry needs to make money to sustain so how could this really happen? First and foremost, there are already an array of discounts being offered to those who work in specific areas of the cannabis industry. So, a discount for medical patients is absolutely possible. It’s just a matter of making affordable cannabis a priority. What if I told you there was a way to help medical cannabis patients live higher quality lives by offering them a discount, and at the same time increase profits of the dispensary, as well as increase the return rate


of customers? While many view discounts as “money lost,” if done correctly offering discounts to assist medical patients will help the dispensaries and brands who partake in the long run by increasing sales and the return rate of their customers. No matter what business you are in, if you take care of your customers, they take care of you. Medical patients are the ideal customer for dispensaries. There are people who want to use cannabis, maybe those who use it to enhance their creativity while partaking in their favorite hobby or enjoy some joints with their friends at a party. Then there are those who need cannabis. They need cannabis to control seizures, to have less pain, to eat, to get out of bed, and so much more. Their quality of life is increased with cannabis use, and many patients need cannabis just like they need water. Many patients simply cannot go without. If they do, their symptoms increase and in turn their quality-of-life decreases. Those who use cannabis medicinally will always come back for more, because it is medicine, just like insulin is to diabetics. By creating programs to help patients save money on their medicine, the dispensary and brands are guaranteeing themselves returning customers; Many on a weekly basis that will return for the products they need to live the best life they can. And of course, they will tell everyone they know about the dispensary that steps up and takes care of patient’s needs, increasing the dispensary's visibility in the communities. Additionally, creating programs allows patients to buy more of the medicine they need and in turn generates more sales at the dispensary. Unfortunately many patients medicate less mostly due to affordability. I know patients that could benefit from a half gram to a gram of RSO a day, and yet the cost is unattainable for those who are ill and need it. And before you think, oh wow they have way too high of a tolerance, for many chronically ill patients it has nothing to do with tolerance and everything to do with science. For example, if there is continued soft tissue injury present, such as patients with spinal injuries and MS, there

are additional cannabinoid receptors being produced, causing the patient to need more cannabinoids to manage their symptoms. Even if those patients took a tolerance break, and endured agonizing symptoms from stopping cannabis, it would not change how much they need day to day to function. By giving patients discounts on the medicine they need, they will be able to afford more of the medicine they need, increasing their quality of life, and in turn increasing overall sales for the dispensary. We need to begin at the dispensary level by offering discounts to medical patients. Brands can also assist by offering discounts on products they sell to medical patients. A 10%20% discount will barely touch their bottom line yet could be life-changing for a patient. Because the reality is, offering below market price to medical patients will not take up the profit margin and again, the customers will continue to return for more of the products that help them, thus helping the dispensary. Medical patients needed these programs to begin yesterday, and since we can’t turn back time, as soon as possible is a great goal to have. It is time that the patient's voices and needs are heard. There is no more time for silence. If you are a dispensary or brand, please take the necessary steps to make changes to help patients and take care of the people that frequent your business. You may be wondering (if you don’t own a dispensary or brand) how you can help. Make your voice heard. Demand that change happens, and that the industry helps patients. And if you are a patient reading this who struggles to afford their plant medicine, know you are not alone and you should never be ashamed. The problem is the lack of affordability of cannabis; not the patient. If a diabetic patient struggled to afford their insulin, should they be ashamed? Absolutely not! Then why should a cannabis patient carry shame for not being able to afford the medicine they need? Cannabis is medicine and it's time the industry treats it as such for those who need it.

DEADHEAD OG Renews Focus & Mood


Relieves Pain & Insomnia

FAVORITES FOR A REASON #REMEDY YOURSELF R E M E D Y Y O U R S E L F.C O M Keep out of reach of children. For use only by adults 21 years of age and older. Silver Sage Wellness RC042 RP022 RD049.


Reduces Stress & Boosts Energy





Some restrictions apply. Order must be $100 or more.

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Bill Shehan

with assistance from SHWA

Shwa Laytart


Jennifer Walker


Josh Kasoff

Dispensaries BILL

MAMMOTH LABS Super Lemon Haze Live Resin, Liquid Diamond Sauce Vape

This sleek black vape cartridge is not ordinary or even similar to what you have been puffin on. First off, there are zero botanical terps. Everything is derived from our one and only favorite flower, cannabis. Secondly, it doesn't take much to get you high on the same level as a good dab. But, my favorite quality is how many good rips you get from it before it dries up. I lost count after 50. This is my American Express Cart. I never leave home without it.



MAMMOTH LABS Garmosa Infused Preroll MAMMOTH LABS Goat Piss Solventless Ice Water Hash Vape Live Rosin An itsy-bitsy vape with a mammoth dose. You really can’t go wrong with Mammoth Labs, so when they pump out a solventless ice water hash live rosin, you should put it at the top of your canna-purchases. I’ve seen bigger USB drives, so when it comes to being discrete, let this be your elephant in the room.

THC- 72.700% Limonene- 17.954mg/g Caryophyllene- 7.088mg/g Linalool- 6.874mg/g

Mammoth Labs continues to roll out the bomb shit. I lit the fuse on this Garmosa Infused Preroll and I was lit after a couple of slow pulls. I became silent, which is uncommon for me, and I spent an hour or so inside my own head. After an hour, I just had to make some noise, so I went outside and squacked at my chickens. They squacked back at me. I understood what they wanted, food. They always want food. I finished blowing mammoth clouds outside with them.

THC- 45.348% Caryophyllene- 3.891mg/g Limonene- 3.151mg/g Humulene- 1.790mg/g

THC- 75.010% Terpinolene- 15.825mg/g Caryophyllene- 9.657mg/g Humulene- 4.689mg/g JENN

CANN Roadies

Available Flavors: Lemon Lavender, Blood Orange Cardamom, & Grapefruit Rosemary I’m a fan of the microdose serving-sized products, and at 2 mg THC per serving, these Roadies are the perfect option! Cann, without the can.Simply tear, pour and watch as the 4 ingredients (100% real Blood Orange Juice, Organic Agave, 100% Natural Cardamom flavor and Pure Californian Cannabis Extract) pour and mix perfectly with any drink. No powders here, just clean, simple, enjoyable fun, anywhere, anytime.


THC- 2 mg

CBD- 4mg

Nevada's Original Cannabis Resource // Since 2014




GIRL'S TRIP Late Checkout GIRL'S TRIP Glitter & Gold

All that glitters is gold, especially this gorgeous indica-dominant hybrid from Girl’s Trip. The earthy and fruity flavor profile supports big relaxation with a healthy dose of caryophyllene to reduce pain and soothe your mind. Girl’s Trip is trailblazing the cannabis industry and we can’t wait to see what else they have in store!

THC- 20.71% Caryophyllene- 2.77mg/g Limonene- 2.74mg/g Myrcene- 1.5mg/g

Hi, Front Desk? I was calling to see if we could get a Late Checkout. We sleptin a little longer than we had planned, and it's already noon. Sweet.1 o'clock is perfect. That gives us time to get our shit together. We can pack this Girls Trip and enjoy our Late Checkout during our extra hour. You need to be high to understand. We had a great trip. Thanks for the flowers. They look and smell berry lovely. What a view!

THC- 24.26% Limonene- 4.35mg/g Myrcene- 3.41mg/g Caryophyllene- 2.86mg/g JOSH


CIRCLE S FARMS Grapes and Cream

A hybrid for the highbrow connoisseur. Grapes and Cream reminds me of a beautiful wine offered by a select vineyard- sweet, relaxing, late afternoon chill vibes with a smooth flavor profile. Humulene offers pain relief while limonene lifts and promotes creative thoughts. A delicious way to ease into the evening, or anytime.

THC- 27.246% Limonene- 6.494mg/g Caryophyllene- 4.395mg/g Humulene- 2.151mg/g SHWA

CIRCLE S FARMS Ego Checker One-Gram Preroll CIRCLE S FARMS Future Six Shooter Pre-Roll Pack

Pah-Cheeeoung. I fired off 6 rounds from my hip pocket and began to smoke the Future. I deliberately aimed a little high. You gotta hit them hypocritical, conservative alcoholics between the eyes. My Circle S Six Shooter didn't miss the target once as I silenced the haters. I almost forgot to blow the smoke seeping from the tip of my 2-finger barrel. Can you hear my chingly spurs and the old western saloon whistle?

THC- 28.317% Limonene- 8.547mg/g Caryophyllene- 3.513mg/g Myrcene- 2.163mg/g

Packing a noticeably high THC percentage for an un-infused preroll, Circle S Farms’ Ego Checker is certainly on par with the rest of the brand’s high quality flower products. The high THC level and significant level of caryophyllene perfectly guarantees that this preroll can be enjoyed any time of the day. The limonene also combines well with the caryophyllene to ensure a relaxing high without too much of a couchlock sensation.

THC- 26.164% Caryophyllene- 6.203mg/g Limonene- 5.731mg/g Linalool- 3.143mg/g

SRENE Fruity P

This takes me back to the early 2000s. An indica heavy hybrid from Cali, this flower has a spacey, heady high that is perfect for creative projects, lounging, or just silly conversations. If you have the day off, wake-n-bake with a bowl of this cereal and watch the cartoons play out all day long.

THC- 24.49% Myrcene- 10.5mg/g Limonene- 2.9mg/g Caryophyllene- 2.0mg/g


SRENE Strange Haze #8

A true sativa-dominant hybrid, this flower has spicy, citrusy and earthy flavor profile accents. The cerebral high uplifts with a potent euphoria, inspiring creativity and a general sense of wellbeing. Not a strain for sleep, you’ll be transported through a strange haze of uplift and happiness into a state of bliss. Terpinolene energizes and boosts your mood. Excellent for appetite stimulation.

THC- 23.15% Caryophyllene- 1.6mg/g

Terpinolene- 13.8mg/g Myrcene- 1.4mg/g


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Redwood photos by Katie Peede




By Redwood

Banana Punch Vape Cartridge

I thought I had seen every punch that Mike Tyson had in his arsenal. Until today when he hit me with his Banana Punch. It was lights out. I heard the circling birds chirpin’ over my head, but there were no stars, just tiny bananas. When I opened my eyes, Mike was standing over me holding a Banana Punch Vape Cart in his red boxing glove. Smiling, he says to me, "Hey Wild Bill, you dropped this." I think I'm going bananas for Tyson 2.0.

THC- 86.680% CBG- 2.286% Limonene- 15.500mg/g Myrcene- 5.146mg/g Pinene- 2.940mg/g



TYSON 2.0 Mike Bites

By Redwood

Pink Lunar Lemonade

Refreshing and citrusy flavor will make you feel like it’s summertime all year long. Kosmik uses a cutting-edge curing process ensuring every piece is consistent in taste and texture. Delicious flavor in 10-mg THC per serving- sized bites. Discreet and evenly dosed. Vegan and Gluten-Free.

THC/Pack- 100mg 10 Servings per pack THC/Serving- 10mg

By Redwood


Hilariously modeled after the legendary boxing champion and cannabis advocate’s infamous 1997 incident involving Evander Holyfield’s ear, Tyson 2.0’s Mike Bites is definitely a delectable gummy and the blueberry flavor is a great addition to Tyson 2.0’s edible products. With a bite mark of skin missing off the top of the gummy, it’s a perfect product to consume after an intense workout while also remembering one of WBA’s most intense moments.

THC/Pack- 100mg 10 Servings per pack THC/Serving- 10mg






Monster Kush

Blu’s Qlues

By Redwood

By Redwood

These nugs are straight off the trim table, so you can’t get it any fresher. I like to have little snapper buds I can swoop up into my lungs in one try. But they have to be tasty and vibrant so that my one hit is a total wonder! These are exactly what I desire.

Started in the cannabis history-rich city of Oakland, Grandiflora’s Blu’s Qlues is a great mixture of terpenes on a delicious flower bud from a cultivator that has certainly shown their steadfast dedication to quality. With all three notable terpenes present at almost all equal levels, this is another great hybrid that can be enjoyed anytime of the day. And the strain is indirectly named after one of the most iconic dogs of 90’s childhoods everywhere.

THC- 25.072% Limonene- 5.11mg/g Caryophyllene- 4.13mg/g Myrcene- 3.64mg/g


THC- 26.225% Caryophyllene- 5.52mg/g Limonene- 5.49mg/g Myrcene- 5.00mg/g

PAMOS Tropical Mai Tai Spritz 4-Can Pack

MATRIX Supersonic Banana Live Resin Ripper

Dynamite comes in small packages. The Matrix Ripper is an incredible explosion that comes from the little watch pocket of your pants. Rip it and you will blow up atomic clouds. People will see the smoke and say what was that? Where did that come from? But they'll never see it because you can easily close it up in your fist. You get the gist. Supersonic Banana has a wonderful flavor too.

THC- 76.536% CBG- 41.19mg/g CBC- 6.30mg/g CBD- 1.47mg/g Myrcene- 85.20mg/g Pinene- 18.54mg/g Ocimene- 17.98mg/g

The Tropical Mai Tai offers natural flavors of pineapple, orange and lime infused with the aromatic botanicals and cannabis-derived terpenes of Pamos. Developed by award-winning mixologists, featuring Pamos Spirits, and fresh, quality ingredients. Each cocktail is non-alcoholic, fast acting, naturally flavored, and ready-to-drink. Simply serve (or shake) with ice, garnish, and go.


Total THC/pack- 40mg THC/can- 10mg

Total CBD/pack- 8mg CBD/can- 2mg

Nevada's Original Cannabis Resource // Since 2014


REMEDY City Dawg OG Cured Resin Vape Cartridge


This strain is straight up fun. It tastes fun. It looks fun. Its effect is fun. The type of nugs you want to break out at a party, roll one up, and pass it around listening to everyone say, “That tastes fantastic” while licking their lips and smiling from ear to ear. I mean, who doesn’t like fun?

Remedy's City Dawg Vape Cartridge was this man's best friend. Woof. He stayed on my hip, and was right there for me every time I whistled for his service. He likes to go for rides in the truck, but he prefers to ride up front in the cab. Usually he sits on my lap and sticks his head out the window. I adopted him from Silver Sage Wellness on West Charleston. Vapes don't get much stronger than this. Go find your new best friend today.

THC- 20.668% Limonene- 5.85mg/g Caryophyllene- 5.07mg/g Linalool- 2.27mg/g

THC- 88.6799% Limonene- 8.18mg/g Caryophyllene- 6.73mg/g Myrcene- 3.58mg/g

REMEDY Sour Apple

REMEDY Cake Frosting Cured Resin Sugar


Is it your friend's birthday and you aren’t sure what to get them? They really don’t want or need much, so it’s never easy finding them something for their special day. Well, look no further because this is the absolute best gift to give them. They might have everything they need, but a little extra frosting would definitely sweeten up their day.

THC- 85.1479% Caryophyllene- 13.79mg/g Limonene- 10.65mg/g Myrcene- 9.09mg/g



REMEDY Kushbucha OG Cured Resin Sugar

When I was a sophomore in high school, my mom used to ferment Kombucha in our refrigerator. Wait let me rephrase that, she used to take over the fridge with it. She used to force everyone who came around to try it, claiming Kombucha had magical powers. My mom also used to smoke a lot of weed. But she hasn't ever dabbed, maybe I should force her to try this Kushbucha OG.

THC- 87.0080% Limonene- 8.55mg/g Caryophyllene- 7.68mg/g Myrcene- 6.06mg/g

REMEDY Cereal Milk Vape Cartridge

Easily one of the most flavorful and smooth vape cartridges I’ve ever tried, Remedy’s new cart named Cereal Milk is very true to its name in terms of taste. With a very high THC content and enough limonene and myrcene to make even the most dedicated consumers feel good, the Cereal Milk is incredibly smooth and delicious and tastes almost as if I’m vaping Trix or Fruity Pebbles.

SHWA THE CLEAR Golden Goat Elite Cartridge - 500mg

Look who’s getting all nostalgic. The greatest of all time now has a scratch and sniff sticker- and it’s dank as hell! But what will really have you feeling nostalgic is the kick-ass high you’re going to get after a couple of puffs off this cart. Always clean and clear, this oil is going to give you flashbacks!

THC- 85.61% Terpinolene- 4.66mg/g Pinene- 3.84mg/g Limonene- 3.41mg/g

THC- 91.9090% Limonene- 11.00mg/g Myrcene- 6.42mg/g Pinene- 4.98mg/g

THE CLEAR TWAX Blueberry Mini Infused Pre-Rolls


TWAX Blueberry Mini Infused Pre-Rolls are perfect for the solo dolo smoke break. They are small, with a long crutch filter. But tread lightly, you'll be faded after about four good rips. I watched the movie Boogeyman with my wife, and was on the edge of my seat for the first 30 minutes or so, then grabbed a TWAX Joint to light up. Ironically, at the exact same time, so did the girl in the movie. Only hers wasn't a TWAX Pre-Roll like mine. I was definitely higher than she was. Good flick, even better TWAX infused preroll.

THC- 36.69% Linalool- 6.43mg/g

Caryophyllene- 4.48mg/g

Myrcene- 2.36mg/g


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LP EXOTICS Huracan Creme Infused Premium Chocolate Bar

LP EXOTICS Murcielago Milkshake Infused Premium Chocolate Bar

Normally, I don’t purchase chocolate bars with tons of oil, especially if it’s hydrogenated. However, I decided to make an exception. Luckily, there’s also a good amount of cannabis oil in this candy bar, so you will be running with the bulls soon after consumption.

Total THC- 100mg Servings- 10 THC/Serving- 10mg


DADIRRI Orange Beltz Bubble Cone

Edibles have come a long way since making unmeasured brownies in your friend’s kitchen and hoping for the best, and LP Exotic’s Huracan Creme certainly gives evidence to this point. The coffee-like flavor chocolates give Ghiradelli a run for their money and make the consumer feel like they’re riding down the Las Vegas Strip in a luxury car on a beautiful day, which is a perfectly synonymous feeling with LP Exotics.

Total THC- 100mg Servings- 10 THC/Serving- 10mg


DADIRRI Lemon Garlic CAViAR Bitty Cones

THC- 33.255% Limonene- 1.84mg/g Linalool- 1.50mg/g Caryophyllene- 1.28mg/g



Do not be confused, these CAViAR Bitty Cones are infused, and much more powerful than the prerolls you are used to. The Lemon Garlic herb is a perfect afternoon flower to boost you up and power you through the rest of your day. CAViAR Bitty cones pack a wallop in a convenient size. Each cone is enough to share with a friend or two, and there are 2 in each package. I'm feeling chill and still lit 2 hours later. Good things come in two's.

THC- 51.576% CBG- 10.72mg/g CBD- 0.36mg/g CBN- 3.93mg/g Caryophyllene- 1.77mg/g Humulene- 0.80mg/g Bisabolol- 0.46mg/g

DADIRRI Skinny Minny Solventless Caviar Cones with Rosin & Bubble Hash

SACRED OIL Lemon Tree Cartridge

These days, if you don’t have an infused joint handy, you just aren’t a serious toker. For me, these skinny minnies might be miniature, but they are full size when it comes to taste and sensation. Be sure to make a list of things you need to accomplish, because after one of these cones, you’re going to need some guidance.

THC- 38.609% Caryophyllene- 5.50mg/g Humulene- 1.86mg/g Bisabolol- 0.94mg/g

SACRED HERB Forbidden Wilson Preroll SHWA

Sacred Oil created a portable 5/10 thread cartridge that provides a solid amount of pain relief and tranquility, noticeable after just a couple of long,slow draws. It tastes like lemon tree blossoms and keeps your mouth and breath fresh and clean. This cartridge should last a while, delivering about 80-100 hits before the Lemon Tree dries up. Battery sold separately.

THC- 76.86% Terpinolene- 10.91mg/g Limonene- 8.27mg/g Caryophyllene- 4.05mg/g

When you and the team need a safety meeting to get you through the rest of the day, this here fatty is the perfect liaison. Smooth in its delivery with resounding resolutions. You’ll all walk away feeling accomplished and ready to ride out the clock until you're free from the inescapable capitalistic slavery.

THC- 17.07% Limonene- 2.81mg/g


It’s the season of spices! Drag this exotic joint across your nose and you’ll immediately think of the holiday season ahead. Might I suggest starting your celebration early this year by spicing up your life with a couple of these sweet and tangy presents for your head.

Myrcene- 3.99mg/g Pinene- 1.69mg/g

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Reading LIT!

Suggestions for Stoney Reading Freaks By Shwa Laytart

Ministry: The Lost Gospels According to Al Jourgensen By Al Jourgensen In the dark universe of industrial music, there are few entertainers as enigmatic and influential as Al Jourgensen, the mind behind the iconic band Ministry. In his memoir, Ministry: The Lost Gospels According to Al Jourgensen, we’re plunged into an unfiltered, turbulent, and mind-bending journey through the life and times of one of music's most unconventional and irreverent artists. Al Jourgensen is a true Rock God, a fallen angel with more lives than all the world’s black cats combined. Jourgensen is no stranger to controversy, and this book is jampacked with near misses, near deaths, and unbelievable escapes that will have you doubting the stories ever occurred. Each chapter is a sprawling, chaotic, and visceral recounting of Jourgensen’s life, interspersed with anecdotes from the tumultuous history of Ministry and the industrial music scene. A nonstop rollercoaster of sex, drugs, and rock 'n' roll, with a heavy emphasis on the drugs. The memoir unfolds as a vivid mosaic of memories, reflections, and rants, depicting Jourgensen's notoriously outlandish personality. It's a bit like being stuck in a room with the man himself, as he fills you with stories that swerve from hilarious to horrifying. In his own words, "It's not a good story if no one's puking." Jourgensen holds nothing back. Each chapter is an unflinching recount of his personal battles with addiction, brushes with the law, and his complex relationships with bandmates, producers, and just about anyone who got in his way of making music and getting high. Throughout the book, we get a front-row seat to the birth and evolution of Ministry, as well as a backstage pass into Jourgensen’s drug use as he shoots up heroin, smokes crack, swallows all types of pills and washes it all down with Bushmills; while still able to produce and create music, which he usually has no memory of doing. Jourgensen delves into the creative process, the magic and heartache of recording albums, and the unpredictable chemistry that fueled the bands that he worked with. As he weaves together tales of debauchery and artistic brilliance, it becomes evident that the chaos of his personal life mirrors the chaotic energy that defines Ministry's music. The Lost Gospels also provides an intimate glimpse into the collaborative spirit of industrial music, detailing his relationships with (to name just two of a long list of musicians) Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails whom he and his bandmates enjoyed torturing when he was a young roadie and Gibby Hayes


of The Butthole Surfers, one of Jorgensen’s partners in drug crime. Jorgensen considered Hayes one of the craziest friends he has. Smoking crack in the passenger seat while Jorgensen drove a hundred miles an hour trying to evade the cops in Texas is just one of the many crazy times the two shared, all of which are in the book. Jourgensen is a hardcore progressive and unapologetically political, supplying us with his revolutionary thoughts on everything from government corruption to the music industry's pitfalls. The book takes on a more somber tone when it delves into the toll that addiction and a turbulent lifestyle have taken on Jourgensen's health and personal relationships. How Jorgensen is still alive is beyond even Jorgensen himself. The book becomes more than just a debaucherous rock and roll tale- it's a story of survival and redemption. Despite the chaos and destruction that Jourgensen documents, there are moments of profound clarity and introspection. His reflections on the impact of his music on fans, the counter-cultural movement, and the power of self-expression are inspiring and ‌profound. Not only was Jourgensen visited by aliens (more than once) he was also Timothy Leary’s drug guinea pig and, for a short-lived time, the guitar player for Divine. The Lost Gospels is not a book for the faint of heart, but neither is the music created by Jourgensen. This book is an unapologetically raw and uncensored journey through the life and times of a musical maverick who has left an indelible mark on the industrial music landscape, who continues to inspire generations of musicians and activists worldwide. Ministry: The Lost Gospels According to Al Jourgensen is an iron rod shoved straight through your main vein that excretes high octane fuel that will have your heart racing and your mind gasping for air. By far, the best rock memoir I have ever read. You don’t have to be a Ministry fan to enjoy this book, but if you are or you just like a twisted drug tale like no other, I highly suggest you spark up and kick back with a copy of your own. This book is definitely worth Reading Lit! You can pick up a copy of the Ministry: The Lost Gospels According to Al Jourgensen By Al Jourgensen at Avantpop Bookstore or online at

>>>> Lady Led Collabs returned to its community-building roots with a Lady Led Power Panel & Networking Night hosted at Cork & Thorn in September. The featured panelists were Maggie Presley of Summa Cannabis & Panna Extracts, Brenda Gunsalis of Sahara Wellness & Cannastarz, and Chamber of Cannabis leaders Hadhinah Felice & Deena Vallina. Their next event will be in December! Get all the updates by following them at @ladyledcollabs on Instagram! Photographer: JoVán Johnson - Unik

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>>> Irene Villanueva Cultivation Spotlight

Director of Cultivation Operations at CAMP

Irene Villanueva brings more than seven years of cannabis industry experience to her position as the CAMP Director of Cultivation Operations for The Source, a top-rated and award-winning cannabis dispensary with five Nevada locations. Villanueva joined The Source in 2021 and in her current role, she is responsible for overseeing cultivation processes from Nevada’s first solventless cannabis brand, CAMP. Villanueva’s vast experience in harvesting cannabis has given her the opportunity to grow within the industry and build a team of cultivators containing some of the premier experts in the cannabis field. She prides herself on leading through example and setting a standard of excellence in their garden. She and her team are meticulous through every step of the cultivation process in order to achieve the best results for some of the highest quality flower in the state. Committed to the role of leading The Source’s CAMP staff, while providing healthy and diverse options for cannabis consumers, Villanueva has nurtured a culture of passion for the medicine her team grows and the effects it can have on their community. As the director of operations, she continues to put an emphasis on consistency, care and innovation while cultivating premium flower at an accessible price point for customers. Additionally, Villanueva builds wholesale and retail product selections for The Source at the company’s grow facility. Prior to joining The Source as its post-harvest director in 2021, Villanueva served as the general manager for Las Vegas Cannabis. There, she garnered experience in quality control compliance as the company’s order processing supervisor and cultivation technician, honing her expertise in curing flower. Villanueva has maintained The Source’s high-quality processing standards


and intends to expand the company’s collection of award-winning products by bringing new, innovative strains to market. Her previous experience provides her with the opportunity to learn, experiment and determine the best way to cure various strains of cannabis for the customer. Villanueva was born in Culiacan, Sinaloa, Mexico and moved with her family to Southern California as a child. A graduate of Crafton Hills College with an Associate’s Degree in arts and business management. Villanueva is now leading a team of 40 cultivation employees. She is a three-time High Times Cannabis Cup

award winner, a three-time Jack Herrera cup winner, as well as cultivating Las Vegas Weekly’s Best Flower of 2022 and a third-place best cultivator finish in the 2023 Nevada Cannabis Music Awards. Villanueva is an avid nature lover, and is always in for a hike, kayaking or camping. She also enjoys painting and as a past life regressionist, reading about spirituality. Photo of CAMP 007 Up nug courtesy of CAMP

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Ask Sarah... Do you have a question about cannabis and wellness? We have the answers. Email your questions to

Hi Sarah, I usually never write to these things, but my family keeps telling me to try cannabis for my pain and truthfully, it makes me extremely nervous. I’ve used it when I was younger, but not in over 30 years. My question is, can it really help with pain and what type of cannabis products should I try if I do? Thank you. Sincerely, Rose


Hi Rose, Thank you so much for writing and I hope I can help. I can personally attest to the pain-relieving effects of cannabis. I use it daily for pain management and it helps me tremendously. Additionally, there are waves of research that solidify cannabis as a promising plantderived option to relieve many types of pains, often interacting with the same receptors as pharmaceuticals do. With that being said, I understand your reservations about the plant. There is a great stigma attached to it, and unfortunately not enough accessible information available for consumers. When you first try cannabis for pain management, I recommend starting low and slow. This way you can tell how the product will affect you, especially if the euphoria makes you nervous. If you are comfortable with smoking, try a strain with 15% or less of THC to begin. Take two hits and wait 15 minutes to see how you feel. Then continue as needed until the relief you desire is achieved. You can also use tinctures or edibles. When purchasing these, always let your budtender know that it is your first time so they can help you find the right product. Try a product with less than 5mg of THC a dose to begin. The effects are felt within 1 to 2 hours and can last 6 to 8 hours depending on the person. Ingestible products can offer a deep level of lasting relief throughout your day. If experiencing euphoria gives you too much anxiety right now, you can also avoid the euphoria altogether by using a cannabis topical, or hemp/cannabis product that has no THC. Both hemp and cannabis plants

have an array of cannabinoids that can offer pain relief, beyond Delta 9 THC, such as CBD or CBG. A high quality hemp tincture would be a great place to begin. And lastly, I want to share with you through the 100 plus research papers I have analyzed, I have discovered numerous benefits of cannabis and hemp, but no severe side effects. The best part about trying hemp or cannabis is that you have nothing to lose, but the symptoms that are causing you distress. The worst thing that can happen is you experience a temporary uncomfortable euphoria, and you may get really hungry. But the best thing that can happen is that you may be able to live a better life with less pain.

Hi Sarah, I’ve had back pain for many years and many days it gets too much to even think of anything else but the pain. What do you think I should try to alleviate some of my pain? Sincerely, Sick of this pain Dear Sick of this Pain, I appreciate you writing in. I also have chronic back pain and completely understand where you are coming from. Back pain can get overwhelming to say the least, and I hope we can help you find some relief. To begin, when you have high levels of pain or an array of symptoms, using multiple routes of administration is ideal to help manage the pain with plant medicine. A tincture, RSO, or edible is ideal for getting a consistent dose of cannabinoids throughout the day. They typically last 6 to 8 hours depending on the individual. When picking cannabis tinctures and edibles, avoid those with added sugar as we don’t want to add any more inflammation into the body. Depending on your injuries and pain, RSO may be the best option as it is the most potent ingestible available. Oftentimes, individuals with back injuries

require high levels of cannabinoids to obtain relief. Smokable cannabis products are great for breakthrough pain throughout the day. The effects are almost immediate, being felt in 5 to 10 minutes after inhalation. With cannabis flower try a strain that has myrcene, linalool, or caryophyllene. These terpenes offer a deep level of relief, combat inflammation, and can help ease muscle spasms. Lastly, a topical is great for targeted relief, offering support directly to the back. While trying products, try to keep a journal to help you find the best products for your needs. I hope you find relief in the near future.

Hi Sarah, I noticed my flower always has a THCA percentage? Is that the same thing as Delta 9 THC? Or does that mean it has even more THC than I thought?! Please help explain this. Rebecca Hi Rebecca, Thanks so much for writing in. I understand the numerous terms can be confusing and it makes sense as there are over 100 cannabinoids in hemp and cannabis. THCA is the decarboxylated form of Delta 9 THC. This means when we heat THCA it converts to Delta 9 THC. Your cannabis flower has both listed, as when the flower is initially tested it has predominantly THCA since it has not been heated. The small amount of Delta 9 THC listed occurs during the curing and drying process. Once the flower is smoked, it becomes the THC you typically hear about-Delta 9 THC. When trying to figure out exactly how much THC is in a product, refer only to the total THC amount on the label to make it easy.

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Trippy Treasures

A Psychedelic Gift Guide for the Holidays >>> BY JADEN RAE ideal introduction to the world of mycology. A harmonious mix of their standout Paddy Poo™ and Goonie Grains™ products ensures rapid colonization and abundant harvests. And the best part? It's an "inject it and forget it" kind of deal. I've always been a tad skeptical of all-in-one kits, but this one is the real deal. In fact, I’m currently growing a batch of Fiji strain (with genetics from Willy Myco) in this kit! Gift the magic of mushroom cultivation and let your loved ones embark on a truly transformative gardening adventure.

2. Spore Samples: The Beginning of the Magic

Disclaimer: We do not encourage illegal activity. Check with and adhere to your local laws. We do not claim psychedelics or plant medicine to be a substitute for professional medical care. Always consult with your doctor. The goal of this article is to promote entertainment, safety and education.

The holidays are fast approaching, and if you're anything like me, you're likely on the hunt for that perfect present for the psychedelic enthusiast in your life (or perhaps, a cheeky treat for yourself). Look no further! I've channeled my inner cosmic curator to present to you the ultimate psychedelic gift guide. From the essentials to the eclectic, here are nine trippy treats that promise to sprinkle a dash of magic into any psychonaut's collection.

1. Mushroom Grow Kit: A Gardener's Gift for the Psychedelic Enthusiast

Gifting an experience is often more treasured than any material item, and what's more memorable than the journey of cultivating magic mushrooms? For that friend who's fascinated by the wonders of psychedelics, Pacific Substrates offers the perfect present. Their Ready.Set.Grow!™ All-in-One Mushroom Magic Grow Kit, priced at a sweet $29.99, is an


If you're gifting the incredible experience of mushroom cultivation, don't forget the spores – they're the seed to the magic. I wholly vouch for Sonoran Spores, an Arizonabased treasure trove for all your mycological needs. Not only do they pride themselves on immaculate sterility—everything they craft is under the watchful eye of an industrial-grade HEPA filter and laminar flow hood—but their commitment to quality means your gift recipient is set up for success from the get-go. My very own mushroom journey sprouted from their spores, and for those new to the game, their “Beginner’s Kit” is a surefire winner. Packed with four strains that have proven time and again to be reliable growers, it's a gift that promises discovery, growth, and perhaps a touch of magic.

3. Gourmet Mushroom Delights: For the Edible Enthusiast

Know someone who's just as fascinated with the culinary world of mushrooms as they are with its psychedelic counterpart? Northspore's Organic 'Spray & Grow' Mushroom Growing Kits are an edible enthusiast's dream gift. This Maine-made, USDA-certified organic kit keeps it refreshingly simple: slice the box, give it a spritz, and in just 7 to 10 days, witness the magic of mycelium transform into delicious mushrooms. With options like Lion’s mane, pink oyster, golden oyster, and blue oyster, there's a tasty treat for every palette.

Fungi Fun Fact: Lion’s mane isn’t just an aesthetic delight—it's packed with brainboosting properties, making it a gift that's both fun to cultivate and beneficial for the noggin.

4. Psychedelic-Inspired Artisan Treasures: Jewelry & Beyond

Looking for a unique, handcrafted gift with a psychedelic twist? This holiday season, dive deep into the world of artisans and gift something that's got heart, style, and a touch of the cosmic. For your friend who's all about that mushroom motif, KittenArtCrochet's Mushroom Crossbody Bag is a standout pick. Each bag, hand-crocheted with care, isn't just a fashion statement—it's a tale of passion. And with options from bright pink to subdued brown, there's one for every mood. For home decor aficionados, ArtisanGlow's Mushroom Lights are sure to wow. Imagine a mini world of glowing mushrooms on a bed of moss under a glass dome, a perfect blend of craft and fantasy.

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And for jewelry lovers? GratefullyDreaming's Citrine Mushroom Crystal Necklace pairs the allure of citrine crystal with a electroformed mushroom design, making it more than just an accessory—it's a piece of wearable art.

5. Psychedelic Reads: Trippy Reads for the Intellectual Explorer

Looking for that mind-bending book gift? Dive into these psychedelic reads for the ultimate literary escape. Kick off with My A-Hole Fell Into a K-Hole by Whit Slorp. This chooseyour-own-adventure takes readers through a wild Christmas in New York, balancing festive chaos with unexpected twists. It's pure, unfiltered escapism. Heard of Brian Blomerth? It was Tim Ferriss who introduced me to his wonderful works. Bicycle Day dives into Albert Hofmann's accidental discovery of LSD in 1943. Blomerth's mix of vibrant art and riveting history brings this psychedelic milestone to life. And if that sparks curiosity, continue with Mycelium Wassonii. Delve into the captivating world of magic mushrooms and the pioneers who made them legendary. Gift one, or all, and take your book-loving pal on a journey that's as trippy as it gets.

6. Let the Psychedelic Games Begin: Puzzles and Pixels Got a puzzle enthusiast or a gamer in your life? Dive into these gifts, where psychedelia meets leisure.

My pal Krys got me hooked on the Ravensburger 1000 Piece Mushroom Jigsaw Puzzle. Lay out those pieces, and you’re in a vibrant fungi wonderland. Every piece is a splash of color, a story. And if they're up for a bigger challenge, the Psychedelic Mandala 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle is like piecing together a vibrant dream. Every fragment's a burst of intricate mandala magic. For the tech-savvy, there's Psychonauts 2. More than a game, it's a wild, whimsical universe. Play as Raz, and unravel mind mysteries with stunning visuals and compelling stories. It’s perfect for both the die-hard gamers and the curious newbies, and is available on Xbox One, Playstation 4, Windows and more.

7. DanceSafe Test Kits: Safety First, Always

For those who tread the vibrant path of psychedelics, safety is paramount. Enter DanceSafe—Berkeley's own guiding star for the rave and party community since '98. You've probably seen them at raves, those folks with booths sharing info about drugs or handing out leaflets about consent. That’s DanceSafe, with their heart set on one thing: informed safety for everyone.

8. Tibetan Singing Bowls: A Symphony for the Soul

If you've ever been lulled into a trance by the mesmerizing hum of a Tibetan Singing Bowl, you'll get why this is a must-have for a psychedelic toolkit. These handcrafted treasures produce rich, resonant sounds that feel like they're tapping directly into your soul. Why are they a top-tier gift for a psychonaut? Well, during a psychedelic voyage, our senses are heightened. The profound vibrations from the bowl can guide one's journey, leading to deeper introspection, relaxation, or even an immersive meditation experience. Plus, they're not just limited to trip-time; they're equally valuable for grounding after a journey or daily meditation practices. So, if you're aiming to gift a present that sings (literally) to a friend's spiritual side, you can't go wrong with a Tibetan Singing Bowl.

9. Microdosing Guide & Journal: Your Psychedelic BFF

Hello, next-level personal growth! Drumroll, please, for our very own creation—the Microdosing Guide & Journal. This bad boy isn’t just a book; it's your roadmap and confidante on the microdosing highway. Curious about why microdosing might just be the wellness trend with actual backbone? Our guide chapters spill the tea on its benefits and the brainy science bits—like kicking depression's butt. Wondering about sourcing safely or crafting a protocol? We've got you. Plus, heartfelt testimonials offer peeks into others' journeys. WIth this journal, you can track your doses, feels, daily doings, and see your evolution in real time. This isn't just a gift—it's a game-changer for any psychonaut. And there you have it—a curated collection of unique treasures perfect for this holiday season. Whether you're searching for that new-topsychedelia friend or the seasoned explorer in your life, this gift guide has something to light up their festive spirit. Because it's not just about the gift; it's about the thoughtful touch and the memories it will create. Happy gifting!

Jaden Rae is a Las Vegas resident and best-selling author of the Microdosing Guide And Journal. She hosts a free online community at and provides tools to enhance emotional well-being, find meaning, create magic, nourish souls and enrich lives.

Among their array of resources, the substance test kits stand out. Available directly from their site, these kits can discern different substances and even detect the lethal fentanyl. Whether you or someone you know dances in the psychedelic realm, gifting a DanceSafe kit isn't just a gift—it's an embrace of care, safety, and love. This season, it could be the most life-affirming gesture you make.

Jaden has been featured on the Today Show, The Early Show, Martha Stewart Radio, Fox Business News and more. You can find her on Instagram @magic.and.glow


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SIP, NIBBLE & TRIP How To Make San Pedro Tea *Author’s Disclaimer: We do not encourage illegal activity, nor the sale or trade of illegal substances. Check with and adhere to your local laws. We do not claim plant medicine to be a substitute for professional medical care. Always consult with your doctor. The goal of this article is to promote safety and education.

Last month, we dove deep into the world of the San Pedro cactus, getting to know its ancient history and learning how to approach its use with the respect and thoughtfulness it deserves. Remember all that talk about honoring traditions and treading lightly on our Earth? Keeping that spirit alive, this month we're getting down to the nitty-gritty and guiding you through the A to Z of whipping up your own San Pedro tea. I’ll teach you all about dosage and give you a step-by-step process for creating a brew that's as soulful as it is natural. So, stick around, as we embark on this exciting, hands-on lesson together. Your journey into the heart of San Pedro tea starts now.

Dosage and Preparation Tips for San Pedro Tea

Dosage: San Pedro potency can vary widely based on factors like the specific strain, growing conditions, and age of the cactus. Given this unpredictability, it's always advisable to start with the lowest dosage, especially if it's your first time or you're working with a new batch. Generally speaking, a 12-inch (30 cm) cutting of San Pedro is considered a moderate dose for most individuals. However, it's always best to start with a smaller amount to gauge its effect on you. Light dose: 6-12 inches or about 150-300 grams of cactus material, leading to a more subtle and potentially introspective experience. Moderate dose: 12-18 inches or approximately 300-450 grams, which is often the standard dose for a full but manageable experience. Strong dose: 18+ inches or 450 grams and above. This is for those who have previous experience and are seeking a more profound and potentially intense journey. Always approach with caution. Remember: Everyone's body and tolerance are different. The above is a general guideline. Start slow, and never exceed a dose you're comfortable with. Additional Preparation Tips: Some seasoned San Pedro enthusiasts choose to remove the skin of the cactus before brewing. They believe this step can reduce some of the bitterness inherent to the plant. However, this step is optional. Since you'll be straining the concoction anyway, leaving the



skin on might be easier and less time-consuming. If you do choose to de-skin the cactus, use a sharp knife and work carefully to only remove the outermost layer.

Safety First

As with any substance, especially psychedelics, there's the potential for interactions with medications. Before consuming San Pedro, ensure you're not taking: MAOIs (Monoamine oxidase inhibitors): Combining MAOIs with San Pedro could potentially lead to serotonin syndrome. SSRIs (Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors): Similar to MAOIs, there's a risk of serotonin syndrome when combined with mescaline. Blood pressure medications: Mescaline, the active compound in San Pedro, can affect heart rate and blood pressure. Other psychedelics or stimulants: Combining these can enhance effects unpredictably and increase health risks. This isn't an exhaustive list. Always consult with a healthcare professional before combining any medications or herbal remedies. Always embark on any psychedelic journey with caution, awareness, and respect for the substance. Ensure you're in a safe and comfortable environment and have a trusted individual with you if it's your first time or if you're trying a higher dose.

Onset and Duration of Effects:

Onset: The effects of San Pedro tea typically begin to manifest within 30 minutes to 2 hours after consumption, depending on various factors like individual metabolism, stomach content, and the specific preparation method of the tea. Peak: The most intense part of the experience usually happens between 2 to 4 hours after ingestion. Duration: The entire journey can last anywhere from 6 to 12 hours, with some residual effects possibly persisting for a few more hours. It's often compared to the duration of an LSD trip, though the nature of the experience is distinct. After-effects: It's not uncommon to feel after-effects the next day. This can be in the form of physical exhaustion, emotional sensitivity, or a renewed sense of clarity and purpose. Ensure you have no pressing obligations and can rest, reflect, and rejuvenate.

San Pedro Tea: A Natural Recipe for the Soul

Mescaline journeying is an intimate experience, and preparing your San Pedro tea from scratch can deepen your connection to the process. By avoiding chemicals, you're not just being eco-friendly; you're also ensuring that your tea is as pure and organic as possible. Let's get brewing!


• San Pedro cactus (approx. 12 inches or 300gr per serving; adjust based on desired potency) • Pure filtered water

• A fine mesh strainer or cheesecloth • Optional: Natural sweeteners like honey or agave nectar to taste (some find the tea's taste a bit challenging)


• Preparation: Remove spines with needle nose pliers or cut them off with sharp kitchen shears and wash the cactus thoroughly to remove any dirt or debris. Wearing heavy, leather welder’s gloves will help. • Keep the Green: Peel the waxy, translucent outer skin with pliers and discard, leaving as much dark green flesh as possible - this is where all the medicine lives! You can also cut away the pale inner flesh and discard, keeping the dark green layer. The pale inner flesh can make some people nauseous. Dice the green layer into 2” pieces. • Simmer and Stir: Add the cactus to a large pot, and add in 3x as much filtered water as the cactus. Bring to a gentle boil. Once boiling, reduce the heat to a simmer. Let the mixture simmer for around 3-4 hours. Ensure to occasionally stir the mixture to prevent any pieces from sticking to the pot's bottom. As it simmers, the water will reduce and become a conce trated tea. Ensure that you don’t run out of water while simmering, othe wise the cactus will burn. You should end up with about 1 cup of tea. • Strain: Once boiled down, remove the pot from the heat. Use your strainer or cheesecloth to filter out the cactus pieces, collecting the liquid in a separate container. This liquid is your San Pedro tea. • Cool and Store: Allow the tea to cool down to room temperature. If not consuming immediately, you can store it in a refrigerator for up to a week. When ready to consume, gently reheat or drink cold. For those sensitive to the taste, consider adding a natural sweetener. Note: As with all psychedelic substances, it's essential to be aware of dosing. Start with a smaller amount to gauge its effect on you, and always prioritize set, setting, and safety. Enjoy your San Pedro tea, and may your journey be enlightening! Jaden Rae is a Las Vegas resident and best-selling author of the Microdosing Guide And Journal. She hosts a free online community at, where she leads virtual grow-a-longs and provides tools to enhance emotional well-being, find meaning, create magic, nourish souls and enrich lives. Jaden has been featured on the Today Show, The Early Show, Martha Stewart Radio, Fox Business News and more. You can find her on Instagram @magic.and.glow

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NOVEMBER HOROSCOPES ARIES (MARCH 20 – APRIL 19) This time of year can feel like a drag for your physical health and mental state as the cold slows things down. Try not to have too high of expectations as it will only make things worse. Just take your time and do less efforting, even if you don’t feel like your usual excitable self. Heads up, November will bring some obstacles your way which could manifest as disagreements at work or a betrayal by someone close. Your intuition is strong and will guide you to realize who is your faithful friend and who not to trust. As Mars enters Sagittarius on the 24th, you’ll feel compelled to read and study subjects that you haven’t had the introverted motivation to explore before. We recommend a strong bong rip of the Ghost Train Haze by Nature’s Chemistry for a kick of energy when you need it! TAURUS (APRIL 19 – MAY 20) This November, you will find yourself quite motivated to make some changes in your life. A good place to start may be healthier habits, like taking better care of your body through exercise or paying more attention to the impact of diet. This is a great time to get creative with simple things like meal planning or home improvement projects. The new moon in Scorpio on the 13th is a great refresh for your goals. Just be cautious you’re not using this motivation to escape challenges that might come back around to haunt you if you don’t face them. Take time to rest and reflect around the 13th and you will feel aligned with starting a new path. A tasty pack of 100 mg Dried Apricots by Cannabella will help you chill and start you on your healthier lifestyle! GEMINI (MAY 20 – JUNE 20) You are a magnet for some interesting characters and find yourself in the prime position to make some new friends. These people will be beneficial to your future and may even create some unique opportunities for you! It feels like you have many events to attend and you are the center of attention. Your positive outlook attracts others your way. You’ll want to be very intentional with your words and actions to take advantage of the good fortune this month. You are feeling physically fit and emotionally stable so make the most of it! Just take it easy around the full moon in Gemini on the 27th as you’ll be feeling more chaotic during this time. Try a heavy hitter like the Fuze Chocolate Banana Live Rosin to stay in a good headspace.


CANCER (JUNE 20 – JULY 22) As a fellow water baby, the Scorpio energy this month is very motivating for you. You have an abundance of energy and find yourself able to manage twice as much as you usually do. Thanks to Mars in Scorpio until the

By Margaux Hansberry

24th, it seems your energy is endless and you have the patience to accomplish tasks you’ve been putting off for a while. Be careful that you aren’t pushing yourself too hard. A lack of sleep can build up and cause health problems. With the positives of Scorpio season also comes the negatives like increased jealousy and possessiveness. Taking time out despite your high energy is important to keep from jumping to conclusions. A relaxing strain like the MAC by Green Life Productions is the perfect option to detach from any harmful thoughts.. LEO (JULY 22 – AUGUST 22) Things feel at odds this month and you need to take more time to yourself to just chill. You have less energy than usual and don’t feel your best. You’ve been so outgoing the past couple of months that it’s caught up with you a bit. Don’t put pressure on yourself to perform and don’t make any significant changes. Stay cozy and protect yourself. You will need a lot of rest and relaxation, which makes it a great time to recover from such a busy year. It’s also a great time to treat yourself to a potent concentrate like the Citradella Sunset Sugar by Verano. By the time Sagittarius season is here on the 22nd, you’ll be warming up and feeling alive again. VIRGO (AUG 22 – SEPT 22) In November, you will crack the code to communicate effectively. You are speaking the truth but learning how not to offend people with the harsh realities you usually bring to light. This eloquence gains you favorable attention at work and your personal life. This month could bring about change with lasting long term achievements as you learn new ways to work with your talents and those you work with notice. You take center stage among your friends and everyone will want your sound advice that cuts to the chase. Mentoring others isn’t your only superpower this month, you’ll also be better than usual at comforting those you love. Celebrate with a pack of Wedding Mintz infused Packarillos that you can share while offering moral support. LIBRA (SEP 22 – OCT 23) Your affable nature continues this month which makes you a valuable resource to others who may not be feeling their best. You are very influential and have the perfect balance of honesty, understanding, and ethics to effectively handle any situation. Settling conflicts comes easy to you at this time and others appreciate how insightful you are. You are at peace and it shows. Despite having a strong impact on your inner circle, you are craving recognition at work as well. Not to worry, just be patient. The recognition you seek will be a pleasant surprise for you when the time is right, if you let it come instead of actively seeking it out. The Mango Disposable by Stiiizy is a 1:1 vape that will help the time pass if you’re feeling unappreciated by your boss.

SCORPIO (OCT 23 – NOV 21) It’s your season until the 22nd and you are in great spirits. Although your physical energy is low, you have an abundance of mental energy. You’ll find yourself going down many interesting rabbit holes this month and you have the mental acuity to dive into complex subjects that have proven difficult in the past. Since your memory is stronger than usual, it’s a good idea to learn something new. Others are impressed by your storytelling and it seems you know exactly what to say. Pick up a bottle of Pamos Spirit THC and CBD infused mixer to join you on your social outings for an extra good time. You are quick witted and entertain friends with a humor that comes naturally. However, you may come across as overly cynical to those you don’t know well. SAGITTARIUS (NOV 21 – DEC 21) In the beginning of November you will be feeling quite sluggish but as your season begins on the 22nd you will become more energized. Get some rest and gear up for your birthday! You aren’t missing out on much as the holidays are around the corner so you’ll want to conserve your energy. It would be a good idea to take a break from electronic devices. Social media can cause a negative psyche that feels draining. Going for walks in the park and spending time with those that understand you are healing during this time. We know you prefer to nurture others instead of yourself but try investing in your comforts instead. If you need help, smoke a 2.5 gram Head Cheese Infused Hemp Blunt by Packwoods and you won’t be able to help relaxing. CAPRICORN (DEC 21 – JAN 19) While most of the zodiac is struggling this month, you are thriving Capricorn! It’s the little things that make a big difference and you’re able to notice these things with an abundant appreciation. For once, you are feeling simply happy. No overthinking and no excess pressure to perform. You have a lot of physical and creative energy that inspire you. It’s been a difficult year and your perspective is shifting from frustration to acceptance. You feel balanced and capable. Surprisingly, you may even find that you want to treat yourself when you’re usually such a conservative spender. Go big with a half gram of the White Truffle Live Rosin by Reina, you deserve it! AQUARIUS (JAN 19 – FEB 18) Your mind is racing this month and you find yourself overthinking things to the point of no control. Being around people doesn’t help in the usual way. You won’t feel like spending time with others and may need to force yourself to change environments

so you stop your thoughts from spiraling. Don’t use people to vent to, instead try to distract yourself by the comforting fact that they exist. It’s difficult to focus on others when you’re feeling this way. You’re just having the end of the year blues in which you question everything that’s led you to where you are. You may need to take yourself on a holiday shopping spree to ignore your intrusive thoughts. Or try distracting yourself with a 5 pack of half gram Roller Pigeon Prerolls by Tyson 2.0 to help your thoughts take flight. PISCES (FEB 18 – MAR 20) November comes as a relief thanks to all the watery energy from Scorpio season. You are actually unbothered and nothing will get you down. It’s an ideal time to work on rebuilding relationships and reconsider the past through a fresh lens. It may have been difficult to get through before, but you have a warm heart for those who are close to you this month. Time with family is cherished and feels really good whereas in the past things may have been rocky. Try sharing a reflective preroll like the Dutch Treat Haze by Dutcheez while you reminisce about the good times. You are having a great month this month and even financial struggles seem to disappear. Helping others is one of your favorite things to do and there are plenty of opportunities to do so which puts a smile on your face.

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Cooking for a Queen

Photo: @th3rdiii_lens Follow Marnie & Angel on IG @MarnieMontroy @cookingforaqueen @angelroselle @1010sentuals

Cooking with Cannabis

with Marnie Montroy & Angel Roselle

CBD Infused Pumpkin Pie

and a Maple Whipped Topping

Preheat oven to 350 degrees while making crust. Mix all the ingredients in a food processor until it looks like wet sand. If your crust is too dry, add more coconut oil slowly until you get the right texture. You want to make sure your coconut oil is thick and not melted. Press the mixture against the bottom and sides of the pans and bake for 10-15 minutes until golden.


INGREDIENTS: 1 packet gelatin 1 (14 oz) can sweetened condensed milk 2 beaten large eggs 1 (15oz) can pumpkin puree (not pie filling) 2 tsp pumpkin pie spice 1-3 full droppers of CBD depending on the Brand and the dosage 1/2 tsp salt It’s the time of the year where we get those winter clothes back out, make fires and gather with our families and friends to give thanks. Angel and I decided to bring you guys a delicious yet healthy way to spice up your holiday. We put together this really delicious CBD Infused Pumpkin Pie that we topped with a Maple Whipped Topping. It is so yummy and easy to make that you will probably wanna make it for more than one occasion. We decided on CBD instead of THC so that everyone could give it a try even if they don't want to feel the high effects of THC, but know you could always substitute a THC tincture if you want. We hope you all enjoy this recipe. We are so thankful for you and as always, Bon Appetit my friends!


INGREDIENTS: 3 cups rolled oats 2/3 cup pecans 8 Tbsp coconut oil 6 Tbsp maple syrup 1/2 tsp salt (we prefer Himalayan) 2 Tbsp ground flax seeds PREPARATION:


PREPARATION: Gather all your ingredients before you start cooking, as it comes together really fast. Use beaten room temperature eggs and beat before adding to the mixture. Mix all your ingredients together Add your CBD last after you have removed the mixture from the heat. Then whisk until fully mixed Add filling to crust and bake at 350 degrees F for 15-29 minutes or until golden brown.

MAPLE WHIPPED TOPPING INGREDIENTS: 1 cup 35% cream 1/4 cup maple syrup 1 tsp vanilla extract

PREPARATION: In a chilled mixing bowl, whip 35% cream, maple syrup and vanilla extract until you obtain a nice and thick consistency.

Cooking with Cannabushi >>> An Infusion Series with chef chris rodarte What’s up all you Stoner’s and Stonette’s. This month I made something simple and easy. My friend over at Rokin Vapes, Mark Disney, handed me a bag of pears and requested Pear Butter. So what did I do? You guessed it- turned it into that AND more by infusing it!

Pack a Punch Pear Butter Ingredients:

5 lbs of pears 2 quarts water +/1 bag of confectioners sugar 1 bottle of maple syrup Cinnamon 5 Spice Ground ginger *Infusion Options* Infused sugars Infused syrups Decarbed rosin Decarbed distillate


First you want to peel, core and quarter your pears. Place them directly into the pot you will cook in. With some water to cover them. Hence the +/- of your water. Once you have them done. Place over a medium heat. Cook for 45 minutes or until they are slightly translucent. Add 1 cup of your sugar and 1 tablespoon of both ginger and cinnamon. Do this about halfway through the cooking process. Once everything is mixed thoroughly and pears translucent, strain your water out. (I saved and reduced this water.) Maybe, I’ll create a simple syrup later. Take your cooked pears and run them through a blender or food processor until an apple sauce type texture. Place back into your cooking pot. Keep on a medium heat. Instead of using a lid, use a microfiber towel over your pot unless using a gas stove. *Electric stovetops only.* This allows the sauce to stay in, and lets the water vapor out. While cooking, add ¼ cup of confectioners sugar and ¼ cup of maple syrup. Mix that together then add 2 tablespoons of cinnamon, 5 Spice, and ground ginger. Keep reducing until the sauce stays on your spatula or mixing spoon. Then she’s ready. Add your infusion materials while warm. Not hot or above the 250 degree threshold. As this will start to change your THC molecule. *distillate is ok but not an optimal choice* Once everything is mixed and homogenized. Place into your fridge and let it all “chill” together until you're ready to put it on your favorite toasts or so much more.

GOOD THROUGH 11/30/23 @avantpopbooks




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