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"Gymnastics Excellence Through Education"


-.. ; -,,-~

2009 JULY


2-5 10-12 11 12-16

National Elite Qualifier (W) Acrobatic Gymnastics Freedom Cup & World Cup Nationol Quolifier (M) Acrobatic Gymnastics Junior Olympic National Championships

Houston, TX St. Poul, MN Colorado Springs, CO SI. Paul, MN

12-15 15-18 19-21 16-23 18-19 24-26 31-Aug.2

USA Brevet Judges' Course (W) Nationol Judges' Course #1 (W) Notionol Judges' Course #2 (W) World Games (TT) (AG) National Qualifier (R) U.S. Clossic/Challenge (W) Region 6 Congress

Indianapolis, IN Indianapolis, IN Indianapolis, IN Taipei Indianapolis, IN Des Moines, IA Newton, MA

AUGUST 12 12-15 13-15 21-23 21-23

Annuol Business Conference Visa Championships (M,W,R,TT,AG) National Congress ond Trade Show Region 1 Congress CORE Workshop

Dallas, TX Dallas, TX Dallas, TX Santa Clara, CA Burlington, MA

4-8 5-9 7-15 14-22 27-29

Future Stars (M) National Coaches Workshop (M) Trampoline &Tumbling World Championships World Age-Group Competition (TT) British Open Tournament -Stoke-an-Trent rAG)

Colorado Springs, CO Colorado Springs, CO SI.Petersburg, RUS SI. Petersburg, RUS Great Britain

DECEMBER 2-6 6-10

National TOPs Teom Camp (W) Notional TOPs BCamp (W)

Houston, TX Houston, TX

2010 MARCH 6

Tyson American Cup (M/W)

7-8 9

Women's JO National Championships National Invitational Tournament


MAY Dallas, TX Dallas, TX

SEPTEMBER 8-12 9-13 12 18-20 25-27 25-27 30-0cl. 4

1st World Championships Selection Camp (W) Rhythmic Gymnostics World Championships National Gymnastics Day Region 5 Congress Final Selection Event (TT) Notional TOPs Testing (W) Final World Championships Selection Camp (W)

7-12 9-11 9-13 10 12-18 23-25

World Championships Training in Great Britain Region 2 Congress Nationol Team Training Comp (AG) British Open Selection Event (AG) World Artistic Gymnastics Championships (M, W) Region 7 Congress

Houston, Texas Mie, Japon Everywhere Schaumburg, Il las Vegas, NV Houston, TX Houston, TX

oaOBER Great Britain Seattle, WA Houston, Texas Houston, Texas london, ENG Virginia Beach, VA

W=Women R=Rhythmic AG =Acrobatic Gymnastics B=Business NOTE: Dates and events subiect to change or cancellation.



Competitors at the 2009 Men's Junior Olympic National Championships

TR =Trampoline M=Men Tf =TrompolinelTumbling

GG = Group Gymnastics

TU =Tumbling


Steve Penny EDITOR


Grant Glas

USA GYMNASTICS BOARD OF DIRECTORS Choir: Peler Vidmor Vice-Choir: Poul Porillo Secretory: Gory Anderson Treasurer: Morris Jim Nolionol Membership -Women: Tom Koll National Membership -Women: Steve Rybacki Nalional Membership -Men: Yoichi Tomita National Membership -Men: Russ Fystrom National Membership - Rhythmic: Brooke Bushnell-Toohey National Membership -Trampoline &Tumbling: George Drew Nalional Membership -Acrobatic Gymnastics: Dr. Jay Binder Advisory Council: Mike Burns Advisory Council: Ron Ferris Advisory Council: Mike lorenzen Athlete Director -Women: Kim Zmeskol Athlete Director -Men: John Roethlisberger Athlete Director - Rhythmic: Jessica Howord Athlete Director -Trampoline & Tumbling: Korl Heger Athlete Director -Acrobatic Gymonstics: Michael Rodrigues Public Sector: Fronk Morshall Public Sector: Bitsy Kelley Public Sector: Jim Morris Public Sector: Mary lou ReHon






RU You Tweeting?

10 Function vs. Pain

12 GK and JO

1 7 Tyson Fitness Challenge

DEPARTMENTS 2 Event Schedule 4 USA Gymnastics Message

14 Member Services 16 Biz Tips 20 National Congress Information 28 USA Gymnastics University 30 What's New 34 Women's Program Update 44 Aero's Program Update 46 Classifieds





"Gymnastics Excellence Through Education"

I Dallas· 2009

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, IJ ...~


We Look forward to seeing many of you in DaLLas for the USA Gymnastics National Congress and Trade Show at the Sheraton Dallas Hotel, August 12-15.

On the education front, USA Gymnastics plans to unveil a new online course at Congress. The course, "Fundamentals of Gymnastics Instruction," will provide basic education opportunities to all class instructors and competitive coaches within the gymnastics industry. This course has been designed to provide a baseline of gymnastics education for coaches and instructors at all levels. The "Fundamentals of Gymnastics Instruction" course covers a broad range of information, from coaching philosophy and principles to basic gymnastics movements and skill technique for beginning level skills. USA Gymnastics is excited to offer this new online course to assist our club owners with their coaching development. USA Gymnastics is hosting the annual Business Conference on August 12, and this year we are proud to feature the Disney Institute as our keynote presentation. This year's two topics for the Business Conference are "Disney's Approach to Leadership Excellence" and "Disney's Approach to Quality Service." I have been fortunate to participate in a few Disney Institute presentations and have found their perspective valuable. For more information on how to register, go to page 20 in this issue of Technique. Participation in the Business Conference is on a first-come, first serve basis, while space is available. Both Visa Championships and Congress guests will be housed at the Sheraton. Men's and women's gymnastics will take place at the American Airlines Center, while rhythmic gymnastics, trampoline and tumbling and acrobatic gymnastics will be held at the Dallas Convention Center. If you prefer not to rent a car, you may purchase passes for the local transportation system called DART (Dallas Area Rapid Transit), which is economical and easily accessible to both venues. The U.S. Gymnastics Suppliers Association will again hold its annual Mega Raffle in the exhibit hall at Congress, and no prize is valued under $2,000 - so you won't want to miss this! Also scheduled is the USA Gymnastics Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony and Luncheon on Friday, August 14, from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the Dallas Sheraton Hotel. The Hall of Fame Class of 2009 includes: Carly Patterson, Mary Sanders, John Macready, Stephen McCain, James S. Yongue, Shenea Booth and Arthur Davis, Fred Turoff, 1999 Gold Medal U.S. World Championships Men's Double Mini-trampoline Team, and Lifetime Award Recipient Patricia Wilson Henderson. If you have not yet purchased tickets and would like to attend the event, stop by the Registration Desk at Congress. Dallas will truly include something for everyone in our sport this August. NBC and Universal Sports will be on hand to provide coverage for those of you who are unable to attend. If you're not able to make it to Dallas, tune into NBC Sports on Saturday, Aug. 14 from 8-10 p.m. for live coverage of the women's competition and on Aug. 22 from 1:30-3 p.m. for men's competition coverage. The Universal Sports schedule will be announced closer to the event. Have a great summer! See you in the gym,

Steve Penny President/CEO




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Alpha Factor

If you can't make the connection between "tweeting" and or "FBing" and , then you are missing the new wave of Social Media. By Loree Galim ore and Kay Leona rd

So what is social media? Social media is, at its most basic sense, a shift in how people discover, read, and share news, information, and content. It's a fusion of sociology and technology. "Social media networks" are internet sites, tools and services that are specifically designed to help people (or companies) connect and interact both instantaneously and with asynchronous feedback . The real question: Are Twitter, Facebook, Linkedln and / or any of the other sites relevant to increasing your enrollment? Good question! This article will provide a few



basics about these sites; describe how they may help your enrollment; and share how a few clubs are using social media.

How does social media benefit you? Most gyms will tell you that one of their best advertisement tools is word -of-mouth recommendations because current parents and students, who have come to t rust you, want to freely spread the word about that trust to others . Social media sites help create trust with people you don 't know yet. Social networking encourages conversations, builds trust, and allows fo r expanded networking. It also helps people find your gym and can draw people to your website . Last, but not least, it helps you

;){~;;~] :~{<,~~~

keep up-to-date in your industry by reaching your target market through their preferred methods of communication when you sign up for "RSS" feeds or follow "Blogs." Social Media Types and Benefits The four most used social media sites are Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, and YouTube . As of June 2009, Facebook is the most dominant site averaging 70 million users, while Twitter is the fastest growing averaging 17 mill ion users . Below you'll find a nuts and bolts description of each. Facebook • URL - • Formatted social networking site open to anyone over 13. • Uses include status updates, photo/video sharing, event update and invitations, interactive quizzes, and search capabilities • Can be used to connect with members of your gym and other registered businesses as well as an avenue to reach potential members Twitter • URL - • Micro-Blogging site that allows you to let others know what you/your business is doing in 140 characters or less • Based on the idea of "following people," this site lets you search for a member and "follow" them by getting updates via e-mail or text message when a new post is made YouTube • URL - • An internet platform, or host, for posting videos of self-made or production quality • Anyone can search and view posted videos, comments can be left about videos if viewer is logged in, as a member (free membership) Avenue to post examples of classes, training, or to highlight gymnasts Linkedln • URL - • A business-relationship connection tool that allows "A" to meet "(" through "B" • Based premise is that if you know "A" and "A" knows "B" but you don't, then if/when you need or want to meet "B '; you can do so through "A" • Provides greater control over your web

presence and increases outreach potential MySpace • URL - www.myspace .com • Designable social networking site open to anyone who registers (Free membership) used most by teens and entertainment markets for updates and promotions • Allows you to post information about your gym, check community events, and stay in touch with other users Blogs • A type of website, usually maintained by an individual with regular entries of commentary, descriptions of events, or other material that is commonly displayed in a chronological order. • "Blog" can also be used as a verb, meaning to maintain or add content to a blog • Creates a searchable place for members to find and follow details about what is going on in your life or the life of your gym RSS • RSS Feeds are documents that are streamed from websites automatically to a subscriber (free) that includes full or summarized text as well as photos and publishing dates. • Provides benefit by allowing subscribers to receive timely updates from your website or social media sites automatically through email or one or more of their social media sites So What? As you 've probably noticed, your gymnasts are young, and their parents may be younger than you as well. Believe it when we say, they are using one or more of these platforms. So how do you turn their use into your gain? Have a presence in the social media realm.

Treat Your Approach to Social Media like you would any PR effort

1. Don't go running off without a plan. Meet with your marketing team/committee and decide what kind of presence you want to project and how much information you want to share. Think about sharing information on new pieces of equipment in your gym, meets your team won, special events you are hosting, etc.


Decide if/how you will measure your



effectiveness. If you just want to know if your website visits jump, be sure to benchmark your hits before you start any new web act ivity. Good information on measuring your social media activity can be found at www.ragan .com .


Remember that anything you do or say (posting a video, disparaging a judge or judging at a meet, engaging in negat ive comments about a coach or gymnast) WILL get read by "someone" and that "someone" could be that person 's best friend or be "connected " to them through their social network.


Put someone in charge . You wouldn't put mUltiple people in charge of updating your website, so don't put more than one person in charge of the same social media site for the Club (they may have thei r own personal presence of course) . Make sure you all agree on what you want out there . Example of use for multiple locations: The lead marketer emails your Social Media Team (SMT) to ask them to post "attached" on this date or within "X" number of days. That way news breaks evenly across the board with consistent messaging .


In addition to putting your Club out there, use RSS feeds, groups, and searching areas of the sites to see what 's going on around you. Maybe your competit ion is posting info that you've missed . Maybe you missed a really great article that someone is touting. Maybe there 's an event you want to join . For example : Plugging in the word "gymnastics" to a Twitter account brings up untold numbers of "tweets " that include that word in their posts. These searches are global and go outside your own ring of influence. Plugg ing in "gymnastics in (insert your city)'; will bring up even more relevant tweets .

6. Does your website include the ability to create a Blog? If so, put someone in charge of posting news and information on it. Be sure



to use key words that will help search engines find you.

7. Monitor how it's working . Get feedback from your web administrator (are hits going up?), from your registrar (do people check "found you on the internet" when they sign up?), and from those charged with each of the sites you 've chosen to open for your gym (does anyone ever comment? When you search your club name, does it appear anywhere new?) .


Evaluate applications based on monitoring information. Make judgments about your gym 's continued use and time against what you've learned . The services are free, but you don't want to overdue the amount of time an employee spends updating the sites (It 's easy to get sucked into these sites . Make sure the people assigned don 't end up spending gymtime for personal use.) Continue doing on ly what makes sense from a club perspective .

R U Getting the Idea? The message here is simple. If your customers have several choices in your area for gyms, you NEED to stay current and be the gym that people are talking about. You need to be a gym that communicates . You need to appear current and, more importantly, you need to reach new parents and students. Engaging social media helps get you there. USA Gymnastics has recogn ized that need and now has an online social media presence. Check out how we're doing it at USA Gymnastics on and USA Gymnastics on . Tweet you later! If you 'd like to share your site and how you 're using social networking email Luan Peszek at Ipeszek @ usa and we 'll publish a list or post it on the website as well. 1\


~ Sports Pelformal1ce Center

By Ra lph Reiff, M.Ed., LAT, AT( Director St. Vincent Sports Performance - Indianapolis, Indiana


raining of the gymnast rightly occupies the majority of time involvement in the sport of gymnastics. The 'father of athlete training ' S.E. Bilik, MD in his 1917 first edition of the Trainers Bible states that physical training is, "to put the body with extreme and exceptional care under the influence of all the agents which promote its health and strength, in order to enable it to meet extreme and exceptional demands ." Physical training requires time to learn technique, create repetitions that are correct and allow for the development of a neuromuscular memory pattern that allows for flu id functional performance. The trained eye of the masterful coach can identify proPer form, posture and movement. Critically it is also this same 'eye' that will identify the most telling and critical factor in determining the presence of a physical barrier that precipitates an injury or is the symptom of an injury. Training consistency is critical to technique development as we ll as mental health and a feeling of progress and inclusion in the program. As such each athlete, parent and coach encourages the athlete to follow an intense training regimen. In the gyms across America our gymnasts push themselves and appropriately are encouraged by coaches to meet new standards of personal development. In the training process of obtaining new levels the body reacts with sensations of muscle spreness, muscle and structural fatigue and some level of 'inju ry.' Injury by definition is 'damage, wound, trauma .' By my definition injury is any intrusion into the normal function of the human body which precludes normal performance. It is my experience that every gymnast either has been injured, is injured or will become injured; therefore, having a process to delineate the actual status of an athlete is important.


The question being asked in every gym and home in America regarding training and competition is how to manage the gymnast who experiences injury. Knowing that pain is part of the injury process we have allowed 'pain ' to be the telling guide of when to stop or alter the level of activity. Pain as a general indicator for all individuals is an unfair assessment . While it is perhaps safe to lump all decisions into this category, it should also be noted that pain is an emotion which varies greatly

from person to person . Culture has also allowed pain to become a badge of honor. The adage of 'no pain , no gain ' and stories of ath lete s overcoming pain to achieve a goal. Pain can also be 'faked,' exaggerated and down played by the athlete . Pain , by definition is "an unpleasant sensory, an emotional experience associated with, or described in terms of, actua l or potential tissue damage." THE GOLDEN RULE

In my 30 plus years in sports performance health management the golden rule on when to stop training and evaluate is the loss of normal function in movement. â&#x20AC;˘ Function is the most accurate indicator of an issue that needs to be addressed . Any alteration to the normal function of an athlete indicates a root cause effect (injury) to the normal function of a joint or muscle group. Training for professionals in healthcare, specifically certified athletic trainers, for the assessment of an injured athlete is to include the observation of functional movement. It is this element that is inherent to the neuromuscular system that an individual cannot 'hide, alter or fake.' When pain associated with a loss of normal function ranges from very low to very high the altered function of the ath lete is very consistent. Therefore it is an excellent measure of when to addres s the athlete with questions and seek professional consultation . The most telling outcome of allowing function to be the guide is that the professional health care provider and coaches can work together to identify the actual root cause of the malfunction . THE OUTCOME

Establishing a protocol within your gym and a culture among your coaches and parents you can utilize 'funct ional movement pattern s' as your guide to when to stop the gymna st and evaluate the cause. Seek a healthcare provider in your area that has a functional movement appreciation and works with you to understand how to correct the barriers found in the root cause evaluation . Getting to the root cause of a malfunction will lead to better outcomes for your perfo rmer s in injury prevention and performance elevation. 't.

St. Villcellt Hopital alld St. Villemt SPOIts Pelj0l1lJallCe ill Illdiallapolis, Illd., a/~ official sentice providers to USA Gymllastics. Ca1l3 174 15¡5747 or visit




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ome things are natural associations ... peanut butter and jelly, salt and pepper, song and dance, and GK and J.O. Nationals . Who can think of Junior Olympic National Championships without also being aware of a ve ry strong and faithful presence in the form of hundreds and hundreds of beautiful uniforms carrying the GK brand? This as sociation began many years ago, 1983 to be exact, when Ron Ganim wanted his entire Region 5 women's team to compete in matching uniforms. After all, they were the Region 5 TEAM , and they should look like a team . The concept impressed USA Gymnastics and they approached GK about doing the same thing for ALL of the regional teams! What a challenge! Eight women 's regional teams, nine men's regional teams and si x rhythmic regional teams all marching out and competing in the ir regional team uniforms! The challenge being mostly in the fact that there is usually less than a month between the time the regional teams are selected and when they need the apparel for J.O. Nationals . That is just a few weeks to manufacture and sh ip hundreds of competitive uniforms and warm -ups . GK met the challenge with determination and eagerness . Managing the massive process has become a project wh ich is enthusia stically tackled by Elite each year. Over the past 26 years since Region 5 first paraded out in their GK apparel , the process has been honed into a well oiled machine, which goes into action early each spring and is constantly



being improved and streamlined . By the time the individually packaged parcels arrive at J.O. Nationals, months of preparation and hundreds of man-hou rs have gone into the final results . From selecting the d esigns to packing the apparel by reg ion w ith each athlete 's name, the project is a labor of love for all the Elite employees involved . As the program advanced, trampoline and tumbling was included, and recently, acrobatic gymnastics was added to the list. Over the years , the commitment has expanded to include not just the J.O. National Championsh ips, but most of the grass roots programs that feed and nurture these programs from the start. Programs such as Level 9 East & West Championships, Rhythmic Future Stars, TOP's, Men's Future Stars and the T&T JumpStart program , all benefit from the GK sponsorship. Most recently, two new programs have been added to the mi x, the Rhythmic Youth Elite Squad and the T&T Early Development Program . Just in the years from 2001 to 2008, the commitment meant that GK furnished roughly 3,800 pieces of free apparel PER YEAR to these programs. This included men's and women's competitive apparel and warm-ups for appro ximately 2,400 athletes and coaches annually, and represents a co ntribution of over two million dollars worth of product over the course of those eight years! USA Gymnastics certainly recognizes and appreciate s the steadfast support to gymnastics that GK demonstrates so consistently. The various program directors have glowing kudos for the GK effort and support.

"The highlight for all Junior Olympic athletes and development teams (Future Stars and Youth Elite Squad) ; their GK warm -ups! Our gymnasts love the warm-ups because they 're comfortable, fit well and look great. They wear them proudly as a visible symbol of their hard work and achievement. The rhythmic program is thrilled to have GK's support. " - Caroline Hunt Sr. Director of Rhythmic Program " The USA Gymnastics Jr. Olympic Program has been fortunate to have a special association with GK Elite Sportswear. For so many years, GK has outfitted all of the competitors at JO Nationals, giving each region its own beautiful colors to identify them . With GK's generosity, the Regional Team concept has taken on a new dimension, bonding the athletes in each region to work together proudly as a team. In addition, GK donates leotards and warm-ups to the 32-member Jr. Olympic National Team, giving these athletes additional recognition for their specia l accomplishment. Thank you, GK, for being such a loyal supporter of our athletes and for always giving us such high quality apparel and top-notch service." - Connie Maloney Women's Jr. Olympic Program Director " The Acrobatic Gymnastics Program is indebted to GK Elite Sportswear for providing competitive warm-ups for each member of the Acrobatic Gymnastics Junior Olympic National Team. With GK's generosity, the JO Team has continued to develop into a unified group of athletes, bonding the athletes across the country to work together proudly as a team. The Acrobatic Gymnastics Program thanks you for being a loyal supporter of our athletes and for your continued

commitment to providing quality apparel." - Tom Housley Acrobatic Gymnastics Program Director GK Elite has made a huge difference for the men 's program at all levels but especially at the Junior Olympic level. It is always very positive and motivating to be able to provide athletes with a tangible recognition of their competitive accomplishments. GK has always stepped up with the sponsorship to be able to provide Junior National and Junior Development Team warm ups as well as Regional Team uniforms. Without sponsorship, we wou ld not be able to provide this level of support to these developing athletes. - Dennis Mcintyre Men's Program Director GK has provided warm-ups and leas for several T& T programs, including the JumpStart National Team, Junior Olympic Regional All-Stars and the Elite Development camp. What I love about GK is their consistent quality in design and workmanship . They are a l ways willing to work with us to provide what we need for each program and the athletes are so thrilled to receive their apparel. We are pleased to say that GK has always come through for us and their service is exceptional. - Kathy Tyler Trampoline & Tumbling Program Manager

Happily, Elite and USA Gymnastics have recently renewed the J.O. agreement which insures that the tradition will continue and the expertise and dedication that Elite brings to the J.O. program will carryon for another four years . ~


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"At Buckeye Gymnastics, with over 2, 700 students enrollment. we require a class management software that can handle a huge load, adapt to a variety of situations and circumstances, and generate the reports we need. We looked for over a year before we settled on Jackrabbit. It has exceeded our expectations and I would recommend Jackrabbit for anyone in the youth sports industry." -'7:ih''''a~;o;:=.r+-_ - David Holcomb.

'Do you want a speedy, stable, safe, easy to learn and use, futurlHJriented program owned, written and supported by 8 team of people with impeccable integrity? Then may I strongly suggest Jackrabbit. '

"Wings Center has been using Jackrabbit since 2005 and we love it! Its' easy-ta-use features are perfect for the entire range of organizations whether you are a start-up club or a large, full-service children's activity center. "

-Jeff Metzger, Boot Camp

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'After much study as to what database to go with, I had to pick Jackrabbit! It has more features and reports than the others AND the best service. With dance recitals, swim registration, educational preschool, a large gymnastics school and all the other programs we offer, we had to go to an online registration system. Our customers were asking for it and it was iust time. Thanks Jackrabbitl'

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Reminder: Mandatory background check requirement for Introductory Coaches Begin August 1st! n keeping with the standards set by the United States Olympic Committee, as well as many youth sports organizations, schools and recreational programs in America today, USA Gymnastics has implemented a background screening process to help ensure a safe and secure environment for our members and additional gymnastics participants. Mandatory background check screening began December 1, 2007, for all USA Gymnastics Professional members. USA Gymnastics has now extended this requirement to include all Introductory Coach members. Beginning August 1,2009 all new/lapsed/expired Introductory Coach members will be required to complete


a background check. Therefore, if your Introductory Coach membership is new or already expired as of August 1, 2009, the membership will be placed in a pending status until the background check is completed. Pending members will not be allowed access to the floor of any USA Gymnastics sanctioned events. USA Gymnastics has a working partnership with the National Center for Safety Initiatives (NCSI) through which we engage in a comprehensive background check screening program. Please visit the USA Gymnastics website at and click on the gray Member Services to obtain more information as well as register for the mandatory background check requirement. Please note: USA Gymnastics and/or NCSI is unable to provide any waivers/ passes/releases to any Professional or Introductory Coach member who is in a pending status due to a missing background check requirement. So please don't delay, take your background check today!

Additional background Check information is also available at the following link: pages/background_overview.php You may also contact the Member Services Department at 800-345-4719 or

Sun & Surf sp~


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Coach, Athlete & Parent Lectures

Judgi ng C r itique Session

Granting Exceptions to Procedures and Policies


very business develops ' ways of doing things' whether by happenstance or by plan . When a plan is behind it, we speak of 'proced ure s' or 'policies'. At Kids First, we prefer to think in term s of 'procedures' rather than 'po licies' for the simple reason that a procedure is non -coe rcive, hence procedures tend to raise les s resistance than policies (root word : police) . Rent the classic movie 'Sea Biscuit,' a personal favorite of mine, and see how a non -coercive approach to training turned this horse into a champion of champions . Regardless, procedures or policies, it is certain that your business will get its share of clients requesting exceptions and you must be prepared to deal with these requests . Here are Kids Firsts teaching s on the subject . • Be professional in ALL thing s. A lack of professionalism in one area will encourage petty complaints in other, unrelated areas. • Stomp out apat hy. Apathetic Customer Service gives Clients a justification to ask for exceptions when a procedure does not precisely align with their needs or lifestyle. • Be assertive . Clients don't respect businesses that are wishy-washy

Jeff Metzger USA Gymnastics Business Development Partner President, GymClub Owners Boot Camp President, Kids First Sports Center

about their stated procedures. This encourages manipulative clients (yes, there are such people) to lean on the business, trying to gain an edge . • If a procedure is worth documenting enforce it! Said another way, if you are not going to enforce a procedure get it off the books and out of print. Today. Now. • The inclination to PROTECT or SERVE is the primary determinant in the success of a Customer Service person. More specifically, a Customer Service person whose knee-jerk reaction is to PROTECT procedures and policie s will ANGER clients over and over again. • On the other hand , a Customer Service person whose knee-jerk reaction is to SERVE (even when a request for an exception must be denied) will be liked and, make no mistake, being liked buys understanding and engenders loyalty. In short, the inclination to serve is the stuff of good relationships and the incli nation to protect ticks people off! • Therefore: For Customer Service positions (virtually everyone in a GymClub) hire ONLY people who are NATURALLY INCLINED to SERVE, as this quality cannot be trained! Additionally, hire ONLY people who have the ASSERTIVENESS TO GRACEFULLY

~ -~ Small Business

, Ilf)f)')'

, (~l'~~!~

DENY A REQUEST when denying is the right thing to do. Both qualities are nece ssary; a double dose of one quality when the other is lacking will only cause pain and heartache for a company. • Ask the following questions to determine if granting an exception is the right thing to do in a given situation . "Wi li granting an exception for this client ... ... degrade safety?" ...degrade the enjoyment or product value for other clients?" ... cause difficulties for the teachers or coaches " ? .. .cause difficulties for the clients or students"? ... erode or weaken the procedure for others"? ... encourage the same party to ask for other exceptions"? ... cause a LONG TERM net gain / loss to the company in terms of dollars"? ... cause a LONG TERM net gain/ loss to the company in terms of good will"? • Finally, always remember this mantra we use here at Kids First, goodwill is more valuable than dollars . (Of course, right now, almost everything is more valuable than dollars) . Make it a great month!X

.. .rifetime so[utions for your so[utions for your [ifetime .

... ~~

Hosted in Cincinnati, BOOT CAMP is a life-changing, 4 1/2 day total immersion leadership, marketing and organizational workshop for GymClub Owners. Dates: For

November 12-16,


FREE portfolio of information: 513.489.7575 or

Visit us at

~n t .~ ,.





THE 2009 TYSON FITNESS CHALLENGE AND NATIONAL GYMNASTICS DAY CLUB FEATURE: PATTI'S ALL AMERICAN Now that the Tyson Fitness Challenge is in full swing and the 10th annual National Gymnastics Day, is getting closer, USA Gymnastics is excited to highlight the Tyson Fitness Challenge activities of clubs and activity centers. This month's feature club is Patti's All-American in Dyer, Indiana . Thank you to Patti and her club for sharing their Tyson Fitness Challenge ideas as well as their plans for National Gymnastics Day!


ne of the most important aspects to a successful fitness class is who you have teaching the class. Get your most enthusiastic, fun teacher to lead the class and kids will want to come. You've got to get them in the door first. Parents may want their children to do this fitness class, but you have to sell the kids, too. How fun does a bunch of sit-ups and push-ups sound to kids? Even saying you're going to throw in some games .... it's still a tough sell. Kids think, lilt's just boring exercise.


to kids about eating habits. We'll have balloons to give away with our logo on them and lots of our perky staff on site to make it fun. That's a combination that can't lose!

If you haven't already signed up for the Tyson Fitness Challenge, it's not too late! Go to today and register to receive your action kit! X


So, purchase the equipment you'll be using such as the Pilates balls and start incorporating it into your school-age classes for warm-ups and ending activities. While doing those activities, have your teachers talk about how much fun Miss Rhonda is as a teacher and how getting stronger will help with not only gymnastics but with other sports as well like basketball, track, soccer, or whatever they enjoy. Tie it into other sports for the parents, too. This year National Gymnastics Day, Saturday, September 12, happens to be on the same day as my town's festival. Our gym will have a booth at the festival celebrating National Gymnastics Day and we'll have some equipment out for kids to try such as an incline mat, Jr. Swing Bar, and a floor beam. We're also going to have stations for a cartwheel-a-thon, "How Many Sit-ups Can You Do in a Minute?" a station for prizes, and our nutrition pyramid triangle to talk

JUL Y 1009 â&#x20AC;˘ rECHNIQUE


GK, ELITE SPORTSWEAR HAS BEEN THE . OFFICIAL APPAREL SUPPLIER OF THE USA GYMNASTICS JUNIOR OLYMPIC PROGRAMS FOR 21 YEARS. As the official supplier, GK outfits all five disciplines of gymnastics, plus additional programs such as Future Stars, TOPS, Level 9 East & West Championships, Youth Elite Squad and the Jump Start Developlnent Program . For the past contract period, GK outfitted approximately 9,600 athletes and coaches. This represents over one million dollars in apparel donated to the JO Program by GK, Elite Sportswear. We are proud to have been chosen again to be the official supplier to USA Gymnastics Junior Olympic Program through 2013. No other apparel company supports gymnastics like GK.



Styles shown are available in our NEW IN STOCK catalog for Teams and Pro Shops.

from ELITE SPORTSWEAR, L.P. Toll Free Phone: 1.800.345.4087 Toll Free Fax: 1.888.866.9884 Available from your local GK dealer or online:

Choice ofChampions WORLD'S LEADING SUPPLIER OF GYMNASTICS APPAREL Best ~riety • Best Fit • Best QJtality • Best Service


USA GYMNASTICS NATIONAL CONGRESS AND TRADE SHOW Who should attend? USA Gymnastics, Professional , Instructors and Introductory Coach members. Along with all Coaches, judges, recreationa l! preschool teachers, club

PRE-CONGRESS EVENTS Wednesday-August 12:

owners, business managers, administrators, high school and college coaches.

What to Expect? A three day educational event that provides a un ique opportunity to attend more than 180 presentations, demonstrations, and educational seminars on a variety of topics within the sport-all in one location. With sessions taught by nationally recognized professionals from all areas of gymnastics, National Congress not only provides valuable information covering every discipline - Women's, Men's, Rhythmic, Acrobatics, Trampoline and Tumbling, and Group Gymnastics- but also preschool/ recreational education, sport science, fitness and business management. Additional educational opportunities, such as Safety Certification, Preschool Fundamental Hands-On Training and judging exams are available at an additional fee. Participation at National Congress provides participants with 15 USA Gymnastics University credits and/ or CPE credits for judges. Along with the educational experience, registrants also have an opportunity to visit the Trade Show Exhibit Hall, which includes more than 200 booths of products and information from more than 85 different vendors from the gymnastics industry. Special events, such as mega-raffles and giveaways, take place daily in the exhibit hall. National Congress registrants receive the opportunity to purchase d iscounted all-session ticket packages for Visa Championships men's and women's artistic competitions. USA Gymnastics would also like to invite you to join us for the 2009 Business Conference. The 2009 Business Conference will feature two keynote seminars presented by the Disney Institute - Disney's Approach to Leadership Excellence and Disney's Approach to Quality Service. Don't miss this opportunity to learn how leadership excellence, people management, quality service, brand loyalty and inspired creativity can grow your business. Where and When? August 13-15, 2009 - Dallas, TX Sheraton Dallas Hotel * For Hotel and Travel Reservations please contact National Travel Systems at 888-603-8747or sportinfo@

download registration forms and the most up-to-date information. You may also contact Member Services at 800-345-4719 or for complete details.

How Do I register? Please visit the National Congress website at www.usagymnastics for online registration or to

Hurry! Pre-Registration Deadline is July 15. After July 15, registration will take place onsite at the Sheraton Dallas Hotel beginning Wednesday, August 12 from 12:30 p.m.-5:30 p.m.



Safety/ Risk Management certification course, Preschool Fundamental Hands on Tra ining (H .O.T.I course, Business Conference . T & T State Chair/ Regional Chair. Workshop. National Congress Registration opens at1 2 :30 p.m. More events to be added.

Friday-August 14: 2009 Hall of Fame Luncheon and Awards Ceremony

Post-Congress Events August 16: Preschool Fundamentals Part 2: Hands on Train ing (H.O.T.I course, Women 's State and Reg ional C ha ir Workshop, Women's Judge's exams.

Visa Championships: August 12 - 15, 2009 Men's and Women 's Artistic events at American Airlines Arena. Rhythmic, Acrobatics and Tra mpoline & Tumbli ng at the Dallas Convention Center. Visa Championships Tickets : Special rate available for all-session tickets for Congress attendees . Registratio n form : Please visit for more informa tion.

Special discounted group registration for Member Clubs.

Tra in and compete on the equipment trusted by the Best Gymnasts in the World.

• women 's apparatus

• trai ning access ories

• men's apparatus

• motor develo pment

• competition and folding mats

~ . "









"Gymnastics Excellence Through Education"

I Dallas路 2009

- IPS Dall as, TX

USA Gymnastics National Congress and Trade Show and Visa Championships Schedule

,.I Wednesday, August 12 8:00 a.m .-5:00 p.m . 9:00 a.m.-' :30 p.m. '2:30 p.m.-5:30 p.m. '2:30 p.m .-7:00 p.m. , :00 p.m .-4:00 p.m. 2:00 p.m.-6:00 p.m . 3:00 p.m.-6:30 p.m. 7:00 p.m.-9:30 p.m .

Thursday, August 13 6:30 a.m.-7:00 a.m. 7:30 a.m .-5:30 p.m. 7:30 a.m .-5 :45 p.m. 8:30 a.m .-4:30 p.m . 9:00 a.m.-" :30 a.m. " :00 a.m .-' :00 p.m. ' :00 p.m.-3:30 p.m. , :00 p.m .-6:00 p.m . 7:00 p.m.-9:30 p.m.

Friday, August 14 6:30 a.m.-7:00 a.m. 8:00 a.m.-5:30 p.m. 8:00 a.m.-5:45 p.m. 8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m. 9:00 a.m .-'2:00 p.m. ":00 a.m .-' :00 p.m . , :00 p.m.-2:30 p.m . 3:00 p.m.-6:30 p.m . 7:00 p.m .-' 0:00 p.m. , 0:00 p.m.- " :00 p.m .

Saturday, August 15 8:00 a.m .-2:00 p.m. 8:00 a.m.-2:00 p.m. 8:30 a.m .-4:30 p.m . " :00 a.m .- ' :00 p.m. , :00 p.m .-3:30 p.m. 3:00 p.m .-6:00 p.m . 6:30 p.m.-9:00 p.m . 8:30 p.m.-' 0:00 p.m. 9:00 p.m.-' :00 a.m.

Sunday, August 16 8:00 a.m.-'2:30 a.m. 8:30 a.m .-2:30 p.m. 8:45 a.m .-' :00 p.m .


Annual Business Conference Jr. and Sr. Rhythmic Prelims and Event Finals Congress Registration Open Safety/Risk Management Certification Jr. Men's Competition Preschool Fundamentals HOT Course Sr. RSG AA Prelims & Event Finals Sr. Men's Competition - Day'

Sheraton Dallas Hotel Dallas Convention Center Arena Sheraton Dallas Hotel Sheraton Dallas Hotel American Airlines Center Sheraton Dallas Hotel Dallas Convention Center Arena American Airlines Center


Fitness Activities Congress Registration Exhibit Hall Open Congress Sessions Acrobatic and Trampoline & Tumbling Prelims

Congress Lunch Break Jr. Women's Competition - Day' T&T Prelims Sr. Women's Competition - Day'

Sheraton Dallas Hotel Sheraton Dallas Hotel Sheraton Dallas Hotel Sheraton Dallas Hotel Dallas Convention Center Arena Sheraton Dallas Hotel American Airlines Center Dallas Convention Center Arena American Airlines Center


Fitness Activities Congress Registration Opens Exhibit Hall Open Congress Sessions RSG, ACRO and T&T Competition Hall of Fame Luncheon & Induction Ceremony Aero Prelims & L8-1 Finals Jr. T&T Finals/ Sr. Double Mini & Synchro Finals Sr. Men's Competition - Day 2 Post Competition Fan Celebration

Sheraton Dallas Hotel Sheraton Dallas Hotel Sheraton Dallas Hotel Sheraton Dallas Hotel Dallas Convention Center Arena Sheraton Dallas Hotel Dallas Convention Center Arena Dallas Convention Center Arena American Airlines Center Visa Fan Fest


Congress Registration Opens Exhibit Hall Opens Congress Sessions RSG, ACRO and T&T Finals Jr. Women's Competition - Day 2 Interactive Fan Celebration Sr. Women's Competition - Day 2 Post Competition Fan Celebration Congress Dance Party

Sheraton Dallas Hotel Sheraton Dallas Hotel Sheraton Dallas Hotel Dallas Convention Center Arena American Airlines Center Visa Fan Fest American Airlines Center Visa Fan Fest Sheraton Dallas Hotel


Women's Judges Certification Tests Women's SCIRC Workshop Preschool Fundamentals HOT Course

Sheraton Dallas Hotel Sheraton Dallas Hotel Sheraton Dallas Hotel

*A complete list of activities, competitions and meetings will be printed in the Congress Information Guide, which you will receive upon check in. Schedule subject to change. 22



AT&T is a Proud Sponsor of USA Gymnastics.


'The most phones that work in the most countries. Coverage not available in all areas. See coverage map at stores for details. 3G not available in all areas. Additional hardware may be required. "The fastest, most powerful BlackBerry ever" based on AT&T 3G network and smartphone processor speed. BlackBerry, RIM, Research In Motion, SureType, and related trademarks, names, and logos are the property of Research In Motion limited and are registered and/or used in the u.s.and countries around the world. Š2009 AT&T Intellectual Property. Service provided by AT&T Mobility.All rights reserved. AT&T. the AT&T logo,and all other marks contained herein are trademarks of AT&T Intellectual Property and/or AT&T affiliated companies. All other marks contained herein are the property of their respective owners.



2009 National Congress and Trade Show Presenters and Topics

List of presenters and topics is as of June 18, 2009 . All information is subject to change. Please www.usagymnasticsnationalcongress .org for the more information .


Women's Program

• Tailor Made: Creating the Perfect Workout. • Raw Ambition Maria DeCristoforo • FIG New Code of Coaches: You Can Draw Outside the Line. Tom Forster • Developmental Curriculum: BarsNault w/Neil Resnick John Geddert • Conditioning Shaping & Lead -Ups for Compulsory Bars • Nuts and Bolts Cheryl Hamilton • Overview of the 2009-2012 JO Code of Points w/Tom Koll Brad Harris • Developing the Yurchenko Vault Bryon Hough • Team Parents: Eliminate Problems Before They Start Cheryl Jarrett • Drills to Keep Competitive Kids on Beam Linda Johnson • Drills for High Level Leaps and Combinations Martha Karolyi • Year in Review: USA's Outlook Mike Lorenzen • Collegiate Recruiting Connie Maloney • JO Update w/Tom Koll Antonia Markova • Dance, Dance, Dance: Beginning Complex Tom Meadows • Floor Exercise: Developing Roll Out Skills Tony Retrosi • Vault: Building a Bridge From Handspring To ... • Yurchenko Vaulting-They Can Flip-What Now? Steve Rybacki • Conditioning Circuit • Set Up Your Year. How to Begin. • Are You an Elite Coach? What itTakes! Mary Lee Tracy • CircuitTraining for All Seasons Dan Wittenstein • Developing Bar Circles Neela Nelson • Floor Exercise Dance Passage: How to Coach and Judge It w/Tom Koll Dr. William Sands • Basic Strength and Power • Short Team Endurance • Self Recovery

Tammy Biggs • Basics on All Events-Are You Doing Them Right? • Flexibility-A Different Approach to an Old Problem • Tumbling on Beam and Floor-How They Affect One Another • Good Leaps and How to Get Them • Flexibility-Key to High Scores Mihai Brestyan • Tumbling Basics: A Foundation to Build Upon Chris Burdette • Icing on the Cake! Why Some Clubs Make it Big!

Tom Meadows • Floor Exercise: Developing Roll -Out Skills XiaoYuan • Parallel Bars: Circle and Routine Refinement Aaron Floyd • Still Rings: D&E Dismounts JDReive • Vault: Getting to a 7.0 Vault

Owners, Administrators, Safety/Risk Management

Steve Cook • Don't Survive the Recession--Flourish! Sean Dever • Tax Deductions· Developing Budgets • Reading Financial Statements Tom Forster • Office Technology • Developing Websites and Online Registration • Developing Reporting Systems Steve Greeley • Staff Manuals • Stepping Into Leadership • Staff Meetings Patti Komara • Customer Service Lynn Ledford • 2 Part Presentation-Business Law • Protect Against Embezzlement • Program Marketing Jeff Lulla • Problem Solving • Effective Communication • Handling your Business During Difficult Economic Times John Macready and John Roethlisberger • Team Building Skills Jeff Metzger • Developing an HR Department • Leadership Subtleties • Importance of Good Demographics • Dealing with Unacceptable Employee Behavior Laura Mikszan • Creating Policies and Procedures • Customer Service Frank Sahlein • 2 Part Presentation- Developing Office Systems • Exit Strategy • Think of Selling Your Business • Industry Survey Report • How the USA Gymnastics Business College Can Help You


Women, Men, Rhythmic, Trampoline and Tumbling, Acrobatic, Judging, Sport Science



Men's Program


For a whole new level of smoothness~

5 blades surrounded by a ribbon of moisture hug each and every curve.


v,. uJding c


Vitaly Marinitch • Parallel Bars: Morisue ThomGlielmi • High Bar: Release Skills - Other than Kovacs Jeff Robinson • Boys Program Management: Parent Communication and

Education Yin Alvarez • Strength Training: Key Components for Jr. Strength Training Rustam Sharipov • Strength Training: Key Components for Sr. Strength Training Kevin Mazeika • Leadership Skills in Coaching Joy Umenhofer • Trampoline 2009: Future Stars Routine • Successfully Incorporating Trampoline Into Your Team

Training Dr. William Sands • Building a Training Walk-Through • High Performance Flexibility • Coaching Techniques: Feedback

Trampoline & Tl,lmbling Program Joy Umenhofer • Trampoline 2009: Future Stars Routine • Successfully Incorporating Trampoline Team Training • Teaching Single Somersaults and Twisting-PART 1 • Teaching Double Somersaults and Twisting-PART 2 Susan Jacobson • How to Start a Developmental T&TTeam in Your Gym

Gary Smith • Twisting Concepts for Gymnastics and T&T Robert Null • Improving the Timed Bounce: Drills to Bounce Higher Pricillia Godi • Running a Preschool in Your Gym Max Vercruyssen • Safe Falling Workshop

Sport Science Dr. Alison Arnold • Shocks, Stops and Blocks • The Secret David Benzel • How Coaches Sabotage Their Success w/Wendy Bruce • 5 Laws of Chump to Champ Coaching w/Wendy Bruce Dr. Dennis Caine • Epidemiology of Injury in Women's Artistic Gymnastics • Growth Plate Injury Among Artistic Gymnastics: Peter Pidcoe • Avoid Re-Injury • Twisting Basics Don Rackey • Sports Medicine Taping Techniques for Coaches Dr. William Sands • Six Sport Science Sessions

Marian Dykes • Practice Judging Beam : Levels 9& 10 • Women's Vault: See the Big Picture! w/ Bryon Hough Myra Elfenbein • Identify Bar Skill Angles w/ Dan Wittenstein • Evaluating Beam Acrobatic Connections w/ Brad Harris Bryon Hough • Women's Vault: See the big picture! w / Marian Dykes Linda Mulvihill • Level 5 & 6 Compulsory Floor w/Laurie Reid Neela Nelson • Practice Judging Floor Exercise: Level 7 & 8 Laurie Reid • Levels 5 & 6 Compulsory Floor w/ Linda Mulvihill Audrey Schweyer • Practice Judging Floor Exercise: Levels 9 & 10 • Practice Judging Vault Brad Harris • Evaluating Beam Acrobatic Connections w/ Myra Elfenbein Dan Wittenstein • Identifying Bar Skills/ Angles

~~ Preschool, Recreational, Fitness, Cheer, Collegiate

Preschool/Recreation Sandi Stevens • Keeping Gymnastics in the Household Budget • Rotations, Stations and Mat Combinations Beth Gardner • So You're Coaching Boys-A Survival Guide • Organized Chaos: Preschool Class Management • Creating a Preschool Lesson Plan Brant Lutska • Preschool Core Stability w/Linda Thorberg • Cooperative Games for Preschool w/ Linda Thorberg • Parent and Child Class: What do You Say? Linda Thorberg • Preschool Core Stability w/ Brant Lutska • Cooperative Games for Preschool Classes w/Brant Lutska • Vaulting for Recreational Class • Easy Warm-Up Songs and Dances for Kids TomKoII • How to Keep Them in the Gym. • Bar Skills for Recreational Classes Patti Komara • 25 Tips for Your School-Age Program • Increasing Daytime Income Patti Conner • Tumblebugs

Vicki Smith • Working with Special Needs Children

Cheerleading Chris Calvert & Jim Lord • Tumbling for Cheer 101 • Cheer Risk Management & Safety Certification Course

Judging (Women)


Carole Bunge • Practice Judging Bars: Levels 9& 10 Char Christensen • Practice Judging Beam: Levels 7&8

Vicki Smith



• Ball Exercises A-Z • Fitness Programs for Local Sports

~ ~--:s ')






2009 Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony and Luncheon WHEN: Friday, August 14,2009 11 :00 a.m.-1 :00 p.m . (cash bar opens at 10:45 a.m.) WHERE: Sheraton Dallas Hotel, Dallas, Texas COST: Individual $45;Table of 10 people $400 Individuals will be open seating, full tables will be reserved. HALL OF FAME CLASS OF 2009 Carly Patterson Athlete (Women) Athlete (Rhythmic) Mary Sanders Athlete (Men) John Macready Stephen McCain Athlete (Men) James S Yongue Athlete (Trampoline and Tumbling) Shenea Booth and Arthur Davis Athletes (Acrobatic) Fred Turoff Coach (Men) 1999 Gold Medal U.s. World Championship Men's Double Mini Trampoline Team of Mark Griffith, Karl Heger, Byron (Trampoline and Tumbling) Smith and Ryan Weston Lifetime Achievement Award Winner Patricia Wilson Henderson

Tickets to the Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony and Luncheon will be on sale at the Registration Desk at Congress on a first-come, first-serve basis, until sold out.


LIVE COURSE SCHEDULES Live course schedules are updated weekly on our website

wwwousa-gymnasticsoorgo please see the website for the most current schedule.

Preschool Fundamentals: Hands on Training (HOT) July 12

August 20

Notional Gymnastics Training Center 300 Big Pond Rd. Huguenot, NY 12746 Course code: TR07122009NY 1:00 - 6:00 p.m.

Region 1 Congress Marriott Santo Clara 2700 Mission College Blvd. Santo Clara, CA 95054 Course code: XX08202009CA 5:00 - 10:00 p.m.

July 18

Woodward Camp 134 Sports Camp Dr. Woodward, PA 16882 Course code: SH07182009PA 10:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. July 30

Region 6 Congress Boston Marriott Newton 2345 Commonwealth Ave. Newton, MA 02466 Course code: XX07302009MA 5:00 p.m. - 10:00 p.m. August 8

Woodward Camp 134 Sports Camp Dr. Woodward, PA 16882 Course code: SH08082009PA 10:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. August 12

Sheraton Dallas Hotel* 400 N.Olive SI. Dallas, TX 75201 Course code: XX08122009TX TIme to be determined

August 21

Roswell Recreation Center 38 Hill SI. Roswell, GA 30075 Course code: CC08212009GA 4:00 p.m.- 9:00 p.m. September 17 Renaissance Schaumburg Hotel & Convention Center 1551 Thareau Dr. North Schaumburg, Il60173 Course code: BM091720091l 4:00 p.m.- 9:00 p.m. October 8 Region 2 Congress Auburn Gymnastics 1601 Boundary Blvd. Auburn, WA 98001 Course code: XX1 0082009WA 5:00 - 10:00 p.m.

' Course dates and times are subjed to change and/ or cancel/otian. 'Held in canjundion with USA Gymnastics 2009 National Congress and Trade Show

July 19 Excel Gymnastics & Cheer 80 Baulderbrook Circle lawrenceville, GA 30045 Course code: BG07192009GA 9:00 a.m.- 3:00 p.m. Augusl2 Region 6 Congress Boston Marriott Newton 2345 Commonwealth Ave. Newton, MA 02466 Course code: XX08022009MA 2:00 - 6:00 p.m. AugusI12 2009 Notional Congress &Trade Show Sheraton Dallas Hotel 400 N.Olive SI. Dallas, TX 75201 Course code: XX08122009TX 2:00 - 6:00 p.m. AuguSl16 2009 National Congress &Trade Show Sheraton Dallas Hotel 400 N.Olive SI. Dallas, TX 75201 Course code: XX08162009TX 8:30 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. Augusl23 Region 1 Congress Marriott Santo Claro 2700 Mission College Blvd. Santa Claro, CA 95054 Course code: XX08232009CA 2:00 - 6:00 p.m.

To register for a course, visit the USA Gymnastics website at www.usa-gymnastics .org. Register online or download the registration forms . **Save $5 by registering online! ** Pre-registration is IMPORTANT to ensure your spot in the course. The registration deadline for mailed/faxed forms is two weeks prior to the course. Online registration must be completed at least one week prior. Late and onsite registration may be available and will incur an additional $25 fee . If you are interested in hosting a course at your gym, contact for more information .




JULY 1009

USGSA presents

Mega Raffle 2009 No prize under $2,000

L -

Everything is II


Dallas, Texas

~~ugust 13 • 15



$48,000 • In

JEJJ'e£ IM\J'~!£ II II 1\ L "M~~~""

bigger .In Texas


Suppliers who support your congress and your industry



CONGR(;:SS ~] ~TRADE SHOW _ _ ~ "Gymnastics Excellence 7hrough Education"

generously donated by USGSA members and USA Gymnastics


educat ional materials from USA Gymnastics.

TUmD~'l!~~n insida • Gymnastics I I~\. [ JILl

~ "\ . C


~ ~~,"SL~ 0



~~ "":J:::





USA Gymnastics

' ..

II~At.'"E Illb -yo




A. -yo







Congr~ti:-:- - !7.xJ,I-1

Dalias, Texas


_ ~~

\l~\";;' :: 1-: ~(iIt\J ~~X'~"~/.~b~____....________....__________........__________________~.~~_"~~Y~~

USA GYMNASTICS NAMES RITTER AS MEN'S JO PROGRAM MANAGER USA Gymnastics has named Dusty Ritter of Las Vegas, Nev., as the Junior Olympic program manager for the men's program. Ritter will oversee the technical aspects of developing and implementing the men's Age Group Competition Program, and serve as the primary resource for all aspects of the Junior Olympic Program.

janssen 路 fritsen Top Equipment fo r To p Gymnasts

" We are excited about adding Dusty Ritter to the men 's program staff," said Steve Penny, president of USA Gymnastics . " Dusty brings a wealth of knowledge, experience and vision to the position, and he will allow us to pursue long term development in many areas of the Junior Olympic Program, including the critical areas of athlete growth and retention and coaches education." Ritter, a former U.S. men's national team member, has more than 30 years experience in gymnastics, including as an athlete, coach, gym owner, judge and competition director. He owned and operated Las Vegas Flyers gymnastics club for many years . Ritter also ha s developed several nationally prominent athlete members, including Scott Keswick . He also was a member of the Junior National Coaching Staff for more than 10 years. X

[ Jk)



Using Air Cushioned Technology "Most of our injuries occur when kids get into Level 6 as they learned back tucks and front tucks. A mistake that's been made is getting them on the hard floor too quickly. So, we've moved them to the softer Air Floor which has really helped. " -Andy Memme/, M&M Gymnastics Want to see the Air Floor in action? Go to Www" and watch a video clip from the Tumbl Trak Media Gallery.

(800) 331-4362

'rt:'~" ~>.



, c,

NOW AVAILABLE - NEW WOMEN'S PROGRAM MATERIALS! 2009-2013 Women's J.O. Code of Points $45 The official "rule book " for women's J.O. Optional Levels 7 through 10. Also includes a listing of all skills complete with their J.O. value, as well as illustrations of the skills. This is a "must have" for all J.O. Optional coaches and judges. (Item # 1117) 2009-2013 Women's J.O. Compulsory Floor Exercise Music CD $15 This is the second of two official compulsory music CDs for Levels 1 through 6. The CD includes 2 versions of the music: a.) the competitive music alone and b. ) the music

accompanied by verbal cues to assist in the coordination of the routine with the music. Coaches and athletes have the option to use this new version (2009-2013) or the original version (2005-2013) in competition. (Item # 2111 ) To order these materials and other educational books, videos, and rule books, visit the USA Gymnastics online store - click " Women's JO " on the left-side navigation menu . You can also place an order by calling 1-800345 -4719, option #1 .1\

GYMNASTICS COMMUNITY PULLS TOGETHER USA Gymnastics recently was asked by the Cal State Fullerton Women's Gymnastics Program to help with a fund raising effort to save its gymnastics program . USA Gymnastics reached out to our gymnastics community via email blasts and the Web site to solicit pledges for this NCAA program . The response from our gymnastics community was incredible. USA Gymnastics President Steve Penny said, "We are thrilled to announce that more than $75,000 was pledged for Cal State Fullerton Gymnastics in just a very short time! These contributions, both large and small, and your commitment and support mean everything and have made a difference." Cal State Fullerton Women 's Gymnastics Coach Jill Hicks, said, "I would like to thank all the people who came forward to help us begin the process of self endowment . We are putting



together a combination of re-occurring events and individual and corporate donations to help ensure the continued viability of CSUF gymnastics. Our hope is the economy in California will turn around but we need to continue to be proactive financially. Together the gymnastics community has proven how strong it can be in saving our sport. We are very grateful." There are plans to host a club invitational meet "Return of the Titans" Feb. 26-28,2010, and another fundraising event called the Southern California College Preview with UCLA . More details to follow. Thanks to all of you who pledged money to the Cal State Fullerton Gymnastics Program . Cal State Fullerton Gymnastics has a proud tradition, and your direct support will assist the university in serving future generations of young women .1\

Your kids will never turn up their noses at Tyson Chicken Nuggets. You'll love them too. They're quick and easy to make, plus they have zero trans fats , no artificial ingredients, no fillers. And they're guaranteed fussy eater-pleasers.

rAe peace Irea., fjelween mofhers and frass~ eaters Jlas ollicially DeeR signed.

Women's Administrative Committee Seattle, Washington - May 18, 2009 1. Roll Call

Region Region Region Region Region Region Region Region


Jen Krause Meg Doxtator Cori Rizzo Jim Schlott Bobbi Montanari Jen Scannell Lyn 01 Perrott Deb Kornegay

National Chair - Kathy Ostberg VPP - Kathy Kelly VPM -Kathy Feldmann (by phone) Director of Education - Carisa Laughton (by phone) II. Meet Entry Fees The committee discussed entry fees for State Meets and made no change to the current policy. It was felt that there are many different scenarios across the country and the policy that is currently in place addresses the diversity of the states' needs.

Recommendation to amend the Rules and Policies as follows: The State Entry Fee may not exceed $50.00 unless approved the Regional Administrative Chairman. The Regional Entry

Fee may not exceed the National Entry Fee unless approved by the National Administrative Committee Chairman. Motion Jim Schlott Second Lynn Perrott PASSED III . Membership/Education Services • University Updates: Carisa updated the committee on the development of the University Courses. Specific information on the University Structure can be accessed on the USA Gymnastics web-site. Levell Fundamental in Gymnastics will be completed by August 1, 2009 . • USA Gymnastics has partnered with Frank Sahlein on the Business College of the University. Introduction of this on-line course is scheduled for early fall. • New Technology - USA Gymnastics is upgrading their computer system for the Membership base. The new system will be more efficient and user friendly. • Criminal Background Checks - Professional Members are now able to go on-line with NCSI and check their status. Introductory Coaches will be required to pass a background check in the future. Start date for this will be on the web-site and published in Technique. • National Congress and Trade Show - Kathy Feldmann updated the committee on the 2009 event which will be held in Dallas, Texas on August 13-15. The slate of speakers for the women's program has been completed and a full spectrum of 48 sessions will be presented. Region 2 Meeting - Friday - after 4:30 Region 3 Meeting - Friday - after 4:30

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I Region 4 Meeting - Friday evening Region 7 Meeting - Friday - after 4:30 â&#x20AC;˘ CORE Workshop - Carisa will be in touch with the Regional Administrative Chairs to coordinate these events within the regions. Kathy Ostberg requested that Kathy Feldmann look into the possibility of multiple year membership and the merging all Professional Membership requirements to fallon the same date/ year. Kathy Feldmann stated that she would look into the possibility of this for the 2010 season.

VII. Entry Forms for East/ West and JO Nationals The Committee requested that the Entry Forms for East/ West and JO Nationals and NIT be standardized and put on the web-site by January 1, 2010. When the specific meet Packet is available, a link will be provided to the form. The form MUST include cell phone information for the coach. The Packets that are distributed at the Regional Meet to the athletes SHOULD NOT include the Entry Form.

V. Member Misconduct Issues Committee discussed how to handle suspected alcohol or drug abuse at a sanctioned event. Please see JO minutes for final action.

VIII. Regional and National JO Coach of the Year Committee discussed the process for the election and made the following clarification: States select a state coach of the year. This nomination will be submitted to the Regional JOCC no later than one week after Regional Championships. These nominations will be considered for the Regional Coach of the year by the Regional Administrative Committee. Each region will select a Regional JO Coach of the Year from the submitted state nominations and additional nominations from the Regional Administrative Committee. The nomination for the National Coach of the Year will be submitted to the Chairman of the JO National Committee on or before the JO National Championships.

VI. Protecting the Birthdates Committee requested that the statement regarding not publishing the birthdates of the athletes be amended to include "pre-meet information" as well as results . In addition, they would like the Meet Directors Exam to include this issue.

IX . NTS The RACe's requested that when contracting the Hotels for JO Nationals, the region would like free meeting/ banquet space, one suite per region, and 3 upgrades per region. Kathy Kelly will work with NTS on these issues.

IV. Dress Code The Dress Code was discussed and amended slightly. All members should adhere to the Dress Code as published in the Rules and Policies. The 2009/ 10 Rules and Policies will reflect the minor change to footwear - "athletic shoes with rubberized soles."


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X. Ea st/ West and JO National Meet Information The RACe's would like to have a standardized excel sheet for the Meet Director and the Regio nal Chair which would include ALL the information needed . A person from each region need s to be designated to assi st GK with apparel di stribution at East/ West and JO Nationals. XI. East/ West Athlete Apparel Sponsorship through GK provides a warm-up to each qualified athlete and the 1st alternate.The region provides the competitive tan k leotard to each qualified athlete and the 1st alternate. The regions also finan cia lly support the Meet Di rector for a regional judge. No additional gifts or apparel will be provided. Regional Appa re l may be so ld . The athletes will march in wearing their GK leotards and warm-ups . XII. Operating Code Election Procedures The committee discussed the Election Procedures and the Duties and Responsi bilities of the elected officials. The following recommendations will be presented to the Women's Program Committee for approva l in August. Recommendation to add the following to the 3rd paragraph on page 6 Operating Code: "and submit their resume to the appropriate USA Chairperson ." Motion Jen Scannell Second Deb Kornegay PASSED

Recommendation that if a State Administrative Committee member resigns and the remainder of the term exceeds one (1) year, the election procedure should be follows: If less than a year remains in the term, the State Administrative Committee Chairman, in consultation with the State Administrative Committee will nominate a replacement to fulfill the term and the State Chair casts one vote. Motion Bobbi Montanari Second Meg Doxtator PASSED Changes wi ll be reflected in all other election procedures. Clarification: The ca ll for nomination s for State and Regional Officers must be completed by January 15 of the election year. XIII . A 1 Awards Committee addressed some concerns on the Regional Awards. Kathy Ke lly will co mpile all th e issues. Committee appreciates the spo nsorship of A 1 and the service. XIV. Meeting Any RACC on site at Congress on Wednesday, August 12 will meet for a final review of the Agend a for State Chairman Workshop . XV. State Chairman Workshop Th e committee drafted the agenda for State Chairman

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Workshop and assigned topics to the presenters. XVI. National In vitational Tournament Committee discussed the NIT and forwarded their concerns and suggestions to the JO Committee for their consideration (See JO Minutes). XVII. Rules and Policies Kathy Kelly will email the assigned sections of the Rules and Policies to the Regional Chairs. The RACe's will send in their corrections to Kathy Kelly and Kathy Ostberg by July 1. Part 1, Section 1-2 Membership Office Part 1, Section 3 & 4 Duties & Respo nsibilities Cori Rizzo , Lynn Perrott Part 1, Section 5 Eligibility Jim Schlott, Jen Krause Part 2, Section 1 JO Requirement Kathy Ostberg, Jen Krause Part 2, Section 2 Competition Structure Cori Rizzo, Lynn Perrott Part 2, Section 4 Meet Regulations Meg Doxtator, Deb Kornegay Part 2, Section 5 Petitions JenScannell,Bobbi Montanari Part 2, Section 6 Awards JenScannell,Bobbi Montanari Part 3, PREP Optional JenScan nell, Bobbi Montanari Part 4, Sanctioning - Office

Part 5 Officials - TC Chair Pa rt 6 APpa ratus - Offi ce Part 7 Elite - Office IEC Chair & PEC Chair

Joint Meeting Women's Administrative Committee J.~. Committee Technical Committee Seattle, Washington - May 18, 2009 The meeting was called to order 9:00 a.m. I. Roll Call and Introductions: National Committee Chairmen: Admini strative Committee Kathy Ostberg JO Committee Tom Koll Tec hnical Committee Cheryl Hamilton Regional Officers: Region 1 Jen Shipman. Dan Witenstein . Neela Nelson Region 2 Meg Doxtator, Laurie Reid, Linda Mulvihill Region 3 Cori Rizzo, Cheryl Jarrett, Carole Bunge Region 4 Jim Schlott. Bryon Hough. Linda Thorberg Region 5 Bobbi Montanari. John Geddert. Char Christensen Region 6 Jen ScannelL Larry Goldsmith. Pat Panichas (absent) Region 7 Lynn Perrott. Linda Johnson, Myra Elfenbein Region 8 Deb Kornegay, Brad Harris , Marian Dykes JO Program Manager Connie Maloney Vice President Program Kathy Kelly

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Collegiate Coaches' Asoc NAWGJ Ca role Ide GK Elite Sallie Weaver

all my gyms.

I. GK Sallie Weaver addressed the committee regarding the GK sponsorship and expressed her continued enthusiasm for _, our partnership. She encourages everyone to give comments directly to her on anything that will improve the relationship. Her email The committee members discussed the system for apparel sizing/distribution . Kathy Ostberg will be coordinating with GK to refine the system to alleviate any issue.




II. NAWGJ Carole Ide addressed the committee and requ~sted that the committee set a policy regarding checked baggage. Discussion ensued and recommendation was given to the TC for their meeting. III. NACGC-W Mike Lorenzen addressed the committee. Mike commended the organizing committee of JO Nationals for a great event. The collegiate coaches were very pleased with the arrangements made for them. He updated the committee of the rules that are being presented for approval. The coaches have instituted a new rule that eliminates contact with the HS freshman and sophomores. This will be an ethics violation of the NACGC-W. Tom reminded the Administrative Committee to use their Regional and State Newsletters to convey this information to the membership.

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IV. Office In the conduct of a USA Gymnastics sanctioned event, the Meet Directors are encouraged to contact local authorities to address professional conduct issues which may be attributable to alcohol or drug abuse.



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Mike Lorenzen for Mark Cook

Committee requested that Professional Members all be required to register at one time and that a two year membership be considered. ,- I " '. Newly adopted Dress Code/ cell phone usage - requested that this item be addressed at the State Chairman Workshop.

/ /




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JOINT MEETING -JR. OLYMPIC COMMITTEE, TECHNICAL COMMITTEE May 18, 2009 Roll Call - Meeting was called to order by Chairman Tom Koll & Cheryl Hamilton at 9:00 a.m. Region 1 Dan Witenstein - Neela Nelson Region 2 Laurie Reid - Linda Mulvihill Region 3 Cheryl Jarrett - Carole Bunge Region 4 Bryon Hough - Linda Thorberg Region 5 John Geddert - Char Christensen Region 6 Larry Goldsmith - Pat Panichas (absent) Region 7 Linda Johnson - Myra Elfenbein Region 8 Brad Harris - Marian Dykes NJOCC Tom Koll JOPD Connie Maloney

PASSED I. Element Evaluation New elements submitted and performed successfully at JO Nationals Bars: HS on HB Geinger with extra 1f2 turn. D O'Neal (named) II. Clarifications • Di scussion regarding the Range of Judges' Scores resulted in no change. . . • A pivot turn is defined as any 1/2 turn on 2 feet with straight leg. If more than two pivot turns are perform dequct 0.10 for the exercise. • All release skills performed on LB will be one value lower than on HB III. Inquiry process The committee discussed the current Inquiry Process and made the following recommendation.

Recommendation that if administrative procedures have not been followed for a properly submitted inquiry, the coach may petition the Jury of Appeals for a review within 5 min of the end of the competition or the return of the inquiry form, whichever Qccurs later, to review the situation. There may be an optiP!1 of a video review allowed if available. Jury decision should occur within 15 minutes after the conclusion of meet and before the awards are presented. Motion M. Dykes Second C. Christensen

Recommendation to change the makeup of the Jury of Appeals for Regional and above competitions to include, the Meet Director (unless affiliated with the inquiry), the Meet Referee and the USAG elected JO or Administrative officer, Motion M. Dykes Second L. Mulvihill PASSED

JR. OLYMPIC COMMITTEE MEETING Seatle, Washington - May 18-19, 2009 I. Roll Call Region I Dan Witenstein Region II Laurie Reid Region III Cheryl Jarrett Region IV Bryon Hough Region VJohn Geddert Region VI Larry Goldsmith Region VII Linda Johnson Region VIII Brad Harris Chairman Tom Koll VPP Kathy Kelly II. Regional and JO Coach of the Year Discussion regarding the nomination process for the Regional and JO Coach of the Year. Please see Administrative Committee Minutes for the new procedure.

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The 2009 JO Coach of the year is Mark Folger from Region 3. This year's Nominees are: Reg 1 Cassie Rice Reg 2 Kelle Riley Reg 4 Liang Gaio Reg 5 Marco Bravo Reg 6 Tammy Marshall Reg 7 Tami Harrison and Jon Angle Reg 8 Robert Dillard CONGRATULATIONS! III. Procedures Committee discussed current procedures for various issues and requested that the Administrative Committee put the following on the agenda at the State Chairman Workshop. Skipping levels, consequences, enforcing the policy. IV. Equipment Recommendation that all landing areas (vault, bars, beam) be equipped with 4" matting equal to the width of the landing area (base mat) for Level 7-10. Motion John Geddert Second Dan Witenstein PASSED V. International Exchanges Clarification: Kathy Kelly clarified the procedure for communicating with other countries . • All interface for competition or training at any level, has to


be conducted between Federations • Regions may make contact and arrangements informally with their international friends • When a date/ event has been agreed upon, send that information to Kathy Kelly • Kathy will send a formal request to the Federation for approval • After approval is given, the individual clubs/parties may communicate directly on the final details. VI. NTS Committee discussed problems that occurred with JO Nationals and the hotel negotiations. The committee requested that Kathy Kelly convey our needs to NTS so that modifications may be considered for future events. VII. Championships Meets Committee discussed all National Meets and requested the office: Develop a procedures book for Nationals and NIT Work farther in advance to secure the bids for these meets Provide assistance in contracting facilites • The committee discussed the recommendation from the AC and made the following decision . Team pictures (top 3 teams in each age division) be taken on the awards stand • Senior Athletes and their universities will be listed in the Event Prog ra m but not announced at the Awards Ceremony Recommendation to implement the following procedures for

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......,. MomI... 2009·2010

next year's NIT: â&#x20AC;˘ Each region will have two sLots for athLetes who pLaced 8 & 9 in the AA at the RegionaL meet, provided they score a minimum of 34.00 - (128) - Remaining sLots and those sLots not filled by any region will be filled by other regions based upon a percentage of percentage from RegionaL Championships. â&#x20AC;˘ Petition criteria 36.00 AA in the current year Competitor at previous year's JO NationaLs Motion CheryL Jarrett Second Larry GoLdsmith PASSED East/West format: Discussion: Age groups will be determined separately for Easterns (Regions 5-8) and Westerns (Region 1-4).

Recommendation to award first pLace team onLy at Westerns and Easterns. Motion Bryon Hough Second Dan Witenstein PASSED VIII. Amendments to the Rules and Policies Recommend to the Administrative Committee to add the following statement to the R&P for State Committees responsibilities: The State Committee will determine the paneL judges, the meet referee, and the event assignments for state meets.

It is strongLy recommended that the State Administrative

Committee ask the assigned Meet Referee to make the IndividuaL Event Assignments. Motion Larry GoLdsmith Second Laurie Reid PASSED IX. Clarification: Page 79. If a Hand Placement mats is used, it MUST be placed on the Vault runway Velcro-side down.

x. New Business The committee discussed whether to allow the Regions the right to conduct Regional Championships at the lower leve ls. Recommendation to add to R&P onPage 26 RegionaL Championships 2. "and beLow" after LeveL 8. Motion Brad Harris Second CheryL Jarrett PASSED Recommendation to change the required warm-up time for LeveL 4 to 45 seconds. Motion Dan Witenstein Second Larry GoLdsmith PASSED Prep-Op Program Committee discussed the Prep-Op Program requested that this item be discussed at the State Chair Workshop. It is a great

opportunity for athletes to enjoy the sport and the committee encourages the States to adopt a program at this leve l.

Technical Committee Meeting Minutes Seatle, Washington - May 19, 2009 I.Roll Call: Cheryl Hamilton ca lled th e May 19 Region 1 Neela Nelson Region 2 Linda Mulvihill Region 3 Carole Bunge Region 4 Linda Tho rbe rg Region 5 Char Christensen Region 6 Ab sent Region 7 Myra Elfenbein Region 8 Marian Dykes Asst. Tech. Comm. Tec h JO Program Director NAWGJ President

meeting to order at 8:30a. m. on

Audrey Schweyer Connie Maloney Carole Ide (Guest)

II. Judging Contract Iss ues: Judges shouLd be reimbursed for the first bag checked on the airLine. Receipt needs to be availabLe. Over-weight charges will not be reimbursed. Motion: A Schweyer Second: M Elfenbein PASSED Clarification : Judges shou ld deduct 30 miles whe n charging for miles to t he airport. III. Judges Courses Committee discussed the pa ssing requirements and retesting procedures. A. USAG Brevet 80% average to pass 75% to get a National rating 70% to get a leve l 10 rating

• USAG Brevets can retest at National Congress • 80% she retain s/ac hi eves her USAG Brevet rating • If a USAG Brevet doesn't get 70% at Congress she receives th e National Rating B. National Rating 80% with a minimum of 70% to pass 70% - 79 % Leve l 10 rating achieved • National judges can retest at National Congress • If a National judge retests at National Congress and gets 80% she retains/ac hieves her National Rating • 70% level 10 rating ac hieved • Below 70%, leve l 9 rating achieved III. Clarification for beam acro series Th e WTC and JO Committees clarifi ed for the judges when a beam acro series is broken an d when a 0.30 deduction is applied. In order to expedite the di ssem ination of thi s material, all RTCes wi ll send it to the SJD's in their regions, who will distribute to the state judges. IV. Concerning Meet Referees After discussion the TC made the following recomme ndati on and feels very stro ngly that event assignments are the duty of the Meet Referee. It is strongly reco mmended that the State Administrative Com mittee request the Meet Referee make the eve nt assignments at State Meets. Motion : A. Schweyer Second: M. Dykes V. NAWGJ Report Gi ven by Carole Ide and emailed to all the co mmittee members VI. Video Project Committee worked on evaluating routines for leve l 8, 9 and 10 testi ng for the new code Meeting adjourned at 7:45 p.m.

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August 12-15

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1995, Dominique Moceanu, John Roethlisberg awes, Scott Keswick • 1993, Shannon Mill • er. 1992, Kim Zmeskal, John Roethlisberg hris Wa ler


1990, Kim Zme5ka , John Roethli III

988, Phoe e MIS, Da H

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Acrobatic Gymnastics Program Committee Ap ri l 30, 2009 1. Role Call Bob Meier - Acro batic Gymnastics Progra m Committee Chairman Kari Du nca n - National Technical Com mittee Chairman Ivay lo Ka tso v - Nation al Elite Committee Chairma n Selena Peco - National Juni or Olympic Co mmittee Chairman Mic hae l Rodrigues - Natio nal Athlete Representative Tonya Case - USA Gymnastics International Technical Cons ultant (nonvoting ) Tom Ho usley - Aero Pro gram Director (non-voting )

2. Freedom Cup The Acrobatic Gymnastics Program Committee recommends the foLLowing FIG Brevet rated judges to officiate at the 2009 Freedom Cup in Saint Paul, MN: • Kari Duncan • Jola Jones • Carisa Laughon • Ronda Francis • Vladimir Vladev • Linda Porter • Trisha Stewart

Motion: Bob Meier Second: Ivaylo Katsov Passed The AGPC recommends the foLLowing delegation officials for the 2009 World Cup in Saint Paul, MN: • Head of Delegation: Steve Penny • Head Coach: Marie Annonson • Team Manager: Tom Housley • Team Physician: Dr. Jay Binder Motion: Selena Peco Second: Bob Meier Passed The AGPC recommends the foLLowing Age Group 12-19 & Senior USA Delegation Officials for the 2009 Freedom Cup

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in Saint Paul, MN : • Head of Delegation: Nichole Tilton • Head Coach: Ivaylo Katsov • Assistant Coach: Linda Meier • Team Manager: Mindi Katsov • Athletic Trainer: Bobby BosweLL The AGPC recommend s the following Age Group 11-16 USA Delegation Officials for the 2009 Freedom Cup in Saint Paul, MN : • Head of Delegation: Pam Meier • Head Coach: Selena Peco • Assistant Coach: Juli Arnett • Team Manager: Jennifer Banowsky • Athletic Trainer: Bobby BosweLL Motion: Bob Meier Second: Michael Rodrigues Passed The AGPC recommends t he foLLowing Athlete Selection Committee for the Freedom Cup in Saint Paul, MN: • International Representative - Tonya Case • USA Coach - Ivaylo Katsov • Athlete Representative - Trisha Stewart Motion: Bob Meier Second: Kari Duncan Passed 3. Acrobatic Gymnastics Junior Olympic National Championships The AGPC recommends the foLLowing Athlete Selection Committee fo r the Acro Junior Olympic National Championshi ps in Saint Pau l, MN: • International Representative - Kari Duncan • USA Coach - Ivaylo Katsov • Athlete Represe ntative - Trisha Stewa rt Motion: Michael Rod ri gues Second: Bob Meier Passed

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\ 4. Online Tariff Sheet Submission System Bob Meier provided a through explanation of the new Online Tariff Sheet Submission System. The date of implementation is scheduled for 2009-2010 Season. Coach education to learn how to use the program will be conducted at the 2009 NationaljJONT Training Camp and Super Clinic. A plan is to begin working with key individuals from each region and start educating coaches and judges on using the new system. Motion: Kari Duncan Second: Selena Peco Passed 5. Vi sa Championships The AGPC recommends the following Athlete Selection Committee for the Visa Championships in Dallas, TX: • International Representative - Tonya Case • USA Coach - Ivaylo Katsov • Athlete Representative - Trisha Stewart Motion: Selena Peco Second: Bob Meier Passed 6. British Open Tournament The USA Acrobati cs Program is planning on sending an official USA Delegati on to attend the 2009 British Open Tourn ament. The competition dates are November 27-29, 2009. A selection ca mp will be conducted at the 2009 Nationalj JONT Training Camp. This co mpetition will be used to prepare athletes for the 2010 World Age Group Competition and World Championships tentatively schedu led in March 2010. Meeting Adjourned - 3:33 p.m. May 1, 2009 Approved by Steve Penny, USA Gymnastics President 6/01/ 09

Acrobatic Gymnastics Athlete Selection Committee

Acrobatic Gymnastics Athlete Selection Committee - Freedom Cup Camp 1. Role Call Kari Duncan - National Elite Committee Chair Ivaylo Katsov National Elite Committee Chair Michael Rodrigues National Athlete Representative Tom Housley - Acrobatic Gymnastics Program Director (non-voting)

2. Freedom Cup Camp The Athlete Selection Committee recommends th e following pair/ groups, by process of video review, to attend the Freedo m Cup Camp in St. Paul, MN: Age Group 11-16 WP: Kennedy Swanson, Mariah Cockshell (A E) Age Group 11-16 WP: Alana Floyd, Helena Hall (SKY) Age Group 11-16 WP: Olivia Niva, Gabriella Titinger (ATA) Age Group 11-16 WP: Carly Feltz, Rajanique Davis (WCTC) Age Group 11-16 MXP: Kiley Boynton, Ryan Smethers (REALIS) Age Group 11-16 WG: Olivia Bunton, Abigail Warden, Kyli Pruitt (MAATT) Age Group 11-16 WG: McKenzie Bloom, Whitney Clement, Allison Tokunaga (ATA) Age Group 11-16 WG: Jenna Frazer, Danica Hegeman, Molly Rye (EMPIRE) Age Group 11-16 MG: Nicholas Jackson, Andrei Binseel, Alexander Ruth, Skye Robinson (EAGC)

Ap ril 30, 2009 1. Role Call Tonya Case - USA Gymnastics International Technical Consultant Ivay lo Katsov - National Elite Committee Chair Michael Rodrigues - National Athlete Representative Tom Housley - Acrobatic Gymnastics Program Director (non-voting)

2. USA World Cup Th e Athlete Selection Committee recommends the following pair/ groups for selection to the 2009 World Cup in St. Paul, MN. Senior Mixed Pair: Kristin Allen, Michael Ro drigues (WCTC) Senior Women's Group: Jillian Giblin , Hannah Bu sha, Tayler Harris (WCTC) Motion: Tonya Case Second: Ivaylo Katsov MR - abstained Meeting Adj ourned - 11:59 p.m. April 30, 2009 Approved by Steve Penny, USA Gymnastics President 06/ 01/ 2009

Age Group 12-19 WG: Anna Grafov, Melisa Noriega, Carissa Marcelle (EAGC) Senior MXP: Nicole Faubert, Brian Kincher (WCTC) Motion: Ivaylo Katsov Second: Kari Duncan Passed Meeting Adjourned - 4:14 p.m. June 08, 2009 Approved by Steve Penny, USA Gymnastics President

Acrobatic Gymnastics Selection Procedures 2009·2010 Junior Olympic National Team The Acrobatic Gymnastics Selection Procedures for the 2009-20 I 0 Junior Olympic National Team are available online at then click Junior Olympics and Selection Procedures.



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GK RISK FREE PROGRAM: Get with the progrom! It's better than ever, with a terrific assortment of NEW styles and fabrics and incomparable sales potential. Plus, it's easier than ever to order, sell and return your RISK FREE garments. We offer customized packages for your pro shop, meets and summer compo You only pay for what you've sold and may return the rest, there is absolutely NO RISK! If you haven't tried us lately, it's time you started earning extro profits with our RISK FREE merchandise. Call 1-800-345-4087 for more information an how you con get started today! Email:

SCORE MASTER - Scorekeeping software interfaced to many different scare boards: EliteScore, 8etaBrites, TV's & Projectors. Download teom rosters from the USAG website. Features include: random drows, create rotations, assign #'s, the most comprehensive reporting and results can go directly to yaur website. Supports: womens/mens, individual/team, artistic/ rhythmic/trampoline, compulsary/ aptional. Download a FREE demo at www.Score·

CLASS CONTROL for Windows XP and Vista. Serving Gymnastics since 1990 with Class Management and Accounts Receivable software, including free training and technical support. Packed with features, easy to use, and ne!workable. Flexible setup, easy assignments, rosters, attendance tracking, morketing analysis, automated tuition colculation, multiple discounts, additianal/retail charges, inventory management, sales tax support, inVOices/statements, receivables reports, financial and enrollment summaries, instructor schedules, waiting and makeup lists, mailing labels, send messages and invoices by e·mail, support for online bank draft and credit cord payments, and much more. Only S600 (S300/ additional workstation). Contact Vaughn Software Services at 800·821·8516, vaughnsoftware@, or MC/VISA/ AMEX FOR SALE. Want a great opportunity to own your own gymnastics business, but don't have the capitol? Gymnastics business for Sale, Lease or by Sub·controct (bring or develop your own team, recreation, cheer etc.! Locoted in Massachusetts, 20 miles south of Boston. Fully equipped building with turn·key set up with 12,500 sq. ft. building with overhead spotting belts, in·ground loose foam and resi·pits, fully equipped gym specifical~ designed and built for gymnastics. Beautifully landscaped in affluent area 20·year business with an impeccable reputation. Serious inquires only (508) 380-1021.

EDUCATION Available now! The NEW GYMCERT Gymnostics training manuals (Levels 1, 2, 3, & the NEW Skills & Drills for the Compulsory Coach Level's 4, 5 & 6) a must for training your staff; cut your lesson planning time significontly; use to coordinate class progressions and

Texas Tech University Independent School District (TTUISD) is an accredited

Gymnastics and Fitness Books at Glide Kip, Cast Handstand, Tumbling, Dance, Handstand, Back Handspring, Walkover, Legs, Ankles, Fitness, Golf, Journals, etc. SAVE BIG when you buy the package of All 6 Gymnastics Drills and Conditioning Books. Get the FREE BONUS e-book with this package when you buy online! Upgrade your gymnastics or fitness program with these books and training programs. FREE shipping on books with coupon code AD709 until 7/ 31/ 09. Read articles, shop for gymnasts and coaches, download FREE workouts, or sign up for personol training through www.GymnasticsBooks. com. You must visit this website now! Customer service phone 888·496-8749.


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