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GLOBAL HEALTH CASE COMPETITION A University-Community Partnership

Innovations for Appalachia Youth Health The Health and Medical Sciences Academy (HMSA) at Monticello High School, the UVA Center for Global Health (CGH), and the Darden School are working together to support near-peer collaboration on the unique platform offered by the UVA Global Health Case Competition (GHCC). We are delighted to support Global Health engagement and leadership in a community-University partnership and we gratefully acknowledge the support of the UVA Office of the Provost and the Vice Provost for Academic Outreach for this opportunity. For the first Health and Medical Sciences Academy/Center for Global Health Case Competition, we wish to draw participants’ attention to the idea that issues of global health, often perceived as distant, are very close by. Lessons learned from global health may have important implications for “glocal” solutions. In the spirit of collaboration, we thank each student involved for their thoughtfulness and drive. We welcome each and every one of you and thank you for being here today. -The Center for Global Health


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Tuesday 19 March UVA Darden School of Business ACTIVITY



Case Competition Welcome!

9:30 am

Classroom 50

10:00 am

Classroom 50 (2 teams)

Rebecca Dillingham, Center for Global Health Dean Krehmeyer, Darden School Matt Haas, ACPS Superintendent Round 1 Case – Set-up & Delivery Students proceed to classrooms or designated waiting areas (learning team rooms or hallway). 15 minutes team. There will be time to set up computers.

Classroom 30 (3 teams) Classroom 270 (3 teams)

10:45 am

BREAK Refreshments setup outside Classroom 50. Students will break in Classroom 50. Judges will deliberate in Classroom 30 to choose 3 finalists. Judges Feedback & VP Remarks

Classroom 50 (students) Classroom 30 (judges)

11:15 am

Classroom 50

11:30 am

Classroom 50

12:15 pm

Classroom 50

All teams meet with judges for feedback and announcement of finalists. Round 2 – Final Presentations Three teams present final presentations. Judges select winning team. Awards & Closing Remarks Announcement of the awards. Congratulate all the student who’ve contributed to this event. Please join us for refreshments!


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CASE SUMMARY In a present-day office of the Appalachian Regional Commission (ARC), a group of leaders representing state-wide ARC Developmental Districts have released an appeal for proposals to improve Appalachian youth health. They are hoping for ideas that coordinate efforts between governmental and nongovernmental organizations within the region. This group of leaders has released a brief overview of youth health in Appalachia that identifies the issues of obesity, diabetes, abuse of injectable opioids, hepatitis C virus, and inadequate mental health services. A description of the region’s economic climate, population diversity, and current youth programs has also been included. The leaders are hoping for proposals that outline a pilot project in a region of interest as well as a long-term vision for scaling efforts to a greater geographic area within Appalachia. No financial constraints have been explicitly stated, but the ARC, looking for an immediately implementable solution, has referenced the year’s budget breakdown relative to past expenditures and expects responses based on this financial estimation. There is no perfect and all-encompassing solution to all of the problems outlined. Each recommendation must recognize the limited resources available to the ARC and build upon the capacity of other existing organizations to propose an initiative that would be readily implementable within the coming months. Whatever the focus, each proposal must accomplish the following: 1) validate the reasoning behind its prioritization of problems, 2) identify a geographic region of pilot implementation, and 3) demonstrate detailed consideration of its short-term goals and long-term repercussions. Ways to periodically measure the proposal’s efficacy and use this data to strengthen the proposed intervention should be clearly outlined. Innovation, informed creativity, and justifications will be critical in each proposal. 3

Health and Medical Sciences Academy Teams Monticello High School Team 1

Team 2

Team 3

Jordan Franco

Morgan Shifflett


Will Krehmeyer

Jordan Jackson

Kayliegh Stebbins

Kendal Dill

Max Beers

Iona Ralls Marieke Leliveld Megan Petty

Team 4

Team 5

Team 6

Bailey Logan

Ellie Houchens

Abby Engler

Roman Gamble

Mabel Franklin

Lexie Stadler

Penelope Molitz

Caroline O'Rourke

Hayden Peper

Callen Bailey

Isabelle Bradley

Christina Shin

Wyatt Soucy

Amy McDonald

Sydney Landen

Chloe Walker

Alice Bagley

Ruby Calhoun

Team 7

Team 8

Team 9

Laurel Dent

Summer Khaswan

Molly Woodfin

Katie Jordan

John Thomas

Manuela Dorta

Jack Giese

Max Ritterband

Maggie McLaughlin

Lane Harrison

Elise Rebellato

Melani Burkhart

Rachel Field

Olivia Accad

Kate Green

Elisabeth Bendall


Case Competition Mentors Each HMSA Mentor was competitively selected to support this unique opportunity to expand learning opportunities for HMSA and UVA students in a near-peer mentoring context. The goal of this engagement is to provide global health, leadership, ethical community engagement, research, and effective communication training for UVA and HMSA students. Mentor Advisors: Sara Krivacsy, CLAS, 2020; Global Public Health and Anthropology; Chair of the 2019 Global Health Case Competition Committee and Lead Case Writer Golda Houndoh, CLAS, 2019, Global Development Studies and Women and Gender Studies; Chair of the 2018 Global Health Case Competition Committee and Lead Case Writer Team 1 Mentor Jessie Amick CLAS, 2019, Global Public Health and Anthropology Team 2 Mentor Jacklyn Chen CLAS, 2021, Global Public Health and Economics Team 3 Mentor Deebii Duguma CLAS, 2021, TBD Team 4 Mentor Ashley Ewing CLAS, 2021, Neuroscience and Bioethics Team 5 Mentor (Mila) Chi Hoang Linh Ho CLAS, 2021, Foreign Affairs and Cognitive Science Team 6 Mentor Jonathan Laredo CLAS, 2021, Chemistry and Mathematics Team 7 Mentor Owen Little CLAS, 2020, Global Public Health, Italian Studies Team 8 Mentor Ahmed Mohamed CLAS, 2020, Cognitive Science and Biology Team 9 Mentor Rebecca Soistmann CLAS, 2019, Global Public Health and Bioethics


Case Competition Judges We are deeply grateful for the contributions of the GHCC judges. Their expertise, insight, and attention to each team make the case competition a rich experience. Claire Constance, MPH 2016, CLAS, Global Studies in Public Health, 2015 Claire is a communication researcher and global health fan girl. For the past several years, Claire has conducted research both domestically and internationally on topics related to health communication, policy analysis, and campaign development. In her time at Fors Marsh Group Claire has managed and supported studies for government clients such as CDC, DOD, and FDA. As a RIVA-trained focus group moderator, Claire has used her qualitative expertise to inform the design and execution of interviews, focus groups, and surveys for the development and evaluation of health campaigns and educational materials. Before working at Fors Marsh Group, Claire was a health policy fellow at the International Organization of Migration where she provided research and consulting expertise on migrant health policy. During her tenure at UVA, Claire served as the Student Liaison of UVA’s Center for Global Health. There she acquired a deep love for Global Health Case Competitions and the people that you find at them. Melissa Rickman, MPP, 2013, CLAS, Foreign Affairs, 2011 Melissa is Operations and Project Manager at Chemonics International. Her portfolio includes multiple international projects under Chemonics management. She was previously a research consultant with the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs. While at UVA, as a CGH University Scholar, she conducted a novel research project in Bhutan on youth culture and the Gross National Happiness metric. Claire Romaine, CLAS 2018, Human Biology Claire is a 2018 graduate of the Distinguished Majors Program in Human Biology at UVA. While at UVA, Claire worked extensively in Global Health, eventually serving as the Center for Global Health Student Liaison. She also completed public health research in Rwanda through the Hannah Graham Memorial Award and at the UVA TransHealth Clinic. Claire is currently taking two gap years. She's trying out healthcare consulting, pediatrics, and clinical research, before starting medical school in Fall 2020 Chung Do Kim, CLAS, 2019, Global Development Studies Chung Do Kim is a fourth-year Global Development Studies major. He is involved on grounds as a Student Advisory Board Member for UVA’s Center for Global Health and is a former International Disability Rights Team intern at the State Department. Chung is a member of the CGH Student Advisory Board. Jean Nunez, CLAS, 2020, Global Public Health and Social Entrepreneurship Jean is interested in the capacity of global health to incorporate the social, political, economic and environmental contexts of any health issue. She is focused on inclusive healthcare and access. She is a member of the CGH Student Advisory Board. Erica Stephens, CLAS, 2021 Erica Stephens is a second-year student at the University of Virginia double majoring in Cognitive Science and Global Public Health (intended). She is interested in psychology, development, and epidemiology. Erica is a member of the CGH Student Advisory Board.


Writing The Case The UVA Global Health Case Competition is grateful for the work of the case writers who originally developed the Healthy Appalachia case in 2014. The team includes former students Christina Briscoe, School of Medicine, Claire Constance, Public Health, Megan Harper, CLAS, John Hack, SEAS, Marissa Reddy, CLAS and Sreemoyee Som, SEAS. The case was edited by David Cattell-Gordon, Rebecca Dillingham, Colleen Laurence, and Margaret Tomann, distinguished faculty and staff who are deeply involved in collaborative engagements in SouthWest Virginia.

Acknowledgements and Thanks We are deeply grateful for the contributions and support of all individuals and organizations involved in this event. We are also grateful for the dedication of time and effort of the Global Health Case Competition judges. Sincere thanks to the CGH Student Advisory Board, and Student Liaison, Neeka Nazari. Congratulations and thanks to the case writers for developing a nuanced, real world case, and to each participant for your dedication and drive. The Case Competition and CGH Scholars programs are made possible by institutional support from the University of Virginia, including: President James E. Ryan; Executive Vice President and Provost Thomas C. Katsouleas, PhD.; Ian Baucom, PhD., Buckner W. Clay Dean, College and Graduate School of Arts and Sciences; Dorrie Fontaine, R.N., PhD., FAAN, Dean of the School of Nursing, Craig H. Benson, PhD, School of Engineering and Applied Sciences; David S. Wilkes, MD, Dean, UVA School of Medicine; Ambassador Stephen D. Mull, Vice Provost for Global Affairs; Louis Nelson, PhD, Vice Provost for Academic Outreach; and Archie Holmes, Jr., PhD., Vice Provost for Academic Affairs. This collaboration would not have been possible without Katina Dudley, Director of the Health and Medical Sciences Academy at Monticello High School and Kellogg Leliveld, Director of Career Education and Advising at the Darden School. We gratefully acknowledge Albemarle County Public Schools and the Darden School.


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Health and Medical Sciences Center for Global Health Case Competition  

The Health and Medical Sciences Academy (HMSA) at Monticello High School, the UVA Center for Global Health (CGH), and the Darden School are...

Health and Medical Sciences Center for Global Health Case Competition  

The Health and Medical Sciences Academy (HMSA) at Monticello High School, the UVA Center for Global Health (CGH), and the Darden School are...

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