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moon. Look at the terps. THC: 80.3% B-Myrcene: 4.00mg Gamma-Terpinene: 7.23mg Limonene: 5.67mg Ocimene: 3.31mg Terpinolene: 6.38mg


is under 80%, but I want to stress how important a terpene profile is. There are multiple levels of highs, and they are dependent on the terpene profiles. Mandarin Mint has an abundance of medical properties here. And it tastes sweet and piney. Great job with the consistency of this product too. It feels like a soft sugar cookie. THC: 78.6% A-Pinene: 3.79mg B-Caryophyllene: 3.66mg B-Myrcene:12.18mg Isopulegol: 4.49mg Limonene: 7.99mg Linalool: 3.25mg


is an icing-like spread that is soooo limey. It is the Moxie flavor of the month. It’s got that potent punch that you smell for when you dip your nose into a jar. The one that makes you hungry to taste it. Yup, tastes exactly like it smells, smashed, lime concentrate. The high is a bit wild, and non-directed. Smoke it sparingly, it will be gone before you know it! This herb is good for escaping to another planet. Hop on the Zlime rocket ship, and head for the




is some next level shit. Strawberry Glue is Gorilla Glue #4 Rosin combined with Sequoia Strawberry Rosin. BaM is the leader in solventless rosin. Their products are at a level of excellence that every dab lover must experience. THC: 83.6% A-Humulene: 6.29mg B-Caryophyllene: 13.75mg Limonene: 2.92mg


have 10mg of THC each and just one gummy works great for those with a lower tolerance. Choose the Sativa Gummiez if you need a little boost and the Indica Gummiez for relaxation; both work equally as great for pain. These taste great and are perfect for medical patients that need to dose properly. As with all edibles, if you are a beginner or unsure of your tolerance level, start slow and give it an hour or so to kick in before you pop another. Indica Gummiez: 100mg THC per package Humulene: 1.95mg Sativa Gummiez: 100mg THC per package Humulene: 1.27mg Terpinolene: 2.34mg


is very head-pleasing, and natural tasting. If anybody is taking notes, everything Don Decatur touches, turns to gold. This time he mixed up the strawberry sequoia and key lime to make another heavy hitter. Expect to address anxiety, as all of the BaM products this month are high in Caryophyllene. Read about new BaM products here every month. THC: 81.4% A-Humulene: 5.22mg B-Caryophyllene: 10.92mg Limonene: 3.54mg Linalool: 4.28mg


is the first of its kind in Nevada and it is incredible! With 99% pure trichome heads, this stuff is in a class of its own. Don Decatur, Director of Product Development for BaM stopped in to thumbpress this sandy-looking jar of THC caviar, and get medicated with us. This is an extremely natural product, made with no water, zero solvents, and no heat, which produces a multitude of terpenes compared to BHO. Check out the total Pinene content… ridiculous. It takes about 5 steps past their rosin to produce the delicacy. Appreciate it! THC: 81.7% B-Pinene: 13.19mg A-Pinene: 26.58mg B-Caryophyllene: 3.57mg B-Myrcene: 4.33mg


smell reminded us of Fruity Pebbles. This sativa heavy hybrid will impress the pickiest smoker. The joints we rolled up were

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Vegas Cannabis Magazine  

August 2016 Issue #23

Vegas Cannabis Magazine  

August 2016 Issue #23