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Recreation Vehicles

Outdoor Parking and Storage Regulations Buffalo Grove recently approved new regulations for the outdoor parking and storing of recreational vehicles (RVs) on residential lots. The new regulations will take effect August 1, 2018. This brochure provides a general overview of the regulations. Additional information regarding RV parking/storage and zoning regulations can be found on the on the Village’s RV Regulations webpage: or by calling the Community Development Department at 847-459-2530.

Types of RV’s subject to these regulations

Motor homes · Travel Trailers · Snowmobiles · Pull Campers · All-Terrain Vehicles · Tent Trailers · Cargo/Horse Trailers · utility trailers Water-Oriented Vehicles and Trailers · Boats · Other Water crafts Visit the Village’s RV Regulations webpage:

Regulations General Regulations

All RVs parked or stored outside in a residential zone must meet the following regulations: • RV is not used for living, sleeping, storage or other purposes • RV does not exceed the maximum size limitations: 30’ long, 8’ wide and 10’ tall • Wheels must be affixed and parked on a hard, impervious surface (concrete, asphalt, paver, etc) • RV doesn’t encroach into right-of-way or hang over a sidewalk • RV doesn’t obstruct the line of sight for pedestrian or vehicular traffic • RV should be operable and moved once every calendar year

Driveway Parking Regulations

One RV can be parked on a driveway in a residential zone: • For an unlimited amount of time from May 15 – September 30 • For a temporary basis (15 days max) from October 1 – May 14

Yard Storage Regulations

Anytime during the calendar year, one RV can be stored in the interior side yard or rear yard if the following requirements are met: • Front, side, and rear yard setbacks of the zoning district are maintained • RV is screened from public view with fence or landscaping that is a minimum of 5’ in height

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Who do I contact if I have questions or if I need assistance to identify a storage area on my property? Please contact the Community Development Department at 847-459-2530. How do I find my setbacks or what zoning district my residence is in? Setback requirements vary by zoning district. Utilize the Zoning District Map to identify your zoning district and the zoning code to identify your front, side, and rear yard setbacks. Links to both the Zoning District Map and the Zoning Code can be found under the FAQ section on the Village’s RV Regulations webpage: The Community Development Department can also provide assistance: 847-459-2530. What if I can not find a plat of survey? Check with the Village as we may likely have a copy. Do I need my neighbor’s consent to park a RV on my lot? If the RV is parked or stored in compliance with the ordinance, the consent from your neighbors is not necessary. Can I use mulch or gravel as the allowable storage surface? No. It must be stored on a hard surface such as concrete, asphalt, pavers, or other similar materials. These materials shall be installed in accordance to manufacturer standards. Please note that any new surface will require a building permit. What if I have a hardship and do not have enough land, need more time or if can’t meet the setbacks? If you are unable to comply with the regulations, you may request a variation to the Ordinance. This will require a public hearing before the Planning & Zoning Commission. A request for a variation will be based on your hardship which must be demonstrated during the public hearing. The back of this brochure explains the RV variation process. All forms and additional information can be found on the Village’s RV Regulations webpage:

RV Variation Process Any property that is unable to comply with the RV regulations may apply for a variation of the Buffalo Grove Zoning Ordinance. In order to begin that process, applicants must provide the following information: 1. Completed application 2. Filing Fee of $50. This is a non-refundable fee. 3. Proof of Ownership such as a copy of the Warranty Deed, Title Policy or Trust Deed. 4. Plat of survey showing the location of the storage area. 5. A letter detailing the specific request including details regarding the size of the RV being stored and surface materials and screening. The letter should also indicate the unique circumstances and how it would cause a hardship if the variance were not granted. 6. For the required public hearing the names and addresses of all property owners within two hundred fifty (250) feet should be 7. provided. Village Staff can provide assistance with obtaining the names. Staff also recommends that you speak to your neighbors before the hearing. 8. A Certificate of Mailing form indicating that the names and addresses of surrounding property owners is accurate (attached to application). 9. If the application is being made by anyone other than the owner, include a letter from the owner authorizing said person to act as owner’s agent. Once a complete application has been received, Village staff will schedule your request before the Planning & Zoning Commission (PZC) for a public hearing. The PZC has the authority to either grant or deny your request. If a request has been denied by the PZC, applicants may appeal to the Village Board. All forms and additional information can be found on the Village’s RV Regulations webpage:

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