New Student Experience Orientation Booklet - Baraboo campus

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| Academic Success Center
| College of Business, Industry, Life Science and Agriculture
| Behavioral Review and Recommendation Team
| Career and Professional Development Office
| Disability Access Center
| Dean of Students Office
| Education Abroad
| College of Engineering, Mathematics and Science
| Family Education Rights and Privacy Act
| Human Resources
| International Student and Scholar Services
| Information Technology Services
| College of Liberal Arts and Education
| New Student Experience
| Pioneer Administrative Software System
| Student Advising and Academic Resources
| University Bias Incident Team
| University Counseling Services UW-PLATTEVILLE ACRONYM CHEAT SHEET Tech Tools ........................................................ Page 3 New Student Experience Checklist ..................... Page 4 Living on Campus ............................................. Page 5 Eating on Campus ............................................ Page 6 Paying for College ............................................. Page 7
on Campus and Developing Your Career ..... Page 8–9 Student Employment, Career and Professional Development Office
Support and Building Community ......... Page 10 Wright Center for Non-Traditional and Veteran Students, Disability Access Center
Time for Wellness ................................. Page 11 Dean of Students, University Counseling Services, Recreation
Campus Resources ........................... Page 12–13 Campus Card, Textbook Center, Information Technology Services, Office of the Registrar Staying Safe on Campus .................................. Page 14
Alerts, Reporting a Concern, and ITS Safety and Security
Academically ................................ Page 15
Advising and Academic Resources, Navigate Student, T.N. Savides Library Getting Involved ............................................. Page 16 Student Clubs and Organizations Welcome Activities .......................................... Page 17 Resource Index ............................................... Page 18 Campus Map .................................................. Page 19 2


Pioneer Portal – A customizable and easy way to access all our online resources, like your email and Canvas. You will be able to customize applications, home page layout, and web shortcuts. When you open an internet window on any campus computer, it will open the Pioneer Portal.

PioneerLink – Use this system to learn about and get involved with student organizations and campus events.

KnowledgeBase – Find helpful articles and walkthroughs for technology-related questions and processes. Search Pioneer Portal and select the KnowledgeBase tab.

Campus email – UW-Platteville uses Office 365 for email, calendar, and other integrated apps. Visit to learn how to access your UW-Platteville email.

This email address is how the university will communicate important all campus announcements to you. It is also how you will receive communications from your classmates, professors, and supervisors at any campus job. Learning to monitor your email carefully is one of the best ways to stay on top of things.

SharePoint – The internal, password-protected website for the campus community, also called Campus Hub. Use SharePoint to find the most up-to-date information about campus resources and departments.

Duo – The tool we use for two-factor authentication, which pairs something you know (your password) with something you have (your cell phone). Everyone in the university community are potential targets of phishing attempts, and having this extra layer of security is important to keeping everyone’s information safe. ITS strongly recommends enrolling a second device in the event your primary device is not available. You may also generate a list of one-time-use backup codes for those times when your phone dies or you forget it somewhere.

PASS – UW-Platteville uses the Pioneer Administrative Software System for many different student and staff functions, including registration, payments, financial aid review, administrative purposes, updating and maintaining student records, and more.

Canvas – The online course management system used for classes or supplemental training. Professors can post readings or assignments in Canvas, you can submit assignments or take quizzes, and your professors can post your grades and provide feedback on assignments. An on-campus job might have you enroll in a training environment within Canvas.

Navigate Student – An online student success tool that helps students stay organized and engaged on campus. Students can use Navigate to schedule appointments with tutors and advisors, access information about campus resources, stay up to date on important events and deadlines, and connect with other students in your classes. Students can download the Navigate Student app on their smartphones or access Navigate Student from the Pioneer Portal.

Handshake – Students can use Handshake to search for on- and off-campus employment opportunities, schedule appointments with career specialists in our Career and Professional Development Office, and more.



See what steps you’ve already taken and what your next steps will be to stay on track for NSE. This checklist is for new freshmen. Transfer students, please visit


 Accept your admission in your PASS account.

 Start your NSE; visit for instructions.

y When starting NSE, choose a date to attend Orientation at your campus.

y You are encouraged to add the names of up to two guests who will attend Orientation with you.

y You can also add contact information for any family members who want to receive communication about NSE. Log back in before your Orientation session to edit or add this information.

 Complete Placement Tests.

y These must be completed at least two weeks before your advising appointment.

y Not completing your Placement Tests in time will delay your advising and registration appointment.

y Visit for more details.


 Access your University of Wisconsin-Platteville email.

y Visit to learn how to access your UW-Platteville email.

y If you have questions about your email account or about setting up Duo Two-Factor Authentication, look for an email sent to your personal email with the subject line, “UW-Platteville Email Access.”

y Make sure you check your email often and read carefully.


 Complete an optional Canvas course to learn more about registering for classes. You will receive information on how to enroll in the course later this summer.

 Receive an invitation in your UW-Platteville email to schedule your academic advising appointment. Schedule your appointment for a time that works for you.

 Meet with your academic advisor to register for classes.

y Your advisor will review your Placement Test results and what they mean during your advising appointment.


 Attend Orientation.

y Meet new friends.

y Learn about campus resources and student involvement.

y Participate in interactive sessions about different majors and academic experiences.

y Have your photo taken for your Campus Card and pick it up at the end of the day.

y Encourage up to two family members to attend with you.

y Check out the Orientation schedule at

 Sign your Textbook Agreement in PASS.

 Complete the online Mandatory Prevention Course facilitated by the Dean of Students Office. A link will be sent to your UW-Platteville email.

 Learn about getting involved.

y Search for PioneerLink on the Pioneer Portal ( or contact Jason Schulte ( to learn about our variety of student organizations.


 Classes begin on Sept. 3.


 Check your UW-Platteville and personal email accounts often and read carefully.

 Follow us on Instagram @uwbaraboosauk for updates and to learn about campus.

 Review for more information on all these steps.

 Check out the Orientation Booklet ( for additional resources and answers to questions.


 Contact us at or 608.342.1081 and we will help you find the answer.



The Villas

The Villas at UW-Platteville Baraboo Sauk County is a premier, on-campus, all-inclusive student housing community. The Villas offer fully furnished units, all utilities included in one price, and the opportunity to live with your classmates, friends, and teammates. Our community offers a student-centric social room, 24-hour fitness gym, on-site laundry, and more. Unlike other apartments, we offer individual leases, roommate matching program, and academic year leasing—everything a student could ask for.

Apartments will be rented on a first-come, first-served basis. Submit your completed rental application, and sign a lease to reserve your spot.


The Villas at Baraboo | 1020 Connie Road, Baraboo, Wisconsin 608.448.4199 |



Bluffview Cafe

The Bluffview Cafe is located in the Lange Student Center and provides high-quality, nutritious meals at an affordable price. A standard lunch menu and daily special are offered during the week. The Bluffview Cafe accepts cash, debit, credit, Campus Cash, and Dining Dollars.


The Bluffview Cafe would like to invite you to participate in the Dining Dollar program.

• Accepted like cash through your Campus Card

• Used to purchase food only at Bluffview Cafe

• Purchase total is subtracted from your Dining Dollar balance

• The Meal Plan allows students to buy meals at 5% off

• The minimum initial deposit is $250

• After the first $250 is deposited, any amount of money can be deposited

• Dining Dollars roll over from fall semester to spring, and then expire at the end of spring semester

To apply for Dining Dollars, you can complete a deposit form online. Dining Dollars can also be added to your PASS account in order to utilize Financial Aid. You must complete the form prior to the Financial Aid deadline. After this date, you still must complete the form, but then you will be able to add funds via eAccounts.

Campus Cash

Campus Cash is available to all students, faculty, and staff.

• Can be used for dining and printing

• Purchase total is subtracted from your account balance

• The minimum deposit is $2

• Campus Cash does not expire

Campus Cash can only be loaded onto your card via eAccounts

Dietary needs

UW-Platteville Dining Services has a registered dietitian to support your needs. If you have food allergies or dietary needs, please contact Stephanie Young at Stephanie can help with information about safely navigating dining on campus.


Food Services | 608.355.5205 | | Lange Student Center

Dining and Campus Card Office | 608.342.1404 |

Registered Dietitian | 608.342.7334 |

Food Cart

Food insecurity is a growing problem on college campuses. Food pantry items are available to all students on the UW-Platteville Baraboo Sauk County campus. The Food Cart is located outside the game room in the Lange Student Center.. The Lange Student Center is open from 7 a.m.–8 p.m. Monday through Friday, and 9 a.m.–4 p.m. on Friday.


Student Services | Room 207, Lange Student Center 608.355.5230 |



Financial Aid and Scholarship Office, Cashier’s Office

The Financial Aid and Scholarship Office assists students in financing their educational expenses through state, federal, and institutional programs. When administering these programs, our dedicated staff works with all prospective and current students, families, and members of the campus community.

Tuition and fees can be paid with cash or check at the Cashier’s Office. Credit or debit payments can be made online through PASS. The Cashier’s Office also processes refunds, scholarships, and online payments. Students may grant a third party (for example, a parent) access to certain features within PASS.


Financial aid consists of grants, loans, student employment, and scholarships. These resources may assist you with meeting your educational expenses at UW-Platteville. Visit our website under “Types of Aid” for additional information and eligibility requirements.


You must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid to be considered for grants, federal loans, and employment (work-study). The application is available online at UW-Platteville Baraboo Sauk County’s FAFSA school code is is 003921. You must be admitted to the university before your aid application can be processed.

The aid you receive will depend on your eligibility as determined through the FAFSA, state and federal regulations, and the availability of funds for specific programs with limited funding. Visit the Financial Aid and Scholarships website for more information about completing the FAFSA.


Grants, loans, and scholarships in PASS (where UW-Platteville has awarded them or has received the funding for the scholarship if from an outside source) are applied directly to a student’s UW-Platteville account at the beginning of each term. Once students complete all requirements, the aid will be released. Note that there are additional application steps for loans. You will receive information on these if a loan award is accepted. If your aid for the semester exceeds your charges, you will receive a refund check, or the refund may be directly credited to your bank account. We recommend you arrange for the direct deposit of refunds with the Cashier’s Office.


• Complete a new FAFSA every academic year to receive aid for that year. It does not roll over.

• Dropping a class or withdrawing from all classes may affect your aid, which means you may owe funds back to UW-Platteville.

• In order to continue receiving aid, you must maintain satisfactory academic progress.

• At the start of each semester, a review is conducted to determine the student’s enrollment status compared to the level at which financial aid was awarded. If different, aid may have to be adjusted at that time.

• Tuition bills are generated approximately one month before the start of the semester by the Cashier’s Office. An email notification is sent to the student when their bill is available to view in PASS. Please understand that when the initial bill is sent out, there has not been any aid deducted from the bill; the disbursement happens on the first day of classes for the semester.



Financial Aid and Scholarship Office | Fifth floor, Pioneer Tower, Platteville campus 608.342.1836 |

Cashier’s Office | Suite 2100, Ullsvik Hall, Platteville campus 608.342.1211 |



Student employment

UW-Platteville offers many different types of employment opportunities across all departments, including Dining Services, Pioneer Farm and Greenhouse positions, academic assistants who support our instructors, and office assistants who support university functions.


Working on campus allows students to gain work experience with the benefit of flexible hours and scheduling to match class requirements. Working on campus gives students a convenient way to earn money without having to leave campus.


On-campus jobs are posted to an online job board called Handshake. Browse Handshake for the latest job openings.


If a student is hired for an on-campus position, the student must provide documentation and complete the required forms to verify eligibility to work. The Student Employment Office will directly communicate with the student regarding what paperwork needs to be completed.


Some students may be awarded Work Study as part of their financial aid package. Work Study gives students a bank of funds that can only be paid to them through on-campus employment. The Financial Aid and Scholarship Office will send communication directly to students who have been awarded Work Study. Work Study awards are not applied directly to tuition.

NOTE: Work Study is NOT a requirement to work on campus. Students who do not qualify for Work Study are encouraged to apply for on-campus employment as well.


Student Employment Office, Human Resources | Suite 2300, Ullsvik Hall, Platteville campus 608.342.1174 |



Career and Professional Development Office

The Career and Professional Development Office offers services to all students designed to help you:

• Explore potential career paths

• Make informed decisions about your future

• Discover exciting opportunities for employment or graduate education

Whether you need to schedule an appointment for a resume or cover letter review, search employment opportunities, participate in a mock interview, or ask career-related questions, we can help.

Even though it may seem too early to think about what you want to do after graduation, it is important to get connected with CPDO in your first year at UW-Platteville. Employers have told us they want to meet with students early in their academic careers; some employers are even hiring interns after their freshman year.

Activate your Handshake account to find current openings for on-campus student employment, discover internships, co-ops, and full-time employment opportunities offered by companies recruiting UW-Platteville students and graduates.


Career and Professional Development Office | Suite 0200, Ullsvik Hall, Platteville campus 608.342.1183 |



Wright Center for Non-Traditional and Veteran Students

The Wright Center for Non-Traditional and Veteran Students can assist you with questions you have about veteran or military education benefits. Our staff will work with you to help you understand the benefits that you are using, to ensure that your benefits are working for you efficiently.

All degree programs offered through the UW-Platteville campuses are approved for the certification of educational benefits for veterans and veterans’ dependents under both federal and state veterans administration programs. We strive to make the process of using veteran and military education benefits as easy as possible.


Wright Center for Non-Traditional and Veteran Students | Room 322, Royce Hall, Platteville campus

608.342.7576 |

Disability Access Center

The mission of the Disability Access Center is to create an accessible, inclusive, sustainable learning environment, where disability is recognized as an aspect of diversity that is integral to the campus community and to society. The Disability Access Center collaborates with students, faculty, staff, and the campus community to facilitate equal access and full inclusion of disabled individuals through innovative services, programs, and partnerships.

Students looking to request accommodations should do so before the start of the semester, so they can be in place when classes start.

Applying for accommodations:

• Complete our online application.

• Submit current documentation of your disability. Accommodations are available based on documentation of a disability and a personal interview process. If you are unsure if you qualify or have enough documentation, please contact DAC to discuss your situation further.

• DAC staff will verify that the documentation satisfies disability guidelines and inform you if you are eligible or if further documentation is needed.

• Once you are determined eligible for accommodations, you will need to schedule an intake meeting with a Disability Specialist to create a VISA (Verified, Individualized, Services, and Accommodations) plan.

Some of the accommodations provided at UW-Platteville include:

• Assistive technology

• Document conversion, such as books in audio or electronic format and print enlargement

• Notetaking accommodations

• Recorded lectures

• Preferential seating

• Sign Language interpreter

• Adaptive equipment

• Captioning

• Testing accommodations


Disability Access Center | Room 204, Lange Student Center | 608.342.1818 | Suite 0200, Ullsvik Hall, Platteville campus



Dean of Students Office

The Dean of Students Office serves as a resource for students, their families, faculty, and staff. We can assist with things such as contacting faculty about class absence, addressing students’ campus concerns, navigating challenging situations, identifying additional support and resources, answering questions about campus policy and procedure, and addressing student academic and behavioral concerns. If you are struggling to find out who can help you on campus or what process you need to follow, we can help you get answers.


The prevention and education coordinator and trained peer educators are dedicated to providing education and prevention opportunities for the UW-Platteville community to help contribute to a safe, inclusive, and healthy campus. Visit the Prevention and Education portion of the Dean of Students Office website for more information. We encourage all students to review the Student Handbook


Dean of Students Office | Room 208, Lange Student Center | 608.342.1854 | Suite 2300, Markee Pioneer Student Center, Platteville campus

University Counseling Services

University Counseling Services is the primary source of mental health counseling for students on the UW-Platteville campus. Confidential, short-term counseling is provided to assist students with personal, social, developmental, academic, or career concerns related to their education progress, personal growth, and general well-being. There is a part-time counselor on the Baraboo Sauk County campus. While students can do tele-counseling, they can also do in-person counseling as well. Counseling services are funded through segregated fees, so you have already paid for the services. We encourage you to take advantage of it. UW-Platteville Baraboo Sauk County is partnering with Mantra Health to give you more options. One-on-one teletherapy and telepsychiatry sessions are available to students virtually and on nights and weekends. To enroll in Mantra, contact University Counseling Services. UW Mental Health Support 24/7 is an extension of this new service and can be utilized by students anytime they are concerned about themselves or need immediate assistance.


University Counseling Services | Room 215, Lange Student Center 608.355.5272 |

UW Mental Health Support 24/7 Portal 888.531.2142


The UW-Platteville Baraboo Sauk County campus offers many opportunities for student recreation. The campus is home to an 18-hole disc golf course, tennis courts, and athletic field. The Lange Student Center has a multitude of activity spaces including a fitness center, dance studio, recreation room, and gymnasium. These facilities offer students the opportunity to strength train, practice dance, yoga, play basketball, racquetball, foosball, air hockey, ultimate frisbee, and more.

The campus offers club sports teams in men’s basketball, women’s volleyball, and men’s and women’s tennis.


Student Services | Room 207, Lange Student Center 608.355.5230 |



Campus Card

The Campus Card is your official UW-Platteville Baraboo Sauk County identification. Your Campus Card grants you access to many things on campus. You’ll always want to keep it handy and take good care of it. If you lose it, there is a replacement fee for a new one. Replacement Campus Cards can be obtained at the Student Services office located in room 207, Lange Student Center.

Your photo will be taken and Campus Card issued during the On-Campus Orientation day.


• Printing on campus

• Checking out textbooks and library books

• Paying textbook fees

• Participating in Meal Plans and using Campus Cash

• Purchasing food at all dining locations

• Picking up financial aid checks

• Attending campus events

• Verifying your identification at various locations on campus


Dining and Campus Card Office | Room 207, Lange Student Center | 608.342.1404 | Suite 1313, Markee Pioneer Student Center, Platteville campus

Textbook Center

The textbook rental program is a unique and important way that we make a degree affordable to you. The Textbook Center provides books and other formats of course materials that you are required to have for your classes. Students pay a semester rental fee for the use of textbooks. The semester fee is the same whether you require four or 24 books. If you are a part-time student, or attending a shorter session, the fee is prorated per course credit.


• Electronically sign the Textbook Rental Agreement in your PASS account, which is available beginning early August for fall semester and early January for spring semester.

• Print or screenshot your textbook list.

• Bring your textbook list and Campus Card to the Textbook Center, located in T.N. Savides Library, during pickup hours.


• Returning books works just the opposite. To avoid late fees or being charged for a book, materials must be returned by the last day of the semester. To avoid additional charges your textbooks must be returned in good condition.

• The Textbook Center will use your campus email to communicate with you. Please make sure to check for email notices weekly before and after the semester begins or ends. This is when notices go out about unreturned books or changes in our procedures.


Textbook Center | T.N. Savides Library 608.342.1265 |



Information Technology Services


The ITS Help Desk, physically located on the Platteville campus, provides exceptional computer service and support to the faculty, staff, and students at all three UW-Platteville campuses. We accomplish this by providing timely responses to calls and requests, a knowledgeable staff, courteous and professional service, and a reliable first point of contact.

ITS Help Desk services include but are not limited to:

• Password resets

• Access requests

• Software and hardware issues

• Phishing remediation

• Equipment checkout


When you activated your UW-Platteville account, you agreed to the Acceptable Use Policy. The Acceptable Use Policy includes topics such as copyright laws, spamming/hacking, and other criminal offenses. Review the policy here.


UW-Platteville students are eligible for free software downloads for Microsoft Office applications.

ITS does not provide a computer buying or leasing program at this time. Students interested in purchasing a computer will need to purchase them directly from a vendor; however, many manufacturers offer discounts to students. Students also have access to multiple computer labs with printers on campus.

Choosing a computer involves many factors, including personal preference, budget, and needs. ITS cannot recommend one particular product over another. We do, however, provide useful links to help you in your decision-making for computers and other hardware. The ITS FAQ provides general guidelines for purchasing computers and other equipment, as well as information on cell phone service.


ITS Help Desk | First floor, Karrmann Library, Platteville campus

608.342.1400 |

Canvas Support



The Office of the Registrar

The Office of the Registrar is responsible for a variety of functions within the university. We are proud to be a point of contact for our new, current, and former students. We ensure the accuracy, integrity, and security of the academic records of the university. In addition, we facilitate and support student admission, enrollment, retention, and graduation in many ways.

You can request the following services and resources from the Office of the Registrar:

• Academic calendar

• Academic catalog

• Changing your major, minor, and/or advisor

• Classroom reservations (for student organizations and other non-academic usage)

• Confirming academic eligibility for student athletes

• Course schedule

• Enrollment forms, including Course Add and Drop, Overload, Repeat, and more

• Enrollment verifications (for external scholarships, insurance purposes, or other needs)

• Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)

• Final exam schedule

• Guest access to your student record (for a parent or third-party)

• Preferred name changes (to use a preferred first and/or middle name different from your legal name)

• Registration

• Reporting enrollment to the National Student Clearinghouse (for student loans and degree verifications)

• Questions related to academic standing and academic appeals

• Questions related to academic policies and student records

• Transcript requests

• Voter Enrollment Document

Our office is committed to providing excellent customer service as we support our students throughout their educational journey.


Office of the Registrar | Suite 2100, Ullsvik Hall, Platteville campus 608.342.1321 |



Pioneer Alerts

Pioneer Alerts is our text and email notification system. All students are automatically enrolled in this program unless they opt out. Parents and guardians can also receive these notifications via text and email. The student will have to enroll the parent or guardian under their Pioneer Alert account


University Police | First floor, Royce Hall, Platteville campus 608.342.1584 |

Reporting a Concern

If a concern were to arise during your time as a student, we encourage you to review the Reporting a Concern website and consider reporting your concern via the appropriate link. This site provides students, faculty, and staff a way to identify the appropriate reporting avenue and link to that resource. For concerns not listed on this reporting page, or questions about the best place to submit a concern, please contact the Dean of Students Office.


Dean of Students Office | Room 204, Lange Student Center | 608.342.1854 | Suite 2300, Markee Pioneer Student Center, Platteville campus

ITS Safety and Security

Your campus username and password is the key to all your personal information including your grades, financial information, Canvas, email, and more. Treat your password like your toothbrush—never share your campus password with anyone, even your parents. You can grant your parents or family members guest access to your PASS account so they can support you and access relevant information without knowing your password.

ITS will never ask for your username and password—not in an email, form, or link. If you are having trouble logging into a system, ITS will ask you to log in first. Stay sharp and be thoughtful about emails that might be suspicious. If you’re not sure, forward any suspicious messages to

The password you set up for your UW-Platteville account is good for 180 days before you will be asked to update it. You will receive three plain text email reminders prior to the password expiring.

To keep your physical devices safe on campus, ITS recommends using locks for your laptop and never leave your belongings unattended. In case your devices are stolen, make sure you have information like the make, model, serial number, and MAC address recorded somewhere safe. We recommend installing antivirus software on your devices.


ITS Help Desk | First floor, Karrmann Library, Platteville campus

608.342.1400 |



Student Advising and Academic Resources

The mission of Student Advising and Academic Resources is to equip students for academic success by providing innovative learning strategies and connections to campus resources. STARS offers a comprehensive range of services for UW-Platteville Baraboo Sauk County students supported through your tuition.

These no-cost services include:

• Academic advising and academic coaching – students work with professional staff to discuss degree planning, course selection, and overall strategies to be successful in college.

• Tutoring and writing assistance – our trained peer tutors can help students in many courses to increase content understanding and academic confidence. Limited tutoring is available at the Academic Success Center at the Baraboo Sauk County campus. Students can also make virtual appointments with tutors at the Platteville campus. Successful students can be hired as peer tutors in a wide variety of subject areas.

• Peer Mentor Program – our friendly peer mentors support first year and transfer students in their transition to college life and the campus community.

Our services can help all students. Whether you are a student who was successful in high school but are struggling with the transition to college level courses, or a student who is doing well and wants to increase confidence, we are here to support your academic success. Learning to ask for help is one of the most important skills you’ll need to develop in order to be successful in college.

Navigate Student

Navigate Student is a success tool available on desktop or mobile app. Using Navigate Student, you can find information about tutoring and writing assistance at the Academic Success Center and make appointments with your academic advisor and coach. You can access information about campus resources, opt into the Study Buddies list, and view your course schedule. We will send you timely and relevant information based on your interests.

Students can use this QR code to download Navigate Student mobile app, or you can access the desktop version from the Pioneer Portal.


Student Services | Room 207, Lange Student Center | 608.355.5230

Academic Success Center | Room A-154, Umhoefer Building 608.342.1081 |

T.N. Savides Library

T.N. Savides Library is a hub for information on the UW-Platteville Baraboo Sauk County campus. Books, government publications, periodicals, newspapers, and other serial titles can be found in the library’s collections. In addition, the library offers electronic books, ejournals, and extensive databases. Patrons who cannot find what they need within the University of Wisconsin System may use Interlibrary loan, which provides access to materials around the world.

The library staff at T.N. Savides Library are skilled in helping you sort through countless electronic and printed resources to find just what you need, within library walls and around the world. Library staff can help you choose topics for research, narrow your focus according to your needs, and find and critically evaluate electronic and printed materials. The branch campus librarian is available via email, phone, Zoom, and in person to assist with your library needs.


T.N. Savides Library

Todd Roll, Librarian | 608.355.5251 |



Student organizations and clubs

Getting involved through student clubs, organizations, and student governance is a great way to meet people who share similar interests as you. Involvement leads to impressive leadership experiences, connects you with the community, adds to your resume, and enriches your life and others. In addition to making friends, getting involved on campus can build lifelong skills. Employers are looking for time management, communication, and teamwork skills during the hiring process. All of these skills can be developed through involvement.

Check out PioneerLink, the hub for student involvement and organizations.


Clubs and Organizations | PioneerLink

Student Services | 207 Lange Student Center 608.355.5230 |

Other activities you can explore

• Play disc golf – we have a disc golf course on campus. Get a team together for some fun and games.

• Do some self-guided Baraboo exploration – the local businesses would love to see you.

• Try out Baraboo’s local hiking, biking, and running trails – another way to get familiar with Baraboo is to take advantage of the trails the community has to offer. A trailhead for the Ice Age Trail can be found near the disc golf course.



Welcome activities focus on:

• Getting you settled into the campus environment

• Providing information you need to start the semester

• Lots of fun and exciting activities that will help you get engaged with campus life and develop your own community

For the most up to date schedule, visit the New Student Experience website.


Student Services | 207 Lange Student Center

608.355.5230 |



Academic Success Center | 151 Umhoefer Administration Building, Baraboo Sauk County campus 608.355.5308 |

Athletics | 206 Lange Student Center, Baraboo Sauk County campus 608.355.5252 |

Baraboo Police Department | 101 South Blvd., Baraboo, WI 53913 Emergency 911 | Non-Emergency 608.355.2720

Behavioral Review and Recommendation Team | Suite 2300, Markee Pioneer Student Center, Platteville campus 608.342.1854 |

Bluffview Cafe | Lange Student Center, Baraboo Sauk County campus 608.355.5205 |

Campus Counseling Center | 215 Lange Student Center, Baraboo Sauk County campus 608.355.5272 |

Campus Director | 210 Umhoefer Administrative Building, Baraboo Sauk County campus 608.355.5226 |

Career and Professional Development Office | Suite 0200, Ullsvik Hall, Platteville campus 608.342.1183 |

Cashier's Office | Suite 2100, Ullsvik Hall, Platteville campus 608.342.1211 |

Clubs and Organizations | 206 Lange Student Center, Baraboo Sauk County campus 608.355.5252 |

Dean of Students Office

208 Lange Student Center, Baraboo Sauk County campus Suite 2300, Markee Pioneer Student Center, Platteville campus 608.342.1854 |

Disability Access Center

207 Lange Student Center, Baraboo Sauk County campus Suite 0200, Ullsvik Hall, Platteville campus 608.342.1818 |

Dining and Campus Card Office | Suite 1313, Markee Pioneer Student Center, Platteville campus 608.342.1404 | |

Financial Aid and Scholarship Office | Fifth floor, Pioneer Tower, Platteville campus 608.342.1836 |

Hope House | 720 Ash St., Baraboo, WI 53913 608.356.9123 | 24/7 Hotline 608.356.7500

ITS Help Desk | First floor, Karrmann Library, Platteville campus 608.342.1400 |

Canvas Support

International Programs | Room 139, Doudna Hall, Platteville campus 608.342.1726

Education Abroad |

International Student and Scholar Services |

Office of Admission | Suite 1300, Ullsvik Hall, Platteville campus 608.342.1125 |

Office of the Registrar | Suite 2100, Ullsvik Hall, Platteville campus 608.342.1321 |

St Clare Hospital | 707 14th St., Baraboo, WI 53913 | 608.356.1400

Student Advising and Academic Resources | 207 Lange Student Center, Baraboo Sauk County campus 608.355.5230 |

Student Employment, Human Resources | Suite 2300, Ullsvik Hall, Platteville campus 608.342.1174 |

Student Services | 207 Lange Student Center, Baraboo Sauk County campus 608.355.5230 |

Textbook Center | T.N. Savides Library, Baraboo Sauk County campus 608.342.1265 |

T.N. Savides Library | Baraboo Sauk County campus 608.800.6817 |

University Bias Incident Team | Room 0133, Warner Hall, Platteville campus 608.342.6152 |

The Villas at Baraboo | 1020 Connie Road, Baraboo, WI 53913 608.448.4199 |

Wright Center for Non-Traditional and Veteran Students Room 322, Royce Hall, Platteville campus 608.342.7576 |


The Villas

T.N. Savides Library

Aural M. Umhoefer

Administration Building

Thomas C. Pleger Science Building

Lange Student Center and Athletic Facility

Center for the Fine and Performing Arts

James and Kathryn Hill

Music Center

Accessible Entrances

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