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Top 10 Coach’s Tips for Competition Season USA Gymnastics University: Resources for continuing education and professional development

USA Gymnastics

Annual awards Tips to Maintain Proper Record Keeping Kyla Ross 2-time junior national all-around champion

events 2010 September


NCAA Championships (M)

Columbus, OH


L 9/10 Regional Championships (W)

various locations


NCAA Championships (W)

Cleveland, OH



JO National Championships (M) Long Beach, CA


Senior Pan Am Championships (M/W)

Guadalajara, Mexico


Region 5 Congress

Itasca, IL


National Gymnastics Day



Region 2 Congress

Portland, OR


L 9 Eastern/Western Championships (W)


Rhythmic World Championships

Moscow, Russia


JO National Championships (W) Long Beach, CA


Senior Pan Am Championships (R)

Guadalajara, Mexico


National Invitational Tournament (W)



USA Gymnastics Open Championships (W)



National Qualifier (M) TBD


World Gymnaestrada (GG)

October 1-3

TOPs National Testing (W)

Houston, TX


World Artistic Championships (M/W)

Rotterdam, NED

November 4-7

Future Stars Championships/Coaches Workshop (M) Colorado Springs, CO


Trampoline World Championships (TT)

Metz, France


International Age Group Championships (TT)

Metz, France


TOPs Camp (W)

Houston, TX


Pan American Championships (R)

Guadalajara, MEX


TOPs B Camp

Houston, TX

2011 JumpStart Testing (TT)

Houston, TX

February 3-5

Winter Cup Challenge (M)

Las Vegas, NV


JumpStart National Team Camp (TT)

Houston, TX

Orlando, FL

Lausanne, SUI

August 10-13

Visa Championships

Saint Paul, MN


National Congress and Trade Show

Saint Paul, MN

September 8-11

State and Regional Chairman’s Workshop (M)



Rhythmic World Championships

Lille, France


World Artistic Championships (M/W)

Tokyo, Japan


Pan American Games (M/W/R/TR)

Guadalajara, Mexico



Future Stars Championships/Coaches Workshop (M) Colorado Springs, CO


March 2-6

Rhythmic Challenge


Nastia Liukin Cup (W)



Tyson American Cup (M/W)



USA Gymnastics Collegiate Championships (M) TBD


USA Gym Collegiate Championships (W)

Colorado Springs, CO


JO Regional Championships (M)

Various Locations

W = Women R = Rhythmic AG = Acrobatic Gymnastics B = Business NOTE: Dates and events subject to change or cancellation.

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Houston, TX



Long Beach, CA



Worcester, MA/San Diego, CA


Visa Championships

St. Louis, MO


USA Gymnastics National Congress and Trade Show

San Jose, CA


U.S. Olympic Team Trials-Gymnastics (M/W)

San Jose, CA

TR = Trampoline M = Men GG = Group Gymnastics TU = Tumbling TT = Trampoline/Tumbling


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USA Gymnastics National Congress and Trade Show


USA Gymnastics Awards


USA Gymnastics University


Turkish Get-Ups and the Gymnast


Top 10 Coach’s Sanity Tips for Competition Season


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Event Schedule


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Cover Photo Kyla Ross

38 by John

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t was great to see everyone in Hartford, and be together for one big celebration of gymnastics. The Visa Championships and USA Gymnastics National Congress and Trade Show proved to be everything we had hoped.

As we move forward, it is important for USA Gymnastics to work with our club community and build a partnership that helps grow the sport and improve its visibility. Among the most important topics of current discussion are 1) Providing a high standard of care for the athletes; 2) Working together to market the sport; and 3)Utilizing technology to its fullest potential. The number one priority must be to provide a fun and safe environment for children. This includes a thorough approach to safety and education; coaching certification; background checks, and other important safety nets for club owners and professional members. USA Gymnastics is committed to providing leadership in these areas and we encourage the entire community to join us in this effort. These need to be addressed to protect our athletes and your businesses at the same time. USA Gymnastics Member Clubs must subscribe to the highest level of participant welfare and set a gold standard for our sport. Working together to create a cooperative advertising and marketing agenda is also an important step to promote our sport, producing bigger and better results. The goal of building the USA Gymnastics brand is a shared responsibility. Through combining our resources and creating synergy, USA Gymnastics and gymnastics clubs across the country can have a tremendous impact at the local, regional and national levels. We will continue seeking ways to work together for the common good of all involved. No one can question the power of modern technology. There are now 500 million members on Facebook. YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world with more than 100 million users. Social media is the new wave of technology. The time Americans spend on social media has surged 43% in the past year, becoming the number one way people spend their time online, pushing email to third behind gaming. USA Gymnastics is creating ways to harness the power of this technology and provide more services to our community. Our plan is to do so responsibly, with a specific emphasis on helping the clubs along the way. We have launched the new USA Gymnastics Member Club website - This site serves as a new environment for parents to find their local USA Gymnastics Member Clubs, while learning more about the benefits of the sport. It will also serve as a forum for business owners to learn more about operating a club and create a center for best practices from some of the experts in the industry. We are all ears as we work to building a better partnership with the clubs and members we serve. We look forward to receiving your ideas and getting your feedback on all of our initiatives.

See you in the gym,

President & CEO


T E C H N I Q U E • S e p t e mb e r / O ctob e r 2 0 1 0

10’ New & Improved Performance Series Uneven Bars Complete with New 6-ACSys Cable System 5101-010 • Eliminates Cable Tighteners • Requires only 36% of the floor space needed for a standard Uneven Bars installation • Two load binders for quick tension release

5103-000 • Performance Series 6-ACSys Cable System • System adapts to most Uneven Bars • See above for description

Mounting Block 5006-000 • Shorter than conventional vault board • Excellent for teaching approach technique • Firm platform for jump mounts • Lightweight. Ships UPS or Fed-Ex • 24” x 36” x 9” © 2010 Spieth Anderson International Inc.





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Photo by John Cheng

hn Cheng Photo by Jo

Photo by R on Wyatt

Photo by Ron Wyatt

2010 USA Gymnastics


he 2010 National Congress and Trade Show took place in Hartford, Conn., at the Connecticut Convention Center. The Congress was held in conjunction with the Visa Championships, which took place for artistic gymnastics at the XL Center and for rhythmic and trampoline and tumbling at the University of Hartford. With the Congress attendees, presenters, exhibitors, vendors and exhibit hall traffic, more than 2,600 individuals attended this year’s annual Congress and Trade Show. Numerous sessions took place throughout the day covering all aspects of the sport from program to sports science to business to preschool to cheerleading. In the exhibit hall there were more than 70 vendors displaying their products and services in 175 booths— definitely something for everyone! The Mega Raffle was also a huge success, awarding thousands of dollars in products and services to lucky winners. The Hall of Fame reception took place on Friday where the Class of 2010 was honored. Congratulations to the class of 2010 which included Wendy Bruce-Martin, Dominique MoceanuCanales, Robert Null, Kip Simons, Kevin Mazeika, Jennifer Parilla and Lifetime Achievement Award Winner Ellen Garlicki Nyemcsik A special thanks to John Macready who served as the master of ceremonies for the Hall of Fame Awards luncheon. Also, thanks to the Hall of Fame Sponsors and for those who made a donation.

Photo by Diane Bidermann

National Congress and Trade Show

Gold Level • Sport Graphics • A-1 Awards, Inc. Bronze Level • National Travel Systems, Allan Judah COO, Lubbock, TX; • Region 5 Women’s Program, Bobbi Montanari; Regional Chair • Region 6 Women’s Program, Jen Scannell. Regional Chair • Region 7 Women’s Program, Lynn Perrot; Regional Chair • Region 8 Women’s Program, Debby Kornegay, Regional Chair • Massachusetts Women’s Program, Michele Archer State Chair • Ohio Women’s Program, Nina Dent; State Chair • Rhode Island Women’s Program, Kelli Murphy, State Chair Please mark your calendars now for the 2011 National Congress and Trade Show which will be conducted with the Visa Championships in Saint Paul, Minn., Aug. 17-20.

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Photo by John Cheng

MEN’S AWARDS 2010rd Awaners win Below: Barry Weiner, Men’s Coach of the Year

Left: Chris Brooks, Men’s Sportsperson of the Year Right: Tim McNeill, Men’s Athlete of the Year

Photo by John Cheng

Right: Casimiro Suarez, Men’s JO Coach of the Year


T E C H N I Q U E • S e p t e mb e r / O ctob e r 2 0 1 0

Photo by John Cheng


Photo by John Cheng

Left to Right: Rebecca Bross, Women’s Athlete of the Year Alicia Sacramone, Women’s Sportsperson of the Year Marvin Sharp, Women’s Coach of the Year Valeri Liukin, Women’s Coach of the Year Left to Right: Mike Hunger, Women’s JO Coach of the Year and Sami Wozney, Women’s JO Coach of the Year (Award presented by Tom Koll)

S e p t e mb e r / O ctob e r 2 0 1 0 • T E C H N I Q U E


Photo by Ron Wyatt

Rhythmic AWARDS Below: Olga Kutuzova, Rhythmic Coach of the Year

Photo by Ron Wyatt

Above: Julie Zetlin, Rhythmic Sportsperson of the Year and Athlete of the Year Photo by James Glader

Isadora Rhythmics in New York, JO Club of the Year


T E C H N I Q U E • S e p t e mb e r / O ctob e r 2 0 1 0

Photo by Champion Images


Right: Bob Meier, Acro Star Service Award


T E C H N I Q U E • S e p t e mb e r / O ctob e r 2 0 1 0

Above Left to Right: Kristin Allen, Acro Athlete of the year, Michael Rodrigues, Acro Sportsperson of the Year and Acro Athlete of the year Right: Vladimir Vladev, Acro JO Coach of the Year

Photo by Champion Images

Photo by Champion Images

Photo by Champion Images

Right: Marie Annonson, Acro Coach of the Year

Above: Sergio Galvez, James A. Rozanas Tumbling Coach of the Year

Above: Tatiana Kovaleva, Milton B. Davis Tampoline Coach of the Year


T E C H N I Q U E • S e p t e mb e r / O ctob e r 2 0 1 0

Above: Peter Dodd and Robert Null, Trampoline and Tumbling Developmental Coaches of the Year

Photo by Ron Wyatt

Photo by Ron Wyatt

Photo by Ron Wyatt

Above: Robert Null, Double Mini Coach of the Year

Photo by Ron Wyatt

Photo by Ron Wyatt

Photo by Ron Wyatt

Trampoline and Tumbling AWARDS

Above: Logan Dooley, Sportsman of the Year and Athlete of the Year

Above: Nani Vercruyssen, Sportswoman of the Year

Above: Kathy Ostberg, Business Leader of the Year Award

Above left to right: Sallie Weaver was presented the Presidential Medallion by USA Gymnastics President and CEO Steve Penny.

Photo by John Cheng


0 1 0 2 rd Awaners win

Photo by John Cheng

member services AWARDS

Hall of Fame Class of 2010 L to R: Kevin Mazeika, Jennifer Parilla, Dominique Moceanu, Kip Simons, Wendy Bruce, Robert Null and Lifetime Achievement Award winner Ellen Garlicki Nyemcsik

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USA Gymnastics University: Resources for continuing education and professional development USA Gymnastics regards continuing education as the primary means of professional development. We believe that gymnastics professionals recognize the importance of regularly updating their knowledge of gymnastics skills, proper technique, skill progressions and drills, rule changes, safety issues and new developments in major health and wellness guidelines. It is our hope that by offering a growing variety of courses, congresses, clinics and other opportunities, coaches, instructors, judges, program managers, and club administrators will be better prepared and equipped to work in the unique world of gymnastics.

What is USA Gymnastics University? Founded in 2004, USA Gymnastics University is a variety of beginning and continuing educational resources available to USA Gymnastics members. Our goal in establishing the University was to establish a multi-level national standard of education for gymnastics professionals. The University model allows us to work towards this goal by providing greater educational opportunities within a standardized framework. Education is an important part of advancing the sport of gymnastics and elevating the professions of coaching, teaching, officiating, and club/program management. The University is administered through the USA Gymnastics National Office in Indianapolis, Indiana but the campus is both mobile and virtual. The University is comprised of four colleges covering all areas of the sport and business of gymnastics. While students must “major” in one college, they are encouraged to take courses from the other colleges as well.

in each gymnastics discipline: Women’s Artistic, Men’s Artistic, Rhythmic, Trampoline & Tumbling, Acrobatic Gymnastics, and General Gymnastics.

Program College For gymnastics coaches working with pre-team, compulsory, optional, and elite athletes. Includes majors

Additional details on each college is available on the USA Gymnastics University webpage at


T E C H N I Q U E • S e p t e mb e r / O ctob e r 2 0 1 0

Recreational College For gymnastics instructors and teachers working with athletes in preschool, recreational, and school-aged programs in gymnastics clubs, community centers, schools, and other places. Business College For club owners, program administrators, front office staff, and others. Course work focuses on business issues, leadership, and program development. Judges College For gymnastics judges at all levels and in each discipline. Judging certification requirements are defined by each program.

University Certification Program In keeping with the University’s mission of establishing a multi-level national standard of education for gymnastics professionals, each of the colleges offers certification in its respective program or topic. To earn certification, gymnastics professionals must take designated core courses from the University curriculum and complete other requirements such as holding a Professional membership or participation in certain sanctioned events. The purpose of the certification program is to set minimum education standards for the sport, provide sport-specific training as well as training in other domains, and help gymnastics professionals grow and in turn develop well-trained athletes. Going back to our mission, education and certification help to provide safe, fun, and successful environments for participation in the sport of gymnastics. Certification through USA Gymnastics University is based on the completion of multiple courses, not simply one single course. Each level

of certification serves as a foundation of education and a stepping stone to the next level. Certification is not intended to be the culmination of learning. It is the beginning. Gymnastics professionals are encouraged to seek certification and continuing education opportunities to keep them at the top of their game. Certification is currently available for Levels 1 and 2 of the Business College and the Recreational College. Additional levels for those and the other colleges will be introduced on a rolling basis beginning in 2010. Effective August 2011, Level 1 certification will be a membership requirement for all Professional, Junior Professional, Introductory Coach and Junior Introductory Coach members. The Level 1 CORE course, Fundamentals of Gymnastics Instruction, is available online now. Completing this course fulfills the Level I requirement for all colleges.

The mission of USA Gymnastics University is to provide a multi-level, standardized national education program for gymnastics professionals at all levels, which emphasizes the proper development of gymnastics participants in a fun, safe environment and contributes to the positive growth of the sport.

Why be certified? USA Gymnastics believes that education is important to providing quality conditions and training environments for gymnastics participants. Safety, child development, correct skill technique, injury prevention, conditioning and progressions, and overall athlete preparation are just some of the areas of education that will help coaches, instructors, judges, and administrators provide safe, fun environments for all. Certification helps to prepare gymnastics professionals for their role in the sport and contributes to the positive growth of the sport. By earning certification you are refreshing and expanding your knowledge and highlighting your professional credentials.

What does it mean to be certified by USA Gymnastics?

Certification through USA Gymnastics University verifies an individual’s completion of core education requirements and practical experience. Certification provides proof of an individual’s training and preparation for his/her work in the field of gymnastics. Certification is intended to provide a base-level of education, a minimum standard for gymnastics professionals. Educational courses and certification are provided by USA Gymnastics as a means for gymnastics professionals to review, increase, and diversify their knowledge; to help new coaches get started in the sport; to continually provide the latest information in a variety of areas; and to recognize professionals for their commitment to education, their profession, and to the sport.

S e p t e mb e r / O ctob e r 2 0 1 0 • T E C H N I Q U E


A message for experienced, veteran coaches We frequently receive questions from experienced coaches asking why they should be required to complete any of the USA Gymnastics University courses or be certified at all. Due to the fact that gymnastics is a dynamic and ever-changing sport, it is important for individuals to stay current in the latest information in safety, risk management, sport science and coaching standards. Equipment, rules, policies, trends and legal issues change. Refreshing skills and principles you use everyday is an opportunity to assess your own performance and make any necessary changes for the better. Similarly, experienced coaches are often responsible for teaching and mentoring new instructors and junior coaches. We want those experienced coaches to be familiar with the educational resources available from USA Gymnastics and use them to educate their staff. The new generation of coaches will have a firm foundation of the skills they will need to propel their careers and our sport. All individuals who wish to obtain USA Gymnastics University Certification will be required to begin with and complete the Level 1 course, Fundamentals of Gymnastics Instruction, regardless of prior certifications, experience, college degrees, etc. The Level 1 course is the foundation of the University, and provides a solid core of knowledge on which all gymnastics professionals can build. After completion of Level 1, individuals may be eligible to directly apply for qualification to higher levels of certification. The process and associated requirements will be defined for each college and each level. Qualification to higher levels will be based on experience, education and accomplishments, not necessarily time in the sport. If an individual is approved by USA Gymnastics for qualification to a higher level, he/she may jump immediately to that level. Additional information on applying for higher certification will be available on the USA Gymnastics web site. USA Gymnastics University moving forward Just as education is progressive, so is the development of the University. Each new course is thoroughly reviewed by USA Gymnastics staff, as well as a variety of other knowledgeable coaches and professionals in the industry. Some courses and materials simply need to be revised. Other courses are designed from the ground up and take considerably more time to produce. Each course and educational event offered by USA Gymnastics has a survey at the end. Please take advantage of these surveys and tell us


T E C H N I Q U E • S e p t e mb e r / O ctob e r 2 0 1 0

what it is you look for in an educational experience. The results are compiled and reviewed to get a consensus of what changes and innovations our members would like to see from USA Gymnastics. We are frequently asked why we introduced the University, its colleges and levels prior to all the certifications being available. We do this because we want our members to know that we heard their requests for more education and resources and are moving forward with our goal to become one of the first national governing bodies (NGB) to offer a nationally standardized education program. For more information on USA Gymnastics University, visit us at

Tony Retrosi of Atlantic Gymnastics Centers won the 2010 Educational Services Award. Photo by Steve Haas

Turkish Get-ups and the Gymnast

St. Vincent Hospital and St. Vincent Sports Performance in Indianapolis, Ind., are official service providers to USA Gymnastics. Call 317-415-5747 or visit

Carol K. Happ, MS, CSCS, RKC, USAW


he Turkish Get-up has been around for almost 200 years. The exercise itself was popularized by the early 20th century strongmen. They used it in their training to maximize full-body lifting power, shoulder flexibility and grip strength. However, not until these past 10 years has the Turkish Get-up seen a surge in use with athletes in all sports. The Turkish Get-up is an exercise that demands all the muscles of the body to work together – transitioning the body from a prone position to a standing one, while keeping a weight (kettlebell, dumbbell) held above the head throughout the whole exercise. The Turkish Get-up requires balance, stability, strength, and stamina... the perfect exercise for the gymnast! The progression presented is part of the Russian Kettlebell Certification (RKC) Level 1 standard. The exercise is broken down into seven steps. It is recommended that you find a RKC instructor in your area to teach and instruct proper technique. Special Thank you to gymnast Alyssa Boldt for doing a beautiful job of demonstrating the Turkish Get-up!

Step #1: Roll to Press 1. Starting position looks like the fetal position. Weight should be within comfortable reach. 2. Roll to your back, positioning the weight straight above the body. 3. The shoulders should be “packed.” Shoulders should be retracted (shoulder blades pulled together) and depressed (shoulder blades pulled down to waist). Shoulders should not be the primary tool with which to move the weight. Stabilization of the upper arm and shoulder girdle should come from the back (lats). 4. Wrist is straight and the elbow is straight and locked. 5. Look at the weight (dumbbell). 6. Leg is bent (same side as the weight)

Step #2: Press to Elbow 1. Get-up – Sit-up! ….roll under the weight 2. The movement is generated from the thoracic spine. If you are unfamiliar with this action, you will try to activate by flexing the neck by throwing the head forward or by flexing your lumbar spine excessively. 3. Elbow should be under your shoulder. 4. Wrist straight and elbow locked. Vertical arm position. 5. Keep looking at the weight.


T E C H N I Q U E • S e p t e mb e r / O ctob e r 2 0 1 0

The Ultimate Gymnastics Competition in the USA


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Step #3: Elbow to Post 1. Move the support arm/elbow to a straight position. The hand should try to be under the base shoulder. 2. Shoulders should remain packed, maintaining full linkage through the back lats. 3. Wrist straight and elbow locked. Vertical arm position. 4. Keep looking at the weight.

Step #4: Post to High Hip 1. Squeeze the glutes as tightly as possible and elevate the hips as high as possible. Drive off the hand and both heels – which will activate the muscles of the posterior chain. 2. Shoulders remain packed and the chest is big and extended. 3. Wrist straight and elbow locked. Weight remains in a vertical position. 4. Keep looking at the weight.

Step #5: High Hips to Bend 1. From the high hips position, fold the extended leg and hinge at your hip, drawing the leg/knee underneath. 2. Place the knee as close to the base hand as possible. 3. Pressing arm must remain absolutely vertical. 4. Extremely important to remain focused on the weight. 5. *There is a great degree of rotation and flexibility required in the hips and shoulders for this stage. 6. *This movement also requires the ability to side-bend on both left and right sides. 7. *This step requires intense awareness of both arms.

Step #6: Knee to Half Kneeling 1. The torso and the arm with weight should be absolutely perpendicular to the ground, with a straight line all the way down to the kneeling knee and other hip in full extension. 2. Shoulders stay packed and pulled down. 3. Neck remains elongated and relaxed. 4. Eyes focused straight ahead.

Step #7: Half Kneeling to Stand 1. Drive the front heel into the ground and clench the glutes to stand up. Complement this with a forward push with the back leg. 2. Continue to look forward with the neck relaxed. 3. Shoulders continue to stay packed and pulled down. 4. Finish with straight legs, squeeze glutes, locked elbow, straight wrist, and engaged back! 5. To finish the Turkish Get-ups – repeat the steps backwards!


T E C H N I Q U E • S e p t e mb e r / O ctob e r 2 0 1 0


Top 10 Coach’s


Tips for Competition


DOn’t DO DO DO Don’t match your athletes’ negative mental state such as frustration, nerves, and fear. 26

T E C H N I Q U E • S e p t e mb e r / O ctob e r 2 0 1 0

t’s competition time again, time to put on the glitter and really show the judges all that you and your athletes have been working for all year long. Then why is it so stressful? This article gives you the top 10 coach’s Do’s and Don’ts for competition season. Leave the stress to the other guy. Pay attention to these tips and sail through the stress of competition.

Don’t match your athletes’ negative mental state, such as frustration, nerves, and fear. Instead lead your athletes to the place you would like them to be. Always display the mental state you want them to display, including confidence, doubtlessness and a relaxed attitude. They will move to match you! Do give solution-focused corrections of what you WANT to see. Too many coaches focus on problems, problems, problems. What you focus on, you get more of. Make sure your corrections are the behaviors and technical positions that you want them to have. Do remember that challenges motivate your athletes. Contests, team assignments, and partner assignments will bring out the best in your competitors and keep it fun. Do praise your athletes for what they are doing right. Gymnastics is an extremely critical sport and sometimes coaches don’t realize just how discouraged their athlete is until it’s too late and he/she want to quit. Your athlete wants to please you. In between the corrections, be sure to get excited about successes…even the small ones!


Do praise your athletes’ character traits as well as their performance. Let them know you value them as people and not just gymnastics machines. Notice what they are doing outside of the gym; ask about grades, school activities, and family excursions. This keeps your relationship growing so it can withstand the hard times when they arrive.


Don’t make threats you can’t keep. “If you don’t go for this, I’m moving you back to Level 7” is not motivating to your athletes, especially if you can’t follow through. Don’t let your frustration lead you down a threatening road.

DOn’t DO

Don’t over-correct at the competition. Just correct things that can be changed in a short period of time, and belief!


Do pay special attention to the parents of your athletes during competition season. They love communication, and can help relax their young athlete if they are informed of the plan, purpose and progress.

Do treat all of your athletes the same as much as possible. Keep the rules the same for all groups. Things should not be different from group to group. Gymnasts can become very resentful if they see you relax the rules for some but not others.

DO Do make it fun. A little music in the gym or light talking before they get started on the event can make the gym atmosphere more relaxed and fun, energizing your gymnasts to work even harder. If the gymnast feels he or she is in a prison camp, it doesn’t motivate them to work hard – it makes them think about moving to a different sport! Remember, a little fun can go a long way.

Do pay special attention to the parents of your athletes during competition season.

Alison Arnold Ph.D. has been a mental toughness coach to USA Gymnastics since 1997. For more information on her programs for athletes and coaches see

S e p t e mb e r / O ctob e r 2 0 1 0 • T E C H N I Q U E


member services

Tips to Maintain Proper Record Keeping


ost club owners and administrators understand the importance of practicing proper record keeping as it applies to the day-to-day operation of their gymnastics businesses. Unfortunately, some club owners and administrators often fail to follow such practices when it applies to the applications and registration of their USA Gymnastics introductory/athlete members. Failure to follow proper record keeping not only places the gymnastics club and USA Gymnastics in a poor legal liability situation, but it also causes confusion and frustration on the part of the athlete and the athlete’s parents. Reviewing the following tips is a great way to ensure that your business and its clients will not be caught in an

unfavorable legal and/or financial situation. • Print the introductory/athlete membership application form(s) from the USA Gymnastics website prior to registering any athlete(s) in your club. Ensure that the form is completely filled out by the parent, athlete and the club administrator. All USA Gymnastics membership application forms are available on the USA Gymnastics website at: A new athlete/introductory athlete form MUST be completed each new competitive season regardless of how long an athlete has participated with your club. • Ensure that a copy of the completed introductory/athlete membership form is given to the parent(s) of each athlete for personal recording keeping. As a reminder, the completed application form is a signed legal contract between USA Gymnastics, the

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Tips to Maintain Proper Record Keeping parent, and the club. Therefore, it is important to provide the proper documentation to all parties involved. • NEVER register an introductory/athlete membership online unless you first have the completed form(s) in possession and on file in the club at the time of registration. Failure to complete this vital step often leads to forgetting to obtain the form. As a reminder, USA Gymnastics can audit a club at anytime and request copies of the completed introductory/athlete membership application forms. Don’t be caught off guard. Be prepared! • Contact USA Gymnastics IMMEDIATLEY following a mistake made in online registration. All USA Gymnastics memberships are nontransferrable and non-refundable; however USA Gymnastics understands that mistakes can happen from time to time. Clubs may accidently click the wrong athlete’s name when registering

their athletes online. In the event of an online registration error, USA Gymnastics MUST be notified within 72 business hours. Under certain circumstances a refund or transfer may be granted. Please keep in mind that when such incidents occur, you will be requested to submit the completed introductory/athlete membership application forms of those you wish to have the introductory/athlete membership. USA Gymnastics may not be able to process a request if the proper forms are not submitted to the National Office in the time guidelines requested. Please also note that USA Gymnastics CANNOT provide any refunds or transfers on introductory/athletes who have already competed with the current membership, switched gymnastics locations, or stopped participating in the sport of gymnastics. • Ensure proper communication between the individuals collecting the introductory/athlete

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member services

Tips to Maintain Proper Record Keeping for any new athlete/introductory athlete that has joined your club and who may have paid for this season. It is the current club’s responsibility to ensure that they have a completed membership application form, regardless of club affiliation at the time the registration was paid. Maintain the form in the athlete club file.

membership application and the individual actually processing the actual membership application payments. Often Member Services receives calls from clubs stating there was a mistake in communication between the individual collecting and the individual processing payments, and therefore a mistake in registration occurred. While USA Gymnastics respects such errors, we often cannot resolve the errors that may occur in these situations. Notify Member Services of any changes/deletions to your club roster list. Maintaining a proper club roster with USA Gymnastics is an important way to avoid mistakes in the future. Send changes to Member Services via email at membership@ or via fax to 317-692-5212. All changes will be completed with 24-48 business hours. • Make sure you obtain and keep on file a current athlete/introductory athlete membership form

For any questions or concerns regarding the proper maintenance of USA Gymnastics application forms, please contact USA Gymnastics Member Services at 800-345-4719 or via email at



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Photo by John Cheng

Gymnastics professionals attended sessions during Congress.

Photo by Scott Einuis

The 2000 U.S. Olympic Women’s Gymnastics Team was awarded the Olympic team bronze medal by the IOC. L to R:, Tasha Schwikert, Elise Ray, Kristen Maloney, Jamie Dantzscher, Amy Chow and Dominique Dawes.

The 1980 Olympic Gymnastics Team and coaches were honored in Hartford. L to R: Francis Allen, Peter Vidmar, Mike Wilson, James Hartung, Larry Gerard, Ron Galimore, Bart Conner, Paul Ziert, Amy Koopman Enxing, Beth Kline Rybacki, Kathy Johnson Clarke, Marcia Frederick Blanchette, Luci Collins Cummingsr, and men’s assistant coach Bill Meade (deceased).

P A SN TS SHO L to R: Terin Humphey, Hollie Vise, Carly Patterson and Muriel Grossfeld catch up at the Visa Fan Fest


T E C H N I Q U E • S e p t e mb e r / O ctob e r 2 0 1 0

Registration at National Congress 2010

The Exhibit Hall was full of activity.


Visa Championships and Congress attendees socialize at the Old State House.

The Old State House lobby was a great gathering place.

S pot l ight

Bross is one of 10 finalists for Women’s Sports Foundation’s Sportswoman of the Year 2009 world all-around silver-medalist Rebecca Bross of Plano, Texas, is one of 10 finalists for the Women’s Sports Foundation’s Sportswoman of the Year award. The winner, along with the Team of the Year recipient, will be announced at the 31st Annual Salute to Women in Sports awards gala on Tuesday, Oct. 12, 2010, in New York City. An impressive list of elite athletes from 20 different sports is vying for the evening’s top honors. Athletes were considered for the 2010 ballot based on their athletic achievements between August 1, 2009, and July 31, 2010. Bross, who trains at WOGA, has had an exceptional 2010, following her silver-medal finish in the all-around at the 2009

World Championships. The 17-year-old began 2010 by winning the Tyson American Cup. At the 2010 Pacific Rim Championships, she won the all-around title, along with gold medals for beam and floor and the silver medal for bars. Bross also anchored the women’s team that won the team gold medal at the Pac Rim. At the CoverGirl Classic, the tune-up for the Visa Championships, Bross won the title for bars. Although the Visa Championships held in August 2010 fell outside of the award’s timeframe, Bross became the U.S. champion in the all-around, bars and beam, in addition to finishing second on floor. She was recognized as the U.S. Olympic Committee’s Female Athlete of the Month for May 2010.

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Kyla Ross,

Rising to the Challenge By Luan Peszek

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t age 13, Kyla Ross is already a two-time junior national all-around champion. Ross, who turns 14 on Oct. 24, is from Aliso Viejo, Calif., and trains at Gym-Max with her coaches Howie Liang and Jenny Zhang. Kyla is an elite gymnast at the top of her sport, but she’s also just a typical 13-year-old girl, who likes pop music and the TV show Hannah Montana. She joined her first gym in 1999 at age 3 in Greenville, S.C. Her family then moved to Richmond, Va., where she enrolled in another gym, and finally to California in 2005. When


T E C H N I Q U E • S e p t e mb e r / O ctob e r 2 0 1 0

asked why she started gymnastics, her mom Kiana said, “Kyla was born with muscles, it was a little strange. She had a wiry body and was very active. She was exposed to a gymnast performing at her dad’s baseball game and was intrigued by all the flipping. I knew I had to get her into gymnastics.” She added, “When the club told me they wanted to put her on team, I had no idea what all of that was about.” Kyla gets her athletic ability honestly. Her 6’5” dad, Jason, is a former professional baseball player in the AAA minor leagues. He played in the league for six years and moved around a lot in the south before heading to California. Kyla also has two siblings, a 12-year-old sister who plays volleyball and an 8-year-old brother who plays football and baseball. A fun fact about Kyla is that she loves to hang out with her family, and she and her dad love to cook! Her mom said, “Kyla is a great cook.” Kyla just started the 8th grade at Aliso Viejo Middle School. She attends school from 8:45 a.m. until 12:30 p.m., hitting her four core courses and an independent PE. She is an excellent student and takes all accelerated classes. She then goes straight to the gym and trains from 1- 7:30 p.m. three times a week and from 1-9 p.m. two days a week, plus a practice on Saturday. Kyla’s favorite thing about gymnastics is the constant challenge that motivates her to keep going. And, looking at her results, she’s had an extraordinary amount of success in her short time at the elite level. Not only has she won the junior national all-around title two years in a row, but she also won first place on beam in back-to-back national championships (2009-10) and also won the vault title at the 2009 Visa Championships. In 2010 she placed third on vault and floor exercise. At the 2010 Pacific Rim Championships in Australia, Ross led her team to the gold medal and also finished second in the all-around in the junior competition. She won the gold medal on vault and silver medals on bars and floor. At the 2010 City of Jesolo Trophy meet in Italy, Ross took second in the all-around among the juniors. At the 2009 Junior Pan American Championships, she helped her team win the gold medal and also won the individual gold medals in the all-around, bars and beam and the silver on floor. Ross will once again lead the U.S. Team at the 2010 Pan American Championships in Guadalajara, Mexico, Sept. 2-5. Good luck to Ross and Team USA, which includes Gabrielle Douglas of Virginia Beach, Va./Excalibur Gymnastics; Brenna Dowell of Odessa, Mo./GAGE; Sarah Finnegan of Lake Latawanna, Mo./GAGE; McKayla Maroney of Laguna Niguel, Calif./All Olympia; Ross; and Sabrina Vega of Carmel, N.Y./Dynamic Gymnastics.



S pot l ight

Phantom Gymnastics

provides update on Bella Tucker Fund


hantom Gymnastics in Hampstead, N.H., wants to pass along a Bella Tucker update to the gymnastics community. This is a follow-up to the magazine and website articles that ran earlier this year about Bella Tucker, a young gymnast who came down with a near fatal infection on Easter and underwent quadruple amputation surgery. Below is the update prepared by Cathie Lowell of Phantom Gymnastics, Bella’s gym. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------We are happy to report that Bella’s spirits are high despite a few setbacks and additional operations during the last month. She has been in both the Children’s Hospital and the Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital in Boston. She has begun some physical therapy to strengthen her core, getting her ready for the Shriner’s hospital in Philadelphia where the real work will begin. Bella will receive prosthetics and she and her family remain hopeful and encouraged. Bella celebrated her ninth birthday on Aug 12. She continues to have lots of visitors and has learned to use her electric wheel chair, which she operates with her elbow, to get around the hospital and garden. She spends time playing games and visiting with friends. She’s also become proficient with her iPad, which allows her to use Facebook to view and respond to posts!

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USA Gymnastics National Congress and Trade Show will be held in conjunction with the Visa Championships in Saint Paul, Minnesota.

USA Gymnastics National Congress and Trade Show will be held in conjunction with the U.S. Olympic Team Trials–Gymnastics in San Jose, California.

June 28-July 1, 2012

Event information on these and other upcoming events is available at

S pot l ight

Thank you to USA Gymnastics and the gymnastics community, who have helped create awareness for Bella’s cause and raise thousands of dollars for the family. USA Gymnastics provided a booth at the Visa Championships Fan Fest, where the Phantom Gymnastics Team did an exhibition in conjunction with a fund raising campaign. Many gymnastics clubs visited the booth and took the 10.0 campaign back to their gyms to help out. Cards, well wishes, teddy bears and more have been sent from gymnasts from all over the world. Many little girls have sent their own allowance money as a donation. Gymnasts have set up lemonade stands, made t-shirts to sell, and have come up with some very creative ways to help raise money for Bella. Local gyms in New Hampshire have done some amazing work with a chinup-a-thon from NEGTC raising more than $14,000, Gym Village with another $10,000, Elite Cheer in Massachusetts another $10,000, and Phantom Gymnastics earned $25,000 for the Bella Tucker fund. Eight other local gyms also raised money to help with Bella’s medical

expenses. The New Hampshire gymnastics association also played a critical role with funds and awareness and is planning a meet where all of the donations will go to the BellaTucker Fund. Gymnastics’ vendors have also made donations, including $1,000 from Snowflake Leotards. Everyone’s generosity and thoughtfulness are what have helped Bella get through this very tough time. It keeps her smiling and feeling special and that makes all of the difference! It really has been inspiring to see how much strength exists in the gymnastics community to make such a big difference in the life of a fellow gymnast. Thank you all for your kindness and support! For more information, please visit - Cathie Lowell, Phantom Gymnastics

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INTERNATIONAL ELITE COMMITTEE July 23, 2010 Chairman Coach Representatives Athlete Representative National Team Coordinator Vice President Program Women’s Program Director

Motion Brestyan Second Liukin PASSED (5 yes, 1 no)

Steve Rybacki Marvin Sharp Mihai Brestyan Valeri Liukin Terin Humphrey Martha Karolyi Kathy Kelly Gary Warren

Meeting adjourned at 9:40 p.m. (Pending Approval)

ATHLETE DEVELOPMENT COMMITTEE Coach Representatives Zim Kmeskal Ashly Baker Enrique Trabanino (absent) Meeting convened at 8:30 p.m. 1. National Elite Qualifying Meets 2011 Steve presented the bids that we have received and the committee discussed the dates, those clubs involved in the Elite Program with National Team Members first and then considered other contributions to the elite program. The committee also wanted to make sure that the 3 meets awarded in the spring season were spread across the country. Gliders Invite WOGA Invite Bieger Beach Invite

Feb 11-12 Feb 18-19-20 Feb 25-27

USA Gymnastics TV Schedule

2. Developmental Training Camp Committee discussed extending the length of the developmental camps. They will review training camp contents, selection, etc. They will complete the design at the next camp.

Don’t miss the World Artistic Gymnastics Championships from Rotterdam on NBC and Universal Sports: Check the USA Gymnastics website at for the most up-to-date TV schedule and Universal Sports dates and times.

Recommendation to increase the Developmental Camp by one day and to bring in 4 judges to the verification camps.

Oct 23 4-6 p.m. ET* Oct 24 2-4 p.m. ET*


*Times subject to change.




See Jeff at USAG National Congress. This year he will be speaking on Recreational Gymnastics Philosophy & Progressions, Marketing & Business Management.

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USA Gymnastics 132 E. Washington St., Suite 700 Indianapolis, IN 46204



Indianapolis, IN Permit No. 7867


Technique - Sept./Oct. 2010 - Vol. 30, #9  

Technique - Sept./Oct. 2010 - Vol. 30, #9

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