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Whether it's a simple room refresh, a fearless remodel or a new build, today's homes are their very best when talented professionals and fine-quality products play key roles in creating a sanctuary that is uniquely yours. Here, a collection of Utah's premier design professionals and purveyors of superior goods share their stories, offerings and insights to help turn your vision of home into a beautiful reality.

• Brian Geer Development & Construction

• Bartile

• Brandon Bodell Construction

C. Blake Homes


• Gatehouse No.1

• K. Rocke Design

• O.C. Tanner Jewelers

Sunline Landscapes


Brian Geer Development & Construction

FROM THE MINUTE YOU WALK through the doors of a home built by Brian Geer, you recognize that it is special. Geer’s homes intentionally celebrate the breathtaking beauty of each setting—from how the home is situated on a carefully chosen lot to the thoughtful architecture and design elements that optimize views and draw inspiration from natural landscapes.

Master builder of custom luxury homes, Geer creates stunning, yet welcoming and personal spaces. Every detail reflects the cooperative vision of the homeowner and builder, and each is backed by more than 45 years of highly respected quality craftsmanship. These are just a few of the reasons Home Builder Digest voted him #2 Best

Custom Home Builder in Utah in 2017.

“Let the beauty of your natural surroundings inspire every element of your design,” says Geer. “Every detail —from lot selection and how the home is situated on the lot, to the layout, design and materials—should showcase and reflect the inspiring landscapes that make southwest Utah so special.”

Geer built his reputation for building quality homes by being upfront, honest, transparent and trustworthy. “I stand by my work for years to come,” he says. “I have loyal subcontractors that can be depended on for excellent work.”

2295 Santa Clara Dr., Suite A, Santa Clara 435-656-1185

process and being partnered with the homeowner for every step. From walking the lot and talking through the vision, to sitting down with architects and designers and working through the challenges that inevitably arise, I’m hands-on during every phase of the project.”

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Installing advanced insulation packages and high-performance heating and cooling systems to boost energy efficiency.


Nature is my muse. We’re creating homes in several new subdivisions that offer inspiring sight lines and a seamless flow from interiors to outdoor living spaces. When possible, we save the existing rock formations and vegetation and build with the landscape in mind.


I love blending new ideas with timeless and elegant architecture. These high-end custom homes are personalized to each client, and I love seeing how their visions become reality.

“I love the collaborative, creative


A BARTILE ROOF ADDS INSTANT curb appeal. “At Bartile, we custom craft each order according to designers’ or homeowners’ specific requests,” says Nick Evans, general manager. “We have more than 700 custom colors and 20 different styles and options, so we can literally create anything. The options are endless.” If you can imagine it, Bartile can create it.

Constantly pushing the boundaries of roofing design is part of their success. “Integrating metal standing seam roofing with our tile is a great way to create a unique, contemporary design,” says Evans. The other part is endurance.

725 N. 1000 West, Centerville 801-295-3443 @bartileroofs

“We’re one of the few family businesses that have lasted three generations,” says Evans. Bartile has been perfecting the art of premium roof tiles since 1942. Incombustible, Bartile roof tiles far surpass a class-A fire rating and have a 75-year warranty. Some styles even have a class-4 hail rating. “Our eco-friendly roofs last 75–100 years and when it’s time to replace them, we can recycle every material,” says Evans. The lightweight tiles are made from more than 50% recycled materials.

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We’re partnering with Powder Watts to help people save a huge chunk on heating cable bills. Powder Watts offers a smart camera that can be mounted on the roof and watch for ice and snow build up. So, it keeps your heating cable off until you need it. Some power companies are offering huge rebates to offset installation costs.


With our gable finish options, designers and homeowners can create a wood shake or slate roof that looks just like the real thing, customized to the smallest detail.


The darkest black tile is our top seller. We start with black tile and then add jet black acrylic enamel on top for a dramatic effect. The paint will last 20 years and the black color-through concrete tile underneath will last another 60–70 years.

“We can help you create a wood shake or real slate look at a fraction of the cost with a 75-year warranty and without the fire hazard or maintenance issues of wood or stone.”

Brandon Bodell Construction


framing homes in Deer Valley. During the past two decades, his passion has expanded from those humble roots to building and remodeling some of the most breathtaking custom homes in Utah.

The secret sauce is his hands-on approach. “I am a smaller boutique shop, so I can join clients onsite when they want to meet,” he says. “They can ask cost questions and make decisions right there. No lag time waiting for a response.”

Good news: “Prices for labor and material have

686 Stokes Avenue, Draper 801-301-3290 @brandonbodellconstruction

stabilized over the past few months,” Bodell says. “We anticipate pricing conditions returning to typical market conditions.” Lower prices mean that high-end craftsmen are in high demand. “The call for expert craftsman in every specific trade is mandatory to deliver beautiful products,” he explains.

That’s why Bodell hires some of the best designers and craftsmen in the state. “Our core group of interior designers, suppliers and contractors deliver high-quality service,” he says.

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At this moment, I’m in love with anything with live finishes such as copper or cedar shake roofs. Accept the natural beauty and the way they transform. Live finishes look different three days after installation, three months and three years later. They tell a real story over time.


There’s new interest in using plaster finishes, inside and out. Historically, people used a level 5 drywall finish. But now, plaster finishes on walls, ceilings and surfaces add both dimension and durability, and they give spaces a sense of timelessness.


Shaping interior (and some exterior) walls adds interest. Many homes blend radius walls and beveled corners with traditional edges to create beautiful spaces.

“Every project is custom crafted from budget planning to the finished result. That means we tailor every step of the process to meet each customer's unique needs. Our calling card is total and complete transparency from beginning to end.”

C. Blake Homes


requirements: careful construction in tune with environmental sustainability, architectural design that harmonizes with the surrounding landscape and interior design that reflects each homeowner’s lifestyle and aesthetics.

C. Blake Homes offers it all. This full-service design and build firm in southern Utah specializes in high-end desert homes. “We’ve been doing this for 32 years,” says Brenda Blake, co-owner and principal at Blake Design. “So, we understand luxury homes and all aspects of the trade. We started small and grew intentionally.” Now the firm offers everything from in-house framers, concrete, tile and construction.

“We design and develop heirloom properties,” says Cary Blake, co-owner. “We’re always seeking the best quality in building materials, appliances and furnishing. We’re not about trends. We build timeless homes that will stand the test of time.”

This husband and wife duo starts by educating their clients as much as possible, so they can make the right choices in everything from site planning to products. “We think about living in a home from the male and female perspective,” says Brenda. “That helps our clients prioritize wants and needs.”

1007 W. Sunset Blvd Blanding Street, St. George 435-229-7415


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Natural materials like stone, travertine, and limestone that make a quiet, earthy statement. We’re building homes with light, clean lines and finishing them with a fun, vibrant palette, plush cozy textures and organic shapes.


Environmental sustainability. From solar panels to insulation, we make your home as energy efficient as possible. Windows, doors, thickness of drywall, site placement and landscaping—it all matters. You don’t have to sacrifice beauty for sustainability.


Site placement that captures the view and is also sensitive to the sun’s path so the home is more livable at all times day and night, throughout all seasons.

“Clean design that’s comfortable and makes you want to stay a while. Luxury but not excess. Don’t overthink it. Trust the people you hire to do their jobs. Bring photos. It’s all about you and your home. Give us some direction and then let us take it from there.”


deeply individual, artistic and that it truly reflects yourself and your family? If you love to celebrate the unexpected, then Flairhunter, LLC. is the firm to partner with. Based in Park City, Flairhunter specializes in custom residential design projects. “I love clients who want to courageously lean into colors and fresh design aesthetics,” says owner Stephanie Hunt. “We blend inherited, timeworn items with contemporary art and confident color palettes to highlight the owners’ unique personalities.”

More than two decades ago, Hunt opened Stephanie Hunt Interiors in Southern California. When she moved to Utah, she rebranded as

1437 W. Old Ranch Road, Park City 435-200-3209


The Flairhunter. During the past 13 years, the firm has executed ground-up builds, refurnishing homes, scouted and placed art and antiques from around the world, and developed the design for clients’ private aircraft and yachts. “We’ve even designed commercial and residential elevators that are functional, luxe and distinctive,” she says. “Our favorite projects mix elegance with whimsy, old with new.”

Listen to upcoming podcast on The Cult of Flair when Hunt shares how she is designing a private, membership-only cigar lounge and wine bar and also worked with noted urban street artists for a client’s in-home elevator shaft in a NY high-rise rooftop lounge.

“I gather inspiration from color and pattern combinations in fashion and travel abroad. Visiting the homes of people who have a lot of style and the confidence to live with what they love sparks my own creativity. I help people create personal spaces where they are free to be their authentic selves. Be brave, push boundaries. Just because it’s in style doesn’t mean it has to be your style.”

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As a full-service firm, we attend to every detail, from start to finish. We give personalized attention to the people who live in the space: their history, their lifestyle and even their fashion choices. We combine their art collections and existing decorative pieces with updated finishes and furnishings to stand the test of time.


Responsible design. The industry is celebrating antiques and vintage elements and using these sustainable, repurposed items in unexpected ways. I love seeing this in fashion collaborations as well. I’m developing a new fashion line made from salvaged interiordesign textiles.


I collect and use items from around the world in my projects. I’ve worked on projects in Mexico, Alaska, New Orleans, Connecticut, Manhattan and Southern California. We’ve also been named design consultants for a Delaware-based company specializing in outfitting business jets, ALOFT AeroArchitects. These wide-ranging projects keep me always learning new things, current and creative.


Gatehouse No.1

ARE YOU READY TO DESIGN A SPACE that inspires you? The talented team of designers at Gatehouse No.1 is ready to help at any stage of the process.

Gatehouse No.1 has been a staple in the design community since 1979. Owners Stephanie and Doug Holdaway, as well as their expert team, have helped thousands of satisfied clients create custom furniture or choose from high-end furniture to create their favorite rooms. “Come into the store, sit on the furniture, feel the rich textures and see all the vibrant colors and patterns,” Stephanie says. “We’ll help you make your dream come to life.”

An unflinching dedication to high quality is at

672 S. State Street, Orem 801-225-9505


the heart of this local furniture store and interior design studio. “From our professional design and delivery teams to our custom furniture, curated accessories and everything in between, quality matters,” Stephanie explains.

All this at your fingertips lends itself to a satisfying experience. “We want to make it fun,” Doug says. “We’ll help you create a space that is functional, practical and beautiful. You can have it all.” With a 10,000-square-foot showroom full of gorgeous in-stock furniture and a team of professional designers, Gatehouse No.1 offers an easy design experience.

are doing. Designing a space that is true to you will always be on trend. Your home should be a haven—fill it with things you love and that inspire you. Express yourself.”

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Stop by our annual Holiday Open House November 1–4 to deck your house with festive accessories from our Christmas and Holiday Home Collection. We also offer holiday design classes, giveaways and specials on Christmas décor.

Visit our website or @Gatehouseno1 for more details.


Adding rugs, art and accent pillows in rich, warm tones can really dial up the cozy factor in your spaces.


There are so many creative ways to add seating into a space: sofas, sectionals, chairs and ottomans. Make each seating area its own special and intimate moment. We love the functionality and versatility furniture adds to spaces.

“There are so many great ways to find inspiration, so don’t get caught up in what others

K. Rocke Design


that help people live their best life is a passion for acclaimed designer Kristin Rocke, owner of K. Rocke Interior Design. “People are so individually expressed in their home environments now,” she says. “I love helping people infuse their identities into their spaces.”

This Utah-based interior design firm has completed influential interiors across the globe. With an extensive and award-winning list of projects, Rocke has been listed as one of the “Top 10” Interior Designers by Traditional Home. Her work has been featured in various distinguished publications including Luxe Interiors + Design, Florida Design: Home, Boca Design,

3910 E Highland Drive, Millcreek 801-274-2720


and California Home + Design and more. “I’ve been doing this craft for a long time,” she says.

“I’m really excited about how we’re building on the broad foundation we’ve built over the years. We’re growing and taking on new challenges in architecture, hard finishes, space planning, locations and material requirements.”

From resorts and restaurants to retail shops and residences, the firm has completed projects coast-to-coast. “Our clients have big personalities and big names; some are celebrities,” says Rocke. “There are so many characters. My team loves to collaborate and find new ways to be better. We keep trying new things: creativity begets creativity.”

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Color is coming on strong. There’s a 50/50 split. On one side is a discreet, yummy palette made of warm earth tones like clay, cream and russet with subtle natural green elements. On the other side, there’s a big push to highly saturated colors with a lot of depth. It’s all about full-throttle color, exuberant patterns and lots of maximalist art and creativity.


Softer spaces. Using translucent materials such as sheer fabrics, quartzite backlit walls, or a translucent stain on woods that lets the natural grain show through to give spaces a luminous glow. We’re also doing floor-to-ceiling window walls that flood rooms in sunlight as well as white glass walls that add separation but allow natural light to move through the rooms.


Interesting, artistically handcrafted, highly textured wall coverings with big loose patterns are creating new opportunities for adding color and interest to walls. Welcoming back colored walls in a way that is finished and elevated in execution.

“Listening to needs and desires, having a broad awareness of sources and product and stitching the two together seamlessly. I am creative, adaptable and flexible, and that helps me flow through the design process easily and find a way to materialize desire.”

O.C. Tanner Jewelers

SEARCHING FOR A LOVELY GIFT or timeless accessories to add to your home? O.C. Tanner Jewelers has extraordinary gifts and beautiful, luxurious home and lifestyle items that are excellent additions to any home. The Park City location also offers exceptional pieces carefully selected for a luxe mountain lifestyle.

“Texture and color are an incredibly important aspect of creating a compellingly beautiful and comforting home,” says Dixie Merback, Home & Lifestyle buyer. “Our wide

variety of handcrafted offerings feature rich textures and enticing colors that will add character to any room.”

O.C. Tanner is proud to be Utah’s exclusive retailer for Simon Pearce, a company in Vermont that specializes in charming home décor and entertaining products. Simon Pearce boasts a selection of handcrafted glassware, tableware and lighting. From hand-thrown pottery to lead-free glassware, Simon Pearce helps you create a table that makes you excited to gather with people you love.

15 S. State Street, Salt Lake City 801-532-3222


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Whether topping mantels, placed in entryways and reading nooks or lining front steps, Simon Pearce glass hurricane candle holders add a warm glow to any setting. Choose from a variety of textures, sizes and shapes to collect your own set.


Entertaining is all about celebrating. Handmade stemware from Simon Pearce elevates drinking glasses to a whole new level, so each sip is an experience.


Make your table décor shine with Simon Pearce hurricanes made from custom molds. Each holder is exquisitely crafted by hand so that no two pieces are exactly alike.

“Transitional pieces that will never go out of style are the best investment for your home. Be flexible with your design and make updates regularly. Not all changes need to be big or dramatic—start with a neutral base and easily refresh with colorful accents and accessories.”

Sunline Landscapes

IN A FOUR-SEASON CLIMATE like Utah's, outdoor living is a must. And like your home, your residential property and landscape should be a place of escape and relaxation—an outdoor retreat where memories are made with your closest family and friends. “A professional landscape design connects home and environment, linking structure and nature,” says owner Curtis Atkinson. “This is our passion! We create tailored luxury landscapes for every family and lifestyle.”

Sunline Landscapes is a full-service luxury landscape design/build and bid/build firm with a knack for interpreting dreams. From design, installation and construction to property care and fine gardening, the Sunline team works closely with

14745 S. Heritagecrest Way, Bluffdale 801-253-6434


you to help you understand what a high-end, welldesigned and well-maintained luxury landscaping project involves—including budget, location and process. “Our design process is one of creativity AND practicality. Finding just the right balance is key to a beautiful, yet functional, outdoor living space,” Atkinson says.

Big dreams require big plans and a whole lot of trust. “Our company is built upon lifelong relationships—we’ve been doing this for 22 years,” Atkinson explains.“We genuinely care about our clients.” If you’re ready to elevate your outdoor living experience and start making lasting memories, Sunline Landscapes is Northern Utah’s most highly trusted choice.

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Creative designs that feature straight clean lines and well-manicured installations in tight spaces. We specialize in unique, large-specimen plant materials and trees. We hand pick everything from our growers so that we know what we plant is the best available.


Seasonal color and beautiful fall plantings that can be used as autumnal arrangements. We love to see natural stone patios, and pavers or paver products. Natural stone in a natural environment is art.


People are redesigning their existing spaces to expand their outdoor living space and update outdoor lounge spaces. The focus is on creative elements with fresh, new lines.

“Our people, our process and the care that we put into projects. We love creating environments that bring people together. I’m very involved and take a hands-on approach. I oversee many projects. I’m the original and only owner. I love interacting with people and seeing our projects come to life.”
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