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With veterans making up a portion of our staa and community, FloraVega would like to thank the brave Americans, past, present and future, who serve and protect our country. We strive to produce clean, quality medicine at an aaordable price for our veterans and ci civilians across Nevada. From the bottom of our hearts we thank you for your service. | Keep out of reach of children. For use only by adults 21 years of age and older

For use only by adults 21 years of age and older. Keep out of reach of children.

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Happy Thanksgiving! This month our cover story features the legendary David Crosby. Our Associate Editor, Jennifer Walker had the opportunity to speak with David about his upcoming Mighty Croz cannabis line as well as the role that cannabis has played in nurturing his creative side. Sitting in on the interview, it was refreshing to engage in a conversation with such a down-to-earth guy whose true passion for the plant really shined. I can't wait to see how the Mighty Croz brand develops and eventually hits the Nevada market. In this issue we also feature a spotlight on Solaris Farms where CEO Michael Sassano and his team are growing successfully in hybrid greenhouses. Solaris is quickly establishing themselves as one of the best cultivations in Southern Nevada. October marked the final Culture and Cannabis event for 2019 and it was packed. Check out the photo recap in this issue and stay tuned for details about upcoming Culture and Cannabis events. Later this month, the CBD.IO tradeshow returns to the Las Vegas Convention Center. If you are interested in learning more about CBD, please plan to attend. Vegas Cannabis will have a booth at the event and our readers can attend FREE by using promo code VEGASCANNA. Have an amazing month and enjoy the cooler weather!

Stephanie Shehan


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The Legendary “Mighty Croz” Opens Up About Creativity, Cannabis and the Future of Weed. By Jennifer Walker //// PHOTOS BY ANNA WEBBER

here are certain standout individuals who are synonymous with weed. The legends who inspired and invoke idyllic turntable memories of cannabis-infused moments in history, songs and artwork, poetry and protests. We hear stories about these legends, these pot pioneers that encouraged us to be free, stand up for our beliefs, and embrace the counterculture. We still walk among some of these figures and while the cannabis industry is changing, the sentiments remain generally the same. David Crosby (singer/songwriter/ musician, founding member of The Byrds, Crosby, Still & Nash and Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young) is embarking on his next adventure with the cannabis that he’s loved so well for decades. Thinking globally, the “Mighty Croz” brand hopes to change the way the world thinks about weed, and along with business partner Steven Sponder, is holding out for the ultimate cannabis collaboration with cultivators and companies who share their vision. But aside from the business of cannabis, there is the beauty of cannabis- the flower that inspires so much creativity and artistic productivity. Vegas Cannabis Magazine had the opportunity to talk with David Crosby about that very thing, and we were fascinated by what he had to say.

come up with any words at all, I write them down and sit down at the computer and try to see where the words take me…lyrics are always the hardest part. I do both of those things stoned, and I always have. I’ve been doing it that way for 50 years, and it seems to work ok

Jennifer Walker: Thank you so much for talking with us today! We wanted to ask you a little bit about creativity and cannabis and more specifically, how cannabis enhances your process or hinders it (if it hinders it at all) and what your general thoughts are on the subject

DC: I think a lot of people feel that way, but I don’t. I think it’s best to spend a long time sober if you’re getting off drugs, I spent 14 ½ years sober and going to meetings. And frankly, I don’t think until I’d done about 10 of those years that it would have been safe for me. I don’t think that you can just start smoking pot right away when you’re trying to quit hard drugs. I don’t think it’s a good idea, it’s best not to do anything. No drinking, no pot, nothing.

David Crosby: I believe it does help my creative process; there’s 2 ways- my normal writing thing happens in a pretty predictable way. We make dinner, family dinner, and then I go and build a fire, we have a fireplace in our bedroom…I build a fire, and then I take a guitar off the wall (I have a bunch of guitars in there, different tunings) and then I smoke a joint, or rather, I vape with my Pax 3, and then I pick up a guitar in a tuning and I start fooling around to see where it takes me. It’s a thing that I do almost every night at home- it’s one of my favorite creative processes that I go through. Anytime I’m high and I’m trying to create, if I


JW: I would suspect that in comparison, hard drugs hinder the creative process… DC: Yes, exactly, it’s the opposite- you do hard drugs, it slowly destroys you. It sets you up to come apart at the seams, and it kills your creativity. If you could graph it out, you’d see the increase in hard drug usage and the decrease in creativity… you can absolutely see the relationship. Of course, the minute I stopped doing hard drugs then, BANG! the creativity came right back and I started writing again. Pot seems to encourage creativity in my opinion. JW: There has been some controversy surrounding people who are in recovery from hard drug use (and sometimes, alcohol abuse) who seem to find comfort in a much more positive way with the use of cannabis

JW: Focusing on the positive aspects of cannabis usage, creating is one part of it, but also enjoyment is another part of itenjoying music, art, food, all types of great things… DC: Yeah, enjoying life! JW: Exactly! What are some of your favorite ways to enjoy cannabis and experience creative things?







DC: How it works for me is, I generally don’t smoke it in the daytime, I have stuff to do…a family, groceries, jobs…regular life stuff that I do in the daytime. I generally wait until the evening before I get high. It gives me a chance to get stuff done. When I want to unwind at the end of the day, that’s when it seems to work out the best. JW: I like it for sleep. I tend to be an anxious person and I have bouts of insomnia… DC: I have the same thing JW: Do you remember the first time that you explored a 12-string acoustic guitar, while stoned? DC: Yes I do remember it! The first time I saw a 12-string was by way of a guy named Bob Gibson, a folk singer back in the day, and he was famous for playing a 12-string…and he turned me onto it, and I really loved it. I took a 6-string guitar that I’d had and turned it into a 12-string and I still have it, it’s a stunner! JW: Let’s talk about your “Mighty Croz” brand a little bit- what your vision is, and what you have planned for teaming up with a grower or a cannabis company… DC: It’s a fascinating thing. Right now, there’s probably a thousand companies out there, all of whom think that they’re going to be GM next week. And they’re not (laughs)…they’re not going to make it. Just like the competitive car companies back in the old days who ended up fighting with each other and competing with each other, and get whittled down to just a few, that same process is going on right now with pot companies. We (Mighty Croz) are trying to talk to as many of these companies as we can and try to figure out who has the vision to see down the road what’s going to happen, and I believe that I know what’s going to happen. But we’re looking for a company that’s behaving in a way that will last a long time and be one of the companies that evolves out of this mess to be an International pot company. And they do exist, and hopefully WILL exist all over the world. We’re looking for the guys who run (actually, women, hopefully) who run a company like that, and it’s difficult. I think we all thought that celebrity brands would be a terrific thing, but it turns out that they’re much tougher than anyone thought. Willie did it well, Snoop did it well, but we’re looking at the longevity of the brands, too. It is going to happen, we believe very strongly that I can bring something, I’ve been a pot smoker for 50 years, I can be useful in this industry, there isn’t any question (laughs)…we just have to be patient until we find the right slot, the right people and the right way to go about it. We will find the right people who have the same long-range vision and who want to do this the way we want to do this, which is at a very high-quality level. JW: Here in Nevada, it’s been pretty competitive within the industry. We of course are looking at other states like Colorado and Oregon who seem to be doing things successfully. Canada and Israel are also coming into the industry, as well… DC: Israel is doing a lot of research. What I think is going to


happen is this- your tax money goes into the Federal government; a lot of health education and welfare money comes down a pipe from the Federal government to the state governments. That pipe has been constricted for a long time. Now this particular Federal government doesn’t want to send money down that pipe to people of color, or young people or old people or anybody except themselves! All these states who are having a hard time getting money to their people and are looking at Colorado and Oregon who can build a school, or a road, or a hospital today. And the reason why is because they have state-controlled tax money. Billions of it, and enough to make a difference! So based on that, my belief is that cannabis is going to go legal, even in states where they are posturing against it, because they need the money and they need it desperately. It’s not the right reason of course, the right reason is people shouldn’t go to jail for smoking pot, because it’s relatively harmless and a good thing. JW: You’re right, and we are calling the industry “the Wild West” out here in most of Nevada because it really is… DC: That’s EXACTLY what it is! They will overregulate because they want their own little taste of the goodies underneath the table. It’s nothing new though, we’ve seen this before with other types of businesses, I don’t think that the rules have changed. But I do think that if we’re patient it’s going to work out and cannabis is going to get legalized all over the country, and it will be legal to bank that money in the United States of America. JW: What do you think of this more modern way of identifying strains with terpene profiles and cannabinoid classifications? DC: I think it’s largely people in the dispensaries and cannabis businesses having fun. There’s nothing wrong with it, but it’s mostly important to find something that tastes really good to you, that smokes the way you want it to smoke and that gets you to the kind of high that you like. You should try a number of different types of pot to do that. But I don’t think that you can ascertain these crazy specifics like, “this is gonna want to make you paint!” or “this one is GREAT for sex, but nothing else!” That’s kind of just inventive fun, but I don’t take it very seriously. JW: You grow your own crops, right? How does that work? Is this at your home? DC: Oh, it’s so much fun! It’s such a beautiful plant and they’re so much fun to raise. My wife and I wake up, we make some coffee, and we go out in the early part of the day before it gets hot and we’ll be out there working with the plants and we love it. It’s FUN! JW: That’s fantastic! So what is your favorite way to consume cannabis? Are you into edibles, concentrates, do you vape? DC: Basically, what I like to do is take flower and put it in a PAX 3 Vaporizer. I like the taste of the flower. We do also make edibles, we make ginger snaps, my wife makes the best ginger snaps you’ve ever tasted in your life, and it definitely helps you go to sleep.

JW: To circle back to the creativity portion of this conversation, I wanted to ask you if you have any specific memories or a really special moment that comes to mind when you were enjoying cannabis…maybe an album you were listening to, or a fantastic concert where you were smoking and it really resonated with you. Anything come to mind? DC: (laughs) How about all of ‘em?! JW: Care to name any names? DC: Well, like I said, I’ve been doing this for 50 years. All those records that you heard like Crosby, Stills & Nash, and Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, The Byrds…all of those? All stoned. I made them all stoned, I wrote ‘em stoned, I sang ‘em stoned and then we performed them live stoned. All of ‘em, every single one! That’s a bunch of good music that didn’t seem to be harmed by cannabis at all. JW: Perfect! I must admit, I got to see you and your Sky Trails tour show a few weeks ago here at Red Rock and it was fantastic. Admittedly, the audience was enjoying cannabis that night!

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DC: Good! That’s an absolutely wonderful thing to hear. For more information and updates on the Mighty Croz brand, please visit or email

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your oasis is at home







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f you’ve ever watched the last season of Narcos, you might think growing in a desert like the Mojave would be normal. But four years ago when Solaris was conceived, not many desert areas were growing vegetables, let alone cannabis. The abundance of sun, low humidity, and low contaminates matters less when faced with the challenge of how to beat an environment unfriendly to many plants and animals. Today, most large growers are beginning to realize the cost savings and benefits associated with hybrid greenhouses in the desert; however it takes a special skill to be successful in growing top shelf flower in one of the hottest places on Earth to supply the demand of one of the hottest cannabis markets: Las Vegas. Las Vegas is home to some of the most unique grows in America because it is the marketing mecca of cannabis. Being successful in Vegas requires making world class genetics that become premium bud; this means they test consistently above 25% THC, above 30% cannabinoids, and have the right terpene mix for customer satisfaction. The


>>> entire industry is transitioning to greenhouses from the underground indoor style, and those growers that cannot, or will not, adapt are getting priced out of the market by hybrid greenhouses that have the most reduced costs of production. Here is the breakdown of a very complex style of growing and the mechanics to building the only logical design: a hybrid greenhouse. Firstly, it's important to take advantage of the abundance of sun. Why would anyone choose not to use the natural powers of the Vegas sun? It is rarely cloudy in the desert. Utilizing the power that is right in front of you cuts down on the use of resources like electricity. Secondly, the dry environment of the Mojave, which averages about 8% rainfall a year, is conducive to evaporative cooling, which has a significant cost savings on electricity usage. Those two factors alone reduce electric bills from anywhere between 50% to 90% depending on your mechanicals. At the 90% savings mark, you would be using open air evaporative cooling, and because of the low contaminates in the Mojave Desert, a good IPM program will work well for

passing flower. Because of the serious lab testing environment required by Las Vegas and Nevada, a better solution is a closed loop evaporative cooling system which recycles the inside air. The third point- a greenhouse is more economical to build then a warehouse since it is only steel and polycarbonate. They are definitely more economical than converting an old warehouse. With all of these savings, you can concentrate on making the top genetics possible, which is no small feat, but all that Vegas will accept. Since growing cannabis in the desert using hybrid greenhouse is high-tech, growers need computer efficiency on top of a horticulture background including serious knowledge of cannabis strains. Just because a genetic grows well in California or any other area, doesn’t mean it will grow well (or adapt to) the Las Vegas environment. In fact, any new genetic to a region becomes different. So, starting from many seeds and having a precise breeding program and phenotyping mapping is the only way to constantly turn out superior genetics.

Since cannabis never existed naturally in Las Vegas, this process was a costly experience that most never envisioned and only the brave have undertaken. Now, Vegas is home to a variety of great growers turning out all kinds of bud, and brands making every kind of product with it all. But the hybrid greenhouse is the only tool for creating great bud and producing enough of it to compete at any price level, despite large taxation in the locality. The more advanced your greenhouse is, the better you should be able to control the environment. Las Vegas is pushing the limits with the hottest tech and genetics. Solaris Farms was the first ground-up built hybrid greenhouse in Las Vegas, and after over one and a half years creating its own genetics, has a full menu of top strains that rival smaller indoor grows. We have the ability to undercut competitors to gain footholds in dispensaries and now are one of fifteen grows that can


deliver consistent size with highest quality. The final phase build out to add 300,000 sq ft of an even newer design is six months from the start, and about one year from opening. But in the meantime, Solaris’ buds and branding will continue to improve and will be one of the top grows in Nevada for the foreseeable future.



Michael Sassano is the Founder and CEO of, a high-tech desert hybrid greenhouse in Nevada. Primarily, Mike has been an early stage investor and partner in many grows, brands and cannabis companies which were public, later went public or were sold to public companies. Three years ago, he invested, designed, built and manages one of the largest scale hybrid greenhouse projects in Nevada. When fully built out by 2020, Solaris Farms will be approximately 350,000 square feet of an advanced high tech desert hybrid greenhouse. His vision of the industry, inside depth of investment knowledge for companies in the cannabis space, and happiness to share with others has helped him to get world wide exposure. And he has a deep vision for the pharmaceutical markets of Cannabis in EU.




happenings 1


Planet 13

PURC COFFEE RICKETY CRICKET Visitors to Planet 13 now have the option of grabbing a coffee at Purc Coffee Shop or sitting down to enjoy a pizza at Rickety Cricket Cafe. And best of all, they are open 24/7, giving both locals and out-of-state visitors the ability to take a break, enjoy a bite to eat and shop the dispensary all in one visit. The combined footprint of the coffee shop and pizzeria is 4,500 square feet with the ability to seat between 130 and 150 patrons. The pizzeria is operated by award-winning Arizona restaurant and craft brewery chain Rickety Cricket. Rickety Cricket operates three locations in Arizona and has won multiple awards for its pizza, including 2nd place in the world at the International Pizza Expo in Las Vegas.

Planet 13 is located at 2548 W. Desert Inn Road in Las Vegas. For more information, visit www.


CBD.IO, the largest wholesale CBD tradeshow in the US takes place November 22-23 at the Las Vegas Convention Center and is now open to the public. The tradeshow will feature the latest scientific innovations, educational seminars, speaker series and a wealth of products and brands. TICKETS ARE FREE FOR VEGAS CANNABIS READERS! ENTER PROMO CODE VEGASCANNA

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By:By: Janelle Johngrass, Founder Know Mommy

Last month I had the privilege to speak at the monthly Las Vegas NORML meeting on the topic Cannabis use in Motherhood. Las Vegas NORML is the local Las Vegas chapter of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML). They are a grassroots nonprofit organization working to educate the local community, reform marijuana laws, and protect responsible cannabis consumers in Las Vegas and greater Nevada. If you aren’t involved with Las Vegas NORML or have not attended their monthly meetings I highly suggest everyone who reads this to get involved and go! Their organization and the volunteers who work for them are a huge reason we have the cannabis laws and rights we do in Las Vegas and Nevada. After the meeting, I had many people come up to me and not only thank me for speaking about this topic, but share their personal experiences being a cannabis consuming parent in Las Vegas. Every single person I spoke with shared how cannabis helped them in so many ways but also struggled with the fear that came along with using it and the stigma that they experienced from family, friends, co-workers, etc. Some even shared their experiences with CPS being called because they tested positive or their babies tested positive after giving birth in the hospital and the negative impact that had on their lives. These are not experiences from 5, 10, 20 years ago. These are recent experiences that are still happening today in our city. I left that meeting knowing more than ever that even though we have come a long way, and are so fortunate to live in a recreational state, we still have a long way to go before parents and mothers feel 100% safe and protected using cannabis in their lives. The work is not done. The stigma is still there. This is such a huge reason I am putting a call out to all Vegas Cannabis readers to get involved with local organizations like Las Vegas NORML and helping break the stigma; be open about your cannabis experiences with those you love and people close to you. To women and parents reading this that want to use cannabis, know that myself and others are putting in the work to have laws passed that fully protect all of us from anyone feeling they have a right to threaten us or take our children because we choose to turn to the earth’s medicine for support.




>>>Holistic or Illicit? Cannabis and CBD products have become the newest commodity in the holistic world. Is this the new way of seeking comfort or are the people who are turning to natural methods being mocked and criticized by their peers? Going Vegan, meditating, and yoga practice is becoming more widespread while others believe in older traditions. It is hard to ignore the fact that meditation and yoga have been practiced generation after generation in many parts of the world. Being able to control your mind and body is an art on its own and being in pain can prevent the relaxed state needed for healing. Benefits of meditation include self-awareness and emotional health though most use it to relieve anxiety and stress. According to U.S. News “The United States is the most depressed country in the world” (McPhilips, 2016). Americans are so stressed out that individual states are actually ranked according to stress levels! (McCann, 2019). Meditation, exercise, and change of diet may not be enough to ease these daily tensions; cannabis can fill that void, ease pain, and help restore you to a better frame of mind. Our physical and mental health depend on each other. When that balance is offset it becomes hard to change our lifestyle and get back to a good state. This is where cannabis use can come in handy! Smoking the raw flower is the safest way to experience the natural euphoria of the plant without getting too “high”, while other methods like dabbing concentrates and ingesting have seen increased popularity. Cannabis strains range from content and sleepy, indica dominant, to energy boosting and alertness, sativa dominant. While this is common knowledge in the cannabis industry, the era of seed breeding has produced more cross-strains then we can keep up with. No matter the strain, it is best to always start small and increase as needed until you find a comfortable tolerance level. Smoking and ingesting have become a popular method with seniors, as well. Research shows that seniors using cannabis have experienced less pain, better sleep, and are enjoying their golden years a bit more! Many states have already legalized cannabis, either medical or recreational, and as of December 2018, hemp has been legalized on a federal level. Unfortunately, the grey lines between state and federal government is still prevalent. Cannabis and CBD have not yet been approved for use by the FDA making it hard to set clearer laws and restrictions. But that doesn’t mean it is bad! According to the National Council for aging care “Just because a large government agency hasn’t approved medical marijuana as a proper medical treatment does not mean that the plant itself doesn’t have medical benefits, especially for seniors!” (, n.d.) Ingesting cannabis concentrates, like edibles, also carries positive benefits but can produce a heightened effect that lasts much longer, due to the use of high content concentrates. Edibles are the easiest way to overly ingest and make yourself feel sick.


Ingesting anything in abundance can cause us to become ill, even water. If this happens, CBD works as a THC inhibitor and can help bring you down to a more comfortable level. So, here we are- we’re using cannabis, doing yoga, meditating, eating Vegan (or mostly), and feeling less stressed. Our dayto-day tasks are becoming easier to complete, we are sleeping better, and our facilities are, or should be, intact. Then, all of a sudden you realize that not everyone is on board with your new lifestyle. Your peers may begin to question your cannabis use, your friends are still looking to party on the weekends, and you may feel like you’re not fitting into the same old circles anymore. In the case of seniors, we have heard many distressing stories about spouses, neighbors, and children taking a strong stand against their use of cannabis, in any method. Cannabis use with yoga can be beneficial to both the mind and body. It can help alleviate pain, help stretch muscles and promote a more active lifestyle, overall. Websites like have free guides on how to pair them for maximum benefit, while other websites like highly suggest you stay away from cannabis altogether. While these contradictions can be frustrating, a new mindset and a new lifestyle may require a new circle of more like-minded people. So many people are hopping on board with the holistic lifestyle that it has become rather easy to find others with similar interests. At the end of the day, we should be doing what makes us feel better in order to promote our own quality of life, without judgement. Some people choose to have a drink or two at the end of the day without being judged so if cannabis is legal in your state then the same should apply when we smoke a joint (or two!). After all, life is subjective. There will always be people who do not approve of our choices, or even understand them; in my experience, these are the ones who need the most education on the topic. Try to get them educated if possible and proudly share your testimony with others! It is important that we are honest about the new things that work for us, whether they are accepted by everyone or not. My dad used to say “The only person that likes change is a wet baby.” There are websites like that offer free education on CBD, including what questions to ask when you are buying it. A quick Google search about THC or CBD will show you the vast opinions on this plant and its benefits. It is up to us to feed our bodies the nutrients it needs to stay, or become, healthy. Christine Watkins is the Owner, Founder, and CEO of Medicated Nation. She is a writer, a successful entrepreneur, carries 2 advanced business degrees and is a survivor of the healthcare industry. SOURCES: McCann, A. (2019). Most & Least stressed cities in America. Retrieved from, McPhilips, D. (2016). Top 10 Most Depressed Countries. Retrieved from https://www.usnews. com/news/best-countries/articles/2016-09-14/the-10-most-depressed-countries.

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Prevention With Plants t’s easy to say, “Eat your fruits and vegetables!” to bolster your immune system. But, what if most of the produce we eat is tainted, genetically modified, or grown in soil laden with toxins and water with an equally damaging profile? More than 25 years after the groundbreaking film Erin Brokovich was released, telling the story of an entire town’s water source chromium contamination and the subsequent cover-up for decades, Brokovich reports on her website, the carcinogenic chemical can still be found in water supplies of more than 200 million Americans in all 50 states, with Oklahoma, Arizona, and California measuring with the highest levels. In 2008, a survey done on 120 brands of bottled water in the U.S. some years ago found high levels of heavy metals, pesticides, and assorted toxins, including the plastic from the very bottles the water was sold in. By 2016, the Harvard Gazette reported that unsafe levels of a variety of toxic chemicals were found in the drinking or tap water of 33 states. When our water is tainted, our soil reflects the contamination, making the phrase “you are what you eat,” self-evident.


Nell Newman, Co-Founder and CEO of Newman’s Organics, had been eating clean and organic in her hometown of Santa Cruz, California for more than 20 years, when she decided to have a toxicity analysis done via blood work. The tests showed she had DDT, PCBs, and a termite pesticide in her system, prompting her to support wildlife organizations in an effort to protect them. Biologist Rachel Carson warned us with her whistleblowing book Silent Spring prompting the U.S. to ban DDT on American soil, with the Clean Air and Water Acts of 1973-74 shortly following. But the damage had been done. DDT was not water soluble and was used as a pest deterrent on all our produce from the late 1930s until shortly after Carson’s book hit the stands in 1969 – after some 30 years of contamination. If we are bombarded by toxins via land, air, and waterways, how can we strengthen our immune systems when everything around us is tearing them down? When the toxins of the world that we’ve created by our own hand begin to kill us, the only answer is to get back to the garden – the place where all of our biological systems should have been strengthened to begin with. How do we do this? In my mind, we get back to normal by ingesting plant-based concentrates of the superfoods that were put on this earth for us.

Eating Clean Isn’t Enough We already know that a plant-based diet creates homeostasis in our bodies, an environment where infection and cancers can’t grow. We also know (per studies) that if you up your intake of fruits and vegetables for just two weeks, you’ll turn around chronic depression. But what of the toxins found in organic produce? For the past seven years, since putting breast cancer into remission and doing away with pharmaceuticals with cannabis oil, I’ve ingested the strong cannabis concentrate each night for sleep and prevention. I have no doubt that there had to be toxins in some of the batches – and from the plant material I’ve sourced myself, since.



So how have I escaped toxic shock or, cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome, from assumed concentrated poisons in the mix? I’m no scientist, and I’m certainly not a medical professional, but my personal theory is that there are so many medicinal compounds in cannabis and the other plants I’m ingesting on a daily basis, that the benefits outweigh whatever toxic substances I’ve been subjected to. Without the plant concentrates in my diet, even if I had an amazing diet of the cleanest foods I could find, it’s safe to say I might still be dealing with a myriad of symptoms. I once battled with Thyroid Disease, combined with menopause, chronic pain, sleeping issues, depression and more. I would probably still be on the upwards of ten prescription medications and supplements cannabis replaced. Some say, cannabis and plants don’t work for everyone – but they couldn’t be more wrong. Plant-based remedies work the same way for all of our biological systems, the difference is, we each have different lifestyles and diets dictating how our bodies respond to various remedies. Typically if there is a fail, it’s due in part to the patient lacking faith from years of demonization of not just cannabis, but plants in general.

A Plant-Based Life There are recipes on my website for alcohol reductions and simple infusions you can make at home for daily dosing. Following are a few suggestions on how to up your daily dose of beneficial plants.

Nighttime Dosing

Taking a dose of either whole-plant cannabis concentrate or CBD (cannabidiol) at night aids in sleep, but it also heals while you sleep. It also prevents infections, combats inflammation and subsequent pain, lowers blood sugars, and keeps cancer cells from reproducing.

Daytime Dosing

Morning routines often include medicating with cannabis via smoking, vaporizing, or taking a small dose of CBD or THC activated remedy, depending on your preference. From writing this series I’ve found that most successful cannabis patients are consistent in their daily dosing. The goal is not to be wasted for the day, but to achieve your needed dose to quell whatever symptoms you are dealing with, and to prevent against illness. Juicing cannabis leaf is highly beneficial. You don’t need a juicer, you can put a handful of leaf in a smoothie each morning. Throughout the day patients find they might need to top off a 10 to 15 milligram medible, taken every three to four hours, via smoking or vaping, which is perfectly normal. Smoking cannabis raises the efficacy of whatever else you are doing by upwards of 25 to 30 percent, per a study. In this respect, ingesting small amounts during the day can save you money in flower and smoking concentrates. This is referred to as the entourage effect, when smoking, ingesting and topical use of


cannabis can all come together for greater relief and healing throughout the body. The entourage effect also works with other plant-based deliveries when added to a cannabis protocol. I use fresh herbs daily from the garden, and purchase them whenever I see them at the market. I also infuse fresh herbs into my drinking water daily – especially in light of the water contamination situation. This practice was not part of my daily routine prior to discovering cannabis. Cannabis was my gateway drug to all healing plants, with my main focus now on how many plants I can incorporate into my diet, daily. That sprig of parsley on your plate in a restaurant is not there for show. Parsley is another superfood with a myriad of benefits, including help with digestion and fresh breath. Eat it!

End of the Day Chill

Many patients have shared that their end of the day partaking has more to do with coming together with friends than a focused effort on medicating – but, really, it’s all the same. The good news is, whether you are medicating or recreating, your endocannabinoid system is being fed, whether you want to feed it or not. Others use their end of the day routine for quiet time, to unwind from the responsibilities of the day and reset. Mothers and fathers especially like that time to bond with their mate once the kids are in bed. Many have also admitted to replacing alcohol altogether with just cannabis, stating it’s made them better parents, as they can relate better and focus more on their kids using cannabis than drunk on booze. Wine moms especially are crossing over to the greener side, becoming weed moms for health and well-being. This writer has replaced her alcohol with tonic, infusing cannabis and other beneficial plants in the mix in a cold-process, without the THC activated. The negative effects of the alcohol are quelled, lessening any chance of a hangover, as most beneficial plants do away with the inflammation that causes headaches and upset tummies the following day. That said, everything in moderation, as I only enjoy one or two cocktails at a time; and the bong rips are typically limited, waiting in between each one to feel the effect – though I’ve been known to indulge. Hey, no one’s perfect. My path to plants was not of my making. Much of this life is found on a winding path we can’t see the end of. One thing is certain, plants are now part of my daily dose for life. Seven years this October (2019) of replacing pharmaceuticals with cannabis, and doing away with breast cancer – with no surgery or chemotherapy needed. I can honestly say, I don’t get sick like I used to. Flus and colds are limited to fatigue and bronchial issues, lasting no more than a few days – with no trace of fevers, body aches, or infections. I don’t think that’s a coincidence. My mantra has become, “It’s time to get back into the garden.” Find your own path back, whether it’s with cannabis or other superfoods, make plants your gateway to happiness and health, and well-being.






Welcome back everybody to another exciting edition of the Nevada Hemp Industry Report and Review. This month I will be focusing on the early hemp harvest here in Nevada. Whoever said "Farming hemp is easy" was wrong! I was blessed enough to be able to visit many hemp farms of Nevada and to meet so many hard working hemp farmers- some I'm meeting for the first time and some I've gotten pretty close to, real friends over the past 5 years. All are very good people who are doing the hardest work in the hemp industry outdoors in the scorching heat of Nevada's famous blazing summers, all day everyday for 5 or 6 months! I have said it before: Nevada hemp farmers are some of America's toughest hemp farmers! "How hard can it be? Just throw some hemp seeds on the ground and water 'em." Huge rewards come with a successful crop of "Grade A" smokable hemp. Millions of dollars on 100 acres is possible; I've stood in these fields and they are beautiful, every plant plump with massive, sticky colas. One year will be unbelievably successful into the tens of millions, then the next year is a different story. This year we saw everything from soil borne disease, every 20-year grasshopper plague that wiped some farmers hemp crops out, late planting, extreme heat, poor planning, cross pollination and inexperience all resulting


in either lower than expected yields or complete crop failure. Hemp farming is not easy and anybody thinking they're going to get rich quick will be sadly mistaken. Another one bites the dust...literally.

Success is possible!

There are only a few ways to legally make millions of dollars in such a short time. This fact alone brought out some of the most inexperienced first time farmers America has ever seen, those dollar signs in their eyes quickly turning to tears as their substantial investment of time and money curls up and dies with their doomed hemp crop. On the opposite end, I've seen some of the first time hemp farmers (like Don Blunt and his lovely wife Vanessa of Blunt Farms located in Smith Valley, Nevada) hit a home run. 160 acres and 10 different varieties of America's finest hemp strains are now safely harvested and drying and curing in Blunt Farms stateof-the-art processing facility in Yerington, Nevada. A huge building that is a testament to modern American ingenuity. This season overall was a successful one. Time will tell exactly how successful with the wholesale price of CBD tumbling along with the prices paid for biomass hemp. A lot of farmers are counting on the popularity of smokable hemp to grow dramatically as the word gets out on this exciting new hemp industry.

Have any questions, comments, ideas or suggestions? Please feel free to contact me at or check out the website at until next month SMOKE NEVADA HEMP!






As we enter 2020, good design has never been more important to business success. Over the past 10 years, people have become aware of design almost on a sub-conscious level because products just look better, thanks to companies like Apple, Nike, Target, and Telsa who make design a top priority. Good design makes for a dramatic first impression, helps set you apart from your competitors, solves problems, and increases brand awareness and the bottom line. Ask yourself if your brand is... • Making a strong first impression and is memorable • Standing out from the competition, attracting attention • Solving problems (yours and your customers’) communication ideas, improving user experience • Increasing business • Connecting you to your customers If your brand is falling short in any of these areas maybe it is time to reevaluate your strategy. Whether you are starting a new business or are overdue for a brand refresh to keep up with the times, it is important to reach out to an expert with years of experience that can guide you through every step of the process. Chronic Infusion has been designing brand experiences that move people for years. With a deep-seated commitment to delivering innovative solutions and stellar design experiences, they have built long-lasting client relationships with big-hitters and hometown heroes alike. For more information call Victoria Hart 702/521/3113 or visit or





Chef Garza CHEF GARZA: When cooking with cannabis you'll need to be careful with dosage. There's a big difference between a pleasant edible experience and a very unpleasant one. VCM: How is creating infused dishes different than creating regular dishes? CHEF GARZA: The difference would be that with infused foods, I need to be more conscious of how I am going to infuse the foods. The mathematics behind the dosing make it more difficult than cooking regular dishes.

We recently had the chance to sit down with Chef Garza to find out why he became a chef and why he loves to infuse with cannabis. He offered a few tips to readers looking to infuse their own dishes and he was kind enough to share his recipe for cannabis-infused chicken made with City Trees’ 1:1 Orange Cream Distillate.

time now.

VEGAS CANNABIS MAGAZINE: Are you a trained chef or self-taught?

VCM: Why infuse with cannabis?

CHEF GARZA: Yes I am a trained chef. I attended the art institute of Las Vegas. VCM: What led you to the culinary industry?


CHEF GARZA: My Mom inspired me to be a chef. She's been in the industry for a long

VCM: Do you work as a mainstream chef? CHEF GARZA: No I tried it but it wasn't for me. I worked for restaurants, hotels, catering companies for years and now I want to do my own thing...a new wave.

CHEF GARZA: Fine food and fine cannabis were meant to be together. On their own they are enjoyable. But together the are amazing. Cooking with cannabis goes far beyond brownies and gummies. VCM: What challenges have you encountered with infusing?

VCM: Have you done infused gigs? If so, what does that entail? CHEF GARZA: Hell yea! I did a few with DOPEDINING, DTLAJOSH, TheCollectorsDin, and DAGOODVIBES. All different and unique in their own way. Smokable fun events. Some dinners I microdosed, full course dinners expressing the culinary arts. Others dinner parties did not infuse the foods, rather paired with flower and concentrates. VCM: Are you a Las Vegas local? If not, where are you from and what brought you here? CHEF GARZA: No I'm from California. The restaurant industry brought me to Vegas- I was a young, passionate cook. VCM: Are you looking to work in one of our licensed cannabis facilities?

CHEF GARZA: Absolutely! I want to bring my knowledge in Food and Beverage and Hospitality to the cannabis industry. VCM: Who/What inspires you? CHEF GARZA: I look at food differently than when I was younger. I do everything now for one person - Brielle Calirose, my daughter. She has taught me more than any chef. VCM: Favorite dish to make? Favorite dish to infuse? CHEF GARZA: TACOS! VCM: Any tips for our readers who want to infuse their own dishes? CHEF GARZA: Think of cannabis as a spice. VCM: Tell us about the recipe we are featuring in this spotlight. CHEF GARZA: A rustic, family-style whole chicken served with roasted butternut squash on an elegantly plated dish, drizzled with 1:1 orange cream distillate by City Trees, topped with crunchy herbs and spices. VCM: What do you like best about Vegas? CHEF GARZA: I love the diversity. The art, the vibe, the culture. VCM: Anything you would like to add? CHEF GARZA: Food is a huge passion of mine, and cooking with cannabis and the different cultivated flowers,flavors and foods are always interesting to me. It's been a blessing to work and collaborate with everyone!

Whole Chicken, Giblets and Neck Removed from Cavity INGREDIENTS 1/4 C unsalted butter 3 T olive oil 1/4 cup white wine (OPTIONAL) -- use a dry wine like a Sauv Blanc or Chardonnay 1 lemon, halved Salt and freshly ground pepper, to taste 2 T fresh chopped parsley and thyme 4 garlic cloves, minced 1:1 orange cream distillate by City Trees 3 fresh whole rosemary sprigs DIRECTIONS Preheat oven to 430째F | 220째C (400째F or 200째C) Line a baking tray with foil, or lightly grease a roasting pan. Pour the olive oil, melted butter, wine (if using) and the juice of half a lemon over the chicken, under the skin and inside the cavity. Season chicken liberally on the outside and inside the cavity with salt and pepper. Sprinkle over the parsley. Rub the minced garlic over the chicken, mixing all ingredients together over the chicken and under the skin. Place breast-side up into baking tray or roasting pan. Roast for 1 hour and 15-20 minutes, basting half way through cooking time, until juices run clear when chicken thigh is pierced with a skewer. Baste again, then broil for a further 2-3 minutes, until golden. Remove from the oven, cover with foil and allow to stand for 10 minutes before serving. Serve, drizzled with 1:1 orange Distillate by City Trees, with pan juices and remaining oranges half cut into wedges or slices.

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Dear Mary Jane, Fall is my absolute favorite time of the year, especially in the Las Vegas Valley. The beastly hot summer is over, and I am thankful for the fact that it will be at least another seven months before it starts to get hot again. My favorite holiday has always been Thanksgiving, as I have much to be thankful for. How about you? What are you grateful for, Miss Mary Jane? Terminal Turkey Hound

Dear Turkey Hound: I, too, really appreciate fall. It’s not that living in Vegas when it is north of 110° outside isn’t wonderful, but I enjoy the fact that I can walk from my house to the local attractions and not melt! However, November has more to offer than just comfortable temperatures- it is the official start of the holiday season! Gratitude is synonymous with the Holidays, especially Thanksgiving, so I can certainly understand your question. What am I grateful for? Many, many things, from my publisher to my editor, to my friends and family. But weedistically speaking? Well, primarily that the state of Nevada has been forwardthinking enough to legalize marijuana, which means that I don’t have to take my life in my hands when I am going to buy some product. I am also grateful for the fact that there are currently multiple methods available for THC consumption, from flower to vapes to edibles to tinctures and beyond. “Smokin’ a phat blunt” is all very well and good, but not everybody wants to smell like a Cypress Hill concert. However, if I had to choose which marijuana modality for which I am most thankful, I would have to choose the vape pen. So why would an old-school, joint-rolling, vintage stoner like me prefer this new-fangled device over other methods of consumption? As I have commented in the past, I am nowhere near patient enough for edibles. I can’t tell you how many times I have gotten sick because I was too impatient to wait for the brownie or cookie or whatever the hell I wolfed down to metabolize properly and just kept eating. Dabs are great, if you don’t mind losing the better part of a day to their charms. And

flower? Obviously, flower is where I got my start. Do you know what I have noticed? It still has a very, very strong smell. If you are smoking a joint, anybody within 50 feet is going to know about it. And that is fine. It is legal, at least to a point. But, again, I don’t always want to smell like I just got off a Phish tour bus. The vape pens that I like are strong and stealthy. Stealth is important to me, sometimes, at least. I saw “It: Chapter Two” baked off of my ass. Don’t even get me started on Disneyland while buzzed! All of these things, and more, are possible with a vape pen. However, my love goes even deeper than that. Do you remember a few paragraphs ago when I made a comment about going to a dispensary and not taking my life in my hands? I didn’t just mean to buy product. As of this writing, the country is losing its shit entirely about this whole vaping thing. 12 people have died so far, and their departures are all somehow linked to vaping. Kind of. It turns out that underground THC vape products seem to be at the root of most of the problems. Hey, I gave up cigarettes back in 2013, and an e-cigarette is how I did it. What REALLY aggravates me is the fact that 500,000 people per year die from cigarette smoking, yet they remain as available as oxygen, while 15 vape-related deaths are causing a national panic. So it goes. As a country we tend to be extremely reactionary, yet we have short memories. One way or another, the vape thing will play out. Maybe that is what I will be most grateful for this Thanksgiving: I can experience the news without having incessant vape warnings shoved down my throat. Get it?





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The “Cannab-Esq.” Chronicles A Legal Perspective for Cannabis Consumers

Happy November everyone! As you wrap up celebrating Halloween and start throwing out (or donating) all of your leftover candy to make room for turkey and stuffing, make sure you don’t go overboard and accidentally throw out any from your stash of specially-medicated edibles! I’m not much of an edibles guy because usually either they aren’t strong enough and have minimal effect on me, or they knock me the f*ck out. I must say though, I recently tried some BaM chocolate-covered pretzel bites and they are definitely worth trying. I ate a handful (ok, maybe two handfuls) and they had me sitting on the couch getting lost in hours of documentaries on Netflix while I continued the snack-fest on my kids leftover Halloween candy! Speaking of Halloween, Governor Sisolak did a little trickor-treating of his own and dropped the hammer on Nevada marijuana establishments after a string of reports on falsified laboratory results, tainted weed, and underage sales at dispensaries. As I wrote last month, Nevada’s marijuana establishments slipped up and allowed some bad weed to be sold to consumers. In response to that and other not-so-stellar news, the Governor announced the creation of a task force made up of law enforcement and state regulators to investigate Nevada’s marijuana establishments. While the Governor didn’t give too many specifics on the actual makeup of the taskforce and exactly what they will be doing, I’m sure more information will be coming out in the coming months. I support the Governor’s decision to create a taskforce to look into these budding issues. If Nevada wants to continue striving to be the best state for everything cannabis, we need to make sure our industry is being properly enforced. We cannot allow tainted/moldy weed to hit the shelves. Not only is it extremely unsafe, but it’s a sore mark on everything we fought for when we voted to legalize cannabis in the first place. One of the most widely-used arguments for legalizing recreational cannabis was that it would result in safer cannabis consumption vis-à-vis having everything tested in a laboratory. But if we can’t trust the labs to give us accurate testing results and weed out the bad bud, who can we trust? It’s not like the state itself has given us much confidence in how the industry is being run, especially after this summer’s blockbuster legal hearings alleging unfairness and outright favoritism in the awarding of new marijuana establishment licenses. The lawsuit is still making its way through the legal system, but the allegations are alarming and the early court rulings seem to show that there was at least some funny-business going on at the state level while handing out the new licenses.


Nevada’s marijuana industry was also in the national media a bit in the past couple months related to – you guessed it – sketchiness in the marijuana establishment licensing process. If you have been following any of the chaos surrounding this Trump/Ukraine stuff, you probably saw that four foreigners were recently arrested for campaign finance violations related to donations made to Republicans Adam Laxalt and Wesley Duncan in the 2018 elections for Nevada Governor and Attorney General. The foreigners intended to apply for marijuana establishment licenses in Nevada and other states using foreign funds. Since their plan didn’t come to fruition until the marijuana establishment application deadline had passed, these guys knew they would need some political favors in order to get their coveted licenses. Hence, the donations to Laxalt and Duncan. Luckily, neither Laxalt nor Duncan won their races. Regardless, the fact that foreign political influence has been trying to slither its way into the Nevada marijuana industry is just another reason the Governor’s task force is a good idea. With all the aforementioned issues and hiccups plaguing Nevada’s marijuana industry, the state announced in midOctober that it was extending its review period for cannabis regulatory activity related to the transfer or sale of marijuana licenses. While the state tries to figure out how to better follow its own rules and regulations, it has decided to indefinitely halt the processing of existing and new marijuana establishments licenses. This means that – at least for the time being – Nevada’s burgeoning marijuana-license marketplace is coming to a grinding halt. Hopefully the state takes action quick and gets better policies in place in order to ensure transparency and fairness. This is something that needs to be looked into – and resolved – right away. I want to end this month’s article with a quick shout-out to Valerie Lynn and VL Fine Crystals (Instagram: @VLFineCrystals) for the ballin’ Swarovski Crystals-covered Raiders helmet! If any of you know me, I’m a huge Raiders fan, and this helmet was the perfect addition to my collection of Raiders gear and memorabilia. If you want to add some wow-factor to anything, hit her up. She has some amazing art pieces and I assure you could make your bong or dab rig look out of this world! #StayWoke Las Vegas! Follow me: IG: @Cannab_Esq FB: @MitchellSBissonEsq



>>> T & T MEET THC here had been a steady stream of people leaning in and rummaging through, examining weight and price per pound. But how fair, really, were the choices being made? Assessing firmness, shape and plumpness through the plastic bags in which the turkeys were encased, seemed akin to shopping blind. With each browsing customer there arose a fluttering of hope for those patient waitees, who like orphaned children, hoped today would be their lucky day.


Trent couldn’t believe his luck when set in the cart next to Tina. Well, it happened. I didn’t want to leave the farm but they took me anyway. Then, when I finally get comfortable in this cooler, I’m kidnapped again! What about all my friends? Tina, you pissed off everyone back in the yard. Then in no time, went on to irritate pretty much everyone here. You have no friends. Besides, how can you not want to go? We were bred for this! It’s exciting! You go ahead and be excited, you old coot. You’ve always felt kinda bad about not being able to put on weight like the other Toms. I’ve heard you crow about not knowing if you would ever be of use. Too small to be part of any sausage, dogs, tenderloins or even deli meats. Now look at you. On your way to . . . where do you think we’re headed, Trent? We’re going to a real home with a real family. You and I are to be the centerpieces of their Thanksgiving table.

This afternoon was the busiest yet. The receiving line of prospective buyers was non-stop, causing Trent to freeze in anticipation. It wasn’t until days end that a smallish woman stopped by. Instead of flinging the “butterballs” from side to side she carefully relocated them, lifting and inspecting those that caught her fancy. Trent felt her hand lightly rest upon his back. Pick me, pick me, he repeated, as though chanting a mantra. Instead, her hands extended over him, landing on another, smaller bundle. Oh no you don’t, I’m not going anywhere. It was Tina, the eightpounder. The fact she weighed in at eight pounds wasn’t uncommon. What was uncommon was her fiery attitude. Even the chilly temperature of the refrigerator, where they currently resided, couldn’t cool her Latina-like passion. Back on the farm, the other turkeys knew not to mess with Tina. Whenever she deemed something or someone was in her way, she didn’t think twice about flapping them with her wings. It was a less than subtle and frequent warning to those unfortunate enough to cross her path. No, no! Put me down, put me down! Tina’s pleas were ignored as, clunk, she was plopped into the cart. However, the small woman didn’t turn to leave. Instead, she continued looking through the cooler. Two of us? She’s getting two birds? She’s reaching for me!


Trent and Tina were placed on a conveyor belt along with other items purchased for the same occasion. Placed inside a small, dark compartment they bumped along for what seemed like hours. The compartment would open, with Trent and Tina being shoved over to make room for more bags. Trent was so thrilled at being chosen, he didn’t even mind when two large gourds rolled over, smooshing him into Tina. Finally, they stopped and were carried into a large and airy room. Then Tina and Trent were separated into two individual pans and placed inside a smaller refrigerator. Nervous, Tina’s voice warbled: I thought you said we were going to a real home with a real family. We’re just inside another cooler. The following day the bags of dark red cranberries sitting above them were removed. When they returned, the fridge erupted in exhilaration. The berries had been transformed into a thick, sweettart gelatin. The sweetness of sugar, the earthy scent of cinnamon and brightness of orange zest permeated the air as they were nestled next to two pans of pasta. The next day, Trent awoke to the noise of more items being moved around. Hopeful this meant something good for him and Tina he crossed his legs for good luck. Alas, three pies were placed on the top shelf. One was pumpkin; sleek and shining with nary a crack in her surface, the other; apple. Chunks of Granny Smith, suspended in a mixture of brown sugar, cinnamon and almond extract, her crust meticulously cut and woven in a crisscross pattern. The final pie stood tall and proud, peaks of white airy meringue, with brown-tinged tips dipped down as though bowing to the queen,

a canary-yellow filling beneath. Trent and Tina hadn’t been at the market for too long but had quickly learned desserts are considered prima donnas of the meal. As Tina began calculating her escape, she and Trent were removed from the fridge. Trent didn’t want to alarm his friend, but actually knew very little about the Thanksgiving experience. Of course, he’d heard rumors but was unclear about the logistics of it all. Then he spied two picnic coolers in the corner of the kitchen. Tina, I think I know what’s next. What? The big bath, Tina! We’re going into the big bath! Few were the fowl who hadn’t heard about the big bath. A private hot tub, filled with aromatics, promising excellent taste and tender, moist meat. Well I’m not taking plunges into anything today. Tina, have you forgotten? We’ve known about the bath since we were just poults. That esoteric-like experience in tepid water with healing salt, and a combination of dried herbs and spices. We just hang out and float. Before she could further protest, Tina’s wrapping was removed and she was lowered into one of the prepared baths. Trent could hear murmurings, Oooh, Trent. Oh, this does feel nice. Next, Trent’s wrapping was removed, there was a good slap on his back then, splash! Into the sea of seasonings he went. Wait, lady, you didn’t take out . . . . After twenty-four hours of relaxing sensory deprivation, Trent and Tina emerged plump to bursting, like two supernovas. Each was given a good rinse then set on individual trays. The small woman reached into a cupboard gathering a variety of spices and dried herbs; salt, pepper, garlic and onion powders, cumin, cayenne, paprika and chipotle. After patting her dry with towels, the woman applied the blend to Tina’s skin. Ouch, oh, ow. What’s with all the man-handling?! Hey, don’t pull on my legs like that! Tina’s internal temperature was rising. Trent did his best to explain the rubdown was adding a punch of flavour no other bird would dare dream about. He urged Tina to just go with it. Right when he thought he had talked her off the edge, he heard: Hey, no need to reach in there! Tina! She’s finally remembered to remove the bag of giblets she left inside of us! We still had our pouches of parts inside our cavities when we went into the big bath. Thank goodness! I once heard a story about a bird who got cooked with his innards still inside! The humans all sat in horror when his bag of private parts fell out right onto the table. Horrible. In no time, Tina was completely coated, inside and out, with a CajunCreole blend of spices congruent with her personality. She was to be cooked outside over coals on the grill. Winking his goodbye as she was carried outside, Trent turned. Barely able to contain his enthusiasm, he spied an arrangement of garden-fresh herbs; parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme. There was a dry herb, one he

didn’t recognize, finely ground, almost as light and fluffy as sage, but with a more unctuous odor. The woman began rubbing Trent with a softened, greenish toned butter; Canna-butter! He’d heard of it but never in his wildest dreams did Trent think cannabis would become part of his reality. After a deep-tissue rubbing of Cannabutter mixed and the addition of all the herbs, a fresh bouquet garni and halved orange were placed inside his cavity. Trent was ready for a slow roast in the oven. Just then he heard Tina. Trent! Can you see me out here? I look and feel so good right now! Yes, I see you. And oh you do, girl! You look good. Those red feathers you wore back on the farm have been replaced with a fiery red mixture of spices that have you looking hot, hot, hot! Yeah, and look at you Trent! You’re quite the Tom. Before they were carried to the dining-room, Trent was lightly dusted with Kief. When finally set on the table the other dishes clattered in applause. Tina was brilliant in her bold aromatic rub, catching the eyes of both the garlic-smashed potatoes and the mapley-sweet potatoes. Are you Medicinal? asked the sweet potatoes. I don’t think so, answered Tina. Think again, sweetheart. That cayenne, paprika, cumin and garlic rub you’re wearing is a plethora of Medicine, declared the gravy boat. I don’t have any Medicine incorporated into me, pouted the green salad. You don’t need any, replied the baguette. Your better halves, vinaigrette and green goddess are heavily infused with a nice hybrid. Like you, I’m not Infused, but those bowls of butter are. And they’re going to slather every slice of me! Mmmm, mmm. How about you, stuffing, anything extra? Yup, CBD. Lady of the house gave me a few drops of top-grade tincture. Us too! chimed in the Cranberry relish bowls, we’re down with CBD! Don’t forget me, added the casseroles of pasta. What are you, if I may ask, inquired Trent. I saw you in the fridge but didn’t recognize your ingredients. We’re Lasagna. This family is Italian pasta is always part of their Thanksgiving meal. Are you Infused? asked Trent. Oh yes. Our noodles, sauces and our fillings are Infused. We’re a trifecta of Medicine! We’re usually the table standouts, but this year, it looks like that honour goes to you, Trent. Trent, the small and humble turkey, now realized his many months of breeding had prepared him for this specialized meal. His belief that he’d never amount to anything was wrong. Today, Trent’s clear juices oozed with pride. He was not only the star of this Thanksgiving table, he was Medicinal.



ONE TO TWO DAYS PRIOR TO THANKSGIVING, in a clean cooler add: 1 gallon warm water, 1 lb. kosher salt, ¼ cup black peppercorns, 6 cloves fresh garlic, 4 bay leaves, 1 cup granulated sugar, 5 lb. bag of ice.

PROCESS Allow brined turkey to rest at room temperature for about 30 minutes. Meanwhile combine melted Cannabutter w/chopped fresh herbs.

Remove wrapping and bag of giblets from bird, rinse under cool water and gently place in cooler. Close lid and leave alone.

Rub the bird, generously, inside and out with herbed Canna-butter mixture. Be sure to gently lift the skin where you can, without tearing it, and smoosh some Canna-butter beneath the skin. Save 1/3 of this mixture for basting. Season with salt and pepper.

Check cooler periodically, to see if additional water is needed. Bird should be completely submerged. Day of; Rinse brining solution off bird, pat dry. Oven @ 425 degrees INGREDIENTS 3 tablespoons kosher salt 8 ounces unsalted Canna-butter – melted 4 tablespoons each: fresh flat-leaf parsley, thyme, sage, rosemary – chopped + additional whole herbs placed inside a piece of cheesecloth and tied closed w/kitchen twine 1-2 cups chicken or veggie stock, low sodium (we Infuse our broth/stock) 2 large yellow onions, peeled and quartered 4 large carrots, peeled and rough chopped 4 celery stalks, trimmed and rough chopped 1 large lemon, halved Kief Salt & pepper

Tie legs together at the ankles with twine, tucking wings under breasts. Place chopped veggies into bottom of roasting pan, or on top of roasting rack inside roasting pan. Don’t forget to oil the RACK . Place bouquet garni (bag of fresh herbs) and halved lemon inside cavity. Place bird, breast-side up in pan. Place in oven and roast for about 60 minutes. Add 1 cup of stock halfway through to prevent scorching. After 1 hour, reduce heat to 350 degrees, baste with Canna-butter, add more stock if needed and return to oven. Continue roasting, basting occasionally, until inserted thermometer registers 170 degrees in thickest part of the thighs. When done, remove from oven, loosely cover with foil and allow bird to rest for 20-30 minutes. Lightly dust with Kief and serve!





The Vapor Wars Vaping is the current generation’s marijuana. No, I’m not talking about the act of vaping marijuana/THC/CBD, which is addressed succinctly by my dear friend Mary Jane elsewhere in this issue.

Originally, I was going to write this column about Thanksgiving and being grateful and all of that, but this current vape bullshit that is afflicting our society like a recalcitrant former lover who just won’t go away is really, really pissing me off.

I’m talking about the vape-related moral panic induced by fear and ignorance that is currently gripping this country like a lover’s embrace...if that lover was Ted Bundy or Jeffrey Dahmer, that is. Ever since I was a kid (ten years ago), there has always been somebody trying to tell me what to do. I mean, I totally got it and all, at least when I was a pup; it was my parents who taught me the importance of avoiding a hot stove or not playing “treasure hunt” in the cat’s litter box. The younger we are, the more guidance we require to successfully negotiate our way through life. Older folks supervising younger folks is how we pass along knowledge to the next generation. I smoked tobacco cigarettes for 25 years, starting when I was in the Army. My liberation date from tobacco was July 4, 2013 (it had an agreeable symmetry to it). I had tried to quit many, many times before finally tasting success. I used the drugs, hypnosis, sunflower seeds, anything that seemed like it might work. I discovered electronic cigarettes immediately prior to my farewell to tobacco, and I have not smoked a cigarette since then. Hooray for me and all of that, but without my e-cigarette, I would likely still be smoking Marlboro Lights to this day. In the words of Tommy Lee Jones’ “Agent K” in the first Men in Black, “A person is smart. People are dumb, panicky animals.” Truer words are seldom spoken, especially with regards to our current national vape crisis. Originally, I was going to write this column about Thanksgiving and being grateful and all of that, but this current vape bullshit that is afflicting our society like a recalcitrant former lover who just won’t go away is really, really pissing me off. Let me count the ways. Researchers have a saying: correlation does not equal causation. Just because Factor A occurs alongside Factor B does not mean that Factor A is responsible for Factor B, nor vice versa. Car accidents caused by drunken drivers are not caused by the cars.


a patient's perspective

By Peter Jay

Pure CBD Oil

Understand? Although the two are associated, it does not mean that one is directly responsible for the other. Intoxicated people who drive are the problem, not the cars themselves. Whether you call them “e-cigs” or “vapes” or “Mother’s Little Helpers”, they all work in the same way. Product, being nicotine, THC or “other”, is heated until it transformed from a liquid to a gas (known elsewhere as “steam”) and the resulting gas is inhaled by the user. Simple, right? I mean, what could possibly go wrong with such a simple process? As it turns out, apparently plenty. In my experience, what mankind touches, mankind destroys, and this is no different. When I purchased a vape pen at a local dispensary, the label on the pen tells me every single component contained in that device. Now, imagine that your friend Bill, Ted or Randy (there they are’s been a while) makes their own juice out of God knows what, you hit it all the way down to your toes, and then it turns out that the vitamin E suspension used by your friendly chemists are turning your lungs into popcorn. I guess what really bothers me the most is that everybody is making such a business out of a statistically insignificant amount of vape users who have had problems, up to and including death. Hey, full disclosure, as of this writing 12 people have died from the syndrome. In the time it has taken me to write the last sentence, 12 people have died from firearms. Make a big deal out of nothing much, vape haters? Ultimately, I believe it comes down to people wanting to tell us what to do. As I mentioned at the beginning of this column, that privilege has been reserved for my parents. OK, and my wife. I believe that big tobacco, alarmed at losing so much money these past few years still has more governmental support then I would have thought, but that is a conspiracy theory for another column. Happy Thanksgiving! 702-250-0123






CURATED BY Bill Shehan with assistance from


Shwa Laytart


Jenn Zenn


Stephanie Shehan

Dispensaries CAMP Zipliner Solventless Rosin Cartridge


No need for a tuxedo, song or dance. No need for a catchy one-liner. Nope, not necessary with the Zipliner, but you get one included anyway… If Found, Get Lost. That sums it all up. This cartridge is like an expensive pair of sunglasses. Set either one down for just a second, and you will lose it. Up until now, you’ve probably been miserable because you’ve had vape cartridges with botanical terpenes. Well, not anymore. Get back to CAMP, grab your solventless rosin vape and enjoy a night under the stars.

THC- 52.2% CBGa- 1.53% Caryophyllene- 54.9mg/g Terpinolene- 19.3mg/g Myrcene- 19.0mg/g


FLEUR LA Confidential


This strain originated in Los Angeles and was originally called LA’s Finest, an inside joke about the LAPD. The joke was that the police spent more than 5 years trying to get their hands on it. The patient that had this strain was so careful and paranoid that he only had 2 dealers that he sold it to, and anyone that asked too many questions about it was cut off. No soup for you! The most ironic part of the story was that one of the original 2 connects was actually deep undercover, and was working on a much larger case. He wore a wire for years and never prosecuted the grower because he needed the job for his MO. He was killed in the line of fire, and when the LA’s Finest grower saw the news, he attended the funeral to pay his respect. He ended up sitting next to a retired police chief, and that day learned that the undercover cop actually protected the illegal grow operation in many ways, so he changed the name to LA Confidential. Good story huh? It’s all bullshit, but this strain deserves a wise tale. It’s the shit.

THC- 27.08% Caryophyllene- 6.29mg/g Humulene- 4.27mg/g Limonene- 2.95mg/g

FLEUR Grape Monster


This monster of a flower is named after its distinct grape aroma. When it comes to tasty buds, Fleur never disappoints and when it comes to trimming those nugs, they are true masters. Each bud is covered in red hair and crystallized leaves. You will never find over-trimmed flower when you purchase from Fleur, and Grape Monster is an excellent example of this. This strain does produce a certain amount of cottonmouth, but that could be because you’re so relaxed and pain-free that your jaw is dropped open for far too long. So be sure to have a little grape drink handy and let the monster in you chill-out for a bit.

THC- 26.73% Limonene- 3.9mg/g Caryophyllene- 3.8mg/g Myrcene- 3.3mg/g






Vegas Cannabis, you are too good to us. You bring us the highest quality magazine articles covering all the hot-topics in the cannabis industry with the best photography and graphics, the BEST! You’re reviews are always on point and filled with witty and poetic verses. Now what do we have here? No-till living organic soil grown 1.8 gram hybrid flower mini-joints? Vegas Cannabis, you are too good to us! If there is a leader in this ocean of cannabis chaos, Vegas Cannabis, you are the one mag leading us to the light.

THC- 20.274% Caryophyllene- 12.34mg/g Myrcene- 7.27mg/g Limonene- 5.49mg/g Linalool- 1.54mg/g Bisabolol- 1.02mg/g

CANNDESCENT Connect Oil Cartridge

COWBOY CANNABIS Cherry Gummy Barrels

The great thing about these gummy edibles is that they taste like actual gummy candy. Authentic flavors in cherry, apple, root beer, cola and even two sugar-free options (cinnamon and citrus sunrise) offer a well-rounded variety for even the most discerning cowhand. Not only are these gummies effective, but they are delicious, especially the cherry ones! Shaped like barrels reminiscent of secret stash saddle bags from Old Mexico and Southwestern cowboy days of yore, but they pack a cannabis-infused punch that leaves you enlightened and lifted. The horseshoe adorned Cowboy tins are collectible and easy to manage. Have gummy, will travel.

COWBOY CANNABIS Citrus Sunrise Gummy Barrels

I’m a sucker for packaging and it is one aspect of the cannabis industry that is seriously lacking. So I was extremely excited to see Cowboy Cannabis’ Citrus Sunrise lucky horseshoe container. A simple, yet eye-catching design. The horseshoe is up, so you know it holds all the luck, which, being sugar-free means you’re the recipient of the booty inside. Each little half-barrel is a light citrus sunrise in your mouth. If I’m going to introduce someone to gummy edibles, this the coolest and tastiest gift I can think of. Hats off to Cowboy Cannabis!

THC-113mg/tin THC- 11.3mg/barrel

THC- 102.9mg/tin THC- 10.29mg/barrel

CANNDESCENT Charge Oil Cartridge JENN

If you’re the type of person who likes to turn on, tune in and drop out, an even keeled, lighthearted hybrid-like strain like CONNECT will get you in the zone. Recommended for social hangs or special moments, this is the type of experience you want to share with those you love. A hefty caryophyllene profile provides soothing effects for anxiety and stress, as well.

THC- 81.834mg/g Caryophyllene- 10.46mg/g Limonene- 8.62mg/g Linalool- 4.81mg/g




If Canndescent’s recommendation is to “take a run, power up or hit the town” after consuming this vape cart, then the best way to summarize the experience is after having done just that! The sativa-like effects of the CHARGE variety provides enough get-up-and-go to help you power through a laundry list of errands without making it feel tedious. More like, elevated. The high limonene profile in this variety particularly makes for a pleasant taste and an even feeling- nothing jittery or overwhelming. An enjoyable way to spend a busy day.

THC- 84.437% Limonene- 11.19mg/g Caryophyllene- 10.42mg/g a-Pinene- 4.88mg/g





TRYKE Dutch Treat Haze

TRYKE Animal Face


When I see any flower by Tryke in my review bag I get giddy as a gorilla. I just cracked open a jar of Dutch Treat Haze and my office smells like a tropical fruit arrangement was just delivered. Speaking of gorillas, these nugs are rock solid and dense like a gorilla’s knuckle or a gorilla’s uncle, depending on the gorilla. Just a chunk of a nug will get your bong a-bellowing with smoke. You’ll be beating your chest in no time.

THC- 27.93% Myrcene- 3.56mg/g Caryophyllene- 0.87mg/g Limonene- 0.42mg/g

TRYKE Orange Zkittles THCa

Yeah, grrrrrr-ind up these spicy nuggs, and lower your brow. I ain’t playin with you. I’m serious now. Can’t you see that I got my cleats laced up tightly, and my eyes painted black? Time to attack, Animal Face is back! Hurry, hide all the snacks. Turn out the lights. The party’s over. Or, has it just begun? Animal Face has just spun another two joints for fun. What have we done? You’d better run.


If you were to ask me if I was alone on an island what cannabis product would I take if I could only have one, I would have to say without hesitation- THCa. THCa is nonpsychoactive until you heat it up and then you have one of the cleanest, purest most concentrated potent forms of THC. Now I know some purists out there will read this and start shouting- WHOLE PLANT! And I dig ya man, I’m not dissing the whole plant, but this is my island and my stash so if you aren’t going to be cool and you’re going to start pushing your ideals all over the place, I’m going to have to ask you to leave. THCa is both therapeutic as well as a bad-ass psychoactive substance. Sometimes, I just want the active ingredient. Thank you Tryke for making it happen. Orange Zkittles THCa is what I’m bringing on or off the island.

THC- 25.91% Caryophyllene- 8.6mg/g Myrcene- 5.96mg/g Limonene- 2.66mg/g

THC- 22.12% Caryophyllene- 2.8mg/g Myrcene- 2.06mg/g Lomi




I’ve been using Medizin’s SFV OG for the last week as a mid-afternoon snack. It’s the popcorn of the flower world. No, not popcorn nugs, SFV OG are chubby colas powdered in snowy crystals. When I say popcorn I’m referring to how you can just snack on this for hours. A light and smooth flavor and high, coming in at 24% THC and dabbles with five different terpenes give this flower all the joy you need to get you to that next big meal. Snack time!

THC- 23.8507% Limonene- 7.133mg/g Myrcene- 2.198mg/g b-Pinene- 1.789mg/g Caryophyllene- 1.755mg/g Linalool- 1.637mg/g



I went to the South Pole to meet Pineapple Santa, because I heard he had the hook up on Pineapple Fanta. As Nature’s Chemistry would have it, he was actually my DūberLift Driver, and my chaperone. He not only fired up a few Pineapple Fanta fatties, but the big man blessed us with his Pineapple Fanta seeds. Pineapple Santa is also the Most Interesting Man in the World. He doesn’t always drop his seed, but when he does, I always hope it’s on me. Grab this strain at Silver Sage.

THC- 25.34% Ocimene- 6.79mg/g Caryophyllene- 5.36mg/g Linalool- 1.9mg/g Humulene- 1.37mg/g

Terpinolene- 8.16mg/g Limonene- 5.39mg/g Myrcene- 4.05 b-Pinene- 1.66mg/g a-Pinene- 1.19




Sprinkle Kief on everything to make you feel better. You can pack your pipe or bong with weed and top it off with XG Kief, then take it to your head. You can also squish the kief with a rosin press and make one tasty rosin out of this gram. Heat, pressure and time are the only three factors that determine what kind of rosin you make. For dry sift, I set the temperature at about 220 degrees fahrenheit, and squeeze with an ample amount of pressure for about 32 seconds. That’s how i I prefer to take my XG Kief.

THC- 35.082% Linalool- 0.28mg/g Myrcene- 0.11mg/g Limonene- 0.09mg/g a-Pinene- 0.08mg/g


DOUBLE SHOT Strawberry Lemonade

I always love a quick fix because sometimes instant gratification isn’t quick enough. Double Shot Strawberry Lemonade is a sweet gratification that quickly kicks in and has you feeling fine in no time. The Strawberry Lemonade has the perfect mixture of sweet and tart and with a little club soda over ice you have the perfect drink for sipping. I would drink this little 60ml shot in a cocktail every night if it were not for the Red #40. Although the FDA does approve Red #40, many people are allergic and it can cause swelling of the mouth. Luckily, there doesn’t seem to be much in the Double Shot Strawberry Lemonade, but for those with sensitivities, be forewarned. For those of us who can handle it, enjoy!

THC-20.5mg per bottle 2 Servings per bottle





REMEDY GG4 Live Resin Diamond Sauce

You know when your honey starts to crystalize and get that crunchy, sugary texture? Like a well-aged honey, Remedy’s GG4 Live Resin Diamond Sauce is just that. My first thought is to dip a spoon into it and stir it into my tea, but the dab rig is hot, so I’m going to… 83% THC is coming on strong and I’m seeing diamonds! I can still taste the sauce too! Limonene… caryophyllene… so citrusy, so spicy! At this point I can’t say anything but two numb-thumbs up! Way up!!

THC- 82.8895% Caryophyllene- 12.44mg/g Limonene- 12.28mg/g Myrcene- 7.26mg/g

WHITE LVBEL Strawberry Sherbert Vape Cartridge

If you have been trying different strains to help you with sleeping, Clementine by Remedy might be the flower you’re looking for. Clementine is low in THC so you won’t wake up in the morning groggy. And just like a calming candle, the aroma will have you instantly relaxed. Clementine is high in terpineol and ocimene, two terpenes known for their pleasing smell. If you like a puff before bed but don’t want to sleep through your alarm, try Clementine by Remedy and call it a night.

THC- 15.052% Terpinolene- 7.121mg/g Caryophyllene- 2.928mg/g Ocimene- 2.651mg/g


REMEDY Space Glue Live Resin Batter

This shit is amazing! So stanky and ripe, if you don’t get excited from gettin’ a whiff of this, well then you can get a whiff of that. Put the lid back on the jar, man. You’re killin’ me. Softly, smear a little dab of this Space Glue nectar on anybody’s brain and lungs. For fast-acting permanent results, do as I do, and dab this all day. Until it’s gone, anyway. Let’s go get some more for tomorrow.

THC-80.1199% Caryophyllene- 13.31mg/g Limonene- 6.42mg/g Myrcene- 6.32mg/g


This vape cartridge is on the sweeter side. It tastes like sugary candy. I don’t know who Sherbert is, but he would probably like to know that someone named a cartridge after him. White Lvbel addresses one of my biggest gripes which is to label the actual cartridge because after vape cartridges come out of the packaging, I usually have to tag or Sharpie them up myself, to prevent them from getting mixed up and confused with another similar product. I love you for labeling these properly. Other brands should take notes, and label their products so we know what the hell we are putting in our lungs.

THC- 79.63% CBG- 2.62% CBN- 2.05% Limonene- 9.0mg/g Caryophyllene- 7.05mg/g 74 Myrcene- 6.71mg/g


REMEDY Clementine


WHITE LVBEL Lemon OG Kush Diamond Infused Preroll I got down with these bad boys. I polished off both of my infused prerolls with a few friends, and christened the night with a preroll done right. The Lemon OG Kush was a perfect start to a long night of testing products. It smoked strong and steady, packing up oil and getting stronger as it burned toward the power filter. We had to hit a little harder towards the end, but no complaints. Don’t be a crybaby. Hit that shit hard, and like it, yo. Get it up into your lungs.

THC- 42.64% Caryophyllene- 0.81mg/g a-Pinene- 0.45mg/g Linalool- 0.33mg/g


REMEDY Space Lemons Cured Resin Sugar

These bright, little shards look like they were dehydrated from actual space lemons. Oh you don’t know what space lemons are? Well shit, you should get out more often and look around. This concentrate actually tastes like finger limes. What? You don’t know what that is either. Dude, your killing me. You had all week to do your homework, and I’m still waiting for you to get familiar with this space nectar. The least you could do is take a dab with me, and learn the glossary. This myrcene is making me tired and hungry. So hungry I could eat a whole basket of Space Lemons. Wake up, buddy. Don’t go to sleep on me here. We got more concentrate to vaporize.

THC- 84.39% Myrcene- 10.3mg/g Caryophyllene- 9.24mg/g Limonene- 3.53mg/g


REMEDY Lemonade Dream Live Resin Sugar

I bet this was absolutely wonderful right when it came out of the AI vacuum oven. As I loosened it with a dab tool from the little jar for a photo, my nostrils flared to get a better whiff of what was being introduced into the air. I fired up the closest dab rig and waited for the banger to cool. When I dropped in almost half of the half gram, I crossed my eyes and witnessed the oil dotting my tease. It makes perfect sense. Read that last sentence until you get it. You have to be high like me though, or you’ll be reading that word and twisting and shaking your head sideways for life. You’ll never see it because you’re using the wrong filter. Here, change your lenses. Dab with me, if you wanna see it my way. Awaken, shaken dreams from your head. Automatic. Dreamy. I love my day.

THC- 80.0055% Caryophyllene- 17.84mg/g Humulene- 5.26mg/g Limonene- 1.45mg/g

REMEDY Bio Diesel

Give me a pen and light a fire up under my ass and I’ll tell you about this one too. That’s what I do. It’s not what I don’t do. Who knew that I’d make it up to product number eleven hundred and fifty-two? Wasn’t it you who said I was screwed, when I introduced Gorilla Glue Number 2? Weren’t you the Girl Scout that I was readin’ about who tried to censor my words? “Bill you can’t say that or you’ll be sued!” Take my ass to court. I’m represented by this Bio-Diesel dude. He’s got my back. He’s not rude or prude like you. He knows that when I’m chewin’ on Girl Scout Cookies, I’m not eatin’ food. He also knows that when I’m driving the Bio-Diesel, that I’m at home, nude, just a Green Gorilla, gettin’ Glue’d and tattood to the grill of that Bio-Diesel rockin New York plates. For Pete’s sake, I’m not goin’ anywhere. I’m basically the hood ornament on the Vegas Cannabis Van. I write for a free, trademarked publication. My words will not be censored. They will forever be proofed and copyrighted. Don’t fight it, ride with me. I got your Remedy right here. Fire this up and hit it. If you don’t have it yet, you should now get it.

THC- 27.38% Myrcene- 7.9mg/g Limonene- 4.75mg/g Caryophyllene- 3.67mg/g

More Cannabis. More Rewards. Text JOINSOURCE to 702.718.5965 Earn 1 point per dollar Earn 20 points per bag return* 100 points = $4 off Exclusive special offers TheSourceDispensary *Maximum 1 bag per visit.

For use only by adults 21 years of age and older. Keep out of reach of children.







BY curt robbins

>>>CBD for Mood Support Mood disorders affect tens of millions of Americans. In fact, it is estimated that social anxiety afflicts more than 15 million in the U.S. (according to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America [ADAA]). The National Institute of Mental Health estimates that major depression strikes approximately 17 million Americans at least once during their lifetimes (a whopping 7 percent of the population) and disproportionately affects women more than men, according to the ADAA.

Sometimes severe mood disorders manifest as psychotic disorders. A research study conducted in 2012 entitled “Multiple Mechanisms Involved in the Large-spectrum Therapeutic Potential of Cannabidiol in Psychiatric Disorders” that was published in the journal Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London, Series B, Biological Sciences investigated the ability of CBD to treat both non-psychiatric and psychiatric disorders, including anxiety, depression, and psychosis.

During the past few decades, much research has been conducted, including the collection of anecdotal testimonials, regarding the role of cannabidiol (CBD) and other cannabinoids from herbs such as hemp.

Reported the researchers, “It is now clear that CBD has therapeutic potential over a wide range of non-psychiatric and psychiatric disorders such as anxiety, depression and psychosis.” The study pointed out how CBD exhibits a “bellshaped dose-response curve,” observing how this molecule delivers different efficacy, depending on dose administered. The study’s authors concluded, “Activation of TRPV1 channels may help us to explain the antipsychotic effect and the bell-shaped dose-response curves commonly observed with CBD.”

Hemp and its constituent molecules have been employed in the treatment of mood disorders such as depression for centuries. In 1621, English clergyman Robert Burton employed hemp in the treatment of depression. In 1887, physician Hobart Amory Hare in the United States used the herb to control restlessness and anxiety for a terminally ill patient. “The patient, whose most painful symptom has been mental trepidation, becomes more happy,” wrote Burton.

Research Studies Lack of motivation and energy are often symptoms of depression. A 2016 study entitled “Beyond the CB1 Receptor: Is Cannabidiol the Answer for Disorders of Motivation?” that was published in the Annual Review of Neuroscience explored preclinical and clinical data regarding the therapeutic efficacy of CBD in the treatment of motivational disorders such as “drug addiction, anxiety, and depression.” Concluded the study’s authors, “Across studies, findings suggest promising treatment effects and potentially overlapping mechanisms of action for CBD in these disorders.” A 2012 research study entitled “The Endocannabinoid System in the Regulation of Emotions Throughout Lifespan: A Discussion on Therapeutic Perspectives” that was published in the Oxfordbased Journal of Psychopharmacology researched the role of the endocannabinoid system (ECS)—the complex network of cellular receptors located throughout the body with which cannabinoids from hemp, such as CBD, interact and bind—in modulating emotional responses and its effect on depression and anxiety. Reported the researchers, “The [ECS] has emerged as a major neuromodulatory system critically involved in the control of emotional homeostasis and stress responsiveness.” The study’s authors concluded, “The pharmacological modulation of the [ECS] system has recently arisen as a promising strategy in the management of anxiety and mood disorders.”


A 2011 research study entitled “Endocannabinoid System Dysfunction in Mood and Related Disorders” that was published in the journal Acta Psychiatrica Scandinavica “examined the therapeutic potential of cannabinoids in psychiatric disorders.” The study’s authors concluded the study by hypothesizing that dysfunction in the ECS leads to mood disorders. Anandamide... and cannabidiol (CBD) variously combine antidepressant, antipsychotic, anxiolytic, analgesic, [and] anticonvulsant actions, suggesting a therapeutic potential in mood and related disorders.” A 2009 research study entitled “The Endocannabinoid System and the Treatment of Mood and Anxiety Disorders” that was published in the journal CNS and Neurological Disorders Drug Targets also investigated the role of the ECS in the regulation of mood states and responses and prevention of mood disorders. Reported the study, “A growing body of evidence unequivocally demonstrates that deficits in endocannabinoid signalling may result in depressive and anxiogenic behavioral responses, while pharmacological augmentation of endocannabinoid signalling can produce both antidepressive and anxiolytic behavioral responses.” Concluded the study’s authors, “Collectively, both clinical and preclinical data argue that cannabinoid receptor signalling may be a realistic target in the development of a novel class of agent for the pharmacotherapy of mood and anxiety disorders.”

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CBD MASSAGE 500 mg CBD topical treatment infused by INFRARED LIGHT THERAPY

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I hope you all enjoy this “Danksgiving” recipe for Thanksgiving- one of my personal favorite holidays of the year. Originally I wanted to do a massive turkey but as some have asked to do something different. I also planned on removing the leaves in final stages. It gives a really cool "tattoo" like imprint. I just felt it might be tricky for some. Either way I'm here to tell you it worked beautifully. Trying to keep it simple but fun, I decided to go with two young hens. Packed with THC and CBD these ladies will not disappoint!

Zkittles Infused with HHF CBD oil marinade INGREDIENTS: ¾ C Happy Hemp Farmacy Frosty Cherry infused CBD oil ½ C Zkittles-infused cannabutter 1 T smoked paprika 1 T onion powder 1 T garlic powder 1 T blackening seasoning

DIRECTIONS: Make sure to heat up your oil to a medium temperature. When that occurs add your butter and powdered spices. Make sure everything mixes well and thoroughly. Remove from heat and place aside for later.

Frosty Cherry “Baked” Young Hens INGREDIENTS: 2 6lb young hens Frosty Cherry HHF marinade with injector

DIRECTIONS: Make sure your chicken is thawed properly and remove everything from inside the birds. Give the empty cavity a quick rinse if you like. I didn't use the organs in the recipe but fry those bad boys up, because I did. Grab the stuffing you have prepared and split it evenly between both birds. Making sure to fill each cavity. You can add your own types of veggies at this point. Fill your injector with the butter/oil mixture and begin to fill all parts of the chickens. The muscles should plump as they are filled. Save some of the marinade for basting. Don't forget to sprinkle a little Sapphire CBD salt. I used 1 tsp for both birds. Half and half. Great stuff! Lightly baste with a brush over the skin to work the salt in a prepare your skin's surface. Place Frosty Cherry hemp leaves over the chickens and baste again. Cook them at 350° for 1 ½ hours with aluminum foil over the top or a lid depending on what you have available. Then 2 hours uncovered. I usually hit it with the marinade over the course of it's cooking time. Making sure to keep the leaves covered. Wait until you have an internal



CannaBushi Danksgiving Special

Chris Rodarte temperature of 165° or until the liquid is clear coming out of it. I used a thermometer to ensure my temperatures were correct. PS if you did everything like I have stated. Pull the leaves off and you will find a cool surprise. Tattooed and "Baked" chicks. My favorite kind! Depending upon your own oven cooking times at this point can vary. I hope you guys enjoyed making this dish as I have. Something quick, simple and cost efficient and as well. The smells were phenomenal and the meat fell off the bones. Happy Danksgiving!


Zkittles Infused Stuffing


INGREDIENTS: 2 pkgs. chicken flavor Stove Top Stuffing 1/2 cup Zkittles cannabutter 3 cups of water

DIRECTIONS: Boil 3 cups of water with your cannabutter and add the boxes of stuffing. Mix all ingredients thoroughly together. Fluff with a fork and let cool. You can add you own variety of vegetables to this a well. I went with a quick option for people that my want to try this recipe while entertaining guests.

The Terpene Lab Skywalker OG Raspberry Terpene Infused Cranberry Sauce INGREDIENTS: 1 can Ocean Spray cranberry sauce 10-12 drops Skywalker OG Raspberry terpenes

DIRECTIONS: This is a very simple recipe and I got the opportunity to create my own custom terpenes from The Terpene Lab. Raspberry Skywalker OG terpenes. The smell and taste will speak for itself. I just wanted to share my love of terpene science while doing something different to an old dish. Grab your can of cranberry sauce and add 10-12 drops of the terps to it in a large bowl. Mix everything well and thoroughly. I used a handheld mixer to ensure it was well done. Place in the fridge for later when you are finished. Gotta have cranberry sauce, it's Danksgiving!





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A peek behind the Wizard’s curtain. I am thankful for my friends, family, and fellow Saints. I am also thankful for this nugget of hash I just found in my pencil jar, along with the "Human" OG hybrid! As I exhale, I seem to be in a sentimental mood. I consult with my tongue and it’s unanimous, the most surprising and delicious “cheat codes” is the turkey. One of my mentors, Chef Sterling Berpee and I did at the North Vegas Culinary Academy. We brined the bird added pickling spices and bruised lemongrass. After removing it from the brine, a dry rub was applied and was basted every fifteen minutes with a roasted garlic butter. So juicy, bright and the depth of flavors were ridiculous! After letting her rest, we used another one of my mentor’s techniques and removed the whole skin from the breast and then rendered the whole piece in duck fat. For those of us that like their turkey juicy and your skin crisp, this method is heaven!


Weed Brine Hack #KitchenCheatCodes CHEF’S NOTE: Weed Brine: In the September issue of Vegas Cannabis, we did a recipe for cold water hash and used it for this brine/ kitchen cheat code. Don't be afraid, brining is just submerging a thawed turkey in salted water, something that seasons the meat and locks in juiciness. For your Thanksgiving turkey, use 1 c. salt (we like kosher salt, which has a less salty flavor), 1 ½ c. white sugar, and 6 qts water (depending on the size of turkey). Dissolve sugar and salt in water and stir. Other flavoring can be used such as garlic, mirepoix (celery, carrot and onion), bay leaves, lemon, etc. Add whole turkey and brine for 24 hours. We are Exclusive Chefs of Las Vegas. Get official answers from us, ask us some food questions.

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