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Valentine’s Day Fortune Cookies

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It is a bitterly cold winter day as I’m writing this, with the wind snapping outside and angry snowflakes hitting the window. Thank goodness in February we have two reasons to celebrate: Valentine’s and Family days. Both are about love, which brings muchneeded warmth to these long winter days. It’s been interesting to watch how holidays change once you have a family. February 14 is no longer just about my husband and I, but about decorating the house with pink and red streamers, heart window clings in our living room and cinnamon candies in a dish at the kitchen table, all for our wee girls. Still love, just in a different form. This month we did a different take on our local products, and instead wrote about free or low-cost ways to show your loved ones you care. See page 21 for our ideas, and thanks to the fans on our Facebook page for suggesting the idea. You’ll also see their thoughts on what an ideal Valentine would be on our Tidbits page. Then you must read the charming story of Ernie and Yvonne Stokes, our Faces of Uxbridge subjects who share their secret to lasting love, 43 years into their marriage. Read on for the Ice Man’s story, a group of ladies weaving milk bags for street children, a local business owner bringing a taste of Hollywood home, and much more. Be sure to see all the events planned for Family Day in town, too! Next month we will celebrate spring and also the seniors of Uxbridge. We’d love any story ideas you have – local seniors doing great things, challenges and photos – so please email me at or call our office at 905 862 3747. Enjoy!


TOWN TALK TIDBITS Pepsi + Africycle = $ Help local non-profit Africycle provide 500 high-risk youth in the Greater Toronto Area with bikes! They have registered their dream with Pepsi’s Good Idea initiative, and need our votes to win $100,000. Africycle recycles bikes for Canada and Africa. Go to to cast your vote and leave a comment. Voting is open until February 28. Visit for more information.

Uxbridge is Hopping Local illustrator Tracy Walker’s work will soon be seen on thousands of letters: She is the illustrator of Canada Post’s 2011 Chinese New Year stamp. Inspired by traditional embroidery, the circular shape in which two rabbits chase each other in an endless circle is based on a traditional Chinese robe medallion. Learn more at a special celebration at Blue Heron Books Wednesday, February 2 from 6 to 8 p.m. to meet Walker and ring in the year of the rabbit. See our event calendar on page 12 for more details.

A date night with my husband. -Shannon Ball

Ding Dong History

Creative Director Kirsty Kernohan fell in love with the post office bell on our front cover when she shot the image a few weeks ago at the Uxbridge-Scott Museum on the 6th Concession. Here’s some interesting mail trivia via our local history bible, Allan McGillivray’s Tales of the Uxbridge Valley: • Joseph Bascom became Uxbridge’s first postmaster in 1836 • Mail during this time used to come via horseback from Pickering Village once a week, by rail from Newmarket three times a week, and eventually from Whitby daily • In the 1870s, the local newspaper regularly published a list of names of those who had mail waiting at the post office • The post office used to be in a beautiful brick building on Brock Street with a tower, bell and clock; a Mr. Kydd on Quaker Hill used to check its time via telescope on Sundays so his family was not late for church • This building was demolished in 1971, but some bricks, the cornerstone and bell now live at the museum • The current post office officially opened in 1969


If you could have one thing for Valentine’s Day, what would it be...and from whom? Here’s what some of the almost 700 fans on our Facebook page at www. uxbridgetowntalk had to say: For my husband to cook ME a dinner. Then clean up afterwards! -Jane Clarke-Corrick A homemade Valentine’s card with preschooler handwriting from my wonderful little boys! -Debbi-Lynne Brand A week-long trip to Barbados with my wife WITHOUT kids! -Brad Buss A job in town for my husband so I don’t have to wait for weekends to see him! -Helen Morris I’d give a weekend romantic getaway to my parents who have been so supportive and loving throughout my life. They work hard, did a good job raising the kids and deserve it. -Lesley Boylen

Kake Custom designed cakes, cookies & petite treats Katherine Paradine

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By Carly Foster Who: Dr. Pat Longmuir, project leader for Take TIME (tobacco-free, injury-free, moving daily and eating healthy) for your child’s health. What: This Uxbridge health promotion campaign aims to create the ideal community for raising active kids ages eight and under through monthly free events and an interactive website. Why: “Generally, children today are very sedentary and obesity is a growing problem,” says Longmuir, who surveyed Uxbridge parents with young children last winter and met with stakeholders, such as daycares and recreation staff. “The two big messages we received were lack of time because of commuting to work, and lack of money or resources, especially around food and sports.” So the goal of Take TIME became removing those barriers. How: The free events are designed for spur-of-the-moment attendance, so families do not have to commit to a scheduled activity. They engage local organizations such as the Uxbridge Skating Club, who hosted a skating day in January that saw more than 200 people come out. The website offers fast tips for time-crunched lifestyles, such as “It only takes one minute to pour me water or milk instead of pop.”

Biggest reward: Seeing the program work. Pool staff expected 25 people for the free swim, and at least 50 came. Arena staff only set aside one change room for the free skate, and more than 200 came. “It was pretty exciting to see that many people who took time out of their day,” Longmuir says. Neat: A family that attended December’s free swim at Uxpool has since signed their kids up for swimming lessons; previously they’d never stepped foot in the pool. Long-term goal: That the Township takes over the program when it ends this spring and that other communities are inspired by Uxbridge’s success; Longmuir and her team will package their findings and program outlines to other towns. Upcoming events: Pond hockey and tobogganing in February! See the website for more details. Contact: or 416-813-7654 ext. 1431


*Sales Representatives


Biggest challenge: Getting the message out, and to the right people. Longmuir hopes more lower-income families will start taking advantage of the free activities.


By the numbers: 17 events are planned from October 2010-May 2011. Total project cost is $114,000, with $43,250 from the Ministry of Health Promotion and Sport; the balance is donation in kind via the Township and participating organizations. Sadly, recent stats show 26% of Canadian children ages 2 to 17 years are overweight or obese. The project’s goal is to see a 10% increase in physical activity and healthy eating, and a 5% reduction in smoke exposure.

Submitted photos

Uxbridge families are seen at various free Take TIME events, including skating, soccer and hide and seek. At left, a few of the program’s logos.

DIRECT: 905.904.1999 300 West Beaver Creek, Suite 202, Richmond Hill ON L4B 3B1


YOUR COMMUNITY Mats from Milk: How a group of women are making a difference for street kids By Carly Foster


t’s no surprise that these three ladies are clustered in the heart of the home – the kitchen – seated around the family table. It’s a fitting scene for what they’re doing – a task that seems odd and whimsical and unbelievable until you see it: weaving milk bags into mats. The final product, 45” by 31”, is delightfully multi-coloured, textured and practical, an eco product of reusing and recycling in its finest. Requiring 160 milk bags (the outer bags, not the slim clear liners the milk itself is in), these mats will soon be shipped to developing countries such as Haiti and Africa for children living on the street. That’s quite a journey from its beginnings at the fingertips of Judy Findlay, Judy Pergau-Comfort and Jacki Sweet in this warm and homey century home in Uxbridge. The three women are part of a larger group called the Shuttlebug Weavers and Spinners. Comprised of 22 women from Ajax, Little Britain, Ajax, Toronto and more, they meet once a

Photo by Carly Foster

IRT-4772E-C DEC 2010

Dreaming Up

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To see if your retirement plan matches your idea of retirement, call for a personal retirement review. Michael Stewart Financial Advisor

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Hollywood North By Carly Foster

month at the Greenwood Community Centre to spin, weave and socialize. There they spin raw wool, weave blankets, tea towels, table runners, or create fabric for jackets, saris and table cloths. “This is not the sort of thing our guild normally does,” says Pergau-Comfort. But there was something about the uniqueness of the material and helping kids that the women liked when they heard of local churches crocheting the bags into mats. The group decided to use their weaving expertise to make them instead. A Baptist church in the west end will coordinate shipment overseas for the Shuttlebugs. They brainstorm uses and why the plastic is so useful: easy to clean up, waterproof, washable, compactable and quick to dry; plus they can be used for everything from sleeping to carrying items. Cutting the bags into strips, weaving them and crocheting the edges takes about six hours in total. Not a small task. Sweet, a retired nurse, learned to spin because it wasn’t profitable to sell the fleece. A retired school teacher, PergauComfort married someone who had sheep, inherited equipment and connected with Sweet at the feed store in town. Findlay, just-retired seamstress known for her fun hats at Woods & Woods Clothiers downtown Uxbridge, lived on a farm north of Leaskdale with sheep where she learned to weave and spin. All three are woven into the Shuttlebugs. And now the warmth of these three ladies and their fellow weavers will soon provide comfort for children thousands of kilometres away. If that isn’t a story of love this Valentine’s Day, what is? You can help. Drop off your collected milk bags to Woods & Woods at 70 Brock St. W. The ladies ask that bags be dry and folded. For more information, contact Judy Findlay at 905 852 7755.


xbridge is gaining some star power thanks to a local business owner. Elemi Organics owner Ginny van Veghel is attending the 2011 Grammy Awards Talent Swag Social on February 12. The event, at the famous Plush Lounge on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles, is an exclusive invite-only event for Grammy Award nominated musicians, celebrities and media. Photo by Kirsty Kernohan “When the invite came through, I didn’t actually believe it,” laughs the petite and spunky van Veghel. “For me, I’m just a little company in Uxbridge, so I thought, ‘Yeah, right!’” Friends researched the info, and confirmed it was legitimate, she ads. But even after she’d signed the paperwork, it still did not hit her. Only now, as she is making product and booking hotel rooms is it finally sinking in. van Veghel will be one of only 10 businesses on site to hand out products. At press time, she was also the only Canadian company. She uses 100 per cent pure, therapeutic-grade essential oils, combined with organic ingredients to create soaps, household cleaners, lip balms, massage bars, soy candles and more in her store at 58 Brock St. W. She’s unsure how organizers came across her line of products in “little ol’ Uxbridge” but van Veghel wonders if it might be word-of-mouth from another event she did in 2009. Elemi items were gifted at the Canadian Country Music Awards, and she has also donated to high-end charity events. The company that produced that swag lounge was an existing customer of hers. van Veghel is taking 300 of her signature stainless steel tins with her, stuffed with Friggin’ Lip Balms and a new product launching in the swag room: Ink Balm to help heal, protect and enhance tattoos. Her husband and two staff members are accompanying her. “I still feel very grounded,” she says, when asked if she’s excited or nervous. “It’s a great opportunity.”

L-R: Judy Findlay, Judy Pergau-Comfort and Jacki Sweet with milk bag chains to be woven, a finished mat on a frame waiting for the edges to be crocheted on, and a completed mat ready for shipment.


UNSUNG HERO By Carly Foster Photos by Kirsty Kernohan

The Ice Man

For someone who can’t skate, Paul Mateciuk is surely the most generous man in town. With the help of employee Andy Cowling, Mateciuk has taken it upon himself to be the Ice Man of Elgin Pond. With his distinctive orange tractor, he checks the ice thickness, clears snow for skating and hockey and floods the surface with a 50-ft. hose for a smooth ride. “I saw someone down there with a snow blower and shovel, and a bright light went on,” he says. “How come we don’t have anything going on on the pond in the winter time?” Despite breaking his ankle at age 11, then several times since then, leaving him unable to skate, Mateciuk has fond memories of the firefighters in his hometown of Windsor clearing ice for youth. “I do it because I listen to people complain about the kids around here,” he says. “If the kids have something better to do with their time, it’ll let them have fun and keep them out of trouble.” Mateciuk ensures the ice is at least 8” thick before raising the yellow “skate with caution flag.” Red means the ice is unsafe for skating. He also Paul Mateciuk keeps a log of the ice thickness. clears three or four paths, a small rink for young It must be 8” thick for the yellow “skate with kids, and a larger one for older youth. An oval caution” flag to go up. He’s done such a good job completes the ice for pleasure skating. Mateciuk keeping the ice clear and smooth that the high has taken over the auguring from Regional school hockey team now practices on Elgin Pond. Councillor Jack Ballinger, who is now too busy for the task.


The Township on its website requests that residents stay off certain waterways in Uxbridge. “Please keep away from water inlets and outlets as ice thickness is compromised,” it says. “Please keep off of all stormwater management facilities. Water levels fluctuate at these facilities and these facilities are not safe for skating or other activities.” The water in the Quaker Village common, a popular spot for young people playing hockey, is an example. “You can’t believe how good I’ve felt, seeing 25 kids out there at 8:30 at night playing hockey,” Mateciuk says. He’s hoping to hook up an old stereo and lights in the next few weeks and run them on a Friday night. Mateciuk has become a local weather buff, too. Up each day at 4 a.m. to take his wife to the GO station, he updates his website ( with daily weather reports and a dash of humour. A Kinsmen member, Mateciuk is excited for the upcoming free skate on Elgin Pond on Family Day, February 21. Featuring hot chocolate, hotdogs and music, the event has raised funds for the Uxbridge Youth Centre the past three years. With only 100 or so attending the first event, it grew to more than 500 in 2010. He’s hoping for more this year. “Last year kids came up and thanked me and were so polite and proper. That’s the way I was brought up,” he says. “It was fabulous.” For more information on the pond and the Kinsmen Family Day event, contact Mateciuk at 647 333 7746.

With employee Andy Cowling, right, and distinctive bright orange tractor, Paul Mateciuk volunteers his time keeping tending the ice at Elgin Pond.

Skating on the Pond

Painting and memory by Gary Le Drew

Hockey on Elgin pond was a favourite pastime for us in the 1950s. “Short� Long lived in the corner house at Bascom Street he was a fireman and he would test the ice before we went on it. The boys would clean the ice to play shinny but there was always at least one girl figure skater who would insist on skating in the middle of our game. Sometimes we would have organized skating parties that would go all evening with fires and food. I recovered an old slide and produced this print from it. I came to Uxbridge in 1947 from Cape Breton, NS when I was 6 years old. I moved back to Nova Scotia in 2004. I painted when I lived in Uxbridge and have many paintings from around town. Signed prints are available for $75. To order email Gary LeDrew

Encouraging art with kids

KIDS By Carly Foster

“I’m not sure when, but, eventually, we become self conscious about making art.” Carly Foster’s daughter, Lucy, gets creative with watercolours.

I love to make stuff, so we craft a lot. Not as much as I would like, but I make a conscious effort to make something with my almost 5-yearold, Lucy, once a week or so. And every single day my girls (I have another daughter, Alice, who is 2) bust out the paper, markers/pens/crayons and stickers to draw and colour. In the basement, Eric and I’s old Ikea wardrobe from our Toronto condo is now the dedicated craft cupboard, stuffed with papers, sequins, cardboard, glitter glue, fabric, pipe cleaners and more. When I ask Lucy what she wants to do while Alice naps, 9 times out of 10 she says she wants to craft (the other one time is she wants me to paint her finger/toe nails) — I love that we have instilled this in her. So I was really impacted by a blog post from a new website I’m following called dig this chick. Excerpts from Making Art with my Kids (http:// “I am not sure when but, eventually, we become self-conscious about making art. We start to compare our abilities to others, we decide we aren’t “good”at some things. We stop painting purple amoebas and calling it grass. We start making vertical green lines at the bottom of the page because that’s what grass looks like.

I bristle a bit when people declare that they don’t have a creative bone in their body or they can’t even draw a straight line. Because I just don’t believe it and, also, little spongey kids may start to wonder the same thing about themselves…it’s like all things with parenting, modeling is the best way to teach.” Nici goes on to describe how she made an accessible art station for her kids, how she takes them to museums, throws a roll of newsprint down and let’s the creative juices flow, buys eco paint so it’s ok if her toddler eats some. What really resonated with me what the bit about kids losing that inhibition. Because it’s so true. How come we as adults don’t just sit down and doodle and finger paint? I remember when Lucy first got Colour Wonders, I’d start coloring in the pages after she went to bed…then felt guilty. But why? While our great room at the back of the house — kitchen, eating area, living room with couch and TV — is not conducive to a free-play art station, all the girls’ colouring books, stickers, construction paper and markers/crayons are in a big basket on the floor for whenever the creative mood strikes. Recently I dumped all the stickers we’ve collected into a giant basket and put it on our downstairs coffee table for when the girls are down there playing. We also have a chalk board loaded up with chalk for instant expression.

Uxbridge Community Midwives Tiffany Haidon (RM) is the founding partner and senior midwife of Uxbridge Community Midwives. Tiffany graduated from Ryerson University with an Honours Bachelor in Health Sciences (Midwifery) in 2002. She practiced at the Midwives Collective of ToUxbridge Midwives offers services to women living in ronto (a busy downtown Toronto Uxbridge and the surrounding Durham/York practice) from 2002-2007 before Regions. We attend births at home, and in Markhammoving to Uxbridge. Stouffville Hospital hospital. Prior to midwifery, Tiffany was an Obstetrical Nurse at Mount Sinai Hospital from 1994-2002. The midwives in our group work as a partnership, Tiffany has maintained competency in Neonatal Resuscitaand we ensure that you will have an opportunity to tion Program, CPR, and Emergency Skills Workshop. Tiffany meet the midwives in our practice. One of us will be is a council member of the College of Midwives of Ontario and is committed to enhancing the profession of midwifery. assigned as your primary midwife for the pregnancy and birth. Should your primary midwife be unavailable She has a keen interest in international midwifery and volin Haiti in 2010. Tiffany looks forward to meeting due to off-call time, illness or being at another birth, unteered the needs of moms and babes in this community.

The Uxbridge Community Midwives were established in October 2008 after a need in the community for obstetrical services was recognized. We have grown from a practice with 2 midwives, with the vision to grow to 4 midwives.


then one of the other midwives you have met will act as your primary. Each midwife in our practice has at least one off-call weekend per month. Two midwives will attend your birth, whether at home or in the hospital. We look forward to the growth and development of midwifery care in Uxbridge and thank you for the opportunity to be part of your pregnancy and birth experience.

We are accepting new clients for March due dates and onwards. Please contact the office at 905-862-3535

Terri Gil (RM) joined Uxbridge Community Midwives in December 2009. Prior to joining UCM she practiced as a midwife in London, Ontario after completing her Bachelor of Health Sciences in Midwifery at Ryerson University in 2007. Terri is currently a registered midwife with the College of Midwives of Ontario and follows their standards and guidelines. She maintains a current certificate in neonatal resuscitation, CPR and emergency skills.

Call 905-862-3535 or visit Office located at 2 Campbell Drive, Suite 207, Uxbridge (Testa Building)

Our Practice “ Thank you so much for your excellent help with bringing our son into the world. I could not have done it without you.You guys are the best and this home birth was an amazing experience. I will always remember you. “ CAMILLA “Thank you so much for the never ending support and expertise that you provided to me throughout my pregnancy. Choosing a midwife to deliver my first child was a fantastic decision and I am thrilled by the experience I had.” AMANDA

News We are thrilled to add Janis Dalacker to our midwifery practice. She starts March 01, 2011. Her passion for Midwifery and the way in which care is given to women and their families has only grown over the years. Through the principles of informed choice and women-centered care, Janis hopes to provide a positive role within the Midwifery profession.

Advertising Feature

And as much as the mess — stickers stuck to slippers, marker stripes on our antique chairs we use in the kitchen, confetti on the carpet in the basement — drives my husband batty, I refuse to limit their access to art. Nici’s post also go me thinking about all the pre-packaged art out there. You know the kits you can get with all the pieces to create things like butterflies and foam people? While they are a super idea and we have many of them, I see them differently after reading this. Aren’t they another way of telling kids how art should be? I see them fitting among other free-form play, but certainly not replacing it. Here are some of my favourite craft sites if you’re looking for ideas to do with your kids: • Amber’s email newsletters are sweet! • By the popular magazine • blog mixed with nifty ideas and websites • Projects, birthday party ideas • Crafts, recipes, party and holiday ideas • Ideas for little and us big kids, too • How to recycle everyday items into awesome crafts DO YOU CRAFT OR DO ART WITH YOUR KIDS? WHAT DO YOU DO TO INSPIRE THEM? VISIT SWEET WORLD MEDIA’S PARENTING SITE AT WWW.DURHAMREGIONKIDS.COM TO JOIN THE CONVERSATION!

Family Day Fun

Looking for some fun adventures this Family Day, February 21? Here are some of the activities happening in Uxbridge. See our events calendar on page 12 for more details. •Teen dance at the Uxbridge Legion •Snow golf at Elgin Park •Snow sculpting on your lawn •Cross country skiing or snowshoeing with free hot chocolate/coffee •Free skate at the Uxbridge Arena •Free skate at Uxpool •Skating party with music and free food on Elgin Pond • Free roast beef on a bun at the Uxbridge Legion

Image: © Rewat Wannasuk |

Desperately Seeking Spring?

Canadian line press breathes fresh sexiness into everyday life; with the rhythm of west coast style, a luxurious, relaxed hand, a neutral colour palette and a rockin’ price point! Welcome to R.P.S. Addict from NYC; sensational styling and price points. Beautifully crafted designs available for less than $60…we are crazy about this line!

Benvenuti a TWIN-SET. This stunning, Italian line will simply take your breath away…we promise. Designer, Simona Barbieri translates her exuberant creative vein into feminine romantic collections with a sparkling and almost eccentric twist…è molto bello! Hello Hudson! All we can say is “we are madly in love with these jeans”! They are uber-comfy and truly the perfect fit, especially if you’ve got curves! Rooted in Britain, loved in L.A. From the drizzle to the sunlight, from Heathrow to LAX, London calling to the imitation zone. HUDSON. Strawberry Threads Clothing Inc. 86 Brock Street West, Uxbridge, ON, (905) 852-3683

We are ridiculously excited for the upcoming Spring season! So many amazing new lines to mix it up with our tried and trues; they will interplay with each other so perfectly and the color palette, so feminine and pretty! Cheers to the season and its pending arrival! J & S xoxo

IMPROVD is set to hit the shelves and is the mastermind of experienced retailers Sam Ben-Avraham, founder of NYC’s cult boutique, Atrium and Valentino Vettori, formerly of Diesel, IMPROVD features timeless, minimalist pieces with a high-end sophistication. This line will make you tingle!



Read with Me Babies Free four-week program introducing the world of books, rhymes and finger play songs. Joan, an early literacy specialist, will provide an understanding of a child’s learning potential and promote language development. Time: 1:30 p.m. Where: Uxbridge Library, 9 Toronto St. S. Contact: 905 852 9747 Fall Fair Planning Meeting Please join us to begin planning the 2011 Uxbridge Fall Fair. Come out and see what we are up to or to take an active role. New volunteers/members welcome. Meets first Tuesday of every month. Time: 7:30 p.m. Where: Uxbridge Library, 9 Toronto St. S. Contact: 905 852 7745 Children's Cooking Classes Party punch, chili and cornbread Super Bowl party! Kids will be hands-on in this class by learning how to read and write their own recipe and cook. Ages 8-12. $12. Time: 5 p.m. Where: Community Room, Zehrs Uxbridge, 323 Toronto St.S. Contact: 905 852 1212

Wednesday February 2

Chinese New Year Celebration Uxbridge artist's Tracy Walker's image has been chosen by Canada Post for the Chinese New Year stamp 2011, and we're having a party to celebrate. Join us for Chinese lanterns, food and horoscopes, with the artist on hand to sign stamps. Time: 6 - 8 p.m. Where: Blue Heron Books, 62 Brock Street W. Contact: 905 852 4282

Thursday February 3


Parkinson's Support Group Caregivers, friends and family gather to share information and experiences. We can help each other! $10/ year; guests free. Time: 1 - 3 p.m.

Where: Bridgewater Building, 22 James Hill Crt. Contact: 905 852 8894 Teen Movie Night Showing "Scott Pilgrim vs the World" in the lower meeting room. Bring your own pillow and blanket if you wish. Time: 7 p.m. Where: Uxbridge Library, 9 Toronto St. S. Contact: 905 852 9747 12 Months to Health Speaker Series Join Nicole Scott of Passion for Nutrition as she explores The Unhealthy Truth: How our food is making us sick and what we can do to take control of our health. Did you know that food additives, toxins and chemicals are all hiding in our food? Learn how we are being marketed to by big food companies and how to look for healthier choices in the grocery store. $10. Time: 7:30 - 8:45 p.m. Where: Pathways to Peace Yoga & Healing, 58 Brock St. W., Suite 204 Contact: 416 571 0447

Friday February 4

Uxbridge Bruins Home Game Come cheer on the Bruins for their final regular season game against the Little Britain Merchants. Time: 7:45 p.m. Where: Uxbridge Arena, 291 Brock St. W. Contact: 905 852 3081

Saturday February 5

Pond Hockey Hockey as it was meant to be played - outside on the pond! Join volunteers from the Uxbridge Youth Hockey Association for a fun afternoon, even if you have never played (or skated) before. Brought to you by Take TIME Uxbridge. Time: 2 - 4 p.m. Where: Elgin Pond Contact: 416-813-7654 ext. 1431

Oak Ridges Trail Association Hike This is a 1.5 hour, 4.5 km moderate-paced hike or snowshoe. Join us for breakfast after the hike. Time: 7 - 8:30 a.m. Where: Al Shaw Side Trail, Conc. 6 south of Durham Rd. 21 Contact: 905 830 2862 Bruins Fundraiser Yuk Yuks Comedy Night and Dance. Comedy act starts at 8pm. Cash bar, DJ and dancing with light buffet. Tickets available at Evans Financial. $25. Time: 7 p.m. Where: Arena Community Centre, 291 Brock St.W. Contact: 905 852 6518

Sunday February 6

Books and Brunch Blue Herons' poplular series is back with Giller finalist Alissa York reading from Fauna. First time author Dorothy Ellen Palmer reads from When Fenelon Falls. Interviews by award winner Susanna Kearsley. Full Brunch $20. Time: 11 a.m. Where: Wyndance Golf Club, 450 Durham Rd. 21 Contact: 905 852 4282

Tuesday February 8

Romantic Valentine Dinner The menu includes seafood scallops, filet of beef bourguignon, crispy potato cakes with goat cheese and molten chocolate cakes. $85. Time: 7 - 9:30 p.m. Where: The Passionate Cook’s home, 62 Brock St. E Contact: 905 862 3359

Uxbridge Registration Fair Discover and sign up for programs, sports, leisure and other organizations in Uxbridge, such as lacrosse, soccer, highland dancing and horseback riding. For a table contact Bev Northeast. Time: 6:30 - 8 p.m. Where: Uxbridge Arena Community Centre, 291 Brock St.W. Contact: 905 640 3966

Thursday February 10

Valentine's Day Fresh Arrangement Learn to create a perfect heart-shaped centerpiece for a table for two this Valentine's Day. $35. Time: 6 - 7:30 p.m. Where: La Petite Fleur, 43 Brock Street W. Contact: 905 862 3697

Friday February 11

In the Jungle Join us for wild crafts, games, music and stories. This fun Friday event is a fundraiser for the Durham Farm and Rural Family Resource Centre. Children $5, families $10. Time: 9:30 - 11:30 a.m. Where: 141 Reach Street, Unit 8 Contact: Valentine's Youth Dance Youth Dance at the arena for Grades 4 – 8. Time: 7 - 10 p.m. Where: Arena Community Centre. 291 Brock St.W, Contact: 905 852 3081

Saturday February 12

Oak Ridges Trail Association Hike This is a moderate-paced 1.5 hour, 4.5 km loop hike or snowshoe. There are some hills. Time: 7 - 8:30 a.m. Where: Al Shaw Side Trail, Conc. 6 south of Durham Rd. 21 Contact: 905 830 2862 Uxbridge Soccer Club Registration Spring is just around the corner. Come sign up for soccer. Time: 9 a.m. - Noon Where: Arena Community Center, 291 Brock St.W. Contact:

Greenbank Folk Music Society Folk Party with Swamperella. Tickets at Blue Heron Books. $25. Time: 8 p.m. Where: Greenbank Centennial Hall, Hwy 12 north of Hwy 47 Contact: 905 985 8351

Sunday February 13

Children's Cooking Classes Today in the Cooking School, junior chefs will be whipping up a sweet dessert for their special Valentine. Participants will learn how to make their own piping bags and also how to use them while decorating their own sweetheart cake to take home. Ages 4-10. Cost $12. Time: 1 p.m. Where: Community Room, Zehrs Uxbridge, 323 Toronto St.S. Contact: 905 852 1212

Monday February 14

GURR Learn to Run The Greater Uxbridge Road Runners will be having a Monday evening learn-to-run session for beginners. Time: 6:30 p.m. Where: Uxbridge Arena Parking Lot, 291 Brock St. W. Contact: 905 852 7224

Thursday February 17

Spring Bulb Planter Need a pick me up? A little bit of spring inside to chase away those winter blahs? Create your own little garden with assorted spring bulbs, moss, pussy willow and embellishments. $35. Time: 6 - 7:30 p.m. Where: La Petite Fleur, 43 Brock Street W. Contact: 905 862 3697 Uxbridge Genealogy Group Getting the most from with speaker Ruth Burkholder. Finds and brickwalls group discussion. New members always welcome. $2 donation. Time: 7 p.m. Where: Uxbridge Library, 9 Toronto St. S. Contact: 905 852 6973

Friday February 18

Books n' Bites This month book club members will discuss humorous books. Refreshments included. Time: 10:15 a.m. Where: Uxbridge Library, 9 Toronto St. S. Contact: 905 852 9747 Blood Donor Clinic It's in you to give. Every unit of blood donated can impact up to three lives. Time: 1 - 7:30 p.m. Where: Uxbridge Seniors Centre, 75 Marietta St. Contact: 1 888 2 DONATE Teen Dance To celebrate Family Day. Time: 7 p.m Where: Uxbridge Legion, 109 Franklin St. Contact: 905 852 5293

Saturday February 19

Oak Ridges Trail Association Hike This is a 1.5 hour, 4.5 km moderate-paced hike or snowshoe. Join us for breakfast after the hike. Time: 7 - 8:30 a.m. Where: Al Shaw Side Trail, Conc. 6 south of Durham Rd. 21 Contact: 905 830 2862 21-Day Sugar Detox Challenge Stop struggling with fad diets and New Year's Resolutions year after year. Discover the real key to lasting fat loss for life in this seminar taught by registered holistic nutritionist Brandi McCarthy. $59. Time: 9:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. Where: Uxbridge Public Library, 9 Toronto St. S. Contact: 905 473 3888 Gorgonspiel 2011 The Gorgons' annual charity bonspiel. Time: 10 a.m. - 11 p.m. Where: Uxbridge Curling Club, 170 Franklin St. Contact: 416 807 3333 Snow Golf Bring the family for some fun to celebrate Family Day. Time: Noon – 3 p.m. Where: Elgin Park, 180 Main St. S. Contact: 905 852 5293

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Wednesday February 9


Sunday February 20

Outdoor Play Cross country skiing or snowshoeing with free hot chocolate and coffee to celebrate Family Day. Time: 11 a.m. - 3 p.m. Where: Scrambles Restaurant, 274 Reach St. Contact: 905 852 5293 Snow Sculpting Create a snow masterpiece at your home, then judges from the Uxbridge Legion will drop by to rate your design before picking a winner. Fill out an entrance form from at the Legion, Arena or Uxpool. Time: Judging starts 6:30 p.m. Where: Across Uxbridge Contact: 905 852 5293

Monday February 21

Family Day Free Swim It may be snowy outside but you can warm up and think of summer with water play and a dip in the pool. Time: 10:30 - Noon Where: Uxpool, 1 Parkside Dr. Contact: 905 852 7831 Family Day Skating Party Old fashioned, outdoor skating party with free hot dogs, coffee, hot chocolate and music from the Uxbridge Kinsmen. Proceeds to the Uxbridge Youth Centre. Time: 11 a.m. - 4 p.m. Where: Elgin Pond Free Food Roast beef on a bun courtesy of the Uxbridge Legion to celebrate Family Day. Time: 11 a.m. - 3 p.m. Where: Uxbridge Legion, 109 Franklin St. Contact: 905 852 5293 Snow Golf Bring the family for some fun to celebrate Family Day. Time: Noon - 3 p.m. Where: Elgin Park, 180 Main St. S. Contact: 905 852 5293

Free Public Skate Come out and have some fun with family and friends. Time: 1:15 - 2:15 p.m. Where: Uxbridge Arena, 291 Brock St.W. Contact: 905 852 3081


Tuesday February 22

Chamber of Commerce Breakfast The Uxbridge Chamber of Commerce invites you to join them at their monthly breakfast meetings. Come hear what’s happening in your business community. Members $10. Guests $15. Time: 7:15 - 9 a.m. Where: Wooden Sticks, 40 Elgin Park Dr. Contact: New Everyday Meals These are easy dinners that will brighten up the table in winter. The meal includes shrimp and scallop risotto, fish tacos, new favourite steak and lemon pudding cake. $85. Time: 7 - 9:30 p.m. Where: The Passionate Cook’s home 62 Brock St. E Contact: 905 862 3359 York Durham Heritage Railway Presents Author Keith Hansen The author of The Northern Alberta Railways and Last Trains From Lindsay speaks, followed by a book signing. Open to the public with admission by donation. Time: 8 p.m. Where: Uxbridge Council Chambers, 51 Toronto St.S. Contact: 416 500 1703

Thursday February 24

Free Wellness Talk Learn simple ways to support a healthy heart. Call us to book your spot. Time: 7:30 - 8:30 p.m. Where: Creekside Wellness, 53 Toronto St. N., Tin Mill - Upper Level Contact: 905 862 3777

Saturday February 26

Oak Ridges Trail Association Hike This is a 1.5 hour, 4.5 km moderate-paced hike or snowshoe. There are some hills. Time: 7 - 8:30 a.m. Where: Al Shaw Side Trail, Conc. 6 south of Durham Rd. 21 Contact: 905 830 2862

A Community of Character Everyone in Uxbridge is invited to join together for incredible night of music, friendships, food and a challenge to become a community of character. Topic: respect. Free. Time: 6:30 - 8:30 p.m. Where: Uxbridge Secondary School, 127 Planks Lane Contact:

Regular Events Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dream Coat Ryleepuss Productions is proud to present this wonderful theatrical event. Tickets $18 adults, $12 youth available at Woods & Woods. February 13 to 26. Time: 8 p.m. or 3 p.m. Saturday matinees Where: Uxbridge Music Hall Contact: 905 852 1836 Indoor Farmer's Market Honey, baking, fruits and vegetables and more. Runs every Sunday until March 13. Time: 11 a.m. - 3 p.m. Where: Senior's Centre, 75 Marietta St. Contact: 416 689 8980 Artists of Uxbridge The group meets weekly to draw and paint, share demonstrations, and to participate in various workshops. Monday evenings and Wednesday mornings. Time: 7 - 9 p.m. and 9 - Noon Where: Zehrs Community Room, 323 Toronto St. S. Contact: 905 852 6357 Mat Bowling Join us every Thursday through the winter months. Bowls provided. Time: 1:30 p.m. Where: Senior’s Centre, 75 Marietta St. Contact: 905 852 9477 Weekly Ladies Interdenominational Community Bible Study Ongoing Tuesdays. All ages welcome. Time: 1 – 2 p.m. Where: Uxbridge Baptist Church Contact: 905 862 2846

Pre-registration required. Thursdays. Time: 9 – 11:30 a.m. Where: Uxbridge Baptist Church, 231 Brock St. W. Contact: 905 852 4192

Line Dancing Every Wednesday. Please call for details. Time: 7-9:30 p.m. Where: Siloam Hall, 7040 Concession Rd 2 Contact: 905 640 6927

Insanity Combat These classes are high intensity with a lot of sweat. Cardio, strength training at high-intensity intervals. Great for those who like a tough workout. Monday to Fridays at 6 and 7 a.m., 5, 6 and 7 p.m. Saturdays also available. Time: Various Where: Trinity United Church, 20 First Ave. Contact: 905 852 4774

Bingo Great jackpots every Thursday. Time: 7:30 p.m. Where: Uxbridge Legion, 109 Franklin St. Contact: 905 852 5293 Euchre All welcome. Fun and prizes. Open to non-Legion members. Time: 7:30 p.m Where: Uxbridge Legion, 109 Franklin St. Contact: 905 852 5293 Udora Play Group For moms and their kids ages 0 to 6 years. Come out and have some fun with your little one. Repeats each Tuesday and Thursday. Time: 10 a.m. - Noon Where: Udora Community Centre, 24 Victoria St. Contact: 705 228 8716 Public Skating Wednesdays 7 - 8 p.m., Thursdays 3:15 - 4:15 p.m., Sundays 1 - 2 p.m. Where: Uxbridge Arena, 291 Brock St. W. Contact: 905 852 3081 GURR Community Run A casual run with the Greater Uxbridge Road Runners, every Thursday, with a variety of distances. All runners welcome. Time: 6:30 p.m. Where: Uxbridge Arena Parking Lot, 291 Brock St. W. Contact: 905 852 7224 Baby Boot Camp Join a group of parents who are exercising and getting fit by playing with their babies. Ages 6 weeks to 18 months.

Big Loss Bootcamp Result-driven circuit format for those looking to lose 30 to 100 lbs. Uilizes our cardio machines, along with easy to follow strength training intervals, geared to serious fat burning and fun. Time: Monday and Wednesday 6:45 - 7:45pm Where: NRG 4 Life Fitness, 85 Second Ave. Contact: 905 852 4750 Cardio Fusion This mindful class will be a blend of 30 minutes of cardio, followed by pilates and yoga. Large stability balls and smaller pilates balls are incorporated. Time: Tuesday 6:30pm Where: NRG 4 Life Fitness, 85 Second Ave. Contact: 905 852 4750 Cardio Circuit This high-energy class is guaranteed to get your heart pumping and body sculpted. It will include intervals of cardio and strength training using a wide variety of equipment with a high emphasis on toning and strengthening the core. Time: Thursday 6 p.m. Where: NRG 4 Life Fitness, 85 Second Ave. Contact: 905 852 4750

Yoga with Jill Enjoy a peaceful end to your day. Beginner or experienced, connect your mind, body and spirit while improving balance and posture, strengthening muscles and stabilizing joints. Ongoing Mondays until March 28. Time: 7:30 - 8:30 p.m. Where: St. Andrew's-Chalmers Presbyterian Church, 40 B Toronto St. S Contact: 905 473 3888 Gentle Fit For those just starting out, returning to fitness or maintaining their health, this class will focus on building strong muscles and bones. Cardio, resistance exercises and over-all body stretch. Ongoing Thursdays until March 31. Time: 6:45 – 7:45 p.m. Where: Call for location Contact: 905 473 3888 Yoga with Heather Munn Get out of the cold and into this warm, welcoming environment. There is still space available! Ongoing Thursday classes until March 31. Pre-register with Heather at 905 649 8596. Time:8:30 - 9:45 pm      Where: Creekside Wellness, 53 Toronto St. N., upper level Tin Mill Contact: 905 862 3777

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Paula R. McMurtry Barrister & solicitor

Family Law General Civil Litigation 174 Mary Street, Port Perry 905-982-2650 •

Childrens Play Group Ongoing Tuesdays. All ages welcome. Time: 9:15 – 11:15 a.m. Where: Uxbridge Baptist Church, 231 Brock St. W Contact: 905 862 2846



LErnie and Yvonne Stokes

asting Love:

by Randy Loewen

In a society in which many goods – and relationships – are easily discarded, one cannot help but wonder how some marriages survive for decades, and what the secret might be to enjoying a lasting and loving relationship. “Learn how to say ‘Yes, dear,’” says Ernie Stokes with a grin, “and say it often!” Stokes’ wife, Yvonne, chimes in: “Ernie’s grandfather used to say to never go to bed angry. We’ve been up until 4:00 a.m. talking sometimes.” That is sound advice coming from a couple who have enjoyed a happy marriage for more than 43 years. The Stokes’ happy relationship started back in high school. Having lived only a half mile away from each other in Scarborough, Ont., Ernie and Yvonne traveled in the same circle of friends. “All of us got along so well,” says Yvonne. With Ernie playing guitar, “we would all get together for jam sessions.” It was during this time that Ernie and Yvonne began dating. Yvonne was a Grade 9 student and Ernie was in Grade 12 - both attending Cedarbrae Collegiate. With Yvonne’s father as an elder in the church, he would arrange for Yvonne’s sister and boyfriend to accompany Yvonne and Ernie on their dates - sparking a long, enjoyable series of double-dating.


Uxbridge residents Ernie and Yvonne Stokes have enjoyed a happy marriage for more than 43 years

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The couple became engaged to be married after two years of dating. Yvonne was a 17 year-old Grade 12 student at the time of their engagement. “I took Yvonne to a quiet parking spot and told her that I didn’t want to go on with her like this,” Ernie says. “She thought I was breaking up with her until I said ‘Will you marry me?’” Two years later - during Canada’s centennial year - the two became husband and wife, taking up residence in East York. Late in 1972, the Stokes moved to Uxbridge. Ernie always liked the country atmosphere, and with everything getting increasingly expensive in the Toronto area, homes in Uxbridge were more affordable. “We had only planned to stay for a year and then move to Aurora,” says Ernie, but as they settled quickly into the community, they found Uxbridge to be a good place in which to raise a family. The hard part was that at that particular time, Uxbridge had no restaurants or theatres to frequent, unlike Scarborough. So they would go for the occasional “city fix” where they would visit Toronto for dinner and a movie. “That would keep us happy for a while,” chuckles Yvonne. Roots certainly spread quickly as the Stokes became more involved in the community. The couple welcomed two children (Sean and Cheryl) and set down their roots. Ernie volunteered his time as a baseball and hockey coach, helped establish the men’s hockey league, and participated on the UxPool Board of Directors for 25 years, to name a few. Yvonne volunteered her time with the new library addition, was the craft convener for the Uxbridge Cottage

Hospital, and was a member of the Beta Sigma Phi sorority. Their dedication to the community has led to the development of many friendships over the years. Fate can sometimes deal a bad hand, and the Stokes family was no exception. In September 2010, Ernie suffered a stroke while he and a friend were digging post holes. While recuperating, his friends were often at his bedside to keep his spirits high, and to encourage him to overcome the effects of the stroke, including some paralysis on his left side. The irony is that Stokes is left-handed, so he now has to learn to do everything with his right hand. But they both “accept the cards they have been dealt,” as Ernie puts it. “The physiotherapy people have provided a great amount of help,” adds Yvonne. But with all of the hardships that come with the recovery from a stroke, the Stokes still find humour in their lives. Recently, Yvonne found Ernie attempting to put on his toque using one hand. While doing so, he held the toque firmly on the top of his head while the rest of his body squirmed in order to slide his head into the toque so that it fit properly. That ridiculous sight brought tears of laughter to both. Despite the hardships that they now face with the effects of a stroke, it is clear that from a life of love, laughter and dedication to one another, Ernie and Yvonne Stokes have found the secret to enjoying a lasting and loving relationship. _______ Faces of Uxbridge is a regular series profiling interesting people of Uxbridge Township. Email your suggestions to Portrait by Randy Loewen of Studio 4 Photography

“We had lots of fun back then,” Yvonne reflects. “There weren’t the resources back then that you have today, so we would often go roller skating at the Mutual Street Arena, go ice skating and attend the CNE every year.” Yvonne adds that she and Ernie get along so well, because they have many likes and that during the first few years of their relationship, they “partied well together.”


Get protection for treating and coping with illness

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Getting sick – seriously sick – isn’t something most people think of, let alone plan for. Treating and coping with an illness can mean significant and unexpected costs. Critical illness insurance provides a cash benefit if you’re diagnosed with one of the conditions defined in your contract, such as cancer, heart attack or stroke, and you survive the waiting period. This money will help cover mortgage payments, regular bills, support your business or subsidize your income to pay for additional medical costs not covered by private or government health plans. And if you don’t use it, you get your money back. James~Campbell Insurance can make sure your family is protected. For questions, call our helpful staff. We work with more than 20 financially stable

insurance partners to offer all types of coverage, including: • Auto • Property • Business • Recreational • Life Critical illness & Disability • Employee Benefits • Travel • Investments We are not a direct insurer or a voice on the phone, but pride ourselves on having a personable, knowledgeable and professional team right here in our community. We’ve served residents from our Uxbridge and Mt. Albert locations for more than 30 years, and are actively involved in community activities. Next time you review your insurance needs or have questions or concerns, please call or visit our interactive website to request a quote, find after-hours claims numbers and more.

Uxbridge Montessori School: To Inspire, Guide and Challenge Uxbridge Montessori School has been an integral part of the Uxbridge Community for over eighteen years. Recognized as a distinguished Private School, UMS has a proud tradition of educational excellence serving the children of Durham Region. Officially registered with the Ontario Ministry of Education, Uxbridge Montessori provides a Montessori option for children from pre-school age through to grade six. In partnership with the renowned Unionville Montessori Private School, the UMS facility 167 Main St. N. continues to provide diversified, Uxbridge 905 852 6377 challenging and personalized learning experiences; a quality educational environment for those who seek an effective alternatives to public education. In keeping with Montessori educational philosophy, the interaction between the child and his/her learning environment is most relevant. This student-centred approach promotes exploration, experimentation, creativity and inquiry; four cornerstones crucial to the learning process in the formative years. The Uxbridge Montessori environment weaves the developmental needs of the whole child with individualized learning opportunities

creating a balanced program responsive to each child’s strengths and needs. Anyt UMS, high expectations for academic achievement are balanced with the importance of character development, exposure to the arts, athletics and personal leadership skills. Each of these focus areas foster student success and contribute to the Uxbridge experience, a tradition since 1992. Montessori classrooms are high quality, effective school settings where children can fully explore their learning potential while receiving professional teaching support, encouragement and guidance. Multi-age classes provide students with enriched opportunities to develop broad social and academic skills with a distinct focus on creativity, problem solving, critical thinking and time-management skills. Collectively, these elements are valued hallmarks of the UMS program. We encourage you to explore the educational opportunities which Uxbridge Montessori School affords children; experience the difference a personalized approach to education makes. UMS is open for tours and the provision of additional information every weekday. We invite you to visit.

Ready to purchase or refinance this spring?

B) 905 852 2598 C) 416 568 6949

Tracey Hutchinson is a long-time Uxbridge resident and loves helping others to achieve their dreams of home ownership and refinancing. As an Accredited Mortgage Professional with Mortgage Intelligence, Tracey works tirelessly to ease the pain of shopping for the best interest rate, and helps make sense of mortgage complications. Whether your challenge is poor credit, self employ-

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YOUR NEIGHBOURHOOD Look at our readers having fun in the winter! For our March issue when we celebrate seniors, send us your photos or of grandparents by February 11 to We’ll pick a winner to receive a Tim Hortons gift card.

Durham Forest, December ‘10 Photo Meaghan Frauts

Maeve getting some fresh air! Photo Kirsty Kernohan

Andrew Worts beating his mom Heather down the hill! Photo Dave Worts

Canadian lawn chairs Photo Caroline Jackson

Elaine and Lucas Fabro Photo Colin Fabro

Sam (front, left) and Charlie Lo Presti, with Dad Michael holding Scout the Beagle, enjoying a ride down the hill. Photo Bonnie MacDonald

Mackenzie Worts with her 65 year old Grandad visiting from Florida! Photo Dave Worts

Snow princess Whitley de Ville Photo Deborah de Ville Elizabeth and Aiden cutting our own tree Submitted Photo

Dayna da Bulldog’s fave time of year! Winter! Photo Kirsty Kernohan

Northfork Alpacas in the snow Photo Mary Saindon Liam having fun in the snow Photo Kirsty Kernohan


Prepare for your winter holiday

Care for Birds in Winter

Going on holiday can be a stressful time, especially if you have a number of things to sort out before you leave, and don’t know where to start. So if the thought of your impending holiday is adding more stress to your life, here are a few suggestions that could make your life, and holiday, a little easier.

• The needs of wild birds in the winter are different than their needs in warmer weather. • Feeders should be placed near cover but in such a way that would allow birds to watch for danger. • Feeders should be placed out of the wind. The east or southeast of the house is an ideal spot away from the wind. • • A perching spot such as a bush or tree should be found near the feeder. Trees and bushes provide safe refuge from the elements and predators. • A great seed to offer during the winter is sunflower seed. It is high calorie, high fat and high protein. The thin shell makes less of a mess. • High-energy, pure fat suet is great for feeding birds when insects are scarce and birds need more calories to keep their bodies warm. • As at any other time, birds need to have a source of water. Bird baths should be heated to prevent the whole bath from freezing. De-icers will mean bird baths can stay out all season long. • Roosting boxes or natural covers are ideal to protect birds from the elements and natural predators. It is imperative to clean bird houses to help reduce the possibility of parasitic bugs that are able to survive the winter.

Prioritize A few weeks before your holiday, sit down and make a list of the most important tasks that need to be done before you head to the airport. Ask yourself if you need to cancel any deliveries, such as food and milk deliveries, subscriptions to the paper, and if you have a pet, consider whether you need to have someone come into your home twice a day to feed and care for the animal, or if it would be better to board it while you are gone. Organize One of the hardest things to do when going on holiday is knowing what clothes and essentials to take with you. A heavy suitcase can lead to you having to pay very expensive luggage surcharges at the airport, so concentrate on taking a few key pieces, consider the climate of your chosen destination. Remember that you could always buy more clothes on vacation if you need to. Packing smaller toiletries will also help you to streamline your suitcase, and leave you more room in your suitcase before you catch your flight home.

SOURCE: Source:

SOURCE: Source:

Image © Serban Enache |

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Cupid on a Budget


You don’t need to spend a bundle to show someone you care this Valentine’s Day. Instead of local products this month, we found some great tips for adults and kids alike.


Love Coupons

Naughty or nice, these are always a hit. Give coupons for a kiss, a foot rub, a massage or anything else your partner enjoys.

Mirrored Expressions

Write a classic love poem on the mirror.

Say it with Song

Call your partner’s favourite radio station and request a romantic song during their drive to work.

Practical Joke Love

Fill your partner’s car or office with Valentine’s balloons. Kids would love to wake up to these in their bedrooms, too!

Not Just February 14

Why not celebrate your special someone all year round? Cut out 365 heart-shaped cards and write a special note or gift for each day of the week: I’ll clean the bathroom. I’ll watch the kids. A back rub. A favourite quote. A simple I love you. Place in a glass jar.

Pink Treats

Serve a family Valentine’s Day meal, with heart-shaped pancakes or eggs, pink mashed potatoes or Jell-O with cinnamon hearts.

Hide the Kiss

Kids and grown-ups will love to find Hershey’s Kisses in fun places all day long: tumbling out of the cereal box, perched on the car dashboard, stuffed in lunch bags and resting on pillows.


FROM MY MOM’S KITCHEN Roasted veggies with cousous, chickpeas & feta This is a super, protein-packed vegetarian recipe for these cold months, and can be adapted to any seasonal veggie that roasts up nice. This time of year, we use sweet potato, onion and squash. It makes a ton, which is great for leftovers and lunch. When we’ve exhausted this route, I’ll toss whatever is left into a pot with low sodium stock and turn it into soup! ~Carly Adapted from Eat, Shrink & Be Merry by Janet and Greta Podleski DIRECTIONS INGREDIENTS

• 2 cups cooked whole wheat couscous or quinoa • 3-5 garlic cloves • 3 cups chopped seasonal vegetables, such as sweet peppers, onion, zucchini or potatoes • 1 can chickpeas, drained and rinsed •2 tbs. olive oil • 1 tbs. balsamic vinegar • Dried rosemary and oregano to taste • Salt and pepper • ½ cup crumbled feta cheese OR ½ c. Parmesan cheese

Preheat oven to 450 F. Toss veggies and chickpeas in large roasting pan (coat pan with cooking spray), and toss with oil, vinegar and spices. Roast for around 25 minutes, stirring once or twice, until veggies are tender. Combine veggies with hot couscous and cheese and serve Notes • Try garlic and olive oil couscous, which is my fave and available at Zehrs • Ditto on the cheese: I always use herbed feta for extra flavour

Valentine’s Day Fortune Cookies

Kids will love to make these cookies for school friends and family members. Make cookies one sheet at a time, as they cool quickly! From

INGREDIENTS (makes about 24 cookies) 1 c. flour 2 tbs. cornstarch 1/2 c. sugar 1/2 tsp. salt 4 large egg whites 1/2 c. vegetable oil 1 tbs. water 1 tbs. vanilla extract



Preheat the oven to 300F. Mix all dry ingredients, then add the oil and egg whites. Beat until smooth. Add water and vanilla and mix well. Spread 1 tbs. of the batter in a 4” circle onto a greased baking sheet. Repeat to make four circles. Bake for approximately 10-12 minutes or until light brown Remove one cookie at a time from the oven with a wide spatula and onto the centre of an oven mitt. Add a fortune to the centre of the cookie and fold in half, pinching the edges of the cookie to seal. Push the sealed side over the edge of a coffee cup to curve into the fortune cookie’s familiar shape. Place the shaped cookies, points down, into muffin tins to cool and retain their shape.

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Uxbridge Town Talk - Feb 2011  

We invite you to become part of our independent, full-colour, celebrated local magazine serving Uxbridge Township. We are committed to produ...

Uxbridge Town Talk - Feb 2011  

We invite you to become part of our independent, full-colour, celebrated local magazine serving Uxbridge Township. We are committed to produ...