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Volume 8 | Issue 7 | August 2016

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volume 8 | issue 7 | august 2016





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COVER PHOTO John Cavers | Local Photographer |

I am still puzzled though, wondering why people vandalize. We have a great group of adults and kids in this town. I have met many of them, ambitious, respectful and kind. So if this is the case, who is doing it? My secret hope is that it is caused by out of town people. Why, because with all the people I have met in Uxbridge none would do this. I may be a bit naive yes,but frankly it’s by choice. I sincerely hate to think that Uxbridge has residents that would consider defacing this town. So, in conclusion I have decided naive, I am and I am ok with it because the alternative is questioning all these great people, something I will not do!!!!

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I am back to my Social Media discussion but this time, with a slightly different twist. In the fashion of heartbroken. I am relatively new to this town when compared to many, but have developed a strong love for Uxbridge. In every case to date, I have established fantastic friendships, both young, not so young, as well as experienced veterans of the town. With so many wonderful people and businesses, can anyone explain how such a friendly town has recently suffered from a series of unwarranted vandalisms? Now here is where Social Media comes in. I quite honestly would not know about most instances of vandalism without Social Media, but as I have always said, it is constantly there. With posting after posting talking about slashed tires, broken fences or spray paint, with all types of social media, we can put a quick end to it. If everyone who sees anything at all, posts it online, we can find trends, times and eventually, culprits. Do I want to see it, definitely not, but is it good, yes!!!! In this case it will help find those who seem to think this is funny, or somehow art, or revenge. Yes it’s a good thing and yes it is heartbreaking.


town talk tidbits

| august olympic facts |


Around 10,500 athletes from 206 countries are expected to take part in 17 days of the Olympiad, competing across 306 events.



A Few Canadian Gold Medalists

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Rosannagh MacLennan — Trampoline 2012 Carol Huynh — Wrestling Freestyle 48 kg 2008 Adam van Koeverden — Canoeing K-1 500m 2004 Simon Whitfield — Men’s Triathlon 2000 Donovan Bailey — Athletics, Men’s 100 m 1996 Mark Tewksbury — Swimming,100 m Backstroke 1992 Lennox Lewis — Boxing,Super Heavyweight 1988



There are two new events at the 2016 Olympics: golf and rugby sevens

Maracana Stadium The opening and closing ceremonies will be held in Rio’s Maracanã Stadium, which boasts the world record for the most fans ever to attend a soccer game. Although its current capacity is around 78,000, the stadium squeezed in at least 173,000 fans during the 1950 World Cup final. Maracanã hosted the World Cup final again in 2014.

The mascot for 2016 is “Vinicius,” a yellow and blue creature representing Brazilian wildlife. It resembles a cat or monkey that can fly and has the power to stretch its Rio 2016 will be the first time in limbs and body. It is Olympic history that a South named after Bossa American country has hosted Nova musician Vinicius de Moraes, the Games. The city won one of the writers its bid in 2009, beating out of “The Girl From Chicago, Madrid and Tokyo. Ipanema.”

A new one-stop shop combining the trendy worlds of K-Cup coffee and personal vapourizers has arrived in downtown Uxbridge. Coffee Tea Express, located at 30 Brock Street W., offers competitive pricing on Keurig single-serve pod products including Marley Coffee, Timothy’s, Van Houtte, Snapple iced tea and Laura Secord hot chocolate. Customers with home brewing systems can purchase K-Cups by the box or make their own mix-and-match selections at the flat rate of 24 for $15. Think of Coffee Tea Express as a candy store for adults! Visitors can sample one of nearly 200 flavours at just $1.25 per self-serve cup, while local business owners pay just $1. A grand opening is scheduled for Aug. 10 when everyone’s invited to stop in to sample a complimentary beverage. Keurig’s big appeal consumers enjoy a freshly made cup of the beverage of their choice at the touch of a button. “It’s set up so that you can come in and quickly brew your own cup of coffee the way you do it at home,” said business co-owner Farhad Hakimi, who operates similar stores in Stouffville and at Pickering Markets. “It’s that whole do-it-yourself feel that we’re looking for.” The growing popularity of single-serve coffee



pods is the main reason behind the new venture, according to Mr. Hakimi. “The systems are so popular now with one in every six Canadian households having one of these K-Cup machines,” he explained. “It’s a trending market and we’re here to meet the increasing demand.” Coffee Tea Express offers a variety of Keurig machines and accessories as well as Caffitaly espresso products, Nespresso compatible pods and even locally made organic honey. Another big trend the shop is capitalizing on are personal vapourizers, commonly known as vapes or e-cigs. These battery-powered devices produce a vapour that gives people a viable way to get a nicotine hit while eliminating dangerous chemicals contained in cigarette smoke.

guest column


The addition of vape sales at his Stouffville location has helped hundreds of smokers kick the habit, and Hakimi is confident this positive trend will continue in Uxbridge. Mirroring tobacco products, vapes can’t be sold to anyone under the age of 19. Products include the latest batteries, tanks, coils, starter kits and a wide selection of flavoured ejuice, the liquid that produces vapour when heated. For more information, contact the store at 905-862-3232. Farhad Hikimi is a new business owner in Uxbridge (Coffee Tea Express). He along with his long time business partner have recently opened a unique coffee/vape store on Brock street in downtown Uxbridge. They are hoping this new store, like their other 2 locations in durham, takes off well.

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| coffee tea express |


agricultural news

| forsythe family farms |


Forsythe Family Farms started in Markham, Ontario when Jim and his wife, Leslie, began farming there in 1972 and the Forsythe family has been in the produce business ever since! As Markham continued to develop over the years, Jim and Leslie had to eventually move their family and farm to their current location in Greenbank, a beautiful property just a short drive from the center of Uxbridge. Guests can visit the barn of friendly farm animals (including pigs, sheep, goats and bunnies), explore the walking trails, visit the market (where you will instantly be tempted by the smell of freshly baked pie) and as of 2016 you can take part in the Giving Garden project. The Giving Garden is a new initiative that brings people together in the spirit of community and giving! Jim Forsythe having not been immune himself to the struggles of life and raising a young family, recalled to me memories of times his friends and community came together, helping and supporting those who needed to get back on their feet again in tough times. This way of living is a core value for Jim and his family and they felt it was time to pass this on and so began The Giving Garden.

as well as the importance of giving back and passing kindness along to others. In the end the project enriches the lives of not only those receiving the donation but those that participate in the act of giving as well! The Giving Garden and Forsythe Family Farms are open to the public from 9:30am-5:30pm Wednesday – Monday (Closed Tuesdays). To find out more about Forsythe Family Farms and the Giving Garden you can visit their website at After spending the last year traveling abroad Samantha has come home to discover the hidden gems in and surrounding Uxbridge. Local to Goodwood, Samantha splits her time between managing her family’s Alpaca farm, photography and traveling - so naturally exploring local farms seemed like a perfect fit! | 77 Brock St. W | 905 862 3524


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Take off your purchase with this coupon Aug 1st-31st


The Forsythe family donated 1.5 acres of farm land to the project and has been kick started with the help of Stokes Seeds who took care of the seed donation and plants taken care of by Lakeview Greenhouses. The Forsythe family has taken care of the land, seeding and weeding of the crops this year and are looking to you for the harvest! They invite you to come and enjoy a visit to the farm and to get your hands dirty harvesting crops from the Giving Garden. At the end of the day you take what you pick with you to be donated to someone, of your choosing, who is in need of a helping hand or act of kindness. The idea started with the want to do more than donate produce; the Forsythe family wanted to provide others the chance to participate (whether they themselves were financially capable to do so or not), in providing healthy, fresh food for those in need. For families it is the chance to teach your children more about agriculture and farming

Wooden Railway Trains | T-shirts Wooden Tracks | Bow Ties | Whistles


Stupefied Theatrical Productions is a community non profit theatre company that offers a children’s theatre program that is inclusive to all children from Grade 1 to 8. This program runs an Intermediate Youth Group on Monday’s and Wednesday’s after school until 6 pm and a Kinder Stages program on Saturday mornings from 10 am to 11:30 am. Depending on the level of experience some children may be moved up into a different level. However, NO EXPERIENCE IS REQUIRED to join Stupefied!

There is also a 2 week summer theatre boot camp that runs out of the Goodwood Community Centre and this program provides children entering grade 3 in September to grade 8 a chance to play loads of games inside and outside, theatre games, and produce a 1 Act musical to be performed on the final day of camp. Costumes, make up, and props are provided to give the kids a chance to have an opportunity to do a lighter version of a full musical. At the conclusion of each program, children are given a ballot (much like the Tony Awards) where they are given a chance to support their fellow peers and vote for each person on the category that they feel best suits each individual that they have worked and played with. Every child wins an award and a framed certificate. Every child is valued and every child achieves recognition of their improvements and accomplishments! This also offers the children a chance to give something back to each other. To learn how to be supportive and encouraging to one another as one team. One happy ensemble.

guest column

| stupefied theatrical |

During the summer theatre boot camp each child receives an award and a framed certificate for their accomplishments and improvements and for surviving Theatre “Boot Camp”!

Both programs offer children a chance to learn all facets of the theatre world. There are tutorials, proper audition instruction, monologue exercises, breathing techniques, dancing instruction, singing instruction, acting instruction with character development. Each child is GUARANTEED A ROLE. Each student is given the opportunity to have lines, sing and dance as an ensemble. There are memorization skills that are taught and all of this is instructed in a non competitive and nurturing environment.

Stupefied offers a fall/winter session which runs from Sept-Feb and a spring session which runs from Feb-June. Both programs are for the Intermediate Youth Group and both programs offer an opportunity for the children to produce a full 2 Act Musical where they will perform three shows at the Uxbridge Music Hall with lights, costumes, hair, make up, sets, props...Broadway style! The Kinder Stages program runs throughout the year from Oct-June and offers the Kinder Stages children to produce a mini 1 Act pre-show that is performed before the Intermediate Youth Group take the stage in June.

Stupefied’s founder and instructor Shira Forsyth has a strong belief for her programs. She believes that at the end of the day it’s not about what you have or even what you’ve’s about who you’ve lifted up, who you’ve made better and what you’ve given back. There is an Instagram and Facebook page and families are encouraged to review their experiences and their children’s experiences with Stupefied and so far Stupefied has received a 5 star rating with extremely positive comments where children have built up on so many skills that have helped them directly in their education, dealing with peers, and in their every day lives.

To contact Stupefied to enquire 647 458 3125 or stupefiedtheatricalproductions@

Shira Forsythcomes from having 15 years of experience in professional theatre. Performing in Toronto, New York, and Chicago. She studied dance for 15 years with Brian Foley and studied in New York at the Tisch School of the Arts. Shira has been choreographing and directing for multiple community theatre companies over the past 6 years and she has also run a theatre program for the Toronto School Board for a preparatory school.

w w w. u x b r i d g e t o w n t a l k . c o m | a u g u s t 2 0 1 6

There is no pressure to audition because the auditions are held during class with a calm and relaxing vibe. The classes also offer loads of theatre games to build up on their self esteem and confidence and regular games to build up on their team building and co operation skills.


w w w. u x b r i d g e t o w n t a l k . c o m | a u g u s t 2 0 1 6

community calendar

| august community calendar |


UHA Schooling Show Series Horse show at Elgin Park… great for beginners, children Nature Walk Wednesday at Claremont Get or anyone who would like some show outdoors this summer and explore nature right experience. Show starts at 9:00 am., August in your community! Join us for a moderately 13 and September 17. paced walk through the Claremont property. Time: 9:00 am To register please visit Where: Elgin Park claremont. For more information please email Contact: Diane Smullen @ 416-998-9667 Nina at Website:

/ $20 seniors and students. A must-see event! Island Dinner @ 6pm available for the August 25th performance only! This show runs on Aug 18/25 at 7:30pm and Aug 20/21/27/28 at 3pm.

Time: 10:00 am - 11:30 am Where:Claremont Field Centre, 4290 Westney Rd N Contact: Nina @



Blood Donor Clinic You have the power to give life. Donate blood and join the movement today. The Blood donor clinic will be held SATURDAY AUGUST 6TH at the Uxbridge Seniors Centre, 75 Marietta Street. It will be held on Friday August 12th, Greet. Meet .& Eat Its Back! Our Very Popular 2016 from 1:30p.m. to 7:30p.m. Sponsored Greet . Meet . & Eat event is coming. This year by the Rotary Club of Uxbridge. we want to celebrate whats new - All the new Time: 1:30 pm - 7:30 pm storefront businesses since last year... Keith’s Where: Uxbridge Seniors Centre, 75 Marietta St. Flowers has a new owner, M.t. Hangers moved to a great new spot, we welcome Salt SATURDAY AUGUST 20TH Life Cave and Spa, Nexus Coffee Shop {we just missed their opening last year}, The Foggery Uxbridge Lions Art in the Park This Festival Vape Shop, Coffee & Tea Express, We Nails of artists and artisans has been running in Club, Tin Cup’s new location, Curves great Uxbridge for the past twenty one years. new downtown spot and of course our very The Artists sites are situated throughout the own Uxbridge Brewery - Second Wedge. We wooded area of the Elgin Park. This is a Juried think that is a lot to celebrate. Come and join Show. Come, stroll through our beautiful Elgin us. Park, that is filled with many trees. Watch the Time: 11:00 am - 4:00 pm children in their play/art area, look at the Where:Downtown Uxbridge fabulous works of art by some of the finest Website: GoDowntownUxbridge artists in Ontario. Talk with the artists. Watch how some of the artists apply their skill and FRIDAY AUGUST 12TH knowledge to their works. Plenty Of Free Parking, Free Admission, Donations Welcome. Day Out with Thomas All Aboard! Thomas This event runs Saturday and Sunday. the Train is coming back to Uxbridge. This Time: 10:00 am - 5:00 pm event is a wonderful opportunity for children Where: Elgin Park to meet and go on a train ride with Thomas. Contact: They will also be able to meet Sir Topham Hatt and enjoy lots of games and activities at the SATURDAY AUGUST 18TH Imagination Station. Fares: $25 per person + tax; Children under 2 are free. For more Maud of Leaskdale The acclaimed oneinformation, please visit event woman play about the life of Lucy Maud runs Aug 12/13/14 and Aug 19/20/21. Montgomery in Leaskdale is back in 2016 for 6 Where: York Durham Heritage Railway shows only! Tickets are available online at Star Website:, at Little Acorn and Sugar FX in Uxbridge, or by calling us at 905-862-0808 to SATURDAY AUGUST 13TH reserve for pickup on the day of the play. $25

Time: Aug 18/25 - 7:30pm, Aug 20/21/27/28 - 3 pm Where: Historic Leaskdale Church Website:

7th Annual Farmers of Uxbridge Discover where local food comes from and enjoy a meet and greet with local farmers. Lots of activities for all ages! Time: 5:00 pm Where: Uxbridge Arena Contact: Pam Beach @

SATURDAY AUGUST 27TH Eyes on the Sky Night Hike Join us for an evening walk where we’ll look to the sky! Explore nature at night and search for baths, moths, stars and more. To register please visit For more information, please email Nina at nsampson@ Time: 7:30 pm - 9:30 pm Where:Claremont Field Centre, 4290 Westney Rd N Contact: Nina @

45th Annual Heritage Days! 45th annual heritage days! Come one, come all! Come celebrate Uxbridge’s history and heritage. Join us, the Uxbridge-Scott Historical Society, for a weekend of fun, live music at the Beer & Cider garden, antique tractors and cars, games, food and family. Kids can take their turn at our Passport Challenge; collect stamps for completing activities to receive a prize. Tour many buildings and interact with our many exhibits and learn about life 200 years ago. Stroll through the militia camp and watch a War of 1812 re-enactment. Heritage Days is sure to be a weekend full of family entertainment! Event runs Saturday and Sunday. Time: 10:00 am - 5:00 pm Where: Uxbridge Historical Centre, 7239

Uxbridge Stouffville Midwives


Customizing your Interior and Exterior Finishes

Please Contact Jeremy at 289.231.1319

accepting new patients

2 Campbell Drive, Unit 207 | 905 862 3535 |

WEDNESDAY AUGUST 31ST 100 Women Who Care Uxbridge We are 100 women+ in Uxbridge who care about local community causes and who are committed to community service. We gather for just one hour every 3 months where, at each meeting, we jointly select a local charity or not-for-profit organization and write a $100 cheque (per person) to the selected organization. Time: 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm Where: Wooden Sticks, 40 Elgin Park Dr Contact: Andrea Scowcroft @ andrea.scowcroft@

REGULAR EVENTS Uxbridge Farmers Market Join us every Sunday Rain or shine! 9am to 1pm in Uxbridge Arena Parking lot. Many vendors including fruit, vegetables, maple syrup, honey, bread, frozen meat, plants, baked goods, preserves and much more. Time: 9:00 am - 1:00 pm Website:

Fridays at the Foster Starting May 6th every Friday night at 7:30 PM. It is a great night of music for all. Website:

The Bonner Boys Car Show in Elgin Park Starting May 26th every Thursday night , 5:00 PM. Runs until September. Website:

Baby Cafe is a non-fee drop in program offered Mondays, all pregnant women, parents & caregivers with infants are welcome. Each session is facilitated by a Lactation Consultant, and a healthy snack is provided. Time: 9:00 am - 11:00 am Where: Uxbridge Public School, 64 Victoria Dr Contact: 905-862-3131 or office@

Friday Morning Music w/ Marg Time: 9:30 am - 11:30 am Where: Uxbridge Public School, 64 Victoria Dr Contact: 905-862-3131 or office@

Monday Morning Singers. Come sing with the women’s choir, directed by Anne Mizen. Practices are Monday Mornings from 9:15-11:30 am. No auditions. Visit Where: St. Paul’s Anglican Church, 65 Toronto Street S Contact: 905-852-3693

Wanna Dance? Line Dancing. For ages 55 plus. Line dancing is great exercise for virtually your whole body. Every Thursday. Time: 9:00am - 11:30am Where: 75 Marietta Street, Uxbridge Contact: 905-852-7792

Taoist Tai Chi at the Uxbridge Seniors Centre. Includes a gentle set of movements that promote well-being for people of all ages and in all conditions. Beginner class: every Friday 9-10am. Continuous class: every Friday 1011:30am. Where: 75 Marietta Street, Uxbridge Contact: 905 852 2587

Royal Canadian Legion Every Friday night we play euchre, so if you are interested please come out at 7:00 to sign up and play starts at 7:30 PM. It is a great night of fun for all in the downstairs clubroom. Where: Royal Canadian Legion, Uxbridge

Royal Canadian Legion We have Barbeque Dinner every Wednesday night. Choose from chicken, burgers, peameal, or sausage and a salad. Prices range from $7-$9.COme out and support your local legion and enjoy a great dinner. Time: 5:00pm - 7:00pm Where: Royal Canadian Legion, Uxbridge.

Royal Canadian Legion On the 3rd Monday of every month we hold a veterans afternoon from 2-4 P.M. This is open to all veterans and their spouse/guest in the area not just Uxbridge members. They enjoy food, beverages, entertainment and door prizes compliments of the Uxbridge Legion. So come out and enjoy an afternoon with old friends and acquaintances or meet some new ones. Night of fun for all in the upstairs hall. Where: Royal Canadian Legion, Uxbridge

Open Mic Thursdays. Open Mic Thursdays are every Thursday at Wixan’s Bridge Presented by Beau’s All Natural Beer and Wixan’s Bridge! The first Thursday of every month there’s a free sampling of Beau’s Lug Tread beer. Hosted by Bodan. 2 mics, an acoustic, a bass, a cajon and a foot tambourine are provided for general use! Time: 9:00pm - 11:45pm Where: Wixan’s Bridge 65 Brock Street West Contact: 416-587-4572

Karaoke Wednesday. Karaoke is now every Wednesday Night at Wixan’s Bridge in Uxbridge! It’s All Ages on the main floor. Time: 8:00pm Where: Wixan’s Bridge 65 Brock Street West Uxbridge. Contact: 416-587-4572

Friends of the Uxbridge Public Library The Friends of the Uxbridge Public Library meet on the second Thursday of every month at 7 p.m. in the Uxbridge Library lower meeting room. New members always welcome. Time: 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm Where: 9 Toronto Street South

Friends’ Meeting House Uxbridge is open to the public the first Sunday of every month from June-September. Time: 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm Where: 6800 Concession Road 6, Uxbridge Contact: 905-640-2578 or 905-852-3476

Stonemoor Daycare Centre Inc. A NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATION

Uxbridge - 905-852-3510 Toddler & Pre-school openings available 736 Davis Drive • 15 Months to 6 years • Supervised Nursery School Programs available • Programs available at Goodwood, • Part-time & Full-time programs Valley View, Scott Central, Uxbridge Public & McCaskills Mills Reg • Program being offered in Uxbridge istra tion Community Hall for Quaker Village Kids Acc • Open year-round 6:30-9:00am & Yea epted r Ro 2:00-6:00pm school holidays und ! 6:30am-6:00pm

Time is running out, exterior season is here... Wide range of exterior paints and stains for all you needs!

PAINT &Uxbridge, WALLPAPER 4 Banff ROANE’S Rd., Hwy47S, Unit #7, Ont., L9P 1S9 phone: 905-852-5315 fax: 905-852-2215

w w w. u x b r i d g e t o w n t a l k . c o m | a u g u s t 2 0 1 6

Concession Rd 6 Contact: Brad Buss @ 416-209-2354


your community

| local living |

Start your engines!

Day Out With ThomasTM will be making a stop at the York-Durham Heritage Railway from August 12th -14th and 19th - 21st as part of his Ready, Set, Go tour across North America. Last year, Day Out With Thomas was a great success. Over 20,000 people made the trip to Uxbridge to take a ride onboard their favourite train. This year promises to be just as popular. The highlight of the event, of course, is getting to enjoy a 25-minute ride on Thomas the Tank EngineTM. The train is air conditioned and fully equipped with washrooms. Visitors can also meet and have their picture taken with the famous Sir Topham HattTM, Controller of the Railway! Enjoy Thomas-themed activities including a storytelling and video viewing area. There will also be live entertainment, a petting zoo, ride-on motorbike scooters, face painting, a hay maze, jumping castles and more. Grab lunch or a snack from one of our food vendors and eat in our covered picnic area. Purchase a souvenir in the gift stop to remember this special day. This year we have an exclusive offer for Day Out With Thomas ticket purchasers. Make it a family weekend getaway you’ll never forget with the DOWT Family Fun Package: • Discounted hotel accomodations at Quality Hotel, Oshawa for

“All Aboard Uxbridge”

Event Name: Farm to Train Date: September 24, 2016 Event 5:00 pm – 10:00 pm. Provide a special dining experience capitalizing on the theme “Farm to Train” for 120 patrons on board the York Durham Historical Railway. Tickets $95.00 per person, available online at: https://

Farmers of Uxbridge Offers A Bumper Crop of Food, Fun and Feasting Local farmers and producers are gearing up for the 7th Annual Farmers of Uxbridge event. This popular event will take place on Thursday, August 25th at the Uxbridge Arena Community Hall. The event provides local residents with an opportunity to meet local farmers and learn about the goods they produce and where they are sold. This year there will be dairy, beef, pork, corn, fresh fruit, produce, local honey, lavender, and maple syrup producers. Local, barbequed fare can be purchased for dinner. Attendees will be able to interact with the farmers and learn more about the agricultural industry in the Township of Uxbridge.

There will be demonstrations, educational information and farm products available for purchase. The farm equipment and farm animal displays are always a hit with families. This year, the event is proud to host the Durham Farm Connections Educational Trailer. This mobile, traveling educational exhibit promotes local food literacy and features displays, activities, and information about our local food and other agricultural products. This is the inaugural event for the trailer so a ribbon-cutting launch celebration is planned. The event is free for the public and will take place from 5:00pm until 8:00pm at the Arena Community Hall at 291 Brock St. W in Uxbridge. For inquiries about the Farmers of Uxbridge event contact Pamela Beach at or (647) 467 3105. For information about the Durham Farm Connections Mobile Education Exhibit contact Mary Ann Found at or (905) 436-2528.

is a group of four dynamic

2016 Recipient: Loaves and Fishes Food Bank in Uxbridge

w w w. u x b r i d g e t o w n t a l k . c o m | a u g u s t 2 0 1 6

Bring the family out for a fun-filled Day Out With Thomas, and create lasting memories for your Thomas fan! Tickets are $25 + HST and can be purchased through TicketWeb (http://www. Tickets are over 90% sold, book now to avoid disappointment!

This unique event will have patrons enjoying a round trip on our local York Durham Heritage Railway. On board, you will enjoy a delightful 4 course meal provided by Urban Pantry, who’s chef will bring you a unique locally inspired meal accompanied by Thornbury Craft Cider and Beer’s award winning beer, cider or wine.

community focused individuals with a love of food, bringing you a unique culinary experience. With the assistance of sponsors and patrons, it is our goal that this will be an annual function to benefit a local charity.


DOWT ticket holders. Includes breakfast for a family of 4 (close to the VIA train station and easy access to highways). The discount code will be provided with your ticket email confirmation. • Receive special discounts to Canada’s Wonderland and Treewalk Village (Stouffville). Reserve your Treewalk Village visit in advance. Your special discount passes will be provided at hotel check-in

Farm to


In my recent travels I stumbled upon a sign. Perhaps one of those, ‘if you were waiting for a sign, this is it’ prompts. As a rule I don’t subscribe to coincidences, so either this message was sent via the universe or was simply a happy side effect of my rampant shopping problem. A few days later, the magic was found once I had proper time to intellectually digest the memo. And it said;

Brutal assumptions made via our friend, and the great experiment of humanity, that is social media. Assumptions based on the highlight reel of ones existence cannot possibly transmute vibes. That’s why the conversations and interactions we have face to face mean so much more these days. Not gossip, not contrived background info, not the highs or lows but the hellos.

Your vibe attracts your tribe.

The incredible amount of inspiration to be found from speaking to someone who is living their passion, someone who has survived a battle or provides insight on a different lifestyle or life experience is immeasurable. Just this week I have met several people who regaled me with all sorts of tales of their lives. One client climbed a mountain! Another made a miraculous recovery and another is beginning a new business venture they have waited years to begin. How cool!

*whistles* Good one. Think about that one for a bit and all that it encompasses. Friends. Acquaintances. The people you see everyday on your commute, the people who serve your coffee, make your bouquets, publish your local online magazines. Community leaders, teachers, neighbours. These interactions certainly amplified because of a small town. We’re all a tribe, a buzzing hub of commerce and community. Maybe we attract one another? Perhaps we meet who we are supposed to meet. We’re all basically meat and bones, hurdling through space on a giant sphere shaped rock. Surrounded by other sphere shaped rocks, in a universe filled with stuff and things we know very little about. Right? The tribes we keep, the stories we share and how we chose to spend our allotment of days we get on this giant flying rock are what matters.

So what’s the point you hippie? Well, interesting you should ask. Having a sales and retail background personally I am able to have a lively conversation with a head of broccoli. (This also makes dating VERY interesting.) Conversations with strangers? Sign me up! Small talk game strong! And I realize not everyone is as comfortable with scenarios such as this but there are an incredible amount who are. Sometimes you just have to light the fire. And this is how I know our town is filled with the most incredible people who have passions and interests or had adventures that will amaze you. I’m so fortunate to have friends that span from all acts of my life. From the first day of Kindergarten, to friendships made in Corporate Canada, to bonds formed from favourite flower buyers. These wonderful people always step up to support and care for me in good times, bad times and everything in between. I’m a better person for knowing them, for getting to share my life with them and for allowing myself openness to share their lives with me as well.

All begun from, well, a hello. Their life lessons and my life lessons. The kindness they have experienced, the joy, passion and sadness. It’s vulnerability 101. Not easy, but nonetheless totally worth it. When we meet someone new they could become an integral part of our lives, remain on the outskirts or only be with us for a short moment, but there isn’t any way of predicting that. Isn’t that awesome? The lives we have led have brought us to this point, call it fate or luck but we’re in this together. We exchange the lessons, experiences, knowledge and are better for it. It’s tragedy and comedy, and when you hear those acts of one’s life it’s hard not to feel gratitude, compassion, or even solidarity because you too have had those scenes play out in one form or another. That is the human condition. Modern times dictate however, perhaps openness and acceptance isn’t a priority, the unknown or misunderstood can be easier to ignore.

guest column


So, I’m giving you homework. Make a point of sharing your vibe, your passions, make an effort to get to know someone new. By sharing your life you can drastically and positively impact another’s. You can inspire hope, love, humour and joy and provide support to another being who is stumbling blindly in the midst of one of those key events of life that perhaps you’ve survived. Live to inspire, give yourself the gift of openness. Local florist Christina Curry one day hopes to give Martha Stewart a run for her money. She loves creating, colours, the moon and stars, sparkles and parties. Christina and her Mother, Midge, live on a farm north of Uxbridge, affectionately named Dirty Hippie Acres, surrounded by rescue horses, donkeys, cats, dogs and bunnies. They one day hope to save every furry creature in need and to host elaborate dinner parties at least once a week.

FOOT CARE CLINIC Accepting NEW clients

Finding it difficult to look after your own feet or have diabetes? Register today! • Clinics are held on alternate Mondays • Located at the Uxbridge Seniors Centre, 75 Marietta St., Uxbridge • Registered Foot Care Nurses • First Time Visit is $20.00. Subsequent Visits only $15.00.

To register for foot care or for more information about this service, please call our office at


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| human condition |


peacefully productive

| something out of nothing - tips for coming up with creative ideas |

“Stay hungry. Stay foolish. Never let go of your appetite to go after new ideas, new experiences, and new adventures.” Steve Jobs

Wait… don’t move… it’s right there, beside your pen on the coffee table… OK, don’t be alarmed… I’ve got this… don’t scream out, I’ll take care of it, but there’s a… BIG…BLANK…PAGE… ON YOUR TABLE! Fear not! I get it, it’s terrifying… But if you know how to handle them, they’re harmless… I promise… One of the most intimidating things for a creative person to face is the ‘blank canvas.’ It can cause restless nights and trembling hands leading to spilled coffee. The associated difficulties with creating something from nothing are a major contributing factor to the dreaded ‘Irritable Artist Syndrome’ that the spouses and intimates of expressive individuals know all too well. But it doesn’t have to be that hard, folks. Alongside the various aches and pains of bringing something new into the world, there can be some wonderful joys. You just have to hone a few of the implements in your creative toolbox. What follows are my three tips for conquering timor tabula rasa, or ‘the fear of the blank slate.’ Get Thee Prepared Somedays you write songs, and somedays the song writes you. If you’ve made a regular habit of setting aside time each day (preferably in the early morning) to work on your creative projects, then you’re already far ahead of the curve. The Creative Habit is one of the surefire ways to overcome the uncertainty of a new project, because it fills notebooks and closets with pages and canvasses of material to draw on when you’re feeling stumped.

w w w. u x b r i d g e t o w n t a l k . c o m | a u g u s t 2 0 1 6

But what about when you’re on a long Sunday afternoon walk with your dog in the Countryside Preserve, and the idea for a short story comes to you, fully formed? What do you do when you’re at the pub, enjoying a pint as you wait for a friend, and the ‘missing link chorus’ for the song you’ve been struggling with suddenly comes to you, out of the blue?


I can tell you right now, if your answer is “I’ll just keep repeating it in my head until I get home and can write it down,” then you’ve probably lost more songs and stories than you’ve written. These creative ‘gift flashes’ seem so potent and vivid when they happen that we doubt we could ever forget them. But trust me, you will forget them! Have you ever woken up from a crazy dream and decided to write it down? But maybe you can’t find your pen, or you just feel your eyes are a bit too heavy? ‘Nevermind, I’ll catch that fish later today, when I’m full of caffeine courage!’ you lazily declare. Don’t you feel foolish later that day, when you’re all ready, fancy Italian leather bound dream journal and hand-turned oak pen in-hand, and you can’t remember even the slightest hint of what the dream was about? What you need is a system. A funnel to quickly get those flashes stored, for later use. If you’re a digital diva, you may like using some of the many apps available for your phone, which you likely always have on you. I’m a big fan of ‘Evernote,’ ‘Google Keep,’ and ‘iA Writer,’ which all seamlessly sync to your other devices over the


cloud as well. You can tag the note as ‘snippets’ or ‘song sketches’ or whatever your creative heart desires, as long as it’s something you’ll remember to look back on. I also suggest familiarizing yourself with the voice recorder on your phone. It only takes a second to pull it out and record that melody that comes to you unannounced as you watch your daughter’s gymnastics rehearsal. Or if you’re more of an Analog Andy, you need to find a nice small notebook that fits discretely in your pocket, along with a well-capped pen. Remember- you can’t catch any butterflies if you forget your net! 2. Don’t remake the wheel. Combine the wheel with something new. Like an Engine. Very few inventions consist of something entirely new. The creation of new ideas almost always involves piggybacking off older, established things. Before the automobile, there was of course the wagon, and the horse-drawn carriage. Dylan combined poetry with electric guitars and a driving backbeat to create what we now call Rock Music. The Beatles mixed rock with Indian Classical music and came up with beautiful sitar-laced songs like Norwegian Wood, and many others. Steve Jobs combined high-performance computers with elegant design, and created an empire. How can you combine two or more seemingly unrelated objects or genres into something fresh? Give it a shot. 3. Get on the Elimination Diet Sometimes we can be a little too free. In a world with 20 different kinds of Cheerios, we can quickly become paralyzed by options. In his excellent 2004 book ‘The Paradox of Choice,’ Barry Schwartz discusses this western phenomenon, which describes how having too many options actually makes it much harder for us to choose. This applies to the blank page, as well. Remember how much easier it was to write an essay when your high-school teacher gave you a specific topic to write about, than when they just told you to come up with your own topic? In the world of art, restraints can sometimes be a very positive thing. This week, don’t just sit down ‘to write a song.’ Write a song with no chorus. Write a song that only uses 2 chords. Flip open the newspaper, close your eyes, and point to a random article. Write a song based on what you read. Don’t go out to take pictures. Set your camera to black and white, and only take monochrome photos all day. Only photograph vegetation on your next walk. Or rocks. Or rivers. These types of restraints actually open up the doors to focus and clarity. They help you work around a theme, and can provide a golden thread for your work to follow which can lead to a sustainable body of work based around a common element. And more importantly, as you’re focusing on this theme, you’re not staring in fear at the blank slate. Carry on, creative warriors. There is much good work to do! Darrin Davis is a professional musician, singer/songwriter, painter and photographer. His bi-weekly live music video series ‘Songs On A Pink Couch’ can be subscribed to at Darrin hosts a weekly Sunday night Acoustic Open Mic at Colonel McGrady’s Pub, 44 Brock St. W. He lives in the wildwood splendour of Uxbridge, Ontario, with his lovely wife Amy, his darling newborn daughter Sadie, and his incorrigible pup, Dublin. All 4 are relentless Blue Jays fans.




sides (I use The Keg steak spice)

Pork Ribs (cut into 12 inch pieces) Barbacue Sauce (your favorite) Steak spice

1. Cut pork ribs into 12 to 18 inch strips and apply steak spice to all 2. Wrap each piece tightly in aluminum foil

utt kitchen

| elaine’s favourite ribs |

3. Bake in a 250 degree oven for at least 4 hours (prefereably 6 hours) or barbecue on very low

4. When finished cooking open the tops of the foil and apply your favorite barbecue sauce.

5. If you can, remove them from the foil and put on the barbecue

directly. They do fall off the bone so this is sometimes a challenge. If they are falling apart, place in foil onto the barbeque.

Women In Agriculture

General Admission $12 Children aged 13 & under FREE Parking FREE Courtesy of Spartan Ready Mix Friday

Fair Opens...................5 p.m. Tractor Pull..............7:00 p.m. Buildings Close ....10:00 p.m.


Buildings and Midway Open ..10:00 a.m. UHA HorseShow....10:00a.m. Sheep Show, Goat Show......................11:00 a.m. Open Dairy Show..........Noon Apple Pie Auction...1:00 p.m. Durham West 4H & Open LawnTractor Pulling Club....................... 1:00 p.m. Leaf Blower Soccer...6:00 p.m. Demolition Derby....7:00 p.m. Buildings Close.....10:00 p.m.


Heavy Horse Show...9:00 a.m. Jumper Jackpot Challenge English Horse Show............... 10:00 a.m. Buildings and Midway Open ....................10:00 a.m. Cruise-in Car Show,Baby Show ,Poultry Show...................11:00 a.m. Beef Show...................Noon Mounted Games Demonstration........2:00 p.m. Horse Pull................2:30 p.m.

Fair Closes.............5:00 p.m. Evening Schedule for Midway 1. Kiddies Rides will close at 10:00pm 2. Ticket booths will close at 10:30pm 3. All rides or attractions will shut down promptly by 11:00pm Conditions of Entry to The Fair 1. No skateboards 2. No Bicycles 3. Wristbands must be worn 4. No Alcohol 5. Backpacks and bags will be subject to search

General Admisson provides free admission to all events. Parking and seating not guaranteed.

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Friday, Saturday & Sunday September 9, 10, 11 Elgin Park, Uxbridge


| 45th annual heritage days |


historically speaking

and large-scale public commissions in granite.

As one hears the advertisements for the Canadian National Exhibition, it brings to mind that the summer months are nearing the end and children will soon be returning to school. This can be said of the Annual Uxbridge-Scott Historical Society Heritage Days event as well!! The summer of 2016 has been a rather warm one, which we will look back fondly in the middle of February when the temperatures make us long for that sunny beach. In an effort to attract more people to the beautiful grounds, we are providing a new feature! On Saturday, August 27, with the gracious assistance of Bryan Watts and his group, we are hosting a Hoedown. An evening with a western style BBQ, live music and prizes for best costumes! The festivities begin at 7:00 pm. Tickets are $65.00, with all proceeds to benefit the Uxbridge Scott Historical Society. Rain or shine, come and dance your boots off under the tent. Tickets available at Williamson Chrysler and www.

If you’re feeling a little peckish, pick up something at the Meat Merchant Food Truck and enjoy that with a beverage from Thornbury Craft Cider and Craft Beer listening to live music from the Gazebo. A sweet tooth you say? Pie and Ice cream for dessert. Tractors on parade, Classic Cars on display, various local vendors, Margo the balloon lady, period re-enactors. So much to see and do for only $5.00 a person!! Hope to see you there. The view from the Museum is breathtaking. It overlooks all of Uxbridge. Take a trip up one day, you won’t regret it.

w w w. u x b r i d g e t o w n t a l k . c o m | a u g u s t 2 0 1 6

On Sunday, August 28, from 10am to 5:00 pm, a full day of activities for kids as well as the adults. A kid’s zone with crafts and other activities will help them learn about the various displays housed at the Historical Center.


A non-denominational church service begins at 1:00 pm in the historical Fifth Line Church. Some history on the Church: The Methodist Episcopal trustees obtained land on the west end of lot 16, concession V, Uxbridge, and a Methodist Episcopal Church was dedicated there on December 14, 1870. It was known as Forsyth’s or Rusnell’s Church, and was on the Uxbridge circuit until union in 1883-84, when it became a part of the Goodwood circuit. A new foundation was put under the building in October of 1887. It became Fifth Line United Church in 1925, and was closed in 1966. The church was moved to the Uxbridge Scott Museum site in 1979. Collection items on display include two organs and a piano which were made by a factory in Uxbridge that was in operation from 1873 to 1914 Try your hand at horse shoe tossing - a ringer could net you $10.00. Of course, the freshly cooked kettle corn is always a treat for everyone. Fly Freeman will be on hand to demonstrate her stone carvings. Fly Freeman trained as a sculptor in Scotland, where she started her career as a stone carver, carving everything from gargoyles, to gravestones

History of the Society On April 6, 1971 the Uxbridge-Scott Historical Society was formed for the purpose of preserving the history and symbols of the Uxbridge area. By the next month they were negotiating to establish the Quaker Hill School as the site of a museum. On August 28 they held their first “Threshing Days”, and this event continues annually, now called “Heritage Days”. The museum was officially opened on May 27, 1972. In August 1973, they received charitable status. Historical records and documents were solicited from the three local governments, and their large collection including photographs and artifacts began. By August of 1976, approximately 1900 artifacts had been catalogued. The collection continues to grow. Through hard work, negotiation and fundraising, buildings were added to the site leading to the present 10 buildings. A gazebo was added in 2003. Thanks to two Ontario Trillium Foundation grants, by 2009 walkways and ramps had been added to the buildings. Successful annual grant applications continue to bring students to work at the Uxbridge Historical Centre, and hundreds of volunteers assist with Heritage Days and other work to help keep history alive in Uxbridge

| searching for things that go bump in the night |


What will we find when we explore the nighttime critters that inhabit our piece of paradise? So very peaceful to experience a walk in the night, donning our headlamps, and venturing into a dark forest! It’s exhilarating to turn off the light and see the forest in its nightly splendor. Then all of a sudden there are flashes of light everywhere as fireflies light up all around us. The immediate thoughts that spring to mind; why do they light up? What do they look like? Where do they live? What do they eat and why are they there? The answers are illuminating! Fireflies live in forests, marshy areas, and around ponds. It is speculated that they eat other insects or other fireflies, but the fact is, nobody knows for sure. As adults they have not been observed eating, so it is a bit of a mystery. The light of a firefly is produced by a chemical reaction. The light they emit is the most efficient light in the world with 100% of the energy producing light. As a comparison, a standard light bulb is only 10% light with the remaining 90% producing heat that is wasted. The light of a firefly is used to defend their territory and warn off predators, but also to attract males. Females patiently wait in the trees for an attractive male; she then uses her light to signal. They have dedicated light organs and combined with their lifespan which is quite short, perhaps explaining the lack of information on their eating habits. They live approximately 1 year from one mating season to the next.

From magical fireflies to the often misunderstood bat, our adventure continues. We all have this weird fear of bats although I am uncertain why. They are not the nicest looking mammal; in fact they almost look mean. Perhaps we watch far too many movies showing them as vampires! The truth is, bats are fascinating. They look a bit like a mouse with wings but have fierce looking teeth. I suppose this feature also contributes to our fear of bats. I confess though, I am a fan mostly because they eat mosquitoes and that makes them my heroes. Unfortunately the truth is many bat species are in danger of extinction. In Ontario, the little brown bat is one that we should be trying to save. In Ontario there are 19 species of bats, of which 17 are regular visitors. Bats are the only mammal able to fly. Their wings are comprised of folds of skin, unlike birds who have wings. Since the little brown bat in particular is a species at risk, we need to do what we can to keep them around. Did you know bats can eat between 6,000 and 12,000 mosquitoes per hour? They will not land in your hair but in fact if they fly close to you it is likely to eat the mosquitoes that are attracted to you. Since there is a lot of concern over West Nile virus we should consider bats our friends because they lessen the risk of the virus by eating so many mosquitoes.

my environment

Searching for things that go bump in the night….

One of the best ways we can encourage bats to live nearby is to install bat houses. Yes, take a fearless approach and encourage them to your property. There are several websites that will give you simple plans for a bat house. They love the heat of the sun that a properly placed home provides, and they sleep all day, so you will rarely even see them. Continue to explore the night; from fireflies to bats you will be amazed at nature’s wonders!

As a resident of Uxbridge Elaine has taken the helm of Sweet World Media, publisher of Uxbridge Town Talk. Elaine has three passions, family, photography and her Golden Retriever Jake. With a new business, four grandchildren and plenty of photo opportunities in Uxbridge, life’s been busy but fun!


Annual Come learn about where your food comes from! Thursday August 25th 5pm - 8pm | Uxbridge Arena - Community Hall

Tractors & Farm Equipment | Vendors | Live Animals | Local Farmers | Food & Drink Vendors

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STUPEFIED THEATRICAL PRODUCTIONS NEXT AFTER SCHOOL THEATRE PROGRAM GRADE 5 TO 8. 40 classes Sept 19 – Feb 25, 2017. 3 Shows @ Uxbridge Music Hall Feb 24 & 25, 2017. Grade 1 to 4 Saturday morning program begins Oct 15th 10 am – 11:30



“We don’t merely teach your child to act, CONCLUSION OF THE PROGRAM WHERE THEY VOTE FORwe THEIR PEERS. sing, & dance; can help them realize

Program encourages creativity, builds self-esteem,

w w w. u x b r i d g e t o w n t a l k . c o m | a u g u s t 2 0 1 6


EVERYONE ACHIEVES just how creative theyAN canAWARD! be & improve

skills, improve on skills that are transferable into

on skills that will carry them through

their everyday lives & education. Loads of theatre

life.” Children learn to work as a team,

games, an opportunity to work on a production

children learn to do their best work, have

where they are GUARANTEED A ROLE. There are 3


learn theatre etiquette.

fun through encouragement & inspiration. Learn to speak in front of their peers, build memorization & listening skills. NO EXPERIENCE REQUIRED.

confidence, team building, goal setting, social

performances after the program concludes for the Intermediate Youth Group. Build stamina, independence, personal growth, breathing techniques, improvisation, monologues, tutorials,

Uxbridge Town Talk - August 2016  

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