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Law School Manual



© 2020 UTS Law Students’ Society This publication is copyright. Except where permitted under the Copyright Act, no part of this publication may form or by any means (electronic or otherwise) be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system or transmitted by any process without specific written consent of the UTS Law Students’ Society. Enquiries are to be addressed to the publishers. Disclaimer All expressions of opinion published in the LSM are not the official opinion of the UTS Law Students’ Society unless expressly stated. The UTS Law Students’ Society accepts no responsibility for the accuracy of any opinions or information contained herein and readers should rely on their own enquiries to make decisions in their own interest. EDITOR Isabella Marriott, Publications Director DESIGNED BY Briallen Moore PRINTED BY Fast Print Services SPECIAL THANKS Nicholas Plessas, Vice President (Education) Sam Guzman, UTS LSS President

Law School Manual (LSM) is published in Sydney annually by the UTS Law Students’ Society PO Box 123, Broadway NSW, 2007 Room CB05A.01.08, UTS Haymarket Campus Cnr of Quay Street & Ultimo Road Ph (02) 9514 3448 Fax (02) 9514 3427 www.utslss.com Where unspecified, all photos and images have been contributed by the UTS Law Students’ Society.

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By Lesley Hitchens

Dean’s Address

A very warm welcome to UTS:Law and congratulations on being offered a place at UTS. I hope 2020 will be a rewarding year for you and the start of a life-long connection with UTS:Law. This is an exciting time to be here as we will have just moved to our new Faculty home in a wonderful building which is also home to the UTS Library. Our new Law home has space for students to study, an office for LSS, a new moot court and trial courts, as well as a moot prep room. As Law Faculty Dean I am responsible for the management of the Faculty, staff and students, and its future direction. I feel very privileged to be Dean. I am constantly amazed by the dedication of the academic and professional staff and their ongoing commitment to your learning experience. We think of the Law Faculty as a community and I hope that you will share that experience. It is a privilege also to know and work with students in the Faculty. Your enthusiasm, energy, and commitment are infectious. Many of the LSS activities complement what we do formally in the Faculty: the competitions promote skills which are embedded in each of our subjects through the Graduate Attributes; social justice activities encourage you to consider law critically in its


broader real world context; and, the social events are a good reminder that you need to take time away from study and work to relax. Looking after your health and well-being through rest and relaxation is an important aspect of developing your professional identity. I encourage you to get involved with the activities offered by the LSS, the Law Faculty and the University. These can be as important as what happens in the formal classroom for your understanding of law, the development of your professional profile, and your future career. And, get involved early. I have often heard students express regret that they didn’t get involved until late in their degree. One of my priorities as Dean is to connect with our alumni. We are building a life-long partnership with

them, one which supports them and allows them to continue to engage with the Faculty community. UTS:Law offers an excellent legal education, and our alumni are enthusiastic champions for us. Alumni may seem remote to you now, but a vibrant alumni community also offers benefits for current students through professional links and support. Alumni already help us in many ways such as judging competitions, guest lectures, internships, and mentoring students. There will be opportunities for you during your time at UTS to meet our talented alumni who are using their legal knowledge and skills to pursue a diverse range of careers.

I am also on Twitter and LinkedIn. I encourage you to start a LinkedIn profile; it is a good way to build your professional identity and networks.

I also think that as Dean it is important the student body hear from you. I try to attend as many Brennan Program and LSS events as possible.

Professor Lesley Hitchens

Finally, I would like to commend the Law School Manual to you. Take the time to read it as it provides a wonderful introduction to the life of a law student – both the serious side and the fun. The Manual also gives you an early insight into the professionalism and dedication of the LSS Executive. I look forward to meeting many of you during the year and I wish you all the best for 2020 at UTS.

(@lesleyhitchens) Dean, Faculty of Law


By Samuel Guzman

President’s Welcome

First and foremost, congratulations and a very warm welcome to UTS:Law! You are about to embark on a journey full of opportunities, including acquiring a breadth of knowledge from highly accomplished academics, and developing life-long friendships with like-minded peers and future colleagues. While the next few years will be particularly demanding, you will find that it is equally rewarding. The law is fascinating as it governs every aspect of our day-to-day lives. You are very fortunate to be undertaking your tertiary studies at an institution renowned for its commitment to innovation and practice-based learning, as well as its collaborative student community. By the end of your degree, you will leave equipped with a wealth of knowledge and skills applicable to a range of career paths, from corporate law, criminal law, international humanitarian law, government, academia, or consultancy (to name a few). It is important that you embrace different opportunities beyond the classroom that further your professional development. It is equally important to maintain your wellbeing and balance the long hours of hard work required by your degree with other things that you enjoy doing. We can help you with that.


The UTS LSS is the peak representative body for UTS law students and the largest studentrun organisation on campus. We are devoted to enriching your student experience by catering to your social, educational and vocational needs. My role as President involves the overall leadership and management of the UTS LSS. I work with a terrific team currently consisting of 35 Councillors who work tirelessly in order to plan and deliver various initiatives across seven portfolios – Activities, Careers, Competitions, Education, Marketing, Social Justice and Sponsorship. We are a support network for UTS law students, offering initiatives which are both effective and accessible in order to complement and assist you throughout your journey at law school.

These include social and sports events, wellbeing events, charity events, competitions aimed at developing practical skills, career panels, networking evenings, publications and mentoring programs. Whether you are commencing your degree as an Undergraduate or Postgraduate student, there are a variety of benefits available to you by engaging with the UTS LSS. Personally, I cannot speak highly enough of the UTS LSS and how much of a positive impact being involved has had on my time at UTS. I urge you all to take a step out of your comfort zone and make the most of your time at university by getting involved with extracurricular activities early. You really have everything to gain and nothing to lose. As a UTS law student, membership is free if you register through the ActivateUTS website at http://bit.ly/joinutslss.

Becoming a UTS LSS member will provide you with access to all of our initiatives, as well as discounts on our ticketed events and merchandise. Please take the time to read about our different portfolios and the various opportunities we offer in the Law School Manual. I hope to see you at some of our first-year initiatives including First Year Law Camp, First Year Law Drinks, The Buddy Project, Peer Mentoring and our First Year Gauntlet. You are always welcome to visit the UTS LSS Office located in Building 2, Level 14 if you have any questions or would simply like to chat. Alternatively, feel free to contact me at president@utslss.com or any other wonderful UTS LSS Councillor whose contact details can be found on our website at utslss.com. I wish you all nothing but the best for your first year at UTS:Law and look forward to seeing you around campus!


Camp Advertisement

Socials At UTS:Law

By Georgia Dixon Vice President of Activities

University isn’t just about studying. It is also about going to events, having fun and making lifelong friendships. The friends you make at law school are the people that get you through late night study sessions, difficult assignments and boring lectures. For me, now starting my fourth year, most of my closest friends are students I met in my first year of uni through the LSS, and partly why I value LSS social events so highly. To facilitate the social side of uni, the UTS LSS puts on a whole host of different events throughout the year to get you out of the library and enjoying your time at uni. From Start of Semester Party, to Law Cruise, to Law Ball and a few others in between, there are socials events to suit every single person.

This year we are also planning to host our first Law Revue. A revue is a comedy show that involves lots of hilarious skits, singing, dancing and music. So if you are creative, like acting, singing or dancing, can play an instrument, or are interested in writing funny sketches, keep your eyes peeled on our Facebook page for sign-ups. Whether you’re a first year looking to meet new friends or a seasoned fifth-year looking to make some unforgettable memories, our 2020 social events are here to help make this year the best yet.

For first year students, I couldn’t recommend First Year Law Camp more highly, particularly if you don’t know any other students. It is a fun three day weekend away on an island with activities and parties to help everyone settle into uni and make new friends. My camp was a highlight of my time at university and an invaluable opportunity to meet new people. It is also great fun as it is organised by older students - not the staff!


What’s on in


First Year Law Camp This camp has nothing to do with learning about the law and everything to do with fun and making friends. Law camp is a 3 day weekend away on an island that involves activities, enjoying the beach, making friends and of course parties. When? March 27-29

First Year Law Drinks & Start of Semester Party If you’re unable to attend camp, First Year Law Drinks is another great opportunity to meet your fellow first years and celebrate making it through your first few weeks as a law student. The good times continue with the Start of Semester Party directly after, where you can celebrate with law students from all years. When? April 2

Law Cruise Get ready to seas the day at the UTS LSS Law Cruise. Arguably one of the most fun events on the LSS calendar, you will cruise Sydney Harbour with endless food and drinks, great music and even better costumes. The event even runs during vivid so you can enjoy Sydney all lit up from the water. Don’t forget to pack your floaties for the biggest boat bash of the year! When? May 22


Law Ball Law Ball is the big ‘show stopper’ where law students from all year groups come together dressed to impress. A three-course dinner, live band, DJ and celebratory drink all make for a spectacular evening. Set at a breathtaking venue, this year’s Law Ball is set to be bigger than ever. Stay tuned. When? Early September

Start of Sem Ad


By Cassy Reilly

Student Wellbeing

Wellbeing Director

Welcome first year UTS law students! My name is Cassy Reilly and I am the Wellbeing Director on the Law Students Society for 2020. My role on the council is to organise and run wellbeing and mental health focused initiatives to help keep my fellow law students sane during this challenging (yet rewarding) degree. Having been the only student from my grade at high school to commence study at UTS:Law, I completely appreciate the jitters and nerves that come with starting this degree. Whether you’re starting out alone or with friends from school, the beginning of uni is a new chapter that can be daunting.

At the LSS, our most well-known initiative is The Smile Project, a day that occurs once a semester which involves therapy dogs, free food and massages. Additionally, we run an R U OK Day stall and a Student Wellbeing Blog. All three of these initiatives aim to promote the importance of wellbeing, both during a law degree and in life in general.

So, I really hope that reading this passage, and the entire manual, will bring you some comfort in knowing that the LSS is here to help and support you through your time at UTS.

It can be intimidating to engage in a society at uni. However, putting yourself out there and trying new things has the potential to massively pay off. I know this firsthand. If nothing else, I hope that I can be a friendly face for you to reach out to, or to even ask for suggestions on where the best place to eat on campus is!

Taking care of your wellbeing is extremely important during this degree.


Sports Sammy Kotsakis Sports Director

Whether the sports field is your second home or you haven’t touched a soccer ball since Year 10 PE, the UTS LSS’ sports portfolio has programs and initiatives appealing to all students in 2020.

Interfaculty Sport

Are you ready to rumble? If team sport is more your style, you’ll be delighted to know we are increasing our presence throughout UTS Sport’s interfaculty student sport competitions in 2020. We are looking forward to entering teams of keen law students into sports such as mixed netball and futsal to represent the LSS. As always, no skill level is necessary but be sure to get in quick - we anticipate spots to fill up fast!

Intervarsity Sports Day

Want to get involved representing UTS Law against our cross-town competition? Look no further than the annual NSW Young Lawyers Intervarsity Sports Day. Held at Macquarie University, this event is the perfect opportunity to get involved by representing the LSS, enjoying yourself with friends, and meeting new people. Sports offered on the day include mixed touch football, netball, and soccer. In 2020, we will be defending our well-earnt title of most games won - so be sure to stay tuned to secure your spot in the winning team!


In 2020, the LSS is excited to re-introduce yoga for students to relax, unwind and improve their physical and mental wellbeing. Guided by a professional instructor, our weekly yoga sessions will be perfect for students of all fitness levels!


The Kickstart program is the LSS’ bootcamp held in UTS Sport’s elite gymnasium. Kickstart will run in weekly night sessions in semester one and is open to all UTS Law students, with absolutely no skill level necessary! It is a fantastic opportunity to meet new friends, spend time with other law students, and improve your fitness.


Law Is Tough

By Nick Plessas

- We’re Here To Help

Vice President Of Education

While the introduction to uni life can be really exciting, the adjustment to a greater workload and new schedules can be daunting. The UTS LSS Education team is here to help ease that transition into university life while also having a bit of fun and getting to meet some of your peers along the way.

Academic Support

After your first tutorial, you’ll realise that uni classes are nothing like the classes you may be used to from school. Keeping up with your studies is now completely on you and that can sometimes be a difficult adjustment to make. Don’t fret - the UTS LSS Peer Mentoring Program and the Subject Tutoring database have got you covered to help tackle your academic needs. The Peer Mentoring Program consists of collaborative seminars run by previous high achievers in the introductory law subjects to make sure you get the most out of your first law subjects here at UTS. The program provides a low pressure environment to talk through the skills you’ll learn in your classes.


Our experienced Peer Mentors will help you hone in those essential skills, find out how to really wow with your assessments, and let you in on the tips and tricks our mentors wish they knew in their first year.

The program is a great way to ease any anxieties or uncertainties that may arise when commencing your studies and meet some of your peers along the way. Alongside Peer Mentoring, the UTS LSS also manages the Subject Tutoring database for those who are after a little bit more help with their subjects. The database facilitates students to get in contact with high achieving private tutors who are able to provide academic assistance to anyone who needs it. If you find yourself in need of extra help outside of the classroom, we encourage you to hit up one of our listed tutors to see how they can help you get the most out of your subjects.

Non Academic Support

Despite the name, the Education portfolio isn’t all academics focused! We offer a wide range of initiatives on offer to fulfil all aspects of Uni life.

Smile Project

The UTS LSS recognises that mental wellbeing should be a central focus for all students. The Smile Project is an initiative that aims to alleviate some stress that comes with law school and promote a discussion around mental health. There are opportunities to have breakfast smoothies, puppy sessions, as well as Wellbeing packs with plenty of exciting items.

Speaker Series

Buddy Project

The Buddy Project pairs up first years (Junior Buddies) with older students (Senior Buddies) based on your degrees and interests. Buddies are encouraged to meet up regularly throughout the year to help foster the involvement of new students in the UTS community. This year marks the first year of Buddy Events, which will consist of events hosted just for members of the program to help reconnect Buddies after the midsem break. Whether you’re looking for someone to talk you through your new subjects, a familiar face around campus, or someone to show you where the best dumpling spots are, the Buddy Project has you covered.

The Speaker Series is an exciting series of interactive legal seminars which explore controversial issues at the forefront of the legal profession. We invite esteemed guests to lead the dialogue and facilitate the discussion. Past topics include Law on Terror, International Relations, Technology, Non Academicand Support Telecommunications the Strain on Privacy.

Despite the name, the Education portfolio isn’t all academics focused! We offer a wide range of initiatives on Publications offer to fulfil all aspects of Uni life.

The Law School Manual and Camp Survival Guide are only a few of the great publications that the Education team has on offer. The UTS LSS biannual law journal, The Full Bench, is comprised of articles written by peers and academics which examine the law and its role in our modern society.


By Keti Bull

Vice President Of Social Justice

Commitment To Social Justice

Partaking in social justice activities empowers students to stand out and become a valuable part of the community by using their passion for social justice, equity and diversity for good. Say yes to every opportunity that comes your way and become involved in engaging social justice events this year to spark your passion!

Justice Action Committee

The Justice Action Committee is an official committee of the UTS LSS dedicated to the Social Justice Portfolio. Committee members contribute to planning, organising and executing Social Justice Initiatives. These include raising funds for a range of causes, organising annual conferences, and implementing their own initiatives.

Brennan Justice Program

To enrich your law journey by offering opportunities to partake in social justice, we offer the Brennan Justice and Leadership Program. A joint partnership of UTS LSS and UTS Faculty of Law - the Brennan program, upon completion, is listed on your transcript and recognised by many employers.


The Brennan Program enables students to engage with the meaning of justice in different social contexts in a holistic way. The program has two components Reflections on Justice (ROJ) points and Leadership Through Service (LTS) hours. Students can take part in various activities to earn points. You can also participate in volunteering opportunities to register LTS hours.

Textbook Equity Scheme (TES)

The TES is an initiative that loans textbooks to financially disadvantaged students. You can request the textbooks that you require for the coming teaching session once you provide proof of financial hardship and - depending on availability - receive the textbook at no cost.

Equity Subsidies

Women’s Mentoring Program

If you are keen to go on first year law camp or a law ball, but are struggling financially, you don’t need to miss out! You may be eligible for this subsidy which will heavily discount the cost of a ticket.

WMP ensures that all women, regardless of their race, religion, age and sexual identity, are being represented within leadership positions. Our mentors assist women students with gaining leadership skills across the profession.

Social Justice Conference

Intervarsity Pride Moot

The Social Justice Conference takes place in the Spring semester and involves panels and workshops with legal experts to explore justice issues.

Bi-annual Charity Trivia Night

The Charity Trivia Night is held in the Autumn and Spring semesters and includes a lighthearted night of fun trivia with the awesome UTS law community… with free pizza and drinks!

The Pride Moot aims to connect law students from the LGBTQIA+ community in UTS, UNSW, USYD and Macquarie University. This much anticipated Moot will provide queer students at UTS the substantial opportunity to gain valuable advice on professional development, wellbeing, and communication skills from queer professionals in the industry.

Intervarsity Gender and the Law Conference

The IGLC is run alongside University of Sydney (USYD) and University of New South Wales (UNSW). It involves panel discussions and workshops on live issues surrounding women in legal professions and will invite the audience to critically evaluate the biases surrounding gender.


By Mark Joseph-Samuels

Competitions At UTS:Law

Vice President Of Competitions

UTS LSS Competitions are invaluable to the Law Student Experience. Every year, the LSS runs a diverse range of competitions that enable you to strengthen your speaking skills and build on your legal knowledge. Not only are the UTS LSS Competitions a great addition to your CV, but will allow you to meet other law students, faculty members and external advocates both within the competition and through the awards evenings.

How to Get Involved As a Competitor

During the Autumn Session, the UTS LSS runs the Opens Competition for all students, regardless of experience. While in the Spring Session we run the Junior Competition; these are open to first and second year law students who have had no prior experience. Additionally, the Gauntlet Competition is open to all first year students during the Autumn session, which gives first year students a taste of the diverse competitions available to them.

As a Volunteer

Competition volunteers are integral to the success of UTS LSS Competitions. We encourage all students to get involved and volunteer as a witness or client as these are great opportunities to learn about the competition, learn the tips and tricks from the pros and network with other students.


What Competitions Are Offered? Client Interview

Learning about a client’s legal issue is an imperative skill and hinges on the quality of your working relationship with them. A client comes to you, a solicitor within a firm, and seeks legal advice for a problem they are facing. You must show your ability to engage with your client and build a strong working atmosphere.



Here, there are two teams representing opposing parties in a simulated legal dispute. The objective is to reach an outcome that satisfies the goals of their individual client, but also considers the interests of the other party. Skills in negotiation are becoming increasingly essential for lawyers, as clients are more included to settle disputes away from the court.

Witness Examination

Acting as either a Prosecution or Defence barrister in a criminal matter, competitors must lead their witness in an examination. This is then followed by a brutal (all in the spirit of good fun) cross-examination of the opponent witness. Your objective is to establish a factual scenario beyond reasonable doubt, hopefully in your witnesses’ favour.

Teams of two or three are given a legal problem within a factual matrix. The teams must first identify the legal issues, research and compose a written argument in the form of submissions. Then, teams must formulate a persuasive oral argument to put to the court. Mooting is the most demanding competition in terms of man hours; however, a Mooting Mentoring Program runs during the Junior Competition to assist first-time competitors. In addition to the junior and open competitions, there are also subject specific moots, which run over the year.


The Gauntlet is a bootcamp-esque weekend competition hand tailored for first year students. Students first attend a workshop that outlines how to effectively compete in the diverse competitions and then, in teams of two, students can attempt each of the competitions. It is an invaluable opportunity to experience each competition and gain strong foundation skills before competing in the junior or opens competitions.

Intervarsity Competitions

The UTS LSS participate and host a number of intervarsity competitions. These competitions allow experienced competitors to compete at a local, national and international level. For updates on the divergent intervarsity competitions, follow the UTS LSS Facebook Page and check out the UTS LSS website for more updates.


5 Top Law School Tips 1. Get Involved

Whilst studying and grades are important, there is a whole lot more to uni than just that. If you are struggling to make friends in class, join the Law Society and come to events! Here, you can easily meet new people and make friends from across the faculty.

2. Get Practical Experience

In class you learn the law, but what does it actually mean to be a lawyer? By getting involved in different competitions, you can find out. The Law Society offers competitions that provide experience in the key areas lawyers practice daily - interviewing clients, negotiating deals, presenting arguments to judges, and examining witnesses.

3. Write in Plain English

Your tutors will say it all the time - write in plain English. Law assignments are not about showing off the amount of times you can fit “thus” into a paragraph. Tutors are much more interested in seeing whether you actually understand the law, rather than how much you sound like a High Court Judge.

4. Class Participation is Key

Almost every subject in law school at UTS will grade you on how much you participate in class. By preparing before class and understanding some key cases, you will set yourself up for a great class participation grade.

5. Don’t Go Through it Alone

Sometimes, you might feel like you’re drowning in work and are the only person in your class who doesn’t understand a difficult concept. But, this could not be further from the truth. By meeting people through different events, you will not only make lifelong friends, but also have people by your side to help you through any difficult work.


By Vijhai Utheyan Postgraduate Representative

Postgraduate Welcome

Welcome to your first year of law school! Whether you have just taken off your graduation gown last year or getting back to uni life after years away, 2020 is no doubt going to be an exciting time in your life. In my final year of Juris Doctor and having worked full-time throughout my degree, I know how tough it can be to juggle law school with the rest of your life. Luckily, UTS has countless ways to get involved with university beyond merely attending classes. 

Social Events

The UTS LSS organises several social events throughout the year. Going to these events is how I met other JD students in similar circumstances to myself. Throughout the last three years, we have vented together, spent late nights at the library doing assessments, and shared many dumplings. Let’s not kid ourselves, law school is not always a walk in the park, and having a group of friends to share that unique experience gets you through it! 

Career Development

Some of you may have a fantastic career already and know the finance,


consulting or even legal world inside out. However, there are still so many ways to further develop your career. There are plenty of events, including the clerkship seminar series, women in law mentoring, and advocates mentoring. These events taught me so much about what life is like as a lawyer. It was at one of these events where I inadvertently met someone from HR at a law firm, who a month later hired me for my first job in the legal industry! Don’t discount how important these events are. 


The UTS LSS runs multiple competitions throughout the year, including for first years! These comps are a fun way to apply your legal knowledge and practically learn the law. You will meet many amazing people along the way, make friends, and sharpen your legal skills. It also doesn’t hurt to have it on your resume.


Profile for UTS Law Students' Society

Law School Manual 2020