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Dear friends and colleagues,

As the spring semester officially ends and summer weather returns to Madison, we would like to highlight some of the exciting and engaging events and activities sponsored by our department. In this volume we also call attention to the many scholarly accomplishments that our students, instructional academic staff, and faculty have recently achieved.

Looking back at everything we have achieved since we launched the newsletter last February, I would like to thank faculty, staff, and students for their hard work to keep the department thriving during this busy and eventful semester.

Of course, as we conclude this academic year, we would like to congratulate all our graduating students, and wish them the very best in their new academic and professional endeavors!

We hope that you will enjoy this issue, that you will continue sending us feedback, and that you keep letting us know what you are up to (we love hearing from you!).

Wishing you all the best for a productive and joyful summer!

Committed to Change Video Project Committed to Change Video Project

Saylín Álvarez

This project aims to develop digital content about topics that are inclusive and representative to a diverse student audience. Its goal is to emphasize the diversity of the people and cultures of the Spanish-speaking world, to address current needs in terms of inclusion in language teaching, to reflect on how diversity is represented in the classes we offer, and to help us reach and engage Black, Latinx and other minoritized students by tackling issues that matter to them and that are not sufficiently represented in language teaching materials. The project involves recording interviews and short videos that will be placed on a UW website with the potential to invite students from different ethnicities and backgrounds to explore and discover commonalities between their own experiences and the multiplicity of cultural expressions and ethnic identities of the Spanish-speaking world.



A specialist on the work of Fernando Pessoa, Richard Zenith is an awardwinning author and translator; his most recent book, Pessoa: A Biography, was a finalist for the 2022 Pulitzer Prize in Biography. In conversation with Mariana Oliveira, PhD student in Portuguese at UW-Madison, Zenith will discuss Pessoa’s experiments in literature, politics, sexuality, and spirituality. He will talk as well about his method for drawing a portrait of the shy office worker lurking behind the many personae he called heteronyms.


The morning of April 28th, graduate and undergraduate students in our Department enjoyed a presentation by Professor Enrique Pato (Université de Montréal, Canada) on “El español en Montreal: ¿una nueva variedad lingüística?” as part of his project entitled: Corpus Oral de la Lengua Español en Montreal. In the afternoon of the same day, Professor Pato presented another aspect of his research: “On Vernacular Universals and Grammatical Variation in Spanish.”

Both events were made possible by the UW-Madison Anonymous Fund


In the last Writing Workshop of the spring semester, students gathered to discuss Luke Urbain's draft, "'The World from Below’: Affecting Uncertainty through Alternative Photographic Art in Cuba and the Cuban Diaspora"


The Department of Spanish and Portuguese presented a two sessionworkshop to help all graduate students have a clear idea and understanding of the job market and the process of applying for jobs here in the US


The Consul of Mexico in Milwaukee and poet and lexicographer Francisco Segovia (Colegio de México, COLMEX) visited UW-Madison for the presentation of the new online edition of the Diccionario del Español de México.


Cuba is torn apart by economic crisis, political division, and climate change It is also an aesthetic powerhouse in which art is the privileged site of civic engagement. On this one-day Symposium, four young Cuban artists presented their work and discussed their aesthetic strategies and philosophies, the relationship between artists and the state, and about making art after Cuba.





A play by Javier Daulte

Directed by Sabina Madrid-Malloy

Javier Daulte’s Criminal follows the story of two psychoanalysts, Juan Bueras and Dr. A, trying to stop a crime from being committed. Through multiple therapy sessions, the doctors begin to piece together the lives of their patients including marital issues, mental unrest, and even an affair In this short tragedy, the logic of desire governs the characters’ actions – and the result has serious, lasting consequences.

Roberto G. Sanchez Distinguished Lectureship Fund

The purpose of the fund is to provide financial support for guest lectures and events focused on theater and performance, dramatic productions, performances and academic symposia in the Department of Spanish & Portuguese. To donate to the Roberto G. Sanchez Fund, click here. To donate to the Roberto G. Sanchez Fund, click here.

( )
1 Pelletieri, Osvaldo. “Javier Daulte y el teatro de la desintegración.” Criminal, Corregidor, 2006.


Several of our students participated in a movement workshop with artist Lukas Avendaño in the cluster of performances and conversations entitled: "Labor and Corporealities: Queer of Color Embodied Explorations as Activist Work." This cluster of performances and conversations was part of the Colloquium on Ethnicity and Diaspora Event Series, which this year centered on the theme, "Fatigue: An Ongoing Feeling."

Migrations: Mapping de Body and Memory

4W-STREETS Workshops in Collaboration with the UW UNESCO Chair on Gender, Wellbeing and Culture of Peace, and the Residencia de Estudiantes

Project Directors and Coordinators: Dr. Saylín Álvarez and Álex Lara

Participants: Ace Filter, Annika Kennerhed, Hailey Hoff, John Herath, Lizbeth Amaro and Lucy Jumbeck

The project Migrations: Mapping the Body and Memory was inspired by the activism and extensive fieldwork and research on human rights, women ’ s migration, and human trafficking conducted by Dr. Esperanza Jorge Barbuzano (University of Sevilla, Spain) and Dr. Araceli Alonso (UW-Madison). Working with students from Residencia de Estudiantes and guests, we organized a series of movie screenings, reflection and discussion sessions. These activities were followed by a lecture entitled: "Migrations, Human Trafficking and Maps of the Body and Memory" (Migrant Women from Central America and Sub-Saharan Africa), by Drs. Araceli Alonso and Esperanza Jorge Barbuzano. The last stage of this learning journey were two creative workshops, or Talleres de libros cartoneros, led by Saylín Álvarez and Álex Lara, in which the participants made hand-painted, cardboard-cover books, a modest tribute to all women who migrate, to all migrants in transit.

The cardboard-cover books were part of the Virtual Art Exhibit for the 2023 Conference Sustaining Hope: Feminisms , Freedom , and the Future (April 13-15), co-convened by the UW System Women's and Gender Studies Consortium, and the UW System Office of the Gender and Women's Studies Librarian.

Books by: Residencia de Estudiantes

Congratulations to our recent Congratulations to our recent Ph.D. graduates on the defense of Ph.D. graduates on the defense of their dissertations their dissertations

Dr. Caitlin Beduhn

Caitlin's dissertation, “Una Criatura Racional: Scientific Discourse and Female Participation during the Spanish Enlightenment,” relates to how terms of scientific discourse and effects of scientific rhetoric, especially in botanical texts, influenced women’s participation and its reception in public and private spheres in Spanish society during the Enlightenment. Her areas of interest include Modern Peninsular Literature, Visual Culture, Science and Technology Studies, and Gender Studies.

Dr. Matthew Burner

Mateo's research focuses on the Syntax and Morphology of mass neuter in Asturian, a language spoken in northern Spain. Other research interests include Colombian intonation and prosody and the the derivation of nouns within a DM framework.

Mateo received his BA and MA in Spanish from the University of Central Florida

Congratulations to our recent Masters graduates

Congratulations to our recent Masters graduates

Lucía Can

Estafanía Galindo

Leticia Guedes Barbosa

Thao Kahn

Sara Rodríguez Londoño

Daphne Williams-Hutfilz

Spanish Linguistics

Spanish Linguistics



Spanish Literature

Spanish Literature

College of Letters & Science Teaching Mentor College of Letters & Science Teaching Mentor

PhD candidate Denise Oyuki Castillo has been offered a position as a College of Letters & Science Teaching Mentor. Every year, L&S welcomes and trains hundreds of new TAs. Teaching Mentors are the heart of this crucial undertaking: they serve as facilitators at the annual L&S Fall TA Training event and provide mentorship throughout the semester. Those selected to be Teaching Mentors have not only a proven track record of excellence as educators, but also a strong desire to share their experience and mentor new TAs navigating their first year.

Congratulations, Oyuki, on this well-deserved recognition!

The Department of Spanish & Portuguese is delighted to announce this year ’ s Marsha Gray Ehrlich Scholarship Fund recipients. Marsha Gray Ehrlich was a former graduate student in our Department, and an inspirational teacher during her long professional career. She received a Master of Arts, with a major in Spanish, on August 17, 1968. She carried the preparation she received from our Department and her joy for Spanish to New York, where she taught Spanish and Latin in public schools for more than thirty years, before


To honor Marsha’s lifelong interest in and commitment to Spanish language and culture, the Donors wish to support students and research through the Department of Spanish & Portuguese Each year, awards are presented to three third- or fourthyear students who show a sustained commitment to community service related to the Spanish or Portuguese language and/or culture. We congratulate these students on their sustained commitment to community service.

To donate to the Marsha Gray Ehrlich Scholarship Fund, click here. click here.

To donate to the Marsha Gray Ehrlich Scholarship Fund,

in 2002. Ms. Ehrlich carried her love and passion for languages inside and outside the classroom, inspiring colleagues and family alike.

2023 Marsha Gray Ehrlich Scholarship Fund Recipients

2023 Marsha Gray Ehrlich Scholarship Fund Recipients

Graduating senior William Voigt took advantage of not one, but several opportunities to work with Spanish-speaking and marginalized children. From a summer school opportunity in his hometown, to a parish program in the poorest neighborhood in all of Spain while studying abroad, to an after-school program here in Madison, he built relationships with these students while helping them succeed in both large and small ways. Upon learning he had been selected, William had this to say: “I am deeply humbled and honored to be a 2023 Marsha Gray Ehrlich Scholarship Fund recipient. As an undergraduate at UW-Madison, I have had the amazing opportunity to put my Spanish language skills to use in a way that has allowed me to grow. "

Senior Inès Bengana has focused, since a young age, on helping people. She was recognized for her work as an interpreter in a free medical clinic in Madison helping the resident doctors provide patient care to a largely Latinx population. Additionally, she has volunteered with her high school to discuss Spanish in the real world and encourage Spanish study as a way of understanding and connecting with Latinx culture. She says, “I am exceptionally grateful and honored to be chosen as a recipient of the Marsha Gray Ehrlich scholarship this year. The UW-Madison Department of Spanish & Portuguese has equipped me with knowledge not only on the Spanish language, but the cultural and linguistic diversity that exists within Spanishspeaking populations, which has allowed me to apply Spanish in a meaningful way in the community Volunteering at a free medical clinic working with and interpreting for Spanish speaking patients has opened up my eyes to the very real struggles of immigrants as well as the language barriers that may exist for them. This experience has had a strong impact on me and reaffirmed my goal as a hopeful future physician to serve those from diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds.

I would like to thank the Marsha Gray Ehrlich Scholarship Fund, the UW-Madison [Department of Spanish & Portuguese] , Belinda Bjerkvold, who planted the seeds for my love of Spanish, Charlotte Wiley, who gives me constant reassurance and confidence in my Spanish, and my family and friends for undying support.”

Hilldale Award Recipient Hilldale Award Recipient

Congratulations to Cailie Keating for her 2022 Hilldale research project award completed with Professor Grant Armstrong! Cailie presented parts of her project this spring semester at the 17th Workshop in General Linguistics (“Quechua’s Pseudo-Reflexiveku, Voice, and Little v”) and at the Linguistics Fridays Colloquia (“An analysis of Quechua’s pseudo-reflexive morphemes”). Cailie plans to continue her work on Quechua during her graduate studies at Georgetown University where she has been accepted into the Ph.D. program in Spanish Linguistics to start next Fall 2023. Congrats and Best Wishes, Cailie!

Departmental TA Awards Departmental TA Awards

Jamie de Moya-Cotter was selected to receive the Fall Semester Theme-Based Departmental Teaching Award. This award recognizes " one TA for their creativity and innovation regarding the following topic: Encouraging students’ language development through purposeful and engaging classroom practices." Congratulations, Jamie! Congratulations as well to our finalist: Florencia Mazzei.

Isabel Martín-Sánchez was selected as the recipient of the Spring Semester Departmental TA Award This award “aims to recognize one TA for their all-around performance, dedication, and collegiality." Felicidades, Isabel! Congratulations also to our two finalists: Jorge Hernández Lasa and Luke Urbain

The winners and finalists will present their materials next semester.

Spring 2023 Spanish and Portuguese Graduates Spring 2023 Spanish and Portuguese Graduates


Aldama Barreto, Sandra

Alvarez, Areli Vejar

Andes, Brody David

Barta, Martha

Battenberg, Samantha Jo

Bazala, Mattea Joy

Blad, Elsa Kathryn

Blazek, Larissa Elizabeth

Boettcher, Emily Mae

Bono, Josie Jayden

Bora, Ragini

Breher, Nina Elizabeth

Byerly, Louise Anne

Chapin, Elizabeth Catherine

Chemer, Cassidy Jane

Click, Abri Roe Troutte

Corliss, Brooks Lee

Corona, Francisca Ana

Darmody, George Andrew

Degnan, Maggie

Dentice, Emily Ann

DiSano, Julia Anne

Distler, Emily Jo

Dugan, Anna Marie

Ekman, George

Foth, Brianna

Friedrichs, Ashlyn Noelle

Geise, Rylan Russell

Gill, Alyssa C

Gogerty, Luke Ryan

Grindle, Emma

Gsell, Anna Christine

Hawes, Madyson

Helgeson, Marianna

Henisz, Sophy

Hicks, Sophia Elizabeth

Hill, Lauren Elise

Hoffmann, Nicole Mae

Hubing, Hannah Patricia

Hueffmeier, Bella Jo

Ibanez, Francisca Monserrat

Innab, Adam

Jungwirth, Charlie

Kasten, Jenna Rose

Keating, Cailie M

Kennon, Erin Elizabeth

Kesler, Karlee Jean

Kick, Ramona Jean

Klare, Allison Morgan

Klauser, Katie

Knaak, Savannah Carolyn

Koehler, Katherine

Koester, Faith

Kostas, George

Kotz, Jack

Krawczyk, Andi

Kreuser, Hannah Xiaoyan

Krisberg, Emma

Kucko, Gabrielle Rose

Liebelt, Josh

Linsley, MaryGrace

Livermore, Margaret

Marquetti, Isabella Marie

Mavencamp, Eileen Frances

May, Nelson Daniel

Miller, Sam

Minner, Lucy Michael

Mjaanes, Gabriela

Montgomery, Skylar Joycelin

Moreland, Brianna Renee

Mulrooney, Sara Katherine

Nelson, Keely Sue

Nestel, Julia

O'Neill, Anne Katherine

Ohm, Nicholas Christopher

Pelossof, Natasha Esther

Perez, Aldana Leela

Pittman, Emma Jane

Price, Elena Mary

Reid, Jessie Branigan

Reiter, Victoria Grace

Rincon, Luam

Rinella, Cristina Isabel

Rippentrop, Olivia Jane

Rodriguez, Alyssa Marie

Ross, Margaret

Russell, Leah

Salazar, Jocelyn Gissele

Sanchez-Hernandez, Leslie

Savaglia, Meghan Arlene

Schulz, Nick

Snell, Ashley Mae

Songstad, Giana

Steinberger, Taylor Madison

Stettbacher, Shalome Marie

Stratman, Kaitlyn R

Tesch, Emily Lynn

Tolppi, Taylor Paige

Tomes, Allison Nicole

Turicek, David Patrick

Ura, Hirochi Nahomi

Valine, Elijah

Voigt, William Churchill

Waddell, George William

Walsh, Catherine Zelda

Webster, Amberlee Joy


Andries, Claire

Becker, Holly Ste. Marie

Bodet, Katie

Cardillo, Laura

Carlin, Mackenzie

Carter, ABE

Coffey, Riley

Goldstein, Gabriella Alexis

Grady, Margaret Maddix

Hanlon, Kelly Jean

Harrison, Mary Talitha

Hershkowitz, Maya

Holtzman, Adam

Kachel, Madeline Marie

Koehler, Audrey

Kreger, Marley Rae

Lappe, Ryan John

Larson, Isabel Julia

Mais, Nathan David

Whelan Tweedt, Grace Elizabeth

White, Nathan Manley

Wood, Carter Hayes

Wruk, Erin Grace

Zadrazil, Kaleigh Jensen


Cushman, Payton

Danielson, Larissa Caminha

Metz, EVAN

Micoley, Tahlia

Nietfeld, Hannah Elizabeth

Navin, Cole

O'Donnell, Alexandra Brianne

Porras, Nina Grace

Price, Morgan Elizabeth

Puccetti, Marissa Nicole

Russell, Hanna Jane

Sanchez, Jaqueline

Schoen, Julia

Siderits, Emily

Stacker, Lauren

Tocher, Caroline

Vilker, Madelyn Kae

Congratulations to Kata Beilin Congratulations to Kata Beilin

The film Maya Land: Listening to the Bees has won Socially Relevant Film Festival in New York, in the category of documentaries. The film was written and directed by Kata Beilin and Avi Weinstein. It is based on research led for various years by Kata Beilin and Sainath Suryanarayanan. The English version of the film was narrated by David Hildner. The music was a gift of Raquel Paraiso and her group Sotavento and Martiniano Pérez Angulo and his group “Tumen K’aay.” The film tells the story of the struggle of Mayan people against monocrop soy plantations in defense of their bees, forests, milpas and water. We are grateful to everyone who helped us create it, and to Knight Foundation, ASLE, and UW-Madison Graduate School, Nelson Institute, LACIS, and Holtz Center for Science and Technology Studies, for financial support. We hope that the festival award will help the film's message reach more people, appreciate the wisdom of the Mayan people, and support their fight to save their beautiful territory.

We are happy to announce the publication of Montañas and three or four Ríos. A Bilingual Anthology (2022), a book that includes the works by the award-winning Writers of the City and Nature José Emilio Pacheco and the essays of Scholars from UW-Madison and the University of Guadalajara (from our department: Prof Kata Beilin, Dr Sarli E Mercado & Prof. Ksenija Bilbija).

This anthology was translated by the Women in Translation Project (4W WIT), which includes the participation of a group of local, national, and international writers, translators, and scholars. It was published with the support of the Latin American, Caribbean, and Iberian Studies Program (LACIS), the Spanish and Portuguese Department, the School of Human Ecology, at UW-Madison, Meninas Cartoneras Editorial (Spain), and the Museum of Environmental Sciences at the University of Guadalajara (México).

Meninas Cartoneras Editorial published the virtual version of the anthology in Madrid, Spain, and the Print version by Editorial Universidad de Guadalajara. The book was presented at the International Book Festival in Guadalajara (FIL2022).

4W WIT also includes and invites undergraduate and project.

FIL GUADALAJARA 2022 (Left to right: Dr. Eduardo Santana (Director of the Museum of Environmental Sciences), Laura Martin (UW-Madison), Dr. Beatriz Botero (UW-Madison), Dr. Sarli E. Mercado (UWMadison), Jorge Galán (Salvador & the 2022 awardwinning Writer of the City and Nature J.E.Pacheco Literary Prize), Lori DiPrete Brown (UW-Madison), Dr. Carolina Cartes (Meninas Cartoneras Editorial) & Sayri Karp (Editorial Universidad de Guadalajara).


Guillermina De Ferrari, Halls-Bascom Professor of Caribbean Literatures and Visual Cultures, for receiving the Kellett Mid-Career Award.

This award recognizes the quality, significance, and productivity of the awardee’s research.

Professor De Ferrari has published dozens of articles on topics related to Cuban and Caribbean literature, visual culture, and world literature.

In addition to Professor De Ferrari’s most recent recognition, she has been named Guggenheim Fellow (2020) and has been awarded the Institute for Research in the Humanities Senior Fellowship (2018-2022). She has also been the recipient of the Vilas Faculty Mid-Career Investigator Award (2017-2019).

Some of Professor De Ferrari’s work as author, edit d urator include:

De Ferrrari (2007) De Ferrari (2014) De Ferrari, curator (2015) De Ferrari et al., eds. (2017) De Ferrari & Siskind, eds. (2022) Alcalá Galán 2022 Armstrong & MacDonald (eds.) 2021 Armstrong et al. (eds.) 2021 Goldgel Carballo & Domínguez (eds) 2021 Hernández 2021 Goldgel 2021 Egea 2021 De Ferrari & Siskind (eds.) 2022 Rao et al. 2022 Bilbija 2021 Hutchinson 2020 Hernández & Santana 2022

Fernando Tejedo-Herrero

Karen Francis

Alcalá Galán, Mercedes

Álvarez Oquendo, Saylín

Ancos García, Pablo

Armstrong, Grant

Beilin, Katarzyna

Bilbija, Ksenija

Cerezo Paredes, Alicia

Close, Glen

De Ferrari, Guillermina

Egea, Juan

Mercado, Sarli

Pellegrini, Marcelo

Pujol, Eve

Rao, Rajiv

Ríos-Rodríguez, Jara

Fondow, Steve

Goldgel-Carballo, Víctor

Hernández, Paola

Tracy Deavers

Anabelle Bonilla & Michaela Stromberg

Hutchinson, Steven

Medina, Rubén

Rodríguez-Guridi, Bárbara

Sanchez, Kathryn

Sapega, Ellen

Stafford, Catherine

Tejedo-Herrero, Fernando

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