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FEATURES 10 Tyson American Cup

Rebecca Bross and Maxim Devyatovsky won the all-around titles at the 2010 Tyson American Cup, held at the DCU Center in Worcester, Mass., Mar. 6.

18 Nastia Liukin Supergirl Cup Lexie Priessman of Cincinnati Gymnastics Academy won the al l-around t itle at the inaugural Nastia Liukin Supergirl Cup at the DCU Center in Worcester, Mass., March 5. 20 Winter Cup Challenge Chris Brooks of the University of Oklahoma, won the all-around title at the 2010 Winter Cup Cha llenge at the Las Vegas Sports Center, Feb. 7.


24 Chris Brooks - A Good Bet

Nam ~-\\bmen: Tom KoII

Chris Brooks' hard work and perseverance helped him take the title at the W inter Cup Challenge and earn a spot to compete in the 2010 Tyson American Cup where he finished thi rd in the allaround.

Nam ~-\\bmen: ~""1¥OOi National MemiJeJlNp- Men:Y<i:hlTomi1a Natiooal~- Men:Rmsfyltrnm


National t.IembeMp-lIampdi-.& TunilIing:GeageIlrew Natiooal MeIrIJeMp-Amlbati:Gjrnnasti<s: IX Jay Binda'

28 Rhythmic Challenge


Jul ie Zetlin and Rebecca Sereda won th e sen ior and junior t it les, respective ly, at th e 2010 Rhyth mic Cha llenge, held in Colorado Springs, Feb. 11-14.

MiwyCoondl: Roofmls MiwyCrud Mike lm!llEn ArhIeIeDie<1l>-\\bmen:Kim_

At!1Ietelli1m' - Men: b'in In'IJtIiIbeIyeI At!1IetelN«tor-R/rjIhmicJesslcaHttwaIli

36 Rebecca Bross - Aspires to Achieve


Rebecca Bross is a two-ti me medalist from th e 2009 World Championships and most recently won the Tyson American Cup title. She comes from a line of cham pi ons and aspires to be the next in line!

At!1Ietelli1m' - AmlbalicG)ma1llliG: MitJaeI ROOrigues PtitlicIeaocBitlyKelIey

IIltrKleaocfrankMallhalI 1IibIi: Ieaoc fvn Maris



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COVER: Rebecca Bross and

Maxim Devyatovsky. Inset: Nastia Liukin and Lexie Priessman. Photos by John Cheng





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Well, the season is in full swing. Recently, we had a wonderful weekend in Worcester, Massachusetts where USA Gymnastics hosted the Tyson American Cup and the first-ever Nastia Liukin Supergirl Cup. Congratulations are in order to Rebecca Bross and Alexandra Raisman for finishing first and second for th e U.S. and Maxim Devyatovsky of Russia for winning the men's title. Jonathan Horton and Chris Brooks were closely behind in second and third. We are surely to see more outstanding gymnastics from these athletes in the years to come, as has been the case with so many former American Cup champions . Congratulations to Lexie Priessman of Cincinnati Gymnastics Academy, who became the inaugural champion for the Nastia Liukin Supergirl Cup. It was great to see athletes ranging from 11-18 competing on the podium, many for the very first time. We appreciate the support we received from Warner Bros . Consumer Products, and GK Elite Sportswear for helping all of the athletes to look and feel like the Supergirls they are. As most of you are aware, we have kicked off the fifth annual Tyson Fitness Challenge. The importance of getting our youth more physically active was underscored earlier this year when First Lady Michelle Obama launched "Let's Move," her childhood obesity initiative. The Tyson Fitness Challenge focuses on four fundamentals of fitness - cardiovascular conditioning, strength training, flexibility and nutrition. Register for this year's Tyson Fitness Challenge at www. tysonfitn esscha Ilenge .com Highlights of this year's re-energized program include an online version of the Administrator's Handbook; web-based giving for Children's Miracle Network; lesson plans for all levels in flexibility, strength and cardiovascular exercises and new games; information on the importance of nutrition, a well-balanced diet, and portion control, as well as handouts that focus on those key areas; two bonus vid eos of group "station" exercises and gymnastics, including specific weakness prevention exercises; promotional materials, including the "Train Like a Champion" poster, stories from our clubs, successful tips for incorporating the Tyson Fitness Challenge into your curriculum and publicizing the program; and weekly fitness tips to help keep the program top of mind with instructors and students. We have also teamed up with Tyson Foods for a new sweepstakes, the "Tyson Recipe for Success ." This promotion is for gymnasts, coaches, and cooking enthusiasts. Simply submit your favorite Tyson snack or meal that you prepare for a chance to win a trip to the U.s. Women's National Team Training Center and the opportunity to cook for Bela Karolyi! It's easy -- just upload your recipe, a picture of your completed dish (optional), along with the Tyson product used, by Thursday, April 8, at www.usa-gymnastics. org/tysonrecipeforsuccess. Three finalists will be selected by USA Gymnastics to go to the U.S. Women's National Team Training Center and cook their recipes for Bela Karolyi, who will select the winning recipe! The winner will be featured on the USA Gymnastics web site, in the magazine and in next year's Tyson Fitness Challenge booklet. Encourage your students to go to and enter today. We look forward to more fun this Spring, and wish you all success in your

gymnastics. See you in the gym,

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Bross and Devyatovsky Take the Titles at the

and stuck her tucked, full -twisting double-back dismount for a 15.300 . A standing Arabian and a double Arabian dismount yielded Bross a 15.300 on balance beam. Finishing on floor, Bross showed off a new floor routine and opened with a front handspring layout front, double front on her first tumbling pass. Her score of 14.850 sealed her all-around title.

Tyson American Cup


ebecca Bross of WOGA in Plano, Texas, and Maxim Devyatovsky of Russia won the all-around titles at the 2010 Tyson American Cup, held at the DCU Center in Worcester, Mass., Mar. 6. A lexand ra Raisman of Brestyan's American Gymnastics and Jonathan Horton of Cypress Academy both finished second, with the USA's Chris Brooks from the University of Oklahoma claiming third. With the USA finishing onetwo in the women's all-around, Bross easi ly took the title with her 60.550, whi le Raisman, who is from Needham, Mass., posted a 58.900. Rounding out the top three was Venezuela's Jessica Lopez with a 56 .500. Ariella Kaeslin of Switzerland and Yuko Shintake of Japan were fourth (56.050) and fifth (56.000). " I am very happy with how I did," said Bross, who was the allaround silver medalist at the 2009 World Championships. "It just shows that all of my hard work paid off." For the men, Devyatovsky scored a 90.600 total, finishing 0.450 ahead of Horton's 90.150. Brooks tallied an 89.900 for third in the all-around, edging out defending champion Fabian Hambuechen of Germany, who had an 89.000. Daniel Keatings of Great Britain finished fifth at 88.650.

"I am very, very glad to have won," said Devyatovsky. "It was important to me because in 1986, 24 years ago, an athlete (Alexei Tikhonkikh) from the former Soviet Union and my hometown was a winner of the American Cup and an American girl (Kristie Phillips) won at that competition as well. So I am very glad!" He added, "I was in the exact position during the 2007 American Cup. I was leading the competition going into high bar and I missed my routine. I tried not to think of my previous mistakes today when I was going on high bar during the last event. I'm glad I hit my routine this time and won the meet." Bross, 16, posted the highest score on three of the four apparatus, bars, beam and floor, while her Yurchenko double-full vault earned a 15.100, the secondhighest score on this event. On bars, she executed a clean routine



Raisman, 15, was competing in her first sen ior competition . She landed a Yurchenko double full vault to earn the highest women's vault score of a 15.150. On bars she hit a solid routine to score a 14.000. On beam she executed a beautiful stuck double Arabian dismount for a score of 15.050. She opened her floor routine with a one-and-a-half twist to double Arabian tumbling pass and earned a score of 14.700. "It felt amazing to go out there and compete in front of my friends and family," said Raisman. "Until I sawall the signs in the stands, I didn't know there were that many girls from my gym here, so it made ' it even more special to have all that support." Houston-native Horton began the competition on pommel horse where he hit his routine to score a 14.100. He then delivered a solid flo or routine to earn a 15.150. His d ifficulty-packed rings routine scored a 15.800. He earned his highest event score, a 16.050, on vau lt for his front handspring 12 USA GYMNASTICS





double front. Horton struggled on the parallel bars and netted a 13.700, which dropped him into second going into the fina l rotation. On high bar, Horton completed a series of re lease moves, including a layout, tuck, and full twisting Kovacs, to score a 15.3 50. "I felt good all day, even on para ll el bars," sa id Horton, who is the reigning U.S. allaround champion. "I just slipped off para ll el bars, and I should have paid more atte nt ion and re-chalked after Devyatovsky. It's ironic I messed up on parallel bars because it is usually one of my best events." Devyatovsky completed the same vault as Horton, a front handspring double front, to earn a 15.900. On parallel bars, he landed a double-back dismount to score a 15.100. Executing a clean horizonta l bar routine with so lid invert work and a stuck landing clinched the title for Devyatovsky with a score of 14.850.

Also from Houston, Brooks saved the best for last. His high bar routine was loaded with difficulty, including a doub le-twisting, double-layout dismount, to garner the highest score on the event at 15.800, which moved him into third place in the all-around. Hi s high bar score bested those of the reigning Olympic si lver and bronze m eda li sts, Horton and Hambuechen. Brooks had the highest scores of the event on the floor exercise, parallel bars and high bar. Hi s scores on the other events were: 15.550, floor; 13.100, pomme l horse; 14.250, rings; 15.850, vau lt; and 15.350, pa rall el bars. "It was awesome, a great learning experience," said Brooks, who won the 2009 Winter Cup Cha ll enge all-around . " I am proud of how I was able to pull it together. On pommel horse, my hand slipped , and then I strugg led a little bit on rings. I thought to myse lf, 'There are three more events and let's get it back together.' And, I did, especially on para ll el bars and high bar. It was awesome to compete with Jon and support each other. It was a great overa ll experience." Other highlights on the women's side, Swiss gymnast - Ariella Kaeslin executed a front- handspring Ru di vault and sco red 15.100, tying with Bross for the second highest score on this event. Venezuela's Jessica Lopez hit a ni ce bar routine with a high Jaeger and Gienger to score a 14.300, finishing second on this event. On the men's side, Great Britain's Daniel Keatings fe ll on his strongest event, pomme l horse, but sti ll received the top score of 14. 800 on this event. Japan's Koji Yamamuro did a Kasamatsu double full vault and scored a 16.200, the top score of the competition on any event . X







WOMEN'S ALL-AROUND RESULTS 1. Rebecca Bross 2. Alexandra Raisman 3. Jessica Lopez 4. Ariella Kaeslin 5. Yuko Shintake 6. Elisabeth Seitz




15.100 15.150 13.800 15.100 13.400 13.950

15.300 14.000 14.300 12.850 13.900 13.350 12.200 12.300

15.300 15.050 14.500 14.200 14.900 14.150

FX 14.850 14.700 13.900 13.900 13.800 14.100

AA 60.550 58.900 56.500 56 .050 56.000 55.550 55.150 53.900

MEN'S ALL-AROUND RESULTS 1. Maxim Devyatovsky 2. Jonathan Horton 3. Chris Brooks 4. Fabian Hambuechen 5. Daniel Keatings 6. Koji Yamamuro 7. Jorge Hugo Giraldo Lopez 8. Flavius Koczi




FX 15.150 15. 150 15.550 14.950 14.400 14.950 13.400 14.800

PH 14.150 14.100 13.100 13.600 14.800 14.200 14.050 14.700

SR 15.450 15.800 14.250 14.550 14.050 15.150 14.900 13.350




15.900 16.050 15.850 15.750 15.800 16.200 15.350 15.900

15.100 13.700 15.350 14.650 15.100 11.650 14.100 13.450

14.850 15.350 15.800 15.500 14.500 14.700 14.400 13.000

AA 90.600 90.150 89.900 89.000 88.650 86.850 86.200 85.200

Maxim Devyatovsky and Rebecca Bross are holding the beautiful "Cup," created exclusively by A-l Awards.

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NASTIA LI UKI N .fuperglrl cup ~


exie Priessman of Cincinnati Gymnastics Academy, won the all-around title at the inaugural Nastia Liukin Supergirl Cup at the DCU Center in Worcester, Mass., March 5. "It was awesome to win," said Priessman, who is 13. "First, meeting Nastia was a dream of mine and I've never won anything so big before. It's a great honor!" Priessman was most pleased with her beam routine. "Beam is not my strongest event," said Priessman. "I knew I was ending the meet on beam and had to hit my routine . I was so glad that I did." Kassandra Lopez of Gym World East in Tucson, Ariz., and Diandra Milliner of Folger's Gymnastics in Andover, Kan., finished second and third, respectively, in the 36-gymnast field that boasted competitors from 17 states across the country. Proceeds from the event go to the Nastia Liukin Fund, a charitable fund within the National Gymnastics Foundation . "I'm kind of speechless to have my own meet and partner with Supergirl and USA Gymnastics and to commentate my first full-on live event for Universal Sports," said 2008 Olympic all -around champion Nastia Liukin. "I hope all the g irls had a great t ime and will remember this event their entire life because I know I will." Priessman, who is from Cincinnati, Ohio, won the all-around




with a total score of 38.400. On vault, she performed a doubletwisting Yurchenko to score a 9.750. She earned a 9.450 on bars, landing a great, full-twisting double-layout dismount. On floor, she led with a tucked full-twisting double-back to score a 9.475. In her final rotation, she earned a 9.725 on balance beam to secure the title . Priessman had the top scores on both bars and beam and was the second-h ighest score on vau lt and floor. Lopez posted a 37.675 in the all-around with individual scores of: a 9.450 on vault, a 9.425 on bars (second highest score), a 9.425 on beam and a 9.375 on floor. Milliner rounded out the top three with her total score of 37.400, earning a 9.850 on vau lt for her Yurchenko one-and-a-half (top score on this event), 9.350 on bars, 8.650 on beam and 9.550 on floor, also the highest score on this event. The 36 competitors were chosen for the Nastia Liukin Supergirl Cup based on performances at the 15 invitationals that comprised the Nastia Liukin Cup Series. The Nastia Liukin Supergirl Cup is a partnership between Warner Bros. Consumer Products, USA Gymnastics and Liukin . The Nastia Liukin Supergirl Cup and the accompanying Nastia Liukin Cup Series provided a unique competitive opportunity for the cou ntry's rising female gymnasts. 1\

Lexie Priessman won the inaugural Nastia Liukin Supergirl Cup. Priessman and the other participants received a Nastia Liukin-designed competition leotard, tank leotard and a warm-up from GK Elite.

Pictured here are all of the 36 competitors in the inaugural Nastia Liukin Supergirl Cup event with Nastia.



WINTER CUP Back Row L to R: Kevin Tan, Danell Leyva, Chris Brooks, Paul Ruggeri III, Alexander Naddour, Steven Legendre. Front Row L to R: Jake Dalton, Jonathan Horton, Tim Gentry, Brandon Wynn, Tyler Mizoguchi

Chris Brooks of the University of Oklahoma won the all-around title at the 2010 Winter Cup Cha llenge at the Las Vegas (Nev.) Sports Center, Feb. 7. The all-around and individual event champions were determ ined with a combi ned two-day score. In add ition, 17 men were named to the U.S. Senior National Team. Brooks, who is from Houston, led the all-around after the first day and finished with a two-day score of 175.800. He also won an individual event title on high bar (31.100). 2009 U.s. all-around champion and 2008 Olympic high bar silver-medalist Jonathan Horton of Houston/ Cypress Gymnastics was second with 174.750. Horton posted an event high all-around score during the final round on Saturday night. " I am very proud of Chris and what he was able to accomplish this weekend," said OU Head Coach Mark Williams. "He followed a good performance the first night with an even



better performance to win the competition . To finish ahead of a talented field that includes Horton, says a lot about how hard he has trained . He will do great on the National Team." The University of Michigan's Chris Cameron of Winter Haven, Fla ., took third with 172.450. 2009 world fourth-place high bar finisher Danell Leyva of Miami/ Universa l Gymnastics, finished in fourth (172 .150) and was the top gymnast on parallel bars (30.700). Stanford's Tim Gentry of Plano, Texas, scored a 170.800 to finish in fifth. Oklahoma 's Steven Legendre of Fl ower

Mound, Texas, the 2009 U.S. floor exercise champion and world finalist, won the floor (30.900) and vault (32.550) titles to f ini sh in sixth place in the all-around (170.550). Oklahoma's Alexander Naddour of Mesa, Ariz., finished first on pommel horse (29 .900) and placed seventh in the all-around (170.300) . Oh io State University's Brandon Wynn of Voorhees, N.J ., earned the top score on still rings (30.550). The 17 gymnasts named to the U.S. Men's Senior National Team will be on the team through the 2010 Visa Championships in Hartford, Conn., Aug. 11-14. Based on the Winter Cup results, 10 qualified for the team using the National Team Points System, and the remaining gymnasts were se lected by the Men's Program Committee from among the Winter Cup participants and athlete petitions. X

Danell Levva




Alex Naddour


Steven legendre FLOOR EXERCISE Oklahoma Michigan Illinois

30.900 30.300 30.200

1. Alexander Naddour 2. Chris Cameron 3. Steven Spencer

Oklahoma Michigan Ohio State

29.900 29.350 29.100

Brandon Wynn 2. Jonathan Horton 3. Tim Gentry

Ohio State Cypress Stanford

30.550 30.050 30.000

Oklahoma Illinois Oklahoma Oklahoma

32.550 32.250 32.100 32.100

Universal Illinois Michigan

30.700 29.200 29.150

Oklahoma Universal Cypess

31.100 29.850 29.000

1. Steven Legendre 2. Chris Cameron 3. Chad Wiest


Steven Legendre Paul Ruggeri III Christopher Brooks Jacob Dalton

PARALLEL BARS 1. Danell Leyva 2. Tyler Mizoguchi 3. Chris Cameron


*For full results go to 22


Christopher Brooks Danell Leyva Jonathan Horton

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Chris Brooks - A Good Bet By Luan Pesze k, Photos by John Cheng

he Winter Cup Challenge took place is Las Vegas, so w hat were the odds that Chris Brooks wo uld win the all-around tit le? According to Ru sta m Sharipov, his coach at the Uni ve rsity of Oklahoma, th e o dds were good that Chris could take the title. Sharipov said, "It wasn't a b ig surprise to me that Chr is won because he has been wo rking hard for the past four years. He has set the right goals, was patient with his gymnastics, and it all came together." In a break-through performance Brooks wo n the al l-a round and high bar titles . He said, "Winning the al l-around at Winter Cup felt awesome ' After hurting my ank le just before the 2009 Visa Championships and not re-making the national team, it felt grea t to earn my spot again. I trained ve ry hard for this competition so competing and doing we ll felt good and w inning was an ad ded bonus. Brooks' goal for 2010 7 "To con tinu e training hard, and make a push for the World Team." Coach Sharipov said, " I think Chris is capab le of being in th e top 10 at the World Champi o nships and being competitive w ith Jonathan Horton and Fabian H ambuechen and the Jap anese guys." Last year at the W inter Cup Challenge Brooks was fifth all-around, third on f loor and fourth on high bar. He earned an assign ment to M oscow for an internation al compet iti on but hurt his back and d idn't go to the co mpetition. He concentrated on gett ing stronger. Then 10 days prior to the Visa Championships he hurt hi s ankle on a difficult tumbling pa ss. He co mpeted four even t s at Visa Championships and did wel l, but did not make the nationa l team. He went b ac k to the gym added difficul t y and it al l fina lly came together at th is yea r's Winter Cup.


We caught up with Brooks and talked to him about his win at the Winter Cup Challenge. USA Gymnastics: What event were you most pleased with at Winter Cup and why? Brooks: I was most pleased with my high bar routine. It was only my second time trying that routine in a competition and I feel like I performed it well both days. USA Gymnastics: How did it feel to win high bar title? Brooks: Winning high bar felt good. The first time I tried this routine in competition it did not go very well, so I got back in the gym worked out the kinks and was very happy with how I did at this competition

Continued on p. 32 24



Julie Zetlin

Rebecca Sereda

ulie letlin of Rhythmflex in Gaithersburg, Md., and Rebecca Sereda of Isadora Rhythmics in Staten Island, NY, won the senior and junior titles, respectively, at the 2010 Rhythmic Challenge, held in Colorado Springs, Feb. 11-14. 2007 Pan American Games ribbon silver-medalist letlin of Bethesda, Md ., scored a 95 .325 in the all-around to claim the title, followed by Anastasia Torba of Allegro Rhythmic in second with a 94.650. She lby Kisiel of North Shore Rhythmic placed third in the all-around with a 91 .150. Olga Pavlen ko of Isadora and JoAnna Arnold of North Shore Rhythmic rounded out the top five in the all-around. letlin took first on rope (24.525) and hoop (24.500), while Kisiel was first in ribbon (24.375). Katherine Scarnechia of North Sho re Rhythmic won the ball event with a score of 23.775. letl in said, "It felt good . I trained and prepared well this year and I was healthy which helps. I was most pleased with my hoop routine. It was my strongest and cleanest routine . I felt confident and nailed the ending." USA Gymnastics Rhyth mic Program Director Caroline Hunt said, "Julie is our veteran and a strong


SENIOR DIVISION ALL AROUND 1. Julie Zetlin 2. Anastasia Torba 3. Shelby Kisiel 4. Olga Pavlenko 5. JoAnna Arno ld 6. Katherine Scarnechia


Rhythmflex Allegro Rhythmics North Shore Rhy. Isadora North Shore Rhy. North Shore Rhy.


95.325 94.650 91.150 91.100 89.950 89.250

JUNIOR DIVISION ALL-AROUND 1. Rebecca Sereda 2. Jazzy Kerber 3. Polina Kozitskiy 4. Megan Kincaid 5. Cindy Lu 6. Amanda Tran

Isadora North Shore Rhy. Philad. Rhy Acad. California Rhy. Twin Cities Rhy. Kortel Gym.

95 .625 90.950 90.300 85.300 85.250 81.975


"I have three international competitions in March, including a World Cup in Portugal, and two Grand Prix events in Ukraine and France." - Julie Zetlin


competitor. Anastasia can also be considered a veteran since she is a second-year senior and an experienced gymnast at the junior level. The rest of the senior field is young and inexperienced but very talented. It's great to see the team striving for higher difficulty levels than in the past. They have a strong technical base from their junior years." 2009 Junior Pan American Championships all-around champion Sereda of Staten Island, N.Y., won the junior title with a score of 95.625 and also won all four events - rope (24.350), hoop (23.350), ball (24.050) and clubs (23.875) . Sereda said, "I was very happy to win the rhythmic challenge. I had a completely new hoop routine that I was nervous to do but managed to still get a good performance. I also had some small changes in every other routine but hoop was the newest and the hardest." Jazzy Kerber of North Shore Rhythmic Gymnastics Center, finished second in the all-around with a 90.950 and Polin a Kozitskiy of Philadelphia Rhythmic Academy took third all-around with a score of 90.300. Megan Kincaid of California Rhythms and Cindy Lu of Twin Cities Rhythmic finished fourth and fifth in the all-around, respectively, with scores of 85 .30 and 85 .25 . Hunt said, "This is a super strong field of talented girls and many are already internationally competitive. It makes things exciting here in the u.s. that we have so many strong juniors that are winning medals internationally." 1<

Anastasia Torba

Olga Pavlenko


Shelby Kisiel




SENIOR DIVISION ROPE 1. Julie Zetlin 2. Anastasia Torba 3. Olga Pavlenko

Rhyt hmflex All egro Rhythmic Isadora

24.525 23 .775 23.150

Rhythmflex Allegro Rhythm ic North Shore Rhy.

24.500 23.875 23.225

HOOP 1. Ju lie Zetlin 2. Anastasia Torba 3. JoAnna Arnold

JoAnna Arnold

BALL 1. Katherine Scarnechia 2. Anastasia Torba 3. Olga Pavlenko

North Shore Rhy. 23.775 All egro Rhyt hm ics 23.400 Isadora 23.300


RIBBON 1. Shelby Kisiel 2. Julie Zetlin 3. Anastas ia Torba

North Shore Rhy. 24.375 Rhythmflex 23.750 Allegro Rhythm ics 23.600



JUNIOR DIVISION ROPE 1. Rebecca Sereda 3. Poli na Kozitskiy 2. Jazzy Kerber

Isadora Philad. Rhy. Acad. Nort h Sho re Rhy.

24.350 23.900 22.225

Isadora North Shore Rhy. Twin Cities Rhy.

23.350 22 .675 22.375

HOOP 1. Rebecca Sereda 2. Jazzy Kerber 3. Cindy Lu


BALL 1. Rebecca Sereda 2. Jazzy Kerber 3. Polina Kozitskiy

Isadora 24.050 North Shore Rhy. 23 .875 Philad . Rhy. Acad . 23 .625 It

CLUBS 1. Rebecca Sereda 2. Megan Kincaid 3. J azzy Kerber

Isadora 23.875 Ca lifornia Rhythms 22.725 North Shore Rhy. 22.175

Jazzy Kerber

• • •

Polina Kozitskiy •

Katherine Scarnechia



Chris Brooks - A Good Bet


USA Gymnastics: What type of career do you want to pursue? Brooks: Not sure yet but I have thrown around a few ideas. I would enjoy continuing involvement with gymnastics so owning a gym and/or being an NCAA coach come to mind or doing something with cars. USA Gymnastics: Can you tell us about your hobbies outside of gymnastics? Brooks: My hobby' outside of gymnastics is sports cars. It is in my blood, my dad used to race motorcycles, so that's where it started. We rode for a few years until my brother turned 16 and got his first car; our passion went from dirt bikes to sports cars and we never looked back. I love car shows, testing my skills at the race track, and just hanging out with other car enthusiasts. USA Gymnastics: Can you tell us about your family? Brooks: I have a great supportive family. I have an older brother (Nick) and an older sister (Erica) who both did gymnastics when they were younger. My brother was one of my coaches in Houston before I went to college, and has been a good example to me in and out of the gym growing up. My mother Terry is awesome, she always thinks I'm the best gymnast competing even if I fall 10 times and is proud of me as long as I compete with passion and never forget anything is possible through Christ. I lost my father Larry a little over a year ago, but his memory and belief in me will stay with me forever. He always was supportive and believed I could go as far as I wanted in gymnastics. I learned a lot from him and I know he is watching over me guiding my walk in this path of life. 1\

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ational Gymnastics Day in 2010 culminates with the Tyson Fitness Challenge to raise money for Children's Miracle Network. The Tyson Fitness Challenge, an eight-session program, kicked off at the Tyson American Cup on March 6 and continues through September 18, 2010, National Gymnastics Day. .

The past five years of the Tyson Fitness Challenge have been a great success, but we want to make this year even better! Based on feedback from you , our clubs, we have expanded the Tyson Fitness Challenge to provide even more benefits!

Fundraising and fitness go hand in hand! By incorporating the Tyson Fitness Challenge into your schedule, you are helping get today's youth off the couch and more physically active. Through your participation in the Tyson Fitness Challenge and its fundraising effort, 100% of the funds you raise will go to your local Children's Miracle Network hospital. By encouraging kids to fundraise for Children's Miracle Network, you are helping to engage them in your community! X

• Earlier access to CMN's Online Giving web site and • New cardio games • Nutrition handouts that highlight portion size and better healthy food options, as well as quick and simple recipes from USA Gymnastics athletes. • New exercise content provided by St. Vincent's Sports Performance consultants

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Kozitskiy Makes ~inals at Moscow Grand Prix


Junior Pan American Championships all-around silvermedalist and clubs champion Polina Kozitskiy of Founta inville, Pa ., finished 10th in the junior all-around competition at the 2010 Rhythmic Gymnastics Grand Prix, February 20-21 in Moscow, Russia. Kozitskiy, who trains at Philadelphia Rhythmic Academy and finished third in the junior all-around at the Rhythmic Challenge, earned an all-around score of 89 .375 and qualified into ball finals, where she placed seventh. North Shore Rhythmic Gymnastics Center's Shelby Kisiel of Houston, who was third in the all-around at the 2010 Rhythmic Challenge, competed in only her second senior international compet ition and finished in the top 25 in the all-around. 2009 world champion Evgenia Kanaeva of Russia won the senior allaround title. ~

Polina Kozitskiy





• 41

Jazzy Kerber (left), Julie Zetlin (right)

Kerber medals in hoop, Zetlin earns career best at 2010 Montreal World Cup

u.s. junior Jazzy Kerber of Highland Park, III., took the bronze medal in hoop at the Junior Tournament of the 2010 Montreal World Cup at the Centre Pierre Charbonneau sports hall in Montreal, Canada, Feb . 2. Senior Julie Zetlin of Bethesda, Md., a two-time U.S. World Team member and Pan American silver meda li st in ribbon, earned an international career best fifth place finish in ball and hoop. Kerber, who trains at North Shore Rhythmic Gymnastics Center, earned a 24.475 in hoop to take the bronze behind Adele Galina of Russia (25 .625) and Nataliya Leshchyk of Be larus (25.450), respectively. She finished fifth all-around and qualified for all four event finals, fini shing fourth in clubs (22.775) and fifth in both ba ll (22.600) and clubs (22 .300). Junior Megan Kincaid of Los Angeles/ California Rhythms finished seventh in the all-around at her first world cup and qualified for three event finals, finishing fifth in hoop (22.475) and sixth in rope (21.225) and clubs (22.325).

The junior champions at the event were: Leshchyk, clubs; Va leria Tkachenko of Russia, ball; and Adele Galina of Russia, rope. Rhythmflex's Zetlin qualified for all four senior event finals. For her two fifth place finishes, she scored a 25.475 in hoop and 25.225 in ball , a career best. Zetlin finished seventh in ribbon with a 24 .350 and was eighth in rope (23.950). She also placed eig hth in th e all -arou nd with a 98.650. Russia's Evgeniya Kanaeva won the all -around title, as well as the top honors in ribbon and ba ll. Russia's Daria Kondakova was first in hoop, with Belarus' Melitina Stan iouta posting the highest score in rope . Other U.S. gymnasts who competed at the event in their first world cup were seniors Anastasia Torba of Orinda, Ca lif.! Allegro Rhythmic (17 all-around), Shelby Kisiel of Houston (12 all-around) and Katherine Scarnechia of Long Grove, III. (18 all-around), both from North Shore Rhythmic Gymnastics Center. 1\


• • • • •

, I

• 42


A Perfect 10

!=uture Stars !'v1istake

Cong ratulations to 1991 World Champion and 1992 O lympic Bronze Medalist Kim Zmeskal Burdette and her husband Chris on the arriva l of their new daughter Riven Bell e. Riven was born on Feb . 10 and was 6 pounds 14 oz . Kim, who was the first American to win the world all-around title, along w ith husband Chris, own Texas Dreams Gymnastics in Coppell , Texas . Th ey also have t wo sons Ryder, 4, and Koda, 3. Co ng ratul ati ons to the Burdette fam ily! X

In the Jan/ Feb issue of USA Gymnastics magazine the wrong photo ran for th e Region 9 Future Stars 8-9 year-old Nationa l Development Team . The names were correct but the photo was incorrect. Here is the correct phot o and caption . Sorry for the error.

Region 9: Top L to R: Nathan W ill iams, Dawson Sche id, Ve ri Huntsman. Bottom L to R: Mickey Strauss, Reese Lyons, Dall en Farnsworth 1\

• 11




Proud Sponsor GYMNASTICS In recognition of Visa's long-standing support of USA Gymnastics. we are proud to accept only Visa.

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2010 MARCH 25-27 26-27

T& TPan American Championships (TIl USA Gym. Collegiate Champs (M)

Daytona Beach, FL Colorado Springs, CO

Women's NCAA Regionals Men's NCAA Championships USA Gymnastics Collegiate Championships (W) Women's NCAA Championships XIV IntI. H. Chmielewski Tournament (AG) Pacific Rim Champs. Level 9 East/West (W)

various sites West Point, NY Denton, TX Gainesville, FL Swidnica, Poland Melbourne, AUS COOrieston, VN/ Des Mcines, IA

Men's JO National Championships Women's JO National Championships Volkov Cup (AG) National Invitational Tournament World Championship Training Camp (AG)

Knoxville, TN Dallas, TX St. Petersburg, Russia Dallas, TX Huntsville, TX

Acrobatic Gymnastics World Team Trials National Elite Qualifer (AG) U.S. Elite Challenge (TIl Chicago Cup/ Rhythmic JO Nationals Trampoline and Tumbling JO Nationals Women's JO Natl. Team Training Camp

Huntsville, TX Kissimmee, FL Virginia Beach, VA Chicago, IL Virginia Beach, VA Colorado Springs, CO

Aero Gymnastics World Age Group Competition U.S. Men's Qualifier (M) Acrobatic Gymnastics World Championships Rhythmic National Qualifier National Elite Qualifer (AG) CoverGiri Classic (W) Acro JO National Championships

Wroclaw, Poland Colorado Springs, CO Wroclaw, Poland TBD Kissimmee, FL Chicago, IL Kissimmee, FL

APRIL 10 15-17 15-17 22-24 28-May 2 29-No{ 2 ~2

MAY 4-9 6-8 7-9 9 22-24

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Hartford, a Hartford, a Hartford, a Singapore Guadalajara, Mexico Everywhere Moscow, Russia Guadalajara, Mexico

OCTOBER 17-24 28-31

World Artistic Championships (M/W) Women's JO Training Camp

Rotterdam, NED Huntsville, TX

NOVEMBER 4-7 11-13 17 -19 "A Cut AboPe The R~t"

JULY 9-11 10 16-18 17 23-25 23-25 25-28

Future Stars Championships/ Coaches Workshop (M) Colorado Springs, CO Trampoline World Championships (TTl Metz, France International Age Group Championships (TTl Metz, France

Share the Dream at the site of the USA Women's National Team Training Center Where ever

artiei ant feels and is treated like a star!

Welcome to Karolyi's World Camps, home of several Olympic and Wo rld Champions. For beginner, advanced and competitive gymnasts . Girls-minimum age: 7 years old.


20 10

29 years of unforgettable times with our summer campers and coaches.

Bela and Martha Karolyi, coaches of the 1984, 1988 , 1992 , 1996 USA Olympic Teams, invite you to be part of an action-packed and fun-filled summer. They will help you to have the most unique gymnastics experience of your lifetime.

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For 29 years we have been proud to offer the MOST AFFORDABLE TUITION in the USA, along with the most expert and quality gymnastics instruction at Karolyi's beautiful camp, the offical training center of the USA National Team. Please compare our tuition to any of

Camps will be personally directed by Bela, who will share his 40-plus years of coaching experience as he developed some of the most famous Olympic champions in the world, such as Nadia Comaneci, Mary Lou Retton, Kim Zmeskal and Kerri Strug.

the other camps that you may be considering!

29 years of igniting dreams and spiriting students toward excellence in sport!

SESSIONS: June 8-13, 15-20, 22-27 • July 6-11, 13-1 8, 20-25 SPECIAL OFFER Coaches, or group organizers, with the 10 students enrolled are invited free of charge ... Coaches, or group organizers, with 10 students enrolled to attend camp will benefit from housing, meals, recreational facilities, and optional participation in daily technical meetings and instructions.

• Tuition/session: $445 • Additional session: $425 • Enrollment is Limited: Call or write for your camp brochure or check out NOTE: Only money order or cashier 's check will be accepted . • Deposit $75/session (non-refundable) • High-quality intensive gymnastics

(All dates are Tues .-Sun.)

instruction in the 45 ,000 square-foot gymnasium complex, (home of the USA National Team). • Exciting additional outdoor activ ities include: horseback riding , swimming (Olympic-size pool) , tennis , ball games , campfi re acti vities , hay ride, dancing and boating . • Optional airport pick-up available.

APPLICATION NAME _____________________________________________________ ADDRESS _____________________________________________________ CITY ________________________ STATE _ _ _ _ ZIP ______________ J


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Housing, meals, instruction, additional activities.

Karolyi's Gymnastics Camps 454 FS 200 Huntsville, TX 77340 Phone : 936-291-0007 Fax: 936-29 1-8637 Email :

Additional sessions: $425 Commuters: $395 Coaches: See special offer with 10 students enrolled.

Karolyi's Gymnastics Legends Sack row, teft to right: Setty Okino, Mary Lou Retlon, Martha Karolyi, Bele Kcrolyi, Nadia Comaneci. Front row, left to right: Jennie Thompson, Kim Zmeskol, Dominique Moceonu.

~ Caroline Guice Cornelius, NC Caroline, 10, placed 10th allaround and first on vault at last season's state meet as a Level 4. At the Leve lS state meet she won vau lt and placed second all-around. Carol ine is now training Level 7. She's coached by Mindy Weber and Meredith Kistner at Lake Norman Gymnastics Academy.

~ Mathew Davis Orlando, Florida Mathew, 9, is a Level 6 gymnast for the 2009-201 0 Season. Mathew placed first at the Florida State Meet as well as fini shed third in Region 8 for Level 5. He's coached by Joe and Cos from Orlando Metro.

.... Hand 2 Hand Acrobatic Troupe Springboro, Ohio The Hand 2 Hand Acrobatic Troupe is a performance group that helped raised money for Haiti at the Midwest Acro Jam. The Hand 2 Hand Acrobatic Troupe, comprised of 25 ath letes, performs for local ch ildren's hospitals and other programs.

.... Lauren Hermes The Colony, Texas Lauren, 12, placed sixth in Level 9 double mini finals at the Dallas Cup. She has moved to many gyms but settled at Excite. Lauren competed at the 2009 J.O Nationals and is striving for a chance on the podium at J.O.

,. ... Colorado Aerials Colorado Springs, Colorado The LevelS team went undefeated and won the 2009 State Meet. Swimming at the hotel before state results are given L to R: Nicole Sandal, Isabella Witcak, Elise Beard, Alex Cregan, Caylie Pearson, Erin Conner, Cami Beatty, Ashley Morton and Talia Markowski. (missing Sydney Rae Shuman and Kiley Nelms).

Nationals in 2010.


.... Linda Dillon Tampa, Florida



Linda, 10, is a Level 6 rhythmic gymnast from Tampa Bay Rhythmics and coached by Melissa Mueller and Tyana Marlowe. Lin da was Level 5 Region 6 All-Around Champion, taking first on floor and second in rope. She qualified to the 2008 JO Championsh ips and won medals in

Gymtex won "Best Small Gym" at Texas South State Meet for Level 4. Coached by Christina Zhou, the all-around scores of each gymnast ranked in the top six with three golds and three silvers. Top Row L-R: Crysta l Lee, Delaney Wolfe, La ura-Marie Peeples and

hoop and rope.

Bottom Row: Cameron Howard and Daisy Gustin.

c ... Gymtex's Champion State Team Sugar Land, Texas

lassifieds POSITION AVAILABLE OUR GROWING STATE COLLEGE, PA, gym is looking for aclass instructor/ girls compulsory coach to add to our highly motivated staff Previous class teaching and team coaching experience is required. Knowledge of USA Gymnastics Level 4-6 routines are a plus. Evening and Saturday hours and some weekend travel. Applicants must desire to work in a professional atmosphere, be a team player and be available to start no later than May 1, 2010. Interested candidates should email resume to Amy at or fax resume to 814-238-0306. TEAM COACH JOB OPPORTUNITY. The Gymnastics Training Center of Rochester is looking for a Head Team Coach position, Levels 4-9. This state-of-the-art facility is located in upstate New York. This long-term committed coach mllst have acalmdemeanor and willing to work with children of all ages. Salary is commensurate with ability. This can be an immediate job opening but must be filled by September 2010. We are agreat company to work for with all your needs at your fingertips. Any questions, please contact Sarah Jane Clifford, President at 585-3888686; e-mail:; web site: .

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