UW-Platteville Foundation Annual Report FY 2022-23

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UW-Platteville Foundation Annual Report 2022 – 23 2

Development and Alumni Engagement

Joshua Boots

Executive Director of the Foundation bootsj@uwplatt.edu

Pam Brookens

Annual Giving and Donor Relations Manager brookenp@uwplatt.edu

Jimmy Collins Development Officer collinsjam@uwplatt.edu

Jennifer Fiedler Administrative Assistant fiedlerj@uwplatt.edu

Angela Herting Corporate Engagement Officer hertingan@uwplatt.edu

Shelby Lang Alumni Relations Manager langs@uwplatt.edu

Susan Lindholm Administrative Assistant and Board Secretary lindhosu@uwplatt.edu

Julie Matuszak Database Manager matusakj@uwplatt.edu

Megan McCarthy Corporate Engagement Officer mccarthymeg@uwplatt.edu

Kayla Mohr Project Manager mohrka@uwplatt.edu

Molly Parrish Accounting Manager parrishmo@uwplatt.edu

Stacia Stephenson Director of Major Gifts stephensons@uwplatt.edu

Bridget Wallace Development Officer wallacebr@uwplatt.edu

Tian Zuo Financial Specialist zuot@uwplatt.edu

www. uwplatt .edu | foundation@uwplatt.edu 3


Warm greetings from the University of Wisconsin-Platteville! On behalf of the entire leadership team, including the Foundation board, faculty, staff, and most importantly, the students whose lives are transformed by your generosity, we write this letter with boundless gratitude and immense joy.

It is with great pleasure that we inform you that the UW-Platteville Foundation has concluded an extraordinary fundraising year, breaking all previous records and achieving unprecedented success. We owe this remarkable achievement to donors like you, whose unwavering support has empowered us to continue pursuing excellence in education, research, and community outreach.

Thanks to your philanthropic vision, we were able to provide countless opportunities and experiences that have shaped the lives of our students and impacted the world around us. From scholarships and fellowships to groundbreaking capital renovations, your contributions have made a tangible difference in the lives of many, fostering innovation, creativity, and academic excellence.

Throughout the year, we witnessed countless inspiring stories of students overcoming barriers, unlocking their potential, and transforming dreams into reality, all because of your generosity. These achievements would not have been possible without your belief in the transformative power of education and your commitment to making a positive difference in the lives of others.

On behalf of everyone at UW-Platteville, we extend our deepest appreciation for your incredible commitment to our shared mission. Your generosity serves as a beacon of hope and inspiration, and we are profoundly grateful for your trust in us. We look forward to continuing this journey together, as we strive to create a brighter future for generations to come.

Once again, thank you for your exceptional support and being an integral part of our success. Your belief in our vision has made an indelible impact and will forever be cherished.

With utmost gratitude,

UW-Platteville Foundation Annual Report 2022 – 23 4




The UW-Platteville Foundation was honored last fall with the Outstanding Philanthropic Organization award by the Association of Fundraising Professionals Greater Tri-State Chapter.

“This award is a notable and appropriate recognition of the extraordinary efforts and accomplishments of the staff of the UW-Platteville Foundation,” said Joe Denk, Chair of the Foundation. “I am pleased to express heartiest congratulations on behalf of the board of directors.”

Coming off its third consecutive year of record fundraising, the Foundation was recognized in the category of Outstanding Philanthropic Organization. According to its website, “the Association of Fundraising Professionals Greater Tri-State Chapter honors donors and volunteers whose gifts of time, expertise, and

resources make a significant contribution to the success of the nonprofit agencies and institutions they serve.”

During the 2023 fiscal year, the UW-Platteville Foundation raised more than $8.7 million. The funds provide scholarships, as well as support academic programs and capital building projects that enrich student-life experiences.

“This award means a lot to us,” said Joshua Boots, Executive Director of the UW-Platteville Foundation. “To be recognized for the impact we are having at the university speaks volumes to our great alumni, friends, and corporate partners. I would be remiss if I didn’t also recognize our great team. To win the Outstanding Philanthropic Organization speaks to their hard work, dedication, and commitment.”


OVER $1,490,000 AWARDED



“As a full-time college student, who works multiple jobs on campus, it is nice knowing I don’t have to worry about how I am going to afford rent or tuition, and that I have more time to focus on my studies. With this scholarship, I am able to focus on my coursework more and involve myself more on campus, helping other students along the way. I am truly thankful.”

of the Mick and Rhonda Viney Student Involvement Scholarship

“Scholarships help enhance our student experience at UW-Platteville and your support makes it possible for students to pursue their passions, explore new interests, and develop the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in the real world. On behalf of the students here at UW-Platteville, I want to express my heartfelt gratitude for your generosity. Your scholarships truly make a difference in our lives, and we are deeply grateful for your support. Thank you for investing in our education and our future!”

Recipient of the Gordon H. and Reta Wales Shepard Scholarship

“I am very appreciative of receiving this scholarship, which allows me to work less during the school year and be able to focus more time into my studies and continue to be active in the ASCE student chapter and other extracurricular activities. I never expected to get so involved in [ASCE], especially joining the executive board my freshman year. ASCE was one of the best organizations I could have joined, which helped me get to know so many other civil engineering students.”

of the Mark Meyers Civil and Environmental Engineering Scholarship

I chose to come to UW-Platteville because of my love of music and continue my education. I felt immediately at home on campus and in the music department. Three years later I am still in the program and becoming a leader in the department. It means so much to receive this scholarship as a music major and as a minority. As an African American woman, I was looked at differently for wanting to sing classical and musical theater songs as opposed to what was popular. Now that I have this scholarship, I know my hard work has paid off, and can continue my education at UW-Platteville and hopefully become the best musician that I can be.

Recipient of the Rose Mary Clark Music Scholarship

“One of the reasons I decided on UW-Platteville was because of the value UW-Platteville offered. However, as many students find out, college is way more expensive than anticipated. Receiving this scholarship is motivating me to excel in my schoolwork because someone else put their hard-earned money toward me. I have always held myself to a high standard, but knowing that you believe in me, by helping pay for my tuition, I will only raise my efforts. When I opened the letter that stated I received a scholarship, I was filled with gratitude, but then a sense of drive took over. I want to do well in college and in my future career so I can give back to students as you have.”

the Hans F. Seuthe Scholarship



In April, the University of Wisconsin System Board of Regents honored Plexus Corp. for its collaborations and contributions to UW-Platteville.

UW System President Jay Rothman, Board of Regents President Karen Walsh, and UW-Platteville Chancellor Tammy Evetovich presented the UW System Regents Business Partnership Award to Plexus Corp.’s Senior Vice President of Human Resources Jamie Crouse and Senior Vice President of Engineering and Quality Mike Running.

“UW-Platteville’s partnership with Plexus is evident in multiple ways and a critical driver of the economy in Wisconsin,” Rothman said. “With dozens of Pioneers currently employed, student internships, and ongoing research and project collaborations, these two important pillars share a vision for the region.”

“This collaboration places a great emphasis on students and their success,” Walsh said. “The company’s focus on women in STEM careers is a model.”

The Neenah, Wisconsin-based company sponsored the Plexus Women in STEM Center in fall 2022 in the new Sesquicentennial Hall. The Plexus Women in STEM Center creates a supportive community where women will prosper at both UW-Platteville and then in their careers. The center is a hub of mentoring, outreach, and success programs that engage over 1,000 UW-Platteville students and thousands of students in grades 5–12.

“We’re appreciative for this recognition and the strong partnership with UW-Platteville,” Crouse

said. “Our ability to partner in support of advancing STEM-based learning and the career development of women is a critical component in helping Plexus succeed in fulfilling its vision of helping to create the products that build a better world.”

Eighty-nine alumni currently work at Plexus, with a combined tenure of approximately 750 years. In addition to employing UW-Platteville graduates, Plexus has provided 42 internships in the last five years to UW-Platteville students. Global leaders in complex product design, supply chain, manufacturing, and sustaining services, Plexus is also a frequent senior design partner in mechanical engineering and electrical engineering student projects. In addition, Plexus is a supporter of other UW-Platteville endeavors such as career fairs and Women in STEM banquets.

“We are so incredibly proud and appreciative of Plexus’ time, philanthropy, and dedication to the Pioneer community,” Chancellor Evetovich said. “In making these collaborative connections, we are living our mission by promoting student learning and success. On behalf of UW-Platteville, I offer my sincere thanks to Plexus Corporation for all they have done and for all we will do together moving forward.”

The UW System Regents Business Partnership Award recognizes the innovative collaborations between a university and a business and their reciprocal beneficial impacts on curricular, program, or service efforts that reflect the changing needs of our universities, workforce, and communities.

For more information about the Plexus Women in STEM Center, visit go.uwplatt.edu/plexus-women-stem-center.

www. uwplatt .edu | foundation@uwplatt.edu 11


The 2023 Pioneers Day of Giving was a huge success, raising more than $2,500,000. Many alumni and friends showed their support for students with gifts to scholarship and emergency grant funds. But, the two-day fundraising event is also an opportunity for alumni to give back to specific programs that are meaningful to them, like the Marching Pioneers and Women in STEM program, which rounded out the top five funds supported during this year’s event.

With as many as 10 annual field shows, parades, and concert performances combined, the Marching Pioneers are seen by an estimated 70,000 people each year, making them one of the most visible organizations on campus. So, it’s no surprise that, in addition to alumni, they received support from parents and fans. In total, the Marching Pioneers raised over $10,500 from nearly 70 donors during the Pioneers Day of Giving event.

UW-Platteville’s Women in STEM program—preparing to celebrate its 30th year—saw an outpouring of support not only from alumni, but also former faculty and staff, advisory board members, industry partners, and parents of current students. Overall, the Women in STEM program raised nearly $16,000 from 40 donors in the two-day period. “This support sends a message that donors believe in the program’s mission,” said Tammy Salmon-Stephens, Director of the College of Engineering, Mathematics and Science Student Success Programs.

“I think it shows that many people have been personally impacted by our work or they themselves have witnessed or experienced issues related to bias and inclusion,” Salmon-Stephens said.

Pioneers Day of Giving 2024 will be held April 25–26. If you would like to support a program that made an impact on you, please visit uwplatt.edu/give or email foundation@uwplatt.edu.

UW-Platteville Foundation Annual Report 2022 – 23 12


OVER $2,500,000 RAISED






www. uwplatt .edu | foundation@uwplatt.edu 13


When Alli Walker was applying to colleges, she saw the numerous support services and programs listed in the brochures—including the Pioneers Helping Pioneers emergency grant—but like a lot of students, she thought to herself, “when am I ever going to need that?” Now, two years into her college experience, she knows firsthand how quickly situations can change and how support from donors, no matter how small, can make a big impact on a student’s life.

Walker always had a goal to go to college.

“My dad never went to college, and I saw how he kind of struggled to find a job that he liked that would provide the pay and benefits he deserved,” said Walker. “My mom did go to college. She attended nursing school and went back to get her master’s degree. I saw how much that helped her get a job she loved. So, I could really see what college would do for me.”

After taking a forensic investigation class in high school, she fell in love with the field, ultimately choosing to attend UW-Platteville for its Forensic Investigation program and proximity to her hometown of Janesville, Wisconsin.

But, the summer after her first year at UW-Platteville, Walker was involved in a car accident, which brought about unexpected medical bills and health issues, including PTSD. “It made it really hard to focus on my classes, and was one more thing on top of worrying about classes, work, and paying for everything,” said Walker.

To help with the unexpected bills, Walker applied for and received a Pioneers Helping Pioneers emergency grant. The Pioneers Helping Pioneers Fund is sustained solely through donations from alumni, faculty, staff, and friends of the university. The emergency grant program provides essential emergency financial assistance to students in need—typically used for housing, food, utilities, transportation, medical bills, or other unexpected expenses—relieving students of a financial burden that could otherwise cause them to drop out.

“When I went to apply for the grant, they also gave me a $50 Kwik Trip card, so I could buy gas to go home, and a $50 gift card to Aldi,” said Walker. “I went back to my dorm and cried tears of joy that night, because it was so helpful. The only word I can think of is ‘relieved.’ It was one less thing I had to worry about in the moment.”











UW-Platteville Foundation Annual Report 2022 – 23 14

Walker then started getting connected with more resources on campus, including Student Health Services, University Counseling Services, Tutoring Services, and the Disability Access Center, after being diagnosed with ADHD.

“I was really struggling with school when I got to college,” said Walker. “I didn’t have my parents helping me stay focused and motivated, and it was just a big snowball effect. Students sometimes joke about dropping out, but consistently, every single semester I have seriously contemplated if I can keep going, with everything on my plate—mental health, physical health, financials. Something as simple as an emergency grant or gift cards come along, and it is just a huge weight lifted off my shoulders. It’s like a reset button.”’

Now that she has connected with more resources on campus and received some financial relief through Pioneers Helping Pioneers, Walker has been able to look ahead to her future, which she hopes involves a career with the Beloit Police Department, eventually in the area of forensic investigation.

Walker currently works as an Advancement Ambassador for UW-Platteville’s Development and Alumni Engagement office and said she feels a special appreciation when she speaks to donors who contribute to Pioneers Helping Pioneers.

“Whenever I’m calling alumni and they want to donate to Pioneers Helping Pioneers, I get a little teary-eyed and experience a wave of emotions,” she said. “I think it’s great that they want their money to go toward something that can help every single student who needs it. I know I’ll be donating to it, when I graduate.”


Kim Johnson ’97 says that if you pay attention, you’ll see signposts throughout life that help define what kind of person you will be—metaphorical markers in the road that point you towards a particular passion. Johnson is defined largely by a passion for travel and giving—two characteristics she can trace back to UW-Platteville.

Johnson grew up in La Crosse, Wisconsin, and studied electrical engineering at UW-Platteville. To fulfill an elective requirement, she enrolled in a geography class with now Professor Emeritus Dr. Richard Waugh. There, she learned about the department’s annual Western Field Trip, a three-week trip to the western part of the United States. Johnson had traveled often with her mother when she was young but always to the same destination in Canada.

“I had seen the beautiful Canadian Rockies half a dozen times, but this was a chance for something different and independent, not with my mom,”

said Johnson. “It was an exciting experience to do stuff away from your parents and get credit for it as a class. I was learning from something that I was already finding fun and enjoyable.”

Johnson’s trip included Chihuahua, Mexico; Tombstone, Arizona; and several smaller and larger national parks, including Carlsbad Caverns, Rocky Mountain, and Grand Canyon.

“We hiked through the Grand Canyon and out the north rim,” recalled Johnson. “It was tough, but an opportunity that not many people get. I learned all the rock formations. I still remember stuff from that trip, 30 years ago.”

This trip proved to be a formative experience for Johnson and one that inspired decades of traveling and sharing her love for traveling with her children. Before her two children were even 10 years old, they were camping in national parks in California. Johnson

UW-Platteville Foundation Annual Report 2022 – 23 16
Kim Johnson and her children expand their travel to include international sites. They are pictured here in 2019, visiting the Coliseum in Rome, Italy. Kim Johnson in 1993 at the Grand Canyon during her Western Field Trip.

planned a trip to a new national park every summer. By the time her children were 18, they had seen all of the U.S. except Alaska and Hawaii, as well as Greece, Italy, and France.

“In your late teens and early twenties, you are not fully formed yet,” said Johnson. “You are still figuring out how to do things and what is important to you as an adult. Being on a trip by yourself, without your parents, is so important. I probably figured out sometime in my early 30s what defines me, and it was travel, and [the Western Field Trip] was really important to me.”

Johnson, who lives in South Carolina, has worked for Microsoft in Charlotte, North Carolina, since nearly the time she graduated. Almost two decades ago, a call for support went out to alumni asking for help funding the Western Field Trip, and Johnson felt compelled to give back to an opportunity that had such an impact in her life. Because Microsoft has a program that matches all employees’ giving, she opted to set up a recurring monthly $60 gift from her paycheck. This recurring gift, matched by Microsoft every month for the past 18 years, has totaled more than $20,000.

“I’m lucky enough to work for a company that

Johnson says she encourages others to inquire if their employer has a gift matching program, and if contributing financially isn’t feasible, consider volunteering.

“We didn’t have a lot of money growing up, so I wasn’t raised to give,” said Johnson. “But when I moved down South, I saw there were so many people who volunteered their time, and it was eye-opening to me. If you don’t have money, look at volunteering time. You get so much more back when you give. Take a step out and see what it’s like; it really does help define you better.”

www. uwplatt .edu | foundation@uwplatt.edu 17
For more information about setting up a recurring gift or match giving, contact foundation@uwplatt.edu or visit uwplatt.edu/give.
Kim Johnson shares her love of traveling with her children, pictured here visiting Machu Picchu in Peru, in 2016.


UW-Platteville Foundation Annual Report 2022 – 23 18 TOTAL RAISED $8,752,383
FY13–14 FY14–15 FY15–16 FY16–17 FY17–18 FY18–19 FY19–20 FY20–21 FY21–22 FY22–23 $9M $8M $7M $6M $5M $4M $3M $2M $1M $0
1, 2022–JUNE 30, 2023


Thank you for making this our best fundraising year in the foundation’s history. By being a part of our $8.7 million fundraising total, you helped support students, faculty, coaches, and staff reach their fullest potential.



www. uwplatt .edu | foundation@uwplatt.edu 19
$39.7M $40M $30M $20M $10M $0 FY13–14 FY14–15 FY15–16 FY16–17 FY17–18 FY18–19 FY19–20 FY20–21 FY21–22 FY22–23 #1 #2 #3 PIONEER ANNUAL FUND 714 DONORS PIONEERS HELPING PIONEERS FUND 589 DONORS FOOTBALL PROGRAM FUND 500 DONORS


Joseph Denk Chair

Term: Third

Term ends: June 30, 2024

Graduation year: 1982

Major: Radio/TV

Ronald Meissen Vice Chair

Appropriations Committee Chair

Term: Second

Term ends: June 30, 2024

Graduation year: 1971

Major: Civil engineering

Margaret Keehn Treasurer

Finance and Investment Committee Chair

Term: Second

Term ends: June 30, 2026

Friend of the university

Ann Moyer Secretary

Term: Second

Term ends: June 30, 2026

Graduation year: 2002

Major: Chemistry and biology

Charles Brokopp Member

Term: First

Term ends: June 30, 2025

Graduation year: 1971 and 1972

Major: Biology (Zoology), medical technology

Douglas Buhler

Development Committee Chair

Term: First

Term ends: June 30, 2024

Graduation year: 1979

Major: Soil and crop science

Kathy Buhr Member

Term: First

Term ends: June 30, 2026

Graduation year: 2003

Major: Business administration

Richard Burgermeister


Term: Second

Term ends: June 30, 2024

Graduation year: 1969

Major: Comprehensive business and economics

Kristen Cadman

Membership and Orientation Committee Chair

Term: Second

Term ends: June 30, 2024

Graduation year: 2001

Major: Mechanical engineering

Mittie Den Herder Member

Term: First

Term Ends: June 30, 2026

Provost Emerita

Tori Erickson


Term: Second

Term ends: June 30, 2026

Graduation year: 1983 and 1988

Major: Physical education and Master of Science in Education, Counselor Education

Jeffrey Ingebritsen


Term: Third

Term ends: June 30, 2026

Graduation year: 1977

Major: Criminal justice

Jerold Kobiske


Term: Third

Term ends: June 30, 2026

Graduation year: 1974

Major: Mathematics

Greg Loek

Audit and Compliance Committee Chair

Term: First

Term ends: June 30, 2025

Graduation year: 1980

Major: Industrial engineering

UW-Platteville Foundation Annual Report 2022 – 23 20


David Murphy


Term: Third

Term ends: June 30, 2024

Graduation year: 1970

Major: Civil engineering

Darin Pauls

Strategic Planning and Review

Committee Chair

Term: Second

Term ends: June 30, 2026

Graduation year: 1993

Major: Accounting

Matthew Richards


Term: First

Term ends: June 30, 2026

Graduation tear: 1991

Major: Civil engineering

James Ryan


Term: Second

Term ends: June 30, 2026

Graduation year: 1977

Major: Agribusiness and business administration

Dion Shaw


Term: Second

Term ends: June 30, 2026

Graduation year: 2015

Major: Project management

Daniel Smith

Subsidiary Oversight Committee Chair

Term: Second

Term ends: June 30, 2026

Graduation year: 2012

Major: Soil and crop science and agribusiness

Ellen Ullsvik


Term: Third

Term ends: June 30, 2025

Graduation year: 1975

Major: Elementary education

Mary Wagner


Term: Third

Term ends: June 30, 2024

Graduation year: 1979

Major: Civil engineering

Carol Weber


Term: First

Term ends: June 30, 2025

Graduation year: 1989

Major: Electrical engineering

Lana Wiese


Term: First

Term ends: June 30, 2026

Graduation year: 1971

Major: Business administration

John Boldt

Real Estate Foundation, President

Term: Real Estate Foundation Liaison

Graduation year: 1976

Major: Civil engineering

www. uwplatt .edu | foundation@uwplatt.edu 21


Fiscal Year 2023 Associate Members

Friends who have gifted $5,000 or more over the past fiscal year


Dean Bedford and Kathleen Boudreau

Richard and Jane Boorse

Dr. Kent J. Fletcher

Dr. Sidney and Amy Fletcher

Greg and Michelle Gard

Steve and Kari Gardner

Robert and Victoria Hundhausen

Jennings Kallen

Thomas and Dianne Koser

Brent and Mary Sheckler

Matthew Tompkins

Mark and Janet Wienkes

Dr. Jane E. Wilcox


American Society of Civil Engineers

Andersen Corporation

Belcan Engineering Group LLC

Building Automation Products Inc.

BW Papersystems

Cardinal Glass Industries Inc.

Full Members


Beth and Carl Abing

Michael and Christine Aide

David Andersen

Gerry Anderson and Judy Klitzsch-Anderson

James and Julie Anderson

Dr. Max Anderson and Linda Wright

Dr. Philip and Judith Anderson

Dan and Morgan Arnold

Robert and Diana Bates

Gregory and Mary Bauer

Scott S. Baumgartner and Dr. Mary W. Lee

Dr. Harold* and Geneva Beals

Steven and Debra Becker

Charlene Bennett

Ryan Berg and Nancy Weygant-Berg

Charles and Susan Bergmann

Bradley and Peggy Biddick

*Deceased members

The 1866 Cornerstone Society honors our most generous alumni, friends, and corporate partners to the Foundation. Their generosity has demonstrated a commitment to excellence and support of UW-Platteville.


Curb It

Danfoss Drives

Dubest Pizza Inc.

Energy Management Consultants


Flowers Family Foundation

Ideal Builders Inc.

Illinois Department of Children and Family Services

Insight FS


Milwaukee Tool Corporation


Pieper Electric Inc.

Portzen Construction Inc.

SAT Fundraising

Seagrave Fire Apparatus LLC

Toro Company


Vierbicher Associates

Vista Outdoor

W.R. and Floy A. Sauey Family Foundation

Weaver Consultants Group

Donald and Laurene Birdd

Eric and Susan Bjornsen

John and Barbara Boldt

Mark and Paula Boorse

Roman* and Joan Borkovec

Ginny Bowar

Dr. Gregory Boys and Priya Devaguptapu

Kathy A. Bresnahan

Sandie and Troy Brick-Margelofsky

Dave and Rhonda Broihahn

Dr. Charles and Marilyn Brokopp

Dr. Howard* and Catherine Brooks

William* and Mary Lou Broske

Dr. Douglas and Jean Buhler

Richard and Mary Burgermeister

Dr. Everett and Michele Burgess

Dr. John and Terry Busby

Dr. Edward* and Lois Busby

UW-Platteville Foundation Annual Report 2022 – 23 22 1866
who have gifted $25,000 or more over their lifetime, or have a documented planned gift or pledge of $25,000 or higher (trust, bequest, annuity, etc.).

Full Members

Friends who have gifted $25,000 or more over their lifetime, or have a documented planned gift or pledge of $25,000 or higher (trust, bequest, annuity, etc.).

Dr. Carol Sue Butts and Ray Meiklejohn

Dr. Robert* and Sally Campbell

Nancy and R. Neill Carey

Gary and Susan Chace

Tim and Pam Christen

Lawson “Skip” and Linda Clark

Dennis and Stephanie Cooley

Gerald* and Francis Cooper

Robert* and Lucille Copas

Robert and Susan Cramer

Harold “Hap” and Barbara Daus

Dr. Nicholas A. David

Dr.Thomas Davis and Sharon Shulka Davis

Jean DeLamater

Dr. Mittie and David Den Herder

Joseph and Kathryn Denk

Nancy Devine

Dr. Fred and Lou Anna Domann

Carlton* and Marilyn Dresden

Drs. Raymond* and Elizabeth Duewer

Steve and Sandy Duren

Dr. Orlyn and Jana Edge

Dr. Milton Engelke and Virginia Lehman

Dr. Tori and Jon Erickson

Eleanore and Arlen Ewers

Michael and Christine Fiedler

Dr. Duane and Sheri Ford

David and Judy French

Frank and Judy Friar

Tom and Becky Frisbie

Curtis E. Fritz

David and Lois Fritz

Scott L. Fromader

Jill and Jason Furman

John and Betty Gebhardt

Roger* and Judy Goke

Gary and Beth Goldberg

Dr.Theodore Goodfriend and Mary Lou* Birkett Goodfriend

Dr. Molly Gribb and William Holder

Keith A. Gundlach

Harlan and Gerri Hall

William* and Sharon Hamshire

Janet A. Handley

Curtis and Linda Hanson

Larry and Peggy Hanson

James and Rita Harasha

Richard A. Hardy

John* and Margaret Haskins

Winifred C. Heidenreich

Dale and Rebecca Heiking

Paul and Julie Heim

Ruth E. Heins

Rolf and Kathleen Hempel

Ralph* and Margaret Henry

Dr. J. Harvey* and Lila Hensley

David G. Herro

Thomas P. Hickey

Dr. Roger and Francine Higgs

Dr. Reynotta Jahnke Hoberecht

Dr. William* and Cecile Hoffman

Steven and Marjorie Holzhueter

Craig J. Howard

David and Maggie Hoyt

Drs. Jeffrey and Erin Huebschman

William E. Huff

Margaret and Daniel Immerfall

*Deceased members

Terrence and Nancy* Ingram

Robert C. Ivey and Family

Gary and Kathleen Jackson

Drs. Myron and Elaine Jacobsen

Fred and Martha Jaeckle

Corey Janecky and Laura Runyen-Janecky

Todd and Susan Johnson

Sam and Peg Jonas

John* and Christine Jones

Douglas A. Jorgensen

Corey and Teah Kaiser

Khalil and Marie-Claire Kardous

W. Phil and Barbara H. Karrmann

Margaret and Randy Karsten

Margaret A. Keehn

Daniel and Doris Keyes

Dr. Kenneth and Jessie Kilian

John and Elizabeth Kincaid

Dr. Dwight and Sharon Klaassen

Mac and Toni Klingler

Walter and Harriet Knox

John and Janey Kortas

Kevin and Diane Kraemer

Travis J. Kraemer

John and Angela Krogman

Jeffrey and Laura Kronser

David Langer and Donna Richard-Langer

Larry and Jennie Larson

Bill E. Lawson

Milton Engelke and Virginia Lehman

Jane and Kevin Leighty

Richard and Stacy Lenz

Lisa A. Leuthold

Fred Leverentz

Dr. Thomas and Lee Ann Lindahl

Richard* and Janice Loberger

Greg Loek and Kathleen Rice

Joe and Kathryn Lomax

Patricia and Raymond Lynch

Dr. David and Lou Ann Markee

Jerry and Elena Marty

Jeffrey and Brenda Matthias

Dr. Jane McLamarrah and Michael Kohl

Dr. Elizabeth M. McNally

Ronald and Eileen Meissen

Alan and Karen Meyer

Mark and Elizabeth Molesworth

Jim and Deanna Moris

Dr. Ann and Joe Moyer

David Murphy

Kelley Murphy and Jamie Marvin

Randy and Donell Nash

Dr. Thomas* and Carol Nelson

Gregory and Kathy Nelson

Beatrice Niblock

Jack S. Noble

Lyle and Sybil Novinski

Daniel and Judy Noziska

George and Sandra Ochs

Kjell and Arliss Oliversen

Marjon B. Ornstein

Dr. Judith and Thomas Paul

Linda Pauls

Fleming and Thomas Fleming

Michael and Janet Pawelski

Charles and Carol Pedretti

James and Geraldine Peek

www. uwplatt .edu | foundation@uwplatt.edu 23

Full Members

Friends who have gifted $25,000 or more over their lifetime, or have a documented planned gift or pledge of $25,000 or higher (trust, bequest, annuity, etc.).

Nancy Preston

Richard E. Prieve

Erin Ralph and Jesse Stanton

Wayne Redenius

Dr. Jesse* and Fern Reinstein

Theodore and Sandra Richards

John D. Riege

Donna J. Riess

Charles and Kathleen Riley

Richard and Jean Ripp

Michelle (Schleusener) Rogers

Cheryl Rowan

Dr. Michael J. Roy

Sheila and Tim Ruchti

James and Cecelia Ryan

Bo and Kelly Ryan

Jill E. Rytlewski

Dr. William and Jean Sanders

Thomas Scanlan and Dawn Drake

Steven and Jill Schielke

William F. Schilling and Lois M. Kaiser-Genthe

Dr. Charles and Sandra Schwab

Scott and Jean Seely

Dion Shaw

Terence C. Sheldon

Dennis J. and Aundra N. Shields

William Shinker and Susan Moldow

Mervin H. Shumate

Thomas and Renee Sigwarth

Wendell and Janet Sisson

Lonny and Kim Stare

David Statz

Tammy Salmon-Stephens, Douglas, and Mary Jane Stephens

Steve Stephens

Michael J. Stevens

Anna and Jeff Stewart

Dr. Stan Stojkovic

Jonathan Strand and Helen Lanham

Terry and Susan Strittmater

Drs. Bheru and Lilawati* Sukhwal

Jeffrey and Tara Swalve

Mark and Celeste Taber

Cynthia J. Tang

Robert and Shirley Tinstman

F. Dawson and G. Marie Trine

Ellen Ullsvik and Roy Campbell

JoAnne Uthe-Gibson and Donald Gibson

Corey and Molly Valaskey

Dr. Michael and Rhonda Viney

Mary and Daniel Wagner

David and Jean Ward

Brian and Carol Weber

Gene and Jan Weber

Richard and Ellie* Weber

Dr. Tamra L. Wehrle

David and Jacquelyn Weiland

Robert and Lana Wiese

Mary E. Williams

Dr. Joanne Wilson

Florence Wong

Dr. James* and Susan D. Wright

James and Christine Wunderlin

Patricia A. Wunderlin

Dr. Mark and Twila Zidon

Randy Zinck

*Deceased members


3M Foundation

Affiliated Dentists

Alliant Energy Corp

Alliant Energy Foundation

Alliant Energy Foundation Matching Gifts Program

Alliant Energy-Corporate Services


American Family Mutual Insurance Company

American Transmission Company LLC

Associated Builders and Contractors of Wisconsin

Atten Babler Commodities LLC

Ayres Associates

Baker Tilly

Bates Engineering

Baxter International Inc.


Benjamin Moore & Company

Biddick Inc.

Bluebeam Inc.

Boeing Company


Brodbeck Foundation Inc.

C.D. Smith Construction

Caterpillar Inc.


Chicago Bears Football Club

CHS Foundation

Clare Bank

Clare Family Foundation

Clark Dietz Inc.

CNH Industrial America LLC

Community First Bank

Community Foundation of Southern Wisconsin


Compeer Financial

Con Edison

Conlon Construction Co.

Corteva Agriscience

Dairy Queen and Country Kitchen of Platteville

Darlington Dairy Supply Co. Inc.

Delta 3 Engineering Inc.

Dorr Foundation

Dubuque Racing Association


ExxonMobil Foundation

Faherty Inc.


Follett Higher Education Group

Free Choice Enterprises

Fritz Family Foundation Inc.

Gauthier & Sons Construction

GE Capital Corporation

Georgia-Pacific Foundation

Glenn Davis Charitable Foundation

Goldberg Family Fund


Greenheck Group

Growmark Foundation

Growmark Inc.

Hamilton Sundstrand

Hartung Brothers

Huff Family Foundation

J.H. Findorff & Son Inc.

John Barth Foundation Inc.

John Deere Construction & Forestry Company

UW-Platteville Foundation Annual Report 2022 – 23 24

Full Members

Friends who have gifted $25,000 or more over their lifetime, or have a documented planned gift or pledge of $25,000 or higher (trust, bequest, annuity, etc.).

John Deere Dubuque Works

John Deere Foundation

John Deere North America Recruiting & Staffing

JP Cullen

JRR & Associates LLC

Keller Foundation LTD

Kern Family Foundation

Kimberly-Clark Foundation

Kohler Co.

Kohler Foundation Inc.

Kraemer North America

Kresge Foundation

Kunes Country

Kwik Trip Inc.

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LFJ Foundation

Magma Foundry Technologies Inc.


McKinstry Co. Charitable Foundation

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Organic Valley Origin Design

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Piggly Wiggly Supermarket

Platte River Assoc. For Science Education, U.A.

Platteville Kiwanis Club

Plexus Corporation

Portage Casting & Mold Inc.

Presto Foundation

Q Casino Quality Liquid Feeds Inc.

Queen B Radio

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Rockwell Automation

Rosemeyer-Jones Chiropractic Clinic

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Sentry Insurance Foundation Inc.

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Sheltered Wings Inc.

Society of Physics Students

Society of Plastics Engineers

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Wisconsin Rural Opportunities Foundation Inc.

Woodward Foundation

A special thank you to all of our alumni, friends, and corporate partners who supported the UW-Platteville Foundation. Together we made a tremendous impact.

www. uwplatt .edu | foundation@uwplatt.edu 25


Leaving a legacy gift is a wonderful way to show your support for the UW-Platteville Foundation and its mission, while accommodating your own personal, financial, estate-planning, and philanthropic goals. If you would like to join our Legacy Society or would like more information on planned giving, visit uwplatt.giftplans.org or contact Stacia Stephenson, Director of Major Gifts, at stephensons@uwplatt.edu.


FY23: $1,867,395

Gerald Gunderson

Gerald Gunderson, a 1965 graduate of UW-Platteville, has been described by those who knew him as living modestly and giving generously to others. Gunderson passed away in 2021, but his generosity will continue to impact UW-Platteville students for generations to come, thanks to a more than $1 million estate gift—one of the largest estate gifts in the UW-Platteville Foundation’s history.



With a lifelong passion for nature and science, Gunderson earned a general science degree from UW-Platteville and later received his master’s degree in biology from Northern Michigan University. He taught middle school science for 30 years and had an interest in collecting fossils, which began in his early teens and continued well past retirement. His interest took him on fossil digs across the country. He was instrumental in major fossil discoveries, wrote or contributed to a dozen papers, and even had three fossils named after him.

Prior to this estate gift, Gunderson had been generously supporting UW-Platteville for decades, with the establishment of nine scholarships. He once stated that his motivation to help students stemmed from his own time as a student at UW-Platteville, when one of his peers told him he had to drop out of school due to finances. Gunderson made a goal to one day help students who need financial support.

“We are so thankful for this incredible gift from Gerald Gunderson, which is a true testament to his love for this university and desire to help students succeed,” said Chancellor Tammy Evetovich. “Mr. Gunderson clearly had a passion for education and lifelong learning and his legacy gift will give so many more students the opportunity to develop the same.”

UW-Platteville Foundation Annual Report 2022 – 23 26

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UW-Platteville Foundation Annual Report 2022 – 23 28
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