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Volume 8 | Issue 5 | June 2016

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uxbridge town talk

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JUNE 6-9pm


B abes hop rock B S

Come in to see our beautiful Flowers enjoy our amazing in store specials!

Meet the wacky new owner and amazing staff, fill out a ballot for a summer giveaway and learn about the exciting new Workshops being offered! 905.852.3029 | 14 Brock St. E. Uxbridge

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volume 8 | issue 5 | june 2016


~Author unknown

Happy summer!!!! Although not official yet it sure feels like summer, warm and sunny with only a touch of rain, does it get any better?




Town Talk Tidbits June Sun Facts

Guest Column How to buy a Flower Shop



Your Community Local Living

6 Art in Uxbridge June is bustin’ out all over with culture and the arts

7 Historically Speaking Uxbridge Quaker Meeting House

8 Community Calendar June 2016

9 Community Calendar Cont’d June 2016

Faces of Uxbridge Leah Daniels

12 Peacefully Productive Souvenirs

13 UTT Kitchen Mushroom Rosemary Chicken

14 Guest Column Airbnb - the tourist accommodation solution for Uxbridge?

15 My Environment Old Growth Forests

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Since many of us drive a SUV, we have to be cognizant that we cannot always see properly beside or behind us. Seniors and the wheelchair bound or electric cart users can easily be missed on the roadways. Please be careful and if you have a back up camera use it; it may very well save a life. Children can be impulsive whether they are walking or on bikes and not always in control. They are small and definitely not easily seen when a driver is backing up. Parents with strollers and little ones should especially be aware of vehicles backing up in parking lots! Water safety is a must for all ages whether by the pool, pond or boating. Please do not leave the children unattended when near water as when children fall in the water they do so silently. Remember life jackets are a fantastic way for kids to enjoy a pool safely and boat rides. I know from experience that they often hate to wear them but they get used to them. Have a fantastic summer, stay safe and enjoy. Remember carefulness costs you nothing. Carelessness may cost you your life

-town talk

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COVER PHOTO John Cavers | Local Photographer |

I always feel the need at this time of year to remind our readers a bit about safety. Number one on the list is road safety. I drive our country roads every day, some windy, hilly and slippery. Please remember that they may have energetic cyclists, actively enjoying the scenery. Congratulations to all the cyclists for doing what I should, but don’t. As a driver I am constantly making sure to pass them safely and also watch when I open the door when parking. Don’t forget too that joggers often run on the road or use crosswalks. Even the most cautious runners wearing reflective gear can make sudden moves or cross a street at random spots. Let’s give them safe road passage and simply, be aware.

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Alert today, alive tomorrow.


town talk tidbits

| june sun facts |


The Sun is large enough that approximately 1.3 million Earths could fit inside (if squashed in) or if the Earths retained their spherical shape



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UV Radiation

The higher the sun is in the sky, the higher the UV radiation level. Thus UV radiation varies with time of day and time of year. At higher altitudes, a thinner atmosphere filters less UV radiation. With every 1000 metres increase in altitude, UV levels increase by 10% to 12%.

How far are the Planets from the Sun? Earth 92,956,050 miles (149,598,262 km) Mars 141,637,725 miles (227,943,824 km) Jupiter 483,638,563 miles (778,340,821 km) Mercury 35,983,125 miles (57,909,227 km) Venus 67,238,250 miles (108,209,475 km) Saturn 886,489,415 miles (1,426,666,422 km) Uranus 1,783,744,299 mls(2,870,658,186 km)

Light from the Sun reaches Earth in around 8 minutes

DISTANCE The distance from the Sun to Earth changes throughout the year. Because the Earth travels on an elliptical orbit around the Sun, the distance between the two bodies varies from 147 to 152 million kilometres. The distance between the Earth and the Sun is called an Astronomical Unit (AU)

UV radiation is reflected or scattered to varying extents by different surfaces, e.g. snow can reflect as much as 80% of UV radiation, dry beach sand about 15%, and sea foam about 25%.

Because of the Sun’s huge influence on Earth, many early cultures saw the Sun as a deity or god. For example, Ancient Egyptians had a sun god called Ra while in Aztec mythology there is a sun god named Tonatiuh.

Looking for something to do this Canada Day? Spend the evening with your family at Elgin Park!



The Park Gates will open at 6:00pm. Enjoy the live shows such as Superman and Hands on Exotics, musical performances, visit some amazing local vendors, snack on some great food and take part in special activities for the whole family. When the sun sets, watch the Fireworks set to music. Donate to “Celebrate” at the gate. Suggested donation is $20 per family.

your community

| local living |

Ride to Remember



It’s that time of year again, the “Ride To Remember”. This is a n July 1st, 2016, come help us celebrate ElginThere Park,are Uxbridge Ride To Remember all will ofbeour loved ones. many families Canada Day! There live shows and musical performances, amazing suffering a loss. Brent’s legacy is the meaning for the ride, but it FRIDAY local vendors, great food, lots for the kids to enjoy and fireworks set to music at dusk. Come is a very individual event as we all have our own experiences and out and celebrate Canada’s 149th birthday! memories of loved ones. Hopefully this is an avenue to remember 6:00PM and honour the spirit of who they are in a positive way.





The organizers are a strong group whose only goal is to help those grieving by donating their time for this fantastic event. All proceeds benefit the much respected and needed organization of “The Bereaved Families of Ontario – Durham Region” (a non profit organization) a lifeline for those grieving. To date the “Ride to Remember” has donated over $50,000. From the organizers “Ride to Remember would not exist without

your support. It is with “everyone’s” support that “us” as a community can be successful!” Stay tuned in the July issue of Uxbridge Town Talk for details on this event or visit their website @

If you listen to the wind, you can still hear him play.

A love story by John Cariani. Directed by Luke Kimball. Escape with us on a cold, clear, moonless night in the middle of winter to the remote, mythical town of Almost, Maine. As the northern lights hover in the star-filled sky, Almost’s residents find themselves falling in and out of love in unexpected and often hilarious ways. Knees are bruised. Hearts are broken. But the bruises heal, and the hearts mend—almost—in this delightful midwinter night’s dream. Presented through a series of gorgeous vignettes, come see Uxbridge’s only professional theatre company tell this story for it’s inaugural production! We have the who’s who of Uxbridge talent taking part–not to mention professionals coming from Toronto– with different directors overseeing the nine individual scenes of this play. Get away for a while. Come see what professionalcaliber theatre can look like in your home town! Join us for an enchanting evening in “Almost, Maine”.

w w w. u x b r i d g e t o w n t a l k . c o m | j u n e 2 0 1 6

Event date - July 26th at 9:00 am – 11 am. Visit our show and shine. Riders departing at 11 am for a 200 km ride commencing in the Canadian Tire Uxbridge parking lot and ending at Wixan’s Bridge in Uxbridge. Please support this fantastic cause. If you wish to become a sponsor or donate please visit the website.


art in uxbridge

| june is bustin’ out all over with culture and the arts | Ah, spring – the time of fresh starts, budding trees and allergies. Look on the bright side: if you live in Uxbridge, you’ll have plenty of opportunity to sneeze your way to happiness in June by engaging in the arts & culture. For example, “Tour our National Historic Site” is in effect until September 1st. You can visit the beautifully restored manse in Leaskdale where Lucy Maud Montgomery and her husband lived while he preached at the church across the street. The home is open on weekends in May and June, and tours are available July to Labour Day, Wednesday through Sunday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., or by appointment. Check out the Lucy Maud Montgomery Society of Ontario calendar of events at Speaking of tours, treat yourself to a stroll through the Uxbridge Historical Centre (Museum & Archives) starting on June 4th from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Then tours will take place Wednesday to Sunday until September 25th. This fabulous museum was established in 1972 to collect, preserve and display artifacts, documents and photos. From the museum, you can drink in a beautiful view of the Uxbridge valley and the Town. Visit UxbridgeHistoricalCentre. com for more information.

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The 46th Annual Tour of Homes charity fundraiser will be held on June 4th from noon to 5 p.m. Take a peek through a variety of unique homes that dot the rolling countryside of Uxbridge. Tickets are $18 in advance or $20 on tour day. Call Trinity United Church (905-8526213) for more information, or visit


The advent of June also brings with it the start of “Friday at the Foster” performances, all from 7:30 to 8:30 p.m. How about this for a spectacular line-up? • June 3 – Linda Dempster performs traditional, folk ballads • June 10 – Rick Hannah and Larry Barnett perform oldies and popular tunes • June 17 – Erwin Schack, a local finger-style guitarist, will perform music from Bruce Cockburn, Don Ross and others • June 24 – Derek Christie and Laurelle Augustyn perform music that stirs emotional energy Oh, and let’s remember Father’s Day on June 19th — and what Dad doesn’t like trains? From 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., you can treat him to a Heritage Train Ride on the York-Durham Heritage Railway. Dads ride for half price when accompanied by their children. Choose from a


variety of trip times throughout the day. For details, visit Here are a couple of heads-up items! The weather is heating up, and so is the passion of the artists thinking of entering this year’s Juried Art Show and Children’s Art Show that will be part of the Celebration of the Arts in the fall. Organizer Rich Helms (my husband) wants to remind artists that entries are due by Saturday, August 6th. “This may seem a long way out, but people get very busy during the summer,” Rich says. “Artists should be thinking, planning and creating their pieces soon, if they haven’t already.” Details can be found at CelebrationoftheArts. ca. One last thing – Shelley Macbeth of award-winning Blue Heron Books wants you to know that she and her helpers are prepping for the July 30th/August 1st launch of Harry Potter 8, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. “We are doing a play reading at the Music Hall on August 1,” Shelley says. “Call the store to get your name on the list ... you could be part of this historic event!” The number is 905-8524282, or visit These are but a few of the events happening soon. It’s all arts & culture all the time in Uxbridge! Dorothea Helms connects people and ideas, and can be reached at Dorothea Helms, a.k.a. The Writing Fairy, is an award-winning writer and popular creative writing instructor who also owns the freelance business Write Stuff Writing Services. She makes her living connecting people and ideas, and can be reached at

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Built in 1820 the Uxbridge Quaker Meeting House is the oldest standing structure in Uxbridge today!

just across the street. Here, on beautiful rolling hills, you can find the grave of Joseph Gould (1808-1886) who was well known in the Uxbridge and surrounding areas having served in public office and within his community for a number of years.

The first Quakers moved to the area in 1805; after sometime of meeting in their own homes they decided they needed a communal space in which to hold their services. In 1809 they constructed a log meeting house which was located at the front of the same property on which the present meeting house resides today.

On Sunday June 12th, 2016 at 2:30pm the Quaker Meeting House is holding their 207th Anniversary Service, with guest speaker Rev. David Shepherd. For more information on the Uxbridge Quaker Meeting House or for information on opening days and services please visit http://www.

With the funding and resources in place they constructed the new board and batten meeting house in 1820. The original building was laid out to be symmetrical when cut down the center (along the north/south axis), men would be on one side of the partition while the women and children were seated on the other. This was tradition until they revisited the idea in 1881 and decided to remove the partition to allow families to sit together. Prior to the removal of the partition and two wood burning stoves in the center of the room, the pews faced south, each side facing a door and a window; after the alteration pews were turned and the service was held facing east. There is not a known significance of the decision to alter the direction, likely it was due to the removal of one door in order to accommodate the addition of a Sunday School at the rear of the building.

historically speaking

| uxbridge quaker meeting house |

After spending the last year traveling abroad Samantha has come home to discover the hidden gems in and surrounding Uxbridge. Local to Goodwood, Samantha splits her time between managing her family’s Alpaca farm, photography and traveling - so naturally exploring local farms seemed like a perfect fit!

Make sure your little ones are protected this summer...

Is your SUMMER shopping list complete?

Along with this historic building is the associated burial grounds | 77 Brock St. W | 905 862 3524

w w w. u x b r i d g e t o w n t a l k . c o m | j u n e 2 0 1 6

In 1905 a pump organ was donated to the Meeting House by a group of “Friends” which is still in place today, and although it has since worn, it was played as recently as 2009 at the 200th anniversary of the first meeting house service.


community calendar

| june community calendar | News of Jesus Christ with the World that we know He will make a difference! Join us for Mary Poppins Uxbridge Youth Theatre great MUSIC, guest speaker from ALPHA Tim is excited to present Mary Poppins Teakle, Children’s Dance and Children’s Choir. at the Uxbridge Music Hall!! Mary 10:00 am June 12th at ELGIN PARK please Poppins is an enchanting mixture of bring a lawn chair! Stay after for a BBQ, some irresistible story, unforgettable songs, old fashioned fun games and a time to get to breathtaking dance numbers, and know each other! astonishing stagecraft. Don’t miss our Time: 10:00 am production featuring 24 very talented Where: Elgin Park cast members. Show Dates are: Thur Contact: Kathy McIntosh @ 905-852-3662 June 2nd, Fri June 3rd and Sat June 4th at 7:30pm. Sat June 4th at 2pm Friends’ Meeting House Uxbridge is Where: Uxbridge Music Hall, 16 Main St S. holding it’s annual service to celebrate 207 years. It will be held on Sunday June 12th Contact: at the Friends’ Meeting House at 2:30pm. With guest speaker Rev. David Shepherd and SATURDAY JUNE 4TH soloist Mady Eddy. Everyone is welcome. Historic Horse and Wagon Tour Lead Time: 2:30 pm by members of Heritage Uxbridge, this Where: 6800 Concession Road 6, Uxbridge guided tour takes you on a journey past Contact: 905-640-2578 or 905-852-3476 many of Uxbridge’s most significant heritage properties. Tours begin at 10:00am and SATURDAY JUNE 18TH depart across from Trinity United Church every 15 minutes. The last tour departs at 1:30pm UHA Schooling Show Series Horse show This tour is FREE for all and an opportunity at Elgin Park… great for beginners, children for the whole family to engage in Uxbridge’s or anyone who would like some show unique history. experience. Show starts at 9:00 am., June 18, July 16, August 13 and September 17. Time: 10:00 am - 1:30 pm THURSDAY JUNE 2ND

Where: Across from Trinity United Church

The 46th Annual Tour of Homes Uxbridge Trinity United Church Women presents The 46th Annual Tour of Homes, Sat. June 4th from, 12 - 5p.m. Adults only please. Slippers must be worn in homes. Tickets $20.00 (advance purchase $18.00) Available at Pharmasave Pharmacy, Shopper’s Drug Mart & Trinity Church Office. Time: 12:00 pm - 5:00 pm Contact: 905-852-6213

w w w. u x b r i d g e t o w n t a l k . c o m | j u n e 2 0 1 6



W3 Worship Without Walls W3 Worship Without Walls is an outdoor church service celebrating Uxbridge Baptist Church, 159th Anniversary. We are a church that by loving God, Loving Others; and Sharing the Good

Time: 9:00 am Where: Elgin Park Contact: Diane Smullen @ 416-998-9667 Website:

Babes SHOP Brock St psst… Ladies! Join us for Uxbridge’s 1st Babes SHOP Brock St. Ladies night on Thursday June 23rd from 6 – 9pm. Over 20 businesses will be participating & offering dinner deals, door prizes, draws, discounts, desserts & 100 swag bags are being sponsored by Curves Uxbridge, so be sure to stop by the welcome text near Wixan’s Bridge. Would your business like to join in? Email Sari today. Time: 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm Contact: Sari @ Website:

4th Annual In the Ruff Golf Tournament Join us at beautiful Sunnybrae Golf Club in Port Perry for a fun day of golf in support of the New Animal Shelter for Uxbridge-Scugog, presented by Canadian Tire Port Perry. Great golf, putting contest, longest drive competition, closest-to-the-pin competition, hole-in-one contest, silent auction, yummy steak dinner, BBQ draw and don’t miss Todd Keirstead and his amazing golf tricks! Tee time is 1pm. Lunch is available in the club house. Time: 1:00 pm Where: Sunnybrae Golf Club 1430 King Street Contact:


Heritage Challenge Car Rally Join us on a whole new driving adventure through Uxbridge town and countryside on the third SUNDAY JUNE 19TH annual Car Rally! This is a Team event, exciting Father’s Day Heritage Train Ride Across and fun for all ages! The cost is only $40/ North America, June 19th is the day that Team, which includes up to 4 adults, and any fathers are honoured. Treat your dad to a trip kids 15 & under are free! Our theme this year on the York-Durham Heritage Railway. Dads is ‘’On Vacation’. Dressing for the theme is ride for half price, when accompanied by their encouraged and may win you a prize! Prechildren. Visit our website for train departure register at www.uxbridgehistoricalcentre. times. For further information, please visit com/carrally Time: 12:30 pm - Approx. 5:00 pm Time: 10:00 am - 4:00 pm Where: 19 Railway Street, Uxbridge Website:

Where: Uxbridge Historical Centre, 7239 Concession Road 6 Contact: Nancy Marr @ 905-852-5854




always accepting new patients





Home Of Contact us: 905 862 3747


Elgin Park

Picnic Shelter 1:00PM to 3:00PM

Uxbridge Stouffville Midwives

2 Campbell Drive, Unit 207 | 905 862 3535 |

Time: 6:00 pm Where: Elgin Park

REGULAR EVENTS Uxbridge Farmers Market Join us every Sunday Rain or shine! 9am to 1pm in Uxbridge Arena Parking lot. Many vendors including fruit, vegetables, maple syrup, honey, bread, frozen meat, plants, baked goods, preserves and much more. Time: 9:00 am - 1:00 pm Website:

‘Winter Blahs’ by singing with the women’s choir, directed by Anne Mizen. Practices are Monday Mornings from 9:15-11:30 am. No auditions. Visit Where: St. Paul’s Anglican Church, 65 Toronto Street S Contact: 905-852-3693

Wanna Dance? Line Dancing. For ages 55 plus. Line dancing is great exercise for virtually your whole body. Every Thursday. Time: 9:00am - 11:30am Where: 75 Marietta Street, Uxbridge Contact: 905-852-7792

Where: Royal Canadian Legion, Uxbridge

Taoist Tai Chi at the Uxbridge Seniors Centre. Includes a gentle set of movements that promote well-being for people of all ages and in all conditions. Beginner class: every Friday 9-10am. Continuous class: every Friday 10-11:30am.

Fridays at the Foster Starting May 6th every Friday night at 7:30 PM. It is a great night of music for all.

Where: 75 Marietta Street, Uxbridge Contact: 905 852 2587


Royal Canadian Legion Every Friday night we play euchre, so if you are interested please come out at 7:00 to sign up and play starts at 7:30 PM. It is a great night of fun for all in the downstairs clubroom.

The Bonner Boys Car Show in Elgin Park Starting May 26th every Thursday night , 5:00 PM. Runs until September. Website:

Where: Royal Canadian Legion, Uxbridge

Baby Cafe is a non-fee drop in program offered Mondays, all pregnant women, parents & caregivers with infants are welcome. Each session is facilitated by a Lactation Consultant, and a healthy snack is provided. Time: 9:00 am - 11:00 am Where: Uxbridge Public School, 64 Victoria Dr Contact: 905-862-3131 or office@

Royal Canadian Legion We have Barbeque Dinner every Wednesday night. Choose from chicken, burgers, peameal, or sausage and a salad. Prices range from $7-$9.COme out and support your local legion and enjoy a great dinner. Time: 5:00pm - 7:00pm Where: Royal Canadian Legion, Uxbridge.

Time: 9:30 am - 11:30 am Where: Uxbridge Public School, 64 Victoria Dr Contact: 905-862-3131 or office@

Royal Canadian Legion Meat rolls run every Saturday afternoon from 4–5 PM until Spring. It has been a Canadian Legion tradition for years. Come on out and support your local legion and maybe take home dinner..

Monday Morning Singers. Beat the

Time: 4:00pm - 5:00pm Where: Royal Canadian Legion, Uxbridge

Friday Morning Music w/ Marg

Royal Canadian Legion On the 3rd Monday of every month we hold a veterans afternoon from 2-4 P.M. This is open to all veterans and their spouse/guest in the area not just Uxbridge members. They enjoy food, beverages, entertainment and door prizes compliments of the Uxbridge Legion. So come out and enjoy an afternoon with old friends and acquaintances or meet some new ones. Night of fun for all in the upstairs hall. Open Mic Thursdays. Open Mic Thursdays are every Thursday at Wixan’s Bridge Presented by Beau’s All Natural Beer and Wixan’s Bridge! The first Thursday of every month there’s a free sampling of Beau’s Lug Tread beer. Hosted by Bodan. 2 mics, an acoustic, a bass, a cajon and a foot tambourine are provided for general use! Time: 9:00pm - 11:45pm Where: Wixan’s Bridge 65 Brock Street West Contact: 416-587-4572

Karaoke Wednesday. Karaoke is now every Wednesday Night at Wixan’s Bridge in Uxbridge! It’s All Ages on the main floor. Time: 8:00pm Where: Wixan’s Bridge 65 Brock Street West Uxbridge. Contact: 416-587-4572

Friends of the Uxbridge Public Library The Friends of the Uxbridge Public Library meet on the second Thursday of every month at 7 p.m. in the Uxbridge Library lower meeting room. New members always welcome. Time: 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm Where: 9 Toronto Street South

Friends’ Meeting House Uxbridge is open to the public the first Sunday of every month from June-September. Time: 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm Where: 6800 Concession Road 6, Uxbridge Contact: 905-640-2578 or 905-852-3476

Customizing your Interior and Exterior Finishes Exterior Season is upon us... Come see the EXPERTS!

Please Contact Jeremy at 289.231.1319

PAINT &Uxbridge, WALLPAPER 4 Banff ROANE’S Rd., Hwy47S, Unit #7, Ont., L9P 1S9 phone: 905-852-5315 fax: 905-852-2215

w w w. u x b r i d g e t o w n t a l k . c o m | j u n e 2 0 1 6

Canada Day at Elgin Park Join us in Elgin Park for Canada Day 2016. In addition to the fabulous fireworks set to music, we will have live animals on display, children’s entertainers, live music, food and lots more fun activities for the whole family. Admission by donation.


| how to buy a flower shop |


guest column

After four years, the time came to take the reins. If you look in the dictionary under ‘classic right brained’ you will see a picture of yours truly. I love colours, I love textures and love creating. Be it in the flower shop, in the garden, or in the kitchen I live to create. Numbers, on the other hand, are not my friend. I’ve never really loved a spreadsheet or have been hot and bothered by filing my taxes on time. Sorry CRA but you’re boring! But that’s ok. Easily found however are the ‘left brained’ people who will enlighten you via phone or email and between sighs break down the somewhat dull practices very much needed to run a business. Between an amazing small business bank consultant, family friend who is an accountant and an extremely patient former owner, I was able to understand the value and the projected success of a business venture. Now, it wouldn’t be my life without literal comedic interludes of wrong forms filled out, a lawyer with a great sense of humour talking me through a business registration online and my mom going to ServiceCanada a record six times.

Growing up on a horse farm in Sunderland, with a very picturesque childhood, I was raised by two hard working entrepreneurial parents. Both parents grew up without much, one a child of Ukrainian immigrants, the other a child from a home ruled by addiction. My parents instilled in me the ability to dream, with the realistic expectation that dreams involve moxie and hard work. Live the life you love, but make sure you are prepared to work for it. Eight years ago the saying

‘Everything happens for a reason’ really became something personal to me. I was twenty seven years old, working happily in the corporate world and living in beautiful downtown Toronto, sharing an apartment with my beloved cat Marten. Blame Sex and the City, but in my head, I had made it.

w w w. u x b r i d g e t o w n t a l k . c o m | j u n e 2 0 1 6

But then. Then, my Dad passed away. One half of an awesome parental duo, a constant source of inspiration and encouragement. Gone.


Now if in all honesty you had told me eight years ago that losing my Dad would become my catalyst for happiness, I wouldn’t have believed you. How could something that broke me to the core possibly teach me anything about happiness? It seemed impossible that from tragedy, inspiration could grow. A complete change of mindset and priorities was thrust upon my life, and even though I didn’t grasp it at the time this was my destiny. A seasoned shopper and a very successful gift giver, my dream career was owning my own gift shop. However, how does one go about living the dream? Well, it was a little topsy turvy, included a relocation and complete career change almost via serendipity. Bottom line, the former owner of Keith’s took a chance. Even just temporarily I was given a job and gifted an opportunity to learn from someone who was trying to live their passion as well.

Then came the day. The announcement came out, the forms were all signed and no longer was living the dream an ironic statement in my mind. Is it easy? Not always. Is it amazing, is this journey kinda the stars and unicorns all rolled in to one? YES. You surprise yourself, you dive in and roll with the punches. Some days everything is Tickety Boo, and other days you are surrounded only with Boo. More calls, more questions, another new lesson and experience. Living an authentic life and following your heart is not a decision to take lightly. However, it will be one of the most profound decisions you make. There will never be a right time. I worried incessantly that at 34, single and living with my mother that buying a business was not cohesive with other life goals I have. The only thing stopping you from having it all, is the mindset that you cannot.

Waiting is a thief of time none of us can afford. By not following your passions you are doing not only yourself but your community and the world a great disservice, we are all pieces of a puzzle. Follow that heart. Local florist Christina Curry one day hopes to give Martha Stewart a run for her money. She loves creating, colours, the moon and stars, sparkles and parties. Christina and her Mother, Midge, live on a farm north of Uxbridge, affectionately named Dirty Hippie Acres, surrounded by rescue horses, donkeys, cats, dogs and bunnies. They one day hope to save every furry creature in need and to host elaborate dinner parties at least once a week.


faces of uxbridge

Life is a song. Love is the music.

~Author Unknown

I had the opportunity to interview a delightful local young artist this morning, one who will be in the headlines for years to come and someone who has worked hard, learned a lot in her career and still passionately remembers her roots in Uxbridge. Let me introduce Leah Daniels, singer, songwriter and young entrepreneur. I always find it a challenge to write about the famous in Uxbridge. Is there anything I can share that you don’t already know? My goal is to try, so let’s start with Leah’s childhood. Leah grew up on her family farm in Uxbridge, with her parents Anita and John and brother’s Joel, Luke and Eric. Leah attended Scott Central Public School and later Uxbridge Secondary School where her talent shined. Participating in many high school productions and developing her talent further by participating in the local Theatre. She played Eliza Doolittle in “My Fair Lady” and Sandy in “Grease” to name a couple. Family has been a strong inspiration to Leah and thanks to her Grandfather she is probably one of the few yodelers around, and probably the youngest. Partnering with her brothers Eric and Luke, the first Leah Daniels band was formed into the beginning of what is now proving to be an amazing future. Leah is not only a singer and songwriter, but also an entrepreneur. That is, Leah manages every aspect of her career in the record industry. As often the case with new entrepreneurs, she is experiencing a huge learning curve but ultimately one she is enjoying. The hard work and talent has taken her career to a professional level and one that won her the 2015 CMAO (Country Music Association of Ontario) Rising Star award. It doesn’t stop there! As recently as 2016, Leah has been nominated by CMAO for an unbelievable 5 awards; Female Artist of the year (which she won), Album of the Year, for her album “What it feels Like”, Single of the year for “Go Back”, Songwriter of the Year for “Dream without you”, co-written with Beverley Mahood and Patricia Conroy. The final nomination is for Video of the Year for “Old Piano”. These award nominations and a previous wins are such an honour and Leah she beams when she talks about them.

Photo credits - Asia Butterfly Photography

to listen to her latest CD “What it Feels Like” to become an instant fan. If you want to see and hear Leah’s talent, check out her music videos on You Tube, you will be instantly addicted to an incredible local talent. View her latest video at As a resident of Uxbridge Elaine has taken the helm of Sweet World Media, publisher of Uxbridge Town Talk. Elaine has three passions, family, photography and her Golden Retriever Jake. With a new business, four grandchildren and plenty of photo opportunities in Uxbridge, life’s been busy but fun!

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I learned a few interesting facts about Leah that many of you may not know. Leah is a strong supporter of shopping local and supporting local business. A fun fact; Leah loves to garden and bake, but most surprising to me is even with an incredibly busy schedule, Leah still runs a summer camp program for kids, at INEO Studio in Uxbridge, a singing, songwriting and recording Camp. I sense she is a fantastic role model for Uxbridge’s youth. I am very certain we will see a lot more of Leah in the headlines, but from personal experience, you want to listen to her latest CD. I am now a fan of her incredible voice and songwriting skills! You just have

4 Banff Rd, Uxbridge 905.862.2693 |

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peacefully productive

| souvenirs |


Memories, they can’t be boughten They can’t be won at carnivals for free Well it took me years To get those souvenirs And I don’t know how they slipped away from me

- John Prine, Souvenirs

Finishing a creative project can be hard. Really, really hard. There are so many ways to procrastinate, countless novel strategies to put off finishing your work. Surely dozens of tactics that can be put into play to stave off the inevitable judgement that suddenly becomes possible once your work is a finished product.

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When it’s just an idea, your creative project is steeped in limitless possibility. It truly is nothing but potential. That is exciting stuff to be made of. As you work away, chipping off pieces of stone trying to get closer to the essence of the project, certain forms emerge. Some of them wonderful, some of them terrifying. And some of them just big chunks of stone that needed to be lopped off before the THING that you’re trying to get at can finally emerge. Each piece of stone you discard involves a decision. A conscious (or if you’re lucky, and really in the state of flow, perhaps unconscious) choice has been made to go a certain way, to choose a distinct route, a unique style, to employ a particular technique. And really, that’s what a completed artwork or song or photograph or novel or floral arrangement or dance piece is: a series of small decisions brought to fruition.


As these minute decisions add up, the unique tone, shape, and personality of the project are slowly revealed. The initial courtship with the muse has been successful, the clothing now floats leaf-like to the floor. And that’s usually the point in the creative process where we, the creator of the work, start to feel uneasy. No longer a limitless, sacred concept gallivanting across the ether, our once divine idea now starts to know some boundaries. Those boundaries could be any number of things - our own technical limitations, financial restrictions, not enough time to focus on our art, society not being ready for our awesomeness ... what really matters here is that every creative inspiration ever made tangible by human hands has had to run this gauntlet of ACTUALITIES. Every artistic creation that has taken form in this world had to at some point make the turbulent, often jarring transition from THOUGHT to THING, and that is some serious business, friend. Why do we care so much? Why do we get so caught up in the finished product? Well, I’d say we care so much, because we care so much. Art matters, and good art brings meaning to both the creator and the audience who receives it. And it’s hard freaking

work to birth a creative project! The project often becomes our ‘baby.’ We have the responsibility to create, gestate, nurture and support this infant. We become both the mother, father, midwife and teacher to the project. We invest so much in these little bundles of joy ... that of course we lose perspective. Of course we care too much how they are perceived by the sometimes harsh world out there. Of course we try to protect them from stumbling, and we likely do a bit of smothering along with our mothering. Out of love. And fear. And out of just being human. But maybe a big part of the problem with releasing our projects into the world, with sharing our work once it’s done, is found in this whole ‘baby’ idea. Is our art really our baby? Perhaps the terminology around our work needs to change. Perhaps we need to throw the baby out with the bathwater. I’ve been working on an album for years. It’s completely ‘my thing.’ I wrote the songs, (all about my maternal grandfather) I played almost all the instruments. I researched, purchased, set-up and engineered the mics, recording interfaces, software, etc. Then I mixed the entire 21 track album. It’s been a massive undertaking one that I likely never would have taken on if I’d known how much work it would require. I just received the finished masters, and it is such a strange feeling. With other albums I’ve put out in the past, I’ve always felt this numbing dissatisfaction when listening to the finished album for the first time. It’s painful. But not this time. I don’t feel like my entire identity is at the mercy of how this album is perceived by others. It’s creation has been a pretty incredible personal journey for me. Unearthing stories about my grandfather’s past. Many deep discussions with my mom and other family members. Learning how to setup and use so many different pieces of recording gear. Learning new instruments to add flavour to the songs. Countless revisions to lyrics and instrumental parts, melodies and phrasing. This album, titled ‘Almost Home,’ is not my baby. It’s simply a souvenir of that journey. It will serve as a reminder to me of places I’ve been. And people who choose to listen to it will hopefully likewise be able to see it as a souvenir of someone’s inner journey in the same way that many albums I’ve enjoyed over the years have felt like a glimpse into the artist’s particular pilgrimage. Embracing the finished work as simply a souvenir has freed me from the usual anxiety and self-loathing that has traditionally accompanied the final act of releasing a new artistic project into the world. I encourage you to try this approach when you reach the last stages of your next creative project. See the finished piece as a souvenir of all the amazing stuff you learned getting to that final place. And cherish it. Because everyone loves souvenirs.

Darrin Davis is a professional musician, singer/songwriter, painter and photographer. His bi-weekly live music video series ‘Songs On A Pink Couch’ can be subscribed to at Darrin hosts a weekly Sunday night Acoustic Open Mic at Colonel McGrady’s Pub, 44 Brock St. W. He lives in the wildwood splendour of Uxbridge, Ontario, with his lovely wife Amy, his darling newborn daughter Sadie, and his incorrigible pup, Dublin. All 4 are relentless Blue Jays fans.




Preheat oven to 350F

4 – 6 pieces chicken.. Breasts thighs or legs Enough to put a single layer in casserole dish

1. Wash chicken and pat dry. Season with salt, pepper and paprika – set aside. 2. In the casserole dish, sprinkle half the rosemary on the bottom. 3. Mix together: mushroom soup, wine and chicken broth 4. In skillet heat oil on med-hi. add onions and celery, stir and cook for about 1 minute, until onion is transparent, add minced garlic.. Stir constantly to avoid burning, add mushrooms, and increase heat slightly. 5. Continue cooking and stirring about 2 minutes.. Remove from heat and set aside. Do not clean pan 6. In the same pan, with heat on med-hi. Brown chicken on both side.. Approx. 5 minutes per side. 7. Remove chicken and place in prepared casserole dish. 8. Drain all but 2 tbsp. of chicken fat from pan. 9. Heat pan to med-hi , add in cooked vegetables and any accumulated liquid. This will help deglaze the pan. Add in soup mixture. .heat till it begins to bubble.. 10. Pour over chicken. Top with remaining rosemary. 11. Cover with foil tightly and bake for 30 minutes. 12. Remove foil. Baste chicken and leave uncovered. 13. Bake another 15 minutes.

1 can condensed mushroom soup ½ cup white wine 12 oz. chicken broth

utt kitchen

| mushroom rosemary chicken |

2 tbsp vegetable oil 2 cloves garlic- minced 1 large onion diced 2 stalks of celery – thinly sliced on the diagonal 1 cup sliced cremini mushrooms 2 springs – fresh rosemary (pull off stems) OR 2 tsp dried Salt, pepper & paprika

Serve with rice or mashed potatoes. Sauce is yummy on both!

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| airbnb - the tourist accomodation solution for uxbridge |


For those of you who haven’t heard of before, it is a San Francisco-based site that was founded in August of 2008. The site is a trusted community marketplace for people to list, discover, and book unique accommodations around the world, with over 1,500,000 listings in 191 countries. Airbnb gives you the opportunity to rent accommodation ranging from a castle to a sofa-bed. One of my personal favourite stays was in a tree house on the Beaver River! There are a handful of Airbnb hosts in Uxbridge, and until recently, I was one of them. Due to changing circumstances I don’t have a spare room to offer at this time. I will miss hosting the interesting and varied visitors that come to our small town, and I’m hoping that this article will inspire new hosts to spring up and take my place! I recently met up with 2 different Uxbridge Airbnb hosts, Marg and James, who each offer a room in their home. Both are busy people, but they welcome their guests to share the common spaces of their homes and enjoy interacting with them. Like me, they find that there is a wide range of reasons for people to visit Uxbridge, although both noted that many of their guests are former residents who are returning to attend an event or visit friends & family. Marg has been a host for 3 years and is starting to build up a base of repeat visitors! We all agreed that summer is the peak period for visitors, and there are very few in winter - although that could change in the near future, as new activities such as fat biking on our trail system become more popular. As a member of the Tourism Advisory Committee and a regular volunteer in our awesome Tourism Trailer, it saddens me to see so many people coming to Uxbridge for specific events or activities who are charmed by our town and would love to stay and explore for longer, but with such limited accommodation options in town this is usually impossible. This has a significant economic impact as overnight guests would eat in our restaurants, and shop in our unique downtown stores. Instead, they are leaving town to find accommodation and spending their money elsewhere. I also truly believe that overseas visitors (many of whom come to visit attractions such as Lucy Maud Montgomery’s


home in Leaskdale) would learn more about Canadian culture if they had the opportunity to stay in small communities. I know from my own personal travels that small towns and villages offer unique and friendly experiences that aren’t available in the city. Still not sure that becoming an Airbnb host is right for you? One of the best ways to find out, and to learn more about how the site works, is to be a guest. The next time you are taking a trip, do a quick search on the Airbnb site to see what options are available. You will probably be very pleasantly surprised by the increased options for different neighbourhoods to stay in, and the price! Try to find an accommodation that is similar to what you would offer, so you can see how an experienced host has set up their home to welcome guests. I think that the most common question from people who have never used Airbnb (or a similar direct booking accommodation site) is “aren’t you worried about having strangers in your home?”. If this is the first question that springs to your mind, and the only space you would have to offer would necessitate sharing some common spaces in your home with your guests, then becoming an Airbnb host may not be for you. The system is based on mutual trust and respect, and the review feature supports this by allowing both hosts and guests to provide both public and private feedback about their stay. There are also several security features built into the site, and Airbnb provides insurance to hosts (which is why it’s very important for all bookings and payments to be processed through the site). Even if you have a self-contained accommodation to offer, you will need to have some interaction with guests so it’s important that you are invested in being a good host and providing a positive experience. I hope that this article has given you some insight into an exciting option for your next trip, and inspired you to consider opening your home to guests. As Marg told me, hosting through Airbnb has enriched her life. With an attitude like that, it’s no wonder that her guest reviews are overwhelmingly positive!


This month I thought I would talk a bit about our forest and in particular how nature has an interesting way of looking after itself. It is critical for the survival of forests to allow nature to look after nature, given the opportunity, it will do just that. With our forest we are learning ways we can help. I am sharing the benefits of allowing nature to feed nature. In Ontario, old growth forests are at risk with less than .07 percent older than 120 years old. To define an old growth forest is simple; they are simply forested areas undisturbed from logging and other human disturbances with trees beyond their standard lifespan. Is our forest an old growth? I am not sure, but I do know if we continue to feed the forest naturally, it will be sometime in the future. Trees that are dead, alive, standing or fallen all have a significant impact on a forest. The significant stages of a tree are; the young tree, the mature tree, the standing dead tree and the fallen dead. Let’s explore a bit about how each stage of a tree’s life will naturally feed our forests. The young tree is anxiously trying to develop new branches, leaves and set down a full set of roots all the while dropping fruits and seeds for more growth potential. As the trees mature, they provide not only homes for many creatures large and small, but also a canopy to shade the forest floor. This allows many species

at ground level to flourish in the moist shaded areas of the forest.

my environment

“What an irony it is that these living beings whose shade we sit in, whose fruit we eat, whose limbs we climb, whose roots we water, to whom most of us rarely give a second thought, are so poorly understood. We need to come, as soon as possible, to a profound understanding and appreciation for trees and forests and the vital role they play, for they are among our best allies in the uncertain future that is unfolding.” -Jim Robbins

The standing dead are crucial for woodpeckers, squirrels and small nesting animals. As we have talked about in previous articles, woodpeckers leave holes, sometimes large enough for small animals to seek shelter nest and safely raise their young. Great Blue Herons, eagles and osprey nest in standing dead trees and they are also prime hunting perches for many bird species. Mosses and fungi will begin even before the tree dies. This moss causes the bark to break away from the tree, allowing ants and bugs to chew and nest, in turn feeding woodpeckers etc. You can use binoculars to examine the cavities, if the edges have some feathers and the hole is smooth and clean it is likely being used.

Although weather and winds can fell a tree, sometimes a standing dead tree will just fall naturally, and when it does a new world of forest regeneration begins. The tree cavity becomes a home to many bugs unique to the tree cavity area. The opening in the previous tree canopy suddenly allows sunlight to flow to the forest ground, and is now a breeding ground for new trees and plants, naturally regenerating the forest. The soil is moist but with the new found sunshine, there is now a perfect environment for young trees, flowering plants and natural vines. The cycle continues as new growth will allow us to watch the forest and future unfold for generations to come!

As a resident of Uxbridge Elaine has taken the helm of Sweet World Media, publisher of Uxbridge Town Talk. Elaine has three passions, family, photography and her Golden Retriever Jake. With a new business, four grandchildren and plenty of photo opportunities in Uxbridge, life’s been busy but fun!

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| old growth forests |


Uxbridge CElebration


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SUNDAY, june 2016 9am - 1pm

Join us for some great local sampling, community food advisers, music and much more!


16 Uxbridge Arena 291 Brock St. N. Uxbridge |

Uxbridge Town Talk - June 2016  

UTT - June 2016

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